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The Coffee Shop III: The Good, The Bad, And The Hypnotized

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 1999. This story is the property of the author, Canadian Cowboy. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the author, Canadian Cowboy.

Author’s Note. Although it is not necessary, you may wish to read The Coffee Shop for the full story of how Paul acquired his powers. You might also wish to read The Coffee Shop II: Cowboys and Tuxedos which describes the adventures of Paul since The Coffee Shop and before this story takes place.

Chapter 1: A Chance Encounter.

“Do you know you have a really nice ass?” I asked the man swatting down in front of me. It was true. He did have a really nice ass. (Well, let’s just say the profile of his ass seemed to be pretty good, after all I’d only seen him from the side when I was walking by his house.) The man was wearing a plain white cotton golf shirt, light blue jeans with a black belt, white socks and sneakers. In those nice snug jeans he was very attractive and worth spending a little time and effort investigating. Okay, the truth is that those jeans looked very tight and that’s why I’d noticed this man.

“Pardon me?” He replied, looking up at me with an understandably confused and slightly cautious expression. After all it isn’t every day that a complete stranger dressed as a cowboy walks (okay saunters) up your driveway, and says this to you. It is somewhat unusual, and a bit disturbing, even if the man is smiling at you in a friendly and benevolent manner.

It was only a second or two before his eyes met mine. Once they did, he was mine. Totally. “You trust me completely and are very at ease when I am around,” I said to him. I silently repeated the commands and sent them into his mind. “It feels good to talk with me, and to go along with what I say. Now, tell me your name, and get back to work.” I could see the caution and concern in his eyes fade away slowly, as my mental commands took hold. In a few heartbeats he blinked his eyes and smiled at me.

“Uhm....Glen Rogers is my name,” he replied with a grin.

“Nice to meet you, Glen,” I said to him.

“Thank you,” he replied as he beamed happily at me, and then turned back to weeding his flower bed. After a few moments of digging though, he stopped. He turned his head up and to the side to look at me again.

“What should I call you?” He asked me with a puzzled look on his face. “I’m afraid that I do not remember your name.”

“Whatever you think is right, Glen,” I said to him. “I’m sure you’ll come up with something. Once you’ve decided that, you should tell me about yourself while I watch you weed your flower bed.” This is one of my favorite moments when I use my powers on a new subject...the moment when they decide how to address me. It marks the beginning of something new and wonderful. (And, yes, it is a very erotic moment too.)

“How about ‘sir’?” He asked me with questioning eyes that silently begged for approval.

“It works for me, Glen,” I said to him with a smile.

“Great, sir! Thank you, sir!” He said to me, the relief and happiness in his voice plain to hear. You’d think from his reaction that he’d just narrowly avoided a major social blunder. Well, in his mind he had. Glen worked happily on his flower bed, digging out the stubborn weeds that always seem to come back no matter how often you pull them out, or what kind of weed killer you use. In the meantime I let my eyes wander over Glen’s body as I listened to him happily humming a tune. I was too engrossed in savoring the body in front of me to pay any attention to much of anything else.

It is not that Glen’s body was outstanding or really special in any way, only that he was a fit and trim man who looked to be in his late twenties or very early thirties. The jeans and golf shirt complemented his body, and showed it off in a subtle and somehow erotic way. Well, erotic to me, anyway. I have a weakness for slim men in tight jeans, especially when they bend over or squat down. I would guess that Glen had a thirty inch waist and probably a thirty-six inch chest, maybe thirty-eight. In a word...yummy. His face complemented his body very well. His hair was sun bleached blonde, short and curly, and it was a full head of hair with no sign of balding. His eyes were a lovely shade of brown, warm and inviting. Each time he looked at me, I smiled at him. I couldn’t help it. Those eyes just made me want to reach out and hold Glen as close to me as I could. For some reason I kept thinking of him as a big soft cuddly teddy bear, even though he did not have anything like the ‘bear’ appearance. It just seemed to fit him somehow. I guess it was because his face was one of those faces that seems warm and inviting the minute you see it. He had a full almost bushy mustache, but otherwise his face was clean shaven, with clear skin that looked soft and smooth, most inviting. His smile added to his warmth and charm. Every few minutes as he knelt there working on his flower bed, Glen would turn his head, glance up at me and smile. Each time he did I grinned back at him and silently thanked God for my powers. It truly was a gift to have the ability to just walk up and snatch the mind of any man who catches your eye.

Watching Glen while he worked was a pleasure in itself, and as he told me about himself I came to realize that I had a wonderful and rare opportunity. Glen was married (and heterosexual but hey, nobody’s perfect). His wife who was out of town on a business trip, would not be back until tomorrow (Monday). They didn’t have any kids, but were working on it every chance they got. So, he and I had the whole house to ourselves for the remainder of the day. Further inquires on my part revealed that Glen was not expecting any company for the rest of the day, nor did he have any plans to go out anywhere with anyone. Talk about a golden opportunity! I knew I had to take full advantage of this situation, as I might not be able to arrange anything as good as this for a long while.

Glen’s movements were fluid and smooth. I got pleasantly hard just watching him. Oh, it’s not that I wanted to screw him, (well, not immediately) I just got so aroused knowing that this man was mine to do with as I wished. The feeling of power and joy that comes along with that knowledge is an aphrodisiac in itself. I was lost and enjoying myself as I watched Glen work, and talked with him a little bit. I complemented him on his body and how much it pleased me to see him working. Each time I did, Glen blushed and smiled at me demurely. He didn’t know what to say to me, but he was very happy that I was pleased with him. He was innocence itself, at least as far as being attractive to another man was concerned, and that only added to his charm and appeal. Even as beads of sweat started to form on his brow, Glen looked good. That brought me back to reality as I straighten up and realized how uncomfortable I was. The sun was hot, and if I felt like this and I had not been doing anything, then Glen must be starting to suffer. “Time to go inside,” I thought to myself. “Don’t want either of us to get heatstroke.”

“Just what the hell is going on here, and who the hell are YOU?” A rough and tumble voice barked out behind me. Before I could even form the words of a response, I was suddenly grabbed from behind and turned around roughly to find myself facing the meanest set of eyes I’d ever seen. These were cold and clear blue eyes, that looked like they were make of ice. There wasn’t a trace of warmth or friendliness in them. Nor was there any trace of friendliness in the face those eyes belonged to. The face was large, very mean looking, and very, very hard. It was a face made of granite, with deeply chiseled and rugged features, that were completely in proportion to each other. In actual fact, this was a very handsome and attractive face. Were it not for the near hatred that was written across it, I would have found this face a turn on.

The hands that firmly, almost painfully, gripped my shoulders, did so with a grip of steel that I knew I’d never be able to break out of or squirm free from. These hands were each attached to an arm that looked as tough and as hard as that face was. The arms were clothed a tight fitting off-white T-shirt, but it was tight only because of the tremendous muscles in those arms. My eyes quickly followed the arms up the to chest and looked over the body of this Adonis who held me captive. He could have been a walking advertisement for a gym or workout machine. The guy was a drop dead gorgeous! He had the type of body that all men want or wish they had, and that all gay men desire to hold. I desperately wanted to glance down and see what his lower body looked like, but I didn’t have the opportunity, as I was shaken rather roughly when I did not immediately answer him.

“It’s okay, Rob,” Glen suddenly said as he stood up and tugged uselessly at this Rob’s arm. “This is a friend of mine.”

“I don’t think so,” Rob said to Glen without so much as a glance in his direction. “I’ve never seen this guy around the neighborhood before. I saw how you’ve been looking at this guy for the last half an hour or you’re in love with him. I know you can’t be, so there’s something strange going on here.” Turning his attention back to me, he addressed me. “You, whatever your name is, what’s gong on here?”

“Release me, drop your hands to your side, and be frozen in place. Unable to move, or yell out, but able to talk in a normal tone of voice,” I quickly and silently commanded him. I didn’t waste any time talking to this ox of a man. His grip was becoming painful, and I’d had enough of it.

Rob’s face was a mask of surprise and astonishment after he did exactly as I’d instructed him. His beautiful eyes now registered shock with just a hint of fear and there was a quiver in his voice as he asked me quietly, “What did you do to me? Why can’t I move?” I ignored Rob for the moment, as I had to deal with Glen and keep control of this situation before it got out of hand.

“Who is this man, Glen?” I asked him.

“He’s my next door neighbor and a coworker of mine, sir, " Glen replied quickly. “He didn’t hurt you did he, sir?” The concern in Glen’s voice was touching, but I didn’t have any time to pay it much mind.

“No, I’m fine, Glen, but what is Rob doing here? Does he often just show up like this?” I queried Glen.

“Not often, just every now and then, sir,” Glen replied quickly.

“Let’s go inside, sit down at your kitchen table and talk about all this, Glen. You too Rob,” I instructed them.

“Yes sir!,” Glen replied as he eagerly lead the way into the house. Rob followed Glen, without a second of hesitation, but Rob’s face showed his aversion to the idea. I knew without asking Rob, that he’d rather not go into the house with Glen and I. “Better to handle this inside and in private,” I thought to myself. Mind you, it was hard to keep any thoughts in my head as I watched Rob’s ass moving in front of me. He was wearing a pair of white tennis shorts, that were loose and comfortable, but still hinted (okay so they MORE than hinted) at the well muscled butt and thighs that the material concealed. I quickly glanced down at his feet (it wasn’t easy mind you, with that wonderful ass of his available for me to look at), to see that he was wearing a pair of nondescript running shoes. Only when Rob sat down in a chair at the kitchen table, did my mind wander back to the issue at hand, and then only because the show was over.

“Quickly and quietly, explain yourself Rob. Tell me why you man handled me out there, and why you even came over to Glen’s house in the first place,” I instructed Rob.

“I needed to borrow Glen’s lawn mower as mine is still broken, so I came over to ask him if I could borrow his to cut my lawn,” Rob replied. He paused and swallowed a few times before continuing. He was nervous, and it did not take a physic to guess that he was pretty sure that I would not like what he was about to tell me. I waited patiently.

“I saw you talking with Glen when I headed over here,” Rob continued a few seconds later. “I hadn’t seen you around the neighborhood before and wondered who you were. As I got nearer I noticed how Glen seemed to be smiling at you each time he said something to you. I also saw him call you ‘sir’. I can read lips you see, and I saw what you said to him. I know a gay pickup line when I hear it, and that’s what you were saying to him. I know that Glen’s not gay or even bisexual, so I knew that something funny was going on. I decided to put a stop to it before anything happened.” Rob stopped talking and waited. He swallowed nervously a few more times.

This was interesting and it fit the facts, but not quite. Something was missing. I looked over at Glen. “Anything to add to this, Glen?”

“Yes, sir,” Glen replied and smiled at me. “Rob is one of my best friends, and he also happens to be gay. He doesn’t like it when gay men try to pick me up, though. He and my wife are really close friends, and Rob doesn’t want anything to happen that might hurt her.”

“I see,” I said. I sat there and thought for a few moments about what to do next. The information from Glen helped to explain why Rob had reacted the way he did. It was unfortunate for me that Rob was an accomplished lip reader. I only had myself to blame though, for letting this situation happen. If I’d been smart, I’d have gone inside with Glen as soon as I’d taken control of him. As I sat there contemplating these thoughts, I looked at Glen and then at Rob. Glen was quite content to sit there and wait for me to say something. Rob, though, was nervous and upset and getting more so with each passing minute. He was starting to sweat and the fear in his eyes started to grow. Despite the unfortunate beginning, Rob interested me now, almost as much, if not more than Glen did. I thought about just sending Rob on his way back home, and then I thought about it again. I smiled slowly to myself as an interesting, and slightly naughty idea came into my head. Rob’s face became a mask of fear and terror as he saw the smile spread slowly over my lips. Glen, on the other hand seemed to perk up and get a bit excited at seeing me smile.

“Please...uh...’sir’? I’m sorry for what I did earlier. I realize that it was none of my business, and please, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to just go now and leave you and Glen alone,” Rob pleaded with me. He was very scared of me now, and was trying somewhat desperately to get me to release him. As much as I might have disliked his earlier roughing me up, I didn’t see any need to scare him like this. I felt a twinge of guilt at seeing him suffer like this and decided he’d had enough.

“Rob, look into my eyes now,” I said to him and silently echoed the command mentally. Once I had firm eye contact with him, I spoke to him again. “As you continue to look into my eyes, you begin to relax and to realize that there is nothing to fear about me. Glen likes me and knows me, and since he trusts me, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too. As you feel your trust in me grow, Rob, you feel your body relaxing and becoming more comfortable and pleasant. In only a few moments, you’ll trust me so much and so completely, that you’ll be able to move your body just like before, and you’ll smile at me just like Glen does. You’ll suddenly realize how good it feels when you listen to me and obey me, and you’ll smile at me waiting for my next instruction.”

“No....please....I....I don’t want to. I just want to go home, please....I won’t tell anyone anything.....please...” Rob continued to plead with me. It was actually very moving to hear him like that. He knew what was going to happen to him, and he truly did not want to become my ‘friend’ like Glen was. It was too late though. Rob could not look away from my eyes, and as he continued to look his thoughts and feelings about me underwent the expected and delightful transformation.

“No...I want to go home....” Rob continued to plead, but in a much weaker voice. “I want to go......I want to....I want..... Your eyes..... Can’t look away...... What is it about your eyes???? They’re like deep dark blue pools...... I can feel myself diving into them..... I’m going under.... I’m..... I’m loosing myself in your eyes.....” Rob’s body began to relax and he started to slump down in the chair as the stiffness and fear he felt earlier melted away from his mind.

“So good.....I feel so good. Your eyes make me feel so good...” Rob said in broken sentences and a dull drone. He stopped speaking and just continued to look into my eyes, and after a few more minutes he was smiling, as he nodded his head a few times.

“You’re feeling very good about yourself, about me and about Glen, aren’t you , Rob?” I asked him.

“Yes indeed sir, I am,” Rob replied quickly. He smiled at me a little longer, and then his face grew dark. “I’m really sorry for what I did to you earlier, sir. I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything like that. I was only trying to look out for my friend, Glen, sir. I hope you understand, sir. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

“It’s okay, Rob,” I said to him soothingly. “I understand. Don’t worry about it.”

“Oh thank you, sir!” Rob blubbered with joy and relief. But then his face darkened again, and he looked at me with troubled eyes. “What I did was wrong, sir,” he said. “I am sorry for what I did, but I still think I need to be punished, so that I won’t ever do that again.”

Alarm bells started to go off in my head as I heard this. I hoped this would not lead in to an area in which I had no interest. Best to ask and find out, I thought to myself.

“Are you into ‘discipline’, Rob?” I asked him, hoping that the answer would be ‘no.’

“Not at all, sir,” Rob replied with a shocked and upset look on his face. “I only feel that I owe you for what I did to you earlier. I would feel better if you hit me or took a swing at me or something, sir. Just so that we are ‘even’, sir.”

“All right then, Rob,” I said to him and sighed with relief. “Bend over your chair, right now. I’m going to spank you a few times. Will that do?”

“Yes, sir, it will,” Rob replied. “Do you want my shorts down too?”

“No, that will not be necessary, Rob,” I said to him. (Okay, I suppose you are wondering why didn’t have Rob drop his shorts, since it would have provided me with a wonderful opportunity to see his butt and maybe a few other details. I don’t owe you an explanation, but I will say this much. It wasn’t the right time for that sort of thing. I had something else in mind, and I did not want to become distracted. Considering what Rob looked like, his naked butt would have been a major league distraction, if you get my meaning. )

Rob stood up, and then draped himself over the chair he had been sitting in. His butt was arched over the seat of the chair in the perfect position. Rob gritted his teeth in anticipation of the pain he would soon be feeling, and waited. Glen, meanwhile looked at me with a dazed expression as if he could not believe what he was seeing. I walked over to where Rob was, and slapped his butt three times. To call it a spanking or a paddling, you would have to really stretch the the breaking point.

“That’s it Rob,” I said to him, when Rob did not move after about a minute.

“Sir? That’s all?” Rob asked puzzled.

“Yes,” I said to him calmly. “It was merely symbolic. The fact that you were willing to submit to corporal punishment is more important than the actual punishment, Rob. So, stand up and come with Glen and I, into Glen’s bedroom.”

“Yes, sir,” Rob replied relieved at having gotten off so lightly. Glen, smiled at me with relief as well. I’d seen a touch of fear on his face when Rob draped himself over the chair.

A bedroom, is a bedroom is a bedroom, when you get right down to it. There’s not really any point in describing what Glen’s bedroom was like, except to say that it had a big king sized bed, with plenty of room, and it looked very comfortable.

“Glen, Rob, I want both of you to strip down to your shorts,” I said to them. “After which Glen you will lie face down on the bed. Rob you will then start to give Glen a massage and get out all the knots from his muscles. He is your friend after all, and you do want him to feel good don’t you, Rob?”

“Oh yes, sir!” Rob replied as he began shucking off his clothes.. “Glen is a very good friend and I like helping him.”

You didn’t have to be rocket scientist to figure out that Rob had his own reasons for wanting to give Glen a massage. The smile on Rob’s face as he watched Glen removing his clothes was evidence enough of what Rob was probably thinking. Glen removed his shirt somewhat reluctantly. Only when I smiled at him with encouragement, did he continue to strip. In less than two minutes both men were wearing only their shorts. (Take a wild guess who got to enjoy the view of both of these men stripping? ). Glen climbed onto the bed and lay face down on it. Rob walked over to him, hesitantly, and slowly started to rub Glen’s neck muscles trying to relax them.

“Glen, focus on the touch of Rob’s hands. They’re so warm and wonderful aren’t they?” I asked him.

“Yes sir,” he replied softly. “They do feel warm and good.”

“Just let the heat penetrate your muscles and when you feel them relaxing, when you feel your muscles going limp as Rob rubs them, you’ll moan with delight,” I said to him. “Feels so good, doesn’t it, Glen?”

“Oh yesssss.....” Glen replied dreamily, as his body started to go limp. He didn’t say anything more. He just moaned every now and then.

“You can feel how soft, smooth and warm Glen’s body is, can’t you Rob?” I asked him.

“Yes, sir,” Rob replied in a neutral voice.

“It is almost like your nervous systems are linked, Rob,” I said to him when he looked up at me in puzzlement. “Each moment of pleasure, and relaxation you give to Glen, you feel in your body as well. Almost as if he were giving you a massage at the same time you are giving him a massage.”

“When you feel that happen, you start to moan in time with Glen’s moans,” I said to him. I enjoyed the surprise I saw on his face as he felt the first waves of pleasure move through his body. It didn’t make any sense to him, but that didn’t matter either. Rob had no choice but to believe what I said to him. A few minutes later, logic and common sense went out the window as Rob started to respond to his massaging of Glen’s body with the same enthusiasm and intensity as Glen did.

I was rock hard, and enjoying this wonderful site. Two good friends, one a major league stud muffin, the other very good looking as well, both moaning in unison, during a simple massage. Rob worked like a pro. (I won’t tell you how I know Rob worked like a pro. Let’s just say that hypnosis not my only talent.) He moved down from Glen’s neck to his shoulders and then slowly worked his way down to Glen’s waist and stopped just short of Glen’s underwear. Slowly and sensuously, Rob caressed (more than massaged) each square inch of Glen’s arms. I found myself regretting that I was only watching this, because it looked as if both of them were enjoying themselves greatly. (Do I have a gift for understatement or what? These guys were so hot I could swear I saw steam rising from their bodies!)

Rob moved down to Glen’s feet, and worked on them next. First the left foot, then the right foot. Then up the right leg to just short of Glen’s right buttock. Rob returned to Glen’s left leg and worked his way up it to just short of Glen’s left buttock. Rob then paused for a few moments to catch his breath, and leaned over and whispered in Glen’s ear, something that I could not make out. Glen nodded his head vigorously, and Rob’s hands flew to Glen’s buttocks and started to kneed them like a baker kneading a big pile of dough. Glen moaned out somewhat louder than before, and Rob joined him. (I wiped away the drool from my mouth with the back of my hand. Can you blame me for drooling? Wouldn’t you have done that too? Don’t answer that, I KNOW what you would have done at that point. Dog pile anyone?) I glanced over at Rob’s butt and saw it moving and swaying around as he literally danced with joy while he continued to massage Glen.

“When you’re ready, roll over Glen,” I called out to him. You’d have thought someone had poked him with an electric cattle prod, Glen flipped over so fast. He even caught Rob by surprise. Before he could quite realize it, Rob’s hands were suddenly all over the front of Glen’s shorts, and had come up against the large mound concealed there. Nearly, paralyzed with shock Rob just stood there but he did manage to snatch his hands away from Glen’s body. Clearly he had not intended to get ‘personal’ or ‘intimate’ with Glen. Rob took a few breaths and then moved over to place his hands on the upper part of Glen’s chest and continue with the massage. Soon Rob’s hands were tracing slow smooth circles around Glen’s pectorals, and Glen was again moaning with pleasure. Rob soon joined him.

Glen slowly lifted his eyes open to gaze up at Rob. Glen blinked a few times, and said softly, “Please, don’t stop. Do all of me. Do every inch. I want you to.” And with that, Glen’s hands moved down to his sides and he slithered out of his underwear. Glen pulled it completely off and tossed it aside not caring where it might land. (I’d like to take credit for this, and say that it was my idea, but I can’t. This request came from Glen on his own. I can’t really blame him though. I know I would have done the same thing in his place if I had a stud like Rob giving me a full body massage. Of course, I would have had my underwear off in a somewhat shorter period of time.) Completely nude now, Glen closed his eyes again and wiggled his body in anticipation of where Rob’s hands would soon be.

Rob continued to move his hands over Glen’s chest, and to let them stray down to his stomach. Then Rob looked up and over at me. At first I thought he was asking me permission to continue with the massage. I was about to tell him that it was okay, until I noticed that his eyes kept shifting from me, then down to the floor, and he kept jerking his head down towards the floor as well. I smiled as I suddenly understood the unspoken request. My heart filled with joy and my hands trembled a little as I walked over to where Rob was and stood beside him.

“Yes, please, sir,” he muttered at me.

I reached out and placed my hands on either side of his waist on top of his shorts and then pulled down sharply and suddenly. Easier than pealing a Mandarin Orange, his shorts slipped down off of his hips. I released Rob’s shorts and they formed a puddle around his feet a second or two later. Without missing a beat, Rob stepped out of them, and returned all of his attention back to Glen.

I’m only human. I gave into temptation. I stood there behind Rob, and I started to caress his body, his wonderfully athletic, sculpted, muscular, sensuous, sexy, hot and heavenly body. My hands ran all over Rob’s back and his butt and his legs, and I could go on for hours. In fact it felt like I did. I explored nearly every inch of his skin, it was so smooth, warm (okay HOT) and firm. My questing hands moved across Rob’s chest and finding his hard and erect nipples, brushed them gently with my fingertips. I squeezed them gently. Rob barked out soft oh’s of pleasure with each squeeze. I pressed my face into his back and inhaled deeply the scent and smell of him, as I held on tightly to Rob. Both of us shuddered with joy. But I did not touch his cock, even though it was at half mast, and seemed worthy of my full attention. I doubt, though, that Rob even noticed my attentions. He was so focused on Glen’s massage, and the reciprocal actions he was feeling that nothing short of a blow job would have made any impression on him. (I know what you are thinking, but that did not happen. Hey, I may be a hypnotist who takes advantage of good looking men, but I’m not a slut. Casual sex is still not part of my code, no matter how involved I might get. If you can’t understand how I’m able to keep from crossing the line like that, then there’s no use in my trying to explain it to you. Enough said.)

Oh how I wanted to keep holding and hugging and touching Rob. Physical contact is such a turn on. Rob was snatched out of my clutches, quite literally, when Glen’s eyes popped open and his arms sprang out to grab Rob and pull him on top of Glen, with a strength that was as surprising as it was fast.

“Have to feel you next to me, beside me, holding you...” Glen called out between moans of joy, as he pulled Rob closer and closer towards him. Rob struggled to pull away, but it was only a token effort. I know he could have pulled away from Glen if he’d really wanted to. With muscles like his, Rob could have bench pressed a mini-van! I watched in amazement and with more than a twinge of envy, as Rob was pulled on top of Glen, and a mutual caressing and body exploration began. (Gee that makes it sounds so clinical and scientific. Let’s call a spade a spade shall we? These two guys started to make out like sex crazed weasels!) They rolled back and forth across the bed as first Rob was on top of Glen, and then Glen was on top of Rob. They embraced each other and entwined their bodies around each other like a pair of pretzels. I am sure that I was the farthest thing from their minds. But that was about to change, as I quickly and quietly stripped off all my clothes while I watched them perform their erotic and sensual ballet on the bed.

“Hearing only my voice now, Rob and Glen,” I called out to them. “Realizing that when I touch either of you, it will feel ten times better than when you touch each other. When you know and understand this, you will freeze in place and then look around for me. When you see me, you will be amazed at the sight of me. It will take your breath away, and you will suddenly ache and yearn for me to come and lie next to you so that I may place my hands on your skin.” (Okay, so maybe I was pilling it on a little thick, and making them see me for more than I really was. Can you blame me? Come on, I know you’d have done the same thing in my place. Don’t lie to me now.)

The effect was a wondrous as it was immediate. Rob and Glen suddenly stopped paying attention to each other and while still embraced, tried to look around the room to find out where I was. When they saw me, they caught their breaths. The expressions on their faces went from surprise and shock to desire and want in only a few seconds. Their hunger for me wasn’t any less pleasing or real to them, for all that I had arranged it. I smiled coyly at them as I slowly walked over to the bed and climbed on to it I wiggled my way over next to them, and touched each of them lightly on the forehead with just a finger tip. To hear them cry out in joy, you’d have thought that they’d just cum. I pressed down on Rob’s shoulder and pressed up on Glen’s shoulder as I slowly separated them so that I could get in between them, just a little bit. They parted like two slices of sliced bread, easily and effortlessly. Glen slowly lifted himself up with his arms as Rob continued to lie on the bed and moan softly.

I looked at Rob’s face for a few seconds, as he lay there eyes closed and moaning quietly. I savored each and every inch of skin as I let my eyes travel down from Rob’s face to his neck, and his wonderfully muscled chest. I paused, and reached out with my hands to gently, oh so gently, caress his wonderful pectorals. I let my fingers brush against Rob’s nipples and he jerked slightly and barked softly with joy each time that I did so. I kept my eyes on his chest as my hands started to slide downward onto his rock hard abdominal muscles. He had a stomach like a washboard, but I couldn’t stop looking at his chest. Just watching him breath slowly and deeply was so damn sexy.

Suddenly my fingers encountered something warm and sticky. I looked down in shock to see my fingers covered in fresh warm white cum. Rob had jacked off when I’d touched him earlier. I hadn’t meant my touch to be that intense, but I guess it had been, for him at least.

“Rob, open your eyes and look down and tell me what you see,” I said to him.

“Yes, sir,” he replied thickly. “I see your hand on my stomach covered in my cum.”

“What should we do about it, Rob?” I asked him, with just a hint of a smile on my face.

“We need to clean your fingers, sir,” Rob replied with a slight glow in his eyes. “I have an idea, sir....”

“Oh really?” I said with faked surprise. “Please, do tell me what it is.”

“Put your hand by my mouth, sir, and you’ll find out,” Rob said with a sly grin.

“While Rob takes care of this matter, Glen, " I said as I looked up at Glen who had remained quiet and motionless during this time. “How about you do something nice for me?”

“Of course sir,” Glen replied happily. “I was hoping you had not forgotten about me. What would you like me to do?”

“Look at your position, Glen.” I said to him. “You are more or less on all fours. Think about it for a moment, and I’m sure you’ll come up with something..” I left Glen to ponder that as I slowly moved my hand over to Rob’s mouth. I was getting harder and harder just thinking about what was about to happen.. As my hand drew near to Rob’s mouth and his eager tongue, I heard a series of small soft barks from the general direction of Glen. “So he’s figured out the clue,” I thought to myself. “I wonder what he’ll do now.” I felt Glen move on the bed as he got into a more accurate dog position, that is on hands and knees, and I heard him pant as he approached me. He nuzzled my head and barked a few times at me, as I continued to ignore him, and gave the larger part of my attention to Rob’s tongue as it reached out and brushed the tips of my fingers.

Glen wasn’t putting up with this, though. He playfully but forcefully head butted me, when I continued to ignore him. Seeing that he was still not getting my attention, Glen moved his head beside mine and started to lick my face, on the cheek. After only a few licks he moved towards my left ear and started to lick it in a most determined manner. I had to admit, though, it was effective. I had to split my attention between Glen’s tongue and Rob’s. Seeing the desired effect, Glen redoubled his efforts and licked my ear all the harder. His tongue was kind of rough for some reason, and his contented purring was very loud and very distracting.

“Wait a second,” I thought to myself. “Since when do dogs purr?” Suddenly my mind cleared and I became aware of a heavy warm and small body lying on top of my side, a loud purring sound, and something warm and furry tapping my nose, all in blackness.

“What the hell?” I thought to myself, and struggled around in the bed. In shock I realized that my eyes were closed, and I wrenched them open to see some blurry red lights. Blinking a few times and then squinting my eyes, I brought the lights into focus. 3:47 is what the lights read. I was looking at my alarm clock! It all made sense, as I came to realize that I was lying in bed, with my cat lying on top of me, purring in my ear and licking it every now and then, while her paw reached out to tap my nose.

“A dream?” I asked myself. “It was all a dream? What a (insert your favorite string of curse words), and I have to go to work in a few hours!”

It took me about fifteen minutes to calm down enough so that I could fall back to sleep. I had to work tomorrow and as much as I wanted to, I could not continue my dream where it left off. As for the cat, she’s still alive. However, I think I’ll be keeping my bedroom door closed from now on.