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The Coffee Shop III: The Good, The Bad, And The Hypnotized

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 4 Punishment.

Lyle was right. I couldn’t possibly win this duel. Why was I continuing to fight such a hopeless battle? I didn’t know, but I continued to resist.

“Stubborn little bugger, aren’t you?” Lyle said mockingly, and he increased the pressure on my mind. “This is going to be so much more fun than I thought. Once I have you, Phil will be mine completely. You’ll turn over control of him to me completely, as well as all the other men you’ve been playing with for the past few years.”

Lyle’s words were like searing hot knives cutting into my mind and soul. I felt like my identity was being carved up. I felt like I was losing myself to him. Still I fought on. Then I felt something new. More knives cut into my mind, but they were not from Lyle. I looked over at Mr. X, and then Mr. Y. They nodded at me and smiled chillingly, silently confirming my guess. They had decided to ‘help’ Lyle out and enjoy the fun. Talk about stacking the odds against me! How could I possibility resist three such sadistic and heartless men with the same powers as mine, all working against me? Still I resisted. I clung to one simple thought. “I love Phil and I will not let this man, or any of these men hurt him!” It was a foolish and unrealistic thought, but I clung to it still. It was all I had.

“You can’t win, you know,” Lyle said, in that same chilling voice. “Give in, and the pain will be over. I promise you.”

Pain! God yes I was in pain! My mind felt like it had been stretched thin and was being hammered out by a blacksmith! Every second was like another blow of the hammer! Still I clung to sanity and resisted. So much pressure! So much pain! How much more of this could I take before I went insane? Why didn’t I give in? It was so hopeless! My mind seemed so open, and exposed. I wondered that Lyle didn’t just drop in a thought or two and order me to stop resisting him. It slowly dawned on me, that as long as I resisted, Lyle could not start to control me. But, I could not keep this up forever. Sooner or later I would tire, and then I would be Lyle’s. If only I could use my enemy’s power against him, I thought to myself. It was a foolish thought.

“Yes, it is foolish, Paul,” Lyle’s unwelcome and painful thought beat into my brain. “You can’t do that, so don’t even try. Just give in and this will all be over. Or you can agree to work with me, and we can stop this now.”

A cry of soul tearing anguish was torn from my lips as Lyle and his ‘friends’ increased the pressure on my mind. It was like my mind was on fire. They were pushing me, and continuing to increase the pressure, but I knew that they didn’t want me to go insane. It would not suit their purposes. At least I hoped that was the case. “But why can’t I do that?” I thought to myself. “Why can’t I take the power being used against me and use it myself?”

“You can’t,” Lyle insisted, as he answered my question with his mental voice. Mr. X, and Mr. Y, added their confirmation to Lyle’s “Even I can’t do that. But if you want to waist what little time you have left trying, go ahead. I won’t stop you. It will only show that you are a bigger fool that I thought you were.”

I came to sudden and completely illogical decision. It was based on instinct, not fact or experience. It was a leap of faith. I stopped resisting there and then, completely. I let those knives plunge down deep into my mind. I didn’t try to stop them. I only tried to nudge them towards the center of my mind, towards the core of my being. The pain was incredibly intense. It was as if all the painful experiences in my life had been gathered together into one moment in time, and then amplified a thousand fold. I closed my eyes and suffered silently, only the tears being squeezed out from my tightly closed eyelids betrayed any hint of the anguish I was suffering. There was nothing else I could do. The pain was brief for all of its savage intensity. As the pain faded away, I looked inside my mind and noticed something new. The knives were still entering into my mind, but the edges were dulled and not doing any damage. I looked closely at the edge of one of the knives, and I could see it become sharp and then suddenly dull again. With each cycle of sharpness and dullness, I could feel new strength in my mind. The tiredness I felt started to melt away as I slowly gained strength. From where I wasn’t quite sure.

I focused on one of the knives again, and then imagined that knife wasn’t a knife, but a pipe that brought a flow of new energy and strength to me. Before my startled mental gaze, the knife changed into a pipe with a strong steady flow of energy pouring into my mind. I licked it up greedily, and immediately felt much better. My mental strength returned to me in wave after blessed wave. It took a few heartbeats for me to understand what it was that I was doing. Somehow, without knowing exactly how, I was taking the energy that these men were using to attack me, and absorbing it and using it for my own use. It was as if my mind were a sponge, absorbing water that could then be shot out at something or someone else. I was doing, what Lyle claimed couldn’t be done. Rather than question the reason behind this turn of events, I embraced it and used it. But, I wasn’t out of danger yet.

“Something’s wrong!” Mr. Y, suddenly cried out, surprised. “He’s still resisting us. He’s growing stronger too. I can feel it. The more I attack him the stronger he gets.”

“You’re wrong,” Lyle replied still focused on me. “I don’t feel anything like that. I’m cutting him to ribbons.” Lyle grinned at me mercilessly.

“Same here,” Mr. X chimed in. “You’re imagining things, Y.”

“I tell you, he’s doing it!” Mr. Y, replied.

I could hear a note of concern creep into his voice. I focused my attention on the remaining knives in my mind and converted them to pipes. In less than a second I felt more and more energy flowing into my mind. It is hard to describe exactly what it felt like. The closest analogy I can offer is that I must have known what a rechargeable battery felt like when you put it into a charger. The only difference is that a battery is not conscious of what happens to it, and I was. The energy poured into my mind and as my strength flowed back into me, I found it easier and easier to resist Lye’s commands. In less than a minute, I was able to block them out completely and turn my attention to what had just happened and was continuing to happen to me.

I mentally grabbed the pipes, formerly knives, that were in my mind, and bolted them down firmly so that they could not be withdrawn. As quick as I was, I was barely in time. I felt the first tug on one of the pipes, from Mr. Y, as he tried to pull his former knife out of my mind. Seconds later I felt similar and stronger tugs on the pipes, but they did not budge at all. For about a minute I felt a strong and determined pulling at the pipes. Then the flow of energy out of the pipes stopped. I imagined strong powerful pumps at the end of those pipes. Next I imagined those pumps pulling and sucking the energy from those other minds, like water from a well. There was a brief pause as I started up the pumps. After a few heartbeats I felt a small but steady flow of energy trickle into my mind. The energy was steady and constant. I decided not to push things too fast. I was learning as I went, and I didn’t want to create a situation that I couldn’t control. My mind seemed much larger now, for some reason. I felt like it had expanded somehow. I suddenly realized that Lyle and the other gentlemen were no longer talking to me, or trying to get me to give up resisting them. Something didn’t feel right. I had a sudden feeling of danger pop into my mind. It quickly grew more and more pronounced. I opened my eyes to see what was going on.

Lyle was still seated near me, his face showed anger and a slight hint of pain, but I couldn’t be sure about that. His hand was moving towards the inside left breast pocket of his suit. I glanced over to Mr. Y, and was surprised to see him drawing a gun from inside of his jacket! I didn’t need to hire a detective to figure out what was going on here. Small wonder I felt threatened! These guys were about to shoot me! Clearly they had a backup plan to take care of me, and were about to implement it.

“Freeze where you are!” I commanded them mentally. I did not waste any energy speaking to them. With the speed of thought, small mental daggers of thought energy shot out of my mind, and into the minds of the three men in front of me. They froze in a heartbeat. If they had any mental shields, my daggers had penetrated those shields easily. Thinking of shields, I realized that I’d best protect myself too, in case there were any other nasty surprises in store for me. I imagined a huge gray steel dome over my mind, and fastened it firmly in place. I erected it around the pipelines I had into these men’s minds. I would keep those for a while longer. They were still supplying me with new energy, and I was still absorbing and storing it. I waited to see what would happen.

To my surprise I saw the thoughts of these men, in their minds as they discussed what had just happened to them. They could not speak out loud, since I had told them to freeze, but they were still able to communication mentally. They had erected mental barriers, shields of some type, in an attempt to keep me out of their minds. I felt the shields. I studied them, and decided not to attempt to penetrate them. Besides, it was not necessary. Somehow I could understand what these men were thinking. It must have been the pipelines that I still had into their minds. They were aware of the pipelines, since they never stopped trying to pull them out of my mind, but they did not seem to know that the pipelines gave me a window to see what they were thinking.

Their conversation was as rapid as it was concise. They did not waste time on trying to figure out what had happened. They remained focused on what they needed to do next, regarding this situation. They were surprised, and shocked at the turn of events. So was I, but I wasn’t about to let them know that. What surprised them even more was that every form of mental attack that they tried on me seemed to fail. I had not felt any type of attack against my shield.. They could not sense any mental shields, and my mind seemed to them to be wide open and exposed. Yet, they could not touch or affect my mind in any way. I was as puzzled about this as this as they were. All I had felt during the time that they claimed they were trying to attack my mind was something brushing up against my shield as if someone were trying to feel the texture of my shield and determine what it was. I could feel the worry that was starting to creep into their thoughts. It was time to talk this out.

“You may now move, but you cannot take any action that would harm me or permit harm to anyone in this house. The first thing you will do, is to slowly and carefully place those guns on the floor at your feet. You may NOT use those guns until I give you permission. After you have done that, we will sit down and talk this out.” I mentally commanded them. At first the commands bounced off of their shields like a rubber ball off a cement wall. I had half expected that, since these guys were far more experienced at this type of mental conflict than I was. I changed the form of my commands. I thought of a sharp needle shape and sent my commands at them again. The result was dramatic, and unexpected. My commands slipped through their shields like a hot knife through butter. I saw all the men wince in pain as my commands struck home. Their shields popped back up the instance my commands passed through the shields, as if my commands had never penetrated them in the first place.

“Just you wait, buddy,” Mr. X, said with an nasty edge to his voice, as he carefully bent over and put his gun on the floor in front of him. “Once I break your compulsion, you’re dog food. You can’t keep up a compulsion field forever. As long as I keep resisting you, you’ll have to keep reinforcing the field. Do you really think you can hold off three aware and resisting minds with a compulsion field for any length of time?”

Mr. Y, and Lyle did not say anything to me as they carried out their commands, but similar thoughts were running around in their minds from the expressions on their faces. Now I was the person who was confused. I wasn’t using a compulsion field! I had sent them a one time command, and they did not recognize it as such. I had sent a simple command with minimal effort on my part, and they thought it was a powerful compulsion field, that was still being maintained. I schooled my features to be as neutral as possible, but it was difficult. I didn’t want to give them any advantage.

“You’re right, Mr. X,” Lyle said smiling at me, his confidence in himself and his powers still as strong as ever. “You see how nervous he is. He’s trying to convince us that he’s not feeling any strain, but I saw that flash of pain on his face. All we have to do is wait. If he wants to talk in the meantime, I’m game. Time is on our side.”

But I wasn’t in pain! How could these experienced super-hypnotists be misreading me so completely? I turned my attention inside my own mind for a moment to determine if perhaps I was reacting to a compulsion field that they had set up. I probed my mind, but didn’t find anything except for a gossamer thin line, like a spider’s web line that seemed to lead out of my mind to some other place. I plucked the line, mentally, but nothing happened. Still it was disquieting to have something like that around, especially as I did not know where it had come from. I traced it back through my mind to an anchorage point. I snapped the line, like cutting a piece of string, and then delicately lifted the anchorage out of my mind. I felt a little better afterwards. That line had somehow phased through my earlier shield and I felt less exposed now that the line was gone. Still, I would have to ponder this later, as there were more important things to deal with right now. Such as my life!

“So talk,” I prompted Lyle. “You tried to control me and you failed.”

“Perhaps, this time,” Lyle admitted reluctantly. “But you cannot resist all of us all the time. Sooner or later you’ll have to drop this compulsion field and then we will have you.”

“So why aren’t you mentally attacking me now, then?” I prompted him.

“Your compulsion field prevents that rather nicely,” Lyle answered. “If we tried to attack you that implies harm, and the compulsion field will not let us harm you.”

“Do you know what it is that I have managed to do?” I asked him.

“Yes,” Lyle answered with a sneer that suggested the question was insulting to him. “You had a hidden energy reserve, and you used it to wiggle out of our grasp. Again I applaud you for your foresight. It is exactly the sort of precaution that I would have taken in a similar situation. You see now, why I would enjoy having you on our team.”

“I see that I can’t fool you,” I said to him. It was better to keep my little secret a secret as long as possible. “But the question of which one of us is the stronger has been settled. I am stronger than all three of you combined, and I’d be happy to prove it to you.”

“Yeah, right,” Lyle snorted in disbelief. “If you want to delude yourself, be my guest. You don’t even have any shields up. I can feel that from here. You’re using all your energy on your compulsion field.”

“You may now mentally attack me, and only me,” I said to all three of them. “You may NOT attack anyone else in this room, or in this house.”

Lyle looked at me wide eyed in disbelief. He shrugged his shoulders at me, and sighed softly as if he pitied me for being so foolish, trying to prove that I was something I was not.

“The man is nuts! Do we really have to do this?” Mr. Y exclaimed, as he looked at me dumbfounded. “He doesn’t stand a chance. He doesn’t even have the most rudimentary shield erected. If we attack him, we’ll burn out every cell in his brain. There won’t be enough left of his mind to tell him from a two year old child! What a waste.”

Mr. X, wasn’t nearly as concerned with my well being. The instant I finished speaking Mr. X, launched a powerful attack against my shields. Mr. X was out for revenge, pure and simple. Well he thought his attacks were powerful. I had trouble feeling them. I had to concentrate and amplify the sensory input from the surface of my shield to even feel his attacks at all. Once I did that I could feel his thoughts crawling over my shield looking for any point of weakness, and finding none. I had not reinforced my shield at all, but I did have some powerful energy reserves on standby. The reserves were from the very men who were now trying to attack me. I checked my pump from Mr. X’s mind. It was still taking in only a trickle of energy, so I was not weakening his attack. My shield was stronger than I suspected.

“It bounced, off....” Mr. X, said in stunned surprise. “My best attack and it bounced off....”

Lyle looked at Mr. X, and shook his head. “What have I told you about waiting and planning your attack? Sit back and watch a couple of experienced pros work. If you don’t mind, Mr. Y?”

“My pleasure, as always,” Mr. Y replied and focused his attention back on me.

In unison these two men launched their attacks on my mind. They kept at it for several minutes while I just sat there. Mr. X, added his efforts, but it made no difference. Without extreme amplification I could not feel anything on my shield. It was not at all similar to what I had experienced when Mary had trained me initially. Back then every thrust of her attack on my mind was a painful affair, even when I managed to parry it. It seemed I had greatly underestimated the extent of my powers. They had somehow become much stronger now. I said a silent prayer of thanks for that. I had nothing to fear from these men any longer, but that didn’t mean I could just up and leave. I had a situation to deal with.

After fifteen minutes of more and more intense effort, all three men gave up their attack. They were sweating slightly and Mr. Y, trembled once or twice. More likely it was with fear than exhaustion. The entire time I looked at them stone faced, and tried to decide what to do with them. Whatever I did, I had to be sure that I wouldn’t leave any clues around that might cause someone else with the ‘gift’ to come looking for me. I’d been sloppy enough already.

“Convinced?” I asked quietly.

“It’s a trick of some kind,” Lyle said quickly, but I could see the doubt in the back of his eyes.

‘Try this, then,” I said, as I mentally increased the power of my mental pumps to pull out every iota of mental energy from their minds. Each man grabbed his head, and started to cry out in pain. I kept up the suction for about 30 seconds, until I was getting less energy from their minds then when I had started. Then I disconnected the pumps and uprooted the mental pipes. No more energy drain tonight. I had proven my point. At least I hoped so. Frankly contact with their minds left me feeling dirty and filthy, as if I had just been rolling in garbage. (Before you ask, no, I do not go around rolling in garbage. It is a metaphor.) It was an uncomfortable and disquieting feeling. I felt much better with the mental pipes disconnected and removed from my mind. Such contact with minds such as these was disquieting to say the least.

“What...what the hell did you do to me, you little shit?” Mr. X, called out to me as he looked up at me. He was upset and angry to say the least.

“Guess,” I said to him. “I’ll give you a clue, though. You’ll find that you can’t do much mentally for a while.”

“My powers....they’re gone!” Mr. X, cried out in shock as he tried to use his abilities. “I’ll beat you to a pulp for that!” He cried as he lurched forward to attack me. He stopped before he’d even taken a step. With the speed of thought I had inserted my earlier command not to attack me, into Mr. X’s mind. I did the same to the other two men as well. It took less than half a heartbeat.

“Mike and Phil, get in here now and defend me!” Lyle cried out suddenly. He had come to the same conclusion as Mr. X, but unlike him, Lyle was trying a different approach. After, all I had not said that he could not attack me by proxy.

Keeping myself calm and centered, I reached out to Mike’s and Phil’s minds and commanded them to go to sleep. They never even took one step in response to Lyle’s verbal command. It was far easier than I had thought it would be, especially since I’d never attempted any type of direct control with Mike Walker. They were innocent pawns in all this, I decided. I would not punish them. But Lyle Lawson, Mr. X, and Mr. Y were another matter. I would have to punish them, somehow, and also prevent them from bothering me further.

“Stay where you are until I call for you, gentlemen,” I said to them as I stood up. “You will not talk amongst yourselves nor make any attempt to obtain help of any kind. Nor will you attempt to leave this room or this house. All that you will do is to pick up your guns, put them away, sit down in a chair, if you are not already sitting, and stay seated there until I tell you otherwise.”

“Surely we can come to some agreement?” Lyle asked me as I started to walk out of the room. I had not said that he couldn’t talk to me. The note of fear in his voice was plain. He knew he was in real trouble, and he was desperately trying to wiggle or squirm his way out of it. I ignored him, as I left the room, other than to look back at him with an expression that said if he didn’t keep his mouth shut, he’d regret it. Lyle gulped a few times, and nodded his head. He knew when not to push things. I noted that all the guns were no longer on the floor and Mr. X and Mr. Y had already seated themselves at the table. They shot daggers of hate and loathing at me from their eyes. I had to admire their spirit, though. Even now they were not about to admit defeat. I could not help but think of the three of them as desperate animals caught in a trap. Desperate and dangerous animals. It would do me well to keep that thought firmly in mind. They were more dangerous now, than ever.

I entered the dinning room to see Phil and Mike standing as if they were asleep on their feet, which was the truth. I went over to Phil first, and placed my hands on his temples. I probed his mind, slowly and methodically, but oh so gently. Finally I found the compulsion and controls that Lyle had implanted in Phil. It was yet another indication that my powers had changed. I had scanned this section of Phil’s mind only a few hours ago, and had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. This time though, I had noticed the difference almost immediately. It was like looking at a sunrise with your eyes closed and then with your eyes open. The difference was that startling. Repairing the damage turned out to be easier than I’d hoped, but only because Lyle’s controls had been very simple and shallow. I took Phil aside and asked him if he wanted revenge on Lyle and what Lyle had done to him. Much to my surprise he answered in the negative. He was more concerned about me, he said, and wanted to extract a pound of flesh from Lyle for what Lyle had done to me this evening. I told him he would get his chance. I had Phil go and sit down in the living room. I left him with the instructions that when he woke up he would go and drink six glasses of water, sit down in the living room to watch some television or a movie, and that he was to come and see me this evening when he needed to pee. Of course I removed the memories of the interaction with Lyle. All that Phil would recall is that Lyle and some friends had dropped by unexpectedly to say hello and that Phil had invited them in to watch some television.

Mike was a slightly different matter. During my probe of his mind, I discovered that he had been Lyle’s tool for quite a while, and that he enjoyed it for the most part. A deeper probe of that section of Mike’s mind showed that Lyle had conditioned Mike to accept that thought as his own. I thought it best not to mess with that, and gave Mike the same instructions as Phil, as well as the same cover story. Mike would think that it had been Lyle’s idea to come over here and watch television with Phil. I just happened to be here at the time.

Now it was time to deal with the trash. I wasn’t looking forward to this. I was going to punish Lyle Lawson, but I wasn’t going to enjoy it. I decided to deal with his goons first. It was not a nice way of thinking of those two men, but considering what had happened so far tonight, they seemed to fit the definition of goons quite well.

“Come in here, Mr. X,” I called out.

Mr. X appeared in the doorway a second or two later, but he was not happy to see me. He had a snarl on his face that would have frightened a junkyard dog. He looked at me with even more loathing and hatred, if that were possible, but there was no way he could hide the fear in the back of his eyes. He was putting on a good front though.

“Sit down in that chair,” I said to him as I pointed to one of the dinning room chairs, and silently reinforced the order with a mental command . ‘Then close your eyes and relax.” He complied instantly, but reluctantly. Well, he really didn’t have much of a choice after all. His mental defenses were nearly zero. It did not take much effort on my part to enforce my wishes upon his mind. As he sat there in the chair, relaxed and with his eyes closed I took a good long look at him.

Mr. X, was somewhat taller than I was. I guessed his height at about six feet, and his weight at about one hundred and ninety to two hundred pounds. He appeared to be in his early thirty’s with long black hair pulled back into a pony tail secured with a rubber band or hair clip of some kind. His clean shaven face, which had more than a trace of five o’clock shadow on it, was mean, stony, hard and unyielding with two dark and mysterious coal black eyes that appeared most unfriendly. I was thankful that I’d told him to close his eyes, as his eyes were unnerving to look at. His lips were thin and pressed tightly together in anger. The rest of his thin angular face reflected the less than brotherly love that he felt for me. The only redeeming feature was that he was smartly dressed. His black leather shoes had a mirror shine on them, and were the perfect accessory to the charcoal gray two piece single breasted three button suit that he wore. The jacket was undone, so I got a good look at the black and white checkerboard patterned tie he was wearing which went well with the long sleeved plain white shirt he had on. A simple black leather belt completed the outfit. He looked good as he sat there, but it wasn’t anything that was going to start me drooling.

I placed my hands on his temples and started a long and thorough scan of his mind. I went over every conscious thought that he had. I probed deeply into his mind to find out all that I could about what he knew about me, and my powers. I learned everything that I could about what he knew about his abilities, in addition to those of Mr. Y, and Lyle Lawson.

“So what the hell are you going to do to me now?” He snarled at me. His voice was calm and he sounded very relaxed, but there was no denying that he was still upset with me. “You can’t even scan my mind when you touch me. What a weakling you are.”

I held my tongue. He was not aware of my mental probes, which was very surprising. He should have felt me going through his mind like I was a rookie pickpocket going through his clothes, but Mr. X had no idea of the deep scans of his mind that I had just completed. This was going to work out better than I’d hoped. I had an opportunity to cover my tracks and prevent any more encounters with any of these gentlemen, if I was careful. I decided to try a little test, first though to see if what I suspected was true.

“Any command or thought I give you, you will always obey without hesitation or question,” I said to him mentally as I implanted the compulsion into his mind. “It will seem totally natural for you to do so.” I watched his mind, as the commands took root and became part of his basic personality. I waited a minute or so before I decided to start the test.

“Stand up, and drop your pants and your shorts,” I said to Mr. X. “Then wiggle your cock at me. After that get dressed and sit back down in the chair.” I stepped back from Mr. X and waited.

He sat there looking stunned for a moment. Seconds later his face broke into a simple smile. He opened his eyes, and looked up at me. “I’ve got something for you,” he said with a grin. Mr. X stood up and slid his jacket off letting it slide onto the floor. Still looking directly at me, he unbuckled his belt and quickly undid his pants. His fingers flew to his fly and unzipped it urgently. He slithered out of his pants and dropped his briefs in the blink of an eye. His grin grew even larger as he grabbed his flaccid cock and waved it about at me.

“I bet you’ve never seen such a gorgeous hunk of man meat in all your life, have you boy?” He taunted me, as he continued to wave his cock about at me, like a fisherman waving a lure at a fish. Even obeying my commands as he was, he still had an air of superiority, and arrogance.

“No,” I said cautiously. “I can’t say that I have.”

“Well, that’s all your going to see of it, boy,” he said, and stopped waving his cock about. He reached down and quickly slipped his briefs back up. It took him only a minute or two to put his pants back on, retrieve his jacket from the floor and put that on as well. He sat back down in the chair and looked at me, waiting to see what I would do.

“Do you know what you just did?” I asked him.

“Sure,” he replied. “I dropped my pants and waggled my cock at you. What of it?”

Instead of answering his question, I walked over to him and placed my hand on his forehead. I scanned his mind and located the recent memory of what he had done. I focused on it, and isolated it from his mind. I did not try to erase the memory. Instead I changed the memory to be that he had just sat there and recited the alphabet to me for the last five minutes. I withdrew from his mind, wiping out all traces of my presence, and stood back from him.

“Listen are you going to do something or not?” he asked sounding annoyed. “I’m finding this to be rather boring, you know.”

“Oh you don’t like dropping your pants and showing me your cock?” I asked him. Here was the test. Did my change work, and did he have any knowledge of it?

“What the hell are you talking about?” He asked, sounding annoyed again. “All I’ve done for the past five minutes or so, is to recite the alphabet for you. I have no idea why you wanted me to do that, but with your weak compulsion field, I suspect it is all that you can get me to do.”

“Okay,” I thought to myself. “It seems to work. Apparently I can change his memory, without him realizing that I have done so. If I can do this with the other two guys, then I’m home free.”

I placed my hand upon Mr. X’s forehead and placed him into a profoundly deep state of super hypnosis. My curiosity got the better of me, and I probed Mr. X’s mind and discovered that his name was Harry Peters. It turned out that Mr. Y’s name, according to Harry, was Ralph Meadows. Carefully and delicately I altered his memory of the nights events. The story I gave him was that he, Ralph Meadows and Lyle Lawson had come over here to test me and find out about me. However, they had discovered to their disappointment that I was so weak with the gift that I would be of no use to them whatsoever. I was just a very skilled hypnotist who got lucky with some of my subjects. (Harry Peters already knew about Mary, and that I had the gift, so there was no way I could remove that knowledge, from his mind without causing a mountain of problems. I did not know whom else he might have told about me, and it would be a major piece of work to track down a chain of people and have to change all of their memories about me. It was much easier and simpler to make him believe I was useless.) Then I gave him the same cover story as I’d given Phil and Mike Walker, as well as the same instructions for drinking six glasses of water when he woke up, and also coming to see me when he needed to pee. I implanted a few carefully hidden and very deep controls of my own into Harry’s mind. I made sure that he would be completely uninterested in me in the future. He would never think to ever use his powers on me, in any way. I couldn’t remove his powers without creating a situation that could lead to trouble in the future, so I had to take alternative action. If he was ever forced to use his powers on me, he would find nothing of interest in my mind, ever. I guess that last suggestion wasn’t really necessary since I knew he could not penetrate my shields, but I wasn’t sure if my shields were up all the time. I was still kind of new at some of this. Finally I implanted a trigger phrase in his mind, that when spoken by me would cause him to return to this deep state of super hypnosis. In this state he would obey me without question or hesitation. The trigger phrase, “you are pond scum” was most appropriate for him, I thought. I sent Harry over to sit down in the living room with Phil and Mike, then I called Ralph to me.

For the most part, my interaction with Ralph Meadows, was a repeat of what went on with Harry Peters. I did a similar test with Ralph, and when I was satisfied that I was able to alter his memories without him being aware of it, I gave him the same cover story, with some minor alterations, as I gave Harry. Like Harry, Ralph would wake up later and feel a need to drink six glasses of water, and then come and see me when he needed to pee. Ralph’s trigger phrase was “your balls are on fire”, not because he was sexy, but because it was the first phrase that popped into my mind.

Like Harry, though, Ralph was wearing a suit and tie. Ralph had on a plain black two piece double breasted suit, a white shirt and a thin black leather tie. Plain black leather dress shoes, and a plain black leather belt completed his outfit. Ralph, looked presentable but again he wasn’t anything that really interested me. Mind you, I was tempted to explore those snug fitting black pants of his, but the impulse faded away quickly. I had more important matters to attend to.

Like Harry, Ralph’s hair was straight, a bit on the long side, and it was tied back neatly in a pony tail. Ralph though had strawberry red hair. His goatee accentuated his narrow and thin face, giving Ralph the appearance of thrusting his face out at you, even when he wasn’t. The dark blue, nearly black eyes in Ralph’s face only added to the air of meanness that seemed to hang around Ralph like a cloud of smoke. Even when he smiled at you, Ralph still looked mean. Fortunately, I had become immune to his presence, since I knew that I had nothing to fear from Ralph Meadows any longer. I sent him out to the living room with the other gentlemen. I took a deep breath and called Lyle Lawson to me.

Lyle walked into the room, and the smile on his face sent a chill down my spine. He walked over to where I was and sat down in the chair near me, his jacket hanging open. He was in good shape for some of his age, I noted to myself. Something had changed. He was not concerned about me any more. For some reason he thought he was back in control of the situation. Lyle looked at me for a moment and then shook his head sadly at me as if he were very disappointed in me. A few seconds later he launched his attack at me.

I watched in utter fascination as he gathered together a huge bolt of mental energy, from a secret reserve of energy deep in his mind, formed the bolt, focused it and then hurled it at my shield with all the force and deadliness he could muster. I should have been shaking in my boots, since this bolt was far larger and more powerful than anything I’d ever seen before. What fascinated me, though, was the slowness of Lye’s attack. He seemed to be moving in slow motion, unlike earlier this evening when he and his cronies seemed to attack me at the speed of light. I saw the bolt coming and got ready to stiffen and strengthen my shield. Imagine my surprise when the bolt hit my shield and sort of fizzled away, like water boiling off of a hot frying pan. I felt no pain or discomfort, merely a slight touch like a finger brushing across my cheek. I looked at Lyle as his watched his supposedly irresistible attack fail to affect me in any way. The smug, arrogant, condescending and confident look he had worn on his face all evening, finally cracked. For the first time, I saw naked fear and terror fill Lyle’s eyes. He was in way, way over his head, and he finally knew it. He gulped at me a few times, absently shaking his head from side to side, and finally managed to speak a few words of shocked disbelief. “That’s....that’s impossible!” He cried out, starting to give into the panic that was flooding into his mind. “No one could be that strong! I’ve killed people with a bolt like that! weren’t anywhere near as strong as that when we attacked you tonight! can’t be human!” He wanted to say more, I’m sure, but all he could not seem to speak any more. The shock and surprise was rendering him speechless.

“Sit still!” I barked at him as he tried to dodge and weave around avoiding my hands as I tried to place them on his forehead. Lyle, was genuinely scared of me now. He froze in place at my command and I gently put my hands on his head. “Sit back in your chair and go very, very deep, Lyle,” I said to him in a soothing and mellow tone of voice. Lyle slowly straightened up in his chair and then let his body slump down limply as his complied with my commands. “Unable to do anything but to go even deeper, feel even better, and become more and more comfortable and relaxed,” I said to him. Lyle merely nodded his head in silent agreement. He had no mental defenses left to resist me with, other than his will, which bending like a piece of overcooked spaghetti.

I gazed into his mind and watched him accept my commands. His mind became peaceful, and at ease. I began my probe of his mind. It was slow and thorough. Lyle’s mind was naked before me. I went back through years of his memory to learn all about his powers, when he had first acquired them, who had taught him to use them, and what he had used them for. There were many secret parts of his mind that were shrouded in deep dark and dank places, but my probe was like a searchlight in his mind. It showed everything. I learned much that I had suspected, and much more that I had never even dreamed of. I did not try to change anything. All I did was read his mind, being careful not to touch anything or leave any mental fingerprints. It could best be compared to reading a book while wearing a pair of rubber gloves on your hands. You won’t leave any marks on the book, and you can read it completely. I disengaged myself from Lyle’s mind, and left him sitting there in a deep state of super hypnosis, while I sat back to carefully consider what I had just learned.

What I found in Lyle’s mind left me feeling cold. It chilled me right to the core of my soul. Lyle was a member, but not one of the ranking ‘council’, of an organization of super hypnotists. They were not out to conquer the world, merely to get all that they could for themselves. The organization was like a club, where they met to settle disagreements and debate the actions of members. They more or less watched out for each other, and whenever someone new, like me, appeared on the scene, the organization sent someone out to investigate and evaluate the situation. Those who joined the organization were welcomed. Those who did not wish to join, were permitted to go their own way but were warned of the consequences of not being careful. Anyone who called unnecessary attention to himself or herself was visited as well, and advised to be more careful. The implication was that failure to comply would result in the removal of one’s powers. This punishment had been handed out in the past, but not often. On rare occasions it had been necessary to kill someone with the gift. I felt the blood drain from my face as I read that thought in Lyle’s mind. When I had recovered my wits, I probed deeper into Lye’s mind and found out why that action had been taken. According to Lyle, the persons in question had become mentally unbalanced and were planning to reveal their abilities, and all that they knew of this ‘organization’ to the public at large. I found it hard to believe that these people would kill to protect themselves and the organization. I could understand the reason behind it, but I found it hard to approve or agree with it. It left me feeling cold and numb for a few moments.

Everything Lyle knew about this organization, I now knew. Lyle did not know the identity of any of the council members, but he did know that Mary was a member of the club. (“No big surprise there,” I thought to myself.) Lyle also knew that I would be visited by the council sometime in the future, when they deemed it necessary. What chilled me was the suggestion that there were people more powerful than Lyle out there, somewhere, and these people knew about me. I would have to be very, very careful, in future. I dragged my thoughts and attention back to Lyle sitting slumped down in the chair, in front of me.

“Lyle, what are you going to do now?” I asked him. It was time to finish dealing with him.

“I...I don’t know,” he said in a slightly puzzled tone of voice. “I just want to sit here and go deeper,” he sighed happily.

“And obey me completely and totally,” I projected into his mind. “It is all that you want to do. To serve and obey me is your greatest joy when you are in this deep state of super hypnosis. When you wake up, though, you will have no memory of ever having been controlled by me. Only when you hear me say, ‘the queen is an elephant’ will you return to this state When you do return, your willpower is zero and all that you can think about is to serve and obey me to the best of your abilities.”

Lyle nodded his head silently as my commands took effect. A minute or so later, he slowly raised his head up, opened his eyes and looked at me. He smiled at me as if being in my presence was a treat in itself. “Yes,” he said after a few moments. “I understand now. Is there anything I can do for you, Paul?”

“Excellent!” I thought to myself, as I touched his forehead again and confirmed that the controls I’d implanted were functioning correctly. “He’s gone so deep that his will power is zero. He’s ready.”

“As a matter of fact there is,” I said to Lyle out loud. “When you wake up, I want you to drink six glasses of water, and then tell everyone here that you need to go and lie down for a while, because you need a nap.”

“Sure, Okay,” Lyle answered. “But that doesn’t seem like much fun.”

“It gets better, Lyle,” I said to him. “You’ve been a bad boy, you know. You do remember what you tried to do to me tonight, don’t you?”

“Yes....” Lyle answered hesitantly. “I....I guess I was wrong to do that to you. I shouldn’t have tried to hurt you like that.”

“Well, you have to be punished for that, Lyle,” I said to him. “So, when you decide to go for a nap you will empty out all the pockets of your clothes and give the contents to me. Then you will take off your shoes, and socks, and then remove your jacket. You will go upstairs carrying your jacket over one of your arms. Instead of taking a nap on a bed, you will go into the bathroom where the large two man regular bathtub is, not the Jacuzzi. When you arrive in the bathroom, you will put on your jacket, do it up, and then lie down in the large two man regular bathtub. You will lie there and close your eyes. When you need to take a pee, which you soon will after having drunk six glasses of water, you will open your fly, take out your penis, point it towards your stomach and chest, and pee all over yourself. You will move your cock around and get as much of your suit, shirt and tie wet, as you can. You will find that the smell and feeling of hot wet urine on your clothes is very relaxing and comforting to you. You enjoy it immensely. You will find ruining that suit of yours to be a worthwhile and just punishment for your actions tonight. By the way, how much did that suit cost?”

“Nine hundred dollars, Paul,” Lyle said and smiled at me. “I’m going to ruin a nine hundred dollar suit, just for you, because I was bad.” He sighed and smiled at me. (Boy was he EVER submissive now!)

“Any time tonight, whenever ANYONE comes into the bath room, Lyle, you will want them to pee on you as well, instead of having them use the toilet,” I said to him as I continued giving him instructions. “You will ask, and then beg them to pee all over you, and your suit. Tonight, and only tonight, you crave the feeling of hot wet urine on your clothes. The aroma, the warmth, the feeling, even the sound of urine hitting your clothes makes you feel wonderful. You know that you must be punished for what you tried to do, and a just and fair punishment is to ruin that nine hundred dollar suit of yours. However, you may not leave the bathtub until I tell you that you may.”

“As you feel the urine on your body, and it soaks into your clothes, your memories of tonight will change, and that change will happen when you wake up. You will know only that you came over here to investigate me, and found that I was not worthy of your attention. You will never use your powers on me again, because I’m not worth your time or attention. You spent the evening with Phil, and me and the other gentlemen watching television, except that you had a nap on Phil’s bed because you were tired. You will not recall spending the evening in the bathtub being peed on. When you leave here you will pick up your things from me, and go home as you normally would being completely unaware of your urine soaked clothes. Tomorrow you will discover your ruined suit, and think that you got accidentally sprayed by a fire hydrant full of filthy sewer water, which ruined your suit. So you will throw out the ruined clothes.”

“When I tell you to leave the bathtub, you will stand up and get out of the bathtub. You will rinse out the bathtub. When you walk out of the bathroom, you will wake up and think that you just got up and had a short pee, and that it is time for you to go home. You will come out here, put on your socks and shoes and carry the contents of your pockets in a zip lock plastic bag. Then you and your friends will say goodnight and head home. Is that clearly understood?”

“Yes, Paul. I understand perfectly,” Lyle answered, calmly.

I reached out to the minds of the other men in the room and adjusted their commands and memories to match the instructions that I had just given Lyle. These four men would now be more than willing to pee on Lyle, and think that they were peeing into a toilet. They would also ignore me if I decided to watch them. I counted everyone out at the same time, and waited to see what would happen.

“Phil, do you think we could get some popcorn over here, please?” Ralph Meadows called out as he sat there on the sofa, and turned on the television. “If you do that, I’ll check out what’s on and see if I can find something that we all want to watch.”

Phil, being the good host that he was, headed off to the kitchen to make the popcorn. Lyle, followed Phil and I heard him asking Phil where the glasses were. It did not take long for the rest of the men in the room to head out to the kitchen. They soon returned, except for Phil, who was still making the popcorn. Lyle sat down in front of me and smiled at me.

“Boy I was thirsty,” he said. “I don’t know about you, but I could use a nap. This day seems to have caught up to me.” Lyle said with a yawn, reached back and removed his wallet from his right hip pocket and placed it in my lap, as if this were the most natural thing in the world for him to be doing. “Would you mind watching over my stuff while I grab a few Z’s?” He asked me.

“Sure, no problem,” I answered.

“Great!” Lyle replied and quickly emptied out every pocket of his clothes. He patted himself down to insure that he didn’t forget anything and then sat back down on the chair in front of me. He yawned again, as he raised his right leg up and placed it across his left leg. Lyle reached over, untied his right shoe and slipped it off. His right sock quickly followed. He paused for a moment, looking just a bit confused, but then put his right foot back on the floor and lifted his left leg up and placed it across his right leg. Lyle’s left shoe and sock soon accompanied his right shoe and sock on the dining room carpet. Lyle looked over at me with a pleased and satisfied expression on his face, as though he had just completed an important task, and then slowly stood up. “I’ve got to get some shut eye,” he said tiredly. “See you in a while.” With that Lyle took off his jacket, hung it over his right arm, turned around, walked over to the staircase, and headed up the stairs.

I got up and followed him, quietly. The trip up the stairs and into the bathroom was uneventful, but it was kind of fun. Lyle had a nice body and I found it pleasant to gaze upon his butt as he walked in front of me. His suit pants were cut snugly in the crotch, and they wrapped around his ass very closely. “Swing your ass back and forth as you walk,” I called out to him. I was delighted to see Lyle start to do that immediately. He didn’t even blink at all as he obeyed my command. It was going to be a shame to have Lyle ruin such nice clothes, but he had to pay for what he had tried tonight, and this seemed the most humane way. It was very pleasing to see Lyle’s ass swinging back and forth as he walked. I noticed that the hip pockets of his pants both had button through closures which were now undone. I followed Lyle into the bathroom, and was keenly disappointed when he slipped his jacket on and covered up that delightful looking backside of his. Lyle climbed into the bathtub and swatted down letting out a huge yawn in the process. He sat down and then lay down and stretched out his body to his full length. The bathtub was much longer than normal, so he could lie down without having to bend his legs and have his knees in the air, or have his head resting on the edge of the tub. Lyle was lying full out on his back. He pulled at his clothes and adjusted his suit jacket until it was lying flat and smooth. Finally satisfied with his position, he closed his eyes and let out a long slow sigh. His breathing became deep and even, as he started to relax more and more.

I looked at him as he lay there and let my gaze move up and down the length of his body as I took in each detail. Lyle was worth spending the time gawking at. He was in good shape for a man his age, and that suit he was wearing fit him very well. I walked over to the tub and knelt down beside it. I reached over and ran my hands across Lyle’s chest, as he lay there. His suit was soft and smooth to the touch. I let my hands move down the stripes of that brown pinstripe suit of his from his shoulders all the way down to the cuffs of his pants. Lyle made soft little happy sounds, sighs, grunts and mutterings. I glanced down at my watch to discover that over twenty minutes had passed. I was enjoying this stroking of Lyle’s body, and decided that I wanted him to pee all over himself before anyone else came in to take a pee. I walked over to the sink and turned on the cold water tap, not a lot, just enough so that he would hear the sound of running water.

It took about five minutes before Lyle finally reacted. He did not open his eyes, though. He moved his hands down to the front of his pants, and unzipped his fly. He reached inside his pants and tugged and pulled a bit until he finally managed to pull his penis out into plain view. It was flaccid cock, unremarkable and of average length, which was to be expected. Gripping it firmly in both hands, Lyle pointed his cock up and slightly forward. He let out a long slow sight of relief, as the first jet of yellow water started to shoot up and out from the tip of his cock. The urine made a beautiful arch as it shot up into the air and then curved back down to land squarely in the center of Lyle’s chest, at a point just above where the two front sides of his jacket met. Lyle’s tie started to become wet immediately, as did his shirt. Slowly Lyle moved his cock from side to side as he directed the golden shower all over his chest and stomach. His suit jacket started to darken immediately as the urine began soaking into it. Lyle moaned a few times in delight, but kept his eyes closed. Lyle managed to get his shoulders and some of his sleeves wet as well before his bladder was emptied. He carefully put his cock back inside his pants and closed his fly. His pants were dry, for the most part, but I was not concerned about that. The night was still young and there were four other men who still had to add their contributions to the destruction of Lyle’s suit. I walked over to the sink and turned off the tap. Lyle would have to pee again in an hour or so. This wasn’t justice, it was revenge. I was more than willing to wait all night to enjoy my revenge on Lyle. I went back down to the living room to watch the movie with the other guys. It would help to pass the time, and also allow me to be sure to accompany them when they came in here to due their duty.

Mike Walker was the first to answer the call of nature. When he walked into the bathroom, Lyle immediately asked him if he was here to use the facilities. When Mike answered in the affirmative, Lyle wiggled with anticipation. Mike walked up to the bathtub, and without a second’s hesitation he opened his fly, and took out his penis. I was not able to get a really good look at his cock, since Mike was using both hands to hold it. (I would think that you would be able to draw your own conclusions about Mike’s cock from that statement.)

“Where do you want it?” He asked Lyle, in a bland and indifferent voice. It appeared that Mike really did not care about urinating all over Lyle. Mike only wanted to relieve himself.

“All over, please!” Lyle begged. “Wet me down as much as you can. Cover every inch of me with your wonderful warm water.”

“You got it,” Mike answered calmly, as if this were nothing out of the ordinary. Mike pointed his cock at the knot of Lyle’s tie, and let fly. Mike scored a bull’s eye as his arrow of yellow water hit the knot of Lyle’s tie exactly. (I started wondering what other marksmanship skills Mike might have possessed. Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking.) Mike moved his cock from side to side as he directed his stream of urine all over the front of Lyle’s suit jacket. Mike slowly but steadily worked his way down from Lyle’s shoulders to the tails of Lyle’s suit jacket, providing a thorough soaking. Mike was moving his stream back and forth across the jacket of Lyle’s suit, just like you would spread the icing over a Pillsbury turnover. To judge from Lyle’s near constant moans of pleasure, Mike was doing a good job. Mike shifted his cock and caused his golden shower to move down Lyle’s right leg. Up and down Lyle’s right leg Mike directed his stream, causing the right leg of Lyle’s suit pants to darken and become a match to Lyle’s suit jacket. Of course not all the yellow water was soaking into Lyle’s clothes. A small stream was working its way down the bathtub towards the drain, which was to be expected. Mike finished relieving himself, shook the last few drops off of his cock and replaced his cock inside his pants. He turned and left the bathroom, unconcerned about what had just happened. He might not remember this night’s events, but I certainly would. I followed Mike back to the living room and made a bogus attempt to follow the plot of the movie that they were watching on television. I waited to see who would be next.

It turned out to be Ralph Meadows. He headed up to the bathroom with me close at his heels. At the doorway to the bathroom, Ralph turned and looked at me. “I don’t need any help with this you know,” he said to me the note of annoyance clearly evident in his voice.

“Of course you don’t, " I agreed readily. “If it’s all right with you, I’d just like to watch and see how you do it.”

“Well, it’s NOT all right with me,” Ralph replied coldly. “Why don’t you just go back downstairs and watch the movie? I don’t want you watching me while I take a leak.” He turned away from me, and headed into the bathroom.

Apparently, Ralph was a bit modest and wanted his privacy. I was not in the mood to offer him any such consideration. Carefully, I projected a few simple thoughts into his mind. “You do not mind if I watch. In fact you would be more than pleased to show me how a professional, a real man, pees on another man.” (So, I was appealing to Ralph’s ego, just a tad. It would do his ego a bit of good, and make the suggestion more acceptable to him.

Ralph stopped suddenly, turned and looked back at me, lost in thought for a moment. “On second thought,” he began. “I suppose I could let you watch. Understand though, that I don’t want you to say anything, and you don’t talk to anyone about what you see. Agreed?”

“Sure thing,” I replied quickly, and followed him in. I was more curious about what it was that Ralph didn’t want me to talk about, other then about watching Ralph pee on Lyle.

I kept my mouth shut, as Ralph unzipped and brought out his cock. Now I understood. Ralph had been a bit shortchanged in the equipment department, if you catch my drift. I guess Ralph was a bit sensitive about it, and either did not want me to know or was concerned as to what my reaction would be. Quickly I looked away from Ralph and down at Lyle. It was easier not to think about Ralph’s small cock, if I looked at Lyle. I did not want to show either amusement or pity to Ralph, so I focused my attention on how Lyle looked as he lay there in the bathtub with most of his suit saturated with urine. The odor was not especially strong, but it was just a bit noticeable. Ralph stood there looking down at Lyle, but Ralph did not take any immediate action to relieve himself. I was not sure why he was waiting. After about a minute or so, I saw an amber stream hit the cuff of Lyle’s left leg, pause there for a moment and then move up Lyle’s left leg until it reached Lyle’s suit jacket. The golden stream stopped as quickly as it had begun, and a grunt came from the general direction of Ralph. As the liquid soaked into the fabric of the pants leg, Lyle’s left leg was a match for his right. So that was what Ralph had been waiting for. He was trying to determine what part of Lyle still hadn’t been peed on.

“Roll over onto your stomach,” Ralph grunted to Lyle. Lyle complied immediately. As I suspected, and I suppose Ralph had suspected as well, most of the back of Lyle’s suit jacket and pants were dry. It seemed Ralph had a lot of virgin territory available to him now.

“Pull your suit jacket up so I can see your butt clearly,” Ralph ordered Lyle, the excitement in Ralph’s voice all too plain.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Lyle replied enthusiastically, as he wiggled around while tugging his suit jacket upward to finally expose the backside of his suit pants. “Please pee on me, Ralph. Please pee on my butt, my ass.” It was difficult to know who was more excited about the idea, Ralph or Lyle. I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I was finding this somewhat erotic too. Maybe though, it was merely the pleasure I was getting from seeing my revenge on Lyle taking place so satisfactorily.

Ralph took careful aim (Like he needed to do that?) and let the yellow rain burst forth from his cock. It hit just above the belt in the center of Lyle’s back. Lyle jerked and let out a low moan of pleasure. Ralph moved the honey yellow stream downward and slowly traced the seam of Lyle’s pants from the belt line down to the crotch, and then slowly back up again. Lyle’s body trembled with joy and pleasure, but Lyle managed to avoid any major squirming around. The only words that Lyle was able to utter were ‘yes’ and ‘more’. At least those were the only words that I could make out.

Ralph continued to focus his attention on Lyle’s butt. Ralph directed his jet of urine back and forth across both of Lyle’s butt cheeks, insuring that they got a thorough wetting as well. The fabric became dark quickly, and the darkness moved down the back of Lyle’s legs, heading for his knees. Ralph took his time, and even did a few lazy figure eight’s across Lyle’s ass, to the delight of both men. With Lyle’s ass now completed wetted down, Ralph turned his attention and his amber river to the back of Lyle’s left leg. It took only a minute or so for Ralph to direct the flow of urine from his penis up and down the back of Lyle’s pant leg so that it was as saturated as the seat of Lyle’s pants. I was amazed when Ralph was able to repeat the procedure for the right pant leg of Lyle’s suit. Ralph had an astonishing bladder capacity. I had expected him to run dry long before now. Not only did Ralph finish the wetting down of Lyle’s suit pants but he was working his way up the back of Lyle’s shirt went the never-ending river from his cock finally dried up. I watched dumbfounded as Ralph left to go back and watch the movie. He merely smirked at my confusion and left happily. While I waited for the next contestant to arrive, I directed Lyle to pull his suit jacket back down over his butt. Lyle wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he complied with my wishes. He didn’t have any choice in the matter.

Harry Peters arrived about ten minutes later. Unlike Ralph Meadows, Harry was direct and to the point. He whipped out his cock quickly and easily. He left his cock hanging there, while he looked over Lyle. Harry’s cock was of average length, and unremarkable. (A cock is a cock is a cock, really. I do not know that I could describe it any better than that. Now, if his cock had been fully erect I might have paid more attention to it.) The only reaction from Harry was a long slow sigh of relief, as he emptied the contents of his bursting bladder all over the back of Lyle’s suit jacket. Harry moved his cock around to distribute some of his urine on the back of the sleeves of Lyle’s jacket. Harry concentrated on the back of Lyle’s suit jacket for the most part, though. Lyle was back on cloud nine again, thanks to the wetting he was getting from Harry.

I felt a slight pang of guilt that a perfectly good nine hundred dollar suit was being completely ruined in one evening. My feeling were for the tailor who had worked so hard to get that suit to fit Lyle so well. As I thought about it a bit more, while waiting for Phil Turnbill to show up and add his contribution to the night’s event, I came to the realization that Lyle would have done much worse to me than what was happening to him right now. I tried not to imagine what might have resulted if Lyle had won our fight. Lyle was getting off easy, so I didn’t really have any reason to feel bad about what I was doing to him. He deserved much worse. Even so, it took me a while to believe that I was justified in what I was doing, because deep down I did not want to acknowledge that all this was really unnecessary. This was more revenge, than justice on my part. I’m no lawyer or judge. I do not know what justice for this attempted crime should have been, but I know I wanted to make Lyle pay in some way. This seemed the most satisfying and safest way to get my figurative pound of flesh from Lyle.

It was clear from tonight’s events that I would have to defend myself, and take strong measures against those who discovered my abilities and attempted to force me to use my abilities for themselves. Still, a part of tonight’s events were my fault. I had become careless, and would have to be much more careful in the future. I would need time to think about what had happened tonight, and how my powers had changed. I had done things tonight that I’d never been able to do before. Hell! I’d done things that I didn’t even realize were possible, such as turning the mental energy of an enemy’s attack back against that enemy. More surprising still was that I had successfully used that ability to fight off a strong attack from three other minds which were at the very least the same strength (and much stronger in the case of Lyle) as mine had been at the start of the evening. It all sounded like something out of a Star Wars or a Kung Fu movie! In any case, I would have to be careful to keep my new abilities hidden, especially from Mary. Lyle knew about her, and I no longer felt that I could trust her. In fact thinking about her right now made me uncomfortable. Something had happened to me. My mind was stronger, clearer and more powerful than ever before, as the events of the evening had shown. Whatever the change was, I would have to figure it out myself.

My analysis of the nights events were interrupted while the arrival of Phil Turnbill. Phil looked down at Lyle lying in the bathtub, and then looked over at me.

“Looks like there’s not much left for me to do,” he said to me, sounding disappointed. “Lyle’s suit is soaked. It would be a waste to pee on him again.”

“Not necessarily,” I replied, smiling at him.. “Think about it for a minute, Phil, and you will realize what has been overlooked.”

Phil gazed at me with a puzzled expression on his face. Slowly a smile spread over his face as he came to understand what I was referring to. (It is so much more satisfying when someone figures out these things for himself, I’ve found.)

“Sit up, open your jacket and turn to face me,” Phil ordered Lyle.

“Oh yes!” Lyle replied excitedly. He quickly unbuttoned his jacket and sat up. He trembled with excitement as he sat there in the bathtub holding his jacket open while urine dripped from it.

Phil took out his cock, and taking careful aim he pointed it at Lyle. The stream of warm wet urine hit Lyle in the middle of his forehead, causing him to jerk back in surprise. The arch of urine dropped down and started to spray over the front of Lyle’s shirt and tie. Phil wasted no time, however, and quickly directed his contribution all over Lyle’s shirt. Working quickly and efficiently, he made his way back up to Lyle’s face.

“Wash your hair in the stream of pee, Lyle,” Phil directed him. Lyle could not move quickly enough to comply. In only a few heart beats he had bowed his head so that the urine streaming from Phil’s cock was splashing down on the top of Lyle’s head. Lyle worked his hands quickly through his hair and managed to get his hair thoroughly wet. As Phil continued to pour out his pee onto the top of Lyle’s head, I noticed that the excess was quickly washing down the front and back of Lyle’s shirt. It was clear that there wasn’t going to be a dry inch of fabric anywhere on Lyle by the time this was all finished.

Phil finished soon enough, and smiling in satisfaction he left to rejoin the other guys watching the movie. Lyle watched Phil leave with a look of slight sadness in his eyes. For the first time, Lyle noticed me, and cleared his throat a little nervously as he spoke to me.

“Whenever you’re ready, Paul, so am I,” Lyle said hopefully as he looked at me eagerly.

“Nothing from me, Lyle,” I said to him with a smile. “You just stand up and let your suit drip dry for a while. When you are no longer dripping you can rise out the bathtub and join us downstairs, but you cannot sit on the any of the furniture.”

“Oh, okay,” Lyle said sadly, and slowly stood up. He started wringing out his jacket and pants. He was very disappointed, which added to the satisfaction I felt at that moment. It was almost as pleasurable for me to deny Lyle what he wanted, as it was to see him getting what he wanted from the other guys.

The rest of the evening went as planned. Lyle joined us in about an hour in a smelly, wrinkled, totally ruined and formerly expensive, tailor made suit. He picked up his belongings from me. I had thoughtfully placed them in a zip lock plastic bag, so that he would not ruin his wallet and other items trying to carry them home in that suit of his. Before he and his cronies left, I did a final mental scan of them as we shook hands and confirmed that their memories of the evenings events matched what I intended. I was now safe. Phil and I sat down on the sofa and cuddled for a while, over a hot cup of tea. Thirty minutes later Phil drove me home.

I had no trouble falling asleep that night, once I stopped thinking about what had happened during the evening. There would be time enough for that later.