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The Coffee Shop III: The Good, The Bad, And The Hypnotized

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 6 Playing Doctor.

Rather than deal with the many questions from the family, I slipped out quietly when they all came in to talk to Steven. It was the perfect distraction, and with a little help from Mrs. Stokes I disappeared from sight like a puff of smoke. Before I left though, Jack had cleaned up his face and Steven’s so that no one would suspect what had been going on.

Doctor Simpson had a private office which was not difficult to locate. I was expecting the good doctor to pounce on me as soon as I stepped out of Steven’s room, but he was no where to be seen. I asked for directions to his office located on the 3rd floor, which I received from the staff at the nurse’s station. I headed off towards the elevators and pressed the call button. As I stood there waiting for the elevator to arrive I saw Jason Stokes pop out of Steven’s room and look around. He saw me and started towards me, but Mrs. Stokes came out of Steven’s room and shoed Jason back inside the room. That was another favor I owed her. Who says mothers don’t run the world?

I was preoccupied with trying to think of a cover story that Doctor Simpson would accept, so the trip down in the elevator was very short. Sooner than I would have liked, I found myself standing outside of the good doctor’s office, and the door was only partly closed. I knocked on the door as I pushed it open all the way, and entered the office. Doctor Simpson’s private office was lavish. The room was comfortable and the chairs were deeply cushioned dark red leather that matched the massive mahogany desk. Intimidating to say the least, much like the owner of the room. Doctor Simpson was about 35 years old, I guessed. He was physically fit, and appeared to be of average build, no noticeable muscles but no gut, either. The outfit he wore was typical, a pair of navy blue pants, a black belt and black shoes, with a plain white shirt and a tie that matched the pants. Of course he wore the shapeless white lab coat that is a part of every doctor’s attire. It was his face that caught and held my attention. His good looks consisted of medium length black hair, neatly combed, with no indication of any thinning. His lean and slightly taunt face had a certain boyish youth to it that added to the aura of trust and confidence that seemed to surround him. Clean shaven, with clear and smooth skin, his face was very handsome. His lips were thin, and his mouth looked soft and sensual. Perched on his nose was a pair of sliver rimmed glasses which did not block the view of his clear gray eyes. I am sure that at another time those eyes would have been as soft, warm and sensual as the rest of his face, but right now they burned with a heat that was anything but warm and sensual. Silently, I closed the door. I wanted privacy, and I’m sure the doctor did too. He silently waved me to sit down in the chair across the desk from him.

I sat down and tried to think of what to say to him and how I could possibly explain what I had done to help out Steven. I did not want to use my powers on the good doctor, but it was a comfort to know that I had a way out of this situation, if it became necessary.

“So what can I do for you, Doctor?” I asked him.

“Tell me exactly what it was that you gave my patient in the Intensive Care Unit,” he said coldly.

“I did not give him any medication,” I answered. “I hypnotized him and used a pain blocking technique to help him suppress the pain he has been experiencing.”

Doctor Simpson looked at me, with the same cold unfriendly expression he’d had on his face since I’d come into his office. You didn’t need to be a police detective to know that he did not believe me. This was not going well at all. He didn’t say anything. He merely looked at me, and waited. Finally he spoke.

“Whenever you’d care to tell me the truth, I’m all ears,” he said boring holes into my head with the look he was giving me.

“Doctor, what I have told you is the truth,” I said to him in earnest. “I did not give your patient any medication whatsoever.”

“You’re a good actor, I’ll give you that,” the doctor said to me in those same cold tones. “I’ll give you one more chance to tell me the truth. I’m not interested in prosecuting you for practicing medicine without a license, I’m only concerned with the well being of my patient. For his sake I need to know what medication you slipped him.”

“For the third and final time, Doctor Simpson, I did NOT administer any type of medication to your patient,” I said clearly and with a irritation starting to creep into my voice. “All I used was hypnosis.”

“Have it your way then,” he said to me without the slightest change in expression. “You’re probably not aware of it, but for security and safety reasons, all ICU wards in this hospital are monitored with closed circuit cameras. I pulled the tape for Mr. Stokes room from security and I’ve reviewed the tape while I was waiting for you.” He paused for a moment, almost as if he were gloating. A sudden chill ran down my spine as I recalled what the four of us, me, Mrs. Stokes, Jack and Steven had said in that room.

“While it is true that the tape shows that you did not appear to have given Mr. Stokes any medication,” Doctor Simpson continued. “There were other items that were discussed which might be of great interest to other people, especially to the city police department.”

“Meaning what, exactly?” I asked him. I had a very good idea of where this was heading. I had to control a sudden impulse to spit on this man.

“It’s simple, really,” the doctor said and then laughed softly and coldly. “You tell me exactly what you did, what medication you used, and in return I don’t show this tape to Officer Stokes’ family nor to the city police department.”

“Show me the tape first,” I said to him trying to keep my voice as cold and lifeless as his. “Play the tape for me, right now. You need to back up your claim.” I didn’t believe him, and I wanted proof before I took any action. Actually what I wanted was a reason, in my own mind, for taking action against this man. Right now I disliked him intently, almost hated him, but that was not a reason for hypnotizing him and possibly humiliating him. (Damn morals and ethics always get in the way, don’t they?)

The doctor smiled at me, and leaned back in his chair. Much to my surprise he picked up a VCR tape lying on top of his desk , walked over to the VCR on the other side of the room, inserted the tape and pressed play. The expression on his face as he looked at me while the tape played could only be called gloating. He had me boxed into a corner and he knew it. It was blackmail, pure and simple. Blackmail justified by his patients’ needs. Oddly enough if it had been just ordinary hypnosis that I had used on Steven, I really would not have had much to worry about, since the tape showed clearly that no one in the room slipped anything to Steven. However, the tape also showed Jack and Steven embracing and kissing, and although there was no sound, you could conclude what their relationship was.

“Oh, there is sound,” the doctor suddenly said, as if reading my mind. “I have it turned down low right now. The conversation in that room clearly indicates that the three men in that room are homosexual. You’re not in the clear by any means, my friend. I must admit that I find it rather surprising that you are a homosexual. I would never have guessed that from your appearance.”

“Yes, well, my leather outfit is at the cleaners,” I said sarcastically. “Otherwise I would have worn it just for you.”

“I’ll overlook that, this time, considering that you’re probably a bit upset,” the doctor replied, with the air of someone bestowing a great favor to one who is unworthy of receiving it. “I think I’ve made my point,” he said and then turned off the VCR. He strolled back to his desk and sat down facing me, still smiling at me. I resisted the urge to try and wipe that smile off his face, by slapping him silly. “Now would you like to tell me the truth, or shall I ask Officer Stokes’ family to come in here?” He asked me.

I looked at him and realized that I was looking at a human being who had no consideration or compassion for others when it got in the way of something that he wanted. I shook my head slowly. I couldn’t believe that this man was a doctor. He was quite willing to ruin two men’s lives, and do their families’ unimaginable harm, if he didn’t get what he wanted, never mind what it would have done to my life. He smiled triumphantly at me as he interpreted my head shake to be a sign of surrender. He didn’t know it, but he was going to pay for what he had just tried to pull.

“I know that you are not going to believe me, doctor,” I said cautiously. “But all that I used was hypnosis.”

“Please, Mister Walton,” the doctor said clearly annoyed at me. “Don’t insult my intelligence. I know that you could not do anything like that with hypnosis. You don’t have that type of training, because if you did you’d have shown me your credentials by now. So you see, your story just doesn’t hold water.”

“Whether or not you believe me, it is the truth,” I insisted. “I’d be more than happy to demonstrate on you, if you like.”

“I should have known better than to try to reason with someone like you,” the doctor sighed as he completely ignored my challenge. “Anyone who pretends to be what they clearly are not, doesn’t have a solid grip on the realities of life. Let the consequences be on your head, then.”

“Just what does that mean?” I asked him, curious for the first time since I’d entered his office.

“Well, here you are dressed up like a cowboy, and it is clear that you are not one,” the doctor said with scorn, and shook his head sadly at me. “You’re just a pretender, a fake and a fraud, and others are going to have to pay the price for your stubbornness.”

“Look me in the eye and say that to my face,” I taunted him.

“With pleasure,” the doctor replied as he fixed his gaze on my eyes. “You’re a fake and a fraud.”

Quickly, and with my full power I sent out a mental probe. In less than a heartbeat I had clear and complete contact with the doctor’s mind. He was so confident and so sure of himself that his normal mental defenses were not even up. Fear and mistrust are the two emotions that can act as a natural shield against my powers, although they are very weak shields at best. I struck quickly. “Doctor Simpson in a second or two, when I call your attention to my big shiny belt buckle the hypnotic induction will begin. You will find yourself unable to look away because the shiny belt buckle is so interesting. The suggestions I give you will take effect almost immediately.” I felt a surge of satisfaction and yes even joy, as I watched the doctor’s face go blank and his eyes blink a few times as my mental commands took effect. Oh I was going to so enjoy hypnotizing this man. He was going to pay, for trying to blackmail me, and trying to cause harm to my friends.

“Maybe I am, and maybe I’m not,” I taunted the doctor. “But one thing is for sure, though.”

“Oh, and what is that?” the doctor asked, looking just a bit confused as his mind came back to normal.

“Mine is bigger than yours,” I said with a smirk.

“Oh so now we are descending to penis envy are we?” The doctor asked. “You’re a sad little man.”

“No, not that,” I said still smirking at the doctor. “I was merely noticing that my belt buckle is much larger than yours.” That did it. The doctor’s eyes immediately looked down at me and started to search for my belt buckle. Upon finding it, the doctor let out a soft sigh.

“Why yes, so it is,” he said surprised. “I hope it makes you happy.”

“Oh I’m very happy with my belt buckle doctor,” I said to him. “I enjoy looking at it every now and then. I love the way that the light reflects off of it. It reminds me of stars in the midnight sky.”

“I can see how that could be,” the doctor agreed as his eyes remained fixed on the buckle. “It does seem very shiny.”

“Even more so when I move it up and down like this,” I said as I wiggled the buckle up and down a few times. “Mind you, the effect is much better when you are looking down on the buckle from a higher vantage point.”

The doctor’s gaze remained locked on my belt buckle as he slowly stood up. The motion was smooth and fluid, almost graceful. The dull glazed look on his face made it seem as if he were asleep while doing it, which wasn’t that far off the mark. He stood there looking down at me, and sighed as he softly said, “Yes, it does look better from up here. Much easier to see how it sparkles.”

“Each sparkle like a star in the evening sky,” I said in smooth mellow tone. “The evening sky, which can be so relaxing to look at before you head to bed. You can let your mind float and your imagination wander freely as the tensions and worries of the day just drift on up and out of your mind, looking at the night sky.” The doctor let out a few sighs of contentment, as the expression on his face soften and took on the relaxed and peaceful expression of someone who doesn’t have a care in the world.

“You’re finding it easier and easier to keep on staring at the buckle, with each word that I utter and with each breath that you take.” I said to the doctor. “When you feel this happen you just nod your head, and keep on looking.” I waited until the doctor nodded his head a few times before I continued. “Soon and very soon indeed you’ll feel a sense of relaxation and peace start to slowly move into your body. Starting with the little muscles around your eyes and then moving gradually across your face and head and from there down to each muscle in your body.” A few heartbeats later, the doctors head nodded a few more times.

“That’s right. It just feels so good to keep looking. It’s all that you really want to do right now,” I said to the doctor as he continued to fixate on my belt buckle. Only the nodes of his head gave any indication that he was aware of me. He was lost in his own world now, and the sweet part of it was that he was not even consciously aware of it.

“You just keep going down deeper and deeper, doctor,” I said to him. “Because, the deeper you go, the better you feel, and the better you feel the deeper you go. Always going deeper, always feeling better.” The doctor’s head nodded several times and his body started to sway just a bit as he became more and more relaxed. I toyed briefly with the idea of a simple and peaceful induction, but quickly dismissed it. I was going to get my full enjoyment out of hypnotizing this man, and maybe give him just a little taste of his own medicine too. My contact with his mind had showed that he was heterosexual, and that was going to make his upcoming experience all the more pleasant for me.

“No matter how deep you go, you cannot fall down, because your body continues to support you easily,’ I said to him. I didn’t want any accidents. He nodded his head slowly and gazed transfixed at my belt buckle. “I bet you never thought you’d be so easy to hypnotize, did you, doctor?” It took a minute or two for the question to penetrate the fog in his mind.

“Hypnotized?” He asked me blankly. “I’m hypnotized? No. It can’t be.....” The words trailed off as he continued to stare at my belt buckle.

“But it is, doctor, and deep down you know it,” I said to him. He shook his head slowly from side to side, attempting to deny what was happening, but it was much too late for that. His head may have been shaking back and forth, but all the while his eyes, those lovely gray eyes remained fixed on my belt buckle. “You’re going down deeper and deeper into hypnosis with each word that I utter and with each breath that you take. You can’t help yourself because it feels so good to let go, and to go deeper.” He continued to shake his head slowly and to mouth the word ‘no’, but after a few moments the shakes of his head turned in to nods of acceptance. He let out a long slow sigh of contentment as he started to nod his head more and more frequently. His body continued to sway back and forth. I tasted sweet victory in my mouth, but the session wasn’t over yet. Not by a long shot.

“Each and every time that you hear me say, ‘a pickle in my cowboy boots’, you will return to this state or an even deeper state than this, quickly and easily,” I said to him as I implanted the suggestion for returning to hypnosis. “You’ll go down twice as fast and twice as deep as before. When you understand this and accept it, you’ll sit back down in the chair and go even deeper. A second or so after that you’ll stand up again so that you can see my belt buckle more clearly.” I waited. The doctor nodded his head a few seconds later and then sat down. He was seated only a moment or two before he stood up again, and locked his gaze upon my belt buckle. I did not know how much more time we would have alone so I though it best to get this laying of the foundation work out of the way.

“You like this state, don’t you doctor?” I asked him.

“Yes, very much,” he replied softly.

“Good, because you just keep on going even deeper, doctor,” I said to him. “Your body is becoming so relaxed and comfortable right now that you’re finding it more and more difficult to remain standing up. You can feel yourself being pulled into the chair, like a magnet pulls steel. Yet at the same time, you want to remain standing to that you can continue to look at my belt buckle. With each passing moment, the urge to remain standing grows, and at the same time your body becomes more and more relaxed and it becomes even harder to remain standing.” I waited a few moments. I was going to enjoy this.

Slowly, the doctor started to sit down, and then pushed himself back up into a standing position, keeping his eyes fixed on my belt buckle the entire time. A few moments later his legs weakened and he slowly sat down in the chair. He pushed himself back up into a standing position, again. It took a little less time for the doctor to sit down the third time. In less than five minutes he was going up an down like a yo-yo, and I chuckled softly to myself as I watched him.

“Now your eyelids are getting heavier each time that you sit down, doctor,” I told him as he stood up for the fifteenth or so time. “Soon, when you sit down, your eyelids will be so heavy that you won’t be able to open them, and so you will sit down in the chair and go even deeper. As you do, your entire body will become incredibly relaxed, as you sit there and enjoy yourself, and continued to go down deeper with each breath that you take.”

The doctor absently nodded his head as he stood up once more time. His eyes blinked a few times as he struggled with trying to keep them open, and then immediately sat down again. The sitting and standing cycle continued, and with each repetition, the doctor was having a harder and harder time keeping his eyes open. I was having a harder and harder time too, but my hardness was much more enjoyable, if you know what I mean. After a few minutes more had passed, the doctor struggled to open his eyes again as he started to stand up. He was only half way up before he gave up and gratefully sank back down in to the chair. His body melted as he sat there slipping down even deeper into hypnosis.

“Feeling so mellow, and good, aren’t you, doctor?” I asked him.

“Yes, so good,” he immediately agreed.

“Good, because you will remember this entire session when you wake up, but you will be unable to tell anyone about it EVER,” I emphasized. “You will know that at any time I choose I can hypnotize you with just a few words, and you are unable to even think of resisting that possibility. My control over you while you are hypnotized is total. There is NOTHING that you would not do, if I told you to, because whenever you do as I tell you, you feel wonderful.”

The doctor’s face became pained and frightened as he absorbed the instructions I gave him. He was clearly uncomfortable with the ideas that I had expressed and yet he was helpless to refuse or reject them. A few heartbeats later though, the expression of contentment and pleasure returned to his face as his subconscious mind accepted my instructions.

“Stand up. Drop your pants down to your ankles and then sit back down,” I barked at him.

“Yes.....yes, of course,” he replied with only a moments hesitation. There was some slight resistance to my commands, but it was half hearted. He struggled to disobey, but knew that he couldn’t. Slowly he stood up, opened his eyes and his hands went to his belt buckle. He undid his belt, and then undid his pants. He paused for a moment, before forcing his pants down and sliding them down his legs. I got a good look at his boxer shorts, and his legs, before he sat back down in his chair. He had good looking legs, if a bit hairy. His boxer shorts had little hearts all over them. I stifled a giggle when I saw that. It seemed somewhat out of character for him to be wearing such underwear. His face broke out into a huge smile and he let out a low moan a moment later. He’d just realized that he had done what I told him to do, and that had triggered the wave of pleasure that coursed through his body and mind. I told him that when he woke up he would feel refreshed and relaxed. I left him there in hypnosis for a few minutes while I got up and walked over to stand next to him. His head and eyes moved to track my every movement. I looked down at him as he sat there in the chair with just his briefs on. There was no sign that he was becoming sexually aroused by all this, but I could save that for later. I smiled to myself and then returned to my chair.

“Close your eyes now, and go even deeper,” I instructed him. The doctor’s eyes snapped shut and his head nodded forward. I counted him out.

He woke up with a start and looked about the room. “Pardon me for just a minute, please,” he said hesitantly to me as he stood up and bent over to grab his pants. It took him less than a minute to dress himself and sit back down in his chair. He stared at me thoughtfully. He wasn’t upset, concerned or angry. If anything he seemed amused. To be honest, I did not understand his reaction at all. I expected him to be upset, or angry or at the very least annoyed. He was none of these things.

“That was quite a little trick you pulled,” he said to me. “I must admit that you nearly had me going there for a minute, especially when I agreed to take off my pants. I only did that to humor you, you know. None of this was real, although I do feel pretty good.”

I could not believe how conceited this man was. He didn’t believe that he had been put under or that I did have total control of him. I smiled at him silently, as I realized that this might be a LOT more fun than I thought, and that his misplaced belief would work to my advantage.

“How much more time will we have alone, Doctor?” I asked him politely.

“A while,” he answered vaguely. “Why?”

“Well, there are a few things we still need to get straight,” I answered him. “I do not want to be interrupted unexpectedly.”

He looked at his watch and then said, “I am not due back on staff for another hour. I thought this might take a bit of time, and I wanted to see you squirm, so I booked some time off.”

“Oh, there’s going to be some squirming all right,” I agreed. “Could you please make sure the door is locked first, though?”

“A sensible precaution,” he said as he got up and headed for the door. Once he locked it, he returned to his seat and looked at me again with that condescending smirk on his face. “So what are you going to do now?”

“What’s your first name, doctor?” I queried.

“None of your business. Now answer my question,” he demanded.

“About the tape? Nothing at all, since you are going to erase that portion of it, and never mention it to anyone,” I told him.

He looked at me and snorted his disbelief at my statement.. “You must really think that you hypnotized me, to have an attitude like that,” the doctor said. “But enough playing around.” He stood up and walked over to the VCR where he pressed the eject button. The tape popped out a moment later and he removed it from the machine. He headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“Where do you think?” He asked back. “I gave you a chance, and tried to be reasonable with you, but you decided to play games. I don’t.” He turned away from me and walked towards the door.

“But doctor,” I called out to him, as he placed his hand on the doorknob. “I have a pickle in my cowboy boots.”

The doctor froze in his tracks. Slowly, his hand let go of the doorknob and fell limply to his side. At the same time his head nodded down towards his chest and he let out a long slow sigh. He was back in hypnosis and in my power again, if you will excuse that rather corny expression.

“Now what were you going to do, doctor?” I asked him

“Go and show this tape to the Stokes family,’ he replied.

“No, you’re not going to do that, doctor.” I said to him. “Now turn around and look at me.”

“I’m not going to show the tape to the Stokes family,” he replied in a dull and lifeless voice. He looked bewildered, and puzzled, as he turned around and saw me sitting there. He continued to stand there looking lost and confused. He looked closely at my face, and slowly recognition came to him. A small smile touched his tips, and as he continued to gaze at me his face melted into an expression of peace and calm. I wiggled my belt buckle. The motion caught his attention. His eyes zeroed in on my belt buckle and his eyes lit up. He nodded his head a few times, and smiled looking like a little boy who has just found his favorite toy.

“I am not going to show the tape to the Stokes family,” he repeated, and grinned happily.

“Nor will you show the tape to anyone else,” I told him firmly.

“I will not show the tape to anyone else,” he repeated while nodding his head. He continued to grin happily as he waited for further instructions.

“You will never mention or discuss this tape with anyone else, ever,” I ordered him.

“I will not mention or discuss the tape with anyone else, ever,” he repeated nodding his head once more. The grin on his face was not forced. It was a natural grin, as though he were happy to meet an old friend or telling a pleasant story.

“Tell me your first name, doctor,” I said.

“Bernard. But my friends call me Bernie,” he replied nonchalantly. “That’s a really nice belt buckle you’re wearing, by the way.” He was fixated on my belt buckle again. I was delighted. The fixation didn’t need to be reinforced. It was automatic now. Whenever I hypnotized him, my belt buckle is what he would look for, and once he saw it, his mind would be completely open to my suggestions. I developed a most wonderful erection as those thoughts rolled around in my head for a minute or so.

I smiled at him, and he smiled back. “I’m glad you like it. The longer you look at it, the deeper into hypnosis you go, Bernie.” I told him. “And the deeper into hypnosis you go the more you want to look at my belt buckle.”

“Yes.....yes, of course,” he replied dreamily.

“But if I’m not wearing my belt buckle,” I cautioned him. “You can look at my face and go even deeper because it is almost as pleasing to look at.” (Okay, so maybe this wasn’t exactly the truth, but at least my face was something that I was sure to have with me, at all times.)

The doctor nodded his head happily, and slowly forced his eyes to move and gaze upon my face. It took a minute or two, but the doctor smiled at me, and nodded his head again. Like iron filings being pulled towards a magnet, the doctor’s eyes slowly moved back towards my belt buckle. A shudder ran through the doctor’s body as his eyes locked upon the object of his desires, my belt buckle, once again. He slowly started to sway back and forth as he stood there locked a trance, gazing at my belt buckle, almost as if he were listening to music that only he could hear.

“Going down even deeper, doctor,” I instructed him. “It’s so nice to be able to let go, and not have any more worries or cares or concerns, isn’t it?” I prompted him.

“Oh, yes, so very nice,” he agreed immediately. “I’ve never felt so good. So free. So at peace.”

“So very deep, so very wonderful, all that you can do is to continue to go even deeper,” I prompted him. “It feels so good when you obey me. It is all that you can think about right now. And as you go down even deeper, you slowly start to realize that the mere thought of surrender, of surrender to me, is getting you excited, and turned on. You start to feel more and more sexy, with each moment that passes as you think about this more and more. You’ve never been in a situation where you haven’t been in control, where you have not been the ‘one in charge’. The idea is new and exciting to you. The idea of being told what to do and knowing that you can do nothing but to obey. The unknown, the wonder, the possibilities are so exciting to you.”

I watched the doctor’s face closely as these new thoughts, ideas and commands entered into his mind and took root. It was a satisfying sensation. He stopped smiling and his face became blank for a few moments as meaning of my words to him started to penetrate his mind. His mouth slowly dropped open in a silent ‘oh’ of astonishment as he came to realized exactly what I had said and what I was implying. He swallowed a few times and his breathing started to change. It became a bit more labored, as he started to rock back and forth slowly.

“Oh.....oh......oh” he started to moan softly, as he continued to rock back and forth. I looked down at the front of his navy blue pants and was delighted observe that he was developing a significant tent in his trousers, as it were. I let him continue to moan for a minute or so before I spoke to him again.

“What are you going to do now, doctor?” I asked him.

“Oh....oh....oh” he continued to moan, seeming unable to form an answer.

“Drop down to your knees and tell me what you are going to do, doctor,” I said in a firm and commanding tone of voice.

“Oh...oh....oh” He continued to moan as he dropped to his knees, all the while keeping his eyes glued to my belt buckle. “Obey. Obey. Obey.” He muttered in a voice barely above a whisper.

“What was that, doctor?” I asked him, although I had heard what he said.

“Obey. I.....I have to obey you,” the doctor replied, in a shaky voice. He was shaking with excitement though, not fear. He lifted his eyes up, looked at my face and swallowed a couple of times. He smiled weakly at me, and nodded his head. “Command me, and I obey,” he said his voice still trembling with excitement. His eyes slowly closed and then he shuddered with delight, moaning wordlessly again. With eyes still closed, the doctor slipped off his white lab coat and let it drop to the floor. He raised both arms straight up in the air and held them there stiff and erect. I waited wondering what might happen next. Slowly the doctor bent forward at the waist and lowered his torso and arms until he was completely bent over and his forehead was touching the carpeted floor. In a much stronger voice, to compensate for him talking into the carpet I’m sure, the doctor spoke. “Command me, and I obey.”

A wave of pleasure surged through me as I looked at the doctor bent over in front of me. This final moment of surrender was the sweet reward that I had been working towards for the past half hour. I stood up and walked over to the doctor and then knelt down beside him on his left side. His butt was sticking up in the air and he was slowly waving it back and forth, silently inviting me to touch it. It was round and smooth in those snug navy blue pants. The front pockets were angled and so were bent open slightly, almost inviting me to insert my hands and do some exploring. The back left side of the pants were smooth and did not have a pocket at all, whereas the back right side of the pants had a button flap pocket that was buttoned closed. It wasn’t necessary to do so, but I ran my right hand all over that pocket to confirm that the bulge I saw there was in fact the doctor’s wallet.

“That feels so nice, doesn’t it Bernie?” I asked him as I moved my hand around the right side of his butt.

“Ohhhhh....yes.....ohhhhh yes,” Bernie replied in a gasping voice.

“Your cock is rock hard now, and as I take my left hand and move it circles on your left buttock, the pleasure builds and you start to feel yourself building towards an orgasm,” I told him as I started to caress his buttock.

“So hard, yes. Oh....more, please more....” Bernie whined at me. He was responding very quickly to my suggestions which was just as well, since we didn’t have a lot of time left.

“When my hand makes ten more circles on your left buttock, Bernie, you will cum like you’ve never come before. You will NOT shout out loud though. When you cum you will have an orgasm unlike anything you have ever had before. It will be more intense and real to you than anything you have ever known.” I waited a few seconds to let him absorb that information before I started the circles on his butt. All Bernie did was to nod his head in silent agreement. “You will cum inside your pants. Inside the pants that you are wearing right now. You will wear these pants for the rest of today, and you will NOT attempt to clean yourself up in any way.” He nodded his head, again, but with much less enthusiasm than before, which was understandable.

“Here we go, Bernie,” I said as I started making circles with my left hand on his left buttock. At the same time I placed my right hand in between his legs, right on his crotch and slowly moved my right hand back and forth. Bernie howled with joy, but only loud enough for me to hear him. “With each stroke of my right hand, you get closer Bernie, and the feelings become more and more intense,” I said to him.

More animal howls of pleasure were all that Bernie could respond with. He was beyond talking. My left hand completed it’s tenth and final circle. Bernie bucked forward. He hurled himself forward on to the rug and pumped his hips vigorously as he shot his massive load into his pants. Everything else was lost to him, including me as the volcano inside his pants finally erupted. I leaned forward and pressed down on his ass as I said to him, “Shoot, Bernie! Shoot!” He pumped his hips even more vigorously. Each time he started to slack off, I would say “Shoot, Bernie! Shoot!” He would respond with renewed pumping of his hips. Finally after about five minutes, he must have come up dry, since he couldn’t be coaxed into any more pumping. He lay there face down on the carpet, and his breathing slowly returned to normal. I rolled him over onto his back, and looked him over.

The smile on his face was of self satisfaction and delight. I had never seen anyone more pleased with himself. The front of his pants, though were another story. From his waist down to the base of his fly, and spreading to most of the front, they were wet. Not soaking wet, but wet. Only by running my hands over the front of his pants could I be sure, though, since there wasn’t much of a color change between the dry and the wet navy blue wool. I stood up and looked down at Bernie, as I thought about what I would say to him before I woke him up. He had just had a wonderful time. He was going to pay for it though, in ways that he would not enjoy, but I would.

“Bernie, that was good wasn’t it?” I asked him.

“Yes. It was fantastic. Thank you,” he replied and then continued to smile. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“Bernie, that is just a sample of what I can do with you,” I said to him, speaking clearly. It was time to establish a few facts. “There is NOTHING that I cannot make you do, while you are hypnotized like this,” I continued. “I can take you back into this state any time that I want to, and you cannot prevent it. In hypnosis, Bernie, your mind and body are mine to do with as I wish. Outside of hypnosis you are normal in every way, except that you are completely aware that I can put you back in here any time that I wish. You know that I can and will do so. You do not fear or hate me, you merely accept that this is how it is, even if you do not like the situation. You can never tell anyone about these hypnosis sessions with me. No other hypnotist, no matter how good or experienced will ever be able to reach this part of your mind. Only I can access this part of you.”

I let that sink in for a second or two before continuing. “Bernie, when I ask you a question, you will tell me the truth. You cannot lie to me. When I wake you up you will remember all of this, and know and accept that you can never harm me in any way or allow me to come to any harm. This one time only, Bernie, when I snap my fingers after you wake up, you will pee your pants. Your bladder will empty completely and you will be unable to stop yourself.”

Bernie shook his head side to side as he heard my words. A part of me did not want to do this, but I realized that proof was going to be necessary to convince Bernie that he was really under my control now. Bernie was going to suffer some humiliation as the result of my actions, but it seems justified to me, after what he had just tired to pull. Protecting Steven, Jack and myself from this man’s attempt at blackmail was necessary, and if he suffered a little public humiliation, it just might do him some good. Doctors are not GOD, and doctors like Bernie need to be reminded of that, sometimes. I took a deep breath and walked a few steps away from Bernie. I counted him out.

His eyes opened and he sat up. “What the hell?” He exclaimed. He looked over at me angry, upset and pissed off to say the least. In the back of his eyes, though, I could see a touch of fear and then he blushed bright red. His hands went do the front of his pants and his face became a mask of astonishment as he confirmed the sticky truth for himself. He had ejaculated inside his pants, at my command. His thoughts were in turmoil and he was confused, so I kept my mouth shut and let him work things out for himself. He swallowed several times as he became aware of the events of the last forty-five minutes.

“I’ll erase the tape, if that is what you want,” he said quietly as he sat there on the floor. There was no arrogance in his voice, no smugness. He had accepted the facts, and had decided not to resist any longer.

“Yes, you do that, doctor,” I said to him. He looked up at me in surprise. He had not expected me to address him with any degree of respect. “Did you enjoy your orgasm?”

“Yes, but I don’t understand how you accomplished it,” he replied hesitantly. Clearly he was afraid of annoying me. “If I might ask, that wasn’t ordinary hypnosis you used on me was it?”

“No, it wasn’t,” I agreed. “You will never know what it was, exactly. I will tell you, though, that this is exactly what I used on Officer Stokes earlier. Now you understand why it was so effective.”

“Yes, I see that now,” the doctor replied quietly. He looked at his watch. “Excuse me, Mr. Walton, but I do have to go and make rounds in about ten minutes.”

“Go ahead, I’m not stopping you,” I told him coldly. I knew what he was hinting at, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for him.

He swallowed nervously, and started to tremble. He bit his bottom lip, and looked at me. I could see the fear growing in his eyes. The anger and dislike he had felt for me earlier had long since been replaced by the growing sense of helplessness and fear. I held my two fingers together as though I was about to snap them. Bernie scrambled to his knees in front of me and held his hands in a pray position in front of his chest. “Please, Mr. Walton, sir. Please don’t make me pee my pants!” He begged. “Everyone would see, and know and I would never be able to regain any respect from the people I work with. And don’t forget the patients. They would lose confidence and trust in me.” His eyes were filled with tears and he was on the verge of sobbing as he knelt there shaking like a leaf in storm. “I know you can make me pee my pants, and I know I cannot stop you,” he continued, now that he had my attention. “All I can do is to beg you not to do this, and to beg your forgiveness.”

“Nothing else?” I asked him. “You not going to say something like you’ll do whatever I say, if I don’t make you pee your pants?”

“You already know that, sir,” he said in a trembling voice. “I know that whenever you like you can hypnotize me and make me do what you want. It is easier to agree with what you say now, rather than try to resist. I can’t win anyway, so it’s better, and much easier, that I do as you say.” Bernie dropped his head and sniffed back a few tears as he tried not to cry. He was a beaten man. At least that is how he appeared. I walked over in front of him and placed my hand on the top of his head. My mental probe encountered no resistance, and it took me only a heartbeat to confirm that Bernie was telling the truth. He was a beaten man, as far as I was concerned. He would never resist a waking suggestion from me. I sighed quietly. I had what I wanted, and it was enough.

“A pickle in my cowboy boots,” I said out loud. Bernie let out a soft sigh, and his sniffles stopped as he returned to his hypnotic trance. His eyes closed easily and his head slumped down quickly. He swayed slightly as he knelt there in front of me. “The previous suggestion about peeing your pants is now removed from your mind Bernie,” I said to him.

Bernie raised his head, opened his eyes and looked up at me. He reached out and grabbed my legs and hugged them for all he was worth. “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, sir!” He called out to me.

“O...1....2...3....4...5 WIDE AWAKE!” I said to him, while he was still thanking me profusely.

Bernie let go of my legs, and slowly stood up in front of me. It took him a minute or so, but he finally looked me in the eye and said, “Thank you for that act of compassion and kindness, Mr. Walton. I know I did not deserve it. What happens now?”

I snapped my fingers and Bernie jumped. He didn’t pee his pants, but he was very startled. “Just proving to you that I did what I said I did,” I said to him. “As for the future, well, I may need your services some weekend as a chauffeur, but I will give you plenty of advanced warning,” I continued. “Or I may want you to spend some money on me, in return which I will arrange for another orgasm like the one you just had.”

“I see,” he said quietly, as he mulled the ideas over in his mind. “That seems fair. I’m surprised that you are being so reasonable and considerate about this. You know that I wouldn’t be, not if our situations were reversed.” It wasn’t a threat, merely a statement of fact, and I accepted it as such.

“That’s one of the big differences between us, Doctor,” I said. “A long time ago I learned that with great power there must also come great responsibility.”

“I see,” he said humbled by my words. Then his expression perked up for a moment. “Speaking of fair I believe I owe you this.” He reached back, took out his wallet and opened it. He counted through the bills and then pulled out several of them. He replaced his wallet. He looked at me, and paused for a moment, concerned that I might misunderstand his gesture. “You provided me with a most incredible experience, and I would like to offer you something in return. However, I have no idea as to what you might enjoy so all I can offer you is a monetary consideration. I am not trying to bribe you or pay you off. I want to thank you for that mind boggling orgasm that you gave me, and this seems the simplest way.” He held the bills out to me.

I looked down at the money he offered me, and thought about what he had just said, but I did not make any effort to take what he offered. He carefully reached out and grabbed my right hand with his left hand, turned my right hand palm up and pressed the money into my open palm. “Take it please, Mr. Walton,” he implored me. “I owe you this for the pleasure and joy that you have given me.”

“First tell me what you think of me now, Bernie,” I said to him. “Tell me how you feel about me.”

“I like what you did for me, and I enjoyed it tremendously,” he replied, and then paused to think for a moment or two. “I do not know if I like you as a person, but I don’t dislike you any longer. You had the opportunity to humiliate me, and you chose not to. I’ll have to think about that for a while.”

“Fine, you do that,” I said to him. “Right now, I think there is something else you need to do.”

“Oh yes, the tape,” Bernie replied quickly. “I nearly forgot.” He stood up, walked over to the VCR and inserted the tape. He rewound it for a few moments and then press the PLAY button, to find where the tape was positioned. It took Bernie only a couple of minutes to locate the start of the scene in Steven’s hospital room. With the tape correctly positioned, he pressed the RECORD button, which started erasing that section of the tape. While he did that, I took the money in my palm and counted it. The total was seventy dollars. Not a lot true, but it was the thought that counts, and since this was a gesture made totally without my suggestion, I was in fact touched by it.

“This will take about thirty minutes, Mr. Walton, and I have to be going now,” Bernie said to me as I watched the VCR as it erased the tape. “There is another tape in the security section of this wing of the hospital, which still contains a copy of the events that are being erased on this tape.” Bernie looked a bit nervous as he told me this. I was pleased that he had volunteered this information, as it confirmed that he was openly accepting his subservient role to me. I already knew this, though, since I’d seen that fact clearly in his mind when I’d scanned him. It was the other reason why I’d scanned him in the first place. I needed to know if there were any other copies of the tape.

“Well, then, you and I will have to visit the security wing and get that tape,” I said to him.

“But, my rounds?” he inquired.

“Will have to wait, Bernie,” I said to him in a firm tone. “You will have to come up with some story to explain why you are late. I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“Yes, Mr. Walton,” Bernie said somewhat uneasily. “I’m so stupid!” He exclaimed suddenly, as his face lit up with an idea. “Let me make a quick phone call and we can be on our way.” Bernie pounced on the phone and was punching numbers frantically, in his haste to make his call. I listened carefully, curious as to the solution that he had come up with.

“Hello, Harry? It’s Bernie. Fine. How about you? That’s great. Listen, I just came up with an idea for the intern rounds this afternoon. Yes, I know that they start in about five minutes. Just listen a second okay? How about we have the interns interview my patients without me being there? Afterwards we can have them compare notes with the patient history that I’ve already obtained from the patients, and see how well they did. Those want-to-be doctors have got to learn how to do this sooner or later. If I’m not there then I can’t inadvertently give away any clues. What do you think? Well, yes, I know it is short notice, but it adds some reality to the situation don’t you think? They are going to have to deal with all sorts of surprises, and I think this would be good practice for them. Yes, I’ve kept all the charts up to date. So you’ll do it then? Great! I’ll meet you and the interns in the staff lounge in about an hour, say. Fine see you then. Bye.”

Bernie hung up the phone and looked at me. “I’m free to go now,” he said.

I had to admit, it was a clever solution. I smiled at Bernie to show my approval. “A pickle in my cowboy boots,” I said to him, with a smile on my face. Bernie’s eyes snapped shut almost instantly, and his head sagged forward as he slipped back into his hypnotic trance. I walked over to stand next to him and waited a few moments.

Slowly a smile came to his lips and I heard him mutter, “Ready, sir.”

“Going down even deeper, Bernie,” I said to him as I pressed down on the top of his head. “You handled that problem very well, and as a reward, your cock is becoming rock hard right now, and a wonderful intense feeling of sexual pleasure and simulation is coursing through your body as I speak to you. You do not want or need to ejaculate. It is enough to be fully erect and to enjoy the sensation.”

Even before I’d finished speaking Bernie had started to moan softly. I looked down and could see a distinct bulge in his pants, again. Slowly he lifted his head and opened his eyes. Like a man asleep he slowly turned his head to look for me, moaning all the while. Upon finding me, he moaned a few more time and then slowly spoke.

“Thank you, sir,” he said thickly. “I feel so good. Oh it is so nice. I’m so hard. Oh...”

He had the vacant blissful look of someone who is thoroughly enjoying himself, but I could not let him stay like that for more than a few minutes. There was work to do.

“As I speak to you now,” I said to him. “Your cock returns to normal, and the wonderful sensations fade way slowly. I know that you do not want them to go away, but they must, at least for now. " The blissful expression on Bernie’s face faded slowly to be replaced by a small expression of sadness and disappointment. “Don’t worry,” I continued, trying to reassure him. “You’ll feel this again sometime soon.” With that he nodded his head and muttered a soft ‘thank you’ at me, then waited patiently (no pun intended) for my next instruction. “When I wake you up, Bernie, you will pay me what you think this session and all the others were worth.” He blinked his eyes a few times, and then nodded his head. I counted him out.

“I guess we’d better head off to the security wing,” Bernie said to me as he slowly came to full awareness. “First, though, I’d like to give you something.” He slipped off his hospital coat, letting it fall to the floor. He turned so that his right side was facing me. His right hand came around and unbuttoned his back pocket, then slowly he pulled his wallet out, and to my surprise, he moaned out loud with delight. He turned back to face me while at the same time bringing his wallet to the front. He moaned out loud again, and his face broke into a huge grin as he looked at me and nodded his head a few more times. Before I realized what had happened, his hand darted into the now open wallet, snatched a bill from it and tucked it into the front of my jeans, right behind my belt buckle. Before I could do more than blink a few times, the action was repeated two more times, and with each repetition Bernie grinned at me and moaned out loud again.

“That’s all I can afford right now, Mr. Walton,” he said with just a light touch of disappointment in his voice. “I hope you have fun with it. Now I guess we’d better see to that tape, now.” With that Bernie returned his wallet to the right hip pocket of his pants, and buttoned the flap closed. He turned around and bent over to pick up his discarded hospital coat, presenting me with a nice view of his butt in the process. I knew it was intentional, and silently thanked him for it. As he put on his coat I reached down and retrieved the three bills from my jeans. They were all fifty dollar bills. Not bad for only a few moments work on my part, and there wasn’t even any sex this time. I wanted to dwell on this a bit more but Bernie was waiting at the door. He was right. We needed to get going. Pocketing the money for now, I quickly followed him out the door.

It took only about ten minutes to reach the security wing. Bernie was calm enough to all outward appearances, but I could see a hint of worry in the back of his eyes. On the way over he’d mentioned that although he might have access, there was no way he could sign me in, since guests were not allowed. Furthermore the guard would not allow the only other copy of that tape to be out of his sight, unless the tape borrowed by the doctor was returned first. I wasn’t at all worried. There was only one guard on duty this time of the day, according to Bernie, which would make things easier.

The security area was unremarkable. There was a sturdy looking door, locked of course, with an ‘authorized personnel’ only sign on it. A few feet from the door, and half way up the wall, was a window approximately one meter (okay just over 3 feet) wide and tall. The glass looked thick and was probably bullet proof. I’m no expert though, so don’t take my word on it. There was a small half moon hole at the bottom of the window to allow for small items to be slipped in and out. Seated at the counter behind this window was the security guard. He looked up and took notice of Bernie and me as we stood across the hall from the door. The guard went back to work, but continued to glance up and note our presence every minute or so. The sign of an alert guard. I looked around quickly and noticed a few people walking by, one of whom appeared to be a janitor of some type. They took notice of Bernie and me, which was not good. I had enough loose ends to tidy up. I didn’t need more. I closed my eyes and set up a zone of compulsion to encompass the entire area. I filled the zone with a few simple commands. “Nothing out of the ordinary is happening here. There is nothing special going on. All is as it should be,” I thought intensely. It took a couple of minutes for me to create the zone. These things are always a bit tricky. I waited for a good five minutes, silently reinforcing the zone, and building up its strength slowly, as I waited for it to take effect. I smiled with delight as I noticed the janitor continued on with his work, and no longer paid me or Bernie, any mind.

“What are you going to do about the guard?” Bernie asked me nervously. He was totally unaware of what was going on. “He’s not going to let you inside, not even if I tell him to. I don’t have that kind of authority.”

“Nothing to worry about, Bernie,” I said. “Watch and see what happens.”

I turned my full attention back to the guard. Quickly I sent out a full force mental probe and was satisfied to feel it make contact with the guard’s mind. There was no resistance at all. In fact, as I thought about it for a moment, I realized that making contact had never been this easy before. I had not imagined it. My powers were stronger, much stronger than they had ever been before. Contact was smooth and quick. “Look at the cowboy across the hall,” I mentally commanded him. “Your eyes are being drawn to his eyes. The moment you make eye contact with the cowboy, nothing else will matter to you. Your mind will become blank and you will stand up.” As I waited for the commands to take effect, I thought carefully about what the next sequence of commands should be. The guard raised his head and looked around searching. He noticed me, (I was the cowboy), and his eyes began searching for mine. I stared directly into his eyes and had the satisfaction of seeing his face go blank. Slowly he stood up, with his arms dangling by his sides.

“Come on,” I said to Bernie, and walked over to stand next to the window by the security office, not taking my eyes off of the guard’s the entire time. Bernie followed with great trepidation, but he followed.

I looked at the guard and thought quickly. “Come out here and stand beside me so we can talk.” The guard’s face remained blank, as he slowly turned towards the door and walked over to it. He moved like a sleepwalker, sluggishly and slowly, which was to be expected. Bernie’s jaw dropped open as he watched the guard slowly open the door. The guard carefully closed the door and walked over to stand beside me, still gazing into my eyes and behaving more and more like a mindless zombie than a security guard. Bernie remained speechless, but he was watching very closely everything that happened.

“You feel good as you look into my eyes, and when you do you nod your head,” I said to the guard. I would have preferred to have him repeat out loud everything I said to him, but time was of the essence. The zone of compulsion would not last forever. The guard nodded his head. “Everything I say is the truth, and you know it,” I continued. “You can feel yourself slipping down into a wonderful secure state where there are no problems or worries or cares. A place where I will take care of everything and of you. All that you have to do, or want to do is to obey me. Each and every time that you do, you feel even better. The only thoughts that you have are to hear and obey me. So you repeat that phrase, ‘hear and obey’ fifteen times now, slowly and out loud. Each and every repetition making you feel even better, and causing you to look forward to doing whatever I tell you to do.” (Okay, so I was indulging myself a bit by having the guard repeat the ‘hear and obey’ phrase. I wanted to experience the thrill of hearing him say it, and to feel the confirmation of my control over him. I figured I deserved a little treat for all the good work I had done today, what with helping out Steven, and dealing with Bernie. Besides, I knew that as long as I kept an eye on the compulsion field, and did not let it weaken too much it would last long enough.) I waited for the commands to take effect and for the guard to start speaking. In the meantime I took a good long look at him.

He wasn’t wearing a uniform, surprisingly. He was dressed in a black single breasted jacket, unbuttoned, with a badge on the chest pocket. The badge was a simple black rectangle with the word ‘security’ on it and the name J. Turner below that. The rest of the outfit consisted of a white shirt and black tie, accompanied by medium gray pants with a plain black leather belt. I glanced down to see a pair of nondescript plain black shoes on his feet. A simple outfit. Unremarkable.

This Mr. Turner was about five feet ten inches in height, with a slim build from what I could see, and young. Much younger than I had expected. I would have put his age at somewhere in his mid twenties, or maybe it was his boyish good looks that gave the impression of youth. He had medium length sandy blond hair that was neatly combed, with a part on the right side of his head. His eyes were blue, but not the light sky blue that I would have expected to find. His were a deep and dark cobalt blue. A battleship steel blue, that under normal circumstances would have been, well, if not unfriendly then cautiously neutral. These were hardly normal circumstances, though. (Duh!) His cobalt blue eyes seemed soft and inviting, almost glowing. They certainly matched the inviting smile that was making itself abundantly plain on his face. Even ivory white teeth framed in a warm and cheerful almost sexy smile, that is what I saw when I looked at his face. His mustache was a few shades darker than his blond hair, but it was full and neatly trimmed. The rest of his face was clean shaven. No sideburns. It was hard to describe what the rest of his face looked like. His face was well balanced, and none of his features were out of proportion to the rest. He was good looking, maybe even a bit on the sexy side, but when you’ve seen one good looking guy, you’ve seen them all. That is what he was basically. Just another good looking guy. Of course there was one minor difference, he was now in that delightful state of mind where he was ready to do whatever I told him to. (Super hypnosis powers: Ya gotta love’m!)

“...and.....obey,” the guard said, slowly. “Hear.....and......obey.” His face was now totally blank, except for the smile that seemed frozen on his lips. He seemed peaceful and at ease, and he was no longer looking at me or anything else. He was staring off in the distance, swaying slightly as he stood there in front of me. What a delicious sight it was. I sighed softly to myself, as I enjoyed the moment. I savored the sweetness, for a minute or so as I waited to see if he was going to say anything else. I’d lost count of the number of times that he’d said ‘hear and obey’, because I had been busy checking out his attire.

I had to fight down the urge to reach over and explore the front of Mr. Turner’s pants, and find out if his equipment matched the rest of him. It was such a wonderful opportunity, though, that it was very hard to resist. (I get hard right now, thinking back to that situation. Sigh) I mean, you really had to consider all the pertinent facts. The man was standing there, oblivious to everything, and the only thought in his mind right then was to ‘hear and obey.’ He was young, good looking and willing, and frankly did not really care what was going to happen to him. Tempting was a tame word for the situation. Irresistible would probably be closer to the truth. Unfortunately, I have a moral and ethical streak running through me, that prevented me from going off the beam. It was not the time or the place for something like that, but it did not mean I could not think about it. (sigh)

“Bernie,” I said as I turned an addressed him. “Is this the guard you got the tape from?”

“Yes,” Bernie replied immediately. He looked around nervously, like some small kid expecting to be caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Fine.” I said to him and turned my attention back to the guard. “I need you to do me a little favor, Mr. Turner. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes, sir,” the guard replied immediately and turned his attention to look directly at me. He smiled at me and blushed as his continued. “I will do anything you want, sir.”

“I need you to get the second copy of the tape that you gave the doctor, here,” I said to him. “The doctor needs to erase a portion of that tape.”

“Yes, sir,” the guard replied. “I can erase part of the tape for you if you would like. The doctor does not need to do that.”

“Bernie,” I said as I turned to address him. “You head back to your office and when that tape is done you return it to the guard. I don’ think I’ll be needing you any more today.”

“Yes, Mr.....uh sir,” he replied. He was a smart man and changed his response in mid sentence when I raised an eyebrow in caution as he started to speak my name. He quickly hurried off, headed back to his office. I am sure he was happy to leave.

“Now, show me where that tape is,” I instructed the guard.

“Please, sir, follow me,” the guard said as he happily walked over to the security door and unlocked it. He gallantly held the door open as he said, “Please, you first, sir.”

“Thank you, Mr. Turner,” I said to him. His face lit with pleasure. He reminded me of a dog that’s just been praised for having performed a trick for its master. I suppose it was not too far from the truth. I walked into the security office.

The security room was not very large, but it was well lit. I was surprised to discover that the far wall was covered with row upon row of VCR machines, all of which appeared to be in use. A few simple tables next to the racks of VCRs had piles of VCR cassettes neatly stacked on them. Most of these tapes appears to be unopened, so it was a safe assumption that they were probably blank tapes. Further along this wall were several large closed storage cabinets, which I guess contained full VCR cassettes. I stood there mired in confusion as I realized I had no idea which machine contained the tape I needed. Fortunately, that was one problem that soon solved itself. Quickly and efficiently, the guard walked over to one of the tables and snatched up an unopened cassette. After tearing off the plastic cover and putting it into the garbage, the security guard removed the cassette and then pulled out the thin sheet that contained the blank adhesive label that was shipped with the VCR cassette. The guard then patted his jacket pockets as he searched for something. He looked around the room as he continued to pat his chest and a slight frown crept onto his face.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a pen on you, would you, sir?” He asked me.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I do,” I said to him and dug out my pen from the right front pocket of my jeans. I held it out it him and he smiled as he reached out to take it from me. Silently he took note of the time, and scribbled something on the label, which he then pealed off and stuck onto the empty cassette. Confidently Mr. Turner walked over to the seemingly endless racks of VCR machines and located the machine he was interested in. He pressed a few buttons and the tape in that specific machine popped out. He read the label on the tape and after adding a few more lines to the label of the new tape, he then inserted the new tape into the VCR and pressed a few more buttons. He turned back to face me, with a grin so big I was sure it went from ear to ear.

“All done, sir,” he declared happily. “The new tape is in the machine, and this tape is now available for your use.” He held up the tape like a trophy in his right hand. You would think that he was the only person in the world who could have accomplished this task. He held out my pen in his left hand.

“Good,” I said to him, as I took my pen from his left hand and returned the pen to the right front pocket of my jeans. “There is a certain section that needs to be erased on that tape. This won’t get you into trouble, switching tapes like this, will it?” I asked him. I did not want to get him fired or anything like that.

“No sir, not at all,” he said cheerfully. “It is not unusual to have someone borrow a tape or need a tape before it is full. It is a bit of an annoyance having to track the extra tapes, though.” I raised one eyebrow in a silent question. Seeing that he quickly added, “Not when it comes to you though, sir. I enjoy helping you in any way that I can.”

The guard turned and walked over to the end of the row of VCRs where I noticed that a couple of VCRs were a bit separated from the rest, and there were a couple of small fourteen inch television sets. He turned on one of the televisions and inserted the tape into the VCR that was directly below it.

“We can view the tape here, sir,” the guard said.

“Very good,” I replied. “Now go and return to your desk. I’ll call you when I need you.”

“Yes, sir,” he replied, crestfallen. Clearly, he wanted to spend more time with me.

“It’s nothing personal, Mr. Turner,” I said to him. “It is only that I do not want you to see what is on this tape either. By the way, what is your first name anyway?”

“Jay, sir,” he said as he headed back to his desk. He was no longer sad about me sending him away like that, but he still didn’t enjoy it. I watched him as he walked over to the security desk. I had to admit that he moved well, and it was pleasing to gaze upon him. But I had work to finish. I glanced down at my watch and realized I just MIGHT have enough time for a bit of fun.

It did not take long to locate the section of tape that I was interested in. Fortunately the tape was date and time stamped while it was recorded. I made note of the time as to when I entered Steven’s room, and then scanned the tape forward to locate the end of the incriminating section. Incriminating was the wrong word. We hadn’t done anything wrong, legally. Well, whatever word you want to use, I determined the length of time that the tape would need to be erased and then rewound the tape. “Jay, come here please,” I called out to him.

“Yes, sir!” He exclaimed as he jumped up from his desk and bounded over to stand next to me. “What can I do for you, sir?”

“Start recording on that tape, I said to him.

He looked at me blankly for a second as if he could not understand why I had not done that myself, but then he shrugged his shoulders and pressed the necessary buttons. “All done, sir,” he said and looked at me expectedly.

“You’ve done a fine job so far, Jay,” I said to him. “But you will have to monitor this tape until the entire section of tape is erased. That will take an hour. Please note the current time.”

“Yes, sir,” he replied and sighed quietly after looking at his watch to check the time. It sounded boring, and he was right. It was a boring task, which is why he was going to do it for me.

“Listen carefully to my instructions and obey them, Jay,” I said firmly.

“Hear...and...obey,” Jay replied and a smile grew on his face.

“When the hour is up you will put the tape away just as you would normally,” I said to Jay in a clear and commanding tone of voice. “When the tape has been put away you will awaken from your trance and recall NOTHING of what has happened since you first looked into my eyes. However, your subconscious will remember that any time you hear me say the phrase ‘gowned and bagged’ you will return to this state again, going down twice as fast and twice as deep as before. And when you return to this state you will think of nothing but how good it feels when you obey me. Kiss the toes of my boots when you understand and accept these instructions. Remain that way until I tell you to stand up.”

Jays eyes blinked maybe twice before he dropped down to all fours and planted a loud wet kiss on the toe of each of my cowboy boots. I looked down at Jay as he knelt there in front of me, with his head still bent over my right cowboy boot. The sight of this slender good looking man kneeling before me with his face on my boots was a most welcome and satisfying sight. It was also very stimulating, but I think you probably already deduced that for yourself. I was hard and turned on somewhat. I really wanted to walk around and start playing with Jay’s butt. I wanted to gaze upon the sight of his pants stretched tight across his buttocks, and reach down and run my hands over those beautiful cheeks. Time enough for that though. It would be so much more satisfying to work towards that, instead of rushing into it straight off.

“Stand up,” I said to him.

As Jay climbed back up to stand in front of me, I suddenly realized that I’d made a spoonerism when I’d given Jay his trigger phrase. Instead of ‘bound and gagged’, I’d said ‘gowned and bagged’. I smiled to myself and chuckled softly. At least the trigger phrase was unique, and not one I was likely to forget. I have no interest in S&M, or bondage. It just so happened that ‘bound and gagged’ was the first phrase that popped into my mind when I tried to think of a good trigger phrase for Jay. As Jay stood there, looking at me patiently, I wrenched my thoughts back to the task at hand.

“Now in the meantime, Jay, I have a reward for you,” I said to him. (Okay, so the reward was more mine than his, but he was going to enjoy himself. I would make sure of that.)

“Really, sir?” He asked as his eyes lit up.

“Just stand there looking at the blank television screen,” I told him, after I reached over and turned it off. I positioned myself in front of him, being careful not to block his view of the television. Slowly I drew my finger across the front of his chest from his left shoulder over to his right shoulder. “You like that don’t you, Jay?” I asked him.

“It’s okay, sir,” he replied blandly. It didn’t interest him at all. At least he was being honest about it.

“My touch is magic, Jay,” I said to him. “Each time that I touch you or even press down on your clothes you can feel a sense of pleasure and joy that seems to flow from my fingers and into your body.” I waited a few seconds to let that sink in. “You will feel this way, because you have to feel this way. Remember that you hear and obey, Jay.”

“Hear...and...obey...yes, sir,” Jay replied automatically. He swallowed a few times and softly asked me. “Please, sir, would you touch me like that again?”

In answer I drew my finger across his chest again from his left shoulder to his right.

“Ohhhh, yessssss” he hissed at me, softly. “I like that. Yes. Please do it again, sir.”

I smiled at him, and traced my finger across his chest a second time.

“So..... nice....", he said and then softly moaned with pleasure.

He was responding well, as expected. I traced my finger across his chest a third time. I was starting to enjoy this as well. He moaned with delight, but said nothing, keeping his eyes fixed on the television set. I checked on the compulsion field outside the security office and reinforced it, while I wait for Jay to respond.

“Please, sir. More, please? Please touch me again?” Jay said softly. It was not a whimper, just a polite, calm request. He was begging me with his eyes, though, as he stood there waiting for me to do something.

“I will do much more than that, Jay,” I said to him. He continued to stare at the blank television, and nodded his head in silent agreement. “I am going to run my hands all over your body, and search every pocket of your clothing. Whatever I find I will remove and drop on the floor. Each time either of my hands is inside any of pockets of your clothes, you will feel yourself becoming more and more aroused. You will feel so sexy and so turned on that your cock will be harder than ever before. You will continue to get harder and harder, and feel yourself slowly building to an orgasm unlike anything you have ever felt before. You will cum when and ONLY when I let you. No matter how close you feel, you will not be able to cum until I let you. Waiting to cum on command will increase your pleasure even more.”

Jay gulped a few times and slowly nodded his head. “But I’m not gay, sir,” he said with a look of confusion on his face. “I don’t think I’ll react as you said I would.” Jay actually looked doubtful and seemed a bit concerned that his lack of reaction would disappoint me.

“It does not matter if you are gay or straight, Jay,” I told him firmly. “My touch is magic, and your body and mind will react just as I have described. In fact, right now I am going to insert one of my hands into the upper welt pocket of your jacket. When you feel my hand in that pocket your cock will instantly become rock hard as you feel a very intense wave of sexual pleasure and joy pass through you. After a few seconds, when the wave has passed, you will tell me how you feel, and what you want to do.” I was going to enjoy proving Jay wrong almost as much as I was going to enjoy playing with him.

“If you say so, sir,” Jay replied still unconvinced.

I waited for a few seconds and then reached over and inserted my right hand into the upper welt pocket of his jacket, firmly and wiggled my fingers around a bit.

Jay’s mouth dropped open, and his eyes grew wide with surprise and shock. “Oh God!” He called out as the intense feelings of pleasure and joy overtook him. “My cock!” He screamed out. His eyes remained fixed on the television set, but he wasn’t paying it any mind. My eyes darted downward to look at the front of his pants, which I noted appeared to be a snug fit around his crotch and fly. In only a few seconds I was treated to the delightful sight of a bulge growing near the bottom of the fly of his pants. In less than a minute his cock was clearly outlined against the front of his pants. His rock hard and fully erect cock was pushing, straining against the fabric of his pants. What a wonderful site it was to behold and from the way Jay kept moaning, he was enjoying the sensation immensely. (Boy is THAT an understatement! He was rocking back and forth gently as he moaned in rapture. I was surprised that he didn’t cum then and there. I slowly withdrew my hand from the upper welt pocket of his jacket, and his rocking gradually diminished. I reached down and ran my fingers lightly over the bulge that was his rock hard cock as it strained against his pants.

“Oh my! Your....your fingers stroking my cock!” Jay cried out but softly. “I never thought...I never imagined anything could feel so good. Your hand in my jacket pocket. It was like a all the best orgasms I’ve ever had happening all at once. I don’t know how else to describe it.” His eyes were unfocused and his face was plastered with ecstasy. He was breathing heavily, and had a slight bit of trouble talking. (Gee, I can’t image why? Can you?) He was lost in a state of euphoria. Slowly he became aware of his surroundings again, and he focused his attention on me. He smiled a gentle satisfied smile, and moaned a few more times before he spoke. His breathing started to become less labored, as he spoke. “I want to do more than just obey you, sir. I want to do more than just to serve you, sir. I want....I want you to be my master.” I didn’t say anything, nor did I stop my stroking of his cock. He looked at me sadly, and his lips trembled as he reached down and brushed my hand away from the front of his pants. I had to admit, that surprised me. He was obviously enjoying my caressing of his rock hard cock, and I could not understand why he would want me to stop. He took a step backward away from me, and just looked at me, with a worried and nervous expression. I do not know if he was worried about what I would do or say now, or if he was only sad because I wasn’t stroking his cock any more.

I didn’t get a chance to think much about it, because Jay suddenly dropped down onto his hands and knees and started to bark at me! He was acting like a dog! (Yup, there you have it. More evidence of that keen analytical mind of mine.) He barked at me a couple more times, and then wiggled his butt back and forth as if he were trying to wag his tail. I was too shocked to say anything, while all this was going on. I had never dreamt that Jay wanted something like this.

“I want to be your dog, sir,” he said suddenly, pulling my attention back to him and away from my own thoughts. “Please sir, let me be your faithful, obedient dog. Let me lie at your feet and breath in the wondrous aroma of your socks and boots. Let me fetch for you. Command me to do whatever you like, and reward me with a pat on the head or a rub on my tummy. Pet and stroke any part of my body that you want, whenever you want, sir. Your touch is heaven to me. Let me bring you pleasure in whatever form you desire. Let me experience the joy of your power over me. Control me, and train me as you see fit, sir. Clothes or no clothes, you decide, sir. Please, oh please sir, be my MASTER!” He remained on all fours in front of me and looked up at me. He did not say anything more, but his expression was clear. He was pleading and begging me to do this for him.

It was my turn to have my eyes go wide with surprise and shock. I could not believe what I was hearing from Jay. It took a few minutes for it to sink into my head, during which Jay slowly crawled over to me and started to rub his head against my knee like a cat. Maybe he was confused as to whether it was a cat or a dog that he wanted to be. The clothes conscious part of my mind noted that as he crawled around his tie was dragging on the floor.

A minute or so later, Jay sat back on his heels and looked up expectedly at me. He nodded his head, while still smiling at me. I didn’t know what to say. A part of me was shocked and repulsed at what I had just heard Jay say, while at the same time, another part of me was attracted and excited at the idea. This was a secret fantasy that I’d had many times about some of the men that I had hypnotized.

“Stand up in front of me, Jay,” I said to him. He quickly and silently complied. I looked at him, and tried to think of what to say to him. As I stood there looking at him, the smile and hope on his face slowly started to fade. I didn’t need to use my powers to determine what he was thinking. It was written on his face. He was sad and disappointed that I had not accepted his offer. He wasn’t going to get what he had hoped for. I supposed part of that was my fault. I should have been looking at something else, rather than Jay, while I was trying to think. Jay was a bit of a distraction, and a very pleasing one at that.

“We do not have time right now to discuss this issue in detail,” I said to him calmly. “Are you available Saturday night at say, 7 PM?”

“I have a date sir,” he replied with a smile. “But I’ll cancel it, so that I may be with you.” He blushed, and looked at me coyly.

“Good.” I told him. He smiled at me. “Now listen carefully, and pay close attention. All the suggestions I gave you previously in this session regarding me emptying out your pockets are now removed. Instead that will happen on Saturday night when you come over to my apartment. You will be sure to wear the same outfit to my apartment as you are now wearing. You will bring along some extra clothes including some extra underwear, a snug or tight fitting pair of jeans, and a casual shirt. Don’t forget a belt for the jeans too.” I paused for a few seconds to let Jay absorb the instructions. I reached over and wrote my address down on a piece of paper on a nearby pad and ripping off three sheets to insure that no impression of what I had just written remained on the pad.

“Take this paper and put it in your wallet,” I instructed him. He whipped out his wallet, stuffed the paper into it, and returned the wallet to the inside right pocket of his jacket, as soon as I finished speaking. I was startled for a second, and then continued. “Jay, you will not remember that paper until 6 PM Saturday night, when you will take it out of your wallet and realize that for some reason you HAVE to be at that address by 7 PM. You will not break any traffic laws to get to the address, but you will find it is an irresistible urge. The more you try to fight it the stronger the urge becomes. If not already dressed in your current outfit, you will change into it without really noticing or caring that you are changing clothes. You will bring the extra clothes that I mentioned, and again, this will seem a perfectly normal thing for you to be doing at around 6 PM on a Saturday night. You will have no conscious memory about the events that occurred during this session. Your subconscious mind will remember the instructions and the trigger phrase, and so you will execute them on Saturday night. When I answer the door, you will be a bit confused as to why you have come to my apartment, and so will want to check the address with me. When you hear me say ‘puppy love’ you will pick up your bag, or whatever it is that you brought your clothes in, and march past me into the living room, turn around to face me and then salute me. You will remain like that, again not knowing why you are behaving in such a manner but powerless to stop yourself, until I return the salute. Once I do return your salute, you will remember everything that happened during this session. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir, I understand,” Jay replied quietly.

“Oh, one last point,” I said. “No matter how upset you might become with me, you will be unable to harm me in any way.” After my experience with Doug Davenport, I wasn’t about to take any chances.

“Yes, of course sir,” Jay agreed.

“Now, when I leave this room, you will sit down and gaze at your watch. Do you know what to do after that?” I asked him.

“Yes, sir, I do,” he replied. “When the hour is up, I stop the tape and put it away. Then I return to my desk and sit down. When I do, I will wake up and not remember anything about this session, or you.. On Saturday night I will obey my instructions to get dressed as I am now, bring some extra clothes including some snug jeans, and make my way over to your apartment. I will be puzzled as to why I am there. When you answer the door I will ask you if this is the correct address. When I hear you say ‘puppy love’ I will pick up my bag and march into your living room, turn around and salute you. I will not understand why I am doing that and I will be helpless to stop myself. When you return my salute I will remember everything that has happened to me. I will not hurt or harm you, even if I am upset with you.”

“Excellent, Jay,” I praised him.

“Thank you, sir,” he replied.

I turned and left the room. I wanted to stay and look at Jay for a while longer, but I had other things to take care of. Besides there was going to be plenty of time on Saturday night. I smiled to myself as I realized that I’d left Jay Turner with one heck of an erection, and he was going to have no idea, at least not until Saturday night, as to why he had it or how it had come about. See I can be ‘naughty’ at times too.