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The Coffee Shop IV: Sex, Lies & Duct Tape.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 5. At The Rodeo.

“Justin, go and pick up one of the lassoes, and then come and stand by me,” I ordered him.

“Yes, sir!” Justin cried out as he leaped from the sofa onto his feet. He looked about frantically trying to find the lassoes. He spotted them and dashed off towards them. He plucked one of the lassoes from the floor and then trotted over to where I was standing. He looked at me quizzically, wondering what I had in mind.

“Cody, remain on the sofa, and watch what happens,” I told him. “You are going to be the crowd for this little rodeo of mine.”

“Yes, boss,” Cody grinned as he focused his attention back on me. “I love a good rodeo, boss.”

“Dallas, take off your cowboy hat and then get down on all fours, please,” I said to him. Dallas looked over at me, raised one eyebrow in surprise, and stood up. For a second I almost thought he was going to refuse my command, which would have been remarkable in itself. Instead he slowly grinned at me as he reached up and grabbed his cowboy hat with his right hand. He pulled the cowboy hat up and off of his head, turned to his left and tossed the cowboy hat unconcernedly on the sofa. His grin became larger as he slowly lowered himself down on to his hands and knees. He had a glimmering of what was probably going to happen, and it was clear that he liked the idea.

“Good going, guys,” I commended them. “Now Justin when I snap my fingers you will wake up and be showing me just how good a calf roper you really are. You will see Dallas as the calf. He is a very special calf and you have treat him gently. Do not pull the rope tightly when you have it around his neck. You’ll find that when you have snagged him with the lasso, he’ll become docile and easy to manage. Your task with this roping is to get him onto his back and to use the lasso to tie up his front legs and then his back legs.”

I paused for a breath and to gain a measure of control over the intense excitement I was starting to feel. “Dallas, when I snap my fingers you will wake up and be the calf that Justin is going to rope. You will not try to gore or harm Justin with your horns, your head or your limbs,” I said to Dallas as I looked at him waiting there on all fours. “Remember Dallas, that once the lasso is around your neck you will stop moving about and become a docile and easy to manage calf. You’ll cooperate with Justin as he ties you up.”

I had a sudden flash of inspiration and called out to Cody, while I continued looking at Dallas. (What can I say? I so enjoy the sight of a cute guy, especially a cowboy down on all fours that it’s hard for me to look away from such a delightful sight as that.) “Cody, when I snap my fingers you will wake up and be the judge of this rodeo. You get to score Justin on how good a job he does roping and tying up his calf.”

“Great, boss!” Cody replied. “That’s a lot more fun that just sitting here and watching.”

“The snap of my fingers applies just this one time. Is that clear? Does every one understand what they are to do?” I asked.

“Yes, boss. Got it, boss. I’m ready to go, sir” They replied one after the other. A shiver coursed through my body as I placed the middle finger of my right hand next to my right thumb, and got ready to snap it. All the eyes of the cowboys were locked on my right hand as I held it up for them to see.


I glanced over to see Dallas, in full blown calf mode, scampering about the living room floor, on all fours. He was moving this way and that, zigzagging around and constantly changing his direction. I guess that the calf didn’t want to make it too easy for the calf roper. Dallas even managed a few bellows as he scampered about the living room floor on his hands and knees.

The whirling sound of a lasso being twirled about caught my ears, and I moved my attention over to Justin. I backed up a few feet to try and get a better over all view of the rodeo that was taking place before me. Justin had a good firm grip on his lasso as he whirled it about his head getting ready for that all important first toss. He had a nice rhythm to his swinging of the lasso above his head. I especially enjoyed the manner in which the swaying motion of his body worked its way down to his hips. I backed up a bit more to get a better view of Justin’s backside. My eyes were glued to that gently gyrating gluteus maxims of his, and I had no desire to look away. It was only the curiosity as to what Dallas’s butt would look like as he scampered about, that caused me to look away from Justin and those killer buns of his.

Dallas looked as if he were thoroughly enjoying himself. He moved about the room eagerly on his hands and knees, showing not the slighted inclination to stop, and revealing just glimpses of his butt in the process. I felt a rush of excitement as Dallas turned away from me and moved off. Those jeans were beautifully wrapped around that ass of his. The wallet in his right hip pocket and the can of chewing tobacco in his left hip pocket helped to accentuate the wonderful curves of his buttocks, by pulling those jeans even more tightly across those sweet cheeks of his. I let my gaze follow Dallas about the living room as I watched him. It was both amusing and erotic, to see this cowboy taking on his role of a calf, so wholeheartedly. Dallas turned about and started moving towards me. It meant less of his butt to view, however his handsome face and heavy build made up for that. Dallas paused for a few moments, as he looked up at me, and that was his undoing. In the blink of an eye a rope looped over his head. A second later the lasso tightened about Dallas’s neck. Dallas immediately froze where he was, his eyes glazing over. The rope of the lasso went slack.

“Got ya!” Justin cried out in triumph, as he hurried over to where Dallas crouched on his hands and knees. The look of joy on Justin’s face was remarkable to me. He seemed genuinely happy to have snagged Dallas with the lasso. Perhaps it was because he was successful on his first toss of the lasso. In any case, Justin arrived beside Dallas in less than two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Justin looked down at Dallas, as if unsure how he should proceed with the roping of this calf he’d just caught. Justin swatted down just in front of Dallas, to my everlasting delight, since this presented me will a full rear view of Justin’s butt in that delectable position. (Sometimes things work out even better than you plan, or hope.) In that position his jeans were very snug against his buttock and thighs. As with Dallas, the items in Justin’s hip pockets, the wallet in the left hip pocket and the can of tobacco in the right hip pocket made his jeans and his butt in general all that more appealing. This part of the show was over all too soon though.

Justin gently pulled Dallas to the ground by first lowering his head to the carpeted floor, and pushing him over. Dallas toppled over onto his left side which presented Justin and me with a view of the front of Dallas’s body. It took Justin barely a second longer to roll Dallas onto his back. So there Dallas lay, flat on his back with a lasso snugly, but not tightly, around his neck, looking up at the ceiling with a completely blank expression and glazed over eyes. (Is that a picturesque sight or not?)

Justin grabbed Dallas’s right wrist, and pulled up on Dallas’s right arm. When Justin had Dallas’s right arm positioned so that the elbow rested on Dallas’s chest and the right arm pointed up in the air, Justin looped the rope about Dallas’s right wrist. Justin placed the rope in his left hand and pulled upward gently to keep Dallas’s right arm in that position. With his free right hand, Justin reached down and snagged Dallas’s left hand, placing Dallas’s left wrist beside Dallas’s rope wreathed right wrist. It took only a few more loops of the rope about both of Dallas’s wrists to effectively tie them together. I noted that Justin left some lack in the rope between the noose about Dallas’s neck and his roped tied wrists. Dallas would be comfortable, but still bound. Justin placed the extra rope that dangled down from Dallas’s bound writs so that the rope hung down in between Dallas’s legs. Dallas seemed content to let his bound arms flop down on his stomach while Justin reached down towards Dallas’s feet. Fortunately for Justin, Dallas was totally relaxed and limp otherwise I do not think that Justin would have been able to grab hold of Dallas’s ankles and push up on Dallas’s legs. Justin managed to keep Dallas’s legs together while he folded them at the knee. It was as if Dallas had drawn his legs up towards his chest and stomach, only Justin was doing all the work. With Dallas’s legs where he wanted them (where I wanted them too, if the truth be told), Justin managed to hold Dallas’s legs in position with one hand while fishing for the rope with his free hand. Justin enthusiastically wrapped most of the remaining rope about Dallas’s boots at about ankle level, effectively binding Dallas’s feet together. As Justin let go of Dallas’s legs and threw up his arms to signal the end of his run, the slight slack in the rope between Dallas’s bound ankles and wrists was quickly taken up. I gulped a few times as the sight of Dallas lying there on the floor, hog-tied, and completely content to stay that way. During this time my cock not only remained stiff and hard, but it got harder if that was possible. I was vaguely aware that some drops of pre-cum were oozing out from the tip of my rock hard, rock steady cock. I was too engrossed in the scene before me to pay much attention to much of anything else.

Feeling quite proud of himself, Justin swaggered over to Cody, the judge of this event, to receive his score. I was hard pressed to force my eyes to follow Justin, instead of Dallas. I knew, though, that I would have to deal with Justin and Cody before I could start having my type of fun with Dallas. Apparently, the Cody and Justin did not see eye-to-eye on what score Justin should have been given, since their discussion started to get some what heated, by the time I arrived.

“I told you what you got, and that’s that,” Cody declared to Justin. I could hear a slight tone of annoyance creeping into his voice.

“But it’s not fair,” Justin complained. “I couldn’t just throw the calf to the ground, like I usually do. I had to be gentle with him and that takes more time.”

“Is there a problem here?” I interjected.

“There sure is,” Justin said as he turned towards me. “This judge you appointed isn’t being fair.”

“Well never mind that, Justin,” I said to him. “I’d like to shake your hand and congratulate you myself, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Why, sure, go right ahead,” Justin grinned at me as he held out his right hand. I placed my hand in his and smiled at him as I shook his hand.

“Yup, you did a great job, Justin,” I praised him. “And now, as I shake your hand you’re going back into that wonderful state of hypnosis.”

“What?” Justin said looking baffled at my words. “Just by shaking your hand? Naw, there’s no way that’s gonna work on....”

Justin’s words faded away as his eyelids fluttered closed and his head dropped forward to his chest. He and his buddies were so suggestible from being in and out of hypnosis that I didn’t need to use the trigger phrases. Just reminding them that I could hypnotize them would trigger the subconscious desire and need in their minds to go back into hypnosis. Justin stood there completely at ease and all too happy to be back in his hypnotic trance. A small smile graced his lips as he waited for his next command from me. Justin was still holding my hand as he stood there in front of me, hypnotized once more and awaiting my next command. I let go of his hand as I smiled at him. His right arm dropped swiftly to his right side.

“That’s a pretty good trick,” Cody said as he looked at Justin standing there, hypnotized and quiet. “I wish you could teach me that sometime.”

“Time for you to join him, Cody,” I said as I turned and looked at him.

“No way!” Cody cried out to me, as he realized what I was implying. “I’m not letting you shake my hand. Not after what I just saw. And I ain’t going back into a trance, neither.” Cody moved a few steps away from me, crossed his arms in front of his chest and glared at me. Cody may have been hypnotized by me and been molded into my willing slave tonight, but he still retained his disbelief that he could be hypnotized. I suppose that is one of things that made hypnotizing him such fun in the first place. I got a big kick out of proving him wrong.

“There’s no need for me to do that, Cody,” I said to him calmly. “In fact, I don’t have to touch you or even say your trigger phrase. Just the suggestion from me, that I want you back in your hypnotic trance is enough to send you back now. In a few seconds you’re going to look down at my belt buckle and the sight of it will cause you to go back into your hypnotic trance. Even now you can feel the urge to look at my belt buckle, building within you. In less than a minute you won’t be able to resist a quick peek at my belt buckle and that is all it will take.” (You see the incredible possibilities that my super hypnosis powers present? Is it any wonder that Andy felt he had to test me?)

“You’re crazy, do you know that?” Cody exclaimed, as he continued to glare at me. He deliberately turned his head up and to the right, looking as far away from me as he could. I merely smiled to myself as I waited for the inevitable.

“There just isn’t any way that line of bull is going to work on me,” Cody declared out loud as he continued to look away from me. I saw his eyes glance in my direct for a split second, though. The urge was building, just as I said it would.

Cody’s head twitched and moved slightly in my direction. A few seconds later he turned back to face me, making sure to look directly into my eyes. He smiled at me full of confidence. “It’s not going to work you know,” he assured me. “But I’ll humor you anyway.” He flicked his eyes down to look at my belt buckle as he continued talking. “See? I told you...” His words died on his lips as he slipped back into his hypnotic trance. In less than a heartbeat Cody’s eyes snapped shut and his chin dropped down to his chest as he let out his breath in a long slow deep sigh. His arms remained crossed in front of his chest.

“Cody and Justin, you two be good little cowboys. Go sit on the sofa and make yourselves comfortable again until I call for you,” I ordered them. “And be careful not to sit on Dallas’s hat.” I cautioned them.

“Yes, boss. Yes, sir,” they chimed as they opened their eyes, turned around and walked over to the sofa in the living room. They sat down on the sofa, one at each end. They settled in, and proceeded to stare off into space again, with those stupid (but strangely attractive and sexy) grins on their faces. They were facing towards me.

Now I was free to play with Dallas. I walked over to where he was lying there still tied up, and I smiled down at him. I was standing over him, a cute tied up cowboy. It was a wonder that I didn’t drool on him. Let’s face it. The situation was arousing to say the least. A blonde haired, blue-eyed, good looking, stud of a cowboy lying there on the floor hog-tied with a lasso around his neck. (I’m not sure why exactly, but I think there is just something about blonde-haired blue-eyed guys that really interests me.) His legs drawn up to his chest, and bent at the knee of course, which meant that his jeans would be stretched snugly across his buttocks. Even if you are not a butt man like me, you have to admit that such a sight would interest you at the very least. (If not, then I’m sure some other aspect of the situation would be attractive to you. After all Dallas was at least an 8.5 out of 10 on the cute meter.)

I knelt down beside Dallas and spoke softly into his ear, “Dallas, this one time, when I touch you on the forehead you will awaken from your hypnotic trance. You will no longer be a calf, you will be yourself fully awake and aware of what is going on.” I wait a few moments for my words to sink into his mind before I touched his forehead.

Dallas blinked his eyes several times as he came to his senses. He bolted upright. Well, that is he tried to bolt upright. Since he was still hog-tied it was rather difficult for him to move. “What the hell?” He cried out in surprise as he discovered that he was unable to get up. “What the bloody hell is going on?” He exclaimed as he looked up at me and then looked about the room in confusion. He spied Cody and Justin sitting on the sofa. “Wait just a doggone minute!” He whooped as the memories of the past few minutes flooded back into his mind. “I remember now! You hypnotized me into thinking I was a calf, and got Justin to tie me up like this!” Dallas kept alternating his glances between Justin and myself as he talked. After a few moments he started to calm down and gazed up at me with a slight smile on his lips.

“You’re pretty good. I have to admit that,” he said to me as he shook his head in silent amazement. “I never thought you’d have been able to get me to agree to do something like this. If it’s all the same to you, how about letting me up now? I’m starting to become uncomfortable like this.” There was a slight tone of pleading in Dallas’s voice as he lay there and asked me for help.

I knelt down beside Dallas, near his head. I was to Dallas’s left, which meant that the left side of Dallas’s body was beside me and that I would have to reach across him to reach the right side of his body.

“Pretty soon, but not just yet,” I told him smiling my most benevolent smile at him. “I want to reward you first for being such a good calf. So, this one time, when I next put my fingers on your forehead, you will slip back into your trance, and your eyes will close. When I remove my fingers from your forehead you will open your eyes and you will see me as the most desirable woman of your dreams or fantasies, whatever they may be. You will be so smitten with this woman of your dreams and fantasies that you’ll find yourself unable to say ‘no’ to her. Whatever she asks you to do, will seem reasonable, because you don’t want to disappoint her. Now, be a good little cowboy and nod your head when you understand.” I knew that Dallas, like Cody and Justin earlier, was still in a highly suggestible and susceptible state. My suggestions would be accepted by his subconscious mind and would come into play just as I wanted them to. With ordinary hypnosis this would not be the case, but super-hypnosis has the unusual side effect of causing suggestions to be readily accepted by the subconscious mind.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Dallas said to me, looking at me as if I were a few bricks short of a full load. I smirked in satisfaction as he nodded his head up and down, while not even realizing that he was doing so. I waited a few seconds before I touched the fingers of my right hand to his forehead. Dallas’s eyes closed gently, and he let out a long soft sigh as his entire body relaxed. I kept pressing down on his forehead for about thirty seconds, not because I had to, but because it was so pleasing to be kneeling beside this hog-tied yet totally relaxed cowboy. I withdrew my fingers from Dallas’s forehead and waited for the fun to begin.

Dallas opened his eyes and blinked them several times as he tried to focus on me. “Sheila? Is that really you?” He muttered, his face seemingly frozen in awe. “Can it be? Can it really be you after all this time?”

“Yes, Dallas, it’s really me,” I answered him quietly. “How are you doing, stud?”

“Me? I’m okay, I guess,” Dallas answered absently. “I’m just so glad that you’re finally here.” His voice cracked at the last word and a sob escaped him. He turned away from me, rolling on to his right side, and his entire frame shuddered a few times. I didn’t have to be an expert to guess that he was, for some unknown reason, on the verge of tears and trying his best not to show them. This was a most unexpected development. I had thought he would be all goggle-eyed and panting with excitement.

“Dallas, my dear, what’s wrong?” I asked him softly, and refrained from touching him. There was a problem of some type here and I needed to find out what it was before I could go any further.

“It’s not right,” he sobbed quietly in a shattered voice, some how keeping the tears from spilling out of his eyes. “I never wanted you to see me like this, helpless. I know you like your men strong and brave and here I am tied up like a lamb to be lead to the slaughter. It’s so humiliating.....” His sobbing continued as his humiliation and shame caused his face to turn bright red.

“Silly cowboy,” I chided him. “You sure went deeper than I thought you would.”

“What? What do you mean?” Dallas asked puzzled, as he rolled onto his back and looked at me. Clearly he did not know what Sheila (I) was referring to. The flush on his face slowly started to fade.

“Well, I hypnotized you when you came over here, silly. How else do you think I managed to tie you up like this?” I batted my eyes at him. “Sure I like strong men, but what I like more is to make them helpless and at my mercy.”

“You do?” Dallas asked amazed. “Then...then this is okay with you?” The relief on his face was profound as he came to realize that his predicament was exactly what his dream woman wanted of him.

“Yes, my big strong hunk of a cowboy. It is exactly what I want,” I assured him. “You can’t get free can you?” I asked him.

“Nope,” Dallas assured me after a brief and only half-hearted struggle against his bonds. He grinned at me as he started to relax and really enjoy the situation. “I’m bound and at your mercy fer sure.”

“Good. Now being as this is our first time we’ll do something simple and easy,” I informed him as I pitched my voice into a smooth and mellow tone. “While I have you tied up like that I’m going to make you cum all over your jeans and your shirt. Dallas my dear cowboy, anytime I touch any part of your body clothed or not, you are going to feel yourself getting more and more turned on.”

“Cum on my clothes, Sheila?” Dallas asked in a confused voice. He could not seem to comprehend what was being told to him.

“It’s what I want you to do, Dallas,” I assured him.

“Oh, I guess it’s okay then,” he agreed readily, his objections gone as if a switch had been flipped in his mind. (That was probably a good analogy, come to think of it.)

“How’s this?” I asked him as I moved my fingertips across his chest in a line from the left side of his body to the right side. The line was just above the top of the patch pockets on his royal blue cowboy shirt.

“Ohhhhhh.....yyyyyyyeeeeeeessssssssssssss.........” Dallas hissed as bolts of erotic pleasure crashed into his brain. He sighed lustily as he savored the sensations. I moved my hands over that handsome face, and planted a few soft kisses on his forehead and his cheeks. It was too much of a temptation for me to resist. I just had to feel Dallas’s skin on my lips. At least I refrained from kissing him full on the lips. I knew that he would have enjoyed that, but I also knew that could lead to serious trouble. The man was as straight as an arrow, and I wasn’t going to compromise that, no matter how badly I might want to kiss him. Actually, all I had to do was think of Andy, an the desire to kiss Dallas full on the lips faded very quickly. Well there was that, as well as the rather uncomfortable five o’clock shadow that was covering Dallas’s face. I glanced at my watch and noted that it was 9:30 PM. Is it any wonder Dallas’s face was getting a bit scruffy? I let my hands explore every inch of the skin on Dallas’s face, as well as his neck (around the lasso), and the upper part of his shoulders. I decided not to undo any of the buttons of his shirt. I would leave that pleasure for later, but not too much later. Dallas moaned and groaned softly as he bathed in the pleasures of the moment.

“As my fingers travel over your nipples, Dallas, they will get harder and harder,” I prompted him. I followed actions to words, and let my hands drift down past the upper region of Dallas’s chest. Dallas let out a loud moan as my hands move over his nipples in slow smooth circles and then drifted down to his stomach area. Dallas had wonderful abdominal muscles from what I could feel. There wasn’t any indication of fat or flab in that area.

“Oh God, my cock!” Dallas howled. “It’s getting hard! I can feel it pushing against my jeans. Oh God!”

“And you just love that feeling don’t you Dallas?” I needled him.

“OH God! YES! YES I DO!” Dallas cried out as his body shook with joy. “Please more?”

I moved my hands around Dallas’s stomach area for a minute or so while my eyes began to search the area around Dallas’s fly looking for that emerging monster of his. It wasn’t’ hard to spot the growing bulge in his jeans. Before my eyes I saw it get larger and larger like some snake moving just below the surface of the ground.

“You will shoot your load only when I tell you to, Dallas,” I cautioned him. I didn’t want any premature eruptions ruining my plans. I looked that that slowly growing monster and I was sorely tempted to start fondling it immediately. I realized though, that if I did that I’d have to have Justin untie Dallas very soon. I couldn’t very well let Dallas remained tied up when he came. He would be sure to hurt himself if he came while still hog-tied. On the other hand I still wanted to get a good look at Dallas’s butt while he was hog-tied. So letting out a sincere sigh of regret, I move my hands over to Dallas’s left side and away from his pulsating prick.

“Roll over on your right side, Dallas,” I directed him.

“’am...” Dallas responded between moans. Slowly he rolled his body over onto his right side. I dashed down towards his butt, as fast as my hands and knees would carry me. I sighed with undisguised delight at the view those jeans tightly pulled across Dallas’s buttocks. I could not stop my hands from flying towards those denim wrapped mounds of manly flesh. (Yeah, like I even tried to stop myself? Get real!) I grabbed and squeezed and kneaded Dallas’s big fleshy butt for all I was worth. My fingers really did some walking, if you know what I mean. Of course I wasn’t able to explore in between Dallas’s butt cheeks very well. The tight denim material acted like Hover Dam, keeping my probing digits out. I really didn’t want to go there, though. I wasn’t going to screw Dallas after all, just mess up his clothes a bit.

For Dallas I think it must have been a deeply moving and profound and religious experience. He kept crying out, “Oh my God!” Over and over again. (I knew I’d never be able to think that with a straight face.) Dallas had been excited and turned on before, but my fervent attention to his ass was giving him a pleasure overload. His body was jerking and squirming with delight as I kept at his ass with my hands, moving them around and over his ass heading for the erogenous zones of his inner thighs. I looked up and back at Dallas, and my heart skipped a beat. A dagger of fear stabbed through me. I lost my desire like a campfire doused by a pail of water.

“Justin, get over here and untie Dallas now!” I cried out, as I pulled my hands away from Dallas’s butt. The lasso was already snug about Dallas’s neck and it would soon choke him if it wasn’t removed promptly. I shuddered as I realized just how close I’d come to hurting Dallas, however inadvertently.

“Dallas, your body is now frozen! You cannot move!” I cried out to him. I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Dallas’s body stiffen instantly. He would not be able to pull the lasso any tighter about his neck, now. I mentally kicked myself for forgetting such an obvious danger. While I had acted in time, it was still a near thing. I promised myself to be much more careful in the future. Light bondage such as this was fun, but even it had its dangers.

“Right away, sir!” Justin replied as he launched himself up off the sofa and scurried over to where Dallas was. Justin was quick and efficient. He bent down over Dallas and quickly got to work on untying his legs.

“Dallas, as soon as your limbs are untied, they will no longer be frozen. When the rope has been removed from around your neck, your entire body will unfreeze,” I instructed Dallas and then waited. Justin was standing only a few inches away from me, bent over while he worked on freeing Dallas from the rope. Those snug jeans of his were now pulled tight as he removed Dallas’s bonds. Unfortunately I could not see Justin’s butt since he was facing me. I did manage to get a nice view of the front of his jeans though. It wasn’t as entrancing as a view of his ass would have been, but it was rather nice all the same. With Dallas’s legs now free they relaxed and stretched down away from the rest of Dallas’s body. Quickly Justin moved on to uncoiling the rope from about Dallas’s wrists, which took only a few moments. Released from their unnatural confinement, Dallas’s relaxed arms flopped down and over to Dallas’s right side. Loosing no time whatsoever, Justin loosened the lasso from about Dallas’s neck and then gently slipped it off from around his head. I breathed several deep sighs of relief as Justin stood up, holding the rope and looking at me.

“All done, sir,” he said simply and grinned down at me.

“Good job. Now coil up the lasso and carry it with you as you head back to the sofa and wait for further orders,” I said as I congratulated him.

“Yes, sir,” Justin replied as he gathered up the lasso, and trotted back to the sofa. I took in a quick eyeful of his ass he headed off to the sofa. I let out a soft sigh of delight. Well, enough of that, I had Dallas waiting for me.

“Dallas are you okay? Are you hurt at all?” I asked him, worried that I might have been too late in my actions.

“No, Sheila. I’m fine,” Dallas assured me. “It’s a good thing you removed that lasso when you did though. It was starting to choke me.”

“I’m glad to hear that you’re okay, Dallas,” I said as I moved next to Dallas, ready to continue my fun with him. I looked over towards the sofa and was pleased to see that Justin had returned to sitting on the sofa and was staring off into space again, the lasso held loosely in his hands, forgotten for the moment.

“Dang it! Dallas suddenly yelled out, diverting my attention back to him. I was surprised to see a frown on his face.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” I asked him as my worry surfaced again.

“It’s not that!” He cried out exasperatedly “I’m starting to go soft now!”

“I think I can correct that situation,” I said cheerily as I slapped my hands onto his buttocks and started kneading them again.

“SWEET JESUS!” Dallas yelled out. Any further words were lost in the grunts groans and moans that started pouring out of Dallas’s mouth as I squeezed and grabbed, caressed and covered that glorious backside of Dallas’s with both of my hands. It took me only a minute or so to bring Dallas back to that state of excitement where he was starting to rock his body back and forth slightly. I slipped my hands down past Dallas’s butt and in between his legs, right at his crotch. I moved and stroked the inside of Dallas’s thighs which wasn’t easy because his left leg was still lying on top of his right leg, as Dallas lay there on his right side, rocking his body back and forth slowly with the rhythms of his rapture. Dallas was not helping matters any by squeezing his legs and thighs tightly on my hands and fingers. (Gee, do you think that maybe he liked what I was doing to him, and didn’t want me to stop? Naw, that couldn’t be. Could it? Yes, at times like this, I DO love my ‘job’.)

“CHRIST! I”M SO FUCKING CLOSE!!!!” Dallas shouted out loud, not carrying who might hear him, or that he might deafen me in the process. Still it was nothing more than a minor annoyance, considering the pleasure and joy I was obtaining from this most delightful of situations. Regretfully, I withdrew my hands from in between Dallas’s legs. Or at least I tried to. Unfortunately, I could not pull my hands and fingers out from in between Dallas’s legs. He was clamping down on them too tightly for me to pull them out.

“Dallas, roll onto your back, and show me that big monster of yours,” I commanded him.

“Yes, Sheila,” he responded as he moved his legs slightly apart and started to roll over to his left. As soon as the pressure eased, with the parting of Dallas’s legs, I withdrew my hands and fingers from between his legs. I moved out of the way as Dallas rolled onto his back and started to move his hands towards the front of his jeans. He began to fumble with his belt buckle, and for a moment I thought he was going to undo it. I was mistaken though. He was merely reaching up behind it to grab the tab on the zipper of his jeans. Dallas gave a strong yank on his zipper as he pulled it open with one smooth fluid motion. His hands dove inside his open zipper searching blindly for his vastly enlarged penis. He seemed to be having trouble finding his cock, as puzzling as that may have sounded. His hands moved about his white cotton briefs looking for the opening in them, that should have been there. He wiggled about and eventually located his cock with his fingers. He struggled for a moment to work it out from its confinement behind his jeans. At last it popped out in all it’s glory, long hard and stiff, hardly waving about at all.

“Gently grab hold of your cock, Dallas, and point it towards your stomach,” I directed him. A part of me wanted to hold that monster of his in place for Dallas, but I remembered my promise to Andy, and knew that I couldn’t live with myself if I were to break my word to him. I briefly recalled how I had touched the cocks of these cowboys earlier in the evening. It had been only one or two fingers on the top of the shaft of the cocks, but I knew that I would still have to talk with Andy about it. I didn’t want to keep any secrets from him, even something as small as that.

Dallas nodded his head as he wrapped his hands around that long throbbing member of his and pushed it back and up towards his stomach. He was moaning and groaning prohibited him from verbally acknowledging my instructions. A shudder passed through his body as he lay there on the edge of his release.

“Say the sentence, ‘I am a fucking jerk of a cowboy’, and you’ll shoot your load, Dallas,” I told him. I decided that injecting a little truth into the situation would be appropriate at this time.

“I AM A FUCKING JERK OF A COWBOY!!!!!!” Dallas screamed out to the high heavens as he released his load, and thrust himself up and off of the floor, arching his back and thrusting his hips forward. It was a most impressive sight, I had to admit. The way his cum shot out and landed just below the second button of his cowboy shirt was remarkable. He had managed to shoot over and beyond that huge belt buckle of his, and to let that white sticky liquid of his form a small pool in roughly the center of his cowboy shirt. Dallas relaxed and then shot a second load out from his still hard and throbbing cock. Again his body arched up off of the floor with the force of his release,. This load of white did not become airborne though. It merely oozed out from the slit of his cock and flowed down across Dallas’s hands. He hung there with his weight only on his heels and his shoulders as his body remained suspended in the air for what seemed like minutes. Actually the time was much shorted than that, I later realized. I was just so amazed at the force of his release that time seemed to stop for a short while as I gawked at Dallas lying there on the living room floor.

Dallas’s muscles relaxed, and he collapsed back onto the living room floor. He didn’t seem any worse off for the experience. The look of utter bliss and contentment on his face was testimony to that. His cock had deflated like a punctured tie.

“Good boy, Dallas,” I congratulated him. “Now take your hands and fingers and spread that lovely cum of yours all over your shirt and the front of your jeans. As you do that, you’ll feel even better. Keep your eyes open as you do that, so that you’ll enjoy it more.”

“Yes, Sheila,” he said as he opened his eyes and looked down at himself. He moved his hands towards the small pool of cum on his cowboy shirt and gingerly touched it with his fingers. His smile grew larger and he let out a deep sigh of satisfaction as he started to spread his cum around his shirt. “It’s so warm and sticky,” he observed. “I never knew it would feel so good to do this.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Dallas,” I said to him. “Now when all your cum has dried and you can’t spread it around any more, you can put your cock back inside your jeans and do them up. Afterwards you can go take a seat on the sofa and return to your normal hypnotic trance. When you sit down on the sofa, you will no longer see me as Sheila. You will see everyone for who they really are, and everything for what it really is, but you won’t care about anything. You wont’ even care about what you’ve just done. When you understand your instructions, bark once.”

“Woof,” Dallas called out a second or two after I finished speaking. I left him there to finish his task as I stood up and walked over to the sofa. I had two more rodeo events to attend.

‘Justin and Cody stand up now and look at me,” I directed to the two cowboy zombies who had remained motionless and oblivious during Dallas’s erotic adventures.

“Yes, sir. Yes, boss,” they responded as they stood up and looked at me, still smiling.

“Cody, take the lasso from Justin’s hands and put it around Justin’s chest, but under his arms,” I instructed Cody. “Justin you help out Cody with that. Oh, and Justin, remove your hat first and toss it on the sofa. You won’t be needing it for this.”

“Yes, sir,” Justin said as he handed the lasso over to Cody. Justin plucked his hat from his head and tossed the hat onto the sofa. He held his arms out in front of him to make it easier for Cody to slip the lasso around him.

“Done, boss,” Cody said as he finished placing the lasso about Justin’s torso, at the level of Justin’s armpits.

“Good, Cody. Now wrap the remaining rope of the lasso about Justin’s middle until you have only a little bit left to grab hold of,” I told him.

“Yes, boss,” Cody said as he proceeded to carry out my instructions. Justin meanwhile stood there looking puzzled at Cody’s actions. Justin wasn’t concerned just puzzled.

“Done, boss,” Cody said as he completed his task.

“Fine,” I said to him. “Cody, you’re a bull rider right?” I asked him.

“Yes, boss, I am,” he confirmed as he answered my question.

“Excellent,” I said to him and smiled. " This one time, when I snap my fingers Justin will be the bull and you will be trying to ride him for the full eight seconds. Get down on all fours, Justin,” I directed.

“Yes, sir,” Justin replied reluctantly. “I don’t feel like a bull, though, sir.” Nevertheless he dropped down onto his hands and knees. Cody took the cue and climbed aboard Justin, setting himself on top of the bull, just as he would have done on a real bull.

“Cody, be sure not to put much weight on Justin the bull. I do not want you hurting him. And as you, Justin the bull, you may try to buck Cody off of your back, but you will not try to spin around rapidly or try to roll him off of your back. Is that understood by both of your?” I asked as I finished my instructions to these cowboys.

“Yes, boss. Yes, sir,” they replied. I held up my right hand, being sure that they could both see it, and placed my right middle finger next to my thumb as I prepared to snap my fingers.


Despite his misgivings and doubts, Justin proved to be an outstanding bull. He bucked and wiggled and moved around trying to dislodge Cody from his back. His bucking involved a slight bit of cheating on his part, though. Justin’s idea of bucking was to raise his body up from his knees and onto the toes of his boots. Cody, was taken by surprise at first and nearly let go of the short length of rope he had gripped in his right hand. He quickly recovered and rode that bull for all he was worth. The ride lasted somewhat longer than eight seconds, though, and the fault is mine. I was so enthralled at watching Cody ride Justin that I didn’t want the ride to end. It was with sincere reluctance that I called out the word TIME to end the ride.

Cody dismounted from Justin like the professional bull rider that he was. As he headed over to me to find out what his score was for that ride. I called out to Justin, who was still moving about the apartment. “Freeze Justin! You are no longer a bull. You are yourself but still deeply hypnotized. Stand up and remove the lasso, then wait for further instructions.”

“Yes, sir,” Justin replied as he slowly got to his feet, and wiped his sweaty brow with the back of his right hand. He looked down at his chest and slowly started to unwrap the rope that was coiled about him.

“So how’d I do, judge?” Cody asked me as he stood before me grinning an I’m-the-best-in-the-west smile.

“You got an 85, Cody,” I said to him. His grin got bigger and he raised both his arms up in a salute to victory. “But you need to take a nap now,” I continued as I touched his forehead with my fingers.

“What, boss?” Cody asked puzzled at my statement. “I’m not the least bit tir.....” His words cut off in mid-syllable as he slipped back into his trance.

God, I was having one hell of a good time with these readily suggestible cowboys. It was such a relief being able to have them slip back under using whatever suggestion I wanted, whenever I wanted. Just talking them back into hypnosis by telling them that is what would happen was so enjoyable, it was almost sinful. But I didn’t have time to dwell on that. I had Justin to attend to, and when I was done with him, Cody.

“Go and sit back on the sofa and star off into space, like the happy little cowboy you are, Cody,” I told him. “Be sure not to sit on Justin’s hat,” I cautioned him.

Cody opened his eyes and looked at me. “Yes, boss. Sit on the sofa and stare off into space like the happy little cowboy I am,” he agreed joyfully as he turned around and headed off to the sofa. Cody sat down next to Dallas who was sitting on the far left end of the sofa. I had not noticed when Dallas had returned to the sofa. I had been too intent on Cody and Justin’s performance. Unfortunately Dallas was too far away from me for me to see clearly just how much of his jeans and shirt he had stained with his semen. Of course the fact that he was wearing dark blue jeans and a royal blue cowboy shirt only made it that much more difficult to determine the extent of the stains. Enough of that. I turned my gaze and attention back to Justin.

Justin was standing there looking at me, the lasso coiled up and held in his right hand. He had a slight smile on his face, and seemed completely relaxed and at ease as if pretending to be a bull and being ridden by another cowboy was an everyday event for him. For all I knew, it just might be. (I made a mental note to do some research on the World Wide Web about “cowboy bondage”. You never knew what you might find.)

“Put the lasso on the dinning room table and then go and stand up against the living room wall. Pick out a clear area that doesn’t have any pictures or other wall hanging,” I directed Justin as I looked at him.

“Yes, sir,” he replied calmly as he turned about and walked over to the dinning room table. I stood where I was and enjoyed the sight of Justin walking about the room. He was a good looking man, with an attractive body, and it would have been a shame indeed not to spend a little time appreciating such a fine physical specimen. (Okay, I admit it. I ogled Justin as he walked around. I wanted to have a little fun too, after all.) Moments later Justin returned to the living room and walked over to a clear area of one of the living room walls. He stood in front of the wall, turned about smartly and stood there waiting patiently. He seemed totally indifferent to what might happen to him next. It was both exciting and titillating. No matter how many time I see it, I am still aroused by the sight of a good looking hypnotized man standing there looking at me with a small smile on his face as he awaits his next order from me. In this case, though, it was extra special because Justin was one of three men who had attempted to hurt me earlier this evening. It was knowing that just a tiny little pinch of revenge was being added to this situation that made it all the more sweet.

“Well done, Justin,” I praised him. “How are you feeling?”

“Thank you sir. I feel very good sir,” he answered. “I like doing what you tell me to do, sir.”

“I’m glad,” I said to him as walked up to him and stood just in front of him. I placed my hands on his chest, on that white cowboy shirt of his and moved them around until the palms of my hands were directly over the nipples on his chest.

“What? What are you doing, sir?” Justin asked looking confused and bit concerned at my unexpected physical contact with his body.

“I’m getting you sexually aroused, Justin,” I told him simply.

“Sir? I’m sorry sir, but that’s not true,” Justin said to me and gulped nervously at me, as he looked me in the eye. He seemed just a touch scared at what I was suggesting to him. “I’m not feeling uh excited by you at all, sir. I’m not gay, sir. Frankly, sir, I find your touching me like this is making me feel very uncomfortable, and I wish you would stop it.”

“Really?” I said to him. It was more of a statement than a question. “The amazing thing about hypnosis with me is that as soon as I tell you something it starts to become true,” I continued completely ignoring his earlier comments and protests. “For example, right now you are finding the pressure of my hands on your nipples is starting to turn you on more and more. It is a simple physical reaction that you can’t control. It becomes more and more intense, more and more pleasurable for you, as I start to move my hands about your nipples in slow smooth circles.” I so enjoyed the feeling of the thin white cotton material of that cowboy shirt beneath my fingertips and palms. It was so easy to feel the firmness of the muscles on Justin’s chest. I thought about ripping that shirt off of Justin, or maybe just undoing a few buttons to get a good long look at his chest, but I restrained myself. I had a specific plan in mind for this evening, and I didn’t have time for any side trips.

“You’re hands on my nipples is going to turn me on, sir?” Justin asked completely confused now. Such an idea did not make any sense to him, and he visibly fought the suggestion. It was but a token resistance at best. A shudder passed through Justin’s body after a few more circles of my palms on his pectoral muscles and the nipples thereon. “Oh, sir! You’re hands on my nipples? Oh, sir! feels so good, sir!” Justin cried out softly, with surprise.

“I’ll bet you’d like me to move my hands all over your chest and stomach wouldn’t you, Justin?” I asked him. It was more of an order than a question though. “When you want me to do that, to move my hands all over your chest and stomach, but stay above your belt, you just let me know, Justin.”

“Your hands on my nipples, sir!” Justin cried out in that same soft voice, as he closed his eyes in sensuous pleasure. “I never imagined another man’s hands on my body would feel so good. Why is that, sir?” He asked me as a small moan escaped his lips.

I was surprised at his question. I was surprised that he was able to ask any coherent question at all. He must not have been as aroused as I’d hoped he would be by this stage. I thought about his question for a moment as I continued to move my hands in slow smooth circles about his nipples. Something about the situation didn’t seem quit right to Justin, and he was voicing his doubts about that to me.

“In hypnosis, my hypnosis of you, strange and wonderful things are possible, Justin,” I answered him carefully. “I know where the erogenous zones on a man’s body are. After all, who would know that better than another man? My hypnosis is making those zones more sensitive to my touch, thus you feel yourself starting to be come sexually aroused and turned on. The fact that is it another man touching you is not relevant. Anyone’s touch right now would turn you on. It’s a normal physical reaction, because my hypnosis of you has made you more aware of the erogenous zones of your body.”

“There that explanation, should satisfy him,” I thought to myself. “There is just enough truth in it that it sounds sensible.”

“Oh, I see....” Justin said as a sudden moan cut off his words. He moaned several more times as he began the inevitable surrender to the pleasure that was beating its way into his brain. “Would you mind touching the rest of me like you said you would, sir?” Justin finally asked me.

In answer I let my hands travel and explore the rest of Justin’s chest and stomach. I even brushed my right hand against Justin’s belt and pressed down on it firmly a few times. Justin’s answer was more moans and few groans of unbridled delight as he savored the sensations of my hands exploring his chest and stomach. Putting my hands on automatic for a few moments I stole a glance down to the front of Justin’s jeans. I was more than pleased to see that there was a significant case of tented trousers (or I should say dented denim?) developing.

“Doesn’t that feel nice, Justin?” I asked him.

“Oh....yes....sir.,” Justin quavered as he forced out the words in between moans that tumbled out of his mouth as his body quivered with joy.

“I never go where I’m not invited, Justin,” I said to him, in a soothing mellow voice. “And that includes my hands. If you want me to do more, you need only ask me or show me where you want me to go,” I prompted him. My hands continued to explore the area between Justin’s belt and his jaw, while I waited for him to pick up on the not so subtle hint that I had given him. The caressing of Justin’s upper torso continued, while he stood there and did nothing but moan. (Well, he did lean backward against the living room wall, but I’m not counting that.) I earnestly wanted to explore other areas of Justin’s body, but I knew it would be more gratifying if Justin were to ask me or show me what he wanted me to do. I waited a bit longer, continuing my caressing of that slightly muscular rib cage and flat stomach of his. Soon however, I began to despair and wondered if I would have to hit him with a verbal two-by-four to get him to do what I secretly wanted him to do.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime or two, I saw Justin’s arms slowly move as he brought his hands upward. Much to my surprise they did not stop at the level of his fly, crotch or his belt. Instead his hands continued to move upwards until they were just below and in front of the uppermost button of his cowboy shirt. I watch with some dismay as his fingered fumbled their way to undoing that first button of his shirt. I kept my mouth shut as Justin’s hands slowly traveled down to the next button of his white cowboy shirt and undid that one too. I sighed with dejection as Justin proceeded to undo all the buttons of his cowboy shirt down to the waist of his jeans. Justin let his arms and hands dangle by his sides, as if that simple task had exhausted him. I had hoped for so much more. The only good result of Justin’s action is that I could see a lot more of his naked chest as I moved my hands round on his shirt. He wasn’t wearing an undershirt so I could clearly see the light sprinkling of dark chest hairs across his chest.

Suddenly Justin’s hands flew to the open sides of his cowboy shirt. His hands clamped down on the open front sides of his cowboy shirt and he pulled the shirt open, pushing my hands off of his chest in the process. I blinked my eyes with surprised, but Justin’s next words caused me to rock back on my heels in mild shock.

“Suck my nipples, sir! Please, sir, please!” Justin cried out to me, as he bared the targets to me.

What else could I do? He had invited me after all. Mind you, it was not the invitation I had hoped for. Still, it would have been rude of me to have refused such a gracious invitation, now wouldn’t it? I planted my mouth onto Justin’s right nipple like a hungry newborn seeking his momma’s breast, while I wrapped my arms about Justin’s chest. Not to say that I wasn’t gentle. At first I only kissed his nipple and then let my tongue gradually explore that dark inviting surface. Justin moaned and quivered shamelessly. His breathing was rapid but shallow, as if he were afraid he would buck me off of his nipple if he breathed too deeply or vigorously. I played my tongue all over Justin’s nipple for a good five minutes, while doing my best to ignore any chest hair that got sucked into my mouth. I paused for a moment before I tackled Justin’s left nipple.

“I’m going to suck your left nipple now, Justin, and it will feel even better than when I sucked your right nipple,” I told him. I didn’t have to say that, but I was hoping that the increased pleasure would trigger the response in Justin that I wanted.

“CHRIST YES, SIR!” Justin screamed out, as he wiggled his body and pressed it up firmly against the living room wall. I took a deep breath and started my tongue lashing of Justin’s left nipple. After only a few licks Justin started to move his entire body up and down while still leaning against the living room wall. He was not moving it back and forth as if he were pumping his hips, but up and down as if he were standing up on his toes and then dropping back down to his heels. I paused for a second and looked down to see that this was exactly what he was doing. It was surprising but it did not present any problems for me, as I had a good grip on Justin’s chest with my arms.

“DON’T STOP! PLEASE, SIR, DON’T STOP!” Justin cried out, when I momentarily halted my attentions on his left nipple. I got back to work. Since I was pressed up next to Justin it was easy for me to recognize that Justin was becoming very stimulated and aroused by my attentions. His cock was getting larger and larger with each passing moment. It was digging into my left thigh as it pushed against the front of Justin’s jeans. Soon it stopped getting any larger but it continued to remain hard and firm.

“Your cock seems to be saying that you like this, Justin,” I said to him as I paused momentarily in my sucking of his left nipple.

“My cock is right, sir!” Justin agreed. “It knows best.” Justin’s voice trailed off.

“It knows what, Justin?” I asked wondering why Justin had stopped talking.

“It wants something, sir,” Justin said in a suddenly subdued voice, while a moan or two still crept out of his mouth. Justin paused for a few more breaths and few more moans before he continued speaking. “It’s so....I...I just can’t say it, sir. cock is so naughty. wants something naughty, sir,” Justin finally managed to force the words out of his mouth.

“You can tell me, Justin,” I said as I tried to reassure him. “It can’t be anything that I haven’t heard before. In fact when you tell me, you’ll get even more excited and turned on.” I was pushing Justin to tell me whatever it was that he seemed so reluctant to say. I didn’t have time to draw the words out him slowly. I still had Cody to ‘process’, if you know what I mean.

“My cock, sir,” Justin spoke in a sudden rush of words as his unwillingness to speak, crumbled at my commands. “My cock wants to be stroked by you, sir. My cock wants to feel those warm soft tender wonderful fingers of yours all over it.” Justin blushed bright red as he finished speaking. He took a few breaths and moaned a few more times. Slowly he gathered the strength to speak again. “I’ve never asked another man to do that to me before, sir. I’ve never ever, not even in my wildest fantasies, wanted another man to put his hands on my cock, sir. Does this mean I’m gay now, sir?”

“No, Justin, it does not mean you are gay,” I assured him. “It only means that you are being a good little cowboy and following all my suggestions. Your body and mind are simply responding to my hypnotic suggestions and power. Your interest in women has not changed.” I moved my face away from Justin’s left nipple and unwrapped my hands and arms from about his chest. I looked down at the front of Justin’s jeans. Once I had clearly located my target, I placed my hands on top of that long hard denim shrouded shaft of his and moved my hands slowly up and down along its entire length.

“CHRIST ALMIGHTLY, SIR!” Justin screamed out at me. “Your....your hands on my cock! Oh god, sir! I’ve never felt so good, sir! Please sir, please? Please, sir take out my cock and hold it, sir?”

I continued to stroke Justin’s long hard organ, while I ignored his pleas. It took only a few more strokes of my fingers over his hot and hard card to start the loud moans splashing out of his throat, which cut off any further pleas from Justin. I was amazed at the hardness of his cock and how when I pressed down on it just a bit, Justin let out a loud hoot like an owl overdosed on amphetamines. As much as Justin might want to feel my hands on his cock, that simply wasn’t going to happen. I knew that as surely as I knew my own name. My promise to Andy stood between my fingers and Justin’s cock like a six inch thick steel plate.

“Do your shirt back up, Justin,” I ordered him as I continued to move my fingers about and around his cock. I might not wind up with my fingers encircling his cock, but I was going to enjoy myself as much as possible. I got ready to move my hands to other interesting areas.

“Yes, sir,” Justin called out in between hoots. I flicked my eyes upward to confirm that Justin was carrying out his orders. Justin continued to move his body up and down in time to some musical beat that only he could hear, as he dragged his hands and arms back up towards his chest. Slowly his hands fumbled their way to the lowest button on his cowboy shirt. His fingers clumsily inserted the button into the button hole, but it took several bungled attempts before the task was completed. In all fairness to Justin, I wasn’t exactly helping his concentration any, with my enthusiastic playing of his organ.

I thrust my hands down past the end of the fly of Justin’s jeans, heading directly for his crotch. I didn’t stop when I got there though. I let my hands roam all along the bottom of Justin’s crotch, and then out and downward along the insides of both his thighs. I stroked the inside of his thighs, with long smooth gentle brushes of my hands.

“OH SIR!!!! YOUR HANDS ARE DEVINE!!!!!! OH GOD, SIR!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP, SIR!!!” Justin caterwauled as his sexual excitement continued to sore.

“Let me know when you’re done with your shirt, Justin,” I said calmly as I continued to amuse myself with Justin. I reached up past and behind Justin’s crotch with my right hand as I groped Justin’s buttocks. I had to bend down a bit to get a really good gripe on his buns with both of my hands, but it was worth it. They were such nice fleshy round mounds. I sighed with pleasure as I gave them a great big two handed squeeze.

“FUCK ME, I’M DONE, SIR!!!” Justin screamed back at me, heedless if anyone in the next city heard him, much less anyone in the next apartment. “YOU’RE GRABBING MY ASS, SIR! I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW GOOD THIS FEELS!! YOUR HANDS GRABBING AND SQUEEZING MY ASS, SIR! PLEASE, SQUEEZE ME LIKE A GRAPE, SIR!!”

(By now the more astute readers may have come to the conclusion that at this point in time, Justin was enjoying himself just a tiny little bit. Gee, what was your first clue?) I stopped my manhandling of Justin’s rear, with extreme reluctance, as I saw the light blue denim start to darken around the end of that long hard bulge in Justin’s jeans. “Justin, open your fly, take out your cock and point it up towards your chest,” I instructed him as I backed a step or two away from him.

“Oh, yes sir!” He cried out joyfully, knowing what was about to happen. His hands practically flew to the front of his jeans, and whipped open his fly in no time flat. There wasn’t any bungling this time. Justin extracted his cock from his jeans in a smooth and quick motion, that came from long hard years of practice. He gulped a few times as he tenderly wrapped his hands about his cock and pointed that monster of his towards the sky. Slowly Justin looked over at me, and silently begged me to let him launch his missile from his silo.

“Justin, you will cum when you say out loud, ‘I am your cowboy toy and my ass is yours’,” I called out to him.

“I AM YOUR COWBOY TOY AND MY ASS IS YOURS, SIR!!!!” Justin screeched out immediately. His entire body went ridge like an iron rod as Justin erupted. The white lava that spewed forth from that steaming slit at the tip of Justin’s cock, shot upwards to the roof of my apartment. It fell far short of the mark though. Justin’s cum flew up past the top of his jeans and on past his belt buckle, landing just below his sternum. Actually, it was difficult for me to be sure exactly where Justin’s cum landed on his white cowboy shirt. White on white is a bit hard to make out, after all. Justin howled with gusto as his mind and body were flooded with wave after wave of erotic bliss. His muscles slowly relaxed as the strain of his ejaculation started to fade. Justin continued to pump his body up and down slowly as he leaned his weight against the living room wall. After about a minute of this Justin’s eyes cracked open and he looked over at me. He smiled at me as if he had just won a multimillion dollar lottery, or something. Unquestionably he was very pleased with himself. I smiled back at him in a friendly manner. (What else do you do at a time like that?) Justin closed his eyes dreamily as a sudden loud and low pitched moan forced itself from his lips. I flicked my eyes down from Justin’s flushed face towards his still stiff cock. As I expected, a somewhat smaller flow of white liquid was ebbing over the top of Justin’s cock and making it’s way down the sides if his cock. There wasn’t very much cum, but it did manage to spread out and over the tops of Justin’s uppermost fingers as they lay clutched around that steel hard shaft of his.

I stood there and luxuriated in the sight of this 100 percent all American (actually he was Canadian,) cowboy, leaning there against my living room wall, making a mess all over himself. All the while Justin continued to move his body up and down as he repeatedly stood up on his tips of his toes, and then lowered himself back onto his heels. It was a tad humiliating for him, true, and would be even more when I brought him out of hypnosis. It was, however, poetic justice as far as I was concerned. What made it all the more delightful for me, was that he was enjoying himself completely, and later there would be no way he could deny it, even if he wanted to. The expression of utter bliss on his face, mixed with the somewhat empty look in his eyes was a captivating combination. I toyed with the idea of walking up to him and planting a long deep kiss on those lovely lips of his, since I knew he wouldn’t offer even a token of resistance. It’s my weakness, I guess. My knees melt when I see a good looking guy, hypnotized into a state of total servitude, while enjoying himself completely in the process. I knew that was Justin’s mental state. I’d discovered that fact when I was sucking his nipples earlier. It had become a somewhat involuntary habit of mine, to scan a man’s mind when I had physical contact with his body. I knew when I was doing a scan, but the scans started without exerting any conscious effort on my part. I suspected that these mental ‘checks’ of mine were becoming instinctive.

Justin’s flow of semen stopped a few minutes after his initial release, and a few minutes after that Justin’s body stopped moving in that cycle of up on his toes and back on his heels. Justin was drained in more than one way. His legs slowly buckled beneath him, and he gradually slid down the wall like a plant slowly wilting in the hot afternoon sun, smiling that sappy smile of his all the while. Justin ended up sitting on his bum, still leaning back against the wall, with his legs folded up in front of him, but that didn’t last long. As the waves of relaxation passing through his body started to melt his muscles, his legs slowly crept down and out in front of him, moving apart slightly at the same time. As I stared at Justin sitting there with his legs splayed out in front of him, I had to admit to myself that he was a very tempting target. If I hadn’t had something far more interesting in mind, I would have started stripping him down on the spot. (Come on now, admit it. If you had a guy in a position like that wouldn’t YOU want to see what he looked like with his clothes off?) I noticed that Justin’s legs weren’t the only part of him that had become relaxed. His cock had long since become flaccid and was reverting to it’s normal state.

“Justin, listen up,” I said to him raising my voice slightly to be sure I caught his attention.

“Yes, sir,” he said dreamily as he slowly turned his head to look at me and focused his eyes on me. It seemed to take a major effort on his part, which wasn’t all that surprising when you consider what he had just been through.

“Put your cock back in your jeans, and do up your jeans. After that you may spread your cum all over the front of your shirt and your jeans,” I said to him looking him squarely in the eyes. I wasn’t sending commands to him, I was merely insuring that he knew I was serious. “When your cum has dried up you can go and sit on the sofa and slip back down into a wonderfully deep level of hypnosis. You’ll like that, won’t you?”

“Oh, yes sir, I will!” Justin agreed heartily. He broke his eye contact with me, and looked down towards his fly. I watched as he crammed his cock into his jeans and zipped his fly closed. His right hand moved down to the front of his jeans searching for some semen to spread around, while his left hand flew up to the middle of his chest and got to work on the pool of semen that clung there. As Justin began to move his fingers over his messy shirt and jeans, he let out a long sigh of subdued pleasure. It was clear that he truly did enjoy doing anything that I told him to do. I did so love it when my powers turned a man into such a responsive and receptive subject. I left Justin to tend to his duties, walked a few feet away from him, and turned toward the sofa. The best I had left for last. Cody.