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The Coffee Shop IV: Sex, Lies & Duct Tape.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 11. Ripples In The Water.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound had burned into my brain. I couldn’t forget that sound if I lived to be one thousand years old. Even now, here in the waiting room I could still hear that sound. The worst part was the waiting. Trying to read my book was a sham at best. I was half way through the book and I hadn’t the foggiest notion what the story was about. Have you ever tried NOT to think about something? It’s difficult isn’t it? Well, then you have some dim idea of what I was dealing with.

Now imagine that you are on stage in front of a concert hall packed with the worst drama and theater critics who ever lived. Your whole world depends on you giving a stellar performance, you’ve had a grand total of maybe thirty seconds to rehearse, and you’ve never seen the script before. Now if you have followed me this far, take that feeling and multiple it a thousand fold and you will get some inkling of what I was feeling and dealing with as I sat there in that waiting room. It was all I could do to keep up the sham of reading my book and waiting for some news. I suppose I could have gone home. There was no doubt that it would have been easier on me, but I wouldn’t have felt any better. If anything I would have worried more, and if I was going to worry I might as well do it in a room where people were expected to worry.

I closed my book, and laid it on my lap as I quietly gave up on trying to do any more reading. I closed my eyes and the events of the past few hours came rolling back into my mind, unbidden and unwelcome. I didn’t want to think about it, to go through it again, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly as the tides of memory washed over me and dragged me out into the sea of despair again.

It was early Thursday evening when Chuck called on me. I can still remember the look on Chuck’s face when I answered the door after he’d rung my bell. (Looking back on it now, he had that cool, detached, professional look on his face that could only mean bad news. At the time though, I had no idea what that look meant.) I invited Chuck inside and asked him if he wanted a coffee. Chuck followed me inside, declining the coffee and asked me to sit down with him on the sofa.

“So what’s on your mind, Chuck?” I asked him cheerfully as we sat down on the sofa next to each other.

“There’s no easy way to say this, Paul,” Chuck said softy, turning away from me.

“To say what, Chuck?” I asked him curious as to why he seemed so subdued.

Chuck turned his head slowly back towards me. “It’s Andy,” he blurted out, looking directly in my eyes.

“Andy?” I repeated not understanding, or not wanting to understand, what he was implying.

“Yes, Andy,” Chuck said quietly. “He’s been shot, while on duty.”

“Shot?” I asked stunned. Suddenly I felt I’d just been shot. Shot through the heart. “Andy’s been shot?” I asked stupidly. (As if Chuck was going to come and tell me that some other RCMP constable had been shot. Well, I wasn’t exactly thinking clearly at the time.)

“Yes, Andy’s been shot,” Chuck confirmed quietly. “I’m so sorry. I thought it best if you heard the news from me. No one else on the force is likely to tell you.” There were tears starting to form in Chuck’s eyes as he stared into mine. They said far more than his words ever could. Chuck sniffed back a sob once or twice as I sat there paralyzed by the completely unexpected news.

“Is he?” I asked, unable to complete the sentence.

“No,” Chuck choked out the words. “He’s not dead, but he is badly wounded. I....I...I don’t know many of the details. I do know that he’s in surgery right now.”

I sat there looking at Chuck and tried to slowly absorb his words. Andy wasn’t dead. I let the relief of that truth wash over me like a sudden spring shower falling down on just planted bedding plants. It didn’t wash away my worries, but it did bring hope. I cling to that thread of hope as I let the meaning of Chuck’s other words sink into my mind. Andy was hurt. He was hurt badly. He was in surgery.

Chuck’s soft sobbing wrenched my attention away from my own worries and back to the big strong man in the RCMP uniform who was sitting next to me, and weeping like a lost little boy looking for his mommy. I reached out with my arms and slowly, carefully, gently I wrapped them about Chuck. I pulled Chuck next to me, next to my chest. I cradled him in my arms as best I could, and I held him close. I joined him in his crying. I sobbed along with Chuck. I felt Chuck’s arms snake their way about me as he enfolded me in his arms. Sometimes, there are no words. Only tears. Only holding, and hanging on.

We stayed like that for a while. How long, I can’t say. We cried until we couldn’t cry anymore. Finally, we broke away from each other. I handed Chuck a Kleenex . We both wiped our tear stained faces as we tried to regain our composure.

“I’m sorry, Paul,” Chuck said to me as he looked at me. “I didn’t meant to break down like that.”

“It’s okay Chuck. Sometimes what you need is a good long cry, instead of a good strong drink,” I said to him. “Thank you for telling about Andy.”

“I thought he’d want you to know,” Chuck muttered.

“I’m sure he would, and I know he’ll thank you for doing this, for coming over here to tell me this news. Can you drive me to the hospital?” I asked Chuck.

“Yes, but do you think that’s wise?” Chuck retorted.

“Wise? What do you mean?” I asked curious as to where Chuck was going with this.

“You can’t come unglued at the hospital, like you did just now, Paul,” Chuck said stonily, but with a gleam of compassion in his eyes. “You know what that would mean for Andy. If you can’t play the part of being a good friend of his, then you’d best stay away from Andy.”

I felt like I’d just been slapped in the face. I looked at Chuck and felt a flash of anger surge through me. As quickly as it came, it left me. Chuck was right. God damn it, he was right. I couldn’t let my true feelings show if I were to see Andy in public. I took a couple of deep breaths. “I can do this Chuck,” I said to him a cool calm voice. “Just let me get a book to take with me, and we can be on our way.” I stood up and walked into my bedroom to get the novel that I was reading.

“Fine,” Chuck called out to me as I started to leave the room. “I’m sorry to have to put you through this. I know you care about Andy, but so do I. I won’t let you jeopardize his RCMP career.”

I stopped, and turned around. I walked over to Chuck and placed my right hand on his left shoulder. “You’re right, Chuck,” I said to him as I surrendered to the logic of his argument. “Please, promise me that if you see me start to slip up, you’ll hustle me out of there for a coffee or something. Okay?”

“Yeah, but if you’re not sure you can do this, should you even be going?” Chuck inquired as he looked into my eyes with concern.

“I don’t know if I can do it,” I admitted. “I only know that I have to try. I have to be there for Andy however I can. For his sake, more so than mine, I’ll pull it off.” I looked at Chuck and gave him a half smile of encouragement. I looked down at myself and realized that I’d have to change my clothes before I left. I couldn’t wear my sweats to the hospital.

“Just give me a few minutes to change,” I said as I headed off to my bedroom.

“Sure. No problem,” Chuck called out to me in a more civilized tone.

I think I broke some type of world record for changing my clothes. I joined Chuck back in the living room in less than two minutes. Wordlessly Chuck stood up and escorted me to the front door of my apartment. We were out of my apartment, with the front door securely locked, and heading down to the garage in the elevator, thirty seconds later. After we exited from the elevator, I followed Chuck to his car. It wasn’t a police car, incidentally. I climbed into the passenger seat and fasten my seat belt. Chuck strapped himself in and started the engine. The trip to the hospital with Chuck was uneventful. We sat in silence, each lost to our own thoughts. What was there to say? We were both worried sick about Andy.

When we arrived at the hospital it was a quick trip up to the waiting area for the intensive care ward. Andy was still in surgery when we arrived. The waiting area was packed with cops. There was a mixture of male and female police officers in the room, all of whom were buddies or friends of Andy’s. I felt slightly out of place, especially since I was in one of my cowboy outfits. The only bright spot, if you can call it that, was that Andy’s parents and other family members were not here. Well, not yet anyway. Andy’s family lived in another province so it would be a day or so before they arrived. I picked out a chair that was out of the way, sort of tucked away in a corner, sat down and tried to read my book.

A few hours later I caught a glimpse of Andy on the gurney as he was being wheeled from the operating room, to one of the recovery rooms in the ward. I gulped as I saw how pale and drained his face looked. I heard the steady rhythmic beeping of the heart monitor as Andy was wheeled down the hall. It took all of the strength that I had to stay in that chair and not move a muscle towards Andy. A very large piece of my heart and my soul accompanied Andy on that gurney. I felt as if I had been torn in two.

So here I was giving the same performance that Jack Jones had played when Steven Stokes had been shot. Back then I’d wondered if I’d be able to do as Jack had done. Now, to my everlasting sorrow, I knew that I could take on that role. It was the only role available to me. “God damn society anyway!” I silently cursed at the injustice and unfairness of the world. The man I loved, who meant more to me than anyone else I knew, was lying in a room, fighting for his life, and I couldn’t even go in there to hold his hand. I’d never felt so angry, confused, hurt, scared, worried, terrified and miserable in my entire life. You’d never have known it to look at me though. I let only a few traces of my worry and concern creep out onto my face. The rest of the maelstrom I kept bottled up inside of me. A part of me was amazed at my control. I guess you never really know what you are capable of doing, until you are forced in to doing it.

“How are you doing, Paul?” Asked a deep commanding familiar voice from somewhere off to my left side. It was a voice that I knew. It snapped my attention back to the present.

I opened my eyes and turned in the direction of the voice. It was Chuck, just as I’d thought. “I’m okay,” I answered quietly as I sighed. “Any news about Andy?” I asked softly.

“Only that he’s out of danger,” Chuck answered. “I don’t mean to sound unkind, but why don’t you head on home? You’re not doing any good here. I’ll let you know the second there is any news. Frankly, Paul, you look like you could use some rest. You really look beat.”

“Thank you, Chuck,” I answered calmly. “But I prefer to stay here unless it’s a problem for someone. Like you I’m worried about Andy. Sitting here is as good a place as any to worry.”

“Actually, it is a problem, " Chuck said softly, as he looked me in the eyes. “I was nominated to be the person to ask you to please leave.”

“Leave? Why” I asked dumbfounded. I was shocked and a bit upset at this unusual request from Chuck. I remained seated where I was. I was too stunned to move.

“Well, to put it bluntly, you’re not a cop. We can’t talk about certain things with you around,” Chuck said solemnly. “It’s nothing personal. It’s just that you are not a member of the force. So, it would be easier for all concerned if you would please leave.”

“Was this your idea, Chuck?” I asked him as I felt myself starting to get angry. I was starting to wonder if is this was more because I was gay, than because I wasn’t a cop.

“No, it was mine,” answered a woman’s voice from off to the side.

I turned to my left to see a woman in an RCMP uniform, now standing beside Chuck. She was about five feet nine inches in height, with a solid almost stocky build to her body. She looked like she could more than hold her own in any brawl or fight. She had close cropped brunette hair, that framed a very beautiful face. (Hey, just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I don’t notice and appreciate a beautiful woman. I just wouldn’t want to become intimate with her. Easy stomach. Don’t turn over, now.) Her skin was clear and smooth. Her nose was small as were her lips and her mouth. A pair of steel gray eyes gazed out from that lovely face. They were the only thing about her face which suggested that there was more to her than just good looks and a well toned body.

“As Chuck said, there are things that we need to talk about, and having you here would make that rather difficult,” the female constable said to me locking those cool steel gray eyes of hers on mine, as she looked down at me. “I am sorry to have to ask you to leave, but it is necessary. You simply do not belong here.”

Now I knew what it meant when cops ‘close ranks’ on you. If you are not part of the force, you’re not part of their world. I decided not to make an issue of the request. This was not the mountain that I wanted to die on, if you follow my meaning. Besides, it might raise suspicions about me and Andy.

“As you wish,” I said as I slowly stood up, turned and began walking towards the bank of elevators. After a few steps I stopped, turned about and addressed the female constable.

“Just because I’m not a cop, doesn’t make me any less Andy’s friend than you,” I said to her coolly, locking my eyes with hers. “Because I’m Andy’s friend, I’ll do as you ask. I’m going to grab something in the hospital cafeteria, and will wait there for the next hour or so. If you hear any news about Andy, I would appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to drop by and tell me.”

I looked at the female constable standing by Chuck for a second or two before I turned about and resumed my trip to the elevators. My ears strained to hear some acknowledgment of my request. I heard nothing. Boy when cops close ranks, they really close ranks. It was with a heavy heart, and a distinct lack of appetite that I made my way to the cafeteria.

I bought a cup of coffee a ham and cheese sandwich, and took my tray to a remote corner of the cafeteria when I arrived there. The place was about half full. Oddly enough, I found the sounds of people talking and the general clatter to be comforting. I opened my book, turned to the first page and stated reading it. This time, I actually managed to follow the story line. Slowly I became engrossed in the book and didn’t notice the passage of time. I sipped the coffee and nibbled away at the sandwich as I read my book. Despite rumors to the contrary, the hospital cafeteria food was pretty good. I glanced down at my watch mildly surprised to see that about forty-five minutes had passed. It was still too soon to head back to the ICU waiting area, so I decided to stay in the cafeteria and continue reading my book.

I was snatched away from the storyline by the sound of a vaguely familiar voice calling out, “Hello there, Paul. May I join you?”

I looked up in surprise to see the pleasantly smiling face of Bernie Simpson, one of the doctors who worked at this hospital. Bernie was about 35 years old, physically fit, and appeared to be of average build, no noticeable muscles but no gut, either. Bernie was as good looking as ever with his full head of medium length black hair, neatly combed. His lean and slightly taunt face had a certain boyish youth to it that added to the aura of trust and confidence that seemed to surround him. Clean shaven, with clear and smooth skin, his face was very handsome. His lips were thin, and his mouth looked soft and sensual. Perched on his nose was a pair of sliver rimmed glasses which did not block the view of his clear gray eyes. Unlike the first time that I’d met him, those eyes were as soft, warm and sensual as the rest of his face. Right now they glowed with warmth and cheerfulness at seeing an old friend.

“Hi Bernie,” I said cordially, if not cheerfully. “Sure you can join me. I welcome the company.”

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, Paul,” Bernie said calmly. “I’m happy to have run into like this. I was sort of hoping for another session sometime soon. It seems that we just haven’t had much of a chance to get together.”

“Well, there’s nothing like coming to the point, Bernie,” I said calmly. (Bernie, if you had not already guessed, was one of my former subjects, although in his case it was done as defensive action on my part. Bernie had tried to blackmail me and Steven Stokes. It had been necessary to teach Bernie a lesson or two. Since then we’ve been good friends. Bernie respects me for what I can do to guys with hypnosis, but more importantly for what it is that I don’t do. Bernie even bought me a expensive gift one time: A matching cowboy belt buckle and bolo tie set from one of my favorite western wear stores. What made it all the more touching is that Bernie did this completely on his own, without any suggestion or command from me. Okay. Enough about the past.)

“I can’t recall the last time you phoned me for a session,” I commented to Bernie as the last of those thoughts flashed through my mind. “Been kind of busy, have you?”

“Oh, yeah!” Bernie agreed emphatically. “That’s one of the reasons I could really use a session with you. I need to let go and not feel in charge any more, if you know what I mean.”

“Maybe someday soon,” I said halfheartedly. “I’m not in the mood right now.”

“Of course not now, Paul,” Bernie said cheerfully. Then Bernie looked closely at my face and a look of concern crept over his face. “Paul, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing you can help me with, Bernie,” I said, avoiding a direct answer to his question.

“Come on, Paul,” Bernie persisted. “Someone else who didn’t know you as well as I do might buy that line. Something’s really bothering you, I can tell. Care to talk about it? It might help you feel better to talk about it.”

“A friend of mine is here in the hospital,” I answered with a sigh. “I’m waiting for news about him.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I hope it’s nothing serious. Waiting in the cafeteria seems rather strange to me, Paul,” Bernie said with a doubting look on his face. “Most people would wait in the waiting room. That’s why it’s called a waiting room, you know.”

“I am well aware of that, Bernie,” I said coldly to him, and then looked away from him. His faint attempt at humor was most unwelcome.

“Hey, Paul, I’m sorry,” Bernie said contritely. “I don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m always here to listen. You should know that. Do you want me to leave you alone?”

“I’m sorry I snapped at you, Bernie,” I apologized as I turned my head back towards Bernie and looked at those gray eyes of his that were overflowing with concern and compassion. “I really can’t talk about it here in public.”

“Oh, I see,” Bernie said thoughtfully. “Well, I’m on my dinner break. We could go to my office and talk in private if you like.”

“Yeah, I think I’d like that,” I agreed quietly. I felt the need to talk to someone about how I felt, and I was touched by Bernie’s offer. “Lead the way.”

“Come on, then,” Bernie said as he stood up and gestured for me to stand up.

I climbed to my feet and quietly followed Bernie out to the bank of elevators. The trip to his office was quiet and silent. Bernie knew that I wouldn’t talk before we got to his office. As for me, I knew that I could trust Bernie. He was easily controlled by me, and if I ever told him anything that I did not want him to remember, I could easily remove that knowledge from his mind, or block him from remembering it. In all the times that I had hypnotized Bernie, though, such steps had never been necessary. Bernie and I had developed an unexpected and deep friendship over the past year or so. I helped him out with his stress and frustration from his job, and he was my totally willing and obedient hypnotized slave. Not because I asked him or commanded him to do that, but because he wanted to.

Bernie was one of those guys who enjoyed being hypnotized and then being made to serve and obey. It was a complete role reversal for him. In his job as a doctor, he was always ‘in charge’ and had a mountain of responsibilities and duties to deal with. It was a profound relief for him to let someone else take over all the decision making and to just go along with whatever was asked of him. Over the months I had proved to Bernie that I would never ask him to do anything that he might have seriously objected to. I also made it clear to him that I wasn’t interested in having sex with him. Bernie was certainly good looking enough, but my promise to Andy overrode any lustful considerations. I shoved that thought roughly aside. Any thoughts about Andy were painful right now.

We arrived at Bernie’s office a very short while later. I made myself comfortable in one of the leather overstuffed chairs while Bernie closed and locked the door.

“Paul, we’re alone now,” Bernie said quietly as he sat down opposite me in another of the dark leather overstuffed chairs. “We have all the time in the world. I’m all ears.”

I looked up at Bernie, torn between the desire to keep my feelings to myself, and to open up and pour out my troubles to him. Bernie waited patiently, letting me move at my own pace, my own speed. I sat in that chair unsure what to do. I just looked at Bernie, letting the confusion and indecision lie clearly on my face.

Bernie reached over and gently took my right hand and held it in both of his. “Let me help, please,” he pleaded softly, his voice soothing and reassuring. “It’s what friends do. You are one of my closest and dearest friends, Paul. You’ve always been there for me when I needed a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen to. Now, it’s my turn to help you. So, please, let me help. Tell me what’s wrong.”

I held up my left hand. “See this ring?” I asked him. Bernie flicked his eyes to my left hand noticed the ring encircling my left ring finger, and nodded his head. “I’m involved with someone. A man who is very dear and precious to me. He’s in the hospital, this hospital. But because we’re gay I can’t visit him openly. We’re....we’re both still in the closet. It’s kind of complicated.” I paused and swallowed. I didn’t want to say any more.

“And?” Bernie prompted me after a few minutes of silence.

“It’s not fair!” I blurted out, as the pent up anger, frustration and fear flooded out of me. “All I want to do is to go into his room, hold his hand and tell him how much I love him, and I can’t BLOODY WELL DO THAT! All I can be is a concerned friend! I was even told to leave because I wasn’t a cop! IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!” I whaled in frustration and anguish.

“I can’t see him! I can’t hold him! I can’t tell him that I love him, and that I’m worried about him!” I screamed out into the quiet of the room as I vented my frustration and anger at Bernie. “He’s lying there in a hospital bed, probably wondering where the hell I am! Wondering if I even care about him! All because of his GOD DAMN JOB! JESUS FUCKING CHIRST!! IT’S JUST NOT GOD DAMN FAIR!!!” Several huge sobs racked my frame as I fought back the urge to cry like a baby. It was a difficult fight, but I won. I kept control and didn’t start bawling. Still it was a near thing. A very near thing.

“I’m sorry, Paul,” Bernie said soothingly, in the now quiet room. “For all the bigoted, closed-mined people in the world, I’m sorry. You can take a swing at me, if it’ll make you feel better.”

I looked at Bernie, who was sitting in front of me and pointing at his chin with his right index finger. I stared at him for a second or two and then broke out into laughter at the absurdity of his suggestion, and pose he had struck. As if I would hit Bernie because of the social conventions in society. My laughter was short, but very therapeutic. “No, Bernie, I don’t think that’s going to be necessary,” I chuckled, as I leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on the left side of his face. “Thanks. I needed that.”

“Feel better?” Bernie asked as he let go of my hand. Bernie had not reacted to my kissing him on the cheek. He had not flinched, or drawn away from me. He had accepted the kiss for what it was intended as, a sincere thank you. Bernie was a my friend.

“Much,” I answered. “It doesn’t change the situation, but at least I don’t feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders anymore. I guess I should have expected something like this. Andy did warn me after all.”

“Constable Andrew Anderson?” Bernie asked me, softly. “He’s your partner?”

“Yes, but how did you know?” I asked stunned.

“He’s the only male police officer, with the first name of Andy, who has been admitted to the ICU ward in the last few hours,” Bernie answered.

“Oops. I guess I slipped up there,” I admitted. “You weren’t supposed to know that he’s gay, you know.”

“Don’t worry about it, Paul,” Bernie said warmly. “My blackmail days are over. However, I might just be able to solve your little problem,” he continued as a thoughtful look crept over his features.

“Say what?” I asked stunned at Bernie’s implication.

“I am working on that ward, so I might just be able to pull a few strings, and get you in to see Andy,” Bernie said enthusiastically. “But, it would have be outside of normal visiting hours. Can you meet me here Saturday night at say 7:00 PM?”

“Here in your office?” I asked totally confused as to what he was planning.

“Yes, here,” Bernie confirmed. “Just write down what size clothes you wear, your shoe size and your hat size, before you go.”

“Go? Go where?” I asked feeling more lost than ever.

“Home,” Bernie said confidently. “You look like you need to get some rest. I have a few things to check out, and some things to take care of to get ready for Saturday night. Now you just take a cab home, unless you’d rather have me drive you home.”

“No, that’s okay. I’ll take a cab home,” I answered as I stood up and walked over to Bernie’s desk. I snagged an empty writing pad and a pen. “Just what is it that you have in mind, Bernie?” I asked him, point blank, while I wrote down the information that he’d asked me for.

“Trust me,” Bernie said with a confident smile. “It’s nothing illegal, although I may have to bend a few hospital regulations.” And with that Bernie telephoned one of the local cab companies, and asked for a cab. Bernie shooed me out of his office with an injunction to be on time Saturday evening. His only response was to ‘wait and see’, when I repeatedly asked him what he was planning.

The cab ride home was uneventful. I got home at about 10:30 PM. There was a message on my telephone answering machine from Chuck. It was short and to the point. Andy was out of danger, and was doing as well as could be expected. The doctors were not letting him have any visitors for the next three days, so I didn’t need to go to the hospital.

I was able to fall asleep rather easily that night, in part due to the relief in knowing that Andy was going to be okay, and in part due to the accumulated stress of the entire evening.

Work the next day was uneventful, if somewhat long. I couldn’t recall a work day dragging on as long as that one did. My mind wasn’t exactly on the job, but I made it through the day, somehow. Saturday was worse though. I didn’t have work to occupy my mind, so I did everything else I could think of to help pass the time. I read books, watched some movies and even went surfing on the net. Finally five o’clock arrived and I make myself something to eat. I wasn’t very hungry but it helped to pass the time. I swear that when supper was over, I paced a rut in my carpet as I waited for 6:30 PM to arrive. I figured a half an hour would be enough time to call for a cab and for the ride to the hospital, but that didn’t help to make the minutes pass by any quicker. I caught the cab and let it whisk me off to the hospital. I was dying of curiosity as to what Bernie had in mind, and I was anxious to see Andy too, so the cab ride seemed interminably long.

I paid the cab driver giving him a nice tip in the process, after I arrived at the hospital. I hurried up to Bernie’s office. I looked down at my watch to see that it was 6:56 PM. Okay, so I was a coupe of minutes early. I knocked on the door of Bernie’s office. A few seconds later the door opened to reveal a smiling Bernie standing there.

“Come on in, Paul,” he urged me. “I’m pleased to see you’re on time.” Bernie moved aside to let me pass.

“It’s good to see you again, Bernie,” I greeted him as a walked past him into his office.

Bernie closed and locked the door to his office, then he turned about to address me. “I hope you have on clean underwear,” Bernie said with a chuckle.

‘Clean underwear? What in the world are you talking about, Bernie?” I asked caught off guard by the comment.

Bernie gestured towards the top of his desk, with a huge grin on his face, and a twinkle in his eyes.

I walked over to his desk and looked down to see a pile of pale green clothing. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was though. It seemed vaguely familiar somehow, but I couldn’t seem to place it. I looked back at Bernie, with a blank and mystified expression on my face.

“Don’t you think you’d better change into your surgical garb before you go and see your patient, Doctor Smith?” Bernie asked with a chuckle at my confusion.

The light bulb went off over my head. I finally got it. I grinned back at Bernie as I answered him. ‘Of course, Doctor Simpson. But turn your back first. I’m modest.”

Bernie chuckled and snorted his laughter at me, but he turned his back to me nonetheless. Bernie was many things and one of them was a gentleman.

I slipped off my black bull hide leather cowboy boots, and unbuckled my dark blue denim jeans. I had my jeans undone and lying in a crumpled heap on the floor faster than you could say ‘jackrabbit’. My pale yellow cowboy shirt followed. I took off my black cowboy hat and set it down on the top of Bernie’s desk, off to the side away from the pile of green hospital garb. I was highly motivated to change my clothes as quickly as I could. I desperately wanted to see Andy, and the sooner I changed the sooner I could see him. Love does that to you, I guess.

“Bernie would you mind helping me with this?” I called out to him as I stood there in my stocking feet, with only my undershirt and cotton briefs on. I wasn’t sure exactly how to put this stuff on.

“Sure. Just waiting for you to ask me,” Bernie replied as he turned about and walked over to where I was standing. Bernie didn’t blink an eye at seeing me standing there in only my underwear and stocks. He’d seen more than his fair share of nude and partly nude male bodies over the years. Mine was nothing new or remarkable. With Bernie’s expert help I was soon garbed like a surgeon, with the light green surgical hat on my head, a short sleeved light green surgical shirt draped over my torso, and light green surgical pants with an elastic waistband snuggled up about my legs and pelvis. One my feet were a pair of light green surgical shoes. I was not wearing surgical gloves. A surgical mask was tied about my head so that the lower part of my face was concealed. It was a clever disguise, I had to admit that. I wouldn’t look out of place, and I could still conceal my identity.

The trip from Bernie’s office to the ICU ward was much shorter than I remembered it. I think the fact that I was nervous, even hiding behind the surgical mask, made the time seem to pass very quickly.

“You’re doing fine, Doctor Smith,” Bernie whispered encouragingly to me as we neared the nurse’s desk.

“Thanks, Doctor Simpson,” I whispered back. We made it past the nurse’s desk without incident. (Like I should have been expecting them to stop me, ask me for my ID and frisk me?) Bernie lead the way to the private room where Andy was recovering. We made our way inside without further comment or incident. Once inside Bernie checked that the door was closed before he began speaking. We couldn’t exactly lock the door without causing suspicions to be raised.

I looked about the semi-dark room. It was a typical hospital room. White, clean, and sterile. Totally without even the slightest human touch. A room whose only function was as a place to put a hospital bed and a bunch of equipment. Andy was lying in the hospital bed. The bed sheets were pulled up over Andy’s body covering it completely from his chin to his toes, except for his huge muscular arms that lay limply on either side of his enshrouded body. His eyes were closed, and his face was slack. He looked as if he were asleep. He also looked tired as if he had just come off of a double shift at work. An oxygen tube just under his nose was held in place by an elastic band that wrapped around his head. Andy’s hair was matted with sweat and looked like an unmade bed. Despite all that, he was the most handsome and beautiful sight I had seen in the past three days! My first thought as I stood there looking at Andy in the subdued lighting of the room, was that I loved him, and I hoped he wasn’t suffering. I didn’t move towards him though. I just stood there looking at him. I had to adjust to the situation gradually, and if the truth be told I was a bit scared about going over and waking him up. There was something else rolling around in the back of my mind that kept me from going over to speak with Andy. Bernie had so such qualms. He walked up to where Andy was lying on the bed and looked him over carefully with his doctor’s eye. Bernie turned away from Andy and looked over the monitoring equipment.

While Bernie was occupied, I looked about the room, hoping that something would click and I’d be able to figure out what was causing this slight sense of unease that was troubling me. My gaze fell upon Bernie, and the feeling got stronger. It wasn’t the same creepy feeling I got when my metal powers signaled a potential threat to me. But looking at Bernie seemed to draw the thought closer to the surface of my mind. I looked away from Bernie and looked about the room. I looked at Andy and then looked back at Bernie. This was an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) recovery room., but that shouldn’t’ be causing me unease. I had been in one before. A sudden wave of déjà vu rolled over me and I remembered what it was that has been gnawing at the edge of my mind. The camera! This was ICU recovery room so it was monitored by close circuit television cameras. Somewhere in this room was a camera and a microphone. I walked over to Bernie and carefully grabbed his right elbow with my left hand. I tugged gently but firmly on his right elbow in an unmistakable signal for him to come with me. Bernie looked up at me in surprise for a second, but quietly complied with my silent order. I lead him towards the door. When we got to the door I stopped and let go of his arm.

“Bernie, this room is monitored, remember?” I whispered to him as softly as I could.

“Yes, of course it is,” he whispered back, not understanding what it was that I was alluding to. He looked at me, blinking his eyes in genuine confusion. Then he smiled at me as he caught on to what it was that I was so worried about. “You need not worry about the security camera or the copies of the security tape, Paul,” Bernie whispered to me. “A mutual friend of ours is on duty tonight, and he will hand that.”

“Mutual friend?” I whispered the question at him.

“Remember the security guard Jay Turner that you, ah, handled the first time that you and I met? He still works here. As a favor to me and you, I asked him to change shifts and work tonight,” Bernie explained quietly. “He’ll erase the section of this tape that deals with your visiting Andy tonight. You can remove your mask in complete safety, Paul. Consider this my gift to you and Andy.”

“Thank you, Bernie,” I said fighting to get the words past the sudden lump that appeared in my throat. “You don’t know how much this means to me.”

“Oh, I think I have some idea,” Bernie assured me as he spoke without whispering. Bernie shot me a look of slight worry as he continued speaking. “There is one little catch though.”

“Oh, and what would that be?” I asked quietly, as I paused in the act of taking my surgical mask off. I began wondering where this conversation was heading.

“When Jay Turner found out it was you that he was doing this favor for, he insisted that you return the favor in a specific manner,” Bernie hedged as he answered my question. “I sort of had to tell him it was you. He wouldn’t do it as a favor to me, nor as a favor for a mutual friend. He wanted to know who the mutual friend was, so I had to tell him it was you, Paul. He....uh....he wants another session with you. He wants to continue where the two of you left off, what ever that means.”

“I see,” I said, as I quickly recalled the one and only session I’d had with Jay Turner just over a year ago. “But if he wanted another session, why didn’t he ever call me?”

“I asked him that too,” Bernie replied. “He said something about not being able to work up the nerve to call you, and being afraid that you’d say ‘no’. Now that you owe him a favor he figures that you won’t turn him down.”

“Well he’s right about that,” I admitted. “I won’t say ‘no’ to him. I owe him for this, and I pay my debts. I only hope he doesn’t want it too soon, as I don’t think I’m going to have much in the way of free time for a while.”

“Deal with that later, Paul,” Bernie said to me. “I think there’s something more important you need to do right now.” Bernie looked down at his watch. “You have about thirty minutes until the night duty nurse comes by on her rounds, if she’s on time. Now don’t waste any more time. Shoo!” Bernie muttered at me as he gently pushed me in the direction of Andy’s hospital bed.

I nodded my head in silent agreement as I slipped the surgical mask off of my face and walked over to the bed where my beloved Andy lay. I moved one of the chairs beside the bed and sat down next to Andy, on the right side of the bed. Slowly I reached out with my right arm and placed my right hand on top of Andy’s right hand. I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t have, even if I’d tried to. There was no way I could talk past the sudden huge lump that took up permanent residence in my throat. Forgotten, at least for now, were Bernie, Jay Turner and the rest of the world. I gloried in the simple touch of my hand on Andy’s. The warmth and firmness of his skin, gave me comfort and strength. It helped to ease the aching heart that I had been carrying around in my chest for the past few days.

I looked down at that strong handsome face of Andy’s that I’d come to know so well. The face that I had covered with kisses so many times. The face that had always been strong, firm, and at the same time soft, gentle and kind. Only now that face looked pale, tired and deeply etched with pain. Andy was alive and getting better. Given time he would recover. I kept those two thoughts foremost in my mind as I sat there and held Andy’s hand. Seeing him lying there looking so vulnerable, helpless, and mortal was shocking to me. I had to deal with it gradually, one minute at a time. I’d always thought of Andy as more than able to take care of himself in any situation. To see him here, fighting for his life, fighting to get better, made me realize that I had started to take Andy for granted. I had started to assume that Andy was always going to be in my life. I felt the cold finger of Death travel up and down my spine a few times as I sat there holding Andy’s hand. The message was delivered with crystal clarity. Nothing is permanent. Everyone’s days are numbered. Appreciate every day that you are given, especially the days that you are privileged to share with your soul mate.

“I love you, Andy,” I said softly to him, somehow managing to get the words out around that lump in my throat. “I’m here, and I love you. I’m holding your hand Andy.” I said as I blinked back the tears that threaten to spill out of my eyes. I didn’t want to wake up Andy. I knew he needed his rest. I recalled someone once telling me that even when a person is unconscious they can hear you. So I spoke to Andy. Even if he didn’t hear me, it helped me to feel better.

“I’m sorry that I took so long to get here, Dear Heart,” I muttered to him. “It was difficult to arrange for special visiting hours, Andy. Don’t worry though, my love. No one is going to know our secret. It’s safe. You’re safe. So you can relax and get the rest you need. I’ve missed you terribly. I love you, Andy. If you don’t remember anything else from my visit tonight, remember that I love you. Now and forever.” I spoke past the tears that trickled down my cheeks and past that lump lodged in my throat.

I paused for a moment as I tried to think of something more to say. Tears continued to course down my cheeks but I paid them no mind. I squeezed Andy’s right hand with mine, gently in a silent gesture of caring and love. “Feel that, Andy?” I asked him, not bothering to wait for an answer. “It’s me, Paul. I’m here and I’m holding on. I’m here for you now. I’ll always be here for you. You just think about getting well, and getting out of here. I’ll be waiting for you, always.” I squeezed Andy’s hand a couple more times as I blinked away at the tears that wouldn’t seem to leave me alone. I closed my eyes squeezing out the last of the tears, and sat there holding Andy’s hand with nothing more to say.

“Texas,” a soft voice whispered weakly.

“Dear Heart!” I cried out joyfully as my eyes popped open and I leaned forward over Andy’s hospital bed.

“You came. I knew you would,” Andy croaked, as he looked up at me the love shining in those soft doe brown eyes of his. “Water please?”

“Right,” I said as I reach over and plucked up the hospital drinking glass from the night table beside Andy’s bed. A drinking straw had been thoughtfully provided. I filled the glass half full from the water pitcher and held the drinking glass near Andy’s mouth. I had to let go of his hand, but I’m sure he understood. Carefully I placed the straw in his mouth.

Andy pressed his lips down on the straw and took a few sips and swallows of water. Less than a minute later he released the straw from his lips. A sure sign that he was finished. I replaced the drinking glass on the nigh table.

“Why the tears, Texas? Cowboy’s don’t cry,” Andy said softly as he gazed at my tear streaked face.

“This cowboy does, because he loves you,” I answered with a sob. “I’m just so damn happy that you’re going to be okay, dear heart. And, I sure as hell missed you. I’m sorry I’m late.”

“I’m glad that you came, but you took a pretty big risk,” Andy said in a clearer and much less frog like voice. “What if someone finds you here?” Andy asked worriedly. His voice might have been clearer but it was still very weak.

“Not to worry, love. Bernie took care of that,” I assured him, as I reached for a tissue from the bedside stand and wiped away the tears and tear tracks from my face. “How else do you think I managed to get in here this late at night, and dressed like a surgeon to boot?”

“Bernie?” Andy asked, puzzled.

“Long story, love,” I said as I brushed aside his inquiry. “Let me give you the Reader’s Digest version. Bernie’s the doctor in charge of this ward. He’s an old friend and subject of mine. He even took care of the security camera. Bernie arranged it so that the security guard on duty tonight would be an old subject and friend of mine. This man, is taking care of the security tapes. We have nothing to fear, Dear Heart. We can talk openly and no one will know. Our secret is safe.”

‘You do have connections, don’t you?” Andy joked weakly, and smiled at me.

“I prefer to call them my friends. The best of friends, yes,” I agreed, as I took his right hand in both of my hands and held on to it firmly but not tightly. “Chuck told me that you’re going to be okay, although it will a few weeks before you’ll be back on duty. The important thing is that you get the rest you need and build up your strength.”

“No, the important thing is that you know how much I love you for coming to see me tonight,” Andy said looked up at me with the love and devotion he felt for me plain on his face. “I know it wasn’t easy for you to stay away. I know my police brothers and sisters. They would have pulled together and shut you out. I’ve seen it happen many times before. I’ve been a part of that. Please don’t be angry with them. Please Paul, try to understand. I...they...we share a special relationship a closeness that doesn’t include outsiders. I’m sorry that you had to be hurt by that, really I am.”

I couldn’t believe it! Here was Andy in a hospital bed, still recovering from a traumatic event and he was concerned about my feelings having been hurt by his ‘cop family’ shutting me out. “It’s okay Andy, I understand,” I told him honesty, as I squeezed his hand. “I was surprised and hurt by it, but I understand. Your police brothers and sisters don’t know about us, so I can’t expect them to know how much I love you. The pain and hurt I felt came from ignorance on their part, not malice. They love you, just as I do. It’s water under the bridge. Forget about it.”

:“Thank you, Texas,” Andy said with a sob, and tears glistened in his eyes. “Texas really suits you, you know. Not only are you my lone star, but you have a heart as big as Texas too. Thank you for loving me.”

“Loving you is the greatest joy I have ever known, Dear Heart,” I said with a stifled sob of my own. “And your love for me is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.” I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, pressing firmly but gently.

“I don’t deserve a man like you,” Andy said with a smile. A yawn forced its way past his lips as the exhaustion he had been valiantly holding back crept up on him.

“I’m sorry love, but I’ll have to leave now,” I told him. “I don’t want to go, but you need to rest. I know our time was all too short but we have to be grateful for what time we do have together. I don’t know if I’ll be able to visit you again while you’re still here.” I left unasked the question.

“I know,” Andy agreed. Another yawn overtook him. I waited as he struggled to speak again. “I don’t like to admit it, but it would be better, and safer if you didn’t try another secret visit like this. We shouldn’t push our luck.”

“Don’t you ever find it boring always being right?” I asked him jokingly, as I smiled my best smile at him. “Okay, no more secret visits. How about if I just stop by to wish you well, as one of your buddies?”

“Lord knows I’d like it to be more, but that will have to do,” Andy answered, throwing a tender smile back at me. “I promise you now, on my honor as an RCMP constable, that I’ll make this up to you. We’ll have some special time of our own, just the two of us.” Somehow Andy managed to flash me his best and sexiest smile and to raise and lower his eyebrows suggestively. He even managed to give my right hand a weak squeeze.

“I can’t believe you!” I said in mock annoyance. “Here you are laid up in a hospital bed, dead tired, and you’re propositioning me!”

“I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather proposition, Texas,” Andy said with a wink.

“Good night, Dear Heart,” I said as I kissed him on the forehead and gave his right hand one last squeeze. I pulled my mask up over my face. “I love you, Andy.” I said from behind my mask.

“I love you, Texas,” Andy said and then closed his eyes as he finally surrendered his fight to stay awake. He was asleep in an instant. His face was relaxed, peaceful and calm. The lines of pain and worry that had marked his face earlier were gone now. His mind was at ease, and for that I was truly thankful.

I walked to where Bernie was sitting in the other chair across the room. I knew why Bernie had stayed in the room. He had been guarding the door in case the floor nurse came in unexpectedly. Bernie would give me enough time to put my mask back over my face, and to warn Andy to close his eyes and lie still. We were fortunate that this hadn’t happened. We had been pushing our luck, although the odds were that if the nurse had caught it I could have adjusted her mind to remove all knowledge and memory of my visit tonight.

“Guard duty is over, Bernie,” I said to him smiling behind my mask. “Thank you. I think we’d best head back.”

“Okay,” Bernie agreed as he stood up and walked towards the door. Our trip back to Bernie’s office was as uneventful as the trip from his office had been. Thanks to my disguise we blended into the background hospital activity and no one took undue notice of my secret visit to Andy’s room. Thanks to Jay Turner’s help, the security cameras would have no record of it either. Andy and I were safe.

That is what I would have liked to have happened. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. Bernie and I didn’t just slip in, visit Andy and slip out. We got caught. More accurately, I got caught and Bernie got in trouble.

After Andy fell asleep in his bed, I looked down at him and thought about how much I loved him and how I was going to miss not seeing him for the next few weeks. I pulled my mask down off of my face again, bent down and kissed him firmly on the right side of his face, tenderly and gently. Andy’s only reaction was a soft sigh.

“Interesting bedside manner, Doctor,” said a strange voice with an icy cold tone.

I jerked my head away from Andy and turned my head to the left in the direction of this new voice. I saw a young pleasant looking woman in a white nurse’s uniform, staring back at me with her hands planted firmly on her hips. She was too far away from me to see what colour her eyes were. From the angry expression on her face, I was lucky there weren’t flames shooting out of her eyes burning me to a crisp, right there and then. I glanced around but didn’t see Bernie anywhere in the room.

“Did you want something, nurse?” I asked pleasantly as I ignored her statement and desperately tried to start talking my way out of this mess. I didn’t have a clue as to how I was going to get out of this. I was just shooting from the hip. Of course I could always fall back on using my powers to extract myself from this sticky situation, but I didn’t want to do that unless there wasn’t any other alternative.

“An explanation, to begin with,” the nurse declared. “That wasn’t any physical examination that you were giving that patient. Just who the hell are you, and what are you doing in here?”

“Doctor Simpson asked me to consult with him about this patient,” I replied as the germ of an idea appeared in my mind. “He asked me to check the skin condition of the patient’s face. As you know doubt know, the human lips have a much greater sensitivity to touch than do human finger tips, hence the need for me to place my lips on the patient’s face.”

“Don’t insult my intelligence, Doctor,” the nurse said frostily. “I’ll give you ten seconds to come clean before I call security.”

“Oh, boy! I’m in deep shit now!” I thought to myself. The idea that I thought I’d come up with, had packed its bags and high tailed it out of my mind. I couldn’t think of anything more to say. “Good night, nurse,” I said boldly as I walked past her on my way towards the door. I figured that bluffing my way past her was worth a shot. Just then the door open and Bernie walked into the room.

“Hi Paul,” he said cheerfully as he saw me., and started looking around the room. “Sorry about that but I had to answer a quick call of nature. I hope there wasn’t any trouble....” His words died in his throat as he caught sight of the nurse walking towards him with a less than friendly expression on her face.

“Doctor Simpson, just what in the name of Hippocrates is going on here?” she demanded as she marched up to him and planted herself squarely in front of Bernie, and started firing questions at him. “Who is this man? What is he doing visiting a patient well outside of normal visiting hours? Why did you help him get in here? Why was he kissing this patient when I walked in? I know he’s not a doctor, so who exactly is he?”

Bernie’s surprise and confusion at having been caught was probably as great as mine. He certainly didn’t hide it any better than I had. If the situation wasn’t so serious, I would have started laughing at him, because he looked so completely befuddled by the barrage of questions that the nurse shot at him.

“Doctor patient privilege, Nurse Hill,” Bernie answered after a minute or so of silence. “I can’t discuss it.”

“Surely you can come up with something better than that, Doctor Simpson,” Nurse Hill said as she shook her head in disbelief. “That story’s so lame, you’d have to put in a cast for a year and a half before someone might believe it. I certainly don’t.”

“Nurse Hill. Jennifer. Please, don’t ask,” Bernie said softly. “Please, just drop it and pretend that you didn’t see anything. I can assure you that nothing of a medical nature happened. Your patient, rather our patient, was in no danger. If anything, he’s resting more comfortably because his mind is at peace now.”

“You’re asking a lot, Bernie, " Jennifer Hill said as she visibly cooled her anger and looked at Bernie thoughtfully. “If you’re ordered me like you used to....but you didn’t. You asked me.” She studied Bernie for a minute or so as she made up her mind.

I silently prayed that she’d acquiesce to Bernie’s request. It would save me from having to try and fix this not so little problem.

“All right, I’ll forget what happened in here, as a favor to you Bernie,” she decided finally. “It doesn’t look like any harm was done. I’m surprised that you’d be willing to take a risk like this, Bernie.”

“People change, Jennifer,” Bernie replied. “Thank you for deciding not to mention this to anyone. I owe you one. A big one”

“Indeed you do, Bernie,” Jennifer agreed., with a slight hint of a smile. “A year ago you’d never have been involved in anything like this. A year ago, you wouldn’t have stayed five minutes past the end of your shift, much less two and a half hours. You’ve certainly changed since you first came to this hospital, and if you don’t mind my saying so, the changes have been for the better. ”

“Thank you, Jennifer,” Bernie said quietly. “You’re right. I have changed, and yes I think it has been for the better. I’d better get Paul, out of here before anyone else drops by for a visit, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I suppose so,” she agreed, as she looked at me, coolly but not as sternly as before. “But before you go, I have to ask, why were you so willing to undertake the risk of sneaking this man in here? It’s not something that I ever thought I’d see you doing, Bernie.”

“I owed Paul a favor,” Bernie said simply, as he looked over at me and smiled. His face beamed with the deep and warm friendship that he felt for me. Bernie is one of those rare people who you know you can count on, whenever you need them. Bernie turned his attention back to Nurse Hill as he continued speaking. “He’s the person who helped me a while back. I’m trying to pay him back.”

“Oh, I see,” Jennifer replied as she nodded her head in understanding. “How long have you known this man, anyway?”

“Just over a year, maybe longer,” Bernie replied. “We’d better get going, Paul.” He said as he looked over at me.

“Wait just a second,” Jennifer said as her eyes suddenly lit up. “You knew each other a year ago. His name is Paul. He helped you a while ago. He’s THAT Paul, isn’t he, Bernie?” Jennifer asked excitedly.

Bernie looked at Jennifer in stunned surprise. “Yes,” Bernie answered softly and a bit reluctantly.

“Paul, you have no idea how pleased I am to meet you!” Jennifer exclaimed excitedly, as she turned to face me. “You’re the Wizard who gave the former Tin Man here, a heart, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know about that,” I said cautiously, “but I did help Bernie through some rough times about a year ago, yes.”

Jennifer looked at me with a mixture of respect and gratitude. “Do you have any idea of how much good you’ve done? No I don’t suppose you would. You’ve helped Bernie here to become one of the most respected, well liked and caring doctors we have on staff.” Bernie blushed bright red at Jennifer’s words of praise, but he didn’t say anything. “Before your help Bernie was the most arrogant and condescending doctor I’d ever had the displeasure to work with. If everything wasn’t perfect, he would snap at you like a bad tempered alligator with a toothache.”

“I didn’t do anything like that,” I protested. “Bernie and I just talked a lot. I helped him to see how important it was to treat people with respect and compassion.” What I actually did was have several more super hypnosis sessions with Bernie. During those sessions we had a lot of fun, but I didn’t do any therapy with Bernie. We just talked outside of the sessions and Bernie started to open up to me. I learned that Bernie constantly worried about looking like a fool or an idiot in front of his patients, and more importantly in front of the other medical staff, most especially other doctors. To prevent that from happening Bernie always made sure that everything was just the way he wanted it. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Bernie never admitted when he was wrong and whenever anyone else made the slightest mistake, no matter how minor or insignificant, he dumped on them like a ton of bricks. Bernie treated people with little, if any, common courtesy.

As I thought about it now, and looked back over the months of our slowly developing friendship, I could see now how Bernie’s behavior had undergone a gradual change. I had never intended anything like that to happen when I started talking with Bernie. It all came about because Bernie asked me to explain why it was that I treated him and everyone else I knew with such kindness and courtesy. My answer was that he should try it sometime and see what the results were like. I guess he learned by example.

“Well whatever you did to help Bernie, it worked,” Jennifer said with a small smile. “It would seem that I have another reason to keep my lips sealed about tonight’s little adventure.”

“Uh...okay, thanks,” I said stupidly, not knowing how to reply to her statement.

Nurse Hill smiled at me and then looked at Bernie. She smiled at him, and then glanced over at the unconscious form of Andy lying in the hospital bed. She studied Andy for a few seconds and then she looked at me again. “Paul? Paul from Texas?” She asked with a look of puzzlement.

‘Yes, my name’s Paul. I already told you that, but I’m not from Texas,” I answered confused at her question.

“You’re that man’s lover aren’t you?” She asked bluntly. “Yes that would explain everything, all right. Why you’re here. Why Bernie had to sneak you in. The cries last night. Yes indeed it would explain it.” She nodded thoughtfully as she slid the pieces of the mental jigsaw into place and discovered that they fitted together exactly.

I kept my mouth shut, and did my best to keep my expression neutral. Andy didn’t need another person knowing that he was gay. I sighed softly as I realized that I was going to have to take some action tonight, and make some adjustments on Nurse Hill. Let’s call a spade a space, shall we? I was going to have to use my super hypnosis powers to alter the memories of Nurse Hill before I left tonight. As distasteful and repugnant it was going to feel for me to have to mess around with another person’s mind, I didn’t see as I had much choice. I owed it to Andy to protect him, and besides if it wasn’t for my secret visit tonight, Andy’s secret would never have become known to Nurse Hill. I looked away, unable to face my accuser.

“Paul, it’s okay,” Nurse Hill said as she took my hand gently and patted it. I turned my head back and looked at her. She looked up at me with an expression of kindness and understanding. “You don’t have to say anything. When you’ve worked with people in hospitals as long as I have, you get to see many things. I couldn’t mistake the look of love and caring that was on your face when you kissed Mr. Anderson, earlier. I’ve seen that expression many times before, but never have I seen a more profound and earnest expression than the one that you were wearing when you kissed him. Either you’re his lover or you’re in love with him.”

She paused for a moment as she reached out with her left hand and brushed the right side of my face with her fingertips in a gesture of compassion. “It’s okay, Paul. I won’t say a word to anyone. It’s clear that you love this man deeply, and that he loves you. I think it was very brave of you to take the chance to see him like this. It was also very romantic. I hope I find a man as caring and loving as you, someday.” She smiled at me warmly, as if she were trying to ease my discomfort.

“What makes you think he loves or even cares about me?” I asked calmly. (How I managed to stay calm in that situation is a mystery that I’ll never solve. I just did it, I guess.)

“Last night, while he was battling a post operative infection, he had a fever,” Jennifer said softly. “He kept calling out for someone named ‘Paul’. He also kept mentioning Texas. Little of what he said made any sense. It was mostly half finished sentences and jumbled words. Most times when a patient has a fever, we ignore what the patient says since they are delirious. Well, your presence here tonight proves to me that delirious or not, he was asking for you. I don’t understand the part about Texas, though.”

My eyes teared up at hearing Jennifer’s words. I couldn’t help it. My rock solid control cracked and a few of those tears slipped out of the corners of my eyes as I stood there looking at her. I turned my head and looked over at Andy, lying there asleep. I swallowed several times at the tightness in my throat. I kept picturing Andy in my mind, lying there in pain calling out to me, and my not being there. It hurt. Knowing that I wasn’t there for him, when he needed and wanted me most, was a new and unwelcome pain for me. It seared its way into my soul, burning right through me. Intellectually, I knew there was nothing I could have done to change things, but that didn’t stop me from feeling the pain. I let the tears flow down my cheeks and choked back the sobs that tried to escape.

“I’m sorry, Paul,” Jennifer said softly as she turned my head back so that I was looking at her again. “Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about last night. I didn’t mean to hurt you by telling you about last night. I can see now though, that your not being able to be here last night after knowing that Mr. Anderson was calling for you, has upset you. I am sorry for that. Really. Please, forgive me?”

I looked down at this young woman standing in front of me, asking for my forgiveness. I realized that she did seem to understand, even if she seemed to have the tact of a charging bull elephant. “It’s okay,” I muttered, barely able to get the words past that darn lump in my throat.

“It’s kind of you to say that, but I know it’s not okay,” Jennifer said softly. She glanced down at her wristwatch and then looked back up at me. “I can give you another twenty minutes alone with Mr. Anderson,” she declared softly. “Bernie and I can wait outside and guard the door for you to insure that you have complete privacy. It’s not much, but maybe it will help.”

“Thank you,” I muttered, unable to say anything more. Twenty minutes more to spend by Andy’s side would be a godsend.

“Just come out when you’re ready, but remember that you have only twenty minutes,” she said as she lead me to Andy’s side. “Again, I am sorry, Paul. I hope this time helps make it up to you. Come on, Doctor Simpson.” She directed the last few words to Bernie as she walked over to him and guided him towards the door that lead to the hallway.

I sat down next to Andy, and held his right hand in my two hands, much as I had earlier that evening. I whispered many things to him. I told him that I loved him, of course, and I tried to convey just how deep and strong my love was for him. Exactly what I said, will remain forever a secret amongst Andy, me and God. The twenty minutes were over in the blink of an eye, or so it seemed.

With Bernie’s help, and Jennifer Hill’s silence, I made my way back to Bernie’s office and changed back onto my regular clothes. There were no further incidents of any kind at the hospital, and it was with profound relief that I climbed into a cab and made my way home. I was tired physically and emotionally, but thankful that I had not needed to adjust Nurse Hill. I had never imagined that my first super hypnosis session with Bernie, and all the others that followed would have paid dividends like this. I guess it’s true what they say about ripples in the water traveling a long way.

Andy was laid up in the hospital for about two weeks, during which time I did not try to see him again. Oh I did drop by with a small house plant as a get well gift, but I didn’t try to arrange any more secret visits. The episode with Nurse Hill had thoroughly convinced me that these secret visits were simply too dangerous. Andy understood, as well as did I, that we would have to wait until he was out of the hospital and more or less fully recovered before we’d be able to spend any intimate moments together. Neither of us were exactly crazy about the idea. We did our best to accept it. (Like we really had any choice in the matter?) Andy and I knew that this was just another small part of the price we would have to pay for our relationship, and having to keep it in the closet. It was a strange price to have to pay for loving someone, but then life sometimes plays strange tricks on you.

It was the second Sunday afternoon of Andy’s hospitalization, when Bernie telephoned me at my apartment. He was very adamant about coming over that afternoon. In fact he even went so far as to say that I owed him an afternoon visit, since he’d done that favor for me a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that Bernie was referring to my after hours visit to Andy’s hospital room, which Bernie had arranged. He had me there. I did owe Bernie a favor. A rather large favor. I told him that he could come on over, and that I would welcome the company. It was the truth. I was feeling a bit lonely and out of sorts. I missed Andy terribly. (Can you say ‘an aching hole in my heart’?) Spending some time with Bernie, even just talking would do me some good. Bernie said he would be over in about an hour and a half, so while I waited I got the coffee maker ready to brew a fresh pot of freshly ground coffee. I knew that Bernie really liked fresh brewed coffee and it helped to pass the time while I waited for him. The coffee was ready long before Bernie was due to arrive, so I poured myself a cup and retired to the living room to enjoy the coffee as I waited for him.

My doorbell rang about an hour or so later. I looked through the peephole and confirmed that it was Bernie waiting on the other side. I unlocked the door and let him in.

“Hello Paul,” Bernie said merrily after I opened the door. “I’m so glad that you agreed to see me. Just let me lug this stuff in, okay?”

“Sure,” I answered as I stepped aside to let Bernie in. He was carrying a garment bag over his right shoulder, and a duffel bag in his left hand. Bernie hung the garment bag in the hall closet and left the duffel bag beside the open closet door.

I quickly gave Bernie a looking over as he put brought his stuff in and put it away in the closet. Bernie was wearing a short sleeve light blue knit shirt with a three button placket. It looked like a golf shirt. It was tucked inside a pair of navy blue dress panted that were belted with a black leather belt, with a simple tongue and buckle closure. A half second flick of my eyes downward confirmed a pair of black casual, not dress, shoes on his feet. The simple gray raincoat he had worn over his clothes was now hanging in the closet.

I was mildly surprised that Bernie had brought a suit of some kind. I hadn’t asked him to, nor even dropped any hints to that effect. (I didn’t have to have X-ray vision to know that the garment bag most likely contained a suit of some kind. Why else would he be bringing a garment bag in the first place?)

“That coffee smells good,” Bernie said as he grinned at me, and raised his eyebrows up and down a couple of times, after hanging up his coat in the closet.

“Go ahead and pour yourself a cup, you caffeine addict, you,” I chuckled, as I waved him towards the kitchen. Bernie had been in my apartment enough times to know where everything was kept. I watched Bernie as he headed off to the kitchen. Rather, I watched Bernie’s butt. He had a nice looking ass, and I enjoyed watching it move as he walked away from me. The pants looked vaguely familiar. It took me a minute or so to recall that those were the same navy blue dress pants that Bernie had worn the first time that I had used my super hypnosis powers on him. I studied the pants for a second or two longer (yeah like you had to twist my arm to get me to do that), to confirm that those were indeed the same pants. The pants had only one hip pocket with a button flap closure and the pocket was on the right side of the pants. The front pockets were side angle style, which matched the memory I had of those pants. Bernie carried his wallet stuffed in that right hip pocket of his pants, just as he had that first time. My short stroll down memory (or butt) lane was cut short by the swinging kitchen door cutting off my view of Bernie’s behind. I sighed softly with just a touch of disappointment.

I returned to the living room, and my interrupted cup of coffee. A few minutes later Bernie emerged from the kitchen and joined me in the living room. He sat down opposite me and took a slow slip from his mug, closing his eyes as he savored the smell and the taste of the coffee. I sat there quietly while Bernie enjoyed his coffee. I knew that Bernie would start talking to me when he was ready. Besides, I was enjoying looking at him. Bernie is a good looking man, and he has a physically fit body that I find mildly attractive. (Well, mildly compared to Andy’s body.)

“Thanks for the coffee, Paul,” Bernie said as he drained the last dregs from his mug. “I suppose you’re wondering why I wanted to come over here so badly.”

“The thought had crossed my mind a few times, yes,” I commented.

“I could really use a hypnosis session with you,” Bernie said quietly. “It’s been kind of difficult at work lately, and I could use some relief. I brought a change of clothes in case you wanted me to get dressed up.”

“I don’t see any problem with that,” I said to him. “Is that why you were so insistent about coming over here this afternoon?” I asked him.

“Yes,” Bernie admitted. “I really want this, Paul, and I was a bit worried that you might say no.”

“I see,” I said thoughtfully. “So, you decided to call in that favor I owed you to insure that I wouldn’t say no. You didn’t consider whether or not I might have plans this afternoon. You wanted your hypnosis session so badly, that you played on my feelings of guilt and obligation to insure that you could come over here.”

“I never looked at it that way, but yeah, I guess you’re right,” Bernie confessed a bit reluctantly. He looked at me with regret in his eyes, and a sad look on his face. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think. Do you want me to leave now?”

“No, Bernie, that won’t be necessary,” I said quietly. “I do owe you a favor. You must be feeling very stressed to have pushed for this session like you did. Fortunately I don’t have any plans for this afternoon, and I could use the distraction you’re going to provide. It keeps me from thinking about Andy.”

“Andy? Oh, you mean Mr. Anderson?” Bernie asked.

“Yes, exactly,” I answered. “A pickle in my cowboy boots,” I said loudly and distinctly.

Bernie blinked his eyes at me in confusion. He looked at me quizzically as he was caught off guard by my uttering his trigger phrase. After a few seconds of bewilderment his eyes closed and his head nodded forward as the trigger phrase took effect. He let out a soft deep sigh as he relaxed his body and sagged back into the sofa, letting his mind drift down to that special place of his. I could see the concern and worry melt away from his face as the relaxation of hypnosis overtook his mind and body. I enjoyed surprising a subject by using his trigger phrase when he was least expecting it. (Yes, I have all these trigger phrases written down in my little black book. I’ve learned never to rely just on my memory.)

“Going deeper and deeper with each word that I utter and with each breath that you take, Bernie,” I said to him clearly as I stood up. I couldn’t help but feel a slight rush of power mixed with pleasure as I looked down upon his rag doll like form. I don’t know what it is exactly that I find so satisfying about hypnotizing a good looking guy, and having him do whatever I tell him. Maybe what excites me is simply the knowledge that the mind and body lying there crumpled on the sofa are mine to do with as I wish. (Yes, I was feeling a slight stirring in the southern regions, if you know what I mean.) Or perhaps it is the trust expressed by the subject, the trust in me and in my motives, that thrills me. Whatever it is, it has never diminished one little bit in all the years that I’ve been hypnotizing guys.

“Bernie, can you hear me?” I asked. (That has GOT to the corniest line in hypnosis since man first walked erect. But I’ve never come up with any other way to find out if the subject can hear me and respond to me.)

“Yes, sir,” Bernie muttered softly, but clearly. “Thank you for taking me back here, sir. I feel so good, sir.”

“That’s nice, Bernie,” I said softly. “Would you like to go even deeper and to feel your will power melt away like an ice cube in the hot summer sun?”

“Oh yes, sir, I would like that,” Bernie said with more than just a trace of excitement in his voice. “I would like that very much, sir. What do I have to do, sir?”

(God, I LOVE a willing submissive subject! It had been months since Bernie’s last session, and I had frankly forgotten just how cooperative and willing a submissive subject he was. It was refreshing, not to mention exciting.)

“Good,” I said as I paused for a second to two to compose my thoughts. “Bernie, when you hear me snap my fingers this one time, you will take the clothes that you brought with you this afternoon, and to and change into them, using the spare bedroom. When you are fully dressed, including transferring the contents of your pockets to these clothes, you will return to me for further instructions. As you carry out these instructions you will feel yourself going deeper and feeling more relaxed and at peace. In fact as you get dressed in the clothes that your brought with you, you’ll find yourself getting more excited and turned on. By the time you are fully dressed and walking out here to report to me, your penis will be fully erect and pushing against the fabric your suit pants. It will feel so good that you’ll be unable to stop yourself from moaning out loud, softly.”

I paused for a few moments to let the meaning of my words sink into Bernie’s mind.

“Do you fully understand your instructions, Bernie?” I asked.

“Oh yes, sir!” Bernie answered excitedly. “I’m looking forward to it, sir!”

“I bet you are, Bernie,” I agreed. Carefully I walked over to where Bernie was sitting on the sofa, placed my right hand near Bernie’s head and snapped my fingers once. I backed away a couple of steps as I watched Bernie’s reaction.

Slowly Bernie raised his head up and opened his eyes. He looked up at me, smiled and sighed softly with an expression of profound peace and relaxation on his face. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that he’d just been injected with a powerful tranquilizer. Slowly, he stood up and headed off towards the closet. He moved at a steady unhurried pace, not like a sleepwalker but rather like someone who has all the time in the world, and doesn’t care how long it takes to do something. As I watched him walk over to the closet and retrieve his garment bag and duffel bag, I came to the conclusion that he was probably trying to savor the experience of carrying out my instructions. I had not told him to be quick about it, so he was taking a few liberties of his own. I had no objection. If anything, I strongly approved.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bernie turn around from standing in front of the hall closet and stroll off down the hallway to the spare bedroom., carrying the duffel bag in his left hand and the garment bag draped over his right shoulder. In only a short sleeve knit shirt and dress pants he was good looking. I knew that wearing a suit and tie he would probably look even better. I was sorely tempted to follow him into the spare bedroom and watch him while he changed his clothes. It would spoil the surprise though, so I decided not to follow him. I gritted my teeth and forced myself to walk over into the living room, sit down and wait for Bernie to appear in his own good time. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, let me tell you.

As I sat there in the living room, waiting for Bernie I let my eyes close slowly, and soon my mind was recalling Andy and how he had looked the last time I’d seen him, nearly a week ago. Andy had been sitting up in his hospital bed, with several of his police ‘brothers and sisters’ gathered about him chatting. I said hello and dropped off a small houseplant (an African violet in case you were wondering) as a get well gift. I departed about five or six minutes later. Long enough for a polite and friendly visit, but not long enough to be an annoyance. Andy had looked much more like his normal healthy self then. His face was pink, relaxed, and there wasn’t any trace of the pain and tiredness that I’d seen etched so deeply on his face during my after hours visit with him. He couldn’t get out of bed yet, but his appetite was good, and I was told that he was expected to make a full and uneventful recovery. I smiled to myself as I thought about that visit. Seeing Andy doing so well had taken a lot of the worries away from my mind. It made being away from him a little easier to bear.

This trip down memory lane took only a few minutes. I opened my eyes as I dragged myself back to the present. I didn’t want to miss Bernie’s entrance. I was curious as to what he was going to be wearing. I was fairly certain it was going to be a suit and tie, but I had no idea as to what colour it would be or the style. I sat there pondering while looking at nothing in particular. It was a pleasant way to pass the time. A flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye, caught my attention. I turned my head to the right in the direction of the hallway that lead to the bedrooms and the bathroom. As expected Bernie was walking down the hallway, heading directly towards me, but that did not detract from the impact his appearance made on me. He looked magnificent. To say that I was impressed would be a massive understatement. I was enthralled. I’ve always enjoyed the sight of a good looking guy, dressed in a suit and tie, but this was something far more.

Bernie was walking towards me in that same slow timeless fashion as when he had left the living room earlier heading for the spare bedroom. I took the opportunity to study every detail of Bernie’s appearance. The transformation from plan ordinary guy in to a super suit stud was amazing. Bernie was decked out in a three piece light blue suit. The suit was the colour of a bright summer sky and it had a shininess or sheen to it that suggested it was made of something other than wool. The three button jacket was not done up, which gave me a nice if somewhat limited view of the vest and the front of the suit pants. The vest was a five button affair which was completely done up. I could not determine how many pockets the vest had. (I’d find out soon enough, though.) The front of the suit pants looked pretty good as well. The bottom of the vest covered the top of the suit pants so I had no idea if Bernie was wearing a belt in his pants or not. (Ah yes, it is the little mysteries in life that are so intriguing.) From the little that I could see of Bernie’s suit pants they looked most inviting, by which I mean that they seemed to be calling to me, begging me to do some exploring. The fly of Bernie’s pants was zipped closed. (You expected otherwise?) The pants looked to be just a tad on the snug side, but it was difficult to be sure. It could merely have been my overactive imagination at work, but I sincerely hoped that was not the case. I flicked my eyes back to the suit jacket and noticed that it was a single breasted style with medium lapels and had a three button front closure. The jacket had a welt breast pocket on the left side as expected, and the lower jacket pockets had flaps on them. There wasn’t anything remarkable about all that, but it was automatic for me take a quick inventory of a suit when I look at a man.

I pulled my eyes away from the waist area of Bernie’s body and forced my gaze upward to take in the rest of Bernie’s outfit. I finally made it past the top of Bernie’s vest to encounter a plain slightly shiny burgundy tie filling up the space between the top of the vest and the stiff collar of the power blue, and slightly shiny dress shirt that he wore. It was a most handsome and elegant outfit indeed. If Bernie had been trying to impress me, he had certainly succeeded. All I could do was stare at him in astonishment. It was a wonder that my eyes didn’t pop out of my head, I was staring at him so hard. I drank in Bernie’s appearance and tried to remember how to breath. Believe me, it was difficult to think of anything other than Bernie as he continued to walk towards me. If it were not for the fact that breathing is a function of the autonomic nervous system, I would have passed out from lack of oxygen. Somehow I managed to divert my eyes downward long enough to notice that Bernie was wearing a pair of polished black leather dress shoes, which added the final touch of elegance to his ensemble. I noticed also that the bottom of Bernie’s suit pants were cuffed as they rested there on the tops of those handsome dress shoes.

A century or so later (well it seemed like that to me), Bernie stood in front of me and looked down at me. “Hello, sir,” he said softly. “I hope you find this suit acceptable. I had hoped to please you by wearing this. Did I succeed, sir?”

“Oh, yeah,” I answered softly when I had managed to get my tongue working again.

“I’m glad, sir,” Bernie responded as he beamed at me. The happiness on his face was like sunshine on a cloudy day. It made me feel warm too, as he looked down at me and smiled like a kid in a candy store with a new twenty dollar bill.

I sat there like a statue, looking up at Bernie, still trying to deal with how good he looked. It wasn’t just him or the suit, it was the combination of the two, plus the fact that he was in a super hypnotic trance and willing to do anything that I told him. Is it any wonder that my penis was stiff? It wasn’t rock hard, but it was pleasantly stiff, certainly enough to be enjoyable.

“Is something wrong, sir?” Bernie asked as a cloud of doubt crossed his face.

“Ah, no,” I answered.

“Well, you’re just sitting there, sir,” Bernie said as the doubt on his face changed into puzzlement. “You’re not doing anything or telling me to do anything, sir.” Bernie paused for a few seconds, as if he were trying to decide whether or not he should say anything more. “I hope you will forgive more saying so, sir, but you have to tell me what you want me to do, sir. I want to serve you in any way that you wish, but I can’t read your mind, sir.” Bernie blushed as he finished speaking, and he dropped his gaze to look at the floor. Clearly he felt embarrassed at speaking to me in such a disrespectful manner. At least he considered it disrespectful.

“Look at me, Bernie,” I ordered him as I slowly stood up. Slowly he raised his head and looked me right in the eye. I could clearly see the worry in his eyes. He was sure that I was upset with him for overstepping his bounds, as it were. He gulped nervously as he waited for me to continue speaking. “You’re right,” I said to him with a warm and gentle smile. Bernie sighed softly with relief as he tentatively smiled back at me. “I should be telling you what to do, and how I wish you to serve me. I was just so surprised and pleased with your appearance that it was all I could do to look at you. I think you look fantastic, Bernie. I am very, very, very pleased with you and your suit.”

Bernie beamed a huge grin at me as he responded. “Thank you, sir. I feel very good that I have managed to please you.”

“What material is that suit make out of, Bernie?” I asked him as looked at more closely at the lapel of the jacket.

“It’s a silk blend, sir,” Bernie answered. “It’s the best, the most expensive suit I own, sir. Nothing, but the best for you, sir.”

I smiled silently at Bernie as I reached out with my right arm and let the fingers of my right hand run lightly over the left side of the suit jacket. (Just so you are clear about this, Bernie was facing me, so the left side of his jacket was on my right side. I was NOT reaching across Bernie’s body.) The material was so soft and smooth it was erotic! I sighed softly in pleasure.

“OH, SIR!” Bernie moaned as he felt the fingers of my right hand press gently on the left side of his suit. (Clearly the erotic feeling was mutual.) “Thank you, sir! That feels so nice! So good! You have a wonderful touch, sir, even better than I remembered.” I glanced up at Bernie’s face and noticed that his eyes were now closed. I guessed that it made it easier for him to focus his attention on what my hand was doing.

I pressed my right palm flat down on the left side of Bernie’s suit jacket and moved my hand slowly around in smooth circles in between the breast pocket and the lower pocket on the left side of Bernie’s suit jacket. It was a remarkable feeling. I never knew that silk or a silk blend would feel so smooth, soft and satisfying. To judge from the way that Bernie was moaning, he was thoroughly enjoying my caressing, such as it was.

“Oh, Sir! I’m getting hard!” Bernie cried out between moans. “Please, sir, may I ask one favor of you?” Bernie panted at me as he continued to moan softly.

“Of course, Bernie,” I responded. “What would you like?”

“Sir, I want to cum for you. (Moan.) I want to shoot the moon for you, sir. (Moan.) But I really don’t want to ruin this suit. (Moan) It’’s my favorite suit and, well sir, it’s kind of expensive,” Bernie stated, finishing his request with one long low moan. Bernie’s eyes had remained closed as he had been speaking. Apparently, he was savoring the feeling of my hand on his body, and he didn’t want anything to distract him.

“A reasonable request, Bernie,” I replied. “I’m happy to grant it.”

“Oh, thank you, Sir!” Bernie exclaimed happily. Another long low moan followed.

“Open your eyes and look deep into my eyes, Bernie,” I commanded him.

“Yes, sir,” he responded complying immediately. His eyes popped open and he swiveled his head slightly to look in to my eyes. His gazed latched on my eyes and he held it there.

“Look deep into my eyes. Deeper and deeper, Bernie,” I ordered him. (I know the ‘look deep into my eyes’ is a really corny line, but I just could not resist using it. It just felt right to say that line then.)

“Yes, sir. Deeper and deeper, sir. Deeper and deeper into your power,” Bernie said slowly with a soft lilt to his voice.

It seemed pretty clear to me that Bernie was enjoying himself. (Now there’s a bulletin from the news room, for you!) While I had eye contact with Bernie I sent some simple commands into his mind to insure that he could not ejaculate until such time as I gave him permission. It took me only a second or so, to implant those commands into Bernie’s mind. I took a deep breath and began to address Bernie. “For just this evening Bernie, you will only cum when I give you permission. No matter how urgent you may feel the need or how intense the desire may be, you will be unable to cum, to shoot your load, until I give you permission. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Yes, sir. It is perfectly, clear. Thank you, SIR!” Bernie cried happily and grinned at me. His one worry of the evening had been taken care of so he was as happy as the preverbal clam. The verbal commands had not been necessary, since the mental commands were already in place. Now though, Bernie would understand why he would be unable to cum until I gave him permission, which meant that I would not have to do any explaining later on. Even after all these years, it was instinctive for me to take actions to insure the exact nature of my super hypnosis powers remained secret. But enough about that. It was time to get down to business.

I placed both of my hands on Bernie’s chest and started to run my hands over his chest in smooth steady and slow circles. “That feels nice, doesn’t it Bernie?” I asked him. (Talk about a superfluous question!)

“OH, YES, SIR!” Bernie answered heartily, still looking me in the eye.

“I’ll be that it feels so darn good right now, Bernie, that you can’t keep your eyes open any longer. You’ve just got to slowly close them so that you can completely surrender to the touch of my hands on your suited body,” I suggested to him.

Bernie blinked at me a few times, as he digested the meaning of my words. Slowly his eyes closed and he let out a long sound sigh. “Oh, God! Your touch, Sir! Lord how I’ve missed it!” He declared enthusiastically. “Please, sir, don’t stop! Please, keep on touching me, sir! I live for the feel of your touch now, sir!”

“I’m most gratified to hear that, Bernie,” I responded. (Brother was THAT an understatement. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and I had barely begun to play with Bernie. It looked this we were in for one hell of an afternoon. Talk about finding a way to pass the time!) “Now what should I do with you?” I asked rhetorically. It was too bad that Bernie couldn’t see the huge and warm grin on my face. I’m sure it would have brought him even more joy.

“Whatever you want, sir! I am yours now, sir! I live only to serve and to please you, sir! Your wish is my command, sir!” Bernie stated in a warm mellow and soft voice.

I didn’t have to scan Bernie’s mind to confirm that what he was saying was the truth. I knew Bernie well enough from our previous super hypnosis sessions to know that this was what he most wanted to experience in hypnosis with me. Total surrender. Complete and unconditional. I would have been lying if I said that I wasn’t turned on by hearing Bernie say the ‘your wish is my command’ phrase. My cock was rock hard now and pushing against the inner left thigh of my jeans in a most determined and delightful manner. Despite my best efforts, a soft moan escaped my lips. I didn’t bother responding to Bernie’s declaration with words. I let my fingers do the walking, if you know what I mean.

I let my hands roam all over the front of that elegant silky suit. It felt so good that I started to wonder if maybe I should invest in such a suit, expensive as it might have been. I filed away those distracting thoughts into the back of my head, to dwell upon later. I had more interesting and erotic thoughts to deal with at present.

Knowing that Bernie would not put up any fuss or resistance of any kind, was a heady brew of temptation. I could have literally ripped that suit off of Bernie and he would not have cared in the least. His only concern was in pleasing me right now. To the average man in the street such a situation would have appeared to be a dream come true, a heaven sent opportunity to take it to the limit. Only me, and people like me, could see beyond that illusion and perceive the truth. You have an extremely submissive and obedient subject (which does not even begin to describe how cooperative Bernie was while he was in this state), who has turned control over to you. It was like being put in charge of a small helpless child. You were totally responsible for that ‘child’ and had to act accordingly. Of course, if you didn’t care about the subject as person, if you thought of him as a hunk of meat, or just a plaything, you could do whatever you wanted without worrying about the consequences. I, unfortunately, couldn’t. It was not in my nature to behave like that.

The suit jacket was a marvel, but I think I already mentioned that. I certainly enjoyed moving my hands over it. The fabric was smooth and soft to my touch. The front of Bernie’s suit jacket was wonderful from the lapels right down to the tails. I patted the outside pockets to see if Bernie was carrying anything in them. He wasn’t, but it was fun discovering that for myself. I’m sure my eyes must have lit up as I slowly parted that suit jacket to expose the front of the vest and pants of that suit. It wasn’t as momentous a moment as the parting of the Red Sea, but I certainly thought of it as a major event of the afternoon. It was like when you undo the ribbon on your Christmas or birthday present. The five button vest turned out to have only two welt pockets which were located on the lower portion of the vest, just above waist level. This was fine by me. It meant that there was more smooth area for me to run my hands over, which I proceeded so to do. Bernie moaned encouragingly as I ran my hands over and across his chest. Like the jacket, the vest was silky smooth to my touch. I slipped my fingers in to the welt pockets of the vest and Bernie shuddered with undisguised delight. (There was nothing in those pockets, by the way, just in case you were wondering.) I kept my enthusiasm limited for a few soft moans. I stopped myself from unbuttoning that vest then and there, because I wanted to drag out this situation as long as possible. Slow and steady was far more satisfying than clawing the clothes off of this suited stud. Besides a few ideas had popped into my head and I wanted to try them on Bernie.

After I had run my hands over Bernie’s chest and stomach I let my hands wander down to the front of Bernie’s pants. (Like you were expecting otherwise? PLEASE!) The silky smooth material of his pants was on par with the material of his suit jacket and vest. I let my fingers move down the entire length of the fly of Bernie’s pants, but restricted my caresses to just that small area for the moment. (As I said before, slow and steady is more satisfying. Trust me on this, okay?) I had to stoop down just a bit in order to reach the front of Bernie’s pants. It would have been easier to drop down to my knees in front of Bernie, in order to really caresses the front of his pants and his equipment, but I didn’t want to do that. It would have been too tempting to unzip Bernie’s fly and start playing with his cock and balls.

“Oh, yesssssssssss,” Bernie hissed softly. “Please, sir, don’t stop.” Bernie’s enjoyment was clear to anyone with half a brain.

I instigated a spiral search pattern out from the center of Bernie’s fly, on the front of his pants. I used only my right hand so as to savor the sweetness of the moment. I explored the entire front of Bernie’s suit pants. The front pockets of his pants were side angle style with double pleats. In my search I did discover a long hard and stiff object lying next to the inside of Bernie’s right thigh. (Any idea as to what that might have been? Anyone? Anyone?) As I ran my fingers up and down the length of Bernie’s fully erect penis, he moaned and groaned with unbridled pleasure. (Darn it! Now I’ve gone and let the cat out of the bag. You now know what that object was. Like you couldn’t have figured it out on your own?) I discovered to my delight that Bernie’s pants appeared to be somewhat on the snug side. They were cut in a manner that caused them to snuggle against his crotch and the inside of his thighs. This was a most welcome surprise. I enjoy the sight of a man in a snug fitting pair of dress pants, and it looks like I was going to get my wish this afternoon. I placed both of my hands on the front of Bernie’s pants and let my hands wander around over and around Bernie’s pelvic area. I even let my hands move down to Bernie’s crotch and the insides of his thighs.

“Ohhhhh.....’ Bernie cried out, completely at a loss for words. All he could do was moan and groan his appreciation for my actions.

“Bernie, you can always bark out your pleasure if you like,” I suggested to him. “But be warned that with each bark, you will melts away. After twenty barks you will be unable to resist any command I give you, Bernie,” I cautioned him. I didn’t need to tell Bernie this, since he had already surrendered to me. In point of fact, my super hypnotic control of him already assured that he would do anything I told him. I just could not resist having him go through the act of give up control to me again. It was intoxicating and thoroughly enjoyable. It is one of the biggest thrills that I get out using my powers on a guy.

“,” Bernie replied thickly, confirming my earlier supposition. He moaned several more times. “Woof, woof, woof.” He said softly a few seconds later.

“That’s good, Bernie, very good,” I encouraged him. “When I stroke the inside of your thighs, the pleasure you feel increases, and you go down deeper and deeper and deeper into my power.” I put actions to my words and began to stroke the insides if his thighs with my right hand, moving from the inside of his left thigh, up and over his crotch and down the inside of his right thigh. I moved my right hand back and forth in steady smooth strokes.

“Woof.. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof,” Bernie uttered as the pleasure of my caresses on his thighs took him deeper and deeper in to his super hypnotic static. (Like he would have resisted at this point? Bernie was the one who wanted this session in the first place. It’s not very likely he would have suddenly put up any resistance now.) “Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof, " Bernie continued as the words tumbled out of his mouth like water rushing over the edge of a waterfall. With the last ‘woof’ I looked up at him, and studied the zombie like expression on his face for a minute or so. Bernie’s eyes were open again but they were totally glazed over and his face had a completely blank expression on it, with just the hint of a smile on his lips. He didn’t seem to be looking at any one thing in particular. He had that ‘looking off into space’ expression on his face that I always enjoyed seeing on a hypnosis subject.

“How do you feel now, Bernie?” I asked him quietly as my hands lightly brushed the front of his pants, barely touching the huge hard mount that was his concealed cock.

“Totally in your power, sir. Totally yours, sir,” he answered quietly, staring off into space. “I must do whatever you say, sir. Your wish is my will.” He continued to stare off into the distance.

“But how do you FEEL, Bernie?” I asked again. “Do you feel good, bad, happy or what?” I wanted to know if Bernie was truly enjoying this. I suppose I could have scanned his mind to find out how he felt, but I didn’t want to put myself to that effort. It wasn’t necessary to do that, so I didn’t. I prefer not to scan a subject’s mind unless it is necessary for some reason. Scanning a mind is akin to an invasion of privacy. I’ve done it many times, but that doesn’t mean that I am comfortable doing it. I still find it unnerving and in some cases distasteful.

“I feel.....” Bernie started to answer and then stopped. He blank face become even blanker, if that were possible, as he tried to put his thoughts and feelings into words.

I waited patiently for Bernie to find the right words. I didn’t want to suggest to him how I thought he should feel. I wanted to know how he felt.

“I feel totally at peace. Totally calm. I don’t have to worry about anything anymore, sir. I know that you will take care of everything, including me. And that brings me great pleasure and happiness, sir,” Bernie said carefully, as a small smile broke out on his face. His eyes still had that vacant look to them, though. “I know that in order to keep feeling this way I must do whatever you ask of me, sir. But that is not a problem, sir. It is a privilege for me to serve you, sir. I only hope that I don’t disappoint you, sir.”

“He has to be kidding!” I thought to myself. “How in the world could he ever disappoint me, dressed as he is?” Bernie’s declaration of total surrender wasn’t a surprise. He’d done that several times before in earlier sessions, but his worry that he might disappoint me was new. I decided to calm his fears so that we would both enjoy ourselves. “Bernie,” I said to him. “You have never disappointed me, and I strongly doubt that you ever will. You are a very good subject and your total surrender to me is very pleasing to me.”

“Thank you, sir,” Bernie responded, as he let out a soft sight of pleasure and relief.

A part of me wanted to wander around to Bernie’s back and do some exploring, but I restrained myself. I knew that the anticipation of doing that would be almost as gratifying as the actual action. It was worth waiting just a little bit longer.

I walked away from Bernie and over to the living room wall where there was some clear space. I need an area that did not have any pictures or wall hangings on it. I turned about and looked at Bernie standing a short distance away from me. His back was to me, and I took the opportunity to give the back of his suit a quick inspection. It fit him very well. The shoulders were not too large or wide, and the waist of the jacket was taken in just enough to compliment Bernie’s physical build. The back of the suit jacket flowed smoothly from Bernie’s shoulders to his waist and then flared out just enough to cover his butt. The suit jacket did not have any vents of any kind in it, which allowed a smooth clean look the back of Bernie’s suit jacket, especially over his buttocks. It was a well tailored suit, I noted. It would be a crime to ruin that suit in any way. I promised myself that I would see to it that the suit suffered no harm this afternoon. It was the least I could do for such an outstanding subject like Bernie. The evaluation took only a minute or so, but only because I let myself savor the site of that suit from the back. I looked back at the living room wall (a much less interesting subject, believe me), as I tried to find a section of the wall for what I had in mind. Satisfied that I had located a section of the living room wall that would suit my purposes, I called over to Bernie. “Bernie come here!”

“Right away, sir!” Bernie replied as he turned about, and trotted over to where I was standing. Bernie did not walk over to me, he trotted, literally. He was anxious to please, and didn’t want to waist one second in his earnest attempt to please me. He stood in front of me, and smiled tentatively at me. “What do you wish of me, sir?”

“I wish you stand up against the wall facing me, Bernie.” I told him, as I pointed at the section of wall where I wanted him to stand.

“Yes, sir,” Bernie replied. He walked up to the area of the living room wall that I had indicated. He turned about and then move backward slightly as he place himself up against the wall.

“Well done, Bernie,” I congratulated him. He smiled at me. “Now take one step forward and stand with your weight firmly and evenly balanced on your feet. Let your arms hand down on the yours sides. Stand there and just relax and go deeper. When you feel yourself in position let me know and go even deeper.”

“Yes, sir,” Bernie replied as he took one carefully measured step forward. He looked at me, that small smile still plastered on his face. He shifted his weight on his feet for a half a minute or so, as he adjusted his position. “Done, sir,” Bernie stated when he had finished positioning himself.

“Your penis is rock hard now, isn’t it Bernie?” I asked him. I knew full well that his penis was fully erect. My exploration of the front of his pants earlier had established that fact. I just wanted him to admit it.

‘Yes, sir, it is,” Bernie replied as he stood there in front of me. The smile on his face grew a bit wider at the mention of his rock hard cock. “Thank you for giving me a rock hard cock, sir.”

“Your penis is stiff and hard, Bernie, and now as I speak to you, your entire body is becoming hard and stiff as if it were made out of steel or stone,” I told him as I watched for his reaction. “Except for your face and your breathing, your body is becoming harder and stiffer with each word that I utter and with each breath that you take, Bernie.”

Bernie’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment, as he took in the meaning of my words. Slowly his eyes closed and he let out a soft sigh. He opened his eyes and smiled at me, but he didn’t say anything. I let my eyes wander across his body looking for any signs that he was getting stiff. (Yes, there was one big sign that he was stiff, but that was NOT what I was looking for. Still I did look at that big long hard mound in Bernie’s pants. I couldn’t help but look. It was such an interesting and tempting sight.) “Stiffer and stiffer, Bernie,” I coaxed him. “Harder and harder as if your body is steel rod, rigid and unbreakable. And at the same time it is a wonderfully comfortable and pleasurable feeling, finding yourself unable to move your arms, legs, shoulders and torso. You feel yourself turning into a living mannequin. A mannequin who is on display just for me, Bernie” I studied Bernie’s body for a couple of minutes, still looking for signs that his body was stiff.

“Yes, on display for you, sir,” Bernie whispered softly in agreement. The smile on his face got a little bit bigger.

“Exactly right Bernie,” I praised him. “A living mannequin. I can pose you in any way that I want. I can do anything with your body and your clothes now, and you can’t lift a finger to stop me.”

“Oh yes, Sir!” Bernie cried out softly, barely moving his lips. He was starting to take the living mannequin role seriously now.

I walked up so that I was standing just behind Bernie. I carefully took hold of his shoulders and pulled him back towards the wall. A few seconds later, I gently placed the back of Bernie’s head so that it was resting against the wall. Assured that Bernie would not slide about I stood a couple of steps back to view my handiwork. I smiled to myself as I drank in the sight before me. I had so enjoyed seeing Ted Carson stiff that I decided to try out something along the same lines with Bernie.

Bernie stood there leaning against the wall at about an eighty degree angle. His entire body looked rigid to me. The toes of his shoes came up off the floor and pointed into the air, which was to be expected as he was leaning back on the heels of his shoes. His arms were held firmly by his sides, with a slight space between his arms and his torso. Since his jacket was not buttoned at the front, it tended to hang back slightly which exposed a bit more of the front of Bernie’s suit pants as well as the vest of his suit. (Isn’t gravity wonderful?) He looked like some kind of waxwork figure leaned up against the wall like that, but then that was the idea after all. I looked at him as bit longer and decided that he needed a minor adjustment or two. I walked up to Bernie and firmly grabbed his right arm with my two hands. I bent his right arm at the right elbow and positioned his right arm so that he was holding it just in front and away from his stomach with his right hand held vertically. I stepped away again and looked him over. Now he truly looked like a display dummy, only much sexier. Bernie wasn’t some plastic or wooden figure. He was a real live man, turned into a display dummy by me. (If that doesn’t get your cock twitching, then either you’re not interested in stuff like this, or you’ve been dead for three weeks!)

I marveled at the sight of Bernie in that position. Hypnosis never fails to excite and amuse me. Even something as simple as this, was giving me a wonderful woody. Boy did I feel good, and I hadn’t even touched Bernie all that much. This afternoon was certainly shaping up to be one of my better afternoons. I walked up to Bernie and grabbed hold of his right shoulder. It took a bit of grunting and effort on my part but I managed to turn Bernie ninety degrees to the left so that he was leaning against the living room wall, on his left shoulder. When I was sure that he was securely in that new position I took a few steps back to get another eyeful of Bernie in his new position.

Once again I was successful. Bernie looked like a window store dummy leaned up against the living room wall, as he balanced there on his left foot. He was as stiff as a board, but sexy as hell! (Maybe not to you, but he sure as shooting, was to me! My penis was as hard and stiff as Bernie. Or was that the other way around? Bernie was as hard and stiff as my penis? Either way, we were both hard and stiff and enjoying ourselves.) I walked up to Bernie and started to run my hands over his body. I didn’t just cover old territory such as his chest and stomach, I explored other areas. I let my hands move over and about his right side, his left side and his back. Oh, and of course let us not forget Bernie’s other assets. Those beautiful buttocks of his. I ran my hands over Bernie’s backside, pressing down just a bit on those two sweet cheeks of his. Bernie moaned softly, clearly enjoying my efforts. Bernie’s suit jacket had no vent in the back nor at the sides, as I mentioned before, so what I encountered was smooth soft unbroken surface as I ran my hands over his ass. After a minute or so of this, I decided that I wanted a bit more detail, if you catch my drift. I slipped my hands under the tail of Bernie’s suit jacket and attacked the surface of his suit pants directly. Those big fleshy but firm butt cheeks were even better than I remembered them. They were hard and firm and solid and so round and smooth, especially in that lovely silky suit material. My hands moved all over Bernie’s butt taking in every detail. I felt my breath quicken as the joy of the moment flooded into me. I took a special delight in running the tip of my right index finger down the center seam of Bernie’s suit pants. You know the seam I’m talking about. The one that runs down the seat of the pants. The one that allows you probe just a little bit into the crack of a guy’s ass. My probing digit was stopped far short of actually slipping in between Bernie’s buttocks, by the tightness of the suit pant material, but that wasn’t important. It was the resistance to my probe and the suggestion of probing further that I so thoroughly enjoyed. From the frequent moans and muttered ‘yes’ that forced themselves from between Bernie’s frozen lips, it seemed that he was enjoying my exploration as well. I reached down in between Bernie’s legs and stroked the inside of his thighs a few times. He muttered ‘yes’ a few more times, and several very loud moans forced themselves from his throat.

A shiver of delight ran through me as my fingers encountered a very large bulge on Bernie’s backside. To be more specific, I discovered a very large bulge residing in the right back pocket of Bernie’s pants. The small button tab closure of the pocket was done up but it seems to be strained slightly. I didn’t need to ask Bernie if what I had hit upon was his wallet. It was a forgone conclusion. The material of Bernie’s suit pants was taunt across that large hard object. It was sexy somehow, and it enhanced my enjoyment of Bernie’s butt. As my hands continued their inspection of Bernie’s backside, I noticed that the left back pocket also had a small button tab closure which was done up as well. This pocket seemed to be empty though. I couldn’t detect the bulge of an object, or even the faintest outline of an object in that pocket. It wasn’t all that important, I suppose I just want to make sure my inspection was thorough. It sure as heck was fun.

I let my hands wander around Bernie’s body a bit more as I explored a bit more of his outfit. As I stood next to Bernie, I whispered into his ear. “Deeper and deeper into my power, Bernie.” I got a terrific kick out of saying that to Bernie and urging him to surrender even more completely to me. It was a power trip, pure and simple. (Hey, at least I was honest enough to admit it to myself.)

“Yes, deeper,” he muttered, and then moaned yet again.

I toyed with the idea of stripping Bernie down while he was frozen, but realized that it would be a lot of work, especially with him balanced on only one foot. It might even have been considered a bit dangerous, especially if he fell over. I decided I would enjoy it so much more when Bernie removed his clothes himself. Having a man take off his clothes was far more satisfying (to me, anyway), then having to take them off yourself. It is just another indication of the trust (and yes to some degree, the control) that you have with the subject. Carefully I grabbed Bernie by the shoulders and tipped him towards the right, so that he was once again standing firmly on both feet.

Working from just behind and slightly to right of Bernie’s body, I took Bernie’s right hand and slipped into the right front pocket of his suit pants. I arranged his suit jacket so that it was pushed back behind his right hand and arm, much as a man would stand normally with his hand in his front pants pocket. It took me less than a minute to move behind and to the left of Bernie’s back so that I could place Bernie’s left hand and arm in a similar position, on Bernie’s left side. I made a few final adjustments to his suit jacket, and then walked a few paces in front of Bernie. I turned around anticipating a most delightful sight would greet my eyes. I let out a long low whistle of approval. It was great when I was proven right about something, especially something like this. Posed like this, Bernie looked like he belonged to a male fashion show. (Then again I wasn’t exactly an objective observer, come to think of it.) Standing there, frozen stiff with his hands in the front pockets of his suit pants, he was doing a wonderful job of showing off the front of his suit pants and his vest. I looked down at the front of Bernie’s pants. Mister Happy was making his presence well known. I smiled at Bernie and then waggled my finger at him shamefully. Bernie blushed a bright beet red. He might have been unable to move, but that didn’t stop him from feeling a bit embarrassed and showing it. I smiled at him, enjoying his discomfort. He wasn’t all that embarrassed though, since we were alone in my apartment. His only embarrassment was from the fact that I was making a point about his cock being rock hard and jutting out from the front of his suit pants. Any man finds such a situation embarrassing, regardless of the circumstances.

“Bernie, in a few seconds I will snap my fingers and your body will no longer be stiff. Your body will be completely normal in every way, and you will be able to move every part of your body just as you did before I made your body stiff. This one time only, Bernie, when you hear me snap my fingers you will awaken from your hypnotic trance, full aware of everything that has happened to you so far this afternoon,” I spoke softly into his ear. I was still standing behind Bernie at the time that I spoke to him. While I waited a few seconds to be sure that my instructions had a chance to be understood, I placed the middle finger of my right hand next to my thumb as I got ready to snap my fingers.


Bernie’s body jerked suddenly at the sound of my fingers snapping. I waited to see what he would do. His head turned from side to side as he looked about the room. Slowly Bernie spun about to face me. He looked at me silently for a second or two before a small shy smile graced his lips. His face looked relaxed and calm, much more at peace then when he’d first arrived earlier this afternoon.

“Thank you, sir, err, Paul,” he said quietly, as he withdrew his hands from the front pockets of his suit pants. “It was wonderful.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied. “Is that all?” I asked slightly puzzled by his calm reaction.

“What do you mean, Paul?” He asked. Now it was his turn to look puzzled.

“I thought you would have some comment regarding this afternoon’s events, surely,” I said with just a touch of surprise colouring my voice.

“Well, I do have one, make that two, questions,” Bernie said hesitantly.

“Ask away, Bernie,” I encouraged him with a smile of my own.

“Okay. Well, here goes,” Bernie said and then paused for a second to take a breath. “First, is that all the hypnosis we are going to do?” Bernie looked at me quietly as he waited for my answer.

“No, that is not all the hypnosis that we are going to do. I’ll be putting you back into your trance soon enough,” I assured him. When it came to hypnosis, Bernie was a like a kid in a candy store, he always wanted just one more session. Come to think of it, a lot of my subjects were like that. I found that fact rather odd, but filed that fact away for further analysis. I was busy with Bernie right now.

“Good. Well, I’m relieved to hear that,” Bernie responded.

“And your other question?” I prompted him.

“Oh, yeah,” Bernie said with a silly grin. “Do you think I could get a job as department store dummy?” He asked with a soft chuckle.

“You’re pretty good, but I wouldn’t quit your day job, if I were you,” I said with a smile. “Besides, being department store dummy doesn’t pay very well.”

“Well, when you put it that way, I guess you’re right,” Bernie agreed. “Could I be your personal mannequin, again sometime?” Bernie asked eagerly.

“So you enjoyed that did you?” I asked him.

“Yes, indeed!” Bernie admitted wholeheartedly. “It was incredible. I never felt so powerless and controlled before. I knew exactly what you were doing to me, and I couldn’t stop you from doing it. I’m not sure I can describe exactly how thrilling and erotic it was for me. I hope you had as much fun turning me stiff as I did being stiff.”

“I’ll bet a part of you was very stiff and probably still is,” I teased him unmercifully.

“Uh, yeah,” Bernie said and glanced down at the floor bashfully. He looked up at me a few seconds later and continued speaking. “I was rock hard while you were posing me, and even now when I think about it, I get excited and hard. You sure know how to turn me on and turn me into your hypnotized slave boy.”

“It’s a gift,” I said with a smile.

“I hope you never lose that gift,” Bernie responded. “If you ever do, heaven forbid, there will be a lot of disappointed guys in the city, especially me.”

“All in all I take it you are feeling better now, Bernie?” I asked him as I attempted to change the subject.

“Yes,” Bernie answered. “I always feel good after you’ve hypnotized me, Paul. It’s been a really rough week, which is why I was kind of desperate for a session with you. I needed to let go of myself with you. You’re the best stress relief therapy that I know, and even better, you’re drug free.”

I smiled at Bernie as I caught on to his play on words. “I don’t think I’ve ever been described as ‘drug free’ before. Thank you for the compliment. It was a compliment, wasn’t it?”

“Oh yes, it was a compliment,” Bernie assured me, as he kept smiling at me. A few seconds later his eyes took on a soulful look as he asked me softly. “Can we do some more hypnosis, now? Please?”

“Well, I suppose so, if you really want to,” I jokingly. “A pickle in my cowboy boots.”

Bernie’s reaction was immediate. He blinked his eyes a couple of times, before his eyes slowly closed and his head dropped forward so that his chin was resting on his chest. Bernie stood there in front of me swaying ever so slightly as his arms dangled by his sides while he plummeted down into a very deep state of super hypnosis. I hugged myself as I gazed upon the sight of Bernie back in his trance. The combination of him in hypnosis and that incredible suit that he was wearing, was enough to start me drooling. (Okay. So I was exaggerating just a tad, but I think you get the idea.) Bernie was a suit stud!

“Bernie go into the dinning room, take off your jacket, and hang it up on the back of one of the chairs. When you have done that bend over the dinning room table,” I said to him after a few minutes of thought.

“Yes, sir! Right away, sir!” Bernie bellowed out as he opened his eyes and practically marched off towards the dinning room table. I turned and followed him, staying only a step or two behind him. I didn’t want to miss a second of the unveiling ceremony. Bernie arrived at the dinning room table and slid his suit jacket off in one easy motion. The jacket headed down towards the dinning room floor, but Bernie easily snagged the jacket with his right hand and swung it around towards the front of his body. He quickly and carefully hung the jacket on the back of the chair in front of which he was standing. This action cleared the way for my first scrutiny of Bernie’s suit clad behind. It was as if the certain had gone up on the main event of the afternoon.

As I might have mentioned earlier, those suit pants were somewhat snug on Bernie’s behind. The two heavenly hemispheres of his buttocks were enhanced by the manner in which the material of his suit pants clung to the curvature of his gluteus maximus, and up around the crotch and of course the thighs of his legs. Viewed from the back (Is there any other view that matters?), it was a most suggestive and arousing sight. Before I could do more than take in an eyeful or so, Bernie moved away from the chair and headed over to the dining room table. I stood rooted to the spot as I watched him slowly bend over the dinning room table. As he draped his torso over the dinning room table, the material of his suit pants became stretched just a bit tighter over his buttocks. (Surely by now you’ve guessed that that was the general idea.) Bernie placed his arms up an over his head as he lay on the table. He wanted to give me unfettered access to his backside. I figured that I’d waited long enough. I walked up to Bernie’s bent over form and eagerly grabbed a double handful of his ass with my hands. I squeezed and kneaded those two big round fleshly mounds before me. I didn’t try to dig my fingers into Bernie’s butt, because I didn’t want to ruin his suit. I could not clamp my right hand onto Bernie’s right buttock as securely as I wanted, due to Bernie’s big wallet. This was the first time that I could recall ever being annoyed with a guy for having a big bulging wallet in his back pocket. However, I managed to work around the problem, in my own way. Solving some types of problems can be a most delightful exercise, if you know what I mean.

Bernie appreciated my efforts, to say the least. He let out a very loud “Oh” when I first clamped my hands on his ass. As I tenderized Bernie’s butt he moaned softly in undisguised pleasure at my ministrations. I was having a pretty good time, myself. The feeling of those buns under my fingertips might not have been heaven, but it was probably somewhere up there in the top ten. I didn’t confine my exploration to only Bernie’s buns. I let my fingers wander their way down to the crotch of Bernie’s pants, and then up and underneath Bernie as far as I could reach. Unfortunately with the manner in which Bernie was lying on the top of the table, I couldn’t really reach all that far up the front of Bernie’s pants. I made due as best I could, though. On a sudden impulse, I bent down and planted a couple of firm warm kisses on Bernie’s buttocks.

“Thank you for kissing my ass, sir!” Bernie cried out in joy as he felt the pressure of my lips on his backside. “Oh thank you, sir! Thank you so much, sir! You’ve never done anything so nice to me before. Thank you so very much, Sir!”

“You’re most welcome, Bernie,” I said to him soothingly. “You have a wonderful looking backside, most especially when you wear dress pants. I thought I should show you my gratitude for the effort you put in getting dressed up for me.”

“The honor and privilege was all mine, sir,” Bernie replied. He moaned a few times as he wiggled his body in sensual rapture to my continued massaging of his backside. “I like to dress up for you, sir. I know that you like seeing well dressed men, and I wanted to do my best to please you, sir.” Bernie paused for a second or two.” I did please you, sir, didn’t I?” He asked with a wistful note in his voice.

“You did, indeed,” I answered him. “Why else do you think I kissed your ass? I don’t do that to just anyone, Bernie. You are a very special subject. You have earned a special little something.”

“Oh thank you, Sir!” Bernie exclaimed in delight as he listened to my remarks. “Sir, would you kiss my ass again, please? I like the feeling of your lips on my ass. It makes me feel totally yours, sir. It makes me feel like I couldn’t stop you from doing anything you wanted, with me.”

“I suppose I could do that, Bernie,” I said calmly. Inside I was thrilled that Bernie really enjoyed this. I wasn’t certain exactly how he would react to it, so I was tickled pink that he was asking me to kiss his ass a second time. “You’re mine anyway, Bernie,” I reminded him. “Even if you are not completely aware of it, I can do anything I want with your right now. When I kiss your ass this time, Bernie, your mind and will shall become mine. All that you will want to do or be able to do is to obey me, completely and totally. Anything that I ask of you will seem reasonable.”

“I don’t know about that, sir,” Bernie said doubtfully, as I leaned down over his backside and got ready to kiss both of his buttocks. “I can’t see myself unconditionally surrendering to you, sir. I trust you, sir and I know that you would never hurt me or abuse me, sir. But total surrender of my mind and my will seems unlikely, sir. I hope you wo...”

Bernie’s discourse was cut off in mid word as he felt the pressure of my lips on his right buttocks. I kissed his right buttocks twice and then kissed his left buttocks twice. Bernie uttered several long low guttural moans while I finished up the business of kissing his ass into submission. . I planted a few kisses extra kisses for good measure. I stood up and slowly removed my hands from Bernie’s backside. Bernie lay there moaning, not speaking a word.

“You were saying, Bernie?” I asked him with a smile on my face, anticipating his response.

“I was saying that I wouldn’t surrender to you, master, but I was wrong,” Bernie said calmly. “I am yours, master. All that you wish I shall do. My body is yours, master. My mind is yours, master. Your wish is my will. My only purpose in life is to serve and obey you in whatever manner you desire. Please command me, master. Your command is my pleasure.”

“I see,” I replied as I tried to calm my rising excitement. I had had several good subjects surrender like this before, so it wasn’t exactly a new experience for me. This moment, when a subject surrendered and he admitted it to me, was the sweet reward to which I looked forward. I silently hoped that I would never tire of the thrill of this moment, that I would never become jaded with time. “How’s your cock, Bernie?”

“God, my cock is so hard, master! I...I’ve never felt it so hard before. I can feel my boxers starting to get wet, master! I want to cum very, very badly, master! I know that I can’t cum until you let me, master. Please master, will it be soon? I...I’m starting to hurt, master,” Bernie had turned his head to the left so that he could speak clearly to me.

“Climb up on the table and lie down on your back, Bernie,” I ordered him.

“Yes, master!” Bernie cried out with blatant enthusiasm. He clamored up onto the dinning room table on all fours. I smiled as I marveled at the sight of Bernie’s backfield in motion. It did not take him long to execute his instructions. He lay there on the dinning room table, on his back, looking up at me, waiting patiently. His body shuddered a few times as he tried in vain to control the intense excitement he was feeling. A few soft moans escaped from his lips as he luxuriated in the intense feelings of pleasure and joy that continued to course through his body. I knew he was excited because his penis was rock hard and jutting up from the center of the front of his pants. I was slightly surprised at the size of the tent in his trousers and the way in which the fabric seemed to be straining to conceal the monster within.

“Bark like a dog until I tell you to stop, Bernie,” I said to him as I turned away from him and dashed down the hallway towards the linen closet. I suddenly realized that a most important item was missing. I most certainly did not want an accidental mess in my dinning room, nor did I want Bernie to ruin that wonderful suit he was wearing.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!” Bernie cried out into the air as I left him occupied with that mindless and menial task. It was all I could think of to occupy Bernie’s mind while I yanked the closet door open and pawed through the stacks of assorted towels, bed sheets and face clothes. Colour was the least of my concerns. I snatched up the nearest clean bath towel that I could find, and hurried back to the dinning room.

“Bernie, stop barking like a dog. Now take out that rock hard monster of yours and wrap it securely in this towel,” I said to him as I tossed the towel to him.

Bernie caught the towel with both hands, and placed the towel beside him on his right side. “Yes, master,” he responded as he reached down with both of his hands and worked at his fly. Moments later Bernie worked his hard and hot cock out of from the confines of his suit pants. It stood there in all its glory stiffly vertical, like a miniature flagpole, as Bernie fumbled to retrieve the towel he had placed beside him. I saw a few small drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip and slowly working their way down that shaft. From what I saw it seemed that Bernie was wearing plain white silk boxers, but I could not be absolutely sure of what I had seen. When Bernie started to wrap up his cock in that dark brown bath towel that I had given him, my view of his cock and his boxers was effectively cut off.

“Done, master,” Bernie declared as he finished wrapping his cock in the towel. “Oh, master that towel feels so nice.....” He moaned dreamily. He kept his hands firmly fasten on his towel enshrouded penis, as a few shudders ran down the length of his body.

“It’s warm and soft, and it feels wonderful to have your cock wrapped up like that, doesn’t it, BOY?” I asked him, putting an obvious emphasis on the word ‘boy’.

“Oh, yes, master,” Bernie answered in that same dreamy voice. “Yes, sir. Yes, master, I’m your boy, now. Thank you for letting me be your boy, master,” Bernie was nearly gushing in his gratitude for my addressing him as a boy. Clearly he was taking this slave role very seriously now.

“Boy, I am going to unbutton your vest now. When I am finished you will shoot your load into the towel. It will be the most profound and intense climax that you have ever had. You will cum like you’ve never cum before. You will be able to say anything that you wish while you shoot your load. In fact, you will find yourself saying what ever it is that you would most like to say, but have been unable to say to me for whatever reason. All your inhibitions and limitations will be removed while you shoot your load.” I paused for a few moments to let my commands sink into Bernie’s mind. “Do you understand, boy?” I asked him.

“Yes, master. I understand completely,” Bernie answered without hesitation. “I can’t wait for you to unbutton my vest! I can’t wait to cum, master!” Bernie gulped a few times, as he panted in anticipation.

I moved next to Bernie and leaned over his torso. I looked down at that handsome man before me and I marveled once again at the depth of control that my super hypnosis powers gave me over the average man. He lay there waiting as patiently as he could for me to start undoing his vest. The vest fit very well on him, I noted. All five buttons were done up, and the vest was pulled down over the top of Bernie’s pants. I thought about it for a few seconds and then made my decision. I would start with the bottom button of the vest. I reached down and carefully undid the lowermost button of Bernie’s vest. Bernie’s body jerked once and a loud moan poured from his mouth as he climbed a little bit closer to his release. I undid the next button up on the vest and was rewarded with another loud moan from Bernie. I pushed the flaps of the vest up and to the side as far as they would go. I was curious to know what the top of Bernie’s pants looked like. It was a bit of an anticlimax to discover that a plain black leather belt encircled Bernie’s waist. The belt had a simple gold tongue and buckle closure. It wasn’t anything all that remarkable, but it did fit in with the rest of Bernie’s outfit. My curiosity satisfied, I let the sides of the vest fall back down onto Bernie’s stomach, and turned my attention back to undoing Bernie’s vest.

The third button of the vest was easy to undo. Bernie wasn’t putting up anything in the way of a struggle, unless you can call squirming about in delight a struggle. The moans he was uttering were getting some what longer and louder, as he climbed closer and closer to his release. I waited a few heartbeats before I attacked the fourth button on that vest. I wanted to build up the anticipation, not that it was really necessary. Only one button remained. I looked a Bernie’s vest now as it lay on his chest. The vest was parted down the middle and hanging off to the sides of his chest. Only one button remained between Bernie and ecstasy beyond belief. I blinked as my ears picked up some soft whimpering. Three guesses as to who was the source of the whimpering. I listened carefully, and was able to make out the words that Bernie was muttering..

“Please master? Please undo the last button? I’ll be a good boy for you, master. I’ll be the best boy ever, master. Please, master, please? I’m so close, master. I want to cum so badly, master. Please master, I’m begging you. Please master, please undo that last button on my vest....” Bernie’s words trailed off into the quiet of the room. His eyes were closed during the entire time that he was begging me for release, and I could see tears starting to leak out of the corners of his eyes. Enough was enough. My fingers unhooked the last button on that vest and I took a step back to await the result.

“YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!” Bernie screamed out at the top of his lungs, as he came like a locomotive. His back arched as he thrust his pelvis into the air. His torso and hips were completely suspended in mid air. More than that though, his legs were stiff too and suspended off of the top of the table. He looked like a bridge with his shoulders as one anchor point and his heels as the other. I squatted down and peered up at Bernie’s body. I discovered that I had a clear view of his ass suspended in the air, and it was a most interesting view. His buttocks were clenched tight and they seemed to have gripped the material of the suit pants somehow. The result was that the pants were pulled skin tight against Bernie’s buttocks, showing the outline of ever muscle. A few seconds later he lowered his torso back on to the top of the table, as his muscles relaxed. This cut off my view so I stood up and looked down at Bernie. His eyes popped open and his mouth hung open as grunts, groans and moans tumbled out of his mouth like cars whipping down the expressway during rush hour. (A rush hour without any traffic jams, just in case you were not clear about that.) Bernie wasn’t the most eloquent person when he came, but he more than make up for his lack of words with the volume and enthusiasm of his vocal display. Bernie wasn’t finished yet, apparently. He started to pump his hips up and down as he continued to shoot his load into the towel. Soon Bernie’s body started to undulate in time with the rhythm of his hips as they moved up and down. I stood there and watched as Bernie worked through his release. Slowly his hips moved less and less as the last few drops of his load were squeezed out of the tip of his penis. (I didn’t see that, but I could guess that it was probably the case.) After about eight or nine minutes Bernie was finished. He lay there, on the table with an expression on his face that could only be described as blissful. His arms were lying by his sides now, instead of holding tight to that towel. The towel was no longer standing stiffly in the air. This was one tent whose main support pole has just been removed, if you catch my drift. Bernie’s eyes were open and he was staring up at the ceiling, but I’m sure he wasn’t paying any attention to anything. There were a few drops of sweat on his forehead, but otherwise he looked fine. He didn’t look spent or tired, just outrageously pleased with himself. Only his still heavy breathing betrayed the fact that he hadn’t yet completely recovered.

Bernie blinked his eyes and turned his head as he came to his senses. He looked up at me, and smiled at me with unconcealed devotion and trust. He swallowed a couple of times and he licked his lips as if he were getting ready to say something to me. I suddenly recalled that Bernie had not yet executed all of his instructions. I wondered what it was that Bernie was going to say to me. I figured it was going to be something along the line of him being my devoted slave, and that he considered me his master now. As strange as it may sound to you, that can get somewhat boring and repetitive after a while. I schooled my face into a neutral expression so as to hide my disappointment at hearing the same old line, yet again.

“I’m sorry, master, but I will not do absolutely anything that you wish me to,” Bernie said with a gulp.

“Now this is interesting,” I thought to myself. I kept quiet as I waited for Bernie to explain.

“I must draw the line at supplying you with drugs or medicines or anything that would require me to violate my Hippocratic oath, master. I am sorry, but being a doctor, a good doctor is more important to me than being your slave boy, master. My career and my patients must come first, even before you, master. I’m sorry, master,” Bernie lay there looking up at me waiting for my response. He trembled once or twice at my continued silence.

“I don’t see any problem with that, Bernie my boy,” I said to him with a warm smile. I was pleased that Bernie had found the courage to tell me what his ultimate limits were. I could, of course, have circumvented Bernie’s limits, but I wasn’t likely to ever do something along those lines. “Is there anything else you would like to say to me now?” I prompted him.

“Nothing more, master, other than to say that I am extremely happy with tonight’s events. Is there anything more that I may do for you?” Bernie asked the question with a wistful tone, as if he were trying to make up for his declaration earlier.

“Stand up and clean yourself up, Bernie. Then be a good boy and put that used towel in the dirty clothes hamper in my bedroom,” I instructed him.

“Right away, master!” Bernie replied as he wiped himself clean and placed the towel on the right side of his body. He reached down and tucked his now thoroughly deflated cock back into his boxers and zipped his fly closed. Bernie carefully climbed down off of the dinning room table and snatching up the used bathroom towel, he headed off to my bedroom.

As I stood there waiting for Bernie to return, I wondered what I should have him do next. Coherent thinking was a tad bit difficult, as I watched that butt if his motion while he walked way from me. It wasn’t only his backside that had a clamp on my attention, it was the way that his big wallet was nestled in the right back pocket of his pants that that drew my attention to him. I was still standing there staring at where Bernie’s butt had been when he emerged from my bedroom a few minutes later and walked towards me.

“Done, master,” he stated simply as he stood there in front of me, awaiting further orders.

I looked at Bernie standing there in front of me, ready and willing to do nearly anything that I wanted. I thought about having him drop his pants and his boxers. I thought about having him give me a blow job. I even thought about having anal sex with Bernie. I pushed those thoughts out of my mind, though. As tempting as it was, there was something stronger, more powerful that steered me away from that temptation. When I saw Bernie standing there I was reminded why Bernie was here in the first place. It was because of Andy, and thinking of Andy made everything crystal clear. I recalled the promise that I’d made to Andy those many months ago. The promise that I had so far managed to keep. I remembered all the promises and words that Andy had spoken to me, and how he had kept his word. How could I do any less? Then I recalled how Andy looked when Bernie had sneaked me in to see Andy that night in the hospital. I remembered the love, concern and devotion on Andy’s face when I’d held his hand and told him I loved him. It wasn’t worth it. Breaking my promise, my word, to Andy wasn’t worth it. When Andy found out, and I knew that he would eventually, I would lose him. I’d almost lost him once, and it had nearly crushed me. I couldn’t take a chance like that now. It simply wasn’t worth it.

So sex with Bernie was out of the question, as was any direct touching of the private areas of his body, at least when his clothes were off. As long as Bernie kept his pants on, I could play with him. My promise to Andy allowed for that at least. So, I would make the best of the situation. I could still have a little fun with Bernie and keep my promise to Andy.

“Good boy, Bernie,” I said to him. Bernie’s eyes lit and he grinned happily at hearing my praise. “How about making me a cup of coffee and bringing it to me in the living room?” I asked him.

“Yes, master! Right away, master!” Bernie exclaimed looking a bit starry-eyed. “Might I ask how you take your coffee?” he inquired politely.

“One teaspoon of sugar and milk, please,” I answered him.

“Thank you, master. Coming right up!” Bernie called out to me as he executed a snappy about face and headed off to the kitchen.

“One other thing, boy,” I called out to him before he’d taken more than a step or two.

“Yes, master?” He answered immediately, stopping dead in his tracks and turning about to look at me.

“Remove your vest and hang it up on one of the dinning room chairs, first,” I told him.

“Of course, master,” he responded. Bernie happened to be standing beside one of the dinning room chairs so it was a simple matter for him to slip off his suit vest and hang it on the back of the chair. Bernie continued his interrupted trip to the kitchen.

I meandered my way to the swivel rocking chair in the living room, wondering what else I should have Bernie do for me this afternoon. Other than the request for coffee, which I really didn’t want in the first place, I was fresh out of ideas. Well, maybe if I sat there and sipped my coffee, something would come to me. I looked about the room, letting my eyes wander this way and that, hoping that something would inspire me. I directed an occasional glance in the direction of the kitchen, so as to monitor Bernie’s approach with my cup of coffee.

I happened to be gazing in the direction of the kitchen and so I saw Bernie as he entered the dining room when he exited the kitchen. He was carrying the cup of coffee (on a saucer), in his right hand as he walked towards me. He walked confidently and easily as he carried the cup of coffee towards me, unconcerned about spilling the cup of coffee. He did present a very nice picture as a butler, or servant, even if he wasn’t wearing all of his suit.

“Here you go, master,” he stated as he carefully placed the cup of coffee resting on its accompanying saucer, on the coffee table in front of me. “I hope it is to your liking.”

“It’s fine, Bernie,” I said to him after I took a very small sip of coffee from the cup. I eyed him over the rim of the coffee cup as I sipped the steaming hot liquid. Bernie stood there just in front of me with his hands in the front pockets of his pants as he patiently waited for his next series of instructions. He smiled a small smile at me that seemed to say that he was content to stand there all day and all night if need be. He looked like he didn’t have a care in the world, except for wanting to serve me. Even without the jacket and vest of his suit, Bernie still looked good. The powder blue dress shirt was a good match to the sky blue dress pants and plain black leather belt with the gold tongue buckle that encircled his waist. The plain burgundy tie hanging down the front of the dress shirt provided a slight dash of colour and contrast without being loud or showy. I was content, at least for the moment to merely look at Bernie.

“Turn around and touch your toes with your back to me, Bernie,” I said to him. I couldn’t think of anything else for him to do, and I did want to see that nice butt of his.

“Yes, master,” he said quietly as he continued to smile at me. Bernie took his hands out of the front pockets of his suit pants and slowly turned around. When he was sure his back was presented to me, he slowly bent over and reached down to touch his toes with his finger tips. This resulted of course, in the material in the seat of his pants being pulled tightly across his buttocks. (As if I had to tell you that? You should have been able to deduce that by now. I mean, really! Why else would you want to have a hypnotized man bend over and touch his toes, if not to show off his butt?) Yes indeed Bernie had a fine butt. The bulging wallet in his right back pocket enhanced the deliciousness of that backside before me. I carefully placed my cup and saucer on the coffee table in front of me and walked to where Bernie was bent over.

‘You’re my boy toy, aren’t you Bernie?” I asked him as I lightly caressed his backside with my hands.

“Oh yes, master!” Bernie answered eagerly. “You can do whatever you want with me, master!”

I grabbed hold of his buttocks, one with each hand and gave them a big firm squeeze. “You’re my squeeze toy, Bernie,” I stated clearly.

“Yes, master. I am you boy toy, your squeeze toy, your plaything, master,” he agreed and moaned out loud.

“Down on all fours now, boy,” I ordered him.

“Oh thank you, master. The blood was starting to pound in my head, master,” Bernie said as he dropped down on to his hands and knees.

My contact with Bernie’s butt was broken by this action. No matter. I could reestablish contact with Bernie’s behind whenever I wished. It wasn’t like he was going to object after all. Seeing Bernie down on all fours, made me think of playing fetch with him, except that I didn’t want to damage his clothes.

“Bernie, I am going to count from zero to five. At the end of the count you will be wide awake, completely your normal self and you will recall in complete detail everything that has occurred this afternoon. You will awaken feeling refreshed and completely relaxed,” I told him. I wanted to know what he thought about all this, since this is the first time that he had ever, in all the sessions that we had had, referred to me as ‘master’.

“Yes, master. I understand, master,” Bernie assured me as he remained on his hands and knees looking away from me.

“Zero. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Wide awake! Wide awake!” I called out to him as I completed the count.

Bernie’s body jerked once as he came out of his super hypnotic trance, and returned to his normal state of mind. He remained on his hands and knees for a few moments as he got his bearings. Slowly he stood up and dusted off the knees of his pant legs. He turned about slowly as he searched the room. He stopped when he saw me standing there a few paces away from him. A tender and gentle smile blossom on his lips as he walked towards me holding his arms out from his sides. Seconds later Bernie wrapped me in a firm warm hug and laid his head on my right shoulder. After a few moments Bernie let go of me and took a step back from me.

“That was the most incredible session that we’ve ever had, Paul,” he said to me with a slightly glazed look in his eyes. “I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Thank you so much for this.”

“You had a good time, then?” I asked him.

“No. I had a fantastic time, and you darn well know it!” Bernie said with a laugh. “I haven’t cum like that in months. It’s a great way to relieve stress, you know.”

“No complaints, then?” I inquired with a wink and a smile.

“None, whatsoever,” Bernie answered. “You managed to take me deeper than ever before, I think. Certainly this is the first time that I’ve ever called you ‘master’. It was a new experience. Kind of pleasant actually.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, Bernie. I had a good time. You have a really nice ass, you know. I enjoyed fondling it this afternoon,” I told him plainly. “Would you like to go back under for a while longer?” I asked him.

“Yes, but I don’t have the time,” Bernie answered with a touch of regret in his voice, after he looked at his wrist watch. “I have to head off to the hospital. I have just enough time to get home, change and shower, before my shift starts.” Bernie walked over to the dinning room chairs and started putting on his vest and his suit jacket. “I might just as well wear this suit home. I can get changed at home and save a little time.”

I watched him get dressed, marveling at how good he looked in that suit of his. Bernie had the vest on and buttoned up in less than a minute. He slipped on the suit jacket, turned to the dinning room mirror and checked that everything was in place.

“How do I look?” He asked with a smile.

“Great, as always,” I answered him. “In fact you look good enough to hypnotize right now.” I said with a wink of my eye.

“Oh, no, nothing doing. I don’t have any more time to play,” Bernie said with a shake of his head. “No more pickles in cowboy boots for me today.”

“Party pooper,” I said with a pout.

“Sorry about that. Maybe this will make you feel better,” Bernie said as he walked over to stand in front of me. He reached back and drew his wallet out of the right back pocket of his suit pants. He opened his wallet and started thumbing through the various bills inside. He muttered something to himself but I could not make out the words. “There that ought to do it,” he said a few seconds later as he plucked several bills from this wallet and thrust them out towards me.

“Bernie, I can’t take money for your session,” I said to him as I tried to decline the proffered bills.

“Sure you can,” he said surprised at my reaction. “I think your time and the effort you put out this afternoon are worth something. I know I got a lot out of this session, short as it was. I think you should get something out of it too.” Bernie looked at me for a moment before he continued speaking. “You wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings by refusing to let me pay you, would you?”

“Well, when you put it like that I guess I can’t really say ‘no’,” I admitted reluctantly. “Just remember that I never asked for this or even suggested anything along the line of payment for my services, Bernie.”

“Yes, this is completely my idea,” Bernie confirmed. “I don’t think you really understand just how much importance I place on these sessions with you. I thought that paying you might show you just how much I value your time and the effort you are putting out for me. Please, Paul, take the money.”

“Oh, okay,” I said with a trace of hesitation, as I took the bills from Bernie’s outstretched hand. “I suppose I could put it towards a new pair of cowboy boots or something.”

“Great!” Bernie said as he saw me take and pocket the money. “Well, just let me grab my stuff from the spare bedroom and I’ll be off.” Without another word, Bernie turned and headed down the hallway to the spare bedroom. A few minutes later he returned carrying his duffel bag in his left hand. Bernie headed for the front hall closet and retrieved his overcoat. Smiling and waving at me he turned to the front door. “Bye, Paul! Thanks again!” He called out as he opened the front door left my apartment. Moments later he walked through the threshold and pulled the front door closed behind him.

“Good bye, Bernie. You’re welcome,” I said to the now empty and silent room. I stood there staring at the closed front door trying to figure out what it was that I was feeling. I didn’t feel empty or cheap, or used. I felt strangely fulfilled and content. Most super hypnosis sessions left me feeling like I had done something good for the subject, but this was a bit different. I felt as if I had been helped as much as Bernie. For some as of yet undefined reason, I was able to bear the pain of my continued and forced separate from Andy a bit easier now. I’m not sure how Bernie helped with that, but somehow he had.

I suddenly realized that I had not taken a close look a the money that Bernie had given me. Imagine my surprise when I took out the bills and counted them. There were five bills. Five one hundred dollar bills. Slowly I folded the bills and stuffed them back into the front right pocket of my jeans. I sat down and turned my attention to my cup of lukewarm coffee. I didn’t know what I was going to spend the money on, but I would think of something.