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Compliance and Acquisition



This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.

* * *

Compliance and Acquisition

Chapter 10: Reciprocity

* * *

“The court handed down sentence today in the ’Goddess Aisling’ trial.” Judith Palmer recited in her luscious smokey purr. “Tiffany Boneca, the corporate manipulatrix at the center of the scandal, will serve eighteen years for her role in what’s being called the greatest insider dealing bust this century. Authorities said that they were pleased with—”

’Vish muted the audio and set the tablet down next to her half-eaten salad. She pushed her water glass to the edge of the table in the futile hope the waiter might return to top it off.

She smirked. “You know... technically you said you didn’t want revenge.”

“I lied,” Lily quipped, dropping a bit of apple into her mouth.

’Vish snickered and shook her head. “Not very sporting though.”

“She hurt my Mistress. She suffers.”

’Vish nodded knowingly. “How’s Samantha doing?”

“Better every day,” Lily replied sticking a fork into ’Vish’s greens and helping herself to a bite. “She still feels guilty but she knows how thoroughly she was coerced.”

“She seeing someone? Doing therapy or something?”

“Something like that, yeah,” Lily replied. “A little more time and she’ll be able to forgive herself.”

“And you?”

“When she’s healed enough to reach that point, I’ll forgive myself too.”

“I heard they’re going to let Beth Talbot out on early release.”

“Is she still at Downview?” Lily asked, covering her mouth as she kept chewing.

’Vish shook her head, “No, they moved her to an undisclosed psychiatric care facility after Aisling tried to… I dunno. Reactivate her programming or whatever.”

Lily nodded, “Right. The thing where she managed to get Beth on the phone and trigger her.”

“Scary stuff. Did she ever try to do anything like that with Samantha?”

“No, I don’t think so. She really only had her hooks into Mistress for twenty-four hours or so. She’d been brainwashing Beth for months. That’s enough time to do real damage to her sense of self… her priorities. We’ve been careful though. Took some precautions and stuff early on. She still doesn’t have her own phone.”


“So why the early release?” Lily asked, hunting for more walnuts in the bottom of her salad.

“Her lawyer said CPS reconsidered her charges after the full details came out at Aisling’s trial.”

“That’s good,” Lily said finally pushing her bowl away. “Beth was more victimized that any of us. All she wanted was what Mistress and I used to have.”

’Vish winced, eyeing her bowl. “Is it that bad?”

Lily’s expression softened. “No, not bad. Just different than it was. There’s… things she needs me to do for her. And, she didn’t use to.”

“If all this stuff with Tiffany hadn’t happened, your relationship would still be different this year than it was last year.” ’Vish offered sagely. “It would’ve evolved in some way. But it’s shit because the change came from outside the two of you.”

Lily nodded, emphatically. “One hundred percent, yes! The biggest thing for me is… “ she searched for the thought, trying to pin it down. “Its like… there was this curtain that Mistress had put up in a corner. And there were just a handful of things that she kept behind it and didn’t let me see. I didn’t ask her to put up the curtain and I never knew there was anything hidden behind it.”

“And now you know those things are there and always were,” ’Vish offered.

Lily nodded. “She was always going to pull the curtain aside at some point and let me see those parts of her. But when I was ready. Instead, the curtain got ripped down and burned by that… cunt.”

’Vish nodded, still picking at her bowl. “So, if I’m hearing you correctly, and you’re not lying to both of us, the issue is not that you now see the complete person that Samantha is but rather the horrible circumstances in which you found out.”

Lily held out her hands, offering no dissent.

“And how are you doing with that?”

Lily looked into her wine glass. “Better everyday.”

“Sounds like maybe just a bit more time then.”

“I hope so,” Lily said nodding. “There’s things that I… miss. But, you’re right, maybe just time is what it needs. And things are getting better. She’s got something she was excited to talk about today, in fact. I’m not sure. I think she’s been considering going back to work.”

“At Kreisberg?”

“No!” Lily laughed, “They wouldn’t touch us. After everything happened with the police and FSA we helped them snatch up Luxor. Then, they handed Mistress the golden parachute and kicked us off the roof.”

’Vish tented her fingers, eyeing Lily. “Do you wish you could change her back?”

“It doesn’t work like that.”

They sat in silence a moment.

“You used to tell me mind control wasn’t real. Just fantasy stuff.” ’Vish said staring out the window beside them.

“Being wrong isn’t so bad. So long as you learn from it,” Lily said, wiping her mouth.

“Yeah? Have you learned something in all this?”

“How to adapt,” Lily said staring at nothing.

“I hope you two can get back to that place again Lil’. I really do.”

Lily looked at her, seeing the wide-eyed production assistant from their first date. The heartbroken lover on their last day. And, the old friend on their first lunch meet all those months ago.

“That’s amazing of you ’Vish. That’s…” Lily choked on the words. She searched ’Vish’s beautiful dark eyes. “Why the hell did you forgive me?”

’Vish smiled and reached out with her hand. “Because you needed me to.”

Lily squeezed her hand tightly, smiling even as tears welled in her eyes.

“And, because I needed this.” ’Vish squeezed back.

“Thank you,” Lily whispered.

“Anytime,” Vish winked. Then, she suddenly looked up smiling brightly as the waiter appeared with a carafe and refilled her water.

Lily sipped her wine until he’d disappeared again. “So… “ she said cocking one eyebrow suggestively, “…how’s stuff with Abby?”

“Oh my god, Lil’!” ’Vish shook her head frantically, “I had no idea what I was in for. I have to put a pillow over my face to keep from waking the neighbors.”

Lily snorted, stopping just short of spitting her wine.

“I mean she’s just... soooo much.”

“I warned you about tall girls.” Lily said with a shrug.

“I know—” ’Vish said groaning into her hands.

“I told you the story—”


“The football team,” Lily pointed at her playfully.

“I know. I know the football team story.”

Lily smiled and downed what was left of her wine.

“It’s your fault we’re together you know,” ’Vish said shaking her head. “I never even looked at her like that until that day you came in. Asked if she was my girl. Next time I saw her in the cafeteria I couldn’t stop thinking about it. ”

“You’re welcome,” Lily quipped.

“We’re supposed to have dinner with her Mum and Dad sometime this month,” ’Vish said quietly.

“Wow. That’s a step.”


“How are you feeling?”

“Honestly, Lil’? I’m fucking terrified.”

“Because she’s so much stronger than you?”

’Vish slapped the table hard enough to make the glassware jump and her eyes went red as she fought to keep her laughter at a polite volume.

Lily chortled as the other woman slowly regained her composure.

“No, that part’s just fine.” ’Vish took a deep breath to calm down. “I’m the first woman she’s ever dated. And now that it’s gotten so good… I’m just terrified she’s gonna race across the field and back to the other bench. You know?”

Lily reached out and squeezed her hand again.

“I could tell the first time I met her… Abby’s the type that goes for a woman what likes having a pillow over her face.”

’Vish clapped a hand to her mouth to keep from laughing her greens out through her nose.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about.” Lily winked.

“I’m friends with you! Plenty to worry about, I have.”

* * *

Lily hung the keys on the hook near the door and peeled off her jacket. She headed upstairs, past the bedroom and office, to the spare room that held Agent Lily’s ’enslavement pod.’

She pushed the door open quietly but it didn’t matter all that much. Samantha could hear nothing but what the large headphones atop her head were feeding her.

Her face was pointed at the wall-mounted screen, at a vortex of spiraling and flashing imagery: women in latex catsuits walking in lock step, women in pony fetish gear prancing for cruel owners, bound girls cumming on relentless sex devices. “I obey… I obey… I obey…” she whispered over and over between wanton moans.

* * *

Most of what Tiffany had done to Mistress had been easy enough to unravel. The desire to worship and obey the beautiful domme seemed to fade quickly. But, there were other, darker, things that had lingered.

Whether it was Tiffany’s doing or had happened solely through Samantha herself, Mistress’ switch had been well and truly flipped. She’d emerged from that accursed weekend needing her submissive buttons pushed like she hadn’t in years.

That, in and of itself, wasn’t a bad thing. But what had left Lily heartbroken was the reason why.

It had been several weeks after the night ’Vish had driven them home from Tiffany’s. Long enough that Lily had realized that things were not going back to normal. Samantha had announced they needed to talk. Lily had listened as her Mistress explained that she couldn’t be Lily’s dominant anymore. Not with the way she’d been feeling.

Lily, weeping like she hadn’t in years, asked exactly how her Mistress had been feeling. They talked around the answer for hours and sometime after the sun had risen Samantha had finally spoken the word: guilty.

Guilty for being so weak that she’d let Tiffany into her head. Guilty for drugging the woman she loved for a cruel and pitiless exploiter like Tiffany. Guilty for that treacherous part of herself that loved what she was becoming when she’d been in Tiffany’s clutches.

And, then she’d fallen into Lily’s arms crying and screaming and begging for forgiveness.

Lily had hidden her feelings well. She’d pulled Samantha close and comforted her. Reassured her with loving words and gentle caresses. Even as she’d stared, soulless, into the rising sun outside the window and began plotting.

The next morning, she’d asked ’Vish to the first of their now weekly lunch meets. Lily had inquired about getting in touch with some of the law enforcement people her old friend knew. On the drive home Lily had, she hoped, conceived of a solution to help her Mistress escape the black pool of guilt Tiffany had left her drowning in.

If Samantha yearned to indulge her fantasy of being a brainwashed thrall, Lily would give her Mistress what she wanted. But also, secretly, what she needed. Lily had disappeared into the office and emerged weeks later with a piece of software.

Software that would do more than just let Samantha lay in this room, horny and staring, for hours on end. If Lily had been half as clever as everyone seemed to think she was... The end result would, just maybe, give both of them what they needed.

* * *

Lily went to the laptop and stopped the software. She turned to the chair where her Mistress reclined and retrieved the headphones, then the vibrating wand that was between her legs. Samantha did not wake. She was too deep in trance to do that on her own.

“Agent Samantha,” Lily said in a commanding voice. “Your reintegration session is complete. Report.”

Samantha’s eyes were still trained on the large screen mounted to the wall as she answered. “Yes controller. This agent belongs to her handlers and no one else. Her pussy is enslaved to them. Her will is their property. Her loyalty is incontrovertible. She is ready for field duty at their discretion.”

“Very good agent. And what of the emotional trauma we’ve been addressing in your sessions? What is the status of your recovery?”

“The reintegration protocols are proving successful controller. The agent realizes that the seditious actions she took… the agent she placed in harm’s way… were not her doing but rather the actions of the hostiles that captured and subverted her.”

“Very good. And do you still feel any guilt for those events?” Lily watched her closely.

Samantha hesitated, moisture shining in her eyes. “If... if this agent had not let herself be lured in... the other agent would not have been in danger.”

Lily leaned forward.

“That is incorrect,” She said patiently. “It was only because you did such an exemplary job training and programming your fellow agent that she was able to overcome your captors. In affect, it was you who saved you both. What happened was not your fault. Your fellow agent has forgiven you and wants you to forgive yourself. Do you understand?”

Samantha nodded but said nothing, tears running down her cheeks.

“We will continue to reinforce these truths in future reintegration sessions agent. For now, you will return to stasis until your next processing cycle.”

“I hear and obey controller,” Samantha whispered in a reverent voice.

Lily took a deep breath and wiped her Mistress’ tears away before continuing.

“Azure Ascension,” she said, finally.

Awareness flooded into Samantha’s face as she blinked fully awake and found Lily looming over her.

“You’re back!” She scrambled from the chair and threw her arms around Lily’s neck. “How was lunch with ’Vish?”

“Terrific!” Lily said holding her close. “They reported on sentencing today. It’s all good news. Eighteen years for Tiffany and word is Beth’s going to be released early.”

“That’s wonderful girl!” Samantha whispered clutching her tightly.

“How were things here?” Lily asked, hugging her back.

“Mmmm pretty spicy,” Samantha purred. “The files you’ve been making for me are ridiculously hot.” Samantha kissed her cheek gently. “I know that seeing the sub side of me has been an adjustment but thank you so much love… for indulging me.”

“You’re welcome, Mistress.“ Lily smiled and stroked her arms affectionately. “How much can you remember?”

“Almost nothing except the spiral at the beginning. Once the trigger hits me, I’m completely checked out. Which might the hottest thing of all.” Samantha bit her bottom lip suggestively. “What have you been doing to me, I wonder?”

“Nothing that you could ever hope to resist! You will learn what I have to teach you, Muahahaha!” Lily bellowed playfully before leaning in to kiss her deeply.

“Mmmm! Oh wait! That reminds me,” Samantha said breaking away and turning to the door. “Something I wanted to show you.”

She headed for the bedroom and Lily followed, pulling off her boots along the way. “Was this what you wanted to talk about? You mentioned something special about the day sentencing came back.”

“Sort of,” Samantha said, pulling a large white envelope from her nightstand. “I’ve been thinking about doing some consulting.”

“That… that’s great!” Lily beamed, trying not to sound too shocked.

“There’s a Danish company that’s been asking around about me.”

“Danish, huh?” Lily said eyeing the envelop in Samantha’s hands.

“They sent this over,” Mistress said and pulled a single sheet of paper from inside and held it up for Lily.

“Mistress!” Lily barked without meaning to. “You… you shouldn’t open mail by yourself!”

Samantha eyed her. “I know we have precautions. But, Tiffany hasn’t made any sort of move for me this whole time. I’m going to have to start opening mail and answering phones at some point. Aren’t I?”

“Yes Mistress,” Lily nodded, trying to keep patient. “I… I’m just… Just worried for nothing probably.”

Mistress waved the paper in the air in front of Lily. “So? What do you think?”

Lily’s eyebrows scrunched at the tiny print. “Is it in Danish?” She stepped closer to read it but that helped exactly none with the gibberish she saw. “This isn’t... I mean... It’s not even...” The text floating in her vision grew blurry as her thoughts went out of focus.

Alarm bells started blaring in the recesses of her mind. “Noooo! It’s a... trap....” she managed to whisper as her thoughts dropped into a whirlpool at the bottom of her brain. Her shoulders slumped forward as she stared ahead.

“It certainly is!” Samantha smiled viciously, crushing the paper and pushing Lily’s unresisting body onto the bed. “Did you think you’d escape so easily, clever slut?” She climbed onto the helpless woman and began stripping her clothes off.

Inside Lily’s mind, her treacherous fantasies poured hot, syrupy lust over her resistance. All the nightmare scenarios she’d considered melted in the wake of years upon years of training herself to get horny and weak and cum! cum! cum! at just this sort of reversal and betrayal.

It was really happening now. And, Lily knew there was nothing left in her that could fight it this time.

“I’m afraid,” Samantha sneered, “I have some new commands I simply must obey,” She reached across the bed and produced an ornate black gift box.

“Soon you will too.”

Lily’s face was frozen in terror as Samantha reached into the box. She could see black straps attached to something. A VR headset with a stylized ‘A’ icon stenciled into its sleek black form. Lily knew that’s what was coming.

Mistress looked into her eyes like a hungry wolf and pulled out...

…a glistening dildo in a rainbow color pattern… shaped like a horse’s cock but in something closer to human sized proportions. It was attached to a black strap on harness.

“Mistress?” Lily couldn’t shake her head, only tremble.

“I found this in the browser history on our laptop.” Mistress said in a mocking tone. “Did you imagine I wouldn’t find out what you’ve been masturbating over?”

Lily was gobsmacked. “W-what?”

“Did you think your switch girlfriend was never going to switch back, little slut?”

Lily watched as she pulled the black harness up her oh-my-goddess perfect legs, the luscious cock swaying like a charmed serpent.

“It turns out that our handlers are quite pleased with the results of having you training me. They’ve decided it’s much more efficient to have their slave agents reinforce each other’s programming. It keeps us edged, eager and ever so horny for… even more programming!”

Lily moaned as her nipples stiffened into nubs hard enough to poke through paper.

“I’m sure they’ll get around to having you trigger me but, by pure luck of the draw, I get to go first.” She poised the tip of the strap on at the quivering entrance of Lily’s pussy.

“And, the trigger for this new training protocol is… Rosewood Reciprocation!”

On the shelves in Lily’s mind, there was a new box beside her other fantasies. Where they were ornate and beautiful, this new box was sharp and dangerous. Inside, things had been hidden away...

The dark things that crawled up from the pit of Lily’s brain sometimes when she was about to cum. The horny envy she’d felt at hearing her Mistress’ helpless moans under the VR goggles. The awful truth of how very wet she’d been when Goddess Aisling had promised her a lifetime of mindless sexual slavery.

Also, the conversation she and Mistress had recently about everything. About how Samantha was ready to be Lily’s dominant again. About how badly Lily missed feeling helpless and afraid and so fucking horny the way she did when they used to play. And, about how they were not going to let what Aisling had done to them inhibit their fantasies or their life together anymore.

And, discussing this very scene and the taboo edge that it resides on. Lily, giving her consent to be terrified by the shadow of Goddess Aisling as well as having the memory of her consent hidden away. Until she was triggered… right now.

Lily gasped as it all came flooding back into her mind. The realization did nothing to diffuse the hyper-potent blend of fear and fuck-lust drugging her brain and soaking the sheets beneath her creamy sex.

“Today’s programming will involve teaching you all the ways a fellow agent can make a slut-in-heat like you cum her brains out.” Mistress took hold of Lily’s nipples and tugged on them deliciously as she shifted her weight and prepared to impale Lily with the horse cock’s impressive girth.

“Any last words before I melt your mind with your steaming hot pussy, Agent Lily?”

With joy that had the power to blow out a star like a birthday candle, Lily cried out, “I love you Mistress!”

Samantha smiled down with teary eyes at the person who’d saved her all those nights ago and every night since. “I love you girl!” she cried gleefully.

And then Samantha made love to the brilliant, brave and mighty Goddess that looked liked a woman named Lily.

* * *

END Compliance and Acquisition

* * *