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The Coffee Shop IV: Sex, Lies & Duct Tape.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 7. Moonlight, Feels Right.

I had waited for nearly two months but finally this weekend had arrived. I had been hard pressed to contain my excitement at work regarding the coming long weekend in May. Sure to everyone else it was just another Victoria Day holiday weekend, but this one was going to be very special for me, and for Andy. We were going to have some absolute privacy out at a country house owned by one of Andy’s friends. We now considered ourselves ‘married’ and this weekend getaway was something that we were both looking forward to, a lot. We were going to have a chance to really get to know each other and spend a lot of time together. In a way, it was going to be a bit of a test, to see if we could stand each other’s company for three solid days, without driving each other crazy. Andy and I were different. Very different, and we both knew that. Some give and take in our relationship would be necessary to get us over the bumps we were bound to run into. Maybe with time, the wedding bands we wore would be for real. I sincerely hoped so, but it was much too early to do anything more than hope. I dared not speak such a thought out loud, to Andy or anyone else, afraid that just the sound of my own voice would shatter such a fragile thing. So, I tucked that hope away deep in my heart. Daring to take it out and look at it only when I was alone, or when I knew Andy to be fast asleep. On such fragile hopes as these, are dreams built.

Andy picked me up on Friday night at about 7 PM, which gave me plenty of time to pack a suitcase for a weekend stay in the country. I had to admit though, I was puzzled at his insistence that I pack one of my best suits, as well as one of my older worn suits. I didn’t give it much thought though, since I was so excited about being able to really spend time with Andy. Oddly, it was also kind of frightening. The longest that we’d ever spent any time together was about a day and a half on a weekend at my apartment, which was one place that we were unlikely to be interrupted. Andy’s work hours, not to mention mine, made it difficult to be sure that we could spend a lot of time together. We still couldn’t spend much time at Andy’s house, because of Chuck. He accepted our relationship, but down deep inside he did not understand it. He never came out and said anything, but it was clear that Chuck felt uncomfortable if we showed any overt affection to each other, such as kissing, when he was around. Andy and I discussed it, and we agreed it was best not to push the issue with Chuck. Maybe with time he would come to completely approve as well as accept our marriage. I can’t say that I was happy with that arrangement, but I understood why it was necessary to make the concession to Chuck. If I put myself at odds with Chuck, it could lead to Andy having to choose between the two of us. I didn’t want that, and I was fairly sure that Andy didn’t either. So, I did my best to accept that this was one adjustment I would have to make and live with. Actually, after the first few weeks it turned out not to be that big a deal. Chuck and I became friends, of a sort anyway. We were not buddies, but we enjoyed each other’s company for the most part, even if Andy wasn’t around.

I had underestimated Chuck, though. He was much more than what he seemed. He was more that just Andy’s troop mate, and closest friend. He was a decent, caring, compassionate, understanding, and gentle man. He was also honest with me about many things. The first time that we were alone together (Andy was late getting off from work), Chuck asked me to promise me that I would never hypnotize him in public or even if we were alone. When I asked why he wanted such a promise from me, Chuck told me that he didn’t ever want to come between Andy and me. Chuck figured that the best way to insure that was to avoid temptation, thus if I promised never to hypnotize him, I would never be tempted by seeing Chuck hypnotized. Chuck wasn’t being vain when he said this to me. He was being honest. He knew, through talking with Andy, how much I liked to hypnotize good looking men, especially men in uniform. Chuck was good looking, although not as good looking as Andy. (Okay, so I wasn’t exactly being objective with that statement.) Still, Chuck could be a temptation to me, as has been pointed out during that rather intense evening at my apartment a few months ago. Chuck’s request was logical and reasonable. I looked him in the eye (without any super hypnosis commands) and made him that promise. To this day, I’ve kept it.

The trip out from the city to the house out in the country wasn’t very long, only about thirty minutes. I insisted that we stop at one of the local grocery stores so that I could pick up a chocolate cake. When Andy asked why, I told him the simple truth. I wanted something special to celebrate our weekend together. Andy merely smiled at me, and asked me to keep hold of the cake while he drove. Other than that, the trip out to the country house was uneventful. We talked to pass the time, and listened to the radio as well.

After Andy parked his car in the driveway, I carefully got out of the car carrying the cake. I followed Andy in through the front door and into the kitchen. It was a surprisingly large bungalow country house. There were four bedrooms, a kitchen, a dinning room, a living room (with fireplace), and of course a full bathroom with a two man bathtub and a large and deep Jacuzzi. The master bedroom was locked, which was to be expected. It was the private domain of the owner of the house and I felt sure he would not have wanted us using his bedroom. One of the smaller bedrooms was also locked, and had a sign that said “STORAGE” on the door. That still left two bedrooms available for Andy and me to use. Both bedrooms were equipped with queen sized beds, which pleased me. We would have a choice of where we could spend the night. It was all somewhat more than I had expected. Andy only smiled at my remark and told me to take a look out back. Curious, I did so and was amazed to discover a full sized in ground swimming pool. The pool area wasn’t enclosed against the weather but there was a six foot high chain link fence encircling the pool area about twenty five feet out from the edge of the pool. This fence had a couple of locked gates at opposite ends of the pool. I looked over at Andy and raised one eyebrow quizzically. Andy smiled at me, as he fished a key ring out of the right front pocket of his jeans. He held up one key, and smiled at me as he nodded his head. The message was clear. We would be able to make use of the pool if we wanted to. I found out later that the locks on the gate were one way. That is you needed a key to open the gate from the outside, but the gates could always be opened from the inside, without a key. After getting everything settled in the kitchen, and unpacking my clothes I headed out to the pool. I was curious about the pool. Andy followed me so that he could unlock the gate and let me in.

Andy unlocked the gate and held it open for me as I walked past him and headed for the swimming pool. Moments later I knelt down at the edge of the pool and dipped my hand into the crystal clear chorine scented water. “Hey, it’s warm!” I cried out in surprise. I had certainly not expected to encounter a heated in ground swimming pool.

“Yes, it’s a heated swimming pool,” Andy said as he smiled at my surprise.

I looked more closely into the pool. In addition to the painted lanes on the bottom of the pool, I noticed several large round white slightly domed objects scattered across the walls of the pool at what seemed to be regular intervals. “What the heck are those things?” I asked Andy as I tried to puzzle out what they could be.

“Underwater lights,” he answered still smiling at my confusion. “They turn on automatically at night.”

“Oh they do, do they?” I asked. “It’s too bad that I didn’t pack my bathing suit,” I commented, and grinned back at Andy.

“Yes, that is too bad,” Andy agreed. “I didn’t bring my bathing suit either, come to think of it.” Andy said as he schooled his face into his best expression of innocence and surprise.

“Right,” I said with a single node of my head. The tone of my voice made that one word convey a world of meaning. Andy smiled back at me with a clear twinkle in his eyes. I’m sure my eyes were probably doing some twinkling of their own. Unless I was really misreading Andy, which seemed highly unlikely, the same two words were rolling about in his mind as well: Skinny dipping. A heated swimming pool, not a bathing suit in sight for miles, and all the privacy we could possibly want. The conditions were certainly right, now if only the weather would hold.

“How about we save that for tomorrow night?” I asked him.

“Why whatever do you mean?” Andy asked as he batted his eyes innocently at me. I crossed my arms in front of my chest and fixed a mock frown on my face that said “Nice try with the baby face routine, but I’m not buying it.” Andy’s innocent routine lasted for all of twenty seconds before he started chuckling. “Why wait until tomorrow night, though? Are you shy?” Andy teased me.

“Not at all,” I answered him. “I just had something else in mind.” I winked at him.

“Such as?” Andy prompted me.

“I saw the Jacuzzi, and I got to thinking,” I answered with a grin, raising my eyebrows up and down a couple of times.

“Really?” Andy asked in reply. “Care to elaborate?” He asked me as he escorted me out from the pool and back to the house.

“Well, I was thinking about the Jacuzzi, you, me, and the bubbles,” I said to him as I wrapped an arm about his waist and laid my head on his right shoulder during the short walk back into the house. I do so enjoy touching Andy, that I try to take advantage of every opportunity to feel my skin against his.

“Good idea!” Andy agreed heartily as he suddenly scooped me up in a fireman’s carry and headed off towards the bathroom. I chucked with mirth as Andy once again hauled me around like a sack of potatoes. The trip to the bathroom was short and sweet. As soon as Andy put me back down on my feet I wrapped my arms about his neck and pulled his head down to plant a firm long and deep kiss onto those oh so sweet sexy lips of his. Oh boy, did he ever kiss back! Andy’s kisses were like him, sweet, strong and at the same time as tender and gentle as a newborn baby. After a few moments in heaven I gently pushed Andy way. He stood there looking at me with a perplexed half smile on his face, unsure what I was up to.

I reached up and unbuttoned my light blue cowboy shirt. As I slipped it off, Andy’s eyes lit up. “It’s going to cost you one kiss to get me to remove each article of my clothing,” I quipped. “So pay up if you want to see more,” I teased as I let my shirt fall from my fingers. I stood there in front of Andy, my hands on my hips, a smirking grin on my face.

Andy looked at me and tilted his head sideways at me as if he were unsure exactly what I meant. (That could not possibly be the case, though. He knew me well enough by now and I wasn’t exactly being subtle. He was up to something. I just knew it.) Suddenly Andy reached back and tugged off his dark gray golf shirt in one quick and smooth motion. He grinned back at me for a moment and then crossed his arms in front of his chest. “No, YOU owe me a kiss first,” he said. “So YOU pay up, mister.” He smiled at me, and in his soft brown doe like eyes I could once again see that special warm glow that was for me alone. (God, how I loved that man! I only hoped that he knew exactly how much I did love him.)

“Well, if I have to, I guess I have to,” I said with a quiet sigh, as if I were resigning myself to doing an unpleasant task. I let the smile fade from my face as I spoke. My masquerade lasted for all of two seconds, if that. “Oh, yeah!” I cried out in glee as I wrapped my arms about that muscular torso of Andy’s and raised my face up towards his to plant my lips firmly against his. Andy uncrossed his arms and gently wrapped them about me, with the gentle strength that I had come to expect from him. Now that the way was clear, I moved in close and pressed my lips firmly against his as I gave him a long and wonderful kiss, holding him close and tight.

Andy broke away from me, effectively ending our kiss. His eyes didn’t leave mine as he drew me back towards him and took his turn in this kissing game of ours. Kiss and strip off another article of clothing, those were the rules. In this case it was the dark blue jeans that I was wearing which were removed by my willing hands and fingers. I had to break away from Andy to accomplish that, though, which proved to be a somewhat more difficult task than I had thought. Have you ever tried to remove your jeans without first taking off your cowboy boots? It’s not easy, believe me! Andy just stood there chuckling at my predicament. He offered to help, but my stubborn male pride asserted itself and I brushed aside his offer. It took me a few minutes of sweating and a few curse words but I succeeded. Andy grinned at me warmly while clapping softly at my accomplishment. I looked at him for a second as I stood there in my underwear, socks and cowboy boots. (Yes I was wearing a belt in my jeans with a cowboy belt buckle, but I decided not to count that as a separate item of clothing.) I smiled back at him and bowed to him acknowledging his praise. I walked up to Andy and planted another kiss on those soft sensuous lips of his, hugging him tightly at the same time. About thirty seconds later, Andy let up on the kiss and move away from me, as he got ready to continue playing this game. The sneaky little devil took off one of his running shoes though, instead of taking off his jeans. I didn’t think that was at all fair considering the effort I had put into pulling my jeans off over my cowboy boots.

“All’s fair in love and war,” Andy said smiling, seeming to have read my mind. Actually, it wasn’t all that difficult for him to have figured out what I was probably thinking. I’m sure the look of disbelief and disappointment on my face, when Andy removed only his right running shoe, was abundantly clear. My annoyance melted away in a few heartbeats, especially after Andy put on his best ‘sad puppy dog eyes’, and looked at me mournfully. I couldn’t help but smile at him as I walked over to him and held him close. A few chuckles drifted up out of my throat. Andy hugged me back, and chuckled along with me, as I kissed him soundly on the lips.

Andy pulled his head back, breaking our kiss yet again. He shifted his weight to his right foot and kicked off his left running shoe. He looked down at me for a second before he planted a firm moist kiss on my lips. Before I could respond though he ended the kiss by pulling his head back. “Both,” he said, and quickly kissed me again. This time though he let his lips linger on mine for a good minute or so before he pulled his head back away from me. “Boots,” he said as he looked down at me and smiled at me.

“Huh?” I asked stupidly. I was enjoying Andy’s kisses far too much to pay much mind to what he was saying.

“Both boots,” he said and looked at me.

“What?” I asked still not understanding what he was referring to. (Hey, when I’m in Andy’s arms and kissing him, conversation isn’t exactly my number one priority. I much prefer to enjoy the contact of his firm skin, the velvet softness of his lips, the tenderness of his touch, and the wonderful aromas of his body. The last thing on my mind is to ask him how his day was!)

“I just gave you two kisses, Texas,” Andy whispered to me. “So you have to take off both of your boots now.”

“My boots?” I replied still a bit dazed. “Oh, yeah my boots, sure.” I agreed as I slipped them off. These were well worn black cowboy boots and very easy to step out of. I didn’t need my hands to slip them off. All I needed to do was press the heel of one boot next to the toe of the other boot and pull my leg up and out of the boot. The second boot quickly joined the first boot that was now lying on the floor. I snuggled up to Andy again and planted a firm hard kiss on his lips, pressing firmly against him. I held my lips against his for a few seconds, and then broke of the kiss. “Now your jeans, dear heart,” I said to him.

Andy unbuttoned his jeans as he looked over at me. He unzipped his fly and slipped his jeans down past his hips. (Unlike me, Andy was not wearing a belt in his jeans.) Andy refrained from pushing his jeans down any further than that, though. He looked at me coyly as he wiggled his hips about for a few seconds. Gravity took over and his jeans thumped down onto the bathroom floor. So now we were even. We were both standing there in only our underwear and socks. Six more kisses, and we were both nude. (Do I really have to describe those last six kisses? They were as wonderful if not more, than the first few, and I think I’ll leave it at that.)

We climbed into the Jacuzzi, and since Andy was nearest the taps he turned them on. As the hot relaxing water started to cover my legs, and lower torso I let out a long sigh of delight. This was going to feel so wonderful, especially after the long hard week I’d put in at work. Andy joined me in letting out long heartfelt signs and groans of joy as the water slow rose up covering more of our bodies. As I sat there with my eyes closed luxuriating in the feeling of the hot soothing water covering me, a question bubbled up to the surface of my mind.

“Hey dear heart, mind if I ask you something?” I said to Andy as I cracked my eyes open to look at him.

“Ask away, as long as it’s not about work,” Andy answered, as he slowly open his eyes and looked at me. “What’s on your mind, Texas?”

“Actually that is what I wanted to ask you about,” I said to him as I stretched out my arms above my head before plunging them back into the steaming hot water. The water was now just below the level of my nipples, and boy did it feel fantastic. It felt so good that it almost made me forget what it was that I wanted to ask Andy. I had to think for a moment to recover my train of thought. ‘That’s the second time tonight that you’ve called me ‘Texas’,” I said to him as I recalled those wandering thoughts back into my head. “What’s with that, anyway? You know perfectly well I’m not from Texas. I’m as Canadian as you are, Andy.”

“Do you mind me calling you ‘Texas’?” He asked me, while managing to avoid answering my question. “I won’t call you that if you don’t want me to.” Andy turned away from me as he reached over and flipped the taps off. The water level was just covering the base of my neck now. I guessed that he figured that was high enough.

“I don’t mind it at all,” I replied, as I let the soothing heat of the hot water soak into my skin and muscles. “I’d just like to know why.”

“Well, it’s my pet name for you,” he said sweetly, with a half grin on his face. “You call me ‘dear heart’, and I want to call you ‘Texas’.”

“Okay,” I said to him. “I think that’s very sweet of you. I’d still like to know why you chose that name, though. I told you why I like to call you ‘dear heart’ after all.”

Andy stuck out his tongue at me, took a deep breath and ducked his head under the water! I was so surprised that I wasn’t sure what to do. I sat there stunned as I waited for him to come up for air. He had to eventually. I could wait, and while I waited I came up with a plan of action.

After a couple of minutes Andy surfaced. I splashed him. I slapped my hands down hard on the water and sent a small wave of it over towards his head. He blinked at me in surprise and before he could start to retaliate I splashed him again. I kept at it, splashing his as continuously as I could. Eventually though he managed to retaliate, and after about five minutes of warfare we called it a draw. It was silly and childish and we both enjoyed ourselves immensely. Sometimes, it’s fun to be a kid again.

As we let the water settle back down, I looked over at Andy and chuckled softly to myself. If anyone had told me that I’d be spending part of my Victoria Day weekend in a Jacuzzi with a Mountie, both of us nude and splashing in the water like two overgrown kids, I’d have had only two questions for that person: 1. What HAVE you been smoking? 2. May I have some?

Andy reached over and pressed some type of button to turn on the water jets and the bubbles of air in the Jacuzzi. After a few seconds of that I figured that asking Andy about my pet name could wait a while longer. He and I spent the next thirty minutes or so, enjoying the water massage. It was so leisurely and relaxing that it made me wish I had one in my home. We were as wrinkled as a couple of prunes by the time we climbed out of the Jacuzzi. We were certainly relaxed though, and there wasn’t a sore muscle between us. The only unpleasant part of the entire experience was having to clean up the spilled water on the bathroom floor. It took about ten minutes, even with both of us working on it. We agreed to hold any future navel battles in the swimming pool.

The house was warm so we decided to lounge about in just our bathrobes, after we had toweled each other dry. We cuddled up on the living room couch and settled in for a good long snuggle. We kissed a bit, we held each other close and we chatted about how nice this country house was. The conversation soon tapered off. I laid my head on Andy’s left shoulder and my thoughts drifted back to Andy’s pet name for me. “Come on, dear heart, tell me, why Texas?” I asked Andy softly. I was still curious about his choice of that pet name for me.

Andy took a deep breath and then let out a long soft sigh before he spoke. “Why indeed, Texas,” he said and sighed again before he continued speaking. “Over these past few months I’ve come to think of you as a star shining in the heavens just for me. A lone star. Texas is known as the lone star state, so it seemed somehow right to me.” He sighed slowly again. “I know, it sounds kind of silly, but that’s how I think of you.” He took his right hand and carefully cupped my face with it. Slowly Andy raised and turned my face towards his. He looked down at me, those soft warm doe brown eyes looking deep into the well of my soul. “Besides,” he said as he slowly smiled oh so tenderly at me. “You certainly dress the part, at least when you’re not at work.” Andy pulled my head towards him and planted a soft and tender, yet firm kiss on my lips. I totally relaxed and let myself enjoy it.

“It isn’t at all silly,” I assured him. “If anything, I’m flattered that you think of me that way. I might not be a real cowboy, but if I can be a cowboy in your heart as well as my own, that’s all that matters to me. Thank you, dear heart.” I snuggled up close to Andy and hugged him firmly as I kissed his chest through the bathrobe. He smelled so good. He hugged me back just as firmly.

Other than that, there wasn’t anything remarkable or all that interesting to tell about our Friday night together. We spent the evening talking and watching a bit of television. When we went to bed we decided to use the bedroom that Andy had picked. It was warm, wonderful a bit on the wild side, but we did not consummate our ‘marriage’. We talked about it, but neither of us felt it was the ‘right time’ for that.

Saturday morning we slept in late, dragging ourselves out of bed for breakfast at about eleven o’clock. The only reason we got up was because we were both hungry as hell. (Hungry for food, not for each other. Well, we were always hungry for each other, but you have to eat SOMETIME don’t you?) The day was uneventful. We explored the house, except for the locked rooms. We were surprised to find a recreation room in the basement with a bar, a pool table a sofa and several chairs. In addition there was a laundry room, and two more unlocked rooms that seemed to be used for storage. This seemed more like a country mansion, than the simple country house that I had been expecting. Clearly Andy’s friend was well off, to say the least.

When we were done exploring the house, we headed back to the living room and we talked, a lot . We discussed everything from sports to our marriage. We discovered many differences in our opinions, and our interests. For example, I enjoyed watching professional rodeo on TNN, while Andy preferred to watch professional wrestling. We agreed to disagree. I teased him about professional wrestling being fake, and he teased me about watching rodeo only for the cowboy butts. (As if I could deny that. Any self respecting gay man would watch rodeo for the cowboy butts. You’d have to be dead three years not to!) I suppose the Saturday I described sounded rather dull and uninteresting, and to anyone other than Andy and myself it probably was. We enjoyed it though, because we had each other, and we enjoyed each other’s company. To quote from a Clint Black song, “Love’s not just something that we’re in, it’s something that we do.” I think that about sums it up nicely.

Andy cooked a wonderful meal on Saturday evening. We had steaks and potatoes, with a wonderful salad. As I’ve said before, I’m not much in the kitchen, but I helped out where I could. At least I provided a good dessert. (Talk about a double meaning! I was, of course, referring to the chocolate cake that I’d bought the day before. That is what I was referring to, really! Okay, so don’t believe me. You’re just jealous, because I have Andy and you don’t. So there!) The odd thing though, is that Andy insisted that we dress up for dinner. I thought that rather strange, but since I could not think of a good reason not to, I went along with his request. Actually, Andy used that ‘sad puppy dog eye’ look of his on me to get me to go along with his request. He insisted that I wear the older worn suit of mine.

I arrived in the dinning room wearing a double breasted two piece gray pinstriped suit of mine that was getting a bit threadbare around the crotch. (Why do suits always wear out there first?) The jacket, was double breasted with a total of six buttons across the suit in roughly the pattern of a large ‘V’. The lowermost two buttons was where the suit was buttoned to close it. (As anyone who has worn a double breasted suit will tell you, there is a second button on the inside that you have do up, and this button as well was at the lowermost level.) The upper breast pocket was empty, as were the two lower flapped pockets. The jacket did not have a vent in the back, which meant that the tail of the jacket draped over my butt smoothly. The pants had four pockets, two front side slash pockets, and two back welt pockets, both of which had button through closures. The pant legs were cuffed. A light powder blue long sleeved dress shirt with a button down collar and a bright red silk tie with tiny white dots completed my outfit. Even though we were inside the house Andy requested that I wear dress shoes. So, I put on my plain black dress shoes, which matched the plain black leather belt with it’s simple gold buckle that I wore in my suit pants. All in all I looked pretty good, I thought. Andy enthusiastically confirmed my opinion when he saw me. I spun around a full three hundred and sixty degrees to give Andy an eyeful of me. He responded by giving me a great big strong hug and a sexy kiss on my lips. I guess that made dressing up worth it. I had to admit, though, that I felt sort of naked without my cowboy hat or boots. I took a couple of steps back away from Andy so that I could get an eyeful of his attire. Without my even asking him, Andy spun around in a circle to allow me to look him over from every side.

Andy was a knockout. (What else would you expect with a hunk like him?) He was wearing a medium brown two piece double breasted pinstripe suit, which fit him very well. The jacket tapered down from his broad shoulders to his slim waist and then flared out just a bit to cover his pants. The jacket, which did not have a vent in the back, ended at just below the crotch of Andy’s suit pants, which meant that Andy’s butt was completely covered by that jacket. (Oh what I would have given for X-ray vision just then! I didn’t need that though. I’d find out what Andy’s suit pants and his butt looked like eventually. I just had to be a little patient.) The jacket style was a little bit different from mine. It had an upper breast pocket, and two lower flapped pockets, but the pattern of the six buttons was slightly different. Instead of being in a ‘V’ like mine, the buttons were arranged so that the lower four formed a square, and the uppermost two buttons were off at a sixty degree angle, to the right and to the left of the middle two buttons. This meant that there were two buttons to do up on the left side of the jacket, when the jacket was closed. Andy was wearing a light cream coloured long sleeve dress shirt with a button down collar. I know the shirt was long sleeved because the cuffs of the shirt peeked out from beneath the arms of the suit jacket. A dark chocolate brown plain silk tie completed his outfit. He too was wearing shoes. A pair of plain dark brown leather shoes. I took it for granted that he was probably wearing some type of brown belt in his pants. (Something else that I would enjoy confirming, I was sure.) Andy looked very handsome. He was unquestionably a major league suit stud, as he stood there in the dinning room waiting for me. (In my opinion, Andy looked good in anything, even his grungiest jeans and T-shirt, but I’m not exactly objective when it comes to Andy.)

So there we were sitting down in the dinning room just the two of us, enjoying a quiet evening with a home cooked meal. With the candles and the low lighting it was a romantic and touching meal. (It reminded me of our first blind date, the one that Steven and Jack had arranged at my apartment. A most pleasant memory.) Andy was right. Dressing up, even if we were just staying in to eat was most appropriate in this case. Anything else would have wrecked the mood of the evening. The meal was long and wonderful. I enjoyed myself, and there is no question in my mind that Andy did as well. At the conclusion of the meal, chocolate cake and coffee, Andy suggested a leisurely stroll through the back yard. I readily agreed. We stood up from the table, and Andy started to empty out the pockets of his clothes, carefully placing the contents on the table. I looked at him with one raised eyebrow.

“I don’t want to lose anything outside,” Andy said in answer to my unspoken question. “It’s kind of dark outside and it would be easy to lose my keys or change. If you’re smart you’ll do the same. We can leave the back door unlocked.”

I shrugged my shoulders in agreement as I proceeded to empty out the pockets of my clothes. It took only a minute or so. We headed outside into the cool evening air. While it was true that the snow was long since gone, the evenings were still cool even during the last week or so of May. We kept out jackets on and buttoned up. Slowly, smoothly and easily we walked aimlessly about the large backyard. I leaned against Andy, with my right arm about his waist. Andy leaned slightly on me and placed his left arm loosely about my waist. The late evening sky was clear, as the sun started to slowly sink out of sight. Soon the stars would start to appear in the twilight sky, to join the full bright moon in lighting our way. Eventually we wandered over to the in ground swimming pool. Andy, ever the gentleman, held the gate open for me, with a flourish. (I guessed that he had unlocked the gate and left it that way.) As I passed by him, he bowed before me, his face wreathed in smiles. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the big production he was giving such a simple event. Still grinning, Andy followed me into the enclosed area of the swimming pool.

As Andy walked about the pool area, I wandered over to the edge of pool and squatted down to dip the fingers of my left hand into the water.

“So how’s the water?” Andy asked he walked over to where I was squatting by the edge of the pool.

“It’s feels nice and warm,” I answered as I swirled my fingers about in the water. I looked up at Andy and grinned. “It really is too bad that we didn’t bring any swimming trunks, you know,” I said to him and grinned.

Andy swatted down next to me, and his grin got bigger as he spoke. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” Andy took my right hand in his and stood up. Gently he pulled me up to stand next to him. Slowly he wrapped his arms about my waist and pulled me towards him. Andy lowered his head down and moved his lips towards mine. I gladly moved my head towards his so as to bring my lips up next to his in the unspoken request for a kiss. It was long, deep and slow. A gentle kiss that belied the power and passion that flowed between the two of us as our lips pressed together. (Oh BOY, did I enjoy that!) After several minutes of keep and profound kissing we parted as easily and gently as we had started.

“God knows I don’t deserve a man like you,” Andy whispered against the lump in his throat. “Thank you for loving me, Texas.”

“Grow old along with me, dear heart,” I replied, as I quoted the engraving on the our wedding bands. I was speaking against a lump of my own. These few simple lines, held much more meaning for the two of us than an entire book of love poems.

Andy smiled down at me and his eyes twinkled as he slowly unwrapped his arms from about my waist and placed them on my shoulders, one hand on each of my shoulders. He suddenly shoved me away, while crying out “Surf’s up!” I suddenly found myself falling backward! A second or two later there was a very loud splash as I made a most ungraceful entrance into the swimming pool. I was so surprised that at first I could not believe what Andy had done. It took a few seconds for it to register on my bemused brain that Andy had unceremoniously shoved me into the swimming pool, while still fully clothed! Instinctively I had held my breath during my less than graceful entrance in to the pool. With a few swift strokes I made my way back up to the surface of the water and opened my eyes. There I was treading water in the deep end of the swimming pool, wearing a suit and tie. It was unusual to say the least! Bizarre would have been a better word. I turned my head about and quickly located Andy, still high and dry, standing a few feet away from me. My first thought was to see if I could splash him in retaliation.

“So how’s the water now?” Andy called out to me, as he laughed at me, enjoying my predicament.

“Why not come in and see for yourself?” I taunted back at him, unable to think of a snappier comeback. Oddly enough, I wasn’t really upset with Andy. Surprised, but not upset. If anything, I was kind of enjoying the sensation of swimming while fully clothed.

“Don’t mind if I do!” He cried out and then ran towards the edge of the pool. Andy dove into the pool without a moments hesitation. I floated there treading water in stunned amazement as I witnessed Andy’s fully clothed dive into the pool. He dove down to the bottom of the pool and swam a few feet away as he stroked his way to the surface. I slowly turned about as I watched him come the surface. His hair was plastered back against his head as I’m sure mine was. Andy swam over to where I was and started to tread water along with me. He grinned at me, his eyes filled with laughter.

“That was completely crazy, I hope you realize,” I said to him.

“Of course it was,” he agreed. “It was also a lot of fun, too. Admit it.”

“It was unexpected, but I don’t know if I’d call it fun,” I said to him.

‘“It was, Paul,” Andy said warmly. “You’re just surprised that swimming in a suit and tie, in a nice warm pool is such a turn on for you.”

I blushed at Andy’s words. He had scored a clean hit with his words. I had no idea how he’d known that I was getting an erection while I was floating there treading water. The feeling of the warm water pushing against my legs, pushing the pant legs against my skin was erotic. There was simply no other word for it. The heaviness of the thoroughly soaked suit material was warm and comforting. It reminded me of the way I often felt when I was lying in bed, wrapped in Andy’s arms. I looked over at Andy’s knowing grin on his face.

“Okay, you’re right,” I admitted sheepishly, and finally grinned back at Andy. “It’s a turn on. A few times I’ve wondered what it would be like to swim in warm water while fully clothed. I’ve never found the nerve to take a shower in a suit much less go swimming in one.”

“Well now you know what it’s like. So what do you think?” Andy asked.

“It’s great but I think I’m starting to get tired,” I said. “These clothes are getting heavy.”

“Okay, follow me to the ladder,” Andy said. “Better yet, stay where you are.”

“Okay,” I said as I continued to tread water, wondering what Andy was up to now. I quickly found out as Andy swam behind me and gently slipped his arm under my chin.

“Just relax and enjoy the ride,” Andy said as he towed me across the pool towards the ladder.

I did as I was told. It was kind of fun actually. The trip to the ladder was very short. I climbed up the ladder after Andy as he made his way up and out of the pool onto the deck surrounding the pool. So there we were. Two grown men, in dripping wet suits and ties standing there in the cool evening air. Compared to the warm water of the swimming pool, it was starting to feel down right cold as we stood there. Now I knew the real reason behind why Andy had urged me to empty out the contents of pockets of my clothes.

“We’re going to catch a chill if we stand out here too long, you know,” I said to Andy as I hugged my arms about my body. “We really should take off these sopping wet clothes.”

“Good idea!” Andy tittered as he walked over to stand next to me. I smiled at him in anticipation of having Andy undress me. Any time Andy undresses me it is a wonderful experience, and this was sure to be another enjoyable event. Andy reached out his right hand towards me and gently placed it on the breast pocket of my suit jacket. The smile on Andy’s face grew larger as he gripped my jacket pocket firmly with his right hand. Andy yanked down hard on my jacket and I stumbled forward caught by surprise. Andy placed his left hand on my chest as he braced against me and tugged down even more firmly on the breast pocket of my jacket. Suddenly my ears were assaulted by the sound of ripping cloth as the material of my jacket parted under the stress. It was only a small tear, I realized when I flicked my eyes down to look at my suit. Under my startled gaze I saw Andy execute a mighty heave and nearly tear the pocket out of my suit. He stopped just above the lower flapped pocket on my jacket. I looked up at Andy in stunned surprise. I had not even an inkling that he was at all interest in suit destruction. It didn’t seem to match the personality man I had come to know all these months. A flash a fear whipped through my mind as my mind traveled back to that night so long ago with Phil Turnbill. As I recalled his strange behavior had been due to his being influenced by another person with the gift, and the changes had been part of a test. I couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of this happening again, especially with Andy. Then again, maybe I was just cold. My mind calmed, and my fears melted away as I realized that if I couldn’t influence Andy with my gift, it was highly unlikely that anyone else would be able to either.

These thoughts took but a few seconds to flash through my mind, as I stood there in front of Andy with my mouth hanging half open. Before I could even frame a question in my mind, Andy lashed out with his hands and firmly gripped the lower pockets of my suit jacket, one hand on each pocket. Half a breath later Andy pulled down sharply and stripped the pockets from my jacket. Well, he didn’t exactly strip the pockets off of my jacket, but he did tear the pockets right down to the lower edge of my suit jacket. He let go of the former pockets of my jacket and let the two strips of material dangle from the front of my suit like old wallpaper peeling from a wall.

Andy stood there with his arm crossed on his chest, chuckling at me with that warm sexy laugh of his. The bemused and confused expression I must have been wearing only added to his enjoyment of the situation.

“What the hairy heck are you doing?” I asked him, once the shock had worn off. I walked right up to him as I asked him the question, unable to fathom why he had attacked my suit.

“Just trying something new,” he chortled at me, as he gazed into my eyes.

I flicked my eyes away from Andy’s, and with the speed of a snake striking, I reached out and firmly grabbed the lower pockets of Andy’s suit jacket. I proceeded to do some yanking of my own. I tugged down hard on the material of Andy’s suit jacket. I felt a rush of sweet revenge and yes even joy, as I heard and felt the sodden fabric of Andy’s suit jacket part from my efforts. I continued to tug until there were two strips of cloth hanging from Andy’s suit jacket. Andy uncrossed his arms and placed his hands on his hips, as he continued to chortle. My right hand darted out and snagged the upper breast pocket on the left side of Andy’s suit jacket. Mercilessly I hauled away and tore another satisfying strip into Andy’s suit jacket. In only a few eye blinks I had managed to make Andy’s suit jacket a match to my own.

“Happy now?” Andy asked me, while still smiling at me.

“Yes, actually,” I answered some what surprised at just how good I felt.

“Good!” Andy chuckled. “Time for round two!” With that Andy grabbed me in sudden bear hug and laid one hell of a kiss on my unprotesting lips. My head swam at the unexpected passion of his kiss, not that I was complaining, mind you. Andy broke off the kiss and took a half a step away from me. He pawed at my suit jacket as he fumbled with the buttons. It took him only a second or two to undo them. Having gotten my jacket open, Andy attacked the inside breast pockets of my suit jacket. It took him less than a minute to reduce those two pockets to shreds. I was too stunned from his kiss to do much of anything about all this. I suspected, though, that was the idea behind the kiss in the first place. (Confuse your opponent and then attack. Basic strategy.) Andy’s assault on my suit jacket left me with a nice, if you can call it that, hole on the left side of my jacket. The right side of my jacket was torn up, but there wasn’t an actual hole in it, since the tears on the inside and the outside did not line up, if you know what I mean.

“My turn!” I cried out gleefully, as I smiled at Andy and launched myself at him. It took me only a few seconds to unbutton Andy’s suit jacket. I pushed Andy’s jacket open and paused for a few seconds as I marveled at the sight of Andy’s massive and muscular torso. It was a distraction, and a most delightful one too. I didn’t let that deter me for long, though. I whipped out my hands and latched one hand onto each of the inside pockets of Andy’s jacket. One mighty (well mighty for me anyway,) tug later and the inside of Andy’s jacket matched mine. I didn’t stop there though. As Andy stood there with his arms hanging by his sides while he chuckled at me, I reached over and took a firm grip on his left suit sleeve. Despite my best and most determined efforts though, I could not tear that sleeve off of his jacket. (Believe me I tried!) Failing that, I grabbed the lapels of Andy’s suit jacket and slipped his jacket off of that terrific torso of his that stood before me. I let Andy’s sopping wet jacket fall on the pool deck unheeded. I was far more interested in the wet dress shirt that clung to Andy’s chest and seemed to outline every muscle on his rock hard flat stomach and massive chest. It was easy to see that Andy was not wearing an undershirt, for which I was thankful. An undershirt would have distracted from the wonderful wet look of Andy standing there. His sodden tie, hanging down from his neck and ending just before his belt buckle seemed to somehow add to the effect. I absently noted that Andy was wearing a belt in his pants, a dark brown leather belt with a simple gold buckle. (See I told you I’d wind up finding out whether or not Andy was wearing a belt. Ye of little faith.)

Andy stood there smiling at me, as I took a second or two to catch my breath. (Actually, I just wanted to ogle Andy for a bit, but it sounds more dignified if I say that I had to catch my breath.) Andy didn’t make any move to take any further action with me so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I twirled Andy around as a gave him a quick but thorough inspection. He looked as good from the back as he did from the front, but then I was expecting that to be the case. His pants were dripping wet. (Talk about an obvious statement! It wasn’t likely that his pants were going to be dry.) The sodden wool blend material of his pants clung to his butt cheeks and in and around his crotch as if those pants were in love with his butt. (Frankly, I could understand the feeling. Lord knows I was in love with Andy and not just for his physical appearance.) The way that those wet suit pants of Andy clung to his buttocks was incredible. The light brown colour of the cloth had darkened to an almost chocolate brown. I peered closer at Andy’s butt trying to take in every gorgeous inch of those two handsome half hemispheres draped in dampness, which stood before me. The pants had hip pockets on both sides, with a simple button tab closure on each pocket. My lips curved into a small smile as my hands reached out and patted that beautiful boggy bottom before me.

“I think you’re a little wet behind the ears, Andy,” I joked at him as I ran my hands over that amazing ass of his.

“How would you know?” Andy asked me in a self-assured voice. “Those aren’t my ears that you’re checking out, you know.”

“Oh I know that,” I agreed heartily. A few more soft gentle caresses of my warm hands on Andy’s butt caused him to moan out loud softly. My face broke out into a huge grin as my hands fastened onto each hip pocket and with a firm grip I pulled down sharply. The results were unexpected. The right pocket tore down the left side of the pocket and stopped when the pocket was hanging down. The right side of the right hip pocket would not tear for some reason. I was more successful with the left hip pocket. This pocket started to tear down the right side of this pocket and continued long past the end of the pocket. As I continued to pull down with my left hand, the tear continued well into the back of the left pant leg, which exposed not only Andy’s left leg, but also allowed me to see that Andy was wearing some plain white boxer shorts. Pleased at my success so far, I shifted my gripe so that my right hand was grabbing firmly on the right side of the tear in the left pant leg of Andy’s pants. My left hand grabbed the left side of the tear with a hard and firm grip. I had to drop to my knees to obtain the grip I wanted, but I didn’t much care at that point. I was too focused on the task at hand. I took a deep breath and pulled with all my strength. The sweet sound of ripping cloth greeted my ears as I completed the destruction of the back of Andy’s left suit pant leg.

I spun Andy around and looked up at him. His wonderfully handsome face was alight with delight. The smile he flashed down at me beamed with approval for my actions. His arms dangled down limply from his shoulders. He wasn’t offering me even a token of resistance. All he did was to swallow once or twice and whisper the question, “More?”

I nodded my head at him and dropped my eyes back down to look at the front of Andy’s partly ripped suit pants. Front the front, they didn’t look all that different, except for the somewhat noticeable tenting that was becoming more pronounced as the minutes ticked by. (Gee, do you think that maybe, just maybe Andy was enjoying all this?) My pants were feeling a bit on the tight side too, and not just because I was on my knees in front of Andy. I too was experiencing a raising of my tent pole, if you know what I mean. I hooked my left hand into the right front pocket of Andy’s suit pants, and pulled. I was rewarded with the sound of the pants ripping along the seam. It wasn’t all that surprising, since these front angle pockets of Andy’s pants were anchored at the bottom right at the seam of the pants. Once the threads of the anchoring were snapped, the pants parted easily along the seam. Not only was the sound pleasing, but it got my tent pole up a few more notches. I tugged and pulled until I had ripped those pants of Andy’s all the way to the cuffed bottoms.

My right hand found its way into the left front pocket of Andy’s pants and proceeded to execute its mission. A sudden surge of strength and my ears were rewarded with the ravishingly refreshing sound of ripping cloth. I let out a long slow sigh of delight. Until tonight I had not realized that my suppressed fantasy of ripping the clothing off of a man was going to pale to the reality of the act. If it had been someone else, and not my dear sweet Andy, I doubt that I would have been as enraptured with the experience as I was. As with the right side of Andy’s pants, I tugged and pulled until I had ripped those pants along the seam, all the way to the cuffed bottoms.

I backed up a few inches, (not easy to do when one is on one’s knees, by the way) to take a good look at my handiwork. I was most pleased. Andy’s pants were in tatters. He would not be wearing that suit in public again, unless he were going to a costume party as a bum. I blinked my eyes a few times as I marveled at my work. I had never done this before, ripped the pants off of another guy and it was strangely satisfying. Andy looked down at me and grinned. He stood there and reveled in ravishment. It is difficult to say which of us was the more pleased. I reached up and undid the buckle of Andy’s belt. It took me but a moment to pull the belt out of his pants, and toss the belt aside. Andy’s pants were still on, and thus I had not actually ripped those pants off of Andy. This was an oversight that I gleefully decided to correct. I grabbed the front of Andy’s pants and pulled his zipper open. I took a firm grip on that fly and pulled down and all my strength. To my dismay nothing happened. I could not get Andy’s pants to tear at the base of his zipper and along the crotch of his pants. (Where’s a pair of scissors when you need one?) I pulled and tugged at the front of Andy’s pants. Finally the front of his pants parted under the strain. I looked over at left side of Andy’s pants and noticed that the small metal hook at the front of his pants had pulled out the small metal tab from the right side of Andy’s pants. It was definite now. Without some major repairs, Andy’s pants were destined for the rag box.

As I knelt there in front of Andy, I could not help but marvel at the sight of his white boxer shorts, and the long hard object that was pushing out against the thin cotton material. The boxers were still wet enough to cling very suggestively to that object, which made that object seem all the larger. Gently I reached up and stroked that joystick of Andy’s. He moaned out loud and a shudder passed through his body. I flicked my eyes up to glance at Andy’s face. He was still smiling, but his eyes were closed in ecstasy. I let my hands slowly play that organ of Andy’s. As the minutes passed he started to sway back and forth, as the pleasure filled his mind. His arms and hand hung limply by his sides. He could not have resisted even if he’d wanted to, and I was sure that at this point resistance was the last thing on his mind.

“Strip, Dear Heart,” I said to him in a soft and gentle voice.

“Yes, Texas,” he replied as his hands moved up towards the knot of his tie. I kept Andy entertained, as he undid his tie and slipped it off. He continued to moan softly as he started to unbutton his shirt. I knew, though, that it was my hands on his cotton enshrouded cock that was pleasing him, and not the removal of his clothing. Although, I could have been wrong about that. (Not bloody likely!) I watched transfixed as Andy slowly undid each button of his dress shirt starting with the collar button and working his way down. I had seen Andy strip for me many times, but I never failed to be enthralled by it. It was something more than just seeing a muscular good looking man (who was NOT hypnotized in this case), taking off his clothes. It was Andy. My Andy. And that, frankly, made all the difference. If you’ve ever been in love, you know what I mean. If you haven’t well, I can’t explain it to you.

Once the last button was undone, Andy paused for a short while, as he let his arms hang limply by his sides. Perhaps he was tired, but I doubted it. I think it was more likely that he wanted to let me savor the experience. He knew how much I enjoyed watching him undress. Slowly and sexily Andy pealed that wet dress shirt off of his chest. He held the shirt out to the sides as he slowly started to remove the shirt from his back. Rather, he tried to but he encountered some difficulties. The dress shirt down hung free from Andy’s chest but the shirt was still glued to his back. Try as he might he could not seem to pull it off of his back. (I would have gladly gotten up and helped him, but my hands were full at the moment. ) Andy brought his hands together behind his back. It took him a moment or two for his two hands to find each other, but once they did he grabbed the cuff of his left shirt sleeve with his right hand and slowly withdrew his left arm from the left sleeve of his dress shirt. It reminded me of seeing a snake shedding its skin, except the that shirt did not turn inside out. Once Andy had freed his left arm from that clinging shirt, he let go of the cuff of the left sleeve of the shirt. It was a simple matter now for Andy to bring his hands together in front of him and have his left hand grab the cuff of the right sleeve of the shirt. The left cuff of Andy’s shirt was dragging on the pool deck, as he brought that shirt around to his front, but he didn’t seem to care about that. I noticed it, but I really didn’t care about it either. Easily Andy pulled his right arm out of the right sleeve of his shirt, and flashed me a triumphant grin. With a flourish Andy balled up his shirt and tossed it over his back, uncaring as to where it might land. This left only Andy’s boxer shorts, shoes and socks to be removed.

Andy slowly pushed my hands away from his rock hard cock. I didn’t resist. I knew what was coming next. Andy placed his hands on his boxer shorts and with one simple push pealed them off of his beautiful body like an expert chef pealing a grape. He held out the elastic band with his hands as he carefully stepped out of his boxers. As Andy stood there in all his glory, he balled up his boxer shorts and like his shirt before them, he tossed the boxers over his back uncaring as to where they might land. Andy slowly lowered himself to the ground until he was sitting on his buttocks with his rock hard cock jutting out in front of him like a forty-five degree flag pole, and his legs stretched out in front of him. It took Andy only a minute or so to reach down and slowly remove his shoes and socks from his feet. First he removed the shoes and sock from his right foot and tossed them over his back. Still grinning at me all the while, he reached down and removed the shoe and sock from his left foot. Both items followed their mates over Andy’s back. Why am I bothering to describe such a mundane and ordinary action? Well, Andy is one of those rare guys who can make taking off his shoes and socks a sexy and erotic event. It wasn’t just the fact that this magnificent specimen of the human male body was sitting there nude, except for his footwear. It was the way that Andy reached down and grasped each shoe and sock with his hands. He had a way of looking at you and making you feel as if it were your body that his hands were touching as they removed each item of his clothing. Andy didn’t leer at you exactly, it was more as if his gaze looked into your soul and touched that secret part of you that you hide from everyone. It was at times like this that I was amazed that Andy saw something special in me that he didn’t see in anyone else. I knew that with his good looks (Boy is THAT an understatement! Andy was drop dead gorgeous, a major league stud muffin if ever there was one!) and loving personality Andy could have had any man that he showed the slightest interest in. I was amazed, and still am to this very day, that Andy loves me above all others. I don’t know what I’ve done in my life to deserve such a man as Andy, but every day I thank God for the time I can have with him. (Okay, I’ll stop with the mushy stuff before we have national Kleenex shortage.)

Andy was only a couple of feet away from me, as he sat there nude in front of me. Carefully he got up on his knees and made his way over to me. I stood there on my knees in front of Andy, too transfixed with this beautiful man to move a muscle. (You would think that after all the many months we’d spent in each other company, I’d be used to Andy by now, and that the sight of him nude before me would not overpower me. But it did then, and it still does to this very day. Some miracles just keep on happening.) He waved me to my feet. Reluctantly I complied. I would much rather have stayed there on my knees with Andy. I gazed down at Andy and my fingers actually ached to feel them wrapped about his cock once again. Andy motioned me to turn around and again I reluctantly complied. I suppose it was only fair. I’d seen his butt in those suit pants of his, so he had every right to see mine. Suddenly I felt a strong tug on my backside and my ears picked up the sound of ripping cloth, followed by a cool draft on my backside. You didn’t need a PHD in physics to realize that Andy was starting to rip my suit pants to shreds. As Andy’s plan of action started to penetrate my fogbound mind, I decided to save some time. I attacked my tie and quickly undid it while I was facing away from Andy. By the time Andy had spun me back around to face him, I had already tossed my tie aside, and had my shirt pulled out from my pants. While Andy gripped the front pockets of my pants in preparation of inflicting one of his Herculean yanks on them, I quickly got to work on the buttons of my shirt. Andy’s yank on the front pockets of my pants pulled me to my knees. (What can I say? I get weak in the knees, literally, when I’m around Andy.) Andy chuckled at me and motioned me to climb back to my feet. As I did so, I managed to get the last button on my shirt undone. I braced myself for Andy’s next tug on my pants. I closed my eyes as I waited for him to render my pants asunder. (For some strange reason just the thought of him doing that was sending a thrill through my body.) I let out a long low moan of joy as I once again felt the strong yank from Andy, then seconds later reveled in the sound of ripping cloth. There was a brief pause, and then more ripping. Another brief pause, a much stronger yank which nearly brought me to my knees again, followed by the sound of more cloth being ripped. After about a minute or so the ripping stopped and I opened my eyes.

Looking down I saw that Andy had not only torn the front pockets of my suit pants out, but had managed to open my fly and tear out the crotch of my pants. I guess all that time the gym had paid off. Andy was strong enough to rip the fly and crotch out of my pants, whereas I was unable to accomplish such a task. I blinked at Andy a couple of times, as my hands made their way back up to my wet clinging dress shirt. I gazed into those deep dark doe like brown eyes of Andy’s as I peeled my shirt and my suit jacket off of my chest. It was then that I realized that I had not removed my suit jacket as of yet. Unlike Andy, I had no difficulties in slipping my shirt off. (I guessed that my shirt had dried enough so that it wasn’t sticking to my body as much as Andy’s shirt has stuck to his.) I wadded my shirt and suit jacket up into a ball and tossed them nonchalantly over my shoulder, while keeping my eyes locked on Andy’s. I undid my belt and slipped it out of what remained of my pants, while letting my lips curve into a gentle and soft smile. I curled up my belt and tossed it over my shoulder. I placed my hands on my hips and stood there looking down at Andy. I pushed down slightly on the tattered remains of my pants as I stood there in front of Andy, silently urging him to take the next step.

Suddenly my pants slipped down and off my hips of their own accord. I looked down a the front of my pants and discovered that Andy had not only torn the fly out of my pants but torn away the front fastening. With my belt gone there was nothing to hold up my pants except sheer willpower. Unfortunately for me (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint), the law of gravity remained in effect, and my pants were still subject to that law. So like it or not, my pants collapsed around me leaving me standing there in front of Andy in only my briefs, shoes and socks. (Yes, there IS a God!) I blushed, not much, but enough for Andy to notice.

Andy looked up at my face and grinned a warm smile at me. His eyes twinkled with suppressed laughter as he reached over and snatched my briefs, tugging down on them firmly. Moments later my briefs joined the remnants of my pants lying around my ankles, and my stiff cock popped up and out now freed from its confinement. Andy licked his lips at the sight of my erect penis. I stepped out of pile of clothing about me. Slowly I lowered myself to the pool deck, keeping my eyes firmly on Andy the whole time. He didn’t move a muscle. He remained kneeling in front of me, waiting to see what I would do. Once I was sitting comfortably, I stretched out my legs towards Andy.

“Would you care to do the honors?” I teased him, as I lifted my right leg up and waved my right foot just in front of Andy’s face.

“But of course,” he answered as he placed both hands on my right shoe and firmly pulled it off of my right foot. He peeled off my right sock a few seconds later. For half a heartbeat I had thought he was going to clamp his teeth on my sock and pull it off without using his hands. It was just as well that he didn’t do that since my feet had a bouquet that was not exactly on par with that of a fresh cut rose. It took Andy only a few moments to remove my left shoe and sock from my left foot, which evened the playing field between us. I stood up suddenly, catching Andy by surprise. Without so much as a whisper of a word to him, I turned about and walked over to the edge of the pool. Taking a deep breath I shot a quick glance at Andy before I dived head first into the pool. After the last few minutes of the cool evening air, the warm waters of the swimming pool were a welcome change. I surfaced a few moments later and looked about for Andy. I saw him still sitting there by the pool, unmoved from his pervious position. The puzzled expression on his face was priceless.

“Come on in, the water’s fine,” I yelled over to him, as I bobbed in the pool treading water. Andy stood up, walked over to the edge of the pool and dove into the water. He surfaced a few moments later several feet away from me. With only one or two powerful strokes of his muscular arms Andy was soon treading water beside me. I took a deep breath and wrapped my arms about Andy as I pulled him towards me. Moments later I felt Andy’s arms about me. As we slipped under the surface of the water, our lips met. I’m no Olympic athlete, so our underwater kiss lasted only a minute or so. But it was far from the only underwater kiss that night. That kiss sent us off into a wet, wild, wacky and wonderful world of frolicking that was unlike anything I had ever done in a swimming pool before. We swam around and about each other like a pair of love crazed otters. I was amazed that we didn’t drown outright. I don’t know if it was the warm water or just the freedom of knowing that we were alone, but I did things that I didn’t think I would ever have done before. We played our own little sexual version of underwater tag. The person who was ‘it’ had to try to get the other guy’s cock into his mouth. This was a real challenge, let me tell you. Just when I thought I had him, Andy would somehow slither or slip away from me like some greased eel. I eventually succeeded though. Andy had just as much trouble tagging me, when he was ‘it’. So it wasn’t a one sided game by any means.

After about an hour of this, we were both tired and agreed that we’d had enough. Andy’s lips were blue a sure sign that we needed to call it quits. As I emerged from the water I started to shiver and my teeth started to chatter. I’m sure that my lips were as blue as Andy’s. We gather up our clothes and headed back into the warmth of the house. Once we arrived in the kitchen we dropped our clothes and rags on the floor as we each headed off to our bedrooms for some warm clothes. The last thing that either of us wanted right then was to catch a chill. We had only a couple more days to spend together and we did not want to lose them for anything.

It took me only a few minutes to climb into fresh socks, underwear, undershirt, a pale yellow cotton twill cowboy shirt and my favorite pair of blue jeans. I met up with Andy in the kitchen where he was bending over to pick up both piles of clothes from the floor. (Talk about good timing!) I was treated to the sight of Andy’s big firm fleshy RMCP butt shrink-wrapped in a pair of light blue snug fitting jeans. If that doesn’t heat your blood up a few degrees, nothing will. Andy stood up with the combined pile of clothes in his arms and dropped them on the kitchen table. Andy was wearing a white RMCP T-shirt of all things. It was a close fitting, T-shirt that emphasized Andy’s muscular chest and arms. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Andy looks good in anything, and even in nothing at all.

“I’ll sort and put out the trash, if you’ll fix us both a large hot cup of coffee,” Andy said to me as he looked over at me and gave me one of his sexy winks. (God! Everything about that man was sexy!) I smiled back at him as I nodded my head in agreement. I filled the electric kettle with water and plugged it in. It took me only a few minutes to set out the coffee mugs, and plop a teaspoon of instant coffee into each of them. I decided to add the sugar later. I’m sure I had some kind of goofy love sick expression on my face as I watched Andy sort out our clothes. Frankly, though I didn’t care if anyone saw me looking like that. I was thankful for being able to spend this time with Andy. Finally we were alone and I was going to wring every drop of joy out of the situation that I could. Who knew when we’d be able to arrange a weekend like this again?

Andy took what remained of our suits and put them into a garbage bag. The shirt, socks and underwear he popped into the dryer. The laundry room was small but well equipped, it turned out. The ties and belts he hung over the shower curtain rail, in the bathroom to dry out. Both ties were silk, which mean that they were probably ruined. However the ties could be used again for our next suit dipping experience, which is why we didn’t throw them out. The shoes we left outside to dry. They were probably ruined too, but would be useful for our next pool side adventure. We chatted for a bit as we waited for the water to come to a boil. A few seconds later it seemed the kettle started to whistle. We finished making our coffee, and with coffee mugs and saucers in hand we made our way out the living room to spend some quality time watching television and cuddling. It was only about eight PM, and much too early to go to bed. (Some people would disagree with me on that point, I’m sure. Let’s just say we wanted to save THAT event for a few hours later.)

We watched a little television and caught up on the headline news while we sipped our coffee. I found myself paying more attention to Andy than to the television set. (Who can blame me?) About a half an hour later we took our empty coffee mugs to the kitchen and stood there in the kitchen looking at each other, unsure of what to do next. I walked over in to the living room and looked about. My eyes settled on the stereo. I paused to look at it, and was pleased to notice that there was a multiple CD player unit among the various components. I smiled to myself as I gave birth to a wonderful idea.

“Andy would you mind moving the living room furniture about to make some room?” I asked him as I headed off to the guest bedroom that I was using.

“What for?” He asked me, puzzled at my request.

“I’m going to set the single white candle and I’d like as much free room as possible,” I called back to him as I started heading down the hallway.

“Just to kneel down and pray?” Andy asked my retreating back. I was too far away to yell back an answer to him. It took me only a minute or two to rummage through my bags to find the white candle, candle holder, matches and the CDs that I wanted. (Yes I had something more than praying in mind.) I walked back into the living room to find that Andy was just finishing up his shifting of the living room furniture. He had managed to shove nearly everything off to the sides, except for the coffee table. I smiled. It was just perfect for what I had in mind. I made my way to the coffee table, by way of the stereo. I manage to drop off the CDs on top of the main unit, without Andy noticing. (I liked to think that he was watching my butt in those snug jeans of mine. I looked at Andy’s face, in the bright light of the living room, and as he raised his face and eyes to meet mine, I saw a slight flush creep across his face.

“Were you watching my butt as I walked about the room, Andy?” I teased him.

“Well,...uhm....yes, actually,” he answered with just a touch of nervousness. “Why not? You’ve ogled me enough times, I’m sure.”

“True enough,” I admitted as I chuckled at his discomfort. Andy was till getting used to being comfortable with his ‘gayness’, as strange as that might sound. It is one thing to admit to yourself that you’re gay. It is another to do what comes naturally, that is to admire and stare at another man’s butt, and not feel embarrassed by it. Social stigmas and taboos die hard. Andy would never know it, but I was only a couple of steps ahead of him in learning how to ‘be’ gay.

“Come kneel with me, dear heart,” I said to him as I bent over and placed the small white pillar candle on its stand. I took the matches and lit the candle, being careful to slip the cooled and extinguished match into the front of the matchbook cover. The candle stand had a felt covered bottom so it would not mar the coffee table.

“Be right there, Texas,” Andy called out as he flipped off the lights in the kitchen and the living room. Moments later he placed his left hand in my right hand and in unison we knelt before the burning candle. Andy disengaged his hand from mine as he placed his hands in a prayer position. I followed suit. Our prays to God were silent and private. We took our time. After praying to God, we turned to face each other. Slowly Andy separated his hands and took my hands in his. He looked me in the eyes and whispered to me, “Thank you for loving me, Texas.”

“Grow old along with me, dear heart,” I whispered back at him. With those two simple lines we pledged our love and commitment to each other, anew. Slowly we drew each other close and let our lips meet in a soft gentle loving kiss. Our arms wrapped themselves about our upper bodies of their own accord in a gentle loving embraced that mirrored our kiss. I don’t know how long that kiss and embrace lasted, but it was wonderful, as it always was.

‘No. Don’t do that just yet,” I said in hushed tones as Andy leaned towards the candle intending to blow it out. “Stay right where you are,” I cooed, as I got up and headed for the stereo. It took me only a few minutes to insert my CDs into the CD player and press the random play button. Moments later soft guitar music emerged from the speakers, followed soon by the sexy southern accented voice of John Michael Montgomery beginning to sing a song called ‘Hold On To Me’. A lump came to my throat as I walked over to Andy and took his hands in mine. (I always get a lump in my throat when I hear that song. Yup. I’m a secret sappy sentimental romantic at heart.) Gently I pulled Andy to his feet, and looking directly in his eyes muttered “Dance with me.”

“Anytime, anywhere, and always,” Andy muttered back at me as he took my right hand in his left hand, and held our arms out and away from our bodies. He placed my left arm about his waist, and snaked his right arm about my waist. He took one small step, and we were off. We slow danced about the living room for hours, quite literally lost in each other’s eyes. It was only when the CD player had run out of songs to play that we finally stopped moving about the room. We took turns leading each other about the room, as we danced. A couple of times we even tried to line dance to a couple of the faster country tunes. It was as hilarious. (Can you say ‘the blind leading the blind’?) I can’t recall any other time when I’ve had so much fun making a complete fool out of myself. It didn’t matter how clumsy I was, or how many times I messed up the dance steps, because I was with Andy. Andy messed up a few times too, since he knew less about country line dancing than I did. It didn’t matter, though, not to either of us.

When the last song had faded way, I packed up the CDs and turned off the stereo. I turned on a couple of the room lights. Andy blew out the candle, and started to put the furniture back in place. I headed off to the guest bedroom I was using to pack away my CDs. The candle I would pack up in the morning, when it had cooled off. When I had finished that task, I headed back out into the living room to help Andy move the furniture back in place, not that he needed my help, it just made the job a bit easier with two people doing it.

“So are you ready for bed, dear heart?” I asked him as he walked up and snaked his right arm around my waist.

“With you? Always,” he answered with that sexy grin on his face and that wonderful warm glow in his soft doe brown eyes. And with Andy snuggled up close to me, his hip pressed firmly against mine, I lead us down the hall and into the guest bedroom that I was using. Since we were alone, there was no need to close the door.

Standing there, still snuggled close together I turned my head up and planted a soft sexy kiss on Andy’s lips, while my hands wandered over the button at the top of his jeans. “Just whom else did you have in mind, when you asked ‘with you’?” I teased him, as I tugged at the top of his jeans.

“Well, there IS this man I know, who’s a really snappy dresser, and looks good in any cowboy outfit he wares,” Andy chuckled at me. “I’ve heard tell he hails from Texas.”

“Oh he’s a Texas Ranger, then? That’s understandable, I suppose. After all law enforcement officers do have to learn to work closely together,” I cackled.

“He’s not a Texas Ranger, but he’s definitely my ‘lone star’,” Andy retorted as he planted a kiss on my lips. His hands reached down and tugged at the tops of my jeans. (Great minds DO think alike, it would seem.)

I undid the top button of Andy’s jeans and unzipped his fly. My hands took a firm steady grip on the sides of Andy’s jeans and tugged down firmly. It took one or two tugs to get those close fitting jeans over Andy’s bubble butt and over his hips. Of course Andy’s wiggling with pleasure wasn’t helping matters any. (I think that was the idea. He was trying to draw out the process, so he could enjoy it more.) I tugged gently but firmly and managed to make slow process towards my goal. I had to bend my knees a bit in order to get Andy’s jeans down low enough to be sure that gravity could take over, but once that was assured I let go of Andy’s jeans. As expected they dropped down to collect in a small pile of denim at his feet. I let my eyes wander up the length of Andy’s legs heading for you know where. Andy’s white RMCP T-shirt was hanging down a couple of inches below his waist. Since I am not equipped with X-ray vision, that darn T-shirt of his was blocking my view of the front of Andy’s white cotton briefs. I wasn’t pleased by this discovery, but I wasn’t annoyed either. I knew I’d be seeing Andy in all his glory soon enough.

Suddenly Andy rushed towards me and grabbed me in one of his familiar and delightful grizzly bear hugs. Before I had time to enjoy the sensation though, Andy had managed to pick me up and was carrying me in a fireman’s carry. This wasn’t a difficult task for Andy because he was very strong (well, relative to me anyway), and he knew how to shift his center of gravity when he moved. This wasn’t the first time that Andy had suddenly decided to tote me around the room like some extra piece of luggage. The trip was very short. Andy marched over to the bed and tossed me down onto it. As I lay there recovering from the surprise of Andy’s actions, he darted forward and unbuttoned my jeans, and unzipped my fly. I struggled up from the surface of the bed, and finally arrived with my body half raised from the bed, my weight supported on by my arms which were placed in nearly vertical lines under my shoulders. I raised my head up to look at Andy and ask he was the heck he was up to. I gazed up to see Andy smiling at me with what could only be called a devilish smile.

Andy darted towards the bed a second time, and clamped his hands on the legs of my jeans, on hand on each leg. He yanked down hard, hard enough to pull me back down onto the surface of the bed. He continued to yank and pull on my jeans, from side to side and he struggled to get those jeans off of me. (Now I know how taffy feels in a taffy pulling contest.) He was successful in his endeavors, and he did it without ripping my jeans to shreds. He didn’t stop there though. Once he had my jeans off he got to work on my cowboy shirt. He was much more gentle this time, though. He crawled on to the bed next to me and then straddled me across my pelvis. (I was still lying flat on my back at the time.) He started to unbutton my cowboy shirt. With each button that his talented fingers undid, he kissed me full on the lips. It was one effective way of silencing any protests I might have had. In truth, I didn’t object in the slightest. (Have you ever had someone kiss you while he undresses you? If not I strongly recommend you try it.) Andy didn’t rush the removal of my shirt as he had my jeans. He took his own sweet time undoing each button, and kissing me passionately afterwards. I was sincerely sorry to see the last button undone.

Andy pulled the cowboy shirt away from my torso and gently nudged it aside to reveal my naked chest and stomach. Andy lowered his face and nuzzled my chest and stomach for a few minutes, interspersing some sweet kisses along the way. (Is he a great lover or what?) I closed my eyes in sweet surrender, as I sighed with delight. I moaned softly a few times and probably cried out something stupid like, “Oh God yes, Andy!” I don’t clearly remember what I might have said at that time. I was too busy enjoying Andy’s exquisite caresses to care much about anything else. I do remember Andy lifting up my torso so that he could slip that shirt off my limp and unprotesting form. The feeling of his talented fingers across my skin was beyond pleasurable, it bordered on euphoric, and he wasn’t even addressing my erogenous zones. (Somehow I think Andy had turned my entire body into one big erogenous zone.) Somewhere during the next few minutes Andy removed my briefs and my socks, but the memory is a bit foggy. I know he had to have done that because I was in no condition to do so myself. As well, Andy’s fingers were moving over the my buck naked ass, as well as the bottoms of my feet. Believe it or not he kissed the soles of my feet several times, during his exploration of every inch of my skin. Andy gave me a thorough and complete massage as I lay there on my back. My arms, legs, stomach, chest, feet, hands, face and yes even my cock came under the ministrations of those ten talented fingers of his. He was easygoing in his kneading of my muscles. He took his time, and he was rewarded with a strong ‘salute’ from my cock.

Andy rolled me over onto my stomach. I didn’t ask him to. He did it of his own volition. I can only conclude that he felt he’d paid enough attention to my front and wanted to get to work on my back. He was careful to insure that my cock was pressing down flat against my groin area when he rolled me over. I felt my cock press into something soft warm and furry. For a second or two I was confused by the sensation until I realized that Andy had had the foresight to place a thick towel from the bathroom underneath me, when he rolled me over. Smart lad.

Andy started with my shoulders. He placed his hands on each of my shoulders and pressed down carefully. I could feel the muscles in my shoulders turn into pudding as he eased out the tension and stiffness from my body. Except for my cock, of course. It remained hard and firm and if anything it got harder. I let out a few more loud moans of appreciation for Andy’s efforts. Andy moved up to my neck and when he had that nice and relaxed, he moved slowly down the entire length of my back. He stopped just short of my buttocks though, and turned his attention to my left arm. There wasn’t much for him to do to my left arm since it was pretty limp to begin with, as was my right arm. Still, he did give my left arm and then my right arm a good going over. He even kissed my elbows and the tips of all my fingertips.

Satisfied that he had done his duty as far as my arms were concerned, Andy turned his attention to the soles of my feet. With me lying on my stomach, Andy found it much easier to grab my feet and lower legs to massage the muscles in them, and to give the skin all the attention that he cared to give it. I shuddered with joy when Andy kissed the back of my knees. I shuddering even more strongly when he licked the back of my knees with his tongue and kissed that area a second time. I’d heard that the back of the knees is supposed to be one of the most intense erogenous zones on the human body. Believe me when I tell you that it most certainly is! (Well, for me at least. I can’t speak for you.) Andy shifted about on the bed as he turned his attention to the back of my thighs. His hands moved up so slowly that it was almost torture. He made my thighs sing with pleasure. I cooed, moaned and sighed to the music that his fingers were playing on my thighs. When he slipped his hands in between my legs and stroked the inside of my thighs I saw stars, as Andy thrust me up onto an even higher plateau of sexual pleasure. I didn’t cum but I came damn close.

My moans and groans of animal pleasure were clearly pleasing Andy. He slapped his hands onto my butt cheeks and let his fingers saunter over to my butt crack. I started to roll back and forth gently with each ‘step’ that his fingers took. “Christ Almighty!” I screamed out as I felt Andy’s fingers slide down into my butt crack and slowly spread it apart. Andy held my buttocks apart and I swear I could feel a soft warm breeze from his mouth as he breathed over my virgin butt hole. (I kid you not. My butt hole was virgin tight. I had never found the right guy to ‘break me in’. However, that was about to change.) “GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, THAT FEELS FANTASTIC!!” I screamed out into the air. I panted as I tried to catch my breath.

“Just my finger. Just one finger tonight, okay, Texas?” Andy breathed into my right ear.

I couldn’t believe it! Here I was on the edge of what felt like the biggest orgasm of my life and Andy was asking me questions!

“WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT!!!” I screamed back at him.

I panted and moaned in anticipation of feeling something, anything, being slid up my ass. To say that I was not exactly in my right mind would be extremely accurate. I was so far above cloud nine that I just didn’t give a shit anymore! Something cool and slippery brushed against the edge of my anus, and I wiggled with joy. I panted and whimpered, “Do it, please, Andy.” In answer, I felt a coolness followed by something warm and firm push slowly, excruciatingly slowly, up and into my butt hole. I now knew what unbridled passion and sexual heat to the nth degree felt like. A double jolt of euphoric sexual abandonment crashed into my brain as I shot my load deep into and all over the towel my red hot cock was pressing against. I was so lost in the moment, so overcome with the intense indescribable joy, that I could not have told you my name if you’d asked me. All I was aware of was the feeling of something warm, slippery and hard wiggling ever so gently in my butt. Well, that and the feeling of something warm and sticky all over the front of my pelvis. The warm waves of pleasure continued to flow from my anus into my mind in a steady rhythmic manner, as Andy continued to wiggle and tickle my butt hole with that warm and hard finger of his. It felt like I was lying on a beach at some sunny Caribbean resort letting the warm waters of the incoming tide gently move up and over my body, covering every square in of my skin in a peaceful warmth and joy, that I had never known before.

Slowly the waves of gentle warm heat flowing over my body, faded away as the tide went back out again. Nothing good lasts forever. Slowly my mind drifted back down to planet earth and I became aware of where I was. I cranked my eyes open. I looked off to my left to see that I was slightly off center of the double bed that I was lying in. Andy was no where to be seen, at least from this angle. I blinked a few times to focus my eyes. As I pushed myself up from the bed I realized that Andy’s finger was no longer inserted in my butt. Carefully I rolled over onto my left side assured that I would not bump or jar Andy.

I focused my eyes on the task at hand, which was rolling over in place without making the mess I was lying in bigger. I didn’t want to stain the bedcovers, since this was not my bed after all. I accomplished my mission and raised my head to look about the room for Andy. I saw him lying on his right side a foot or so away from me in the bed. He was still wearing his shirt, socks and underwear. His right arm extended up along the bed, and then bent at the elbow so that his head was propped up by his right hand. He was looking over at me with a sweet smile on his face, and joyous laughter in his shining eyes. He looked happy, for lack of a better word.

“Was it good for you, Texas?” He asked me in that rich warm honey smooth tenor voice of his. There seemed to be something more in his tone though. His tone and words seem to wrap about me like a warm soft blanket. I felt safe and secure in a way that I had not ever known before.

“It was, fantastic and incredible,” I answered him. “And those words don’t do it justice. It was like nothing I’ve ever known before.”

“You make it sound as if this was your first time,” Andy said with a chuckle.

“It was, Andy. It was,” I deadpanned.

“What?” Andy whispered as his jaw dropped open in surprise.

“As far as someone else using my butt hole, yes I was a virgin until tonight, Andy,” I said quietly.

“But...but you know so much about so many other things, that I just thought....” Andy said as the disjointed thoughts started to tumble out of his mouth.

“Andy, dear heart, I have been saving myself all these years for the right man, and that man was you,” I said to him as I reach out with my right hand and brushed the left side of his face. “While it is true that I have once or twice used another man’s butt hole for my pleasure, it was always with a condom. It was, I am ashamed to say, never love though.”

“Oh...” Andy said as he let my words flow over him and into his mind. He was still adjusting to what I had told him.

“Why did you want to only finger fuck me, Andy?” I asked him as my natural curiosity got the better of me.

“Is that what it’s called?” He asked me.

“Yes, I believe so,” I answered him.

“Well I...uhm....I guess I was still uncomfortable with the idea of sticking my cock in your ass,” Andy haltingly admitted to me.

“That’s okay, lover,” I said as I stroked his face again and smiled at him warmly. “We’ll take it as slow or as fast as you like. We’ll only do what we are both comfortable with. I’m in no rush. I know that you love me, and if I had any doubts, tonight’s little adventure has certainly erased them.”

“Then, you won’t be disappointed or upset if I told you that I don’t want you to ‘do’ me tonight?” Andy asked with just a tint of concern in his voice.

“Upset no. Disappointed, well maybe just a bit,” I answered him. “What I am feeling most though is guilty.”

“Guilty? About what?” Andy asked me both relieved and puzzled at my response.

“Well, here you’ve taken me to the top of the mountain of sexual and physical pleasure, and I won’t have a chance to reciprocate. I feel like you did all the work and I had all the fun,” I answered him. “I guess I feel kind of bad about that. Somehow it doesn’t seem fair.”

Andy leaned over and kissed me full on the lips as his left hand stroked my sweat streaked hair. I let out a long slow sigh of pleasure as Andy let his lips linger on mine for a few moments longer. “No need for you to feel guilty, about anything,” Andy reassured me. “I enjoyed you tonight. I saw you let go of yourself tonight in a way that I’ve never seen before. You were completely open and responsive to me tonight. You let me decide what to do, and it was exhilarating for me to feel in control for a change. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow night we’ll see if we can reverse roles.” Andy grinned at me and playfully tapped me on the nose.

I smiled back at him and blew him a kiss.

“How about we clean up and head off to bed now?” Andy asked me.

“I sup...” I said as I started to answer, but my words were cut off by a huge yawn. It surprised the heck out of me.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” Andy said, and then let out a huge yawn of his own.

Carefully I climbed up off of the bed. I looked down at my watch and my eyes bulged a bit as I read the time. 11:43 PM. I had no idea that many hours had passed. We had headed off to this bedroom at about 8 PM so. No wonder we were both so dogged tired. Maybe fucking tired would have been more accurate. Fortunately we had only the one towel to clean up, and me to wash down, so it didn’t take us long to get ready for bed. By the time I returned from the bathroom, Andy had already stripped down and was waiting for me in between the sheets of the bed. (Darn it! I’d missed that.) I smiled at him, climbed into the bed and turned out the bedside lamp. In the darkness of the room we wrapped our arms about each other and drifted off into some well earned sleep. But not before one final good night kiss.