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The Coffee Shop III: The Good, The Bad, And The Hypnotized

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 1999. This story is the property of the author, Canadian Cowboy. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the author, Canadian Cowboy.

Chapter 2. Hello, Monday Morning.

How I hate it when the alarm goes off, especially on a Monday morning, and most especially after that dream I’d had. It must be some type of side effect from my powers, since I’d never had such an intense dream in my life. I may like my job, but some days I would just as soon sleep in. (All those in favor, raise your hands.) This Monday morning was like most of my others, hard to get started, but I managed it.

I completed my morning routine, and managed to make myself look and feel human again. I headed off to the office, to face another day of challenges. It is not that I do not enjoy my job, I do enjoy it, a lot in fact. I am just not a morning person. Once I get started though, I’m okay.

I arrived at work at my usual time, and things went well that morning. I even bumped into Phil my old ex-boss, and we chatted briefly during the morning coffee break. Phil was giving me short and secret ‘puppy dog eyes’ looks as we talked. He was trying to hint that he wanted another hypnosis session with me sometime soon, but he wasn’t going to come right out an say it. He couldn’t actually ask me for a session, since he’d been conditioned (I prefer that word to programmed) to always let me decided when and where I was going to hypnotize him. The coffee room was mostly empty, and there was no one anywhere near where we were, so I thought it would be safe to talk.

“Let me guess, Phil,” I said to him with a smile. “You’d like to arrange for another session with me sometime soon, right?”

“Well, yes, Paul,” Phil replied eagerly. The ‘sir’ at the end of the sentence was unspoken but implied. “I have a new outfit, a new suit that I would really like to show you. I value your opinion, and would like to know what you think of it.”

“Well, I’m free this weekend,” I said calmly. “How about you?”

“I have the weekend and the house to myself,” Phil said with a smile. “The wife and kids are off visiting her folks. I couldn’t go because of that presentation I have to give next week. I just couldn’t get anyone to cover for me. Sharon really wanted to fly out and visit her folks for a week or so. I told her to go ahead, and take the kids with her. So I’m a bachelor, for the weekend at least.”

I smiled to myself, as I thought for a few moments. I had a sneaky suspicion that Phil wanted to more than just show me his suit. I was somewhat intrigued as Phil had a pretty attractive body for a 39 year old, and he always looked good in a suit. I could wait until the weekend. “How about sometime Saturday afternoon we get together?” I asked him.

“I could pick you up at your place at two o’clock, if you like, " Phil offered. “Then we could drive over to my house.”

I was a bit surprised at his suggestion. We’d never had a hypnosis session at Phil’s place, because of the risk of his wife or the kids coming home unexpectedly. “You don’t want to have the session at my place, Phil?” I asked him.

“Well, I’ve always been a guest at your home, Paul, and I’d really like to return the favor,” Phil explained. “I am certain that we will not be interrupted at my house. Unless you’d rather not....”

“I think your house will do just fine,” I said to him. Then in a very low voice I continued. “Besides, this way you won’t have to deal with packing up clothes to bring over to my place.”

“True,” Phil replied. “Shall I call you at say one thirty, before I head over?”

“Good idea, Phil,” I answered. “But back to business. Now, about the Warner account....” The conversation quickly went back to discussing business, so I won’t bore you with the details. Maybe my Monday wasn’t all that interesting, but my weekend plans sure looked good. I left the coffee room feeling a bit happier.

The morning progressed smoothly and quietly. I decided to head out and grab lunch from one of the downtown restaurants for a change. The weather was so nice it seemed a shame to stay indoors. I headed off to the elevators, pressed the down button when I arrived, and waited. Why is it that elevators always seem to take so long? I heard a ding, and tuned around. A strangely familiar man quickly exited the elevator and effectively blocked me from entering it. I was about to ask him why he did that when he cleared his throat, somewhat nervously I thought, and spoke.

“Ah...sorry about that Mr. Walton, but I would like to talk with you if you have a minute.” His voice was rich and smooth, and it caught my attention immediately.

“I guess this can’t wait until after lunch?” I ask him, with just a hint of annoyance in my voice.

“It’s kind of personal,” the man replied nervously. “Could we go back to your office and talk in private?”

“I suppose so,” I replied. “You’ve aroused my curiosity. Please come this way.”

He followed me quickly and quietly into my office. I locked the door after he sat down and made himself comfortable. Then I took my seat across the desk from him. I took the time to really look at this man, and the longer I looked at him the more familiar he seemed.

He was young, somewhere in his mid to late twenties I would have said, with short straight, blond hair, and sea green eyes, in a face that was handsome and boyish at the same time. The ears, the eyes the nose and mouth all looked perfect., and being clean shaven only added to his looks. He must be one of those lucky guys who are born with natural good looks. His was the face that you would expect to see on the front page of GQ magazine. In other words he was as cute as hell!

Looking down, with difficulty I might add, I took note of the suit he was wearing. It looked to be of an expensive cut, and it had that professionally tailored look to it. A two piece double breasted navy blue pinstripe suit cut close but not tight. It fit his body well. A simple red silk tie and a white dress shirt completed the outfit. I did not notice any sign of a belt when he was sitting down, but I would have guessed that if he was wearing one, it would be black to match the polished black shoes that he was wearing. His jacket was still buttoned closed, and he seemed very nervous for some reason. I could not imagine why. The man was at least two inches taller than my five foot ten inches, and he was far more powerful that I was. At least, that is the impressed I received from the way his jacket seemed to emphasize his broad shoulders and narrow waist. (If it sounds like I was getting interested in this guy, yes I was. Can you blame me? He was very good looking, and I hadn’t even seen him with his jacket off yet!)

“All right then,” I said calmly. “Would you like to tell me what this is about and who you are? Your face seems familiar, but I can’t seem to recall your name.”

“My name is Mike Walker,” he answered. “We meet at the awards dinner a couple of months ago. I was one of the volunteers in your hypnosis show.”

“Ah, I see,” I replied with a smile. “I do remember you now. Is there a problem?”

“No, no problem, " he said nervously. “Well, not exactly.....”

“Come on, Mike,” I prompted him, and smiled warmly. “If you trusted me enough to hypnotize you back then, surely you can tell me what’s on your mind, now.”

“Give me a minute okay?” He snapped at me. “Listen, this was a bad idea. I’d just better leave now.”

“I’m sorry if I seemed pushy, Mike,” I said to him as he got up to leave. “Please, take your time, and decide if you want to tell me whatever it is that is on your mind. I’m not going anywhere right now. We’ve got the entire lunch hour if you need it.”

“Well.......,” he said after sitting back down and thinking for a few minutes. “I wanted to know if you did anything else with hypnosis, other than the stuff you did in the show.”

“I presume that you had no problem with what went on the show, Mike?” I asked him. After he silently nodded his head yes, I continued. “Well, I have been known to hypnotize people and help them with things like stress relief and to relax more.”

“And?” He asked hopefully.

“And what?” I asked back.

“What about other sort of things? Well, you know.....” He blurted out.

“Mike, if you are hinting about what I think you are hinting about, then I think this conversation is best continued outside of work, where we can talk in private,” I said to him calmly. “It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you about this aspect of hypnosis. I think it would be best to continue this conversation somewhere else.”

“I see your point,” Mike replied. “When and where could we continue this conversation?”

“Well, I am free this evening if you want to drop by my place and talk about this over a cup of coffee,” I offered.

“Sure. When?” Mike asked.

“Say seven o’clock tonight?” I asked.

“Sure. Sounds good,” Mike said. “If you’ll give me your address I’ll see you then.”

I quickly wrote down my address and passed it over to Mike. He took it and thanked me warmly as he left my office. He was still a bit nervous, but not nearly as much as when he had entered my office earlier. Clearly he had something specific on his mind regarding hypnosis that he wanted to talk with me about. As he walked out of my office and I enjoyed the view of him in that suit, I wished silently to myself, that he’d still be wearing that suit when I saw him tonight. I let out a soft sigh as I realized that I’d neglected to ‘suggest’ to Mike that he wear that outfit of his when he came over to my place tonight. See what happens when you get distracted by a handsome face, and a good looking body?

Lunch was fine, and the rest of the day passed smoothly. I headed off home at five o’clock, looking forward to an hour or so of rest and a hot meal, before Mike came over.

I was sitting back in my chair reading the evening paper and enjoying a cup of coffee when the doorbell rang at about 6:30 PM. Puzzled, I got up, walked over to the door and looked out the peephole. It was Mike!. Still dressed in that suit. (Yes, there IS a God.) He was pacing back and forth in front of the door like a caged tiger. He wasn’t just nervous though, he also looked kind of upset. I was a bit annoyed at his arriving half an hour early, but I shoved that feeling aside, as I opened the door.

“Hi, Mike,” I said to him. “You’re a bit early but that’s okay. Would you like to come in?

“Yes, please,” Mike replied and roughly pushed me aside as he entered. I forgave him that rudeness, since he seemed so anxious.

“Do you want to join me in the living room? Would you like a coffee or something else to drink?” I asked him.

“I’m okay, thanks,” he replied as he headed into the living room.

He sat down on the sofa across from where I had been sitting in the chair. I sat down in the chair, made myself comfortable and waited for him to start talking. The silence was deafening. Mike just sat there looking at me, and then the wall, and then the TV and then back at me. He licked his lips a few times, and pulled at his jacket, and then fidgeted on the sofa. I absently noted that he was wearing a black leather belt with his outfit. I waited. Mike didn’t say anything though. After a few minutes of silence I spoke.

“Mike,” I said quietly to him. “What was it that you wanted to ask me regarding hypnosis?”

“Well, I guess I wanted to know if you did anything more with hypnosis,” he said lamely.

“Such as?” I asked.

“Well, you know...” he said and then blushed. “Like do you ever use it with sex?”

“If you mean do I use hypnosis to arrange for sex, the answer is ‘no’, I don’t,” I answered him. “But I have used hypnosis to enhance sexual pleasure for some people.”

“Well, that’s sort of what I was hoping,” Mike said with a sigh of relief. “I enjoyed being part of your hypnosis show a lot. I never felt so good except when I am having sex. So, I was wondering if you could give me commands so that when I have sex I enjoy it more.”

“Mike,” I said to him sternly. “You really should see a professional therapist if you are having sexual problems or difficulties. I can help you to enjoy the physical sensations of sex more, but I can’t force you to do so. Is there something more specific that you had in mind? Maybe we should start slow, and just see how things go with your first session, okay?”

“Okay, I guess that makes sense,” Mike said after a few moments thought. “Can we start now? I’d really like to go back under and enjoy myself for a while.”

I looked at Mike until I had made firm eye contact with him. Quickly, I sent a few mental commands into his mind. “Mike, you will find yourself following the suggestions I give you easily and quickly. There is no way that your mind can resist what I am about to say to you, because deep down you know that you really want this.. The induction begins when I ask you to make yourself comfortable.” Mike blinked his eyes a few times and shook his head as the suggestions took root in his mind.

“Sure Mike,” I said to him. “We can start right now. Please try and make yourself comfortable, with your feet flat on the floor, and please unbutton your jacket so that you are free to move your arms about.”

Mike sat back in the sofa, undid his jacket and placed his feet flat on the floor. He put his hands in his lap and then looked over at me. “I’m all set, Paul,” he said.

“To begin with, Mike,” I instructed him. “I’d like you to please close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths and try to relax a bit. I can tell that you are a bit nervous, and that’s fine.” I watched calmly and quietly, as Mike did as directed. He wiggled around a bit more, and made himself a bit more comfortable.

“Fine,” I replied. “I would like you to hold your arms out straight in front of you, with the palms up.” Mike opened his eyes, looked at me doubtfully and giggled as he did as I asked.

“What’s the matter, Mike?” I asked, raising my eyebrow in surprise.

“I feel kind of stupid holding my hands out like this,’ Mike said to me and giggled again. I ignored his giggling., since it was actually helping with the induction.

“That’s okay, Mike,” I said to him. “Please close your eyes again and pay attention to what I am about to tell you. I would like you to imagine in your mind, that I have tied a cord around your right wrist. A padded cord that is very comfortable,” I said to him. “Now imagine that I am tying a string to that cord and on the end of the string is a bright red helium filled balloon. When you can feel the slight tug of the balloon on your wrist, just nod your head.” It took only a few seconds before I saw Mike nod his head slightly.

“Imagine in your mind, that I have placed a small lead brick in your left palm,” I said to him. When you can feel the slight increase in weight, when you feel your left hand getting just a bit heavier, nod your head.” A second or two later I saw Mike nod his head again.

“Each and every time, when you feel these sensations, Mike, you just nod your head,” I told him. “Another balloon tied to the cord and your right hand feels lighter, and as I add another brick to your left palm your left hand feels heavier.” Mike nodded his head a couple of times and as I watched his left arm started to dip down and his right arm started to rise.

“Another balloon on the right, another brick on the left, and soon and very soon indeed you’ll notice that the heavier your left arm gets, the lighter your right arm becomes, and the lighter your right arm gets, the heavier your left arm becomes.” I paused for a few seconds, as I watched Mike’s head nod a few more times. His left arm was dropping lower and lower as his right arm continued to rise upward. There were slight twitches in his arms as Mike tried to fight the effects of the suggestions. I noticed a slight furrow appear on Mike’s brow as his concentration and effort increased. The twitches in his arms became jerks as Mike tried to prevent his left arm from going down and his right arm from going up. The strain and tension were slowly building up. “This is perfect”, I thought to myself, dejectedly. “Just perfect. He’s fighting me.”

“Let your imagination go free, Mike,” I said to him. “This is just a test to see how well you can imagine things with you mind. It is not a test that you can fail. You are safe and secure Mike. It is just as I told you during the show. You are safe and in control, so when you want to let go, do it. But if you are going to fight your imagination, and my suggestions, then we are both just wasting our time.” The concern and confusion on Mike’s face melted away with my reassurances. He let out a long deep sigh as he started to really let go, and his arms continued to rise and to fall.

“Another balloon tied to your right wrist, and another brick placed in your left palm,” I continued. “Lighter and heavier, heavier and lighter. So heavy and so light. The harder you try not to let your right arm go up, the lighter it gets, and the harder you try not to let your left arm go down the heavier it becomes. Soon and very soon indeed you notice that as your arms continue to move, you find it easier and easier to concentrate on my voice and to follow it along. When you feel that happen you just nod your head a few times, Mike.” Mike nodded his head almost immediately.

“For it seems with each nod of your head, and with each breath that you take, Mike, you can sense a tiny little bit of relaxation entering your body. When you feel that Mike, just nod your head if you like that sensation, nod your head again,” I instructed him. Mike’s head bobbed up and down a few times, as a soft sight escaped from his lips. I noticed that with each nod his head was not coming up quite as high as it had before.

“The more you nod your head, the more relaxed you feel, and the more relaxed you feel, the more your nod your head.” Mike’s head started to nod every ten seconds or so, as the suggestions took effect. I noticed a slight smile touch his lips as his head nodded slowly.

“When you feel your left hand on your lap or on the sofa, Mike,” I spoke to him. “Just nod your head and your right arm will continue to go up, and the heaviness in your left arm will spread out into the left side of your body. When you feel that happen you just nod your head, Mike, and you right arm goes up higher as the entire left side of your body feels even heavier. When you feel that your entire body is becoming more and more relaxed at the same time, when you feel yourself just letting go more and more Mike, you just nod your head, and your right arm continues to go up, while the left side of your body gets heavier and heavier.” It was very satisfying to see Mike’s right arm continuing to rise higher and higher, while his body started to tilt to the left. I didn’t say anything for a minute or two. I just watched as Mike’s body continued to lean more and more to the left, and his right arm continued to rise until it was floating straight up in the air.

I quietly got up and walked over to stand next to Mike. I smiled as I looked at him, the ‘Leaning Tower of Hunk.’ “When I touch you on the forehead Mike”, I said to him. “The entire left side of your body will suddenly feel as if it is made of lead and you will topple over onto your side. Once you are lying there on the sofa, you’ll feel yourself slip down even deeper and deeper into this wonderful, peaceful, restful state of hypnosis. When you want to slip down even deeper then, all you will need to do is to ask me to take you down even deeper. You’ll find that it will be very easy for you to talk in a normal tone of voice. Just nod you head when you understand.”

Almost immediately Mike nodded his head, very slowly. He sighed softly to himself as he sat there on the sofa leaning to the left. His face looked slightly tense, which was to be expected due to the tension in his body. I decided to wait a few seconds longer to build up the tension as well as Mike’s expectations. (Okay, I’ll be honest with you. I really just wanted to savor the sight of Mike sitting there in a that suit, hypnotized and going even deeper. He reminded me of an old high school teacher I’d had for Biology 101, who was a major league stud. I’d wanted that guy back then, and Mike had a similar build. So I guess you could say I was doing a little harmless fantasizing of my own.) Mike started to fidget after about 30 seconds. My hand darted out like a snake towards his head. As I firmly pressed two fingers on his forehead, I said in a commanding and domineering tone of voice, “Deep sleep Mike!”

How can I describe what happened next? How can I possibly help you to understand the sweet joy and excitement I felt as Mike’s body slowly and gracefully toppled over onto his left side? If only I’d had a camcorder then! I would have watched that section of the tape until I wore it out. The onrush of joy (and yes power) that I feel when a new subject, who is also very good looking, slips down even deeper into hypnosis, is almost orgasmic. I don’t cum, but I get wonderfully hard and feel very warm and mellow.

I looked down at Mike as he lay there on the sofa. He had a big grin on his face and his head was slowly moving up and down, as he kept nodding to himself.. He was lying on his left arm, but he had placed it so that he could rest his head on it like a pillow. His right arm was still up in the air and thus his suit jacket had been pulled up and to the side as he fell over This exposed the right side of Mike’s body to my sight. I could easily see how well his shirt clung to that well muscled chest of his, even as it was pulled a bit at his waist. My eyes traveled down that shirt to his waist and the top of Mike’s pants. I hesitated only a second or two and then let my hot and eager eyes continue their journey. Mike’s pants were snug fitting, which is unusual for suit pants these days. The front pockets (okay pocket, but I could assume that the left one was going to be the same as the right one) were not pleated, but smooth, which again is not the normal style these days, and somehow gave the visual impression that those pants were clinging even more tightly to that body. There was no hint of a bulge or anything in the front of Mike’s pants. (Believe me, I looked very closely to see if there was anything there, but there wasn’t.) So, I could presume that although he was feeling good, he wasn’t really getting aroused. A bit disappointing, but I would deal with that later, I decided.

I slowly let my gaze move from the front, to the back of Mike’s pants. I knew even now that I would not be disappointed in what I found there, to judge from what I’d seen so far. (Boy do I have a gift for understatement!) I let out a soft wolf whistle of surprise as I drank in the delightful and delicious sight before me. Okay, so maybe to you a butt is a butt is a butt. Not to me, however. Some butts are very attractive, and some are not. This one had a LOT going for it, if you get my drift. It was all I could do NOT to reach over and run my hands over those butt cheeks then and there. Mike’s suit pants followed the curve of his ass like a second skin. Those pants were stretched tight across his buttocks, and crotch. A wonderful sight indeed! I did not care if it was money, bills or just a collection of old papers that caused Mike’s wallet to be so big and create such a huge bulge in his right hip pocket. Whatever the cause, that wallet only added to the situation. It forced Mike’s pants to be stretched somewhat tighter. (Okay, a LOT tighter!) Oh how I do love these little (okay not so little) surprises! I almost reached down to take out that wallet, just so that I could enjoy the fun of pulling at Mike’s pants. I was stopped though when I heard Mike say in a clear, calm and relaxed voice, “Paul, please take me deeper. I want to go deeper. It feels so nice.”

“That is probably a better idea,” I thought to myself. I composed my thoughts for a moment or two before I spoke out loud to Mike. “I’d be more than happy to take you even deeper, Mike,” I said to him with sincerity. “Just let yourself follow the words and the sound of my voice. So mellow, and rich, and smooth, and soothing. So wonderful to listen to. With each word that I utter and with each breath that you take, Mike, you’ll feel yourself going down deeper and deeper. For the better you feel, the deeper you go, and the deeper you go, the better you feel. Always going deeper, always feeling better.” Mike nodded his head a few times as he listened to me and I could see his body start to relax just a bit more.

“And when you feel yourself going deeper into this wonderful state of very deep hypnosis, your body will again feel it’s normal weight,” I continued. “Your right arm will slowly drift down to rest on your body or the sofa, where ever it happens to land. It will help you to go even deeper into hypnosis. The left side of your body will no longer feel heavy, just very comfortable and relaxed. You’ll feel so comfortable and relaxed, though, that all you’ll want to do is to just lie there on the sofa and go even deeper. As you drift down, just keep letting me know how you feel, Mike.”

“Drifting down,” Mike said slowly and softly, as his right arm started to drift back down towards his body. “Feels so good to keep going down deeper and deeper.” Mike’s right arm continued to slowly float downward as it headed towards his lap, or what would have been his lap if he were sitting up and not lying on his side in that delicious and delightful position. (Okay, so I’ve already said that, but it was worth repeating, believe me!)

“So comfortable, so relaxed, so good,” Mike continued to mutter in a soft and sexy voice. He let out a long deep sigh as his right arm finally came to rest draped across the right side of his body. He continued to lay there and repeat those words as his body became even more relaxed. A small smile touched his lips as he spoke, and it was plain to see that he was having a wonderful time. I reached over, caught hold of his right hand by the wrist, and pulled his arm upwards. The arm dangled loosely, like the arm of some rag doll. Mike was very relaxed, no doubt about it. I carefully replaced his arm where it was and stepped away from him. I needed to think for a minute or two and try to decide what next I should do with this hunk of a guy. (I don’t think I need ask what YOU might have done in that situation. I’d be lying if I said that such ‘naughty’ thoughts did not cross my mind.) However, since Mike was straight, I didn’t want to introduce any physical contact of a sexual nature just yet. I had to build up toward that. I looked around the living room, hoping that something would catch my eye and inspire me. In the meantime, though, there was something else I had to take care of.

“Mike, how do you feel?” I asked him.

“Great. Really good.” He quickly answered.

“Fine,” I said to him. “I don’t want you to wrinkle that nice suit jacket of yours, so when I tell you to Mike, I’d like you to open your eyes, stand up, and walk over to the front hall closet. When you get there, take off your jacket and hang it up. Afterwards, you can return here to the living room, and lie down on the sofa and get really comfortable. Is that okay with you, Mike?”

“Yes,” he said.

“Good,” I said to him. “You’ll find, Mike, that as you do that you’ll go even deeper into hypnosis and feel even better so that when you are lying on the sofa again, you’ll be ten times deeper in hypnosis than you are now. When you’re ready to do this, tell me.”

Mike lay there for about a minute, and didn’t say anything. I was surprised. I expected him to respond immediately. He did not. He just lay there with a small smile on his lips and breathed easily and effortlessly. “What’s wrong, Mike?” I asked him. “Don’t you want to take off your jacket so you can go even deeper?”

“Yes, I do,” he answered. “I’m so comfortable now though, that I don’t want to move. I’m happy where I am.”

Okay, maybe he was happy lying there, but I wanted to see that butt of his in action. Even just walking across the room would be a treat. I decided on a slightly different approach. I smiled as another idea popped into my mind, but I’d save that for a little bit later. First I had to get him out of that jacket.

“I notice that you use the same words many times when you describe how you feel while you are in this state of hypnosis, Mike,” I began. “I would like to suggest a few other words that might better describe how you feel right now. When I say each word or phrase, and when you agree that they relate to how you feel, just say ‘yes’. If the word or phrase does not relate to how you feel, don’t say anything, Mike. Understood?”

“Yes,” he said quickly.

“Cold.” I said. There was no response.


“Yes,” Mike said.

“At peace.”

“Yes,” Mike answered.

“At ease.”

“Yes,” Mike droned.

“Finding it easy to follow along with what I say.”

“Yes, very,” Mike replied.


“Yes, very,” Mike said.

“No worries.”

“None,” Mike responded.

“No cares.”


“Willing to go along...”












“Feeling better each time you obey.”

“Yes, very much.”

“Wanting me to tell you what to do.”

“Oh yes, please.”

“Mike,” I said to him trying to keep the glee out of my voice. “It sounds to me as if you really enjoy being told what to do when you are hypnotized. It seems as if you want to give up control of yourself while in hypnosis. Is that true?”

“Yes,” Mike answered. “I enjoy feeling this way, and I want to keep feeling like this. To do that, I will do what you say. It makes me feel good to do what you tell me to do.”

“Another natural submissive subject,” I thought to myself. “How do I get so lucky?” Out loud I said, “Fine, Mike. When I snap my fingers you will carry out my previous instructions.”

“Yes,” Mike replied with a slightly bigger smile on his face.


Mike’s eyes popped open, and he quickly stood up. He glanced at me, smiled, and then walked over to the front closet and opened the door. There wasn’t anything remarkable in the way that he walked or moved. He was pleasant to look at, though. In one smooth fluid motion he slipped off his suit jacket, grabbed a hanger from the closet rail, and hung his jacket on the hanger. He returned the hanger and jacket to the closet, carefully positioning the hanger on the closet rail so that the jacket would not get wrinkled any further. I had only a second or two to take in the view of Mike’s butt no longer hidden behind his suit jacket, before he turned around and started to walk back towards the sofa and me. It was a nice butt, and better than I had expected. Full, round, hard and tight. Mike’s front was very nice to look at as well. His muscular chest in that dress shirt and tie, with the belt encircling his waist make him look as if he just stepped off the front page of a fashion magazine. I had to be careful to hide my delight with him, since Mike was unaware that I was gay. I glanced briefly at the front of his pants, his fly and crotch, and then forced my eyes to look up and gaze upon his face. As I said before, Mike is handsome so this was not exactly a chore by any means. Still I’m usually more interested in the territory below the belt than above it. (Aren’t you?)

I did not have much time to enjoy the sight of Mike walking towards me either, as he headed for that sofa like a toddler heading towards a mud puddle. In a flash, it seemed, he was back on the sofa, lying down on his back with his eyes closed, his arms resting at his sides, and a satisfied smile on his face. A very nice picture indeed, even if I thought he was hiding his best assets. (Bad pun, I know, but I couldn’t resist.)

“You did that very well, Mike,” I said to him.

“Thank you,” he replied dreamily.

“So how do you feel now?” I asked him.

“Terrific. Wonderful,” he answered. “I haven’t felt this good in a while. I think the last time that I did feel this good was when you had me under during your show. Oh, that was so nice....”

“And now you are back in that wonderful state again, Mike,” I said to him. “And how you feel about that? What do you want to do now?”

“I am so happy to be back here in this wonderful, safe place again,” he sighed. “I just want to stay here a while and enjoy myself. I want to let go and drift even deeper.” He sighed again, and slowly nodded his head as he lay there.

“Remember, Mike,” I said to him. “When you do what I tell you, when you obey me, you go even deeper into hypnosis and you feel even better.”

“Yes, of course,” Mike sighed happily. “Obey you, go even deeper and feel even better.”

“I want to help you to feel even more relaxed Mike, so I am going to touch you on the forehead for a moment, and then move my hands down the front of your body,” I said to that sleeping stud sprawled on the sofa. “When you feel my hands pressing gently down on you, Mike, you’ll feel your body become even more limp and relaxed, as you drift even deeper. You might even notice that that your body feels a bit warmer as you go even deeper. It might remind you of what you feel like when you sit out in the sun for a while. When you feel that sensation just enjoy it. Enjoy the sensation and do what comes naturally.”

“Sounds so nice, so good,” Mike softly said. “Can’t wait for you to start.” After a moment or two, Mike opened his eyes and looked at me. He didn’t say anything. He only jerked his head at me in an unspoken request for me to start. The plain trust and willingness on his face gave Mike an aura of innocence and vulnerability that I found touching and sweet. (Just between you and me, it was also a turn on too.) Physically, Mike was more than my match, so there was no question that he could have stopped me from doing anything to him, from touching him in any way, had he truly wished that. Now, though, he reminded me of a loyal dog waiting to be scratched behind the ears by his master.

I placed my right hand on his forehead and quietly and clearly said, “Deeper now Mike. You can do nothing but continue to go even deeper and feel even better, knowing only that each time you obey me, you go even deeper.” His eyes fluttered closed and he let out a long deep sigh as he slipped even deeper into his hypnotic trance. I smiled to myself as I looked down at him. I wanted to undo his shirt and caress that chest of his. I had a pretty good idea of what his chest would look like. It was with great reluctance that I pushed such thoughts out of my mind and went back to the task at hand. I reached down and cupped Mike’s face in my hands.

“Please continue to let me know how you feel, Mike, as you go deeper,” I said to him, as I gently but firmly pressed down on his cheeks and jaw with my hands.

“Your hands are so warm and nice,” Mike muttered. “I like the feeling of your hands on my face. Feels nice to go even deeper.”

Slowly and carefully, I moved my hands down to Mike’s neck and from there let them travel down the front of his dress shirt, one hand on either side of his tie. I was not afraid of wrinkling that nice tie of his, or his shirt for that matter. I wanted to be sure both of my hands passed over his nipples, as I pressed down on his body. After all, nipples are one of the most erogenous zones on the human body. When my hands reached his belt, I reversed direction and moved them back up towards his neck. Up and down the front of his body my hands continued to travel. Over that strong muscular chest and that rock hard stomach. Mike sifted back and forth a bit and sighed a few more times, but didn’t say anything other than to comment on how nice and warm he felt. I smiled silently to myself. I was enjoying this more that he could know, and I knew that more was yet to come.

After about five minutes of this Mike started to speak in a slightly fuzzy voice. “Oh, that feels so good. I’m so warm now. So very warm.”

“That’s fine, Mike,” I told him. “Just let go, and enjoy it. Just do whatever you want to. Everything is all right.” I continued my caressing of his chest and stomach at an even smooth pace.

“Thank you,” he mutter happily, and smiled briefly. “That feels so nice. But it’s too warm. Is it okay if I take off my shirt?”

“If you want to do that, it’s fine with me, Mike,” I said to him in smooth and soothing tones. Inside, though I was yelling out “YES!” at the top of my lungs. “Would you prefer it if I told you to do that?” I prompted him.

“Oh yes, very much,” Mike replied eagerly. “Please, tell me what to do and when to do it.” He lay there on the sofa, and I felt a shudder pass through his body as he anticipated hearing my instructions.

“Mike, when my hands pass over your nipples three more times, you will slowly stand up and open your eyes,” I began as I held my hands motionless on top of Mike’s stomach. “You will see me standing next to you, and you will quickly and easily undo your tie and then drape it around my shoulders. Next you will unbutton your shirt sleeves, followed by unbuttoning all the other buttons on your shirt. It will be necessary for you to undo your pants so that you may pull your shirt out. If your pants fall down, it is nothing to be concerned about. You will pull out your shirt and then do your pants back up. Finally you will walk over to the dinning room, and remove your shirt and place it on the table, and then return to sofa to lie down on it, so that I may continue to take you deeper into hypnosis. If you are wearing an undershirt, Mike, you’ll remove it the same time that you remove your shirt.” (I can already hear the boos and hisses from you people out there. Here I have the opportunity to get Mike to drop his pants and keep then off, and I’m not taking advantage of it. Hey, get real. The guy didn’t come here for sex, or to strip for me. Even though I could easily arrange something like that, I could not live with myself afterwards. Maybe you could, but I couldn’t. Okay, I’ll shut up and stop preaching at you now, and get on with the story.)

Mike nodded his head slightly as I spoke those instructions to him. I waited a few more seconds, and then stared moving my hands over his chest and stomach again. With the third pass of my hands over his nipples, Mike sat up on the sofa and swung his legs off the sofa to place his feet on the floor. I had to back up and stand up straight once Mike was sitting on the sofa, to avoid getting bumped by him, but I didn’t mind. Mike sat there for a few breaths as though he were resting, which he probably was since I was sure it entailed some effort on his part to move from that comfortable and relaxing position on the sofa. Slowly and smoothly Mike raised himself up from sitting on the sofa to standing before it. He stood there for a few moments with his arms hanging loosely and limply from his side, and his head still nodding forward on his chest. I resisted a very strong impulse to give Mike a big strong hug, as tempting as the idea was. Just thinking about having that big strong man in my arms, and me in his, was giving me a warm mellow feeling. I sighed as I thought about it a few more seconds while Mike remained standing there, at peace and at ease.

All too soon the spell was broken as Mike’s head came up, he opened his eyes and his hands moved towards the knot of his tie. In only a few seconds he had his tie off, and he stepped towards me. With a sly grin pasted on his handsome face (he had such beautiful eyes), he draped the tie around my shoulders and then stepped back. He continued to look at me with that sly grin, while he unbuttoned the sleeves of his shirt. He didn’t say a word, but only nodded his head as he proceeded on to unbuttoning his shirt. When he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly, I grinned back at Mike and raised one of my eyebrows. He undid his pants and quickly pulled his shirt and undershirt out. His pants did not fall down, much as I might have wanted them too, because Mike used one hand on the front of them to hold them up, while his other hand pulled out his shirt and undershirt. I got only a glimpse of his underwear, which appeared to be white briefs. I guess that Mike was a modest and maybe bashful kind of guy.

He quickly did his pants back up, and his belt, and then tugged at his shirt and undershirt to be sure that they were not caught in his pants. He shrugged his shoulders as me as if to say, “Sorry about that,” and then started walking over to the dining room. With his shirttail out and covering his butt, I really couldn’t see that ass of his in motion, unfortunately. (Damn! I should have thought of that before I gave him those instructions. Well, we all make mistakes.) It was only for a few seconds, though. Mike arrived in the dinning room, and walked over to one of the dinning room chairs. He looked at it for a moment before he slipped his shirt off and hung it across the back of the chair. He reached back and pulled at his undershirt, slipping it easily over his head and off his body. He draped his undershirt across the back of a second chair and stood there for a second or two.

I swallowed a couple of times as my eyes drank in the sight of Mike’s back before me. It was well muscled, and a bit hairy, with beautiful broad shoulders and muscular arms attached to it. Not a body builder’s type of body with muscles galore, but rather the strong solid body of a man who takes care of himself and works out at the gym regularly. His was the type of back that you would definitely want to spoon hug with. My eyes almost popped out of my head, when Mike turned around though. A hard and firm stomach was what I had expected and I was not disappointed. His was a washboard stomach, and his chest! It was wonderful! I am not sure how to describe it. He had a lot of hair on his chest, but other than that he looked like one of the models that you see in the ‘Heart Throbs’ calendars that are published every year. (So what if those calendars are intended for women. Those calendars have a LOT of cute/hot guys in them and I buy that calendar every year.) Mike stood there looking at me and grinned that sly grin of his. He blushed as he noticed the expression on my face. I didn’t mean to embarrass him, but I had a difficult time concealing the surprise and delight on my face. Actually, when he blushed like that it make it him look cute, and innocent. I didn’t say anything to him. I didn’t want to scare him or cause him any further concerns. What I really wanted to do, was to run up to Mike, give him a big strong hug and then plant a few kisses on his cheeks and lips, to thank him for doing this for me. I don’t think he would have understood that, though, so I filed it way for some other time in the future, hopefully.

I smiled gently and warmly at Mike, and tried to look non-threatening as I waited. Mike looked at me, and then looked at the sofa. His smile got bigger as he gazed upon the sofa for a few seconds. He walked towards it, and completely ignored me in the process. It took him only a few seconds to lie down on the sofa and assume the same position he had occupied before getting up earlier. Once he was settled in, I gently, almost hesitantly, placed my hands on top of his chest and slowly moved them down towards his belt. Mike’s reaction was immediate. His body went completely limp and he sighed deeply many times. I continued to move my hands up and down his chest and stomach as Mike lay there. His only reaction was a few deep sighs of pleasure, intermixed with a few moan of delight and a small smile on his face.

His shirt and tie had been nice to touch, but actually touching Mike’s skin was a sweet treat. Having such hard firm muscles under your fingers as you move your hands across a body like Mike’s is a reward in itself. I loved being able to press down a bit harder on his stomach and NOT have anything give. I closed my eyes and let my fingers ‘see’ Mike’s chest and stomach for me. Up and over his pectoral muscles, and down to his bellybutton. Again, and again, and again. I don’t know if it is possible to have a sexy bellybutton, but Mike sure seemed to. Soon I noticed that Mike’s nipples were becoming hard and erect, and each time my hands passed over them he let out a soft low moan of delight.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it Mike?” I asked him, as I continued to move my hands over his chest and stomach.

“Oh yes, yes please,” he breathed softly.

“To feel this good in hypnosis and to just enjoy it, Mike,” I continued. “Just let yourself go, and drift even deeper now.”

“Mmmmmm, that feels so nice,” Mike replied, thickly. “Going deeper and feeling even better. So nice, so good.” It seemed that he was enjoying himself so much that he was finding it a bit of an effort to talk.

I continued to work on Mike for about five more minutes, during which his nipples did not become any harder. His moans of pleasure and joy continued. I glanced down to look at the front of Mike’s pants and confirmed my suspicions. He was not getting sexually aroused at all. He was straight after all, and getting turned on by another guy caressing his chest should not of had any sexual reaction from him. I was pleased to note that my surface scan of Mike’s mind a few months ago which said that he was not gay, seemed to be confirmed now. Still, I could not help but have a twinge (okay more than a twinge) of regret that Mike wasn’t gay. However, the next step should resolve that problem. I grinned silently to myself.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Mike?” I asked him.

“Oh yes, very much,” he replied absently. “Please, please don’t stop now.”

“Do you remember asking me about hypnosis and sex, earlier today, Mike?”

“Yes,” he replied quickly and then moaned again.

“If you would like, I can begin to introduce that aspect at this time,” I said to him.

“Yes, please do,” Mike answered the implied question.

“Fine,” I said to him. “At the count of three, Mike, your favorite erotic female whomever that will be, will pop into your mind. When you feel my hands on your body, it will be her hands that you feel. When you hear me talk to you, it will be her voice that you hear. It will be as if I am an actor playing her role for you, and just the thought of you listening to her and obeying her, as you do me, helps you to experience even more joy and pleasure. When you hear her tell you that the fantasy is over, Mike, you will again be aware of my voice and my hands. Nod when you understand, Mike.”

Mike was nodding throughout my instructions, and when I finished speaking, he nodded his head vigorously, and rapidly. “Oh, if only you were gay, Mike,” I said to myself. I silently wondered to myself, if it would be possible to use my abilities to change the sexual orientation of a subject. I’d never tried to do that. I looked at Mike as he lay there waiting for me to count to three, and I realized that I’d never get the answer to that question, at least not tonight, and most likely not ever. As much as I might yearn to have that body of his pressed next to mine, and to feel those lips of his crushed against mine, I found that I couldn’t think of really doing that to Mike, or to any other man. It would be forced, and faked, not at all real. It would be at best a hollow shell of what I was looking for and hoping someday to find. I deserved better, and Mike deserved at the very least some common courtesy, and my consideration.

“One. Two. Three,” I counted out loud. “Best to get on with this, and obtain what enjoyment I can out of it,” I thought to myself. I moved my hands slowly and gently in circles around and about Mike’s chest and stomach. A shudder passed through Mike’s body as he lay there, moaned out loud a few times, and grinned. It was obvious that his fantasy was starting.

“Doesn’t that feel good Mike?” I asked him.

“Oh yes, yes it does,” Mike answered dreamily. “Your hands are so soft and gentle Sharon. Even better than I dreamed.”

“Must be thinking about Sharon Stone, I guess,” I thought to myself. Well, to each his own. Still this might be a bit more fun that I’d originally thought.

“Just let yourself go, Mike,” I said to him. “Let yourself go, and enjoy yourself.”

“Yes, let go. Feels so good,” Mike replied happily.

I looked at that handsome face before me. It was all smiles. Idly I glanced down to take a quick look at the front of Mike’s pants. I grinned and chuckled softly to myself at what I saw. Mike was developing an erection, and very quickly too. As I watched, his cock grew longer and harder with each passing second. His pants were already a bit snug, and with this monster of his the fabric was being pulled tight. It looked wonderful. I’ll bet that’s also how it felt.

“What’s so funny?” Mike asked in a puzzled tone.

“Oh, nothing,” I lied.

Mike opened his eyes and gazed up at me. “Really. Why are you laughing at me?” He queried. He was still smiling but I could see a touch of concern creeping onto his face.

“I was just noticing that you seem very happy to see me, Mike,” I said to him. “You are saluting me, so to speak.” I jerked my head down towards his stomach.

Mike glanced quickly down towards his stomach, and once he caught sight of his pronounced erection, he blushed and swallowed a few times before he spoke. “Well, think of it as a compliment to your massage skills, Sharon. You really are very good at this, and I can’t help but enjoy myself.”

“That was a good answer,” I thought to myself. I touched my fingers to Mike’s forehead. “Deeper, Mike” I said to him. “Just go even deeper. You’ve been such a good boy. You haven’t tried to grab me or force yourself on me in any way, so I’d like to reward you.” Mike’s eyes snapped shut, and he nodded his head a few times at the mention of a reward. His body went even more limp. Well, except for his cock. I glanced down and checked on that before I continued. “Sorry, but I’m not talking about sex, Mike. I’m not that kind of girl after all.” He looked crestfallen, and the smile faded from his face. “However, if you promise to keep your pants on, I’ll let my hands wander around below your belt.” The smile returned to Mike’s face, and he nodded his head. Words were not necessary. I slowly let my hands move down from Mike’s stomach where they had been drawing lazy figures of eight, and let them head down past Mike’s belt. I followed the course of the fly of Mike’s pants and when I encountered the base of Mike’s bulging cock, I took a detour.

“It’s so big and hard Mike,” I said to him softly. I ran my fingers of both hands up and down that steel shaft of his several times, as Mike slithered in pleasure and moaned out loud again. “That’s right, Mike. Just enjoy yourself and continue to go even deeper. Oh so slowly, let yourself start to build towards the orgasm that you and I both know you desire. You must wait for me to tell you when to release, though Mike, because you know that will make it so much better.” Well, after all I didn’t want him to ejaculate inside his suit pants, since he’d have to wear those pants home.

“Feels so good. Going deeper and building it up, yes,” Mike said in shuddering gasps. “Must wait for release. Wait for y...” His words were cut off as a very loud and profound moan was wrenched from between his lips.

“It’s so easy to build it up slowly as you go deeper Mike,” I quickly said to him. I wanted to be sure that there were not any accidents. “The deeper you go the easier it is to feel yourself able to hold back your release until I tell you to. It’s so easy to obey, and follow along.”

“Follow along. Obey. So easy...” Mike muttered and grinned. “Oh yes, do as you say...”

“Would you mind doing me a favor, Mike?” I asked him, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Anything for you, Sharon. Anything at all,” Mike answered immediately, and sighed contentedly.

“Well, that’s sweet of you Mike,” I said to him. “You’re such a good boy, aren’t you?”

“Good boy, yes,” Mike agreed readily.

“I’d like you to go into the kitchen and finish washing my dishes for me, Mike.” I said to him. I waited. Mike opened his eyes and looked around. He seemed a bit confused at first, and it was with reluctance that he pushed my hands off from on top of his cock . He stood up, sighed dejectedly, and headed off to the kitchen. I followed. Mike walked without much difficulty, and I had a wonderful view of his butt in motion. Upon reaching the kitchen he paused for a moment until he located the sink where my dirty dishes had been soaking for the past hour or so. Carefully he slipped one finger into the water to test it. He shuddered and then slipped both hands in the water and started to feel around for the dish rag.

“If the water is too cold, Mike,” I told him. “Feel free to add some more hot water and maybe a bit more dish detergent. You’ll find that the feeling of the hot soapy water on your hands is very enjoyable. With each dish that you wash and stack, you’ll realize that you are continuing to obey me and to follow along. Since that is what you really want to do, for me, you’ll find that it excites you more and more. Your cock will actually get even harder as you stand there and wash the dishes for me, Mike.”

Mike swayed back and forth a few times as my suggestions took hold. He eagerly added more hot water and squirted in more detergent. A few moments later he swung the facet from the left to the right sink and filled it up with hot (but not too hot) water. He didn’t put any detergent in that sink. I guessed that he was going to use that water to rinse the dishes in. He plunged his hands back into the dishwater and the slight smile on his face grew bigger and bigger. He started to hum some tune ,which I couldn’t identify, as he grabbed the first dish and got to work.

I looked at him. Actually, I was looking at his back and butt, as Mike washed my dishes for me. My own cock was rock hard, which is understandable. After all, here was this young muscular guy, very deeply hypnotized, stripped down to the waist, with a rock hard cock, standing in front of my kitchen sinks, washing my dishes for me. He was wearing only his dress pants and socks, and he was swinging his ass back and forth as he worked away merrily. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn I was dreaming.

I wanted to leave him alone to do his work. Okay, that’s a lie. Mike’s butt was too beautiful to pass up. I walked towards him, my eyes following every movement of that magnificent pair of butt cheeks that gyrated before me. Silently I walked up behind him, and wrapped my arms around his waist. “You’re doing a great job, Mike,” I muttered into his ear.

“Gee, thanks,” he replied as he rinsed a dish and then placed it in the dish rack to dry. “I never thought doing dishes could feel so good.” He paused for a moment, wiped his hands on the dish towel to dry them, and then reached down to pat my hands with his. He turned his head to look back at me as best he could and smiled warmly. “Have to finished the job,” he said as he plunged his hands back into the dish water.

I waited a moment or two and then let me hands moved down the front of his pants until my searching fingers came across Mike’s hard cock. I slowly stroked it as best I could, and was rewarded with delighted groans and moans from Mike. After a few minutes of that, I let my left hand move off to Mike’s side, heading for the left front pocket of his pants. “That feels so nice doesn’t it Mike?” I prompted him, as I placed my left hand on the outside of the left front pocket of his pants.

“Oh yes, yes it does,” he gasped and paused in his dish washing. “You make me feel so good. You have magic fingers.”

“Do you want me to continue?” I foolishly asked him.

“God, yes! Please!” Mike called out in earnestness. “Don’t stop! Please, pretty please!”

“Can I do what I want with you, as you stand there washing my dishes?” I teased him. As if he was going to be able to refuse me. I knew he would answer with a ‘yes’ or something similar, but it is this moment of willing surrender that is such a turn on, and oh so erotic for me. I licked my lips in anticipation.

“Yes, of course,” he answered humbly. “I...I couldn’t stop you even if I wanted to. Do whatever you want. It can only get better.” He moaned a few more times and then continued after catching his breath. “Your touch is like magic. I can feel myself melting away. Just drifting away. Do whatever you want with me. I am yours. Oh yes, I am....”

“Yes, Mike, that’s right,” I whispered into his ear. “It just feels so good, so right to you now.”

“Yes, it does,” Mike agreed. “I am yours. I am yours. I am yours.” He kept repeating the sentence, ‘I am yours’ without having to be prompted by me to do so. Ah, what a melodious sound that was, as it signaled another deeper level of Mike’s surrender to me.

“I am going to empty out the pockets of your pants, Mike, and keep what I find,” I told him with a Cheshire cat grin on my face. “The sensation of my hands in your pockets will be ten times more pleasing that the feeling of my hands pressing down on your cock. But remember, no matter how good you feel, you cannot ejaculate until I tell you that you can”

“Oh! Oh my GOD!” Mike called out in surprise and froze for a moment. “Sharon Stone is going to rob me while I wash her dishes! I can’t believe this is happening to me! It so...”

His words were cut off in mid sentence, as I thrust my left hand down into the left front pocket of his pants. Mike howled. There is no other word for it. He was beyond words or the ability to talk. He howled and then panted between breaths. He squirmed and desperately rubbed his ass back and forth against the front of my body as my left hand felt around and removed various objects from his pocket. He wasn’t making much progress on washing the dishes right now, but I don’t think either he or I cared much about that. I removed his key chain, and some loose change from that pocket. And placed the items on the kitchen table. Each time, when I removed my hand from his pocket Mike stopped howling and squirming, and went back to washing the dishes. It took several trips to empty out the left front pocket of Mike’s pants, but only because I spent a long time searching to be sure I had found everything. As I mentioned earlier, Mike’s pants were a bit snug on him, so it was a challenge to move my hand around in those tight pants of his. I did manage to locate the upper portion of something that was round, long, hard and very warm, but I couldn’t get a really good grip on it. At least not with only one hand. No matter, Mike enjoyed my attempts, and brother he wasn’t the only one! (Did I mention that the tip of this object was just a little bit wet? Gee, I can’t imagine what it could have been. Can you?)

I finished off the left front pocket by pulling it inside out. And then started on the right front pocket of Mike’s pants. This time, though I went very slowly into it. I pressed my body up against Mike’s as I slowly slipped my right hand deep into the right front pocket of his pants. Mike’s body trembled in anticipation, and his breathing started to quicken. Mike howled again as I moved my hand around and located an object. I let him enjoy himself, so to speak, for a few moments before I removed my hand and retrieved the object. It turned out to be a money clip with several ten and twenty dollar bills in it. I flipped it onto the table, and whispered in Mike’s ear. “I’ve got your money clip Mike. Soon I’ll be going for your wallet.”

“Take it! Take it all!", Mike screamed out between his animal howls of joy. “Yes, please take my wallet. Put your hands on my ass. I want to feel your hands on my ass!, Please, please do it!”

“Soon, Mike, very soon,” I whispered to him. At the back of my mind was the nagging and rather unpleasant thought of how I was going to explain all this to him when I awoke him from his trance. I pushed that thought aside, with the knowledge that if it was necessary I could remove all traces of tonight’s events from Mike’s mind, if it was necessary. But back to business. My right hand returned to the right front pocket of Mike’s pants, and stayed there for a while, just moving around and exploring. I didn’t find anything more of interest in that pocket, but decided to let my hand stay there for a while. Mike was enjoying it (boy is that an understatement), and it gave me the opportunity to push my body up against his back for a few more minutes. I let my left hand stray up the front of Mike’s chest and move slowly across his nipples a few times. Grunts and groans of pleasure escaping from Mike’s lips were my reward. Finally, though my fingers grabbed the pocket lining in the right front pocket of Mike’s pants, and I pulled my hand out, turning the pocket inside out in the process.

I backed up a step and looked at Mike’s butt as he stood there and panted trying to catch his breath. A sly grin crept onto my face and I decided to double my pleasure. Carefully I reached over and unbuttoned the left hip pocket of Mike’s pants. The right hip pocket had a button closure as well, but it was already undone. Carefully I reached over and snagged Mike’s wallet and yanked it out of his right hip pocket. That sucker was huge, and Mike howled with joy as he felt me remove it front his pants. I tossed the wallet onto the kitchen table, and turned back to look at Mike’s butt. I hesitated for a bit, when I heard Mike whimper. Quickly, I placed my left hand just above the left hip pocket of Mike’s pants, with my fingers just barely inserted into the pocket. I set up my right hand in the same way above the right hip pocket of Mike’s pants. “Let go of any dishes that you might be holding on to Mike,” I said to him. “Remember that you are a big strong boy, Mike. You are my boy, and you can’t ejaculate until I let you. The closer you get to shooting your load, Mike, the easier it is to wait for me to tell you when to ejaculate.” I didn’t want any accidents at this stage of the game.

“Oh yes, for you I can do it, Sharon,” Mike said is a slightly dazed tone. He stood there leaning on the kitchen counter and waited. I took a deep breath and plunged both hands into the hip pockets of Mike’s pants.

Howl is all that Mike could do as he became lost in the intense rapture of the moment. I was concerned that he might have cum then and there, but I’d find out for sure in a few minutes anyway. If he had, well I’d done all that I could to prevent it. For right now though, I moved my hands around in the hip pockets of Mike’s pants and caressed those sweet butt cheeks of his for all I was worth. Finally Mike stopped howling and just panted as he tried to catch his breath.

“Oh God, I love that!’ Mike called out. “Your hands moving in big slow circles on my ass. So wonderful, so wonderful....” His words drifted off until all that I could hear from Mike was a tuneless humming as he enjoyed himself. My writs were getting tired though, so I grabbed the material of the pocket linings and withdrew my hands from those hip pockets, turning those pockets inside out as well.

“Why...why did you stop?” Mike asked plaintively

“You have to finish the dishes before you get your reward, Mike,” I said to him. “When you are done the dishes, you can walk out to the living room for your reward.”

“A reward?” Mike asked puzzled. “You mean there’s more?”

“Yes, but first you need to turn around for a minute,” I answered him.

Mike complied, and turned around to face me. He had a slight blank and bewildered look on his face, but otherwise he seemed fine. I looked down at the front of his pants. His cock was still rock hard and there was no evidence that he had cum. His pants were still tented, and did not appear to be darkened with dampness anywhere. I let out a silent sigh of relief.

“Fine, Mike, now finish up and I’ll meet you in the living room,” I said to him.

“Yes, of course, Sharon,” Mike replied and turned back to the sink to finish washing the dishes. I left him to that task and headed out to the living room. On the way I stopped at the linen closet to pick up a big thick furry towel, actually two of them. One for him and one for me. I sat down in the chair next to the sofa and waited for Mike. He walked into the living room about five minutes later, stood beside the chair I was sitting in and waited.

“Go and lie down on the sofa Mike, and make yourself comfortable,” I instructed him.

“Yes,” he replied quietly and carried out my instructions. With his pants pockets still hanging inside out, Mike looked a bit comical as he walked over to the sofa. I smiled and rubbed my still rock hard cock and I replayed the events of only a few minutes ago, in my mind. Once he had settled in I continued.

“Mike,” I said to him as I tossed one of the towels over to him. “Open your fly, take out your cock and wrap your cock in this warm furry thick towel. Once you do that you will find yourself on the edge of ejaculating and you will start to moan out loud with joy.”

Mike said nothing, as he snatched the towel from mid air and tugged frantically at his fly as he tried to open it. It took him only a few seconds to carry out his instructions, and before I blinked more than a few times, he was moaning with joy, and his hips were starting to undulate. Enough was enough. He’d waited long enough.

“This time only, Mike,” I said to him in a loud and clear voice. “When I snap my fingers you will cum and shoot your load like never before. It will feel ten times better than it’s ever felt before. You will shoot and shoot and shoot until you are finished, being sure to catch all of your seed in that towel you have wrapped around your cock. When you have finished you will clean yourself up, and put that towel in the dirty clothes hamper in my bedroom, after which you will return to the living room and lie back down on the sofa and wait for further instructions.”

I waited a few moments and then snapped my fingers. Mike cried out with howls and hoots of animal passion as the release so long denied him was finally granted. He actually barked, as he came, which was something I’d never heard before. My own release was triggered by his and I completely ignored Mike as I was carried away on my own tide of ecstasy. I don’t know which of us finished first and frankly I don’t really care. All that I do know is that by the time I finished, Mike had cleaned himself up and was back lying on the sofa. I was not too surprised to note that his fly was closed. The smile plastered on his face was outrageous, but well earned. It probably matched the one that was on my face. I looked at the clock on the mantel and was shocked to see that it was nearly 9:00 PM. Mike’s first session with me had gone on for nearly two and one half hours. It was time to end it.

“Mike, the fantasy is over,” I said to him. He sighed a few times, and then nodded his head, but continued to smile that outrageous smile. “Who am I, Mike?” I asked him.

“You are Paul Walton,” he answered. “You have hypnotized me tonight and I’ve never felt so good before. I want to do whatever you tell me to. Each time I obey, I feel so good.”

Good. Very good. Things were working out as planned. Mike no longer thought of me as Sharon Stone. (Hey I’m cute, but I’m not THAT cute.) “Excellent, Mike. Would you like to return to this state again sometime?” I asked him.

“Oh yes, very much so,” he answered quickly. “What must I do?”

“Just listen to my voice, and obey,” I said to him.

“Yes, of course,” he replied. “I always obey you, Paul.”

“Whenever I say to you, ‘your shoes are ruby red’, you will return instantly to this deep and wonderful state of hypnosis, Mike,” I said to him clearly and carefully. “If you are standing or sitting at the time you will not fall, slip, slide, or topple over. Your body will relax, but you will not collapse. Your eyes will close immediately and your head will nod forward down onto your chest, but that is all. When you understand all this, Mike, let me know.”

Mike lay there for a minute or so, and finally said, “I understand, Paul.”

“One final point, Mike,” I said after a few seconds thought. “When I awaken you, you will not remember anything about this hypnosis session, at all. You will not realize that you were hypnotized, and will not remember going under. However, then I say the word ‘remember’ the entire night’s events will come flooding back into your mind, with crystal clarity.”

“Yes, I understand, Paul,” Mike said, in a calm and accepting tone of voice.

I waited a few more moments. It would be interesting to see what Mike’s reaction to the night’s events would be, once he remembered them. I counted him out. Mike opened his eyes.

“What...what happened?” Mike asked puzzled to be looking at the ceiling of my apartment. “We were sitting here talking about hypnosis and sex, and now I’m lying on the sofa.” Mike looked down at himself and his eyes grew big with surprise. “My clothes! What happened to my clothes?” He patted his pants and then cried out, “Where’s my wallet? What happened to my money? What in the hell happened here?”

Mike bolted off of the sofa and stormed over to where I was sitting. Upset does not begin to describe his state of mind. He was confused, concerned, worried, scared, angry and maybe even a bit terrified. Regretfully, I realized that I should have told him to awaken unconcerned and not upset, but it was a bit late for that. As he stood there silently demanding answers to his questions, I was hard put not to laugh at him. It was comical, at least from my point of view. After all, he was such a good, willing, submissive subject, that it seemed a shame not to make use of that fact and have a little harmless fun with him. It wasn’t easy for me to keep a straight face, but I did manage to smile at him and not laugh out loud.

“It’s okay, Mike,” I told him. “I hypnotized you, just as you asked me to. Your clothes are on the dinning room table, except for your jacket which is in the hall closet, and you tie which is still draped around my neck. The items from your pants are on the table in the kitchen.”

Mike’s expression did not change. He continued to look at me with anger and distrust. He didn’t believe me and walked over to the dining room and then into the kitchen to confirm what I said. When he returned to the living room, he was somewhat calmer but still wary of me.

“So how come I don’t remember any of this?” He asked me, still keeping a few feet away from me. The caution in his voice was evident.

“Because I told you not to,” I answered. “You only did what you agreed and wanted to do, Mike.”

“I somehow doubt it, " he said gruffly. “I have a hard time believing that I nearly did a strip tease for you. I’m not an exhibitionist. It’s not in my nature. Did you slip me something before we started?”

“No, Mike,” I answered him, ignoring the implication of unethical behavior. “Don’t you remember what happened?” I asked him.

He opened his mouth to answer and then froze in place as the events of the evening started to play out in his mind. His eyes went wide and his mouth formed an ‘oh’ of surprise. I remained quiet, looked at Mike and waited. It was tiny at first, barely a twitch at the corner of his mouth, but I saw Mike’s expression start to change. The twitch changed into a slight tug at the corner of his mouth and that soon changed to the beginning of a grin. From the grin, came a smile and the smile grew bigger and bigger with time. Mike’s eyes started to glow as well. In only a few minutes he was smiling and his eyes were merry. Finally he looked over at me, and he didn’t blush. I had expected him to, but he didn’t. He merely walked over to me, and held out his hand.

“Thank you, Paul,” he said simply. “You did much more than I expected. The fantasy was wonderful. I haven’t cum like that in months. You didn’t do anything wrong. I am sorry for what I said earlier. Do you think we could do this again sometime? Maybe next time I could vacuum your apartment”

“What’s this? Are you applying to be my house boy, Mike?” I asked jokingly. Inside I was a bit surprised at how calm and accepting Mike was with all this. I had expected him to be a bit more concerned about the night’s events. But if he didn’t have any problems with it, I wasn’t going to complain.

“Sure, if you like, but I only work when hypnotized first,” he replied and then winked at me.

“I’m glad you had a good time, Mike, but don’t you think you should get dressed now?” I asked him.

“Yes, but could you put me back under again afterwards? Please? I really enjoyed it and I’d like a bit more, if you don’t mind,” Mike said. He wasn’t pleading or begging, merely asking me with all the nonchalance, as if he was asking me if I knew what the weather forecast was for tomorrow.

“Okay, but only for about another 30 minutes. That’s all the time I can spare,” I answered.

“Great! Just let me get my things together,” Mike replied eagerly.

I held out his tie to him. He eagerly snatched it from me. It didn’t take much to please him, apparently. I remained sitting in the chair on the sofa while Mike got dressed in the dining room. I was relieved that Mike had not objected to anything that I’d done with him tonight. I had been wise to follow my instincts and not have Mike remove his pants. My eyes slid all over Mike’s body as he got dressed. I enjoyed every movement of his limbs, and every flex of his muscles. I smiled to myself when Mike undid his pants briefly, to tuck in his shirt. He was an efficient dresser, and soon he was standing in front of the dinning room mirror doing up his tie. God he looked so nice standing there! I swallowed a couple of times and decided to indulge myself, just a tiny little bit. “Your shoes are ruby red”, I called out to him. Mike was facing away from me, but I could clearly see his reflection in the dinning room mirror. His eyes went wide with surprise for just an instant before they fluttered closed, and his arms dropped loosely to his sides. His tie was still undone, but he had draped it around his shoulders and already tucked it under his shirt collar which was buttoned closed. “Come here and stand in front of me, Mike,” I called out to him.

“Yes, Paul,” he called back and quickly started to walk towards me. When he arrived I stood up in front of him and smiled at him. He smiled back.

“Feeling good again, aren’t you?” I asked him.

“Oh, very much so,” he answered. “Thank you. What may I do for you?”

“I’m going to tuck your pants pockets back in for you, Mike,” I told him. “It only seems fair since I’m the one who pulled them inside out in the first place. You’ll enjoy that won’t you?”

“Yes,” he replied. “But only because you say so, and because you are the person doing it to me.” He smiled a sweet small smile at me and continued. “Whenever you like...uh...sir.”

“Just close your eyes and enjoy it, Mike,” I instructed him as I walked behind him. It took only a few minutes for me to neatly tuck all the pockets of Mike’s pants back inside and to button the hip pockets closed. Okay, I admit it. I dragged out the process a bit, by doing some exploring with my hands. I enjoyed it, and from the way Mike grunted and moaned I don’t think that he objected either.

“Mike,” I said to him as I stood behind him admiring that ass of his once more. (Hey, you can NEVER get too much of a good view of a nice cute ass.) “This one time only, when you finish dressing and have replaced all the contents of your pockets you will immediately return to this wonderful deep state of hypnosis, and walk back into the living room and sit down on the sofa. You will make yourself very comfortable, and look at your wrist watch, making note of the time. When 30 minutes have passed you will automatically wake up and be your normal self. With each minute that passes you’ll feel yourself going down a bit deeper and feeling just a bit better. When you wake up you will remember everything that happened to you tonight.”

Mike silently nodded his head as he listened to my instructions. “Now return to where you were standing in front of the mirror, and finish dressing,” I said to him. " As soon as you touch your tie again you will wake up and not even realize that I just put you back under. You will think, though, that you already tucked in your pants pockets.”

“Yes, Paul, I understand,” Mike said softly and walked over to the dinning room mirror. I quickly scampered back into my chair in the living room so that Mike would not think anything was amiss. Mike awoke without incident and continued to dress himself. Once he had his tie done up and adjusted to his satisfaction, he headed off to the kitchen. A few moments later, he walked back out and smiling at me, headed for the front hall closet. My eyes tracked that lovely ass of his again, with that great big bulging wallet in the right hip pocket. All too soon, though it was covered as Mike snatched his jacket from the hall closet and slipped it on.

“Boy do I feel better now,” he said to me as he adjusted his jacket. “I didn’t want to say anything before, but I was getting a bit cold without my shir......” His words trailed off as he slipped back into the hypnotic trance that he had left only a few minutes ago. Mike’s head nodded forward as his eyes closed and he stood there at ease, swaying just a little bit. His eyes opened a few moments later and he slowly walked into the living room. With just a hint of a smile on his lips, Mike approached the sofa and slowly sat down in it, facing me. He moved around a few times as he made himself comfortable, as he sat back and relaxed. He placed his arms so that his hands were resting in his lap and let out a long slow deep sigh of contentment. I could see his body become more relaxed and limp with each passing second, as his head started to sway back and forth a bit.

Blinking his eyes a few times to focus them, Mike finally glanced down to look for his wrist watch. He tugged at the left suit sleeve until he finally exposed the wrist watch to his view. A look of deep peace and satisfaction spread slowly across Mike’s features as his eyes focused on the watch. I looked closely at him, and experienced a sense of delight and satisfaction as Mike’s attention became focused only on gazing at his watch and noting the passage of time. He was like a marble statue, sitting there unmoving except for his slow and deep breathing. His jacket was not buttoned closed and so some of Mike’s lap and the crotch of his pants were exposed. Enough to give me a nice view from where I was sitting, and I could see that he was slightly aroused as he sat there. He was not rock hard, but pleasantly hard, that is enough to feel good, but not to feel really turned on. This explained the satisfied smile on Mike’s lips and the dreamy expression on his face. I got up and then sat down beside Mike on the sofa. I wanted to get a better view of him.

For a good five or ten minutes, that is all I did. I looked at Mike’s face and his body. I imagined what it would be like to really caress that body which I had touched only thirty minutes ago, and I silently wished to myself that he was gay. I imagined all sorts of things happening, while Mike sat there enjoying himself. Not all these thoughts were noble and righteous. Many were base and animalistic in nature. (Okay, I thought about sucking him off if you must know. I had not actually seen Mike’s cock and I was curious as to whether or not it was in proportion to the rest of him. Can you blame me for wondering?) I stood up and looked down at Mike. My hands twitched for a moment or two, as I stood there towering over him, looking down at him, as the true nature of the situation dawned on me. It was like Steven Stokes all over again. I could do anything I wanted with Mike, and he’d agree to it. He was one of those deep and natural submissive hypnosis subjects, and my super-hypnosis of him had amplified his state several fold.

I felt a huge gulf open between Mike and myself, as I stood there and continued to gaze upon him. He was such a wonderful sight to behold. The gulf seemed to grow more and more until it seemed to span forever. I felt the distance increase the more I thought about taking advantage of this tempting and tasty opportunity, sitting here in front of me. I felt myself being pulled towards Mike. Not physically, but emotionally, as though my feelings and desires were made of steel and Mike was a powerful electric magnet. The more I thought about moving away from Mike, the stronger the feeling seemed to grow. It was if there was a huge elastic band connecting Mike’s body to my head. The more I thought about moving away from Mike, the tighter that band became and the stronger the pull felt. It actually started to hurt, and that was when I started to become concerned. Down in the pit of my stomach a small worm of worry was starting to wiggle around more and more. At it wiggled, more and more alarm bells started to go off in my head. Something was wrong here. Something was very wrong.

To this day, I cannot explain what happened. Not even to myself, and I’ve thought about it for many years. All that I do know is that as I struggled with my thoughts, feelings and desires, the elastic band suddenly snapped and I jerked backwards from Mike a step or two. I shuddered in confusion and quickly walked back to the sofa and sat down. I closed my eyes and did a few mental exercises (learned from my mentor Mary), to clear my mind and refocus my thoughts. It took but a minute or two. I opened my eyes and looked at Mike. He had not moved a millimeter. He was still as delightful to look at, but I didn’t feel any more of the pulling and confusing thoughts that I’d felt a few minutes ago. I opened my mind to Mike’s thoughts and feelings, but no matter how much I sensitized my mind, all I could pick up were feelings of satisfaction and contentment from Mike. There were no other feelings in the room. I looked at the mantle clock and yawned. It was 10 PM. Probably all it was, was that I was tried.

“Hi there,” Mike said as he blinked his eyes and woke up. I had not realized that 30 minutes had already slipped past. I must have been more tired than I’d thought.

“Hi yourself,” I said. “So how are you feeling?”

“Very good, thank you,” Mike said with a smile. “I guess I have to go now, right?” He asked as he stood up.

“I’m afraid so,” I said and yawned again. “I’m really beat tonight and we both have to work tomorrow. Come on. I’ll walk you to the door.” I escorted Mike to the front door and bid him good night. I assured him though, that when it could be arranged, we could have another session together. I really did want another session with Mike, but I was too tired to think clearly as to when that might be arranged. I told him that I’d call him in a few days to see about setting something up. That seemed to satisfy him, and he waved goodbye as he walked down the hall towards the elevators. Only when he actually boarded one of the elevator cars did I close my front door. A good looking ass, is a good looking ass, even if it is hiding behind a suit jacket.

With that thought, I closed the front door, locked it hand headed for bed. Man, was I tired!