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Coming Up

“You’re such a fucking loser!” Beth said leaning in so he could hear her above the noise

Bob looked at Karen and Jim to see if they’d heard… they didn’t appear to have.

Here they were at the table in the middle of a club—“Chavs”. A strip club. A male strip club!

Bob had wanted to impress Jim—his most important client. “Come to dinner, it’ll be on the company” he’d said. “Bring your wife” he’d added, “My wife is eager to meet her”

Bob was thirty-five, a sales executive. He was married to Karen for seven years. She was twenty-five. Their parents had disapproved of the union but Bob was already earning some big bucks.

But recently his position in the company was beginning to slide. Younger, keener men were eager to topple him from his perch.

Bill had befriended Bob… but it was, as Bob now realised his ‘friend’ who’d booked them into the club.

“I think we should go” Jim said

“No…,” Karen laughed, “Let’s stay a little longer”

Karen could see the funny side—and she instinctively knew by Bob’s demeanour that if this was a mistake, it wasn’t Bob’s intention to ‘impress’ them by this club.

Beth however was annoyed. She’d been growing sick of Bob for some time… and Bill had been only to ready to comfort her. She enjoyed being comforted by him… and it only made her loathe Bob even further.

“Quite a nice decor” Karen half-chuckled.

The club room was large, but not well lit. A number of men there—some married—were here out of sinful delight.

At one end was a large stage, now taken up by two guys in leather, and a dancing pole

Along one side was a long bar. Men were here too, downing their shots and drowning their sorrows.

Some women were there… not many. One knew her husband loved dick. She reasoned “If I love dick too, then it’s okay” and so they’d hire a man and both fuck him. She got off watching her husband get fucked up the arse.

Bob watched as Karen leaned over and whispered something into Beth’s ear. Beth burst out laughing.

Bob felt sick.

The leather men were now replaced by a new act “Welcome to the stage all the way from Greece … for the first time…. Adonis!”

Even Bob stopped to watch the olive-skinned man stride quickly to centre-stage to the beat of “Relax”. He wore shorts, and a tool belt and a yellow hard-hat. He carried a sledgehammer.

He wheeled it about—Bob presumed it must be plastic because in Adonis’ hands it looked very light.

Adonis strode about and put his tool down, metal head to the ground with the pole sticking up.

He soon had his pants off. His cock hung like a small arm. Jim choked on his beer when they saw it.

He half-squatted and his cock almost touched the stage floor. He let his massive cock swing freely and then he got up went over to the sledgehammer and backed down onto the handle

“Oh, my!” Karen gasped as he continued to sink down on its wooden shaft “Is that even possible?”

The stage lights went out and the small party of four looked at each other in the dim light in amazement (or disgust), until the next act was called out by the announcer.

Bob excused himself to go take a leak. He went over to the bar. There was a young barman there “Excuse me… where’s the restroom?”

“Through that door” the young man said pointing to two doors beside the stage area.

Bob made his way there and to his surprise was pinched on the behind by a patron at the bar

“Cheeky” the man winked

“Fuck off” Bob snarled and moved on

He was so angry that he opened the wrong door and went through. The door closed and he found himself in a long corridor. Performers were rushing about—some in various states of undress.

Bob laughed to himself at all the ‘fags’ running around

Bob found himself outside the staff bathroom. He really needed to pee. So he went in.

A man was standing at the sinks observing himself with an intense degree of scrutiny.

He looked up and smiled when he saw Bob

Bob didn’t smile at all

“Great show” the man said.

“Sure” Bob said. Bob found himself going into a cubicle. He felt so ill at ease he wanted to do it without anyone looking—perhaps he thought everyone there needed to see his prick?

“There you are!” came an effeminate voice

“Macus!” the man said half surprised.

Bob looked through a crack between the stall door and the wall. He could see a young man, wearing only a G-string approach the man at the mirror.

“I want to fuck you” Marcus said

“Please, no…” the man said, “You’re draining me!”

“Turn around”


“Turn around!” Marcus spat, and forced him to turn around

He reached around the man and undid his belt

He had the man’s pants and undies down and was already pushing his cock up between his ass-cheeks

Bob watched in disgust for only a moment before turning around to flush.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” the man grunted as Marcus fucked his ass-hole.

Marcus looked up, watching Bob’s reflection in the mirror when Bob opened the stall door. He didn’t stop fucking the man though.

Bob looked at them with cold disdain.

But… they didn’t seem to care. The guy was groaning with delight as Marcus rode his ass.

Bob didn’t want to hang around and wash his hands so he quickly left. He moved on down the wrong way without realising it. He got to the end of the corridor and looked for a door. He realised he’d need to come about.

He stopped when he saw Adonis. He had to admit the Greek man was quite good-looking.

Adonis was naked. “Don’t any of these queers wear clothes?” he thought.

Adonis noticed Bob noticing him

“Can I help you?”

“No thanks” Bon said defensively, having been caught staring

“Are you the new man?” he asked

“What new man?” Bob asked

“I was promised an older man for the night”

“I…” Bob started, “Fuck that!” he snarled with disdain

“So you’re not my date?”

“Fucking queer!” Bob said,

“Don’t be like that, baby”

“I’m not your baby”

“You could be” Adonis smiled stepping closer

“Stay away from me you fucking queer”

“You need manners”

“Fuck you”

“Maybe I ought to train you”

“Stay back!” Bob said

Adonis stroked his cock and it began to loom up, stiffening, menacingly

“Don’t come near me…” Bob said. He looked up the corridor. Whatever was happening with him, no one else seemed interested.

“You’re quite handsome” Adonis smiled as he closed in

“Stay the fuck away…I’m warning you!” Bob snarled shrilly… he was a little nervous

Adonis lunged at Bob.

Bob screamed for help as he was thrown back against the wall. No one was going to help

Adonis pressed Bob up against the wall and kissed him

“Fuck off!” Bob spat

Adonis tore at Bob’s belt, catching it and ripping if from him as if it were cardboard and not leather. He was strong. Terribly strong

Bob gave him a punch—hard, and in the kidneys

Adonis didn’t seem to notice

Bob’s pants fell

Adonis grabbed his undies and tore these free—and then Bob realised his cock was hard.

Adonis smiled when he saw it.

And then, he forced Bob around

Bob had just seen what had happened and he screamed and thrashed against Adonis. Adonis was far stronger than Marcus.

“Nooooo” he pleaded as he felt Adonis push his cock up into him.

“Noooo… pleassssseeeee”

Adonis pushed his massive cock up hard and into Bob’s anus. Bob was stretched He cried, his ass-hole burning in pain

“Oh, fuck babe” Adonis groaned “You’re sooo tight”

“Pleaasseeee” Bob cried

Adonis got into a rhtythm

“Oh, fuck….” Bob gasped and came against the wall.

Adonis continued to ride him and then pushing in as deep as he could he came inside Bob’s distended anus.

Bob gurgled with delight as Adonis wrecked his rectum.

* * *

Bob didn’t know how… but he found himself in his car.

Beth drove them home. Had he been asleep? They were almost in their street.

“You’re such a loser” Beth said to him in the car.

“I feel sick”

“You’re lucking his wife found the whole thing funny”

“I…” he whined

“Why the hell did you book that club?”

“I didn’t…” he said, “Bill did it for me…”

snap Beth realised it was the thing Bill would do, and now she was angry. Yes, she’d been fucking him… but now he’d really fucked them.. fucked them both. Her affair hadn’t been permission for him to humiliate her, and to undermine her husband (while still her husband! )

“I feel sick” Bob whined again.

“We’re almost home” she said

As the car stopped in the drive Bob opened his door and heaved onto the driveway.

Bob continued to spew and Beth left him there and went inside

When Bob finally staggered in he head Beth on her phone.

“It’s not funny”

she was quite angry

“No… that’s it… oh, I’ve got to go” she said seeing Bob stand there

“Who was that?” he asked


“You look beautiful” he said, and as he approached her he passed out, falling onto the couch.

In the morning Bob woke up completely refreshed. He leaped up and was surprised that he almost hit the ceiling.

He went to the bathroom and pulled his pants off to have a pee. He was there for some time and as he stood there he felt like his cock was bigger… it was certainly heavier.

“Oh, you’re up?” Beth said walking in on him. She took off her nightie and opened the shower. He watched, looking at her ass.

His cock got hard as she lent in to turn the water on

“You look beautiful”

“Are you still drunk?” she scalded him

He went to her and tried to kiss her

“Leave me alone”

“So beautiful” he said, “Let’s fuck”

“Don’t touch me!” she snapped

“I need to fuck you” he said

“I said don’t…” she began, turning on him

“You will fuck me!” he said, staring into her eyes.

“I… I will fuck you” she said, swollowing her spit

“Turn around”

She turned around. As she stood there she wondered why she wanted to obey him

He pushed his cock between her cheeks

“No… not there!” she began to protest. She turned half-around and his eye cut into her again

“I’m going to fuck your tiny little ass”

“Yes” she said, turning back around to face the wall “You will fuck my ass”

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” she cried in pain as he pushed into her stretching her wide. And yet, she could not move.

“Oh you’re tight!” he sighed as he kept pushing in

“It hurts!” she whimpered

But he kept pushing into her

With the ball of her fist she hit the tiles “Owwww!”

He got into her as far as he could before she wouldn’t stretch any further

And then he stopped.

“It hurts so bad…” she cried

“Something’s not right” he said

“Oh, please….” she sobbed

“You… you don’t feel right” he said. He pulled out of her. She cried again, as it hurt just as much.

He stood there. Blood on his cock. She turned around and saw it, and she felt her ass still hanging open. “What did you do to me?” she cried

“Be quiet” he said, and suddenly her mouth clamped shut.

“You …. you don’t feel right” he said again, “You’re not what I need!”

She didn’t understand him… but then he didn’t need her to.

He turned to her “You will obey me” he said

“Yes” she said meekly, bowing her head a little

“I need you to get dressed… you’re driving me back to the club”

“Yes…. master” she added.

Bob was fascinated about the control he now had over her

At the club Bob made his wife stay in the car. He ran over to the building but found it was locked

He was frustrated.

He ran around looking for another way in

He found the back open—as people were delivering bottles of wine

“Hey!” someone yelled at him as he pushed on through “You’re not meant to be in here!”

Bob ran in and then looked for the corridor. He was desperate—he wanted to find Adonis

He was almost surprised to find Adonis… in his dressing-room.

Adonis was ass-fucking some young man. Adonis looked up when he saw Bob. He smiled, and continued sodomizing the willing youth. “Join us!” he smiled.

All the anger washed out of Bob. He got hard. “Thiis Chucky” Adonis smiled as his massive shaft ploughed in and out of the guy who was on all fours getting doggy-style ass-raped.

Chucky had a hard-on. He was enjoying it clearly.

Bob found himself getting naked. He moved around to Chucky’s face. Chucky had never taken cock in any hole, but Bob pushed it into his mouth and he found himself sucking it… it was big and he could only take a little in without choking.

Bob looked up into Adonis’ eyes. Adonis smiled and then Bob started coming. Chucky was going to spit it out

“Eat it!” Adonis said and Chucky felt compelled to swallow the salty cream.

Bob groaned with delight as he came in the youth’s mouth. Then Chucky came. He shot his nineteen year-old cock’s load onto the floor. Bob found himself now getting to the ground and he began lapping it up off the floor boards.

As he did he felt Adonis put a finger inside him. He willingly allowed his master to finger his ass.

Then Adonis came. He came a lot. It oozed out of Chucky’s anus and when he finally withdrew Bob was eager to put his mouth there instead.

He lapped into the distended anus at the thick pool of jizz there. He slurped it down.

* * *

Bob lay in his Master’s arms.

“What did you do to me?” he whimpered

“I made you a god” Adonis smiled as he stroked Bob’s head

“I never wanted…”

“Shhh, babe” Adonis whispered, “It doesn’t matter what you want anymore”

“Yes, Master…” Bob purred.

* * *

“Please you’ve got to come” Beth cried into her phone, “Something wrong with Bob”

“What?” Bill asked

“Please, can you come here?”

“Err.. sure babe” Bill said


“Yeah, okay, I’ll be there in 10”

“Hurry” Beth cried and then put the phone down

“Did I do alright, Master?” she asked

“Yes” Bob said

Beth so much wanted to please him but she knew she was not quite ‘right’… even her anus couldn’t satisfy him. She knew this, and accepted it. And now she was gifting him Bill

Bill… her lover.

Bill the man who tried to sink them both with his little ‘joke’.

Bill who was about to get his ass-hole stretched

Bill who was about to become Bob’s boy-toy….

And she smiled contented and went back into he kitchen to make Bob his favourite for dinner.

Later when she heard Bill’s screams—first of pain and then of joy she happily baked cookies, knowing that her Master was at work…

The End