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The Coffee Shop II: Cowboys and Tuxedos.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Part 6 Tom.

Friday nights are usually my favorite nights, mostly because it marks the start of the weekend. However, tonight was going to be even better since Tom Blackstone was going to come over to my apartment for a long and deep hypnosis session. Now, understand that Tom is a okay looking guy. He has a bit of a gut on him, but otherwise he’s kind of attractive. I would put his age at around thirty-five to forty. He has black hair (okay so maybe there are one or two gray hairs in there too), which he keeps neatly trimmed and has only the first hint of a receding hairline. He has a full almost bushy mustache, that sets off his slightly oval and gentle looking face, with its soft gentle mouth and small nose. Only his eyes give any indication of how hard and rough this man can be.. They are like two cold dull lumps of emeralds. There is no fire in his eyes except when he is chewing out someone at work. When that happens his eyes seem to glow like the eyes of a tiger in the jungle.....a man to steer clear of at the best of times. His body, was of average build and as I mentioned earlier he had a bit of gut on him. Not a beer belly, but his stomach did protrude over his belt line just a bit. I’ve seen many other guys who are much better looking than him, but very few who were as submissive and willing as Tom is when he’s hypnotized. I was anxiously awaiting his arrival, so that I could start having some fun with him. Submissive and willing hypnosis subjects are rare and should be enjoyed to the fullest.

I was drinking what seemed like my 110th cup of tea, when the doorbell finally rang. I got up so fast that I knocked over my half filled cup of tea and had to quickly clean up the spilled liquid before it made a mess. I could not seem to move fast enough. Finally I made it to the door and wrenched it open.

“Hi Tom,” I said. “I’m glad you could come by....” The words suddenly froze on my lips as I saw a police officer and not Tom Blackstone standing in front of me. Memory slammed back hard. I suddenly remembered that I already had a hypnosis appointment tonight, and with this man. Officer Ken Potter. He was a former partner of Officer Steven Stokes and I had been hypnotizing Ken for several years now, on and off. Steven Stokes had actually referred Ken to me shortly after Steven made an exit stage left, from my life. (How nice to be able to think that and not feel any more pain, only gentle and warm memories of what we had enjoyed together.) Nothing really unusual about that, except that Ken was 100% straight and showed no excitement or erotic reaction to being hypnotized.

Ken was maybe 28, and he actually looked only 18. He was about six feet tall with a slightly muscular build. He had very short bright strawberry red hair, and he was clean shaven. His face was very handsome with a strong jaw and firm mouth, and his eyes were a dark and deep hazel brown. His nose was strong but otherwise unremarkable. He was wearing his police uniform and was holding a duffel bag in one hand as he stood there in front of me. (Now do you understand why I have been willing to keep hypnotizing Ken all these years? Maybe he’s not gay, but he’s sure nice to look at when he is under.) And I had completely forgotten about the appointment. I quickly glanced at my wrist watch. 7:20 PM. Hmmm...maybe there was till time.

“Oh, hi Ken,” I said as I tried to recover my composure. “I’m really sorry about this, but I forgot all about your appointment tonight, and I have someone else arriving in about ten minutes.” (Sure I could have lied to him about Tom coming over, but he was a cop and had already picked up on my slip earlier. So why bother trying to lie about it?)

“Gee, that’s too bad,” Ken replied as the smile on his face broke and his shoulders slumped. “I was really looking forward to spending some time in hypnosis with you. I could really use it. You really should write these appointments of yours down you know.” Ken was pissed off with me, and rightly so. Before he could turn to leave though, I quickly spoke to him.

“Ken, I am sorry,” I said to him. “When the other person comes over I will simply change their appointment for another night. Your appointment was made first, so you have priority. Is that acceptable to you?”

“I guess so,” Ken said reluctantly and with anger still in his voice. “I hope you don’t have any problems with this other person.”

“Don’t worry about it Ken,” I said trying to calm him down “I’ll take care of it. Your hat is on backwards.” With my uttering of his trigger phrase, Ken’s eyes closed, his head nodded forward to his chest and his body relaxed as he stood there swaying slightly. The duffel bag dropped out of his hand and thumped to the floor. I had to work fast before Tom arrived.

“Ken, pick up your bag and go into the guest bedroom,” I said to him quickly. “When you get there lie down on the bed and make yourself comfortable. Then slowly count backward from 1,000 to 0, and go down deeper and become more relaxed as you do. When you reach 0, you will be so relaxed and comfortable that you will not be able to move until I tell you to. Now off you go.”

“Yes, sir,” Ken replied in an even tone of voice. Even hypnotized he was still upset with me. Well he’d feel a lot better and be in a much better frame of mind once he’d done his count. I closed the door and watched Ken as he walked slowly down the hall and towards the guest bedroom. He’d turned on the hall light so I had a nice view of his policeman’s butt as he walked. “NOW, I remember why I like hypnotizing him,” I thought to myself. “He’s got such a nice ass. You’d think I’d remember things like that.” I followed Ken into the guest bedroom and drank in the wonderful form of his body as he lay down on the bed and moved around a bit as he made himself comfortable. I walked over to the bed and stood next to Ken as he started counting. God did he ever look cute in that uniform! I wanted to run my hands across his chest, down his stomach, follow the path of the fly of his pants down on to his crotch, but there wasn’t time. Tom was due any second. Well, maybe later.

I arrived at the front door just as the doorbell rang. I peered through the peephole and confirmed that it was Tom Blackstone who waited on the other side. I opened the door.

“Hi Tom,” I greeted him. “I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

“What’s wrong?” He asked, confusion plain on his face.

“I forgot that I have another appointment tonight,” I said to him. “I am sorry, but I can’t say no to this other person, since that person made an appointment before I made this appointment with you. I hope you understand.”

“Sure, I understand, but can’t you do the two of us in one night?” Tom asked me.

“Yes,” I replied. “I could, but it might cause a problem with insuring your privacy. I don’t think it’s very wise. How are you fixed for tomorrow night?”

“Well, I was going to go out to see a movie,” Tom said. “But, if you are sure that we will have the entire evening to ourselves, I guess I could come over tomorrow night.”

“I’m very sure,” I said to him. “I know I don’t have any appointments scheduled for tomorrow night, so we’ll have the evening free. Thanks for understanding, by the way. Oh, and to keep things simple, why don’t you wear the same outfit tomorrow night and bring the same stuff in the garment bag? You can come by at the same time tomorrow night too, Okay?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Tom said. “I’m not happy about this, but I guess I can wait until tomorrow night. I guess I’ll see you then.”

“Okay, Tom,” I said to him as I escorted him out the door. “See you tomorrow night, bye.” I watched him walk down the hallway for a few seconds and then closed the door. I had someone waiting for me. I locked the door and headed for the guest room and Ken.

I arrived in the guest bedroom to see Ken still lying on the bed muttering to himself. His wonderful body was totally limp, and I could not make out what he was saying. It didn’t matter though, since I knew he was still doing his count. I just walked around the bed quietly and looked at that wonderful body of his, letting my eyes drink in every detail.

I looked at the foot of the bed where I saw his feet were encased in a pair of black leather polished shoes, just as you’d expect a police officer to be wearing. Slowly my eyes traveled up his feet savoring each delicious inch. It wasn’t easy, but I controlled my breathing and didn’t pant, much as I wanted to, while I walked around to the right side of the bed. The cuffs of his uniform pants started just above the tops of his shoes. They must have been pulled up a bit when he lay down on the bed as I could see about a half inch of his black socks. The pants were dark blue with a red stripe running up the outside seam of each leg. My eyes eagerly followed that seam up Ken’s leg and to his belt. Those uniform pants fit him very well, but they were not tight. Still I could easily make out the bulge of Ken’s wallet in the right hip pocket of his pants. My hands started to itch and twitch at the thought of reaching out and running over that bulge in the hope of creating another bulge in a different area, if you get my drift. I kept control of myself and just let my eyes roam up and over Ken’s pants as my gaze moved over to a more interesting area, his crotch. I absently noted that Ken’s gun belt was missing. He must have left it at work or else it was in the duffel bag. In either case, it wasn’t really important, since there was still a nice plain black leather belt encircling Ken’s narrow waist. God those uniform pants turned me on! I just love a man in uniform, if only for the chance to see him getting out of that uniform. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) I was rock hard just thinking about it. I looked carefully, but I could not see any sign that Ken was at all aroused. The navy blue pants made it difficult to make such a determination. Curses! I could have saved myself the effort since I knew deep down that Ken would not be aroused. He was as straight as an arrow. In all the times I’d hypnotized him in the past three years, he’d never once had any reaction to anything other than heterosexual images and situations. “Well, nobody’s perfect,” I thought to myself. Ken was one of my more unusual subjects. He was very trusting , but he made it clear that he was interested only in women and that all he wanted from me was deep relaxation and maybe a sexual fantasy or two, with his favorite movie stars.

Very reluctantly I dragged my gaze away from Ken’s crotch and the fly of his pants and moved upwards along his body. My eyes moved on past his belt and onto the light blue short sleeved uniform shirt. Ken had a flat stomach that showed not an ounce of fat or bulge. And his chest was wonderfully in proportion to the rest of his body, even if it was not heavily muscled. Ken worked out a bit to keep in shape (and WHAT a shape he had), but he was not a body builder. It was a very nice chest that my eyes dallied over. How I envied the navy blue tie that lay down the middle of Ken’s chest, knotted securely at his neck and held in place by a silver tie clasp. I glanced to the left and then to the right, just long enough to note that Ken’s arms were lying by his sides and looked as limp and wonderful as the rest of him.

At long last I lookup up past Ken’s neck and gazed upon his face. Clean shaven, with just a touch of a five o’clock shadow (well, it was 7:30 PM after all), that did not mar the handsome face with a strong jaw and firm mouth. His eyes were closed but I knew from past experience that they were a dark deep and warm hazel brown. The uniform hat was ajar on Ken’s head, which was to be expected since he was lying down, and it exposed his very short bright strawberry red hair to my gaze. I was more than content to just stand there and watch Ken as he continued his count, each number taking him deeper, making him feel better, and making his body even more limp..

Many thoughts went through my mind as I stood there. Trust. Trust is a funny thing. Here I have this wonderful young (he was only 28) cop, lying in my spare bed relaxed and limp, and this desirable man knows that I will not take advantage of him. Ken had known for more than two years that I am gay, and in all that time I’d kept my promise to him, which was that I’d never try to take advantage of him. Many a time I’d had Ken strip for me, and enjoyed the show a lot, but I’d never touched him. I’d never even asked him if he would let me touch him, clothed or unclothed. We’d gone only as far as Ken wanted. Tonight, though was going to be just a little bit different. I smiled to myself as I thought of how much fun I’d have, and the joy that Ken would experience. I don’t know what caused me to pick tonight to go to the next stage, maybe instinct, maybe just a impulsive decision. Whatever it was, I knew one thing, it felt ‘right’ somehow.

The muttering stopped and Ken’s eyes opened. He blinked a few times and then looked around until he saw me standing there next to him. “Ready, sir,” he said, and waited. His face showed a peace and calm that you rarely see nowadays, expect in those people who are heavily sedated, or very deeply hypnotized. He grinned a small smile at me and winked. He was ready for what was to come next, but he did not yet realize that the agenda had been changed slightly.

“You need to take a bath or a shower, don’t you Ken?” I asked him.

“Yes, sir,” he replied. “I do. I am ready to strip naked for you sir, so that I can go and take a shower and clean myself up.” This was the usual routine with Ken. The act of stripping would take him even deeper and he’d become even more relaxed. He seemed mildly surprised when I didn’t say ‘yes’ immediately.

“Not just yet, Ken,” I told him, after waiting for about a minute. “Your body is so relaxed and limp right now that you can’t move it at all, other than your head. Isn’t that right?”

Ken looked at me, and I could see him trying to move his body, any part of his body. He smiled in surprise as he discovered it was true. “Yes, sir,” he answered me. “I cannot move my body, it is too limp and relaxed. But then how will I undress, and how can I take a shower, sir? I need to clean up after my shift, sir.” He seemed genuinely puzzled by the situation. He was not thinking clearly at all. His mind was as limp and relaxed as his body.

“Don’t worry, Ken,” I told him in a soothing tone of voice. “This time I will undress you, and you will find that as I do you’ll start to have your favorite erotic images flowing through your mind. With each piece of your clothing I remove, Ken, you’ll get harder and harder. By the time you are nude you will be fully erect and on the edge of the most intense orgasm you have ever had. You will feel yourself giving over to the feelings and the wants and the desires, as you get closer and closer, Ken. Once you are on the edge of that orgasm Ken, you will be able to move your body. You will cum, but only on my command, Ken.”

I watched as Ken lay there and looked at me. My instructions were clear, but it took time for them to penetrate (no pun intended) the fog in his mind. I waited to see if there would be any adverse reaction to my suggestions but the only thing I noticed was that the smile on his face faded away for a second, and then it came back and it was even bigger, but it seemed to be forced. I could see distrust in his eyes, but he wasn’t saying anything about it.

“Ken, how long have I been hypnotizing you?” I asked him.

“Three years, sir,” he answered promptly.

“In all that time, have I ever taken advantage of you, in any way?” I queried him.

“No, sir, you haven’t,” he replied, almost shamefully.

“And I have no intention of doing so now, Ken,” I said to him. “You know that I’m gay, and that I get a thrill out of hypnotizing you. Well now I’d like to enjoy undressing you, but only if you agree to it.” As difficult as it was, I stood there beside Ken’s limp and relaxed body and waited.

“What’s stopping you, sir? Why haven’t you started?” Ken asked.

“You haven’t given me your permission Ken,” I told him simply. “I’m not going to do anything unless it is okay with you.”

“I...ah.....uhmm.....well....,” Ken stammered. He tried to speak further but no words came out. He just looked at me with pleading eyes, unable to voice what he wanted to say.

I placed my hand on his forehead. “Go even deeper, Ken,” I told him. “Even more relaxed and comfortable. So relaxed and comfortable that it is very easy for you to talk no matter what it is that you want to say, Ken.” It took a few seconds for these further suggestions to take effect but finally Ken cleared his throat a few times and spoke.

“Thank you, sir,” he said. “I think I’m ready for you to start undressing me, sir. I was afraid that since you’ve made me unable to move my body, that you would take advantage of me, sir. You’ve never taken me this deep before and as good as I feel, I’m frightened at being so totally at your mercy. I feel better about it now, sir. I guess you can go ahead, sir.”

Trust is a very funny thing. All this time and Ken still did not trust me. at least not that much. Maybe it comes from being a cop or something. He’d managed to surprise me though. I decided to make one slight adjustment before I started. “Ken,” I said to him. “Should you feel the need or desire to, you can move your body while I am undressing you. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Ken replied quickly. “I’m ready anytime you are, sir,” he said in a calm and peaceful tone of voice, which had been noticeably lacking until now. He looked at me with those lovely hazel eyes of his, and he smiled a warm and inviting smile at me as he waited for me to start. Oh, it was going to be so much better for both of us since he was now a willing participant.

I had to take a few deep breaths to calm myself before I started. This was something that I’d be aching to do for a very long time and now that the moment was here, the rush of excitement was almost too much for me. I needed to regain some control and composure. Finally I was ready and I bent over Ken’ still form, and gently plucked his uniform hat from his head and placed the hat on the night stand beside the bed. Ken looked at me, and I saw a slight shiver travel down his body. I’d barely begun and he was reacting already. I lovingly place my hands on either side of his face. I cupped his face in my hands as I said to him, “Ken, my beautiful and wonderful policeman. Let my touch take you even deeper. Let your eyes remain open as you watch me gently undress you and get you ready for that long hot soak in the bathtub that you so deserve after a long hard day at work.” (Okay so that’s not the most original line in the world, but it works for me, and you can bet it was working for Ken.) Ken did nothing but node his head gently and sigh, as he looked at me and continued to smile at me. The peace and the contentment on his face was unmistakable. At that moment I realized that he finally believed what I’d told him earlier. I had instinctively scanned his mind while I cupped his face. I knew that he trusted me now, totally. I didn’t have to use my powers on him. Ken trusted me, because he chose to, not because I forced him to. It was a beautiful moment for me, and very special. I beamed at Ken. I’m sure he didn’t understand why I was suddenly so happy, but he didn’t question it either. I silently thanked him for that, as it would have been impossible to explain to him.

I moved my hands across his chest and carefully patted the chest pockets of his shirt to see if there was anything there. Other than a pen in the left breast pocket, both were empty. I unclipped the pen and set it on the night stand next to Ken’s hat. Reaching down to Ken’s right side I pressed firmly upward and rolled Ken over so that he was lying on his left side. Now that I had easy access to the pockets on the right side of his pants, I quickly emptied them and put the contents on the night stand.

“Why are you doing that, sir?” Ken asked me, puzzled at my actions.

“Well, before I remove your clothes, Ken,” I said to him with mirth in my voice. “I have to empty out all the pockets. You wouldn’t want to leave anything behind in your uniform, after all. Besides it is much more fun to do this while you’re still wearing the clothes, silly.”

“Trust you to find a way to get me excited, just by rolling me over and removing my wallet, sir,” Ken said as another shudder of pleasure passed through his body. “What a turn on this is. How did you know this would excite me, sir?”

“Who better would know how to get a man excited, than another man, Ken?” I asked him. “Do you want me to continue?” I teased him.

“You’d better, sir,” Ken replied laughingly. “Otherwise I’ll have to arrest you for assaulting an officer, or.....” His words were cut off by an involuntary moan as I quickly ran my hands over his butt and briefly between his legs. I rolled him back onto his back and over onto his right side. The contents of the pockets on the left side of his pants quickly joined the items accumulating on the night stand. I pushed Ken back onto his back, and stood back to grab a quick breath. He was a bit heavy and awkward to move, especially since he was not helping me any.

His shoes were very easy to remove, so I did them next. They just slipped off, first the right one and then the left. As I walked back to the head of the bed and knelt down beside it my eyes briefly scanned Ken’s crotch. Just as I’d suspected he was starting to get hard. Things were going well. His tie unclipped easily from his shirt. I gently pulled at the tie to loosen it from around his shirt collar. Once I had it free, it was a simple matter to undo the knot and slid the tie off of Ken’s limp body.

“Fuck that feels good,” Ken blurted out. “You sure know what you are doing. Please, sir, don’t stop.” It warmed my heart to hear Ken offering me encouragement, to continue. My hands moved to Ken’s shirt collar and I tried to unbutton it but after a few attempts I gave up. I took the easy way out and had Ken unbutton his shirt collar for me. He was only too willing to do so. In fact I had to tell him to stop and let me unbutton the rest of his shirt, when his hands moved down to the next button and started to fiddle with it. The rest of his shirt buttons did not present any problem. My hands moved down Ken’s chest and stomach as they undid each shirt button in turn. With each button that I undid and with each tug on his shirt Ken moaned louder and louder. When I encountered his waist and his belt and pants, I stopped for just a second or two to relish the feeling of that moment.

I undid his belt, and then tugged the zipper of his pants open. “Oh, yes!” Ken gasped. He squirmed around a bit as I fumbled with the catch on his pants. I never actually asked him about it, but I suspect he intentionally tried to make it more difficult for me to undo his pants, so that he could draw out the moment. I had to press down on his hips and ask him to stop moving around so that I could continue. Soon as I managed to undo his pants and spread them open. Ken suddenly started to buck his hips and to start moaning a bit louder. I looked down at his white shorts and saw that they were starting to become wet with pre-cum around the tip of his long and hard cock. The undressing was much more of a turn on for Ken, than I’d thought it would be!

“Fuck that feels good!!” He sputtered between moans.

I pulled Ken’s shirt out from inside his pants in only a few seconds. It was easy to do with Ken’s pants undone. I climbed onto the bed next to him and pulled Ken’s torso up off the bed and held him in my arms for a few moments. I shuddered with pleasure as I held Ken in my arms. I’d waited so long to do this. As corny as it may sound, it’s true. Some things are worth waiting for. Ken wasn’t a featherweight by any means, and I’m not very well developed when it comes to upper body strength. So, I had to get back to the task at hand, stripping Ken down. Sure it is a dirty job but somebody has to do it. I said a silent pray of thanks to the Lord above for making me that ‘somebody’.

It was a bit of a balancing act, getting Ken’s shirt off of that wonderful torso of his. Unless you’ve ever attempted this I don’t think you can really appreciate just how awkward and difficult it can be. Ken’s body was very limp and he was not helping me in any way, so he had a tendency to flop over like a jellyfish the second that I let go of him. It was a challenge all right, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. My only concern was to be careful not to rip his uniform shirt during the process. But once I had his right arm out of the shirt (Thank God he was wearing short sleeves), things became much easier. As you can imagine there was a lot of physical contact between us at this stage and Ken just kept on moaning softly the entire time. As for me, I was panting for breath. (No, I was tired, not horny. I told you this was a lot of work. Try doing this to your favorite subject sometime and you’ll see what I mean.)

With his shirt off at long last, there was only the white cotton T-shirt between the skin of Ken’s torso and my fingers and hands. This would be easy. I simply grabbed the bottom left and right sides of the T-shirt and gently but firmly pulled up. It was like peeling a banana. The shirt came up slowly and inside out during the process as I continued to pull. Being careful not to rip the T-shirt, and to nudge Ken’s body around as necessary, I slowly continued to pull upwards and was rewarded with the sight of that wonderful expanse of lightly tanned skin becoming exposed between the top of Ken’s pants and the bottom of the T-shirt. Slowly the gap between the two items of clothes widened, as I continued to pull upward. Now I could see his belly button on his flat washboard stomach, and I pulled just a bit harder. (Nothing like incentive to give those arm muscles a bit more strength.) The curtain started to rise oh so slowly on this wonderful display of the human form, that was Ken’s body. Progress was steady though, and it wasn’t long before I had exposed his entire chest and could gaze down in delight upon his wonderful pectoral muscles and his firm and slightly erect nipples. No question he was getting turned on by all this. A quick glance down at his nearly fully erect cock confirmed this. conclusion (Okay, I couldn’t actually see his cock, I could only see the bulge in his underwear.) The only drawback was that Ken’s head was now hidden by the T-shirt. It didn’t take much more pulling to remedy that situation. I gently lowered Ken back on to the bed while I took a quick rest.

“Ken, do you like me undressing you like this?” I asked him to kill a few minutes while I recovered my strength.

“Yes, sir, I do,” he replied with a touch of awe in his voice, while still moaning softly. “I didn’t think I would, but I do. Does this mean that I’m gay now, sir?” There was an unmistakable and familiar quiver of fear in Ken’s voice.

“Christ, what is it with these heterosexual men?” I asked myself silently. “A man gives them a bit of pleasure, and they suddenly think that they’ve flipped to the other side. When will they ever understand that being gay is not a choice? Best to leave that for another time, and not get distracted from the business at hand.”

“Ken,” I said patiently. “Just because you become aroused or react to the stimulation of your body by me, does not mean that you are gay. After all, you have stripped in front of me before and gotten an erection, and then masturbated, right?”

“Yes, sir, I have,” Ken replied.

“And you enjoyed it right?” I asked.

“Yes, sir, I did,” Ken replied. He wasn’t moaning much now as we were talking. Probably because I wasn’t stimulating him any more. His cock remained nearly fully erect though. There was not even a hint that it was getting soft.

“And in all the times that you’ve stripped for me, and masturbated for me, Ken, have you ever felt your interest in women decrease in the slightest?” I continued to question him.

“Well, uhm, no sir, I haven’t,” Ken replied. “If anything, sir, I notice women even more now.”

“That is exactly my point, Ken,” I said to him, pleased that he was starting to understand all this. “The only difference is that I am stimulating your erogenous zones directly now, with physical contact, instead of you doing that yourself at my request. This isn’t going to change who and what you are, nor will it affect your sexual orientation, Ken. This is just pleasure between two men. We can stop now, if this bothers you.” (Okay, so that was a bit mean of me, I admit. I guess you could say that I was using a bit of reverse psychology on Ken. I had stimulated him with some pleasure, and now I was offering to stop it, if that was what he wanted. He was about half way towards his orgasm, and I knew that he’d want to continue. Just the suggestion of stopping would urge him to go on.)

“NO, SIR!” Ken exclaimed. “Please sir, don’t stop! I want this sir, I really do! I just wasn’t sure what it said about me. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never been turned on by having another man touch me like this. It is all so new, sir, and it’s kind of confusing too. I...I didn’t mean to offend you sir. Please sir. Please don’t stop.” Ken’s eyes were open and he was sitting up on the bed with his hands clasped in front of his chest in a prayer position, as he spoke to me. He was pleading with me to continue. He really wanted this, and that pleased me almost as much as the sight of him sitting there on the bed, half naked.

I walked over to him and placed my hand on his forehead. “Deeper now,” I commanded. Ken’s eyes snapped shut as his head fell forward to his chest. Almost immediately, his torso fell back onto the bed, as every muscle in his body relaxed. He became as limp as before, except for his cock which appeared to be just a bit harder now. (I do love experienced subjects. They are so easy to take to an even deeper level of hypnosis.)

“As I continue to slowly remove your clothes and as you feel my hands on you bare skin, you will start to see erotic images in your mind,” I told him. “Your favorite sexual images, whatever they may be, will start to play in your mind, like a movie. You need not tell me what they are. However, the touch of my hands on your skin will be as though the woman of your dreams is caressing you. It will cause you to become more and more excited. As you feel the joy and pleasure build within you, you will feel yourself building towards the biggest orgasm of all time. You know that you need this release and that you deserve it, so you just keep following the images as they play in your mind.” Maybe I was wrong to use that approach on Ken, but looking back, I don’t think so. I truly wanted him to enjoy being stimulated by me, as much as I was enjoying stimulating him.

I tugged at his uniform pants as he lay there on the bed. First on one side and then on the other. It took a lot of tugging and moving his body around, but I finally managed to pull Ken’s pants down off of his hips and halfway down to his knees. He was in good physical shape so it was no problem to have him lift both legs off the bed and to hold them there above the bed for a few moments. With his legs in that position it was very easy for me to pull Ken’s pants completely off of his body.

“Legs back down on the bed now, Ken,” I said to him quietly.

“Oh yes, Dolly,” he breathed quietly. “Anything for you....”

“Dolly?” I wondered to myself. “Probably Dolly Parton. Ken does like country music.” Don’t get me wrong. I like country music too, and I also like Dolly Parton. I just don’t like the thought of lying in bed with her. (My stomach heaves even now at the thought of doing that. How I ever managed to get past such thoughts that night without throwing up or loosing my erection, I’ll never know.) Pushing such less than erotic thoughts out of my mind, I proceeded to remove Ken’s socks one at a time, during which Ken started to moan excitedly again.

I look a few minutes to savor the sight before me. This wonderful, and attractive red headed policeman lay on the bed in front of me, eyes closed, wearing only his boxer shorts. He was moaning with pleasure, and he had a rock hard and throbbing cock that was at least eight inches long. (It could have been longer or shorter. I’m not sure exactly how long it was since I didn’t have a ruler at the time and there was no way I was going to leave the room and go find one.)

“Just your boxers left, Ken,” I said quietly to him.

“Yes, boxers off for you, Dolly,” Ken said dreamily. His hands moved down to his waist and he quickly peeled the boxers off of his body. His movements were fluid and graceful, and my own cock was throbbing with joy as I watched him remove the last article of his clothing. It was all the more erotic because he did it of his own volition. I moved next to him and started to gently run my hands over that wonderful body of his. I touched him gently, and softly, but I kept my hands off of his cock. Ken’s responsive moans and soft barks of pleasure were evidence enough that he was enjoying himself fully. (Strange as it might seem to you, I kept my clothes on the entire time that I’d been undressing Ken. He was straight, and I had to respect that. He trusted me not to take advantage of him, and by keeping my clothes on I was avoiding temptation.)

Over the next ten minutes or so, I caressed every part of Ken’s body, except for his cock and in between his buttocks. A few times I put some scented oil on my hands as I rubbed his wonderful chest and stomach. I’m not a professional masseuse but I didn’t do a bad job. I know I got all the kinks and tension out of his muscles, as I brought him closer and closer to the edge of release. He was getting very close, I could tell as he was starting to pump his hips and to undulate his entire body. His breathing became much louder and more ragged as he got closer and closer. Suddenly his eyes opened and his hands flashed up and grabbed my writs. His grip was like iron and I could not break away from him, though I tried. For an instance I felt an icicle of fear stab at my heart as memories of Doug Davenport’s assault on me flashed through my mind.

“Oh Dolly!” Ken gasped out at me. “Stroke my cock and let me shoot! Christ, I’m so close now! Let me feel your warm soft hands on my monster as I cum!” He forced my hands down to his cock and started to move my hands up and down his throbbing member. “God, that feels so good! I’m so damn, close.”

“It’s, Paul, Ken,” I said to him in a near whisper. “Dolly’s not here. She’s only in your mind.”

“I know,” Ken whined at me. “Please, do this for me. Be Dolly for me. Let my dreams come true.” I opened my hands, reached out with my fingers and started to stroke Ken’s cock. With the first touch of my fingers on his cock, Ken’s hands released my wrists and his arms fell back onto the bed. Slowly I encircled that huge monster of his and it took both of my hands to do it. Up and down I moved my hands as Ken started to moan louder and louder.

“It’s so big, Ken,” I muttered to him. “I’m going to sing my ‘Romeo’ song for you now, and when I get to the part about the cowboy in jeans, you’ll cum.”

“Oh yes, Dolly!” Ken exclaimed between ragged breaths. “Please sing ‘Romeo’ for me! Let me be your ‘Romeo’!” Ken’s body was shaking with excitement, and he was withering with anticipation. (I know that Ken was in a very, very deep state of hypnosis, because he enjoyed my singing. I cannot sing worth a damn, and the only people who’ve ever been able to stand my singing voice have been those who were deaf or deeply hypnotized. Ken wasn’t deaf. By the way, if you don’t know Dolly Parton’s song ‘Romeo’ well that’s your loss.)

Right on cue Ken erupted, with a deep throated animal cry and howl of pure passion and delight. His body bucked and jerked upwards, and I lost my grip on his cock. (Damn that scented oil on my hands!) The flow of white hot lava that spewed forth from that volcano of his, arched up into the air and came down all over his upper chest, neck and face. I noticed that there were a few drops of cum in his hair. As the pressure in his cock eased the cum started to flow out and over Ken’s stomach and lower chest. He continued to groan and moan with pleasure, but I wasn’t paying any attention to him. I had something else of my own to take care of. The excitement of Ken’s release had triggered my own, and I was wiggling in ecstasy as my underwear and jeans became filled with my own river of cum. I just gave myself over to the feeling and enjoyed myself. It was one of the most intense experiences I’d had in a while.

I’m not sure how much time passed, and it really isn’t important. Finally, though I opened my eyes and looked around. Ken was lying naked next to me on the bed with an outrageous smile on his face. His hands were absently running through the nearly dried cum on his chest and stomach. Most of the cum on his face had been wiped away, and I guessed that he’d moved it to his chest or stomach. I looked down at myself and saw a very large wet spot on the front of my jeans, which was no surprise at all. I looked back at Ken and I knew I didn’t need to ask him how he felt. It would have been a really dumb question. I counted him out.

For the first little while nothing happened. Ken just lay there with his eyes closed and continued to smile that smile of his. I counted him out a second time, and added the ‘eyes open’ phrase. This time his eyes opened with the count and he blinked a few times as he looked around. He looked down at himself, and then looked over at me. His expression was unreadable. He didn’t say a word. I waited. I decided that I wasn’t going to say anything, until after he did, so I just looked at him, and smiled faintly.

“Was.....was that ‘normal’?” Ken asked.

“I’m not sure I understand your question, Ken,” I replied quietly.

“Uhm....well...what I mean is, is that what sex is like between two guys?” Ken asked.

“Ken, we did not have sex. I just stimulated you, and with the help of your imagination, helped you to experience a very vivid fantasy and a wonderful orgasm” I said quietly. “Look at me. My clothes are still on. Mind you my jeans are starting to become uncomfortable. I did nothing but touch you and stimulate you, Ken. Nothing else happened.” I continued to look at him as he absorbed these words and struggled to understand them.

“But it seemed so real,” he replied. “I could almost feel Dolly stroking my cock. Yet at the same time, I know it was you”

“Are you upset or displeased with the turn of events, Ken?” I asked him.

“Hell no!” He exclaimed and then laughed. “I’m just very surprised at how intense and real it all felt. You certainly do know what you’re doing.”

“I’m happy to hear that, Ken,” I said to him still talking quietly. “Maybe someday you’ll want to experience this again. But I leave the choice up to you. Right now, I think you need to wash up and maybe soak in the bathtub for a while.” I smiled a small smile at him.

“You’re right about that,” Ken said at me and then smiled. “Do you know that I would have done nearly anything you said for a while there? I was so lost in the passion and intensity of the moment that if you’d told to me cum on my uniform I’d have done it without question. I still find it hard to believe that you had that much control over me. And yet, I didn’t feel frightened about that at all.”

“You trust me, Ken,” I said to him. “You also know that I’ll never abuse that trust. Those two facts are what give me so much ‘control’ over you. I value your friendship too much to put it at risk for a few minutes pleasure. Who knows, maybe someday I will have you cum all over your uniform, but it would only happen if you agreed to it. Surely you know that by now.”

“Yeah, I do,” Ken said as he got up from the bed. “I just like hearing you say it. Well, I really do need to clean up, and hot soak in the bathtub does sound nice. Would you like to come in later and scrub my back?”

“You have to ask?” I smiled at him. “You know I would enjoy that. Just call out when you’d like me to drop by.” A year ago, if I’d suggested this Ken would have been shocked at the thought. But over time he had come to know and to trust me. He knew that I was a man of my word. While he went off to the bathroom, I went off to my bedroom to change. Those jeans were really uncomfortable now.

I decided to do some reading and enjoy a cup of tea until Ken called. Eventually he did, and I walked over to the bathroom and opened the door. Ken was standing up with a washcloth in one hand and a bar of soap in the other.

“How about doing my front and my back?” He asked me with a grin on his face.

“Sure,” I replied quickly. “Love to. Now just stand there and let me get to work.” I had changed in to a T-shirt so I didn’t have to worry about rolling up my sleeves. I bent down and got both hands wet and took the bar of soap that Ken held out. Once I had a good thick lather built up I started in on Ken’s chest with the soap and slowly and gradually spread the lather around his entire front, but I didn’t go below his waistline. (I don’t go where I’m not invited.) The walking shorts I had on were kind of loose but even so Ken could see my reaction, as I started getting turned on by this. He just smiled at me as he obediently turned to the side so I could start to work on his right side and back. It was delightful. By the time I had completely lathered Ken’s chest and back my cock was rock hard, and I was smiling continuously. “Well time for you to rinse,” I said to him.

“Maybe next time, I’ll let you do that part too,” he said as he winked at me.

“Maybe,” I agreed. “But for right now, your hat is on backwards, Ken.” He looked at me in surprise, before his eyes closed, his head nodded forward, and he went back into a deep hypnotic trance. “Ken, when you are finished your bath, and have dried off and are dressed you will automatically return to your trance. This will happen this one time only. When you enter your trance you will come out to the living room where I am and swat down on the floor next to where I am sitting. You will remain that way until I tell you otherwise. You will not remember me hypnotizing you just now. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Ken muttered. “I always obey you , sir.”

“Fine,” I said, and then counted him out. He blinked his eyes a few times and smiled at me as I left the bathroom. I wasn’t quite finished with him yet.

About 20 minutes later a fully entranced Ken walked into the living room and walked over next to where I was sitting in a chair by the sofa. He looked down at me and then squatted beside me with his arms hanging limply by his sides and his head facing forward with a glazed and blank look on his face. He was wearing a tight black T-shirt that clung to his chest and stomach, along with a pair of tight black jeans that left nothing to the imagination. He had black socks on his feet, and he was not wearing a belt. My cock was hard once again as I looked at him squatting there. His wallet was in his right hip pocket and the bulge it made was significant. I’m sure it was causing his jeans to be even tighter. I think this is the part of hypnosis with Ken, and many of my other subjects, that I enjoy the most. Looking at them as they wait calmly and patiently for my next instruction. It is a wonderful feeling of power, and I enjoyed basking in it.

“How are you feeling Ken?” I asked him.

“Good, sir,” he replied. “But I am getting a bit uncomfortable in this position. Is there anything I may do for you, sir?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact there is,” I said to him. He turned his head to look at me, and I could see delight light up his eyes. He was eager to do no nearly anything for me. “For the next ten minutes would you mind being my footstool?” I asked him.

“After all that you have done for me tonight, sir, I am more than happy to be your footstool,” he replied as he dropped to his hands and knees and crawled over to where my feet were. I lifted them up, and he crawled underneath them. I gently lowered them down on his back near his waist.

“That feels very nice, sir,” he said to me as he felt the weight of my feet and legs on his lower back. “Are you comfortable sir?” He asked me.

“I’m fine Ken,” I told him. “Pay attention to your watch and in ten minutes you will wake up and be your normal self.”

“Yes, sir,” he replied as he locked his gaze upon his wristwatch. I just enjoyed the site of him like that...being my footstool. It kept me pleasantly hard for the entire ten minutes. All too soon, though, the time went by and Ken woke up.

“What the hell?” He exclaimed as he became aware of where he was and what he was doing. He looked at me, and the smile on my face, and then he laughed. “You took me at my word. I did say ‘nearly anything’, didn’t I?”

“That you did, Officer,” I chuckled at him. “I didn’t cross the line did I? You aren’t embarrassed are you?”

“No, just surprised is all,” he said as he stood up and then sat down on the sofa next to me. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at anything that you wind up having me do. But I do have to get going now. Did you have as good a time as I did?”

“Of course,” I said to him. “I thought you might have to leave soon. It’s been fun, hasn’t it?”

“Sure has,” Ken agreed. “I’ll be back for more, though I’m not sure when.” He stood up and went to collect his duffel bag, which now contained his uniform, and to put on his shoes. I walked to the front door to wait for him. Ken was at the front door in less than a minute. I wished him well as I saw him out the front door. I savored the site of his ass in those tight black jeans as he walked down hall and to the elevators. I was sorry to see him go, but there would be another time, I’m sure.

It had been a most enjoyable evening, and I still had tomorrow night to look forward to with Tom Blackstone. I hoped I had the strength for it.