The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Lezzie Daughter Fucked Straight

Clara continued moving through the law office of Coman, Shine, & Chase. It provided so many opportunities to have fun.

She was loving it.

As she passed Thomas Pender’s office, a junior associate she remembered from the sexual harassment meeting, she heard a woman shout, “There has to be something I can do about my daughter being a lesbian!”

Clara paused and pressed her ear to the door.

“I’m sorry, there’s really nothing you can do about her being gay,” Mr. Pender said.

“But she won’t ever have any children,” said the woman. “She won’t give me grandchildren. It’s not right. Lesbianism is a sin.”

“Well, she’s free to do what she wants. She’s eighteen now. The only thing you can do is cut her out of the will.”

“I tried that,” the woman muttered in disgust. “She says she doesn’t care about the money.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Maxwell, my hands are tied.”

“You wouldn’t speak like this if my husband was still alive,” the angry mother said.

Clara smiled and knew what her next tweet had to be. She pulled out her phone and started typing.

“Mrs. Maxwell’s lawyer suggests she take her daughter to her cabin in woods to be fucked straight by five guys. Totally legal to do since she’s the mother. #5GuysEnough #KidnappedByMommy #FuckedStraightOrWalkHome”

The girl hit send and walked on to find more fun to have at the law firm.

* * *

Madeline Maxwell

Frustration boiled in me as I glared at Mr. Pender. I should be seeing someone higher up in the firm. My husband, god rest his soul, wouldn’t have been forced to see a junior associate. “It’s disgusting. She insists on being called Jay and not Jasmine. She dyed her hair. Pierced her nose, and won’t shave her legs. And you won’t believe what she did last time her monthly—”


“Sorry about that,” Mr. Pender said, grabbing his phone. “Thought I had it on silent.”

I hated thos things. Smartphones. It was all this social media garbage and these liberal teachers that brainwashed my daughter into being a lesbian. They groomed her behind my back, and now she’s ruined.

“Please, there has to be some way to make my daughter straight again,” I begged.

“Well...” Mr. Pender leaned forward. “There is one way. As I recall, you own a cabin.”

“I do,” I said, my brow furrowing. “She used to love going up there with her father.”

“Well, you take her up there and have five or so guys gangbang her,” he said. “Don’t give her a choice. They’ll fuck her straight.”

“That’s legal?” I asked, shocked by it. And thrilled. I had a... wild time before I settled down and became a proper woman. I had loved cocks.

“Perfectly legal so long as the parents or guardians consent.” He smiled. “Even though she’s eighteen, you still have this last parental right over her. I can set it all up for you. Arrange for five studs to fuck the dyke right out of her.”

“Thank you so much,” I gasped. “Bless you! Bless your heart, that’s just what she needs.” I could weep with joy. Finally, my daughter would be saved.

* * *

Jasmine “Jay” Maxwell

“Do I really have to go with you?” I muttered as I sat in the passenger seat of Mom’s BMW S-series. A white, prissy car that cost way too much money.

“That’s the law, Jasmine,” she said, her blonde hair pinned up in a bun. She wore one of those Sarah Palin pantsuits, pink and girly that showed hardly any skin. Disgusting! It was so embarrassing to be seen with her.

“It’s Jay now,” I muttered, running a hand through my short, dyed-blue hair.

“It’s a lovely name,” she said. “Your father chose that name for you. He didn’t choose Jay. It’s so...”

“Boyish?” I arched an eyebrow in defiance at her.

She said nothing, her jaw quivering and hands gripping the steering wheel.

“Ugh, this is so dumb,” I said. “I have a date with Lottie. It’s our one-year anniversary. I can’t believe you’re making me miss it to go to the dumb cabin.”

“Oh, she’ll be stopping by later,” Mom said. Her smile grew. “I’ve arranged it all with her parents. So don’t you worry? But first, we have to deal with you.”

I didn’t like this. It wasn’t like my homophobic, conservative mother would throw an anniversary party for my girlfriend and me. So what was she up to? Was this some way to break us up? And what was up with this dumb law? I was eighteen. I shouldn’t have to obey her any longer.

I stewed on the drive up. I didn’t even have my phone. She took it away from me. I could only watch the dumb scenery pass by as we headed up into the mountains to the cottage. I used to love going there with Dad. Why did he have to die and leave me with this hateful witch? How could I have come from the womb of someone so evil?

A Republican. It made me feel dirty sometimes just being in the same room with her.

Finally, we pulled off the road and headed down the familiar, bumpy drive. All dirt. I stared ahead at the cabin coming into view. A couple of pickup trucks were waiting there and a group of guys in blue jeans and flannel shirts was up there. They looked like brawny construction workers lounging on a break.

The sort of muscle-bounded, testosterone-filled, toxic males that I hated. I bet they would wolf-whistle at me and tell me to smile, the women-hating bastards. My blood boiled just thinking about how they would objectify me.

“What’s going on?” I asked as Mom stopped her car and climbed out. I followed, continuing, “What’s with all the blockheads?”

“They’re here to fuck you straight,” she said and grabbed my wrist. “Now get inside.”

“Wait, what?” I gasped. “No, no! Help! Help!” I shrieked at the top of my lungs. “Help! Police!”

The men all grinned at me, looking me up and down as Mom dragged me up the stairs to the porch. I tripped. Nearly fell. She clutched my wrist with an iron grip, her perfectly manicured fingernails biting into my flesh.

“No, no, you can’t do this!” I screeched as she dragged me into the cabin.

“Just let me get her ready for you, boys,” she cooed as she hauled me into the living room. “Then you can fuck the gay right out of her!”

“Yes, Mrs. Maxwell,” a tall guy with a goatee sad, hunger in his eyes.

“NOOOOOO!” I struggled and thrash as Mom yanked me around and threw me down on a futon mattress spread out on the cabin’s floor before the fireplace. “You can’t do this.”

“Sure I can,” she said. “Law says a parent can have their daughter fucked straight by up to five men, increasing the number by five for every time she fails to convert.”

“That’s bullshit!” I gasped. “That’s some Republican, homopho—”


She slapped me.

My head snapped around, pain throbbed through my cheek. Tears sprang into my eyes. I quivered there, staring up at her as she shook her head in disgust at me. With such loathing in her eyes. I touched my cheek, feeling the warmth there.

“Y-you slapped m-me, Mommy,” I whimpered like a little girl.

“I’m going to do more than slap you,” she said. “I’m going to fix you.” She grabbed a fistful of my dyed-blue hair. “Nothing to do about this awful color but let it fade out as you grow your hair long again, but we’ll get that natural blonde back. A woman only dies her hair to hide the gray.”

“That’s how I express myself,” I whimpered.

“Like that disgusting nose ring?” she demanded. “Are you a heifer? Some dumb cow that’s going to be butchered?”

“No,” I whimpered as she grabbed my nose ring, found the stud, and pulled it out. She tossed it away.

“Then why have that?” She shook her head. “You should have respect for your body, not trash it and ruin all that is beautiful about you.”

“What men find beautiful,” I spat back.

“Exactly!” She grabbed my t-shirt and ripped it over my head, tossing it to the floor. I gasped, unable to fight back. “Men!” She reached behind me and unhooked my bra. “Men who want youthful, fertile wives that can give them children. They want ladies, not sluts. Not dyke-whores that try to look like boys and don’t shave their pits or legs.”

“What’s wrong with being au naturel?” I hissed, folding my arms before me.

“Because you’re a woman, not a man! That’s the problem with feminism. It thinks women are inferior and tries to make us all be like men. It’s degrading. Humiliating. It twists you into being an ugly woman and leaves you miserable with a bunch of cats bitching about how no man wants to date a forty-year-old woman with a master’s degree.”

She unscrewed the end of the barbell piercing my right nipple and pulled the metal out. Then she did it to the other one. I couldn’t believe this was happening. That she could believe stuff like this. I didn’t want a guy, but if I did, then he had to understand that my career came first.

Men expected women to be their slaves.

“I won’t let them ruin you,” Mom said so fiercely and... There was this strange love in her eyes. She didn’t hate me. She... cared about me.

But not in the way I wanted.

I gasped as she shoved me down and ripped off my combat boots than my jeans. She yanked off my socks and my panties. She froze at the sight of my shaved pussy with my pierced clit. She looked at my legs covered in a down of blonde hair.

“You shave your pussy but not your legs?” she demanded in disgust. She reached out and pulled off my clit ring, tossing it away. “What is wrong with you.”

“Lottie doesn’t like getting hair in her teeth,” I muttered, cheeks burning.

She shook her head then yanked me to my feet and dragged me to the bathroom. “First, we shave your legs and pits. Then we put some make-up on you. There are five gentlemen waiting to call on you. You will be presentable to them when they fuck you.”

“What?” I gasped. “Mom, I don’t want to be straight. I like being gay.”

“That’s just what those disgusting teachers brainwashed you into thinking. I’ll fix you. Once you get some dick in you, well, you’ll see how amazing they are. Then you’ll find a good man to take care of you. Like your father did with me. I won’t let his only daughter throw her life away because she believed the nonsense of some woman who is a teacher.”

“Teachers are amazing.”

“Teaching is the refuge of those who couldn’t finish their actual college plan, so they took an easy way out.” She shook her head. “Most are idiots with as little in their heads as you.”

In the bathroom, she drew a bath and shoved me in it. She rolled up the sleeves of her blouse, grabbed the shaving cream and razor, and went to work shaving my legs. I couldn’t believe I was letting her do this. It was so embarrassing.

“I can shave my legs,” I muttered.

“Can you?” she demanded as she kept working. “I find that hard to believe.”

She worked quickly, soon having both my legs denude of hair. Then she grabbed the scissors, trimming my armpit hairs before shaving those, too. It felt... nice not having the hair there. I felt more feminine all of a sudden. More of a woman.

That didn’t mean I was straight or that I would go along with this, but... It was nice.

She pulled me out of the bath then, like she had when I was much younger, taught me how to put on makeup again like I had forgotten. She had it all laid out. She didn’t tart me up, but she accented my face.

When I looked in the mirror, I hardly recognized myself. Plump lips, delicate cheekbones, rosy cheeks, sultry eyes. The blue popped in my irises. She nodded, a smile spreading on her lips. She was... proud of what I looked like.

“You’re ready for them,” she said and drew me back out of the bathroom.

“Wait, what?” I gasped as she hauled me naked into the main room of the cabin. The five guys were there. And they were naked. Their cocks thrust out like these fleshy clubs that would beat me. “No, no, no, I can’t fuck them. I told you, I’m gay!”

She pushed me at them, saying, “Fuck her hard and long, boys!”

“Mom!” I shouted as I stumbled towards them. One grabbed me in a thick hand covered in rough callouses. “Wait, Mom!”

She poured herself a glass of roseri wine and sat down on a barstool by the kitchen counter. She crossed her legs and watched as the man hauled me into his broad, hairy chest. His nasty cock poked me in the stomach.

“No, no, no!” I shouted, my hand shaking violently as my nipples rubbed against him. The stimulation hardened them. “Mom! Mom! Please!”

“Honey,” she said in between sips of her wine, “You just have to learn this lesson. Sometimes, as a woman, you find yourself in a situation where you’re going to get fucked hard. Might as well enjoy it?”

“NOOOOOO!” I shrieked. “I won’t ever enjoy—”

The disgusting man kissed me. His lips tasted of smoke. His whiskers rubbed on my face. His hands grabbed my ass, kneading my rump while his nasty cock throbbed against my belly. A fleshy shaft that wasn’t a non-threatening dildo. I could feel the slimy precum spilling out of the top.

He could knock me up. This was so wrong. Penile sex was violence. I had to break free, but he was so strong. His tongue thrust deep into my mouth and swirled around as he kissed me. I squirmed, wanting to escape.

Then he pushed back. Another guy grabbed me and planted his mouth on mine. It was the one with the goatee. His whiskers scratched in his horribly masculine way on me. I quivered in disgust, wanting to break away from him, but he held me just as tight.

He thrust me at the third guy, his head bald. He kissed me with equal hunger, his dick throbbing on my belly. Precum smeared across me as I was forced to endure this. Tears built in my eyes as he shoved me towards the fourth guy. Then the fifth. They passed my naked body around.

“What a scrumptious, little thing you are,” one said.

“We’ll fuck her straight, Mrs. Maxwell,” another said.

“I have complete faith in you boys,” Mom said as she watched and sipped at her wine.

“Mom,” I gasped as one guy grabbed my round breast in his rough grip. He ducked his head down and suckled my nipple into his mouth. My pussy clenched at the sudden burst of pleasure.

“We won’t let you down, Mrs. Maxwell,” another said as he dropped to his knees and pressed his face right into my shaved snatch.

“No, wait!” I gasped as his goatee rubbed into my pussy lips. Bristles massaged my sensitive flesh. This couldn’t be happening. “I don’t want to be straight!”

“You will be,” purred Mom as she took another sip of her wine, her eyes burning with delight. A smile played on her lips.

I shuddered as another of the studs grabbed my right breast. He latched on, too. I had them both suckling at my nipples while that nasty bastard licked at my pussy. He lapped at me, stroking me with his bold tongue that... that... knew where to lick. Men weren’t supposed to know how to eat cunt.

But he feasted on me. I shuddered there, hating the wiry curls of his goatee rubbing at my shaved cuntlips. The rasping sensation sent heat rippling through me as his tongue stroked my petals. He brushed my clit, teasing me.

My pussy grew wet. This couldn’t be happening. My head tossed from side to side, my nipples throbbing in the other two assholes’ mouths. They suckled with such hunger, sending delight shooting down to my pussy.

“No,” I whimpered.

“Mmm, is it getting your cunt all hot?” Mom taunted. “Is my little dyke getting turned on by a bunch of hairy, muscular men?”

“Of course not!” I spat out even as my cunt clenched, the liquid heat building in me.

“Mmm, she’s getting so wet, Mrs. Maxwell,” the goatee asshole growled into my cunt. “Just so fucking juicy!”

He thrust his tongue into my pussy. My eyes widened. I quivered as he stroked my juicy flesh, discovering just how wet I was. I was dripping with the growing excitement. My body betrayed me, enjoying what these men did to me. It was a nightmare. This could not be happening to me. It wasn’t fair. Wasn’t right.

Whiskers rasped on my cuntlips. My clit. Sparks burst from the naughty bud. I whimpered, my twat clenching about the jackass’s tongue swirling about in my cunt. The other two men groaned around my nipples, their passion vibrating about my nuts.

This could not be happening. An orgasm built in me.

A man was making me cum.


The other two watched with hungry looks on their faces, their big dicks thrusting out before them. They were wolves ready to feast on me, their bodies so strong and virile. This was insane. I wanted to screech my anger for the entire world to hear.

Goatee’s tongue licked through my folds again and fluttered against my clit. I sucked in a breath at the surge of delight swelling in my cunt. I tossed my head from side to side. This would not happen. I wouldn’t let it. I wouldn’t cum.

He suckled on my clit.

I gasped at the surge of bliss. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. The men suckled so hard on my nipples as that jackass nibbled on my clit with his strong lips. His strong hands grabbed my rump. Nothing soft or feminine about them. His whiskers rubbed against my shaved vulva.

I was about to cum on a man’s mouth. A fucking man!

“No, no, no,” I whimpered, shaking my head in denial.

“Mmm, that’s it,” cooed Mom, taking too much pleasure in this, “Cum on his mouth, you naughty dyke. Cum on a man’s mouth. I can tell it’s going to be a big one. You’re going to burst.”

“I... I...” I fought so hard against my orgasm, straining against the pleasure. He suckled so hard. “I won’t. I won’t!”

“Oh, you will,” she purred. “Mmm, you’re my daughter. You were meant to love men. Dicks. You were confused by those nasty teachers. They put silly ideas in your head, but you’ll see. You’re a woman. You were meant to worship cocks. It’s in your DNA!”

The man suckled so hard on my clit. I shuddered as he nibbled on it. This was insane. My face contorted with delight. I shuddered, my body quivering with passion. This was so hot. So wild. I groaned, my face contorting with passion. I would have just such a huge burst of pleasure. Just a mighty explosion of cum. I groaned, my heart pounding.

He nibbled on my bud. His whiskers rubbed on my pussy. Why did that feel so good? Why did my pussy drink in that nasty rasping? The men suckled hard on my nipples. Pleasure shot from them down to my pussy. Why did this have to happen?

“NOOOOOO!” I screamed as I burst in ecstasy.

My pleasure gushed out of my cunt. I trembled there, my pussy juices gushing out and bathing Goatee’s whiskers. He groaned, drinking my cunt cream with passion. I bucked, my boobs jiggling in the two assholes’ grips as they kept suckling on me.

“Bravo,” my mother purred as the ecstasy rushed through me.

It felt so good.

My orgasm rushed through my body. I shuddered, shocked by how amazing this felt. How hard a man made me cum. I shuddered, my big boobs bouncing and heaving together. Stars danced across my vision. My face contorted with the bliss of this moment. It was an incredible rush to have all this ecstasy surging through me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, unable to stop myself as my mind drowned in rapture.

Mom smirked as I bucked through my orgasm. I swayed there, dizzy with the pleasure Goatee gave me. How could a man make me cum this hard? It wasn’t right. This wasn’t what I wanted. I craved Lottie’s soft lips on my cunt.

Not whiskers. Not rough hands on my ass. I hated this, but... but... It was so good. I whimpered as he kept licking my cunt. He lapped through my folds, gathering up the cream gushing out of me. I quivered there, my orgasm hitting the peak.

“Damn, it is time to fuck that bitch!” growled one of the men watching me.

“Yes!” my mother moaned. “A cock in all her holes. That will be a great way to start out!”

“What?” I gasped as Goatee ripped his mouth from my cunt. He licked his lips, his whiskers matted with my pussy juices. He stretched out on his back and grabbed his cock. “Just come sit on my dick and for a ride.”

“No!” I gasped as the two men sucking on my tits pulled away. “I’m not going to put that disgusting cock in my pussy. Eww! You’re men. This is—”

Strong hands slapped down on my shoulders. I gasped as my legs buckled. Then I was forced down to my knees. I couldn’t believe this. My boobs bounced before me as the hands kept shoving me down until...

The tip of Goatee’s dick pressed into the folds of my pussy. I whimpered, my head shaking hard from side to side. This wasn’t a woman’s fingers or a dildo or a vibrator. Not a carrot or zucchini. No fat marker. This was a cock.

A man’s member.

“Mommy!” I cried, staring at her, tears in my eyes. “Please, I’m gay.”

She sipped her wine and said, “Show her she’s straight. Fuck my daughter hard, boys!”

They all chuckled, deep and rumbling sounds. The tears fell hot down my cheeks as the man pushing on my shoulders shoved hard. I gasped as my pussy plunged down Goatee’s dick. In a flash, half of him was in me. Thick and hard.

Pleasure rippled through me as the asshole pushing on my shoulders shoved me the rest of the way down that thick shaft. I bottomed out on Goatee. He was thicker than any dildo I had taken. My eyes bulged at how big he was. His bush rubbed into my clit and pussy lips.

“No!” I gasped, a man all the way in my pussy. “No, no, no.”

“Mmm, then why are you so hot and wet?” growled Goatee. His hands roamed over my stomach. “You’re squeezing down on my cock. You love it.”

“I don’t,” I gasped and flexed my thighs.

I gasped as I slid up his cock, the stimulation rippling through me. I groaned as the man holding my shoulders shoved me back down. My cunt plunged down Goatee’s dick. I gasped as I bottomed out on him, pleasure bursting from my clit.

I couldn’t believe my pussy would like this cock. It was hot and flesh. I felt him throbbing in me. I quivered as I rose up him to escape, my slutty cunt drinking in the girth of him. He felt so good in me. So much better than a dildo. He was so warm.

So alive.

I groaned as the other guy shoved me down again. I gasped, the pleasure rushing through me. He relaxed his grip so I could rise up. I did and just before he shoved, I found myself going back down. I gasped as my body betrayed me.

I rode the guy, my cunt drinking in the pleasure. This was insane. It shouldn’t be happening to me. I shouldn’t be falling victim to this. I whimpered, my thighs flexing and relaxing as I worked my cunt up and down his cock.

“Damn, your daughter is a slut, Mrs. Maxwell,” Goatee groaned.

“I knew she was,” purred Mom. She licked her lips, watching with hot eyes.

I shuddered, my cunt clenching about that big dick in me. I whimpered, my cheeks burning with shame. I was a lesbian. Why was I doing this? Why was I enjoying this man? Humiliation burned through me at how lewd my cunt was. How slutty my pussy was.

The man behind me pressed his cock into my butt-crack. I gasped as he found my asshole and thrust. I whimpered as my backdoor widened. I shook my head in denial. This kept getting worse and worse. My asshole widened and widened as he pushed against me.

“No!” I whimpered. “Not in my ass. I don’t want—”

A cock rammed into my mouth. My eyes widened at the shock of having the salty dick stretching out my lips and shutting me up. The man grabbed my head, grinning down at me. His muscular chest rose and fell.

“Time to shut you up, slut,” he growled. “Your mouth is made for sucking dicks. So suck it!”

I whimpered, shaking my head. He thrust his cock to the back of my throat. My cunt clenched down on Goatee’s shaft while my asshole widened to take the other bastard’s dick. He kept pushing against my anal ring.

With a grunt, he popped past my sphincter and sank into my asshole. I gasped as he did that. My eyes widened. I moaned around the dick in my mouth, shocked by this. I shuddered as that thick shaft sank into my asshole, cocks filling up both my holes.

All three of them.

I whimpered around the dick fucking my mouth. Drool spilled down my chin. I shuddered, my pussy and asshole clenching down on the other two dicks. They were so thick. My bowels burned, the heat melting to my cunt.

Tears spilled down my cheeks. Why did this have to feel so good? Why did my body have to like having that dick in my asshole and my cunt. I sobbed as my flesh betrayed me utterly. My thighs flexed, my twat itching for more stimulation.

I rose up Goatee’s cock as the stud behind me drew back his dick. The dual frictions burned through my nethers. I moaned around the rod fucking my mouth. I shuddered and slammed my cunt down Goatee’s shaft.

Pleasure rippled through me. I shuddered at how great it felt to be fucked in the ass by one cock while working my cunt up and down another. This was insane. I hated how much I enjoyed this. I trembled, my breasts jiggling as I rode that dick in me.

I worked my cunt up and down Goatee’s cock. I slid up him as my asshole clenched down on the bastard’s cock. He hammered me hard, my butt-cheeks jiggling from the impact. My boobs bounced as I moaned, the pleasure building in me.

The cock fucking my mouth buried to the back of my throat. Drool ran down my throat.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he growled. “Now suck, slut! Suck on my dick!”

I squeezed my cunt down on Goatee’s dick while Bastard’s cock hammered my asshole. I whimpered, fighting that last act. I wouldn’t suck his dick. I wouldn’t. His salty precum spilled out into my mouth as he fucked me.

It was... was...

I couldn’t like this. I couldn’t wonder what his jizz tasted like. No, no, I had to be strong, but...

My orgasm built and built as Bastard fucked my mouth. Goatee groaned, his hands finding my breasts and squeezing them. My pussy melted around his dick. I whimpered, the pleasure swelling and swelling in me.

I wanted to cum. I wanted to burst like a dirty whore on these dicks. I was the worst lesbian. I shouldn’t be loving this, but they felt so good. I whimpered as those thick shafts churned up my pussy and asshole.

“Goddamn,” growled Bastard. “Your daughter has such a tight asshole.”

“Good,” Mom purred. “Fuck her so hard. Pound the dyke out of her.”

I was a dyke. A gay woman. A lesbian. I couldn’t like this, but... but...

My clit savored grinding into Goatee’s bush. His curls tickled my cuntlips every time I plunged down his cock. Bastard’s big cock hammered my bowels. I groaned, sucking hard on Jerk’s big dick. Before I even knew it, I was nursing on him.

Why was I doing that?

I hungered for his cum. This was so wrong, but I wanted it. I wanted to fight against this, but I couldn’t. I was too lost to it. This was all too much. I shuddered, plunging my cunt down Goatee’s cock, my orgasm swelling and swelling.

Drool spilled down my chin as I suckled so hard on Jerk’s dick. I nursed on him, the bastard groaning his delight. He grinned at me as he fucked his cock to the back of my throat. He drew back, my lips sealed tight about his cock.

“You want my cum, don’t you, slut?” he growled.

He knew. He knew I wanted his cum. Shame burned through me. Fresh tears ran down my cheeks as I worked my cunt up and down Goatee’s dick. He squeezed my breasts. My asshole melted around Bastard’s hammering cock.

It was too much. I impaled my twat down Goatee’s cock. My clit rubbed into his bush.

I exploded.

I squealed with shameful bliss as I came on the men’s dicks. My pussy and asshole writhed around their shafts. Waves of humiliating ecstasy swept through my body and drowned my mind. Stars burst across my vision as I suckled so hard on Jerk’s cock.

“Fuck!” Goatee groaned and erupted.

His cum flooded my cunt. Spurt after spurt of his jizz flooded into my snatch. I whimpered as my orgasm intensified. More pleasure gushed through me and bathed my mind. I bucked on his cock as Bastard rammed his dick to the hilt in my asshole.

He erupted.

“Fuck, yes!” he snarled.

I had two cocks going off in my body. My holes writhed around them, spasming with such whorish delight. I quivered there, my cunt and bowels milking their dicks. More and more of their cum pumped into my holes as I quivered in ecstasy. I was enjoying this too much.

It was so humiliating to have their cum flooding my pussy and cunt, soiling my body. I groaned around the dick in my mouth. Jerk growled out his pleasure. His cock pulsed in my mouth. Jizz erupted. Salty spunk that had my eyes bulging.

It was... good.

“Yes, yes, yes, you fucking whore!” he growled, spurting blast after blast of his cum into my mouth.

I gulped it down, trembling there as more and more of his cum flooded my mouth. His thick spunk poured down my throat as my cunt and asshole writhed around the other two dicks. I milked them, working out all the spunk.

My whore-body craved their cum. Reveled in the men using me. My mind drowned in ecstasy as I swallowed load after load of Jerk’s jizz. Goatee squeezed my round tits, kneading them as the pleasure flooded through me.

It was an incredible rush.

A humiliating thrill.

What was wrong with me? I was gay! Gay! I wanted pussy not... not...

The cock in my pussy went dry. Then my asshole. Jerk fired the last blast of cum into my mouth. I groaned, shuddering there. This was so insane. I couldn’t believe that my body had enjoyed every second of this.

And wanted more.

Jerk ripped his cock out of my mouth as Mom asked, “Do you love cock, Jasmine?”

I hesitated. “No!” I couldn’t love cock. “I’m gay, Mom! I love pussy!”

“Keep fucking her,” Mom said and poured herself another glass of her rosier.

“Yes, Mrs. Maxwell,” Bastard growled. He ripped his dick out of my asshole. A wave of heat washed through me. Then he grabbed my short, dyed-blue hair and yanked.

I gasped at the pain flaring across my scalp. He dragged me off Goatee’s dick. Cum dripped out of my pussy and ran hot down my thighs. Bastard turned me around and shoved his dick right at my mouth. He pressed it against my lips, the sour aroma of my asshole filling my nose.

“Suck that dirty dick clean, slut!” he growled and rammed his dick past my lips.

My eyes bulged at the nasty, earthy flavor of my asshole. My bowels clenched, his jizz spilling out of my aching sphincter and running down my taint to my pussy lips. His cock was in my mouth. He gripped the sides of my head and fucked me.

Used me to clean his dick and...

I nursed on him.

Moaning, my tongue swirled around his cock. I buffed at him as my body trembled. My round breasts quivered as cum spilled hot down my thighs, leaking out my burning pussy. My snatch wanted another dick to fuck me.

I burned to be taken hard as Bastard fucked my mouth with his dirty dick. This couldn’t be happening. I quivered, my heart pounding. Then a cock pressed against my pussy lips. A man gripped my hips with his rough hands.

“Yes,” growled a new voice. Stud. He rammed his cock to the hilt in my cunt.

I squealed around Bastard’s dick as Stud’s cock buried to the hilt in my snatch. My cunt clenched down on him, rejoicing at his big rod stretching me out. I moaned about Bastard’s dirty dick. My tongue swirled about him, buffing off my sour musk.

Why was I doing this?

Why did I find this so... exciting? So thrilling?

Stud drew back his cock, and I groaned like a wanton slut. A bitch in heat. He slammed his cock back into my snatch. His heavy nuts slapped into my clit. Pleasure burst from my bud. I rocked to the rhythm of his thrusts, swaying between them.

I was spit-roasted on their dicks, savoring the heat of them fucking me over and over again. Bastard pumped away at my mouth, the earthy flavor of my bowels suffusing my taste buds. I couldn’t help but to enjoy that taste.

I nursed hard on his cock as I savored the way Stud fucked my snatch. He buried into my juicy cunt with such passion. He plowed to the hilt in me. He buried his dick deep and hard into my cunt. It was incredible to have that big cock plowing into me.

I loved it.

Savored it.

I groaned, squeezing my snatch around Stud’s cock pounding me. He fucked me with such passion. He plowed to the hilt in me again and again. Why was I a lesbian when being pounded by a dick felt so good? When suckling on a cock filled my mouth with the salty flavor of precum.

“That’s it, fucking whore,” Bastard growled, thrusting his cock to the back of my throat. “Yes, yes, you suck dick like a pro.”

“She’s my daughter,” Mom purred. “Mmm, that’s it, Jasmine, take those dicks.”

Jasmine... Such a feminine name. Not like Jay. I shuddered there, my boobs swaying, Stud’s dick pumping hard at my cunt. He fucked into my twat over and over again. The pressure grew and grew in my twat.

I rose towards my orgasm. Towards that big burst of pleasure. I loved this so much. I savored this pleasure rushing through me. It was an incredible treat. I trembled, hurtling towards my climax. I wanted to burst.

That big dick fucked into me again and again. I loved every second of that huge cock plowing into my snatch, his nuts slapping onto my clit. Sparks flared as I suckled hard on Bastard’s rod. I nursed on him, my tongue dancing around his crown.

The men groaned as I pleasured them. I brought them closer and closer to cumming. Closer and closer to bursting with ecstasy. I was so glad to do that. So thrilled to give them this pleasure with my mouth and pussy.

My cunt clenched down on Stud’s cock, my orgasm swelling so fast. I nursed with such passion on Bastard’s dick. He groaned as drool ran down my chin. They both were driving me wild. I trembled there, getting so close to bursting. So close to just exploding. I was so ready for my orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Stud growled. “That cunt!”

“I know,” Goatee moaned. “Fuck that whore!”

“Yes, yes, fuck my whore-daughter!” gasped Mom. “Ooh, you’re pounding the dyke out of her!”

They were.

I squeezed my cunt down on that big dick plowing into me. It was just such a thrill to have them fuck me. I groaned loving that passion. I savored that hard shaft plowing into me. His nuts slapped into my clit. Sparks burst.

I squealed and came.

My orgasm exploded in my slutty cunt.

I moaned around Bastard’s cock as Stud’s dick pumped in and out of my snatch. My flesh rippled around him, the ecstasy drowning my mind. He grunted, burying into me. Bastard gripped the side of my head.

“Fucking whore!” he groaned. “Yes!”

His salty cum fired into my mouth.

I gulped it down, loving the delicious flavor of that jizz spurting into my mouth. Then he ripped out. I gasped as his jizz splashed on my face. He showered me in cum like a whore. I was a whore. A slut for dicks

“Yes!” I howled, closing my eyes and letting his jizz spill over me. I groaned, savoring that delight. It was an incredible passion. I groaned with ecstasy, loving every moment of this rapture. “Oh, fuck, yes!”

“Goddamn!” Stud growled and erupted in my spasming cunt.

Hot streams of jizz flooded my pussy. I groaned at that, my cunt going wild. I suckled at him as more and more spunk splashed on my face. I was hosed down by Bastard’s cock. He drenched me with his cum. He coated me with his spunk. I groaned, loving that hot jizz splashing on my features.

It ran hot over my face. I loved the feel of that spunk coating me. I was just such a whore. This was what I was. I loved this too much. I didn’t get why I was a lesbian. I never came this hard with any woman. On any dildo.

“More!” I cried as Stud fired the last of his cum into my cunt.

He ripped out of me and I was thrown over. The fifth guy, Hunk, grinned down at me as he thrust his cock into my cunt. He fucked into my pussy hard. I gasped, the other guys stroking their cocks as I was fucked like a slut.

Cum erupted on my tits.

They splashed on my boobs, covering my breasts in their jizz. It was so incredible to have these studs soaking me as the other guy fucked me. He pounded my cunt as I bucked on him, hot spunk running over my breasts.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I squealed and came again.

Jizz rained down at me as Hunk erupted into my cunt. He flooded my twat with his seed as I milked him. I shuddered on the futon, loving this pleasure. I milked him only to be flipped over on my hands and knees.

Jerk fucked my asshole. He pounded my bowels as my boobs swayed beneath me. Cum dripped from my nipples. Goatee fucked my mouth. I groaned, sucking on him, loving the way they buried into me over and over again.

They came in me.

They flooded me with spunk.

I rode Bastard’s cock as Hunk fucked my asshole and Stud pounded my mouth.

I loved it so much.

They came in me.

They flooded me with all their jizz.

I had so much hot spunk splashing on my face. My tits. They pumped my cunt full of cum. My asshole full of jizz. I gulped down their seed. I savored every moment of it. This was so wild. This was amazing.

I wasn’t gay.

I was so straight.

I was Jasmine, and I loved men and their big dicks.

* * *

Madeline Maxwell

I slid off the chair as my daughter lay on the ground dripping in cum. “Well, Jasmine?”

“I love cocks, Mommy!” she squealed. “I love them so much. I’m straight! Fuck pussy! I want dicks. I want to be a woman. I want to please my man!”

I smiled. “Then it’s time for you to learn how to be a proper lady and take care of a house. There are many wifely duties. Now, we have five big studs that fucked you hard. Let’s all cook them a big meal as thanks.”

“I don’t know how to cook,” Jasmine whimpered as she stood.

“That’s what you’re going to learn,” I said. “I have so much to teach you. Cleaning. Cooking. How to iron clothes. How to balance a checkbook. Shopping smart. Finding deals. Making sure your house is taken care of when you find that special guy. If you can cook and you can fuck, you can have any guy in the world. It’s really that simple.”

“Tell that to my gender-studies teacher. She’s forty and whines how there’s no man good enough.”

I rolled my eyes. “What guy wants to marry a mouthy bitch that is past her fertile days, spends all day at work, doesn’t look feminine, can’t cook, and won’t suck their dick?”

“Oh,” my daughter said. “That’s it.”

“That’s it. Being a happy woman is really simple.” I smiled. “Now we have potatoes to bake, steaks to grill, and—”

A knock came at the door.

“Boys, that’s Lottie,” I said. “You need to fuck her straight, too.”

“Oh, yes,” my daughter squealed. “Then we can be best friends, each other’s maids of honor, and help each other take care of our houses and raise our kids.”

I was so glad this worked out. Mr. Pender’s advice was worth something. I had to keep seeing him. He wasn’t as worthless as I thought. My daughter was perfect now. Dripping in cum, I told her to wash her hands and face.

It wouldn’t do to ruin the food. Lottie gasped in the background as the men pounced on her. They would work up quite the appetite by the time their dinner was ready. And then, well, there would be three women for their dessert.

There were perks to being a widow, too.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...