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Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

Note: This is an expanded version of Part 28 that has contribution from a fan named BeeBee plus additional material written by me.

Chapter 31: Busty Lawyer’s Sexual Harassment Lesson

Invisible thanks to her tweet, Clara arrived at the large law firm of Coman, Shine, & Chase. Behind her scurried her naked mother. Clara was eager to have some fun here after dealing with that Karen lawyer back at the coffee house.

Past the receptionist’s desk, Clara looked around and was not impressed. There were plenty of women here, but none of them were dressed all that sexily. They were wearing professional garb. That had to change. She decided on one quick tweet just to make things more exciting here before she really got down to business.

“Coman, Shine, & Chase have just hired a makeup girl that ensures all the female employees are tarted up like whores and dress to show off their bodies of course the makeup comes out of their paychecks. #DressToImpress #SlutLawyers”

She didn’t know if suddenly someone worked here as the makeup girl who hadn’t been employed before, or if one of the women scurrying around here would have the position. Clara was certain things would start changing soon, though. And that might provide its own form of fun.

As she moved through the law firm, she noticed a sign on a door that said “Sexual Harassment Meeting.” That piqued her interest. Clara headed over, her mother hurrying behind her, and opened the door onto a conference room.

There were a good dozen men in here all looking bored while a woman at the front of the room was giving a lecture on appropriate workplace behavior. Some of the men were middle-aged if not older, like they were the founding partners or senior partners or whatever.

“Slide,” the woman at the front said. She was a black-haired woman with her hair in a bun. She wore a loose blouse that made it hard to tell her breast size.

Another woman, younger with red hair that fell down her back to her nice ass in her skirt, pushed a button that changed the slide. This one showed a man pinching a woman on the ass with a red circle and line through it.

“Maybe it was once appropriate to pinch a woman’s rump and call her sweetcheeks,” said the woman up front, “but this isn’t the seventies or even the eighties. These sorts of behaviors will open the firm up to lawsuits as well as a poor public perception. A ‘metoo’ accusation could cost the firm millions.”

Clara opened her phone and found the firm’s website. The woman speaking was Lisa Rekeita, a junior partner. Grinning, Clara knew her next tweet. She typed it fast.

“Lisa Rekeita and the other feminists will learn that she’s not supposed to be against sexual harassment but for it by being humiliated and dominated by all the men she’s lecturing. #PinchIsACompliment #SweetCheeks #HarrasmentIsAmazing!”

Clara was about to hit send when the door opened and another young woman entered. She was blonde and perky, wearing a short but fun skirt and a sleeveless blouse. She held a makeup case in her hand.

“Ms. Rekeita, I’m here for your makeover,” said the girl.

Clara decided to hold off on her tweet until this part was over, intrigued.

* * *

Lisa Rekeita

“I’m in the middle of my lecture, Ms. Penny,” I said, glaring at the new makeup girl. “This is what I’m talking about, gentleman. A ‘makeup girl’ who is here to tell the female associates and partners how to dress is just going to land the firm in trouble.” I glanced to Mr. Chase, one of the three managing partners. “Was this your idea?”

He was a stout man with a goatee and blue eyes. He grinned and said, “Studies show that women who are attractive in court get better responses from the jury. All about winning.”

“It’s in your contract, Ms. Rekeita,” added Mr. Coman, another managing partner. He was a balding man with a lecherous grin. “You signed it, so let her do her work.”

“It’s vulgar,” I huffed as Ms. Penny set her makeup case down and started untucking my blouse. “What are you doing?”

“Why, that outfit is too stuffy, Ms. Rekeita,” the girl said. Rita Ms. Penny was eighteen, like my intern Jenny Bickolson assisting me with the presentation.

“Yeah, I agree,” Jenny said. “You should wear something sexier, Ms. Rekeita. Stop hiding those big tits.”

A couple of the men chuckled.

I glared at them as Ms. Penny somehow had my blouse already unbuttoned. How did the girl work that fast. Then she was peeling it off, exposing my Double D’s held in a black bra. My cheeks burned with humiliation as all the men stared at me.

Then my skirt was falling off. How did that girl work so fast? I was down to my bra and panties. The men were staring at my fit body. I was in my thirties and worked hard to stay in shape, but not to be ogled by these men. It was a mix of the three managing partners, some senior partners, and the rest were junior partners. They all licked their lips.

“Now just don’t move,” said Ms. Penny as she opened up her case and pulled out her makeup. “We’ll get you all tarted up.”

“Tarted up!” I objected. “Why would you say that.”

“So you can be sexy and turn on all the men who see you,” said the makeup girl. “That’s why women wear makeup. So we can look sexy and get men to desire us. Then we can get what we want. Now don’t move!”

I bristled with outrage as the men watched me being tarted up. I would be marching down to HR and filing a complaint. This was unbearable. I squirmed there, feeling my assistant Jenny just smirking behind me. She was loving this, the little tramp.

Ms. Penny hummed as she worked, smearing her makeup all over me. It was so much heavier than I favored. I tried not to use much at all. Go for the natural look, but she was painting me up like I was some two-bit trollop.

“There,” Ms. Penny said and pulled out her mirror.

I gasped at what she had done to my face. She had given me bright, red lips that were pouty and cheeks that were flushed. The blue eye shadow made my hazel eyes even darker. Bedroom eyes. I looked ready for a night out.

“The bra and panties have to go, too,” said Ms. Penny.

“What?” I screeched as she reached behind me and unhooked my bra. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Getting you a bra that makes those tits look amazing,” suggested Jenny. “Ooh, and you need a nice push-up bra to really show off those big girls.”

“Oh, yes,” salivated Mr. Shine. The third managing partner had a grin splitting his normally hard face. He had iron-gray hair. A man who didn’t normally take bullshit. “That’s what you need.”

“This is exactly what I’ve been trying to talk to you about,” I gasped as my bra was ripped from me. I slapped my hands over my tits. “This is more than sexually harassment.”

“Oh, we’re just getting you ready for court,” Ms. Penny said. “That’s so important. You want to do your clients right. Now a thong is much better than these panties. We don’t want any visible panty lines on the tight skirts you’ll be wearing.”

“No, no, no,” I gasped, my hands covering my breasts as Ms. Penny fell to her knees and ripped my panties off with such ease.

All the men leered as my bush came into view. It was trimmed. Ready for my vacation next week. I would be wearing bikinis. I didn’t want hairs to peek out. But it meant there were no curls to hide my pussy from their gazes.

I thrust my left hand down my body as my right arm covered both my tits. I stood there, naked, tottering in my heels as Ms. Penny stood with my panties in hand. She had a big smile on her lips as she looked at me.

“Okay, I have to go get your new clothes,” she said. “So just stay right here, Ms. Rekeita.”

“What, no,” I gasped as she gathered everything she stripped from me and left the room. As she left the room Mr. Coman muttered something to her she said nothing as she handed him my bra and panties one more thing to complain about I raged as he held his new trophy. I shuddered, seeing all these men staring at me with their salivating eyes. “Jenny, I need you to get me some clothes from my office. My gym bag.”

“Ms. Rekeita, I think the company’s new policy is wonderful,” she said. “You have a hot body. Be proud of it.”

I glared at the eighteen-year-old redhead sitting in her seat with her short skirt showing off all her thighs and toned calves. Her blouse dipped low to show off her cleavage. She winked at me. Interns were the fucking worst.

Then every phone in the office chirped.

The men all grinned and rose. The managing partners led the way. Mr. Shine, Mr. Coman, and Mr. Chase had founded the firm. They had built it from the ground up. Now they looked at me like I was an asset that they owned. I clutched my hands tight to my breasts and hand over my pussy.

“W-what are you doing?” I whimpered, the shame burning brighter and brighter in me. I wanted to run. To hide. To find a poncho to drape over my body.

“Damn,” said Mr. Shine. He looked me up and down as he ran a hand through his gray hair. He wore an expensive suit, the cufflinks real gold. “What a body you have, Ms. Rekeita.”

“I’ve always wanted to tell you just how fucking hot you are,” groaned Mr. Chase. He smiled, his goatee framing his lips. “I mean... damn, those legs. I would love to have them wrapped around my head.”

“Bet your pussy tastes as sweet as honey,” said Mr. Coman. The balding partner moved behind me. “And that ass. Damn, I could bounce a quarter off that ass.”

“This is highly inappropriate,” I gasped. “Didn’t you listen to my lecture?”

“Sweetcheeks, your lecture was all wrong,” Mr. Shine said.

“Sweetcheeks!” I gasped, glaring at him. “That’s the sort of—”

Mr. Coman pinched my ass and said, “Damn, that is one sweetcheek.”

I gasped in shock at what he had just done to me. I quivered there, holding my arm tight across my breasts and my hand over my pussy. They were all around me. My heart pounded as they circled me like a pack of gazelles.

“Let’s see those tits, sweetcheeks,” said Mr. Chase. “They are fucking bigger than I thought.”

“God, I could just motorboat between them,” said Mr. Shine. “Sugar tits, why don’t you just pull that arm away.”

He grabbed it and tugged.

I tried to fight him, but he was stronger than me. He exposed my big breasts. I shuddered, my nipples thrusting out before me. They were hard. The men all groaned. The junior partners were looking on in envy.

“Let go of me!” I gasped then jumped as Mr. Coman pinched my ass now. “Goddamn, I would love to slap my cock on that ass.”

“What is wrong with you?” I demanded. “I am going to sue you all! This is sexual harassment!”

“What is?” asked Mr. Coman. He pinched my ass again. “Complimenting you?”

“What’s so wrong with being told you have a perfect set of tits?” asked Mr. Shine. He cupped one, squeezing it. “Just amazing breasts. You should be proud of them.”

I trembled there. I had never been so humiliated in my life. Degraded. They saw me as just a thing. What had happened to progress? We were in the second decade of the twenty-first century. Things were supposed to be different.

“Please, please, stop this,” I whimpered, trembling, tears in my eyes. “This isn’t right?”

“Why?” demanded Mr. Shine as he groped my tit. “What’s so wrong with being called sugar tits. Your boobs are amazing.”

“Yeah, sweetcheeks,” Mr. Coman said, his hand now cupping my rump. “God, that’s firm. That’s real firm. You work hard to be this fucking sexy. Why are you getting so bitchy about us complimenting you.”

“It’s not like it’s that time of the month, right?” Mr. Chase demanded. He seized my hand and pulled it from my pussy. He chuckled. “Damn, toots, you need to shave that bush. This isn’t the fucking seventies or even the eighties any longer.”

“We’ll have Ms. Penny take care of that,” Mr. Shine said, his thumb sweeping over and rubbing at my tit.

“Please, please, stop,” I whimpered. “This is wrong. I’m going to sue. I’m going to sue you all!”

“For what?” demanded Mr. Coman, his fingers dipping into my butt-crack. “For thinking you have a rocking body, Ms. Rekeita.”

“You do,” cried Eric Coman, a junior partner and son of the man groping my ass. “You are amazing, Ms. Rekeita. Goddamn, I would love to work under you. Have you on top of me.”

“Those tits were made to bounce,” Mr. Shine said. He stopped groping my boob and slapped it. My tit smacked into my other one, the men laughing as they watched them ripple. “Sugar tits, you got a pair that were made for cowgirl.”

“I am going to sue you all for millions!” I hissed as Mr. Chase slid his hand between my thighs and rubbed at my pussy now. I gasped as he slid his fingers up and down my slit. “I’m going to have you arrested. Do you hear me! Stop this at once?”

“What are you going to sue us for?” Mr. Chase asked, his fingers sliding through my folds. “Damn, you have a wet cunt, toots.”

“For that!” I gasped, my entire body trembling with outrage. “Sexual harassment that is quickly turning into sexual assault.”

“What?” demanded Mr. Shine as he grabbed both my tits. He squeezed them. “We’re not assaulting you. We’re loving you, sugar tits.”

“You do look like you’re having fun Mrs. Rekeita.” my intern said full of amusement.

“And we’re harassing you,” added Mr. Coman, his hands kneading both my asscheeks. “Goddamn, we are harassing the hell out of your fine body. That’s what this is about, right? That we need to sexual harass the female staff way more than we have.”

“I’ve never once cupped your pussy before today,” Mr. Chase said. “Or fingered your snatch.”

He thrust his fingers into my pussy. I gasped at the violation. I wanted to flee, but I was surrounded by these men. Mr. Shine pinched my nipples. Mr. Coman groped my butt-cheek. Mr. Chase pumped his fingers in and out of my twat.

“So sorry for never doing this, Ms. Rekeita,” Mr. Chase groaned. “I’ll cup your pussy at least once a day. Is that good enough?”

“What is going on?” I demanded. “You’re not supposed to be doing this.”

“Sure they are,” said Jenny. “Ooh, you should totally spank her butt with your cock, Mr. Coman.”

“What is wrong with you all?” I sobbed, tears spilling down my eyes now. Mr. Chase’s fingers pumped in and out of my pussy. His thumb rubbed at my clit.

“Following the new memo that HR put out,” said Mr. Coman. “That we’re supposed to sexually harass the women. That we’re not treating you like objects and sluts enough. Mmm, don’t you like being desired. Don’t you like a bunch of powerful men all wanting to ravish your hot body?”

“To suck on those fat nipples,” growled Mr. Shine, his fingers pinching my nubs.

“To have our cocks slam into your pussy,” growled Mr. Chase. “How else are you supposed to get a raise if you’re not on your back getting fucked hard by one of us.”

“Suck my dick, and you’ll get two more days of vacation a year,” Mr. Coman groaned.

“Yes, yes, make her suck your dick,” Jenny whooped. “This is so hot. Make her into your bitch.”

“You know you want it, toots,” said Mr. Chase. “God, your cunt is so hot. You’re a fucking slut, standing there naked and all tarted up with that whorish makeup. You’re asking to be harassed. So why are you whining now.”

I shuddered. The tears spilled hot down my cheeks. I could feel the mascara running as these men groped me. My pussy was so wet. I couldn’t believe it. Ms. Shine’s fingers plunged in a cunt that was dripping with my cream. He massaged my clit.

I had to fight this. I had to get free. But Mr. Coman squeezed my ass and Mr. Shine ducked his head down and suckled one of my nipples into his mouth. I gasped at that. Shocked he would do that. My pussy clenched down on Mr. Chase’s fingers. My clit throbbed.

“No, no, no!” I shouted. “Jenny! Jenny! Help me!”

“God, no,” Jenny moaned. “I read the memo. You need to be fucked, Ms. Rekeita. You need to have big dicks pounding your tight ass. You dress like a fucking nun. You’re a woman. Show off that body. Let these men give you what you need.”

I shook my head. I didn’t need this. But... but... This humiliating pressure built and built in my pussy. My cunt squeeze down on Mr. Chase’s fingers. They thrust faster and faster in and out of my snatch. His thumb rubbed at my clit.

Sparks burst from it. I whimpered. This could not be happening. I shuddered with more sobs. Tears burned hot down my cheeks as my orgasm built. What was wrong with my body that it was enjoying this degrading treatment.

“STOP!” I cried. “No! I don’t want this. I don’t want to cum on your fingers, Mr. Chase!”

“Sure you do, toots,” he said, thrusting his digits deep into my pussy. “Goddamn, you got a juicy cunt. You have just been gagging for us to finally harass you. Now you’re getting it. So enjoy it. We will.”

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening,” I whimpered, that orgasm building and building.

“I think it is,” cooed Jenny. “Ooh, make her cum like the whore she is! God, she’s just panting, isn’t she? How wet is she, Mr. Chase.”

“Soaking my hand with her juices, and her pussy is suckling at my digits,” he growled, thrusting them in and out of me.

“NOOOOOOO!” I cried, Mr. Shine sucking on my nipple. He nibbled on it, the pleasure shooting down to my treacherous pussy.

My orgasm swelled. I tried to fight it. I tried to resist, but those fingers were just thrusting deep into my twat. They churned me up. The thumb rubbed on my clit while Mr. Coman’s fingers slid down my butt-crack. He found my asshole.

I gasped as he thrust a finger into my asshole. I shuddered at the penetration. I shouldn’t like this at all. I shouldn’t, but it was just an incredible delight. My entire body shuddered. My face twisted as he wiggled his finger about in my bowels.

“God, you are a tight ass, Ms. Rekeita,” groaned Mr. Coman. “Goddamn, such a tight ass.”

“Made for dicks,” Jenny purred as the managing partner thrust his finger into my asshole. He buried it into me again and again while. Mr. Chase fingered my twat. “You should fuck her.”

“Definitely,” groaned Mr. Chase. “I don’t know why you’re crying, Ms. Rekeita. Your pussy is so wet. You must be gagging to earn a promotion on your back.”

“Yeah, sugar tits,” Mr. Shine said around my nipple. “You’re a slut that loves our attention.”

“No,” I whimpered, my entire body shuddering. More hot tears spilled down my cheeks. “I can’t be. I’m not a slut. I’m not. I... I...” Those fingers thrust into my holes. My clit throbbed. Pleasure burst in me. I threw back my head and gasped as I came.

My pussy convulsed around Mr. Chase’s fingers while my asshole rippled around Mr. Coman’s digit. Waves of humiliating rapture surged through me and washed over my mind. I trembled, my entire body shaking.

This couldn’t be happening to me. I moaned like a whore. The men laughed with evil delight, savoring my body shuddering through the ecstasy. My boobs heaved. Mr. Shine stopped sucking on them and watched as they bounced.

“Sugar tits!” he groaned in delight. “Hot damn, those are beautiful.”

“Yes!” I moaned, my entire body trembling. The pleasure drowned my mind. It was so shameful to cum like this. So humiliating. But it felt so good. Maybe... maybe... Maybe it was a good thing to be sexually harassed.

“God, you moan like a whore, sweetcheeks,” groaned Mr. Coman. “And that tight ass is going wild around my dick.”

“It is, sir,” I moaned, my boobs swaying as the pleasure rippled through me.

“Yeah, she wants to start servicing us,” groaned Mr. Shine. “Want to get on your knees and suck some cocks, don’t you.”

“Yes,” I moaned, my knees buckling.

Mr. Chase ripped his fingers out of my pussy and sucked them into his mouth. He groaned as he enjoyed my pussy cream. I shuddered, my knees buckling, and fell to my knees before them. Mr. Shine was already undoing his pants. The hard-faced managing partner grinned as he whipped out his cock.

“Earn those six figures we pay you, whore,” he growled.

“Yes, Mr. Shine!” I groaned, my body burning with shame. I was a slutty, disgusting woman that wanted to be harassed. To be used by men.

I tried to be a feminist. To pretend I wasn’t a whore. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his cock. I engulfed him, sliding my mouth down his dick. He groaned as I suckled on him. My big boobs jiggled as I nursed on him.

He pulled on the hairpins, letting my black hair fall around my face. I whimpered, nursing on him. My pussy clenched as I was finally honest about who I was. I wiggled my rump, my cheeks sticky with the mascara that had run down them.

“Fuck her ass, Mr. Coman,” moaned Jenny. “You know that Ms. Rekeita is just dying to be ass-fucked by you!”

“Goddamn, she is, isn’t she,” growled the managing partner.

He fell to his knees and thrust his cock into my butt-crack. I shuddered at that. A shiver ran through me as he worked his cock up and down my butt-crack. A shiver rushed through me as he pushed it against my anal ring. A hot tremble rushed through me.

“Going to fuck that tight ass, sugar cheeks,” he groaned. “Ms. Rekeita Tightass. Has a nice ring to it.”

“It does, Mr. Coman,” shouted Thomas Pender, the firm’s newest junior partner.

“Suck up,” coughed Frank Coman. “Fuck her ass hard, Dad.”

“I’m going to,” groaned Mr. Coman. “She’s got a fucking tight ass. Like your mother! Only that bitch never let me do this!”

He thrust against my asshole hard. I moaned around Mr. Shine’s cock as Mr. Coman’s dick drilled against my sphincter. My anal ring stretched and stretched. I groaned then gasped as he popped into me. This wild heat swept through me. I groaned, savoring that big dick sliding into my asshole. It was a rush to have him invading my whorish ass.

The men cheered him on. More and more of my bowels swallowed his cock. I suckled hard on Mr. Shine’s dick as my anal sheath devoured Mr. Coman’s shaft. I trembled, my eyes squeezing shut as that big dick entered me fully.

Mr. Coman’s wiry bush rubbed on my asshole.

“Yeah, fuck that whore,” whooped my assistant. “Just fuck her hard.”

I shuddered as Mr. Coman drew back his cock. He held me tight. It felt amazing as he thrust into me again and again. He pumped away at me. He fucked into me with such force. I groaned, clenching down on him as he fucked me. He buried into my bowels again and again. I shuddered, squeezing my anal sheath around that big dick.

He grunted, fucking me hard and fast. He buried into me again and again. He plowed into me with hard strokes. I shuddered, gripping him. I loved how he fucked me. How he thrust into me over and over again.

He pounded me. Plowed into me hard. Fast.

I shuddered, squeezing my bowels around him as I suckled hard on Mr. Shine’s dick. My pussy drank in the burning heat from my asshole. My juices soaked my bush. I whimpered, another orgasm building and building, proving I was an attention-seeking whore who loved being harassed.

“Goddamn, sugar tits,” Mr. Shine groaned. “You got a mouth on you. Now you’re earning that money we’re paying you.”

“Fuck, we are, sweetcheeks!” Mr. Coman gripped my hips and plowed into me. “Suck that dick. You suck that cock hard and fast.”

I did. I nursed on him. It was a rush to suckle on him like this. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his cock. He had such a wonderful dick. My tongue danced around his cock. I suckled on him with hunger.

He groaned as I did that. His face twisted in delight as I nursed on him. All while Mr. Coman ass-fucked me hard. Fast. He rammed into me again and again. It was an amazing delight. I loved it. I savored him buggering me with that big dick.

I wiggled my hips from side to side as he fucked my asshole. He buried into me again and again. He plowed into me with such force. It was an incredible delight to have him fucking me like that. I loved every moment of it. I loved every last second of him fucking me like that. I shuddered.

“Yes, yes, yes,” groaned Mr. Shine as I suckled his cock. “You’re going to get so much cum, sugar tits.”

I wanted that I suckled hard.

“Yeah, that’s it, slut,” he groaned.

“Fuck, sweetcheeks, that ass,” groaned Mr. Coman. “Goddamn, that ass. That fucking ass! I’m going to cum in that. You’re going to earn that fucking office!”

I suckled hard, my pussy drinking in the heat from his cock. It was wonderful to feel him fucking me like that. He buried his dick into me hard and fast. He plowed into me with force. I groaned, loving it. My orgasm built and built.

Drool ran down my chin as I suckled on Mr. Shine’s big dick. He groaned, his precum soaking my mouth. I was so close to cumming, my big boobs swaying. The other men were watching, all rubbing their crotches.

“Can’t wait for my turn,” groaned Victor Carson, a senior partner. One step beneath the managing partners. “She has a fucking hot body.”

“Yeah, she does,” my intern moaned. “Harass the fuck out of that bitch!”

“Yes!” Mr. Shine groaned and erupted.

His salty cum fired into my mouth. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut as that hot cum jetted into my mouth. The salty spunk spilled over my taste buds and down my throat. I gulped it down. I swallowed every bit of it. I gulped down every last passion. It was a thrill. I shuddered, swallowing his spunk. Mr. Coman rammed his cock into my asshole at the same moment.

The heat melted to my cunt. I squealed and exploded like a whore.

The humiliating bliss swept out of my spasming pussy. The juices washed down my thighs while my asshole suckled at the old man’s cock. Mr. Coman fucked my writhing bowels as my mind drowned in the ecstasy.

“Shit!” groaned Mr. Coman. He buried into my bowels. “Fuck, yes, sweetcheeks!”

He erupted.

I had cum jetting into me from both ends. I gulped down Mr. Shine’s cum as my asshole milked Mr. Coman’s dick of his jizz. Both managing partners grunted and groaned as they spurted their cum into my naughty body.

I shuddered, savoring what they did. I trembled, my cheeks nursing out the spunk. It was a wild ride to gulp down the cum. To swallow every drop of it. I quivered, my boobs swaying from side to side as I swallowed every last drop of spunk.

“Yes,” groaned Mr. Shine as he ran dry. “You fucking trollop, sugar tits!”

“Yes, you are,” panted Mr. Coman. “That was amazing.”

“I have to have her riding me,” Mr. Chase said. “I want to see those big gits bouncing, toots.”

I popped my mouth of Mr. Shine’s dick. “Yes, Mr. Chase. I’ll get right on that.”

“You fucking better believe you will, slut,” Jenny whooped. “And Mr. Coman, make her suck that dick clean of her asshole.”

“My, isn’t she full of amazing ideas,” Mr. Coman groaned as he pulled out of my asshole.

I shuddered as he did that. My bowels clenched about his cock as he pulled out of me. I quivered as the cum spilled down my butt-crack and ran to my pussy taint. It soaked into my bush as I rose. Mr. Chase already had his dick out and his pants, and boxers with the hearts on them, around his ankles.

He sank on his back, waving his cock at me. The other men were cheering me on. The junior and senior partners were whipping their cocks out as I threw my leg over Mr. Chase’s body. I grabbed his cock, bringing him to my shameful pussy.

I pressed him into my black bush, my hair spilling around my face, and nuzzled him into my wet pussy. More of Mr. Coman’s cum leaked out of my asshole. I shuddered, sliding Mr. Chase’s dick up and down my twat. He nuzzled against my clit.

I groaned and sank my cock down him.

“Fuck, yes,” he panted as my cunt swallowed his cock. “That’s what I want to feel. Work that pussy down my dick, toots.”

“Yes, Mr. Chase,” I moaned, planting my hands on his stout torso. I rubbed at him through his silk shirt. “I’m going to ride your big dick with my slutty cunt.”

“Sexual harassment is the best,” he groaned as I slid my pussy up his dick.

I winked at him then groaned as Mr. Coman stepped up before me. He thrust his cock into my mouth. I opened wide and suckled his dirty dick past my lips. This was the most shameful and degrading thing I had ever done.

My pussy clenched hard around Mr. Chase’s dick.

The sour flavor of my own ass suffused my mouth as I suckled on Mr. Coman’s dirty dick. I nursed on him with perverse hunger, buffing off the earthy musk. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his filthy cock.

I savored this wicked delight of polishing his pole of my ass. It was the sort of thrill a complete whore would enjoy. And since I was enjoying this, I knew what I was now. I shuddered, working my pussy up and down Mr. Chase’s dick as I suckled on Mr. Coman’s dirty cock.

“Fuck, you are such a slut, sweetcheeks,” panted Mr. Coman. “Just buff my dick clean of that ass. Yes, yes, like that.”

I winked at him and did just that. I suckled on him. I nursed on his cock with hunger. I worked my mouth up and down his dirty cock. I suckled on him while I rode Mr. Chase’s big dick. My boobs bounced and heaved as I did that. They slapped together. They made such wicked sounds.

I slobbered on Mr. Coman’s dick. I went all out buffing him clean, my pussy clenching around Mr. Chase’s thick shaft. I rode him, my butt-cheeks rippling on every downstroke. I quivered, my tits swaying from side to side.

“That’s it, toots,” moaned Mr. Chase. “Work that cunt up and down my dick. Shit, that’s great. That’s fucking amazing watching those tits bounce.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you have such great tits,” Frank Coman moaned while I suckled on his father’s dick.

“And that mouth,” groaned Mr. Coman. “With those red lips, you got a whore’s mouth, sweetcheeks. Yes, you fucking do!”

I whimpered in delight, winking at him. My tongue danced around his cock, polishing that dirty shaft with all my hunger. More and more cum ran down my mouth. I shuddered through the pleasure of this moment.

I loved every second of slamming my cunt down that thick shaft and sucking on this throbbing pole. I whimpered, my boobs bobbing and smacking together. My pussy gripped Mr. Chase’s dick as I hurtled towards my orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Mr. Coman groaned. “Clean my dick.”

“Just keep riding me,” moaned Mr. Chase. “I am going to flood your cunt.”

“Flood the bitch!” shouted Jenny.

I trembled, clenching my cunt down on that thick cock. I loved it feeling me up. I trembled through the rapture. It was an amazing delight to ride Mr. Chase. I worked my twat up and down his cock faster and faster, hurtling towards that orgasm.

I bobbed my head and polished Mr. Coman’s dick. The flavor of my sour musk faded. Then it was just his salty precum. I loved it. I quivered, my pussy melting around the thick cock I rode. My boobs heaved for Mr. Chase’s enjoyment.

“Fuck!” gasped Mr. Coman.

His cock erupted into my mouth.

I whimpered, savoring that hot and salty cum firing into my mouth. I slammed my cunt down Mr. Chase’s big dick as I gulped down that jizz. I swallowed it all, loving the flavor. It was an incredible delight to drink that wonderful jizz.

My clit ground into Mr. Chase’s pubic bone as I swallowed the hot spunk. My pussy clenched about his dick. My orgasm quivered. Pleasure sparked from my bud rubbing into his crotch. I bucked and exploded.

My pleasure swept through me. It was incredible. An amazing delight to feel it rushing through me. I loved every moment of it. My body bucked with the rapture rushing through me. Stars danced before my eyes as I swallowed that spunk.

“Shit!” groaned Mr. Chase. He erupted.

His cum flooded my pussy. I shuddered as all that jizz pumped into my snatch. I whimpered, my twat writhing around his cock. I moaned around Mr. Coman’s cock, sucking out all the spunk I could from him. He groaned as he fired the last of his salty treat into my mouth.

But I still had plenty of cum from Mr. Chase flooding my spasming twat. My cunt suckled at him as I quivered here. I whimpered through the bliss of his jizz spurting over and over into my writhing cunt. He filled me to the brim.

I loved it. I loved it so much. I groaned, quivering through the bliss of this wonderful pleasure surging through me. I shuddered, my head tossing from side to side. My boobs bounced and jiggled. It was an incredible rush.

I ripped my mouth off Mr. Coman’s dick and moaned, “Yes, yes, yes! Oh, my god, that’s so good.”

“Fuck,” Mr. Chase panted as I milked his cock dry, my orgasm hitting that wild peak.

But there were plenty of other lawyers that needed me. The other junior and senior partners were staring at me with lust in them. I squeezed about Mr. Chase’s cock then slid up his shaft. I popped off him, cum leaking out of me.

“Who needs my services next?” I purred, my eyes flicking around the room.

The men all groaned at the sight of me. They had such hunger in their eyes. Such lust to ravish me. It was so exciting to witness. I smiled, my pussy dripping juices and jizz that ran down my thighs. A hot wave of delight rippled through me.

“I need it,” groaned Frank Coman. “I need to fuck that cunt! Doggy style!”

“Ooh, you got it,” I moaned and fell on my hands and knees. More um spilled out of my cunt and trickled down my thighs. “Just fuck me.”

He fell to his knees and rammed his cock into my pussy. He buried it deep and hard. I loved the feel of him burying into me like that. It was an incredible rush to have him fucking me like that. I trembled with delight as he filled me up.

My boobs swayed beneath me as he fucked my cunt. He pounded me hard, my butt-cheeks rippling. Victor Carson, one of the senior partners, dropped to his knees before me. A blond man with a handsome but cold face stroked his cock before me.

“Fucking bitch,” he groaned. “I knew you had a fucking hot cunt! Goddamn, I knew it!”

“I do,” I moaned, watching him fist his cock before me as Frank fucked my sloppy twat.

He pounded me hard and fast. He thrust into me with such force. I loved it. I loved him fucking me hard like that. It was an amazing rush, his nuts slapping into my bush. I licked my lips, my boobs swaying beneath me, and stared at Victor’s dick.

I wanted to suck on him like a trollop, but he was just out of reach. I couldn’t get to him. He groaned, his hand flying up and down his cock. He panted, savoring the delight. It was hot having him stroke that dick before me.

“You fucking whore,” he groaned and erupted.

His cum spurted out and sprayed over my face. I gasped in shock as he pumped his jizz over me. He hosed me down with his dick. His spunk coated my features. I opened my mouth wide and squeezed my eyes shut.

Salty spunk landed in my mouth. I caught it on my tongue, savoring that degrading flavor. My pussy clenched down hard on the cock fucking my snatch. Frank pounded me with hard strokes, churning up my sloppy cunt.

“Fucking bitch!” snarled Victor as he sprayed more jizz across my face.

His hot spunk ran over my features. He drenched me with his seed. I loved it. I whimpered, my pussy clamping down on Frank’s cock as he fucked me harder and harder. He buried into me with those hard strokes. He plowed in hard and fast, my pussy drinking in the friction.

“Goddamn,” Victor groaned as he fired the last of his cum. “You are a skeezy slut, Ms. Rekeita.”

“I am!” I moaned and licked up the cum running down my face.

“Shit!” gasped Thomas Pender. He pushed up his glasses with one hand as he aimed his cock at my face and erupted.

I groaned, more wonderful cum raining down on my face. It splashed over my features while my cunt gripped Frank’s cock. The pleasure swept over me. I whimpered, my hips wiggling from side to side as that amazing rapture shot through me.

The hot spunk poured down my features. It was an amazing delight to enjoy it running over my features. I savored every moment of it. Every last second of all that spunk splashing on my face. More of it landed in my mouth.

Frank buried into my snatch.

I exploded.

I moaned in wordless delight, my mouth open to catch more and more of the cum. My cunt writhed around Frank’s cock. I suckled at him as all that jizz sprayed on my face. It ran hot down my features as the junior partner pumped more and more of his seed onto me.

“Shit!” Frank moaned. “That pussy, slut! Yes!”

“Cum in sweetcheek’s cunt, my boy,” Mr. Coman growled.

“I am!” his son gasped as he erupted.

He spurted blast after blast of his hot cum into my twat. It was an amazing rush to feel his cum flooding me. It was an awesome delight. I suckled down the cum, gulping down blast after blast of his jizz. It was a wonder.

I swallowed down all that delicious spunk. It was an amazing treat to enjoy it all. My eyes squeezed shut as Thomas painted more and more of his spunk across my face. He hosed me down with his jizz as my pussy rippled about Frank’s dick.

“Shit,” he groaned as I milked him dry, my body buzzing with my orgasm. I hit the peak of my pleasure, shuddering there. My big boobs swayed.

“I need those tits wrapped around my cock, sugar tits,” Mr. Shine growled, sitting in a chair.

“Yes, Mr. Shine,” I moaned and crawled off Frank’s cock. I headed to one of the managing partners, my big tits jiggling. Cum dripped from my face. I reached him and grabbed my boobs.

I wrapped my breasts around his cock thrusting up from his gray bush. He was still a virile man. Hard and ready for my boobs to love him. I worked my tits up and down his cock, my nipples rubbing into his silk shirt, his tie removed.

He grabbed my head, gold cufflink flashing. “That’s it, sugar tits, work those amazing boobs up and down my dick. Damn, you are finally worth all that money we’re paying you.”

I smiled up at him and worked my tits up and down his cock. He throbbed between my boobs. Behind me, the men of the law firm were all stroking their cocks. I shuddered, wanting them to cum all over me. That would be so hot.

I shuddered, sliding my tits up and down his dick faster and faster. I squeezed about them as he groaned. The managing partner loved my big boobs sliding up and down his cock. Precum spilled out the crown.

“That’s it, sugar tits,” he groaned. “That’s fucking it. You are going to get more cum painted on your face.”

“Please, please, cum all over me,” I moaned. “I’m a dirty whore that loves men’s attention.”

“Yeah, you are!” whooped Jenny. My intern clapped. “Jizz all over her, boys!”

“Yes!” I moaned, working my tits faster and faster.

The men behind me panted as I pleasured Mr. Shine. He groaned, his hard face twisting with pleasure. His dick throbbed between my tits. He was approaching his orgasm. I so wanted him to cum all over my face.

“Please, please, hose me down, sir!” I moaned.

“I will,” he groaned. “Those sweet tits. Shit! I’m almost there, sugar tits!”

I was so happy. I squeezed about him, loving how he throbbed between my boobs. I watched his cock emerge over and over from between my breasts. It was so hot. His tip throbbed. Precum spilled out. I was so ready for his cum.

One of the partners Mr. Green Stepped forward towards jenny “Well young lady We can’t let Mrs. Rekeita Have all the fun. Why don’t you give me a good blowjob to get started?”

“Well” Jenny stammered.

Mr. Green yanked down her skirt and said very sternly. “I think a good spanking is in order. When a partner asks a lowly intern for a blow job she should do it.” A piece of me enjoyed the sight Of my intern getting her bottom yanked off and being taken over the over the knee while I was getting fucked after all she hadn’t wanted to help me.

I slid my tits up his cock, engulfing his crown once more. He twitched and groaned out, “Fuck, sugar tits!”

His cum erupted.

Across the room I now saw jenny she was completely naked and sucking Mr. Greens cock like it was all she had ever wanted.

More jizz splashed across my face. I loved it. The heat spilled over my features. He bathed me in his cum as the men panted behind me. My pussy clenched, spooge leaking out of my snatch and running hot down my thighs.

“Fucking yes, sugar tits!” Mr. Shine grunted.

“That’s so hot,” groaned Mr. Chase.

Hot cum splashed on my ass. I shuddered as the jizz coated my rump and spilled into my butt-crack. This was wild. I loved it so much. I trembled, my body shaking. The spunk ran down my features and dripped from my chin.

The men who were finished with me where now having their turn with Jenny She was by now on all fours One of the men was preparing to take her from behind while she eagerly sucked off another partner.

I quivered in delight as Mr. Shine kept hosing down my face. Then cum splashed on my back from two different sides. Mr. Chase and two others were jizzing on my back and ass. All that hot cum splashed on me. I quivered like a bitch in heat.

“Yes!” I moaned. “I love being sexually harassed!”

“Me too” yelled my intern.

Well said Mr. Chase since we are all finished up here why don’t you two clean each other up?

Just so we’re clear that wasnt a suggestion my good little honeypotts.

Jenny and I got close to each other to do each other and for the first time in my life. I started eating a pussy as she began to clean mine. While all twelve men stood around us making inappropriate comments. I was getting wet again as we finished cleaning each others pussy’s of all that cum.

“Well now” said Mr Coman. “Now that we are done letting you silly things to fuck us, why don’t you do some other womanly duties and clean up the mess you made. There’s some good girls.” He gave me gave me a slap on the ass. Then and threw us some tissues. As we cleaned the floor they all laughed at us calling us looking natural and this is where we belong.

“I’m back with the...” Ms. Penny’s voice trailed off. “Ms. Rekeita, Jenny you’re all dirty. Boy, you are such a slut. Well, these clothes are designed to be easily washed. Especially cum stains. And the makeup looks great with a facial. Especially when the mascara runs. Ooh, you are such a slut.

“Yeah, she is,” moaned my intern.

I smiled as the last of the cum spurted on my back. “I just want all the men to treat me like that dirty trollop that I am!”

A few moments later we were made up again. Miss Penny kept reminding me that the makeup comes out of my salary, but I don’t care. I was soon wearing a very tight shirt that they could see through to me to my black bra and a very tight skirt that came barely past my ass finally a pair of high heels. I was finally ready for court. Beside me my intern was wearing a skimpy cheerleading costume since an intern’s job is to cheer us on.

The men laughed in delight. Why did women want to stop sexual harassment? It was amazing. Just the absolute best!

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...