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The Coffee Shop.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Part 12. I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.

So now I had two ongoing and steady relationships. One was with Steve, and the other was with Jack. Sprinkled amongst them were the occasional noon hour ‘meetings’ with my boss Phil. All in all I was most happy and content. Everyone else seemed to be as well. True I didn’t see my ‘studs’ as often as I would like, but it was often enough. It was also true that there was no ongoing sex among us. As much as I enjoyed my time with Steve and Jack, I still did not feel right about having actual sex with them. I discussed it with them, separately of course as they did not know about each other, and they did not seem to have any problems. They were both happy and content with any time that we managed to spend together. Things went very well for the next few months. I was happier than I had been in a long time.

Jack and I were out visiting a local museum one Saturday afternoon. A love of natural history exhibits was another of the common interests we shared. We were both dressed casually in jeans and shirts. I had planned for us to go out and see a show, and have dinner afterwards. But I forgot to bring the tickets with me, so we headed back to my place, and I asked Jack to go up to my apartment and get the tickets. He was only too happy to do so. No, I didn’t hypnotize him before hand, he just liked to do little things like that for me. He was a sweet man. I smiled at that thought as I waited for him to come back. He was also a smart man. He’d turned the car engine off and locked the door when he left.

I became concerned when five minutes had gone by and there was no Jack. Something must be wrong, since the tickets were on the coffee table in plain site. (I know, I know, if they were in plain site, then why did I forget them? Would you believe I was looking at Jack at the time and the thought of the tickets just went out of my mind?) So I headed up to my apartment, to see what the matter was. I pushed at the door and was surprised to discover it was locked. “That’s odd,” I thought to myself. “Jack’s got a set of keys to my apartment. He shouldn’t have any trouble getting in.” Then it hit me like a thunderbolt. The keys. The keys! THE KEYS!!!! I frantically unlocked the door, cursing at my clumsiness, and prayed that I wasn’t too late. When I finally wrenched the door open, I was not altogether surprised at what I saw. Concerned, yes, but not surprised.

Jack was sitting on the sofa, with duct tape across his mouth so that he could not speak. From the way his arms were positioned it seemed clear to me that he was probably handcuffed. Actually, that was a safe conclusion as Steve, in uniform, was standing next to Jack. Steve’s head was turned away from Jack and looking at me in surprise, as I stood there for a moment before I closed the door. Jack meanwhile was shooting daggers of hate and loathing at Steve from his eyes, until he saw that Steve was looking at something else. When Jack saw me there, fear and concern filled his eyes, as well as puzzlement. He couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on, but I could. It was crystal clear to me, and I was kicking myself mentally for having let this situation happen. It was going to take a lot of explaining to both of them before all of this got straighten out. I only hoped I wouldn’t have to ‘order’ them to accept the situation.

I had given both Jack and Steve a set of keys to my apartment. It made it easier for them to drop by when we had an evening scheduled together. In fact, it make some very interesting and pleasant things possible, my favorite of which was to be curled up in bed reading a book, and have Steve or Jack drop by after their shift was over. They’d come into the apartment and take a quick shower, and then hop into bed with me. Usually they were pretty good at getting my nose out of that book and getting my arms wrapped about them. But enough about that. I had ‘instructed’ both Steve and Jack that they could not mention the keys to anyone, or make duplicates of them, and that they were NEVER to enter my apartment unannounced or unplanned unless it was a life or death emergency.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that Steve was going to be in my apartment for a couple of hours. He was pulling a double shift at work, doing a favor for a friend, and had asked me if it would be okay to use my apartment to grab a quick shower and a few hours rest. I guess Steve thought that Jack was a mugger and had mugged me, and used my keys to enter the apartment. So, he naturally arrested Jack and was preparing to take him to the station to book him. Jack, I’m sure, had tried to explain to Steve how it was that Jack was not breaking and entering, but was legitimately in my apartment. Jack can be very vocal at times, and I guess Steve finally had enough. Hence the duct tape on Jack’s mouth. Steve had the phone in his hand, as he looked at me with surprise on his face. It was time to take action before this situation got totally out of hand.

“Steve,” I told him, in a commanding tone of voice that would brook no refusal from him. “Put down that phone and give me the keys to your cuffs. Then go and sit down in a chair in the dining room. I’ll explain in a moment.” Steve was very hesitant, but he complied. However, he kept his eyes on Jack, and his hand on his revolver, as I moved over toward Jack and signaled him to stand up. “Jack,” I said to him. “I’m sorry about this. I know you are upset. Just promise me that you’ll listen to what I have to say, and that you won’t try to hurt the policeman over there. Nod your head when you agree.” Jack was very reluctant, but he finally nodded his head. “Fine,” I said to him. “I’m going to unlock these cuffs and you are going to go and sit down in a chair in the dining room. A chair opposite the policeman and you are going to listen to what I have to say.” I unlocked the cuffs, and for a second I thought Jack was going to attack Steve, but Jack controlled himself. I could see he was very upset, and a bit angry at me too. (Boy do I have a gift for understatement. He was furious.) He removed the duct tape from his mouth and sat down at the dinning room table as I had told him. Jack’s hate filled eyes remained locked on Steve.

“Great, just great,” I thought to myself. “How the hell do I explain this?” I’d better play it safe. “Jack, the fire hydrant is blue. Steve, write me up a ticket for hypnotizing a cop,” I said to them. They were both out like a light in less than a second. I then bound them both with post hypnotic suggestions, and counted them back out. They each struggled briefly upon awakening, but soon gave up. They both just glared at me, now, instead of each other. I can’t say as I blamed them, since I had just broken my word to them both. I had promised them a long time ago, that I would never hypnotize them in public, without their permission. It was necessary in this case though. I only hoped I would be able to convince them of that. Best to be blunt and come right to the point, I figured.

“Steve, Jack, you both have a ‘relationship’ with me. It is the SAME relationship. I am sorry that you had to find out like this. I was going to tell you, when I came up with a way that wouldn’t hurt you. Either of you. But I have failed, and a small mistake on my part has lead to this. Now you are both feeling hurt and anger towards me, and frankly I deserve it. All I ask is that you not feel any jealousy or anger towards each other. Please, don’t talk yet, let me finish,” I said quickly as I saw Steve start to open his mouth.

“I care for both of you very much. Steve, you know how you feel about me, and you know I how feel about you. Look deep in your heart and ask yourself this question. ‘Can you honestly say that you think it would be right to deprive Jack of the same wonderful feelings and relationship with me, that you have?’” I asked him.

“And you Jack,” I continued. “Do you think it would be fair to Steve to just cut him off from a relationship as wonderful and beautiful to him, as your relationship with me is to you? Please, both of you think about it, think about the other person for a minute. Is it really fair of you to ask me to limit myself to just one of you?”

My words seemed to have no effect. They both just sat there glaring at me, and at each other. They were too upset, and angry to listen to reason, or to a plea for compassion. I could have very easily forced them to accept the situation and even to have enjoyed it, but that would have been wrong. It would not have solved the situation, at least not for me, because I would still know all about it. I’d have to live with what I had done to them now, and what I had done to ‘solve’ this by forcing a solution on them. I couldn’t do that. It was too heavy a burden to bear. I cared too much for both of them to take the easy way out, and ‘order’ them to be happy about the situation. I simply could not think of a solution, but one thing I did know. I couldn’t stand being in the same room with them any more. My guilt and shame at being the cause of all this was starting to overwhelm me. I quickly hypnotized them again, and told them that 15 minutes after I woke them up, the invisible bonds holding them would dissolve and they would be free to move and act normally. Then I counted them out. They just looked at me, and they were even more upset. I couldn’t take it any more. I almost ran from the room, fled into my bedroom and slammed the door closed. I threw myself on the bed and let the hot hurtful tears that I had been holding back for the last few minutes, pour out of my eyes. I cried and sobbed, but quietly. I wanted to wail with the despair and anguish that swelled up inside of me, but I was afraid that they would hear me. I was crying for all the hurt and pain that I’d caused them, and for the loss I felt. I knew that they would both storm out of here, and probably never come within a mile of me again. I kept kicking my self mentally, over and over, and kept promising myself that the next time I wouldn’t let this happen. My heart couldn’t see a next time coming. All it knew was the hurt and pain of now, of my losing two of the most wonderful men I’d ever met. And so I thrashed on the bed...wallowing in pain and anguish, and all of it caused by me. For the first time, I cursed this power of mine, and what it had brought me.

Later I heard muffled shouts coming from another room, and I knew that Steve and Jack were ‘having it out’. I couldn’t hear the words, but the tone was clear. It tore through me like a rusty dull knife, ripping my insides apart. I didn’t even care anymore. I only knew how much I was hurting, for them and for me. I buried my head under the pillow to muffle the sounds, and I cried, and cried and cried. Before long the sheets were soaked with my tears as was the front of my shirt. My eyes were puffy, red, and sore. I had finally stopped sobbing, but only because I had run out of tears. I was tired. Too tired and sad to move.

I guess I had being lying there for about half an hour after my sobbing had stopped, when I felt a hand gently placed on my shoulder. A second latter I felt a second hand beside the first. “I wonder who won?” I asked myself. Reluctantly, I brought my head out from beneath the pillow, turned my head to the side of the bed, and opened my eyes. I had to blink a few times to clear my vision, and even then I could not believe what I saw.

Kneeling next to the bed, with one hand on my shoulder were Steve and Jack....and they had been crying recently. I could see the tracks that the tears had left on their cheeks. And yet, there were small smiles on their faces. I was delighted to see heart soared at the sight, but I was confused, and did not know what to make of all this. The confusion on my face must have been plain, since they looked at each other for a second, nodded their heads to each other, and then looked back at me.

“It’s all right, Paul,” Steve said to me. “Jack and I understand now. We talked it all out. Well, we did more than talk, and I guess you heard us.” Steve blushed, as did Jack, and then Jack spoke. “It took a while for me to understand the wonderful things you did for Steve, and for him to understand what you did for me. Neither of us wants to give up what we have found with you. So, we have decided that the only fair thing is to share you between us. It won’t be easy at first, and there will probably have to be some adjustments made, but we are willing to try it. What do you think?”

I was happy that they had come to this understanding, but I was not sure that it could work. Still it was worth a try, though. I said to them, “Thank you both. I’m glad that you both understand now. I could not have chosen between you. It would have been both of you, or neither of you. I......” And my voice failed then, as I started to cry again.

“What is it, Paul?” Steve asked “What’s wrong?” Jack echoed.

It took me a few moments before my throat loosened up enough for me to speak. “Can you ever forgive me for the pain and hurt I just caused the both of you?” I croaked. “What can I do to make it up to you?”

“Over time, I think we can forgive you, Paul. It won’t take too long,” Steve smiled at me as he said this. “In the meantime,” Jack said as he winked at Steve, “Steve has to go off to work, and you and I have a show to attend. So get your lazy bag of bones out of that bed, and change your clothes. You can’t go to the show with tear stains on your shirt!”

“Yes, Sirs,” I replied meekly as I mockingly saluted them, and smiled weakly. “Do you both know how wonderful you are?” I asked them as I bounced out of the bed and hugged them. First Steve and then Jack. When I finally let go of Jack, I headed to the closet to find a new shirt.

“About as wonderful as you are,” Steve replied as he blew me a kiss and left the room. “Ditto that,” Jack said to me. “I’ll wait for you in the car.”

I couldn’t change clothes fast enough. I was so happy that a major disaster had been averted. Still I couldn’t help but wonder how we were going to work all this out. I need not have worried. I had greatly underestimated them both. In the ongoing months we did manage to work things out. Sure there were a few bumps but nothing that sitting down and talking about it couldn’t resolve. I was so impressed and proud of them that I just had to tell them, which I did at least once a week. I think it helped to build the friendship that was growing between Jack and Steve.

When my birthday came around about three months later, it was a wonderful and special night. The three of us went out to celebrate by dinning at a fabulous restaurant where Steve and Jack split the bill. They would NOT let me pay for anything. (I was so touched by that, I wanted to kiss them both, but we were in public so I restrained myself.) Then we went back to my apartment, where they brought out a small birthday cake, and each gave me a small but wonderful present. (And one hell of a birthday kiss I might add.) From Jack a pair of gold plated cuff links, and from Steve a long sleeved white satin dress shirt, that required cufflinks. I smiled at them and gave them big hugs and kisses, as I knew that they had worked together on buying these gifts. If I ever needed proof that the three of us were going to work out this relationship successfully, I’d just gotten it.

But that was not all. I surprised the two of them when I presented them with some small gifts as well. I had gotten each of them a beautiful pure silk tie with matching silk puff. They were so touched that they couldn’t speak at first. They each gave me the most passionate and intense kiss that they possibly could. The rest of that evening, they would not let me lift a finger. It was like having two full time man-servants to attend to my every wish. To add to my enjoyment, they insisted that I hypnotize BOTH of them, so that they could call me ‘sir’ all evening. Wonderful does not begin to describe the evening, but it is the best word I can think of. It was the best birthday I had had, in a very long time.

The final act of this night dedicated to my pleasure, took place in my bedroom. After they had undressed me, bathed me, given me a thorough massage with scented oils and helped me to get ready for bed, I undressed the two of them. I might have gotten a little bit dizzy from spinning around from Steve to Jack and back again, but it was worth it, believe me. The three of us climbed into my bed and got comfortable. I have a queen size bed so it was only a little bit snug, but no one complained. I was nestled in between the two of them, warm and contented and deeply thankful to both of them for how this was all working out. I felt especially lucky and blessed that night. I had found two very special men to share my life with. It couldn’t get any better than this.