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Compliance and Acquisition



This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.

* * *

Compliance and Acquisition

Chapter 2: Impediment

* * *

Lily opened her eyes after a second chime from Samantha’s work phone. She was still tangled in the sheets of their bed at home, where she and Mistress had finally collapsed last night. She pulled herself free and put all her effort into sorting through things in her pre-caffeine stupor.

It was Saturday morning. The shower was running which meant Mistress was letting her sleep in. She considered creeping into the bathroom and surprising her with a thorough tonguing of her ass but she’d need tea before she’d have the energy for that.

Mistress’ phone chirped again.

First things first.

She pushed herself off the bed and stumbled into the bathroom.

Mistress was washing her hair, breasts pushed out invitingly with streams of soapy water running down them. Lily stopped in her tracks and reconsidered her morning priorities as well as where she might surprise Mistress with her eager tongue.

But, water sports had never held much appeal to either of them so she sat down to relieve herself first. “Morning Mistress!” She called through the water closest’s doorway.

“Morning love! Are you up?”

“Yup, heading down to get tea started,” Lily replied, stretching out her stiff muscles.

“Perfect, thank you.”

“You’ve got a message waiting,” Lily called as she flushed and stepped to the sink.

“I had one earlier as well. Probably Robert following up on yesterday. I’ll be out soon. Unless…” Mistress wiped the fog from the glass door and fixed Lily with a hungry look.

She laughed. “Caffeine first, please.”

“Be quick then, slave.” Mistress winked and pulled the handheld shower wand free to start rinsing.

* * *

Downstairs, Lily pulled the electric kettle from its base and poured steaming water into two mugs. Then she selected tea bags: Mistress’ favorite green and a spicy black for herself. While they steeped, she turned on business news on her phone.

She was rummaging through the pantry for the new tin of biscuits when she heard the news reader:

“Kreisberg M&D’s chief executive, Samantha Bennett, began trending overnight after online tabloids published a video of her during a rendezvous with a female sex worker. The respected CEO—”

Lily’s head scattered the contents of the spice rack as she pulled herself out of the pantry and grabbed her phone from the counter.

“—also rumored to be brokering a bold acquisition deal. Although Kreisberg is the market leader in their segment, they have an aggressive timeline to comply with new government regulations on their industry. Undoubtedly, her new profile in the media this morning can only make her company’s difficult situation even more so.”

Lily swiped over to her browser and dictated a new keyword search: “Samantha… Bennett... Video!” Then she raced back up the stairs two at a time.

* * *

“Mistress! The news is—” she stopped short as she jogged into the bedroom. Samantha was standing beside the bed, wrapped in her robe, with her phone pressed to her ear. She held one hand up for silence as she listened intently.

Lily went back into her phone and checked the search results. The third hit was the original tabloid story the news reader had referenced. Her jaw tightened as she poured over the headline:

‘CEO Isn’t The Boss In The Bedroom: Exclusive Leaked Video From Kinky Romp With Dominatrix!’

Lily scrolled down the page and found a handful of video stills taken in an expensive hotel room. The dominatrix’s face was never in frame. She only appeared from the neck down as a lovely torso and set of upper thighs. The nude woman on the other hand…

It looked like Mistress. But it wasn’t. It simply wasn’t her. Lily tore her eyes away as Samantha spoke into her phone:

“Hi Robert, it’s Samantha returning your call. I’m just getting up to speed on the situation now. To answer your questions: one, its definitely fake. Two, I don’t know. I really have no idea.”

Lily’s heart was pounding in her chest as the rage rose inside her. Someone had done this to her Mistress. Had purposefully arranged to injure her. She trembled with quiet fury as Samantha, calmly, continued.

“I’m at home by the phone so once you get everyone gathered let me know and I’ll conference in. I’m happy to be there in person if you’d rather do that as well. Call me if you need anything. Thank you.”

She tapped the call off and dropped her phone in the robe’s pocket. Lily said nothing as Samantha kept staring ahead for several long moments.


Samantha turned to Lily. “Yes, love?”

Lily opened her mouth but realized she didn’t have the first notion of what to say.

“I…I uh…”

Samantha nodded towards Lily’s phone. “Have you found the source of the video?”

“Yes Mistress. Online tabloid.”

“Good.” Samantha went to the closet and switched the light on. “Find the best quality version you can and get it downloaded. Then, we need to start parsing every word of that story.”

“Yes Mistress. Uh… Robert?”

Samantha hung up the robe and selected a simple outfit from the rack. She began pulling the top over her arms. “The board is meeting as soon as they can get everyone together. An hour, maybe less. They’ll probably have legal and PR looped in as well. We need to have as many answers as we can by then.”

Lily closed her mouth and nodded, “Yes Mistress! I’m on it.” She grabbed her laptop from the bag at her nightstand then went back downstairs for their tea.

* * *

“Tell me about your work.” A silky voice purred.

The woman who was not Samantha Bennett shifted in the chair she was bound to. Black leather cuffs at her wrists, and again over her biceps, held her securely. Her nipples were shiny with wetness in the half light. They rose and fell with her uneven breath.

“I… I run a company.”

“Mmmmm. Are you a powerful woman Samantha?” The domme asked as she stalked around the chair. “I like breaking powerful women.”

Not-Samantha groaned and rolled her hips. She shook her head weakly, her hair was damp with sweat. This had been going on for some time.

“Powerful men want to break. They crave the release, the utter freedom of surrendering all their responsibilities.” The domme retrieved a phone from a nearby table.

“Powerful women crave the same thing but they’re so deliciously conflicted. They’ve been programmed you see. Programmed by a contradictory culture that, secretly, thinks women can only play at being powerful. Yet, encourages them to seek power all the same.” The slender dominatrix tapped something on the phone.

“It’s very taboo for a powerful woman to crave surrender. To be this turned on…”

The woman in the chair bucked and moaned around a vibrator that could be heard but not seen.

“… as she is being conquered.”

Not-Samantha’s breath hissed rapidly through clenched teeth.

“Oh fuck, PLEASE!”

The Dominatrix reached out to pluck at the bound woman’s throbbing nipples with one hand. The other tapped the phone once again. The vibrator shifted from an angry buzz to a mid-tempo purr.

“Are you the sort of woman who is controlled by her pussy?”

The Samantha Bennett lookalike shook her head. “No.”

“No, what?” The domme asked playfully.

“No… Mistress,” the bound woman hissed.

“But you’re going to be. Aren’t you?”

“Oh god…”

The scene abruptly shifted. The camera had been moved near the bed where Not-Samantha knelt on all fours. Her head was facing slightly away, not quite in profile to the camera. She was groaning and gasping constantly as she was pumped from behind with a strap on worn by the slender mystery domme.

She was also being pumped for information.

“How many employees worldwide, approximately?” The domme asked.

“Nearly two thousand.” Not-Samantha replied, grunting hoarsely. There were slick smacking sounds between her legs as her hair was tossed about with each thrust.

Then the fucking stopped. There was a sound of rapid typing. Experienced fingers punching away at a phone’s soft keyboard off-camera. The woman wailed as the cock stopped moving inside her.

“Mmmm you’re feeling much more ready to talk now. Aren’t you slut?”

“Yes, Mistress!” the Samantha impersonator pleaded.

“How many conversions does Kreisberg typically get?“ The Dominatrix asked as she resumed pushing her cock into the imposter’s eager sex.

“On an average day, Mistress, we do about—“

Lily turned off the video. She had already carefully transcribed the last section where the dominatrix had probed the woman for all manner of information relating to Kreisberg’s business activities.

That was the bit she’d focused on because it troubled her the most. Whoever had faked this video had deep knowledge of the company. Which, unfortunately, meant the whole world did now. Dealing with the scandal was only the first fire they had to put out. It would take Mistress a long time to deal with the-

Lily jumped as her phone buzzed on the desk beside her. A new message from Mistress downstairs:

They’re ready

I’m calling in now

* * *

Lily crept down the stairs as quietly as she could and slipped into a chair at the kitchen table next to Mistress.

“…as well as Grace Harrison from our legal team. Thank you all for joining us here in the room and on the call.”

Robert’s voice was serious, though Lily thought he’d lost none of the even, measured tone she’d come to expect from him. Beside her, Mistress was still.

“Can you hear us okay?”

Samantha leaned forward, speaking into the phone on the table before them. “Yes Robert, the record should also reflect I’m here with my personal assistant, Lily Carlton.”

“We have that noted, thank you. I think everyone is aware of the situation we’re facing this morning. Samantha why don’t you start us off.”

Lily’s chest tightened. She knew Robert held Mistress in high regard but he was not helping her one bit now. Instead he’d pushed her into the spotlight to explain herself.

Though, if Mistress was concerned she certainly didn’t show it.

“Thank you for the opportunity to address this matter with all of you. The video is, obviously, fake. A carefully selected look a like no doubt. I would speculate that it was given to the media outlet in question specifically because of their proclivity for sensationalism.”

Mistress glanced at the notes she’d made on her legal pad. “The timing of this information attack, coinciding with rumors regarding the Luxor Technology deal, should not be viewed as coincidental. The fact that this video went to the media, rather than to me for the purpose of blackmail, suggests that the acquisition is the real target of this hoax.

She paused, just a moment, to let that sink in. “In a sense, this is a positive indicator of how strong someone thinks our market position will be post-acquisition. If they weren’t feeling threatened they wouldn’t be going to these lengths to stop us.”

Lily nodded approvingly. Leave it to Mistress to turn a scandal into a merit award.

Samantha pressed on. “This is why we must move forward with the acquisition immediately. We should insist on reaching an initial agreement before the weekend is out.” There was a faint murmur on the call as the people gathered around the table tried to keep up.

“An aggressive response from our legal team to the online publication should produce a retraction before the end of today’s news cycle. Monday morning, we chip and charge with a series of media appearances. We hijack the narrative by detailing how the acquisition solves our compliance problem. This also gives us an ample platform to promote news of the retraction and allay any concern from our shareholders.”

So, Robert was helping after all. In a handful of sentences, Mistress had succinctly taken control of the situation, defined the battleground, and directed the nature of their counter attack. Lily smiled and scolded herself for doubting his support or Mistress’ ability to sidestep such a well-placed landmine.

“Very good, thank you Samantha,” Robert’s voice smoothly took over. “Judging from the number of nodding heads I see here, I believe we’re all on the same page. Legal what is our—”

“Excuse me, Robert, “ A woman’s voice suddenly spoke up. “I’m sorry to interrupt.”

There was a brief pause, then Robert announced: “Not at all. For those on the phone, this is V.P. of logistics, Beth Talbot.”

Lily’s eyes went wide. ’What is she doing there?’ she mouthed silently.

Mistress shook her head but said nothing.

“Thank you Robert,” Beth continued, “I’m concerned that an overtly aggressive reaction now may limit our options later.”

“Is this related to the information you mentioned earlier?” Robert asked.

“Yes,” Beth responded. “I happened to be working late last night. I was in the office when the news broke so I got a head start on things. I started making phone calls before start of business this morning.”

“Great work taking the initiative Beth,” Mistress cut in.

Lily could see agitation in her face. Clearly, Mistress was unhappy that this was the first she was hearing of Beth’s enquiries.

Beth ignored Mistress entirely. “As I told Robert earlier, I have some news everyone needs to hear. I was told that, after they became aware of the online video, the Financial Services Authority immediately opened an investigation into Miss Bennett.”

Lily’s mouth dropped open. She turned to Mistress but Samantha didn’t respond. Only pressed her knuckles to her lips in deep concentration.

“Obviously,” Beth continued, “this video has been edited down from a lengthier source. Until we know the full contents, we have to assume it can hurt us. If we lock in a story now that can be contradicted later, it’s far worse than if we say nothing.”

Samantha opened her mouth to say something, but Robert beat her to the punch.

“Do we know why FSA is looking at Miss Bennett, specifically?”

Lily could imagine Beth shrugging in that annoying way she did when she wanted to make someone work for the answer rather than just give it to them.

“For possible insider dealing. Obviously, not all of the conversation contained in this video relates to Miss Bennett’s sexual proclivities.”

Mistress rolled her eyes while Lily seethed quietly.

“Excuse me,” Beth corrected, “the woman who appears to be Miss Bennett. She also talks openly about company operations, structure, and personnel. I imagine that FSA is concerned this information was provided in a quid pro quo arrangement so that a third party could benefit from it.”

A woman’s voice interjected then. “This is Grace Harrison, legal. Is Luxor Technology mentioned anywhere?”

“No,” Beth replied. “Thankfully not.”

“Whether it is or it isn’t, the timing is very bad,” a man’s voice responded. “And, if the media begins reporting that our CEO is under investigation, Luxor may distance themselves.”

“Miss Talbot may be right about an overtly aggressive strategy,” a woman’s voice interjected. “But I don’t think we can afford to be seen doing nothing either.”

Lily could sense Mistress tensing beside her. The board members were quietly starting to panic.

“What about her voice? Maybe the woman just bears a strong resemblance but it certainly sounds like Miss Bennett ,” someone else interjected.

“Robert!?” Samantha looked gobsmacked as she spoke without thinking. Then, having no other option, she pressed on. “Uh…I want to assure you and the rest of the board, ummm… of a couple very important things.”

Lily watched her Mistress scramble to organize her thoughts. “First, this video is a fake. I never said these things because I was never in that room with this other person.”

Lily took Mistress’ pen and quickly scribbled a note on the legal pad: ’U wouldn’t cheat on me!’

Samantha nodded, as she recovered her footing. “Second, I have two commitments in my life and I take both of them very seriously. The first is to my relationship…”

Lily reached over and squeezed her hand, trying to pour out whatever strength was in her for Mistress to draw on.

“… the second is to this company, in my role as CEO. I have never and would never break either of those commitments. It’s important to realize that the party behind this campaign of defamation is asking people to believe that I broke both.”

Lily nodded, her eyes brimming with tears. Mistress was a boulder on the beach, breaking the incoming waves without effort. The tide could engulf her for a moment, but it would recede and she would always remain.

“Thank you very much for that reassurance Samantha,” Robert said warmly. “I’m sure we are all very aware of the dedication you’ve shown this company as its chief executive and all of us as a friend and colleague.”

Samantha’s eyes glistened now too. She squeezed Lily’s hand and smiled reassuringly.

“So,” Robert continued, “lets break for now. I’d like for Grace to get back her office so she can bring our legal team up to speed and have PR start planning our response. Let’s get back on this afternoon at 3pm.”

Samantha swallowed hard and cleared her throat. “Thank you Robert.”

She ended the call and kissed Lily’s hand in hers. “And, thank you my wonderful slave.”

“I don’t suppose it would help if I explained to them that the fake-you’s breasts are the wrong shape,” Lily said dryly. “Yours are much nicer.”

Samantha’s eyes were far away. She shook her head slightly but said nothing.

“What are you thinking Mistress?”

“I’m thinking…” Mistress began slowly, “...that Beth had the right idea. I wish I’d been there in person.”

Lily hugged her tightly and said no more. They stayed that way at the kitchen table for a little while.

Suddenly, Lily’s eyes flew open.

“MISTRESS!” She shrieked.

Samantha lurched in her chair at the sudden outburst, staring at Lily with huge eyes. “What baby?! What’s wrong?”

Lily stared at her, mouth hanging open. “Beth wasn’t at Kreisberg last night! She said she was working late but you and I were the only people on the top floor. ”

Samantha cocked her head. “She was probably working from home.”

“She said she was at THE office.” Lily could see the word buzzing angrily in her razor sharp memory.

The statement hung in the air for a long moment.

“You’re right.” Samantha finally said, her mouth hung open, her eyes darting around as her mind raced. “Could she have come in after we left?”

“Wait, I’ve got it!” Lily held up a finger as she opened her phone and began scrolling hurriedly.

Samantha blinked, then the same thought suddenly dawned on her as well. “What time was the tabloid story posted?” She asked, knowing Lily was already looking.

Lily smiled and nodded. As they so often were, her and Mistress’ thoughts were in perfect synch. Finally, she finished reading from her phone’s screen and looked up. “One thirty-seven this morning.”

Samantha thought it over a moment. “We were there until at least two a.m.,” she said at length.

“At least,” Lily agreed solemnly.

Samantha shook her head, not wanting to believe it. “Beth…”

“She got such a big head start because she sent the video to the media. She might’ve even tipped FSA off.” Lily said quietly. “She’s behind this. Why else lie?”

“But why would she…” Samantha was shaking her head. “It’s her company too! If she hurts Kreisberg with a scandal how does that gain her anything?”

“Maybe she has some other plan?” Lily offered. “Or maybe she just wants to sink the Luxor deal? It was odd the way she was so upset about it last night.”

“Last night…” Samantha murmured. “Last night, last night…”

“What?” Lily asked.

“She only found out about Luxor last night. How could she have done all this since we were on the phone with her?”

Lily opened her mouth, then closed it again. That was a good point.

“Maybe she’s had the video for a while and she’s just using it now? It couldn’t have been easy to find an actress with such a strong resemblance to you. This would’ve taken planning and preparation.”

“But, again, what does she gain?”

Lily opened her mouth to answer but was cut off by Samantha’s phone ringing on the table beside them. The contact name was ‘Kreisberg HQ.’

They looked at each other. Then, Mistress tapped the green button and turned on the speaker.

“This is Samantha Bennett.”

“Hello Samantha, this is Robert and everyone back at Kreisberg again.”

He was agitated. Lilly could hear something in his voice that hadn’t been there before.

“Hi Robert, any new developments?” Mistress asked calmly.

“Yes Samantha, I’m afraid there have been.”

He took a deep breath and Lily found her hand slipping into Mistress’ once again.

“Samantha I’m sorry to inform you that the board passed a resolution a few minutes ago. You are being placed on suspension effective immediately.”

Lily gasped, her hands going to her mouth but failing to contain the sound in time. Mistress’ back went rigid, she stared off into space as he continued.

“I want you to know this is in no way a reflection of our confidence in your leadership. But, the board feels that this is the best move given the optics of the situation.”

“I…” Mistress’ jaw worked silently for a moment, trying to find the words. “…understand.”

“We’re going to announce to the press that we’re bringing in independent counsel to launch an internal investigation. Once everything has been cleared up, you’ll be reinstated.”

Mistress silently counted to three before allowing herself to speak again. “Well, I appreciate that. But in the meantime—”

“In the meantime,” Robert finished for her, “the board has appointed Beth Talbot as interim CEO. She’ll handle the day-to-day until we get you back in the chair.”

“Hi Samantha,” Beth suddenly interjected, “I want you to know that we will be doing everything in our power to get this misunderstanding cleared up. This situation will have my full attention, I promise you.”

Mistress’ hand closed into a fist within Lily’s.

“That’s a great comfort Beth. Since I know how fast you work.”

Lily marveled. Mistress’ face was a mask of rage but her voice betrayed none of it.

Robert was back on the line: “We’re all, all of us, very sorry about the situation Samantha.”

Not all of you, Lily hissed inside her head.

Mistress was nodding slowly, determination creeping back into her eyes. “I appreciate that very much Robert, thank you.” She relaxed the fist and squeezed Lily’s hand.

“Oh, Robert? I have some personal items in my office there. Would it be all right if I came down today and collected them?”

Beth answered before he could. “I’d be happy to pack up anything and send it to you. Do you have a list or—”

“Of course, that will be fine.” Robert said, cutting her off. “Come down whenever you’d like.”

“Thank you all for the update,” Mistress said. “If we have any new information that might be helpful we’ll share it with you right away.”

“Very good. Thank you Samantha.”


Mistress ended the call and kept staring at the same spot on the wall. It was several long moments before she spoke.

“Well,” she said plainly, “now we know what Beth was hoping to gain.” She laughed mirthlessly, “It’s actually quite clever. She’ll have the whole company pulling together to save the Luxor deal. That will solve the compliance problem and then she’s the CEO who saved Kreisberg.”

Lily was dumbfounded, trying to think of something, anything to say. “Mistress I’m… I’m so sorry. I don’t—”

Samantha turned to her, a determined smile on her face. “No time for that now, girl. We know what Beth did and we have a rough idea of how she did it. What we need now is proof.”

Lily beamed. This woman, this goddess that she had given her mind and body to was the strongest human being she’d ever known. If all she had was a phone and something to write with, Mistress would still be one of the most formidable business opponents in the world.

But, of course, that’s not all Mistress had. She also had Lily. And, Lily would fight for Mistress to her last breath.

Mistress pulled them both to their feet. Her eyes were clear. “How do you think they faked my voice?”

Lily thought it over, chewing her lip. “Well,” she said finally, “If they used a look-a-like for the video they’d need a sound-a-like person for the conversation. There might even be some sort of photoshop-for-sound that could be used to alter a person’s voice to sound like you.”

“Good girl.” Mistress squeezed her shoulders warmly and fixed her with a solemn look.

“Now, I have to ask you for something very difficult. We need someone… someone with impeccable credentials and experience in media production to help us prove that.”

Lily’s breath caught in her chest. They both knew who Mistress was talking about.

“Mistress I…” Lily searched her eyes for any hope of an escape hatch. Mistress demanded much of herself and expected the same of Lily. But this...

To my last breath.

“I-I don’t know if she will even take my call but I’ll reach out to her.”

“Thank you, my wonderful, precious slave.” Mistress said, pulling her into a tight embrace.

“If she’s still working on the Sunday news shows, she’ll be in the office today. It... might help get me in the door if I had something to offer her.”

“What did you have in mind?”

Lily mulled it over. “Phone interview?”

Samantha thought it over silently for a moment. “Do it,” she said, leaning forward to kiss Lily’s forehead, which creased as something occurred to Lily.

“Mistress, you don’t keep much at your office. Why did you ask to go back down there today?”

Mistress took a deep breath, “Beth couldn’t have done this without help. She’s hopeless with video. You remember that trade show project of hers we had to hand off to marketing?”

Lily chortled. “I remember how much overtime it cost.”

“If she’s working with someone else, there might be a trail to follow.”

Lily considered this. “I should find out who’s working in IT this afternoon.”

Mistress nodded. “I’m going to go change and give you some space to make your phone call.” She turned to leave, then stopped and fixed Lilly with a somber expression. “I know what I’m asking is going to be very painful for you.”

Lily stood straight. Proud. “You’ve trained me to endure pain for you Mistress. You would never ask me to take more than I can handle.”

Mistress’ jaw trembled and her eyes were wet again. She said nothing as she squeezed Lily’s arm. Then, she started up the stairs.

Lily unlocked her phone and dialed the one person she’d hoped to never speak to again. The line rang for an eternity before an automated voicemail message finally picked up. She took a deep breath.

“Hi Bavishni, it’s Lily. I’m sorry to call you out of the blue like this. I am… in a difficult situation and I need some help with something that’s more in your field. I’m sorry to ask but could we see each other today? I can offer something to make it worth your time. My number’s the same. Thank you.”

Lily hung up and then logged in to the Kreisberg personnel database. She had just sent Mistress a message with the details of the IT staff working this weekend when her phone went off in her hands.

Bavishni’s custom ring tone blared off the kitchen’s hard surfaces. A vapid pop song they’d suffered through together on the night of their first date. They’d shared the inside joke throughout their relationship.

Right up to the day Lily had broken her heart.

She sighed heavily and answered the call. “Hello ’Vish, thanks for calling me back. How are you?”

“You had better not be asking me to help the woman you left me for.” Bavishni said cooly.

Lily hung her head. The pain was just beginning.

* * *

END Chapter 2

* * *