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Compliance and Acquisition



This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.

* * *

Compliance and Acquisition

Chapter 9: Complication

* * *

Lily? Lily?!

Lily dreamed that ’Vish was calling out to her. Screaming from the top of the building she worked in, her voice carrying across the city like an echo of thunder. It was a tiny and distant sound by the time it reached Lily.

If she could only reply, ’Vish would hear her and she would come swooping in and save both of them. And, somehow ’Vish would forgive her. And, she and Lily would be friends again and she’d even grow happy for Lily and her Mistress. And maybe she’d even…

It was a wonderful fiction and Lily wanted to let herself enjoy it a bit more. But, cruel reality was creeping back into her thoughts and there was no going back.

She was slowly becoming aware of herself again. That would happen sometimes if she was left too long in trance, her mind would naturally start to rise on its own. But always slowly, like a diver rising from the depths to avoid decompression sickness.

As Lily rose, the water was rough and unfamiliar.

She was naked in a room with a pair of small tables to one side. A large TV screen was mounted to the wall opposite her. To her left, the room’s only door was closed.

She felt pressure at her wrists, ankles and waist. She was strapped and belted into a large salon chair. She pulled with all her strength against the cuffs. They held firm even as her muscles began to ache and burn from the exertion. She felt a sudden sharp pain on the inside of her elbow and stopped struggling.

She looked down to see what she’d poked herself on. She found an I.V. needle plunged into her arm and taped down to her skin. She followed the tube down to the floor and up again as it snaked its way to a tall chrome stand. Hanging from a round hook at the top was a plastic bag filled with clear fluid.

Lily could make out the letters ’NaCl’ but someone had crossed through it and written ’Brainwashing Drugs!’ in sharpie. She laughed weakly. What else was there to do? She was well and truly fucked. Might as well enjoy the joke while she still could.

She and Mistress were being held by a predator that only looked like a beautiful young woman. And Mistress was already falling under her influence. Or had fallen.

By now, goddess only knew what state Mistress’ mind was in. Lily estimated, based on the extreme amount of soreness she felt from her fall, she been checked out for an hour or more. Although she’d only just met Goddess Aisling, she had already formed a distinct impression that the woman worked fast.

So, it was down to two outcomes. Either Lily would prevail or Goddess Aisling would enslave them both. But Lily didn’t waste time considering the second. Because under no circumstance was she going to let that bitch win.

Lily took stock of her situation. She was a captive, Mistress was compromised. She could see no way through except with outside help. She could see her phone on the nearest of the two tables though. Just slightly closer than the moon with her wrists strapped down. But maybe…

The door to her left opened and Lily braced herself. It would either be Goddess Aisling here to gloat or Mistress sent in as her catspaw. She was ready for either.

Naturally then, it was Beth.

The other woman wore a slave harness that criss-crossed her torso. Metal O-rings joined the thick, diagonal black leather straps as they held her body in their grip. The tag hanging from Beth’s collar looked like it had come from one of those laser engraving machines in a pet store. It read ’Boss Lady.’

“Hi Lily!” She said brightly. Her heeled sandals sported similar straps around her ankles. They clicked loudly on the wood floor of the small room as she walked over. Lily noticed the shoes were fitted with tiny padlocks.

“It’s so good to see you again. I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you arrived.”

Lily smiled faintly, putting the pieces together. “You’re her personal sub. You were being punished for something.”

Beth nodded with a sour expression but she shrugged it off just as quickly. “I was supposed to keep you at Kreisberg last night. Long enough for Goddess to arrive and see to you.”

“You knew it was me?”

“Of course,” Beth said happily. “Goddess told me Samantha was coming to her. She thought you might try to contact me. Maybe try to bribe or threaten me. She never imagined you’d show up to dominate me into confessing though! That was really something.”

Lily hung her head.

Stupid, stupid girl.

“I loved your Judith Palmer voice by the way,” Beth said as if she were a star struck fan after a concert. “It was so, so sexy! I just... well I loved last night so much Lily. I think that’s why I fought so hard to let you go. I wanted you to enjoy winning. For at least a little while.”

Lily studied her, waiting for an ironic laugh or cruel sneer. But Beth was heartbreakingly earnest. She smiled back as best she could.

“Thank you, I guess.”

“You know, I’ve always been so envious of you and Samantha. What you two have is so special. When I first met Goddess, I thought we were going to have that too. I told her as much. I think that’s how she got me under her control so quickly. She’s really good at using what you want against you.”

“Good to know,” Lily said quietly.

“I really loved being with you. I finally got to see that side of what you and Samantha are away from the office. And it was... it was just lovely. Thank you, Lily.”

Of all the things that could’ve gotten to her, this was one she had not anticipated. “You’re...welcome Beth. You know, I’ve never really topped before and I... had fun too.”

“You were amazing!” Beth exhaled “The way you used me. Pushed my buttons and pulled my strings to get what you wanted.” Beth’s fingers traced the lines of the harness across her lower abs, not quite playing with herself. “You know, you’re a lot alike... in some ways. You and Goddess.”

Poor Beth. Lily saw, now, the pawn she had become.

“I’m sorry, of course, for disobeying her. It would’ve been soooo amazing to watch it happen. Watch her walk through the door as you were being so powerful and controlling. Watch her turn your mind in on itself as she taught you to masturbate with obedience... until you were kneeling beside me. Begging her the same way I love to. But we’ll get that chance soon... all of us.”

Lily clenched her jaw. She had to keep her head in the game, stay focused and angry. But, not at Beth.

“So... what now?”

Beth shrugged, “Goddess is going to take you over. Use you however she sees fit. However will help her the most.”

“Where is she now?”

“With Samantha,” Beth said soothingly.

Lily shuddered. “Is Mistress... okay?”

“Of course!” Beth said happily.

“What’s She doing to her?” Lily whispered.

“Indoctrinating her…” Beth said, her voice suddenly filed with reverence. “Plunging her deeper under control. Here, we can watch.”

Beth stepped to the farther table and tapped a tiny remote control there. The TV on the opposite wall switched on displaying a security camera feed from outside the townhome. Beth clicked again and cycled through several cameras mounted inside the home.

She stopped on the image Lily feared most and knew was coming.

Samantha was lying on a small bed, arms at her side. Her wrists and ankles were strapped down with fabric medical cuffs. Her clothes were gone and instead she wore a slave harness identical to Beth’s. Lily couldn’t help but admire how beautiful her Mistress’ curves looked in it.

Goddess Aisling stood near Samantha, back to the bound woman as well as the camera, fiddling with something Lily couldn’t see. Mistress seemed awake and aware again. No longer the sleepwalking zombie from Lily’s nightmare in the foyer.

Goddess Aisling was speaking to Mistress and Lily strained to hear over the weak microphone.

“You did very well today Samantha, I’m so pleased.”

“Yes, I did what you asked. I helped Beth.” Mistress was angry but… something else too.

“Incorrect slut. I didn’t ask. I commanded. And, you... obeyed.”

“Yesss,” Samantha hissed through gritted teeth and lidded eyes as the word struck her. “Yes, I obeyed you.”

Lily could see Samantha’s hard, horny nipples: swollen and straining within the leather straps squeezing her breasts so deliciously. She was writhing in the cuffs, her whole torso undulating in waves of erotic motion. Her Mistress was incredibly turned on.

“It’s just like I said it would be isn’t it, slut? You betrayed yourself. To me.” Goddess Aisling taunted her.

“Yessss,” Samantha whimpered.

“The only thought your mind can hold onto is the memory of my voice: infecting you with obedience.”

“Yes,” Samantha nodded, clenching her eyes shut.

“The only pleasure your body can feel is the memory of my fingers inside your sizzling pussy as I conquered you!”

Samantha’s head thrashed from side to side, even as she whimpered, “yessss!”

“Do you want to cum, Samantha?”

“YessSSsss, please!” Mistress wailed quietly.

“You know the rules. Orgasms are rewarded for obedience.”

“But... I did… I obeyed!”

“Yes, you obeyed my commands. ” Goddess Aisling said impatiently. “Just not all of them.”

“What else?!” Samantha begged.

“There is one more command you must obey. Then, I’ll let you cum. And after that, I’ll let you go. Both of you.”

Mistress’ eyes were still squeezed shut. She flexed her arms and legs in the cuffs. Trying one last time to avoid her fate. When she knew there was no escape. She opened her eyes, looked into Goddess Aisling’s and said, “Yes, Mistress. I will obey.”

“Good girl,” Goddess Aisling said happily. “Its an easy command. The easiest one so far: don’t fight it.”

Samantha shook her head, confused. “Fight what?”

Goddess Aisling turned her body to lean over the bed and Lily finally saw what was in her hands. A sleek, black VR set attached to large headphones. There was Aisling’s stylized ‘A’ stenciled across the visor.

“No!” Mistress whimpered. She thrashed wildly as Goddess Aisling lowered it onto her face and tightened a strap around the back of her head and another under her jaw. Lily watched in horror as pale green light began flashing from beneath the goggles.

Mistress frantically twisted her head back and forth as the bondage cuffs held her firm in their clutches. There was a wet sheen between her legs as she resumed bucking in the leather slave harness, her stomach muscles clenching over and over as she thrust her ass up and down on the bed. The visor began to strobe faster and Mistress’ mouth hung open in a horrified gasp that became an erotic, pleading moan.

Beside Lily, Beth’s body was moving in sync with Samantha, humping the air sensuously with each roll of her hips. Her back muscles taught and lovely as she-

With a start, Lily realized what she was seeing. She’d seen the very same thing last night as Beth had danced on the twin dildos Lily had strapped into her. There were toys inside the delicious harness that held Beth’s captive body now.

The same harness that her Mistress wore.

Lily shook her head, silently pleading, even as the smell of Beth’s succulent pussy reached her nostrils and confirmed what she already knew.

Mistress groaned helplessly, unable to escape whatever the visor and headphones were doing to her. Unable to stop fucking herself with the toys buried inside her. If she had obeyed Goddess Aisling’s easiest and most recent command… she wasn’t even trying to.

The pleasure would feel so perfect. It would keep Mistress’ mind distracted and unable to resist. It would also condition her to love whatever the wicked device was pouring into her head. She would quickly train herself. To want to lose the struggle.

Goddess Aisling’s trap was perfect.

“Turn it off!” Lily hissed.

Beth was lost in her own sexual rapture. Gripping the table for support, she ground her muscular thighs up and down as she watched Lily’s Mistress succumb.

“TURN IT OFF!” Lily roared.

With a startled gasp, Beth turned around. Her cheeks were flush with arousal.

“Please,” Lily implored.

Beth tapped the remote again and the screen went dark. She walked back to Lily and stroked her shoulder gently. Her musk was even heavier in the air, this close.

“I got to play with her a bit this morning when she came to Kreisberg.” She said quietly. “She’s lovely Lily. You’ve been so lucky.”

Lily fought to get control of herself. She was no good to either of them if she couldn’t find a way to turn this situation into an opportunity of some kind.

“What happened, really? You two didn’t talk things out did you?”

Beth shook her head with a sad smile. “No. When Goddess sent her home, they stayed on the phone so She could keep working on Samantha’s mind. Goddess made her slip you something to keep you asleep so Samantha could stay up and keep herself horny and sleep deprived. Make herself even more susceptible to Goddess’ influence.”

With horror, Lily recalled the strangely spiced tea Samantha had brought her last night. The way she’d watched as Lily drank it.

“And, you reinforced her.” Lilly tried to keep the emotion out of her voice. Tried to keep the image, of Samantha helplessly obeying Goddess Aisling’s siren call, out of her mind.

“Yes. Goddess put things into her head. New desires and needs. She knew Samantha would try to free herself but she was prepared for that. Goddess is soooo clever Lily! She sabotaged Samantha’s resistance. Wouldn’t let her cum no matter what she, or you, did about it.” Beth’s nipples hardened into thick lumps as she relayed this information.

“Samantha told me she’d been touching herself for hours, replaying what Goddess had already done to her, while you slept.” Beth continued. “The constant edging and denial drained enough of her will that more of her wanted to give in than wanted to fight. She finally called Goddess to beg for release. Goddess commanded her to go to Kreisberg, told her they would play a kinky game over the phone. She didn’t know I was waiting for her.”

Beth’s eyes were lidded as she spoke, her voice dreamy and aroused.

“The moment she saw me… she knew. She knew Goddess was behind it all, knew I belonged to Her, everything. It was already too late though. She was too deep into obeying Goddess to fight back. She let Goddess keep mindfucking her on speaker while I stripped off her clothes and put the handcuffs on her. Then, Goddess fed her mind the false memories of our reconciliation while I burned away whatever was left of her resistance with this favorite toy of mine. She loved it Lily. I promise you, I made it feel so good for her!”

Lily fought down tears.

“Beth, please help us.”

Beth smiled sadly. “I’m sorry Lily, I cant. I’m... Hers. She owns me.”

“Please Beth! Just... just bring me my phone! It’s right there. Just put it in my hand!”

Beth’s eyes were shiny even as she shook her head. “Oh Lily, you’re so scared. Don’t be. Belonging to Goddess... It’s wonderful Lily! You give up your freedom and everything you ever wanted but it makes you happier than anything ever has. Isn’t that what breeders say when they have kids? It feels perfect Lily, it really does!”

Lily thrashed in the straps, trying with all her might to rip them to shreds.

“Shhh,” Beth whispered softly and wrapped her arms around the trapped woman.

Lily broke down then. Sobbing into the caring embrace that she desperately wished was coming from her Mistress.

“Please! Please Beth, help me!”

“I am Lily. Best I can,” Beth whispered, rocking her gently.

“That will do slave, thank you.”

Lily turned and looked through tear stained eyes. Goddess Aisling stood in the door. She’d changed clothes, no longer wearing the suit pants and waistcoat from before with Samantha.

Now, she wore black leather everywhere. Knee high stiletto boots that sculpted her luscious calves, a micro skirt bridging the small gap between her toned legs and stomach. A stringy black bra with tiny silver studs lining the cups. And, finally, opera gloves that came up to just below her shoulders.

She was a submissive’s wet dream. A succubus come to tempt Lily out of her soul.

Lily looked away and clenched her teeth.

Beth kissed her on her forehead softly. “I’ll see you afterwards,” she breathed. Then, she went to her owner and bowed her head.

“I’ve started her on the next round of training files,” Goddess Aisling said to her slave. “You may do whatever you like but do not let her cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes Goddess, thank you!” Beth breathed with barely contained excitement.

“Check under the cuffs for chaffing periodically and be sure to lift the VR set between files to see if her eyes are getting dry. There’s some drops next to the bed if she needs them.”

“Yes Goddess,” Beth nodded as she scrambled out of the room and up the stairs just outside.

Lily couldn’t wipe her tears and she wouldn’t give the other woman the satisfaction of seeing her struggle in the chair. She stared straight ahead and willed them to dry on her face.

“Hello again,” Goddess Aisling purred, stepping into the room. “Do you like your brainwashing chair, Agent Lily?”

With a shudder, Lily realized this was the only time she’d ever heard the namesake of her slave persona spoken by anyone but her Mistress. It felt wrong... and thrilling.

“I only had it brought in today. I suppose I could’ve wheeled in an office chair but... after Samantha divulged the wonderful games you two play I couldn’t resist finding something more befitting.” Her gloved hands traced the smooth skin of her neck and shoulder where, under very different circumstances, Lily would’ve begged to kiss her.

Stop it! This is how she does it. She makes you WANT it to happen.

Lily shook her head and put on a devil-may-care grin. “Well it’s comfy enough but, y’know I really haven’t had a chance to see it. Let me out of these straps and I’ll have a look.”

Goddess Aisling smiled at this.

“I want to tell you how much I admire what you did with Beth last night. I did not remotely see that coming. That was very well played.”

Lily tried to spit in reply but her mouth was too dry.

“It may interest you to know…” Goddess Aisling whispered conspiratorially as she leaned close. “…that you were, essentially, right about everything.”

Lily fought to not drown in the glossy depths of her plump back lipstick.

“When I was putting together my strategy for your company, Beth warned me about how clever you were.” She leaned close to Lily’s ear, whispering so Lily could feel every sibilance. “But I still managed to underestimate you.”

“What is this? A salute from the sexy Red Baron?” Lily quipped, trying to hide her body’s trembling.

“Do you think I’m sexy Lily?” Goddess Aisling teased, stepping away again and turning to let Lily drink in her every inch. “Would you willingly serve me for a chance to worship this body?”

Lily stared at her eyes deliberately. “You created the hoax video. I saw your editing suite.”

“Guilty,” Goddess Aisling shrugged as if Lily had accused her of stealing the last biscuit from the tin.

“At the outset, my plan was to ensnare your Mistress and have her make a real scandal video for me. Unfortunately, when I approached her originally she was not receptive enough for me to get her alone. It would’ve been complicated anyway. The two of you being inseparable and all. So, I stuck to my plan and made do with the next best thing.”

“If you had gotten Mistress alone, she would’ve broken you.”

Goddess Aisling began to twist her hips ever so slowly, setting her muscled abs to clenching and releasing in the most erotic way Lily could’ve ever imagined as her head began to make small circles in the air as she watched the-

Aisling laughed. A cruel, delicious sound that broke the spell. They both knew how easily she’d captured Lily’s attention and redirected her thoughts.

Lily, flushed in anger, turned her head and tried to find something else to look at.

“Your Mistress is formidable, no doubt. Fortunately, you sent her right to me when she was at her most vulnerable. I really wasn’t sure how far I would be able to get with her in such a small amount of time. But… she was so desperate to be free of the stress I’d put her under. She just opened herself to me for the taking. Thank you for that Lily, your plan couldn’t have gone better… for me.”

“Who was the woman in the video? The one who had her face replaced?” Lily asked, ignoring the barb.

“Another remarkable girl that belongs to me.” Goddess Aisling replied, biting her bottom lip suggestively. “She owns those Danish Coffee shops. You ever go there?”

“I’m more of a tea drinker.”

“Honestly, I found the whole thing sort of repugnant.” Goddess Aisling waved her hands dramatically, the black gloves amplifying the motion. “But, as I studied your Board of Directors, I realized that the proper recipe to destabilize them was going to involve some unfortunate slut shaming.”

She cocked her head towards Lily. “The world is run by squares, sorry to say… At least for now.”

Lily studied her: confident enough to be casual. Emotionally detached. And, sexually manipulative the way other people are right-handed. But something else as well: aspirational. Ambitious. A woman with a vision and a plan.

“FarrowCom is your play.” Lily stated matter-of-factly.

“Very good,” Goddess Aisling said with a wink. “One of my long time clients is an executive there. Men being men, I quickly turned him into a slave pig and, through him, I gradually gained... influence over most of their decision makers and their decisions.”

“I was terribly… “ she took a deep breath, “…displeased when Beth told me about Samantha’s acquisition plans. Years of slow, cautious progress with FarrowCom… months spent carefully positioning Beth to supplant your Mistress at Kreisberg… all in jeopardy over Samantha’s Luxor scheme.”

She shook her head wearily. “It was a busy night here, figuring out how I would counter you two. But, things are back on track now,” she smiled happily.

Something clicked for Lily then. “You steered FarrowCom into their diversification strategy, didn’t you?”

“Not initially, but I do happen to have a major stake in every business they’ve acquired. I’m a bit behind the curve at your company but…”

She turned the full force of her gaze on Lily and the bound woman shuddered to feel the eager, throbbing places it touched her.

“…I’m making up for lost time now. With Samantha exonerated and endorsing Beth, I’ve got everything I need to move forward.”

“It’s quite a little empire you’ve built. Very sporting of you, laying all this out.” Lily said, her voice quivering more than she’d have preferred.

“It’s the least I can do,” Goddess Aisling said as she walked to the farther of the two side tables. “And, I thought it might be interesting to let you see what you’ll soon be a part of. See it with your own sensibilities before I replace them with mine.”

“I’ve still not quite settled on what I’m going to do with you. You’re brilliant Lily, more than enough to run one of my companies.” She opened a drawer and fiddled with something inside. “In fact, I realize now that Samantha was never really the one I needed to be worried about.” She looked over her shoulder at Lily with smoldering, dark eyes. “It was you.”

Lily trembled in the straps, eyes flitting around the room.

Goddess Aisling pulled something from within the drawer. “But now you belong to me and I can put your clever mind to work, or leave you chained in my shower to worship my ass or… let you live at the foot of my bed. And, every night you can tell me the story of how you were so clever you nearly disrupted my plans… while I ride your face.”

She closed the drawer. “Whatever it is, I’m sure that I’ll be pleased with you… and you’ll be completely addicted to me.”

Lily shook her head defiantly. “Sorry, I belong to someone else.”

Goddess Aisling turned around. She was holding a VR headset identical to the one that was brainwashing Mistress upstairs. She held it up for Lily to see. The glossy letter ’A’ caught the light and reflected it back into Lily’s eyes.

“I have this or you can watch the screen.” She nodded at the TV. “Do you have a preference?” She came closer, brandishing the VR set.

Lily turned away and said nothing.

“Suit yourself then.” Goddess Aisling stepped to Lily and reached up, dropping the visor towards her head. The displays inside were already flashing wildly, the images distorted by the polished lenses that came closer and closer to Lily’s eyes.

Lily turned her head sharply, trying in vain to escape.

“Oh wait,” Goddess Aisling paused, the VR set hovering just above Lily’s face. “One final choice. The last one you’ll ever make for yourself.” She smiled cruelly with a mouth that knew the taste of human soul.

“Would you like to beg me to make your hottest fantasy real?”

And then, it was over and Lily knew there was nothing else she could do. She’d done her best with the cards she’d been dealt but the game had come to an end.

It was time to stop playing… and find out who had the better hand.

Lily relaxed in the straps, an insane smile on her face and the fire of dying stars dancing in her eyes. She looked up at Goddess Aisling.

“Thank you... Tiffany Boneca of number seventy nine Duboni Place. That’s all very helpful.”

Goddess Aisling shook her head, a shudder visibly passing through her.

“What?! How... did you—”

“I was curious about the woman my Mistress had spent the evening with. I did some digging into you after I finished with Beth. Finding out who lives in your home on paper. Backtracking through the web of your proxy identities until I found you. The real you. Thanks for taking the time to spill your whole evil plan.”

Lily sneered. “Only one little problem: an old friend of mine is a producer at Broadcast World News. I got off the phone with her just before you kidnapped us this evening.”

Goddess Aisling took a step back, fixing Lily with a hard look.

“You see, while you had my Mistress here last night she was ditching a prearranged interview with my friend, who is understandably quite cross tonight. She was trying to get me on the phone as we were racing for the door. After you triggered Mistress I didn’t have time to get hold of the rozzers but I didn’t need to. I just tapped her missed call to ring her right back.”

Goddess Aisling rushed for the small table where Lily’s phone sat.

“I know my girl. She’s been listening the whole time.”

Aisling snatched up Lily’s phone.

Please be listening! Please be listening! Please be-

“I’m afraid that’s quite true Miss Boneca.” ’Vish’s voice crackled over the speaker. “You should know that I’m on a first name basis with a dozen detectives and two supervisors at The Yard. Kidnapping is a very, very serious crime.”

Lily’s head rocked back as she let go of a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding onto.

Aisling rounded on her looking pale and years older all the sudden.

“The girl you have strapped to your fancy chair is an enormous pain in my arse but I can’t imagine anyone I’d want to piss off less than her.” ’Vish said smugly. “Tonight, you’re fucking with the very best.”

Lily and Goddess Aisling stared each other down for several long moments.

“What do you want?” Aisling finally asked quietly.

“All I want is to walk out the door with my Mistress.”

“And then what?”

“I don’t need revenge or a day in court or any of that. You can have Kreisberg and FarrowCom and all of it. I just want to go home with my Mistress.”

At length, Aisling nodded tersely.

“’Vish? Could you give us a lift?” Lily called out.

“I’m already in a news van about ten minutes out.” ’Vish answered.

“In that case...” Lily said, her eyes burning nuclear fire into the young domme. “Thanks for a terrible evening but we’ll be going now.”

Aisling said nothing as she stepped over and began working the cuff at Lily’s wrist.

“Mistress first,” Lily commanded.

Aisling’s jaw trembled as she lifted her own phone and tapped something.

A quick ringtone later and Beth answered, ”Yes, Goddess?”

Aisling took a deep breath. “Bring down Samantha and her clothes.”

“At once, Goddess!” Beth replied breathlessly.

Aisling hung up and slipped the phone back into her waistband.

Now...” Lily said, “ can unstrap me. Bitch.”

* * *

END Chapter 9

* * *