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Compliance and Acquisition



This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.


A submissive personal assistant helps her CEO Mistress navigate an insidious corporate conspiracy.

Author’s Note:

Usually, I take sexy photos and videos, add some spirals and such then write stories to go along with those. This is my first time trying it with just words. Hope you enjoy!

* * *

Compliance and Acquisition

Chapter 1: Infiltration

* * *

Agent Lily checked her appearance in the car’s rearview mirror, smoothing her short, spiky red hair against her head. The security guard working the lobby tonight was a man. If she looked and played her part correctly, he would tell himself a cover story she wouldn’t have to.

Use their expectations against them. That was the first thing they’d taught her. Well, technically, the first thing they’d taught her was to stare obediently into a flickering spiral and accept everything that was poured into her mind. But, her brain didn’t remember much of that earliest lesson.

Not like her tingling pussy did.

Her sex glowed with a low grade throb, teasing her with the mind melting pleasure she would be rewarded with if her mission succeeded tonight. Once she’d been captured and reconditioned, her handlers had forever subverted her sexuality. Lily’s natural, and formidable, talent for creative problem-solving, her imagination, and ambition had been the perfect harness to leash her for their use. The chain of her leash was made of white hot, searing lust.

Now, the highest pleasure she could attain was the reward for carrying out their will. She was a junkie for a drug only her handlers could supply. They gave it to operatives who delivered results and Agent Lily always delivered.

She was a functional and very useful addict.

Her phone chirped and she checked the clock: 22:07. Time to earn her fix.

Lily clipped the fake ID to her blue coveralls and stuffed a pair of black nitrile gloves into her pocket. She exited the car and made sure to wave to the security camera on her way up the parking garage stairwell to the lobby of Kreisberg M&D’s corporate headquarters.

The lone security guard was a handsome man with dark skin. She could see him watching her on the bank of monitors behind his desk as the outer security doors recognized her badge and parted automatically.

She made for the lifts on the far side of his desk wearing the same casual smile she’d flashed in the stairwell. She was twenty paces away when he smiled and raised his hands in mock disbelief.

“They’re working you lot as hard as me!” he bellowed playfully.

Lily could tell from his accent that he had grown up in South Africa but had lived in London long enough to pick up the local cadence.

His eyes glanced at her badge just long enough to confirm his expectations. “Didn’t you all get finished last night?”

She heaved her shoulders in a display of exasperation and called back, “No, top floor is still wrecked and I get to finish all by myself!”

He shook his head sadly and gave her a friendly wink. “It’s not right, the things they make the late shift do.”

You have no idea.

“They’ve got me all alone until three. Can you believe it?” He gestured to the monitors in front of him, “All this to watch and some prat ate the last bag of crisps we had back here. Don’t understand incentive, these people.”

She shook her head, “I get to take out their garbage. You don’t even want to know what I get in return.” Lily’s pussy hummed at the thought of returning to her pod soon and thrashing helplessly in the cuffs as it debriefed her with its buzzing toys and VR mask.

She drew the black gloves from her pocket and made a show of slipping them on. Lily had donned the guise of cleaning staff a number of times over the years. Their profession was so helpful both in terms of having access to all sorts of sensitive places and wearing gloves while there.

That was the second thing they’d taught her: never leave fingerprints.

“Well, I’d better get up there. With luck, I’ll finish before breakfast.”

Lily watched his gaze shift momentarily to her left hand as the glove went on, checking for a ring she didn’t have. She saw his uncertainty as he considered making a pass at her. His gaze went to her close cropped hair then her heavy boots.

That’s right mate, I’m not playing for your team. It’ll just turn things awkward to even try.

He smiled, a little sadly, and nodded at the express lift, “Going to the top? I can give you a quick ride.”

She nodded eagerly, “Yeah, thanks!”

He pressed a button on his console and the doors to the executive-only lift opened with a musical chime. She stepped on board and gave him a friendly wave, “Cheers.”

He nodded and leaned back in his chair. “Don’t let them keep you up all night.”

Lily pushed the button for the top floor and smiled as the doors shut. He was a decent and considerate fellow. She angled her body away from the camera high on the lift’s wall and checked that the gun under her coveralls hadn’t shifted.

She hoped she wouldn’t need to use it on him when it was time to make her exit.

* * *

The top floor was warm when the lift arrived. The smart building’s software having shut down all nonessential environmental systems while the building sat empty overnight. The handful of lights that were still on helped Lily get an immediate fix on her position.

She went directly to the maintenance closet near the end of the main hall and pulled a small key ring from her pocket. One of its half-dozen keys was a very meticulous copy made to fit this door’s lock. She’d spent a little while earlier tonight smoothing its teeth and it now slid effortlessly into the lock and turned.

Lily pushed the cleaning trolley ahead of her and made her way back down the corridor to the cluster of offices in the north east corner of the building. Forty seven paces down the hall, right turn, then sixteen paces to the central lobby that serviced the CEO’s office and most of Kreisberg’s top executives.

She left the trolley in the lobby and then, one at a time, entered each office and returned to empty a wastebasket in the trolley’s large trash bin. It was superfluous work but putting on a little show for the cameras and networked video recorders would give her subterfuge that much firmer a foundation if the fellow downstairs was watching. She worked through the north east wing in an anti-clockwise circuit until she reached the CEO’s office.

Lily unlocked the door and grabbed the two wastebaskets she found within the room. She emptied both back at the trolley, then unhooked the hefty industrial vacuum and plugged it into a floor mounted receptacle. Unspooling the shielded cord behind her, Lily returned to the office with the vacuum in tow.

Lily knew there were no cameras in this room but she was also certain several of the ceiling-mounted cameras out in the lobby had two-way audio. She switched the vacuum on and left it standing in place near the door, close enough to let the noise of its motor reach any microphones outside. Then, she crossed to the opposite side of the enormous corner office. She went to the large desk that sat diagonally between the room’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

Back in the pod that gave Lily her reason for existing, her mind had been filled with a complete dossier of this room’s occupant. Kreisberg CEO Samantha Bennett , 37, was right handed and favored a pen and legal pad over smart devices for taking notes.

Lily pulled open the top right hand drawer and took a mental snapshot of its contents before she began searching through them. She moved on to the middle drawer and stopped when she spotted an ornate leather bound personal organizer at the bottom.

She removed the contents sitting on top of the organizer, careful to arrange them on the desk in the exact configuration they had rested in within the drawer. She lifted the diary out and felt it’s weight. Too heavy for paper and card stock. She unsnapped the clasp and opened it.

Sandwiched between pages that had never been written on, she found the data drive.

Lily smiled inwardly and felt warmth spreading from her nipples, down her stomach to the eager flesh between her legs. For a clean exit, she’d need to finish her cleaning task with the remaining offices, return the trolley to the maintenance closet, take the utility lift directly back to the parking garage, and then…

And then return to the bondage frame in her pod and let it fuck her brains out while her handlers downloaded the contents of her mind and the device she now slipped into her pocket. She returned the organizer and the items that had rested on top of it. Lily closed the drawer just as the vacuum cleaner switched off.

Her head snapped up, senses flaring to full gain. Beside the vacuum, between Lily and the room’s only exit, stood Samantha Bennett.

* * *

Lily took a deep breath, filling her lungs with oxygen, and felt the familiar rush as adrenaline began to saturate her muscles with blood. She would very likely be engaged in some strenuous activity within the next twenty seconds. She let her body ready itself.

“What are you doing there?” Miss Bennett asked calmly. She had a lovely face and a delightfully curvy figure to match. Her sharp, blue eyes were framed by long, flowing dark hair.

Lily took a step back and to the left, keeping the desk between her and the other woman. “Just finishing up the weekly cleaning ma’am. The crew last night didn’t get done in time.”

The pretty CEO’s eyes burned into her’s, not believing a word. “Cleaning out my desk then?”

Lily kept moving towards the floor-to-ceiling window to her left. If she could get the Bennett woman to mirror her movement, she could maneuver her to the other side of the room and get her out of the exit path.

“Begging your pardon ma’am. I promised the guard downstairs I’d try to find a bag of crisps for him.” Weak excuse but Lily didn’t need to convince her of anything, just stall her a few more seconds.

She made it to the far end of the desk, watching as Miss Bennett shifted on her heels. Then, the CEO stepped towards her, keeping herself between Lily and the door. She pulled a smart phone from her pocket.

“No worries then,” she replied smoothly. “Let’s just call down and ask what flavor he wants.”

So much for a clean exit.

Bennett glanced at her phone to unlock it. When her eyes looked back, Lily already had the zipper of her coveralls down and the black pistol pointed directly at her. Bennett’s face showed no sign of panic but she stopped in her tracks.

“I know you’re a clever woman Miss Bennett ,” Lily stated. “Right now, you’re calculating that if I can draw a gun this quickly, then I must’ve been well-trained by people who teach a masterclass in bodily harm.”

Now Lily took a step forward, keeping the gun trained on the ridge between Bennett’s eyes. “Ten seconds from now, I’m going to be through that door and on my way out of the building. The next choice you make will determine whether I leave you standing over near your desk or laying where you are right now.”

Bennett smiled then: a hungry, feline grin spreading across her face. “Oh, I imagine you’ve been trained very thoroughly,” she replied. “In fact, I’m counting on it.”

Lily cocked the pistol’s hammer back. “Move, now,” she commanded.

Bennett’s eyes narrowed. “Cobalt constrictor.”

A black sinkhole opened up inside Lily’s head and all her thoughts collapsed into it. Her arm dropped as quickly and completely as her mind. The warmth in her sex surged into a raging inferno and the spike of pleasure escaped her lips as a desperate, erotic moan.

Lily swayed on her feet as she plunged into trance, staring helplessly as Samantha Bennett stalked closer.

“Drop the gun pretty girl,” the CEO commanded.

Lily ruined her panties. Then obeyed.

* * *

“Did you find what you were looking for?” Bennett opened the middle drawer of her desk and inspected the personal organizer.

“Y-yes,” Lily answered, feeling waves of erotic heat reward her obedience. In a distant corner of her mind, where her thoughts were still, relatively, hers, she staggered to reason out her situation.

She knows my tigger?! Bloody hell, she knows!

“Poor thing,” Bennett smiled sadly. “Your handlers spread your mind wide open and made it so easy for me to just slip inside and have my way with you.”

Lily shook her head as much as trance would allow. “How?” She croaked.

Bennett laughed, a glorious, savage sound. “The people you serve aren’t the only ones in the private espionage business. I’ve received some quite thorough training myself. Training for people exactly like you.”

She approached Lily then, stalking like a panther. “Tell me pretty girl, do they let you cum?”

Lily panted, her eyes huge and terrified.

Bennett smiled with her teeth showing. “That’s it isn’t it? They use your sex to control you?”

Lily’s breath was a hurried, ragged rasp in her throat.

“Mmmm, it must make you such an eager slut to obey whomever has those magic words hardwired to your naughty slit. Do you think, as much as a needy little thing like you can think, that you’d be able to tell the difference between their commands and mine?” she asked, feigning detached curiosity.

“Could I teach your pussy to love serving me instead?”

Lily’s mouth opened and closed but no sound came out. She rode each syllable of Bennett’s poison words like a new vibrator that was far more powerful than she’d realized. Unprepared for how it would make a slurry of her thoughts, she was unable to do anything but let it have its way with her.

Bennett nodded helpfully, “Would you like me to use their words to break your will all over again? Would you like to be my slave?” Bennett drew close, an arm’s length from Lily.

“Ohmygawd!” Lily rasped.

“Come to me dear,” Bennett said opening buttons on her shirt. “Let me save you from them. You’re a slave, of course, nothing can change that. But, I’ll give you what you need.“ She drew open her shirt and let one of her breasts spill out into view.

“Something to worship.”

Lily’s eyes were huge. She saw the stiff nipple drawing close. She couldn’t escape. Her handlers had made their slave too well. She was helpless to disobey her triggers and now her triggers belonged to Samantha Bennett.

It dawned on her that, soon enough, she would as well.

Lily’s lips opened but no longer tried to form words. There was only one thing she could conceivably do with her mouth right now.

“That’s it, just give in,” Bennett cooed gently. “Soon you won’t even remember why you ever—”

She was cut off by a shrill pair of ringtones. The mobile in Lily’s pocket chirped angrily as it rang in sync… with the landline phone on Bennett’s desk.

Bennett cocked her head to one side as both devices rang a second time.

“Hmmm. I didn’t plan for this,” she muttered. She put a finger to her lips, looking to the phone on the desk.

“Sorry love,” she said apologetically. “We’ll have to pause for just a moment.” Then, she reached out and touched a finger to one of Lilys temples, speaking calmly:

“Lily’s play time is over. She’s awake and alert and calm, remembering everything and feeling perfectly safe.”

Instantly, Lily’s thoughts re-organized in her head. The implanted memories of her kidnapping and brainwashing as a young adult, her years of service to her handlers and her abject addiction to their slavery were filed neatly into an ornate box inside her mind. The lid went on the box and the box went back on the shelf beside her other fantasies.

Lily reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone, then accepted the call and switched on the phone’s speaker. In a well practiced business cadence she answered, “Miss Bennett’s office, this is Lily, how can I help you?”

“What in the fuck is going on tonight?!” replied an angry woman’s voice.

“H-hi Beth,” Lily replied warily. “ What do you mean?”

There was an exasperated sigh from the phone’s tiny speaker. “I mean what is this I’m hearing about Bennett proposing an acquisition to the Board of Directors just before end of business today?”

“Well…” Lily began. “Yes, that’s true. Miss Bennett was—”

“Oh, fuck off Lily! Is she there or not?”

Samantha frowned and put a comforting arm on Lily’s shoulder. “I’m here Beth. What’s the problem now?”

There was a long pause as Beth contemplated how best to proceed, having realized she’d been on speaker phone the whole time. She finally settled on: “I’m sorry for calling so late on a Friday Miss Bennett .”

Samantha rolled her eyes and nodded. “To answer your question, I proposed to the board earlier today that we acquire Luxor Technology. Now what’s the issue?”

“Well, not to be out of line but I’m the vice president of logistics. That’s the sort of thing I should be consulted on.”

Samantha made an impatient face but didn’t let it come through in her voice. “I understand but until the board votes on the deal there’s no reason to get anyone worried about it.”

Beth wasn’t quite as successful at hiding her impatience. “The new regulations go into effect next quarter! I’ve got everyone scrambling to get us into compliance. And now this?!”

“I understand your concern Beth,” Samantha said smoothly. “Again, there’s no deal as of right now but, if it happens, it’s going to solve our compliance problem entirely.”

It was a long pause then while Beth considered her next response. “I can’t be effective in my position if I don’t have all the information! I have a right to know. The other officers too.”

Lily watched as Samantha took a breath and silently counted to three. “You’re doing a great job Beth and I know that if we do make the acquisition you’ll continue to do so.”

Not waiting for a reply, Samantha continued, “If that’s all, then let’s touch base Monday morning and I’ll get you up to speed.”

There was another long, silent pause. “Of course,” Beth said, sounding suddenly placated. “Yes, that sounds fine. Have a good weekend.”

“You too.” Samantha drew her finger across her throat and Lily hung up.

Lily dropped the phone back in her pocket “What is she so upset about? And how did she know anyway?”

“She must be friendly with someone on the board,” Samantha mused. “They’re the only ones who know. Aside from us.”

Lily turned that over in her mind. “Robert might know… if Beth has made any new friends on the board.” The chairman of the board of directors had cultivated a strong working relationship with Samantha over the years. Their mutual respect was a tremendous source of stability within Kreisberg.

Samantha shrugged, “It’s not important. Everyone will know soon.” She pulled her shirt back into place over her breast then suddenly remembered what they’d been in the middle of.

“Oh baby! I’m so sorry that we got interrupted!” She reached out for Lily who smiled lopsidedly and pulled her into a squirmy embrace.

“Ohmygawd, that was soooo hot! I had no idea I was going to hold you at gunpoint. Did you program me to do that?”

Samantha shook her head, laughing. “I just programmed you to know that you had a gun in case you wanted to use it for anything. You’re the most lethal Maybelline girl I’ve ever seen!”

Lily glanced down to see a rectangular tube of eye shadow on the carpet next to her feet, where she’d dropped the ’pistol.’

“When you flipped the tables and triggered me…” Lily shook her head, unable to convey the enormity of the thought. “… oh my god Mistress! It was better than cumming!”

Samantha giggled and ran her fingers over Lily’s shoulders affectionately. “The trance hit you so hard baby. Watching you drop was incredible!”

“What did I steal anyway?” Lily muttered digging into her pocket and pulling out a fresh pad of yellow sticky notes with the words ’Secret Information’ written across the front.

Her mouth dropped open in shock. “I saw a drive. I could tell you what it looked like down to the font on the label!”

Samantha nodded adjusting her shirt, “You’ve gotten so good in trance baby. It’s amazing to watch your mind creating the story in real time. The way your imagination stays active when you’re under… oh, it’s brilliant.”

Lily grinned and drew Samantha close. “I love you Mistress,” she whispered, pressing her lips to Samantha’s.

“I love you girl.” Samantha murmured between their winding tongues. She suddenly broke off the kiss. “Oh! Look on the back,” she said, nodding to the pad.

Lily turned over the sticky notes and saw a phrase written on the back. It was strange handwriting and not English either. The more she looked at it the more confused she became. In fact, it didn’t make any sense at all until she realized she couldn’t see the pad anymore because it had slipped from her fingers and dropped.

Along with her mind.

Samantha grinned wickedly. “Uh oh. Did the evil mind controller leave a trap for her helpless little victim?” She grasped the back of Lily’s head and drew it down. Her other hand pulled her shirt out of the way.

Lily smiled blankly, nodding. Her eyes crossed as they tried to stay fixed on the single point of focus looming before her.

Samantha’s throbbing nipple coming towards her mouth.

“You belong to me now, Agent Lily!” Samantha growled.

* * *

END Chapter 1

* * *