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The Coffee Shop II: Cowboys and Tuxedos.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Part 7. Tom, Again.

Seven twenty-five on a Saturday night. Normally I’d be parked in front of the TV watching a movie or playing a game on my computer, but not tonight. Tonight I was waiting for Tom Blackstone to show up. We’d had an appointment last night, but I’d had to cancel it and reschedule it for tonight. Tom was due in less than five minutes and my heart was starting to race. Even though I’d had a terrific night last night, I was looking forward to hypnotizing Tom again and experimenting with him. I was nervous and a bit scared too. I knew that Tom had been disappointed when I’d had to postpone our appointment from yesterday evening to tonight. I only hoped he didn’t resent me too much for doing that. Tom isn’t the most understanding person in the world, after all. Finally the doorbell rang and I went to answer it, with just a touch of anxiety. I peered through the peephole and saw that it was Tom on the other side of the door and he had a garment bag with him. I opened the door.

“Come on in, Tom,” I said to him with a smile on my face.

“Thanks,” he replied rather surely, but he did not walk in.

“I’m sorry again for having to cancel on you last night,” I said to him. “I’ll do my best to make it up to you tonight, though. I don’t have anyone coming over tonight so the entire evening is free.” I smiled my best smile at him and tried to put him at ease.

“Yeah, well, this better be worth my time,” Tom replied gruffly. He wasn’t letting me off that easily. He was still plenty upset with me and he wasn’t taking any pains at trying to hide it. I didn’t need this type of aggravation tonight, I decided. If he didn’t want to forgive a simple mistake then I didn’t want to spend an evening with him constantly reminding me about it.

“Look Tom,” I said to him before I let him walk through the door. “Last night was a simple mistake on my part. My word means something to me, and I gave my word last night to the other person. I could not just back out on that person. His appointment was made before yours, so I had to honor that appointment first. I apologized to you about this last night, and I thought you understood. Apparently I was mistaken. Now you have a simple choice. Accept what happened and get over it, or turn about and leave right now. I’m not spending an evening with you throwing this up in my face every five minutes. So make your choice. You have 30 seconds.” I stared at him, looking him right in the eye. No, I did not send any commands to him. I could easily have done so, but I wanted him to either accept or reject this on his own. So, I waited.

He looked at me, and from the expression on his face I could tell that he knew I wasn’t kidding about this. I kept my face neutral, and just glanced at my watch, a few times as the seconds crept by.

“Yeah, well, what choice do I have?” He asked me. “If I leave you’ll probably not hypnotize me again, right?”

“Wrong,” I said. “I don’t hold grudges. I’ll be more than happy to hypnotize you at some future time, but if you can’t get over last night’s mix-up, then it’s better that we not continue with this. The idea is to have a good time, and we can’t do that if you’re still upset with me. So what’s it going to be? Do you want to start over as if last night never happened or do you want to pout about this like a small child?” I know, I know. I was exaggerating the situation a bit, but I was trying to make a point. Tom can be a bit bull-headed sometimes.

“Fine, last night never happened, " Tom said a few moments later. “Now are you going to invite me in or not?” He asked as he timidly smiled at me.

“Come on in, and make yourself at home,” I said to him, and beamed warmly at him.

“Just let me hang up my bag and my coat and I’ll join you in the living room,” Tom said as he headed for the nearby closet.

Sure,” I replied to him, as I turned and walked to the living room, after closing and locking the door. I sat down in a chair by the sofa and watched Tom as he took off his coat and hung it up. The garment bag was already hanging in the closet. He was wearing a light blue golf shirt and loose navy dress pants, with a black leather belt and black dress shoes. Not an especially flashy or smart outfit, but it looked very comfortable, and Tom seemed to be at ease wearing it. Tom joined me in the living room, and sat down on the sofa beside me.

After a few moments silence he asked, “Well?”

“Well, what?” I asked back.

He looked at me, with a slightly puzzled expression and said, “Well when are you going to hypnotize me again?”

“Oh, " I said with faked surprise. “You mean you want me to hypnotize you now?”

“Well that is the reason I came over here,” Tom said as he smiled at me and looked at me with a slightly exasperated expression. I guess he was a bit impatient for me to come to the point and hypnotize him.

“My wallet is empty, Tom,” I said to him without any warning. The reaction was swift and sure. Tom’s eyes closed quickly and his head rolled forward as he slipped back into the hypnotic trance that he desired so much. I could see his body relaxing with each breath that he took. He slumped down in the sofa as his body became more and more relaxed with each passing moment. In less than a minute he flopped over onto his left side, lying on the sofa with his legs slightly spread apart in front of him, and a small satisfied smile on his face.

“That’s right, Tom,” I said to him in a soothing mellow voice. “Just keep going down deeper and deeper with each word that I utter and with each breath that you take. And soon, and very soon indeed, you will be so deep that you will be able to do whatever it is that you most want to do. When you feel that way, you will just go ahead and do it.” Talk about leaving the door open! I was encouraging Tom to do whatever it was that he might find exciting or sexy. Unfortunately his pants were too loose for me to see if he was becoming aroused by all this. I was sure that he was, but it would have been nice to have seen some confirmation of it.

Tom just kept going deeper while I sat there and watched him. I enjoyed every second of it. My heart started to beat faster as Tom’s hand twitched and he started to squirm on the sofa. As I watched him, his eyes suddenly opened, and he sat up and looked directly at me. He continued to smile as he slowly stood up and walked over to where I was sitting. He looked down at me without saying a word. Except for the smirk on his lips, his face was blank and expressionless. He looked like the classic guy in a trance that you see on TV or in the movies. Don’t ask me why, but that caused my cock to start to stiffen. God, did it feel good! It must have been the anticipation of wondering what Tom was going to do next that was getting me so turned on.

After a few seconds of looking down at me Tom slowly dropped to the floor and got down on his knees. But he didn’t stop there. He slowly raised his arms and held them out in front of his body. His face was still blank and expressionless as he said to me, “I am yours to command, master. I hear and obey.” There Tom remained as I savored the situation. He’d said that this time he wanted me to take more control of him, and here he was offering me control on a silver platter. (Okay. To be honest, with my super hypnosis of him, this wasn’t really all that unexpected. It did not diminish the sweetness of the situation any, though.)

“Tom, what did you bring in garment bag?” I asked him.

“A favorite suit of mine, master,” he answered. “It is an older suit that I can’t wear to the office anymore because it is a bit too small on me.”

“Is it too uncomfortable to wear then, Tom?” I queried him.

“Yes, for long periods of time, master,” he replied. “But I can wear it for an hour or so without a problem.”

“Then why did you bring it, Tom?” I asked him. It struck me as a bit odd that he’d call this his favorite suit if he couldn’t wear it any more.

“I....well....I like wearing it, master,” he replied a bit hesitantly.

“Let me guess,” I said to him. “You like how tight that suit feels on you, right? It turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” he replied surprised. “How did you know, master?”

“It’s not all that uncommon a situation, Tom,” I told him. “How about you go and change into that suit now, in the guest bedroom. When you’re dressed you can crawl out here on your hands and knees and kiss my feet.” I wasn’t really serious about this, but it would be interesting to see if Tom complied.

“Yes, master, thank you,’ Tom said as he got to his feet. He was beaming with joy and he rubbed his crotch a few times and headed off to the closet to get the garment bag. I watched him for a few seconds and headed off to the kitchen. I figured I’d have enough time to make a quick cup of tea before he was dressed. Besides I was looking forward to seeing him crawl a little bit further before he reached my feet. Was that mean of me? I suppose so, but as we were alone it didn’t seem all that humiliating or mean to me.

I carefully sipped my hot tea, as I peered over the rim of the cup keeping an eye open for Tom. I did not have long to wait. Tom Blackstone turned the corner as he crawled to me on his hands and knees with a big smile plastered on his face. He was moving quickly and before I quite realized it he’d reached me and kissed my feet gently with his lips. (Actually what he kissed was my socks but I won’t nit pick. It was close enough.)

“Stand up and face me, Tom,” I told him. I wanted to get a good look at what he was wearing.

“Yes, master,” he said simply and stood up and faced me. He was wasn’t smiling any more though. “Uhm......did I do something wrong, master?” He asked me worriedly.

“No,” I said. “I just want to get a good look at what you are wearing..”

“Yes master,” Tom said and he stood at attention. He wanted to do his best to please me, so he stood there silently and watched me out of the corner of his eye. He waited and silently hoped that the suit met with my approval. As to how I knew all this, it was simple. I touched his hand as he stood there and scanned his mind.

Tom was wearing a two piece single breasted light gray striped suit. Accompanying it was a simple striped gray tie and a white shirt with widely spaced thin black stripes. At least everything was coordinated, I had to give him credit for that. Tom was also correct in saying that the suit was a bit tight on him. He could button the jacket closed but each time he took a deep breath you could see the button strain just a bit. I couldn’t wait to see what his pants and shirt were like.

“Put your hands in the front pockets of your pants, Tom,” I said to him excitedly. “Doing this, or carrying out any command of mine gets you more turned on and excited, doesn’t it Tom?”

“Yes, master,” Tom replied as he carried out my instructions. “I feel so good when you tell me what to do. It is what I live for, master.” He was smiling at me again and his eyes were bright with joy as he just stood there waiting. I looked at Tom’s face for a few more seconds before I let my eyes drift down the front of his body on their way down to the front of his pants. I was not disappointed. Tom’s cock was hard and fully erect and straining against the fly of his pants. His jacket front was being pulled open by his placing his hands in his front pants pockets. (Well that is WHY I had him do that, after all.) I had a clear view of his front pelvic area, and I could clearly see that his pants were more than tight on his crotch and legs. They were skin tight and I couldn’t help myself. I reached out and put my hand on his cock and stroked it. I felt it tremble and throb beneath my fingers as I slowly stroked it.

“Oh that’s so good, master,” Tom cried out. “Please stroke me more, master. I’ll do whatever you want, master.”

“Of course you will, Tom,” I said to him. “But while you remain hypnotized, you cannot cum without my permission, Tom. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master,” Tom said a bit saddened. “I understand. If I’m good, will you let me cum?” There was a wistful quality in his voice, and I looked up at his face. He was still smiling, but he was also a bit worried too.

“Tom,” I said to him. “I will let you cum tonight, but it will be when I say. It will be so much better when you wait for me to tell you when to cum.”

“Yes, master,” Tom said with relief. “Thank you, master. I will do my best to be good for you.”

The entire time we were talking I was still stroking the outline of Tom’s cock and it had not gotten even a bit soft. He was harder and even larger if that was possible. “Turn around, Tom,” I said to him. I wanted to see how his butt looked.

“Yes, master,” Tom said as he slowly turned around so that his butt was directly in front of my face. His jacket had no vent in the back and the material had bunched up near his belt line and thus his entire backside was visible to me. My eyes drank in the sight of those tight pants, those skin tight pants around Tom’s butt cheeks. His wallet was in the single back pocket on the right side of his pants and it was adding to the tension of the material. It was binding around his butt checks, his crotch and in between his legs. I indulged myself and let my hands wander all around that wonderful ass and in between his legs. Tom was very aroused by this. He started to moan softly and to mutter something that I could not make out.

“What was that, Tom?” I asked him in between caresses of his butt.

“I love it when you do that to me, master,” Tom said more clearly. “I’m....I’m getting closer and closer, master. Please, will you do it some more?” I didn’t bother to answer him. I just continued to stroke his ass with my hands. I stood up to get a better grip. Tom’s moans started to increase in volume and frequency as he started to get closer and closer to his orgasm. Soon his hips were starting to pump as he started to give himself over to the feelings and desires that were starting to race through his mind.

I slipped my hand into his back pocket and removed his wallet, placing it on the kitchen table beside me. “There, that’s better Tom, isn’t it?” I asked him.

“Yes, so much better...master,” he said between moans. “My pants don’t hurt any more, and your hands on my ass feels so nice. So wonderful.” His voice trailed off.

“It feels so much better to have your wallet out of your pants so that I can run my hands all over your butt. You just love the smoothness of the left side of your pants and with your wallet out of your pants it is so much easier for me to caress your butt with my hands. All you can think of is my hands on your ass and how wonderful it feels, Tom,” I said softly in his ear.

“GOD YES!!!” Tom cried out. “You’re playing my ass like a violin!. I’m getting closer, master! Please, don’t stop! I’ll do anything you want! I’m yours. Use me, master! Fuck me! Do anything you want with me, master! I don’t care!!!”

Tom had gone way beyond being willing and submissive. This man was as straight as far as I knew, but he was so overcome by his feelings right now that he was not in his right mind. I didn’t hesitate for a second. I kept my hot and throbbing cock in my jeans and decided not to push the situation. (I can hear the boos and hisses from the disappointed members of the audience out there. If you want to read about cheap and degrading experiences, you’ll have to go elsewhere. As long I have that safety net in my mind, I can’t misuse my powers. See ‘Coffee Shop’ for more details. Not that I’m into cheap and degrading experiences mind you, but every power has its price. This is the price of my power. Are you SURE you want powers like mine?)

“CHRIST, I’m so FUCKING CLOSE, MASTER!!!” Tom cried out. His moans were so loud now that they were starting to become a distraction, almost an annoyance to me.

“Tom, lie down on the floor and open your fly,” I told him.

“Oh yes, master!” Tom cried out in a broken voice, as he dropped to the floor and lay down on it. His hands fairly flew to his fly and tugged it open quickly. “I’m so close hurts master.” I looked at him and I could see tears starting to form in his eyes. He really was hurting.

“Take out your cock and point it at your chest and stomach Tom,” I said to him. His hands reached in and yanked out his cock from within his blue boxer shorts. With both hands firmly holding it he pointed his cock at his chest and stomach. “There now doesn’t that feel better?” I asked him.

“Oh yes, it does master, thank you,” Tom said. His breathing was very rapid but the tears in his eyes were clearing up. I lay down beside Tom, and I reached over and stoked his exposed cock with my fingers. “How you like that Tom?”

“I love it, master,” he sputtered. “Your touch is divine. I am so honored to have you touching my cock.. I’m so close master. Please, will you let me come soon? I think I’m going to explode! Please Lord, give me strength not to come before my master tells me that I can!”

“Tom, when I thrust my hand into your right hip pocket, you will explode and shoot your cum all over your suit tie and shirt. In fact the more your cum all over your clothes the better your orgasm will be. Tell me when you feel the tips of my fingers enter your right hip pocket,” I told him.

“Yes, master,’ he whined. “Please master, hurry! I can’t hold back much longer!” I placed my left hand on the ride side of Tom’s ass and inserted just the tips of my fingers into his back right pocket. It wasn’t easy with those pants of his, as even with his wallet removed, his pants were still tight. “I feel your hand, master!” Tom cried out. “Please master, please thrust your hand in and let me cum!” I took a deep breath and plunged my hand all the way into Tom’s pocket, while my eyes remained fixed on his cock. Tom’s entire body shuddered with his release as he shot with all his strength. He sprayed his cum all over his chest and stomach, all the while crying out in passion and joy. All I did for the next few minutes was whisper “Shoot Tom, shoot” into his ear as he continued to pump his hips up and down and shoot out more and more of his cum. I slipped my hand out of his pocket and struggled to take care of my own needs as it were.

Finally after about five minutes of steady pumping Tom started to come up dry. I only noticed though after I’d taken care of my own exploding cock. My jeans were not wet though. Somehow I’d managed to grab a nearby towel and cum in that. It was not any less satisfying though. Turing my attention back to Tom, I told him to relax and let himself return to normal and to slip down even deeper into hypnosis. I went back to the kitchen and sat down in a chair near Tom. I watched him lying there on the kitchen floor with cum all over his suit jacket, tie and shirt. He’d even got a few drops on the side of his face. When I was sure he was fully relaxed and very deep I counted him out of hypnosis.

“How do you feel, Tom?” I asked him as he lay there on the floor.

“Wonderful,” he replied. “But what the heck am I doing on the floor? How did I get into this suit? What’s this stuff all over me?” He was confused, but he didn’t seem upset. At least not yet.

“Think back, Tom,” is all that I said to him. “Did you have a good time?”

“Sure did,” he said to me, and his face turned beet red. “I can’t believe what I did though. I came all over my suit. really did it. You took control of me. It was everything I’d hoped for and more. Wow.” The last word was nearly a whisper, as the full impact of what had just happened started to penetrate into Tom’s mind. He sat up suddenly with a worried look on his face. “You could do this to me at work, couldn’t you Paul? I’d be helpless to stop you...” He looked as me as the worry in his face deepened.

“Yes, I could,” I said to him. “But you know that I won’t. Besides you would not be helpless to stop me. You could stop yourself, if it was important enough to you. You’re not that weak willed, Tom.” (Okay, so that was a little white lie. Tom could not have stopped me, but I didn’t want him to fear me. What would be the point of that?)

“That’s a relief,” Tom said as he breathed a bit easier. “I’m kind of thirty, and I really should clean myself up.”

“Not just yet, Tom,” I said to him as he started to get up. “My wallet is empty.” He was momentarily puzzled by my statement until the post hypnotic suggestion to reenter the hypnotic trance kicked in. He sat there on the floor with one leg pulled up near his chest as though he was just about to stand up. His eyes were closed and his head was nodding down as he relaxed back into hypnosis.

“Yes, master,” he said quietly as he waited for further instructions.

“Tom, while I sit here and finish my tea,” I instructed him. “I want you to go and draw me a hot bath. I could use a good soak in a hot tub. Let me know when the bath is ready.”

“Yes, master,” Tom said. He opened his eyes and walked out of the kitchen heading for the bathroom. He was smiling again and there was a bounce his step as he hurried off to carry out my instructions. It didn’t take much to please him. If I’d told him to stand on one food and say the alphabet he’d probably have been as pleased. I had just finished my tea, and put the empty cup on the kitchen counter when I heard Tom’s voice coming from behind me.

“Your bath is ready, master,” he said. I turned around to see Tom standing there in a cum stained suit with his fly open and his cock hanging out limp as a wet noodle. It seems I’d forgotten something. Well, I’m not perfect after all.

“Put your cock back in your pants, Tom,” I said to him. “Then empty out all the pockets of your outfit and put the contents beside your wallet.”

“Yes master,” Tom replied. He smiled as he took hold of his cock and shoved it back inside his pants. The smile got bigger as he zipped up his tight pants and felt his cock push slightly against the fabric of his pants, once more. It took him less than a minute to empty out all his pockets and place the contents beside his wallet on the kitchen table. He was very happy to do so, even if he did not understand why he was going it. He trusted me completely now, and knew that whatever I told him to do, it was for the best. Trust and obedience like that is so erotic. I was getting hard again.

“Lead me to the bath, Tom,” I said to him.

“This way, please, master,” he said politely. As I followed him to the bathroom, it suddenly dawned on me that Tom was calling me ‘master’ without my asking him to or even suggesting it to him. So much the better. I smiled to myself as I realized just what a good subject Tom was. When we arrived in the bath room, I saw that the tub was full of steaming hot water and it did look most inviting.

“Tom, check the water and see if it isn’t too hot,” I told him.

“Yes, master,” he replied. He bent over (giving me a wonderful view of his butt), and dipped his hand in the water and stirred it around. “It seems fine to me, master. I think you will enjoy your bath,” he said as he stood up, wiped his hand dry on the bath towel and looked at me.

“Not like that, silly,” I chided him. “Go and stand in the bathtub, and tell me how the water is.”

“Yes, master,’ he said. He lowered the cover on the toilet and sat down. He reached down and grabbed his right sock getting ready to take it off.

“What are you doing, Tom?” I asked him in a stern voice.

He froze and looked at me, confused again. “Removing my socks and getting ready to roll up my pant legs, master,” he said to me, with a confused look on his face.

“Don’t bother with that,” I told him. “Just stand in the tub and tell me how the water temperature is.”

“As you wish, master,” Tom said doubtfully. I smiled at him to calm his fears and because I was enjoying this a lot. I knew what was going to happen next, but he didn’t. He stood up and walked over to the bathtub. Glancing back at me with an ‘are you sure you want me to do this’ look on his face, he slowly lifted his right foot clear of the edge of the tub and placed it in the water. There was a sharp intake of breath as the hot water soaked through his sock and pant leg. Tom suddenly smiled and with much less reluctance lifted his left leg and placed his left foot and leg into the hot water beside his right. He stood there and turned to look at me. “It’s very nice, master,” he said. “The water is wonderfully warm. I think you will enjoy your bath.”

“The bath is not for me, Tom,” I said to him. He just looked at me blankly, not understanding at all. “The bath is for you,” I continued. “In fact, the feeling of the hot water on your body as it soaks through your clothes is turning you on more and more. By the time you are sitting in the tub, Tom, you’ll be fully erect again. Now, swat down in the tub and carefully keeping your balance, tell me how you feel.”

Tom was stunned at what he heard me say. He could not believe what he was hearing. Taking a bath while wearing a suit? It just seemed too unreal to him. However, he hesitated only a second or two. In his mind, I was his master, and I’d just given him an order. He had to obey it. So, balancing himself very carefully he slowly swatted down into the still steaming water.

“My pant legs are getting wet master,” he said to me. ‘I can feel the heat of the water as it climbs up my legs. It’s so nice, master.” As he swatted there, I looked at his crotch and could see that he was fast developing another erection. “I’m squatting now, master. The tip of my ass is just in the water. I can feel the water being soaked up into the seat of my pants. Oh, this is wonderful master. I’m so hard right now. I could stay like this forever. I know I’ve said it before, but thank you, master.”

I watched this man, this office bully (I still could not help but think of him as that), squatting there in a bathtub full of hot water, wearing a suit and tie. I was rock hard. This was a long time fantasy of see a guy intentionally ruin his suit at my command, and enjoy doing it too. I was enjoying myself so much that I did not hear Tom’s request at first.

“Please, master?” he asked.

“Please, what Tom?” I asked him, turning my attention back to him.

“Please, master, please let me sit down in this nice water. My legs are starting to hurt and I don’t know how much longer I can hold this position.” Tom was pleading with me, but he wasn’t whining. He was asking as nicely and as calmly as he could.

“All right then,” I said to him. “Go ahead and lower yourself very, very slowly into the water Tom, and tell me how you feel as you do it.” He looked at me as if I were the most wonderful person on the earth. Of course to him, that’s exactly who I was. Oh so slowly he moved his legs up and out from beneath his butt and stretched them out in front of him. He forced his legs down, and as the water lapped up over his knees and soaked through his pant legs, Tom moaned out loud with joy. His light gray suit was getting noticeably darker as it got waterlogged.

“That is so good master,” Tom kept repeating, as he slowly lowered his butt and lower torso into the water. “Oh, my cock is rock hard again, master. The water feels to nice and warm. My underwear is soaked, master. So warm and nice.” He gently squirmed around as he moaned out loud again. “My jacket below the waist is soaked, master and the bottom part of my shirt, inside my pants are wet. Oh, and my belt too, and just a bit of my tie. Oh this is so nice, master. You should try it sometime. It is heaven.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, Tom,” I said to him. “You are ruining your suit, I hope you realize?”

“Of course I am, master,” Tom replied joyfully, grinning at me like some a love struck hormone deranged teenager on a date with the woman of his dreams. “I do everything and anything you say, and I like doing it May I get the rest of my clothes wet now, master?”

“Sure,” I said. “Slide down very slowly, and get everything wet. Once your entire suit is wet, you’ll cum again, just like before, but you will not thrash around. You don’t want to get water all over the bathroom.” He looked at me for an instance, and his eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open with joy and surprise. He nodded his head in frantic agreement and started to force himself down in the tub. His legs started to poke out of the water as he lowered his chest and head into the water. I heard a few more moans and muttered words as he submerged the rest of his body into the water. I stood up and backed away from the tub, but I made sure to insure that I had a good view of what was to come. My cock was hard again too.

Tom’s entire body, except for his head, was in the water with the exception of his legs which he had raised up and braced on the bathroom wall. He gently wiggled back and forth to insure that every square inch of his clothes were thoroughly soaked. His body suddenly stiffened and he let out a wild cry of joy as he came. He couldn’t help it. He pumped his hips again and splashed water out of the bathtub and onto the floor. It was expected so I wasn’t at all upset with him. He’d be cleaning it up later anyway. This orgasm was very brief relative to his last one, but no less intense. It was over in only a couple of minutes.

Tom slowly struggled up until he was sitting normally in the tub again, and looked at me. “Thank you again, master. I owe you so much for this,” he said. He looked up at me. He was beaming with joy and satisfaction. I wasn’t doing so badly myself. He glanced down at my jeans, blushed briefly and then looked back at my face. I’d cum in my jeans. I knew that and frankly I didn’t care if he knew. It had felt so wonderful to cum again after such a short time that I was starting to wonder which of us was getting more fun out of all this, him or me.

“What should I do now, master?” Tom asked me. “The water is starting to cool and if I stay in here all night I’ll catch a cold or something.”

“See that bar of soap?” I asked him. “Use it. Wash your clothes to clean off all that sticky cum you put on them. Rinse them well and take them off one by one. When you are nude, you can let the water out of the tub and go and dry yourself off. Once you’re dry report to me.”

“Immediately, master,” Tom replied and quickly grabbed for the bar of soap. As I closed the door on my way out of the bathroom, I could hear him start to sing to himself. That would keep him busy for a while. I decided to lie down on the sofa and rest. I was tired. It had been a long day, and this evening was starting to take its toll.

After what seemed like only seconds, I felt my shoulder being shaken, and I forced my eyes open. Funny, though, I didn’t remember closing them. When I finally got my eyes focused it was to see Tom Blackstone standing nude in front of me, with a very worried expression on his face. “Oh good you’re finally awake, master. I am very sorry to have handled you like that, but I had to wake you up, master.” He looked worried again that he’d done something wrong.

I sat up on the sofa and said to him, “I’m awake, Tom. Now where were we?”

“I have just finished cleaning up the bathroom, master. I took the liberty of cleaning up the water I spilled when I came in the tub.” He blushed bright red as he said this and then continued, in a very nervous almost frightened voice. “I also took the liberty of wringing out my clothes and hanging up my suit, and tie to dry. The shirt, socks and underwear I put in your drier, master. They should be ready soon. I....I...I know you didn’t tell me to do this master, but it seemed the logical thing to do, and you so did need a nap. I hope you’re not upset with me, master.” Tom then knelt at my feet and put his head in my lap as he started to shudder. At first I thought he was just cold, but I could detect a stifled sob. He was so scared that he had done something wrong, that he was on the verge of tears.

“You did just fine on your own, Tom,” I quickly said to him. “I am most pleased with you. You did nothing wrong. There is nothing for you to be concerned about.” I had to calm him down before this got really out of control.

“Oh thank you master!” He exclaimed as he lifted his head up and looked at me. He grabbed me suddenly and hugged me to thank me. He let me go a few seconds later and then lowered his eyes as he stood in front of me waiting for his next order. I stood up and told him to lie on the sofa and rest until his clothes were dry. While he was waiting for that I took a look around to see what Tom had done about his wet suit and tie. I was most pleasantly surprised to discover that he had carefully rinsed out his suit and tie and hung them up on a couple of my spare hangers, from the bathtub show curtain rail. The articles of clothing were going to drip dry, literally and thanks to the ample towels he’d place below them, would not leave any puddles of water on the floor. I took a look at the suit and determined that it would be wearable again, if not in public.

Ten minutes later the dryer’s buzzer went off. I returned to Tom in the living room and instructed him to get dressed in the clothes he wore here, collect his wallet and other items from the kitchen, and to sit down on the sofa when he was dressed. That took, all of five minutes. I counted him out, telling him only that he’d had a good time tonight and that he’d remember his orgasms.

“WOW!” Tom exclaimed as he woke up. “I’m really beat! I hate to say it, but I’m going to have to leave soon before I’m too tired to drive home.”

“So what did you think of tonight’s events?” I asked him cautiously.

“I find it hard to believe all those things that I did, but I did do them. Boy, when you take control of someone you REALLY take control.” Tom smiled at me and blushed. “I can’t wait to see what you’ll have me do next time. I just hope it doesn’t involve ruining one of my good suits.” And he winked at me slyly.

I was relieved. I’d had a few concerns of my own that Tom might not have agreed with everything that had happened tonight. I had taken him at his word regarding taking control of him. “You’re not upset about anything that happened?” I asked.

“Not in the least,” he replied. “You had me do things and experience things that I’ve only dreamed about. I have always wondered what it would be like to be so totally under someone else’s control that I’d be a slave. You helped me to find out. Best of all, I know that you’ll never try to pull this at work. I trust you, Paul. Totally.”

I smiled at him. “My wallet is empty, Tom” I said. He was out like a light. I gave him a couple of post hypnotic suggestions regarding his suit. First, though I made sure that it was not a problem to leave his suit, tie and shirt here permanently. He had no objections, and told me that the suit was destined for the Salvation Army anyway. With that out of the way, I instructed him that anytime he was at my place, and I brought out that suit, he’d feel compelled to change into it. Once he did so, he’d returned to his hypnotized slave state and be even more willing, obedient, submissive and trusting than he’d been tonight. Tom actually smiled as he sat there entranced and thought about his next session with me. A few minutes later I counted him out again.

Tom shook his head at me, a few times and didn’t say anything. “I can’t believe you’re this good at hypnosis,” he said. “Why haven’t you ever considered doing this professionally?”

“Because then it would be a job, and it wouldn’t be any fun,” I told him with a laugh. “I’d much rather work at work and have fun at home. Now as much as I’d love to chat with you about hypnosis, it’s time you went home. If you’re half as exhausted as I am, you need to go home now.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that,” Tom agreed reluctantly and stifled a yawn. “When will we be having another night like this?”

“I don’t know right now,” I told him truthfully. “I’ll have to think about it and get back to you. We will have another night like this though. We just have to work out a time that is good for the two of us. You do have a wife and family to consider. I won’t be a party to your ignoring them and their needs just so you can have fun with me.” I looked Tom sternly in the eye and he knew I wasn’t kidding.

“What are you a mind reader too?” He exclaimed.

“No, I just know you very well, Tom Blackstone,” I said to him. “Don’t worry, we will set something up, and it will be worth the wait. Trust me.”

“I do,” Tom said and smiled. “Are you going to see me to the door?”

“Sure,” I replied as I got up and escorted him to the front door. We said our good-byes and Tom left for home, with the empty garment bag. I looked at the clock after I closed and locked the door. Eight forty-five. Early for a Saturday night, but I was heading off to bed. I was beat. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep.