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Clara and the Bull Dyke

Clara was walking around the office. When she overheard a couple of the lawyers snickering about one of their coworkers named Barbara calling her a fat bull dyke. She let out a tweet. That big bull dyke named Barbara has taken the lady’s bathroom on her floor to herself. She has even filled it with her own toys. Plus I hear she made some renovations. So don’t go in there or she’s gonna make you her bitch. # Piss on you # make you eat her pussy # do you give rim jobs? You do now.


I really had to go to the bathroom. I went to the one on the lower floor since people don’t go there I really wanted a moment to myself Away from these disgusting new clothes I had to wear a miniskirt and a very tight blouse how am I supposed to be taken serious in these I felt like I was dressed and painted like a slut. I opened the door and went in. “What do you think you’re doing in here?”

I turned around. Oh it was Barbara the 300lb dyke I hated sharing a bathroom (and the building) with a filthy lesbian.

“I’ll type you up a report if it’s so important to you.” I said as I turned to one of the stalls.

“No you are not. You stupid girl, this is my bathroom, I own everything in it and that makes you my bitch.”

And with that she walked to the door and closed a deadbolt lock! I have no idea how she got it there.

“OK” I said I’ll just take a minute” I’m already imagining taking this up with internal affairs. I’m finally going to get rid of this fat cow.

From out of nowhere she lunched at me surprisingly agile for a 300 pound bull.

She pined me to the floor! She was strong as an ox

“You’re my bitch now got it?”

Before I knew what was happening she was pulling my skirt and my panties right off me! I struggled as she ripped my blouse off. Next she grabbed my bra and just tore it right off, my 34 cup breasts spilled out I was naked in front of this enormous woman. I was completely in shock.

Next she dragged me to a cabinet. There was a small bar to the side of it. She pulled a pair of handcuffs out of the cabinets and cuffed my right hand slid the cuff under the bar and then cuffed my left. I was trapped I couldn’t stand up and my ass was stuck on the cold floor.

Finally I regained some presence of mind.

“Let me go right now”

“I will have you arrested for this. Do you hear me?”

She just snickered as she rummaged through the cabinet. She pulled out a large penis gag.

“Hey Stupid are you good at giving blow jobs?”

“None of your business” I replied.

“Well I guess I’m about to find out” she said with an evil sneer.

She shoved it down my throat I gagged and struggled but eventually she got it in. Next she blindfolded me.

“Well now that you are nice and comfortable. I am going to go use MY BATHROOM I will training you some more when I get back.

With that she went into one of the stalls leaving the door open. The stink was horrible. I was unable to move I couldn’t scream I still needed to pee and what did she mean by training me? I was gonna destroy this monster there was no way I was going to be her bitch.

Finally she came out quietly she walked over to the cabinet. I tried to struggle I tried to scream but there was nothing I could do.


Oh this was gonna be fun. I was going to make her my first bitch. I walked out of the stall after I had finished doing my business I had taken all my clothes off.

Where to begin I opened my toy chest. I’m glad she couldn’t see me yet. I wouldn’t want her to see what’s coming next. I walked over to her she was still struggling and trying to talk. This Dumbo wasn’t going to imagine what I was gonna do first.

I went back to the cabinet and got my special strap on dildo.

I walked back over to her and whispered in her ear “I’m gonna make you my bitch.”

She shook her head back-and-forth defiantly. We’ll just see about that I whispered in her ear. “You should know this is fifteen inches.”

Cathy Stamm

I couldn’t see what she was doing. I couldn’t scream. All I knew is that what she whispered was never going to happen. I was going to get out of this somehow. What was fifteen inches I wondered? To my horror I discovered what! Suddenly I felt something hard and thick pushing against my ass. She was stuffing something in to it! I could feel it tearing me, stretching my rectum as she pushed harder! The pain was intense. I immediately lost all control of my bladder my piss spilled out of me. I barely noticed as she continued brutally probing to loosen my ass for this invader. It slowly went in sometimes out but back in of my ass. It hurt horribly, and then I screamed into my gag as I felt my sphincter give way as the object slid several inches into my virgin ass. It felt like I was constipated with the biggest bowel movement of my life! Then she began to move it around, pulling it an inch or two back and then shoving it several inches deeper.

A lifetime of unending pain passed as Barbara slowly worked her thirteen-inch thing deeper and deeper into my tight little rectum. Her big hands were wrapped around my hips, using them as leverage as she plunged deeper and deeper. Suddenly I felt her press against my ass cheeks and I realized it was the strap on and she had forced all Fifteen inches into my ass!

She rested for a moment, enjoying her moment of victory. I was in horrible pain I would have done anything she wanted I wanted the scream and beg but all I could do was struggle which she seemed to enjoy. Then she began to force it back and forth fucking me in the rear, grunting as she enjoyed breaking me. I burned with humiliation and pain, feeling it sliding in and out of me, each stroke like it was going to be the one to split me in half. I had to get out of here. She wasn’t gonna break me I had to get out of here.


In and out in and out. I could feel the straight stuck up’s pain. I was gonna break this proud Skank and make her my good little bitch.

I pulled my strap on right out of her ass I knew she was ready to listen.

I walked over and pulled the penis gag out her mouth. This bitch was obviously good at sucking cock. That would come in useful with some of the clients I wanted to keep happy. I pulled a collar, chain and lock out of my cabinet attached it to my bitch’s new collar and then put the chain around the bar and locked it there then I undid her cuffs and quickly recuffed her hands behind her back before she could recover.

“Now will you be a good little bitch or should I do that again?” I asked.



Anything to keep that from happening again. Anything to keep that thing out of my ass I nodded eagerly.


I felt her fasten a collar around my neck I didn’t even resist. I was becoming her bitch and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

She pulled off the blindfold and stepped a foot back. I was horrified to discover she was naked.

“Then prove it. Eat my pussy.”

I hesitated I had never done such a thing; I couldn’t do such a thing I found the idea repulsive. I was repulsed. She turned her eyes towards the strap on that was now on top of the cabinet. I had no choice.

I crawled forward and began to methodically lick her (sob) pussy. With every lick I could feel her dominance over me growing. I pushed forward trying to stay in control of myself.


“Ok you can stop now.”

She wasn’t very good she would need to be trained how to do this and how to do this. I bent down and gave her a kiss on the lips. She was stunned. Then I turned around. Fortunately there was a mirror so I could see what she was doing.

“Good” I said “now you can lick my other hole.” I could see when she started crying she was crying but she did it she must really not have wanted that strap on back in her ass. What a shame I enjoyed putting it there so much I would be doing it more. I could feel her tongue in my lower hole.

I watched her in the mirror. “That’s it” I told her that’s good just act like you’re making out with it.


I couldn’t take that thing back in my behind. Even this was better, I began to make out with another woman’s asshole the stink was horrible. The taste was horrible. There was nothing I could do. I was really helpless. Even if I got out of this would I even be able to testify about this in courts?

Was I her bitch was she right?

After what seems like eternity she let me stop I moved back my tormentor turned around and faced me.


It turned around and stared at her smiling brightly. There was a brown ring around her mouth was a brown ring around her mouth.

“Oh dear” I said in a sarcastically kind voice “I didn’t give you anything to wash that down with.” She shook her head moving backwards.

“Let’s get one thing straight my little pet” I told her when I say you’re gonna do something you do it. Now I have a drink for you come get it.”

Cathy Stamm

I didn’t have a choice I came forward opened my mouth right by her pussy and she Started pissing I choked as the hot liquid splattered my face as it went down my throat I was drinking her piss.

Barbara Oh it felt good to finally finish when I did appointed to the puddle that my new bitch had made earlier.

“Clean that up” I commanded


I crawled towards the puddle I was about to use my teeth to reach for the paper towel dispenser.

“No bitch” she said with mock politeness. “Use your tongue.”

It was horrible I never felt worse in my life is my life I was done here my life was over. When I was finished she grabbed me by my hair staring me right in the face.

“Who are you” she demanded

I knew the answer she wanted and I knew I had to give it to her.

I’m your bitch I said suddenly I began to believe that. I truly truly began to believe that.

“I’m your bitch you tell me what to do when I’ll do it I’m yours” Just saying the words made me feel better it made me feel safer I’ll do whatever you want I work for you now.


Oh good finally it gets it. I have one bitch. I’ll need a few more but I’m off to a good start I took the cuffs off of her and went to the cabinet. I pulled out a garment bag and threw it at her. “Put that on” I commanded.

She quickly obeyed I could come to like this delightful bitch. She looked rather endearing in her Mini skirt and way too tight shirt.

“Good I told her now here’s how your life is going to go from now on.”

“You do what I say I have clients that I want kept happy and that is your job.

She nodded happily.

“Next I know you’re straight I don’t care I expect you to keep me happy.”

She nodded happily

“Next I want you to bring some of your straight friends in here sometime so they can also be my bitches.”

She nodded happily

“Well good bitch now Get to your office and some papers will be sent to you soon. I choose your clients now. Are you happy?”

“Yes ma’Am.” she said

Good I gave her ass a good smack. “Get back to work.” And off she went.