The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Gym Hottie to Bred Bimbo Slut


The women of the gym swarmed me.

“I need to be bred so I can start my pregnant workouts with you!” they squealed.

They were all so wild. Young and nubile girls barely eighteen to hot MILFs in their forties with big boobs bouncing and heaving. Their clothes were flying off. Tank tops. Sports bras. T-shirts. Jogging shorts. Yoga pants. Panties. Socks. Shoes. They were all soaring through the air as the baby-mad women surged at me.

They pressed in around me. This all-woman’s gym had gone crazy. This was the work of Clara. That Twitter profile really did change reality. Whatever she tweeted came true, and this had to be her work. It was too insane not to be.

And I was at the center of it.

“Thank you, Clara!” I cried as the women rubbed their breasts, wet bushes, and juicy cunts on my body. They gripped my dick, all trying to fuck me at the same time. Their hands rubbed over my body in their lust-mad frenzy to be bred by me.

This wouldn’t do. They would kill me trying to fuck me. I had to stop that.

“HEY!” I roared at the top of my voice. “If you want to be bred, line up! My nuts have jizz for you all!”

“That’s right!” squealed one busty blonde. She whooped and bounced up and down. “Yay! He’s going to pump his jizz in our pussies. Then the stork will come and give us all babies!”

I stared at the eighteen-year-old girl with the huge tits. How could she be that dumb to still believe that lie? She giggled there as the other women were lining up. They were pushing and jostling, trying to be the one at the end. My daughter and the other two trainers were clapping their hands, trying to get them all to behave.

They all wanted me. All had hot pussies just dripping for my cum. They wanted my seed to pump into their cunts. Their wombs. This was so hot. My cock throbbed while that blonde kept bouncing around.

“Storks are coming!” she squealed. “Just have to do the mommy and daddy ritual! Yay!”

“Jesus, how dumb are you?” I asked her.

“Daddy says if I have big tits I don’t need big brains,” she said and cupped them. “Aren’t my tits just so big and squishy! Momma said I just had to shake them and boys would swarm over me like flies on honey.” She giggled.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Alix,” she said. “That’s spelled A L I X.” She blinked. “I think.”

“Alix with an I,” I muttered shaking my head. Bet she did misspell her own name.

“Time for the mommy and daddy ritual!” she squealed.

“What is that?” I asked.

“That’s where Daddy fucks Mommy real hard and she squeals and cums and gasps out in delight. Then if she’s lucky, the stork will come! That’s how my parents got me!”

“Fuck,” I muttered. I glanced over at my daughter who had just settled a fight at the end of the line. “Pick a woman for me to be bred, bimbo.”

Alix just smiled at me.

“That’s you, dummy,” I said. “You’re Bimbo.”

“I’m Alix!” she said, squeezing her big boobs.

“You’re whatever I want to call you,” I growled. “Now go! Pick a woman!”

“Yay!” she squealed.

* * *


I was so happy to help us all have babies. We would get pregnant, which meant the stork was coming. Then we would go to the hospital where the stork would come. I couldn’t wait to have my baby dropped off. He would be made in heaven!”

“You!” I shouted, pointing at a woman with brown hair and big boobs. She had softer ones than mine. I had big firm ones. I jiggled mine. “Get bred!”

“Me!” the woman gasped and broke out from the middle of the line. She darted up to the man, her tits swaying. They smacked together and rippled. “I need to be pregnant. I want to do those amazing pregnant sexercises with you!”

“Then get on your hands and knees,” growled the man. “Same with you, dummy.”

I smiled, looking around for Dummy. Then I remembered I was the dummy. I giggled and dropped to my knees, my boobs swaying. I quivered there, wiggling my hips back and forth. I was so ready for this. So ready to be fucked hard in the ritual. Daddy loves it. He is always doing it with Mommy and his girlfriends and his sister and with me.

But I haven’t been lucky yet.

“Girl with tits that big need to fuck their daddies,” he always said. And he was my daddy, so he was always right.

“Allie, get over here and shove your pussy into this bimbo’s face,” growled the man as he fell to his knees behind the brunette.

“Yes, Daddy,” one of the gym trainers said. She was another brunette, her round tits bouncing as she hurried over. She stopped before me and grinned. “Going to eat my pussy, bimbo.”

“Who’s bimbo?” I asked.


The man’s hand cracked down on my ass. Pain burst through my rump. I squealed in shock and rocked forward, my face pressing into Allie’s pussy. Her silky pubic hair rubbed on my face then her hot vulva kissed my mouth.

“You’re the bimbo, dummy,” growled the man. “Now eat my daughter’s cunt!”


The pain burned across my rump. I was such a dummy for forgetting I was the bimbo. I licked at Allie’s pussy, my ass blazing hot. Tears beaded in my eyes. I didn’t like being spanked. I was a good girl. I just had to remember I was Bimbo. Bimbo. And Dummy. Dummy Bimbo.

“Oh, my god, fuck my married cunt and breed me!” squealed the married woman. “Yes, yes, you have such a huge cock! Oh, my god, fuck me!”

“Plan on it!” growled the man.

He pounded her as I tongued his daughter’s pussy. I licked at her sweet cunt, tonguing her. My pussy was so envious of that woman. I wanted to be bred. His crotch smacked her rump as he did the ritual with her. She would get preggers and the storks would bring her such a beautiful baby.

Allie moaned as I feasted on her pussy. Her round boobies jiggled as she squirmed over me. She groaned, her face twisting in delight. She gasped, her hips grinding her snatch on my mouth. My tongue licked at her with hunger.


“Owie!” I squealed as the man slapped my ass again. The stinging pain melted across my rump and down to my aching cunt.

“That’s it,” he growled.


More pain burned across my rump. Tears spilled down my cheek.

“Lick my daughter’s cunt, Bimbo!” he growled.

“That’s it, you dumb slut,” groaned Allie. “Ooh, you listen to my daddy, or he won’t breed you!”

“I need to be bred,” I moaned into her pussy.

“Yes, you do,” groaned the woman the man fucked. “Oh, his dick is so much better than my husband’s! Yes, yes, just keep fucking me!”

“Then you’ll fuck me?” I asked. “I want to be preggers, too!”


“Keep licking my daughter’s cunt, Dummy!” growled the man. “I want her drowning you in pussy cream. That’s my little girl. She needs to cum and cum and cum!”


Squealing in pain, I licked harder at his daughter’s cunt. My tongue stroked over her folds, gathering up her sweet juices. She moaned and shuddered over me. Her head tossed from side to side as I licked at her with such passion.

My tongue slid through her folds and brushed her clit. She gasped, her round boobs jiggling. She wiggled her hips, her bush tickling my lips. She groaned as I thrust my tongue into her snatch. I swirled it around in her, my ass burning so much. It stung.


“Damn, Bimbo, you got such a spankable ass,” growled the man.

“Yeah, she does, Daddy!” Allie moaned.

I whimpered, my ass burning. My butt-cheeks clenched while pussy juices spilled down my thighs. It hurt so much, and yet I was so aroused. I wanted to summon a stork right now. I wanted to do the mommy-daddy ritual.

It was so much fun.


I squealed into Allie’s pussy. She threw back her head, gasping, “God, I love it when she moans like that. Spank her again, Daddy!”


I groaned into her pussy, more tears running hot down my cheeks. My ass throbbed as I licked at her with such ferocity I had to make her cum. I quivered there as I licked and lapped with such feverish need. I had to make her cum.


“Owie!” I whimpered.

My tongue darted into her pussy as the woman getting fucked moaned her delight. The man fucked her hard. Her moans had to summon the stork. He plowed into her with such hard strokes. He buried to the hilt in her again and again.

He must be churning up her pussy. That was such a hot thing. She was so lucky.


“Ouchie! Ouchie!” I whimpered into Allie’s hot cunt.


“Yes!” the naughty girl moaned. “Daddy, I’m going to drown her in pussy cream!”

“Do it!” growled the man as he fucked the other woman.

Allie smeared her hot pussy on my face as I licked at her. I stroked through her folds, loving the sweet flavor. My ass burned so much, though. I wanted to have it rubbed and soothed. Mommy would do that for me. Just lick it like she would after Daddy would whoop me.

Then she would lick my pussy, and I would lick hers. Just like this.

“Fuck,” Allie gasped as my tongue swirled around her clit. She gripped the back of my head, holding me to her cunt. “Oh, fuck, you dumb bimbo. Just keep doing that. I’m going to cum so hard. Shit, I might piss myself.”

“Don’t hold back,” the man growled.

“Oh, that’s so dirty,” moaned the woman getting fucked. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum so hard!”

I shuddered, my cunt on fire as I tongued that clit. I suckled on that bud. The girl trembled there. Then she threw back her head. Her round boobs jiggled. I could tell she was close. I nursed hard on her bud.

“Yes!” she gasped. “Dummy! You’re such a pussy-lapping slut! Yes!”

Her sweet juices gushed out of her pussy. I groaned, drinking down that wonderful flood. I licked and lapped them up, reveling in the flavor. She humped against me, grinding her furred muff on my face. Her moans echoed over the gasping woman being fucked.


“That’s it, Bimbo,” growled the man. “Fucking that’s it!”


I whimpered as my ass burned and licked up the pussy cream spilling out of Allie’s pussy. I caressed her with hunger, gathering up every drop of her cunt cream I could. She quivered there as she did that.

Then she gasped out in delight as I licked at her with such hunger. I caressed her pussy with my tongue. I stroked over her folds. She groaned, her head tossing back. She quivered through the pleasure then groaned.

The sweet flavor became acrid.

She gripped the back of my head as she pissed in my mouth.

I whimpered, hating the nasty flavor that flowed into my mouth. I tried to pull my head away, but she held me to her cunt. She moaned, her boobs bouncing as more and more of her piss gushed out of her. I had no choice but to swallow that nasty stuff.


“Drink my daughter’s piss, Dummy!” growled the man.

“Yes!” the woman he fucked squealed. “Breed me! Yes!”

“Fuck!” he snarled and stopped fucking her. He grunted as he pumped his cum into her pussy. I wanted his cum in my pussy so much.

Instead, I had to gulp down that nasty pee gushing from his daughter’s pussy. It washed away the yummy taste of her cunt, replacing it with this acrid flavor. It spilled over my chin and ran down my throat. She groaned, her urine streaming into my mouth.

“You dirty dummy!” Allie squealed, her body quivering as she pissed in my mouth.

“Oh, my god,” moaned the woman being bred. “Oh, my fucking god. You’re knocking me up! Yes!”

“I fucking am!” he growled as I quivered.

His daughter shuddered. Her urine jetted a few more times into my mouth. I swallowed the bitter stuff, shuddering. Tears spilled hot down my cheeks. It was so humiliating to have to do that. I was just such a dummy, though. I had to do it.

“Goddamn,” growled Jake as he ripped his cock out of her asshole. “And now we have Alix. Our dummy bimbo piss-drinker.”

“She loved it,” groaned Allie.

“I did?” I asked as the daughter let go of my head and stumbled back.

“You drank it all down,” she said. “Only a complete piss-drinking slut would do that.”

“Oh,” I said, my ass burning. I did drink it all down. But it was so nasty, how could I love it? “I guess your right. I did love it because I swallowed every drop of it.”

“Such a fucking dummy,” said the man as he pushed his pussy-lubed dick into my butt-crack. He slid it down and down.

I gasped, “Wait, wait, that’s my no-no hole! The ritual doesn’t work in that hole.”

“Nope,” said the man. “But I’m going to ass-fuck you anyways! Dumb bimbos like you, Alix, love it up the ass.”

“I do?” I asked, so confused. My asscheeks burned so much. That nasty taste of urine filled my mouth. His cock pushed on my asshole. That felt so... strange. It didn’t feel right at all. But I must love it.

I whimpered as his cock drilled against my asshole. My head shook as my anal ring widened and widened. This naughty burning heat melted to my aching cunt. My pussy so wanted to do the mommy-daddy ritual. I craved his cum spurting in me.

I gasped as my asshole widened more and more. Then he popped into my asshole. His thick cock slid into my bowels. I gasped at how strange it felt. This heat melted down to my cunt. I groaned, my big boobs jiggling beneath me.

“That’s it,” growled the man as he bottomed out in me. His crotch rubbed into my spanked rump. “That’s what a bimbo like you needs. A good ass-fucking.”

“I do?” I whimpered. Well, I must. “Then ass-fuck me hard, sir.”

“Yes, yes, ass-fuck the little whore!” groaned Allie, stretching her back.

The other women were waiting to be bred as he gripped my hips and drew back his cock. I groaned as he slid out of me. The burning heat melted to my cunt. My pussy drank it in as he thrust back into me. He plowed to the hilt in my bowels.

His crotch smacked my rump.

Pain burst like I was being spanked again.

He drew back again. I groaned, my asshole clenching about his cock. He slammed his cock back into my asshole. He buried deep and hard into my bowels. It was an incredible treat to have him fucking my anal sheath like this.

I whimpered as he fucked me with such force. He plowed into my anal sheath, holding nothing back. I groaned at his crotch spanking my rump. The pain didn’t matter so much because I was being ass-fucked. It felt good. Weird but good.

I moaned and gasped as he buried into my bowels again and again. He fucked me with such force. He buried into me with all that pressure. It was an incredible delight to have him fucking into me again and again. I gasped, squeezing my bowels down around him.

I loved this so much. He buried into me with such hard thrusts. He fucked me again and again. I loved it. I savored this so much. I groaned, my asshole clenching down on his dick. I savored that hot dick burying into my bowels over and over again.

“Fuck that slut faster!” a woman cried. “I need to be bred!”

“I need your cum so much!” another cried.

“Hurry up with that dumb bimbo! She’s such an idiot! A fucking airhead!”

“Cum in her asshole then cum in my womb! I told my husband I didn’t want kids. Well, not with him! I want your baby!”

“Fuck,” the man groaned as he pounded my asshole. “They all think you’re a dummy, too.”

“I must be,” I moaned, squeezing my asshole down on his cock. “This won’t summon the stork and make me pregnant.”

“Stork!” snorted Allie. “God, Alix, you’re such a big dummy. No, it won’t. Can’t get pregnant from being ass-fucked!”

“I thought so,” I groaned, squeezing my bowels down around the man’s cock. “Oh, I’m such a dummy! Just so dumb! Keep fucking my asshole. Dumb bimbos like me love it up the ass!”

“That’s fucking right!” growled the man as he slammed his cock into my bowels.

He thrust away with such hard strokes at my asshole. My bowels melted around his cock. My pussy drank it in. He wasn’t fucking my cunt, but the good feeling built. That need to cum swelled and swelled in me.

I quivered, loving what he did to me. It was such an incredible rush to have him doing that to me. Just such a thrill to have that big dick pumping away at my bowels. I loved every second of it. Every last moment of this bliss.

“Ooh, I love this!” I squealed.

“Bimbo slut!” he snarled.


That bursting need to just climax grew in my pussy. I groaned, my asshole clamping down on his dick as he fucked me. My boobs rocked back and forth as he fucked me. I loved that feeling. I savored it as he fucked away at me. He plunged to the hilt in me again and again.

I quivered in delight, savoring the way he fucked me with that big dick. He pounded me with such force. He buried into me with everything that he had. I loved it. I savored it so much. My asshole melted around his cock.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “I’m going to cum from being ass-fucked!”

“Just like a bimbo would!” he growled.

“Yes!” I squealed and burst.

My asshole writhed around his cock. My flesh spasmed and convulsed as he fucked me. It was an incredible rush to have his cock burying to the hilt in my bowels. He buried into me over and over again. It was such a thrill to have him fucking my writhing anal sheath.

Pussy juices gushed out of my cunt and spilled hot down my thighs. He buried into me, spanking my rump, and growled. His cum flooded my bowels. I gasped, my hot asshole writhing around his dick as he pumped my anal sheath full of his spunk.

“Fuck, that’s good,” he growled as more of his jizz pumped into my bowels. “Oh, fuck, that’s just amazing.”

“I know,” I groaned, my asshole milking him. “It’s just wonderful having you cum in my bowels!”

“Uh-huh,” he grunted. “Damn, that’s fucking great. You’re such an anal whore!”

“I am?” I gasped. “Yay!”

I was so glad to be an anal whore. I quivered here, a big smile on my face. I felt so good now. Just so wonderful. Everything was working out just perfectly. I could be so happy about it all. Just so thrilled to have all this happening to me.

I hummed in delight, a big smile growing on my lips. I quivered, feeling just so good right now. Just so amazing. I shuddered in delight, my boobs rising and falling with all these good feelings. Stars danced before my eyes for a moment.

He ripped his cock out of my anal sheath. “I’m a big anal-whore, dummy bimbo-slut!”

“Yes, you are,” he growled. “Damn, who needs to get bred next?”

* * *


Every woman lined up squealed in delight. They all wanted my cock to fuck them. To breed them. They all were so eager for it. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest as my clit-cock throbbed and pulsed with my need to cum.

I licked my lips as I stared out at them all, a big grin on my face. My dick was so hard and fresh from that bimbo Alix’s asshole. She panted on the ground, just quivering there. She was just so... easy to do degrading things to.

It was like she was born to be treated like a whore.

“You,” I said, pointing to a black-haired woman with a wedding ring. “Come kneel here before me. I’m going to fuck you with my dirty dick and breed you!”

“Just give me your baby!” she moaned. “I don’t care where your dick was!”

She rushed over to me, her big boobs jiggling. Her wedding ring flashed on her hand. She spun around and dropped to her knees. She thrust her plump rump at me, her thick bush dripping with her excitement.

“I need your baby!” she moaned. “Breed me! Knock me up! Flood my cunt with your seed!”

She wiggled her hips back and forth. She wanted me to fuck her so badly. That was hot. My dick throbbed as I grinned at her. I fell to my knees, so ready to do just what she wanted. So eager to fuck her hard and breed her womb.

I pressed my dirty dick into her cunt. Alix sat up, her big tits quivering. The young bimbo grinned at me, so excited for this. She had urine dripping down her chin and pussy cream gleaming on her cheeks. She smiled and patted the woman’s rump.

“You just gotta breed her, sir,” she said. “She needs to be preggers. Like me!”

“I’ll breed her,” I growled and thrust my dirty dick into the woman’s cunt. “And I’ll make a special treat for you to enjoy. I know how much you love piss.”

“I do,” she said even as she grimaced. “It’s so nasty, but I just love it. I drank it all.”

I groaned as I sank my cock into the hot wife’s juicy snatch. She moaned as her silky flesh buffed my dirty dick clean. I savored those hot juices soaking my shaft. I gripped her hips, reveling in this pleasure.

I drew back my cock. She moaned, her hot flesh gripping my dick. It was a wondrous treat to have her juicy snatch polishing my dirty pole. She buffed my cock as I pumped away at her married flesh. Her butt-cheeks rippled.

“Oh, my god, you’re so big,” she moaned as I pumped away at her cunt. “You’re so huge!”

“Bigger than your husband?” I groaned.

“God, yes!” she moaned. “My husband. My old boyfriends. Oh, my fucking god, I love this dick!” She clamped her pussy down on my dirty dick. “Yes, yes, breed me with this magnificent cock!”

I grinned, loving the way she moaned that out.

I pumped away at her twat. She gasped, her head tossing. The other women fingered their cunts, waiting for their turn to get bred. The gym trainers were walking around them, making sure they stayed in place and awaited their turns.

I loved this gift that Clara had given me. I don’t know how the fuck I got so lucky, but I was thrilled to fuck this tight pussy. I groaned, savoring that passion as I fucked away at her cunt. I buried my dick to the hilt in her snatch again and again.

“I’m going to cum on this big dick,” she moaned.

“Fresh from my ass!” Alix squealed. “I’m an anal whore!”

“And a piss-drinking slut,” Allie said, my daughter grinning.

“That, too,” Alix said, not sounding nearly as enthusiastic.

That just meant she needed to enjoy more piss.

“I love this dick!” the hot wife moaned. “I don’t care that it was fresh from your ass, dummy! I just love that he’s fucking me with it. I’m going to cum so hard. I’m going to have his baby!”

“Yay! Babies!” squealed the bimbo. “I love babies! I want to have a baby! I want to be preggers and have the stork show up.”

“Fucking airhead,” the hot wife moaned, her twat gripping my dick.

I grinned and fucked the slutty wife hard. She gripped me with that hot twat. She massaged me with all her passion. She drove me wild. I groaned, fucking into her snatch again and again. She wiggled her hips as I drew back.

I plunged back into her, my nuts tightening as they slapped into her taint. Her butt-cheeks jiggled with my hard thrusts. They rippled as the pressure in my balls swelled. My cum brimmed in them. I would unleash so much cum into her twat.

I would just unload in her over and over again. I loved that so much. I savored that heat bursting through me. I groaned as she fucked me. It was such a wonderful treat to fuck into her twat. I buried into her again and again.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I groaned. “Oh, my god, that’s so good. That’s just amazing. Fuck, I love that so much! It’s awesome.”

“Just give me your seed!” the hot wife moaned. “Oh, god, I’m going to fucking cum! I’m going to cum on your huge dick! Yes, yes, cuck my husband and give me your baby!”

I grinned as I fucked to the hilt in her twat. My balls slapped into her taint. She moaned as I did that. She squeezed down hard on my dick with her hot cunt. I loved the way she did that. It was fantastic. I hurtled towards that moment of eruption.

Then she squealed. Her head tossed and her pussy went wild around my cock.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I groaned. “Just like that. Just like fucking that. Damn!”

“Breed me!” she cried, her pussy suckling at my dick.

I loved the way her cunt writhed around my cock. She nursed at me with such passion. I groaned, my cock throbbing in her pussy’s spasming depths. She nursed at me as that amazing pleasure hit that bursting point. My back arched.

I erupted.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled as I bred the wife.

“Oh, my god, your seed!” she squealed, her twat writhing around my spurting dick.

The pleasure shot through me. Powerful blasts of ecstasy that slammed into my mind as I unloaded into her twat again and again. I basted her anal sheath with all my spunk. It was an incredible moment. I loved every second of this. Every last heartbeat of this rapture.

Her hot cunt milked my dick. Her hungry snatch worked out the cum in my nuts. I groaned as I spurted over and over into her snatch. I unloaded in her, the pressure in my bladder growing. I gripped her hips as I pumped the last of my cum into her snatch.

“I got a big treat for you, dummy,” I growled. “Get ready to eat her pussy when I pull out!”

“Treat?” moaned the woman. “Is she going to eat the cum out of my pussy. Mmm, I just know you’re such a stud that you’ve bred me.”

“Not just cum,” I groaned, that need to piss growing. “Shit, you’re just a whore, too. Just a fucking slut like the bimbo.”

“Ready!” Alix squealed as she settled beneath us.

I grinned and relaxed my bladder.

My urine streaming into the wife’s pussy felt almost as good as cumming. My body shook with that pleasure. The hot wife gasped as I flooded her snatch with my piss. She threw a look over her shoulder.

“You love it,” I told her.

“Oh, god, it’s so hot!” she moaned, her body trembling. “I am such a whore!”

I grinned as I hosed her pussy down. I soaked her in my piss, a huge smile spreading on my lips. This was an incredible rush to enjoy. I loved the feel of unleashing my urine in a woman’s pussy. I could do whatever the fuck I wanted to these women.

This gym was mine.

“Thank you, Clara,” I breathed as more and more of my piss streamed into the wife’s cunt.

She moaned as I filled her pussy to the brim with my urine. I shuddered, the stream dying down. I rolled my shoulders. I sucked in a deep breath as I prepared to pull out of the wife and give Alix her treat. A big grin spread over my lips.

“Get ready, dummy!” I growled.

* * *


“Ready, sir,” I moaned.

He ripped his cock out of the woman’s pussy. I pressed my mouth against her twat to catch his cum. Only something acrid washed out. Piss. I hated piss, but I was a pee-whore, so I must enjoy it. I grimaced at how bitter it tasted mixed with something sweet and salty.

The woman groaned as she unleashed all that piss and cum in her pussy. She humped back against me as I quivered there, drinking all that nasty pee down. It was so bitter. The acrid flavor burned across my tongue and flowed warm down my throat.

I drank it down.

I guzzled the sinful flavor. I shuddered here, loving the taste of all that cum pouring out of her pussy. I couldn’t help myself. It was so wild to lick this cum and piss out of her snatch. She whimpered, rubbing her furred muff into my face.

“You’re such a disgusting bimbo, Alix,” she moaned. “God, you’re drinking his piss out of my cunt!”

“That’s Alix,” purred Allie. “Just a big, dumb bimbo slut!”

“Yes!” I moaned, my cunt on fire. I wanted to be bred.

Another woman moaned as the man fucked her, pumping his dick into her pussy over and over again as my tongue licked and lapped at the woman’s twat. I swirled about in her, finding more of the cum mixed with his salty jizz.

I thrust my tongue deep into the woman’s bred twat. She would have the stork coming with her baby. Until then, she would get to do pregnant sexercises with the man. I wanted that so much. I had to be bred.

“Oh, you dirty slut,” the woman moaned. “Mmm, yes, yes, give me another orgasm, you fucking slut! You’re just good for cleaning up after him and making women cum, bimbo!”

“Yes!” I moaned and licked at her cunt with hunger.

The acrid taste of cum faded, replaced by the spicy flavor of her pussy. I licked at her cunt with such hunger. I suckled on her with everything that I had, my asshole dripping with his cum. It ran down my taint to my pussy. It spilled over my lips.

“Look at that,” purred Allie. “You got dirty cum leaking out of your asshole, bimbo.”

I gasped as her fingers slid down my taint and pushed the cum into my pussy. She shoved her digits deep into my cunt. My pussy clamped down on her doing that. I groaned into the married woman’s spicy pussy as Allie worked that spunk in deep.

“Let’s see if we can’t breed you this way,” she purred and pulled her fingers out of my cunt.

She pressed them into my asshole. I gasped as she shoved two digits into my aching rectum. I groaned into the married woman’s pussy as Allie hooked her fingers and pulled them out of my asshole, scooping out the cum from my depths.

She thrust the fingers into my cunt. I groaned at the feel of her shoving jizz deep into my snatch. I quivered there, tonguing the married woman’s cunt. I licked at her folds, stroking her pussy lip as she quivered there.

“Breed me!” squealed a young woman being fucked by the man. “Breed my fucking womb with your seed. I want your baby!”

“You’ll get it!” he growled.

I fluttered my tongue around the married woman’s clit as Allie thrust her fingers back into my asshole. I shuddered as she hooked out more of his cum from my asshole. I shuddered at that. Then she jammed them into my pussy.

I gasped as he did that. She churned up my pussy as she worked the cum into my snatch. My orgasm swelled as she did that. I groaned as she did that, my tongue dancing around the married woman’s clit.

I suckled on her with hunger. She moaned as she squirmed there. She wiggled her hips as I did that. Allie jammed her fingers into my asshole over and over again. I groaned, the pleasure building as she thrust more dirty jizz into my cunt.

“That’s all you need,” moaned Allie. “That’s what you need to be bred! Just my daddy’s dirty cum from your asshole!”

“Really?” I moaned. “That’s so neat! Yay! I’m going to have his baby!”

“That’s right,” Allie purred and rammed her fingers deep into my asshole.

I quivered, nursing on the married woman’s clit. She groaned as I did that. Her spicy juices dripped down my chin. My big boobs swayed beneath me as Allie’s fingers rammed into my cunt coated in her daddy’s jizz.

My cunt clenched down on her. I held her tight as she worked her fingers in and out of my snatch. Her thumb brushed my clit. I groaned at that. My body trembled as this heat swept through me. I trembled as I nursed hard on the married woman’s bud.

“You dirty slut!” squealed the married woman.

Her pussy juices gushed out and splashed my mouth. I groaned, drinking down her spicy juices. Allie thrust her fingers in and out of my pussy, her thumb massaging my clit. Pleasure swelled in me as I gulped down the woman’s cunt cream.

“You love piss, you fucking bimbo slut!” the married woman howled. “Then enjoy this!”

Urine gushed out of her pussy along with her cunt cream. I gasped as it splashed across my face and soaked me. Allie rubbed hard at my clit as that nasty liquid flooded my mouth. My entire body quivered.

I exploded.

My orgasm burst through me as I gulped down that acrid piss. More and more of the yellow liquid streamed out of the married woman’s pussy. I drank it down as the waves of delight washed through my body, my cunt writhing around Allie’s digits.

“Cumming from drinking piss?” Allie moaned, my cunt writhing around her digits. “God, you are a dirty slut, dummy. Just a dirty fucking slut, Alix!”

“Yes!” I moaned as the urine soaked my face. It ran down my neck to my boobs, the piss dripping from my nipples. “I am!”

I shuddered, the delight drowning my mind as I drank the woman’s piss. I shuddered, gulping it all down. I swallowed every bit of it I could. I swallowed it all, my heart pounding in my chest. Urine dripped from my nipples as I quivered here.

The woman moaned as the last of her pee squirted into my mouth. I gulped down the bitter stuff, my stomach full of it while I had been bred by Allie shoving her daddy’s dirty cum into my cunt. It was so wrong, but I was preggers.

That was the most important part.

* * *


“That’s it,” moaned the last woman I had bred. She sat on Alix’s face. “Drink that piss!”

The busty and dumb blonde lay on her back, drinking the piss and cum from the Black woman’s pussy. I grinned, watching the sight as I fucked my cock in and out of a tight, young slut’s cunt. The daughter of Lana, the MILF who ran Lady Vita.

I fucked the girl hard, drilling my cock in and out of her juicy pussy. She groaned as I fucked her fertile pussy. This was such a wild day. I loved it so much as I watched the Black woman pissing into Alix’s mouth.

“You dirty slut,” groaned the Black woman, her entire body trembling. “Drink it! Drink my fucking piss, you dirty whore!”

“I’m a dirty, piss-drinking whore!” Alix moaned.

“Yes, you are!” the Black woman snarled and slapped Alix’s big boob. The flesh rippled from the impact. “Just a dirty, disgusting slut.”

I loved it.

My dick slammed hard into the girl’s cunt. Eighteen. A barely legal whore that moaned and gasped as I fucked her. She rubbed her face into her mother’s snatch, licking and lapping at her mother’s hot twat. The MILF shuddered, a big smile on her face.

“Breed my baby girl,” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, breed her!”

“I’ll fucking put a baby in her cunt!” I snarled, hammering that cunt hard. “Yes, yes, I’ll flood her with all my cum! Shit, that’s good! That’s really good!”

She smiled as I fucked her hard. I pounded her with such force. It was incredible to feel that hot cunt squeezing about my dick. She had such an amazing snatch. I pounded her as I watched her mother squirming in incestuous delight.

The daughter feasted on the MILF’s pussy as I fucked anyway with hard strokes. My nuts slapped into her shaved folds. The eighteen-year-old slut moaned into her mother’s cunt, her body shuddering. Her dyed-pink hair spilled over her mother’s thighs.

“Oh, yes, yes, eat my cunt, you naughty girl,” Lana moaned. Her big, soft boobs jiggled. “Oh, that’s so good. That’s just amazing!”

“It is!” I growled, glancing over at Alix the piss-drinking bimbo-slut. I just knew she was pregnant. That she would have my baby and I never even fucked her pussy. That was so hot. My daughter was a genius. I loved her. “Shit, I’m going to breed your baby girl, Lana!”

“Please!” the girl squealed into her mother’s pussy. “Please, please, breed me, Jake!”

I pounded her cunt hard, wanting to do just that. I slammed into the girl’s cunt over and over again, her pussy gripping my dick. She massaged me with that delicious snatch. I loved the way she held me as I fucked into her cunt over and over again.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “Oh, that’s so good. That’s just perfect. Keep fucking me like that! Mommy, I’m going to have his baby!”

“Then you can do pregnant sexercises with him,” purred Lana. She winked at me.

I grinned back at her.

I fucking loved this gym.

“Eat that cunt, you dirty whore!” hissed the Black woman. “Make me cum!”

“Yes!” Alix squealed.

“Now just finger those cunts as you wait for my daddy,” Allie said. “You’ll all get bred, just keep those pussies wet and ready.”

The waiting women masturbated as I fucked the girl hard and fast. Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock. She held my dick with her silky snatch. I loved every second of it as I buried to the hilt in her cunt.

I fucked her hard and fast, her pussy gripping me. She massaged me with that wonderful snatch. My nuts slapped into her clit as she devoured her mother’s cunt. Lana groaned, her hands kneading her soft tits, her wedding ring flashing.

Her daughter groaned into that hot cunt as I fucked that tight and juicy cunt. The pressure grew at the tip of my dick. That itching need to erupt built and built. I loved the way her cunt squeezed about me. It was an incredible rush to fuck her like this. Just a thrill to pound her barely legal twat.

“Damn,” I growled, my nuts aching. I was so ready to cum. “Damn, you are going to get so much jizz flooding her twat.

“I will!” she groaned, her pussy squeezing about my dick. I loved the way she massaged me. “Oh, cum in me, sir!”

“Yes!” her mother moaned.

“Fucking slut!” the Black woman moaned, her boobs heaving as she drowned Alix in pussy cream. “Fucking drink that up, whore!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Lana moaned, her head throwing back. “Drink it! You’re the gym’s bimbo-slut now, Alix! Yes!”

“Yay!” squealed Alix as Lana came on her daughter’s lips.

The MILF’s big boobs bounced and heaved as I drilled my cock into her daughter’s cunt. I fucked her daughter hard and fast. I buried into her snatch over and over again. I fucked her hard and fast. I plowed into her with such force. I loved the way she groaned as I did that.

“Mommy!” the naughty girl moaned. “I... I... Yes!”

She squealed her orgasmic bliss into her mother’s cumming pussy. I loved the sounds she made as her cunt went wild around my dick. It was an incredible delight to feel her spasming around me. She suckled at me.

“Fuck, yes!” I snarled as I buried into the eighteen-year-old slut’s cunt and erupted.

My cum flooded her pussy. Spurt after spurt of my seed flooded the daughter’s writhing snatch. She milked my cock as she tongued her mother’s cunt. Lana gasped, her boobs bouncing and heaving as I seeded her daughter’s womb.

“He’s knocking me up, Mommy!” the girl squealed.

“Yes, he is, baby!” Lana moaned, her head tossing. “Oh, Jake, you’re just what this gym needs!”

“Fucking A, I am!” I growled as I spurted my cum into the girl’s cunt.

Pleasure slammed through me as I savored the rush of cumming again. I shuddered, here, breathing heavily as I pumped more and more of my cum into the whore’s twat. Her pussy suckled at me. She wrung my balls dry.

I groaned as I fired the last of my cum into her cunt. If let amazing. A big smile crossed my lips as I ripped my dick out of her cunt. The Black woman rose from Alix, leaving her drenched in pussy cream.

“I have to pee!” the girl I just bred gasped.

She hopped up, her petite body toned from gymnastics, maybe. She darted over and squatted right above Alix’s big boobs. A stream of urine gushed from the girl’s cunt and splashed all over the bimbo’s large tits, drenching them in piss.

“Mmm, that’s it, honey,” purred Lana. “Piss on our bimbo-slut. That’s all she’s good for.”

“Yep,” I panted and snagged my phone. I aimed my phone and snapped a picture.

“@realgossip Thanks for making the lady’s gym into my paradise! Got a bimbo slut and everything! #BreedTheGals #PissBimboSlut #MyPreggerGymWhores”

I hit send and looked around. “Who do I need to breed next?”

* * *

Clara smiled at the tweet she just got.

I love being a goddess, she thought as she looked around the law firm. She was eager to have more fun here.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...