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The Coffee Shop IV: Sex, Lies & Duct Tape.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 12. On A Silver Platter.

You never know what fate has in store for you. The best that you can do is to roll with the punches that life sends your way. I had expected to spend a quiet evening alone with Andy. Just the two of us, sitting in front of the fireplace, with a bottle of chilled wine, some cheese and some crackers. (Romantic, no?) It was not to be. As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men. (I know, knock it off with the clichés and get back to the story.)

My cowboy hat was retired to the closet for the evening, as were my cowboy boots. Covering my legs and lower torso was a pair of worn light brown jeans, without any belt in them. These jeans were just a tad on the snug side, so I didn’t need to wear a belt with them. A light brown plaid cowboy shirt, a bit on the loose side was tucked into those jeans. The shirt buttons were done up, except for the shirt collar button. As I sat there on the sofa with my legs stretched out and up on the coffee table, I snuggled up next to Andy. I wasn’t cold, I just wanted to snuggle, which was a good enough reason for both of us. I looked down at my dark brown, sock covered feet, and sighed with contentment. If I had been a cat, I would have purred. (Hey, if YOU had been snuggled up on a sofa with a major league stud muffin like Andy, you’d be content too!)

Andy was wearing an off white loosely fitting long sleeved casual shirt, with a pair of faded dark blue jeans. The jeans were a bit on the snug side, and thus Andy was not wearing a belt in them. A pair of dark green wool socks covered Andy’s feet. Dressed as such, Andy presented a most intriguing sight. One which I was anxious to explore, if you follow me.

I suppose that it was about 7 P.M. when my doorbell rang. I was not expecting guests and frankly I was not at all in the mood to deal with guests. Andy glanced at my face after the first ring of the bell. He could easily read my mood. This was the first evening that we had managed to arrange together since Andy had been discharged from the hospital. I suppose that was why my mood had turned foul when I heard the first ring of the doorbell. The doorbell had wrecked the romantic atmosphere of the evening, an evening that I had been looking forward to for weeks. (Hey, even Andy needed a few weeks to heal and get back to his routine before we got together for a ‘romantic’ evening. Andy’s an RCMP constable, not Superman, after all.)

“I’ll get it, Texas,” he told me as he stood up. “You look like you’re about ready to kill whomever it is that is unlucky enough to be on the other side of that door.” Andy smiled a lopsided grin at me to take any sting out of his words.

I nodded my head in silent agreement, and cast out my mental scanners towards the door. Most of my attention was focused on watching Andy’s beautiful bubble butt in those snug fitting jeans of his, as Andy walked over to the door and peered out the peephole. A small part of my attention was focused on trying to pick up any sense of danger or trouble from the person on the other side of the door. In the past few months I had learned to trust my instincts when it came to my mental powers warning me of trouble. It wasn’t always easy though. I could usually feel those with the gift, who had less than friendly intentions towards me, but only at close range. In order to detect a gifted person from outside of my immediate area, I had to concentrate and project my scanners outward. The more power and effort I put into the projection, the greater my range and sensitivity. I didn’t read gifted people’s thoughts exactly, since their minds were usually shielded in some way. What I picked up was a resonance of my power reacting to the presence of theirs. It is best liken to having two tuning forks each set to vibrate at the same specific frequency. If you place the forks near enough to each other and strike one of them, the other fork with start to vibrate as it resonates to the sound waves produced by the first tuning fork..

Detecting non-gifted (normal) people who had aggressive or hostile intent towards me was much easier, and required much less power and effort on my part. Right now though, I was able to concentrate my scans on one specific area, the area in front of the door. This required much less power and effort to scan, as opposed to a full three hundred and sixty degree half sphere scan, which is what I usually had to deal with. So, I was able to spend most of my attention on Andy’s butt and determine see if the person behind the door might be trouble.

With considerable effort I redirected my attention from Andy’s butt to the front door. I furrowed my brow as I concentrated on the door and tried to pick up any feelings from the person on the other side. I was pleased to discover that there were no feelings of danger, trouble or concern. I relaxed a bit and started to wonder just who would be dropping by for a visit at 7 PM on a Saturday night. All my friends and acquaintances knew enough to call me first before coming over. It was simple common courtesy.

By this time Andy had arrived at the door and looked through the peephole. As he opened the door to talk to the person on the other side, Andy shot me a quick glance of puzzlement and shrugged his shoulders. Clearly Andy did not recognize the person. Andy kept the chain on the door as he talked to the person on the other side. I was too far away to hear the conversation. After a few moments Andy closed the door and locked it. Andy walked back to the living room, waving me to stand up as he approached me.

“You aren’t going to believe this,” Andy said as he began speaking to me. “But there’s a good looking guy out there asking for you by name. He says that he doesn’t have an appointment, but he hopes you’ll make an exception to talk with him. He said to tell you that his name is Cody, and that he’s learned his lesson. Does any of this make sense to you?”

Cody! My mind flashed back to the lesson I had taught Cody and his buddies Justin and Dallas, several months ago when they had intended to beat me up. I had never told Andy the names of any of those cowboys so it wasn’t surprising that Andy didn’t make the connection. I was surprised though that Cody would have contacted me. I would have thought that after my lesson, Cody would not willingly have come within one hundred miles of me. For a brief moment I wondered how it was that Cody even knew my name, as I had never mentioned it to him. I realized that Cody did know my apartment number, and thus it would not be difficult to learn my name. Now my curiosity was aroused. Originally I had planned to ask Andy to get rid of whomever it was that was at the door, but I changed my mind. As I walked back to the door with Andy, I answered his question and quickly filled him in on the details about Cody. Andy was not amused. He insisted on standing behind me while I talked with Cody at the door. I couldn’t help but feel touched at Andy’s protective reaction. I almost felt sorry for Cody, as I knew that Andy’s expression would be something less than friendly.

I walked up to the door, brushing past Andy, and giving his backside a soft pat. Andy grunted a wordless acknowledgment of my brief caress. I opened the door. What I saw left me stunned and speechless.

It was Cody, but it took me a second or two to recognize him. The man standing before me was about six feet tall, and slim, almost skinny. His face was as I remembered it, with deep emerald green eyes, set perfectly in his other wise average and clean shaven face. Wisps of his dark curly black hair peeked out from under the black Stetson hat that he wore on his head. Andy had neglected to mention that Cody was dressed as cowboy, but I guess he didn’t consider it important enough to mention. Either that, or Andy didn’t recognize the two piece charcoal suit that Cody was wearing, as being of a western design. I did though, and that was what surprised me so much. I had never expected to see Cody again, much less see him looking so dapper and handsome wearing a heather charcoal suit with suede yokes on the front (and probably on the back too if I knew my western suit designs), and drop down arrow detailing, on the jacket. The jacket did not have any breast pocket, but it did have two inset flap pockets and was a single breasted two button design. Cody wore the jacket undone, which allowed me to clearly see the white dress shirt that he wore, which might or might not have been of western design. It was difficult to determine that since I could not see if the shirt had western flap pockets or had snap closures. It was a safe bet that it probably was a western shirt though, since anything else would have been out of place. The front of the shirt was blocked by the colourful silk jacquard necktie that Cody was wearing. The tie had what appeared to be horizontal pattern of silhouetted cowboys sitting on a fence. It was an interesting looking tie and it was wide enough to cover the front part of Cody’s shirt. The tie ended just above the bottom of Cody’s belt buckle and covered the entire buckle. I couldn’t really tell what the buckle looked like.

The heather charcoal coloured pants matched the jacket which confirmed that this was in fact a suit. With the jacket hanging open as it was I could clearly see the front of Cody’s pants but I could not make out any details, other than Cody’s fly was probably not open. The front of Cody’s pants were in the shadow cast by Cody’s jacket. From what I could see though, the pants looked to be close fitting. However, that could have been more my imagination and wishful thinking, than what I actually saw. So much was hinted at, and so many details I just could not make out. (Are you getting the impression that I was getting just a bit frustrated with all this? Well, I was.) A quick flick of my eyes down the length of the front of Cody’s pants allowed me to determine that the pants were hemmed but not cuffed. The pants ended above a pair of midnight black cowboy boots polished to a mirror shine.

Cody stood there with his arms hanging limply by his sides, looking natural, relaxed and harmless, as he looked me in the eye. Only the gulp before he spoke betrayed that he was nervous and ill at ease.

“Hello Paul, er Mr. Walton,” Cody said softly.

“What do you want, Cody?” I asked him coming straight to the point. The foulness of my mood had been somewhat mollified by my curiosity, but I was still unwilling to banter words with Cody.

“If you have the time, Mr. Walton, I’d like you to do me again,” Cody answered quietly.

“Do you? What the heck does that mean?” I asked him, puzzled.

“I....I...I want you to milk me again,” Cody answered in a deathly quiet whisper, and then blushed a bright beet red. He broke eye contact with me and gazed at the floor, unable to look at me any longer.

It took me only a second or so to remember the milking episode with Cody. Now I was really mystified. I couldn’t for the life of me imagine that Cody would want to go through that particular exercise again. It hadn’t exactly been an uplifting and wonderful experience for him the first time. (I’d had a lot of fun, it was true, but for Cody the experience wasn’t exactly what I would have thought of as ‘wonderful’.) I thought for a moment that this might be another test by someone else with the gift, except that I wasn’t getting any danger signals from Cody. But then again, I had not scanned his mind. Without asking his permission I reached over and pushed the cowboy hat on Cody’s head up and to the back so as to expose some of Cody’s forehead. Cody raised his head in surprise as he felt me moving his hat on his head. I placed my fingertips on Cody’s forehead and did a quick but deep scan of his mind. (Normally I always ask permission from a person before scanning their mind, but this was a strange enough situation to warrant the waiving of that particular courtesy. Besides this was Cody and I didn’t trust him farther that I could drop kick a moose!)

“Yes, please, put me back in your power,” Cody muttered out loud as soon as he felt my fingers on his forehead.

I ignored his request as I completed my scan. His request and desire were both genuine, it seemed, and there was no indication of any subsurface compulsion or drive for him to come here and ask this request of me. So he was safe, it seemed. I took my hand away from his forehead. Cody opened his eyes and looked at me, his face open and pleading.

“Will you do it Mr. Walton? Please?” He asked me.

“Come inside and we can discuss it, further,” I answered him. “This is not something that should be talked about out in the hallway.”

“Yes, Mr. Walton. Thank you,” Cody said meekly as he walked past me into the front hall. He took one look at Andy, gulped several times and stopped dead in his tracks, with a look of fear pasted on his face. I turned my head to look at Andy. It was difficult for me not to smile at Cody’s reaction. Andy was standing there with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He had a stony and mean look on his face, that could best be likened to an angry female grizzly bear with a very bad case of PMS. If I didn’t know Andy better, I would have gulped in fear too.

“I have only two questions for you Cody,” I said to him. He didn’t respond.

“Hello, Cody? I’m talking to you.” I said a bit louder.

That seemed to do it. Cody wrenched his attention away from Andy and back to me. “I’m sorry, Mr. Walton. You were saying?”

“I was saying that I have only two questions regarding your request,” I said to him. “First, why should I put myself to any effort on your behalf? I don’t exactly consider you one of my friends, you know. Second, why exactly do you want to do this? I find it doubtful in the extreme that you would be willing to undergo such an experience a second time, especially in front of a total stranger.”

“Well, sir,” Cody replied after a few moments thought. “I’d be willing to pay you for your time and effort in granting me my request.”

“That answers the first question. What about the second?” I prompted him after a few minutes of silent.

“The answer to the second question is a bit complicated, Mr. Walton,” Cody said with obvious hesitation. (I was tempted to tell him to just come out and say it, but I held my tongue. I could spare him a few more minutes to allow him to gather his thoughts before he spoke. I wasn’t pressed for time, after all.)

“It’s like this, Mr. Walton,” Cody said as he began his explanation. He paused as he thought for a moment on how to phrase his answer. “That milking session with you didn’t turn me gay or anything. I mean I’m not interested in guys. But it did change me. I’ve found my relationships with women are different now. I find myself feeling more concern over how they feel when we are having sex. I’ve started to wonder how a woman feels when she’s got a cock stuck in her. I thought that maybe you’d help me to find out.”

“You mean you want me to screw your ass?” I asked Cody, some what shocked at his suggestion.

“Not exactly, Mr. Walton,” Cody replied as he placed his right hand in the right outside pocket of his suit jacket. “I’d like you to use this, if you don’t mind. I don’t want to take any unnecessary chances.” With that Cody withdrew his right hand from his jacket pocket. He looked up at me and blushed fiercely as he held his hand palm up and open in front of him. I glanced down and saw laying in his open palm a dildo. It looked to be a bit on the large size, but otherwise a good replica of an average man’s penis.

“I see,” I said as I looked at the dildo and then back at Cody’s face. I was of two minds. Part of me could understand the logic behind Cody’s request to use a dildo. It would be safer than using a condom, as those are known to break on occasion. Consequently, Cody would feel more at ease, and it would be less of a strain on me physically. The other part of me was shocked and a bit concerned at Cody’s request. It didn’t sound normal, and despite his claims, he seemed to be developing an interest in men. Why else would he want a man to do this to him? Perhaps there was more to this than he was yet willing to tell me.

“I’ll tell you what, Cody,” I said to him, as I quickly made up my mind. “You come back here at exactly 7:45 PM and I’ll let you know what my decision is. While you are waiting, you can go and withdraw enough money from your bank account so that your wallet will be nice and big and fat. Now get going.”

“Yes, Mr. Walton,” Cody agreed timidly as he turned about and headed for the front door. “I’ll be back at 7:45 PM sharp, sir.” Cody slipped the dildo back into his suit jacket pocket and grabbed the doorknob of the front door of my apartment. Without another word Cody opened the door and slipped quietly out of my apartment closing the door firmly behind him. Presumably he was headed for the nearest ATM machine that would let him access his bank account.

“Paul, what the heck did you mean by all that?” Andy asked me, baffled by what I had said to Cody. “It’s not like to you string a guy along like this, or to take money for your services. As for this bit about the dildo, that is really off the beam for you. What’s gotten into you tonight?”

“It’s not what you think Andy,” I said as I tried to reassure him. He was right, though. This was out of character for me. “Cody is currently not under my control. I want to know just how serious he is about all this. If he comes back at 7:45 PM, with the money in his wallet, I’ll know that he really means business. I don’t want his money, and even if he offered it to me, I wouldn’t take it. The money is just a test. The delay is also to allow you and I some time to talk about this. It’s your decision too you know.”

“What you mean, by that?” Andy asked.

“If you’re not comfortable about me doing this with Cody, I’ll tell him that I’ve changed my mind,” I said to Andy as I looked over at him and smiled. “By the way that was one heck of a scare you threw into him.”

“Just like that, you’ll say no?” Andy asked me, ignoring my comment about the scare he’d given Cody.

“Yes, just like that,” I assured him. “Cody’s cute, and to be honest with you I wouldn’t mind ‘milking’ him again. However....” I let the sentence trail off.

“However?” Andy asked as he prompted me to continue, one eyebrow raised with curiosity.

“He’s nothing, compared to you, dear heart,” I said to Andy and held out my right hand to him. “I won’t risk what I have with you, what we have with each other, for anyone. It doesn’t matter how good looking, submissive or obedient the guy might be. He’s not you, Andy. I don’t love him. I love you.”

Andy walked over to where I was standing, and took my right hand with his left hand. Carefully he raised my right hand up to the left side of his face, and placed my hand there. He looked into my eyes, and smiled that sexy, soft, sentimental smile of his that I just knew was for me alone. “Texas,” he whispered. With his free right hand he reached out, snagged me about the waist and pulled me to him. (Like, I was going to put up a fight? Not bloody likely!) Andy held me close and planted a firm warm sensuous kiss on my lips.

“My, you do have a way with words, dear heart,” I teased Andy when he broke away from the kiss. Andy smiled back at me but didn’t say anything. “You did throw quite a scare into poor Cody, you know. From the look on his face, I half expected him to pee his pants right then and there.”

“After what he nearly did to you, love, Cody is not my best friend,” Andy said coolly, letting the smile fall from his lips. “I’m not really comfortable with him being here or your having anything to do with him. Yet, at the same time, a part of me wouldn’t mind seeing this cowboy Cody humiliated just a tad.” Andy gazed at me, waiting for me to speak.

“Okay. Well, if it makes you uncomfortable, then I won’t do anything with Cody today or any time in the future,” I said calmly, with a slight trace of disappointment in my voice.

“Just like that?” Andy asked doubtfully.

“Just like that, love,” I assured him. “Since that’s settled, how about a fire in the fireplace?” I asked him.

“Hold on just second,” Andy said as he made a stopping gesture with his right hand.

“What? Did I miss something?” I asked puzzled tilting my head at Andy

“You could say that, yes. I never said ‘no’ exactly. Of course I didn’t say ‘yes’ either,” Andy hedged as he looked at me.

“Andy, what are you trying to say? What’s wrong love?” I asked softly as I clasped his left hand in mine. “You can tell me anything. Don’t you know that?”

“Well.....” Andy started saying and then blushed.

“Go on love....” I prompted him.

“Frankly, the thought of shoving that dildo up Cody’s ass and hearing him scream out as he cums, kind of excites me.” Andy said softly and blushed again. Clearly the idea not only excited him but embarrassed him as well.

“What’s wrong with that?” I asked puzzled by Andy’s embarrassment. “Cody is asking to have this done to him. He searched me out for this. I did not go looking for him.” I reminded Andy.

“True enough. But do you really think we should do this? Do we have the right to abuse Cody like this, even if he is asking for it?” Andy asked as he pressed to the heart of the matter.

“I think that is what I love most about you, dear heart,” I said as I reach up and gave Andy a quick peck on the cheek.

“Say what?” Andy asked with a look of confusion on his face. “You’ve lost me, love.”

“Your strong sense of morals and ethics, Andy. I think that is what I love most about you,” I said as I explained my line of reasoning. “You’ve come right to the point. The question is whether or not it would be ‘right’ of us to do what Cody has asked. You’re wondering if my willingness to go along with Cody’s request might be due to repressed anger and the need or urge to inflict revenge on Cody. That’s what you’re wondering, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I was thinking along those lines. I’m also wondering if maybe my anger at Cody might also account for my sudden desire to want to humiliate Cody. It’s not very RCMP of me, I admit. But I can’t help how I feel, Paul.” Andy paused for a few seconds and I saw a look of anger cross his face momentarily. “I get upset at the thought of someone hurting you, or worse someone getting away with hurting you.”

“I feel the same way too, love. And I love you too, Andy,” I said as I reached up and kissed him full on the mouth.

“We still haven’t found an answer to our ethical dilemma, though,” Andy said after he broke off the sweet kiss.

“Andy, if we have the self awareness to ask these types of questions, and ponder the answers, then I think we have our answer,” I said to him.

“In English , please?” Andy asked not understanding my round about answer.

“Okay. Here’s how I see it, " I answered pausing for a few seconds to gather my thoughts and to catch my breath. (Andy’s kisses have that effect on me. They always leave me breathless. Was I head over heels in love with the man, or what?) “We know what Cody wants. He was fairly specific. As long as we do not deviate from his request, then as I see it there isn’t a moral dilemma. Sex of course, is completely out of the question, but if there is some other type of minor humiliation that you might wish to inflict on Cody, we could ask him beforehand if he would have any objections. If he does, we don’t do it.”

“You mean, talk to him about this sort of thing before you use your powers on him?” Andy asked wanting to be sure he understand exactly what it was that I was proposing.

“Precisely. I often do something along these lines when I’m going to hypnotize a guy who asks me to hypnotize him,” I answered smiling up at Andy.

“What sort of questions do you ask these guys?” Andy asked as his curiosity became aroused.

“I ask them what their particular fantasy might be. If there is anything in particular that they would object to, or which might make them uncomfortable. I always tell them that I am never interested in causing them pain or great discomfort,” I responded still looking into Andy’s eyes. (He does have such beautiful brown eyes, you know.) “I suppose that is one of my limits. I don’t like the idea of hurting a man, accidentally or otherwise, while I am controlling him. I have turned down sessions with some guys because that is where their particular interests lay.”

“I see,” Andy replied in that sexy warm honey smooth tenor voice of his. “I think that is what I love about you the most, Paul.” He said with a warm smile that could have melted an iceberg.

“What is it that you love most about me, dear heart?” I asked him as I basked in the glow of the love that poured out of his eyes.

“Your caring and compassionate heart, Texas,” he answered as he gently cupped my face in his hands. “You might not ever wear the uniform, but you have the heart of a Mountie,” he cooed at me letting his soft warm breath caress my face.

“Thank you, dear heart,” I squeaked as I squeezed the words past the sudden lump in my throat. I blinked my eyes as I fought back the tears that blurred my view of Andy’s handsome and loving face. I understood that Andy had just paid me the ultimate compliment. In his eyes, and his heart and soul, I measured up to his standard, and he was proud of me. I pulled him close to me and buried myself into his chest as I hugged him close with all my strength. He enfolded me in those big strong arms of his and returned my embrace, but gently. We stood like that, holding each other close and not saying a word for about five minutes. Finally I broke away as I realized that there was one loose end that we had to tie up.

“Andy, if you want to be present during Cody’s session, then I’m going to have to make a minor adjustment to Cody’s mind when he returns, " I said to Andy as I looked up at him as he smiled tenderly down at me.

“What are you going to do?” He asked me, quietly.

I could see a shadow of doubt in the back of his eyes. He had some reservations about me using my powers to adjust people. “Cody knows that I’m gay, and he probably suspects that you are gay too. So, I think it best that he not be able to recognize your face, or your voice. I plan to adjust his recent memory of what you look like and what your voice sounds like, so that your face is blurred and your voice sounds like a woman,” I explained to Andy. “During his entire session he won’t be able to see your face or hear what your voice really sounds like. Thus if he ever meets you in person when you’re on duty, he’ll never recognize you. Oh, I also plan to call you Alpha, instead of Andy while Cody is here.”

“Clever. You’re not just another pretty face, Texas,” Andy said with a warm smile, followed by a soft kiss on my right cheek.

“I’m glad you noticed that, dear heart,” I replied. “Now, I take it that I have a ‘green light’ from you to proceed with Cody’s session tonight?”

“Oh, yeah!” Andy confirmed enthusiastically.

“Good. Now how about we sit on the sofa and cuddle while we wait for Cody to come back?” I asked as I took Andy’s right hand in my left hand and started pulling him towards the sofa.

“It’s just one good idea after another with you tonight, isn’t it?” Andy replied with a chuckle.

“Hey what can I say? I’m on a roll!” I answered with a smile as I lead Andy towards the sofa. Moments later we were snuggled up close on the sofa talking about what we might want to do to help Cody with his session. Andy came up with some interesting ideas. I looked forward to discussing them with Cody. We both agreed, though, that we would let Cody decide if any of these ideas would be used during his session.

The door bell rang at precisely 7:45 PM. I disengaged myself from Andy, somewhat reluctantly, and stood up. I walked over to the door and peered through the peephole. As expected it was Cody, standing on the other side, looking a bit nervous and excited. I unlocked the door and opened it.

“Come on in Cody,” I told him. “Make yourself comfortable in the living room.”

Cody walked past me, gulping once as he saw that Andy was waiting for him in the living room. Cody sat in the swivel rocking chair across from Andy. Cody was far from at ease, although I wasn’t sure if it was from the sight of Andy sitting there, or from general nervousness. I stood beside Cody and looked down at him, keeping my expression carefully neutral. I must admit that I enjoyed keeping Cody guessing as to whether or not I was going to grant his request. (Okay, I was ‘toying’ with Cody a bit here. I suppose I wanted a little payback from our first encounter.)

“I have given your request a lot of careful thought, Cody,” I said breaking the silence of the room, as I looked down at Cody. He was looking up at me and meeting my gaze. “I would like to ask you a few questions before I make up my mind, though.”

“Ask away, Mr. Walton,” Cody replied, after a few seconds silence.

“Do you have any objection to having this man,” I said as I pointed to Andy, “stay here and witness your session? He will see everything that happens.”

Cody looked away from me, and looked at Andy for second or two. Cody looked back up at me and gulped once before he answered. “He’s not going to try to hurt me or anything like that is he?” Cody asked nervously. “No offense, but he looks kind of mean, and he doesn’t exactly seem happy to see me here. If you can guarantee that he won’t hurt me or cause me any pain, I suppose he could stay. I...I’m not really comfortable with the idea of him staying, but if that is the only way I can get a session with you., then I guess he can stay.” Cody let out a soft sigh as he resigned himself to the situation.

I blinked in surprise at Cody’s answer. I had not realized that Andy’s presence made Cody that uncomfortable. “Cody, I am sorry but if this man’s presence makes you that uncomfortable then your session will have to be put off for some other time. I know I have nothing to fear from you. I know that I can control you completely. I don’t need this man to protect me. Since having him around is so upsetting to you, then we will have to make other arrangements. So perhaps you’d better leave now.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s that,” Cody said softly as he looked up me, the disappointment clear on his face. He stood up and I saw a flash of anger in his eyes as he began speaking again. “You’re wrong about one thing though. You don’t control me completely. I came here hoping that you were still that kind understanding man I’d met that other time, but I see I was wrong. You don’t really care about the guys that you use. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You fags are all alike. I hope the two of you have a nice evening.”

With that Cody turned and headed towards the front door. I glanced back at Andy. He had stood up and was about to launch himself at Cody. Not out of anger, but to keep Cody from leaving. Andy’s face showed the concern and worry that he felt regarding Cody leaving and still being able to identify Andy. I held up my hand in a gesture to stop Andy. As he complied, I smiled and called out clearly “COWBOY UP, CODY!”

I turned my head about to took in the direction of the front door. As expected Cody was standing a few feet from the front door with his head hung down so that his chin was resting on his chest. Cody’s arms hung loosely by his sides, and he was swaying very slightly as he stood there.

“Cody, come here and stand in front of me,” I ordered him. Fortunately, the controls that I had implanted in Cody’s mind months ago remained. My control of Cody was total when I put him back into his super hypnosis trance.

“Yes, boss,” Cody replied. He raised his head and turned about. He walked over to where I was and stood in front of me with a smile on his face, happy as a lark.

“Cody, from this point on, you will answer all questions honesty. You will not lie to me. You will tell me the truth. How do you feel right now? Why did you make that little speech and try to storm out of here?” I asked him. I suspected that it was all a plot by Cody to trick me into hypnotizing him again.

“I feel really good, boss. I’m really happy to be back in your power again, boss,” Cody said with a grin. “As for the speech, it was a trick, boss. I figured that if I openly disputed that you controlled me, you’d get annoyed enough with me so that you’d want to prove to me that I was wrong. So you’d put me back into hypnosis. It worked, boss. I’m back here in your power where I wanted to be.”

Andy looked at Cody with an expression of surprise which gradually melted into understanding. Andy realized now, that Cody was a tricky man, and that you couldn’t take what he said at face value. Only when he was super hypnotized could Cody be trusted.

“What about your objection to this man being here during your session, Cody?” I asked him, wondering if that was the truth or not.

“Boss, I lied about that,” Cody said softly, and the smile left his face. “I used him as an excuse to get upset with you so that you’d put me back under. I” The words trailed off as Cody avoided answering my question.

“Cody, you know that you have nothing to fear from me,” I assured him in my most soothing tones. “I was very angry with you and your buddies the first time we crossed paths and despite the temptation I didn’t hurt you then. So why would I hurt you now? Please answer my question.”

“I guess you’re right, boss. I...well...I wouldn’t mind if he stayed,” Cody answered with hesitation. Cody dropped his gaze and looked at the floor. I saw a slight flush creep across his face.

“Come clean, Cody,” I prompted him. I sighed quietly in exasperation. Sometimes getting an answer from Cody was like pulling teeth, a long drawn out and sometimes painful procedure. “You know that you’ll feel better and go even deeper when you do so,” I added knowing that this was the type of push that Cody needed.

“I got kind of excited thinking about getting screwed in front of a stranger, especially a strange gay man,” Cody answered softly as the flush crept across his face again. “Being on display in front of a stranger and audience is kind of exciting, boss. I thought you would send me away if I said that I didn’t object, so I decided to object. It’’s kind of confusing, boss. A part of me is very turned on by the idea of well, performing in front of an audience, and another part of me is embarrassed as hell at the idea, boss.”

“Cody look at me please,” I instructed him. Cody raised his head slowly and looked me in the eye. He gulped nervously. “Who says this man is gay, Cody?” I asked him as I placed the fingertips of my right hand on his forehead. “Deeper now, Cody. Deeper and deeper into my power. Total surrender and total obedience to any command I give you.” Of course I scanned Cody’s mind and much deeper than ever before. I was reassured at what I found. There were no indications of any other controls implanted in his mind, and my original controls were working normally. I checked them carefully to see if they might have been tampered with, but I couldn’t find any evidence to that effect. I didn’t really trust Cody. He had already shown that he could and would try to trick me to get something that he wanted. Doing a scan of his mind, to insure that my controls were still in place and functioning seemed a sensible precaution.

Cody’s only response while I took him deeper and deeper into his hypnotic trance was several sighs of delight and general lessening of the tension in his face and shoulders, and an almost inaudible ‘yes boss’.

“Cody, for the remainder of this evening, you are no longer able to clearly see the face of the other man in this apartment. His face remains blurred and indistinct to you. Even your memories of seeing this man earlier this evening are now blurred and indistinct. When this man speaks, you will hear his voice as that of a young woman. This will not upset or concern you. When you know and understand this, let me know,” I said to Cody in a clear voice that rang with authority.

“Yes, boss. I understand. Is this man gay too?” Cody asked as he stood there in front of me with his eyes closed and a slightly dreamy expression on his face.

Cody’s basic personally was unchanged by my control of him, so his persistence in wanting to know if Andy was gay was unaffected. For some reason, determining this fact was important to Cody.

“I will let Alpha answer that question, Cody,” I told him.

“Who’s alpha, boss?” Cody asked in a puzzled tone.

“That is this man’s name, Cody, and that is how you will address him,” I instructed Cody.

“It’s not his name, boss, but that is how I will address him,” Cody responded.

It was perfectly in character for Cody. He never gave an inch. “Zero. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Wide awake! Wide awake!” I barked at Cody.

Cody blinked his eyes open and looked at me, with a look of complete bewilderment replacing the happy expression that he had just been wearing. “Hello, boss, er Mr. Walton. Why did you bring me out of hypnosis?” He asked.

“Come and sit down and the three of us will talk about it, Cody,” I told him as I turned and headed back to the sofa A confused and curious Cody followed me. Cody took his place in the swivel rocking chair, while I sat down on the sofa next to Andy. The three of us sat there not saying a word for about a minute or so.

“Aren’t you going to put me back under and uhm do as I asked, Mr. Walton?” Cody asked shattering the uncomfortable silence that had enveloped the room. He looked over at Andy, and blinked several times, as he rubbed his eyes with his finger tips. He kept looking at Andy, looking over at me and then looking at Andy again.

“In a moment or two,” I answered him. “Something wrong, Cody?” I asked him.

“It’s kind of weird. I can see your face clearly, Mr. Walton, but not this other guy. Alpha’s face is kind of blurry whenever I look at him. Oh, I know why I can’t see his face clearly, but it still takes some getting used to,” Cody answered, with a slightly puzzled look on his face.

“I think Alpha has something he wants to ask you, before I take you back into your trance, Cody,” I informed him.

“Paul is correct, cowboy,” Andy said coolly. “I will answer your question as to my sexual orientation, if you will answer a question of mine.”

“Seems fair,” Cody responded softly. “Ask away.”

“How do you feel about being tied up and gagged, while you are hypnotized?” Andy asked him bluntly.

“You’’d really do that to me?” Cody asked in a quivering voice as his body began to tremble. I began to wonder if this might be too much for Cody, from the way he was beginning to shake.

“Yes, I’ll do that to you, and I promise to be gentle about it. I won’t hurt you,” Andy promised him. Andy kept his voice cool and calm, not betraying the excitement he felt at the idea he was proposing.

Cody launched himself out of his chair. He stood up and looked down at Andy with eyes as wide as saucers. “I don’t believe this!” He cried out. “You want to strip me down and tie me up?” He asked as the fear blossomed on his face.

“Not exactly. I would tie you up, and then Paul here would milk you. He would get you turned on and acquiesce to your request regarding that dildo you’re carrying in your suit jacket pocket,” Andy stated calmly, with only a light tremor of excitement in his voice.

“Oh. But what about my pants?” Cody asked as he started to calm down. “I don’t want you to rip them or ruin them. This is my best suit after all.”

“I’m sure I could manage to pull your pants down at the proper time. With a few commands from Paul, I’m sure the proper position could be established to insure that you do not ruin any of your clothes, while at the same time insuring that you suffer a little bit of extra humiliation. I would enjoy seeing you tied up, gagged and helpless, Cody,” Andy admitted softy with a small smile. It wasn’t an evil smile or a mean smile, but rather a pleasant almost joyful smile.

“You’re gay and your Paul’s lover, aren’t you?” Cody asked as he put two and two together. “Paul told you about our first encounter and you want get even with me, right?” Cody posed the question standing there in front of us, looking down at us. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and smiled a knowing smile at us. Whatever fear he had been feeling seemed to have been washed away by his deduction.

“You’re correct, on all counts, cowboy. Now how about answering my question?” Andy asked him, as Andy stood up and locked eyes with Cody.

“At last a fag that I can understand. Let me think about this for a second,” Cody said as he met Andy’s gaze for a few seconds. Cody closed his eyes and pursed his lips thoughtfully.

I was starting to feel invisible. These two men were discussing Cody’s future session with me as if I were not even in the room. I held my tongue in check, which wasn’t made any easier by Cody’s fag remark. I looked from Andy to Cody and back again. It was an entertaining little drama that was playing out in front of me.

“I supposed it would be okay, except that I didn’t bring any rope with me,” Cody said after a few minutes silence. Cody looked over at me, locking his eyes on mine. “I always wondered what it would feel like to be made helpless by someone,” he muttered softly as his face gradually reddened. Cody licked his lips, as excitement crept over his face. Another tremor passed through his body. This time, though, I recognized it for was it was, a tremor of excitement, not fear. It seemed that Andy had struck a cord with his idea about tying Cody up.

“We can make due with some cord from the kitchen,” I responded to Cody’s remarks.

“You’d have to use a lot of it to tie me securely. I’m a lot stronger than I look,” Cody said doubtfully.

“I think a few hypnotic suggestions will take care of that, Cody,” I assured him. ‘Ready to start?” I asked.

“Oh, I suppose so, but the cord isn’t going to work,” Cody said as he kept his arms crossed in front of his chest and looked down at me. He almost sneered at me, as if he were challenging me to take control of him again. Another tremor ran through his body. I didn’t need to have a degree in psychology to know that Cody earnestly wanted to me to put him back into his hypnotic trance. He just didn’t want to come right out and ask me. Maybe he was tired of asking me, since he’d already done that twice tonight. Perhaps he felt he’d swallowed enough of his pride for the evening. Whatever the reason, Cody was daring me to prove to him, yet again, that I did have control over him.

“Cowboy up, Cody,” I said clearly. (After all, I didn’t want to disappoint him, now did I?)

Cody’s eyes fluttered closed and his head slumped down to his chest as he reacted to the post hypnotic trigger and slipped back into his trance. He took a few deep breaths as he stood there swaying slightly. His cowboy had was still pushed back on his head, I noticed.

“Straighten your cowboy hat, Cody, and go even deeper,” I instructed him.

“Yes, boss,” he muttered softly. Cody unlaced his arms from in front of his chest. He reached up and settled his cowboy hat on his head so that the hat was sitting properly. His task completed, Cody let his hands and arms drop down to hang limply at his sides. His eyes were still closed, but his face was graced with a small shy smile. Clearly he was enjoying himself once again.

I looked over at Andy and winked conspiratorially at him. “Shall we get started, Alpha?” I asked him.

Andy remained silent as he waved me over to where he was standing. I walked over to him, wondering what was the matter now.

“Paul, don’t you find this all just a little bit strange?” he whispered to me.

“No, not really,” I whispered back. “What do you find strange about this?” I whispered the question to him.

“Come on Paul,” Andy whispered shooting a look of slight annoyance at me. “Cody’s playing games. First he comes over here asking you to put him under. Then when you agree, he claims that you really don’t control him. A few minutes later, when he’s out of hypnosis he claims to be scared about getting tied up, and a few minutes later he admits that he would enjoy being tied up. He’s flipping back and forth like a seesaw.”

“I suppose he is,” I said in hushed tones. “That’s just the way it is with Cody. Hypnotized he is completely obedient and submissive. He’s very happy being controlled in hypnosis. In his normal state of mind, his personality reasserts itself and he is a arrogant cowboy who has to feel that he is in control of the situation. I’ve seen subjects like him before. Cody’s a bit of an extreme case, I admit, but we have nothing to worry about, Alpha.”

“Okay. If you say so. But I still don’t trust Cody,” Andy said as he clung to his doubts.

“I don’t trust Cody, either. Not even when he’s in this controlled state. I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on him,” I said to Andy as I attempted to reassure him. “Oh, that reminds me...” I said as a thought popped into my mind. I turned away from Andy and walked over to Cody. “Zero. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Wide Awake! Wide Awake!” I said to him in a clear and commanding tone of voice.

Cody’s eyes popped open, and the smile left his face as he returned to his normal state of mind. He looked at me, standing only a few feet away from him, and as he stared at me, his face slowly took on a look of complete puzzlement. He gulped once or twice as he swung his gaze over at Andy, and then swung his gaze back on me. “Uhm....did I do something wrong, Mr. Walton?” He asked quizzically. “Why did you take me back out?”

“I forgot something, Cody. I forgot to check and see if you followed ALL my instructions,” I hinted at him. Cody wasn’t a stupid man. I was sure that he would figure out to what it was that I was referring. Then again, I had completely forgotten about it myself, so it would not surprise me if I’d have to drop another hint or two before he would be able to put two and two together.

“Your instructions?” Cody asked dumbfounded.

“Wallet,” I said dropping a not so subtle hint.

“Oh, right. Uh...okay,” Cody said with a sudden lack of enthusiasm. Cody reached back with his right hand and fished his wallet out of his right hip pocket. I was mildly surprised to see a plain black tri-fold wallet grasped firmly in his right hand. The last time I had seen Cody he had been carrying an oversized brown wallet in the right hip pocket of those wonderfully tight jeans of his, and that wallet had stuck out an inch or so from the top if that hip pocket. Yet here was Cody with a different wallet, a black tri-fold wallet in his hands. Unusual, to say the least. Cody looked at me with a sad expression on his face as he unfolded the tri-fold wallet and opened it, showing me the contents of the bill compartment. I looked down and saw that contrary to my expectations, there were only a few limp bills residing in the compartment. Cody plucked the bills from his wallet with his left hand. Cody flipped his wallet closed and returned it to his right hip pocket. Cody gulped and spread out the bills in his right hand so I could clearly see them as he held them out to me. Two twenty dollar bills, one ten dollar bill and two five dollar bills were all that were there. “I’m sorry, Mr. Walton, but that’s all I have. I...I couldn’t get any money from an ATM. This is all I have. Cowboys don’t make much money, you know.” Cody offered in explanation. “It’s not enough is it?” He asked, the disappointment clear in his voice.

“No, it’s not enough,” I confirmed. Cody looked crestfallen, like a little boy who’s just had his favorite toy taken away from him. “But that doesn’t matter. I didn’t want your money anyway. Now put your money away, Cody,” I told him with a half smile on my face.

The surprised look on Cody’s face melted into an expression of relief as he retrieved his wallet from his right hip pocket. He looked down at his hands as he opened his wallet in preparation to stuffing the bills back into his wallet.

“I should warn you Cody, that this one time when you put your wallet back you will go back into your hypnotic trance. You see, you may no longer be in hypnosis right now, but you are still very suggestible,” I said to him with a grin.

“Really?” Cody asked as he looked up at me, his hands frozen in the action of opening his wallet.

“Really,” I assured him.

Cody looked at me and blinked several times. He looked down and continued with the task of opening his wallet. “I kind of hope you’re correct, Mr. Walton, but I can’t help but have my doubts,” Cody said as he finished opening his wallet. He stuffed the bills into his wallet and folded his wallet closed. He placed the wallet in his right hand and got ready to slip his wallet back into his right hip pocket, then he paused and looked up at me. “I am relieved that I don’t have to pay you for this session, Mr. Walton,” Cody commented as he looked at me and grinned. He moved his right hand back towards his right hip pocket and smoothly inserted his wallet back into his right hip pocket. He fiddled with the back pocket for some strange reason for a few seconds. He kept his eyes locked on mine as he let his right hand and arm return to rest hanging by his right side. “I guess you’re going to have to find anoth....” He began speaking but his words were cut in mid syllable as his eyes closed quickly and his head slumped down so his chin was resting on his chest.

I looked at Cody standing there, swaying ever so slightly as he stood there back in his super hypnotic trance. I couldn’t help but smile with glee at the sight of him. I do so love it when a subject reacts well to a verbal suggestion to go back into his trance. “Going down deeper and deeper with each word that I utter and with each breath you take,” I instructed Cody. “For the deeper you go, the better you feel and the better you feel, the deeper you go. Knowing that every time you carry out any instructions or commands that I give you, you will go deeper and deeper, becoming more relaxed more comfortable and more carefree. For you know and accept that right now, you can do nothing but obey me. It is all that you want and wish to do, for the rest of this session.”

“Yes, boss,” Cody said softly, nodding his head slightly in agreement.

“Going down ever deeper my good little cowboy,” I encouraged him. “When you feel yourself completely at my mercy you will raise your head open your eyes and smile at me. You’ll feel so good, knowing that you are completely at my mercy, that you wont’ be able to help smiling. In fact the harder you try not to smile the bigger your smile will become. As you stand there smiling at me you will be able to tell me whatever it is that you most want me to do to you, or that you wish to do for me.” I never tired of saying things like that to willing and cooperative subjects. I guessed it was because I always got a thrill out of saying that and hearing the positive reactions from my subjects. (Yes, it was also a bit of power trip, too.)

Slowly Cody raised his head up and opened his eyes. He smiled at me warmly, as if he had encountered an old and trusted friend. “You are the trail boss. I’m a good little cowboy, and good little cowboys always obey the trail boss,” he declared calmly as if he were discussing the weather. Cody’s smile grew into a grin as he stood there staring at me for a few more seconds. He sighed softly once or twice as he grinned at me like some star struck idiot. (Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed that sight too. I smiled back at him as I waited for him to continue speaking.) “I want you to milk me, boss. I want you to take that dildo I brought with me and shove it up my ass.” (Crude, but to the point.) Cody actually blushed just a tiny little bit as he spoke. He gulped once and continued speaking. “ can even tie me up and gag me first if you want to boss....” He let the words trail off. I could have sworn I saw a small glint in his eyes as he spoke.

“Cody, in one of the drawers in the kitchen you will find a big spool of cord. Now be a good little cowboy and go fetch it for me,” I ordered him while trying my best to keep a patronizing tone out of my voice.

“Yes boss. Right away,” He exclaimed happily as he turned about and trotted off to the kitchen.

“Alpha, come and help me clear off the dining room table, would you please?” I asked Andy as I turned and addressed him.

“Okay,” Andy agreed as he walked over and headed to the dinning room table. As we got to work clearing off the few books that were on the table Andy addressed me. “So who gets to tie up Cody when he comes back?”

“Why you do, silly,” I said to him with a smile. “It was your idea after all. I’ll have my own fun with Cody, rest assured.”

“That is the least of my worries, Paul,” Andy said with a smirk. “Do you think you could get Cody to respond to me, instead of to you, while I’m tying him up? It’s going to be kind of awkward to keep having to ask you to tell Cody to do what I want.”

“Not a problem, Alpha,” I answered with a smirk of my own. I was pleased that Andy was beginning to enjoy what was about to happen to Cody.

Just then Cody appeared from out of the kitchen with the spool of cord in hand. He made his way over to me and held out the spool of cord to me. “Here you go, boss, just like you asked. I’m sorry took so long, but you didn’t say which drawer the spool was in.”

“You’ve done well, Cody,” I responded with a smile. “Now I want you to hand the spool of cord over to Alpha. The moment that you do so, you will find yourself obeying every instruction that he gives you, no matter what the instruction might be. However, my instructions will always override Alpha’s. Is that clear?” I asked him.

“Yes, boss. I understand completely,” Cody answered smiling at me as he turned and walked over to where Andy was standing. There were several good reasons as to why I made sure that my orders to Cody would override Andy’s. First and foremost was to insure that Cody was not put in the situation where he had to try and obey two conflicting sets of instructions. The second was so that Cody would still feel safe, since he would know that I could always rescue him from any instructions that Andy (or Alpha as Cody knew him) might give him. I found to my surprise that I didn’t like the idea of giving up control of one of my subjects to someone else, even if that someone was Andy. It made me feel uncomfortable, for some reason. I decided to think about that later. Right now there were more pressing and interesting matters to deal with.

“Your cord, sir,” Cody said as he handed over the spool of cord to Andy. Cody stood there smiling at Andy, calmly awaiting Andy’s first command to him. I guessed that while Cody still considered me to be his ‘trail boss’, he had decided to show Andy some respect by addressing him as ‘sir’. It seemed to make perfect sense to me, so I kept my comments to myself. (See, I am learning when to keep my big mouth shut.) I looked over at Andy as he stood there taking the spool of cord from Cody, and thought what a handsome pair of men they made. Yes, tonight was turning out to be very special indeed.

“Carefully climb up onto the dinning room table, like a good little cowboy,” Andy directed Cody, with a grin.

“Yes sir,” Cody responded as he began climbing up onto the dinning room table.

I mentally cursed myself for not moving into a better position, before Andy started. I couldn’t see much if anything of Cody’s backside. All I could see was three quarters of his front, and most of Andy’s back. Come to think of it, what the hell was I complaining about? Andy’s backside was and would always continue to be, a sight to behold. Cody was a one night stand, if you will pardon the expression. Andy was for life. I was shaken out of my internal debate by the smooth fluid motion of Cody climbing up onto the dinning room table.

Cody placed both of his hands flat on the top of the table, slightly to the right of the center of his body, and braced his arms stiffly from wrists to shoulders. Cody leaned forward so that most of his body weight was supported by his arms and pulled his right leg upward, while at the same time bending his right leg at the knee effectively folding his right leg beneath his torso. Easily he placed his right leg onto the top of the table sliding his leg so that it was beside his right arm. Cody stood there on his left leg, with his right leg folded on top of the table for a heartbeat or two. I licked my lips in both excitement and frustration. I knew that at this precise moment the right side of Cody’s suit pants would be pulled extra tight across his buttocks, and with his wallet in that right back pocket his ass would be a magnificent sight. Unfortunately, that sight was denied me because Cody was facing towards me, and because the tails of his suit jacket would be hanging down hiding that picturesque scene like a curtain before the start of a theater performance. “There’s no point lamenting about it,” I thought to myself. “You can always have Cody get into that position again after Andy’s finished with him, so stand back, enjoy the show, and don’t spoil Andy’s fun.” The magic moment, as I liked to think of it, passed all too quickly. Cody leaned forward and down slightly as he balanced all his weight on his two hands and his right leg. Quickly Cody pulled his left leg up and bent it, folding it at the knee. He pulled his left leg up off of the floor while bending it at the knee. He placed his left leg so that it was between his right and left hands as he tucked his left leg under his body. Cody leaned forward even more, lowering his head towards the surface of the table as he shifted his weight even further forward. With most of his weight now supported by his legs, Cody raised his right hand off the table and placed his right hand back on the table about a foot in front of his body. Cody swung his body forward pivoting on his hips and his right shoulder, while at the same time picking his left hand up off of the table and placing his left hand down near to where his right hand was. In much less time that it took to describe it, Cody had moved from a semi-crouched position on the top of the table into a more open position on his hands and knees. Think of a guy getting down on all fours, on his hands and knees and you will have a good idea of the position Cody had just achieved. The difference though, is that he was on his hands and knees on the top of the dinning room table, and he had a huge grin on his face and an unmistakable twinkle in his eyes.

Cody crawled about on his hands and knees for a little bit longer as he positioned himself as near to the center of the table as he could. “Done, sir,” he said as he stood there on his hand and knees, looking at Andy expectantly. Cody reminded me of a happy obedient dog on all fours waiting for his master to command him. I suppose, all things considered, that was a pretty good analogy.

“Sit down on the table with your legs straight out in front of you, cowboy. Oh, and lean back slightly so your body is supported by placing your arms beside and slightly behind you,” Andy ordered Cody. Andy remained standing where he was as he waited for Cody to comply.

“Yes, sir,” Cody responded with a tone of excitement in his voice. Cody lowered his backside to the surface of the table and swung his legs out in front of him, unfolding his legs in the process. In only a few moments Cody was sitting on the table his backside pressed down firmly on the table top. His long lovely legs (well to me they were long and lovely legs, but only because they were concealed beneath a pair of dress pants), stretched out in front of him His legs were slightly spread apart. Cody was sitting up and leaning back slightly. His arms were stretched out behind his body just a tad, with the palms of his hands flat on the table top. Just as he hand been instructed, he was supporting the weight of his body with his arms. I walked closer to the table and over to the end of the table where Cody’s cowboy boot clad feet were. I turned about and looked at Cody.

He was sitting there grinning like an idiot. His jacket was hanging down and spread apart slightly. This was caused by the way his arms were positions beside and slightly in back of his body. This exposed more of Cody’s white dress shirt as well as the front of his dress pants and his crotch. Cody’s white dress shirt was indeed a western style dress shirt I realized, when I saw the flaps of two western style pockets on either side of the tie that hung down from the collar of the dress shirt. I directed my eyes downward following the tie until I reached the pointed end. The tie lay limply on Cody’s chest and hung down the front of his dress pants, slightly off to his left side. I could partly see the big shiny cowboy belt buckle that was centered on the front of Cody’s dress pants. The fly of Cody’s pants were pushed up and tented in front of his body, which cut off some of the view of his belt buckle, but not enough to prevent me from deducing what was on the buckle. The buckle had a stylized capital ‘C’ in gold on a plain silver background. The edge of the belt buckle had a gold rope border around it. Cody’s pants were not tented due to excitement but simply due to the face that he was sitting down. (Yes, that was a bit of a disappointment, but I knew I would have ample opportunity to correct that situation a bit later.) I couldn’t really tell what type of front pockets Cody’s pants had, since his jacket was blocking the sides of his pants, but I wasn’t concerned. I knew I’d find out eventually. I dropped my gaze a bit further and noticed that the crotch of Cody’s pants were somewhat snug. No, tight would have been a better word. At least around Cody’s thighs those pants looked tight. There didn’t seem to be much slack in the fabric until Cody’s knees came into view. The crease in the pants was sharp and clear, almost as if the pants has recently been pressed or ironed. I followed the pants down until they ended an inch or so above what would have been Cody’s ankles. What I actually saw though was more of Cody’s black shiny cowboy boots. The shaft of the boots had a simple pattern stitched into them as you might expect. The boots looked fairly new. Only the wear on the soles gave any indication that these boots were well past being broken in. Cody’s legs were rotated slightly so that his boot covered feet were pointing out and away from each other, at roughly a ninety or one hundred degree angle. The boot heels were nearly touching each other. Now I understood the reason for Andy’s specific instructions. I looked over at Andy briefly and smiled at him in thanks. He didn’t’ return the gesture. He had all his attention focused on Cody. Andy approached Cody slowly and calmly.

“Press your legs together Cody, and pull your knees up towards you until your legs are at about a ninety degree angle,” Andy directed Cody. Andy positioned himself so that Cody was directly in front of him, as Cody sat there on the table. From Cody’s perspective, Andy was on Cody’s right side, and standing near Cody’s cowboy boots.

Cody nodded his head as he did as he was told. He looked at Andy and licked his lips, in anticipation of what he hoped was going to take place. Andy unrolled a short length of cord from the spool and placed it on the top of Cody’s right boot, just above where Cody’s ankle would have been had his ankle been visible. Andy waved at me to approach him. “Put your finger here to hold down the cord for a second. Okay, Paul?” He asked me.

“Sure,” I replied as I placed the index finger of my right hand on the cord and pressed down firmly on it.

With the end of the cord firmly anchored by me, Andy placed the spool of cord in his right hand and moved the spool over Cody’s boots and away from Andy, while letting the cord smoothly spill off of the spool. Andy reached under Cody’s boots with his left hand and arm. Andy passed the spool from his right hand to his left hand, and with a firm tug Andy pulled the spool back towards himself, leaving a trail of cord on the underside of Cody’s boots. By repeating these movements Andy proceeded to tie Cody’s boots together and tightly too. After a few passes Andy no longer needed me to hold the end of the cord on Cody’s boots. I lifted my finger from the now secured end of the cord and backed up a step or two.

With me out of the way, Andy was able to quicken his progress at tying up Cody. I stood there slightly flabbergasted as I watched Andy work his way up Cody’s body with the spool of cord. Andy had Cody’s boots lashed securely together in only a few minutes. Andy moved up to Cody’s legs and started to bind them together just below his knees. I wasn’t sure exactly how he was doing it, but Andy was tying up Cody without using any knots in the cord. A few moments later Andy was binding Cody’s thighs at just above his knees. I studied Andy’s face as he continued with his self-imposed task. He was happy. His face was relaxed and he smiled in an easy and carefree manner. I couldn’t see any hint of malice, anger or gloating in his eyes or his facial expression.

“Lean forward and hold out your arms so that both writs are resting on your knees, cowboy,” Andy directed Cody.

Cody nodded his head eagerly as he bent forward as far as he could and whipped his arms around from beside him. Cody stretched his arms out in front of him and placed his wrists on top of his knees. Andy took the spool of cord and quickly and easily began wrapping the cord about Cody’s wrists. This task was make much simpler due to Cody’s wholehearted cooperation. In a few minutes Cody’s wrists were bound together with only one thin strand of cord connecting his bound wrists to his bound thighs. Andy wasn’t finished yet, though. Andy now started to wrap the cord around both Cody’s bound writs and his bound thighs. This not only bound Cody’s wrists to his thighs, but also made it much more difficult, if not impossible for Cody to pull his writs free or to wiggle his way free.

Satisfied that Cody’s wrists were indeed secured to his thighs, Andy then began to bind Cody’s arms together at the elbow. Cody’ winced once or twice when Andy pulled the cord tightly about Cody’s elbows, but Cody didn’t offer any objections or complaints. For a finishing touch Andy looped the cord about Cody’s neck several times before Andy placed the nearly depleted spool of cord on the table beside Cody. There was a line of cord from Cody’s neck to the spool. Andy had not cut the cord once nor tied even one knot, during his fettering of Cody. I was impressed. I couldn’t help but wonder if the cord would hold. It sure looked like Cody was bound hand and foot and while dressed in a suit and tie no less.

“There. All done,” Andy said and bowed to me with a flourish. “I hope Cody doesn’t have any plans to go anywhere for a while.”

“Cody try to move. Try to free yourself,” I said to him.

“Yes, boss,” Cody said as he started to wiggle about. on the table. Cody gritted his teeth as he strained against his bonds. I noticed that the cord about Cody’s neck was pulled a bit tighter as Cody’s struggled. It wasn’t enough to choke him, but it appeared to be uncomfortable. Cody couldn’t move his arms or his hands. As for his feet and legs, he could flex them maybe a fraction of an inch at the knees but that was all. Cody gave up after a few more minutes. He sat back, as much as the restrains would allow him. “I can’t get free boss,” he confessed. He grinned through the sweat that beaded on his brow, and the drop or two that rolled down the side of his face as he turned and looked at Andy. “Thank you, Alpha. You did a really good job.”

“Interesting,” I said as I walked up to Cody and gave this cute, tied up and helpless cowboy, a good look see. “So you’re tied up and helpless are you?” I asked him.

“Oh yes, boss,” he confirmed and a small moan escaped from his lips.

“May I, Alpha?” I asked Andy as I turned and looked at him.

“May you what?” Andy asked me, unsure as to what it was that I asking.

“May I take the opportunity to examine this corralled cowboy of yours?” I said with a smile.

“Of course. That’s why he’s there, Paul,” Andy said smiling back at me.

I turned back towards Cody and slowly walked up to stand as near to him as I could. I was standing beside Cody’s bent over torso, with the right side of Cody’s body directly in front of me. I smiled at him warmly as I savored the sight of him tied up and helpless. My flagpole was at half mast, if you follow my meaning. I was mildly surprised at my reaction to the site of this helpless man in front of me. I suppose I shouldn’t have been though. After all hypnosis is a form of control, and so is tying up a person. Slowly I reached out with my right hand, and traced the line of Cody’s jaw across the right side of his face.

“Mmmm...” Cody muttered.

“All dressed up and fit to be tied,” I said absently.

“Oh yes, boss,” Cody agreed in a soft mutter. He gulped once or twice, and the smile never left his face.

I reached over and ran my right hand down Cody’s right shoulder from his neck to the edge of shoulder of his suit jacket. Cody moaned softly. “Each and every time I touch any part of your body Cody, clothed or not, you experience pleasure, “I told him. (Talk about a redundant statement! Cody was already experiencing that, but it didn’t hurt to reinforce it.)

“Yes boss, yes....” Cody moaned fervently, his eyes taking on a slightly glazed look.

I reached over and placed both of my hands on Cody’s chest, on top of his suit jacket. It wasn’t easy. I had to maneuver my hands and arms down below Cody’s outstretched arms, and then reach up to be able to put my hands on Cody’s chest. I had not anticipated this problem. I did my best to overcome it, though. Without pausing even to catch my breath I began moving my hands around on his chest exploring the surface and texture of his suit jacket. Cody uttered a few soft moans, but was otherwise silent. The material of his suit jacket was smooth and dry, and unremarkable. I guess if you’ve felt one wool blend suit jacket, you’ve felt them all, and I’ve felt quite a few of them in my time. My curiosity got the better of me and I pawed through all the of the pockets of Cody’s suit jacket. The left outside suit jacket pocket ,which I had to stretch just a bit to reach, was empty. The right outside suit jacket pocket contained the dildo that Cody had shown me earlier in the evening. The inside of the jacket was lined, but there were no inside pockets. A minor surprise, but not enough to distract me from continuing my task. My hands were on an exploratory mission, and they were not going to stop now. Not wishing to leave any part of Cody unexplored, I curtailed my desire to explore his western dress shirt, and turned my attention to Cody’s back. Lightly I ran my hands across Cody’s shoulders and let my hands move down the center seam of Cody’s suit jacket, until I encounter the start of the central vent in the back of the jacket. I resisted the strong urge I had to spread the vent open and get a good look at Cody’s panted posterior. I had to admire the way that the suit jacket fitted Cody. It wasn’t tight, but it was close fitting and it seemed to emphasize the sliminess and fitness of his body. (I should look so good in a suit!)

I gave Cody’s back only a cursory examination. There were many more interesting areas of his body that I wanted to explore. I gleefully turned my attention back to Cody’s front. I reached up and cupped his face in my hands. He moaned with delight, and slowly closed his eyes as he surrendered to the pleasure that poured into his brain.. “Deeper and deeper into my power, with each touch of my hands and with each breath that you take, Cody,” I encouraged him. He nodded his head slightly a few times and moaned his agreement. Slowly I let my hands slide down off of Cody’s face, and let them fall onto his chest once again. That is, I tried to do that but my descending outstretched arms were soon blocked by Cody’s arms. I sighed with slight annoyance as the obstacle of Cody’s outstretched arms presented themselves again. I quickly pulled my arms back and then thrust them towards Cody’s chest being sure that my arms were below the level of Cody’s outstretched arms. When my hands finally made contact with Cody’s chest, though, I moved my hands about and pushed Cody’s suit jacket aside to expose as much of his white western dress shirt as I could. There wasn’t anything remarkable about the shirt. It was a simple white cotton western dress shirt, with pearl snap buttons closures down the front and on the two flapped chest pockets. It was smooth soft and warm to the touch, and in case you were wondering, the pockets were empty. At least I couldn’t find any bulges or bumps in them when I ran my nimble and flexible fingers over them again and again. I ran my hands over and under Cody’s tie too. The silk tie was smooth and soft under my fingertips. I sighed with pleasure as I continued with my exploration of Cody.

Cody moaned and sighed softly a few times while I examined as much of Cody’s shirt and tie as I could. I briefly toyed with the idea of undoing that shirt and stroking Cody’s chest but decided not to rush things. Slow and steady was the best way to savor the situation and truly enjoy myself. After a few more minutes I worked my way down to Cody’s belt. Now we were getting into interesting territory. Gently and delicately I let my fingers roam over that big belt buckle of Cody’s and up and down across Cody’s waist, as I let the anticipation build. As I had suspected the suit pants had keystone belt loops, which fit in with the western style of the suit.

“I’m going to search until I find that rock hard cock of yours, Cody,” I breathed softly into his right ear. “And there’s nothing you can do to stop me. When I start to stroke that long hard hot shaft of yours Cody, you won’t be able to stop me. It will feel so good, so sexy, so horny, that you’ll moan and groan out loud with unbridled pleasure.” There was nothing like added to the tension and expectation.

“Yes, boss, please....” Cody whined. “Oh, yes, please....I....I can’t wait.....”

“Yes, that’s my good little cowboy,” I encouraged him, as I let my hands drift down slowly over Cody’s belt and onto the front of his suit pants. There wasn’t much to feel though since Cody was bent over and the front of his pants were scrunched up. Still by moving my hands off to the side and way from the fly of his pants I was able to determine that the pants had western front top pockets, as opposed to the slash side angle pockets you find on most dress pants. As I reached down and began to explore the front of Cody’s pelvic area it was easier to move my hand and arms about. Cody’s arms were well above me and thus no longer presented a significant obstacle. I moved my probing fingers over the front of Codys’ smooth warm dress pants seeking to achieve target acquisition.

“Oh......yes......” Cody hissed loudly as my fingers finally found his stiff and hard cock. It wasn’t any challenge at all, it turned out. With Codys’ pants bunched up due to his being in a bent over position, it effectively forced his cock into the enter of his pants directly below the fly of his pants. As his cock became stiff and hard, it could not help but to jut out from the rest of his body and give Cody a sever case of tented trousers. I closed my eyes in silent delight as I began to let my fingers move up and down the long hard bulge in Cody’s pants that signaled the position of the shaft of Cody’s penis, pressing down on it just hard enough to be certain he would feel my fingers through the fabric of his pants. If Cody’s nearly constant moans and groans of pleasure were any indication, my efforts were having the desired effect.

“What the fuck, boss? Play a tune on my organ, please!” Cody burst out suddenly. I obliged. I let my fingers walk up and down that hard firm flagpole of a cock, increasing the pressure slightly. Cody’s only response aside from a few loud moans, was to wiggle back and forth slightly.

“Just remember that you cannot cum, you cannot shoot your load until I give you permission, Cody,” I reminded him, as my fingers continued to walk up and down the length of that lovely bulge in Cody’s pants. I didn’t want an accident, after all. I certainly did not want Cody to ruin his best suit. Well, not at this particular time, anyway.

“Can’,” Cody moaned out the words between breaths. He had surrendered completely to my gentle caresses, wanting more of them, and we had barely begun. I suspected that his being tied up and feeling so helpless was contributing to his feelings of deep pleasure and surrender. As I slowly explored as much of the front of Cody’s pants as I was able, I couldn’t help but feel some surprise at Cody’s reaction to all this. I would never have suspected that Cody was the type of man who had a hidden need to feel controlled and helpless. He had seemed like such an arrogant and conceited man the first time that I’d met him. He was a cocky and self assured jerk that first time in the restaurant, and now he had been reduced to this. A tied up, straight, submissive and obedient cowboy who thrilled at the touch of a gay man stroking his cock. Will wonders never cease?

Try as I might, there was only so much of Cody’s pants that I could get access to while he was sitting there with his wrists tied to his knees and his legs tied up close together. I did manage to reach down and finger Cody’s crotch. and the very edge of the seat of his pants. Cody hooted with delight at feeling my finger tips exploring his crotch. It was too bad that I couldn’t do more, but I’m not Mr. Fantastic after all. I wasn’t able to stretch my hand and fingers making them thin enough to slip underneath Cody’s butt. So I moved onto to explore Cody’s thighs and the rest of his legs. I must admit that it felt good to run my fingers and hands up and around Cody’s legs and all the way down to his boots. The coils of cord about his legs were a bit of a distraction but I managed to ignore them for the most part. The material of his suit pants was as soft and warm as his suit jacket. It was a very pleasant experience to move about and run my hands over his thighs, knees and lower legs. Cody enjoyed it too. Why else would he have continued to moan while I proceeded with my examination of his body? Cody’s boots were a hard black leather, most likely bull hide to judge from the firmness. I’m not a connoisseur of cowboy boots, but I know what I like. I liked the feel and the texture of Cody’s boots. They appeared to be high quality boots, and they looked very good on him.

“Enough of this, I think,” Andy spoke out suddenly. He walked up to the dinning room table and stood on the side opposite to me. I blinked at him in surprise wondering what the heck was the matter with him. I had been ignoring him for the past quarter of a hour, as I explored Cody’s suited body, but surely Andy had expected my attention to be focused on Cody and not on him.

“No, please? More, please?” Cody whined plaintively, at hearing Andy’s words. Andy reached over the table and firmly grabbed Cody’s left shoulder with both of his powerful hands. One savage tug was all it took for Andy to topple Cody over on to his left side. Cody’s eyes popped open in surprise as he felt himself tipping over to the left. Before Cody could react, Andy had Cody lying down on the table, on his left side. Andy was careful to catch Cody as he toppled over, and to lower him gently to the surface of the table. Cody didn’t so much as bruise an eyelash when Andy had finished placing him so that he was lying on his left side on the top of the table.

“That should make things a bit easier for you, Paul,” Andy said with a mellow chuckle as he looked over at my still puzzled face.

“Thanks, Alpha,” I responded as I let a smile blossom on my face. Andy knew me well, very well.

“Thank...thank you too, Alpha,” Cody grunted at Andy as Cody wiggled about on the table trying to move around. “ did a great job of tying me up. I can’t get free. I can’t even sit back up.”

I moved up next to the table and looked at Cody’s body as it lay on his left side. His suit jacket was slightly pulled up on the right side and the vent in the back of his suit jacket was spread out slightly revealing a tantalizing few inches of Cody’s backside. I gulped once in anticipation, as I thrust my hands eagerly towards Cody’s backside. Andy had presented this little gift to me and it would be rude to refuse it. (I wouldn’t want to be rude to my ‘dear heart’ now would I? Of course not, so I had to take some action, now didn’t I?) I didn’t waste any time moving the back of Cody’s suit jacket aside so that I could get a clear view of his butt. I was not disappointed. Those suit pants looked to be skin tight as they clung to every curve and valley of Cody’s ass. There were two back pockets on those pants and they had flap pockets on them. I ran my hands over Cody’s cheeks to check out those pockets, and also to get a good feeling for Cody’s ass. The left pocket had a button closure and it was done up. It was interesting the way in which the flap seemed to pull slightly at the button. It was probably due to the tightness of Cody’s suit pants, since there wasn’t anything in the left back pocket didn’t contain anything. I ran my hands over Cody’s left buttocks several times to confirm that the left back pocket was empty. I’m nothing, if not thorough. Cody started moaning the moment he felt my hands on his butt. Every now then Cody would softly cry out ‘yes’ and a shudder would run through his body as I continued to paw his behind. I noticed with mild surprise that the right back pocket of Cody’s suit pants did not seem to have any type of button closure. The flap was smooth and did not have a button hole sown into it. It was a little unusual, but in no way distracted from the joy of the moment.

The right back pocket of Cody’s pants wasn’t empty. I knew that without looking or having to put my hand on Cody’s right buttock. I had seen Cody put his wallet in his right back pocket earlier in the evening. It did not distract from the pleasure of seeing his right hip pocket bulging with that tri-fold wallet, though. As you might expect the wallet bulge caused Cody’s suit pants to be pulled even tighter across his right buttock and most especially across his butt crack. I started doing a little heavy breathing of my own right about then.

“Oh, that IS nice,” Andy softly breathed in my right ear. I nearly jumped out of my skin with surprise. I had been so intent on Cody’s butt I hadn’t even noticed that Andy had walked around the dinning room table and was now standing behind me, looking over my shoulder at Cody’s delectable derriere. “I can see why you wanted to work with this guy,” Andy observed. I blushed a bright red, but only heaven knows why. I didn’t turn around to look at Andy, though. I couldn’t bare to look away from Cody’s butt. “It’s okay. That’s why I love you, Texas,” Andy whispered in my ear soothingly as he patted me on the shoulder reassuringly.

Now that I had Andy’s blessing I returned to the task at hand with renewed enthusiasm. I let my hands roam all over Cody’s buttocks. The smooth tight warm material of Cody’s suit pants was an erotic thrill in itself. Add in the fact that Cody was deeply under my control, tied up and helpless, literally, and you had a situation that could only be called euphoric. My cock was rock hard and pushing against my jeans, and I was loving every second of it. I moaned out loud, careless as to who might hear me. I could feel the tip of my cock become wet as the excitement of the situation continued to build.

“So turned on and so helpless, aren’t you, my little cowboy?” I asked Cody as my hands continued to roam over his suit covered backside. I just could not resist reminding Cody that he was mine now, and that I controlled him. It gave me a renewed thrill each time I said something like that to him, and even more so when he acknowledged it.

“Oh God, yes boss!” Cody cried out. He started thrashing about on the table, moaning and grunting all the while. Rather he tried to trash about, but he couldn’t move around much. All that he managed to do was to wiggle his body a bit, most especially his ass. Of course, that could have been his intention all along, since his wiggling of his ass caused my hands to rub against his buttocks with a bit more force. “I’m helpless, boss. I’m at your mercy, boss. I’ll do anything you want, boss. I’m your good little cowboy, boss,” Cody called out once he stopped his undulating. Somehow he had managed to stop moaning and grunting long enough to put a couple of coherent sentences together.

I clamped my hands on Cody’s buttocks, one hand on each buttock and squeezed with all my might. (Like I shouldn’t have done that? Get real! I’m sure you would have just turned around and walked away from an ass like Cody’s.)

“Oh.....My.....GOD!!!!” Cody screamed out as I got a double handful of his ass. He panted as he tried to catch his breath, and wiggled about a bit more. I let up on the pressure of my hands on his buttocks. I wasn’t getting as good a gripe as I wanted. My right hand wasn’t capturing nearly as much of Cody’s ass as my left hand, and I knew the reason why. I let go of his ass and moved my hands towards the right back pocket of his suit pants. “Please boss. Please don’t stop? Please....will you squeeze me again? I’ll do anything you want, if you’ll promise to squeeze my ass like that again. Please, boss? Please, I’ll be a good little cowboy for you boss. Please? " Cody implored me when he felt my hands let go of his buttocks. I ignored his pleas for the moment. It took both of my hand to grab and pull Cody’s wallet from the right back pocket of his pants. This was a drawback of Cody’s tight suit pants that I had not anticipated. It was a bit of a challenge to work that wallet out of the pocket of his pants. I had to push at the bottom of the wallet with one hand while pulling at it with the other hand. It took a couple of minutes of effort to get that wallet out of Cody’s pocket, but I managed to do it. (So much for any possible future as a pickpocket. Fortunately I have other talents.) I put the wallet on the table off to the side a short distance from Cody, where I was sure the wallet would not get in the way. I placed my hands on Cody’s buttocks, took a deep breath and then grabbed a double handful of his ass. This time I got my fair share in each hand.

“OH THANK YOU, BOSS! YES, SQUEEZE ME! GRAB ME!!” Cody cried out with joy. Cody grunted and gasped a few times as I squeezed his buttocks a few more times.

“I took your wallet, Cody,” I informed as I continued to kneed his buttocks with my hands. “I reached into your pants and took your wallet. I don’t think I’ll bother giving it back.”

“Who the fuck cares, boss? I sure as hell don’t!” Cody called out as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through his brain. “I’m already your good little cowboy, boss. If you want my wallet, you can have it. I don’t give a shit.” I couldn’t see Cody’s face, but I could hear the smile in his voice.

A tap on my shoulder prompted me to look up away from Cody’s backside. I turned my head to look at Andy. He was looking a me with one eyebrow raised and a questioning look on his face. Andy moved closer to me. When he was close enough I whispered an answer to his unasked question. “No, I don’t intend to keep Cody’s wallet. I only said that to increase his feeling of helplessness.” Andy nodded his head in silent agreement as relief flooded his face. I returned my attention to Cody and his bodacious butt. I squeezed those two perfect half hemispheres a few more times, luxuriating in the feeling of that man flesh, beneath my fingers, and the grunts, groans and moans that continued to pour out of Cody’s throat. Cody’s butt was remarkably hard and firm, and yet I could still squeeze those butt cheeks. Isn’t nature wonderful?

Acting on a sudden impulse I released my grip on Cody’s right buttocks. I made a fist with my now free right hand and then extended my right index finger. Without a moment’s hesitation I placed my right index finger on the top of the center seam of Cody’s suit pants. I pressed down very firmly as I slowly followed the seam of Cody’s dress pants down in between his buttocks. I pushed and probed with my index finger as far in between Cody’s but cheeks as I could. Due to the tightness of Cody’s suit pants, I wasn’t able to insert my finger very far in between Cody’s buttocks. It was more of a suggestion, a hint, than any actual fingering of his butt. The resistance offered by Cody’s suit pants was exciting, nonetheless. To judge from why way that Cody moaned and grunted when he felt my probing digit trying to slide in between his buttocks, he was turned on by it as well.

“FUCK ME, PLEASE BOSS!! SHOVE THAT DILDO UP MY ASS AND SCREW MY BRAINS OUT!! PLEASE BOSS, PLEASE!!!” Cody screamed out without warning. I should have been expecting that, I suppose. After all, I had hinted as much by trying to probe his buttocks with my right index finger.

“Cody’s ready for this. How about you, Alpha?” I asked Andy as I looked up over Cody’s body and glanced at Andy.

“Yup,” Andy answered with a smile. “What’s the next step?” He asked tilting his head at me quizzically.

“Get Cody up on his knees and bent over for me, while I go get a towel from the linen closet,” I answered, as I turned and headed off down the hall. I didn’t run but I did walk very fast. I didn’t want to miss a moment of what about to happen. I wrenched the door to the linen closet open and grabbed the first bath towel I laid my hands on. I arrived back in less than a minute. Much to my surprise Cody hadn’t budged an inch. He was still in the same position as when I’d left him. I looked up at Andy and opened me mouth to ask him why he hadn’t started positioning Cody.

“I decided to wait for you, Paul. I didn’t want you to miss anything,” Andy said to me, cutting off my question before I could even ask it. “Besides, it might take two of us to get Cody up on his knees.”

“Boss, would you please stop talking about it and just fuck me?” Cody asked with a slight touch of anger to the pleading in his voice. Mister arrogant cowboy didn’t like to be kept waiting, it seemed. “I really should do something about that,” I thought to myself. I smiled as a most interesting idea popped into my mind.

“Come on Alpha, let’s get to work,” I said to Andy and smiled a knowing smile at him. Andy smiled back, and winked at me. He knew I had something in mind. Andy reached over and grabbed Cody’s torso with both hands. Andy pulled Cody’s body up off of the table, and rolled Cody up onto his knees. Cody had a slight build, while Andy was a strong and powerful man, so this maneuver presented little difficulty. The manner in which Cody was tied up resulted in him being placed in the perfect position. Cody’s legs from the knees down were pressed flat on the surface of the table. Cody’s upper legs were bent at a ninety degree angle to his lower legs, which meant that Cody’s hips were pointing straight up in the air. Cody’s torso was bent down at the waist and hips so that his head was just resting on the surface of the table. He looked like a Muslim knelt in pray, except that Cody’s hands were thrust just under his knees, instead of off to either side of his body. As you might expect Cody’ suit jacket was hanging down to either side of his body, however not much of Cody’s ass was exposed even with the vent in the back of the jacket. It took Andy only a few minutes get reposition Cody, during which time I stood back and watched. Cody’s only contribution, other that complete passivity, was to grunt a few soft ‘yes’ at Andy when Cody felt Andy touching him.

“You know, Cody, you really shouldn’t be so impatient,” I said to him as I walked up to his hunched over form.

“I’m sorry, boss, but I really want this. I really do,” Cody whined.

I spread Cody’s suit jacket away from his backside to be sure that I had an unobstructed view of my target. “Yes, boss, yes,” Cody called out encouragingly. I swung my arm back and up behind me. I paused for a moment and then let my arm fly, hitting Cody’s backside with a loud and resounding slap. Cody’s body jerked and trembled. He whipped his head to the right to look at me. His face was a mask of surprise and shock.

“That’s for being impatient, Cody,” I said to him, as he stared at me. I slapped his ass a few more times. I did not put much strength behind the blows. I wasn’t trying to hurt Cody after all. This was more of a symbolic spanking than a real one. Cody’s clothes cushioned the force of the blow on his bum.

“I’m sorry, boss!” Cody wailed. “I won’t do it again, boss. I promise! I’ll be good!” Cody wasn’t crying but he seemed earnest in his pleas.

I slapped Cody’s ass a couple of more times, as I asked him, being sure to let the anger show in my voice, “Are you going to be a good little cowboy now, and not mouth off to me again, Cody?”

“Yes, boss! Yes, yes, boss! I’ll be a good little cowboy from now on, boss! I’ll never disrespect you again, boss!” Cody lamented.

“All right then,” I said quietly, making it seem as if I had been pacified by Cody’s promise to be good. In reality, it was all an act on my part. I wasn’t upset about Cody’s impatience. I only wanted to remind him who was in charge in here. It was more of a role playing on his part and mine. I lowered my right arm so that it was hanging at ease by my ride side, just as my left arm was doing on my left side.

“Thank you boss,” Cody said with relief on his face. “Boss, does this mean that you’re not going to screw my ass with that dildo?” He asked softly with disappointment edging the tone of his voice.

“No, I’m still going to do that. I said that I would, and I keep my word,” I answered him, keeping my gaze on his face. Suddenly there was a loud slap and Cody’s eyes became wide with fear. He whipped his head around to the left. I looked up away from Cody’s face, to see Andy raising his right hand up, as he stood beside Cody, ready to deliver another blow to Cody’s backside. Cody was tied up. I was standing there with my arms hanging by my sides. Andy was the only other person in the room. Logically then, Andy must have been the person who had just spanked Cody a few seconds ago.

Andy was smiling at me. Andy gave Cody’s backside another slap. It wasn’t a strong slap, but it was enough to keep Cody’s attention. Andy winked at me. It seemed he was enjoying spanking Cody as well. I smiled back at Andy. I was a little bit surprised that Andy would enjoy something like this, but I didn’t see any harm in sharing, as it were. Andy brought his hand down a third time on Cody’s bum. The resulting slap was very loud and Cody’s entire body shuddered from the impact. Cody let out a loud yelp of pain.

“That’s for what you tried to do to Paul, you bastard!” Andy cried out as his face suddenly turned red with anger. “I’m gonna make you pay, you son of a bitch! Big time! Count on it!” Andy let loose a strong and savage blow to Cody’s backside. The resulting slap on Cody’s behind was like a clap of thunder. Suddenly I realized that Andy wasn’t kidding about this! He was beyond angry, he was furious! I was too late to stop Andy’s next blow. Cody yelped in pain and tears started to form in his eyes. I shook off my momentary paralysis and raced around the table towards Andy.

“Please, boss? Please Mr. Alpha? Please don’t hit me any more!” Cody begged Andy and me. There was no mistaking the look of sheer terror that was on Cody’s face. He was scared clear down to his bones. “I’m sorry for what I tried to do to Paul back at the restaurant! Really I am! Please don’t . Boss, help me please! He’s gonna beat the shit outta me!” Cody howled at me as he struggled futility to get off of the table.

I managed to thrust my body between Cody and Andy before Andy could land the next blow. “STOP IT!” I screamed at Andy, as I tried to grab his attention. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” I screamed at him.

“Get out of the way, Paul. I mean it. Cody deserves this, and he’s going to get it,” Andy said in a voice as cold as an arctic wind.

I gulped in surprise at the finality and coldness in Andy’s voice. I had never seen him so determined about anything. It remarkable that he could be so angry and sound so cold at the same time. “No. This isn’t right and you know it, Alpha,” I said to him, as I struggled to keep my voice reasonable. At least I had remembered to use his assumed name.

“This IS what Cody deserves, and YOU know it, Paul!” Andy barked at me, as the anger started to take control of his voice. He glared at me, but he didn’t resist when I pushed him back a step away from Cody.

“No.” I said firmly and looked Andy dead in the eyes. I gazed up at him and fixed a look of iron determination on my face. “I won’t let you do this.” I pushed him back another step.

“WHY THE HELL NOT?!” Andy yelled at me, his face red with rage.

“It’s wrong, and you know it,” I answered calmly. “I won’t let you do this to Cody or to yourself.”

“IT’S WHAT HE DESERVES!” Andy screamed at me, as he wildly waved his arms in the air.

“Maybe, but you don’t have the right to take advantage of a helpless man, Alpha,” I countered letting my voice move from being cool to cold. I knew that it was pointless to get into a shouting match with Andy. One of us had to try and remain calm. “No one has the right to abuse another individual. No one. You know that as well as I do. Are you really going to stand there and try to claim otherwise?” I asked him, my words coated with frost.

“IT’S NOT FAIR!” Andy cried out in frustration. He slowly lowered his arms. He was still upset, but his anger had cooled somewhat. His eyes didn’t leave mine for a second. I looked at Andy, deep into his eyes and behind the anger I saw pain and shame. I would deal with that shortly. Right now Cody demanded my attention.

“No, it isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair. But that still doesn’t give you, or anyone else, the right to beat on a helpless man,” I said shoving the ice covered words into Andy’s ears. “We can discuss this later. Right now you need to go and untie Cody. He’s in pain. You tied him up, so you should untie him.”

“Fine,” Andy said crossly, as he shifted his anger from Cody to me. . He broke eye contact with me and started to walk around me and towards Cody.

“One more thing, Alpha,” I called out to him, catching his attention.

He turned and looked at me. “What now?” He grumbled.

“Deep down you know I’m right about this. Don’t let your anger cloud your compassion. That’s not who you are,” I said with renewed warmth. “If for no other reason, please, do it for me.” I said a hint of pleading in my voice, and holding up my left hand so Andy could see the ring, his ring, encircling the ring finger of my left hand.

Andy looked at me for a few seconds. He flicked his eyes from my face to the gold ring on my finger and then back to my face. “I’ll do it, but only because you asked me,” he said softly, but I could tell his heart wasn’t in it. Andy continued his interrupted journey to Cody.

I looked over at Cody, wondering what he was thinking of all this. Cody looked back at me, his eyes still wide with fright. “Keep Alpha away from me, boss, please?” He begged me.

“I intend to, Cody, once he has untied you.” I stated calmly. “I think you’ll feel safer and enjoy yourself more if you’re untied now.”

“My hands are starting to get numb, boss,” Cody admitted. “I think it’s a good idea. But does Alpha have to untie me? Can’t you do it instead?”

“Alpha is not going to hurt you, Cody. I promised you that before we started all this, and I’ve kept my word. Now just relax. Alpha is going to put you back so you are sitting on the table, because that will make it easier to untie you.” I did my best to reassure Cody with my words. He looked a bit doubtful but he nodded his head. It’s not like he really had a choice. He couldn’t exactly run away after all.

Andy approached Cody slowly. With measured and careful moves he rolled Cody off of his knees and onto his left side. It was a simple matter to then roll Cody up so that he was sitting on his bum again. Andy snatched up the nearly empty spool of cord and started to unwrap the cord from about Cody’s neck. Cody gulped nervously a few times, but otherwise remained motionless. He was still very uncomfortable at having Andy near him, but he wasn’t as terrified of Andy as he had been a few moments before. Cody trusted me, and was assured that I would not let Andy harm him.

Methodically and efficiently Andy finished removing the cord from about Cody’s neck. Andy rolled up the slack cord on the spool, and proceeded with untying Cody’s writs from his knees. This entailed passing the spool of cord over Cody’s wrists and under Cody’s knees several time. After a few minutes of work Andy had freed Cody’s writes from his knees. Andy quietly continued undoing the cords from about Cody’s wrists. It took only a couple of minutes for Andy to free Cody’s wrists from their restraints. Cody let out a long sigh of relief as he lowered his torso onto the table. “God that feels better, boss,” he said quietly as he lay down on his back, closed his eyes and sighed several more times. In the process Cody’s cowboy hat was knocked off of his head and toppled off to his right side, where it rested upside down. Cody pulled his arms apart, and stretched them up and over his head for a couple of moments. Cody open his eyes and turned his head about looking for something. He turned his body onto his right side as he reached over his body with his left hand and snatched up his black cowboy hat. Carefully he set his cowboy hat down on the table so that the hat was resting on its rim, instead of its crown. Satisfied, Cody lowered his torso back on to the table. Cody lowered his arms and rested his wrists on his stomach, while Andy wound up the slack cord onto the spool. Cody lay there with his eyes closed, resting as Andy start to untie Cody’s thighs. Soon Andy had the cord unwound from about Cody’s thighs, and start to unwind the cords that were just below Cody’s knees. This did not take Andy very long since Cody cooperated by keeping his legs pulled up and bend at a ninety degree angle at his knees. With only Cody’s ankles to be untied, Andy did not have much left to do. I started watching both Andy and Cody very carefully for any signs of an argument or a fight breaking out between them. Andy freed Cody’s ankles and pulled the last loops of cord off of Cody’s body. Cody lowered his legs to the table with a loud sigh of relief. Cody’s legs moved slightly apart as he relaxed them.

“Thank you boss. That feels so much better,” Cody muttered softly, as he lay there on the table with his eyes closed. “I can feel the blood coming back into my legs and my arms, now....” he let the last word hang as he sighed and appreciated anew his freedom of movement.

Andy looked at me with a slightly resentful expression on his face as he finished coiling up the cord on the spool. He carefully put the spool on the dinning room table and walked over to where I was standing, taking care not to say or make any sound that might alarm Cody. “Now what?” He whispered to me.

“Hang on a second, okay?” I asked him. He nodded silently. I walked over to Cody and placed my fingertips on his forehead. “Going down deeper and deeper Cody. Relaxing more and more with each breath that you take and with each minute that passes. Letting all the sounds in the room drift away, until such time as I say to you ‘Cowboy Cody get ready’. Nod your head when you understand, Cody,” I instructed him.

Cody nodded his head almost immediately. Despite the slight problems of the evening, Cody was still as responsive as ever to my suggestions and power. I removed my fingertips from Cody’s forehead. I walked away from Cody and headed for the living room, waving at Andy to follow me. A few moments later we sat down next to each other on the sofa. I looked at him and tried to pick up the thread of the argument we were having.

“Cody will ignore us and what we say until he hears me say that phrase, Alpha. But we should keep our voices low and calm anyway. Anger isn’t going to help the situation any,” I said quietly to Andy looking him in the eyes.

“True,” Andy said. He didn’t say anything more. He was still angry. I could see it clearly in his eyes. I had successfully redirected Andy’s angry from Cody to me, but now I had to figure out how to break through that wall of rage and reach the real Andy inside. The compassionate and caring man that I had come to know so well over these wonderful and weird weeks, that had accumulated into many marvelous months. That was the man I had to try to reach. I wasn’t about to give up on all that. Not on Andy I wasn’t. Not by a damn sight.

Trying to help Andy to see that he was wrong in what he wanted to do to Cody wasn’t working. He wasn’t willing to listen to me, at least not about that. I looked at Andy for a few minutes. I so wanted to reach up and kiss him or to hold him and help him feel better, but this wasn’t the right time to do that.

“I’m sorry, dear heart,” I said softly as I kept my gaze locked on his eyes. “If I had known that you felt this way about Cody, I would never have agreed to this session with him. I should never have put you in this position in the first place. It was wrong of me, and I’m sorry.”

Andy looked at me silently. I waited for him to say something or to do something. I searched his eyes for some sign that I’d reached him. Andy’s expression didn’t change one iota. I couldn’t tell if he was thinking about what I said, or if he was ignoring it. My heart said that Andy had heard me, but my heart also said that something more was needed.

“Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” I asked him as I swallowed my pride. This was not the time to bring up the fact that the decision to grant Cody his session had been agreed by both of us. If there was a case of poor judgment here, we shared in it equally, in my view. This most definitely was not the time to bring that up. I let the minutes drift by as I waited for some type of response from Andy. The silence was deafening.

“Always,” Andy said softly, finally breaking the silence. A smile blossomed on his face and his eyes became warm once again as he reached out and brushed the left side of my face with his right hand. Andy gazed into my eyes as I smiled back at him. I knew that I had climbed the wall and reached him. He looked down for a few seconds, as if he were trying to think of what to say next. Slowly Andy raised his head and looked me in the eyes. “You’re right, damn it. I’m sorry, Texas,” he muttered in voice so soft I strained to hear him. “The truth is, I should be asking you to forgive me,” he muttered, just a bit louder so that I could hear him. “I nearly lost control of myself. I don’t know what happened. It was like a madness. I just saw Cody all tied up and helpless and I remembered what he tried to do to you and suddenly all I wanted to was beat him to a bloody pulp. If it weren’t for your words....” He left the thought unfinished.

“If you had beaten up Cody, I’m not sure that I could have forgiven you for that, dear heart,” I told him. “A spanking is one thing, but you were ready to barrel across the line. I could not have condoned that, even though I love you.”

“I think a part of me knew that when you were standing there protecting Cody,” Andy spoke to me as he calmed down even more. “Thank you for pulling me back front from the brink, Texas.” Andy kissed me on the lips, softly and tenderly.

“Anytime, dear heart, anytime,” I said after Andy had broken off the kiss a few moments later. “Did you enjoy seeing Cody tied up an helpless?” I asked him, as curiosity got the better of me.

“Yes,” Andy replied with a blush. “I didn’t think I would, but I did. You don’t think any less of me for that or for what I nearly did to Cody, do you?” He asked with concern in his eyes and some uneasiness on his face.

“I thank you for being honest with me, dear heart. You showed that you have your weaknesses and faults just like me and everyone else in the world. You might have come close to falling off the edge of the cliff, but you pulled yourself back in time,” I answered him, as I started to get misty-eyed.

“But if it weren’t for you, for your words, I might not have stopped,” Andy replied sadly. “I was ready to beat Cody to a pulp, and the only thing that stopped me was you. I’ve never felt that way before, and frankly it scares me.” Andy’s lips trembled with the last few words. I could see that he was genuinely scared about having come so close to losing control of himself.

“You chose to hear my words and to listen to me. I didn’t pull you back from the edge of that cliff, dear heart, you did. All I did was point out to you that you were standing on the edge,” I said trying my best to reassure him. “You are a just, honorable and noble man, dear heart. You’re not a sadistic bully who preys on helpless victims. All I did was to remind you of that fact. You stopped yourself. You kept control of yourself. You could have easily brushed me aside, if you’d really wanted to hurt Cody, but you didn’t. You maintained the right.” The last words were nearly choked off with a sob. I blinked quickly to clear away the tears that threatened to spill out of my eyes. “How could I not respect, admire and love your for that?” I asked him as looked into those soft doe brown eyes that I had come to know so very well.

“God, I don’t deserve a man like you, Texas, " Andy said with a sob. “I’m not good enough to love you, but damn it I do. I love you with every fiber of my being, and with each breath that I take.”

“That is all I can hope for, more than I could ask of you, and far more than I deserve, dear heart,” I said with a sob of my own. I wrapped my arms about Andy and hugged him gently but firmly. I felt rather than heard him let out a soft shuddering sigh. I looked up a that handsome face of his and noticed that the worry, concern and uneasiness has faded away and been replaced with a look of peace and calm. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn that he’d just slipped back into one of his hypnotic trances.

“I’m ready to continue with Cody, if you are Texas,” Andy said softly as he smiled at me warmly. He gave me a big warm hug of thanks, as he smiled at me.

“Me too,” I responded. I took a deep breath and walked over to Cody. I looked down at him as he lay there on the dining room table. His suit jacket was pushed off of his chest, hanging down to the sides, so I had a wonderfully clear view of Cody’s chest and the front of his pants. His cowboy hat was resting by his head on his right side. Cody looked peaceful and at ease. I glanced down at the front of his suit pants. It came as no surprise that he had lost his erection. Fear has been known to do that. So, I would have to start from scratch and simulate Cody all over again.

“Cowboy Cody get ready,” I said to Cody as I place the fingertips of my right hand on his forehead.

“Ready, boss,” Cody muttered as his lips curved into a small smile.

“How do you feel Cody?” I asked him as I removed my fingertips from his forehead.

“Pretty good, boss. I feel relaxed and comfortable and pleasantly warm,” he answered with a slight slur in his voice.

“You’ll feel a lot better and go down deeper into hypnosis when you roll over onto your stomach and pillow your head in your arms, Cody,” I suggested to him.

“Yes, boss,” Cody replied, as he lay there. “Did you want me to roll over now, boss?” He asked after a few moments of silence.

“Yes, I do. Now be a good little cowboy, Cody,” I answered him.

“Yes, boss! Right away, boss!” Cody barked out as he opened his eyes and started to roll his body to his left. “See, boss? See? I’m rolling over just like you wanted, boss. I’m your good little cowboy, boss,” he chirped out while he finished rolling over and repositioning his body on the table. He had to do that since the dining room table was not as wide as queen sized bed, and Cody did not want to roll of the edge of the table. Less than a minute after speaking Cody was lying on his stomach on the dining room table, with his head pillowed on his arms. His eyes were closed and he was taking slow deep breaths as he let himself relax more and more. With Cody’s arms raised above shoulder level his suit jacket was hike up across his back, which exposed nearly all of the back of his suit pants to my gaze. (Now you know why I had him pillow his head on his arms. I wasn’t doing it just for his comfort.)

“Nice ass, Cody,” I complimented him. I found both his willingness to obey me, and his enthusiasm in carrying out my instructions to be stimulating. My cock was starting to stir, just a little bit, which was a great feeling. (Cody wasn’t the only person who had lost his erection.) It helped to put me back into the proper frame of mind to keep the promise that I’d made to Cody earlier this evening.

“Thank you, boss.” Cody replied dreamily, as he kept his eyes closed. A hint of a smile touched his lips.

“Good. He’s still in a receptive frame of mind. That will make things easier,” I thought to myself. “Well, I’d better get started. I don’t have all night,” I muttered to myself. I walked around to the other side of the table so that I was on Cody’s right side. (I prefer to work from that side, for some reason. Maybe it is because I’m right handed.) I took a deep breath and let it out slowly in a long soft sigh as I braced myself to begin. I leaned over Cody’s slim and attractive body, and placed my hands on his ass, one hand on each buttock. I started to move my hands in slow smooth steady circles on both of Cody’s buttocks, as reacquainted myself with the feel, texture and firmness of Cody’s ass.

“Mmmmm....that’s nice, boss....” Cody muttered happily.

I didn’t offer any response. It wasn’t necessary. Besides at that particular moment, I was more interested in was what was beneath my fingertips that in talking with Cody. I stopped moving my hands in circles and let them roam over those two terrific mounds of Cody’s. Up and down, over and around. The suit pant material was soft, warm and smooth. Cody’s ass was wonderfully firm and it was with unmitigated joy that I closed my hands about Cody’s buttocks and grabbed a double handful of his ass.

“Yes, boss. Squeeze me, please,” Cody muttered with a joyous sigh. The smile on his face grew bigger and he nodded his head a few times as my hands kneaded his ass. I didn’t know who was enjoying this more, him or me, but it was pretty safe bet that we were both enjoying ourselves. After a minute or so of butt grabbing, I decided to go onto the next stage. I took my right index finger and traced the central seam of Cody’s suit pants, that is the seam that ran down the back of Cody’s pants in between his buttocks. I pressed down firmly and plunged my index finger in between Cody’s butt cheeks as far as I could. As I had already mentioned earlier, that wasn’t very far because the material of Cody’s pants was stretched tightly across his buttocks. Nevertheless the resistance it offered was both intriguing and erotic. I moved my finger from the top of the seam where it started at the waistband of Cody’s suit pants, and traced that seam all way down to Cody’s crotch. Slowly I retraced the path back up to the top of the seam. Slowly, but firmly I repeated the process over and over and over. (Yes I had just done this sort of thing only a few minutes ago, but sometimes repeats can be a lot of fun!)

“Oh yes, boss! Finger my ass, boss!” Cody cried out softly, and then moaned a few times.

“How is your cock, Cody?” I asked him as I ran my index finger up and down the seam of Cody’s suit pants.

“Rock hard and pressing into my pants, boss. It feels great, boss. Thank you, boss,” he answered in between moans.

“Getting more and more aroused and turned on, aren’t you, Cody?” I asked him, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“God yes, boss. I’m melting, boss. I feel so damn good, boss,” Cody answered as his moans became louder and more frequent.

“Cody, be a good little cowboy and hump the table until I tell you to stop. Remember though, that you cannot cum without my permission,” I ordered him.

“Yes sir, boss!” Cody cried out enthusiastically. Seconds later he was pumping his hips up and down as he started to thrust the front of his pelvis against the surface of the table. He moaned and grunted a few times as he started to develop a rhythm to his physical exertions. “See boss? I’m a good little cowboy. I’m humping the table just like you told me to,” Cody reported to me. Apparently Cody had developed some type of need to reassure me that he was in fact following his orders. His grunts and groans became louder as the intensity of his efforts continued to build.

“Stop humping and get up on all fours now, Cody. On your hands and knees,” I said to him after a few minutes. I didn’t want him to hurt himself.

“Yes....yes, boss,” Cody replied in between breaths. He stopped pumping his hips up and down and slowly pushed his body up off the top of the table, and sat back on his knees. Cody opened his eyes and looked about for a moment. He spied his cowboy hat and reached out for it. Moments later he had placed his cowboy hat snugly on his head. Cody lowered himself back onto the table, but this time he position himself so that he was on his hands and knees. “I’m on my hands and knees just like you said, boss,” Cody remarked as he turned his head to the right and looked at me. “A good little cowboy always wears his cowboy hat, boss,” he said by way of explanation for his actions.

“Very good, Cody,” I congratulated him. “Now hand over that dildo you are carrying,” I said to him as I smiled at him.

“Right away, boss!” He cried out gleefully as his eyes lit up with excitement. Cody plunged his right hand into the outside right pocket of his suit jacket. Frantically he moved his right hand about in the pocket trying to locate the object in question. A few heartbeats later he withdrew his right hand from his the pocket. “ you go, boss,” he said with a touch of hesitation in his voice, as he extended his right arm out in my direction. He held his right hand out, palm up and open. The dildo resided on the palm of his right hand.

Carefully I plucked the dildo from his right hand, with my right hand. “Back on all fours now, Cody,” I told him.

“Yes, boss,” he replied timidly, but a shiver of suppressed excitement ran through his body. Cody repositioned himself on his hands and knees. Another shudder ran down the length of his body as he waited with baited breath for me to begin.

I lifted my gaze up and over Cody, to the direction of Andy. He stood there looking at Cody, with an expression that could only be called delighted. He locked eyes with me for a few seconds, during which he nodded his head and held up his right hand, his right thumb and index finger curled into the ‘okay’ sign. Certain of Andy’s willingness for me to continue, I took a firm grip on the dildo and placed it gently on the seam of Cody’s suit pants. I pressed down hard on the dildo, and started to move it up and down along Cody’s butt crack. As expected, I couldn’t press the dildo in very far between Cody’s buttocks, due to his suit pants being so tight. The result, though was most gratifying.

“Oh boss! I feel it! I can feel that dildo being pressed against my ass!” Cody screamed out in surprise and delight. “Oh God! Please push it in, boss! Deeper, please!”

“You’ll have to take off your pants and your underwear for that Cody,” I informed him. “I would not want to damage that nice suit of yours.”

“Right boss!” Cody agreed as he jerked himself to his knees. He slipped off his suit jacket and tossed it aside in less than a second, uncaring as to where it might land. Cody pawed at his tie and had it pulled down and undone in record time. He quickly pulled it off of his shirt. Cody undid the button at the collar of his shirt, then he took a firm grip of both sides of his white cowboy shirt and pulled at his shirt. The snap closures gave way easily and quickly, with a metallic popping sound. Cody tugged and yanked at his shirt as he pulled it out from within his pants. You would have thought his shirt was covered with itching power or crawling with ants or something, from the frantic way that he pulled it off of his body. Cody smiled a huge grin at me as he balled up his shirt and tossed it over his shoulder. Cody didn’t waste a second as he got to work unbuckling his belt. He had that sucker undone in less than a heartbeat. Cody didn’t waste even a half a breath as his hand fairly flew to the front of his pants and unzipped his fly. Moments later he had undone the front of his pants and had slid them down to his knees. Cody didn’t stop there though. He topped over onto his left side and carefully rolled onto his back. With some painstaking effort Cody managed to pull his pants down over and off of his boots. I’m not exactly sure how he managed to do that, though. I had never managed such a feat, but then again Cody was a real cowboy, while I’m just an urban cowboy. Maybe it has something to do with the way that he pointed his feet when he pulled his pants down over his legs. In any case, Cody managed to wiggle out of his suit pants and with a joyful whoop he chucked his suit pants on to the floor.

Picture this if you can. A slim good looking cowboy, who was wearing a nice western suit only a few minutes ago, has just stripped down to his cowboy hat, his cowboy boots, his socks (inside his cowboy boots I presumed), and his white cotton briefs. This cowboy is sitting there on the dinning room table, with his legs out in front of him and an outrageous smile on his face. Need I mention that his cock is rock hard, pushing against his cotton briefs, and presenting a most intriguing long hard mound? (No, I suppose I didn’t need to mention it, but I thought I would anyway. I would not want to be accused of skimping on the details now, would I?) Still grinning at me, Cody winked slyly at me, and climbed back up onto his knees. He grabbed his white cotton briefs and savagely hauled them down off of that bubble butt of his, letting the briefs collect into a heap at his knees. Cody moaned once, as he positioned himself back on his hands and knees.

I stood there studying Cody’s nude body for a minute or so. Okay, technically he wasn’t nude. He was wearing his cowboy hat, his cowboy boots and his underwear, but he was definitely au natural from his ears down to his knees. His body wasn’t all that remarkable. He didn’t have any tattoos or body jewelry, nor was his body hair shaved off. His body was fit and trim, without any noticeable sagging or softness. His skin was slightly tanned, which suggested he spent some time outside and with his shirt off on occasion. He did have a wonderful looking body, I had to admit. Not nearly as attractive as Andy’s though. On a scale of one to ten, Cody was a five or six, where as Andy was at least a twelve. (Okay, so I’m not exactly objective when it comes to Andy. Sue me.) Cody’s cock was jutting out to it’s full seven or so inches, rock hard and ready.

“I’m....I’m ready for it, boss,” Cody called out softly as a tremor of excitement coursed through his body.

I looked down at the dildo I was holding my hand and realized that I had forgotten something. “ Alpha, would you please get me the hand lotion from the bedroom?” I called out to Andy. I had nearly used his real name, but I had corrected myself in time. Andy nodded at me and went to fetch the bottle of hand lotion.

“You need to lower yourself down to your elbows and then spread your butt cheeks apart for me, Cody,” I told him as I positioned myself behind that beautiful ass of his. My cock was rock hard and throbbing, much like Cody’s. Unlike Cody’s cock though, my cock was going to remained confined for the duration of this event.

Cody gulped once and then slowly lowered his body so that he was resting his weight on his elbows. Carefully Cody reached back and pulled his buttocks apart with his hands. His body trembled with excitement, and he grunted once or twice. I looked down to see Cody’s tight pink anus staring back at me. It almost seemed to pulse at me, as if it were beckoning me to explore that virgin territory.

“Here you go, Paul,” Andy said has he thrust the bottle of hand lotion into my left hand. “Anything more I can for you?” He asked me as he gazed down upon Cody’s exposed butt hole.

“Yeah, there is actually,” I said as a thought popped into my mind. “Would you mind wrapped that towel about Cody’s cock? When he shoots I don’t want a mess all over the dinning room table.”

“Glad to. And I thought I was only going to get to watch,” Andy said with a smile as I turned and looked at him. “I’ll be gentle. Don’t worry. I won’t hurt Cody. You have my word.”

The additional words of reassurance wasn’t necessary. I trusted Andy. I’m sure that they were for Cody’s benefit, not mine. As Andy wrapped Cody’s throbbing cock in the warm soft bath towel, Cody moaned and grunted his pleasure. Meanwhile, I spread a generous amount of hand lotion over the head and about one third of the shaft of the dildo that I held firmly in my hand.

“Cody, all you will feel now is wave after wave of pleasure, when this rock hard dildo pops your cherry,” I instructed him. (I was a tad bit vulgar, I suppose, but this was not the time to be quoting lines from Shakespeare! I suspected that Cody’s expected me to sound a little less cultured and a bit more common, if you know what I mean.) I placed the head of the dildo directly on that tight pink circle of a butt hole of Cody’s and pressed downward gently.

“Oh.......” Cody moaned as he felt the dildo pressing against his ass hole.

I pressed down harder and felt, a slight give as the tip of the dildo started to force its way past that ring of tight muscle. “Relax, Cody, as you listen to my voice. Only pleasure in your ass now. Wave after wave of pleasure. Deep. Penetrating. Relaxing. Warm. Your ass hole is relaxing as you let yourself surrender completely,” I suggested to him, in soothing mellow tones. I didn’t want to hurt Cody, so a little more cooperation was needed.

“Oh....yes...boss.....” Cody cried out softly. “Feels.....good.....kinda....”

I pressed harder on the dildo, but was meeting with even more resistance. I could barely get more than just the tip of the dildo into his ass hole. Sure Cody was tight, but this was not normally to be expected. Cody moaned a few more times, and grunted, but beyond that I wasn’t making any progress. Cody was fighting me and himself. He said he wanted this, but it seemed as if his body or his subconscious had other plans. Or maybe all he need was the proper kind of encouragement.

“Be a good little cowboy, and take it like a man!” I barked at Cody. “You came to here to get butt fucked, so don’t wimp out on me now! You asked for this and I’m giving it to you! Now be a good little cowboy, and relax your ass hole! Let me shove this thing up your ass, Cody. You know you want it.” The last few sentences were said in a less harsh but still an authoritarian tone of voice.

“Yes....I’m....a...good...little...cowboy.....” Cody yelped out in between moans and grunts. “”

I had kept the pressure steady, but had not increased it. Suddenly the dildo slid up and into Cody’s butt hole like a hand into a well worn pair of leather gloves.

“Oh....God.....YES!!!” Cody cried out suddenly as he began to rock his body from front to back. “OH...THAT’S....FUCKING...WONDERFUL!!”

“Only pleasure Cody,” I assured him. “Now you cannot stop yourself from cumming, Cody. When the urge swells up within you, you will be able to cum and shoot your load like never before.” (I figured he had waited long enough. Besides shoving this dildo up Cody’s ass was hard work. No pun intended.)

“Yes....boss....yes....master...” Cody grunted at me as he began to ride the dildo. “Deeper, please, master,” He called out to me. “Oh...I... I can feel it building in me...master.”

I smiled as I realized that Cody was calling me ‘master’ now. I couldn’t help but be pleased about that. He was surrendering to me even more.

“OH, yes...deeper and deeper....shove it in deeper, master,” Cody called out me as his hips gyrated up and down and all around that dildo. Cody moaned shamelessly, completely lost in the euphoric thrills that were crashing their way into his brain.

“You’re a big strong straight cowboy, who is letting a gay man shove a dildo up your ass, and you absolutely love it, don’t you my good little cowboy?” I called out to Cody.


This was the danger point.

In his present state of mind, Cody would have agreed to anything. Anything at all. The excessive stimulation of the pleasure center of his brain, combined with my super hypnotic powers mean that anything I told time for the next few minutes would be taken as the truth and an undeniable fact. He would not question it now or anytime the future. This is where I had to be careful what I said to Cody. A few misspoken words and I could change him from straight to gay, or anything in between. How was it that I knew this? Simple I was in physical contact with Cody. My left hand was on his left buttock, and thus I was linked to his mind. I could read his thoughts easier than you can read these words.

“This is happening because you asked for it. It was your choice, your request. So just enjoy yourself and just let it happen, Cody. It is what you wanted, so just enjoy it. All you feel is pleasure, Cody. Nothing but pleasure,” I said to him softly. I moved the dildo in and out just a tiny little bit as I spoke. Cody groaned and moaned even more intensely, upon feeling the dildo move around in his butt hole.

As cute as he might have been, I didn’t want any type of long term relationship with Cody. I had Andy. I didn’t need or want Cody. So I kept my mouth shut and waited for nature to take its course. It wouldn’t be much longer now I was sure.

Cody suddenly arched his back and thrust his head up as he screamed at the top of his lungs, “I’M YOUR PUSSY BOY, MASTER!!! I’M YOUR PUSSY BOY!!! I’M YOUR FUCKED UP COWBOY PUSSY BOY, MASTER!!!” (This was not the first time I was thankful that my apartment was sound proofed.) Cody’s cry of unbridled animal passion was deafening as he came into the towel that Andy had wrapped about Cody’s cock. Cody’s body shuddered and shook with force of his release. After about fifteen seconds Cody’s body went limp and he started to collapse onto the top of the dinning room table. His body was covered with sweat and his skin was hot to the touch. Andy managed to extricate his hands from underneath Cody’s body, while at the same time Andy helped to catch Cody’s body as it plopped down on to the table top. Cody’s cowboy hat became dislodged in the process. Andy snatched the hat up and placed it off to the side, safely out of the way.

I had something else to deal with so I was content to let Andy catch Cody’s body and cushion his fall. As Cody’s body relaxed his ass loosened up, and I slowly worked that dildo out of his butt hole. It was much easier coming out than going in. Mind you, it didn’t smell any better coming out. I backed away from Cody and made a quick trip to the kitchen. Using some dish detergent I washed the dildo and my hands. I wiped my hands dry using a dish towel. I grabbed some paper towels and wrapped the used dildo in them,. Cleaning up took only a minute or two. I headed back into the dining room, with the dildo securely wrapped in several pieces of paper towel.

Andy was standing there looking at Cody’s limp form as it lay there on the dinning room table. Andy had a look of satisfaction and contentment on his face. I suspected that my face showed a similar expression. However neither of us could hold a candle to the self satisfied smirk that was pasted on Cody’s face, as he lay there. He looked as happy as a pig in a mud wallow.

“It’s almost a shame to wake him up, you know,” Andy said to me with a smile. “He looks so happy lying there. When he remembers what happened he might not be in such a charitable mood.”

“I don’t think we have to worry about that, Alpha. He asked for it, and he got it,” I chuckled as I addressed Andy. “But you’re right, he does look happy lying there. All good things must come to an end, though.” I said with a sigh. “Zero. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Wide awake, Cody! Wide awake!” I called out to Cody. We were about to find out what Cody’s reaction to the fulfillment of his desires, was going to be.

Cody’s eye lids twitched and slowly he opened his eyes. He took a deep breath and let it out in a long slow sigh. He blinked his eyes several times as he cleared the hypnosis from his brain. Cody slowly pushed his body off of the table and looked about the room. The profound confusion on his face was almost comical. He looked at me and then at Andy, puzzled at the smiles on our faces. It was all I could do to limit myself to just a smile on my face. Cody looked down at himself and his face went red with embarrassment as he discovered his nudity. He removed the towel from about his now deflated penis, grabbed his white cotton briefs and pulled them up over his pelvis and hips. Reassured that his dignity has been restored, Cody slowly climbed down off the dinning room table. He reached over and picked up his discard cowboy hat and placed it upon his head. He was standing beside the dinning room table on the same side of it as we were, so we had an eyeful of his beautiful body clad only in briefs, cowboy hat and cowboy boots. Cody turned to face us, his face frozen in that look of utter confusion.

Cody looked at me, glanced over at Andy, and then back at me, but he didn’t say anything. He just looked at us like he’d never seen us before. He didn’t look fearful, or happy, just puzzled and confused, as if he had no idea what to do next. I waited for him to say something but he just stood there quietly with his arms hanging by his sides. I waited for a minute or two for Cody to say something, anything, but he didn’t. We couldn’t spend the entire evening like this, staring at each other in silence, so I decided to speak.

“How do you feel, Cody?” I asked him, my voice at a normal conversational level. I tossed a clean bathroom towel over to him. He caught it easily. “You might want to wipe some of that sweat off,” I suggested to him, as I held out a second clean towel to him. Fortunately I had foreseen this need and brought three towels from the linen closet.

“A tiny bit sore in my backside, but otherwise great. Thank you, Walton,” Cody answered quickly. He started toweling off his body as he answered me.

“That’s okay. You can call me Paul, Cody. You don’t have to address me as Mr. Walton,” I said in a soothing tone.

“Thank you, Paul,” Cody replied, but he had that look of confusion and something else on his face. Cody finished wiping himself and then glancing at me for permission, he folded up the towel and placed it on the dinning room table.

“Is something wrong, Cody?” I asked him. Clearly, something was wrong. Cody was wary of Andy and I for some reason. Not fearful, just wary and uncertain about us.

“I...uh...I think I should be going now, but I can’t leave without my clothes. Oh, and I’d like my wallet back too, if it is not too much to ask,” Cody said quietly. The tone of his voice was calm, almost meek, without a trace of arrogance or annoyance. He wasn’t making a demand, just stating some simple facts.

“Cody, your clothes are scattered about the room, exactly where you left them. As for your wallet it is on the credenza,” I said as I pointed in the direction where Cody’s wallet lay. “Nothing is missing from your wallet, Cody. You can get dressed and leave anytime you want to. Neither of us is going to stop you,” I told him, keeping my voice light and calm.

“Thank you, Paul,” Cody said as he carefully walked over to where his cowboy shirt was and picked it up off the floor. He slipped it on and started to do up the snap buttons.

“Cody, didn’t you enjoy this evening’s adventures?” I asked him as I watched him getting dressed.

“Yes, I suppose I did,” he admitted reluctantly. Cody walked over to the other side of the dinning room table and picked up his suit pants from the floor. He carried the pants with him back to the dinning room table. Cody pulled out one of the dinning room chairs and sat down in it. Cody reached down and pulled off his right cowboy boot.

“For some reason, you seem to be bothered about what happened this evening. Would you mind telling me what the problem is?” I asked Cody. He had enjoyed what happened, but something about it was bothering him.

Cody looked up at me as he finished pulling off his left cowboy boot. “I don’t think I want to do this with you again. Ever,” he said softly with cold note of finality in his voice.. Cody dropped his gaze from me and focused it on his suit pants. He picked them up from the dinning room table and shook them out as he held them out in front of him. Cody placed his right leg into the right leg of the suit pants, as he held the pants out in front of him. With his weight shifted to his right foot, Cody raised his left leg up and slipped that leg into the left leg of the suit pants. Cody straightened up and pulled the pants up to his waist. He held the pants there with his left hand as he tucked his white cotton cowboy shirt into his pants with his right hand. He started at the back and worked his way from back to front, along the right side of his body.

‘Why? Did I do something wrong, or something that you didn’t want?” I asked him, confused at his answer to my question.

“No,” Cody answered, as he held his suit pants up with his right hand and used his left hand to tuck in the left side of his cowboy shirt. With his shirt tucked in Cody fasten his pants closed and zipped his the fly of his pants closed.

I was slightly distracted from my train of thought by Cody’s actions. He was a good looking man, and he looked very nice in those suit pants. “If that is the case, then what IS the problem?” I asked as I recovered my wayward train of thought.

Cody buckled his belt closed and looked up at me for a moment, as he pulled at his belt buckle and settled it in place. Cody turned his head as he looked about for his tie. He spied it lying on the floor a few feet away. He walked over to it, bent down and picked the tie up off of the floor. To my dismay Cody was facing towards me when he bent down, so I did not get to see that delightful derrière of his. “I simply do not want to ever have this experience with you again. I do not want you to do this to me again. Not ever. It is that simple,” Cody answered with that same note of finality in his voice.

It seemed that Cody had made up his mind about this. I looked at Cody as he stood there putting his tie about his neck. He looked back at me, calmly and coolly as he tied his tie and buttoned the collar button of his dress white cotton cowboy shirt. Something was missing. I had no objection to Cody leaving, but something didn’t feel right. I knew Cody well enough that he was hiding something. Cody finished doing up his tie and walked over to the dinning room mirror. He checked that his tie was hanging correctly and then he turned about looking for his suit jacket. He spied it lying other floor near Andy. Cody gulped once as he walked over to where Andy was standing.

Andy bent down and picked up Cody’s suit jacket. Silently Andy held out the jacket to Cody. “Thank you, Mr. Alpha,” Cody said as he took the proffered jacket from Andy. Cody slipped the jacket on and tugged at the sleeves to make them settle into place.

“If you do not want any more sessions like this one, that is fine with me, Cody. It’s your decision after all,” I said to him as I watched Cody walk over to the credenza and pick up his wallet.

Cody opened his wallet and rifled through it as he quickly verified the contents. Cody looked over at me, as he slipped his wallet into the right hip pocket of his pants. He studied my face for a few seconds before he spoke. “You’re not going to try and trick me or something are you?” He asked me, and a touch of worry crept onto his face. He walked over to the dinning room table, picked up the paper towel wrapped dildo and pocketed it in the outside right pocket of his suit jacket.

“No. You’re free to go, Cody. I must admit that I am puzzled by your attitude, though. You came over here and asked me, practically begged me, to shove that dildo up your ass. I did as you asked and now you’re unhappy about it. I gave you what you wanted, Cody. I’m sorry but I just do not understand what your problem is. Whatever it is, I hope you find a solution soon,” I declared letting some of the frustration I was feeling colour my voice.

Cody walked past me and headed over to the front door of my apartment., without so much as a word. Cody stopped just short of the door and turned about to face me. He looked at me, glanced at Andy and then looked back at me.

“It’s not that I didn’t enjoy myself, Paul. You did give me what I asked for, more in fact. I thank you for that. I think the problem is that I liked it...maybe too much....” Cody said softly as he looked up at me. He blushed and dropped his eyes.

“So now a part of you wants this to be done to you again, and that scares you. You’re afraid that you’ve been turned gay or that your somehow less of a man because you’ve been fucked up your ass, right?” I asked Cody as I finally put the pieces together. Cody was the classic macho male cowboy and this act had shattered his self image. Cody felt that he had taken on a female role in a sex act and now he was something less than a man.

“Yeah, something like that,” Cody admitted, in a slightly shaky voice. “I don’t blame you, Paul. Well I do sort of blame you, but I know that I asked for this to happen to me. I came to you. You didn’t come to me. That doesn’t change how I feel, though. I wish you had said ‘no’.” Cody looked up at me with sad eyes and started to turn about, as he got ready to leave.

“COWBOY UP, CODY!” I called out to him.

Cody’s reaction was instant and complete. He froze in place. His eyes fluttered closed and his head slumped down to his chest as he returned to his super hypnotic trance. “Ready, boss,” Cody muttered as he let out a soft sigh and a smile blossomed on his face. I smiled as I looked at him, back in his trance.

“Why did you do that, Paul?” Andy asked as he walked up to me and looked at Cody. “I thought you were going to let him go?”

“Turn and face me, and then just stand there and go down deeper and deeper with each breath that you take, Cody,” I directed him as I turned towards Andy.

“Yes, boss,” Cody responded. He opened his eyes and turned about so that he was facing towards me. Cody took a long slow deep breath and let it out in a soft slow sigh, as he closed his eyes.

“I can’t leave Cody like this, Andy. I have to fix things. Cody might have gotten what he asked for, but it looks like he can’t handle it. I have to fix this. It wouldn’t be right to leave Cody like this,” I said as I looked up Andy and into those soft doe brown eyes of his. “You understand that, don’t you, dear heart?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I do,” Andy answered with a small smile. “That’s why I love you, Texas,” Andy continued as he bent down slightly and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. “Do what you must, love. I’ll wait here, if you don’t mind. I’d like to watch.”

“Okay, but there’s nothing to see, Andy,” I said as I turned back to face the entranced Cody. I walked up to him and placed the fingertips of my right hand on Cody’s forehead. I sent forth a delicate but powerful mental probe. Cody’s mind was like an open book. I could clearly see his memories of the evening’s events. Quickly I set to work. I traced each thread and noted exactly when the dildo had entered into each memory. (I won’t bore you with the technical details, besides you probably wouldn’t understand them anyway.) I altered Cody’s memories of the evening’s events. I removed all references to the dildo and it having been shoved up Cody’s butt hole. As far as Cody now knew, when he returned at 7:45 PM I had told him I had second thoughts about his request to screw him with the dildo. I still had him strip down and I did touch his naked ass, but only to get him to cum into the towel while he was on all fours on the dinning room table. I left in the memories about his being tied up though, as those memories were similar to what had happened in my apartment several months ago. I left in the part about blurring Andy’s face and disguising his voice.

The only problem was how to explain the rather sore ass that Cody was going to have for the next few days. I thought about that for a while and finally came up with a solution. I searched through Cody’s memories of the past few days, and I got lucky. There was a memory from the night before where Cody was playing with the dildo and thinking about trying to insert it into his butt hold by himself. I altered that memory so that Cody actually tried to do that and was only partially successful. The result was that his butt was sore and would be for a few days.

As I congratulated myself on my ingenuity, I scanned Cody’s mind carefully several times to insure that I had tied up all the loose ends and that Cody’s altered memories were secure. I could not find any holes or breaks in the memories that might suggest that Cody’s recollections of the evening’s events were not completely factual. I withdrew my mental probe from Cody’s mind. I lowered my hand and broke my mental link with Cody.

“Zero. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Wide awake, Cody! Wide Awake!” I commanded him.

“What? Paul? Oh yeah,” Cody said as his eyes opened and he woke up with a start. “You put me back under didn’t you?” He asked with a grin.

“Yup. I just couldn’t resist. You’re a good looking guy, and you look so nice just standing there in hypnosis.” I answered with a smile.

“Gee, I’d better be going,” Cody said after a quick glance at his watch. “It’s after 10 already. Thanks for a really good session, Paul. Do you think you might ever reconsider my request?” Cody asked wistfully.

“If you are referring to the dildo, I’m afraid my answer is still ‘no’. The idea of doing that to a guy, even a willing guy just doesn’t sit well with me. I am sorry, Cody,” I answered him. “It’s unlikely that my answer will change anytime in the foreseeable future.”

“Oh, I see.” Cody said, not bothering to hide his disappointment. “Well, I should be going now. Good night to you both.”

“Good night Cody, and you’re welcome,” I said as I escorted him to the front door.

Cody opened the door, and walked out the door, closing the door behind him. He waved good bye to me as he left, a lopsided grin fixed on his face. I walked up to the door, and security locked it. Relief washed over me as I headed to the living room. I plopped myself down on the sofa. Cody’s altered memories were in place and he had no idea as to what had actually happened to him.

“If you don’t mind my asking, what did you do to fix Cody?” Andy asked as he sat down beside me and took my hands in his.

“I changed his memories of the evening. I removed all the memories about the dildo. Cody has no idea that he had a dildo shoved up his butt hole,” I answered with a sigh.

“That would explain why he was asking you if you would reconsider his request,” Andy commented as he looked at me and smiled. “Are you okay love? You look tired.”

“I look tired because I am tired. It’s a matched set, Andy. Altering memories is a tricky business. It takes a lot of effort and concentration. It’s also getting kind of late too, you know,” I answered Andy. A few seconds later I stifled a yawn.

“Well, now. There’s only one thing to do about that,” Andy said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“And that would be?” I asked as I played along. I had a hunch were Andy was going with this conversation.

Andy stood up not letting go of my hands. He bent down and with a sudden jerk he pulled me up and draped me over his shoulder like some rolled up carpet. “It’s off to bed with you, mister,” he chuckled has he carried me to my bedroom. I couldn’t help but chuckle along with him, as I offered not the slightest token of resistance. Andy deposited me in my bed a few minutes later. He didn’t just throw me into the bed, though. He laid me down in the bed carefully, as gently as if I were a basket full of eggs.

Andy reached down and unbuttoned my jeans. He pulled down the zipper of my jeans and then started to pull the now loosen jeans down of off my hips. I closed my eyes as I lay there content to let Andy strip me down. I knew that he enjoyed it as much as I did. Andy lifted my legs up and pulled my jeans off with ease. Andy leaned over and undid the bottom button of my cowboy shirt. Then he kissed me on the lips. A soft gentle and all too brief kiss. Andy undid the next button on my cowboy shirt as he worked his way up to the top of my shirt. A kiss on the lips followed the undoing of each button. (If that isn’t a sexy way to undress a man, I sure as hell don’t know what is.) Eventually Andy ran out of buttons to undo, and the kissing stopped. Andy rolled me onto my left side as he slipped my right arm out of the right sleeve of my cowboy shirt. As soon as my arm was free Andy kissed me on the lips again. All I could do was sigh with delight as Andy rolled me onto my right side and slipped my left arm out of the left sleeve of my cowboy shirt. Another kiss followed. (Like I had to tell you that?) Andy pulled my torso up off of the bed by snaking his left arm under my back and pulling me towards him. The shirttail was still underneath my butt, so I felt it when Andy yanked the shirt off to the right side. My socks were removed next. First the right one and then the left one, with kisses from Andy to mark the event. So there I lay on my bed, eyes closed with only my white cotton briefs on.

For a few minutes nothing happened. I could not feel Andy touching any part of my body, nor could I feel any movement on the bed which might have suggested that he was climbing on to it. I forced my eyes open, as my curiosity got the better of me. I was greeted with the sight of Andy standing before me striped down to his white boxers, and smiling. Apparently I had nodded off for a few minutes and missed the show. Either that or Andy had shucked off his clothes in record time. I was too tired to try and figure out which was correct. Andy climbed over me and onto the bed. He reached down and pulled the comforter up from where it was folded at the foot of the bed. He unfolded it and spread it over my still and unresisting form, covering both of us.

“Come here, you,” he whispered to me as he pulled me close to him. “No hanky-panky, now. You need sleep more than anything else, love. Let me hold you in my arms and carry you off to dream land.”

“Yes, please,” I whispered back to him as I felt sleep wash over me.

“I love you, you know,” Andy muttered to me as he kissed my ear.

“I know, dear heart. I love you, too,” I whispered back as I struggled to remain awake long enough to say those oh so important words.

“Sleep now, Texas,” Andy whispered to me, his words seeming to come from far, far away. “You’re safe in my arms until morning. Sleep now, and dream of my love for you.”

I tried to say something to Andy, but I couldn’t seem to muster up the strength to talk. I just nodded my head once or twice as I felt the dark soft arms of sleep embrace me.