The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Cunty Step-Sisters Bred

Clara smiled at the tweet from @GymDad43. He was so thankful for her tweets at Lady Vita. Clara was enjoying changing the world. She was a goddess, after all. She enjoyed what she did so much. She hummed as she moved through the law offices of Coman, Shine, & Chase.

“What do you mean? My mom gets nothing?” a voice shouted through a door. It was Frank Coman’s office, the son of one of the founding partners.

“Your step-father left it all to his biological children,” Frank said, his voice calm. “Sorry, that’s what his will says.”

“That’s us, dweeb,” a bitchy girl said with such mirth that instantly set Clara’s teeth on edge.

Fury swelled in Clara. She had to see. So she sent out a quick tweet, “I can see through walls when I want to.”

She hit send as a second girl added, “Yep! Nothing for you and that dumb cow!”

The door fuzzed away and Clara could see into the room where an overweight guy in his early twenties stood. He wore a shirt with some Anime bimbo on it with tits too big and a mustard stain in her cleavage. His black hair wasn’t combed. He snarled, “Don’t call my mother a cow, you little—!”

“She’s a leach!” snapped back one of the bitchy girls, cutting him off. She was a busty blonde with big tits that her tight top showed off. “Just a fucking little turd sponging off Daddy. Now she has to get a real job. She’s not getting any support from us.”

“Not one bit of the inheritance,” the other added with such malicious joy. She was blonde, too, clearly the younger sister of the other, though neither looked much older than nineteen or twenty. Her tits weren’t as big, but she wore a skirt so short, she had to be careful not to flash her ass. “It’s all ours!”

“It’s fine, Brian,” a mousy voice muttered. She had black hair and wore a dark dress, bags under her eyes. She sat by the fat guy, clearly his mother. “That’s what your step-father wanted.”

“No, it’s not fine!” the fat guy shouted. “You should get something for putting up with that asshole.”

“Don’t call our daddy an asshole!” snapped the older of the two sisters.

“He was a fucking dick!” their step-brother roared back.

“Whatev,” snorted the younger sister, tossing her blonde hair. “Ignore him, Nancy, he’s a loser with no money. Not us, we got a bunch coming our way. Shopping spree!”

My blood boiled as both sisters bounced in the air, eager to blow their inheritance on dumb shit while their step-mother got nothing. Clara had to fix it. Sure, she could just make it so the mom got everything and the daughters nothing, but where was the fun in that?

Inspiration struck as she quickly wrote out her next tweet.

“Brian’s bratty stepsisters think they’re getting all the money, but if he knocks up their skanky asses, legally, the sluts will have to marry him and he’ll get it all instead! Good thing, it’s legal for a brother to fuck his sister whether she wants it or not! #GetAlong #BredAndMarried #WontMomBeProud

She hit send.

* * *


Disgust burned through me as my two cunty step-sisters pranced for the door. Nancy and Renee. They were such skanks dressing like complete sluts and acting like the biggest bitches that had ever walked this world.

In a perfect world, they would be fucked straight by some hero. He’d use his big dick powers to just make them his whores. There was so much great Hentai about that topic. I read this one called Runaway Elf recently. Four stories of the same elf trying to rescue her friends only for her to be captured and turned into a depraved sex slave with magic, potions, and pure fucking.

That had to happen to my sisters.

“This isn’t fucking right!” I snarled. My mom should get something. I should, too, for having to put up with that asshole.

“Why are you so angry?” Renee asked, the younger of the two. Barely eighteen and wearing a skirt so short the bottoms of her asscheeks peeked out. “You’re fat ass couldn’t get a girl even with all this money.”

“Yep, not even with a Lambo,” Nancy said. She was always talking about getting a “Lambo,” a Lamborghini. “Ta-ta, losers.”

Tears spilled down Mom’s cheeks. She had put up with so much garbage from my stepdad. My blood boiled. The two girls were getting away. They opened the door, laughing about how they would squander the millions of the dumbest shit in the world.

And I was just letting them go. A fat loser who couldn’t put two skanks in their place.

My phone chirped with a Twitter notification.

An idea burst in my mind. A plan. I could be the big-dick hero that fucks those bitches into submission. And there was one surefire way to do it. One way where they would have to be mine.

I grabbed them and yanked them back. They squealed as they stumbled. I shoved them at the lawyer’s desk. Mr. Coman blinked at that. He had a weaselly sort of face, perfect for a slimeball lawyer that my step-dad would have trusted.

“What the fuck!” Nancy hissed. “You pig!”

“How dare you touch us with those dirty, greasy hands!” hissed Renee, her skirt fluttering. “Ugh, I have to scrub myself clean. Can we sue him for that?”

“It has to be emotional abuse to be touched by someone as disgusting as him,” Nancy added.

“We can certainly discuss it,” said the weasel, a big smile spreading on his lips. He would gladly fleece these two dumbo skanks of their inheritance. That was Mom’s money. She married that abusive prick.

“But they won’t have the money for the lawsuit,” I said. “Not if I breed them, right? Then they would have to marry me, and I would get the money once they were my wives. That’s the law, right?”

“That’s the law,” the slimeball agreed.

“WHAT!” both my step-sisters squealed at the same time.

I grinned and grabbed them. I spun them around and pushed them over the desk, my cock so hard. I should have realized that this was the easiest way to make sure that prick didn’t screw over my mother. I should have just bred my step-sisters from the start.

“You disgusting weasel,” hissed Nancy as I shoved her down over the desk.

“Ooh, you think I’ll let you shove that rotten, little prick into my pussy!” Renee hissed, her skirt riding up to show her thong cupping her pussy. “You’re fucking mistaken. I’d sooner die than let your rotten jizz in my snatch!”

“Don’t got a choice,” I said. “Sisters have to fuck their brothers whether they want to or not!”

“What?” squealed Renee.

“Sorry, that’s the law,” said Mr. Coman. “Legally, he’s your brother since your father adopted him when he married your stepmother.”

“NOOOOOO!” they both wailed as I undid my jeans.

* * *


I couldn’t believe this dumb law existed. I heard him undoing his pants. I wanted to puke. Just the thought of him ramming his greasy, dirty dick into my pussy made my guts churn. This could not be happening. The lawyer was just...

Watching. He had this big grin on his face. He wanted to see us getting fucked.

“You can’t fuck me!” I hissed as my step-brother ripped my thong down, exposing my shaved pussy.

“Sure I can,” he said then grasped my clit piercing. He tugged on it. “God, what a fucking skank. You pierced your clit!”

“Don’t you touch that, pig!” I snarled. “Oink! Oink! That’s all you can do. You can’t fuck me! Your dick doesn’t stick past that fat gut of yours. You’ll never be able to get it in my pussy! You can’t breed me. I won’t be your wife!”

“You think so?” he asked as something pushed against my pussy.

My eyes bulged as this sinking horror fell into my icy guts. That was his dick. How could his dick be long enough to touch my pussy without his fat belly getting in the way? I squirmed on the desk, panic shooting through me.

“Help! Help!” I screamed. “He’s going to—”

My disgusting step-brother rammed his dick into my pussy. I gasped at the feel of his thick cock burying into my snatch. His fat gut slid over my rump. I shuddered at how filthy that was. The pig was fucking me. His dick was in me.

“NOOOOOOO!” I wailed, tears spilling down my cheeks. “No, no, get that dick out of me! I don’t want to be fucked by a pig! Help! Help! Nancy!”

“Better you than me,” Nancy said.

“You fucking cunt!” I hissed as my step-brother drew back.

I quivered, hating how much my cunt liked having his dirty dick in me. He rammed it back into my snatch, his balls slapping into my pierced clit. I shuddered, bent over the desk, whimpering at the feel of his fat gut resting on my asshole. He groaned his pleasure, a piggy grunt of delight.

He had finally fucked a girl. But I didn’t want to be his sow. The tears continued to flow as he drew back again. To my horror, my treacherous cunt clenched down on his dick, increasing the friction. Increasing how good it felt to have his dirty cock fucking me.

He rammed back into my pussy, grunting. His breath wheezed out of his nose as he pounded my cunt, soiling me forever with his thick shaft. I shuddered at his girth as he fucked me hard and fast. He buried into my twat again and again.

“This can’t be happening,” I wailed. “The pig can’t be fucking me!”

“Oh, yeah, this is fucking happening,” he growled as he pounded my cunt. “Goddamn, you’re tighter than I thought for such a skank, Renee! Or do you only fuck guys with small dicks! Mmm, bet you didn’t know I had a big dick. Yeah, that’s big dick energy fucking your cunt! I’m going to breed you!”

“NOOOOOO!” I howled as my pussy clamped down on him again, my snatch growing wetter and wetter.

He churned up my pussy with his dick. He fucked into me with that big cock. I groaned at the heat building in my cunt. Juices spilled down my thighs. This was a nightmare. It was bad enough he was fucking me, but now I was enjoying it.

I couldn’t enjoy this. I had to get away, but he had me pinned to the desk. His fat gut slapped into my rump over and over again. The fat tub of lard pounded me with that big cock of his, stretching out my cunt over and over again.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he grunted. “Oh, that’s such a tight fucking cunt. You’re going to make me cum so hard. I’m going to flood you with all the spunk that I have!”

I wept again as my pussy quivered in anticipation. My orgasm built and built as he fucked me. He drilled that fat cock into my cunt, his gut slapping onto my rump over and over again. He grunted as he drilled his cock in and out of my cunt.

“God, you’re enjoying it,” gasped Nancy. “What a dirty little sow! You’re disgusting, Renee!”

“I can’t help it!” I wailed, my cunt melting around his dick. “He’s so big. I’m going to cum! This is a nightmare! I don’t want to cum on your dick!”

“Sure you do!” he growled as he buried his cock to the hilt in my cunt. “You’re such a dirty skank, you want your fat step-brother to breed you!”

He buried into me as I gasped out, “NOOOOOO!”

I came.

My pussy convulsed as his dick buried to the hilt in my cunt. My flesh writhed around him, sucking at him. I trembled and bucked, my body quivering as my step-brother’s fat, disgusting cock drew back.

My pussy writhed around him, begging him to cum in me. Waves of depraved delight washed over my mind as he thrust back into me. He buried to the hilt in my cunt. He grunted with piggish delight as he erupted.

His hot cum poured into my pussy. I tossed my head as my cunt milked him. My treacherous, slutty twat writhed about his cock, working out all his cum. It splashed against my cervix, soaking my womb in his seed.

“I’m breeding her!” growled my step-brother. “Fuck, yes! Take my cum, you dirty slut! You’re mine! I’m going to marry you!”

“No! No! No!” I sobbed as the ecstasy drowned my mind. “I don’t want to have your baby! I don’t want to be your wife!”

I caught a glimpse of his mother, my step-mother, watching. She had this proud smile on her lips as she watched on in pride. She was happy her disgusting pig of a son was pumping his spunk into me. This was a nightmare.

“NOOOOOOO!” I howled, my cunt writhing and convulsing around his dick. I milked his cock. I worked out all the cum he had in his nuts.

“Yes!” he panted as he fired the last of his cum into me.

He ripped his cock out of my pussy. I shuddered there, feeling his seed pooling in my pussy. I quivered through the last of my orgasm. Tears rolled down my cheeks. My mascara must be running. I must be a frightful mess.

“Your turn, Nancy,” cooed my step-brother.

“No, no, no!” howled my older sister as he advanced on her. “Do something! Help me! Renee!”

Anger rippled through me. “Better you than me, right?” I spat. “Enjoy his dirty dick, you fucking skank!”

* * *


I shook my head as I backed away from Brian. He had ripped off his shirt and pants. He was naked, his fat gut, covered in hair, jiggled as he advanced. His dick thrust out dripping in my little sister’s pussy. I whimpered as I hit the wall.

No, the door. Freedom. I scrambled to grab the handle. I searched for it.

“You always were a pain in my ass,” said my step-brother. He grinned, this lecherous gleam in his dark eyes. “Now it’s my turn.”

“Your turn?” I whimpered. I found the doorknob. I turned it.

He grabbed me and spun me around. I gasped as he shoved me against the wall. I grunted as he pinned me to it. I groaned as he hiked up my skirt. My nipples throbbed, both pierced with gold rings. He grinned as he exposed my rump.

He squeezed my butt-cheek with his greasy fingers. I shuddered, my skin crawling at his touch. He found the waistband of my thong and yanked hard. I gasped as the cloth dug into my pussy. My eyes bulged at the painful wedgie.

“No, no, no,” I whimpered as the fabric compressed my clit. I rose on my tiptoes. “You dick! Stop that right now!”

He laughed and pulled higher.

I squealed then gasped as the fabric snapped. He threw my thong to the floor and pressed his dick, wet with my sister’s pussy juices, right into my butt-crack. My eyes widened as he slid down and found my asshole. He thrust against it.

“Wait, wait, not my asshole!” I moaned. I hated it up the ass. “I thought you wanted to breed me!”

“I know you’re eager for that, skank, and we have time for me to knock you up,” I said. “Be patient. I’m going to have lots of fun with you and that slut sister of yours.”

He thrust against my anal ring. I gasped at that. My eyes bulged. I whimpered as my asshole burned. How did this get worse? The disgusting pig pinned me to the door with his gut as his cock drilled into my sphincter.

How could his dick be long enough to fuck me there?

“No, no, no,” I whimpered, my asshole aching as it widened. “You can’t! Not there!”

“Why not?” he growled. “You never cared about being a pain in my ass? Why should I care if I’m a pain in yours, cunt!”

He thrust hard.

I gasped as he rammed his wet cock past my asshole and plunged into my anal sheath. I squirmed there, trapped against the door. He had me pinned in place. I shuddered as he slid deeper into my bowels. Heat burned into my depths. I groaned, squirming there.

I whimpered and shuddered. This was horrifying. Just a terrible day. I couldn’t believe this heat was swelling through me. It was disgusting. I trembled there as more and more of his dick sank into my bowels. It was incredible.

“Oh, damn, that’s good,” he groaned, his fat gut pushing against my back, his big dick thrust so deep into my asshole. How did have so much cock in me? “Damn, you are tight, Nancy. Thought a whore like you would have a looser ass.”

“I hate it up the ass,” I whimpered.

“Perfect for such a bitch!”

He drew back. I gasped, clamping my anal sheath down on his cock. He groaned as I pleasured him. This was so humiliating. I could smell the pig as he thrust away at me. He fucked into my asshole over and over again. He buried deep and hard into my bowels.

He grunted with each stroke, reveling in my burning asshole. Tears brimmed in the corners of my eyes as he buried deep and hard into me. The door creaked as he buried into me again and again. He fucked me with such force, grunting the entire time.

“Shit, that’s good,” he groaned. “Fuck, you got a tight ass, Nancy. Going to be fucking it so much!”

“Noooooo!” I gasped, my body squirming, trying to get away. “Mr. Coman, this can’t be legal.”

“Perfectly legal,” he said, his voice full of delight. “Frankly, bitches should be put in their place. It’s one of the guiding forces we’re adopting here at our law firm. New dress code, learning that women want to be sexually molested. We had an HR seminar about it. It was quite... thrilling to fuck Lisa Rekeita with the other guys.”

“No, no, no,” I whimpered, squirming as that big dick kept fucking me.

So hard.

He stretched out my asshole. Why did my step-brother have to have a dick this big? He might be a pig, but he was hung like a horse. He fucked his dick in and out of my bowels with hard strokes, stretching me out each time.

My asshole burned, the heat melting down to my pussy. I gasped, my eyes bulging in horror as delight stirred in my cunt. That wet itch grew as this disgusting shithead fucked his big dick into my asshole over and over again.

“No,” I whimpered. This couldn’t be happening. I hated it up the ass.

Yet my cunt was growing wetter and wetter with his every thrust. He fucked into my bowels, the burning heat setting a fire in my snatch. I shuddered, rubbing my right cheek against the cool door. A tear fell at the humiliation of enjoying being ass-fucked by the pig.

He grunted with each stroke as he buried into my asshole. He churned up my bowels. My cunt clenched, the heat building in me. I swelled towards my orgasm. This was such a nightmare. I sobbed as my body betrayed me.

He licked my tear off my cheek. “Mmm, delicious.”

“You’re so awful,” I whimpered.

“And you’re the cunt that was rubbing it in my mom’s face that she got nothing from that abusive dick of a father,” he snarled, slamming hard into me, his gut rubbing against my back. “Now take it up the ass! Time for you to pay for being such a pain in my Ass!”

He buried into me with such force. He fucked me hard and fast. I shuddered as he buried deep and hard into my asshole. My bowels gripped him as I swelled towards my orgasm. I whimpered as that big dick violated my asshole again and again.

He slammed deep and hard into my bowels. He fucked me with such powerful strokes. My pussy dripped juices down my thighs, reveling in this heat. I hated it so much. He grunted, his breath washing hot over my cheek.

“Shit, yes, I am going to flood your asshole with so much cum!”

He would. And I... I would cum.

I tried to fight it, squeezing my asshole around his dick, but that only made my bowels burn hotter. I shuddered, my body trembling as his cock buried into my anal sheath. He buried so deep and hard into me. I groaned, hating how weak I was.

How my pig of a step-brother could make me cum. Shame melted through me. I wanted to die right here and now, but instead my pussy swelled towards my orgasm. I clenched my teeth, his hard dick thrusting deep into me. My cunt quivered.

Burst in delight.

“Nooooo!” I wailed as my asshole spasmed around his cock.

“Shit, you are a such whore,” he growled as he drew back, my anal sheath suckling at him. “Came on my dick like a real whore!”

He thrust back into me.

I whimpered as he buried deep into my asshole. My entire body quivered with such ecstasy. I moaned, my face contorting with the passion of this rapture. I gasped as he erupted. He fired his cum into my bowels.

“No, no, no,” I sobbed as I quivered through the ecstasy.

“That’s it, slut,” he snarled as my asshole milked his cock. I worshiped him. More and more of his cum flooded my asshole. “Milk my dick! Damn!”

I was such a disgusting slut for enjoying this. For cumming from being ass-fucked by the pig. My anal sheath rippled around him, working out his cum as he grunted and oinked. I felt so soiled, my cunt writhing. Pussy juices spilled hot down my thighs.

I looked over my shoulder to see his mother smiling with such pride. She was proud of him for doing this. It was so sick.

He grunted and dumped the last of his cum into my asshole. I shuddered as my orgasm left me quivering with ecstasy. My entire body was awash in euphoria. He grunted and ripped his cock out of my asshole. His jizz spilled out after him.

I wept against the door for being such a disgusting whore.

* * *


I swallowed as he faced me, his dick thrusting out at him. It was fresh from my sister’s asshole. She had cum from being ass-fucked. Just like I had cum from having him pound me. Breeding me. I could feel his spunk deep in me.

He had knocked me up. I would have his disgusting baby. I wanted to puke even as my pussy quivered, aching for that huge cock to fuck me again. He had a big one. Just a huge cock. I couldn’t believe how hard he made me cum.

“Nancy,” growled Brian, “stop crying like a useless slut against the door and get down on your back!”

“Oh, god,” Nancy whimpered. My older sister pulled herself from the door. She turned about, tears spilling down her cheek. “You’re going to... breed me now.”

He just grinned, his jowls jiggling. “Wait, first, get naked. Both of you! NOW!”

I cringed and obeyed. I ripped off my top then bra, baring my round breasts. My sister did the same, pulling off her top. Her large tits spilled out, her nipples pierced by silver rings. I shuddered, a trickle of cum spilling down on my thigh.

Nancy settled down on her back, her big boobs jiggling. They were large and soft, forming two mounds. She was ready to be bred. Just ready for our disgusting step-brother’s fantastic dick to fuck her and breed her.

“Sit on her face,” he growled, staring at me. “I cum a lot. You got more cum in that snatch than it needs to breed you. No sense in wasting it. Let your sister taste it.”

“Y-yes,” I whimpered, quivering before him.

“What, no,” gasped Nancy as I straddled her face. “That’s incest! I can’t eat her pussy! Renee, you can’t do it!”

“He’s already bred me,” I whimpered, my cunt on fire. I loved having a girl eating me out, and my sister... That made this so wicked. “I’m practically his wife already. I have to obey him.

“No, you don’t,” she protested as I knelt. “This is—”

I planted my shaved twat on her mouth. I felt his cum really spilling out of me now, just spilling into my sister’s mouth. Her lip brushed my clit ring. Pleasure rushed through me at that. I shuddered, gringind my snatch on her. I wanted to cum on her lips.

Brian watched, his cock throbbing before him. I quivered here, smearing my hot cunt on my sister’s mouth. I wanted her to lick me. To eat me. I stared up at my step-brother. He watched on, an oily grin on his lips. His fat gut quivered as he breathed.

“She’s not licking me,” I whimpered.

“Cunt, eat your sister’s cunt right now,” he snarled. “If you don’t, I’ll fuck your pussy with my dirty dick instead of cleaning it first.”

Nancy gasped and tongued my cunt.

I shuddered as her tongue slid through my folds. She licked at the jizz leaking out of me. That felt so naughty. I quivered as she feasted on me. A moan rose through me. I quivered on her, reveling in this moment. It was such a thrill.

She licked and lapped at me as Brian moved closer. His cock thrust out from beneath his quivering gut. He licked his lips as he came closer and closer to me. He shuddered, my round tits jiggling as my sister licked out all the cum from me.

“She’s eating me out,” I moaned, taboo pleasure rushing through me. “She listened to you!”

“Good, good,” he said, standing beside me, his cock thrusting at my face. “Now open wide.”

“W-what?” I gasped, quivering.

“Open wide and suck my dick,” he growled. “You wanted me to get her licking, well, I promised I wouldn’t fuck her cunt with a dirty cock, so you got to clean it up. Now!”


He rammed his earthy cock into my mouth. The sour flavor of my sister’s bowels suffused my taste buds. I quivered there on my sister’s mouth as that disgusting taste made me shudder. He gripped the sides of my head, keeping me from pulling back.

He groaned as his cock throbbed in my mouth. My sister licked at me with more enthusiasm now as I whimpered. Humiliation blazed through me. I shuddered, hating how he licked at me. This was wicked of him. Just so mean.

“Suck it,” he growled, his eyes staring down at me with such lust. “Now! Suck me clean!”

“Mmm, yes, suck him clean of my dirty ass,” my sister cooed, taking far, far, far too much pleasure in this.

I suckled.

My eyes closed at the shame burning through me. I whimpered on him, grinding my cunt on my sister’s mouth. She licked at me, sending delight rushing through me as I nursed on Brian’s dirty dick. The pig groaned his delight, his cock throbbing in my mouth.

The earthy flavor of my sister’s ass filled my mouth. Every suckle refreshed how nasty this was. I shuddered, my cunt clenching around Nancy’s tongue. I suckled hard, bobbing my head. I just had to get this over with and...

My sister made my cunt feel so good.

Just so wonderful.

She stroked through my folds, brushing my clit. I squirmed on her as I nursed on that sour dick. I suckled on him, cleaning my sister’s ass from his dick. My tongue danced around him as he groaned. His fat belly quivered before my eyes.

“That’s it,” he growled and fucked his cock to the back of my throat. “Yes, yes, just polish me clean, you dirty slut!”

I whimpered as I did that. I had no choice but to polish him. I sucked on him, nursing with hunger. I swirled my tongue around his dick. As he groaned his passion as he buried his cock to the back of my throat again and again.

He held the sides of my head tight as he fucked into my mouth. My sister swirled her tongue around in my snatch, drawing out his cum. I shuddered, my orgasm swelling in me. The heat built and built in me.

“Yes, yes, you’re such a slut, Renee!” he growled. “Such a fucking slut!”

He buried his cock to the back of my throat and kept going. I gurgled, panic surging over me. Nancy licked and lapped at my cunt as he rammed his dirty dick down my throat. I gurgled as he forced more and more of his cock down my gullet.

The earthy flavor swelled in my mouth as untouched parts of his cock buried into me. His fat gut rubbed hairy on my forehead. His balls slapped into my chin. I breathed in his scent, horrified by this. He kept making it worst and worst.

“That’s it,” he growled and drew back as I suckled. “That’s fucking it! Deep-throat my dick, whore!”

He rammed back down my gullet as I squirmed on my sister’s licking tongue. She lapped at me with such skill, my orgasm building and building as Brian rammed his dick down my gullet over and over again.

His balls slapped into my chin. His gut smacked into my forehead. I groaned as he used me, grunting with each thrust. I suckled on him, cleaning off all his cock as I rose towards that incestuous, humiliating orgasm.

“That’s it, you skank,” growled Brian. “Goddamn, you take my dick with ease. Shit, you’re just a cock-sucking champ, slut!”

I moaned around his dick, his balls slapping into my chin over and over again. My sister fluttered her tongue against my clit. I bucked, my boobs jiggling. She batted my clit ring, the piercing twisting through my bud and sending more pleasure through me.

I quivered, unable to fight off this orgasm. My sister was too good at eating pussy. I moaned, the pig drilling his dick down my throat. His big, thick, throbbing cock. The sour flavor of my sister’s asshole faded as my orgasm swelled.

She suckled hard on my pierced clit.

I squealed around his dick.

Drool spilling down my chin, I quivered on my sister’s face. Her tongue flicked my clit piercing back and forth. I squealed as the pleasure burst through me. My eyes squeezed shut as my orgasm washed through me.

My pussy convulsed, juices gushing out and bathing my sister’s mouth. She licked and lapped at me, her tongue stroking through my folds. I shuddered, my boobs jiggling and bouncing. Stars danced before my eyes.

“Goddamn,” growled Brian as he fucked his cock down my throat. I hummed around him. “Shit, shit, shit! That’s it! You’re fucking cumming!”

“She’s drowning me, pig!” gasped my sister. “Just drowning me!”

“Shit!” growled my brother. He drew back his cock, pulling it out of my gullet until the tip was in my mouth. “Fuck, yes!”

He erupted.

His salty cum splashed on the back of my throat. I groaned as that thick jizz swirled through my mouth. It was... delicious. Just such yummy cum. I quivered there then swallowed. it. I gulped it down, enjoying spurt after spurt of his cum flooding my mouth. He groaned as he erupted into my mouth again and again.

I shuddered as he spurted into my mouth. That thick jizz had nowhere to go but down my throat. I gulped it down as I shuddered on my sister’s mouth. She licked at my cunt, sending more pleasure through me.

I loved this cum.

My step-brother’s big dick pumped my mouth full of his jizz. I shuddered, my pussy... aching for his cock again. He had the best dick I had ever felt. He had bred me with it. I was his now. His. I shuddered there as I worshiped him by swallowing all of his cum.

I was my step-brother’s slut now. He owned me. God, he owned me and I... liked that.

He ripped his cock out of my mouth and I gasped, “Fuck me, please! Please! Fuck me!”

“After I breed your sister,” he growled.

* * *


I sat down on the edge of the desk, panting. I wanted to have Nancy ride me. Renee stared at me with awe. She wanted my dick now. I had tamed her slut cunt by fucking a baby into her. Now I had to do the same to her older sister.

“Nancy, sit that cunt on my dick and ride me,” I growled. “I want to play with those big tits.”

“What?” she gasped, her voice thick with shock.

“I said get that skank ass up here and impale that slut-cunt on my dick, now!” I roared.

“As your lawyer, I’d advise you do that,” Mr. Coman said.

“Yes, yes, you’re my son’s,” Mom said. She smiled with such pride, nodding at me. I rolled my eyes. I hated when Mom was like this. Frankly, she should have just left and let me deal with the bitches.

“Fine,” muttered Nancy. She rose, her big boobs jiggling. Her nipples piercings gleamed in the artificial light of the office. She licked her lips covered in her sister’s pussy cream.

“You’re going to love having his big dick in you, Nancy,” cooed Renee. “You’ll cum so hard.”

“You’re such a fucking disgusting slut,” Nancy hissed.

“I know,” sighed Renee. “You’re one, too.”

Nancy flinched. I bet there was a lot of truth to those words.

She straddled me, her big tits swaying before me. I leaned back on my elbows on Mr. Coman’s desk, knocking off some of his stuff. I didn’t care. The lawyer was getting his jollies watching me fuck my step-sisters.

Fucking weasel.

Nancy grabbed my cock and lifted me. She shuddered as she lowered her shaved and dripping cunt to my dick. I groaned when her hot pussy lips kissed my dick. She shuddered, her eyes closing. Tears built in the corners as she humiliated herself fucking me.

The pig.

I grinned as her hot and juicy cunt plunged down my dick. She gasped, her eyes snapping open. The tears fell down her cheeks as she moaned in wanton pleasure. She clapped a hand over her mouth and moaned into it.

Her hot cunt squeezed down on my dick. She held me tight in her cunt as she squeezed about me. I loved the feel of her pussy around my cock. She gripped me with that hot snatch then slid up my cock. I groaned in delight.

“Yeah, you love that,” I said, her tits jiggling.

She shook her head, her hot cunt squeezing about my dick.

“Liar,” her sister hissed as Nancy impaled her cunt down my dick. “You love it!”

Nancy’s face twisted with anguish as she worked her cunt up and down my cock. She rode me with that hot snatch. Her silky twat massaged me. I groaned at how much I loved that hot pussy gripping me. She worked her snatch up and down my dick. She massaged me with her snatch.

I groaned at the heat of her cunt working up and down my dick. She massaged me with that hot twat. She worked her cunt up and down my cock, her head tossing from side to side. She massaged me with that juicy snatch.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “Oh, fuck, that’s good. Ride my dick. I’m going to breed that uptight cunt of yours!”

Nancy shuddered at my words. She shook her head like she wanted to deny it, but her hot pussy gripped me. She massaged me with that big dick. She worked her cunt up and down my cock, her hot flesh massaging me with her heat.

I groaned, savoring every moment of her juicy snatch working up and down my dick. The pressure in my balls swelled. She shuddered, her big boobs bouncing. They smacked together, her nipple rings flashing in the light. They gleamed as she massaged me with her hot twat.

“You love it,” Renee said as she stood behind her sister. “Ooh, I know you love. I know your pussy is melting around his cock. You’re climbing to your orgasm.”

Nancy shook her head in denial as her hot cunt plunged down my cock. She took me to the root, her heat soaking down to my nuts.

“Liar!” Renee moaned. “Our step-brother dick is bigger than any you’ve ever had! You know it! I fucked that Black guy you used to date. He has nothing on that cock.”

“Brian isn’t close!” Nancy hissed. “He’s a disgusting, fat pig! A pervert who’s ruining us by breeding us! We’re too young to have babies!”

“Spank her ass, Renee!” I snarled. “Spank her ass until she admits it!”

“Yes, Brian!” Renee cried.

Nancy’s eyes bulged. She couldn’t believe this was about to happen. That her sister would spank her on the ass at my command. She threw a look behind her as Renee wound up. My dick ached in Nancy’s cunt.


The stinging sound echoed through the lawyer’s office. Nancy’s cunt clamped down hard on my ass. She arched her back, her tits bouncing above me. I loved the sight as she squirmed on my dick. That stirred her hot flesh around my dick.

“Well?” Renee demanded. “Is that the best cock you’ve ever had in you?”

“No!” spat out Nancy as she slid her pussy back up my dick. “It’s not. I’ve had way better than this disgusting—”


“He is not a pig!” screeched Renee. Her mind had broken beneath the humiliation or something. “He is our future husband. The man who will father our babies! You love that dick, slut!”


“I know you do!”

“No, no, no!” shouted Nancy, tears flowing down her cheeks as she worked her cunt up and down my cock. Her mascara ran, leaving black streaks. “He’s not. He’s—”


Her pussy clenched down on my cunt. She shook her head in denial.


“Renee!” Nancy gasped. “What are you doing?”

“Obeying the owner of the best cock in the world,” moaned Renee. “We’re his sluts! Just accept it. Revel in it! Admit that you’re cunt is going to cum so hard on his dick because you’re his depraved slut. Like me! You’re his dirty whore! That’s why you’re riding his dick. Why you ate my pussy! You’re his!”

“I’m not!” she whimpered, staring down at me, her cunt so hot around my cock.


Nancy gasped, her brow furrowing.

“You’re a dirty skank!” hissed Renee. “You love that cock. It’s stretching out your cunt like nothing else, isn’t it?”

“Well... I... No!” Nancy impaled her snatch down my cock, the heat soaking my nuts. “I’m not. I’m never. I... I... I can’t be his slut!”


“You are,” Renee hissed. “Look at you ride that dick. Your cunt is massaging his cock. You’re going to cum so hard on him.”


“I won’t!” groaned Nancy. “I can’t. This isn’t me!”


“You’re a dirty whore,” Renee hissed, Nancy’s tits bouncing. Just admit it.

Nancy whimpered, her cunt squeezing down so tight on my cock. She gripped me with her hot flesh, tears spilling down her cheeks, leaving more black streaks behind. She clamped her cunt down around me, the pressure in my balls about to burst.

“Say it,” Renee cooed. “Just say it. You’ll cum so hard when you admit the truth. That he owns us. He might be fat and disgusting, but we’re sluts for his big dick. Right?”

Nancy whimpered, so close to surrendering. Just so close to bursting on my cock and admitting the truth. She carved my dick so much. I could tell. She wanted my cum spurting into her snatch. She hungered for it. Shame held her back.

“Spank her again!” I snarled.

“Yes, Brian,” Renee moaned with absolute submission to me, a wild gleam in her eyes. She drew back her hand to deliver that final spank to her sister. Nancy rose up my cock, her cunt squeezing about me. My balls broiled with the need to erupt.


“Yes!” Nancy sobbed. “Yes, I love this cock!”

She slammed down my dick and climaxed on my dick.

My step-sister’s cunt went wild around my cock. I groaned as her hot snatch suckled at me. I growled, the pressure in my balls hitting that bursting point. She bucked on me, her huge tits heaving before me.

I erupted.

“Oh, yes, yes, breed me with your huge cock, Brian!” howled Nancy, her cunt suckling at my erupting dick. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s amazing!”

“It is!” I growled as I flooded her cunt with all my seed. I bred my step-sister, planting a baby in her womb. She was mine. They both were. That meant the inheritance was mine, too. “Yes!”

I roared in triumph as I fired more and more of my cum into my step-sister’s twat. She writhed around me, sucking at me with such hunger. I groaned, savoring that heat of her snatch spasming about my dick. It was an incredible rush.

I groaned through the bliss. I fired out my cum over and over into her snatch. I groaned as I flooded her with everything that I had. It was an incredible rush. I felt so good. So amazing. The bliss melted my mind.

What an outstanding bliss this was to knock up my bitchy step-sisters.

“Your cunts are mine!” I growled.

“Yes, Brian!” squealed both of the sluts, Nancy’s cunt suckling out the last of my cum.

“Master!” I growled. “I own your skank asses. It’s Master now!”

“Yes, Master!”

My mom beamed at me as she watched on, such pride in her eyes. I panted, just so happy that I had stuck it to that fucking abusive asshole. His “precious” daughters were now my dirty sex slaves. I would use them. Abuse them.

And they would worship me. I laughed in pure delight.

* * *

Theresa — Six Months Later

I was so happy as my pregnant step-daughters became my real daughters.

They were both kneeling before my son, Brian, their white-gloved hands rubbing at their pregnant bellies, white veils draped over their blonde hair. They both stared up at Brian as he collared them one by one with their golden wedding rings.

The bands, bought with my dead husband’s money, gleamed about the two sluts throats. I was so proud of Brian for taking charge like a man and making his step-sisters into his bred sluts. First Nancy then Renee were collared, the clicks sending shivers through me.

“Oh, that’s so beautiful,” I said as my son then clipped the white leashes to his brides. They were naked save for garters and stockings, their gloves, and veils. Their big boobs, both grown even larger with their pregnancies, swayed as they crawled after my son down the aisle.

The audience all cheered the beautiful sight. Tears spilled down my cheeks. What a wonderful day. The two sluts crawled after him, such big smiles on their lips. They were his slut-wives until death, and eager for it.

Their shaved pussies dripped their juices. Such horny, pregnant skanks.

It was perfect.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...