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The Coffee Shop.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 1998. This story is the property of the author, Canadian Cowboy. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the author.

Part 2: The Gift

Suddenly, my world exploded in bright light. After blinking a few times (I could still do that apparently), my eyes adjusted to the light and I saw the ‘waitress’ in front of me again.

“Paul, I know you are scared, and for that I am truly sorry,” she said. “But you would not have stayed of your own free will, for the entire explanation. No harm will come to you, that I promise. Actually, I am going to make it possible for you to help yourself and a lot of other people at the same time. You have within you a power, that you can develop and control for the benefit of your life and the lives of others. I can teach you how to do this, but it must be your decision.”

She stopped talking and looked at me, then, and sighed. She knew that if I had been able, I would have either run from that place and NEVER come back, or tried to kill her. I’m not sure myself what I would have done. So much, I thought, for being a “kind and sweet person.”

“To begin with,” she said. “Yes I did drug your coffee, but only the first cup. It is a drug that affects only those few types of people who have the ‘spark’ within themselves. This is how I was able to confirm that you have the power, even though it is dormant. I felt something special as soon as you walked through the door. I felt a resonance of my power with yours, but it was very faint. I had to give you the drug to be sure.”

“The drug is, well, hard to explain. It opened up your mind and soul to me...and because we resonated, you were able to confide all your secrets to me...and were unable to lie. So, I know all about you, as is necessary if I am to help you develop your power.”

“For example, I know that you have a crush on your boss at work, and have fantasized about hypnotizing him into doing a strip show for you.” (At that I blushed so hard I though my head would explode. She DID know everything about me. I shuddered uncontrollably.) “I also know that there are a couple of good looking firemen at the fire station in your neighborhood that you’ve had your eyes on too. All you’d like to do is to see them slide down a fire pole, naked.” (Another blush, even brighter than before if that was possible.)

“I can make all this happen for you. I can teach you how to do this, but only if you want to learn. I know that you don’t believe me. I am going to give you a small sample of what your power could be, and allow you to use it just once, and only on one man.”

With that, she took my hand in hers, and looked deep into my eyes. I tried to close my eyes, or to look away, but I could not. I was compelled to look deep into her eyes. I felt my body start to float, and my mind begin to cloud. Vaguely, I heard some distant voice telling me things. Things that I knew to be real, but that I simply could not remember clearly.

* * *

I blinked my eyes open, and there stood the waitress bending over me and putting a cool wet cloth to my forehead. I was lying on the counter in the coffee shop, and my head ached a bit.

“Wha... what happened.?” I mumbled.

“You okay now, honey?” The waitress asked with big concerned eyes. “You suddenly fainted or something, and hit your head on the side of the counter. You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, thanks,” I muttered. “Guess I’m not eating right.” Well, that certainly would explain the ache in my head, I thought. All I want is to go home and crawl into bed.

“Listen, honey,” the waitress called as I left the shop, walking without too much difficulty. “You go home, go to bed and get some rest. Come back when you want another coffee.”

Kind of a strange thing to say, I thought to myself...but I was more concerned about getting home and resting.

I spend the rest of Saturday, and most of Sunday in bed. I was just so damn tired that I couldn’t DO anything. Come Monday morning I was my old self and ready to face another work week. My head was much better, and I felt better than I had in a long time.

The workday was uneventful. Nothing at all unusual happened, and for some reason I kept expecting something to. I smiled at my boss just like I always do, and he greeted me warmly just as he always does. Little does he know how much I long to see him out of that double breasted suit, preferably at my apartment. But that’s what dreams are made of, I thought, sighing quietly to myself.

Just at quitting time, my boss called me into his office. My first thought was, great, more work to do. I could not have been more wrong. Upon arriving in his office, I noticed that there was a young police officer sitting across from my boss chatting with him. Well, there’s my ‘unusual thing,’ I thought to myself.

“Ah, Paul,” my boss grinned at me. “You’re here. I’d like you to meet the son of a friend of mine. This is Officer Steven Stokes. I’ve been telling him about the success you’ve had with hypnosis here in the office and some of the good it’s done for stress among some of our workers. Steven, here would like to reduce his stress level, and I though maybe you could help him.”

It was true. I had hypnotized a lot of my coworkers, male and female....but always in groups. Never alone. I didn’t want to tempt myself or torture myself with something that I knew I’d never be able to have. It was no surprise to you, I’m sure, that my boss Phil, was one of the few people in our department that I had not hypnotized at least once, at one time or another. He always joked about it, when I asked him why he did not want to go under, by saying something like he had to keep an objective view of everyone including me, and besides it wasn’t going to get me a raise anyway.

“Sure, no problem, Phil,” I said to my boss. “I’d be more than happy to help out..” I am not sure exactly how I did it, but I managed to walk over to Officer Stokes and shake his hand without stuttering a hello or drooling. This Officer Stokes had to be at least 6 feet tall, and maybe 200 pounds. He was built like a brick blockhouse, with well muscled arms, and legs, a beautiful torso and clean cut almost chiseled features. Add to that short cropped brown hair, and deep olive green eyes that made you want to dive into them, and a smile that could have melted the north polar ice cap. And a gold ring on his left middle finger. DAMN!!!

Concealing my disappointment at finding him ‘off limits’, I asked him, “Officer, when would be a good time for you?” “Tonight would not be too soon for me,” I thought silently to myself as I looked directly into his eyes.

(ping) Funny, though, I thought I heard a bell or something ring very softly in my ears, I thought to myself. Guess I must be working too hard.

“Please, call me Steve,” he replied. “And would tonight be too soon?”

“Not at all. Here I’ll just give you my address and you can drop by after work,” I said, concealing my delight at this unexpected turn of events.

“My shift ends at 7:30 PM tonight. I’ll go home, change, grab a bite, and be at your place by, say 8:30? Okay?” Steven asked me.

“Sure. Sounds good.” I replied. Of course, what I was thinking to myself, as I stared into those deep olive green limpid pools that were his eyes was, “Don’t bother to change. I want to hypnotize you in your uniform, and cuff you too.”

(ping) There it is again. I must not be getting enough sleep.

Officer Stokes looked at me for a few seconds, as though having second thoughts. “Listen,” he said. “Just so that we have a bit more time, in case this takes longer than you think it might, I’d like to drop by your apartment, right after work. I’ll grab something on the way over. So I’ll see you at maybe 8 PM then?”

“Sure. That’s fine too,” I replied. A chill went down my back though. This was just a bit too much of a coincidence for me. But, I had made an appointment and I intended to keep it. Besides a the very least, I’d get to hypnotize a good looking guy and cop to boot. Funny, but that had always been a fantasy of mine. My last thoughts of Steve, as I caught his eyes while saying goodbye to him as he left the room were that I’d like it better if he did shower and put on a new uniform before he came over. (ping) Great. There it is again. Maybe if I take some aspirin, it’ll go away before my evening with Steve starts.

He was late. It was already 8:15 PM and no sign of Officer Steven Stokes. Sighing to myself, I finally accepted the fact that I’d been ‘stood up’ and went to the kitchen to drown my disappointments in a hot cup of tea. A couple of minutes before 8:30 PM my doorbell rang. I tried not to run to the door like some hormone deranged teenager, but I couldn’t help myself. Even if all I was going to do was to hypnotize this hunk of a cop, so that he could get rid of some of his stress, it was still very exciting. I’d wanted to do this for years, and never dared to hope I’d ever get a chance. And here it was being offered to me on a silver platter. My boss, Phil, didn’t know it, but I owed him one for this. Big Time. I had to take a couple of deep relaxing breaths, to calm my trembling arms before I could open the door.

The door opened and there stood Officer Steven Stokes. Still in his uniform, and looking, if possible, even better than when I’d seen him just a few hours ago. In fact, his uniform looked freshly pressed and very smart.

“Hi,” he said. “Sorry to be late, but I wanted to shower and put on a clean uniform before I came over. Hope you don’t mind.”

That’s a bit weird, I thought to myself. Why didn’t he just change into some casual clothes since he obviously went home instead of coming here directly from work? But I smiled at him and said, “It’s okay. I was beginning to wonder though, if you were going to show up at all. I am glad that you did decide to stop by. Do come in and sit down. Please, make yourself comfortable in the living room.”

Steven just smiled at me with that killer smile, as he walked into the living room, sat down on the sofa, and made himself comfortable. “Is it okay if I keep my shoes & hat on?” he asked. “For some reason I just feel better leaving them on.”

“Sure, whatever you like,” I said. “I like you better that way anyway,” I thought to myself. “All dressed for work and ready to go under.” I only hoped that my jeans were loose enough that my reaction to this hunk was not apparent to him. It shouldn’t be. I’ve had lots of practice (a lifetime, it seems), of keeping myself in control.

“That’s good,” Steven said. “Because I’d like you to do something for me before we start.”

“And what would that be, pray tell?” I joked and grinned. “Write you a ticket for being late?”

“Not quite,” Steve replied. “I’d like you to cuff me before we start. I’m kind of strong and I wouldn’t want to accidentally hit you with an arm if something goes wrong. No offense Paul, but I am far stronger than you are, and if something does go wrong I might accidentally hurt you.”

“You’re joking, right?” I asked, after I picked my jaw up off the floor. “This isn’t the normal way to start a hypnosis session, Steve. I’m not into the S&M stuff, and I don’t use hypnosis for that sort of thing. I’m not trying to control you or anything like that.”

“No, I’m serious,” Steven said. “I’ve hurt guys with just one hit from these arms of mine, and I don’t want to take that chance with you. I know a little something about hypnosis, and I know you can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do. I just want to be sure that YOU don’t get hurt.”

I just stared at him for a few seconds. We had just moved from strange to weird, bypassed bizarre, and gone straight into the Twilight Zone. “Well, give me a couple of minutes to think about this first, okay?” I asked him, with a puzzled expression on my face.

“Sure. Let me know what you decide,” Steve replied, as he moved around on the sofa and made himself more comfortable waiting for my decision.

This was not like ANY other hypnosis session that I had ever started in all my years of hypnotizing people. Something was very, very different about it, but I couldn’t seem to put my finger on it. I knew that until I figured this out, I wasn’t going to go on with this, in spite of my promise. I absently looked right into Steve’s eyes and thought to myself, “I hope he walks around the room while he’s waiting for my answer. I’d love to see how he moves.” (ping)

“I’m going to take a walk around while I’m waiting, if you don’t mind, okay?” Steve suddenly said as he stood up and started moving around the living room, looking at the books on the shelves, and at the furniture.

“Fine, take your time,” I said, and watched him walking around for a few seconds. I finally knew what ‘poetry in motion’ meant. He was graceful, and controlled. The uniform must have been tailored to fit him. It could not have been off the rack. A light blue short sleeved shirt, which emphasized his muscular arms, and dark blue pants with a red stripe down the outside seam of each leg. The pants seemed only to hint at what they might be concealing, although one thing was for sure...Steve had a wonderful butt. A black leather gun belt, with the expected assorted tools of the police officer, black polished shoes, a dark blue standard police officer’s hat and a dark navy blue plain tie, with a simple silver tie clip completed the outfit.

I turned away from Steve and looked at my right foot. It was no where near as pleasant to gaze upon, but at least I could now focus my attention on the problem at hand. It did not take too long, only a few seconds for me to work out what that mysterious something was. For some reason, unknown to me at present, Steve was obeying my suggestions, even though I had not spoken them out loud. I knew he was not hypnotized, as we had not started yet. Look at the facts, I said to myself. He’s wearing a new uniform, and he showered before he came over here. He wants to try this tonight, and he even wants to be cuffed. All ideas that I’d had when I was talking with Steve. And now that I thought about it, all ideas where two things always seemed to occur. First I was looking directly into his eyes at the time, and second, I heard that ‘ping.’

Deciding to test my theory, I looked at Steve, while his back was to me, (he was looking at some books in the bookshelf). I concentrated and thought to myself, “I want him to bend over and touch his toes.” I waited. Nothing. A full 30 seconds, and still nothing.

“Steve,” I called.

“Yes?” Steve replied as he turned around and looked at me.

I caught his eyes in an instant and thought at him “Steve, turn around, bend down and touch your toes. Then stand up and turn back to face me. Remember nothing of this when you are done.” It was a pretty big ‘command,’ but I reasoned it was the only real way to be sure. (ping ping ping )

Steve blinked a couple of times, and then proceeded to do just as I had silently suggested. He turned around, bent over at the waist and touched his toes, providing me with a wonderful view of his butt in those uniform pants. (Okay, so I took a tiny liberty in trying this out. Can you blame me? I’m only human, and Steve does have a nice ass.) Then he stood up again, turned back around, and looked at me. Blinking his eyes a couple of times he then said, “So what have you decided, Paul?” There appeared to be no indication of what he had just done and no apparent memory of having done it.

“Well,” I replied. “It is a bit unusual, but if it makes you feel better, we can try the induction with you cuffed. I would like to talk with you a bit before we actually start though.”

“Sure,” Steve replied as he walked over to the couch and sat down. (Definitely poetry in motion, I thought.) In a smooth practiced motion, he brought out his handcuffs and snapped one around his left wrist. “You can do the other one when you’re ready to start,” he said.

I walked over and sat down next to Steve, to the left of him. I made sure he was comfortable, and snapped the other cuff on his right wrist. Then I said to him, “Steve, I’d like to check out your eyes and make sure that you’re okay. So just give me a second, will you?”

As Steve looked into my eyes and said, “’Fine,” I gazed deep into his and thought quickly at him. “Steve, I am going to hypnotize you now, but without any words being spoken. I am going to use your badge to do it. I will take your badge and hold it near the lamp so that it catches and flashes the light at you and into your eyes. With each flash, each time I move the badge, your eyes will begin to tire. As they do, so will you body and your mind, at the same time. As you feel yourself getting tired and sleepy, you’ll start to count backward from ten to zero in your mind, and when you reach zero, you’ll feel yourself let go and drift into a deep, deep sleep. You eyes will close, your head will nod forward and your whole body will go limp and be very comfortable.”

(PING! PING! PING! PING! PING! PING! PING! PING! PONG!) Ouch! That last one hurt! I winced in pain for a moment, then the pain passed.

“You okay, Paul?” Steve asked noticing my pain.

“Just a bit of a headache,” I lied. “It’ll go away in a second.” Fortunately it did. The pain was intense but very brief. “Mind if I take a look at your badge before we start?” I asked him.

“Sure, but let’s get on with this soon. Okay?” Steve replied. He was getting impatient.

I reached over and removed his badge from his shirt and then held it near the lamp as if I were examining it in great detail. Holding it between my fingers, I slowly spun it around and around, making sure that it caught and flashed the lamplight towards Steve.

“Hey, it’s just an ordinary, badge,” Steve snickered. “Why are you so interested in it?”

I said nothing. I continued to spin the badge slowly between my fingers, letting the light flash towards Steve. I acted as if I was ignoring Steve as the badge continued to flash light at him.

“You know, this is starting to become kind of boring and a big disappointment,” Steve said to me. I turned to look at him and noticed that his eyes were locked on the badge, following it around whenever I moved it. He was blinking his eyes very frequently. As I watched, I could see him mouth the word ‘five’ as he continued to stare at the badge I was holding up in front of him.

“” Steve said, slowly with long pauses between the words. He mouthed the word ‘one’ after he finished the sentence. “”

At that moment Steve’s eyes closed, and his head dropped forward. A deep sigh escaped his lips, as his entire body went limp and he toppled over onto his left side, and his head wound up in my lap.

“Deep sleep now, Steve. Feel yourself going even deeper now,” I said to him as he lay there. I could see his beautiful body becoming even more relaxed as he sighed a few more times, and smiled. Content to just lie there in bliss. As for me, I was in heaven. The only question was, what do I do now?