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The Coffee Shop III: The Good, The Bad, And The Hypnotized

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 1999. This story is the property of the author, Canadian Cowboy. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the author, Canadian Cowboy.

Chapter 7. New Duds.

I glanced at my watch after sipping my second cup off coffee that Saturday morning. As always, the coffee at The Coffee Shop, was aromatic, and rich. A true treasure to sip. I sighed contentedly. It was a bright and warm spring day on a Saturday morning, and I was looking forward to doing some window shopping. I had the evening planned with Jay Turner, the security guard from the hospital, but for the next few hours I was going to indulge myself in a somewhat different way. It was a couple of minutes before 10 AM. I glanced out of the window. Still no sign of Bernie, but then again, I didn’t even know what his car looked like. Foolishly I realized that I had not asked Bernie to tell me what type of car he drove. It wouldn’t have helped anyway, because I don’t know one type of car from another. (Okay, I can tell the difference between a min-van and a pickup truck, but that is about it.) I went back to reading my paper, and waiting for Bernie to arrive.

I sensed, rather than felt, a slight buzzing or tingling at the back of my head, and looked up and around the restaurant. Everything seemed normal for a Saturday morning. Nothing looked or felt out of place. I glanced back towards the coffee counter and noticed that Mary was looking at me. Not in my general direction but directly at me. Her expression was unreadable. Neutral and guarded. Something was amiss, but I’d be damn if I knew what it was. When I had arrived this morning, I had thought that Mary’s greeting to me had not been the normal warm and friendly greeting that she always wore. There had been a slight dip in the voltage of her smile, and the cheer in her voice lack a degree to two of warmth. Clearly I had not been imagining things. I wasn’t really in the mood for a mystery this early in the morning, so it was a bit of a relief to me when Bernie walked up to me and said hello.

“Good morning to you, Bernie.” I greeted him warmly. “Did you want something to eat or a cup of coffee before we start out?” I asked him.

“No, thanks, if it is all the same to you, Paul,” he said a bit nervously. “I’m ready to go whenever you are.”

“Okay, then,” I said to him. “Lead the way to your car.”

Bernie turned around and started towards the door. I followed him. During the short walk to his car I studied Bernie closely. He was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, with a brown belt, and a navy blue short sleeved casual shirt. He wore running shoes on his feet, and his wallet was nicely snuggled into the right hip pocket of his jeans. I smiled to myself as I watched Bernie’s ass move back and forth as he walked in front it me. It wasn’t as if he had a pair of killer buns concealed in those jeans, but his butt was a rather nice sight, especially this early in the morning. We arrived at his car, a two door sports model of some kind, that was an emerald green in color, and climbed inside.

“Don’t start the car just yet,” I said to Bernie as he reached over to put the keys into the ignition.

“Is something wrong, sir?” Bernie asked. In public he used my first name, but in private, like this, he knew to address me as ‘sir’.

“Yes, Bernie,” I said to him. “Something is wrong. You do not seem all that happy to be with me today. Please, tell me what the problem is.”

“Well, I....” Bernie hesitated.

“Go on,” I prompted him.

“I would rather not be with you today,” Bernie said quietly, with a clear note of dread in his voice. “I do not know what it is that you want me to do, but I know that I will not like it. I also know that you can force me to do what you want anytime you want. I feel helpless and completely at your mercy. I do not like feeling this way. For all I know you’re going to have me give some stranger a blow job, or have me strip in public. If I could, I’d push you out of the car, drive off and leave you here.”

Bernie said all of this while looking me directly in the eye, and I could tell that he meant every word. Talk about water putting out a fire! I wasn’t about to let Bernie spoil what I was hoping would be a good time.

“A pickle in my cowboy boots,” I said in a clear and commanding voice.

Bernie looked at me, without shock or surprise on his face. Clearly he had expected me to hypnotize him again today. It did not hasten how quickly and deeply he went back into his hypnotic trance. His eyes closed quickly, and his head nodded forward until his chin was resting on his chest. His entire body wilted, like a house plant that hasn’t been watered for a while. Sitting there in the car next to me, lost again in hypnosis, he was enticing.

“Going down deeper and deeper, Bernie,” I said to him. “With each word that I utter and with each breath that you take. And as you go deeper and remember how good it feels when you obey me, your cock starts to react. You’ll feel that cock of yours getting harder and harder. As you feel it push against your jeans, you’ll discover how good that feeling is. You’ll start to softly moan out loud, expressing the pleasure that you feel.”

Bernie sat there and slowly a smile came to his lips. He wiggled around a few times, and his hands went to the front of his jeans as he adjusted his cock into a more comfortable position. He moaned, and then sighed deeply. He wiggled around a bit more, and moaned a few more times. The smile on his face had grown into an outright grin, and he slowly open his eyes and turned to face me. He moaned several more times, and continued to smile at me with a blissful expression on his face. A few more moans later and he slowly raised his right hand and softly caressed my cheek.

“You’re so...... good to...... me, sir,” he said between moans. “Command me.......and I.......I will obey.” Bernie looked at me as if I were now the most important person in his life. To him I was. I was the giver of pleasure and joy, which he could not get enough of.

“Do you want to know what we are going to do today?” I asked him.

“Oh yes.......yes, sir,” he replied between moans. “I really don’ what it is that you......want me, sir. Command me...and I.....obey, sir.”

“We are going to a favorite store of mine, to shop,” I told him. “I am going to try and find something that I would like to buy. You are going to pay for my purchases. If someone asks why, you can tell them something like you lost a bet with me. I may ask your advice as to whether or not something looks good, and I want your honest opinion. Do you understand?”

“Completely, sir,” he replied and then moaned again.

“Your cock now returns to it’s normal size, and you stop moaning, Bernie,” I said to him. It was getting difficult to talk to him with all the moaning going on. “You will feel very good accompanying me on this trip, because you know that you are obeying me, even though you are wide awake at the time. Do you know why you will pay for my purchases?”

“Because you have told me to, sir,” Bernie said to me. He was relaxed and comfortable now, and the grin on his face had faded back to just a hint of a smile on his lips. He was feeling good, happy even, as he spoke to me.

“Yes, for that reason and for one other,” I said to him. “You still owe me for what you tried to pull back at the hospital, and this is how you are going to repay me for that.” (Those members of the Ethics Committee who are objecting to this action on my part would do well to remember that I am not tricking Bernie into this. This is merely a simple pay back to right a wrong. I am not injuring Bernie by doing this, after all I know he can afford it. If I could afford this little shopping trip, then Bernie certainly can.)

“I understand sir,” he said as he looked at me and sighed softly. “I agree that what I tried to do back at the hospital was wrong. I know that I am getting off lightly. You could have me do many other things, and I am thankful that you chose this method of repayment.” And with that Bernie leaned over and gave me a heartfelt hug of gratitude and thanks. It was unexpected and awkward, but sweet nonetheless.

“0...1.....2...3....4....5, WIDE AWAKE!” I said to him.

Bernie blinked his eyes a few times and, looked around to get his bearing. He looked down at his jeans, and then looked up at me, and blushed.

“You’re naughty, sir,” he said with a lopsided grin at me. “Getting me all worked up and turned on like that, and then deflating my expectations.”

“Well, I don’t think you’d want to walk around in public with a raging hard on, would you?” I asked.

“I suppose not,” he agreed reluctantly. “But do you think that after you are done with your shopping you could arrange for me to have a complete experience, as it were?”

“Maybe,” I said. “But I make no promises. We’ll see how the day goes. By the way, how do you feel about spending time with me now?”

“I’m enjoying myself, sir,” he said and smiled at me. “Oh I know that you commanded me to feel that way, just now. It is but another example of how much control you really do have over me. I was feeling apprehensive about spending the day with you, sir, but not any more. In fact I am a bit in awe of you, sir. You have this amazing ability to control me, and you don’t seem to even want to hurt or abuse me. I feel safe with you, sir. And sir?”

“Yes, Bernie?” I asked.

“I really don’t care how much of my money you spend today sir,” he said to me, gazing directly into my eyes. “Whatever the amount, it will be worth it. You’ve taken a day that I was dreading, and turned it into something wonderful. So where are we off to, sir?”

“The Cowboy Corral,” I said, and gave him the address in case he did not know where it was.

“Please do up your seat belt sir, and we can go,” Bernie said to me as he buckled himself in.

I fumbled for a second or two locating the darn thing, but finally got myself strapped in. Bernie started the car, turned his head to grin at me, and then pulled out of the parking lot. It was a quite trip. I listened to the radio while Bernie drove us there. Before too long we were in the parking lot of the Cowboy Corral. It was a short walk to the store entrance. We went inside. I stopped for a second or two just inside the entrance to get my bearings, then I head off for the shirts section to see what new stock they might have gotten in since my last visit. Bernie followed closely behind, and swiveled his head back and forth as the size of the store began to impinge on his mind. You didn’t have to be a mind reader to know that this was his first time in this store. The entire wall of boots along the left side of the store amazed him. His jaw dropped and his mouth hung open with surprise. His eyes bugged out just a bit. Not enough to be really noticeable, but the experienced clerk behind the counter could spot the signs easily enough. The clerk grinned at me as we walked by, and jerked his head at Bernie while Bernie was turned away. I nodded my head slightly an shrugged my shoulders in a silent agreement with him. I also noticed that the clerk was dressed as a cowboy (Like he was going to be wearing a three piece suit & tie in this store?), and was attractive. I didn’t have time for more than a quick look at him, before heading off to the shirts section. I reached the racks of shirts and stopped. Bernie bumped into me with a sudden thump. He had been distracted by something, and had not been watching where he was going.

“Sorry about that, Paul,” he said immediately. We were not in private so he stopped addressing me as ‘sir’. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“So I see,” I said as I turned around to look at him. “So what is it that caught your attention?”

“Well, that wall of boots for one thing,” he answered. “I’ve never seen so many boots in my life. There were a few other things I’d like to take a closer look at, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, go ahead,” I said to him. “I’ll be here in the shirts when you need to find me.” Bernie headed off eagerly to whatever it was that fascinated him so much. Knowing him it was probably some willowy blonde woman in white cowboy boots, and a very short denim skirt. I tried to push such unattractive thoughts out of my head. I had no concerns or worries that Bernie might try to ditch me and leave. Such a thought would never even cross his mind. He was feeling too good being with me to consider leaving on his own. I knew that was true, as I’d scanned his mind when he’d hugged me in the car. I always double check when I give someone a suggestion. Caution is necessary, and it can be fun too.

I started working my way through the shirts, to see if anything caught my eye. I took my time and looked at each shirt to see if it interested me at all. Jeans I had enough of, but I could always use another cowboy shirt. I was on the third rack when an unknown voice off to my right side said, “Is there anything in particular that I could help you find, sir?”

I looked up to see the clerk from the counter standing beside me with a warm smile on his face. Up close he was even more attractive, than I’d first thought. He was about five feet, eleven inches tall, not counting the straw cowboy hat that was perched on top of his head. Most of his chestnut colored hair was hidden underneath the hat (now that was a shame in itself), but there was enough hair on the sides of his head to give me a rough idea that his hair was straight and cut short. The smile on his face was warm and just a bit sexy (or maybe that was just me, I’m not sure), and showed off his white teeth and smooth sensuous lips to their best advantage. His nose was a bit on the small side, and he did not wear any glasses, which was a blessing. Glasses might have hidden those incredibly lovely aquamarine eyes of his, which were looking out at me innocently. His skin was smooth and evenly tanned, without any blemishes or scares. I also took note that he was wearing a half white and half black cowboy shirt, with a red line running diagonally from his left shoulder down to the right side of his waist, that split his shirt in two. White on the right side and black on the left. It was an interesting shirt, and an ideal excuse for me to give his body a good looking over, as I took inventory of this guy. He had an average build, neither fat nor muscled, but he did look good in that shirt. Where the shirt ended at his waist, my eyes encountered a pair of light blue jeans, encircled by a black leather belt with an ordinary belt buckle. Not a cowboy belt buckle as I’d expected. The jeans were snug fitting, but not tight by any stretch of the imagination. They fitted him well, and showed off his assets (at least from the front, I hadn’t seen his backside yet), without attempting to call undo attention to them. I glanced down briefly to note that he was wearing a pair of black cowboy boots. Then I looked back up at his face.

“Actually, I was wondering about the shirt that you are wearing,” I said to him as I looked him over a bit more. “Do you have it in stock?”

“I am afraid not, sir,” he said, sadly. “We expect a shipment sometime in the next few weeks, but right now we are out of this particular shirt. I could reserve a shirt like this for you, if you like, though.”

“Thank you, but I think I will pass on that offer,” I said to him, with a warm smile on my face. He nodded at me and continued to smile as he turned around and walked back to the counter. I got a very good look at his butt in those snug fitting jeans, and was not at all disappointed. His wallet was nestled in his right hip pocket and provided an attractive bulge as his hips subtly swayed back and forth as he walked. I turned back around to look at more of the shirts. Well, not immediately.

There didn’t seem to be much of interest in the racks on the floor, so I decided to try my luck among the wall racks. I did find a few shirts that caught my eye, but they were not in my size, as ill luck would have it. I continued my search and hoped that I’d find something somewhere. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I wasn’t really paying any attention to where I was or to anyone around me. I backed away from one of the wall racks and bumped into someone behind me. I turned around to apologize, but the words remained stuck in my mouth as I looked up and my eyes met up with the most incredible pair of tawny eyes that I’d ever seen. They were a lovely hazel with flecks of gold in them, and I swear that those eyes seemed to glow as they looked at me.

“Excuse me,” I muttered a half second later, barely able to speak, and with my gaze locked on one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen in my life. I felt like a small helpless bird hypnotized by a rattlesnake. Totally exposed and defenseless.

“Better watch where you’re going there, little feller,” said a deep sexy voice with a southern drawl that would have put John Michael Montgomery to shame. I swallowed, unable to speak further. All I could do was to stare helplessly at the man in front of me, and try to take in every detail of his appearance before he left.

He was very tall, well over six feet and since I didn’t have a tape measure with me at the time, the best estimate I can give is about six feet three inches in height. (You want to know for sure, then go measure him yourself. I dare you!) His build. Well, let’s see. He was only slightly on the muscular side, which suggested that he probably went to gym somewhat regularly. He was well proportioned, and not overweight by any means. His weight seemed in proportion to his height. What would be about right ? Two hundred and thirty, two hundred and forty? I really don’t know, except that he wasn’t at all fat.

A simple white long sleeved cowboy shirt covered his chest and arms. The shirt was open at the neck and I could see just the uppermost top of the white undershirt that he wore beneath it. The shirt was tucked into a pair of tight fitting dark blue jeans. There was a brown belt in those jeans, drawn together at the front by a simple cowboy belt buckle with an eagle on it. The belt was totally unnecessary, at least in my opinion. There was no way those jeans were ever going to fall off that body! The man’s waist looked to be maybe 32 inches, and his chest was an attractive 44 inches, and his hips were stuffed tightly, not skin tight but very close to that, into those jeans. I don’t think that you could have inserted a bill of any denomination into the top of those jeans. A part of me wanted to try, though. On his feet were a pair of dark brown cowboy boots, that matched the brown belt he wore in those delicious jeans. I know that for a fact, because I was so flustered that I let my gaze drop to the floor for a second, before I looked back up at his face.

Those eyes! They belonged to a face that must have broken hearts from here to Dallas, Texas, and back again. Surely a lot of women’s hearts and probably a hell of a lot of gay men’s hearts too. He was easily in a different league from the store clerk. His eyes were only one small part of a wonderfully handsome face. No glasses impeded my view of those breathtaking eyes. They were separated by a firmly sloping nose that was the perfect size. Not too large and not too small. (How does one measure how well a nose fits a face, anyway? I have no idea, but this nose fit this face!) Between his nose and his upper lip was a full, almost bushy mustache. A warm smile graced that face of his, and showed off his even white teeth, framed by sensuous lips. They were not full or thick, nor were they thin and stretched, just average sized lips that would set off a mouth like his. (Boy, did they!) His face overall was lean, but not gaunt. His skin was smooth and slightly tanned suggesting that he was more the outdoors type than indoors. I did not notice any scars on his face or other markings. His ears were unremarkable, just the average size to fit his face, and I was pleased to note that he did not have any earrings in them. Don’t ask me why but the sight of a guy wearing earrings is a turn off for me. I guess I’m just old fashioned. To top it off was a thick carpet of coppery bronze hair that was due for a trimming. His mustache, I noted was a few shades lighter in color than his hair.

He nodded his head at me slightly, and turned away from me to continue with whatever it was that I had inadvertently interrupted. He took a step backward, turned around and bent over to pick up his off-white straw cowboy hat that was now sitting on the floor next to his feet. Yes, you guessed it. I obtained a completely unexpected, unplanned and entrancing view of his butt. When he bent over, I thought for a minute I had died and gone to heaven! His jeans were now so snug, that skin tight would have been an understatement. I could not believe my good fortune to be in the right place at the right time. In all my years of hypnotizing guys I’d never been able to arrange something like this. Well, that is a lie. I had been able to arrange something like this, but because this was NOT an arranged event it was ten times more delightful, erotic and stimulating that anything I had yet encountered. Idly, the practical part of my mind noted that he did not carry his wallet in either of his hip pockets. Small wonder, though, as with those skin tight jeans I’d be surprised if he could have slipped a dim into either pocket and not caused a pocket seam to rip away!

He placed the cowboy hat on his head and headed off to look at some boots on the far wall. I was too dazed to really think straight for a minute or two, and just stood there like a star struck fan who’s just met his idol. I shudder to think of what the expression on my face was. Thank goodness no one had a camera, and took a picture of me. I would have died from embarrassment. I finally pulled myself together and got to work.

I turned and started to slowly look through some shirts, but most of my attention was spend focusing and gathering together my mental powers. I carefully composed my thoughts and when I was ready, I broadcast a very power and clear compulsion field throughout the entire store. I made sure that I could feel the field pass right through every wall in the store, throughout the sales floor and even in the stockrooms out back. It was odd though, that I could see the layout of the store with my mind. It was almost as if I were flying above the store and looking down into it with x-ray vision. I could not see the people, but the layout was as clear as if I were looking at the blueprints for the building. I’d never been able to do that before. I filed that thought away to think about later, as I had a somewhat more interesting task at hand.

“Everything is normal. There is nothing unusual going on in this store.” I sent out in wave after wave of mental energy. “All is as it should be. Nothing that happens here is noteworthy or of any importance. Everyone will continue to do what they came here to do, and will enjoy themselves.” There, the safety net was in place and now I could start to find out a little bit more about that major league stud muffin, in skin tight jeans that had just walked away from me. I hurried after him, knowing that no one would pay me any mind.

Suddenly I stopped, and decided to try a different approach. I selected my target, as it were, and focused my gaze upon the back of his head. Making sure that there was a clear path between us, I sent out the command, “Turn around and walk straight ahead until you are told to stop.” It was a simple command and yet it was also unusual. It was direct, and I had not actively taken control of that cowboy’s mind. At least, not yet.

I smiled in anticipation as the cowboy suddenly froze in his tracks and turned around slowly. With surprise and bewilderment painted on his face he started to walk towards me. He moved with the same fluid grace as when he had walked away from me only moments before. I was both pleased and thrilled to see this handsome and comely man walking towards me, and having no idea as to why he was doing it.

“Stop!” I called out to him as he passed by me. He froze in his tracks again, and stood there like a statue. I thought about placing my hand on his forehead so that I could link with his mind and quickly implant my controls and suggestions, but then a better and somewhat more naughty idea popped into my head.

“Bend over and touch your toes. Remain that way until told otherwise,” I said to him.

“What? What is going on here? I...I don’t understand,” he cried out, his puzzlement and confusion growing. He bent over and touched his toes while continuing to speak, and panic started to color his tone. “Why am I doing this? Why can’t I stop myself?” The edge of panic in his voice was starting to grow, and there wasn’t really any need to cause him alarm or concern, so I placed both hands on his butt and reached out from my hands to link to his mind. (See, I told you it was a naughty idea. I didn’t need to touch his butt. I just wanted to.) It took only a second or two for me to establish contact.

“Everything is fine. You are going down into a wonderfully deep state of hypnosis, where you don’t have to worry about anything. I will take care of it all, and of you,” I said in my most soothing mental tones. “Feeling better and better with each breath that you take and with each caress that I give your ass. Letting go and going deeper into this wonderful state is all that you can think of or desire.” I gave those commands a few minutes to sink in before I spoke out loud to him.

“Tell me how you feel, and also your name,” I said to him as my hands kept on moving around on that beautiful pair of killer buns before me.

“I feel good, and at ease. Kind of relaxed, and the blood is starting to rush to my head. My head is starting to pound,” he replied in that same deep sexy southern accent as before. Then as almost an after thought he added quietly, “My name is Travis Taylor.”

This was all very nice, but I couldn’t leave him bent over like that much longer, as much as I might want to. I needed to find a focus that I could use to deepen Travis’ trance. I looked around and finally spotted some string ties on display nearby. I took a few more seconds to do a mental scan of Travis’ mind, and was able to confirm that he was not lying about how he was feeling or about his name. I also determined that he was heterosexual. Just my luck. A knockout of a guy, and he’s straight. I could still have some fun and some enjoyment with him, though.

“Stand up, and go into a deep, relaxing, and restful hypnotic sleep Travis,” I commanded him. He slowly stood up, and then his body relaxed as my commands took effect. His head dropped down to his chest and his arms hung loose and limp at his side. He let out a few soft sighs as he slipped down deeper, and a small smile touched his lips. I just watched him as he stood there. He was so enjoyable to look at that I was reluctant to have him move from that spot. My hands were still on his butt, and I could feel him swaying back and forth slightly as he stood there. I gave a great big squeeze on his buttocks, and whispered into his ear, “You like that don’t you, Travis? You like having your buns squeezed like that. My touch on your body is magic. It turns you on more than anything you’ve ever known.” Silently, I pushed those thoughts into his mind to reinforce them, but I did it gently, after all he was heterosexual and I did not want to upset him.

“Oh yes, yes I like that,” he breathed. “Feels so good. Oh yes. I don’t know why, but it does.”

“So just enjoy it, Travis. Just enjoy yourself,” I whispered into his ear. “Just do whatever you want, and let me know when your cock is hard. I think you will find that as you enjoy yourself more and more, you’ll start to wiggle around just a tiny little bit, and maybe shudder or two might pass through your body. When you feel this happen, Travis, you’ll moan out loud. All of these are signs that you are going down deeper into hypnosis, Travis. You are going down deeper and deeper into my power now. So deep that you can’t resist even if you wanted to, and now you don’t even want to.” Boy, I was really laying it on thick, and overloading poor Travis’ mind. But he would not suffer any mental harm or discomfort. I made sure to see to that. Travis would think that all of this was just a dream. A very intense dream that he’d had while falling asleep in the store.

“Oh....oh....oh....” He moaned out loud, and wiggled his body before me. “My cock is so hard. It’s never felt this big before. My jeans are so tight. Oh I’m on fire! So hot! So hot! Oh squeeze me! Squeeze me more, please! Oh my ass is yours! Such a big cock! My ass is on fire! Your hands are so strong! Squeeze me! Squeeze me! SQUEEZE ME!” He wiggled around a bit more, and his hands fumbled towards the front of his jeans, and I guessed that he was probably rubbing his cock, at least from the outside of his jeans, but since he was turned away from me I couldn’t be sure. He was starting to move around a bit too much for me to retain a solid grip on those sweet cheeks of his, so it was time to send him on his way. His reaction to my suggestions and commands was much stronger than I’d expected, especially as I’d barely used any mental force on him at all. He must have a very open and suggestible mind, either that or my powers were a lot stronger than ever before. I turned my attention back to Travis.

“To your left you will see a display of string and bolo ties. Walk over to the display and find a tie that catches your eye. You will find that the longer you look at the tie the more pleasurable it is. You will find yourself dropping down even deeper into hypnosis, Travis,” I said to him, as I released my grip on his butt. Slowly he raised his head up and turned around. His eyes were wide open, and he had the dumbest look on his face that I had ever seen on any man. Travis looked at me for a second or two, smiling, and glanced around looking for display I had mentioned. He finally spotted it and his face became completely blank. His eyes widen slightly as he slowly raised his arms straight out in front of his body. Like some zombie from a Grade ‘B” horror movie, Travis walked, more like lurched, over to the display and quickly focused his attention on a large bolo tie with an eagle on it. He sighed with contentment. He slowly lowered his arms back down to his sides and let them dangle limply. The dumb look on his face returned and he started to smile like some kind of love struck or love sick idiot. If his mind wasn’t blank now, he was giving a really good impression of it. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see this big tall cowboy standing there like some empty headed, half-assed, wet behind the ears greenhorn, who’d never seen a bolo tie before. (Ah, yes, this is why I enjoy my powers so much. These quiet moments when I can savor in the sight of a good looking man slipping down slowly and gently into a very deep hypnotic trance. Becoming more submissive and obedient with each passing second. Heaven.) I left Travis like that for a few more minutes while I took a look around the store. Everything seemed normal, and the compulsion field was as strong as when I’d first set it up. No problems so far.

“Tell me how you feel right now Travis, and what you most want to do,” I prompted him.

“I...feel...great So... comfortable... and... relaxed. Like... I’m... floating... on... a... cloud...,” Travis replied slowly with a pause between each word. He spoke clearly, without any slurs or stutters. “I... just... want... to... keep...looking... at... the...bolo... and... to... go....deeper.”

“Deeper into hypnosis, Travis?” I asked him.

“Yes....yes....deeper....into...hypnosis.” he replied after a moments hesitation. “I... never... knew... hypnosis... could... be... like... this. It’s... so... great.”

“Travis, you believe everything I tell you. You trust me completely. You want to obey me more than anything else right now,” I mentally commanded him. (You expected me to do otherwise? In your dreams!)

Travis blinked a few times as my suggestions took root in his mind, and then he let out a long deep sigh of satisfaction. His dumb expression faded and was replaced by a gentle smile. He said out loud in a clear and strong voice, “I will obey.” He began to repeat the sentence over and over automatically. Each time that he said it, I noticed his smile got bigger and bigger. Soon he was smiling a huge smile and then he started to snicker. I was mildly surprised at that reaction, but hey if he’s enjoying himself who am I to stop him. I had barely decided that when his snickering had turned to chuckling. The chucking got stronger and louder each time he said “I will obey.” A few seconds later he was laughing. Travis started to laugh more and more loudly each time he said, “I will obey.” His laughter got stronger and stronger with each passing moment. In less then a minute he was bent over double by the huge belly laughs that were wracking his frame, and still he managed to say “I will obey” over the laughter. . I was thrilled and enthralled at the sight of Travis bent over double in those wonderfully tight jeans of his. So much so that I had difficulty in thinking about anything but those killer buns of his only inches away from my hands. Travis was unable to remain standing and slowly sank to his knees as he continued to laugh and repeat that sentence. . Watching him do that caused my own cock to become rock hard and I moaned out loud with joy, in spite of myself. Slowly he lowered himself down to his hands and knees and laughed all the harder still saying “I will obey.” The doggie position! I bit my lip and tried to get my mind off of my throbbing cock and back onto Travis, which actually wasn’t of much help since he was the cause of my throbbing cock in the first place. Travis started to wobble while groveling there on his hands and knees, speaking and laughing at the same time. Slowly he lowered himself down onto the carpeted floor with his hands by his sides and his legs stretched out behind him. His laugher didn’t stop or even pause for a second. He rolled over on his back, knocking his cowboy hat off of his head, and continued to laugh, only now he was shouting out “I will obey” at the top of his lungs. In a few seconds he was rolling back and forth on the floor and continuing to laugh and shout.. He was quite literally rolling on the floor laughing. I’d never seen anyone do that before. I could see tears in his eyes, and that prompted me to finally take action, in spite of the profound pleasure I was deriving from seeing this man so totally enjoy himself. (Okay, let me rephrase that statement. I was enjoying seeing this man roll around on the floor and show off his body in the process.) It made me wonder what the joke was. I’d find out soon enough.

“Stop laughing, Travis! Stop repeating that sentence!” I barked out at him to be sure he heard me. Too much of anything, even laughter, isn’t good for you after all. “Just relax and go even deeper into hypnosis. When you are calm and relaxed and centered once again, you can tell me in a calm clear voice what you found so funny, and why you kept repeating that sentence.”

Travis’ laughter subsided and he lay there on his back on the carpeted floor, letting himself calm down. It took about a minute for him to finally stop laughing, and catch his breath. All that was left of his laughing fit was a smirk of a smile on his face as he lay there on his back, on the carpeted floor, his eyes closed and his body completely limp and relaxed. Well not entirely completely limp. He was still sporting a powerful erection in his jeans, which did not seem to have soften at all during his laughing fit.

“It’s just so damn ironic,” Travis said after about another minute. “I just couldn’t help from laughing. For years, I’ve been using my good looks and charms to get people, women especially, to do what I want and to get what I want. I saw how you looked at me, and I was going to try and charm you out of a few bucks. I would have succeeded too. I’m pretty good at it. Gay or straight doesn’t matter to me, I can charm them all. Now, in only a couple of minutes you’ve got me twisted around your little finger! I can hardly believe it! All that I want to do is to obey you!”

“What exactly do you mean, Travis?” I asked him although I knew perfectly well what he meant.

“Can’t you tell?” He asked in response, lying there smiling in delight, and slowly opened his eyes. He looked up at me with those exquisite tawny eyes that I’d fallen in love with and continued speaking. “You say ‘jump’ and I say ‘how high’. The only thing in the world that is important to me right now, is obeying you. I don’t exactly know why, but I know that I don’t care. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it. Willingly and completely. You want my bank card and access number, I’ll give them to you right now. You want me to take off all my clothes and run naked down the middle of the street yelling something obscene, just tell me the words and I’ll hop right to it.”

I was stunned. It appeared that my commands had been a bit more effective than I had anticipated. Travis was very deeply under and was surrendering totally to me. I’d never been THIS successful with a subject before, well at least not THIS quickly. I’d barely made use of my super-hypnosis powers, and Travis was responding as if I’d spent five or ten minutes of intense effort inserting my commands into his mind. Talk about an unexpected bonus. I decided to continue with my original plans for Travis, and then see how things went.

“Looks to me like you’ve got a rather big problem there in your jeans,” I said to him in obvious reference to the tremendous erection he was blessed with.

“Yeah, great isn’t it?” He agreed and grinned happily. “Listen, would you mind fondling my ass a bit more? I really like it, when you do that. I’ll pay you for it. Here let me make it easier for you.” With that Travis sat up. He looked around and then winked at me with a wolfish grin. Quickly he scrambled up until he was on his hands and knees, turned around and pointed his butt directly at me. Slowly he spread his legs out just a little bit, and lowered his head until his forehead was touching the carpet.. He turned his head to look back at me, and grinned what could only be called a killer smile. He remained in that submissive position patiently awaiting my pleasure.

I walked over to where he was and knelt down beside him, keeping my hands by my sides, with a great deal of difficulty I might add. I was more than willing to accept the generous offer than he was making to me, but I wanted to be sure of one or two things first. “So you’re gay, then Travis,” I said to him.

“Hell, no!” He shot back at me, a tiny bit of anger coloring his tone . “I like women not men.”

“So why do you want a guy to fondle your butt then, Travis? And in public no less?” I asked him point blank.

“I only like it when you fondle my butt,” Travis said after a moments thought. “You told me that I’d enjoy that, and I do. I believe what you tell me, you know, and you told me that I’d enjoy having you fondle my butt. Now, would you please get started? I...I want this very badly. And as for being seen in public doing this, who gives a shit?”

“And you don’t even know my name,” I said to him as I smiled at him anticipating the granting of his request.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Travis agreed. He looked at me and shook his head and chuckled. “I have no idea who you are at all, but more than anything else right now I want to feel your hands on my butt. Please, will you start now?”

The last question had more than a whist of pleading in it. Travis wanted this very badly, but he wasn’t quite ready to beg for it. That didn’t really matter to me. It wasn’t necessary to have him beg for it in a completely humiliating fashion. He’d done enough.

“Travis,” I said to him as I placed both hands firmly on his buttocks, one on each cheek as it were. “I know this feels good, and it gets you harder and harder and harder, but no matter how hard you get, you cannot cum until I tell to you. You don’t want to have an accident or anything like that, so you have to wait until I let you cum. I will caress your butt for about 10 minutes, Travis. When I am done, you will get up and try to walk to the nearest bench so that you can sit down and do whatever you like, except cum.” I had spotted a few benches in the boots section of the store, and while they were not very comfortable looking, they would be better for Travis than lying on the floor.

Travis moaned out loud at the first touch of my hands on his backside. As I drew my hands in big slow circles around his butt cheeks, Travis continued his moaning. He nodded his head in silent agreement as he listened to my words. I stopped moving my hands for a few seconds.

“Yes,” he gulped. “I understand. I cannot cum until you tell me that I can. When you are done, I get to go and sit down and do whatever I want, except cum.”

Satisfied with his verbal acknowledgment of my instructions I resumed my caress of his butt. I slipped my hands in between his legs, and he literally howled with delight. I ran my hands over the throbbing hot mound that was his cock, and he barked and panted with joy. I didn’t have to say a word. Travis responded to my simulations like a pro. (A pro what I’m not saying.) I squeezed those firm, hard sexy killer buns that were in front of me, for all I was worth. I didn’t try to hurt Travis, but I made sure that he knew I was there. Firm, hard, tight killer buns, encased in wonderfully tight denim. My fingers were in heaven as they traveled across and around those two denim encased hemispheres of firm, hard, flesh. I tried to probe a finger in between those two butt cheeks, but those jeans were just too tight to permit more than a slight indentation. I made due by running my hands in between Travis’ legs and over his crotch. Travis shuddered with joy each time my hand slipped in between his legs.

“Oh YES! SQUEEZE ME! SQUEEZE ME MORE!” Travis cried out each time I grabbed a handful of his ass and closed my hand around it. This was so satisfying, and hearing him ask for more of it was almost as enjoyable as the feel of my hands on his ass. I wasn’t in heaven, but I was having a LOT of fun. If I had been more daring and less inhibited I would have rammed my face and nose between those butt cheeks of his and nipped him a few times. Not enough to cause bleeding, but enough to get a good mouthful of denim, and give him a good licking as it were.

In only a heartbeat the ten minutes were up, it seemed, and true to my word I had to stop groping Travis. “The ten minutes are up, Travis,” I said to him with sincere regret in my voice. I slowly stood up and waited for him to stand up as well.

“Yes, I know,” he said sadly and slowly staggered to his feet. He blinked a few times, and rubbed his aching cock (well it had to be aching by now), looking around a bit. He spotted his hat lying on the floor and bent over to pick it up, presenting me with a wonderful profile view of his butt. Travis plopped his hat back on his head, and looked around for a bench. He saw one and slowly walked over to it. His movements were slow and careful. He was a bit sweaty, but he didn’t seem at all tired. If anything his eyes were bright with joy and anticipation. (The Energizer Bunny should have his stamina!) He was about halfway when he suddenly stopped walking and leaned up against a chest high shelving unit that was packed full of jeans. He slowly turned around until his back was against the cabinet and stood there with an expression of bliss on his face. Concerned I hurried over to him to find out what the matter was.

“I can’t wait,” he said answering the unasked question. “I can’t stand waiting any longer.” His eyes became unfocused as he slowly slide down the cabinet, knocking his hat off his head in the process and exposing that lovely thatch of coppery bronze hair of his. It was actually kind of sexy to see him slowly sliding down to the floor until he sat there on those killer buns with his hands and arms hanging limply by his side and his legs tightly held together while still curled up in front of him. “Now. Yes, now.” Travis said hoarsely, but he wasn’t paying attention to anyone. He was talking more to himself. Slowly his legs moved apart ,until they formed about a ninety degree angle. (Hey, I didn’t have a protractor with me at the time so I’m guessing here.) I was presented with an outstanding view of his crotch in all its glory, and that huge throbbing mound that was his cock still trapped inside those jeans. The material look stretched so tight I though for sure the seams would burst. They had to be defying some law of physics to hold together like that. I licked my lips without quite realizing it. While I had just recently been exploring that beautiful countryside with my fingers only moments ago, this was the first time I’d actually seen it with my eyes. Fingers can tell you a lot, but so can your eyes.

Those long lovely legs of his started to stretch out as Travis became more and more relaxed. He slumped down a bit and sighed few more times, as he wiggled around in a vain attempt to find a more comfortable position. If it were not for the fact that he was moaning in obvious joy, and that I knew better, I would almost have thought he was drunk or had been knocked out by someone, and had collapsed here. He looked exactly like one of those cowboys you see in the movies after the fight scene, where everyone is either drunk or knocked out.

His hands moved towards the front of his jeans, and he started to slowly unzip that bulging fly of his. He worked zipper open slowly and carefully, as if he were uncovering his pride and joy and did not want to scratch it. From the grin of relief on his face, this was probably not too far from the truth. Slowly, carefully and with great patience he worked that monster of his out of its confining cave. It sprang forth with a vengeance, as Travis let go a loud groan of relief. I gulped in surprise as I realized that he wasn’t wearing any underwear! My tongue would have been closer to that ass of his than I would have realized! His cock was a monster! It was long and hard and thick, and I swear I saw steam rising up from it. It swayed back and forth like some kind of huge pink one eyed snake looking for something to strike. It throbbed and seemed to become longer and stiffer the more I watched it. It was mesmerizing.

I forced myself to look up at Travis’ face and see how he was doing. That wonderfully dumb and idiotic expression was plastered on his face once more, and he was lost in his own world once again. He let out a long low moan and slide down a bit more. Smoothly and tenderly his hands cradled that monster of his and he slowly started to stroke himself. I was just a bit surprised. I didn’t think he would do something like that in public!

“Travis, what are you doing?” I asked him quietly.

“Trying to masturbate and keep myself hard until you let me cum,” he said forthrightly. “It’s never felt this good before, though.” He said with a brief smile on his face.

“ do realized that you are playing with yourself in public, right in front of everyone, don’t you?” I asked.

“So what?” He answered back. “If a cop comes by and hassles me I’ll give him the blow job of the century and he’ll leave me alone.” Travis nodded his head in silent agreement with himself and continued playing ‘Name That Tune” on that massive organ if his. He wasn’t worried about anything. I wasn’t surprised. Considering where his current attention was focused, a fire alarm going off next to his ear wouldn’t have made any impression on him.

His candor was refreshing, as was his honesty, but I think the logic of his statement left a little something to be desired. Fortunately, the compulsion field I set up was still in effect (and still full strength I was a bit surprised to note), and would prevent such a possible scenario. Still Travis was suffering in a way. He might be able to keep himself hard, but he would never get relief that way. I had to give him relief. There were several options open to me, and I carefully considered all of them. (1) I could handle him personally, a very attractive option. I already had a hypnosis session booked tonight, with Jay Turner the young and sexy security guard from the hospital, though. It could wind up being intense, and I was not as young as I used to be. Besides, I didn’t want to spoil my dinner. Regretfully, I had to pass on option one. (2) I could have him put that monster back inside his jeans and cum. He would be embarrassed by having to go home with obviously wet jeans that everyone could see. Not fair to him, and completely unnecessary. I wasn’t trying to teach Travis a lesson and he had never harmed me. Well, this eliminated option two. (3) He could cum all over his clothes and then lick it up before it got them more than damp. I liked the idea, because it was something that most men wouldn’t normally do, and it was a great way of demonstrating, at least to myself, my control over Travis. It was better than option two, but not really practical. No one can lick up semen THAT quickly. To be honest, it was also unnecessary. So option three was out. (4) I could send Travis to the washroom and have him cum inside the toilet in one of the stalls. He could sit there and push his cock down so that it squirted inside the bowel. Practical. Humane. Compassionate. It was also the absolutely least attractive and fun option, but I knew that if I couldn’t think up anything else I would be obligated to use this option. (5) Have someone, preferably a good looking, sexy, gay man, give Travis a blow job. Now this option had distinct possibilities, if I could set it up. I looked at Travis and scanned his mind looking for one particular bit of information. I found it a half a heartbeat later and I smiled. Travis was HIV negative and had been having himself tested regularly for the past three years. It looked as if he had a brain of some type underneath that cowboy hat. Funny thing though, I had not needed to touch his body to obtain that information, this time. Previously I’d found it necessary to have physical contact with a subject to find out any personal information like that. I shrugged it out of my mind and gleefully turned my attention back to the task at hand.

Concentrating carefully, I created a very specific addendum to my compulsion field, to be sure the right sort of gay man responded. “Only good looking gay men will respond to this message. There is a handsome cowboy sitting down leaning against a cabinet with a huge erection. He requires help to be able to achieve his orgasm. All those gay men wishing to perform this service will report to the boots area where the cowboy is located, and will talk to the man with his boot on the cowboy’s leg.” With that I carefully placed my right foot onto Travis’s left thigh and waited. I only hoped there was someone the store who met the criteria.

I looked around the store to see if any man was walking towards me or Travis. Everyone seemed to be going about their business. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and a slightly familiar voice asked, “May I be of service?” I turned around to see the store clerk standing next to me with a huge grin on his face. He looked around and spotted Travis. The clerk licked his lips and smiled in anticipation.

“Perhaps,” I answered cautiously, trying to look noncommittal. I didn’t want it to appear that I would settle for the first good looking gay man who answered my call. Inside though I was delighted, and very, very pleased to discover that the clerk was gay. I’d found him attractive and sexy when I’d first seen him and now I was going to have some fun with him and Travis. “What is your name?” I asked him.

“Ben Cartwright,” he answered with a sunny smile.

“You’re kidding,” I said lamely.

“No, I’m not,” he said, continuing to smile at me. “That really is my name.”

“Wait here,” I said the clerk. He looked at me, and reluctantly nodded his head, but remained standing where he was. I took my foot off of Travis’ thigh, closed my eyes and thought carefully as I created another addendum to my compulsion field. “A response is no longer required. Everyone will return to what they were doing before the request was issued.” I opened my eyes, turned around and looked around the store again. I noticed several men suddenly turn around and start walking away from the area occupied by Travis, Ben and myself. I did not get a good look at them, but from the back, two of them appeared to be wearing some very nice jeans, and the third was a police officer. Who says there is never a cop around when you need one?

I swatted down next to Travis. “How are you doing there, Travis?” I asked him. It was a really dumb question.

“Fantastic,” he breathed in ecstasy. “Oh, take your time, please. I could do this forever. I don’t ever want to stop.” Travis closed his eyes slowly and several shivers of delight and pleasure chased each other down the length of his body. He continued to stroke that huge hot cock of his with long slow smooth flowing strokes. Eventually he would have to have relief, if only to get rid of that huge load he was building up. But there was no reason why someone else shouldn’t benefit.

“Travis,” I said to him. “Look at me.”

Slowly he opened his eyes and dragged them up to look me in the eye. “Y...yes?” he answered quietly, barely able to focus his attention on me. I guess he was just a tad bit busy right then.

“Ben, here, is going to stimulate you to release that load of yours, and you are going to work with him to help him do that,” I instructed him. “The touch of Ben’s lips and tongue on your cock and balls will be as good if not better than any other tongue, lips or mouth that may have ever touched your cock and balls before. You don’t care that a man is going to give you a blow job, because this is going to be the best blow job that you have ever had. You need release, Travis, and this is the only way you are going to get it.”

Travis swallowed a few times and shock his head from side to side. He looked at me, and then slowly spoke. “ Please. Please, no. Please don’t make me do this.” His lips began to tremble, and the look of apprehension on his face was as disturbing as it was self evident. He stroked himself and moan out in joy, unable and unwilling to stop himself. Clearly he had a problem with getting a blow job from a guy, and I wasn’t ready to push him into it. Fortunately, there was an easy way to fix that.

“Fine,” I said to Travis. “I’ll come up with something else. Don’t worry I’ve sent Ben away. You no longer know anything more about Ben, than when you first came into this store.”

“Oh, thank you,” Travis said and a huge smile of relief broke out on his face. “I understand. Ben is gone.”

“Now close your eyes until I tell you to open them,” I instructed him. He snapped his eyes shut gleefully, and let out another moan as he busied himself with the task at hand. I thought for a moment and then continued speaking. “When I tell you to open your eyes you will see the most beautiful woman in the world standing in front of you, waiting to give you that blow job that you need so badly. You will have to ask her to start, and once she does start, Travis, you will be unable to resist any command that she gives you, until after you cum. Once you do cum, though, this woman will lick you clean and help you to tidy up. She will even help you over to that bench so that you can rest for ten minutes. You will look at your watch as you rest and when the ten minutes are up you will wake up and know only that you just had the most wonderful dream ever. You will not remember this woman, whose name is Gloria, after you wake up. Do you understand all of this?”

“Oh yes, yes I do,” Travis said panting eagerly. “Is Gloria going to arrive soon?”

“Very soon, Travis,” I said to him. “I’ll be sure to let you know.”

I turned and began whispering in Ben’s ear. I’m sure you can figure out for yourself what I told him. It was simple. He was going to be the Gloria that Travis was about to meet. He would respond to that name, and be very gentle and kind with Travis. I specifically instructed Ben not to try and obtain any money or valuables from Travis. Ben’s eyes lit up as he thought more and more about giving Travis a blow job, and impulsively Ben reached over and gave me a hug and a kiss on the mouth. I told Ben to stand in front of Travis and get ready to do some customer service. He winked back at me, and grinned all the more.

I walked over to stand beside Travis and then said to him, “She’s here, Travis. Gloria is here now. You can open yours eyes and you will see her.”

Travis’ eyes snapped open, and he looked up at Ben, whom he saw as Gloria. Travis’ jaw dropped open. Slowly he brought his lips together and let out a long wolf whistle of appreciation. He was dumbfounded, and looked like he had just been hit over the head with a two by four, and was seeing stars. I grinned silently to myself and stood back to watch the fun. If it got out of hand, though, I was ready to jump in and put a stop to it.

“Is that any way to greet a lady, Travis?” Ben said to him with scorn in his voice, his hands balled into fits resting on his hips.

“No, ma’am. Sorry ma’am,” Travis said as he leaped up to his feet. He struggled to get that huge cock of his back into his jeans, and for a moment I wasn’t sure that he would succeed. He turned away from Ben for a moment, and in the process wound up facing me. He slipped open his belt and undid his jeans. Reaching down he forced that huge cock of his back inside and with a touch of difficulty managed to zip up his fly, part way. His strong hands moved quickly to button up his jeans and do up his belt. This relieved some the stress on his zipper (and NONE of the stress on his cock), and he was able to zip it up the rest of the way. He turned back towards Ben, looked around sheepishly, and actually blushed. He knew what he wanted, and he knew what Gloria (in reality Ben) wanted to do for him. He was unsure how to continue, though.

Ben looked at Travis, and then Ben let his eyes wander down to the front of Travis’ jeans. “It appears that you are happy to see me, though, Travis,” Ben said with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, ma’am, I surely am,” Travis said and flashed his most charming smile at Ben. Travis reached over and with his right hand he gently plucked Ben’s left hand from Ben’s left hip. Slowly Travis, uncurled Ben’s left hand, and then brought it to his lips as he kissed it softly, while looking up at Ben with the best set of bedroom eyes that he could muster. Ben smiled back with delight, and with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

“Kiss me you fool,” Ben breathed at Travis. Ben’s face flushed as Travis walked towards him and held out his arms, open and inviting. (Like Travis would have to say anything at this point?) Ben stepped into Travis’ arms, and was immediately pulled towards Travis’ chest. Their mouths hungrily sought out each other, as they embraced like two long lost lovers. The kiss was full, deep and passionate, at least from what I could see. The arms encircling these two handsome men, did not rest around their chests and shoulders. All during that lip lock of theirs, two pairs of hands were roaming about those entwined bodies. Each man grabbed the buttocks of the other and squeezed tightly. I actually saw Ben stand up on tip toe a couple of times as Travis squeezed Ben’s butt.

Finally though, Ben seemed to have had enough and he gently but firmly pushed Travis away from him and severed the contact between them. Travis still looked slightly dazed. Ben though looked as if he knew exactly what he was doing. Without giving Travis more than a moment or two to catch his breath, Ben reached out and firmly grasped Travis by his belt buckle. Ben pulled strongly and Travis, caught off balance, stumbled forward. Ben dropped down, and slightly forward of Travis, all the while continuing to pull Travis forward. Travis flew over Ben, and started heading towards the carpet. Ben nimbly caught Travis and executing some type of judo move, managed to roll with Travis to the floor. The result was that neither of them actually fell and hurt themselves. They just rolled on the floor, for a bit, winding up with Travis flat on his back and Ben lying on top of him.

Travis looked at Ben, and chucked as he said, “That was sure some fancy footwork, there ma’am.”

“Yes, Travis,” Ben agreed as he moved his hand down to the front of Travis’ jeans and rubbed at the huge mound that was still there. “Let’s get down to business shall we cowboy?”

“Oh...” gulped Travis, and his eyes went wide with erotic excitement. “Oh, Gloria. Yes, please. Please do it. I’m so hot for you.” Travis’ eyes became glassy as his hands moved down and fumbled to open his fly. Meanwhile Ben raised himself up off of Travis and crawling backward a couple of steps moved into position. Travis’ cock sprang forth again, as big or bigger than it had been before. (Darn it, I wished I’d had a camera so that I could have taken pictures, then I would have had some kind of souvenir of the event.) Travis let out a groan of relief and anticipation at the release of his monster.

Ben looked at that willing cock and he licked his lips. Slowly he leaned forward carefully supporting his weight on his hands and knees, until his lips were less than an inch from that throbbing cut head. Ben breathed gently but firmly on that head. Travis howled, and then howled again. “Oh please, Gloria! Please, I need to feel your mouth on my cock! I need to have you suck me dry! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!”

Saying nothing, Ben slowly extruded his tongue and with infinite care, touched the tip of his tongue to the tip of Travis’ steel hard cock. Travis’ body shuddered like he’d just suck his wet finger into a light socket, and he squeezed his eyes tightly shut. Delighted with the reaction he had achieved so far, Ben lowered his head closer and closer to that huge udder of Travis’s that silently screamed and begged to be milked, and milked dry. Ben extended his tongue slowly, and licked the top of Travis’ cock. Unable to stop himself, Travis squirmed around in rapture which caused his cock to slip out of the reach of Ben’s probing tongue. Ben pulled back and frowned slightly in frustration, while Travis continued to squirm some more.

“Please Gloria!” Travis cried out in desperation. ‘Please don’t stop. Please, I’m begging you. SUCK ME DRY!”

“If you’d lie still and stop squirming around, maybe I could,” Ben replied in exhasberation. “I don’t want you to poke my eye out with that thing, you know.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Travis exclaimed, nearly shouting. He suddenly went very still, almost as if he were lying at attention.

Satisfied, Ben got back to work. He moved his face beside Travis’ rigid member, and sniffed it a few times, savoring the aroma and scent that seeped out of it and seemed to hover around it like a cloud of perfume. Ben inhaled deeply, drawing in every molecule of that pungent musty masculine musk of this oh so willing cowboy. Finally he extended his tongue and started to caress that straining, steel shaft. With each stroke of Ben’s tongue, Travis moaned out loud, lost to everything and everyone. Ben worked his way down slowly, and carefully to the two ripe fruit that were nestled at the base of that skyscraper of a cock. He licked and slurped and sucked Travis’ balls. Firmly but gently. Ben cleaned every inch of Travis’ cock and balls several times before he decided it was time to move on to the main event. (What was I doing during all this? Why I was taking notes. What the heck do you think I was doing? I was enjoying the show and wishing it was me there instead of Ben. Oh, the things I do for my subjects.)

He opened his mouth wide, and plunged down on Travis’ cock, taking in as many inches as he could. He wrapped his lips around Travis’ throbbing member and began to suck, slowly and carefully. Travis did his best not to squirm around, and managed to merely shudder as his body was racked with wave after wave of pleasure. I did not have to see it to know that Ben’s tongue was moving around and all over Travis’ shaft and caressing it with loving strokes. Travis was working up quite a sweat. His brow was covered in it, and the underarms of his shirt were starting to darken. Suddenly he started to thrust his hips up and down, pumping for all he was worth. Ben’s eyes opened wide and he somehow managed to node his head several times in anticipation.

“Oh please!” Travis cried, and I could hear the pain in his voice. “I can’t stand it any more! I have to cum now! Please! I’ll do anything you want! Please, I’m begging you with all my heart! Please let me cum!”

“Pump your hips ten more times Travis,” I said to him. “And then you will cum. You’ll shoot until you are dry.” I thought about having Travis do something else when he came, such as barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken, but it didn’t seem right somehow. The man was actually in pain and suffering to a degree. There was no need to add humiliation, remembered or not, to this little adventure.

“OH GOD YES!!!” Travis called out and started to pump his hips vigorously. Poor Ben was now challenged with trying to hang on while Travis’ cock was thrust farther and farther down Ben’s throat. Like a champion, though, Ben rose to the challenge and wrapped his arms around that sexy waist of Travis’ and hung on. Right on cute Travis let loose his load with an animal roar that shook the windows of the store. (Okay, so it wasn’t really THAT loud, but I think you get the idea.) Ben started swallowing frantically as he tried to keep up with the river of semen that exploded into his willing and hungry mouth. Somehow he did it without choking, but don’t ask me how. Maybe Ben had really good breath control, or maybe he just knew what he was doing. In any case, Ben was able to keep up with the flow of white hot lava that spewed forth from Travis’ pink volcano. Travis pumped and Ben sucked and swallowed. The rest of the world disappeared as far as these two men were concerned.

Five minutes? Ten minutes? Who knows? Who cares? All I know is that all three of us enjoyed the spectacle for as long as it lasted. When Travis finally collapsed back onto the floor, he was smiling like a baboon, and so was Ben. Neither man seemed able to move a muscle, they were so spent. I stood there and watched as both of these men slowly regained their strength and opened their eyes. (I had not cum in my jeans, in case you were wondering. I was very hard and turned on, but I had controlled myself.) Since Ben had done such a good job of sucking off Travis there wasn’t any need to clean anything up. So, Ben had just collapsed beside Travis when their connection had been broken.

“I need a nap,” Travis declared to no one in particular as he stuffed his shrunken cock back into his jeans, and zipped the jeans closed.

“I’ll help you up,” Ben said as he climbed to his feet while Travis lay there still resting.

“Thanks Gloria,” Travis said with a smile, as he took the hand that Ben offered to him.

“Come on, cowboy,” Ben said to Travis and chuckled softly. Ben slowly lead Travis towards the nearest bench. “You’ve earned your afternoon siesta.”

“Thanks,” Travis said as a huge yawn escaped his lips. His eyes were blinking frequently and he was having trouble keeping them open. He stumbled a few times, and were it not for the strong arm of Ben, Travis would have tripped over his own feet and fallen. Silently I followed the two of them, enjoying a double helping of skin tight jeans parading in front of me. It was a pity that the trip to the bench was so short.

“Gee, you’re mighty strong ma’am,” Travis commented between yawns. “You sure don’t look it, a pretty little thing like you.”

Ben concealed his mirth with difficulty, but he managed it. “Here we are, stud,” he said as he and Travis approached the bench. “Sit down here, like a good cowboy. Close your eyes and wake up in ten minutes.”

“Yes, ma’am” Travis replied as he sat down on the bench, a smile of satisfaction pasted on his face. He sat up straight and placed his feet flat on the floor. He put his hands in his lap and sighed quietly a few times. He made himself comfortable and closed his eyes. His entire body went limp and he slumped down seeking that rest that his body now craved. About a minute later he lifted his head and opened his eyes. He moved his left arm and pulled back on the sleeve of his shirt exposing his wrist watch. He focused on it for a second or two and then his head nodded forward again. I did not see it of course, but it was a safe bet that Travis’ eyes were open just enough to keep track of the time. Ben sat down on the bench next to Travis and looked at him. You didn’t have to be a mind reader like me to know that Ben was hoping he could service Travis some more.

“Ben come here please, I said to the clerk as he sat there next to Travis and looked at him.

“Yes?” He said as he got up, rather reluctantly and walked over to where I was standing.

“You will remember this only as a dream as well,” I said to him. “As far as you are concerned it happened only in a dream. Now go get Travis’s hat and put it on his head, then go to the washroom, sit down in one of the vacant stalls, just as if you are using the facilities. You will gaze at your watch for 10 minutes and then wake up. You will NOT be able to remember the face of this man. The harder you try to remember, the more blurred and fuzzy the face becomes. Go now.”

Ben looked at me in shock and for an instant tried to protest, but it was futile. I had pushed those words and thoughts into his mind while I was talking to him. I could seem them take effect as he silently nodded his head. Ben walked back to the cabinet where Travis’s hat lay on the floor, bent over (Yes presenting me with yet another nice view of a nice ass in tight jeans. This seemed to be my lucky day.) and picked it up. Ben walked over to Travis and carefully placed the hat on Travis’s head. There was a slightly sad look on Ben’s face as he turned away from Travis and headed off to the washroom. As much fun as this had been to watch, I did not want to start something between Ben and Travis that really had no future. Travis was straight and had no interest in gay men at all. Ben, though, was sure he could ‘convince’ Travis otherwise. I thought it best not borrow trouble. In the back of my mind it struck me as odd that I could be so sure of these facts when I had not done a deep scan of either Ben or Travis. It was almost as if I could ‘see’ what was foremost in their minds, and see which thoughts might cause me problems. It also struck me as odd that I had been able to implant my commands into Ben’s mind so easily. I had not actually instigated a full super-hypnosis session with him. I had merely decided what had to be done with Ben, and then sent the appropriate commands into his mind. They had taken effect almost immediately. I decided to think about that later and get back to my shopping.

Luck was with me that day. I did manage to find a couple of nice shirts. One was a solid green with a scene of horses and mountains sketched in brown black and white that ran all across the shirt, front and back in a band that was about mid chest. The other shirt was plain black with red roses and green leaves on each shoulder and a row of roses on the back. (I know what the heck do you care, what clothes I buy? Well I have to brag to SOMEONE about these things since I did wind up getting them for free.) During the time that I’d been shopping for my shirts I had also been checking the compulsion field that I’d set up and noticed that while it was a bit weaker then when I’d first set it up, it was still fairly strong. I must have been reinforcing it more than I’d thought. It would not last too much longer, say maybe another twenty to thirty minutes. If I were assured of staying around that long then there would be no need to actively dissipate the field. I dissipated it anyway, though, just to be safe. What if after I left, someone arrived with the intent to rob this place? They would be able to do so easily and the staff and customers would be only to willing to help out since they would consider this to be ‘normal’. I did not want to have that on my conscience.

I headed off to the counter with my purchases and was relieved to find Bernie already there. I was concerned that I would have to go searching for him. He greeted me with a smile, and then shook his head at me and laughed.

“That’s the last time I bet against your team!” He exclaimed as he brought out his wallet to pay for my shirts.

“Well, maybe you’ll know better next time,” I said to him going along with the act that we were performing for the clerk at the counter. The clerk turned out to be Ben Cartwright, and he did not treat me any different from the first time that he’d come up to me asking if he could be of any help.

“I’m glad that you found something to your liking, sir” he said as he rang through my or rather Bernie’s purchases.

“Hey let me see that for a second, will you?” Bernie asked. “I am paying for this after all.” The clerk passed over the shirts and Bernie looked at them and then held them up again me. He studied me and the shirts for a minute or so before handing them back to the clerk for packing. “Well, I have to admit it. You do have good taste.”

“Thank you,” I said to him. The clerk handed me the bag, but Bernie intercepted him.

“I’ll take that, thank you,” he said to the clerk. “It’s part of the bet. I have to carry this stuff over to his place.” He continued as he jerked a thumb at me.

“Your welcome, gentlemen,” the clerk called out to us as we headed to the doors. “Please come again.” At that point I nearly burst out in laughter, as the unintentional pun from Ben reached my ears. I merely smiled and choked back the giggles that threatened to overwhelm me. I barely made it to Bernie’s car without laughing out loud. Once we were both safely inside the car with the door closed I finally gave in. I laughed for a good thirty seconds or so before I managed to get myself back under control. All Bernie did was stare at me as if I’d lost my mind. He patiently waited for me to calm down, and hopefully let him in on the joke.

“It’s a long, long story,” I said to Bernie in an attempt to avoid explaining what had just happened in the store. “Let’s just leave it at that okay?”

“Whatever you say, sir,” he replied. Then he smiled at me and winked. “I’ve got a surprise for you, sir.”

“Oh really?” I said as I looked at him and wondered what he was talking about.

Bernie reached into the bag containing my new shirts and dug around for a second or two. Clearly he was looking for something, but I couldn’t imagine what it was. “It’s got to be in here somewhere!” He cried out in frustration, as he continued his search. “Damn it! I’ll have to do this the hard way.” He reached into the bag and removed one of the shirts, handing it carefully to me. “Would you mind holding this for a minute, sir?” He asked me.

“Sure,” I replied curious as to where this was leading. I placed the shirt on my lap. Bernie dug into the bag again and produced the second shirt which he handed over to me. His arm descended into the bag a third time and he let go a whoop of joy as his hand closed over whatever it was that he’d been searching for. He looked up at me, and his face softened in to a timid and bashful expression, with soulful eyes that silently begged for understanding. He looked innocent and vulnerable, completely unsure of himself. It was a remarkable transformation from only a few minutes ago in the store. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this surprise.

“This....this is for you, sir,” Bernie said softly as he withdrew his arm and hand from the bag and presented me with a plain white lidded box about six inches by three inches.

I almost didn’t open the box, but my curiosity got the better of me. I removed the lid, and my jaw dropped open in surprise and awe. Inside was a beautiful rectangular cowboy belt buckle! On it was a gold eagle with wings outstretched on a silver background with a gold rope border. The buckle was at least four inches long, and an inch and a half wide. But the surprise didn’t stop there. Nestled next to the buckle in the same bed of soft white cotton was a matching bolo tie with a matching eagle pattern! I was speechless with emotion. I didn’t know what to think. It was a very touching gift, and also very expensive. So expensive, that I knew that I’d never spend that much money on myself just for a buckle and tie. I looked up at Bernie, once I could tear my eyes away from the gifts.

“Why?” I asked. It was all I could think of to say.

“I thought you would like it, sir,” Bernie said softly. “Is something wrong, sir? Don’t you like it?” Bernie was starting to look a bit nervous now, as if he had done something wrong and was not sure what.

“It’s beautiful, Bernie,” I said. “I am deeply touched by your gift. It is something that I always wanted for myself, but never thought I would have. But why did you buy it? I never asked or even hinted to you that I wanted something like this.”

“I bought it, because I admire and respect you, sir,” Bernie said staring to smile as he realized just how ‘right’ his gift had been. “I’m not in love with you or anything like that, sir. I just wanted you to know that I think you are a wonderful and special man, and that you deserve something for all the help that you’ve given me and others. It is also my way of saying that ‘I am sorry’ for the harm that I tried to inflict on your friends back at the hospital. I know that it will take a while for you to forgive me for that, but in the meantime I hope you will accept these items as tokens of my respect and admiration for you. You are a very special man.”

I was flabbergasted, and could only sit there and look at Bernie for a few minutes. Finally my brain started working again, and I smiled back at him. “Thank you, Bernie. With all my heart, thank you.” Then I lead over and kissed him gently on the cheek. He didn’t pull away or flinch. He merely accepted it for what it was intended as, a simple ‘thank you’ kiss.

‘Well, sir,” Bernie said with a sneaky grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye. “There was one other little reason why I bought that for you.”

“Oh, really?” I said raising my eyebrow in faked surprise. I decided to play along with him and see what this other reason was. “And just what would that be, pray tell?”

“I’m hoping that someday soon, you and I can arrange for another hypnosis session, like in my office, except of course that you won’t have to force me into it,” Bernie answered. “And I’m hoping that you’ll wear those gifts so that I have two bright and shiny things to look at when you hypnotize me.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged, Bernie,” I laughed. “You’ve more than earned it.”

“Sounds good, sir,” Bernie said with a delighted grin on his face. “Where to now?”

“I could go for some lunch right now,” I said to him as I looked at my watch. It was only 1:30 PM, and not too late to grab lunch.

“Great, sir!” Bernie said, and then as an afterthought. “It’s my treat sir, and I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.” So we headed off for a leisurely and long lunch. Regretfully neither Bernie or I had time for anything more after lunch. He was due back at the hospital by 3 PM, and I had to do some housework and get ready for my session this evening with Jay Turner. Bernie’s next session with me would have to wait for a while, until I could set something up. He understood that as well as I did, so we parted that afternoon as friends. Not the best of friends, but maybe that would change with time.