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The Coffee Shop III: The Good, The Bad, And The Hypnotized

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 3 What Happens When You Are Not At The Office?

I looked at the mantle clock for the 1,000th time. 1:45 PM. Phil should have called fifteen minutes ago. He had said he would call me at 1:30 PM before he came over, and it was already well past that. It wasn’t like Phil to be late. I was more concerned than angry though. Phil is a reliable hypnosis subject (and cute too), and it was not like him to be this late. I was tempted to call his house and see if he was all right but there was the slight chance that his wife or kids might be home, and it would be rather difficult to explain my calling him. The doorbell rang and I walked over to answer the door. Peeking through the peephole I confirmed that it was Phil who stood waiting on the other side of the door. He looked nervous. I opened it.

“Hi Phil,” I said to him a bit coolly. “Come on in.”

He walked past me and entered the apartment. He was wearing a light blue pull over golf shirt, a pair of close fitting dark blue jeans, a plain black belt and a pair of off white sneakers. Nothing really remarkable to look at, although the jeans did look very good on him. The huge bulge of his wallet in the right hip pocket was noticeable, and interesting. (Okay, so I actually found that wallet of his in his right hip pocket to be sexy. I have a ‘wallet in a hip pocket’ fetish. Sue me.)

“Thank you, Paul, er...I mean sir,” he gulped at me, as he walked in. He glanced around and firmly closed the apartment door when he saw that I had made no move to do so. He looked at me, and swallowed nervously a few times before he spoke. “I’m really sorry to be late. I had a flat tire on the way over here and had to stop to change it. I would have called you but I left my cellular phone at home.” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, as he waited for my response. Then he held out his hands to me. They were covered in dirt and grime. He was telling the truth. I had not doubted him, but it seemed he felt the need to prove to me that he was telling the truth. “I’d like to wash up if you don’t mind, sir,” he said quietly.

“Sure, go ahead,” I said to him. “The bathroom is down the hall, the first door on the right. I was starting to worry about you, Phil,” I said to him as he headed off down the hall. “I was even starting to wonder if maybe you were going to stand me up,” I called out to him.

“I’d never do that to YOU, SIR!” Phil called out to me. I heard the sound of running water, and did my best to wait patiently for Phil to clean himself up. It took less than five minutes. Phil was soon standing beside me again looking somewhat calmer, and much more at ease. He smiled at me with that semi-innocent smile of his, and waited for me to say something.

“Say, you clean up pretty good,” I joked, and smiled at him.

“So, are you ready, sir?” Phil asked with a gleam in his eye.

“Ready for what?” I queried.

“Why to come over and see my new outfit, sir,” Phil said as if this were the most important thing in his life. “I thought.....well, I thought I could wear it and well....serve you dinner....sir.”

“You mean act like a butler, or manservant, Phil?” I asked him, keeping a straight face. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, let me tell you. I was thrilled that Phil wanted to take on such a roll, but I wasn’t about to let him know that, at least not quite yet.

“Yes....if....if you will have me, sir,” Phil said softly, his eyes downcast. He stood there waiting for my answer. He wasn’t trembling, but he was nervous about what my answer would be.

“I would be delighted, Phil,” I smiled at him. “I know that you will make an excellent manservant. Who knows there might even be a few surprises this evening.” I winked at him knowingly. Maybe he didn’t know what might happen tonight but I had a few ideas rolling around in the back of my head.

“Could we go over to my place now, sir?” Phil asked eagerly. “I can’t wait for you to see me in my new outfit.”

I looked at Phil standing there so anxious to please me by dressing up, that I could not possibly think of making him wait. Phil might not be my lover, or ever have been intimate with me, but he did have a special place in my heart. He had been one of my first super-hypnosis subjects and over the years, he had become devoted to me, and almost worshipped me. There were very few things that Phil would not do for me. He’d even offered to loan me some money when I was caught short a while back. I had gently told him ‘no’ and explained the dangers to him about doing something like that, and he had accepted it. Reluctantly at first, but as he thought about it, he came to see it my way. Our relationship was a lot of fun, and if money entered into the picture the temptation for me to abuse that relationship just might be too much for me.

“Sure we can leave now, but there is one little thing I have to do first,” I said to Phil.

Phil tilted his head at me, puzzled at my answer. “What is that, sir?” He inquired.

I smiled at Phil and walked over to stand beside him. He followed my every move, still puzzled at my lack of an answer. “This!” I cried as I reached out and grabbed that cute ass of his with both of my hands, squeezing it for all I was worth.

“OH MY GOD!!! OH SIR!!! OH SIR!!” Phil cried out as his brain was suddenly bombarded with wave after wave of intense pleasure and joy. He shuddered several times as he stood there savoring in the feel of my hands on that beautiful ass of his. It was such a beautiful ass, encased in those snug fitting jeans. I glanced down at the front of his jeans and was pleased to note the rapid growth of his cock as it filled with blood. The stimulation of his ass was causing the expected reaction in his cock.

“Oh I’ve missed you, sir!’ Phil cried out but not quite as loudly. “I’ve missed your touch on my ass. It’s been so long, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you for grabbing my ass like that.”

I let go of Phil’s butt, not without some twinges of disappointment, but better events awaited at his house. “I think we should be going now, Phil,” I said to him as I watched him come down off of cloud nine.

Phil took a few deep breaths to calm himself before he answered. “Yes, sir. Of course, sir. I think I can drive now, sir,” he said with a smile. “Shall I lead, sir?”

“That would be fine, Phil,” I told him.

I followed Phil out of my apartment after grabbing a light coat from the hall closet. I wasn’t sure how long I would be at Phil’s but in case it was late I wanted something to ward off the chill night air on the way back home. I locked the apartment door and followed Phil to the elevators. The trip down to the garage was uneventful. We made small talk, about work and the new projects that we were both involved in. The small talk continued during the drive to Phil’s house, which was about a thirty minute drive from my home. The traffic on a Saturday afternoon didn’t help any. We arrived at Phil’s home without incident, and while he unlocked the front door I looked around.

It was a modest two story house, with at least three bedrooms upstairs, to judge from the windows. I’m not an architect so houses and house layouts don’t really interest me. It was a nice home, clean, neat, tidy and tastefully decorated. Just what I would expect from someone like Phil who paid attention to his appearance. Phil locked the front door and after asking my permission, took my coat and hung it up in the front hall. He blushed as he asked me to please remove my shoes, while inside his house. I’m sure it was his wife’s idea to insist upon that. It was not an unusual request, and I did it willingly. I would have done that in anyone’s home. Phil’s blush was due to the slight embarrassment he felt at having to ask me to do something. Now that we were alone again, our master/slave relationship was once more coming into play, and as the slave Phil felt awkward about asking his master to do something.

“Please take a seat in the living room, sir,” Phil said as he directed me towards a very comfortable looking recliner. “I will be back as soon as I can.” Phil turned and bounded up the stairs that lead to the second story of the house. He was smiling and it was clear that he could not wait to change and show me his new suit. I was probably as excited as Phil was, except that I hid my excitement much better than Phil did. I started planning what Phil and I would spend the afternoon doing. We had so many wonderful hours ahead of us. It was difficult to decide just what I was in the mood for. I started to roll around the possibilities in my mind, as I waited for Phil to return. I suppose I could have gone upstairs with him and watched him change clothes, but I’d be seeing his body with and without clothes soon enough. I looked about the room, absently taking note of the decor while trying NOT to keep an eye on the stairway. I did not want to spoil Phil’s surprise. I got up and walked over to the bookshelf, tilted my head and started reading the names of the various books stored there. It was an interesting diversion, and kept my back to the staircase so that there was no way I could inadvertently, or deliberately for that matter, see Phil approaching out of the corner of my eye.

I jumped with surprise when I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder, and at the same time heard Phil’s voice quietly saying, “Here I am, sir.” I calmed myself down for a second or two before I turned around.

“Gee, you scared the hell out of me, Phil,” I said to him, as I turned around to look at him. “I didn’t know you could move so quiet.....” The words froze in my mouth as I looked at Phil. I was shocked into silence, quite literally.

Phil, as you probably already know, is a good looking guy in his own right. Phil is of average build, not skinny and not muscular, but handsome, and looks very good in a suit and tie. Phil has a nice body, and a tight, smooth, well defined ass. Add that to a handsome face, with boyish good looks (and the man is at least 39), comprised of jet black hair, a full mustache, and clear smoke gray eyes, and I think you get the picture.

But in this new outfit, Phil was outstanding! (Okay, so maybe it was just me and my love for a good looking man in a suit & tie, but I doubt it.) He had a huge welcoming grin on his face, as if he’d enjoyed startling me, which I suspect he had. On the top of his head, was a black fedora, which he had pulled down just a little bit. He was dressed in a black pinstripe three piece suit. The jacket was single breasted with a three button front, which was not done up. Hence I could clearly see the snug fitting six button vest with two welt pockets in it. A simple gold chain ran from the second lowest button on the vest to the right welt pocket. There was a bulge in that pocket, and I was sure it was a safe bet that a gold pocket watch rested there. It was a nice accessory to the outfit. Phil’s hands were inserted into the front of his pants pockets, which pushed the jacket open and to the side and gave a much clearer view of the vest and the front of his pants. The pants were snug fitting as well, especially around Phil’s crotch, even though they had double pleats on the front. I didn’t know what his pants looked like from the back, but I was sure I’d enjoy finding out later. I let my eyes move down the front of Phil’s body, past his waist and the crotch of his pants to follow the smooth flowing lines of the stripes of that pinstripe suit, to where those lovely pant legs ended in cuffs above a pair of shiny black shoes. I breathed a quiet sigh of satisfaction, as I let my eyes move upward to look at Phil’s face, and noticed in passing that he had on a plain white shirt and a red and white striped tie. It suddenly stuck me that Phil looked like a gangster from the 1930’s. I smiled all the more as Phil slowly turned around to let me see the back of his outfit as well as the front. The jacket and pants, from the back were just as nice to look at as from the front. The jacket, I noticed did not appear to have a vent, which meant that it would ride up over Phil’s beautiful butt, in certain instances.

“Very nice,” I said to Phil. “You look sharp. I am impressed,” I continued and gave him a round of applause.

“Thank you, sir,” Phil said and grinned at me all the more, after bowing briefly to acknowledge the applause. There was a twinkle in his eyes that suggested he had something on his mind.

“The pocket watch is a nice touch, Phil,” I said to him. “I didn’t think you had one, though.”

“I didn’t, sir,” Phil replied. “Until I bought this suit. I remembered your pocket watch, the one you showed me that one special time, and decided I wanted one like it.”

“Oh yes,” I said as the memory came back to me. “I remember that session very well. You didn’t think that looking at my swinging pocket watch would put you under, because it was so old fashioned.” (See, I don’t tell you EVERYTHING about my sessions with all my subjects. I have my secrets too.) “It was remarkable the way you went under though, Phil. Speaking of which, it is a shame that you are not under right now.” I grinned at him.

“I finally figured it out, sir,” Phil said as he looked at me, firmly.

“Figured out what?” I asked perplexed. Phil was ignoring my suggestions and hints about him enjoying another hypnosis session, which was not at all like him.

“I figured out how you are able to put me under so easily,” he replied. “It’s your watch. Now that I have one like yours I’m sure I can hypnotize you as easily as you can hypnotize me.”

“Oh really?” I said in genuine surprise. “And just what would you have me do, when you have me under? Give you my wallet, show you my cock and then give you a blow job?” I asked jokingly.

“Yes, that would be a good start, sir,” Phil said as his face took on an expression of seriousness and determination. “Do you want to try now, or are you afraid?”

I gulped in surprise at Phil’s attitude. This was more than just a little bit off kilter for him. I had nothing to fear from him, or to worry about. All he could do was hypnotize me with ordinary hypnosis, if I let him, and I wasn’t about to let him. Just who was the slave and who was the master here anyway? One of us was getting confused about that, and it wasn’t me. I decided to see this through, but as a precaution I concentrated my mental energies and erected a barrier to outside thoughts or suggestions. It was a trick I had learned when watching hypnosis stage shows. Some of the really good hypnosis had a slight sprinkling of my type of mental powers, even if they were not aware of it. In order to resist such hypnotists I had learned to defend myself.

“Okay, I’m game,” I said to Phil. “What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Nothing at all, but look at this watch, sir,” Phil said as he brought out his pocket watch and held it just above eye level. He did not swing it back and forth, but merely let it dangle there, slowly spinning around. “Just look at the watch, sir. It is very bright and shiny, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is,” I replied as I watched it spin slowly around.

“There is nothing else you would rather do than to look at the watch, sir,” Phil continued. “Like your watch sir, this watch reflects the light in strong hypnotic beams that enter your mind through your eyes. It takes only a few seconds of looking to put you very deeply into hypnosis. And when I count to three, you will be deeply hypnotized and totally obedient. So obedient that you will do exactly what we talked about earlier.” Phil paused for a second or two to catch his breath before he continued. “One.....Two.....Three....”

I kept looking at the watch as it hung there, but I didn’t feel any different. (Like that was a surprise?) I turned my attention back to Phil and was surprised to see that his face had gone totally blank, and that he was staring at the spinning watch like he was in love with it. Clearly he had somehow hypnotized himself! I suspected that he wanted to be hypnotized so badly that he was willing to use a faked attempt to hypnotize me as an excuse for him to accidentally go into hypnosis. It was creative, and very erotic. But the question was, how deep was Phil’s trance and was it the same type of trance as when I hypnotized him. A test was in order.

“Phil, put your watch away,” I said to him.

He blinked his eyes a few times and then slowly lowered his watch and replaced it in his vest pocket. He stood there wide eyed, staring at nothing, with his arms hanging loosely by his sides. He still had that blank look on his face. I waited to see what would happen. I was in no rush, as I was thoroughly enjoying the sight of Phil standing in that beautiful suit of his. He looked so good I really wanted to walk over him and start exploring that suit and Phil’s body, but curiosity won out. So I stayed where I was, and waited for events to unfold. Phil stood there mutely, and then slowly he moved his right hand up slightly and then backwards towards his right hip pocket. His face remained expressionless and blank as he moved his hand, almost as if he didn’t care one way or the other, as to what he was doing. All he was concerned with was carrying out his instructions. He pushed his jacket out of the way as he reached back towards his right hip pocket and I could clearly see that that his right hip pocket had a button tab closure, and the pocket was buttoned closed. He fumbled for a second as he unbuttoned the tab closure on his right hip pocket. Once he had the pocket undone he slipped his hand easily inside and smoothly pulled his wallet out. With that same smooth even motion he brought his hand forward until it was just below chest level, with his arm extended outward, and bent slightly at the elbow. I looked at him as he silently offered his wallet to me. He did not attempt to give me the wallet. He just held it out waiting for me, or anyone else I guess, to come by and take it. I waited at least two minutes to see if he would do anything on his own, but he did not move at all. He was like a statue (a very good looking and well dressed statue), and seemed content to stay that way. Gently I reached out and plucked the wallet from his grasp. Immediately his right arm dropped to his side and dangled there as loose as his left arm.

A few moments later, Phil’s hands moved towards the front of his pants. I could guess what was coming next, and I was correct. Showing the same lack of interest and concern, Phil calmly and easily unzipped his fly and extracted his cock from within his white silk boxers. (Okay they LOOKED like they were silk. I would find out soon enough.) His cock was limp and floppy. There was no excitement whatsoever at seeing me. I almost felt insulted. After adjusting his penis to insure that it was comfortable hanging out there, Phil stood where he was and continued to stare out into space. Maybe he wasn’t finding this at all interesting but my interest was definitely aroused.

Phil blinked a few more times, and then nonchalantly lowered himself to his knees. He turned to up towards me for the first time, but there wasn’t any expression of any sort on his face. Blank and empty was how his face remained. He moved forward on his knees a few inches and then reached forward to grab the fly of my jeans. I’d had enough of this, though. I batted his hand away. He ignored me and reached for my fly again. I batted his hand away a second time, and again he ignored me.

“That’s enough, Phil,” I said to him sharply. “Knock it off!” This wasn’t fun any more. I wanted Phil to at least enjoy himself, if he was going to give me a blow job, but he was going through the motions like an automaton. It was strange. Too strange. Phil continued to ignore me completely and pulled all the harder at my fly, succeeding in starting to tug it down a notch or two.

“My feet are hot,” I said to Phil. He froze. Slowly his body went limp. His hands released my fly, and his arms dropped to fall by his side. He slowly sat back on his heels, and his head dropped as his breathing became deep and slow. I could see him going down as he returned to that wonderful state of super-hypnosis that he so enjoyed. I looked down at him as he continued to go deeper, and started to wonder to myself just what had been going on earlier. I looked more closely at Phil’ face and noticed a small smile gracing his lips. I shifted my gaze to his open fly and saw that he was nearly fully erect now. His cock was getting harder and stiffer by the second. It seemed that he was finally happy to see me.

“So how do you feel now, Phil?” I asked him.

“Good, sir.” He replied in a smooth mellow voice full of satisfaction. “I’m hard now sir, and so glad you put me back here in hypnosis where I may serve you. I missed it so much, sir. I don’t think you know just how much I missed it, sir.”

“Fine, " I said. “Now look at me and tell me WHY you pulled that little stunt with the gold watch and why you did not stop when I told you to.” I was still a bit concerned about that, and wanted to know more.

He turned his head up to look at me in shock and dismay. His eyes went wide with fear as he continued to stare up at me. “I....I don’t know, sir,” he whimpered at me. “I...I really do not know why I did that, sir. I...I couldn’t stop myself. I tried, sir. I really did. I didn’t WANT to give you a blow job sir, but after you told me to put away my watch. I just couldn’t stop myself. It was like I was following your orders, sir, but I KNEW that they weren’t your orders.”

I looked down at Phil, and tried to make sense of what he had just said. At first what he had been doing with the gold watch had been fun and erotic for me, but when he’d not stopped when I told him to, then it had become frightening.

“Please, believe me, sir!” Phil cried out to me at my continued silence. “I would never lie to you, sir! I am telling you the truth, sir!” Phil was so upset that his cock had gone soft now and he was starting to shake as he knelt there in front of me.

“Put your cock back in your pants, and put your wallet back and just stand here beside me and be quiet for a bit, while I think about this,” I ordered him. I wasn’t being gentle with Phil at all right now, but I did not want to be distracted by his constant claims that he was telling the truth. I’d find out that for myself in a minute or so.

Phil scrambled to his feet and hastily thrust his cock back inside his pants and did them up. Carefully, but quickly he retrieved his wallet from my hand and returned the wallet to his right hip pocket, and then finished tidying himself up. He stood next to me and kept his mouth shut as he waited for me to speak. I could see a tremor around his lips, but he controlled it well.

“Deeper, Phil,” I said as my fingers darted out to touch him on the forehead. His eyes closed, and he slumped down as his body relaxed and he slipped even deeper into his super hypnotic trance. With my fingers on his forehead I sent out a powerful mental probe, determined to learn just what the truth was. I was only mildly surprised to learn that everything that Phil had told me was the truth. I did not think that Phil would ever lie to me, about anything. However, that still left some unanswered questions. I had no idea, and neither did Phil, as to why he had suddenly decided to try this stunt with the gold watch. I was certain, though, that Phil did not have any other strange behaviors that he wanted to act out tonight.

“Open your eyes, and look at me, Phil,” I told him after a minute of scanning his mind. Phil slowly complied with my instructions. He was calm, and stood in a most relaxed manner, but I could see the shadow of fear and concern deep in the back of his eyes. He was still scared that I did not believe him.

“I believe you, Phil,” I told him. “I know that you don’t know exactly why you did what you did, and that you couldn’t help yourself.”

“Oh, THANK YOU, SIR!” Phil barked out at me, as relief washed over him. Suddenly he stepped forward and wrapped his arms tight around me in huge soft hug. “Thank you for believing me, sir!” He said softly into my ear, continuing to hug me firmly and gently. “I....I don’t know what came over me, sir. I...I am so sorry about this, sir. What....what can I do to make it up to you?” Phil was still apologizing to me, even as he continued to embrace me.

“Well, I could use a good massage, if you don’t mind,” I replied, as I hugged Phil back as fervently as he was hugging me. Who cares if I might have been wrinkling his suit jacket? God, how I loved the feel of Phil holding me so close, and the feel of that fine wool suit under my fingertips. Sex aside, sometimes there is a lot to be said for ordinary physical contact between people. It can be so very enjoyable. Phil, continued to hug me as firmly and gently as ever, and I heard him mutter something.

“What was that Phil?” I asked. “What did you say?”

“I said, that I’d be happy to give you a good going over, sir,” Phil replied with a soft laugh. It was good to see he had his sense of humor back. “But right now, I’d just like to keep holding you in my arms. It’s so wonderful, sir. I know you like it, sir. I can tell from the ‘rocket in your pocket’, sir.”

“Yes, well, you seem to be ‘interested’, as well, Phil,” I said to him as I pushed my body firmly against his and felt his half hard cock digging into my left thigh. I move my arms down from his shoulders, and walked my fingers down his back heading for my favorite territory. “You enjoy yourself so much whenever I play with your body, in any way, Phil,” I not so subtly reminded him. I knew that he remembered that suggestion from previous sessions with me, but I so enjoyed telling him that each time I saw him.

“Oh! Yes, sir!” Phil gasped, as he felt my fingers walking down his back. He had a pretty good idea of where they were headed. My hands arrived on Phil’s buttocks only a few seconds later, and I dug one hand into each buttock and squeezed tightly.

“OH SIR!” Phil called out as he pushed his body against mine. Spasms of joy and pleasure raced though his mind and body as I gripped his ass with both hands. His half erect cock, stiffened into a hard rod of steel in only seconds, and I moaned lightly in pleasure as I felt that wonderful cock of his dig even more firmly into my left thigh.

“Oh, I’m your boy, sir!” Phil called out in joy and softly kissed my cheek. He wasn’t gay after all, so expecting him to kiss me on the mouth was asking a bit much. " I’m your boy toy, sir! Please play with me, sir! Please grab me, sir! Please make me do whatever you want me to, sir! I want to do what ever you want me to, sir! It’s been so very long, sir! God, how I’ve missed serving you, sir!” (Do I inspire loyalty and devotion in my hypnosis subjects or what? With all modesty, I have to admit it, I’m pretty good.)

I explored every inch of Phil’s ass with my hands, well as much as I could while grabbing his ass from the front. The material of his suit was so fine and soft. That ass of his was so smooth and hard beneath my finger tips. I gleefully closed my eyes and savored the sensations running from my fingertips to my brain. I savored it slowly. I rubbed my body next to Phil’s, and sighed with contentment. My cock was hard and firm, and pressing into Phil’s left thigh, and I was content to stay like that for a while. We had lots of time after all. Hours more remained to us.

Finally, though I firmly pushed Phil away from me, and took a couple of steps back from him. He wasn’t upset about it. He knew only the joy of serving me once again, in whatever way I wanted. He was smiling like a kid on Christmas morning in a room full of presents all addressed to him. I’m sure he would have been happy to have imitated a houseplant for me, or done nearly anything else for that matter. Of course I had scanned his mind while we were embraced, during which I’d implanted a few more suggestions to insure that this evenings events went as I wanted them to. I left nothing to chance when it comes to my subjects and hypnosis sessions with them. I have worked long and hard (no pun intended) with some of these guys and the last thing I wanted is an unexpected surprise. I looked at Phil as he stood there, smiling at me, with his hat slightly askew. He was SO good looking in that outfit. I actually regretted not arranging a session with him weeks ago. Hopefully, I could make up for it now.

I took a long slow deep breath and let it out slowly. I was just a little too excited, and need to calm down a bit so that I could completely focus my attention on Phil, and totally enjoy myself. I walked around Phil and looked at him from the back. He shuddered in silent anticipation of my touch. I walked up to Phil and placed one hand on each of his shoulders. Slowly I ran my hands down Phil’s back following the contour of his suit jacket, all the way to the tails. “My touch is magic, isn’t it Phil?” I asked him.

“Oh yes! Yes, sir!” Phil cried out, moaned a few times and then continued. “It feels so good sir. It’s making me feel warm, and sexy, and so turned on, sir. I...I am hard, sir. Is it all right for me to be hard?”

“Yes, it’s all right, Phil,” I assured him, as I placed my hands on his shoulders and moved my hands down his back again. Phil nodded his head in silent thanks and then moaned again. His suit was very nice to touch, and I enjoyed stroking him like this. It was especially nice to feel my hands on his butt, and this was only the beginning.

“Turn around Phil,” I instructed him.

“Yes, sir!” He cried out and smartly tuned one hundred and eighty degrees to face me. He was beaming with joy and pleasure. He was smiling and his eyes were wide with happiness. He was enthralled. He stood there waiting for me to continue, as a ripple of anticipate passed through his body.

I placed my hands on his shoulders, as Phil stood facing me, and slowly moved them down the front of his body, and suit jacket. Phil moaned and arched his head back in joy. Slowly and evenly I pass my hands over his body all the way to the belt of his pants. I paused for a moment, and then continued on to the tails of the suit jacket. I slipped my hands up and under the jacket and moved them around looking for that large bulge that had to be there, somewhere. It took me only a second to two to find it. I let both hands zero in on that huge mound that was Phil’s hidden cock, and I started to trace the outline. Phil moaned several more times. I stroked Phi’s cock very lightly several times. Phil moaned in appreciation. I started stroking it more vigorously.

“Oh, sir!” Phil cried out with unbridled joy. “Oh, my cock! Oh, sir, your hands stroking my cock! Oh your touch, even though my pants! It’s heaven! I...I don’t deserve this, sir! What did I ever do to deserve this, sir? Please tell me and I’ll do it again! I’ll...I’ll do anything you want, sir! You know that, sir! Please, sir! I’ll do anything you want, just don’t stop, sir! Oh, I’m getting closer, sir! So, close, sir!”

“But you cannot cum until, I say so,” I said to him. I wanted to insure that there were no accidents, especially with such a nice suit.

“Yes, sir! I cannot cum until you say I can, sir!” Phil replied, between moans. His breathing was ragged, and he was starting to sound a bit light headed. “Oh! Thank you, sir! Thank you for stroking me, sir! Isn’t there anything I can do for you, sir? There...there must be something I can do for you, sir. Please, tell me what it is, sir, and I’ll do it.”

I was touched by Phil’s sense of fair play. He wanted me to be as happy and turned on as he was, and felt that he had to please me more than I was pleasing him. The sign of someone who does consider themselves a slave. It was most gratifying.

“Slip off your jacket, hang it up, and return presenting your back to me, Phi.” I said to him.

“Right away, sir!” Phil cried out starting to slip off his jacket. Phil stepped back from me and caught his suit jacket before it fell to the floor. Phil walked over to the dining room, and hung his jacket up on the back of one of the dinning room chairs. I savored the sight of Phi’s ass as he walked away from me. As I had hoped, his pants were very snug on his butt. His ass as he walk away was beautiful. His pants had only one hip pocket, which was on the right side. The left side of Phil’s pants was smooth, and kind of sexy. Phil’s huge wallet resided in the right hip pocket of his pants, making a bulge that helped to stretch those nice pants just a tiny little bit more. I so enjoyed the way that the pants clung as he walked. If he had wiggled his ass as he walked it would have been even better. I regretted that I hadn’t suggested that to him. His ass in those pants as he walked was a delicious appetizer. All too soon Phil turned around and walked back towards me. While it is true that the view of his butt was cut off, the front view of Phil’s cock fully erect and straining against those pants more than compensated for it. The outrageous smile on Phil’s face was a testament to how good he was feeling, and I don’t think I was that far behind him. Upon reaching me, Phil slowly turned around and presented his back to me. I took a deep breath and slipped my arms firmly around his chest. I pulled myself toward Phil. I pressed tightly against him and was rewarded with the feeling of my own hard cock pressing into Phil’s fleshly left buttock. I thrust myself against him and started to rub my hot cock, still encased in my jeans, against Phil’s left buttock. I moaned a few times as a few waves of pleasure rippled through my brain.

“Your cock, sir?!!” Phil cried out in pleasure and confusion. “Pressing against my ass? I...I never knew it would feel so good, sir! I...I like it sir. Rub up against me some more, sir!” Phil started to lean back against me, slowly trying increase the pressure of our two bodies against each other, in an attempt to increase the sensations. Slowly I moved to the right. When my cock started to press up and into the crack between Phil’s butt cheeks, I thrust forward a bit harder and was delighted to feel the material of Phil’s pants stretching taunt, as though preventing entry.

“Yes, sir! Oh, your cock pressing into my crack, and around my ass! Oh, sir! It’’s so wonderful!” Phil exclaimed joyfully. “So close, and yet so far....”

“That’s right, Phil,” I assured him. “The clothes stay on when we do this. I know that you are not yet ready for me. This is enough for now.” I was smart enough to realize by this time, that Phil would never be ready for actual gay sex. Oral sex, maybe, but not anal sex. I had scanned his mind enough times over the past few years to realize that he had a fixation of some type against anal sex with a guy. Maybe I could have removed the fixation, but it would have changed who and what Phil was as a person. I could not do that to him. I cared about him too much to consider changing him that radically just so that I could have a few minute of intense joy. The mutual caring and understanding we shared between us, made our relationship far more satisfying than if Phil were just another super hypnosis slave. The things that he did, and the time that he gave was given freely and wholeheartedly. I treasured these times together with Phil for that reason, if for no other. I clenched Phil close to me as long as I was able, but finally my arms got tired and I let him go. I am not superman, after all. I have limits. I slowly turned Phil around to face me.

“So what did you think of that?” I asked him.

Phil dropped to his knees, and grabbed my hands holding them together with his. He kissed my hands devoutly and then raised his face to look up at me. His eyes locked on mine and his face slowly changed as an expression of undiluted worship appeared upon it. “I am the luckiest slave on the face of the earth to have you for a master, sir,” he said in a voice reverberating with awe. “You know what my limits are, sir, and you never push me beyond them. You give me so much pleasure and joy, that carrying out your slightest whim is a joy in itself. I do not know why you treat me like this. It is not the way I imagined a master would treat his slave. Especially a slave who is unwilling or unable to give to his master, the ultimate expression of submission and servitude...letting his master use him for his master’s pleasure. I do not understand why you put up with me, sir. I do care for you greatly, but I do not understand why you keep me around.”

Phil did not actually come out and ask me the question, but the implication was clear. I looked down at him, as he knelt there in front of me. His faced alternating between joy and confusion. I decided to tell Phil the truth, well, at least as much of it as I safely could. Being able to read minds and find out what someone really thinks and believes can be very handy. The problem is knowing what not to say.

“Phil, I know that you are devoted to me, and that pleases me greatly,” I said to him. He smiled back at me, and then the smile faded as he waited for the other shoe to fall. “You need not fear that I will ever send you away, or become displeased with you because you do not yet feel comfortable with the idea of anal sex with me. I know that you will never be able to do that with me, even if you have not yet come to realize that fact. It does not diminish how I feel about you, or how much I care about you. It is simply part of who and what you are, Phil. I have come to accept that. I value far more how eager you are to serve in other ways, as well as how trustworthy you are. I know that I can trust you to do nearly anything for me. In time you will come to see that too.” I looked into his eyes, and suddenly his face became blurred as my eyes filled with tears, even as I felt a smile break out on my face. “I love you, Phil,” I croaked as my throat tightened up, and made further speech impossible. I had not realized it myself until just that moment. I did love Phil. It might not be sexual, but over the past few years we had developed a very special relationship. We cared deeply for each other. It was, for lack of a better word, love.

“My master loves me....” Phil said awestruck. He carefully wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his head into my stomach and the front of my pants. His lips found the bulge of my cock in my jeans, and he covered it with firm and hard kisses. He continued to kiss it for several minutes, as my cock got harder and firmer. I moaned out loud in joy and pleasure. (Like I really needed to mention that?) Finally Phil let go of me and sat back on his heels. He looked up at me, as I wiped away a couple of tears from my eyes.

“I....adore you, sir,” Phil whispered to me. “Please, may I call you master from now on, sir? I feel it is the right thing to do.”

“Yes, Phil, you may address me that way,” I answered. Phil’s eyes lit up and he grinned shyly at me. I touched Phil gently on the forehead. “Deeper now, Phil. Kiss my shoes, and go even deeper.” Phil slumped down and closed his eyes as his body relaxed and he drifted down into an even deeper level of hypnosis.

“Yes, master,” Phil replied happily. He opened his eyes and crawled on his hands and knees, the couple of steps to where I stood. Phil lowered his head to my left shoe and kissed it, then raised his head, moved it slightly to the left and kissed my right shoe. He paused for just a moment, and then looked up at me. “Done, master.” Then he let out a loud moan and his entire body shook.

“Sit back on your heels and beg like a puppy dog, Phil,” I instructed him.

Immediately Phil pushed himself up off of the carpet and back onto his heels. He sat back and then brought up both arms to chest level. Then he curled his hands downward at the wrist, and looked up at me again. “Done, master,” he said. Again he let out a loud moan and his entire body shook.

I looked down at the front of his pants and his cock was just as hard as before if not harder. As I watched him, Phil let out yet another loud moan, and a shudder shook his body. “What’s wrong, Phil? Why are you moaning and shuddering like that?” I asked.

“Nothing is wrong, master,” Phil replied. “I am just so happy, so excited to serve you. Each time I carry out your orders, master, I feel such intense joy and pleasure that I...I can’t help myself. I moan, and I have to do something, so I shudder. It feels so good, master.” Phil sighed and simply looked at me.

“Well, I don’t want you to hurt yourself, so no more shuddering,” I told him. “You will still feel the joy and pleasure you feel at serving and obeying me, but all that you need to do is to sigh and maybe say ‘yes’ every now and then.”

“Yessss, master,” Phil replied just a little bit disappointed.

“Now get your jacket from the dinning room and lead the way to your bedroom. You have work to do,” I ordered him. “Oh, and when you are walking this one time, I want you to swing your hips back and forth.”

“Yes, master,” Phil replied as he got up and walked over to the dinning room, swinging his hips back and forth. Picking up his jacket he headed off to the staircase that lead to the second floor. “Please follow me, master,” Phil meekly suggested. I followed that sexy butt in the tight dress pants eagerly. The trip up the stairs was wonderful. While Phil’s ass was dancing in front of me, I reached out and grabbed his butt cheeks one with each hand. I didn’t squeeze hard but I make sure to get a good solid contact.

“Ohhhhh....masssssssster,” Phil cried out in joy. “I....I am your squeeze toy.....your squeeze boy. Oh, yesssss, master. Ohhhhhhhh” Phil continued his sighs and a moan or two escaped from his lips during the remainder of the trip to his bedroom. We arrived in only a few minutes, but they were some of the best minutes I’d known in the past few months.

Phil stood silently awaiting orders, while I looked around the room. It was nice big queen sized bed, and the room was more or less like any other bedroom I’d ever seen. Night stand, dresser, dressing mirror, and the usual items scattered about on the tops of the cabinets. The blinds were closed, and the curtains were drawn, which explained why the lights were on in the room. Good. We would have privacy for what we were going to do.

“Phil put your jacket away, where ever it is that it belongs, and also your hat. Then roll up your shirt sleeves to the elbow,” I told him.

“Yes, master,” Phil replied and hastened to comply with my wishes. By the time he returned I was sitting on the bed.

“Phil, I need a nice long massage, and you are going to give me one,” I told him. “Find some body lotion or baby oil or something like that. You will go over every inch of my body, where my skin is exposed, doing first my back and then my front. You will find the experience is very enjoyable for you, and that as you do it you are getting warmer and warmer. You will slowly strip off your clothes, one item of clothing at a time, as you massage me. The entire time you will get harder and harder, but that will feel just fine for you. When you are nude, you will return to this deep state of hypnosis, and once again be my devoted and obedient slave. You will not remember this part of the session, where I gave you these instructions. You will think that the massage is your own idea.” I quickly counted him out, before he could even begin to respond with a ‘yes master’.

“What? Where am I?” Phil asked momentarily confused as he woke up with a start. “Oh, Paul. Yes, now I remember. I was going to show you my new suit.” Phil looked around, and then blushed as he felt his rock hard cock softening. He looked back at me. “You put me under again. I remember that. It was so nice. So I get to call you ‘master’ now. Wow! You are good.” Phil blushed again as he recalled a few more of the details of his recent session. He shuffled back and forth from one foot to the other a few times. He looked at me but couldn’t meet my eye.

“What’s wrong, Phil?” I said, trying not to grin at his discomfort. “Is being up here in your bedroom upsetting to you?”

“Oh it’s not that,” he said. “It’s well....I had this idea, but it’s kind of embarrassing to talk about it. I...I’m not sure what you will think.”

“Phil, just come out with it,” I prodded him. “The worst that I can do is to say ‘no’.”

“I was wondering if maybe you wanted a massage,” Phil said quickly trying to get out all the words before he changed his mind. “I thought it would be a nice way to repay you for the hypnosis session this afternoon. I feel really great, and I’d like to try and make you feel good too.”

“It works for me,” I said.

‘Great!” Phil said. “I’ll get some lotion, while you...uhm....get ready.” Phil darted out of the room before I could say a word. He was back in a few moments. I guess there must have been some hand lotion in the bathroom down the hall. “Why aren’t you getting ready?” Phil asked, just slightly confused.

“You mean you want me to take my clothes off?” I asked him, deadpanning.

“Well, I’m not going to do it,” he said to me. “You only need to strip to your shorts and then lie face down on the bed.”

“Okay,” I said with a grin, and shucked off my clothes in record time.

“You’ve done this before,” Phil said as he eye me warily. He gulped nervously as he saw me standing nude before him.

“Taking off my clothes, yes, getting a massage from a guy in a suit & tie, no,” I replied as I hopped onto the bed and lay face down on it. I turned my head and watched as Phil approached the bed, with just a trace of hesitation. I forbade mentioning it, and smiled at him encouragingly.

“I’ll be right back,” Phil said as he suddenly darted out of the room. He returned a few moments later with a towel in hand. He carefully draped the towel over my naked butt covering about the same area as my briefs would have. “There, that’s better,” Phil said with a relieved sigh. “Even a professional masseur uses a towel.”

“Killjoy,” I said and smiled at Phil to remove any sting from my words. Phil walked up to me and I closed my eyes as I anticipated the touch of his hands on my skin.

A few moments later I felt something cool on my back just below my right shoulder blade. A second later I felt Phil’s hands press down on my back, gently but firmly as he started his massage. His touch was wonderful. Not erotic, just pleasant. Slowly he worked my shoulders and neck, getting the kinks out of my muscles. I could feel the tension and strain melt away from my muscles as he diligently worked away at his task.

“That feels good, so nice and warm,” I murmured to Phil, as he continued to work over my back. Slowly he worked his way down to my waist and stopped only when he encountered the towel. He knead each and every muscle in my back, rubbing that wonderful lotion into every pore of my skin.

“Yessssssss, it does,” Phil replied absentmindedly in a long drawn out breath. I cracked my eyes open, and smiled as I saw Phil pulling at the collar of his shirt. He saw me looking at him, and simply shrugged at me nonchalantly as he unbuttoned his vest. Even that simple an action was erotic. I was glad I was lying face down on the bed. It helped to hide my reaction to Phil. It was not that I was embarrassed by how I felt, I just did not want to get Phil upset. He wasn’t in hypnosis yet. Phil waved his open vest back and forth a couple of times in an attempt to cool himself off. Satisfied, he went back to work.

Those strong yet gentle fingers of his attacked my arms, one at a time. First my right arm down to my hands and fingers. He slipped off my watch from my right wrist as he walked his finger down to my right wrist. In my humble, and not so objective opinion, Phil was very talented at this.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you, Phil?” I asked him as I let myself enjoy his ministrations.

“Yes, for my wife, but never for another guy,” Phil answered. “It’s surprising but I think I’m enjoying this as much as you are. Hang on a sec.” Phil stopped massaging me. I raised my head up and turned to look at Phil. He grinned sheepishly at me, as he slipped off his vest. He undid his tie and slipped it off as well. But he did not stop there. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out of his pants rather savagely, I thought. Phil’s undershirt soon followed. There was nothing sexy or erotic in the way that Phil removed his clothes. He was just overheated and removing his clothes so that he would be cooler. Phil looked at me and said, “I guess this is a bit more work that I thought it was going to be. I’m working up a bit of a sweat and I was just too uncomfortable wearing all those clothes. I hope you don’t mind.” He was correct I noted, as I saw a few beads of sweat on his forehead.

“It’s okay with me, Phil,” I said to him, and smiled at him. Phil’s chest and stomach were just as attractive as I remembered them. He had been keeping himself in shape, and looked just as good as ever. “Are you going to continue or not?” I teased him.

“Of course I am,” he replied. and grinned wolfishly at me. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” With renewed determination Phil completely his work on my right arm and moved over to my left arm. He took his time working over every inch and every muscle in my left arm. He was thorough but efficient. Don’t ask me to tell you how long all this took. I was enjoy it, not timing it. I was lying there letting my muscles bake in the warmth and penetrating heat that seemed to radiate from my body, and I didn’t want to do anything but enjoy the feeling.

Next Phil moved his attention, and hands, to my left leg. He started at the sole of my left foot and rubbed it gently. He flexed my toes and even moved his fingers in between each toe. He did not talk much, other than to mutter a few words at me from time to time, such as ‘relax now’ and ‘go with the feeling’. In time, Phil worked his way up past the ankle and then to the knee. He stopped just short of my crotch. I was feeling so good though, that I didn’t really have any reason to complain. Before too long, Phil had my right foot and leg feeling like my left one. The entire back of my body had never felt so relaxed, and comfortable. He was very skilled. I envied his wife, if this were anything like the massages that he gave her.

“Time to roll over,” Phil said gently. “I have to work on your front now.”

I flipped over, careful to keep the towel draped over my pelvic region. I had thought that moving around was going to be difficult. I was wrong. I was able to move almost without any thought. It was so easy to roll over that I was surprised. I opened my eyes and looked about. Phil had taken the opportunity to slip his pants off. (Darn I’d missed that. Well you can’t have everything.) He stood there only in his briefs from what I could see of him. He grinned at me and walked over and sat down on the bed next to me. He didn’t say anything. He just removed his socks, and kept grinning at me. I could see that he was nearly fully erect, and that he didn’t care that I noticed. It was just as well, since my reaction to Phil could no longer be hidden. The towel was not lying flat over my pelvis, if you get my drift.

Phil noticed my reaction to him and grinned all the more at me. “I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s feeling this way,” he said to me. “Well, back to work.” With that he stood up and walked down to the foot of the bed. He got to work on my right foot immediately, and I welcomed the waves of pleasure that surged into my brain as his fingers began their magic. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the feeling. I felt so good, and so safe. While Phil continued his work, I reached out through the physical contact between us and read Phil’s mind curious to know what he was thinking.

“He looks like he’s enjoying this. I hope so,” Phil thought to himself. “To judge from the way that towel is tented he’s as turned on by all this as I am. I wonder if he knows how turned on I am by all this? He must. My cock is jutting out like a flagpole. He’d have to be blind not to notice. Maybe he’ll put me back under after I finish giving him this massage. I really want to be back in hypnosis with him again. He’s such a wonderful man. I feel so much better when he puts me under. It’s like everything is right in the world, because of him. Maybe someday, I can give him what he deserves. Maybe someday, I can let him fuck me for real. Hmm.....I’d better get back to work, before he asks me why I’ve stopped.”

I broke the link with Phil’s mind. I’d found out what I wanted to know, and maintaining the link seemed like too much effort. During this time Phil had worked his way up my right leg, and stopped just short of my towel again. Without missing a beat Phil switched to my left foot and began working on it. It was so wonderful. All I had to do was to focus my attention on where Phil’s fingers were, and I could feel my body respond. I grunted and groaned in appreciation. Phil moaned once or twice so it was a safe assumption that he was having a good time as well.

Finished with my legs, Phil turned his attention to my left hand. Just as with my legs, he slowly worked his way up from the fingers of my left hand, to the wrist, the forearm, the elbow, and finally to the left shoulder. The magic of his touch worked as well on my arm as it had on my legs. Before too long my right arm joined my left arm and my legs in that wonderful world of warmth, relaxation and undiluted pleasure that I had now come to expect from Phil. I wasn’t about to open my eyes, though. I didn’t need to see what Phil looked like as he worked me over. I was so looking forward to feeling Phil massaging my chest, and yes my nipples, that I called out softly to him, “Phil, do my chest.” I arched my back in surprise, and shock as I felt Phil’s tongue move over my left nipple. It was a fleeting and cautious touch, but it was so unexpected that I nearly came there in the towel. “Oh yes! Do that!” I called out him urgently. Phil’s tongue returned at my call, and slowly licked my left nipple. I wiggled and squirmed around on the bed, moaning in delight the whole time, as Phil licked my left nipple again, and again, and yet again. He started to lash, lick and suck both of my nipples with growing confidence. All I could do was try not to thrash around on the bed, which would have made his task all the more difficult. I groaned and moaned my delight, as Phil’s sucking became more enthusiastic, and energetic. He stopped only long enough to rasp out, between labored breaths, “You taste so good, Paul. God, I’m so hot! Hang on just a sec...”

I couldn’t believe that he was going to stop now, of all times! But he did! He gave my left nipple a final lick and then there was nothing. I waited. For what seemed like an eternity I waited, but nothing happened. I couldn’t stand it any more, so I opened my eyes to find out what had happened. I blinked several times to get my eyes in focus, and I raised my head up just a bit to look around the room. It took but a heartbeat to find Phil. He was standing there, nude, with his head bowed down, swaying slightly side to side. He was also at attention, if you get my drift. At first I couldn’t figure out what had happened, and then it finally dawned on me. He had returned to his deep super hypnotic trance as per my earlier instructions. I felt like smacking myself in the head, for my stupidity, for not realizing that this was bound to happen.

“How do you feel, Phil?” I called out to him.

Phil raised his head and opened his eyes. He turned to face me, and grinned at me “Ready, and willing to serve and obey, master,” he answered.

“Remove the towel covering me, and tell me what you see, Phil,” I instructed him.

Phil trotted over and enthusiastically whipped the towel off of the front of my pelvis. My cock sprang up instantly, glad to be set free of that confining and stuffy towel. I sighed with relief at the feeling of freedom and movement that I enjoyed now. I wiggled back and forth a few times and delighted in the sight of my cock swaying back and forth like a hypnotized cobra. I glanced over to look at Phil. He stood there, just staring at my cock with his mouth half open and swayed along with the movement of my cock. Slowly he spoke to me. “I...see....your...cock...master,” Phil said slowly. He seemed to almost stumble over the words as if saying them was difficult for him. “ large.....and I.....must....obey.” With that Phil walked up to my cock and slowly lowered his face down towards it. He opened his mouth wide, and lowered himself down on my aching, throbbing member.

I don’t know how, but I managed to keep my eyes open as the tip of my cock felt the warm and slippery touch of the tip of Phil’s tongue running over it. Then like two warm soft hands wrapped in velvet, I felt Phil’s lips close over the rock hard and throbbing shaft of my cock. All I could do was moan out loud in ecstasy, as Phil started to caress and explore the entire length of my shaft with his tongue and lips. I wanted this more that Phil did, and I was thrilled to the core of my being that Phil was ready to give me the oral sex that I had wanted for so long. Ex-boss or not, this is something that I had dreamed and fantasized about for years. Phil giving me a blow job. Just that simple thought all by it self turned me on more and more. My entire body became hotter and hotter. I felt like I was on fire. It was a wonder that the smoke alarm didn’t go off, I felt so damn hot! I could feel the beads of sweat on my brow, and my armpits start to feel a bit wet as well. The small of my back was wet and slippery. Phil didn’t say anything. Well, he couldn’t talk with his mouth full. I would have giggled at that thought, but I was just too enthralled to care about anything else, much less humor. Phil’s tongue was a wonder! For the second time that afternoon I envied his wife. He moved his attention from my cock to my balls. He sucked and slurped and licked them, as if he were cleaning them for inspection. All the while I kept feeling myself getting closer and closer to a long denied release. “I’m very close, Phil,” I managed to say between clinched teeth. Phil heard me and responded immediately.

He pulled his lips and tongue away from my balls. Phil looked up at me with his open mouth less than an inch from the tip of my swollen and pulsating cock. He smiled at me and nodded his head once or twice. The last thing I saw before my eyes closed tight with delight, was Phil slowly taking into that hot and eager mouth of his, as much of my cock and balls as he could. Phil’s tongue worked it’s magic against my cock as it embraced and caressed my cock silently urging me to release. From the base of my shaft I could feel those gallons of precious juice starting to surge forward and up my shaft. I could not have stopped them if I’d wanted to. Nature was taking its course and I was powerless to stop it. Steadily that tide of lava worked it way up the shaft of that volcano of mine. It got closer and closer to the tip, to the edge of release, and I cried out something mindless like, “Here it comes, Phil!” as I danced on the very edge of release. I bucked and thrust my cock down deep into Phil’s throat as my long pent up juices burst forth into Phil’s mouth. For a half a heartbeat I was concerned that Phil might choke on the tidal wave of semen that was suddenly flooding into his mouth. I need not have worried. Phil took to swallowing my semen like a parched horse drinking at a water trough. Eagerly, and willingly. There was nothing else on his mind. Wave after wave of pleasure, joy, and wonder washed through my mind as I shot a seemingly endless stream of juice into Phil’s mouth, and down his throat. I bucked and heaved and pumped my hips for all I was worth. Eventually, I finished and collapsed back into the bed, exhausted and deliriously happy. The smile on my face remained as I felt Phil starting to clean up. His touch was soft and gentle as he slowly licked my shrinking cock clean. A short while later he attended to my balls. Finally, he finished, but he did not say anything to me. A wave of tiredness swept over me. I wanted to say something to him but I lacked the strength. It seemed too much effort to even try to think. I felt sleep overcoming me as the rest that my body craved and demanded became irresistible. I could not have stayed awake if my life depended on it. I gave up fighting against the warm soft inviting arms of sleep that encircled my mind. All went black.

My eyes popped open, and my heart suddenly turned to ice as fear swept over me. I didn’t recognize the dresser or the wall that I was looking at. Cautiously I raised my head and blinked the sleep out of my eyes, as I tried to remember where I was and what might have happened. I was warm, and comfortable for the most part, even though I was nude. I was in a strange bed, under covers and there didn’t seem to be anyone else in the room. Finally memory came flooding back as I recalled what had happened a few hours ago. Phil and I, and some of the best oral sex I had ever had. I must be in Phil’s bed, and he must have covered me up when I feel asleep. But where was he? I grabbed the edge of the bed sheets and pulled them up and off of me. Yup, I was naked. And now I was a bit chilled. Without thinking I sung my feet down to the floor and started to get up. I was shocked to feel a warm lumpy blanket on the floor and snatched my feet away. I must have nearly stepped on the dog! Except that Phil didn’t have any pets. I looked down to see Phil curled in a ball, underneath a couple of blankets. He lifted his head up and looked up at me. He smiled at my shyly, and there was a warmth and affection in his eyes that was almost painful to look at.

“I see you are awake, my master,” he said to me. “Are you rested? Are you well? Are you hungry?” He inquired.

“Yes, to all of the above,” I answered absently. “But I would like to get dressed, if you don’t mind.” Phil bounced up off the carpeted floor and quickly gathered up my discarded clothing. He presented it to me with a low bow, then stood back and waited for me to speak.

“Phil, don’t you think you’d better get dressed?” I asked him.

“Only if you wish it, master,” he answered as if this should be obvious to me.

I took a deep breath, and noticed an unpleasant odor. I needed a bath, and rather badly. I would attend to that momentarily, but right now some questions were rearing their ugly heads in my mind, and I needed answers, if only for my peace of mind. “Phil come and sit beside me, and tell me what you think about what just happened here,” I instructed him.

Phil looked a bit surprised at my request but he complied instantly. As he sat there looking at me with adoration in his eyes he answered my question. “We just had oral sex, master. I sucked you dry. I enjoyed every second of it, and so did you. You feel asleep afterwards, and so I tucked you into bed. Once I was sure that you were safely in bed I went and got a few blankets from the linen closet. I made a bed for myself beside you, on the floor. I fell asleep there waiting for you to wake up. I am sorry, master. I tried to stay awake but I was tired too. You’re not angry with me are you, master?”

“No, I’m not upset or angry with you in any way, Phil,” I told him. “But you didn’t answer my question. You didn’t tell me what you thought about what just happened. Is it what you wanted or did you do it just to please me?”

Phil looked at me for a moment, before he spoke. “Both, master,” he answered. “I found the experience was like nothing I’ve ever known before. I am very happy with myself, master. I was finally able to serve you in a way that you deserve. I was finally able to be your slave in more that just words. It made me feel.....complete, master.” Phil looked at me, and his face was so trusting and innocent that I couldn’t doubt that what he was saying he truly believed. However, being the type of cautious man that I am, I decided to be sure. I smiled at Phil and gently placed my hand on his. As I beamed at him, I secretly scanned his mind. (Okay, so maybe this wasn’t exactly ethical, but I had to be sure. I don’t like to take things at face value when I can avoid it.) All that he said was true, and he was still in hypnosis. I felt a wave of relief and joy pass through me. I reached out and gave Phil a big hug. He hugged back and kissed me a few times on the cheek.

“I think we both need a bath, Phil,” I said to him. “I know I’d feel better after one.”

“Jacuzzi, or regular, master?” Phil asked. “We have both available here.”

“I’ll try the Jacuzzi,” I decided quickly. “I’ve never been in a Jacuzzi before.”

“You’re in for a treat, master,” Phil said with a smile as he broke away from our hug and stood up. “Please follow me, master. It is this way.” Phil waved me forward as he headed off. I got up and walked after him. I smiled to myself as I savored the site of his bare buttocks. It was a very short trip, unfortunately. The Jacuzzi was just off of the master bedroom, which is where we were, and the tub was huge. Phil bent over, and started to fill the tub with hot steamy water.

“Why is it so large, Phil?” I asked stupidly.

“It is a two man Jacuzzi, master,” Phil replied as he looked up at me. There was a twinkle in his eyes, and I didn’t have to be a mind reader to know what he was thinking.

“Two man, as in you and I?” I asked, with one eyebrow raised.

“If you like, master,” Phil replied with a grin. “I would enjoy helping you to get nice and clean, master.”

“Well, let’s do it then,” I said impulsively.

“Hop in, master. I will join you as soon as the tub is filled,” Phil grinned at me.

That hot steamy water was just what I needed. It got the kinks out of my muscles. Well, Phil helped with that, too. It was so relaxing and wonderful. The bubbles were a lot of fun. We did not do anything but just enjoy each other’s company and help each other to get cleaned up. Sorry, but there was no sex in the tub. I didn’t have the strength for something like that. I will admit though, that a few times my cock decided to play ‘up periscope’ as it poked up out of the water. Phil’s cock did the same, and we joked about it a few times. We were careful not to make a mess, though. Phil washed areas of my body that I could not reach, and I washed areas of Phil’s body that he could not reach.

We finally finished washing up and then dried each other off. I got dressed while Phil put his suit and tie away. I told him to put on his original clothes and to meet me downstairs when he was dressed. I waited for him in the living room. Phil was efficient and fast. It did not take long for him to clean up after us, including changing the sheets on the bed. He joined me downstairs in the living room after about fifteen minutes. As for me, I passed the time waiting for him by replaying the events of the afternoon over in my mind. Some of it I still could not believe. The oral sex was wonderful, to say the least, but it was also very unexpected.

“Ready, master,” Phil said as he took a seat next to me on the sofa, smiled at me, and slowly closed his eyes. I looked at him and then counted him out, telling him beforehand that he would remember all the events of the afternoon’s session.

Phil opened his eyes and looked around. He looked at me. He looked at the room. He looked up at the ceiling as if he were looking into his bedroom. He looked back at me, blinked a few times and then spoke. “ own me, Paul. I finally am yours, now. I was finally able to do what I have always thought about doing....with you. I am finally You will be hypnotizing me again and letting me service you again, right?” There was a wistful and pleading note in Phil’s voice with the last question.

“Yes, I will, Phil,” I assured him. “But not tonight. I’m still recovering. By the way, are you hungry? I am.”

“Starving, Paul,” Phil said with a smile. “What do you feel like tonight?”

“Chinese would be good, if you like Chinese, " I suggested.

“Great! Let’s figure out what we want, phone in the order and I’ll go and get it. It will be faster than if we ask them to deliver it,” Phil suggested. It made sense to me. It took only a few minutes to agree on the order. Phil phoned it in, and then headed out to go and pick it up. I stayed at the house and did some channel surfing on the television while I waited for him to come back. I also spent some time replaying the events of the past few hours over in my head. I still found it a bit hard to believe that Phil and I had actually had oral sex this afternoon. I wondered when he would be ready to let me give him a blow job. It was an enticing thought.

About forty-five minutes later Phil returned and we sat down in the dinning room and enjoyed ourselves. We talked about the afternoons events, and how we each felt about what had happened. Phil blushed a few times, as he recalled what he had done for me, and I blushed as well, as I recalled the feeling of Phil’s tongue on my cock and balls. We finished the meal and cleaned up. I looked at my watch and was surprised to see that it was only about 7:30 PM. I guess we had slept only a few hours, and we had the entire evening still ahead of us. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do any more hypnosis with Phil, though. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested, I just thought it best to take things slow. I was about to discuss this with him when the front doorbell rang. Phil looked at me in surprise as he got up to answer the door. He wasn’t expecting anyone and as sure as hell I wasn’t either. I waited for him in the kitchen, safely out of sight of the front door.

“I know he’s here!” A strange voice boomed out. “Get out of my way!”

I waited in the kitchen. I wasn’t really concerned. I knew that whomever it was, I would be able to handle them. The voice did seem oddly familiar though.

“So there you are!” cried the man who pushed open the swinging kitchen door. The man who stood there was about forty-five to fifty years old, and appeared slim and trim in the light brown two piece double breasted pinstripe suit that he wore. The suit fit him very well. Accompanying the suit was a dark chocolate brown tie, with a creamy white dress shirt. All in all a very smart outfit, but it seemed some what out of place here in Phil’s kitchen, especially on a Saturday evening. Mr. Lawson, had only slightly thinning hair, and there was a touch of gray at his temples, as well as in his full beard. His face was stern, and had an unsettling determined look to it as if he were about to engage in battle and was ultimately sure of victory. I felt a shiver run down my back.

I stood up out of reflex, as Mr. Lawson walked into the room. He was Phil’s boss, and also my boss since Phil and I were at the same level of management. “We need to talk, Mister Walton.” The tone of his voice made it clear that ‘no’ would not be accepted.

“Couldn’t this wait until Monday morning, Mr. Lawson?” I asked. “It is the weekend, after all.”

“It has nothing to do with work, Mr. Walton,” Mr. Lawson replied. “Now please sit down. I have asked our mutual friend, Phil Turnbill to wait in the living room. We need to talk in private.”

“About what?” I asked puzzled. “Have I done something wrong at work?”

“Not exactly, Mr. Walton. May I call you Paul?” Mr. Lawson asked in reply.

“If I can call you by your first name, too, then yes you may call me Paul,” I answered.

“Fine. Go ahead, Paul. You haven’t done anything wrong at work,” Mr. Lawson answered.

“Then what is this about, Lyle?” I asked Mr. Lawson using his first name. It felt uncomfortable doing that.

“Let’s just say it is about your ‘outside the office’ activities,” Lyle said with a grin. A grin that made me most uncomfortable.

I’d had enough of this. Lyle was looking directly into my eyes, so I figured now was as good a time as any. I focused my mental energies and directed several commands into Lyle’s mind. “Tell me what all this about, and address me as ‘sir’. It will make you feel so good to do that, that you will do it without realizing it,” I commanded him.

“I’d be more than happy to tell you what this all about,” Lyle said with that same strange grin on his face. “But I’m not going to call you ‘sir’. Did you think you were the ONLY person in the world with this ‘gift’? Do come in gentlemen!” Lyle called out.

I looked at him speechless for the moment. My expression turned to one of surprise and then shock as first Phil and then Mike Walker walked into kitchen and stood beside Lyle. They knelt down one at a time and reverently kissed Lyle’s right hand. Lyle barely paid them any attention. It was obvious that Lyle controlled them. It was also most unsettling to me that I had not suspected anything like that about either of these men.

Two more men entered the kitchen, neither of whom I knew. These men were well dressed, in suits and ties, but I barely noticed what they were wearing. My attention was wrenched back to what Lyle was saying.

“Nice try, buddy, but it’s going to take more than a weak command like that to affect me,” Lyle said and the grin his face became menacing. My two associates here, Mr. X, and Mr. Y. are like you and I are. They have the ‘gift’. Mike and Paul, return to the living room, and wait there.”

As obediently as they had arrived, Mike and Paul stood up and left the room. Lyle paid them no mind. Mr. X, and Mr. Y remained but took a few steps backward to afford Lyle and myself some degree of privacy. I shuddered uncontrollably, as I tasted fear in my mouth and my stomach turned to ice. Lyle knew! Lyle knew about my powers, and abilities! Worse it seemed that I could not affect him, and he had brought backup! I fought down the panic rising in front of me. I decided to play innocent. “What are you talking about?” I asked looking confused, which wasn’t faked.

“Don’t insult my intelligence,” Lyle said, frostily. “I know about your abilities. I’ve seen the affects of your ‘influence’, shall we say, and you’re very good. Almost as good as me. I think we could be very helpful to each other.”

“What abilities?” I asked. I wasn’t about to admit anything to this man. For all I know he could be wired, and the last thing I wanted was a conversation about my super hypnosis powers recorded on tape.

“No, I’m not wired, if that is what you are thinking,” Lyle said, and grinned at the shock on my face. “No, I did not read you mind. It was an obvious precaution. One that I would take myself. I commend you on your caution. Now let’s just put our cards on the table. I know that you have an ability like my own. You can influence the minds around you. It is like hypnosis but much more powerful. It is how you got Phil Turnbill, your former boss, to like you. That was where you made your mistake, by the way.” Lyle paused to let me digest what he had just said.

“What do you mean, ‘that is where I made my mistake’?” I asked him. Now I was curious. This information could be helpful to me in the future.

“Phil has never liked you,” Lyle said. “When he justified that pay raise for you a few years ago I knew something strange had happened. I couldn’t detect any change in his mind, but there was no question that his attitude to you had undergone a rather radical change. That is when I decide to keep a close eye on you. At least while you were at work.”

“When I heard about the apology that Tom Blackstone had given one of your subordinates, my suspicious were confirmed. To have implemented such a change in Tom you had to be much more than just a skilled hypnotist. By the way I enjoyed that hypnosis show you gave at the awards dinner. You showed a great deal of control and restraint. I admire that. So, I sent Mike Walker over to you, as a test and you passed it with flying colors.”

“What ‘test’?” I asked still confused.

“I wanted to know if you had any resistance to being controlled by someone else with the ‘gift’ either directly or indirectly. You successfully resisted the compulsion I implanted into Mike Walker’s mind. You didn’t give into the urge to have sex with him.”

“How? How do you know that?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Please! You can’t be that dumb!” Lyle cried, sounding exasperated with me. He looked at me for a second or two, and then calmed down. “Still this is a bit much to deal with all at once, so I guess I should be patent with you,” Lyle said in a more controlled voice. “I did a deep and thorough scan of Mike’s mind after he left you, and I know that you did not have sex with him. If you had, I would have known, and the compulsion would not have been there. As I said, you passed that test.”

“I was a bit disappointed in you, that you refused the gift I offered you tonight. Phil was more than willing to give you one heck of a blow job, and you stopped him. It appears that you have a nasty moral streak in you, but then no one is perfect. All of this is beside the point though. The question we need to discuss is if you wish to work with me willingly or not. Someone with your abilities could be very useful to me. I do not need you accomplish my designs, but it would be easier with you than without you.”

“Well, that explained Phil’s actions with the watch tonight,” I thought to myself. I considered what Lyle had just said, and then spoke. “I see. What happens if I say ‘no’?”

“I hope it does not come to that,” Lyle answered with a sigh. “Perhaps you should try to use your full power on me and see if you can influence me at all. That will give you an idea of what you are dealing with. If you understand just what your options really are, you’ll be more inclined to go along with me.”

“Sure of yourself, aren’t you?” I said. “I suppose it has never occurred to you that I might be stronger in this power than you are?”

“Of course it has,” Lyle admitted readily. “That is why I need to be sure of just how strong you are. I have yet to meet anyone who is stronger than I am. Your mentor, Mary, is close to my level of power.”

My eyes bugged out with surprise at the mention of Mary’s name.

“Oh yes, I know all about her,” Lyle chuckled evilly. “She’s more useful to me where she is. She does a good job of recruiting new people with the ‘gift’, even if she doesn’t realize how many of them I snatch up. I would never challenge her directly. It would serve no purpose. She knows that she can’t control me, and that I can’t control her. Well, not without damaging her. As I said she is much more useful to me where she is and doing what she is doing.”

“Well what are you waiting for?” Lyle asked at my continued silence. “Take your best shot. If you don’t, I will, and believe me you will NOT enjoy it.”

“Well the odds are not exactly in my favor,” I said. “You have those two goons of yours standing there behind you. How do I know that they won’t they try something?”

“You don’t,” Lyle admitted to me. “I never said this was gong to be a fair test. They are my insurance that if by some miracle you are stronger than I am, you won’t be able to harm me. They are instructed merely to protect me, and not attack you. Before you ask, you do not know if this is true. You will just have to accept that what I tell you is truth. You really don’t have any choice, as I see it. ”

I nodded my head, in silent agreement with Lyle. He was correct. I was up against a wall. All I could do was my best. I locked my eyes on Lyle’s. I gathered together all the power at my command, and then forth a simple and direct command with every ounce of strength I could muster. “OBEY ME!” I sent out, and continued sending out the command as long as I could. Minutes dragged by, and I did not see any indication of a change in Lye’s expression. He did swallow a few times, but nothing other than that.

“You are somewhat stronger than I suspected, Paul,” Lyle said and nodded his head at me as if he were bestowing a compliment. “However, you are far below me in strength. Your efforts are impressive for one so young, but you will never be my equal.” Lyle looked at me and grinned like a wolf about to attack its’ prey. “And now that you’ve depleted your powers, you will be so easy to control it’s not going to be any fun. I’m surprised you fell for such an obvious trick. You’re not anywhere as smart as I thought.”

And with that I felt a surge of mental energy tear into my mind. I knew the waves of thought were coming from Lyle, and it felt like I was drowning in a tidal wave. I could barely concentrate or think The thoughts pounding into my brain were clear and demanding. “Lyle is your master! You must obey him!” My head felt like it was in a vice and being slowly squeezed. The pressure was incredible. I gathered together what energy I could dredge up from my mind and tried to shield myself as best I could. I could hear Lyle’s laughter ring out in the room as he felt my feeble efforts to protect my mind, and all my secrets. I was way out of my depth here. I was helpless. What chance did I have? How much more of this could I take? Still I fought on with everything I had. It wasn’t enough. I felt my mental shields collapse around me, as if they were made of cardboard and a huge tropical storm was beating at them. My mind was open and exposed to Lyle’s manipulations. Still I resisted and fought on, somehow.

“Give in! You can’t possibly win!” Lyle said to me in a cold and menacing voice. It was the voice of doom. I shuddered uncontrollably in despair and fear.