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The Coffee Shop IV: Sex, Lies & Duct Tape.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 6. Cody.

You have to understand that when I said I had left the best for last, I wasn’t only referring to those sprayed on jeans of Cody’s that covered his wonderful butt. I was also referring to the fact that the evening’s adventures and my nearly being beating to a bloody pulp were the direct result of Cody. It all originated with him. So, since it was all his idea, I had to come up (no pun intended) with something especially different and unique for him. The problem was, I couldn’t think of anything at the moment. (Oh such a dilemma. To have a hypnotized hot hunk of a stud of a cowboy, and not have any idea what to do with him. Woe, is me!) Well, that’s not exactly true. I knew what Cody was going to do to help Dallas out with his role in the rodeo, but after that it was anybody’s guess. I let out a small sigh of exasperation, and decided to continue on with what I had in mind. Maybe something would pop into my head while I was watching Cody and Dallas. (I had heard of writer’s block, but this was my first encounter with hypnotist block, that situation where you run out of ideas of what to do with the stud that you’ve just hypnotized.)

“Dallas and Cody come here and stand by me,” I called out to the two spaced out cowboy studs. They blinked their eyes a few times as my instructions sank into their minds, passing through the mental fog of delights that they were lost in.

“Yes boss,” they chimed in unison as they slowly stood up. They blinked their eyes a few more times before they trotted over to me with that classic and very sexy cowboy gait. You know the one, where the cowboy walks with just a slight swagger? I felt a slight rush of pleasure surf through me as I watched them amble over to me. I made a mental note to myself to see about attending the Calgary Stampede next year. (If one wants cowboys, one must go where the cowboys are.)

Dallas and Cody looked at me calmly with small smiles on their faces, ready to do whatever I might ask of them. (This was the reason why I so enjoyed hypnosis sessions with guys. The heady feeling that I got knowing that these men, and their bodies were mine to command, literally, was a thrill beyond any drug or amusement ride in the world.) “Dallas, you’re going to show me your steer wrestling skills, and Cody you’re going to be the steer,” I instructed them. “Dallas be careful how you handle Cody. I think it would be best if you grabbed his shoulders when you wrestle him to the ground, rather than grabbing his head. When I snap my fingers the steer wrestling even starts. Does everyone understand what they are to do?”

“Yes, boss,” Dallas answered as he walked away from me and headed out into the open area of the living room. He was going to need some space to do his bull dogging.

“Okay, boss,” Cody responded with somewhat less enthusiasm than Dallas. Cody slowly dropped to his hands and knees as he got into character. Cody reached up with his right hand and removed his cowboy hat. He tossed his cowboy hat in the general direction of the sofa, not seeming to care if he managed to get it on the cushions of the sofa. He looked up at me for a moment and I could see that he was unhappy about having to play his part. His heart just was not in it. I reached down and touched Cody’s forehead. As he was on his hands and knees right next to me, it was a short reach.

“Cody, you’re going to be the best steer you can possibly be,” I told him. “Dallas is your friend, and you want him to enjoy himself, so you’re going to do your best and you’re going to enjoy it.” It seemed only fair to make sure that Dallas had some fun. Besides which, with Cody down on all fours I got to see that wonderful butt of his in action. (Okay, so the REAL reason for this entire steer wrestling event was that I wanted to see Cody’s butt in action. Could you blame me?)

“I sure will, boss!” Cody replied, as his eyes lit up with newfound enthusiasm.

“Ready, boss,” Dallas called out to me as he stood there looking over at Cody and myself. I moved away from Cody a few feet as I realized that I might get caught up in the crossfire, as it were. I held up my right hand, being sure that they could both see it, and placed my right middle finger next to my thumb as I prepared to snap my fingers.


They were off! Cody scurried away on all fours as fast as he could, with his lovely behind wiggling back and forth like a honeybee doing one of those tail wagging dances that bees do to tell the other bees where the honey is. (Cody didn’t have to do that though. I KNEW where the honey was. That honey of an ass of Cody’s was heading away from me as fast as it could!) Dallas walked quickly to where Cody was. There was no need for Dallas to run, since the distance between the two cowboys was so small. At the last possible second, though, Cody swerved to the right and away from Dallas causing Dallas to miss his mark. Dallas nearly lost his balance as he stumbled over Cody’s lower legs. Or it could have been that Cody used his lower legs to trip Dallas. It all happened too quickly for me to be sure. (Like I could have asked for an instant reply? Not likely.) The net result though, was that Cody gained a few more seconds of freedom. Dallas recovered from his bumbling stumble, his face taking on a much more determined and serious expression as he searched about for Cody. It was a very short search. Dallas trotted up behind Cody, and launched himself down and across Cody’s upper torso. I nearly clapped my hands with glee as I wallowed in the ambrosial sight of two cowboys bent over showing me their best assets. (Where is a camera when you really want one?)

Dallas wrestled his steer (Cody) to the ground all too quickly, which was to be expected. Dallas was much stronger and heavier than Cody. Dallas was lying on top of Cody’s back and was flipping Cody over to his left side before I could do more than blink my eyes once or twice. Dallas rapidly grabbed Cody’s two arms and brought them together next to Cody’s left leg. Dallas held Cody’s three limbs there for a second, then Dallas let go and raised his arms up in the air to signal the end of his run. Dallas stood up, turned about to face me and bowed deeply to me. It was fun and interesting to watch but it ended much too soon, I thought. Released, Cody climbed back onto all fours and started scampering about the apartment. It seems he was still in steer mode.

“Freeze!” I called out. Cody and Dallas froze instantly. “Dallas return to the sofa and your wonderful trance. Cody, you are no longer a steer. However you remain on your hands and knees, until I say otherwise.”

“Right away, boss,” Dallas acknowledged as he turned away from me and walked over to the dinning room, heading for the sofa. Justin was back sitting on the sofa I noticed as I walked Dallas head off in that direction. Justin must have returned to the sofa sometime during the bull dogging exposition that Cody and Dallas had just demonstrated.

“If you say so, boss,” Cody said to me as he made himself comfortable on his hands and knees. I looked over and down at Cody for a second or two. Satisfied that he was going to stay where he was, I headed out to the kitchen for an item. I had finally decided on what I was going to do with Cody. It wasn’t very original, but I would find it thoroughly enjoyable. I was back in less than a minute with a long rectangle shaped piece of waxed paper. During my trip, I debated on whether or not I should wake Cody from his trance or continue on as he was. I wasn’t in the mood for a full fledged fight with Cody in his normal state. Leaving him in super hypnosis would be easier and more enjoyable for both of us. Besides it would be interesting to see how much of Cody’s normal values and limits would surface while he was in this state. It is true that he was my hypnotized cowboy slave, but that didn’t stop him from thinking on his own or voicing his objections. I walked over to where Cody was waiting on his hands and knees. Calmly I knelt down beside Cody, so that I was perpendicular to Cody’s torso. I carefully placed the waxed paper so that it covered the area of the rug that was beneath Cody’s torso and head. Cody turned his head to his left and watched me the entire time, but he didn’t say anything. It wasn’t necessary. The puzzled look on his face spoke volumes.

“I’m sure you are wondering what is going to happen now, aren’t you Cody?” I asked him. (Talk about a superfluous question!)

“Yes, boss, I am,” Cody answered me, blinking his eyes quizzically at me.

“Well, I’m going to milk you, Cody,” I said to him, and smiled a small smile of anticipation.

“Milk me, boss? I’m not a cow!” Cody exclaimed shocked and surprised at the idea. The calm, mellow open and accepting expression on his face had been completely replaced by one of trepidation.

“True, but I am going to make something white come out of you, all the same,” I said to him.

“You’re going to make me cum?” Cody exclaimed in horror. “But....but I’m a guy and you’re a guy. That’s....that’s not right, boss.” The shock was starting to grow in Cody’s mind as he realized that I was implying. “Besides, boss, I’m not turned on by guys. Not at all. The idea of another guy touching me, touching my body makes me feel sick.” Cody actually seemed to turn slightly green as he spoke that last sentence.

“Oh, you’re not gay then?” I asked him. (Yet another superfluous question.)

“Hell no, boss!” Cody exclaimed clearly indignant that I had even suggested such a thing. “I’m as straight as an arrow!”

“Too bad,” I sighed dramatically. “You might have enjoyed this more if you were gay. Still, I know you’ll enjoy yourself as I get you nice and hard and help you to shoot the largest load you’ve ever shot.” Cody looked aghast at me as I spoke to him. He shook his head from side to side in an emphatic if silent ‘no’.

Yes, this was cruel and unusual action on my part. I admit that. It was also part of Cody’s punishment, and it was necessary. I was going to drag out the entire process of stimulating him and having him cum, and he was going to remember each and every second of it. Still, I couldn’t help but have a few pangs of guilt as I set out on this course. It was not like me to do this. The guilt was because I knew I was going to enjoy it. A few months ago I doubt that I could never have brought myself to have done this to a man. (I knew that I was dipping just a tiny little bit into that dark well in the bottom of my soul. As I had predicted, it was a lot easier to do, this time.) Cody was an unusual case though, that required unusual measures. He had attempted to arrange a beating of me. I knew that the only way to insure that Cody would never try this with me again was to instill in him a healthy and long lasting fear of me. I did not want any possible future trouble from Cody or his friends.

“Oh, I understand your reluctance, Cody,” I told him. “But you really have no choice in the matter. You can’t get up off your hands and knees, because I haven’t yet given you permission, and you know that you have to obey me no matter what. You are my obedient cowboy slave after all, aren’t you?” I asked the last question knowing full well what the answer had to be. (Yup. I was toying with the man. On one level I enjoyed it while on another level I felt a twinge of guilt for doing this. Talk about mixed emotions.)

“Yes, I’m your obedient cowboy slave, boss,” Cody admitted through clenched teeth, as he looked at me. His expression was less than friendly. He didn’t want to admit that truth, but he had to. Clearly he was fighting the milking idea as much as he could. The irony of the situation was not lost on me. If anything that made the situation even more enjoyable for me. Consider exactly what was happening in this situation if you would. A hypnotized slave, who knew that he must obey, was at the same time exerting his utmost effort to avoid doing something that he didn’t want to do, even though he knew deep down that he was going to wind up doing it anyway. Why did Cody put himself to so much useless effort? I did not know, but if I had to make an educated guess, I would have said that it was due to his basic personality. He was a fighter and he never gave up or gave an inch.

“Since you are straight and not gay like me, I’m sure that the idea of another man touching you and making you hard is difficult for you to come to terms with,” I told him.

“You’re gay, boss?” Cody asked, stunned at my revelation. “I...I didn’t.... Dear Lord, help me,” Cody said in a quite whisper as the blood drained from his face. Cody looked at me, his face as white as new fallen snow in the middle of January. He gulped a few times, and small tremors started to run across his body. His breathing became short and sharp. I could see the muscles in his arms and legs tense up.

I had a pretty good idea what was causing Cody to get a sudden case of the shakes. “I am not going to have any anal or oral sex with you Cody,” I said to him. “I am going to run my hand over your body, but there will not be any exchange of body fluids. I’m not even going to kiss you on the mouth.”

Cody nodded his head at me in silent thanks, the relief washing over him like a warm relaxing shower. I saw the muscles in his legs and arms loosen up, while his breathing became deeper and slower as his fear started to dissipate. “I still don’t want you to do this, boss,” Cody protested, an edge of fear still present in his voice. “Please don’t, boss. I’ll....I’ll be good, I promise. I’ll...I’ll do anything else you want, but please, please don’t do this to me. Please, in name of everything that is decent, please don’t milk me.”

Cody’s pleading did not fall on deaf ears. A part of me felt for him, for the helplessness that was surely making him feel like a fly trapped in amber. Yet at the same time, that part of me acknowledged that this was one lesson that Cody had to be taught, and like it or not I was the teacher. I did like the idea, very much in fact. I had wanted to grab that Grade-A behind of Cody’s all night. It was ironic indeed that a man, who only a few short hours ago had intended to beat me up for no good reason, was pleading for mercy. I looked at Cody waiting there on all fours, wondering what I was going to do next. I couldn’t go through with it I decided. I had to teach him a lesson, but maybe just the threat of milking him would be enough. It was time to end this little adventure before it went too far. I reached out my right hand and touched Cody on the forehead, intending to calm and remove his fears before I sent him back down into a deeper and more profound state of hypnosis.

Imagine the bolt from the blue that crashed through my mind as I discovered that I’d been neatly conned by Cody! I scanned his mind, expecting to encounter a calm surface with fear and terror swirling around just beneath the surface. Instead, what I found was a light dusting of fear, like sprinkles on the frosting of a cake, atop a solid foundation of calm and self confidence. It did not take much effort for me to read Cody’s thoughts. They were as plain as if they had been written on the side of the Chrysler Building, in billboard sized type.

Cody was fearful of gay sex, due to AIDS. (These days, who isn’t?) He didn’t like the idea of me, or any other man, touching his body. He doubted that I’d be able to stir up any type of reaction in him, no matter how deeply he was hypnotized. (Cocky and self assured to the end, that was Cody all right.) By doing his best to pretend to be terrified of me, Cody was certain he could play on my sympathies and get me to call off this charade. Cody didn’t think I had it in me to continue with such a farce. He didn’t think much of gay men, although he had nothing against them. In general, he considered gay men to be something less than ‘real’ men. He was sure that any ‘real’ or ‘normal’ man was more than a match for any gay man. (Hey these are his thoughts not mine. You have a problem with this, you take it up with Cody.)

I was flabbergasted. Numbly I let my right hand and arm drop away from Cody’s forehead and drop down by my side. I didn’t know what to think at first. Cody’s act had been very convincing. He had persuaded me to call a halt to my plans for the evening. If I had not scanned his mind, I would never have guessed in a million years that it was all an act, on his part. Of course this revelation only served to strengthen anew my resolve to continue on with what I had originally planned. If anything it renewed and whetted my appetite for Cody’s Grade-A butt. I would not be denied my prize this evening. Not now.

I suppose I should explain something about my powers which you may be wondering about at this stage. I had said earlier that my scans of the three cowboy’s minds revealed that they were totally submissive to me. That is true. They would do whatever I wanted, and they would be happy to serve in that respect. But it did not mean that their personalities were gone. They were the same men as they had been before the super hypnosis with the same strengths, likes, dislikes and phobias as before. If something was upsetting enough to them they would react just as they normally would, except that their desire to serve me would urge them to express their worries and concerns to me. In some rare cases such as that first time with Steven Stokes, if the suggestion is upsetting enough the subject can actually refuse the suggestion. The subject will carry out the suggestion if given it a second time (this is known as a level two enforced directive), but the subject will ask or plead to not be forced to carry out the suggestion. Cody, though had taken that one step further, which was an interesting and completely unexpected turn of events. Cody had used his basic distrust and loathing of gay men combined with his fear of contracting AIDS, and his self confidence in his own abilities, to create enough elbow room in his mind to permit him to slither around and avoid or resist my suggestions. It wasn’t exactly a shield on his mind, more a way of finding a loophole in a contract. Cody had the instincts of a good lawyer, or a con man. (Or are the two, one in the same?)

These thoughts and revelations flashed through my mind in only a minute or so. It wasn’t long enough for Cody to start wondering at the delay. I flashed a smile at Cody as I got back on track, but it wasn’t the track that he was expecting.

“The touch of my fingers and hands on any part of your body is like magic, Cody,” I said to him as I looked him directly in the eyes. (Super hypnosis powers, ya gotta love’em.) “It starts off small and tiny at first, mind you. Only a feeling of slight pleasure and warmth. But as I continue to touch you, and to caress your body, the feeling starts to grow of it’s own accord, getting stronger and more powerful, as I continue to caress, fondle and explore your body.”

“I don’t think so, boss,” Cody replied matching my stare. Surprisingly he managed to inject a look of coldness and defiance into his eyes. “Maybe I can’t get up and walk out of here, but there is no way in the whole wild world that I’m gonna do like you just said. Now that woman friend of yours from the restaurant, she could get a rise out of me, but you never will.” Cody firmly pressed his lips together, and set his face in a cold stony stare as he glared at me. He wasn’t angry, or upset, just stating a plain and simple truth as he saw it. It wasn’t going to happen, and that was that. He had an aura of confidence about him like a gambler who has a royal flush when the dealer has only a pair of deuces. Cody was going to have to be convinced of this the hard way, if you will forgive the pun.

I kept that knowing smile on my face as I reached out and ran the tips of the fingers of my left hand down the bridge of Cody’s nose. “How was that?” I asked him.

“ was okay, boss,” Cody admitted, keeping his gaze locked on my face. The look of stunned surprise on his face, though belied his mild words. It was more than okay, but Cody wasn’t about to admit it, at least not yet.

I ran the finger tips of my right hand across Cody’s left cheek, a few times. (No not that one, the one on his face. Don’t get ahead of the story! Damn it!) “And how about that?” I queried him.

“It was better, much better, boss,” Cody sighed softly. His lips were no longer firmly pressed together, but his face retained that cold stony look.

I reached up and ran my right hand across Cody’s slightly muscular shoulders, from his left side over to his right side, and back again. I had to reach across Cody to do it, but I wasn’t complaining.

“And that?” I prompted him.

“Much better, boss. It felt, kind of nice, actually”, Cody admitted as he sighed once or twice. The cold stony expression on his face was starting to melt and soften. Not much, but a bit. Still getting Cody to admit to what he was feeling was like trying to get a politician to speak the truth; difficult at the best of times.

I ran my right hand over Cody’s shoulders again, but more slowly this time, as if I were savoring the touch of his light red cotton cowboy shirt. I was savoring that touch, as a matter of fact. “How about now?” I inquired.

“Better. Much, much better, boss,” Cody sighed. He took a few deep relaxing breaths and his entire face started to relax. A second later a small grin broke out on his face. “ feels kind of good,” he confessed, as he blinked his eyes a few times. His eyes were starting to lose their focus on me.

I let my right hand move up Cody’s left shoulder yet again, but this time I moved my hand up onto the back of Cody’s neck. I kept my hand there as I moved it about slowly, while I spoke to him. “Getting ride of all the tension and strain in the muscles of your neck now, Cody. Letting my touch relax the muscles and remove the tension and strain so that you can let your head hang down comfortably and easily, now.”

“Oh, yes, I can feel that, boss,” Cody confirmed a few heartbeats later. Slowly his head turned away from me, moving to his right until Cody was looking down at the wax paper on the living room rug. Slowly, as I continued to move my right hand over and about the back of his neck, Cody’s head dropped down lower and lower. It was such a wonderful sight to see, Cody’s head continuing to drop down until it was hanging there limply and loosely. I lifted my hand off of Cody’s neck and let my right hand and arm return to my side. Gradual surrender of a subject is so much more satisfying than a quick conquest.

“Do you want more, Cody? Do you want me to continue to move my magic hands over your body?” I asked him as he stood there on all fours, with his head dangling down.

“Maybe just a little bit more, boss,” Cody answered softly, turning his head to his left to look up at me as he spoke. The glassy-eyed stare that he sent my way confirmed that he was feeling the effects of my magic hands much more than he was letting on.

I regarded Cody as he remained perched there in front of me, on his hands and knees. He was quite a sight, close up. A handsome skinny cowboy wearing a bright red cowboy shirt tucked into a pair of painted on dark blue jeans, with black cowboy boots stuck on his feet. A wide black leather belt with an enormous belt buckle at the front, encircled his narrow waist, accentuating Cody’s slim and trim body. Bent over the way he was, his butt looked fantastic, and that was only in profile. I could hardly wait to see his butt head on, close up. As for running my hands over that butt, just the thought of doing that was making my jeans somewhat uncomfortable, if you know what I mean. (It was a great feeling, let me tell you!) As much as I was hankering to get my hands on that butt as soon as I could, I knew it would be far more enjoyable to draw out the moment as long as I possibly could. I licked my lips and got started.

I put my hands on Cody’s left hand and slowly moved my hands up Cody’s left arm. I let my fingers explore every square inch of the material of Cody’s cowboy shirt. Up and around his elbow, across his biceps, into the crook of his arm, and back down around his wrist. Slowly I worked my way up to his left shoulder. Cody sighed and breathed deeply the entire time, letting out only a few soft yelps of delight as his responsiveness to my touching his body grew.

I got up on my knees now so that I would better be able to explore Cody’s body. My hands moved up and over Cody’s left shoulder. They lingered there a moment or two before I let my hands move on across Cody’s firm strong back, heading for Cody’s right shoulder. Back and forth my hands moved, across Cody’s shoulders and upper back, dancing in slow interact swirls to music that played only in my mind. I smiled as I heard Cody whimper with pleasure at what he was feeling. Still a whimper could indicate pain. It was best to check.

“Do you want me to stop, Cody?” I whispered into his left hear, my lips a scant inch from his left ear.

“No, boss,” Cody muttered. “I like this. My back feels so good. The muscles are so relaxed and warm. You could do the rest of my back if you like.” A few more whimpers made their way past Cody’s throat as my hands started to move down Cody’s narrow but firm back. It did not take me long to explore the remainder of that red terrain that was Cody’s back. I stopped, somewhat reluctantly as you might well imagine, where Cody’s red cowboy shirt was tucked into his jeans. Letting my fingers walk amongst the hills of Cody’s behind was definitely on my list of things to do today, but there was one slight detour I had to make first. I wanted Cody far more excited and aroused than he was now, before I made camp on Cody’s butt.

Cody arched his back in sheer delight as long low moan made its way from between his lips. He was definitely starting to respond to my earlier suggestions and my caressing of his body. (Now there’s a bulletin from the news room for you!) Quickly I pulled my hands off of Cody’s back and lay down on my back. I wiggled my way beneath Cody’s chest and got ready to turn up the heat a few more degrees. I was lying perpendicular to Cody’s body so that his head was off to my right and his butt was off to my left. I almost groaned out loud with annoyance as I remembered I was right handed! I’d have to squirm about somewhat to direct my attentions to Cody’s butt when the time came. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, as they say.

I reached up, pressed my hands on his flat stomach and began to move my hands about his stomach and lower chest. Cody’s sighs increased in frequency and loudness as I continued my caressing of his wonderfully flat stomach. “How’s that?” I taunted him, after a few minutes work.

“Ohhhhh.......’ Cody moaned out loud as he thrilled to the sensations of my hands moving across the lower front part of his body. “” Cody answered in between moans. His eyes were firmly closed as he began to give himself over to the feelings of pleasure and joy that were slowly building within him.

“I’ll bet that you know your nipples are one of your strongest erogenous zones, Cody,” I said to him matter-of-factly. Cody’s only response was a few more moans, and a slight nodding of his head. I continued to caress Cody’s lower chest and stomach, occasionally letting my hands reach up and around to touch parts of Cody’s back. I let out a few sighs myself as I maintained my stroking of Cody’s body, letting the minutes slip by so as to build up the expectation in Cody.

“When you want me to stroke and fondle your nipples, Cody, all you have to do is ask,” I prompted him. I didn’t need Cody’s permission, but making him ask me to do this was eminently satisfying. Cody just moaned at my words. His moans though were louder and more frequent than his sighs. Clearly he was starting to become aroused. I flicked my eyes to the left but due to the poor lighting and the colour of his dark blue jeans, I couldn’t determine if Cody was staring to get hard or not.

“Ohhhh.......” Cody moaned again. He gulped a few times and his body shuddered once or twice as he fought back the urge to moan again. “I.....I never thought I’d say this, especially not to another man, but would you please stroke my nipples, boss?” Cody blurted out in a soft quiet voice. The words seemed to rush out of his mouth as if he had to say them before he lost his nerve.

My answer was to move my hands up Cody’s chest and to cover each of his nipples with one hand.

“Oh thank you, boss!” Cody cried out with profound joy. “Oh God! Your hands on my nipples! Pressing down! Moving around all over my nipples! Oh the joy! I...I never knew it could be like this, boss!” Cody arched his back up and down repeatedly as he surrendered to the pleasure that was flooding into his brain.

“A man is fondling your nipples, Cody, and you don’t care that it is a man, do you?” I asked him, having a pretty good idea of what his answer would be.

“GOD DAMN RIGHT, BOSS!” Cody screamed out at me. “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK THAT A MAN IS PLAYING WITH MY NIPPLES AND DRIVING ME FUCKING CRAZY! THIS IS SUCH A FUCKING TURN ON!!! I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!!” Having voiced his opinion on the matter, and rather loudly at that, Cody returned his full attention to the erotic stimulation that my talented fingers (and my super hypnosis powers) were providing him. He began to rock his body slowly from side to side as his moans of pleasure became louder and more frequent. He closed his eyes in sensuous surrender to my fondling of his nipples.

“So marvelous, isn’t it Cody?” I ragged him.

“Oh yes, boss! I want more. Please don’t stop!” Cody cried out softly.

“How’s your cock doing, Cody?” I asked wondering just how stimulated Cody actually was.

“My cock? It’’s....gettin’ harder by the sec’, boss. nipples are hard now too,” Cody answered with a mixture of hesitation and wonder in his voice. “But it feels so good, too. Hard nipples, and my cock gettin’ harder and harder...” Cody moaned a few more times as his body continued to rock back and forth in euphoric abandonment.

“It’s supposed to get hard when you are turned on, Cody,” I reassured him, as I continued my caressing of his nipples and chest. Lying there on my back, reaching up to twiddle and fiddle with Cody’s now hard and erect nipples, was sheer delight. It was so much easier lying on my back doing this. I didn’t have to strain myself or worry about putting too much of my weight on Cody’s chest. “If you think this is good, imagine what my fingers would feel like on your bare skin, Cody,” I told him as I started to get him ready for the next phase.

“Oh......oh.....oh....” Was all that Cody could reply in between moans and grunts as the thought burned his way into his brain.

“Do you want to feel my fingers and hands on your bare naked chest, Cody?” I asked him softly, as I moved my fingers in a lazy figure eight around his nipples.

“CHRIST ALMIGHTY! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK?” Cody cried out at me, sounding both exasperated and excited. “Of course I do, boss!” He continued in a slightly less volatile voice. In between his continued moans of delight, Cody barked out soft oh’s as he began to relish what was happening to him. Suddenly he stood up on his knees, breaking the contact between my hands and his chest. Cody open his eyes wide as his hand flew to his chest and began pawing frantically at the buttons of his red cowboy shirt. I blinked my eyes in surprise at the swiftness of his actions. He had the shirt unbuttoned and was savagely pulling the shirt out from his jeans in record time. He shucked that shirt off in two seconds flat! He tossed his shirt off somewhere to his right (my left), heedless of where it might land. What a site was revealed! I had expected Cody’s chest to be slim and trim with an average sprinkling of chest hair. What I got was a wonderfully smooth slim chest with only a handful of hairs about each nipple. If ever a chest cried out to be sucked this one did! Cody dropped back down onto his hands bringing that titillating (pardon the pun) chest of his, within mere inches of my suddenly quivering lips.

I reached up with my arms and wrapped them about Cody’s chest as well as I was able. I scooted up until my back was at a forty-five degree angle from the floor and my lips were only a hair’s breath away from one of Cody’s nipples. Then I let my self down, and crawled out from under Cody. I brought him out of his trance and send him on his way home. THE HELL I DID!!!! WHAT IN THE NAME OF LITTLE GREEN APPLES DO YOU THINK I DID??? I clamped my lips onto that nipple and hung on for dear life! I sucked like I’d never sucked before. It wasn’t easy let me tell you! I think I had a vague idea of what riding a bull must have been like. As my lips sucked and my tongue licked and lapped at Cody’s nipple, Cody’s body rocked back and forth from side to side while humping up and down at the same time. It was all I could do to keep my arms wrapped firmly about Cody’s chest. (Forget the bull, ride the cowboy! I think I’ve seen that on a T-shirt somewhere.) The rest of my body was dragging down at me like a huge lead weight. I think it was this, more than anything else that tired me out. Since my mouth was otherwise occupied, I wasn’t able to give voice to the pleasure that I was experiencing. Cody was doing a fine job of making my enjoyment as well as his abundantly clear. (Does the expression screaming like a banshee means anything to you?) I was able to spread my attention evenly, between Cody’s nipples. They were not THAT far apart after all.

Unlike Andy, my upper body strength was not well developed. I was only able to hang on for a few minutes. (No trophy belt buckle for me, I guess.) Gradually gravity won the battle and I was pulled down to the ground, covered in sweat, panting and my arms feeling like they had turned to lead. As I lay there trying to catch my breath and let my strength return, a smile broke out on my face as the crazy thought popped into my mind that this would make a most interesting event at a gay rodeo. Clearly I was suffering from slight oxygen deprivation to have come up with such an idea! Still, I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about it. Kinky. Totally impractical, and highly unlikely to ever come about, but wonderfully kinky nonetheless. (Yes, a sure fire indication that it is MOST definitely time for a vacation!)

“More, boss? Please?” Cody called out softly to me as I lay there resting my aching arms and catching my breath. When I didn’t respond within a minute or so Cody spoke up again. “Please boss? I really liked how you sucked my nipples. It was such a turn on, and I...well...I want more boss. Please? Pretty please?”

Part of me wanted to keep on sucking Cody’s nipples, but I just did not have the strength. (Well what the HELL did you expect? Here I am playing with three cowboys in ONE night! I’m only human after all. I have my limits.) I did have the strength to continue on with my original plans though, as I would not have to cling to any part of Cody for what I had in mind. Oh sure, I could have had Cody roll over on his back and then sucked his nipples all I wanted, but all in all I think I’d had enough of Cody’s nipples for the evening. I lifted my arms up and let my hands and fingers explore the bare skin of Cody’s chest and stomach. Almost with the instant of my fingers touching his skin, Cody started to moan and rock his body back and forth gently. This might not be as intense as my sucking his nipples, but clearly the feather light touch of my fingers tips on and about his nipples was gratifying to Cody. (Boy, DO I have a gift for understatement.)

“How about we move on to an even more responsive and sensitive erogenous zone of yours, Cody?” I asked him as I got ready to redirect my attention below the belt, as it were. While waiting for his answer, I let my fingers gently squeeze his nipples every now and then, as I kept up my ministrations of that wonderfully smooth skin of his. There were a few scars here and there, that marred the landscape of his chest and stomach. Evidence, clearly, that bull riding wasn’t an easy much less a safe sport. I let a few grams of admiration for Cody seep into my opinion of him. I might not like him much as a person or a man, but as a cowboy I had to admire that he took risks that I never would have.

“There’s.....oh......oh....there’s another part of body that’s even’s even more of a more of a turn on than my....oh...oh....nipples?” Cody managed to ask, in between moans and oh’s of pleasure.

“But...of...course,” I answered him. (Bad pun, I know but I could not resist.) I looked up and studied Cody’s face, a scant six inches away from mine. He wore a veil of contentment and tranquillity as he stood there on all fours letting his body sway back and forth as he enjoyed himself. Slowly my answer seeped into Cody’s consciousness, and his eyes blinked open as if he were awakening from a long sleep. He stood there on all fours, moaning a few times as he gradually puzzled out the double meaning of my answer.

“My butt, boss?” He asked, bewildered. “My butt is an erogenous zone?” The concept seemed to be somewhat foreign to him. He looked both lost and perplexed as the meaning of my answer became clear to him. The confusion on his face gradually faded away to be replaced by a much stronger and clearer expression of doubt and disbelief. The expression settled on his face like cement hardening. Cody stopped swaying his body, and stopped his moaning. (Even my continued stroking of his nipples no longer generated any reaction from him.) It seemed as if he had come to some type of decision. “No way. Not me. Not my butt,” he said as he shook his head back and forth. “I’ve had enough boss. My nipples are one thing. My butt is another. I’m not going to enjoy that at all, so you just might as well not even bother.”

“Let’s find out, shall we?” I asked him, slightly surprised at his declaration. I had expected Cody to be so enthralled with the notion that his butt would be even more responsive than his nipples, that he would actually ask me to play with his butt. Cody had not done so and I was a bit disappointed.

“Fine, go ahead, boss,” Cody agreed doubtfully, the set and firm tone of his voice indicating that he was certain my efforts would be futile. “Waste your time if you like. I can use the rest.”

I crawled out from beneath Cody and climbed up onto my hands and knees. Why bother standing up after all? It was a short trip from Cody’s chest to his backside. Before I scurried over to Cody’s behind though, I made sure to reposition the sheet of wax paper back underneath Cody. It had become dislodged when I’d crawled beneath Cody to caress his chest and stomach. It looked like Cody did not want to believe that he could be at all aroused just by having his butt touched, especially if his jeans were still on. His doubts and convictions in the matter were sincere, though. I would have to proceed with caution. (See? Mind scans DO come in handy every now and then.) I maneuvered myself into position; beside Cody, on his right, and just behind his buttocks. The target was in clearly in my sights. Time to engage the enemy.

I took a couple of deep relaxing breaths as I controlled my sudden urge to grab those two perfect buns in front of me. Up close like this, Cody’s ass was even more sexy and enthralling, if that were possible. Bent over as he was on his hands and knees, was causing those painted on jeans of his to snuggle up against his buttocks, thighs and crotch. The huge bulging wallet in his right hip pocket only added to the strain that those Wrangers of his were under. As much as I wanted to, I could not just plop my hands on Cody’s buttocks and start nuzzling them with my hands. The shock would be too great. Cody would enjoy the sensation, but the intensity of the pleasure might actually frighten him. I had to do this slowly, carefully, and delicately. (Isn’t it just wonderful the way these things work out? I wanted to do a gentle and slow fondle of Cody’s butt, and now I had to for both Cody’s sake as well as my own.)

As gently as I could I reached out and touched Cody’s left buttock with the tip of my right index finger, pressing down just enough to be sure that he would feel it. I thought it best to stay away from Cody’s wallet as that would be less threatening to him. I moved my finger around to follow the seam of the left hip pocket of Cody’s jeans.

Cody’s body jerked once as he caught his breath in surprise. “What? What happened? What was that, boss?” Cody asked as he turned his head, and looked back at me completely baffled.

“What was what?” I asked aback.

“What did you do, boss?” Cody asked again, looked directly at me. In the back of those emerald green eyes of his I could see the distant but distinct glow of pleasure.

“I traced the seam of the left hip pocket of your jeans, with my right index finger, Cody,” I told him truthfully. This was the pivotal moment. If he became frightened at his reaction to this minor stimulation, I would have to abort my plans for the evening, unless I used my powers on him again and forced him to accept and enjoy what I had in mind. I didn’t really want to do that, though. It wouldn’t be as much fun. While it was true that Cody had to obey me, I had not told him it was completely unconditional. By asking him questions, I was giving him a small but important scope of independent action. It was far more satisfying to me if I could get Cody sexually exited, and have him admit and agree that this is what was happening. Why? Well, because that way Cody retained his humanity and did not become a ‘play thing’. Call it respecting your subjects if you like.

“Oh....” Cody asked and now a tone of wonder coloured his voice. “It felt...well...kind a good, boss. It felt like...well...I’m not really sure what it felt like.”

“Did it turn you on, Cody? Did it get you hard?” I pestered him.

“Only a little bit, boss. I could feel my cock stir jut a bit,” he admitted in a quiet voice.

I did not bother asking Cody if his cock had gotten soft after I’d stopped grabbing his nipples. It was a logical conclusion that if Cody’s cock was just stirring now, that it had become flaccid rather quickly. I traced the seam of the left hip pocket of Cody’s jeans a second time, and then filled in the rectangle, if you follow me. Cody’s reaction was a more pronounced shuddering of his body, and several sharp intakes of his breath. I also heard one long shuddering sigh escape his lips.

“Keep on telling me how you feel, Cody,” I urged him. “It’s so easy to do that now, isn’t it?”

“Yes, boss,” Cody acknowledged. “That was even better than the last time. It felt sort of stronger, I think. I liked it a bit more.” Cody let out another soft moan, but it did not come easily. The moan seemed to have to fight its way out. Cody could have given lessons on how to be stubborn.

I placed my left hand on Cody’s left buttock and started to move my left hand in a big slow smooth circle (my specialty on buttocks it would seem). Once. Twice. Three times.

“Oh...yes.....” Cody breathed and let out a more relaxed moan. “That DOES feel good, boss. Sort of warm and tingly, and nice.”

I wasn’t sure who was enjoying this more, Cody or me. I had longed all evening to get my hands on Cody’s ass, and here I was, halfway there. Still I knew that slow and steady would be far more arousing for the both of us, than if I were to just saddle Cody’s ass with both of my hands and go to town. So, I kept up with the smooth circular caress of Cody’s left buttock for a few more minutes. Occasionally, I let my left hand drift down and brush close to Cody’s crack. Just enough to tempt and torment him. It was most effective to judge by the louder moans and much stronger shudders that passed through Cody’s body when my fingers neared the seam in the center of the back of Cody’s jeans. (Do I know what I’m doing or don’t I?)

“Would it be okay with you if I were to start massaging your right buttock with my right hand, Cody?” I asked him quietly. I was careful to use the word massage, and not caress, as that term might have upset him.

“Oh, yes, please, boss, please!” Cody called out between moans. “I know it will feel even better to have both of your hands on my butt, boss.”

“What about your wallet, Cody?” I teased him.

“What about it, boss?” Cody replied his voice taking on a befuddled tone.

“Well, I might wind up touching it, if I touch your right buttocks. I might even have to remove you wallet to get a good grip on your ass,” I cautioned him.

“Who the fuck cares?” Cody asked brushing off my concerns like the dangling threads of a shredded spider’s web. “All I want, boss, is both of your hands on my ass, moving all over my ass, playing with my ass. Playing with me. Oh yes! I want that, boss.” Cody let out a few more moans, and loosely swung his head back and forth as if his neck was made of rubber.

I smiled to myself at this pleasing change in Cody’s attitude. He might not have come right out and said it, but it was clear that he was surrendering himself more and more with each passing moment. I placed my right hand on Cody’s right buttock and started to move my right hand in slow smooth steady circles in time with my left hand.

“OH FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD!” Cody cried out jerking his head up toward the ceiling. It had taken only a few circles of my hands on his buttocks to solicit this reaction from him. Cody started to pant with excitement as he continued to grunt and groan. “More, please? Oh yes, more. Don’t stop, please.” Cody kept repeating as I kept up my caressing of his buttocks.

“I must kowtow to you, boss!” Cody suddenly declared as he dropped his head to the carpet, and thrust his denim clad bum upward. Slowly Cody began to sway that grand and glorious gluteus maximus of his in front of my hands. The gentle back and forth swaying of his bum caused my hands to lightly brush all over both buttocks, to Cody’s everlasting delight. After a few moments, he continued speaking “I...I must present you with all of my ass. Please, boss, please touch the rest of me. My crack, my cock, my balls. Please let those magic fingers of yours touch them too. I ache for your touch, boss. I want it so bad. My...body demands it, boss. Please, boss, please? I’ll...I’ll do whatever you want. Anything boss. Really. You just name it and I’ll do it.” he announced shamelessly, as he continued to sway that beautiful bubble butt of his in front of me.

“That’s good,” I told him. “And so is this!” I urged him as I moved my right hand down in between his legs. I didn’t stop there though. I moved my hand upward and curled my hand around as I let my fingers probe for that hard long cock of Cody’s had had to be hanging around there somewhere. I didn’t have to send out a search party. I located that monster in only a second or two. It wasn’t at all difficult. Cody’s cock was long, hard, and even through the denim of his jeans I could feel that cock throbbing.

“You can’t cum until I let you, Cody,” I reminded him sternly.

“Yes....yes, boss,” Cody grunted out his agreement. “What...what ever you say, boss.”

“When you feel yourself getting close to shooting your load, Cody, you will start to bellow like a cow. When you bellow you will take out your cock and point it at the wax paper on the floor,” I instructed him.

“A cow, boss?” Cody asked his voice coloured with surprise. Cody grunted and a loud low moan was suddenly launched from his lips, cutting off any further comments or questions. The moan slowly subsided. Cody raised up his head, and turned his head to the right as best he could to try and look at me. I could only see his right profile. Cody open his eyes and smiled at me dreamily. “Yes, of course, boss. A cow. Bellow like a cow....” He said blissfully. He turned his head back and slowly raised it up so that he was looking up at the wall in front of him.

I let my hands continue their detailed exploration of Cody’s butt, crotch, cock and balls. Well, as much as I could with that denim between me and Cody’s skin. Cody shuddered and rocked his body wantonly, as he lost himself in the erotic pleasures that continued to pour into his mind. Cody’s bull rider butt was all that I could have hoped for, or wanted. Hard and firm. Smooth with skin tight jeans encasing it. (I let out a moan or two of my own at this point.) Those nice hard butt cheeks of his. I grabbed them with both hands and squeezed them as tightly as I could, which wasn’t all that much considering how hard and firm they were. Cody’s wallet in his right hip pocket didn’t help any. I quickly turned my attention, back to the inside of Cody’s thighs. I let my hands move slowly up and down inside of his legs as I stroked him. Cody’s only response was more and louder moans. (I don’t think that he was exactly capable of constructing a coherent sentence right then.) I moved my hands upwards to the front of Cody’s jeans. I located his long hard cock and let my fingers travel along its entire length. His cock throbbed with power and strength. As I continued my gentle stoking of that long hard mound of his, Cody’s body quivered with the building tension and desire for his release. Moans, groans, grunts and small barks of excitement were the only sounds that Cody seemed able to make. Human speech now seemed beyond him.

Cody’s butt reminded me of Andy’s butt except that his was larger and had more meat on it. Oddly enough, it was the thought of Andy popping into my head that kept me from ordering Cody to shuck off his jeans. I knew that he would have, if I’d told him to. I knew that Cody was ready to do practically anything I told him at this point. A part of me did want Cody to strip right then and there. The other part of me, the part that was in love with Andy was much stronger though and that part of me kept those words locked in my throat. It was far easier than I had imagined it would be to keep myself from going too far with Cody. It was a combination of my deep love for Andy, and my fear of losing control. The memories of my near night of disaster with Chuck were burned into my mind. Once again I saw the dark side of my nature, the evil well at the bottom of my soul, if you will. Those images and feelings flashed through my mind like an early warning alarm. They didn’t dampen my feelings or enthusiasm for the moment, but they pulled me back from the edge of the canyon of ecstasy that I had been about to jump into.

“Moo!” Cody bellowed out loud as he stood up on his knees suddenly. His hands flow toward the front of his jeans. His body trembled like a leaf caught in a storm as he frantically tried to force his fumbling fingers to open his fly and release his aching cock from its long imprisonment. Success was finally achieved after a few failed attempts. It probably took about 30 seconds, although I’m sure it seemed much longer to Cody. Cody let out another loud ‘moo’ as he dropped back down to his hands and knees. Cody spread his legs apart a bit but it was unnecessary. I could clearly see his long hard cock jutting out from the front of his jeans and pointing downward at a firm, hard forty-five degree angle towards the floor. I could see the pre-cum dripping off of the head of Cody’s penis. He was very close to shooting his load, it would seem.

“Moo! Moo! Moo!” Cody cried out to me as his body trembled with the strain of holding back his release. His head bobbed up and down slightly as he fought against the pressure to ejaculate. He struggled for breath for a moment or two, as more ‘moos’ forced their way past his lips. “Please boss? I have to cum so badly, boss?” Cody managed to call out to me, in desperation. “This...this bull is ready to be milked, boss! Please milk me, boss? Please put your warm strong fingers on my cock and milk me boss. Please?”

“This one time only, when you next hear me say your name, Cody, you will feel my fingers encircle your cock and you will release your load,” I told him. “It will be a ten times better than the best jerk off that you’ve ever had.” Cody nodded his head in frantic agreement as a stronger tremor shook his body.

I put my hands on Cody’s butt, one hand on each buttock, and pressed down firmly. I didn’t want Cody to miss his target, because then I’d have a heck of mess to clean up. I cleared my throat nosily, and then wet my lips. “Cody,” I called out to him.

He bucked, pushing his buttocks back and into my hands for a split second. Then he thrust his hips forward, while arching his back. He pointed his head up to the high heavens and let out an ear shattering screech of euphoric delight. I was surprised that the plaster didn’t start to fall off of the ceiling of my apartment, from the force of Cody’s yells. He was loud, and that was putting it mildly. Boy was that an understatement! His was the Mount St. Helen’s of yells.

Cody did not miss the target fortunately. He shot his entire load onto the waxed paper on the floor. How could he have missed? It was a large enough target after all. Cody’s jeans remained nice and clean. The same could not be said for mine, however. Since I was in contact with Cody’s body at the time of his moment of intense pleasure, I received a bit of feedback through my hands and into my mind, which caused me to release my own load at the same time. I didn’t need the extra simulation, but it was a most delightful addition to the experience for me. I had the good sense of mind to push Cody to the right and roll him on his back, before I lowered myself onto the floor to rest for a few moments. I closed my eyes gratefully and gulped air as I tried to slow my breathing.

As intense as the experience had been, it had not been as draining for me as it had been for Cody. I open my eyes a few minutes later and crawled to my knees. Cody was still lying on the floor, with his eyes closed and a grin on his face. His cock was limp and still hanging out of the front of his open fly.

“Cody, get dressed,” I told him. “Put your cock back in your jeans and close your fly. Be quick about it. You can leave your hat off.”

Cody blinked his eyes open and looked at me stupidly as if I were speaking in some other language. “Oh, uh...yes, boss,” he said as comprehension dawned. Cody raised himself up into a seated position and then crawled up onto his knees. He snatched his discarded cowboy shirt and slipped it on as he began executing my instructions. It did not take him long to put on his shirt, open his jeans, tuck his shirt in, and then close up his jeans, returning his penis to its lair in the process. I watched him silently.

“Good, now lie down on the floor on your back, like a good little cowboy,” I told him.

“Yes, boss,” Cody commented as he complied. He looked up at me calmly wondering what was next.

I moved over beside Cody and carefully scooped up the cum covered wax paper from the carpeted floor. I moved over to Cody and knelt beside him, the messy wax paper held just above his chest and stomach. In one smooth fluid motion I turned the wax paper over while slapping it down on top of Cody’s body. Cody twitched at the touch and the sound of the paper hitting his body.

“Now, you take your hands and move that paper around, Cody.” I told him. “I want you to cover as much of the front of your shirt and your jeans as you can with that sticky mess of yours. As you do that, you’ll feel a warm pleasant feeling that will cause you sigh with delight. You keep that up until the cum has dried. After which you can carefully crumple up the wax paper and put it in the trash in the kitchen.”

“Yes, boss,” Cody said mildly, as he placed his hand on top of the wax paper. A smile graced his lips and he let out a soft sigh as he started to move the paper about him. I watched him for a moment or two before I climbed to my feet and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. I was thirsty after all this hard work of mine.

Five minutes or so later Cody came strolling into the kitchen. He walked over to the garbage can, pressed down on the foot pedal open it and casually tossed a small ball of wax paper into the can. Satisfied he closed the lid and strolled back out of the kitchen into the living room. I followed him, enjoying the sight of that bull rider’s butt of his once again. Cody walked into the middle of the living room, and stood there staring off into space. I walked over to him, and walked around to the front of him to get a good look at him. The entire front of Cody’s shirt from just below the neck to the waist of his jeans was dark and looked wet. The front of Cody’s jeans from just below his belt buckle right down to the crotch appeared to be slightly darker as well. It appeared that he had carried out his instructions well.

I called Dallas and Justin over to where I was and had them stand beside Cody. I looked all three of the cowboys over, as they stood there staring off into space. Justin and Dallas were wearing their cowboy hats, but Cody wasn’t. I corrected that problem with a few quick words to Cody. When he returned from retrieving his cowboy hat, I took another close look at these three hypnotized and obedient cowboys. The fronts of their jeans and their shirts showed a darkness that suggested a stain of some type. Someone walking by might not be able to tell what the stain was, but they would notice it. Even if they didn’t, the cowboys would know what the stains were, and how they had come about, and that would be enough. I was satisfied. I decided to abandon my further plans for the evening. Teaching these men a lesson was one thing. Humiliating them needlessly was something else. Besides, I was getting tired. Three cowboy butts in one evening was almost more than I could handle.

“Right now I would like the three of you to put the living room furniture back the way it was. When you are done that you can sit down on the sofa and we will have a little chat,” I instructed them.

“Yes, boss. Right away, boss. Yes, sir,” they replied in unison. The three cowboys blinked their eyes and slowly that ‘lost in space’ look on their faces faded away. They looked over at me, grinned, and then turned around heading for the dining room. I walked over to the front door to be sure that I was out of their way. They made their way about quickly and efficiently, like a team of professional furniture movers. About ten minutes later they had replaced all the living room furniture and were sitting down on the living room sofa waiting for me. Each of their faces wore the same self satisfied look of having completed a job well done. Cody was sitting nearest to me on the right side of the sofa. Justin was next to Cody, and Dallas was sitting on the far left end of the sofa. All three cowboys were dressed as they had been when they first walked into my apartment, well except for the cum stains on their clothes. The lassoes were on the coffee table where I had placed them, after picking them up from the living room floor during my walk over to the swivel rocking chair.

“Cody, Dallas and Justin, listen to me very carefully,” I said as I spoke clearly and distinctly to them. I waited for a moment to be sure that I had their undivided attention, before I continued. “This one time only when I snap my fingers you will each wake up and be your normal self in every way. You will remember each and every detail of what happened to you this evening during your hypnosis with me. You will know what you did, and why you did it. However, you will be unable to harm me in any way, physically or mentally, no matter how you might feel about me. Nor will you be able to arrange for anyone else to harm me on your behalf or at your bequest. You will able to talk to me and to each other about tonight’s events, but you will not be able to talk to anyone else about this evening. If ever you are hypnotized by anyone else, you will still not be able to talk about the events of this evening. Nod your heads if you understand.”

The three men each nodded their heads several times while they continued to look at me with those open and accepting expressions on their faces. “One last thing. Until I tell you otherwise your feet will remain stuck to the floor, when you wake up. You will be unable to move them, lift them or to walk,” I said to the three cowboys sitting on the sofa across from me. I didn’t want them rushing out of my apartment the first chance they got. A part of my revenge was to see their reactions to all that they had done this evening. I snapped my fingers and prepared myself. In all probability, this wasn’t going to be pleasant, quiet, or enjoyable. Well not for them, any way. I was certain to enjoy this, though.

The cowboys reacted slowly to the snap of my fingers. They blinked their eyes and continued to look at me, with those open and accepting expressions. It took several minutes for those expressions to melt and change as they left their wonderful worlds of hypnosis and emerged back into the harsh and cold reality of the real world. Happy they were not. Their expressions were in a state of flux for a few minutes. The mixture of emotions and feelings on their faces included shock, astonishment, puzzlement, embarrassment, disbelief, anger, and many others that I could not qualify at the time. I waited patiently for them to sort it all out. I could have just sent them on their way, but I wanted to be sure that we fully understood each other before they left for the evening.

“Why you cock sucking, fag!” Cody screamed at me as he jumped up to his feet, his face red with anger. “I ought to smash your face in for what you did to us!” Cody tried to walk over to where I was sitting, but his feet would not move. He looked down at his feet in frustration, as he tried to move towards me. He balled up his hands into white knuckled fists, and stood there shaking with anger. He glared at me silently, too angry to speak any more.

Dallas and Justin’s reactions were somewhat different. Justin sat there, with those smoke gray eyes of his looking directly into mine. From the way his lips were pressed together in a firm hard line, and from the sparks that seemed to be shooting out of his eyes, it was a foregone conclusion that Justin was not at all pleased with me. He was probably as angry with me as Cody was, only Justin was doing a much better job of controlling himself.

Dallas was a bit of a mystery. He sat there with his head bowed, and would not meet my gaze. It was impossible for me to say exactly what his reaction was. He sat there sitting slumped in the sofa, unmoving and silent. Well I would deal with him soon enough. Right now, I had Cody and Justin to deal with. I took out my wallet and fished out a twenty dollar bill. After returning my wallet to my left hip pocket I held the bill out to Cody.

“Here. Take this,” I said to him, hold out the bill in the fingers of my outstretched right arm.

“What for? You think you can buy your way out of this with a measly twenty dollars?” He snarled at me, incredulously.

“It’s the twenty dollars that you gave me earlier this evening. I don’t need it, and I’ve proven my point,” I said to him.

‘Oh yeah, you’ve proven your point all right,” Cody snarled as he bent over and snatched the bill from my fingers. “I know exactly what you are.” Cody reached back and dug out his wallet.

“If you’ll climb down from your high horse for a minute, you’ll see that you all got off lightly tonight,” I said to Cody as I watched him tuck the bill into his wallet. “I could have made you do many other things, had I wished to.”

“Really?” Cody asked with sarcasm as he replaced his wallet in the right hip pocket of his jeans and then sat back down on the sofa. The man’s stubborn streak was kicking in again. This was getting us no where.

“Cody, you and your friends here had planned to beat me up this evening,” I said to him as I looked him right in the eyes. “Not only that, but you tried it two more times. Once in the parking lot by your truck and then again when we arrived in my apartment.”

“So?” Cody snarled back at me, not giving an inch.

“I didn’t do anything to you,” I said to him. “Why would you want to beat me up? I didn’t humiliate you at the restaurant.”

“Because I can,” Cody told me coldly and grinned at me with an expression that could only be called evil. I had never before looked into the eyes of an unfeeling brute of a man. It was unsettling. I gulped nervously.

“I’m going to get you for this, you little cock sucker,” Cody said to me in a voice as cold as ice. “Someday, sometime, when you least expect it. I’m going to get you for this.”

I shook my head back and forth as I realized that there was no reasoning with Cody. I broke eye contact with him and looked over at Justin. Justin stared back at me indignantly.

“What about you, Justin?” I asked him.

“What about me?” He asked me back.

“Why did you agree to attack me tonight? Why did you go along with Cody’s plans?” I asked him.

“Cody’s my buddy, and that’s reason enough for me,” Justin answered.

“Even if what he was doing was wrong, and you knew it was wrong?” I asked as I tried to fathom Justin’s actions.

“Cowboys stick together,” Justin replied. He didn’t say anything more.

Great. Here I was with two bull headed, stubborn fools who could not or would not consider their actions in any other light. It was sad, actually. I looked over at Dallas’s bowed head and wondered if he shared these same sentiments.

“Dallas, what about you? Why did you go along with Cody’s plans?” I asked him.

“He’s my buddy just like Justin,” Cody said.

“I wasn’t asking you, Cody. Kindly keep your mouth shut,” I said to him.

“Make me,” Cody taunted me.

“Yeah, go ahead and make him,” Justin jeered at me.

“Cowboy up, Cody. Cowboy up, Justin,” I said quietly. The post hypnotic triggers kicked in immediately. Cody’s eyes and Justin’s eyes glazed over as they slipped back down into the trances that they had left so recently. They both stared off into space content to just sit there on the sofa, once again. I turned my attention back to Dallas.

“Answer my question, please Dallas,” I told him.

Slowly Dallas raised his head up and turned his face towards me. I was surprised to see the tracks of tears on his cheeks, and two of the saddest eyes in the world looking back at me. He had the look and aura about him of a beaten and broken man.

“I went along with Cody because he’s my buddy,” Dallas said softly. “He said that he wanted to teach you a lesson.”

“Did you agree with what he had planned?” I asked Dallas.

“Y...yes,” Dallas said and blushed. He dropped his head.

“And now?” I pressed him.

“Does it make any difference how I answer you?” Dallas replied with an angry edge to his voice, as he jerked his head up to look at me again. “You can make me do anything you want. You proved that tonight. I...I hope you’re happy with what you did to me....” Dallas let his voice trail off and he dropped his head down again.

Considering tonight events I couldn’t help but wonder if the emotions Dallas was showing were genuine. It could all have been an act to play on my sympathies, much as Cody had done earlier. There was an easy way to find out. I stood up and walked over to where Dallas was. I knelt down in front of him and placed my left hand on his right hand. Dallas jerked his hand away from mine as if my hand were burning hot. Dallas looked up at me and as he spoke to me I could see a tear roll down his right cheek.

“NO! Don’t touch me!” He cried out in a voice filled with pain. Dallas leaned back into the sofa in an attempt to move away from me. He wasn’t just sad, he was scared. Scared of me clear down to his toes.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Dallas,” I said to him quietly in an effort to calm him down.

“Hurt me?” Dallas cried out in anguish. “After what you’ve done to me tonight, how in the hell do you think that you could possibly hurt me any more?” The tears in Dallas eyes started to flow freely now. They rolled down both of his cheeks like a sudden spring shower.

“I only taught you a lesson,” I said to him.

“Taught me a lesson?” Dallas howled at me. “ turned me into your boy toy! I’m a fucking queer now! I’ll never be able to hold a woman in my arms without thinking of you! I’ll puke my guts out every time I even see a beautiful woman! Isn’t that enough? Haven’t you done enough? I have to go through the rest of my life pretending to like women when what I really want is your cock in my mouth!” Dallas glared at me, the fear and frustration clearly evident on his face.

“No, you’re not,” I said to him, after his screaming had subsided.

“Not what?” He asked me.

‘You’re not gay, or a queer or anything like that,” I assured him. “Think about it for a minute. Think about something with a woman that really turns you on. Then when you feel yourself start to react, think about me stroking your ass again.”

“Why bother? I know what will happen,” Dallas said dejectedly, as he shook his head slightly.

“Do it. Do it, before I make you do it,” I told him coldly.

Dallas gulped nervously and nodded his head at me. He closed his eyes. After a minute or so a smile blossomed on his face and he opened his eyes to look at me. “It worked,” he said with amazement clearly in his voice. “It worked just like you said it would. I got hard when I thought about sex with a woman, and I got soft when I thought about you caressing my ass.” Dallas looked at me for a few seconds before he continued speaking “Does this mean I’m not gay after all?” He asked me.

“You never were gay, Dallas,” I assured him. “All I did was hypnotize you and your buddies to teach you all a lesson, which was that you should never have messed with me in the first place.”

“Yeah, I guess I see your point,” he admitted reluctantly.

“I don’t intend to do anything more with you or your buddies tonight, since I’ve proven my point,” I said to Dallas. “Your two buddies might not admit it, but you already have. Frankly Dallas, I’m surprised that you even hang around with guys like this. You could find much better friends. It’s something you might want to think about.”

“Maybe,” Dallas said. “But what happens now?”

“Now you and your buddies leave,” I answered him. “Cowboy up, Dallas.” At the sound of his trigger phrase, Dallas returned to his trance. I placed my fingers on Dallas’ forehead and did a quick mental probe of his mind. I was pleased to discover that his feelings of shame, remorse and fear were genuine. He had actually been afraid that I’d turned him gay, and he was immensely relieved when I proved to him that this was not the case. What pleased me the most though, was Dallas’s honest intention to think on what I had said regarding finding a better class of friends. He actually felt some guilt over what he and the other two cowboys had tried to do to me tonight. So there was hope for Dallas. I could have implanted a suggestion to have him find better friends, but that would not have been the right thing to do. Dallas had to make such a decision on his own. I could only hope and pray that he would see Cody and Justin for what they really were.

It took me only a few moments to bring all three of the cowboys out of their trances again. I told them their feet were unstuck and then asked them to leave. Both Cody and Justin tried to grab me as I walked them to the front door. The surprise on their faces, when they discovered that they could not force their hands to grab me was most enjoyable. I think it was only then that the truth really penetrated those thick skulls of theirs. Dallas, I was pleased to note, didn’t try anything. He merely stood there waiting for Cody and Justin to join him.

I escorted these somewhat shamed and re-educated cowboys down the hallway to the elevators. I stood near the end of the hall watching the cowboys as they stood waiting for the elevator to arrive. Their shame and embarrassment grew with each passing minute. Soon they could not even look me in the eye, they were so embarrassed at their appearance. There was a ding as the elevator arrived, and the elevator doors opened. To my surprise Andy walked out past the cowboys. To say that he was surprised by what he saw, would be a vast understatement. He could only stare at the cowboys with a look of total incomprehensibility as he watched these three red faced cowboys, their heads hung low, walk past him with very large wet areas on the fronts of their jeans, and their shirts. The cowboys didn’t even look at Andy. All they wanted was to get home, and as far away from me as they possibility could. It had been, for them anyway, and eye opening evening, and one that I knew they would remember for a long, long time. I only hoped that it did them some good in the long run.

When the cowboys had entered an elevator and the elevator doors had closed, Andy blinked his eyes and came back to his senses. Andy headed over to me and walked me back into my apartment. Andy’s late night arrival at my apartment was completely unexpected. He explained that he was on his dinner break from his shift and since it was a slow night, for a Friday, he decided to spend his dinner break with me. Needless to say, I was thrilled and delighted. While I reheated something for him in the microwave oven, I made him a fresh cup of coffee and some decaffeinated coffee for myself. It was about 11:30 PM, so I wasn’t exactly hungry.

“So how was your evening out with Cindy and Jeff?” Andy asked me as he sat down with me at the kitchen table and we waited for the water to boil.

“A lot of fun,” I answered with a smirk.

“Good,” he said as he eyed me. “I don’t suppose you’d care to explain that little scene out in the hallway?”

“You mean the cowboys who passed you in the elevator?” I asked him and batted my eyes at him innocently.

“Yes, I mean the cowboys I passed in the elevator,” Andy said to me as he shot me one of his you-know-what-I’m-talking-about looks. “I know that they were leaving this apartment, which means, logically, that you had something to do with their unusual appearances, not to mention their acute embarrassment. I am a bit surprised, Paul. You’ve always told me that you never embarrass your subjects, yet these guys were clearly embarrassed. That’s not like you. What happened?”

“It’s a long story, Andy, but I’ll try to keep it as short as I can,” I said to him as the microwave dinged announcing that Andy’s supper was ready. “I know you don’t have a lot of time. It all started at the restaurant...”

It took me about fifteen minutes to tell Andy the story of my night’s adventures. He dug into his meal, eating quickly, but his attention was focused on my narrative. His eyes went cold and his face took on a menacing expression at the mention of the three cowboys trying to gang up on me. I’m sure he felt slightly guilty at not being able to be there to protect me. His anger and guilt evaporated and were quickly replaced by surprise and mirth as I described how I had extracted myself from that difficult situation. He even clapped his hands with approval as I described the rodeo and the lessons I had taught those three cowboys. When I confessed to him exactly how I had touched those three cowboy’s penises in the alleyway, he brushed it off as an insignificant action. In fact, he kissed me passionately full on my lips when I told him. When I asked why the kiss, he said that it was to thank me for being honest with him about touching another man, and keeping my promise to him. By the time that Andy left to go back to work, we were both laughing over my night’s adventures. Andy smiled at me as he told me that he’d never have to worry about me being bored, or about my not being able to take care of myself when he wasn’t around.

I wrapped my arms about Andy, and pressed my lips urgently on his in a long drawn out kiss. When we came up for air I made it clear to him, in no uncertain terms, that I wanted and expected him to be around to take care of me for a very long time. He hugged me with one of his big strong grizzly bear hugs as he seconded my motion. All too soon he had to let me go and head back to work, though.

Is there any question, that I “married” one gem of a man?