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The Coffee Shop III: The Good, The Bad, And The Hypnotized

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 8. Puppy Love.

“Doesn’t ANYONE ever arrive on time anymore these days?” I muttered to myself for the umpteenth time. Here it was 7:30 PM, and still no sign of Jay Turner my scheduled hypnosis subject for the evening. For a brief moment I thought that maybe my suggestions to him hadn’t worked, but that just did not make any sense. I had seen the suggestions take root in his mind and seen his mind accept the suggestions. He could no more resist them, then he could stop breathing. However, that certain fact did not stop me from feeling annoyed and frustrated. I decided to fall back onto my tried and true remedy in situations like this: I made myself a cup of tea and sat back to relax and enjoy it. It worked. Some fifteen minutes later, I was feeling much calmer and my frustration and anger had faded to a case of mild annoyance.

The doorbell rang just as I finished putting my cup and saucer into the kitchen sink. “Good timing,” I thought to myself, and went to answer the door. I peered through the peephole and was slightly pleased to see a confused and bewildered Jay Turner on the other side. He dressed in his security guard outfit from the hospital. In his left hand he held a familiar looking scrap of paper, which he looked at with a puzzled expression on his face. His right arm was pointed in the direction of my doorbell button. Beside his right leg was a tan duffel bag. The doorbell rang a second time. Putting on my warmest and most friendly smile I opened the door.

“Hello. May I help you?” I asked politely.

“I..I’m not sure, exactly,” Jay replied hesitantly. He held the scrap of paper in front of me, close enough for me to be able to read it clearly. “Is this your address?” He asked.

“Yes, it is,” I answered. “Is there something I can do for you?”

“I don’t know exactly why I’m here,” Jay answered looking back at the paper even more puzzled than before. “I do not know this address, and I do not know you, but for some reason I had to come here tonight. I was hoping maybe you might know something about all this.”

“Would you like to come inside and talk about it?” I asked him.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Jay said cautiously.

“Puppy Love,” I said clearly and distinctly.

Jay looked up at me and blinked his eyes as if he did not understand what he had just heard. His left hand crumpled the paper as he made a fist of his left hand. He bent down and picked up the duffel bag. Looking more and more confused, Jay came suddenly to attention and then briskly marched past me into the living room. His mouth hung open in astonishment, and surprise, as he marched by me. . He didn’t have a clue as to what was happening to him, and couldn’t even put two words together. I closed the door, locked it, and then turned around to watch Jay. When he reached about the center of the living room, he stopped and executed a snappy one hundred and eighty degree about face. Looking directly at me, Jay dropped the duffel bag and snapped off a salute that would have pleased any drill sergeant. There he stood saluting me, mystified at what had just happened to him.

“ W...what’s happening to me? Who....who are you? Why can’t I move?” Jay squeaked out his questions. He was clearly upset at what had just happened, and was becoming more so by the minute. I could see his body start to tremble with fear as he stood there frozen like some kind of living mannequin. It was an understandable reaction. He felt completely out of control, and had no idea of what all of this meant. I was going to take a few minutes to take a close look at how Jay was dressed, but quickly dismissed that idea. There was no point in prolonging Jay’s fear. I looked at Jay and returned his salute.

Jay’s body relaxed instantly and he stopped trembling. His eyes went very wide and his jaw dropped in surprise as the events of his first session played back in his mind. He stared at me but his gaze was vacant. He wasn’t seeing me, only the events of his first session with me. I waited quietly, and took the opportunity presented to look over Jay’s outfit. He was dressed in a black single breasted jacket, unbuttoned, with a badge on the chest pocket. The badge was a simple black rectangle with the word ‘security’ on it and the name J. Turner below that. The rest of the outfit consisted of a white shirt and black tie, accompanied by medium gray pants with a plain black leather belt. I glanced down to see a pair of nondescript plain black shoes on his feet. Yes, he was dressed as he had been when I first met him in the hospital security wing. He had carried out his instructions.

“ did it,” Jay said timidly, wrenching my attention off of Jay’s cloths and back to him. “You controlled me. You made me obey you...then....and now.” Jay’s vacant stare melted into one of amazement and then joy. His eyes moved to find my face, and he smiled at me. I looked back at him silently. He blushed a bright beet red and then asked in that timid voice, “Did I do okay....uh...sir?”

“Yes, you did fine, Jay,” I said in a soothing voice. “Do you know why you are here now?”

“I think so, sir,” Jay replied. “You made me come here. You ordered me to come here. You said that we would take up where we left off at the hospital. I don’t even know what your name is. Are you going to control me again?” He looked at me with soulful begging eyes. He remembered how his last session felt and he wanted to feel that way again.

“Correct on all counts, Jay,” I answered. “My name is Paul. Gowned and bagged.”

Jay looked at me as the trigger phrase impacted on his mind. His face went blank and his body shuddered once as his eyes closed. He let out a soft sigh and then started to sway slightly. A smile started to build on his face as he slipped down deeper and deeper. Slowly he raised his head up and looked around. He saw me standing near him and walked over to where I was. He looked at me and then slowly smiled at me, with a warm and tender almost sensual smile. He cleared his throat before he spoke. “Thank you sir, for taking me back here. I feel so good now, sir. I hear and obey you, sir.”

“Good Jay,” I said to him. “We will now pick up where we left off earlier at the hospital.”

“Sir? I don’t understand.” Jay said confused.

Silently I drew my finger slowly across the front of Jay’s chest over his jacket, shirt and tie, just about the level of where his nipples should have been. “Do you remember my touch, Jay?”

“Oh, yesssssssssss........” Jay breathed in delight, as a shudder of pleasure overtook his body. “” He swallowed a few times and softly asked me. “Please, sir, would you touch me like that again?”

In answer I drew my finger across his chest again from his left shoulder to his right, just below his collarbone.

“Ohhhh, yessssss” he hissed at me, softly, and closed his eyes in delight. “I like that. Yes. Please do it again, sir.”

I smiled at him, and moved my finger across his chest a third time.

“So..... nice....", he said and then softly moaned with pleasure yet again.

He was responding well, as I had expected. I moved my finger across his chest a fourth time. I was starting to enjoy this as well. He moaned with delight, but said nothing, keeping his eyes closed, but not tightly.

“Please, sir. More, please? Please touch me again?” Jay said softly. It was not a whimper, just a polite, calm request, with an undercurrent of pleading that was all too evident.

“I will do much more than that, Jay,” I said to him. He nodded his head in silent agreement. “I am going to run my hands all over your body, and search every pocket of your clothing. Whatever I find I will remove and drop on the floor. Each time either of my hands is inside any of pockets of your clothes, you will feel yourself becoming more and more aroused. You will feel so sexy and so turned on that your cock will be harder than ever before. You will continue to get harder and harder, and feel yourself slowly becoming more and more aroused. You will slowly start building to an orgasm unlike anything you have ever felt before. You will cum when and ONLY when I let you. No matter how close you feel, you will not be able to cum until I let you. Waiting to cum on command will increase your pleasure even more.”

Jay, gulped a few times and slowly nodded his head. “Yes, sir. I remember that now. I can’t wait for you to start.”

I waited for a few seconds and then reached over and firmly inserted my right hand into the upper breast pocket of his jacket. I wiggled my fingers around a bit.

“Ohhhhhh,” Jay cried out softly as the pleasure surged through him. My eyes darted downward to look at the front of his gray pants, which I noted appeared to be as snug a fit around his crotch and thighs as I remembered. In only a few seconds I was treated to the delightful sight of a bulge slowly growing near the bottom of the fly of his pants.

Easily I slipped my hand out of the upper breast pocket of his jacket and into the left outside pocket of his jacket. I moved my hand around for a few moments. The pocket was empty, but Jay didn’t mind. A couple of low animal groans forced themselves out from between his sexy lips. I had nearly forgotten how good looking Jay Turner was. I estimated Jay’s age at somewhere in his mid twenties, or it could have been his boyish good looks that gave the impression of youth. At about five feet ten inches in height, with a slim build, Jay was the type of guy that would definitely have caught your eye (or both eyes in my case). He had medium length sandy blond hair that was neatly combed, with a part on the right side of his head. His eyes were blue, but not the light sky blue that I would have expected to find. His were a deep and dark cobalt blue. A battleship steel blue, that under normal circumstances would have been, well, if not unfriendly then cautiously neutral. These were hardly normal circumstances, though. (Duh!) His cobalt blue eyes seemed soft and inviting, almost glowing. They certainly matched the inviting smile that was making itself abundantly plain on his face. Even ivory white teeth framed in a warm and cheerful almost sexy smile, that is what I saw when I looked at his face. His mustache was a few shades darker than his blond hair, but it was full and neatly trimmed. The rest of his face was clean shaven. No sideburns. It was hard to describe what the rest of his face looked like. His face was well balanced, and none of his features were out of proportion to the rest. He was good looking, and maybe that is the best way to describe him. Jay was a handsome young man, of average built with comely features that were most pleasing to gaze upon. I sighed in silent joy, as I let my eyes drink deeply of the magnificent sight that stood only inches away from me.

“Deeper, Jay,” I muttered into his ear as I stood beside him. He swayed ever so lightly, as his sexy lips melted into what can only be described as an alluring, seductive smile, that silently begged for me to continue. I slipped my hand out of the left outside pocket of Jay’s jacket and slowly dragged my hands across Jay’s back and over to his right side as I slowly walked around him. One hand I dragged across Jay’s back, and the other across Jay’s butt.

“Yesssssssssss.” Jay moaned softly, as he slowly wiggled his body with pleasure He moaned several more times as I slipped my hands into the right outside pocket of Jay’s jacket and searched it. I did not find anything in that pocket, either. Jay’s reactions to such simple stimulation was much stronger than I had expected, so I decided to continue slowly. It would be better for Jay, and a heck of a lot more enjoyable for me. I removed my hands from the outside right pocket of Jay’s jacket and then stood in front of him. As I waited for Jay to calm down, I indulged myself, and gazed down at the front of Jay’s pants. The bulge in his pants had become more pronounced, and for just a second I was tempted to place my hands down there to see just how large Jay had become. I’d determine that soon enough.

“Hold your jacket open, Jay,” I instructed him. Jay silently nodded his head in agreement. He moved his hands slowly but steadily up towards the front of his jacket. He firmly grabbed the left and right sides of his jacket front and slowly pulled his jacket open. His eyes remained closed as he carried out my instructions.

I let my eyes roam all over Jay’s front, admiring his trim and fit body. He was not a gym rat, but he kept himself in shape. His white dress shirt lay against his chest and stomach closely, but not snugly or tightly. The shirt helped to emphasize the difference between Jay’s chest and his narrow waist. The black tie he wore hung down in a straight line and stopped short just above his belt buckle. The collar of his shirt was close around his neck but he looked comfortable. The front of Jay’s pants were intriguing. The front pockets were not the side angle ones I had expected, but rather were top pockets sort of what you would find on a pair of jeans. The front of the pants thus were smooth and not pleated. This caused those pants to fit somewhat closely (okay they fit very snugly and a bit tightly) to Jay’s crotch and hips. The curve of Jay’s hips from his waist down to the top of his thighs was emphasized by those smooth gray pants he was wearing. There was a noticeable bulge in the front of Jay’s pants. It was not pronounced, but even as I continued to look at it, the bulge grew a bit longer. All in all, Jay’s front was a most inviting sight.

I moved my eyes, with a bit of difficulty I might add, to the left inside of Jay’s jacket and did not notice anything. I slipped my right hand inside the inside breast pocket that was there and wiggled my fingers about looking for anything. I didn’t find anything, but Jay hooted with pleasure a few times. I turned my attention to the right inside of Jay’s jacket and noticed a suspicious bulge in the inside breast pocket that was located there. I plunged my left hand into that pocket and my probing fingers quickly located a leather object. I plucked it out and was delighted to find that I had successfully retrieved Jay’s wallet. It was a plain black leather wallet, unremarkable except that it was very, very thick. Could it be money inside there? I doubted it and even if that were the case I wasn’t really interested in money from Jay. I flipped the wallet open and in the process discovered that it was one of the kinds of wallets that folds over twice instead of just once. This explained why the wallet made such a big bulge in Jay’s pocket. I let the wallet drop to the carpeted floor with a soft thump.

“Slip off your jacket, Jay,” I instructed him. “Hang it up on a chair in the dinning room and then return here.” I was through with his jacket anyway, and I was understandably curious to see what Jay’s ass looked like in those gray pants he was wearing. If it was anything like his front had been, I was in for a real treat. I swallowed nervously and waited.

“Yesssssss.....” Jay hissed at me. He slowly opened his eyes and blinked them a few times as he focused on me and on the task at hand. He smiled at me, and nodded his head. He was so enraptured by his experience so far, that he was all too willing to follow along with what I told him to do. In a smooth and fluid motion, Jay slipped his jacket off of his shoulders and let it slide down his arms a bit. He slipped his left arm out of the left sleeve of the jacket and then swing the jacket around to the front with his right arm. Jay grabbed the jacket with his left hand and extracted his right arm from the right sleeve of the jacket. Holding the jacket out in front of him, Jay turned to the right slightly and headed off into the dinning room.

My eyes traveled quickly to the back of Jay’s neck, the collar of his dress shirt, and started the long and tantalized trip down the center of Jay’s back headed for his ass. I must confess that I did not really pay much attention to Jay’s back, because I was in a rush to see what the back of his pants looked like. Jay’s back was nice. His shoulders tapered smoothly down to his wonderful narrow waist My gaze jumped over the black belt that encircled Jay’s waist and headed on down to the main event. His butt. His ass. His cheeks. Whatever you want to call them, my eyes locked onto those two gray clad hills and stayed there devouring every second of that tantalizing sight. The back of Jay’s pants were smooth and wrinkle free. There were no hip pockets in his pants to distract from the way that the material of his pants clung to his sweet butt cheeks. As he walked away from me I could do nothing but moan silently in awe at the sight. He wasn’t doing anything in particular to turn me on. He was not swaying his hips suggestively at me. He was just walking. Some guys, though, move in a graceful and sexy way without even being aware of what they do, and he was one of them. I suppose it was the way that those pants clung to not only his buttocks but also up and around his crotch, that was causing me to get excited. (Excited hell! I had a hard on the size of Texas! I could have drilled for oil with my cock, it was so hard!) It was as if those pants were mapping out all of the territory of Jay’s ass and crotch for me, and letting me see with x-ray vision as it were. I swear I could even see the lines from his underwear on his ass, as he walked away from me! (Okay maybe I was exaggerating just a tad, but I hope you get the idea.)

Unexpectedly Jay turned around and my eyes were presented with the front of his pants. I looked up in surprise to see that Jay was heading back towards me from the dining room, having finished hanging up his jacket. I was a bit disappointed to have that wonderful view cut off, but I consoled myself by knowing that I’d be looking at it again soon enough, and that I’d be much closer this time. So, I started studying the front of Jay’s pants as he walked towards me. The material of Jay’s pants was clinging as closely at the front as it had been at the back, partly due to the huge mound that was jutting forth from the front of Jay’s pants. Jay was obviously feeling pretty good and happy with himself, in more ways than one. The smile on his face was relaxed, natural and very big. I licked my lips nervously as that huge mound got closer and closer. I knew that I was going to give that ever expanding mound a close up examination as soon as it got within reach. I found it took some effort to remain where I was and wait for Jay to walk back to me.

Jay stood in front of me and grinned like an idiot, with a somewhat vacant glazed look in his eyes. He did not say anything as he stood there relaxed and at ease, except for his ‘south pole’.

“Good boy, Jay,” I congratulated him. “You did that very well.”

Jay beamed with satisfaction, and his eyes lit up with joy. I reached forward with both hands to begin my examination of Jay’s confined cock, but was denied the opportunity. Jay suddenly dropped to his hands and knees, and looked up at me as he stuck out his tongue and panted a few times. I stood frozen with surprise for a few seconds, unsure what had just happened. Suddenly I remembered the events at the hospital security wing, how Jay had dropped to his hands and knees, barked at me, and then said that he wanted to be a dog for me. It seemed this was happening again. I suppose it made sense, since I had told Jay that we were going to continue from where we left off. The question was how to proceed from this point.

I had to admit to myself that I suffered from a surge of sexual excitement seeing Jay there on his hands and knees wanting to be my pet dog. (Okay, I nearly came in my best pair of jeans!) I did not usually entertain such ideas, but when a good looking guy has presented such an opportunity to you on a silver platter, it is hard to say no. (Yes, something ELSE was hard too, which only made matters more complicated.) Jay looked up at me expectedly, as I stood there thinking. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I reached down and patted Jay on the head as I spoke to him.

“Such a good boy, Jay. Such a smart doggie you are,” I told him. “Why you’re the smartest, most clever doggie in the world, Jay. And you enjoy following your master’s commands more than anything in the world. You are a housebroken doggie and you stand by the door when you need to go outside to do your business.” I didn’t want Jay peeing on my carpet or on the leg of my dining room table, after all.

Jay nodded his head eagerly in agreement. He looked up at me, and smiled in silent joy. He tilted his head at me as a puzzled expression surfaced on his face. I did not do anything since I was not sure what it was that he wanted.

“What’s the matter, doggie?” I asked him. “What do you want? Can you show me?”

Jay wagged his butt with joy, an attempt to wag his nonexistent tail, and then scampered across the living room carpet heading over to his duffel bag. Jay reached the bag and then sniffed it a few times. He looked up at me for a second, and then climbed on top of the bag and my heart skipped a beat. “God damn it! He’s good looking, especially in that position!” I thought to myself. Gripping the bag firmly in between his two arms, as a dog would using its front paws, Jay lowered his head and managed to grip the handle of the zipper on the bag, with his teeth. He unzipped the bag completely, although he had to adjust his position and grip a couple of times. I didn’t mind, though. I could not have been happier watching ‘Jay the dog’ in action. The sight of Jay on all fours, with those gray dress pants of his snugly stretched across his buttocks and crotch, with his legs spread apart so he could straddle the duffel bag, made me wish I’d had a camera nearby so I could snap a few pictures of him. I owned a camera, but I could not tear myself away from the sight in front of me to go and get a camera. If you had blown a trumpet in my ear, I’m not sure that I would have noticed.

With the bag now open completely, Jay plunged his head into it. His head emerged a scant second later, and he backed away from the duffel bag. He had what looked like a red golf shirt clamped firmly in his mouth. He dragged the shirt across the floor a bit and then dropped the shirt, turned to look at me, barked once and then headed back to the duffel bag. My eyes widened in surprise, but I said nothing. I decided to wait and see what happened before I did anything. I had to admit it. Jay had aroused my curiosity, amongst other things. Upon reaching the duffel bag Jay plunged his head inside again, and a moment later his head popped back up. He backed away from the duffel bag dragging a pair of dark blue jeans gripped firmly in his teeth. The jeans soon joined the red golf shirt in a pile on the floor a few feet away from the duffel bag. Jay made a few more trips to the duffel bag and retrieved in no particular order, a belt, some socks and a couple of pairs of underwear. It was an interesting pile of clothing he had accumulated, but I still could not figure out what he was up to.

Jay smiled at me and barked a couple of times at me as he remained on his hands and knees, beside the pile of clothing he had retrieved. He headed back to the duffel bag, burrowed his head into it yet again, and started rooting through the bag looking for something. After a few minutes he found it, but apparently had trouble picking it up with just his teeth, since he inserted his right hand into the bag in order to capture whatever the object was. This was a most definitely not a dog like thing to do, but I wasn’t going to complain to him about it. Jay got a good grip on the object with his teeth and placed his right hand back down on the floor. He turned around and urgently crawled over to where I was standing looking at him. Jay dropped the object at my feet, looked up at me, barked a couple of times and just smiled at me. Curious I looked down at my feet to see what my doggie had brought me.

Lying on the floor just in front of my black leather cowboy boots was a black leather studded dog collar. Suddenly I felt a very cold chill go down my spine. I didn’t know what to think. Was it a bondage collar that I was looking at or was it an actual dog collar? It didn’t make much difference, because now I was scared. Scared about where all of this might lead. My mouth became cottony, my throat dried up, my hands started to shake and my legs became weak. I felt lost, like I was adrift on a small wooden raft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It seemed like we were heading into an area that scared me. Bondage. Bondage and tying people up. I shuddered a few times as I tried to control myself.

“Lie down, boy!” I called to Jay in a shaky voice. He complied, lying full out on carpet, on his stomach, but he stopped smiling. “Now STAY, boy!” I ordered him as I turned and headed off to the kitchen. Jay lay on the floor looking up at me with questioning eyes, but he stayed where he was. I stumbled into the kitchen grabbed a glass of ice water from the refrigerator. I drank down the water slowly and that routine everyday action helped to calm me down. My mouth wasn’t cottony anymore and I was able to swallow normally. I headed back out to the living room.

Jay had not moved an inch when I arrived, other than to place his hands over his head, like a dog places his paws on his head when he knows he’s been bad. It was a submissive and slightly stimulating posture, but I had to do my best to ignore that. It was time to find out more about this collar that Jay had dropped in front of me.

‘Zero, one, two, three, four, five, wide awake!” I called out to Jay to awaken him from his trance. We needed to talk about this and I wanted him in his normal state of mind.

Jay blinked his eyes a few times, and then shook his head in disbelief as he came back to his senses.

“I...what....why?” He said, his voice full of confusion. He slowly got up off the floor to stand in front of me. Even that simple motion was sexy, and helped to keep me hard. I noticed that Jay’s erection had deflated completely as he returned to full awareness. It was not unexpected, but it was a letdown nevertheless.

“Do you know what just happened, Jay?” I asked him, unable to conceal the tremor in my voice. .

“Yes.....yes I do, sir,” he answered as he looked at me. He wasn’t upset or concerned. If anything he seemed very disappointed and a bit sad. “Why did you stop? Did I do something wrong? Don’t you like dogs?” He asked in a timid and soft voice.

Before I could open my mouth to answer, Jay spoke again, in that same wistful and pleading tone of voice. “If you tell me what the problem is, then maybe I could fix it. Or is it just something about me that you don’t like? If it is the clothes I could change into something else. I brought more clothes in the duffel bag, as you saw. Or I could be nude.” The last sentence was almost a whisper and Jay blushed when he said it.

“Slow down, Jay,” I said to him in a soothing and mellow voice. “Nothing is wrong. We just need to talk for a few minutes. Come and sit with me on the couch okay?”

“Uh...okay,” he said quietly, and somewhat reluctantly.

Once we were settled, I asked Jay to tell me what had happened so far tonight.

“Well....” Jay said as he thought for a moment, and then looked me right in the eyes. “I came over here tonight, dressed for work due to a post hypnotic suggestion of yours from the time when you hypnotized me at the hospital. took me very deep, and you got me very hard and very excited. You managed to take out my wallet and to get my jacket off. I felt you controlling me more and more as time when by. And then I got down on my hands and knees, like I did back at the hospital.”

“Why did you do that, Jay?” I asked him when he finished speaking, and did not continue. “Why did you want to act like a dog then, or now for that matter?”

“I’m not sure,” he answered. “It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I wanted to obey you so much, that well, I sort of felt like a dog being trained. just felt, well, natural, I guess.” Jay blushed as he forced out the last sentence, and he looked at me worriedly.

“Have you always wanted to be someone’s dog, their pet, so to speak?” I asked him.

“No. Never before,” Jay answered. “But there is something about you, sir. When you hypnotized me I felt like the only way I could truly obey you as I should was to be your dog. I don’t feel that way right now, because I’m not hypnotized. But, I do want to feel that way again. I...uh...I liked feeling hard like that. It felt so good.” Jay sat there looking at me waiting for my response.

“And then?” I prompted him.

“Well, then, I....well....I wanted to feel more like a dog,” Jay said softly, still looking me right in the eyes. “So I decided to get out the dog collar that I brought with me, and give it to you in the hope that you would put it on me.” Jay blushed as red as a beet, dropped his eyes to look at the floor and then turned away from me.

I wasn’t sure what to do next. Oh sure, I could have used my powers to have fixed everything and made it all okay for Jay and for me, but that would not have explained what was going on or why. The only thing I was sure of, though, is that this was not another one of Lyle’s tests. I was not getting any feelings of danger or that something was wrong, as I had been with Mike Walker and Phil Turnbill.

“Jay, is this what you want?” I asked him.

“Sir?” He replied as he turned his face to look at me, confused and worried, unsure of what I was asking him.

“Jay, do you want to be a dog when I hypnotize you?” I asked again. “Is that something that you really enjoy? Does it make you feel good to do that?”

“Yes, sir, it does,” Jay answered. He blinked his eyes a few times as he continued to look at me and then added. “I don’t know why, sir, but I want you to control me more and more when you hypnotize me. I only know that I feel really good, happy I guess, when I know I’m your doggie. I guess that’s kind of weird, sir, but I can’t seem to help it. It is how I feel, about being hypnotized by you.”

“I see,” I said cautiously. “What about if I hypnotize you and don’t have you act as a dog? How do you feel about that?”

Jay looked at me for a minute before he spoke. “You’re gay, aren’t you sir?” He asked me.

“Yes,” I replied surprised at the sudden switch in the conversation. “But what does that have to do with anything?”

“You’re not interested in animals are you, sir?” Jay asked me.

I was stunned silent for a second as the question caught me completely off guard.

“Ah, no, Jay,” I replied numbly. “I prefer to stay with my own species, thank you very much.” I was not following Jay’s train of thought at all. I had no idea where he was going with all this.

“Well, I prefer it when you have me be your dog, sir,” Jay said to me. “I think I feel safer as a dog, because then I know you won’t try to force yourself on me.”

My mouth dropped open in amazement as I heard this. I’m sure I must have had an idiotic and stunned look on my face. Jay gulped nervously and started speaking again.

“It’s not that I don’t enjoy you touching me, sir,” he said. “I enjoy that a lot. Why just thinking about you touching my chest and caressing my nipples is getting me excited again.” Jay’s face suddenly flushed as he spoke, suggesting the truth of his statement. “It’s just that I don’t want to have sex with you, and as a dog I feel safer. Do you understand, sir?”

“Give me a minute to try and understand this, okay?” I said to him, still somewhat dazed at what he had told me. Jay nodded his head silently, turned his head away from me and looked at the bookshelves on the far wall. I wasn’t sure but I thought I could see a tear forming in his eye.

I sat there in silence and tried to understand what Jay was and was not saying. The more I thought about it, the more it started to make sense. Jay was straight, and had no interest in gay sex, yet he wanted to feel controlled by me. As a dog, he could do that and still be safe, since in his mind, I would never have sex with an animal. The logic was a bit on the weird side, but it did make sense when you thought about it. Or was I just trying to justify this in my own mind, trying to find an excuse to agree with Jay? There was one way to be absolutely sure. I projected my powers outward and scanned Jay’s mind as deeply as I could. I was surprised at the clarity of the scan, since I normally required physical contact to obtain such clear information. It was but another indication of how much my powers had recently changed. The scan confirmed all that Jay had told me. He wanted hypnosis with me, but felt safest when acting as my dog. Jay was not interested in bondage or in having pain inflicted on him. (I breathed a mental sigh of relief at discovering that.) He had a basic need or urge to feel controlled and dominated by someone, and while he wanted it to be me because the hypnosis made the experience all the more erotic for him, he did not want to engage in gay sex with me. He liked women and wanted to keep it that way. (Boy I could really pick ‘em, couldn’t I? All these good looking guys who wanted to be controlled but are straight. Wasn’t there anyone out there for me?) Deeper in his mind I could clearly see the knot of worry that remained, the worry that I might try to change his sexual orientation while I had such a profound level of control over him. I completed my scan of Jay’s mind. I was thankful that Jay’s face was still turned away from me. I wasn’t sure what to make of all this.

I thought about what I had learned about Jay from having scanned his mind, and about what Jay had told me. I could not think of any reason why we could not explore Jay’s dog role playing a bit further, as long as it was only role playing.

“If I had wanted to take advantage of you, don’t you think I would have done so by now, Jay?” I asked him.

“I guess so, sir,” Jay agreed still looking away from me. “But maybe when you had me really excited and turned on so that I would agree to anything, you would choose then to make your move, sir.”

A valid point. He was sharp. I had to admit that. How could I prove to him otherwise, though?

“I wish there was some way I could prove to you that I would never do that to you, Jay,” I said to him quietly. “But there isn’t. I can promise you that I will never do anything related to gay sex with you, but only time will prove to you that I intend to keep that promise. I only do what my subjects want to do. All I can offer you is my word, my promise. If that is not enough, then you had best leave now.” I thought about reaching inside Jay’s mind and making a few adjustments so that he would agree to this, but I didn’t. I knew that such a relationship would be fun at first, but would quickly become hollow and unsatisfactory for me.

Jay said nothing. He merely looked that the bookcase, almost as if he were ignoring me.

“I’m going into the kitchen to make a cup of tea,” I told him. “When you make up your mind, drop by and let me know.” I got up and walked into the kitchen, leaving Jay alone and lost in his own thoughts. As I went through the motions of making myself a cup of tea, I thought about Jay and what we had just talked about. Nothing happened, and the apartment was deathly quiet as I waited for the water to come to a boil and for Jay to make his decision. I picked up a paperback book that I had been reading over past few days and started reading it again. The water came to a boil. I make myself a cup of tea. I had read a few pages and had a few sips of tea when Jay walked through the door.

“Would you put this on me, now?” He asked holding out the dog collar to me, his face unreadable.

“I suppose there is no harm in letting you be my pet dog, as long as you’re housebroken,” I grinned at him. Jay grinned back in relief. “Gowned and bagged” I said to him.

Jay’s eyes fluttered closed and his arms dropped limply to his sides, as he returned to his hypnotic trance. A smile graced his lips as a bulge started to grow at the front of his pants. I moved my chair out away from the kitchen table, but remained seated in it, as an idea popped into my mind.

“Come here and sit down on my right cowboy boot, Jay,” I instructed him.

“Yes, sir,” he replied as he opened his eyes and slowly walked over to where I was.

“I think you’ll find that the feeling of sitting on my long hard cowboy boot, with its pointed toe is going to feel so nice on your ass, Jay.” I suggested to him. “You’ll find that having my cowboy boot between your buttocks will be an incredible experience for you, as waves of intense pleasure will course through your body as you sit there.” I knew I was going to enjoy this and it seemed only fair to insure that Jay would as well.

“Yes, sir,” Jay replied as his eyes lit up at the prospect. Jay stood in front of me and slowly turned around, presenting a wonderful view of his butt, in those clinging smooth pants of his. Slowly Jay lowered himself into a squatting position, and I moaned with joy, as I reached out and brushed those sweet buns of his with the tips of my fingers. (Hey, what did you expect? I AM a gay man after all.) Those pants looked like they were skin tight as they hugged every curve of Jay’s buns as he squatted there in front of me. Jay swung his ass to the left as he looked back over his right shoulder to be sure that he was positioning his butt so that he would sit down on my right cowboy boot. (I had thoughtfully moved my left foot back under my chair so that it was out of the way.) Satisfied that all was as it should be, Jay swung his ass back and slowly lowered his big warm round sweet buns down on top of my right cowboy boot, as he sat down on it.

My eyes flooded my mind with the sweet sight of Jay sitting down on my right foot, while my right foot relayed the messages of weight and pressure as my right cowboy boot was surrounded and embraced by Jay’s beautiful buttocks. Jay moaned out loud with joy, as he shifted around a few times to make himself comfortable. I let a few sighs of delight escape from my lips as Jay leaned back on my right leg and made himself comfortable.

“How does that feel, Jay?” I asked him.

“Wonderful! Terrific, sir!” Jay replied enthusiastically. “Your boot between my buttocks, your boot wedged up my ass, in my crack. It’s heaven. hard.....” Jay moaned a few more times, reached down to the front of his pants and rubbed at the huge mound that lay there.

I wiggled the toes of my right foot and moved my boot forward and backward just a bit, enjoying the sensation of his weight encompassing my right foot and lower leg.

“OH YES!!!!!!” Jay screamed out passionately. “YES, PLEASE!!!!! Rub my ass with your boot! Kick my ass with your boot! Please, let me feel the toe of your boot up my ass!” Jay suddenly lurched forward, climbing up on to his hands and knees, and off of my boot. He bent his body forward until his head was touching the floor and his backside was sticking up and out in the air. It seemed a shame not to take him up on his offer, so I slowly and carefully moved my right foot and raised it towards his willing behind. I hooked the toe of my boot right into Jay’s crotch and pressed upward, gently.

“Yes, that’s it!” Jay, exclaimed. “Yes! More, please! Please, more! Please don’t stop!” I wasn’t likely to in any event, but it was encouraging to get such positive feedback from Jay. I slowly moved my right boot upward tracing along the path between Jay’s buttocks, letting my toe push inward gently but steadily. Jay grunted and moaned with pleasure, unable to say much of anything.

“You cannot cum until I give you permission, Jay,” I reminded him, as I moved the toe of my boot back and forth gently up and down, between his buttocks. “No matter how much you may want to, you cannot cum until I tell you.”

“Yes....yes....sir,” Jay cried out amongst the moans, groans and grunts of pleasure that poured through him. He took a deep breath and spoke quickly. “I cum only when you say, no matter how close I feel.”

“Excellent, Jay,” I encouraged him. “When I remove my boot from your ass, you will put on that dog collar. Then you will know what to do.”

“A doggie,” Jay breathed with excitement. “Your doggie, oh yes!” Jay was smiling like he’d just won the lottery or something.

I moved my right foot up and down the entire circumference of Jay’s ass, even back and forth across his buttocks. It was so amazing and satisfying to see Jay respond so well to such a simple physical stimulation. After a while though, my right foot started to get tired, so I reluctantly stopped caressing Jay with it. I place my right foot back on the floor with a noticeable thump to insure that Jay knew I was finished.

Jay’s body swayed back and forth for a few heartbeats, and then he sat back on his heels as he moved his hands towards his neck. It took only a few moments for him to place the studded dog collar around his neck and to fasten it, just above the collar of his dress shirt. Jay jumped forward on to his hands and knees and spun around to face me. He barked at me a few times, and panted. Slowly he approached me, and lay down at my feet looking up at me in silent adoration. Seeing that I was not about to order him to do anything, Jay, curled up in a ball by my feet, lying on his right side. I was provided with a most delectable view of Jay’s butt, in that position. I felt a warm glow of satisfaction as I looked down at Jay, my new pet. He had what he wanted, and I guess so did I. Still, it would be best to go slowly, with this.

“Fetch your wallet for me, boy!” I called out to him. Jay jumped to his hands and knees, and was crawling off as quickly as possible. The sight of Jay’s butt moving back and forth as he crawled off to the kitchen door, was one that I will remember and enjoy for a long time. (I’m sure that if you had been there, you’d have enjoyed it too. Don’t lie to me now!) Jay was back in only a few moments with his wallet gripped firmly between his teeth as he crawled towards me. I held out my left hand palm up, beside my left knee, as Jay approached. Jay knew what to do without being told. He placed his wallet in my left palm, and then sat back on his heels.

“Good boy!” I praised him, as I petted his head with my right hand. “Such a good boy!”

Jay beamed with joy, and barked a couple of times in agreement.

“Go fetch your jacket, boy,” I commanded him. Jay’s eyes twinkled with delight as he set off to complete this task for me. I was treated to another view of his ass in those lovely tight pants. Jay returned very quickly with his jacket now clutched tightly between his teeth. His jacket was hanging down from his mouth dragging along the floor between Jays arms as he crawled forward. I hoped it wasn’t getting too dirty. Jay dropped the jacket at my feet, on top of my cowboy boots, and then sat back on his heels and looked up at me.

“Your a very good boy, Jay!” I praised him. “So clever and smart, and so well trained!”

Jay wiggled his ass back and forth frantically, in an effort to wag his tail. He looked up at me and waited patiently for my next instruction. I thought for a moment and came up with a plan.

“Roll over, boy!” I said to him.

Jay immediately lay face down on the floor, rolled over on to his back, and continued rolling until he was back lying on his face again. He quickly climbed back up to his hands and knees, raised his head to look at me and barked joyously.

“Sit up and beg!” I called out to him.

Jay sat back on his heels and raised his arms and hands out in front of him with his hands bent down at the wrist. He looked like a dog begging. I was impressed, and excited by the site of him sitting there like that. He was really starting to enjoy this role playing, and frankly so was I. I noticed that while he sat there begging, his cock had remained hard and firm in his pants. There was no sign of his cock getting soft.

“Roll on your back and play dead, now!” I told him.

Jay dropped to his right side and rolled on the floor until he was on his back, with his legs up in the air, knees bent, and his hands and arms held out in front of him in a sort of begging position. He stayed there quietly awaiting my next command.

“Jay, dogs don’t wear clothes, so I’m going to take off your doggie clothes so that you’ll feel cooler and more natural,” I said to him, as I knelt down beside him.

Jay’s eyes became wide with fear, and his entire body trembled. “Please? No?” He whimpered at me. I froze. It wasn’t hard to figure out what Jay was probably thinking (I could have read his mind, but didn’t think it was necessary). Jay was afraid that if his clothes were removed, I’d try to take advantage of him. Okay, that killed that idea, but maybe I could still have some fun with Jay.

“Jay, when I snap my fingers you will not longer be my pet dog. You will be yourself, but still very deeply hypnotized, and you will lie there on the floor and go even deeper,” I said to him.

Jay nodded his head. I waited a few moments and then snapped my fingers once. Jay let out a long deep sigh as his arms and legs wilted. Slowly he lowered his legs and arms to the floor until he was lying there comfortably on his back, breathing deeply, with a small smile on his lips. I stood up and looked down on him, enjoying the site of him lying there before I spoke.

“You look a bit hot to me, Jay,” I said to him. His face did look flushed and I could see a couple of beads of sweat on his brow. “Go into the other room, change into those other clothes, the jeans and golf shirt, then come back here and stand in front of me. As you do that Jay, as you change into those casual clothes, your cock will get harder and harder, and you will get closer and closer and closer to cuming. By the time you are standing in front of me, you will be dancing on the edge of release and will want to cum very badly.”

“Yes, sir,” Jay said as he wiggled with excitement. He opened his eyes and stood up.

“Don’t forget your jacket, Jay,” I called to him as he started to head to the kitchen door.

“Uh...yes, sir,” Jay replied absently. He turned around and walked over to where I stood. He bent over and picked up his jacket from the floor, again providing me with a nice view of his ass. (What can I say? I’m an opportunist.) Jay walked out to the living room, with a smirk on his face.

About five minutes later, Jay walked back into the kitchen wearing the red golf shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans that I swear were painted on. I gulped in surprise, and was unable to say anything to Jay. His cock was clearly outlined in the front of his jeans, as it strained against the denim fabric. I found it difficult to look away from the monster that was hiding just under the surface at the front of Jay’s jeans. I looked up to see that Jay’s eyes were half lidded in pleasure as he moaned softly while walking towards me. He was not wearing the dog collar anymore. A simple and totally unnecessary, black leather belt encircled Jay’s waist, and completed the outfit. Jay did not swing his hips, or swagger or strut as he walked towards me. He didn’t have to do anything like that to look sexy. All he had to do was walk. The way his clothes fit on him, very tight and very nice, he was as sexy as hell! I licked my lips and swallowed nervously, aching to run my hands over his body, face, and especially his cock and his butt.

Jay stood in front of me, finally, and smiled dreamily, while he continued to moan and sigh with pleasure. He didn’t say anything. He just looked at me, as if he were lost in a fog of some type. I guess that was probably the case. Slowly a grin came to his face, and Jay reached down to grab my right hand. Smoothly and gently he placed my hand on top of the mound that was his long and hard cock. He leaned over slightly, placed his lips next to my right ear and whispered, “Please, sir, will you let me cum soon? I’m so close it hurts. Can’t you feel how full and hard my cock is?”

“I can see and feel that, Jay,” I answered him. “Turn around now.”

“Yes, sir,” Jay said quietly. He slowly turned around until his back was presented to me. My breath caught in my throat, as the full view of his wonderful ass came into my sight. Those lovely jeans were so tight across Jay’s buttocks that again I thought the jeans must have been painted on him. Skin tight does not begin to describe it. I reached out and ran my hands all over those exquisite buns of his, and let my hands explore the seam of his jeans that ran in between his buttocks and down to his crotch. The material was soft, smooth and pleasantly warm to the touch but it was the feeling of following every curve, every muscle in that beautiful and well landscaped ass that was causing a pleasure overload in my brain. (I’m a butt man, first and foremost, or couldn’t you tell? ) I noted with pleasure that Jay had stuffed (and I do mean stuffed) his wallet into the right back pocket of his jeans. How he managed to get the wallet in there, I have no idea, but it only made his jeans look and feel even tighter.

“Oh yes, play with me, sir! Oh yes, that’s so wonderful! I ...never could be so good, sir!” Jay exclaimed in broken breaths, between moans. “Please sir? I’m really starting to hurt. I...I need to cum now. Please will you let me cum now, sir?” I could hear the pain in his voice, and decided that Jay had probably waited long enough.

“Lie down on the floor, on your back, Jay,” I instructed him. I didn’t want to stop groping him, but the poor man was starting to suffer. Jay slowly lowered himself on the floor, both moaning and whimpering at the same time.

“Open your fly, and take out your cock,” I told him.

‘ front of you, sir?” Jay asked, opened his eyes and looked at me questioningly.

“Yes, unless that is a problem for you, Jay,” I said to him.

“You’’re not going to give me a blow job are you, sir?” Jay queried me.

“No, I’m not,” I assured him. “But I am going to watch you cum all over your clothes.” I informed him. The guy just did NOT trust me not to try something with him, but I can’t say as I could blame him for having his suspicions. He was very good looking, very sexy in those jeans, and he knew it too.

“Oh, okay.....” Jay moaned as he reached down and unzipped the fly of his jeans. Slowly and carefully he worked that monster of his out of its cave, moaning all the while. His cock when it emerged was at least eight inches long, hard and thick and aching to release a large load of Jay’s juices. I could see a few drops of pre-cum dripping from the tip of his cut cock as he held that huge fire hose of his in his hands. He didn’t need hold that cock of his, since it was sticking straight up like a flagpole.

“Oh thank you sir!” Jay cried out in relief as his cock waved in the air, while Jay squiggled around a bit. “It feels so nice to have my cock out! I’m even closer now, sir. Please, sir, please let me cum now?” Jay pleaded, his eyes squeezed tightly closed.

“This one time only, Jay, when you hear me snap my fingers you will cum like you’ve never cum before,” I told him. Jay nodded his head up and down rapidly in agreement. He squirmed around in anticipation, as I watched him lying there. Jay gripped his cock with both hands, firmly but not tightly. I sat down near him to get a good view of what was about to happen. I snapped my fingers once, loudly.

There is no point in my trying to describe the sounds that Jay made as his long denied orgasm finally overtook him. They were not words, and I will leave it at that. Jay thrust his hips upward savagely as he pumped himself for all he was worth. His cum poured out of that huge cock of his like a volcano erupting. (I was surprised that I didn’t get a letter or telephone call from the local seismic center asking if I could explain the readings from their seismometers.) Jay’s cum flooded out and sprayed all over the front of Jay’s red golf shirt. I never dreamed that just one guy could produce so much cum. Once the initial pressure was released, the rest of Jay’s cum oozed out from the tip of his cock as he continued to pump his hips up and down. It reminded me of seeing the Mississippi overflow its banks on the television news. Jay’s cum spread down slowly over all sides of his cock. His hands were soon covered in cum, and still it kept coming. (No pun intended.) Slowly Jay’s cum accumulated in a small pool around the base of Jay’s cock, and spread outward, soaking everything. It took a good five minutes before Jay finally stopped bucking his hips. (I guess every man has his limits.) Jay wiped his hands on the front of his jeans to clean off his hands. When he discovered how fruitless that action was, Jay struggled to sit up, and to open his eyes. He looked down at himself, and without saying a word, he wiped his hands down the front of the legs of his jeans, as well as on the side of the legs of his jeans, in order to clean off his hands. He smiled to himself and then lay back down on the floor, exhausted. His cock was now limp and somewhat reduced in overall length. It flopped down along the left side of Jay’s jeans.

My own jeans were not in much better shape. I had cum in my jeans, producing a somewhat smaller load, when I’d seen Jay’s release. It had been a wonderful and enthralling experience, but not nearly as intense as it had been for Jay. I was able to keep my eyes open and watch him as he lay there resting and recovering his strength. I got up and chugged down a cold glass of orange juice while waiting for Jay to recover.

Jay had a body, especially in those jeans, that was very pleasing to look at. I remained some what aroused as I looked at him lying there. He was covered in his own cum, which is the only thing that stopped me from running my hands over his body again. He was a mess, and I didn’t feel like getting messy. Besides it would probably have frightened him if I had done that away. About ten minutes later Jay opened his eyes, sat up and looked around. He saw me sitting there next to him, looking at him, and he smiled at me.

“That was the most fantastic wondrous and erotic experience that I’ve ever had...sir,” he said to me. “And you didn’t even touch me...” he said in awe. He sat there completely dumbfounded, as he slowly came to understand what had just happened. He didn’t seem to much care that he was a real mess. I kept my mouth shut as I waited for him to work through what had just happened to him. He looked at me, then down at himself, and then back up at me. He blinked his eyes a few times before he spoke. “Can we do this again sometime, sir?” He asked hopefully. “I would really like that, and maybe I could do it with fewer clothes on?”

“I think so, Jay,” I answered him. It was a good sign. He wasn’t yet ready to let me see him nude, but he was considering taking off more of his clothes. Some subjects are slower than others. It was important not to rush these sort of things.

“Thank you, sir,” he responded. “I guess I should get cleaned up, and change now, right sir?”

“That would be a good idea,” I agreed. “If you want to take a bath or wash up the bathroom is the first door on the right, down the hall.” Jay slowly stood up, but before he could leave the kitchen I counted him out. Jay awoke with a start. He looked around the room in confusion, blinking his eyes and shaking his head slightly. Finally he spotted me still sitting on the floor, and he started to relax. He looked down at himself as he stood there with his clothes soaked with cum, and then looked over at me.

“I never imagined you were this powerful,” Jay said to me, his voice subdued with awe and wonder. “ made me do things, and feel things that I never would have imagined happening to me.” He stood there bewildered, with his mouth hanging open.

“Are you awake now, and back to your normal self, Jay?” I asked him after a few more moments of silence.

“Yes, I’m awake, I guess,” he answered as he stood there, staring at me. Finally, he seemed to come to some type of decision, and without speaking another word he turned and headed out of the kitchen. I silently followed him, but stopped when I was standing in the kitchen doorway. From that vantage point I could see Jay pick up his dress shirt, dress pants and a pair of clean underwear, and head off to the bathroom. A few minutes more of waiting confirmed my suspicion. He was taking a quick shower. To pass the time, I decided to have another cup of tea, but herbal since I didn’t want any caffeine.

I had just finished the tea and put my cup and saucer on the kitchen counter when Jay walked into the kitchen dressed for work. He looked at me and licked his lips nervously before he spoke.

“ what happens?” He asked.

“You leave to go home, and I curl up with a good book,” I answered. “The evening is over as far as your hypnosis is concerned. Unless you would like to stay and talk for a while.”

“You mean that’s it?” He asked, not sure he understood what I was saying.

“Yes, that’s it.” I assured him. “You’ve had a busy night and I am sure the entire experience has been a bit overwhelming for you. I think you need to take a few days and think about what has happened tonight.” I held up my hand as Jay was about to speak, and then continued talking to him. “When you’ve thought about it some, you might want to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You might even want to repeat what happened here tonight.”

“Hell, yes!” Jay exclaimed excitedly. “I’ve never cum like that before or experienced anything that powerful and intense! Of course I want to do this again! But how can I contact you? I don’t even know your name!”

“Easily solved,” I said calmly as I wrote down my name on a piece of paper, folded it and handed it to him. “I’m in the book. Gowned and bagged.”

Jay’s eyes snapped shut instantly, before he could pocket the paper he held in his right hand. “Yes, sir,” he said after a moment or two.

“Jay, for the next three days, you cannot see or read the name on the paper that I just handed to you,” I instructed him using only my mental powers and not my voice. “Any time that you look at the paper, for the next three days it will be blank. You will be unable to throw the paper out. You will keep the paper with you in your wallet for the next three days. After that time you will be able to see and read the name on the paper, and know that it is my name on that paper. You will not remember me hypnotizing you just now, nor will you recall these instructions, but you will carry them out nonetheless.” I counted him out. I noted with delight that I could see the mental commands taking root in Jay’s mind as I implanted them. He would not have any difficulties in carrying them out.

Jay’s eyes blinked open and he looked at me, as he slipped the paper into his jacket pocket. “You won’t tell me who you are now?” He asked me.

“That is correct. I will not tell you my name right now. You will learn what my name is in due time.” I answered. “You’re new at hypnosis and you need some time to think. It’s best that you go now.”

Jay grinned at my slyly and said, “Maybe I won’t wait.” He took the paper from his pocket and flipped the paper open. “Hey! It’s blank! You tricked me!” He cried in surprise and outrage.

“In a manner of speaking, yes I did,” I agreed with him. “You’ll find out about that in due course as well. Now I hate to sound pushy, but you really do need to be leaving.”

“I don’t understand what you mean, by all this,” Jay said sounding puzzled. “Out of gratitude for what you did for me tonight, I’ll leave now. I don’t like it, though.”

I escorted Jay to the front door and wished him well, assuring him that in due time he would come to understand everything. I knew that in three days when he discovered what my name was, he would contact me. I knew that there would be more hypnosis sessions with Jay, and that given enough time, he’d wind up wearing just the dog collar. I could already see, deep within his mind, how he was already accepting such ideas. He had to come to that realization himself. Hence the three day waiting period. The night’s event had been somewhat draining on me as well. I wound up curled up with a good book for a couple of hours and then went off to bed. My dreams were very pleasant.