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The Coffee Shop IV: Sex, Lies & Duct Tape.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 4. Dinner and A Show

It took about a month for Andy and I to rebuild our relationship. A month of talking and listening, crying and forgiving. (I will spare you the messy details. Actually, the details are too painful and personal to talk about. I doubt that I’ll ever be able to talk to anyone about them, other than Andy.) It was more than worth the effort though. When that month was up, we had an even stronger and deeper relationship that was built on simple and total trust and faith in each other.

What I remember most about that month was the continuous patience, understanding and compassion that Andy offered me during my ordeal, of self discovery and self forgiveness. I had seen myself dip deeply into the dark and evil side of my soul, and it terrified me. I had seen a part of me that I never knew existed, and what scared me the most, was that I had almost let that part of me out. I had almost let it take control. It was like knowing that you have a monster inside of you, just waiting for you to slip up so it can leap out and cause havoc. For many days I could not look at Andy without crying., when we were alone that is. In public I was able to control myself, but at home where I could let down my defenses, the emotions just welled up and spilled out of me. The only way I knew to deal with it was a good long cry. (I suppose that doesn’t sound very masculine, or manly, and maybe it makes me seem like a wimp or a wuss. So be it. I will not apologize for who or what I am. When you’ve survived an ordeal like what I had just gone though, drop by my apartment sometime, and we’ll compare notes. I suspect that you’ll have worked your way through several boxes of Kleenex too.)

I carried so much guilt, shame and contempt for myself over what I had nearly done to Chuck, that I couldn’t even hold Andy’s hand without feeling dirty, and unworthy of his love. In short, I hated myself for what I had nearly done to Chuck. It was like a huge iron weight about my soul, dragging me down into a pit of despair, and try as I might I could not seem to climb up out of that pit. My only solace at first, was work. At work I wasn’t around Andy, and I didn’t see him, so I could avoid having to think or deal with that part of myself. But when I got home, the problem loomed up in front of me again. It simply could not be avoided.

I don’t know how I would have made it through that month without Andy’s help. At first he was patient and kind, soft and gentle with me. He tried his best to ease my hurts and to let me know that he forgave me. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem, as he soon discovered, was that I couldn’t forgive myself. When Andy realized that his acceptance and reassurance about my actions with Chuck were not helping me, he did something that he wasn’t supposed to do. He told me about his job. Oh, he couldn’t give me any specifics, such as names, but he opened up and showed me a part of himself that I had never even suspected.

Can you imagine, even for a brief second or two, the agony that you might feel at having to knock on a strange door at 2:30 AM, to tell two sleepy and bleary-eyed parents that their teenage son or daughter has just been killed in an automobile accident? Have you ever had to wash out bits of human brain and bone from your shirt because some confused and depressed man blew his brains out before he could be talked out of it, and you got caught in the resulting spray? How do you learn to forgive yourself because in spite of all your efforts you could not breathe life back into the cold wet body of the little four year old girl that you pulled from the cold waters of the lake? How does anyone deal with suffering and pain like that, and still continue on with their job and their life?

As Andy sat there and shared these heart wrenching, gut twisting stories of his with me, I began to dimly realize that Andy had seen far more than his fair share of pain and suffering in the relatively short time that he’d served with the RCMP. Instinctively I reached out to hold and comfort him. It had been years in some cases, since these events had transpired, but the hurt and the pain was still there inside of Andy. The pain and hurt were lessened to a great degree but not completely gone. I learned a lot about Andy that night, and about myself too. I saw before me a man who had learned to draw strength and courage from the dark side of his soul. I saw a man who knew that the only way to keep your strength, compassion and caring, was to give them to someone else, in their time of need. But most important of all, Andy taught me that in order to keep on living, I had to accept what I had done, and learn from it. Only then could I be sure of never repeating my mistakes. I had to learn how to forgive, but not forget. It was only then, that I started my long climb out of that pit of despair, with Andy helping me every step of the way. I came to realize, as I forgave myself, that not only did I love Andy, but I admired him as well. (I let him know that too, in no uncertain terms.)

By the end of that month, there was not on iota of doubt in either of us that we loved and cared for each other, deeply, passionately and completely. For the first time in my life I understood what a soul mate truly was. Apart I felt incomplete, empty, and like a bird with a broken wing, unable to fly. Together with Andy, I felt whole, fulfilled and able to soar like an eagle to the highest mountain tops, just by holding Andy’s hand in mine. The day I confessed this to Andy, I discovered to my everlasting joy that he felt the same way. It was clear to both of us now, that we were promised to each other, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Was it fate? Karma? God? Luck? All of the above? Who could have said? Not I, certainly.

Late one night though, when Andy was fast asleep in bed, I crept out into the living room and I lit one single candle. I stood there for a few moments lost in the wonder of what Andy and I had together. I’m not a religious man by nature, that is I don’t attend any regular religious service. However, even I knew that it would have been the ultimate in arrogance for me to have accepted what Andy and I had as just a twist of fate or a stroke of good luck. I got down on my knees, bowed my head and prayed to God, in a soft voice that seemed to thunder in the absolute quiet of the living room. It was a simple prayer of thanks to God for having sent Andy into my life and for all the good things that I had been blessed with. A simple prayer, but sincere and from the heart. I thought it would be rude to just get up and leave after having said what I wanted to say, so I knelt there a while longer, enjoying the silence and peace. A large warm hand was placed on my right shoulder. It was a surprise, but I didn’t jump or flinch. Strangely enough, I almost expected it. A honey smooth tenor voice called out from the near darkness, “May I join you?”

I turned slowly in the direction of the voice and looked up into the half shadowed face of Andy. Perhaps it was a trick of the light, but for an instant, just an instant mind you, I thought I saw a flash of approval and pride appear on his face, as if I had done something that he’d long wished for me to do. “Please do,” I answered him, in a soft voice. “I was just thanking the man upstairs for all that I have, most especially you.”

Andy nodded his head at my words and dropped slowly to his knees beside me. He was wearing only his cotton briefs and any other time I would have been drinking in the sight of his magnificent torso, legs and arms, but not tonight. In the light of that single candle there was a presence that filled the room with a profound feeling of comfort and love. It was almost as if we were in a church kneeling before the alter, praying to God, and God was in that room in person listening to us, with undivided attention, and limitless love. I listened as Andy said his prayer of thanks to God. I felt both humbled and blessed at the same time. I felt blessed because Andy was able to open up yet another part of his soul to me, and let me see another facet of who he was. I felt humbled at the words of thanks that Andy had for me, as he spoke with God. I knew in my heart that I wasn’t as good as Andy saw me. A smile touched my lips as I heard Andy referring to some of the things I had said in my prayer to God. Clearly he had heard every word I’d spoken earlier. Oddly enough, I didn’t mind that he had overheard my prayer to God. Somehow, it made me feel closer to Andy.

A short time later Andy stood up and looked over at me as he held out his hand to me. I took his hand, and rose to my feet. I bent over and blew out the candle. With quiet dignity Andy lead me back to my bedroom, and we climbed back under the covers. We held each other closely and almost immediately drifted off to sleep. We never actually said it, and we never really talked about doing it, but that night a ritual was born. Every weekend whenever we were together, no matter where we were, we lit a single white candle, got down on our knees and offered a small prayer of thanks to God. So far, we kept to the ritual.

Near the end of that tumultuous month, I even demonstrated my powers on my ex-boss, Phil Turnbill, just to show Andy what I was capable of. Andy watched both surprised and excited as I put Phil through one of his strip and shoot shows. (Sorry but photographs of the show are NOT available in the lobby.) Phil didn’t mind performing for an audience. If anything it turned him on even more. At the conclusion of the show, Andy took Phil aside to the kitchen and had a long talk with him. He was both impressed and amazed at what Phil told him about our relationship.

Later when Andy and I were saying good night to Phil, we showed him our wedding bands. Phil was surprised and disappointed to find out that Andy and I were married. I could see the light fade from Phil’s eyes, as he realized what this might mean. Phil asked Andy if he would object to Phil and I having one of our evening sessions again. When Andy didn’t respond immediately, Phil emphatically tried to reassure Andy that no hanky-panky would go on, and that it would only be me controlling Phil and having him do whatever I wanted. Andy looked a Phil with a doubtful expression on his face as if he were trying to make up his mind. However, I could clearly see the laughter shining in Andy’s eyes. It wasn’t only what Phil said, but the look on Phil’s face that was amusing Andy. Let me see if I can describe was the situation was like. Phil, who is a good looking guy, was standing there dressed in his tuxedo looking very dapper and handsome. Phil was holding his hands in a pray position and looking up at Andy, with a pleading expression his face. (Andy is a bit taller than Phil, in case you were not aware of it.) All the while Phil was promising to Andy that he wouldn’t do anything bad or wrong with me. He’ll only let me totally control him, just like I always do. Can you see the humor in that? The contradiction in what Phil was saying is what was tickling Andy’s funny bone. If you can’t see the humor, well then I guess you had to be there. Oh I guess I forgot to mention that while Andy was standing there trying to decide, Phil also dropped on to his knees in front of Andy and actually begged Andy to let me hypnotize Phil just one last time. This only made Andy smile all the more. (It also made me hard, but that is a whole other story.)

Poor Phil looked worried and confused as he knelt there watching Andy smile down at him. I kept my mouth shut, since Phil had asked Andy and not me. (See, I am learning when to keep my mouth shut. It might take me a while, but I DO learn.) Finally Andy spoke to Phil and quietly reassured Phil that further sessions with me, would be permitted. Andy told Phil the simple truth, which was that he trusted me, completely. Phil’s relief at Andy’s decision was profound and enthusiastic. He could not seem to stop thanking Andy and shaking his hand. We bid Phil a pleasant, albeit forceful, good night and good bye a few moments later.

“Are all your former subjects like him?” Andy asked me as he stared a Phil’s departing back, a look of stunned amazement on Andy’s face.

“No,” I answered, and smiled up at Andy’s handsome face, as I stood beside him. “Phil is a special case. At first I controlled him for the thrill of being able to control my boss, and having him do whatever I wanted, but things have changed over time. Phil is a good friend who trusts me, even out of hypnosis. He’s straight and will never be able to be intimate with me. But that’s never really been something I wanted from Phil. I simply managed to awaken within him the deep seated desire of his to be controlled by someone. I’m lucky enough that it is me.” I closed and locked the door and then walked back to stand just in front of Andy.

“Not as lucky as I am to have you, love,” Andy said to me and kissed me on the lips.

“You sure know what to say, dear heart,” I said as I smiled up at Andy after our all too brief kiss. I raised my eyebrows up and down a few times, while I smiled at him.

“Bed?” Andy asked.

“Race you!” I cried and took off like shot for the spare bedroom. Andy quickly gave chase. I won the race, but we both won the prize, if you follow me. But enough about that. A few days later I received a request from an old and dear friend.

It seemed like such a simple request at the time. After all I’ve known Jeff and Cindy for well over ten years. Never have I seen two people more in love, even after five years of marriage together. Seeing that gives me hope for Andy and I. Oh, and the request? It was from Jeff. He wanted me to take Cindy to dinner and stay with her until he could meet us at the restaurant, after which they would go out to a show later. I would go out shopping. At least that is what I told them, when they invited me to go with them. (I know when three is a crowd.) Jeff had to work late that Friday night and he wanted Cindy to have a nice quiet meal at a restaurant. I suppose this might strike you as somewhat strange when you consider that Jeff and Cindy are married, and I am an single adult male, who’s not all that bad looking in my own right. But then, you’ve never met Cindy.

She is, in a word, beautiful. She looks like she just stepped of the front page of a magazine. She has shoulder length honey blonde hair that looks like it is lit by the sun. This halo of hair frames a face with dark, almost black, eyes, ruby red lips, a dainty nose, and clear smooth soft skin. She has a pert and sexy mouth that always seems to have the hint of a smile on it, and her eyes glow with a subtle joy and love of life. She looks like an angel, and she has the warm loving personality to match it. Cindy is one of those wonderful people who make everyone and everything seem better whenever she is around. If I were not gay, I’d be camped out on her doorstep twenty-four hours a day, even though she is married. While I have no interest in Cindy, I can appreciate her good looks, not to mention her sparkling personality. And that brings up the problem. Whenever Cindy goes out to a restaurant or a bar, and is waiting for Jeff to show up, she invariably gets hit on by every (and I do mean every) guy in the joint. She’s become tired of it, and never goes anywhere without Jeff.

Yes, I suppose I should mention Jeff. The reason why Jeff and Cindy do not encounter any problems when they go out together is that Jeff is a mountain of a man. At six feet and five inches in height he easily towers over Cindy’s five feet and ten inches. Cindy has a beautiful figure, slim and trim without looking skinny. I do not know what her weight is, and I am too much of a gentleman (and much too wise) to ever ask. I do know that at two hundred and sixty odd pounds Jeff easily outweighs her. Those pounds are mostly muscle, and every pound is in exactly the right place. Jeff works out in a gym regularly, and looks like a professional body builder. (If Jeff were not married to Cindy, and he was gay, I’d be camped out in front of his doorstep twenty-four hours a day! So would you, for that matter.) Most people are surprised to discover that he works in an office. Jeff works out because he enjoys it and wants to keep healthy. Cindy works out as well, but neither of them are health nuts.

With his size and build, Jeff automatically discourages any guy from hitting on Cindy when they are out together. (Well, any guy in his right mind, anyway.) I’ve seen Jeff manhandle a few drunken guys who did not know what they were getting into. He doesn’t snarl or look mean. He is just a bit intimidating, that is until you get to know him. Then you discover that he is a gentle giant of a man, and does not like to use physical force. Still, he is well able to defend himself. Like Cindy, he studies karate. He’s only a brown belt, though, while she has a black belt. So she doesn’t need anyone to defend her, but she does get tired of all the pick up lines when she is sitting by herself in a bar or restaurant, waiting for Jeff. Even flashing her wedding ring doesn’t discourage some of the guys. The only other option is to apply a few karate chops, to the guy who is annoying her. As tempting as the idea might seem, Cindy knows that to do so would dishonor her dojo, and her sensei (karate master).

Jeff is taller than Andy, and he probably has a bit of a heavier build, but as I’ve never seen these two men side by side it is a bit difficult for me to compare them. There is one big difference between them. Andy loves me with all of his heart and soul, where as Jeff is just a good friend, and will never be anything more. He’s heterosexual. (I suppose with my powers I could change that, rather easily in fact, but the result would not be the Jeff that I know and respect. Such an action would turn Jeff into a shell of the wonderful man that I know him to be. I care for him too much, as my friend, to ever considering doing something like that. See? My powers can’t always get me what I want.) Every time I remind myself of just how much Andy does love me, Jeff suddenly doesn’t seem very attractive at all. I suppose you’re wondering where Andy fits into the events of this evening. Well, he doesn’t, unfortunately. Andy was working the evening and night shift (pulling a double shift to help out a buddy), so I was on my own this Friday night. It wasn’t a big deal though, as I’ve learned to keep myself amused when Andy’s not around. Besides I enjoyed doing this favor for Cindy and Jeff. They are good friends, and I enjoy spending time with my friends.

So, being such a good friend, I offered to take Cindy to the restaurant of her choice, and keep her company through the meal until Jeff arrived. Jeff had to work late, and would join us in an hour or so. We had plenty of time to chat and enjoy a few drinks. I let Cindy pick the restaurant, and that was my second mistake. My first mistake was going home to change into my cowboy duds after work. I usually can’t wait to swap my suit and tie for a comfortable pair of black jeans, a colourful cowboy shirt, my black cowboy boots, a black belt (with a big silver cowboy buckle) and my black cowboy hat. I met Cindy out in front of my apartment building. After seeing me, Cindy got a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and decide we should go to a restaurant with a western theme. After parking and locking the car, she called Jeff on her cellular phone to let him know which restaurant we had decided on. I’ll give you a hint, the name is the same as a state, and I don’t mean Texas, or Mississippi.

I automatically checked my watch as we walked into the restaurant. It was 5:45 PM. The dinner hour rush would not start for another thirty minutes or so. We had arrived in plenty of time to get a good table and not have to be concerned about slow service. We were shown to a booth off to the left side of the main entrance, and after placing our orders for drinks we sat down and started to talk. Five minutes later the waiter arrived and asked us if we were ready to order. ( The waiter was a handsome young man in nice hip hugging dark blue jeans, a close fitting light blue cowboy shirt, black cowboy boots, a black belt, and a black cowboy hat.) We places our orders with little delay. As the waiter hurried off, we returned to our conversation. Our food arrived about twenty minutes later. The meal was excellent, as was the service. I excused myself after ordering an after dinner coffee. I had to make use of the washroom facilities. On my way there, I notice a handsome man wearing a dark two piece double breasted suit, with a white shirt and a plain dark tie. I wasn’t able to determine exactly what the colour was, only that it was dark. The man looked to be in his early thirties. His face was pleasant looking, and except for his goatee, unremarkable. The only reason I noticed him at all, was because he was the only man in the restaurant who was wearing a business suit, and thus he looked a bit out of place, especially on a Friday night. As I headed off to take care of matters, I didn’t give him another thought.

It is not necessary I’m sure, for me to provide any details as to what happened in the washroom. What is important is the situation that I encountered when I arrived back at the booth. I walked up to the booth, and was most surprised to discover a strange man sitting in the booth across from Cindy, talking to her. The man seemed to be dressed like a cowboy, I noted, at least he was wearing a black cowboy hat.

“ that way. Why won’t you tell me your name?” The stranger asked her. “Here I’ll start off. My name’s Cody. And yours is?”

“None of your business,” I answered coolly, as I tapped the man on his left shoulder to get his attention.

“That’s rather rude,” Cody replied, as he turned to his left and looked up at me standing next to him. He looked me over and appeared to size me up in his mind. “Someone should teach you some manners,” he said gruffly.

I didn’t have time to really take notice of what Cody looked like. I was more concerned with diffusing the situation. I held up my left hand, to show him the wedding band that rested on the ring finger of that hand. “Didn’t you notice that the lady is spoken for?” I asked him, as I ignored his barbed comment. “I’m sure she must have mentioned that fact to you.”

“Yeah, so what of it?” He asked nonchalantly. “All I did was ask the lady if she wanted to dance and she turned me down flat, as if I wasn’t good enough for her. She could at least tell me her name, and she won’t even do that.” Cody’s voice was beginning to sound heated.

“Be that as it may, I would like to point out that you are in my seat,” I said quietly. “All we wanted when the two of us came in here was a quiet meal. I’m sure you saw us arrive together.”

“Can’t say that I did,” Cody replied. “As for your seat, I don’t see your name on it. But I’ll tell you what. Let me have one dance with the lady, and we’ll call it even.”

I had no idea why Cody was so determined to dance with Cindy. I knew Cindy well enough to be sure that she had spurned Cody in a polite but firm manner. Cody was pushing the situation, but I couldn’t imagine why. Sure Cindy is beautiful, but that was no reason to keep on at it, especially when he knew darn well that Cindy and I had arrived together. We had been sitting in that booth for the past two hours. The only time we had not been together was during my solo trip to the washroom. By the way, this particular restaurant had a bar and a small dance area off to the side. It was an unusual arrangement but all the patrons enjoyed it.

“It’s the lady’s decision, not mine,” I answered him, keeping my voice serene. “And I think she’s already given you her answer. What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?”

Cindy, meanwhile was doing her best to keep her expression pleasant and polite. She didn’t need me to come to her rescue, but I knew she was secretly amused to see me playing the roll of a protective husband. I could see the glint of amusement in her eyes. Yes, I admit it. I kind of enjoyed playing that role too.

“All of it,” Cody answered me, with a snarl. “Come on, babe. One dance won’t kill you.” With that Cody stood up and roughly pushed me aside. He walked over to Cindy and grabbed her right hand with his right hand pulling her up and out of her seat in the booth. He started to drag her towards the dance area. His actions were so sudden that they caught both of us by complete surprise. In an instant, the glint left Cindy’s eyes to be replaced by flames of anger. Cody had no idea what he was in for.

“Not so fast, cowboy,” Cindy cried out as she grabbed Cody’s right hand with her free left hand. I’m not sure exactly what she did, but it was effective. She seemed to apply some combination of pressure and twisting of his fingers, that caused Cody to yelp out in sudden pain and freeze in his tracks. He whipped his head around and looked at her, his face splattered with a combination of surprise and pain. A second later Cody aligned the rest of his body to point towards Cindy as he gave her his undivided attention. Cindy pressed down on his right hand. Cody drew in a sharp breath as the shock of the increase in the intensity of the pain caught him off guard. Cindy forced Cody’s right hand and arm downward, all the while increasing the pressure on his right hand. Cody was forced to drop to his knees in front of Cindy in a vain attempt to alleviate the mounting pain in his right hand and arm. Cody’s face was now a mask of agony. She pressed a bit harder. Cody whimpered and I could see fear start toform in his eyes. (I made a mental note to ask Cindy to teach me that move sometime. It just might come in handy some day.)

“When a woman says ‘no’, she means it,” Cindy said to Cody staring directly into his eyes. “Shall I elaborate?” She asked him, without a trace of mirth on her face.

“No, ma’am,” Cody whimpered, and gulped nervously. He could clearly see the anger on her face, and he knew she wasn’t kidding around.

“Fine. I’m glad we understand each other,” Cindy said, and then released Cody.

Slowly Cody stood up and rubbed his sore right wrist with his left hand. The fear on his face faded and was quickly replaced by an expression of hate and loathing. It was clear that his masculine pride had been wounded by Cindy’s swift and unexpected public humiliation of him. Personally, I didn’t see as she really had much choice. It was the only quick and safe way to avoid a public brawl. Sure she could have danced with Cody, but that would only have encouraged Cody to continue his bullying of women. Besides she was only defending herself from his rough manhandling of her.

“Next time, bitch,” Cody snarled at her.

“Not if you value your life,” I said to Cody, as I smiled at him knowingly.

“Who’s gonna stop me? You, pip-squeak?” Cody taunted me, as I became the focus of his anger and frustration.

“I will,” rumbled a quietly powerful, and thankfully familiar voice. It was Jeff. He had arrived and walked up behind Cody. I had seen him coming which was why I had smiled when I spoke to Cody. Talk about good timing.

Cody turned around at the sound of the new voice behind him. When he saw Jeff standing there, Cody’s face went as white as a sheet. I was surprised that he didn’t faint from the shock of seeing a moving mountain of a man like Jeff suddenly towering over him. Cody’s reaction was understandable, but that didn’t make it any less amusing to me.

“I think you owe my wife an apology,” Jeff rumbled at Cody.

Cody bobbed his head up an down in silent agreement, too stunned to speak. I knew better than to smirk at Cody’s predicament. I schooled my face into a neutral expression,. It wasn’t easy mind you. I glanced over at Cindy. She too was managing to fight off the smile that threatened to break out on her face.

“Well?” Jeff rumbled again, when Cody failed to take any action.

Cody gulped once and turned back to face Cindy, somewhat confused to say the least. “I’m sorry for being so disrespectful, ma’am. I hope you’ll accept my sincere apology for what I said. I’ll just leave you be, now.” With that Cody slithered his way past Jeff and back to whatever rock it was that he had crawled out from under. Who says you can’t get a jackass to move when you want him to?

As we returned to our booth, Cindy quickly explained all the details of the evening’s events to Jeff. We spent the next half hour drinking coffee and talking. It was pleasant and comfortable. Finally they decided it was time to go and headed out to the parking lot. I walked with them to Cindy’s car, bid them a fond farewell, and waved good bye as they drove out of the parking lot. I was sorry to see Cindy and Jeff leave. It had been much too long since we’d gotten together and the evening was much too short. I turned and headed back towards the restaurant. There was a pay phone inside, which I would need to use to phone for a cab.

“Hold it right there, Tex,” said a strange yet slightly familiar voice. I felt a hand on my left shoulder, followed by a strong tug that spun me around. It was my turn to gulp in surprise.

Before me stood three men. Three men dressed like cowboys. They were not smiling. The one in the center I recognized as Cody. I did not know the other two. I looked them over as I tried to assess the situation.

The man to the right of Cody, was about six feet tall, with a heavy muscular build. He was wearing a snug fitting royal blue cowboy shirt tucked into a pair of dark blue snug fitting jeans. The black belt that encircled his waist was plain and unadorned. Only the huge cowboy belt buckle that lay flat against his waist glittered in the evening light. I flicked my eyes downward long enough to note that he was wearing black cowboy boots. Perched on the top of his handsome head was a black cowboy hat, pushed back slightly to reveal some of the thatch of medium length sandy blond hair that must have covered his head. His clean shaven face was unremarkable, overall. He wasn’t ugly nor was he notably handsome. He was just an ordinary everyday guy as far as looks were concerned. His dark blue eyes seemed a perfect match for his royal blue cowboy shirt, I noted.

Like the first man, Cody was about six feet tall, but where as the first cowboy was heavy and muscular, Cody was slim, almost skinny. Cody also wore dark blue jeans, but they were practically skin tight compared to the first cowboy. Cody’s bright red cowboy shirt was a sharp contrast to the dark blue jeans, but similar to his jeans the shirt seemed to be following the contours of his torso, like a second skin. It hugged his torso and emphasized Cody’s slim waist while making his shoulders seem broader than they really were. A black belt with a pattern of silver diamonds was wrapped around Cody’s slim waist. The belt was fastened at the front with a very big cowboy buckle. It was probably as big as the buckle on the first cowboy, but I couldn’t be sure. I was a little rushed for time, as you might well understand. Another flick of my eyes downward confirmed that Cody was wearing what appeared to be black cowboy boots. Cody’s face was set with a cold and mean expression, but it did not prevent me from noticing his deep emerald green eyes, set perfectly in his other wise average and clean shaven face. Clearly he had something on his mind, and it wasn’t the black cowboy hat that was sitting on top of his head of dark curly hair.

Ignoring Cody for the moment, I diverted my attention to the cowboy to the left of Cody. This man was shorter than the other two men. His build was about in between that of the first cowboy’s and Cody’s. That is to say, that he was of average build with just a touch of muscle around his chest and arms. The white cowboy shirt that he wore was plain and simple. It fit him well, but was not tight or close fitting by any means. Like the first two cowboys, this one was wearing blue jeans, but they were a light sky blue, rather than dark. Like the shirt, the jeans fit well on this man, but they could not be described as close fitting or tight. Relaxed or comfortable might be better describe them. His waist too was wreathed with a plain black leather belt, fastened at the front with a large cowboy belt buckle. As with first two cowboys, I was too far away to make out any details of the buckle, except that it sparkled a bit from the slanted light of the evening sun. I needed only a short glance downward to confirm that this man was also wearing black cowboy boots. Looking back up at his face, I expected it to be clean shaven like the first two cowboys, since this man was also wearing a black cowboy hat on top of his head. The hat covered most of the short black hair on this man’s head, but enough peeked out from the sides of his head for me to see that his hair was indeed black. I was slightly surprised to see a dark bushy mustache covering the upper lips of this cowboy’s otherwise plain and dull face. A pair of smoky gray eyes peered out at me from beneath a pair of bushy eyebrows, and these eyes were not at all friendly.

“My friends and I want to have a little talk with you, cowboy,” Cody said quietly, his voice laced with overtones of menace. His words quickly snatched my attention away from the third cowboy. It was clear to me that talking was the last thing that we would be doing. A beating, a pounding and getting the shit kicked out of me seemed much more likely. I was not in the mood to be anyone’s punching bag tonight. The way that Cody pronounced the word cowboy seem like an insult, and a threat, all at the same time.

“About what, exactly?” I asked, perplexed, but standing my ground firmly. I might be scared of the odds but I’d be damned if I’d show any fear to bullies like these.

“Well, now, just what do you think?” Cody taunted me, as he curled his upper lip at me.

“Cut the crap, Cody,” I snarled back at him. “Just say what you’re going to say, or leave me alone. It’s been a long day, I’m tired, and I have no desire to banter words with you all night.” I had just spent a wonderful evening with some friends, and I did not want to spoil it by getting into an argument with some moronic redneck. Of course my attitude and body language weren’t helping matters any. If I had been smarter I would have just walked away after Cody’s first remark. Then again, I doubt that Cody would have let me off that easy.

“Looks like you could use a little attitude adjustment, right boys?” Cody asked and then glanced at his two buddies, before looking back at me.

“Yup,” the cowboy to the left of Cody agreed.

“Sure looks that way to me,” the second cowboy chimed in.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, more confused now than ever.

“Just that you need to learn to respect your betters, is all,” Cody replied without actually answering my question.

“My betters? You?” I asked, still confused.

“We’re the genuine article,” Cody said frostily. “We’ve earned these buckles. Unlike you.”

“Let me get this straight,” I said as looked at Cody, finding it difficult to believe what I hearing. “You’re real cowboys, and because I’m not a real cowboy, you’re going to beat the shit out of me? Do I have this right?”

“Smart lad, for a city boy,” Cody said confirming my guess. “You got it right on your first try.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I said. “Just because I dress like a cowboy, you figure that I’ve somehow insulted you and your friends. So to teach me a lesson, you’re going to take turns beating me up?”

“Not exactly,” Cody said. “No one said we were going to take turns.” He smiled chillingly at me. He signaled his buddies to circle around me, cutting off any chance of my escape. The blond haired cowboy circled around to my right, while the other black haired cowboy circled off to my left.

I gawked at him, unable to formulate a response to this insanity. I was mildly surprised that my sixth sense hadn’t warned me of this danger. Maybe it only operated when there was hypnosis involved. I had a vague idea of what they planned to do. They would drag me into the nearby alley, for the beating. By circling around me now, they could grab me, cover my mouth and drag me way in less than half a minute.

“You’re nuts, do you know that?” I said, as I stalled for time. I needed a little bit longer to set up a compulsion field, if I was going to have any chance to get out of this situation with an intact skin. Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. This had nothing to do with me. It was because of Cindy and to a lesser degree Jeff. Cody had been humiliated by Cindy, and probably in front of his two buddies. So, since he couldn’t take revenge on her, he was coming after me. A fat lot of good those facts were to me, though.

“Well when you put it that way,” Cody said as his snarl turned into a grin. “We’re gonna teach you a real lesson, cowboy.”

“Three against one, huh?” I said as I crossed my arms in front of my chest. “That’s a really fair fight, all right. But still, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ll bet none of you real cowboys has the balls for a fair contest.”

“What’re you talking about?” Cody asked, taken aback my sudden verbal attack on his courage and manliness. His two buddies remained where they were, waiting to see what was going to happen.

“Think about it for a minute,” I said, as I stood there looking a him. Keeping my eyes open I sent out a powerful but localized compulsion field with a simple message, “You want to do what I say.” It was short and simple and hopefully I would be able to create the field while having my attention split between the field and Cody. I had never tried something exactly like this before.

“You don’t really want to gang up on me,” I said quietly. “It’s not a manly thing to do. Three against one isn’t fair. No real cowboy would do that. He wouldn’t need to.”

Cody looked at me silently, and he opened his mouth as if he were about to speak, but then snapped his mouth shut as if he had suddenly changed his mind. It seemed he was weighing my words to see what value they had. As I looked him in the eyes, I could see a shadow of doubt in the back of his eyes. (At least I thought I could see a shadow of doubt. Maybe it was only wishful thinking on my part.) I prayed that it was the result of the compulsion field. I knew that taking control of Cody would have been easy enough, since I could make eye contact with him, but his two buddies were a problem. I wouldn’t be able to snag his two buddies before they jumped me. If they covered my mouth, which seemed very likely, I wouldn’t be able to command Cody. Without Cody to distract (okay fight) at least one of these other cowboys, I wouldn’t be able to take control of the second cowboy, and then later the third. It had to be all or nothing. Somehow I had to take control of all three of these cowboys at the same time, and without looking them in the eyes. And to make things more challenging, I had to do this without them being aware of what was happening. If they suspected that they were being manipulated, they might fight the compulsion field which would only add to my problems.

“What are you talking about?” Cody asked me, the sneer returning to his lips. “Why should I listen to you?” I breathed a silent sigh of relief. The compulsion field was taking effect, although slower than I had hoped. Still it gave me some maneuvering room now.

“What have you got to lose?” I replied. “It’s not like I can get away from you. So why not listen to what I have to say?” I looked around at the other two cowboys and noticed the same doubt and hesitation in their eyes. I wasn’t imagining it after all. The compulsion field was starting to affect them as well. But I still had a lot of work ahead of me if I was going to pull this off.

“Oh, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt,” Cody agreed reluctantly. “What did you have in mind?”

“A simple contest of wills,” I answered. “If I can hypnotized your two buddies here, then you let me go.”

“You’re kidding right?” Cody asked baffled at my seemingly bizarre request.

“I’m serious,” I assured him. “So serious in fact that I’m betting I can pull it off, and thus avoid the beating you three guys were going to give me.”

Cody looked at me and then laughed out loud. His two buddies laughed along with him. His laughter was brief and when he had recovered he spoke to me. “Buddy, if you can put even one of these guys under, I’ll not only let you go on your way, I’ll even give you twenty bucks for the cab fare.”

“Fine. Now that is settled would you mind having your friends come around to where I can see them?” I asked him.

“Oh we never agreed to anything like that,” Cody cautioned me, with a shake of his head. “They stay where they are, and you don’t look me in the eyes, neither.”

“I see,” I said doing my best to look thoughtful. “You’re afraid.”

“Not at all,” Cody said as he chuckled at me. “I’m just going to make sure that you fail”

“Have it your way,” I agreed. I looked down at Cody’s belt buckle, while I built up the strength of the compulsion field. If I was right, all I had to do was keep increasing the power of the field, and my words would be enough. Still it irked me that Cody had managed to neutralize my most powerful hypnosis tool, my eyes, and he didn’t even realize it. “That’s a nice belt buckle.”

“Thanks, now are you going to get started or not?” Cody demanded as his paper thin patience gave out.

“Just calm down, guys,” I said to no one in particular. “It’s going to take me a few minutes to prepare myself. This is not something that I can just do at the snap of my fingers. I have to stare at something to focus my mind. That belt buckle of yours for instance will do just fine. Now if you don’t mind would just let me look at it for a few minutes?”

“Oh, very well,” Cody said. “But I think you’re stalling for time.”

“It’s a nice bright object,” I said as I ignored Cody’s comments. “Why I bet it’s much nicer than my buckle or even the ones belonging to your friends.”

“Maybe,” Cody said.

“Well I think it is. I’d bet you’d enjoy looking at it, if you were not wearing it,” I said as I put more power into the compulsion field. “You could just pick something like it, sometime bright and shiny to look at and I’m sure you’d see what I mean.” I continued as I coaxed the cowboys to begin the induction. “I think you’ll agree that looking at something bright and shiny is very easy to do. In fact I’m sure you’ll find that it is a wonderful and pleasing thing to do. I’m just amazed at how bright and shiny it is. It actually sparkles like stars in the night sky.”

I carefully kept my eyes averted from Cody, lest I break the fragile control that I had on his mind, as well as his buddies. In the brief pause I took to catch my breath I infused even more power into the compulsion field. It was much more powerful than any field I’d ever created before. I could almost feel the air vibrate with the power I was putting out into the field, and yet I didn’t feel any of the normal mental strain that I usually felt when creating such a powerful compulsion field.

“It’s so nice to look at that shiny belt buckle. So nice in fact that it seems the more you look at it the better you feel and better you feel the more you look at the belt buckle. And soon and very soon indeed you won’t want to look away from the shiny, pretty buckle, because it just feels too good to keep looking at it. Cowboys really like their belt buckles, don’t they? That’s why they like looking at them so much. And you are a cowboy, so it seems only natural to keep on looking at that shiny belt buckle. So you do. You keep on looking and looking and looking and it feels so good that you let out a sigh of delight. A long slow sigh of delight, and that actually helps you to keep on looking at the buckle.”

I took a long slow deep breath and let it out an wonderful sigh. No, I wasn’t going under, I was merely suggesting it to the three cowboys, while I put still more power into the compulsion field. I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to keep such a powerful field in place, so I quickly got back to the induction. I urgently wanted to look up and check on Cody to see if he was looking at my belt buckle or one of his buddies’ buckles, but I knew that I didn’t dare. It was too risky. Cody wasn’t anywhere near enough under my control for him to safely ignore my violation of his injunction not to look him in the eyes.

“And soon and very soon indeed you’ll find that not only do you want to just keep looking at the buckle, like any true blooded cowboy would, but that you can’t seem to look away,” I said as I pitched my voice into smooth mellow and even tones. “It is such a wonderful feeling to keep looking at the buckle. In fact you find now, to your delight that your gaze is locked upon the buckle. You can’t look away. Try as hard as you might you can’t look away. So go ahead and try and you’ll find that you can’t look away. But it doesn’t concern you in the least because you so enjoy looking at the buckle. It is the center of your attention. It is all that you can see. Nothing else is there but the buckle. And it feels so damn good to be a cowboy and to look at the buckle that you just keep looking at it. For it seems with each word that I utter and with each breath that you take, you can sense and feel you pleasure and joy at looking at the buckle increase more and more and more. So that all you want to do now is to look at the buckle and breath. There is nothing else that you would rather do.”

Carefully I looked up from Cody’s belt buckle and let my gaze move up his skinny chest past his neck and throat to his face. I let out a sigh of delight and satisfaction as I looked upon Cody’s face. His eyes were locked on my belt buckle, just as I hoped they would be. He had a completely blank look on his face, and his mouth hung slightly open as he continued to gaze upon my belt buckle and breath, just as he had been told to. I would have estimated his trance level as medium to heavy, but he was not yet under my full control.

Slowly I craned my neck to the right and was rewarded with the sight of the blond haired cowboy looking in the direction of Cody, with a stunned and blank look on his face as well. I followed the direction of his eyes to Cody’s belt buckle. Good, that made two. Careful not to move my waist and thus break Cody’s eye contact with my belt buckle, I swiveled my head slowly around as far to the left as I could. I was three for three as I looked at the dark haired cowboy. He too had a blank and empty look on his face. I followed his gaze to Cody’s belt buckle. Things were working out as I had hoped, but I wasn’t done just yet.

“Your mind is filled with the image the sight of the belt buckle your gazed is now locked upon,” I said as I prepared to take my latest group of subjects to the next level of hypnotic surrender and control. “Like any true cowboy you can appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into a good belt buckle It is a pleasure, almost a joy to look upon a beautifully crafted belt buckle, and that is what you see before you. A beautifully crafted buckle that captures and holds your attention as you gaze upon it, lost in the wonder of how good it looks. You have no dire to look away. All you want to do is to keep looking at the buckle so that you can continue to feel so very good and relaxed. It is all that you can think of and all that you care about now, just like any cowboy would. And soon and very soon you will start to feel yourself slipping down deeper into relaxation. A pleasant and warm feeling that slowly builds. With each word that I utter and with each breath that you take, you can feel yourself start to go down just a bit deeper and deeper. Slipping down now, deeper and deeper into a cowboy belt buckle induced state of relaxation. Your breathing becomes deep and rhythmic, really pleasant, When you feel that happen, when you notice a change in your breathing, you smile because you feel so damn good. The sight of the cowboy belt buckle before you is so entrancing.”

As I took a few moments to catch my breath and plan out the next phase of the induction, I slowly moved my head around from the left to the right as I checked on each of my cowboys. The blond haired cowboy was the first one to smile. I was lucky enough to be looking at him when it happened. Not only did he smile but I saw a twinkle appear in his beautiful dark blue eyes. I felt a surge of hardness in my cock, at the sight that cowboy standing there, his arms hanging limp and loose at his sides, smiling with an otherwise vacuous look on his face. I slowly moved my head around to look at Cody and then the other cowboy. To my disappoint Cody wasn’t smiling, but the other cowboy was. He had a relaxed and joyful grin on his face. His smoke gray eyes were lit up in self satisfaction, and dare I say it, he actually looked happy. Like the first cowboy, the arms of this cowboy were hanging loose and limp at his sides as well. I looked back at Cody, and saw his lips twitch. Then a smile blossomed on his face as he finally succumbed to my suggestion. Almost immediately he let out a long deep sigh and his face became completely blank with the exception of the smile glued to his lips. He looked like he didn’t have a single thought in his head. Those emerald green eyes of his seemed to glow softly as he slowly yielded to effects of the compulsion field and my suggestions. As expected Cody’s arms were hanging by his sides loose and limp, but that did not detract from the thrill I felt as I looked at him standing there. My cock, needless to say was very happy. It was pleasantly hard, and I savored the feeling of it against the denim of my blue jeans. Such a wonderful erotic feeling. I sighed with suppressed pleasure. I wanted to walk over to Cody and move his arms around, and maybe run my hands over those skin tight jeans of his. However, I couldn’t yet give in to my excitement and sexual arousal. I still had work to do.

“Going down deeper and deeper, more relaxed and more comfortable with each passing moment,” I suggested to them as I urged them on. “Nothing more that you can do but go down deeper and deeper. And soon and very soon indeed your legs will become so relaxed and you’ll slowly and easily lower yourself to your knees, because you know that will make you feel so much more comfortable and at ease. It will help you to go down even deeper. It will seem like such a normal natural and right thing to do. Soon you’ll find yourself nodding your head slightly as you savor the idea of dropping down to your knees so that you can relax even deeper into this entrancing and gratifying state. There isn’t a cowboy alive who wouldn’t want to just keep doing down deeper and deeper. It’s so nature and easy to do.”

I smiled and felt my pulse quicken, as I saw Cody nod his head almost as soon as I finished speaking. I didn’t wait for any of my cowboys to start dropping to their knees. Instead I piled more suggestions into their open, malleable minds. “Going down so deep now that your arms start to float out in front of you. In fact, the deeper you go, the lighter your arms become, and the lighter your arms become the deeper you. Always going deeper always feeling better. You couldn’t stop your arms from floating up in front of you, even if you wanted to, and now you don’t even want to.”

My pleasure meter was showing an overload as I watched Cody’s arms slowly rise up in front of him. He looked so much like one of those hypnotized zombies in an old ‘B’ movie that I wanted to howl with delight. I had to remind myself to check on the other two cowboys to see how they were doing. I turned to my left and felt a slight twinge of disappointment as another jolt of pleasure surged through me. This cowboy not only had his arms floating out in front of him, but he was already down on his knees. I missed it, damn it! I flipped my eyes back to Cody, just in time to see his knees touch the ground as he finished dropping to his knees. Damn and double damn. I jerked my eyes over to the last cowboy hoping that I wasn’t too late to witness that man dropping down into a deeper state of hypnosis. My smile grew even larger as I realized that luck was with me. This cowboy had not even raised his arms up yet. He merely stood there smiling as his face grew more and more blank. I stared fascinated, as I waited for the inevitable. This last cowboy slowly and carefully lowered himself down onto his right knee, keeping his gaze fixed on Cody’s belt buckle. He knelt there on one knee for a few moments, as if he couldn’t seem to remember what else he had to do. It dawned on me that his butt would have looked wonderful as he knelt there in that position. Part of me dearly wanted to rush around to view (okay more than just view) that butt, while another part of me wanted to stay where I was and behold the rest of this cowboy’s capitulation. I just could not make up my mind. My feet became rooted to the spot as the cowboy tilted his body slightly to the right and brought his left knee down next to his right. Once he was down on both knees his arms started to float upward until they were pointing straight out in front of him. His expression did not change. All he did was nod his head a few times and let out a few deep sighs. Somebody, it seemed was having a really good time, and I don’t mean me.

As the cowboys knelt there in front of me, I spun around quickly in a full circle to see if anyone else was in the parking lot and if they had seen what was going on. Cody was deep enough now, that I didn’t have to worry about breaking his eye contact with my belt buckle. My compulsion field was powerful but very limited in scope. The induction had taken maybe fifteen minutes, but that could have been just a few minutes too long. I was in luck. I didn’t see anyone at all, as I looked around. Well that wasn’t quite true. I did see that same man from the restaurant, the one that was sharply dressed. He was facing away from us, and heading away from us towards a car parked far way in the parking lot, so I didn’t pay him any mind. Even if he did start to wonder what was going on here, it wouldn’t really matter. The critical work would be done in a few more minutes, and then I’d be safe. Still I had to act quickly, before anyone else came out of the restaurant. I was pushing my luck as it was. I suppose I should mention that it was only about 8 PM, so there was a lot of daylight left. The parking lot lights would not come one for another couple of hours.

“Cody, stand up, walk over to me, and look me directly in the eyes,” I said to Cody. “Then tell me the first names of your buddies, and wait for further instructions.”

Cody blinked a few times as my command slowly penetrated the hypnotic fog in his mind. He slowly stood up, and looked around for me. Like a man sleepwalking, he lurched over to where I was standing and made eye contact with me, all the while keeping that blank and dull look on his face, and his arms straight out in front of him.

Cody turned left pointing towards the cowboy who was off to my right. “His name is Dallas,” Cody said in a dull lifeless voice. Slowly Cody turned to the right until he was pointing at the cowboy who was off to my left. “His name is Justin,” Cody responded in that same dull lifeless voice. His task completed, Cody turned back to face me. He stood there with a glazed look on his face as he waited for his next command from me. As I stood there looking at Cody, and I luxuriated in the moment, I cut the power to the compulsion field. I would not need it anymore this evening, and I had a better use for my powers.

With my eyes locked on Cody’s I sent my commands into his mind. “You are my willing and obedient hypnotized cowboy. You feel great joy and satisfaction in doing anything that I tell you to do. You want me to hypnotize you. Anytime I say the phrase ‘cowboy up’ followed by your name, you return to this hypnotic trance that you are in and wait for more orders from me.” Out loud I said, “Tell me what the magic phrase is that brings you back here.”

“Cowboy up, Cody,” Cody softly replied and grinned at me.

“Good, now drop down to your knees and wait there,” I said to him and turned away to my right and towards the cowboy called Dallas.

“Yes, boss,” Cody said softly. I flicked a glance back at Cody wondering why he had called me ‘boss’, but I didn’t have time to go into it right then.

“Dallas,” I called out to the cowboy off to my right. “Stand up, walk over to me, and look me directly in the eyes.”

It took Dallas a moment or two to react to my instructions. It was clear that he was so enjoying his state of hypnosis that he was totally ignoring everything and everyone else, including me. Dallas slowly stood up and looked out blankly while he let a long slow sigh. After a moment or two he turned towards me and walked over to where I was standing. He walked as if he didn’t have a care in the world, as if walking around in deep hypnotic trance were an everyday occurrence for him. Finally he stood in front of me. Slowly he fastened his eyes on mine, and let out another soft sigh as he stood there gazing intently into my eyes.

Up close, I could see that Dallas’s eyes were a pair of deep dark limpid pools. They were such a surprising contrast to his honey blond hair, these lovely midnight blue orbs of his. For a moment I wondered if he was beaching his hair, but his sunlight blonde eyebrows suggested that this was not the case. It was with more than just a smidgen of regret that I pulled myself away from those enchanting bedroom eyes of his, and back to the task at hand. I took a deep breath to clear my mind and focus my thoughts before I spoke. Believe me, when I say that was necessary. Dallas had very sexy eyes, and he wasn’t even using them. Some guys have eyes that you just want to lose yourself in, and Dallas was one of those guys. (Then again so was Andy.)

With my eyes locked on Dallas’s I sent my commands into his mind. “You are my willing and obedient hypnotized cowboy. You feel great joy and satisfaction in doing anything that I tell you to do. You want me to hypnotize you. Anytime I say the phrase ‘cowboy up’ followed by your name, you return to this hypnotic trance that you are in and wait for more orders from me.” Out loud I said, “Tell me what the magic phrase is that brings you back here.”

“Cowboy up, Dallas,” Dallas crooned in a low and surprisingly sexy voice.

“Good, now stand beside Cody, drop down to your knees and wait there,” I said to him and turned away to my left and towards the cowboy called Justin.

“Oh yesss....,” Dallas hissed softly . He moved with the same sexy slowness as he positioned himself just to the right of Cody, and started to kneel down. .

“Justin,” I called out to the cowboy off to my right. “Stand up, walk over to me, and look me directly in the eyes.”

Unlike the other two cowboys, Justin snapped to attention as if he had been barked at by a drill sergeant. He walked over to me as fast as he could, and placed himself squarely in front of me. Eagerly his eyes sought out mine. He gulped once and then whispered, “Sir?” I was surprised to see Justin trembling slightly as he stood there in front of me, his arms still out in front of his body.

In those smoky gray eyes of Justin’s I saw worry. I smiled at him in an attempt to offer some reassurance. It seemed to help. Justin stopped trembling, and his breathing slowed.

I continued to smile at Justin, as I sent my commands into his mind. “You are my willing and obedient hypnotized cowboy. You feel great joy and satisfaction in doing anything that I tell you to do. You want me to hypnotize you. Anytime I say the phrase ‘cowboy up’ followed by your name, you return to this hypnotic trance that you are in and wait for more orders from me.” Out loud I said, “Tell me what the magic phrase is that brings you back here.” (So I’m repeating myself. Sometimes originality has to take a back seat to expediency.)

“Cowboy up, Justin,” Justin barked out clearly.

“Good, now stand beside Cody , drop down to your knees and wait there,” I said to him.

“Yes, Sir!” Justin brayed, and threw me a totally unexpected salute. He marched over to stand to the left of Cody. He saluted me a second time before he started to kneel down, and his arms floated back up in front of him again.

Picture it if you can. (Come on. Try real hard now. Sorry, bad pun.) Three fairly good looking men, dressed as cowboys, who apparently are cowboys. Deeply hypnotized, kneeling in front of you with their arms held out in front of them, just waiting for you to tell them what to do. Three obedient hunks. Three willing studs. Three hypnotized guys in close fitting or tight jeans. Can you honestly say that you are not at all interested? I had to wipe the drool away from my mouth with the back of my hand, I was so enthralled by what I saw before me. We needed some privacy and fast. I looked around, somewhat desperately I might add, and finally decided that the alley would do for what I had in mind.

“Walk over to the alley and wait for me there, like the good obedient little cowboys that you are,” I said to these three entranced gentlemen. They were gentlemen now, because they could not possibly break away from my control. They could not hurt me. They could only be gentle with me, hence they were gentle men. As I watched them slowly and gracefully rise up from their knees, with their arms still held straight out in front of them, my cock became fully erect and a soft moan of sweetness forced itself past my lips. “As you walk over to the alley you will feel yourself going down ever deeper into hypnosis, and the deeper you go, the more sexually turned on you will feel,” I called out to them as they slowly turned in the direction of the alley. “When you arrive at the alley you will be so excited and aroused that your cock will be fully erect and you will start to moan softly with delight.” Hey, there was no reason why they shouldn’t feel as least as good as I did right now. It seemed only fair. They were giving me great pleasure, so why not return the favor. (Boy, I can justify anything, when I put my mind to it.)

I followed my little harem to the alley, but I walked about three feet behind them. I practically purred with pleasure as I basked in the sight of three pairs of killer buns in nice tight jeans before me. Those denim clad dunes, moving easily back and forth, with just a hint of a wiggle, were such a stupendous sight that I thought I would cum right there in my jeans. I didn’t, but don’t ask me to explain how I stopped myself. All I could do was to mutter, “Marvelous,” over and over again as the parade continued on in front of me.

To my left was the butt belonging to Justin. Light blue jeans, covering a noticeably nice pair of buns. I was a somewhat thwarted that these jeans were not tighter, but those feelings quickly passed. The jeans were snug enough so that as Justin walked, the jeans were stretched tightly across each buttock. First the right buttock, then the left, and then the right one again. The jeans were clean but well beyond the stage of being broken in. The hip pockets had white lines of wear on them in the outline of the items that had been carried there for so long. The large white rectangular outline on the left hip pocket was clearly from the wallet that resided there. It bulged out somewhat, but not enough to make me wonder was might be inside of it. On the right hip pocket was a white circle of wear. I was puzzled for a moment as to what the round circular bulge in the right hip pocket might be. Then it came to me. It was most likely a tin of chewing tobacco. These two significantly large objects caused the seam of the jeans between the buttocks to become stretched a bit more tightly as Justin walked. In fact, these nice big bulging objects caused Justin’s jeans to cling somewhat more tightly around his buttocks and the back side of his crotch. I smiled in keen appreciation at the sight before me.

I suddenly remembered Cody and his skin tight jeans! Frantically I jerked my eyes to the right to look at Cody’s butt. What I saw left me feeling slightly intoxicated. Cody’s butt in those skin tight dark blue jeans was a masterpiece. Cody wasn’t merely garbed in skin tight jeans. Those jeans were not merely clinging to Cody’s butt, it was more like they had been shrink-wrapped around his ass. I swear I could see every muscle on his buttocks and thighs ripple as he walked in front of me. I could feel a hot flush creep up my neck and cover my face as my attention became riveted on that remarkable sight in front of me. (Yes, I’m a butt man, however this was by far the most remarkable rear I had seen in a long time. Dare I even think it? It even outshone Andy’s.) The way those jeans wrapped around every inch of Cody’s butt was awe inspiring. I didn’t think it was physically possible for denim to stretch that much, and not have it show the slightest sign of wear. I knew there were no signs of wear on those jeans, at least not around the seam that ran from the waist and down in between these two perfect half hemispheres of Cody’s denim clad buttocks. I eyeballed those jeans so closely that it was a wonder I didn’t wind up permanently cross-eyed. I was so awestruck by Cody’s practically perfect posterior, that at first I failed to notice the bonus item. Snuggled into the right hip pocket of those exquisite jeans was Cody’s wallet. Not just any wallet though. This thing was huge. It looked as if it were at least an inch thick, and it stuck up out of the hip pocket a good inch or so. How Cody ever got that thing in that pocket in the first place will remain one of the mysteries of life. All I knew for sure was that the huge brown wallet in his right hip pocket made Cody’s ass even more sexy.. Don’t ask how that was possible, but it was. I swear it was. (If someone had handed me a stack of bibles right then I would have sworn then and there that Cody’s ass was the best that I’d ever seen in my life. Of course that wasn’t all that likely to have happened at the time.) I swallowed a few times as I fought a powerful urge to place my hands on those buttocks and give them a great big hard squeeze. I knew that if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself for a long while.

It was with sincere regret that I forced my hungry eyes off of Cody’s backside, and off to the right. I wasn’t disappointed by the regal rear that I gazed upon, though. This magnificent creation belonged to Dallas. Dark blue jeans, wrapped clinging closely around his beautiful buttocks. The jeans were snug enough so that as Dallas walked, the jeans curved up and around his thighs, crotch and the inside of his legs. The hip pockets of those jeans were not empty either. The large rectangular bulge in the right hip pocket was most likely Dallas’s wallet, while the round circular bulge in the left hip pocket was most likely a tin of chewing tobacco. These two significantly large objects caused the seam of the jeans between the buttocks to become stretched tightly as Dallas walked. In fact, these nice big bulging objects causes Dallas’s jeans to cling somewhat more tightly around his buttocks and the back side of his crotch, in a similar manner as Justin’s jeans, but somewhat more sexily.

As far as butts were concerned, it looked as if this was going to be my annus mirabilis. (No, that is NOT what you are thinking. It means ‘a year notable for disasters or wonders’. The phrase is New Latin: annus, year + mirabilis, wonderous. Look it up, if you don’t believe me. Who say’s romantic novels aren’t educational?)

It seemed as if I had barely finished my butt survey, when the walk to the alleyway suddenly ended. I swear I had taken only three or four steps before those fantastic fannies stopped their sexy subtle swaggering and stood motionless in front of me. I blinked a few times before I broke my attention away from those handsome haunches, and walked around that terrific trio to face them head on. I was not disappointed by what I saw. No, not in the least.

Justin was to my right, with Cody next to him, and Dallas next to Cody. All three men were moaning softly as they held their arms out in front of them. Their eyes were closed in sensuous surrender to the waves of erotic pleasure that poured into their minds. They stood easily, without any strain. I looked down to my left, centering my gaze upon the fly of Dallas’s jeans. There was a large steaming bulge in the front of his jeans. Well, okay, so it wasn’t steaming. But when I placed my right hand on that monster it was hard, long and very warm to the touch. I let the tips of my fingers wander up and down the entire length of that wondrous bulge.

“You like that don’t you, Dallas?” I asked him. The very nature of the question implied that Dallas would like my slight fondling of his cock.

“Oh, yes, boss,” Dallas panted between moans. He shuddered once or twice as he stood there. I looked over to right and saw that the front of Cody’s jeans contained a significant bulge as well. I flicked my eyes further to the right, and as expected Justin was sporting a tremendous woody too.

“All of you may let lower your arms to your sides, open your eyes and go even deeper into hypnosis and into my power,” I command my trio of hypnotized cowboys. They complied quietly and quickly, lowering their arms and opening their eyes. They each turned their gaze to my face and stood there wondering what was going to happen next. For a few moments I indulged myself. I stood there and devoted my attention to enjoying the sight of three good looking hypnotized cowboys standing front of me, each of them with what appeared to be a fully erect penis swelling the denim around the fly of those jeans. Three cowboys. Three farm boys. Suddenly the phrase “Milking time” popped into my head. A smile, a slightly evil smile crept onto my lips.

“You’ve been such good boys that I’m going to give you a treat,” I said to them and smiled at them as innocently as I could. “Would you like that?”

“Uh, Huh,” they muttered in unison, while nodding their heads up and down slowly.

“Good, boys,” I said as I continued to smile. “I bet you’re feeling very sexy and hard right now. So sexy in fact, that you just can’t stop yourself from reaching down with your hands and rubbing those long hard and hot bulges in your jeans. You know how good it will feel. You want to do it so very badly, that you can’t stop yourself.”

Their faces went blank for a moment and they blinked at me stupidly for a few seconds as they stood there. They took to the suggestions like a fish to water. Their hands practically flew down to the flies of their jeans, and started groping around for their swollen cocks. I smiled with satisfaction as their moans became more intense and slightly louder as they stroked themselves as best they could. I stood there looking at them, and as I did I noticed that Justin’s face appears to be torn between ecstasy and worry.

“What’s the matter, Justin?” I asked him. “Aren’t you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh, yes, I love it, sir, but...” Justin replied letting his answer trail off.

“But what?” I prompted him.

“This... this is wrong, sir. We....we shouldn’t be doing public. We shouldn’t be....doing this in front, sir,” Justin choked out the words in between his moans.

“Very, true, Justin,” I agreed with him. “But it’s much too late to think or worry about that. You all feel so good as you rub your swollen cocks, that you don’t care about anything except listening to me, obeying me and rubbing your nice hard pieces of man meat.”

Justin’s eyes went slightly wide at the sound of my words, but the next moan that forced itself from between his lips erased any lingering doubts or concerns that might have been plaguing him. His face melted into an expression of euphoric bliss, as pleasure in obeying me dominated every cell in his brain. His eyes were unfocused as he stood there lost in his own world of erotic pleasure. I looked over at Cody and Dallas. Their expressions mirrored his. All three of these cowboys were long since past the point of no return.

“Stop rubbing your cocks, boys,” I said to them quietly. They obeyed instantly, freezing their hands in place. I waited. Slowly they came down from whatever cloud nine they were on and looked over at me. A look of longing and sadness crept onto their faces at the sudden loss of their physical stimulation.

“Each of you, open your fly, boys,” I said to them slowly. “It’s time to show me some Texas longhorns.”

“Yes, boss. Yes, sir. Yes,” they said in a mixed reply, smiling slightly. My ears were caressed with the thrilling sound of zippers being pulled down. My eyes thrilled at the sight of three pairs of hands diving into the front of those somewhat tighter jeans. I flicked my eyes rapidly from one pair of hands to the next as I tried to simultaneously take in the sight of each of those monsters emerging from it’s cocoon of confinement. I almost became dizzy with the effort of looking around so much. (And I bet you thought this was nothing but fun and games.)

Three long steel hard rods emerged almost at the same instant, from three denim caves. Three uncut, long hard penises, that looked to be about the same length. As I gazed down at this cowboy equipment, I found it both odd and amusing that these three cowboys should have cocks of about the same length, which I estimated at about six and one half inches. (Sorry, but I left my pocket ruler at home. I had no idea I would have need for it tonight.) I wet my lips in anticipation of my next command, and hesitated for only a second or two.

“Now stroke yourselves, boys,” I commanded them in a clear and strong voice. “Play with yourselves, and with each stoke of your hands on your cocks, you’ll get harder, more excited, and go down even deeper into my power. As you go deeper you will get closer and closer to coming. But you will discover that when you arrive to the very edge of your release, you will NOT be able to shoot your loads until I expressly tell you that you can.”

All of their eyes went wide as they listened to my commands, and came to understand exactly what they were about to do. It was more surprise than fear that painted their faces and caused their jaws to hang slightly open. Slowly they nodded their heads in agreement. (As if they could have said ‘no’ at this point? Not bloody likely!) I diverted my gaze down to the terrific trio, and waited with baited breath for the show to start. The curtain went up almost immediately. As I flicked my eyes from one swollen cock to the next, I witnessed three pairs of strong hands, start to slowly caress those throbbing members. I’m not exactly qualified to judge how well these three men stroked themselves, but I can tell you that they were effective and enthusiastic about it. After watching them beat their meat for a couple of minutes, my ears picked a chorus of moans. I glanced back up to their faces to discover that all three cowboys had their eyes squeezed shut, and their head tiled slightly back as they surrendered themselves to the rapture building within.

I stood there silently watching the spectacle unfold before me. Even after all these years, I am still amazed by my powers and what I can do with them. Three cowboys, who only a half an hour ago were ready to beat the snot out of me, were now jacking off (or at least trying to) in front of me, and best of all, they could not stop themselves. The moans became more and more intense, and the stroking became more energetic, as all three of these obedient slaves of mine rushed their way towards the climax that they felt building within. I was looking directly at Justin, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move. I looked over to the left and saw Dallas starting to thrust his hips forward and back as he pumped himself closer and closer to the edge of release. It was amazing, but I could see beads of sweat starting to form on Dallas’s forehead and his upper lip. Clearly he was putting forth his best effort tonight.

“Oh, please, sir!” Justin’s voice called out, capturing my attention from Dallas. “I have to shoot! I’m so close, sir! Please, sir? Please can I shoot, now?” The pleading tone of his voice were most emphatic. I turned back to the right and looked over at Justin. His eyes were open and his brows where knotted, in an earnest attempt to acquire my permission to release his load. I walked over to where he was standing, and his eyes followed my approach like radar tracking an incoming missile. I placed myself so that I was standing in front of Justin. Then having second thoughts, I moved over to the right some more and turned slightly to the left so that I was at about a ninety degree angle from the plane of Justin’s body. This would leave me out of the line of fire, when Justin released his load.

“Really, sir,” he continued to plead, when he saw me move slightly away from him. “I really, really need to cum. I’ll do anything you want me to, sir. I’ll do anything, if you let me cum.” A quick glance down at his throbbing and aching cock confirmed that Justin was ready to cum. He had pulled back the foreskin of his penis in anticipation of being granted his release, and I could see pre-cum starting to drip down from the tip of his steely rod.

I smiled at him as I spoke to him, in a clear and commanding voice. “When I touch your cock, Justin, you will cum and experience the most intense orgasm you’ve ever known.”

“Oh yes, sir!” he cried out, cutting me off. “Please, sir! Please touch my cock now!”

“But when I do that, Justin, and you cum, do you know what it will mean?” I asked him.

Somehow he managed to looked puzzled for an instance before another moan forced itself out of his mouth. “No, sir,” he answered, his hands still stoking his penis.

“It will mean that my control over you will be total and absolute,” I said to him loudly. “You will be my hypnotized smutty cowboy slave. You will do anything and everything that I tell you, while I have you hypnotized. You will be powerless, and have no will or even the slightly desire to resist my commands.”

Justin looked down at his cock and nodded his head slowly.

‘And Justin?” I said to him. His raised his head up and looked at me again, wondering what I was going to say now. “You will enjoy being my hypnotized smutty cowboy slave. It will be the most wonderful, exciting and enjoyable experience you have ever had.” Justin nodded his head somewhat more enthusiastically at hearing my words.. There was no reason why I shouldn’t make Justin’s enslavement pleasant for him.

“Did you hear what I just told Justin, Dallas?” I called out to Dallas.

“Yes, yes, I did,” Dallas replied, his eyes closed in sensuous pleasure as he continued fondling himself.

“How about you, Cody?” I called out to him.

‘Yes, boss. I heard what you said,” Cody answered as he continued his massage of his cock.

“Good, because what I just told Justin applies to you as well,” I informed them. “When you understand that, bark once.”

“Woof,” Cody called out, followed quickly by a similar woof from Dallas.

I reached out and gently pressed the tip of the index finger of my right hand on to the top of the head of Justin’s cock. The result was mind-boggling. Justin thrust his hips forward and up which effectively batted my finger away from his cock. A white stream rocketed out from his cock, while a long ear shattering howl tore itself from Justin’s throat. I’m not sure, but I think I heard a small sonic boom as Justin launched his stream into the sky. How far did it fly? Six feet? Five feet? Ten? I had no idea. I was too engrossed in watching Justin’s body squirm and shudder as he kept pumping his hips back and forth, trying to squeeze out every last drop. It was the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Justin looked as if he were trying to hump some invisible woman standing in front of him. His cum was jetting out from his still stiff cock, with much less force than before. It was forming a small pool on the ground a foot or so in front of him.(Now you know why I had decided to stand off to the side of Justin and not in front of him.) Justin’s howls moderated themselves into groans and moans of joy as he stood there humping and pumping. Texas longhorn or not, eventually his oil well ran dry, if you catch my drift. I suppose it was only a few minutes, but it seems to last a heck of a lot longer than that.

Slowly Justin opened his eyes and looked over at me. He was smiling like he’d just won the state lottery. “Your hypnotized smutty cowboy slave, sir,” he said quietly, just loud enough for me to hear. His body started to sway slightly, as he spoke again. “I am your hypnotized smutty cowboy slave, sir.” Quickly I walked over to him and grabbed his arm to steady him.

“Sit down, relax and rest, Justin,” I said to him.

“Yes, sir,” he replied as he started to lower himself to the ground. It took but a moment for him to place himself sitting on the ground, with his legs straight out in front of him and his hands resting in his lap. He looked up at me, with a happy smile on his face. Then he spoke to me, in a voice overflowing with sincerity. “Thank you sir, for such a wonderful gift. I’ll do anything for you, sir. Anything you want, I will get for you, sir. I hope you know that, sir.”

“I know that, Justin, and I appreciate it,” I said to him. “Now close your eyes, sit there and rest for a bit. I’ll call you when I want you.”

“Yes, sir,” he acknowledged as he quickly closed his eyes. The happy smile faded to a satisfied smirk as he sat there, on the dirty ground of the alley, only inches away from a pool of his own cum, content to wait for my next command. I looked down at him and realized that his cock, now limp, was still hanging out of the front of his jeans. It seems I had forgotten something.

“Justin, put your cock back in your jeans, and close your fly,” I said to him.

‘Yes, sir,” he replied as he opened his eyes. His hands flashed down to the front of his jeans to carry out my command. Justin easily stuffed his shriveled cock back into his jeans. He had to lean back a bit, though to zip his fly closed. Once he was finished with his task, Justin sat back down, made himself comfortable and closed his eyes. He was quite disposed to sit there on the ground and wait for my next command, whatever it might be.

A few more somewhat louder moans dragged my attention back to the other two cowboys whom I had not yet dealt with. As I turned to face Cody and Dallas, it occurred to me that Justin’s howling could not have been as loud as I’d thought, since no one had come into the alleyway to investigate the noise. Briefly I recalled my original idea to have all three men come at the same time, when the tips of their cocks were touching. I realized now, that as exciting as that idea had been, it would not have been practical. To judge from Justin, the effort would have tired out all three men and they would have tottered to the ground before I could get to them. They very likely might also have hurt themselves in the process, which was something that I did not want have happen after all. Just imagine the predicament I would have found myself in at the emergency room of the hospital, as I tried to explain what had happened to these three men. Maybe you could have come up with a good cover story, but I was fresh out of ideas. Oh sure, I could have sent them to the emergency room by themselves and kept out of it, but that would have been irresponsible and cowardly. I’m neither.

“Boss, could I please be next?” Cody cried out to me . “I really need to...” His words were snapped off as a very loud and emphatic moan overtook him. His entire body shook with the force of the moan that emerged from his mouth. I glanced over at Dallas briefly to see that he was standing there smiling outrageously while he continued to stroke his hard and happy cock. Clearly he was having a good time, but he wasn’t ready to shoot his load yet. (I know, I have a gift for stating the obvious.) I felt it was safe to turn my attention back to Cody. As I had with Justin, I walked over to Cody and stood just off the right of him, standing at about an ninety degree angle from Cody.

“You want me to touch your cock, don’t you Cody?” I taunted him. Another idea had popped into my head.

“YES BOSS! YES!” Cody cried out frantically, as he looked at me.

“Kowtow to me, Cody, and I will touch your cock,” I told him.

“Kowtow? What’s that, boss?” Cody asked, perplexed.

“Kowtow means to kneel and touch your forehead to the ground in an expression of deep respect, worship or submission, as formerly done in China,” I explained to him.

I had to give him credit. When he understood what was asked of him, Cody obeyed instantly. In the blink of an eye he had tuned so that he was facing me and dropped to his knees. He moaned once, probably in anticipation, and then dropped down so that he was on his hands and knees in front of me. Only a moment passed before he started to lower his head to the ground. Of course as his head went down his ass went up. (Ah yes, kowtow was most definitely my favorite word in the dictionary.) Cody’s cowboy hat was pushed up and off of his head as he eagerly touched his forehead to the ground in front of me. His cowboy hat toppled off to his right (which was my left), but I ignored it as I slowly walked around to stand behind Cody. There was something that I definitely wanted to get a good look at, and I do NOT mean his boots. I swatted down behind Cody and let my eyes devour the sight of that skinny butt of his in ultra skin tight jeans, bent over and sticking up in the air. Oh how I wanted to wrap my hands and fingers around those sweet cheeks of his, but I knew that this was not the time and place for that. It was not easy to resist that temptation. Heck, it was the most arduous task I had ever known, and to this day I’m still not sure exactly how it was that I turned my attention from his butt to his cock. I managed it though. I got down on my knees and moved over to the Cody’s left side and bent down to see how he was doing. I was delighted to see that his cock was jutting out to full length from within his jeans at about a forty-five degree angle. It looked like he would be sure to hit the ground when he came. (As if he could have missed a target that close.) Still, I did not want to take any unnecessary chances.

“Cody get back up on your knees now,” I instructed him.

He complied instantly. A few seconds later he turned his head to look me directly in the eyes. “Please, Boss?” He whimpered at me. “It’s starting to hurt, boss.”

Enough was enough. I gently reached out and touched the top the head of Cody’s ridged and straining cock with the tip of the index finger of my right hand.

“Yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Cody cried out as he squeezed his eyes tightly closed and surrendered to the animal gratification that had been so long denied him. He arched his back mightily as he thrust his pelvis forward and his chest upward toward the sky. He thrust his left arm out back, while his right hand and arm descended upon his straining cock. With the ease that comes from years of practice, Cody, snapped his foreskin back with a crack, only half a heartbeat before an incredibly long white stream smashed its way out of the tip of his straining cock, shooting out into the evening air. Cody’s animal grunts, growls, groans, and moans filled the evening air as he fired round after round out of that six shooter of his. Just when I thought he must be finished he fired off another round. Mind you, he did not get the same distance as the first shot. In fact with each shot the distance he achieved was markedly less. When Cody finally ran out of ammunition, there was a small white stream painted on the ground in front of him, that started about an inch from his knees. The stream was about two and a half feet long, I would have estimated, and about one quarter to one half of an inch wide. An impressive and admirable accomplishment to say the least.

“Thank you, boss,” Cody muttered dreamily as he knelt there swaying back and forth slightly, his eyes closed and his face decorated with contentment . “That was the best ever.....” Clearly the effort had drained him, though. His cock had deflated completely and hung there like a shriveled grape still on the vine.

“You’re welcome, Cody,” I responded absently. I was still trying to adjust to the unbelievable event I had just observed. “Now put your cock back in your jeans and zip up your jeans. Sit back on your heels, and make your self comfortable. You just sit there like a good little cowboy, until I call for you. Oh and put your hat back on.”

“Oh, yes boss,” Cody agreed wholeheartedly, in that same soft voice, as he started to tuck his penis back into his jeans. “Like a good little cowboy, ‘cause that’s what I am. I’m your good little cowboy.” He smiled serenely as he spoke the last few words. It took him only a few moments to stuff his deflated monster into his jeans and zip his fly closed. Cody sat back on his heels and let his hands hang down on his thighs. He was the picture of contentment. I knew I could safely leave him like that for the short time I would need to deal with Dallas. There were some questions that I wanted to ask Cody, but they would have to wait for a while. I still had Dallas to attend to.

I turned and took a good long look at Dallas. He stood there smiling while he continued stroking his penis. I was mildly surprised that he had not asked me to let him relieve himself by now. Cody and Justin had been most emphatic about their desire to shoot their loads. Oh well, everyone is different I guess. I walked over to Dallas, my ears picking up the sound of his moans as he continued to stimulate himself.

“How are you doing, Dallas?” I asked him.

“Great boss. Just great,” Dallas replied happily. He moaned a few more times, but did not saying more. For a brief moment I thought I saw a shadow of pain cross his face, but I could not be sure. I looked down at Dallas’s cock and saw that it was just as stiff and hard as it had seemed earlier. I wondered what was taking him so long to work himself up to the edge of his climax.

“Do you feel like you want to cum, Dallas?” I asked him point blank.

“Oh yes, boss! I feel like I’m going to explode!” He answered in between breaths. “Boss, it’s really starting to hurt!” He suddenly cried out in a pain wracked voice. I stood there stunned as I saw the joyous expression on his face crack and fall away to reveal the pain he clearly felt. Dallas wasn’t just on the edge, he was hurting, really hurting. I reached out and touched his throbbing and sore cock with the tip of my right index finger.

Dallas screamed out loud with relief as he let fly. His eyes were bulging and his mouth was locked open as a wordless scream hurdled it way out of his throat. Dallas’s entire body became rigid as every muscle seemed to lock in place. He was like a statue except for the wailing that continued to spill from his mouth. The stream of white lava that erupted from the tip of his aching cock arched up into the night air to land a few feet away from him, although I very much doubted if he even noticed. His eyes were unfocused looking at nothing as the waves of ecstasy crashed through his brain obliterating any and all thoughts that he may have had.

The shot of seamen was quick and brief. Well, compared to Cody and Justin, Dallas’s eruption was brief, but far more intense. He shot his wad a surprising distance. I’m not sure how far it was exactly, but he out distanced both Cody and Justin. (Welcome sports fans to the newest Olympic event, the ‘standing jerk off’.) I chuckled softly to myself as that thought rolled around my head for a few seconds. I stood there looking at Dallas standing there still holding his stiff and hard cock, wondering how long I should wait until I brought him back down to earth from whatever cloud nine he was on. Suddenly Dallas let out another howl of passionate joy, as an all too familiar white liquid oozed forth from the tip of his still swollen penis. The flow was slow and gentle, and it dribbled slowly to the ground in front of Dallas. I was caught off guard by the turn of events, but that did not lessen my enjoyment of it.

Dallas continue to pump his hips back and forth as his semen oozed out of the tip of his penis. All the while he moaned softly with joy, keeping his eyes closed. After about five minutes he stopped moving his hips and let his hands and arms drop down to his sides. His huge cock slowly deflated like one of those long tube balloons with a slow leak in it. It did not take long, though, before his cock was hanging limply from the front of his jeans. Dallas just stood there, though, with his eyes still closed and a smile on his lips.

“Thank you, boss,” Dallas muttered. “I feel so much better now.” Dallas let out a long slow sigh, slowly opened his eyes and turned to look at me, as he swayed slightly like a tree in a breeze.

“You’d best sit down and rest, before you fall down, Dallas,” I told him, as his swaying became more pronounced. " But first you’d better put your cock back in your jeans and zip up your jeans,” I added as an afterthought.

‘Yes boss,” he agreed as he crammed his cock into his jeans and zipped his fly closed. With that task completed he proceeded to slowly lower himself into a sitting position on the ground. Unlike the other two gentlemen, Dallas sat cross legged on the ground, with his denim covered legs barely an inch away from the not so small pool of his own semen that remained in front of him. He stared out into space, looking at nothing in particular.

I stood there looking down at Dallas, lost in thought for a few moments. I was wasn’t exactly sure as to what else I wanted to do with these cowboys tonight, but maybe if I chatted with Dallas I’d come up with something.

“Dallas, you were ready to cum for quite a while, weren’t you?” I asked him.

“Yes, boss,” he answered as he slowly turned his head and focused his eyes and attention back on me.

“If you’ve been that close for so long, why didn’t you say anything?” I asked him.

“I didn’t think that I should, boss,” he said calmly. “I didn’t’ want to rush your time with the other guys. I figured that you get around to me eventually, and in the meantime I’d just have to hold it in.”

“Even though you were hurting very badly, you didn’t want to say anything?” I inquired.

“Yes boss,” he answered.

“Dallas, you should have said something to me anyway. You might have hurt yourself by holding back like that. I don’t ever want you to hurt yourself. So in future, when you are close or on the edge of your release be sure to tell me, okay?” I told him sternly.

“Yes boss. In future when I need to shoot my load I’ll be sure to tell you,” he agreed.

“Why d you keep referring to me as ‘boss’, Dallas?” I asked him. Now that the immediate demands of the cowboys had been met, as well as my own, I could indulge my curiosity about this rather strange form of address that both Dallas and Cody used when talking to me.

“A trail boss is in charge of the hands on a cattle drive, boss. You’re in charge of me, and the other cowboys, and you’re a cowboy too, so you must be a trail boss. Is there something wrong with that, boss?” Dallas said as concern and worry started to obscure the expression of delight that had been on his face earlier.

“No, it’s fine,” I reassured him. “I was just wondering why, is all. You go ahead and call me boss if you like. It’s just fine with me.”

“Thanks boss,” Dallas said and the happy expression returned to his face.

“Would you mind answering a few questions for me, Dallas?” I asked him.

“I’d be happy to, boss. Ask way,” Dallas beamed at me.

“Tell me the truth, though. Okay?” I said to him, while looking him in the eye and silently enforcing the command mentally.

“Of course, boss. I would never lie to you, boss,” Dallas said, looking shocked at the suggestion that he might not be truthful with me.

“How did you, Cody and Justin arrive here tonight? Did you take separate vehicles?” I asked him.

“Cody drove us all over here from his place. He has a four by four truck with an extended cab, so there’s enough room in the cab for four or five guys to sit comfortably,” Dallas answered my question with a smile.

“I see. Thank you, Dallas,” I said to him. He beamed back at me, happy to have been able to answer my question. “Cody said that all three of your were real cowboys. Would you mind telling me what event it is that each of you participates in, at a rodeo?”

“Sure thing, boss,” Dallas answered eagerly. “Well, Justin there, he’s a calf roper. Cody’s a bull rider. And as for me, I’m a bull dogger.”

“A bull dogger? What’s that, Dallas?” I asked puzzled at his statement.

“I wrestle steers to the ground. I guess the greenhorn term is a steer wrestler, boss,” Dallas offered in explanation.

“Thank you again, Dallas,” I said as I smiled at him. Dallas’s grin got even bigger when he saw the smile on my face. “Cody, Dallas, and Justin,” I called out loudly so all three cowboys could hear me. “I would like all of you to stand up and walk back to the area of the parking lot where we first met. Be quick about it, now.”

“Yes, boss! Yes, sir! Right, boss!” Three replies rang out almost as one. All three men sprang to their feet instantly, turned about and quickly walked off towards the area where we’d first met that evening. I followed, wondering what anyone else walking down that alley tonight would make of the small white puddles they would encounter. It did not take long for the group of us to arrive a the spot where all of this had started. The three cowboys stood there looking at me, their faces wreathed in smiles.

“Now cowboys, I would like you to stand in the same positions as when I first suggested the hypnosis tonight,” I told them. They nodded their heads and started walking around. Cody placed himself in front of me, a few feet away. Dallas walked off to my right and stood there looking over at Cody. Justin walked off to my left and stood there looking back at Cody. The stage was set.

“Very good,” I said to them. “None of you will remember jacking off in the alley. Until I tell you otherwise, it never happened. In a few moments I will count from zero to five. When I reach five only Cody will wake up. Justin and Dallas will remain hypnotized. Cody, you will have no knowledge that you were hypnotized. Does everyone understand?”

“Yes boss. Right, boss. Yes, sir,” they answered all at once.

“Fine. Zero. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.” I said as I counted Cody out. He woke up with a start. He looked at me confused for a moment, as if he were unsure what had just happened.

“So when are you going to start?” He asked me.

“I’ve already finished, Cody,” I answered him. “Take a look at your friends.”

“What?” He cried out in disbelief. He turned to his left and looked at Dallas. Cody’s jaw dropped open in silent surprise as he saw his friend standing there will a blank look on his face, and a smile on his lips. Cody swallowed and then turned his attention to Justin. Cody’s eyes went wide with surprise when he saw that Justin had the same blank smiling expression on his face.

“You hypnotized them? But why don’t I remember them going under then?” He asked me, when he turned his attention back to me.

“You were so involved in watching them, Cody, that you almost went under too,” I answered him. (So it was a lie. I planned to reacquaint Cody with the truth a bit later on.) “I had to yell out your name several times to get your attention.”

Cody looked at his friends and looked back at me. “I still don’t believe it,” he said. “If they’re hypnotized, make them do something silly.” He challenged me.

“Dallas, go and kiss Cody’s belt buckle, and stand beside Cody,” I said to Dallas.

“Yes, boss,” Dallas replied as he started walking over to Cody. Dallas moved in a completely normal manner. He didn’t lurch or stumble. He simply walked over to Cody, bent down in front of Cody, and planted a quick kiss on Cody’s cowboy belt buckle. Dallas then moved over to stand to Cody’s left (or from my viewpoint to the right of Cody) and stood there, looking over at me calmly, waiting for his next instruction. The look on Cody’s face when Dallas kissed his belt buckle was comical to say the least. Cody could not seem to believe that his friend had been hypnotized and was doing this.

“Justin, go and kiss the top of Cody’s right boot. Afterwards you can go and stand on the other side of Cody and wait there,” I said to Justin.

“Yes, sir,” Justin replied and grinned at me happily. He walked over to Cody and dropped down to his knees in front of him. Justin bent down, kissed the top of Cody’s right boot and then stood up. All the while, Cody’s jaw hung open in total amazement at the behavior of his friend. Dallas’s actions had surprised Cody, but Justin’s were putting Cody in to a state of total shock. Oblivious to the effect he was having on Cody, Justin calmly walked over to Cody’s right side, turned around to face me and stood there waiting patiently.

While Cody tried to gather up his scattered wits, I smiled to myself in silent satisfaction. I had thought about having Justin and Dallas kiss Cody’s backside, but decided that might be too much for Cody to deal with right now. I didn’t want to scare the guy, at least not just yet.

“Okay, I believe you,” Cody admitted to me, somewhat reluctantly. “You hypnotized them, although I’m still not sure how you did it.”

“Well, then, pay up,” I said to him.

“Pay up?” Cody asked puzzled.

“The twenty dollars for cab fair that you mentioned earlier?” I reminded him.

“Okay, sure,” Cody agreed, as he reached back and dug out his wallet. Oh how I wanted to see that action close up, but Cody was facing towards me. Maybe I could arrange something a little later. Somehow Cody removed that bulging wallet of his from his skin tight jeans. It took him only a few moments to fish out a twenty dollar bill. When he had done so, he replaced his wallet in his jeans, although I had no idea how he managed it. Cody walked over to me nervously and handed me the money. “I keep my word, greenhorn,” he said with a slight curl to his lip. The man didn’t like being proven wrong, obviously. My success tonight wasn’t helping matters any.

“Dallas and Justin, this one time, when I say the word rope you will wake up and not remember anything that happened tonight during the time that I hypnotized you. Is that understood?” I asked the two entranced cowboys.

“Yes, sir. Yes, boss,” they replied in unison.

I stuffed the twenty dollar bill from Cody, into the right front pocket of my jeans. “Rope,” I called out. Dallas and Justin woke up with a jerk. They looked about confused and unsure of what had happened to them.

“Wait a sec,” Justin said as he started to realize that something was amiss. “You and I were over there surrounding the greenhorn, and now we’re standing here. Cody was standing over yonder, and now Cody and the greenhorn are standing beside each other. What in the name of red hot branding irons is going on here?”

“You tell them Cody,” I said as I crossed my arms and relished the situation.

“The greenhorn did it,” Cody said to his friends as he looked over at them. “He hypnotized the two of you, and thanks to you two I’m out twenty bucks.” Cody sighed at his friends, and looked back at me, a grimace emerging on his features as he looked back at me. Cody looked back at his friends and then walked over to them. “Are you two okay? How do you feel?” He asked as his concern for his friends finally surfaced.

“I’m okay,” Dallas answered looking Cody square in the eye.

“I feel pretty good, actually,” Justin replied. “In fact, I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.”

Satisfied that his friends had not suffered any from my hypnotizing them, Cody turned his attention back to me. “Go on, get out of here, greenhorn,” he ordered me. “I told you I’d let you off if you succeeded in putting my friends under, and you did. I’d still like to teach you a lesson, but we had an agreement, and a cowboy keeps his word.” Cody glared at me like a gold medal winner at the Olympics who’s just been cheated out of his meal on a technicality.

“I bid you good night, gentlemen, " I said to them. I slowly turned around and walked away from them, satisfied that my point had been proven. The next thing I knew my right arm was being wrenched behind my back and a hand was covering my mouth. In short order I was marched over to a remote section of the parking lot. That’s what I got for turning my back on guys like this. I had tried to find an easy and harmless way out of the situation. I had even offered these guys a chance to just walk away from the situation and to leave me in piece. Apparently they were slow learners. I’d soon fix that.

It did not take us long to arrive at a truck. Logic suggested it was Cody’s truck. As soon as we got there I was turned around to see a rather angry Cody looking back at me.

“I want my money back, greenhorn,” Cody declared. “You have a choice. You can hand it over quietly, or we can take it from you. Which is it going to be?”

I looked at Cody and waited for the hand to be removed from in front of my mouth. When it was clear that I wasn’t going to resist them, the hand was slowly removed, but the grip on my right arm remained.

“Fine, you can have your money back,” I said to Cody. “So this is how a cowboy keeps his word, is it?” I asked as I looked around a bit. Cody was in front of me, with Justin standing beside him on Cody’s right. So it had to be Dallas who was holding me. Now that I knew that, the rest would be easy.

“I kept my word,” Cody said as he grinned at me. “I said I’d let you go, but I never said that my friends would.” He chucked at my predicament. “They are the ones retrieving my money for me. I’m not laying a finger on you.”

“That’s the first intelligent thing you’ve said all evening,” I said to Cody and grinned back at him, with more self assurance and confidence that a person out numbered three to one, should have had.

“What are you smiling at, greenhorn?” Cody asked, as his quick temper flared up again.

“I’m smiling at three rednecks who don’t know when to leave well enough alone,” I said to Cody. “Cowboy up, Dallas.” I called out. A few seconds later the hands holding me slipped away and I was free. I turned around to take a quick look at Dallas. As expected he was standing there with his eyes open, looking off into the distance, a small smile on his lips. His arms were hanging limply by his side. He was once again my hypnotized cowboy slave, responding only to me. I turned back to look at a surprised Cody and Justin.

“Cowboy up, Justin,” I cried out. Cody was too stunned at Dallas’s unexpected release of me to react at first. With the mention of Justin’s name, Cody snapped his head to his right and saw Justin’s eyes become unfocused and his gaze distant as he returned to his hypnotic trance. As he stared at Justin, Cody saw Justin’s lips slowly curve into a small smile similar to the one on Dallas was wearing.

“Dallas and Justin, grab Cody and hold him,” I called out. My two cowboy slaves reacted quickly. Justin grabbed Cody’s right arm securely and hung on like a bulldog until Dallas could arrive to grab Cody’s left arm. Cody never had a chance. They overpowered Cody in less than thirty seconds. I waited to be sure that they hand a firm grip on Cody, before I did anything else. Cody struggled for a minute or so, trying to break away, but he wasn’t able to.

“What the fuck did you do to my friends?” Cody cried out as he glared at me in frustration and fear.

“I merely put them back into their hypnotic trances,” I informed him. “I never said that I wouldn’t hypnotize them again. In fact I even gave you a chance to walk away from all this, but you decided not to take it.”

“Chance what chance?” Cody asked, as he continued his struggle to break free.

“You could have just left me alone, after you paid off your bet with me,” I said to him. “I did as I said I would. I hypnotized your friends, and I proved it to you. You could have just left me alone at that point. But you didn’t. You and your friends decided that you still wanted to teach me a lesson. I’m afraid that is it you and your friends who are going to be learning a lesson or two this evening.”

“I don’t think so,” Cody said sneering at me. “These guys can’t hold me forever. Sooner or later I’ll break free and then you are dog meat.”

“Your friends don’t have to hold you much longer, since you’ll be joining them momentarily,” I informed Cody.

“Me? No way!” Cody cried out. “You never hypnotized me!” He was quick to understand what I had implied, but that would not help him any.

“Cowboy up, Cody,” I said quietly.

Cody’s response was immediate. His eyes took on a vacant stare, and his entire body went limp as he ceased his struggling. He stood there looking out at nothing, waiting for my command.

“Dallas and Justin, release Cody,” I commanded them. They complied instantly. Cody’s arms dropped down to hang limply by his side. Like Dallas and Justin, Cody was back in his hypnotic trance, and he too was smiling a small smile. He was once again my willing and obedient cowboy slave. (Maybe I was stating that fact too often, but I could not help it. I did so enjoy these situations, where guys brought this on themselves.) I looked at my watch. It was only 8:30 PM. I smiled to myself as I realized I had lots of time available to continue playing with these cowboys. Originally I had planned to let them off the hook, but their sneak attack on me had convinced me that they would only understand a show of force. So a show of force is exactly what I intended to give them, but not here in the parking lot.

“Cody, that’s your truck right?” I asked him.

“Yes, boss. It’s my truck,” he acknowledged.

“Good. Go and unlock the doors and then get inside,” I ordered him. “You’re going to drive me home.”

“Right away, boss,” Cody responded and walked over to the truck and unlocked the passenger side door. Cody then walked around the truck, unlocked the driver side door, opened it and climbed inside. He made himself comfortable on the seat and then slammed the door closed with a thump.

“Dallas and Justin, get inside the truck and sit in the back seat,” I instructed them.

“Yes, boss. Yes, sir” they chanted at me and walked over to Cody’s truck. It took them only a minute or so to open the passenger door, flip the passenger seat forward and climb in to the back seat. Of course this meant that they had to present their backsides to me as they bent over to climb into the back seat of the truck. It was a wonderful, if all too brief, sight. I didn’t have time to take advantage of the situation, though. Besides there would be time enough later on for me to examine those denim clad buttocks. Right now I had other concerns to deal with.

Once Dallas and Justin were seated in the back seat, I walked over and took a look in the bed of the pickup truck. I grinned as I saw some rope and a couple of lassos lying there. It was better than I’d hoped. I headed back to the open passenger door of the pickup truck. I flipped the passenger seat back, and then climbed into the passenger seat of Cody’s truck. I reached over and slammed the door shut. I looked at Cody sitting there, with that blank expression still on his face. I knew that I couldn’t expect him to drive his truck while still in hypnosis, so I would have to bring him out of it. But first, I would have to come up with an acceptable cover story for all three of these cowboys.

(By the way, Cody’s pickup truck was dark midnight blue, with brightly polished chrome. I don’t know much about automobiles, makes and models. I can tell the difference between a pickup truck and min van, but that’s about it. I much prefer to focus my attention on my hypnosis subjects and how they are dressed. We all focus on what is important to each of us.)

I sat there in that pickup truck with three hypnotized cowboy slaves, trying to think up a good cover story. I decided to keep it simple, since the story would only have to be believed by these guys during the drive to my apartment. I wet my lips and spoke out loud to them. “Cowboys, listen up. In a few moments I will count from zero to five. When I reach five all of you will wake up. The only events that you will remember from your hypnosis tonight are that I successfully hypnotized Justin and Dallas. You will also remember how I had Dallas kiss Cody’s belt buckle, and had Justin kiss the top of Cody’s right cowboy boot, to prove to Cody that both Dallas and Justin were hypnotized. You will not recall any of the events in the alley, nor any of the events of your attack upon me after Cody paid off his bet to me. None of you will not remember Cody being hypnotized by me tonight. Is that clear?”

“Yes, boss. Yes, sir. Right, boss,” They chimed in, and nodded their heads slightly.

“Good,” I said and continued with my instructions. “Justin and Dallas so enjoyed the brief bout of hypnosis that they wanted to be hypnotized some more. It was Cody’s idea to drive over to my apartment to continue with the hypnosis of Justin and Dallas. Cody wants to see what else they will do while they are hypnotized. When you wake up it will seem perfectly normal to you, that we are about to drive over to my apartment for some more hypnosis. When we get inside my apartment, all of you will be eager to get started. Cody, you will be sure to bring the lassoes with you to my apartment.”

I paused to catch my breath. “Is every one clear about this?” I asked them.

“Yes, sir. Yes, boss. All set, boss,” the cowboys replied, still grinning and looking off into space.

“Zero. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.” I said slowly and clearly, while looking over at Cody.

He blinked his eyes a few times, and then looked around a bit as if he were unsure of where he was, and why. The confusion on his face evaporated when he turned to his right and saw me sitting there.

“Buckle up, Hoss,” he said to me, as he reached over and grabbed his seat belt. He quickly snapped it into the catch. “We ain’t going nowhere until everyone’s strapped in.”

At least he wasn’t calling me greenhorn anymore. I guessed that was an improvement of some kind. I reached over and did up my seat belt. “I’m all set, Cody,” I said to him.

“So am I,” Dallas called out from the back seat.

“Me, too,” Justin chimed in.

“Good,” Cody said and looked over at me expectantly. “Well?” He asked me a few seconds later.

“Well, what?” I asked him back.

“Well, where are we heading off to?” He asked me, as he started up the engine. It rolled over easily and purred into life.

“Oh, sorry,” I said, as I realized I had neglected to tell him my address. As soon as I had given him my address Cody pulled smoothly out of the parking lot and headed off in the general direction of my apartment. The trip to my apartment building was short, but only because Dallas and Justin kept pestering me with questions about hypnosis and how it was that I had managed to hypnotize them in the first place. I gave them my standard pat answers. I explained to them that hypnosis was based on trust and on a desire of the subject to actually want to be hypnotized. Cody didn’t say a word as he drove to my apartment. He was listening to our conversation no doubt. Justin and Dallas expressed concern that they wouldn’t be able to go back under when we got to my apartment, because they were nervous about being alone with me. I assured them that since Cody was there, nothing would happen, and that they would be safe enough. For some reason they didn’t take much comfort in that fact.

We arrived at my apartment building soon enough, but not soon enough for me. I was really looking forward to putting these three cowboys back under. Cody parked his truck in the parking space reserved for me. It wasn’t a problem since I didn’t have a car anyway. The trip up in the elevator was quiet, without anyone saying anything. Cody merely smiled at me in silence, as he held onto the lassoes that he was carrying. Dallas and Justin looked nervous for some reason, but I put that down to the excitement of being hypnotized again. We arrived at the door of my apartment. I opened it, and walked in with the three cowboys in tow. They followed me into the apartment and waited quietly while I closed the front door. I motioned them to follow me as I headed for the living room.

“Would you guys like anything before we start?” I asked them as we stood there in the living room looking at each other. Dallas and Justin walked away from Cody looking around the room a bit. In a few seconds they were beyond my line of sight.

“We surely would,” Cody answered as he grinned at me, while he played with the lassoes in his hands. He nodded his head and his grin took on a menacing overtone. Suddenly I felt a stab of fear in my stomach, and I felt that familiar sudden creepy crawly feeling on my forehead. I took a deep breath as I felt my arms being grabbed by two sets of hands. You think I would have learned my lesson by now, at least as far as Cody was concerned. He was not a man to be trusted, or so it would seem. Then again, I had not told him that he and his friends could not attack me.

“Cowboy up, Justin! Cowboy up, Dallas!” I screamed out as quickly as I could. As fast as I was, I acted barely in time. My mouth was covered just as I finished saying the name Dallas. The hands that had been gripping me suddenly relaxed. I quickly shook myself free of their gripe while keeping my eyes on Cody. Waves of relief washed over me and I realized just how close I had come in avoiding another serious problem with Cody and his friends.

All those thoughts were momentarily eclipsed as I enjoyed the change in Cody’s expression. The gloating grin on his face melted away to be replaced by a state of complete surprise and shock, as he beheld the sight of his buddies slipping back into their hypnotic trances. (That’s what I get for telling these guys to forgot their earlier attack on me. They didn’t know that it hadn’t been successful, and so they were trying it again.) It was a comical sight indeed to see Cody standing there moving his mouth without making a sound. He looked like a fish out of water. If the truth be told, I actually enjoyed seeing Cody standing there puzzled and confused as to what had just happened. My enjoyment was cut short as Cody suddenly dropped the lassoes from his hands, turned and bolted towards the front door, with his hands covering his ears. .I smiled to myself as I realized that I would not have to send Dallas and Justin out after Cody. The front door wasn’t locked, it was true, but that wasn’t necessary either. Cody wasn’t getting away, although he was probably too confused right now to realize it.

“Cowboy up, Cody!” I screamed out at him as soon as he placed one hand on the doorknob, in an attempt to open the door. That was all it took. Cody froze in place as he dove down deep into his hypnotic trance.

“Close and lock the front door, Cody. Then come back here and tell me what you had planned to do just a few moments ago,” I ordered him.

“Yes, boss,” Cody replied as he closed the door firmly and fiddled with the dead-bolt. Slowly he turned around and walked over to where I was standing in the living room. He walked right up to me and began speaking to me. “I was planning to rob you, boss. My friends and I were going to take all your money and wreck up your place, to teach you a lesson about hypnotizing cowboys. I figured that if we could gag you, you wouldn’t be able to put Justin and Dallas back under.” Cody stood there grinning at me, happy to have carried out his instructions. He didn’t much care about what it was that he was saying, only that he was obeying my orders. I was only mildly upset with Cody. His plan had failed. Now I would have some fun, with him and his friends, while teaching them a lesson or two in the process. I started by having them clear out the living room furniture, so that there would be lots of room for us to play. With the three of them working as a team, this didn’t take long. Afterwards, I told them to all sit down on the living room sofa and wait for further instructions. I needed a few minutes to think about and plan out what I was going to do with my three cowboy slaves.

I stood there looking down at Dallas, Justin and Cody as they sat there on the living room sofa, which was now in the dining room. The sight of three major league stud muffin cowboy hunks, deeply hypnotized and just waiting for my next command was intoxicating to say the least. Their faces were calm and relaxed, with a slight smile brushing against their lips. They were staring off into space, totally oblivious to anything that happened around them. I touched each of their foreheads, one at a time, and scanned their minds. What I found made my cock stiffen with joy. They were completely and totally willing to do anything I told them. They didn’t care what happened to them as long as they could continue to serve me. (I had a brief flashback to my first session with Steven Stokes, the hunk of a cop who had been one of my first subjects. He had reacted the same way. It had been a long time since I’d encountered a subject who surrendered so completely. Usually I had to enforce that surrender, but these three guys were different. Their surrender was total and absolute. It must have been from that powerful compulsion field I’d set up when I first hypnotized them. It seemed that the field was far stronger than I’d realized.) I leaned over and kissed each of them gently on the cheek, in silent thanks for the wonderful subjects that they were. They each reacted in the same way. They let out a soft sigh, and the smiles on their faces grew bigger.

I looked down at them, lost in the wonder of the moment. I couldn’t help smiling to myself as I realized that the evening was going to be a heck of a lot more fun that I’d thought. Originally I was going to have some harmless fun with these good ol’ boys, but not any longer. Now, I was going to have fun AND educate them. “Well, kiss my ass,” I declared absently, into the dead silence of the room. Suddenly all three of the cowboys bolted off the sofa and ran around to the back of me. Before I quite realized it, I felt several hands grabbing my thighs and holding on tightly, while my buttocks were assaulted by something being pressed into them, over and over. Loud smacking sounds assaulted my ears and slowly I suddenly realized that my expression of awe had been interpreted by my cowboy slaves as a command. I would have to watch what I said in the future, lest there be an unfortunate accident. Still this was a most enjoyable turn of events.

“Keep on kissing it, boys,” I told them as I savored the moment, and the feeling of these three cowboys worshipping my ass. (I just bet YOU wish you could arrange something like that don’t you? Well, I suppose you could try hanging out at a rodeo, since that is where you will find real cowboys. However, without powers like mine you’re not going to be very successful. You’re more likely to get your ass whipped than worshipped. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) “When you have kissed my ass five times, declare to me how much you enjoy kissing my ass. After you do that you may continue to kiss my ass. Each time that you kiss my ass, you go down even deeper, and become more and more relaxed. Soon and very soon indeed you’ll be so relaxed that you won’t be able to get up off the floor. All you will be able to do is to lie there on your backs and purse your lips as you try to keep kissing my ass.” Oh I was one bad boy for doing this. There was no need to have these cowboys humiliate themselves like this. They were all straight men, after all. (Another fact I obtained from my scan of their minds.) However, we were alone and it would serve a purpose. It would teach them not to mess with me in the future. It was also a hell of a lot of fun! (There I go again, justifying my actions to myself. That’s the problem with having a conscience. It keeps you from doing anything really naughty.)

“Your ass is so round and perfect,” Cody cried out as he pulled his lips away from my buttocks. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful before, boss.”

“The denim of your jeans is like silk on my lips, sir,” Justin cried out joyfully. “I wish you would let me lick your jeans, sir! I love the taste of your jeans on my lips, sir!”

“I want to rub my face all along your butt cheeks, boss,” Dallas exclaimed. “I wish you would let me bury my nose in between your buttocks, boss. I want to get high on the perfume of your ass, boss,” (Dallas was really laying it on thick, but I didn’t care.)

“Oh, I’m in love with your ass, boss,” Cody declared a few moments later. “I’ll do anything you say, for just one more chance to put my lips up against those sweet butt cheeks of yours. God, I love your ass, boss.”

“I want to buy you new jeans for your ass, sir!” Justin cried out. “An ass like yours deserves the best jeans that money can buy! You should have jeans in every colour of the rainbow! And if you were wearing jeans from me, sir, maybe you’d let me squeeze and fondle your ass, while I kiss it.”

“Oh boss, I wish you would fart in my face right now,” Dallas piped up. “Kissing your ass is so wonderful, but I wish I could smell you too. I hope one day you will let me wipe your bum after you take a shit, boss. It would be such and honor to clean the shit off of your ass.”

I was flabbergasted by Dallas’s remarks. Clearly he had taken the ‘worship my ass’ command a bit too far. It took me a few moments to realize that the kissing had stopped and that no one was grabbing my legs any more. I turned slowly about and looked down on the floor. There they were. My three little cowboy slaves, lying on their backs, their eyes closed and their lips puckered as they made soft kissing sounds. Their cowboy hats had been knocked off of their heads and were scattered about them.

“That’s enough with the kissing boys,” I told them. “Go and sit on the sofa again, like good little cowboys and wait for me there.” They opened their eyes and bounded to their feet. Looking around for a second they each bent over and picked up their hats from the floor. Satisfied to have their hats back where they belonged, the three cowboys then headed off to the sofa and plopped themselves down on to it. I stood there in front of them as they wiggled around and made themselves comfortable again. Dallas was on my left, Cody on my right and Justin directly in front of me. I smiled as I realized this was the same arrangement as when I had first told them to take a seat on the sofa. The three of them sat there staring off into space looking at nothing in particular. The idiotic grins that they wore on their faces only added to the general impression of blissful happiness that they seemed to be lost in. I was sure I could have let them sit there all evening and they would have been as happy as pigs in muck. That suggested something intriguing, but I decided that I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of a messed up living room this evening. So, I shelved that idea for another time and place.

“Dallas, remind me what event it is that each of you participates in, at a rodeo, would you please?” I asked Dallas as a new idea started to take shape in my mind.

“Sure thing, boss,” Dallas answered eagerly, as he looked up at me. “Justin’s a calf roper. Cody’s a bull rider. I’m a bull dogger.”

“Thank you, Dallas,” I said to him. He beamed at me happily for a few seconds before he let his gaze drift on back to the far distant wall, and continued to stare off into space.

I knew now, what I was going to do with these cowboys. (Dramatic drum roll please. Damn. There’s never a band around when you want one.) The only question was which cowboy would perform first. I looked down a the three of them sitting there staring off into space. Three handsome, hypnotized cowboys just waiting for me to start playing with them. Oh the possibilities. The sweet possibilities. My cock stiffen in anticipation.