The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Forty: Lawyer Bitch Turned Eager Slave

Did I go too far with that lesbian daughter? Clara wondered. She had started this to punish bullies, but what had that girl done besides not being what her mother wanted. What is happening to me?

Clara hardly felt real any longer. She had her own mother with her but didn’t use her for sex all that much. It was like Clara was becoming something more. A goddess in truth. Something beyond morality and ethics. Something that moved with a will that she thought was her own.

It should have been the mother I punished, thought Clara. Why didn’t I?

It was so hard to think. Her fingers itched to send out another tweet as she drifted invisibly through the halls of the law firm. How long had she been here? Was it still the same day? Had more days passed? Was she even real?

“You won’t believe the disgusting thing my friend Trevor asked me to do,” a woman’s snapped. She was in the break room of the law firm, dressed like a slut according to the new dress code. “You know how everyone you know wants some free legal work.”

“Yeah, it’s such a pain,” the other woman said.

But it was the first woman Clara stared at. A busty redhead whose tits were almost spilling out of her low-cut blouse. “Well, he wants me to write up a BDSM contract. Can you believe that? Some disgusting Fifty Shades of Gray bullshit. He wants to have a sex slave contract. To own a woman like a piece of cattle. It’s foul. He’s a worm. God, BDSM is for freaks.”

“I guess.”

“No guessing,” the redhead said. “They all should be put down, especially the men into it. Fucking freak. I’m thinking about contacting his ex-wife She could use his deviant behavior to rake away his visitation rights.”

“That’s so mean,” the other lawyer said.

Clara agreed. She had already looked up redhead on the firm’s website and started her tweet. Blood boiling, the invisible goddess had a bully to punish now. For sure. This was something she would do. Not some nebulous impulse that rose out of her depths.

“Gina Cartwright is so wet at the idea of being her friend’s personal sex slave. She wants to be his BDSM slut. So she’s going to make a naughty video, send it to him, and beg him to come over.” #Beg4Bondage #YesMaster #BarbieSlut”

* * *

Gina Cartwright

“Are you really going to ruin his life?” my friend Talia asked.

“Oh, I am going to fuck his life up for being a disgusting—”

DING! chirped from my phone

“—dominating man. I want him to tie me up and clamp my nipple and do such filthy things to me.”

“Uh...” Talia stared at me with this strange expression in her eyes. “I thought you hated BDSM.”

“Why would I hate something as glorious as being tied up by a strong and powerful man?” I whimpered, my pussy on fire. “I have to go! I have to make a video!”

“During work?”

“Fuck work, I have to be a sex slave!” I darted out of the break room. For a moment, it felt like I passed through something... warm. A presence. I didn’t care. I had to get out of here.

“Have you lost your mind?” my friend cried out.

It felt like I had just gained it. Nothing in my life had ever felt so right as becoming Trevor’s sex slave. It clicked in my mind. Being his submissive slut was my purpose. I was born for him. I had to attract his attention and latch him down.

That dumb bitch that divorced him was a fool. She should have become his slave-wife. Stayed home in an apron and a collar to tend the house while he worked hard to support her. Then greet him on her knees, kiss his feet, and beg to be fucked in the ass by his big dick before he enjoyed her delicious, home-cooked meal.

I had to learn how to cook!

I hit the elevator and pounded the button for the parking garage. It had never taken so long. The moment the doors were open, I burst out of them. I hurtled towards my car. It unlocked the moment I got near it. I unplugged it from the charger and climbed in. I put it in reverse. The Tesla hardly made a sound as I backed up.

I sped out of the parking lot, cut off a car exiting onto the street, then blazed off to my apartment. I drove into another parking garage and found my space. I climbed out and rushed to the elevator. Why did it have to take so long? My pussy soaked my panties. I had to make my video.

What if another woman was trying to be his sex slave right now. I had to out slut her!

My elevator dinged on my floor. I darted past my potted plants, the only companions I had. I worked so hard at the firm to make partner that I didn’t date. Just hook ups and my growing collection of vibrators, dildos, and other toys.

I rushed to my bedroom and ripped off my clothes. Blouse, bra, skirt, stockings, and panties. I was naked in moments, my big tits bouncing and jiggling. I trembled as I gathered up a few choice toys for the video, my cunt on fire.

“Come on,” I muttered as I dug through my closet. “I know you’re in... Yes!”

I grabbed out the tripod with an attachment to hold my phone. I set it up at the foot of the bed and stuck my phone in there. I made sure the shot was lined up and darted for the bed. My heart raced as I settled myself in place, legs pressed tight, my boobs quivering.

I fluffed my pillows, getting myself to the right elevation. I was ready. “Siri, start recording.”

“Recording in progress,” Siri answered.

I stared at my phone and moaned, “God, Trevor, ever since you asked me about that sex slave contract, it’s all I’ve been thinking about. Being a slave. Your slave. You set this hot fire in me. You made me so fucking wet. See.”

I spread my legs apart and showed off my shaved pussy. It had 12 megapixels. That were so many of them. My wet cunt must be coming up crystal clear on the video. 4K. That was a lot of resolution. He should be able to see the individual drops of cunt cream dripping off me.

“Do you see how wet I am?” I whimpered, rubbing at my cunt now. My fingers came away soaked. “I want to be your sex slave so badly! I want to serve you in every way possible. You don’t need a contract with me. Just own me!”

I grabbed my dildo and plunged it into my cunt. I shuddered, my legs twitching. I soaked the toy in my snatch as I moaned with such wanton delight. My cunt clenched around the thick shaft as I ached for the real thing.

I pulled it out and held up the dildo. “Look at how fucking wet I am for your cock, Trevor. My slutty cunt is melting. I’m so wet, I don’t even need lube to fuck my asshole.”

I pressed the dildo against my anal ring and thrust hard. I groaned as my asshole stretched open wider and wider. I quivered here, my moans echoing through the room as my asshole stretched to take the toy. I whimpered as it popped in.

“See how much of a wet slut I am!” I gasped, my back arching as the dildo sank into my bowels. “I just need your cock. I want to worship it. Submit to it. Take you in all my holes. I’m so ready to submit and be owned by you.”

I grabbed another dildo and thrust it into my cunt.

“I want this to be your cock,” I whimpered as I fucked the dildo in and out of my cunt. I savored how great the toy felt in me. My asshole clenched around the other toy as I fucked my snatch. “I’ll do anything to be yours. Tie me up, whip me, slap me. I don’t care. I just want to serve you. Fuck being a lawyer. I want to be your sex slave. Cook for you, clean your house, and suck your dick when you come home from work. No nagging, just all the hot cunt wherever you want it!”

Just saying those words swelled me to my orgasm so fast. I quivered here, ramming the dildo in and out of my cunt. It was so hot. My toes curled as I stared into the camera, my big tits jiggling from the force of my thrusts.

“Please, please, make me you’re little fucktwat whore! Your slutty sex slave. You can do anything to me. Collar me. Spank me. Tie me up and pound my ass. I’m your dirty cunt-toy. Humiliate me! Degrade me! Show me what it’s like to be owned by a man!”

I exploded.

My orgasm burst through me so fast. My asshole convulsed around one dildo, my pussy around the other. I squealed out my pleasure as I bucked on the bed. My body thrashed through all this pleasure. It swept through me. Felt so amazing. I loved every second of it. I quivered through my rapture.

“Oh, my fucking god!” I howled. “Dominate me!”

The rapture drowned my mind. Stars flashed before my eyes. It was so incredible. So wonderfully sexy. I loved every second of this. My heart pounded in my chest as I bucked through this amazing rapture. Stars danced before my eyes.

“I need you!” I screamed.

My back arched, tits heaving. I thrashed on my bed as I drowned in the ecstasy. It was such a rush to want this. I groaned as my orgasm peaked. I shoved my dildo deep into my cunt and lay here panting, floating on euphoria.

“Oh, Trevor,” I whimpered, wanting to move. I felt so amazing. “I’ll be waiting before my door. Come claim me. Right now. Don’t wait!” I shuddered. “Siri, end recording.”

“Recording stop,” the voice said.

I shuddered here, panting. It took me a few minutes to get the energy to get up. I had never cum so hard in my life. And I knew this was just a taste, a fantasy, of what was to come. I pulled both dildos out of me and left them on the bed. I staggered to the tripod and grabbed my phone.

I texted Trevor a link from my iCloud account. I tossed my phone on the bed and did my first act of submission. I moved to my front door. After double-checking it was unlocked, I knelt before it, thrusting my rump into the air and pressing my face into the carpet.

Pussy juices dripping down my thighs, I waited.

And waited.

I couldn’t see the clock. It was dark in my living room, the curtains pulled. I liked my privacy. I waited, the beat of my heart pounding like thunder in my ears. I breathed slowly to calm my growing anxiety.

What if he never came?

I was starting to get sore holding the position. I wanted to get up and stretch, but what if he came just at that minute? The idea he might catch me not kneeling scared me. I had to show him I could be his sex slave. I had to be here ready and willing to do whatever he wanted to me.

Every time I heard the elevator dinged, I tensed. Every footstep in the hallway sent a fresh trickle of pussy juices down my thighs. I knew he couldn’t just get here at the drop of the hat, but I was getting worried. What if he wasn’t coming? What if he didn’t want me to be his sex slave?

I whimpered, the worry tying my guts into knots. I tried to stay calm and used those yoga breathing techniques. I breathed through my nose and exhaled through my mouth. Or was I supposed to do the opposite? Or only use my nose? Fuck!

Should I just give up?

But what if he showed up after that?

I had to stay. I had to be his slut. The elevator dinged. That could be him. I closed my eyes, footsteps approaching my apartment and passing it by. I heard the keys to the apartment next door rattling. I sighed. He wasn’t coming. I wasn’t going to be his sex slave. Tears brimmed in my eyes. I had lost my chance to be owned by—

The door opened.

“Damn,” groaned Trevor. “Look at that. It’s been... an hour. Have you been kneeling here the entire time?”

“Yes, Tre... Master,” I whimpered. I had to call him Master.

The door closed. He moved around it. He wore leather boots gleaming with a mirror finish. He stopped before me, the toe of his boot right before my lips. I didn’t hesitate. I kissed him, tasting the sour flavor of the polish.

“Very good,” he said. He set down the army-green duffel bag he brought and opened the trench coat.

Beneath, he had on a leather vest and chaps, nothing else. His cock thrust out before him, big and thick. My Master’s cock. I shuddered at the sight of that big dick. My cunt clenched. I didn’t realize he was so hung. An excited shiver raced through me.

“Yes, yes, you are just eager for it,” he said, studying me. “My, my, this is such a surprise, slave. I’ll think of a better name later, but... damn. Let’s see how willing to submit you really are.”

“So willing, Master,” I moaned and started to rise.

“Did I tell you to stand!” he growled, his voice low and full of authority. He didn’t shout, just raised his voice. “On your hands and knees.”

I dropped down on them, whimpering.

He grabbed me by my red hair and yanked me. I gasped at the pain as I crawled after him out into the middle of my living room. He shoved aside my glass coffee table against the TV to have more space. He nodded.

“Put your hands behind your back, too, like you’re about to be cuffed,” he growled as he marched back to his duffel bag.

“Y-yes, Master,” I whimpered, my scalp aching. The pain had made me even wetter. I shuddered as he opened the duffel bag. Metal clinked.

I put my hands behind my back, pressing my face back on the carpet. He slapped a cuff on my right wrist. He tightened it, the ratcheting sounds making my cunt clench. I whimpered as he did the same to my other cuff.

“No contract, huh?” he asked. “You are a brave one. And so fucking wet. I could smell you in the hallway.” He breathed in. “Damn, your cunt smells good. You might be worth keeping, slave.”

“Thank you, Master,” I groaned.

He pushed my legs farther apart then wrapped a leather cuff around my right ankle. I was connected to a bar with another cuff on the other side. He quickly secured that end to my other ankle. I wouldn’t be able to close my legs if I had wanted to.

“Spreader bar,” he said. “Always fun to play with and... Look at these.” He pulled out a pair of small clamps. Metal with just a bit of padding on the front. “Something light to start you off, slave.”

He opened the jaws and reached beneath me. I gasped as it bit down on my nipple. Pain exploded through my breast. That was a light one? I whimpered as my cunt burned hotter. The pain was feeding something in me. Something that craved more.

He clamped my other nipple. I gasped, tears springing in my eyes from the pain. I whimpered, feeling the clamps handing from my heavy breasts. As I shuddered, they swung, pulling on my abused nubs and sending more pain through me.

“This is what you want?” he demanded, hauling me up by the hair so that I knelt before him. He bent my head back so I looked right up at him. My boobs jiggled, the nipple clamps tormenting my nubs. “Huh?”

“Yes!” I gasped out, my pussy clenching. I could endure the pain. I was perversely enjoying the pain. It bled into rapture like they were connected. I had no idea that was possible.”

“You disgusting fucking slut!” he growled, fury shining in his eyes. “You think you get to make demands of me? That you can send me a video and beg me to come over to be my sex slave. Where do you get the arrogance to do that? You’re just a fucking bitch! You don’t get to whine to your Master!”

“I am arrogant!” I gasped. “I want to be your sex slave. I’ll do anything!”

He shoved my face back into the carpet. He rubbed my cheek into the fibers. My tears spilled out as he ground me into the rug. He released me a moment later and reached into the duffel bag. He pulled out a flogger with tin strips of black leather.

“Time to learn your place, bitch,” he growled and moved behind me. “This ends when you say, ‘I don’t want to be your sex slave!’ You understand.”

“I won’t say it,” I gasped as he swung the flail through the air. It made this terrible swishing sound. My butt-cheeks clenched. “I won’t!”

“We’ll see!”



The flogger cracked against my butt-cheeks. Pain exploded. I felt each of the tails painting burning agony across my rump. I clenched my ass as I trembled on the ground. I had never been spanked in my life.



I clenched my jaws tight as the fire blazed hotter. It hurt worse than the first one. I squeezed my eyes shut, trembling on the ground. My arms twitched, the cuffs biting into my wrists. My boobs swayed back and forth, but I hardly felt the nipple clamps now.



He struck me so hard.


He whipped me with such strength.


With such dominance.


He ruled here.


I was bad.


A naughty bitch.


The pain hurt so much. My ass blazed worse than anything I had felt in my life. I trembled, sobbing from the agony while my pussy drank it in. The heat melted my cunt. Pussy juices spilled hot down my thighs. I dripped like a bitch in heat.

I was a bitch.

A stupid, dumb slut thinking she could make him be my Master. My owner.


I screamed at the pain.


I squealed like a rutting sow as the flogger cracked over both my butt-cheeks. Welts burned across welts.


My vision blurred from the tears soaking the carpet.


“Just say the words,” he said. “Yap out, bitch!”

I shook my head, my jaws clenched tight.


My teeth ground together.

“The pain will end,” he said. “You can go back to being an uptight lawyer. This isn’t for you, bitch. You’re not a sex slave. You’re a cunt. A stuck-up twat sucking your boss’s dick for a promotion. This isn’t for you.”


I groaned louder, my head shaking back and forth. The nipple clamps swayed from the ends of my big boobs.


“Being a slave is about surrender,” he growled. “It’s about giving yourself into my hands. It’s about trust.”


“I trust you!” I sobbed, my ass blazing so hot. How much more could I take? My pussy ached just as much as my ass. I needed to be fucked. To cum.

“You’re competitive,” he said. “This isn’t a competition you can win.”


“You can’t defeat this! You either are a submissive slave or you’re a corporate bitch looking for a new way to fill that empty soul. This isn’t just something to play on the weekend. Between board meetings. This is your new life.”


“You don’t have the strength to submit.”

“YEEEEESSSSS!” I howled, my ass blazing so hot. “Fuck the board meetings. Being a lawyer. It’s empty! Fucking meaningless. I need this. I am this! I’m your sex slave! Your bitch. Your fucking cum bucket!”


I exploded.

My orgasm burst through me. I bucked as my ass burned with such heat. I sobbed out my ecstasy. Pain and rapture swirled through me, braiding together into a new pleasure. A new euphoria more powerful than any I had ever experienced.

My vision went black. I soared through darkness, propelled by the agony and the rapture. The euphoria carried me to heights of ecstasy that I didn’t have words to describe. I quivered there as I savored such wondrous bliss.

“YOURS! YOURS! I’M YOURS!” I cried out over and over again.

My orgasm swept through me. I gasped and groaned, not sure how long it lasted. How long before I descended back into my flesh. I panted there, my face rubbing into the carpet. I blinked and saw the flogger lying before my face.

“What?” I whimpered, my body feeling wrung out. My ass burned so hot. “I didn’t say it. You said you wouldn’t stop.”

“Any more, and your ass will start bleeding,” he growled from behind me. “I’ll break the skin.”

“What does that mean, Master?” I whimpered. “That you’ll pick it up tomorrow.”

Something slapped on my asscheek. I gasped at the heat that rippled through me. It took me a moment to realize it was his cock. He slid his dick over my welted ass. I suckled in a breath at the pain. My boobs moved, my nipples throbbing with fresh agony from the nipple clamps.

He pushed his cock into my butt-crack and slid it down to my anal ring. I gasped as he pushed against me. He was going to ass-fuck me right here? I didn’t have a problem with that. I would let him do whatever he wanted to me.

“Yes, yes, yes, Master,” I whimpered. He wasn’t lubed at all. I shuddered as my sphincter burned as he thrust harder.

“Yes!” I gasped as he rammed into my asshole. He sank into my backdoor. My entire body shuddered at the intrusion. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s so good.”

He grunted as he sunk more and more of his cock into my bowels. His thick shaft filled me up. I groaned, my face twisting with the burning ache of his dick. He sank to the hilt in my asshole. I shuddered there, loving him being in me.

It hurt and felt good all at the same time. I shuddered as he bottomed out in me. I hissed at the pain of his wiry pubic hair rubbing at my welted rump. He gripped my hips, the chains of my cuffs rattling as I twitched.

I was utterly at his mercy. I had surrendered myself to him. He could do anything to me.

That was such a delicious realization.

At work, in the courtroom, I had to be in control. I had to make sure everything was perfect. Here... I just had to do what he wanted. I had to give myself to him. I surrendered to him as he drew back his cock.

I squeezed my asshole down around his cock. I massaged him with my anal sheath. I loved how he buried into me again and again. He fucked me with such force, his crotch smacking into my welted rump again and again.

The pain and pleasure swirled in me.

The fire burning my asshole and across my butt-cheeks melted into my cunt. Another orgasm built and built in me as my Master enjoyed my anal sheath. He fucked me hard and fast. He buried to the hilt in my bowels over and over again.

I clamped my anal sheath down on him. I held him tight as he fucked me hard. My boobs swayed, reminding me of the nipple clamps on them. I groaned as he buggered me hard and fast. He buried to the hilt in my asshole over and over again.

“That’s it,” he growled. “You want to be my bitch, then you get fucked like it!”

“Yes, Master!” I moaned as he hammered my anal sheath.

“God, it is a thrill to fuck a mouthy lawyer in the fucking ass,” he growled. “I can’t believe you’re doing this. That look you gave me when I asked about the contract. I thought it disgusted you.”

“It consumed me!” I moaned, my asshole clenching down on his big dick. “Yes, yes, fuck my ass! Fuck me so hard, Master! Please, please! It hurts so good! I love it!”

The burning in my asshole swelled the heat in my cunt. I shuddered, rising towards another orgasm as he pounded my asshole hard and fast. He buried into me again and again. I loved how he fucked me so hard. He buried to the hilt in my anal sheath. I clenched my bowels down on him as he fucked me so hard. So fast.

I shuddered on him as he buried to the hilt in me over and over again, his nuts slapping into my taint as he buried into me over and over again. He fucked me with such passion. I had never been drilled so hard.

“Master!” I gasped. “Use my slutty asshole! Abuse me! Oh, yes, yes!”

“Are you going to cum?” he growled, slamming his cock into my asshole. He buried deep and hard into my bowels.

“I am, Master!” I gasped.

“Not before me, you don’t,” he growled and reached around me.

He grabbed both of the nipple clamps and tugged.

I gasped, my asshole squeezing down on his thrusting cock as my nipples burst with fresh pain. I squealed, my orgasm wanting to explode in me as he drilled his cock into the depths of my asshole over and over again.

I quivered there, fighting against my climax. It was so hard. I wanted to just cum. To explode on him. I whimpered, my face twisting in delight as he buried into me again and again. He fucked into my bowels so hard.

I groaned, my face contorting with delight. He pumped into my asshole so hard. I shuddered, loving what he did to me. He plowed into my anal sheath with such force. I gasped out in delight as he fucked me so hard.

So fast.

He buried into my anal sheath as he twisted the clamps. I groaned as he grunted. I wanted to cum. Needed to cum. My wrists pulled on the cuffs. They bit into my skin as I groaned out my pleasure. This was incredible.

I rocked back into him, the pain burning through my nethers. I shuddered, squeezing my asshole down on his cock. I held him tight as he grunted. He buried into my bowels again and again. I rubbed my cheek into the carpet, whimpering.

I had to cum. I needed to cum.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he growled. “That’s it. You fucking bitch. You are mine!”

He buried to the hilt in me and erupted.

His hot cum spurted into my bowels. I gasped as his cum pumped into me over and over again. Feeling that jizz erupting from his cock set me off. I howled at the top of my lungs as my asshole convulsed around his dick.

I came on his cock.

I bucked as he tugged hard on the nipple clamps. My nubs burst with pain while ecstasy swept through my body and drowned my mind. Stars burst across my vision as my asshole writhed around his erupting dick.

“Master! Master!” I howled, my anal sheath massaging his dick. “Oh, Master, yes, yes, that’s so good! It’s amazing!”

I loved how he spurted into my anal sheath. He pumped my bowels full of his cum as I cried out in ecstasy. He grunted, releasing my nipple clamps. He gripped my hips. My body quaked, my bound limbs pulling on my restraints.

He fired the last blast of his cum into my anal sheath. I shuddered, feeling all that jizz in me. A big smile spread on my lips at how wonderful that felt. He had just used me for his pleasure, and I had thoroughly enjoyed it

“Damn,” he growled. “A fucking lawyer-slave.” He ripped his dick out of my bowels. “How many of your clients have you screwed over.”

“I don’t screw them over,” she moaned. “I just... use creative billing to get more money from them for the firm. For my career.”

“Fucking lawyers are the worst,” he growled. “My ex’s lawyer nearly fucking ruined my life. And you’re just like that mouthy cunt, aren’t you?”

“No, no, I’m yours!” I moaned. “I would never ruin your life. I would just improve it.”

“And if I wanted to piss all over you right now for being a fucking soulless lawyer, what would you say, bitch?”

“That I’m yours!” I cried.

A stream of hot liquid splashed on my ass. I gasped as I felt him pissing on me. It spilled over my welted rump and ran down my thighs before spilling onto my carpet. The acrid scent of his urine filled the air. A wave of degradation washed through me.

He groaned as he released his piss, moving around me. He sprayed it across my back. It ran over my sides and dripped down my boobs. I gasped as he went lower until he grabbed a fistful of my hair, still urinating on my back. He ripped my head up.

Pissed in my face.

I gasped as the acrid urine splashed in my mouth. I closed my eyes as he showered me in his urine. A shiver ran through me. This was so degrading. So humiliating. Yet that burning itch formed in between my thighs. My cunt grew hot.

I loved this. I craved this.

I was a little pee slut that wanted him to do more. I stared up at him as he drenched me in his urine. He hosed me down, grunting as he unleashed more and more of his urine into my face. I quivered there as he drenched me like the filthy whore I was.

“Master!” I moaned as his stream dried down.

Piss ran across my entire body. He had soaked me in it. I shuddered, feeling it trickling down my back, over my ass, and across my stomach. I licked my lips, tasting the salty, bigger liquid. I had never felt dirtier than right now.

“Master, I’m yours!” I moaned again. “I deserved that for being a dirty lawyer! But now I’m your sex slave. I’m yours!”

He rammed his dirty dick into my mouth. I gasped at the sour flavor of my bowels on it. I shuddered as a new humiliation swept through me. I groaned and suckled hard on him. I nursed with everything that I had on his filthy cock.

It was so nasty. I had never imagined doing something like this. Piss ran across my body and dripped from my flesh. His cum leaked out of my asshole and trickled down to my cunt. I whimpered and nursed on him.

My tongue danced around his cock. I swept around him, needing to polish him clean. I wanted to get him to cum in my mouth. He could flood me with all his jizz. I wanted to drink his cum. Show him that I was just perfect for him.

“That’s it, bitch,” he growled. “Fucking drenched in piss and sucking your ass off my dick. Yeah, just like that, you fucking dirty skank. Damn, you are wanton.”

I was wanton.

I would show him just how naughty and wild I could be. I suckled on his dick with everything that I had. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his dick. I nursed on him with such passion. I suckled on him with hunger, the earthy flavor of my bowels filling my mouth.

My tongue polished his pole. I slid around him, wanting to get him to cum in my mouth. That would be an incredible rush. The flavor of my asshole faded as I kept worshiping him. I moaned around his cock, showing him I was skilled at this.

“Yeah, you’re just a good little cocksucker,” he said, staring down at me. He spat on my face. “Just a filthy, little whore.”

I shuddered at the heat of his saliva. After being pissed on, that was nothing.

No, it was something hot and exciting. My handcuffs rattled as I shuddered. My nipples throbbed, squeezed by the clamps. I shuddered, so at his mercy. He could do anything he wanted to me. I didn’t care how humiliating it was. I just wanted him to dominate me. To use me. His cock throbbed in my mouth, his precum spilling out. The salty flavor suffused my taste buds.

He gripped the sides of my head and thrust his cock to the back of my throat. I groaned as he fucked my mouth. I was just a dirty slut. I needed this. I suckled on him as he fucked my mouth. He pumped away at me.

Drool spilled down my chin as he fucked me. I suckled on him, my tongue dancing around his cock. I stroked him. Suckled on him. I did everything I could as he fucked my mouth. He grinned down at me.

“Fucking whore,” he growled. “You like this, huh?”

I moaned my garment.

“You like being my little fucktoy, huh?” He thrust hard, his cock hitting the back of my throat. He didn’t stop. He pushed against me. “Let’s find out how much you love it!”

I gurgled and choked as he pushed against my gullet. I had never deep-throated a dick. He didn’t care. He rammed his cock down my esophagus. My eyes bulged. His hairy balls slapped into my chin. The meaty sound echoed through the room.

“That’s it,” he growled. “Yes, yes, that’s what you love, isn’t it?”

I gurgled around his cock as he pumped away at me. He thrust his cock down my gullet over and over again. His nuts slapped into my chin again and again. I felt so used by him as he drove his dick down my gullet.

I gurgled around his dick. I suckled on him as he buried down my throat over and over again. He fucked me so hard. Drool spilled down my chin. He grunted, loving what he did to me. He took such pleasure in using me like this.

“Fuck, you are a whore!” he growled. “Just a fucktoy slut! Shit, yes, bitch! That’s it!”

I whimpered as he buried down into me. My hands pulled at the cuffs. My big boobs bounced and heaved, the nipple clamps swayed. My nipples burst with pain. My cunt burned. I wanted to cum again. I wanted to touch my snatch.

To masturbate.

But I couldn’t. I ached to rub at my twat, but all I could do was gurgle around his cock burying it down my throat over and over again. He plowed down my throat, his nuts smacking into my chin. His face contorted.

He plowed down my throat and erupted.

His cum pumped straight into my belly. I didn’t even get to taste it. To enjoy his jizz. I whimpered as he spurted over and over again. He fired all that sunk into my stomach. I shuddered, staring up at him as he grunted his pleasure.

“That’s fucking it, you dirty slut,” he growled. “Yes, yes, just take that cum. You love that, don’t you? Yeah, you do. You fucking love it. Don’t deny it. I can see it in your eyes. You’re so fucking wet for it. Just dripping.”

I was.

I was a dirty, dirty slut who loved his jizz pumping into my belly. He warmed me up as he shuddered there. A big smile spread over his lips. He grunted one more time, his muscular chest rising and falling.

“Fuck, yes,” he growled as he spurted the last of his cum into my belly. “You fucking slut.” He drew back his cock. I gurgled the entire way up. He popped out. I shuddered, my face falling down and planting on the carpet. He put his foot on my head, owning. “You want to cum?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“I saw you had a vibrator,” he said as he bent down. “I want you to go and get it and put it in your cunt.” Something rattled with my cuffs. Then my right wrist was free. Followed by my left. “Go!”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned as he lifted his boot off my head.

My wrists throbbed, reddened from the cuffs. I pushed up with my hands, my boobs jiggling. I had to shuffle to my bedroom thanks to the spreader bar. I hobbled there, feeling his eyes on me. I had to obey him. I wanted to rub at my cunt so much.

I could masturbate for him.

I reached my bedroom and grabbed the vibrator I had used on my cunt. I hadn’t turned it on, but now I ached for it buzzing. I turned with care and hobbled back. The motion really made my tits heave, the nipple clamps torturing my nubs.

That made me wetter.

“Barbie,” he said when I entered, holding something that looked like a metal bikini. “That’s your new name. Barbie. Perfect for a dumb fucktoy like you.”

“Yes, Master!” I moaned. Barbie. My new name was barbie.

“You know what this is?” he asked, holding up the bikini. After I shook my head, he said, “It’s a chastity belt. Keeps naughty whores like you from touching the cunts when they’re not allowed. You only touch your pussy when I let you.” He grinned. “You’ll wear this unless I tell you, but today... Today I’ll let you put in that vibrator. Turn it to its lowest setting.”

My eyes widened. I wouldn’t be able to cum at that setting.

He grinned. It was malicious. He got off on knowing this would torture me in a new way. He wanted to control me utterly, to punish and reward me as he chose. I wanted that, too. I shoved the vibrator into my pussy, feeling the shaft stretch me out. I turned the switch.

It buzzed to life in my cunt.

He handed me the chastity belt. I stepped into it like I would a normal pair of panties. The metal was cold. The vibrator buzzed away in my cunt. I groaned as it teased me. Not enough stimulation to make me cum, but enough for me to quiver there.

The chastity belt was open on the right side, letting me pull it up and over my hips. He grabbed it and closed it with a click. A lock rested there. It was tight enough around my hips that it wasn’t coming off. I couldn’t touch my cunt.

“Good enough,” he said. “We’ll have you custom-fitted.” He grabbed the nipple clamps and released those.

I clamped my teeth down as the blood rushed back into my abused nipples. It hurt almost as much as when he put them on. My cunt clamped down on the vibrator. I groaned as the buzzing shaft sent a wave of delight through me.

I quivered, my heart beating so fast. This was torture. It was worst than being spanked. I wanted to rub my cunt, and that metal pair of panties were in the way. I could feel it rubbing on my pussy lips and clit. This cool caress.

He bent down and undid the spreader bar as I quivered here. Then he opened up a closet and found my beige trench coat. He threw it at me. “Put it on!”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned, quivering with the wanton heat buzzing away in me.

I drew it over my body. The piss dried on me, but the scent remained. I felt so dirty. Sticky. Disgusting. I buttoned it up, panting. He pulled on his own trench coat, pulling it tight, a smile on his lips as he reached into the duffel bag.

He pulled out a leash and a collar. I groaned as he wrapped it around my neck. He cinched it tight. A tag jangled from the front. He attached the leash to the heavy ring and tugged on it as he led me to the door.

I gasped as I had to walk with the vibrator in my cunt. The chastity belt kept it in me. I whimpered as it buzzed away in me. The need to cum hovered just out of reach as he led me out of my apartment. My brow furrowed.

Where was he taking me?

My cheeks burned with humiliation. I smelled awful. My cunt burned. The vibrator buzzed around me as we descended the elevator. One of my neighbors got in and sniffed. They shifted at the reek of urine.

I was a disgusting bitch.

The elevator dinged at the lobby. Master marched ahead, leading me behind him. I whimpered, pussy cream spilling out and trickling out the leg holes of my chastity belt. I whimpered as we stepped out on the streets.

People glanced at me.

They saw that I was owned by Master.

That I was nothing but his bitch.

“Come along, Barbie,” he said, tugging on the leash.

“Yes, Master,” I moaned, that vibrator buzzing in my cunt. I needed to cum. I wanted to cum. I burned to cum.

This was my life. It was what I wanted. I felt so completed right now. Just a bitch trotting after her Master, eager to serve him at his whim. To be humiliated, degraded, and used. I couldn’t wait for more of his cum to dump into my body.

Jizz trickled out of my butthole and filled my crack. I smelled of acrid piss. I whimpered for my orgasm as the vibrator hummed away, shifting as I walked. My trench coat rubbed against my welted ass and throbbing nipples.

Every step was pleasure and pain.

* * *

Clara trembled. She walked through me.

She gripped her phone and looked around. Was her mother even with her? Did Clara even have a mother? Everything felt so strange. Surreal. She held her phone, needing to send out more tweets. To change more things.

It didn’t matter what.

She just had to see someone humiliated or punished. What did it matter the reason? She was just a vessel, wasn’t she? Had she ever been a real person? She hid up in her bedroom like a ghost, and now she was one.

A wraith sliding through the world of the living enacting her own twisted justice.

She floated down the hallway, gripping her phone. She stared down at Twitter. So many possibilities. So many things she could do. A smile spread on her lips as she listened for inspiration for her next naughty tweet.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...