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The Coffee Shop.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Part 11. Jack.

It was not a week later that I heard from Jack, it was only three days later, on Saturday afternoon when he phoned me at home. He was warm, polite and courteous on the phone, the exact opposite of what our last telephone conversation had been. He was also bubbling with happiness and joy. He was absolutely thrilled with life and with me in particular. Why? Because he’d cut down his smoking to almost nothing. He was very eager to arrange another session with me so that he could finally quit for good, and he was hoping against hope that I was free this evening. What can I say? I’m a softie. I told him ‘yes’. I also told him that the earliest I could see him would be 7:30 PM and I did not mean 7:00 PM or 6:30 PM. He apologized for arriving so early the last time and assured me he would be at my apartment no earlier than 7:30 PM. I had a day of household chores ahead of me so an evening of hypnosis with Jack sounded pretty good. Steve was working the night shift again, so he wasn’t available, in any case.

* * *

Right on the dot, my doorbell rang at 7:30 PM, and I opened it to see Jack Jones standing there, in his fireman’s uniform, with a big smile on his face, and a garment bag slung over his shoulder. “Now, why in the world does he have that with him?” I thought to myself. I looked closer and realized that Jack had gotten his hair cut and styled since the last time I’d seen him. He looked very good, and he didn’t smell. It seemed as if he had taken my ‘suggestions’ from the last session to heart, but that still did not explain the garment bag.

To say that Jack looked good in his uniform was not an understatement. He did look good, very good. The uniform itself was unremarkable, but it fit him very well. It wasn’t tight, but it was close fitting. The short sleeved white shirt with a gold badge on the pocket and open at the neck , went well with the dark navy uniform pants. Polished black shoes, and a black belt with a gold buckle matching the badge in color completed his outfit. Simple, and subtle but he did look good in it. Frankly, though, nearly anything would have been better than the shabby clothes he wore the last time he visited me.

“What’s with the bag, Jack?” I asked him. “It’s too big for a pizza,” I joked.

“It’s a surprise for you, Paul,” Jack winked at me. “I want to prove something to you. So, before we start, is there somewhere I can go to freshen up?” He asked.

“Sure,” I said. “The bathroom’s that way,” I pointed. “But I don’t see.....” I started to say, and Jack just ignored me, and marched off to the bathroom. I was more curious than offended. He was up to something, but I didn’t know what. Ah, well, I’d find out soon enough anyway. So, while I was waiting I made myself a cup of tea in the kitchen.

Ten minutes later I heard Jack’s voice call out, “Ready or not, here I come!” I just raised an eyebrow and waited. A few seconds later Jack came around the corner. My jaw dropped. He had transformed himself. From just a good looking guy in a fireman’s uniform (which is not all that bad in itself I might add), he had gone to being a major league handsome guy in a suit. I guess you might even call him a suit stud. If I could have moved my lips and tongue I would have given him a wolf whistle!

He face, and hair remained unchanged, but not his clothes. Incredible! He was wearing a finely tailored three piece charcoal pinstripe suit that hugged his body close, and spoke of elegance and style. Accompanying it was a plain white long sleeved dress shirt with a starched spread collar and plain gold cufflinks. Filling the space between the top of his five button vest and his shirt collar, was a deep burgundy silk tie with the knot expertly tied and precisely centered. I glanced at the breast pocket of his two button single breasted jacket and saw a matching silk puff residing there. Still looking him over as he stood there and grinned at me, I noticed that his pants were not pleated, but plain fronts, with a sharp crease in the legs, and were cuffed at the bottom. His feet were encased in some very stylish black leather shoes that had been polished to a high buff. They were like mirrors almost. He had his hands in the front pockets of his pants so that I could see more of his suit and I soon noticed that the crotch of his pants had been raised up just a bit and was providing a hint of the equipment he had between his legs.

The man just stood there, slowly turned around a few times, to let me see how he looked from all sides, and just smiled at me. “So, what do you think?” He asked.

“You look great,” I replied. “But why the fancy clothes?”

“Just wanted to prove to you that I’m not a slob and to make up for that first impression you had of me,” Jack said with ease. “I know that you were disappointed in how I looked, and I wanted to give you a treat,” and he smiled at me.

“Meaning, what, exactly?” I asked him.

“Well,” Jack replied with just a hint of hesitation in his voice. “I kind of figured that you enjoyed wearing good suits from the way you were dressed the other night, and I thought that if you saw me like that, and knew that I also liked to dress up, you’d be more inclined to hypnotize me again. Maybe for a couple of hours this time. I hope that is okay with you.”

“Actually,” I said to him. “It’s fine. But, as I wasn’t expecting you in anything but jeans and a shirt, I decided to wear something casual. But enough about that, Jack. The fire hydrant is blue.” Jack’s eyes snapped shut immediately, and his head nodded forward as he just stood there in front of me wearing that beautiful suit, with his hands still in the front pockets of his pants. .

“Jack,” I said to him with just a slight tremor in my voice. “Make yourself comfortable on the sofa.” I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited when I saw him walk over to the sofa, sit down and close his eyes again. I was getting turned on at seeing him in that suit. Sitting across from him, I noticed that there was a bulge in his pants and that the longer he sat there the larger the bulge became. I decided to ask him a few more questions, and see if my suspicions were correct. But first the smoking had to be dealt with.

“Jack, please answer my questions and as you do, you’ll go even deeper and feel even better,” I said to him, and noticed that the bulge in his pants was getting a bit larger and longer. “How many cigarettes are your smoking in a day now?” I asked him.

“Two maybe, three, Paul,” he replied. “I really want to stop now. I feel so much better when I don’t smoke.”

“That is very good to hear, Jack,” I told him. He smiled at hearing me say this and nodded his head a few times. “With each passing day, you will feel the need and the desire to smoke dwindling, more and more. In two weeks time, you will have lost any desire or inclination to smoke. And, if you do have any cigarettes left at that time, you’ll either throw them out, or give them to a friend of yours who does smoke.” Jack nodded his head a few times after I spoke, but he did not say anything.

“Jack, you seem to like hypnosis at lot, is that true?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he replied. “But only when you hypnotize me. I’ve been hypnotized a couple of times, to try and stop smoking before, but it wasn’t very pleasant. I really enjoy it when YOU hypnotize me though.” I looked down and the bulge in his pants was steady. There was no sign of it getting any smaller. As I kept looking I noticed that his right hand was twitching in the direction of his fly. My suspicions were starting to be confirmed.

“Why?” I asked him.

“I don’t really know, why. I just like it.” He replied to me. “It just feels very good.” He was avoiding a direct answer to the question, I knew, but rather than deal with this issue head on, I thought I’d approach it from a different angle.

“Jack, open your eyes and look down at your pants,” I told him. “Now tell me what you see.”

“I see my suit pants,” Jack said hesitantly. “And my hands, my arms, and the rest of my suit.”

“And what else, do you see or notice?” I asked him.

“I....I...I see my hands covering my lap,” Jack replied just after he’d moved his hands to cover the bulge in his pants. He was really trying to avoid this, but I wasn’t exactly sure why.

“Jack, lift your head and look at me,” I told him. He looked up at me with a bit of hesitation, but he did it. “You find hypnosis erotic and a turn on, don’t you?” I asked him. He just nodded his head and blushed. “In fact, you have an erection right now, don’t you? " Jack nodded his head again, and blushed. I could see some concern beginning to show on his face. “Jack, you didn’t want to admit to me that you have an erection, even though I can see that for myself, right?” He nodded again, and blushed yet again. I could see his throat start to tighten. He was starting to become upset and afraid about something. “It’s okay to feel that way, Jack. For some people and for some guys that is a perfectly normal reaction. There is nothing to be ashamed or worried about.” I told him. He looked at me for a second, and gently shook his head sideways. A ‘no’. This was getting us nowhere. Looks like it was time for the direct approach.

“Jack,” I told him firmly. “Tell me what the problem is. You know you can trust me. I will not tell anyone else what happens here tonight. Whatever the problem is, I am sure we can work something out.”

Jack swallowed a few times and cleared his throat before he spoke. “I.....get very turned on when you hypnotize me. There is something about you...your voice that I can’t resist. I feel compelled to do what you say, and I’m not sure why. I’m so turned on by your voice that I want to hear it whenever I can get a chance. It makes me feel erotic, horny, sexy, and very turned on. More than I’ve ever felt before....even with the women I’ve taken to bed. I...I....I think you’re somehow changing me from being straight to gay. Paul, I’m scared of you now. But I can’t help myself either. I so badly want you to hypnotize me and make me feel like this that I don’t care about being scared.”

“How do I manage to pick these kinds of guys?” I asked myself . I needed a few minutes to think, so I just took Jack even deeper and had him lie down on the couch and relax. Well, almost all of him. His cock was even harder after he followed my instructions. There was definitely something unusual going on here.

“Jack,” I spoke to him, after a few minutes thought. “What I am about to tell you, should show you how much I trust you. Please do not speak, until I have finished, though. Jack, I am gay, and I am in the closet. I find you to be a very attractive and good looking man, especially in the suit that you are wearing right now. However much I may desire you, I will never force myself upon you or make a pass at you, even now while you are in a deep state of hypnosis. It is important for you to know and understand, Jack, that you are safe with me. I’m not some kind of sex maniac or some power mad man trying to turn you into a hypnotized sex slave. I’m just hear to help you. My ‘reward’ is that I get to see you as you are now, looking very handsome. But I will never touch you, physically. You are off limits.”

I took a deep breath, to calm myself and then said, “Okay Jack. I’m done. You may tell me what you think about all this now.” And I waited.

Jack just lay on the sofa, with his eyes closed. I noticed a smile slowly start to come to his lips. Slowly he opened his eyes and sat up, and then turned to look at me. Other than the smile his face was blank. I really couldn’t guess at what he might be thinking, or feeling. He didn’t say a single word to me. He just stood up and motioned for me to stand up as well. Curious, I did so. Jack walked up in front of me, and just grinned at me, and I could see his eyes light up and twinkle with amusement. (God how I loved looking at his eyes.) I didn’t understand what was so funny. If anything I was more confused than before I’d spoken to him. I didn’t have any time for thinking as Jack suddenly grabbed me with his hands and pulled me close beside him. His pressed his lips firmly against mine and put his entire body and being into the hottest and most passionate kiss I’d ever had from another guy. But he didn’t stop there. Somehow his tongue forced itself past my closed lips and inside my mouth. Once there it engaged my tongue in a sexual dance of pleasure and joy I’d never experienced before. I was stunned and amazed, but mostly I was turned on and aroused like never before. (Well, okay, Steve had that effect on me too, but he wasn’t here right now, so he didn’t really count.) The only thought that could find its way through the haze in my mind was, “And this is a guy who’s afraid I’m turning him from straight to gay?”

When he let me go a few minutes later, he just stood there looking at me, and blushing a bit as he said to me, “Well, I guess that settles that.” His cock had not gone soft for one second the entire time. I know because I had felt it pressing against my thigh. I was still very confused, and needed some straight answers. So I counted Jack out, while he stood there, and then I waited.

Jack was a bit confused at first, and a bit unsure of exactly what had happened. He finally seemed to get his bearings, and he looked at me with ‘sad puppy eyes’, and said, “Gee, Paul, I hope I didn’t do anything wrong, but I thought you wanted that.”

“What I want, Jack,” I said to him, once I had myself a bit more under control. “Is the truth. Just what is going on here? First you tell me that you’re turned on by hypnosis, and that you are scared that I’m turning you from straight to gay, and the next minute you’re giving me a kiss on the lips that could have melted an iceberg. Just what the HELL is going on?”

“Well, okay, I guess I do owe you an explanation,” Jack said as he sat back down on the sofa. I sat down opposite him in a nearby chair. He continued to speak. “I was just so pleased to know that you were gay, that I just had to do something to show you how I really feel. I lied to you earlier about being straight and being scared that you were turning me gay. I’ve been gay all my life, but since I didn’t know how you felt about it, I thought it best to play it safe. You’re gay, too. If anyone should know about what it is like to still be in the closet, you should.”

He had me dead to rights there. It was also true that unlike my session with Phil, I had not ‘ordered’ Jack to tell me the truth. After all, I had assumed he was straight and that all I’d get out of our relationship was some hypnosis sessions with him, and maybe a good friend. It seemed I’d gotten a lot more than I had bargained for.

“So, let me see if I have this correct,” I said to Jack. “You are gay. You really get turned on when I hypnotize you. You are attracted to me. You’d like me to hypnotize you some more. Is that basically the situation?” I asked him.

“More or less yes,” Jack replied. “But you left out the part that I really like it when you hypnotize me and I can feel you taking control. God, that feels so good. I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t do for you when you make me feel like that.” And he just looked at me with those beautiful ‘sad puppy dog eyes’ of his, and grinned.

“Stop tempting me, you Jezebel,” I grinned at him. “Before I zap you again, there are a couple of things we need to discuss, such as just what our relationship is going to be, and how far we are going to take this.”

Jack agreed with me, and we sat down and talked things out for a while. I won’t bore you with the details. It all came down to a relationship similar to what I had with Steve. The difference with Jack though, is that he never claimed to love me from the start. He just liked being controlled and being hypnotized. As for me I had another ‘stud’ to add to my stable, if you will pardon the crudeness of that remark.

The evening wasn’t over just yet though. Jack was still wearing that wonderful suit, and it seemed such a shame to waste such a golden opportunity. “The fire hydrant is blue,’ I said to Jack. Immediately his eyes closed, and his head nodded forward. A small smile came to his lips. I was sure he was looking forward to whatever I would have him do. I thought first of a strip show, but then had second thoughts about it as something more amusing came to mind. I left him sitting there and went to get a towel from the bathroom. He’d need it.

I instructed Jack to stand up and follow me into the living room. Once we were in a fairly clear area I started. I had Jack button his jacket closed and just stand there and not move. He was a bit puzzled about what was going to happen, since I’d told him nothing specific. I was going to enjoy this all the more.

I started very slowly, by just giving him a couple of light pecks on his cheeks. I walked around to stand behind him and told him to bend over and touch his toes, and to hold that position. God, he had a nice ass! I reached forward and slowly started to run my hands across his buttocks. Slowly at first and then with increasing pressure. In a matter of moments Jack started to moan with pleasure. I didn’t even have to suggest this to him. It was happening all on its own, but I wasn’t satisfied with that. I wanted this to be a truly memorable experience for him, so I told him that each action that I took and each instruction that he carried out, would result in increased sensations of pleasure as he became more and more turned on. Of course, I made sure that he couldn’t cum without my permission. Not that I wanted to be cruel, I just wanted to be sure he didn’t have an accident and ruin that nice suit of his.

After a few minutes of toe touching, I told Jack to get into a squatting position. He dropped down quickly and eagerly, moaning all the while. It was heaven for me to run my hands over his tight hard butt, as he swatted there balancing on his toes. He was having just a bit of trouble maintaining his balance so I told him to drop down to all fours and then lower his head to the floor slowly. Jack did so with more moans and a soft, “Thank you, Paul.” His ass was now pointing up in the air, making it all the easier for me to caress it. His pants were even tighter across his butt, and I knew that his cock had to be rock hard by now. There was one very good way to find out, so I took it. I got down on my knees beside Jack, and as I got nearer to him, my cock became even harder. My hands moved across his butt and traveled down to his crotch, and then explored forward. It did not take me long to locate his fully erect cock, and to let my fingers travel down the length of its shaft.

Jack’s moans were soft and frequent, but in between them I could distinctly hear him saying to me, “God, that feels good. Please, oh, please don’t stop. Yes! MORE! I love it. Do whatever you want to me, I’m YOURS!”

The fabric of his suit was soft and warm. Caressing him like that was starting to bring me close to an orgasm. I was deeply enthralled in the pleasure of the moment, but not so lost to it that I totally forgot about Jack. “Take that hot and hard cock of yours out of your pants, Jack,” I said to him. “And wrap it up securely in that towel. It will feel so nice to have your cock in a warm furry towel, Jack.”

“Oh yes, GOD YES!” Jack panted as he carried out my commands. “I’m getting close, so close....” He moaned. I continued to run my hands over under and around his butt, crotch and I even managed to stroke his balls encased as they were in the silky material of his boxers. My breathing was becoming a match for his, as the excitement built in me as well. I was getting closer and closer, and giving myself over to the sensations of pleasure that were building within me, and flowing through me. I am not exactly sure what happened during the next few minutes, other than at the height of my orgasm I remember calling out, “Shoot, Jack! Shoot!” And then hearing Jack’s animal cries of passion as he shot his load into the towel.

I guess it was five or ten minutes later when I blinked my eyes open to find myself lying on top of Jack, while he was lying face down on the floor breathing slowly with a satisfied smile on his face. I quickly scrambled off him and checked my jeans and Jack’s pants to see if there were any stains anywhere. Fortunately there were not. I was relieved as I had not wanted to ruin that wonderful suit of his. “Next time,” I told myself. “Remember to bring an extra towel for yourself.” Once I had recovered fully, I counted Jack out, and waited to see what his reaction was going to be.

Jack opened his eyes, and slowly got up off the floor. I wondered for a second if maybe he had hurt himself. But, he dusted himself off, and then turned to look at me. All he did was smile at me, and chuckle a bit. I just looked back at him with an expression of pure innocence and wonder as if to say, “Who me?” Jack cleaned himself up, returned that monster of his to its lair and put the towel in the dirty clothes hamper in my bedroom. He got himself a large cold glass of water from the kitchen and came back to sit at the dinning room table in a chair next to me. “That was,” he gulped the water down quickly. “Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I don’t know exactly what you did, but it was great.” He yawned a coupe of times and just looked at me and smiled again. I guess he could not find the words.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said to him. “Want to try it in your uniform?” I asked him.

“Oh, yes, I really would,” Jack replied. “But I don’t think I have the strength. You’ve warn me out. If I’m not careful, I’m going to fall asleep here.”

“And would that be such a bad thing, spending the night here with me?” I asked him, all trace of levity gone from my voice.

“No, I would like that very much,” Jack replied, and blushed. “But would you respect me in the morning?” He asked.

“Of course I would,” I told him. “All we are gong to do is sleep together. I’m not asking you to make love to me. I just want to hold you, and fall asleep in your arms.”

“God, you’re a wonderful man,” Jack said as he kissed me on the cheek. Then he glanced at his watch. “How about a couple of games of chess before we turn in?”

“Make it strip chess, and you’ve got yourself a deal, buddy,” I replied to him with a wink of my eye and smile on my lips.

“You are naughty, you know,” Jack said as he set up the board. “Do you want to be white?” He asked me.

“I defer to the good looking stud in the three piece suit, sir,” I told him, and grinned. And the game began. I won’t tell you who won or how many games we played. To be honest I can’t even remember. All I do remember is lying in bed with Jack, and having his arms wrapped around me as I fell asleep. It has been a most enjoyable evening all around.