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Compliance and Acquisition



This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.

* * *

Compliance and Acquisition

Chapter 8: Celebration

* * *

“Posh neighborhood,” Lily mused, looking out the window of the taxi as they made their way through central London. It was a surprisingly clear night and, even with the glow of the city’s lights, the stars were out.

Mistress gave her hand a gentle squeeze from the seat beside her.

“Would you ever want to consider trading our place for something around here?” Lily wondered aloud. “It’d be lovely to have several parks within walking distance.”

Mistress nodded as she watched the townhomes rolling past them. “After the acquisition, I think we could afford to get something down here and keep the house. Stay here during the week, our place on the weekend. Best of both worlds.”

Lily smiled and shook her head. She hadn’t really considered what their stock options were going to be worth after the sale. But, if everything went to plan they were going to be truly wealthy.

“There’s a museum down here I’ve been wanting to visit for months,“ Mistress mused. “We should go this week.”

Lily turned to her. “You’re looking forward to this aren’t you? Being the power behind the throne but not having to sit in it?”

Mistress smiled and nodded. “I’m pretty easy to figure out I guess.”

“If only,” Lily quipped. “I’d have never imagined what happened this morning. Or, that you’d be so pleased about it.”

Samantha looked towards the driver with a mischievous grin. She checked to see how closely he might be listening before she turned in the seat to Lily, spreading her legs wide in the skirt. “Do you mean what happened this morning before our car ride home? Or during?”

Lily held her mouth open in a silent laugh, glanced at the oblivious cabbie and scooted closer, letting her hand find its way between Mistress’ thighs beneath the skirt.

“Who are you and where’s my Mistress?” Lily chuckled softly. “You come home, blissed out after switching for the first time in years. Instead of burying Beth, she’s your new bestie. Rather than buy Luxor, we’re gonna sell to FarrowCom. And you’re… ooOOooOooh god!”

Her voice quivered and broke as Mistress reached for Lily’s skin tight latex top and began pulling firmly at her hard nipples over and over.

“I’m what?” She hissed into Lily’s ear.

“You’re making me sooooo fucking horny…” Lily breathed quietly. “All day long… teasing and playing but not letting me cum.”

“I haven’t cum either, slut.” Mistress said hotly. “Just keeping us both in the best frame of mind to enjoy tonight.”

“What are we going to—“

Mistress cut her off with a raised hand and called to the driver, “This is it. Can you let us out here please?”

The cab rolled up to the sidewalk and Mistress climbed out first.

Lily’s latex squeaked obnoxiously as she scooted across the seat and had to steady herself in the ridiculous heels she was wearing for the second night in a row. She crawled out of the car, looked up and felt her legs go weak.


“Surprise,” Mistress said taking her hand.

“This is... this is Goddess Aisling’s home!” Lily stared, gobsmacked, at the brass plate beside the door with the ornate letter ’A’ cut into it.

“That’s right slave. This is a social visit. Us and Lady Aisling along with her personal sub. We’re going to celebrate with them tonight.”

“Uh... okay,” Lily fought to keep her balance and it wasn’t entirely the shoes she was struggling against.

“Come on, I’m eager for you to meet her.” Samantha led Lily to the black door and pressed the button. A moment later it opened wide.

Lady Aisling was just as Lily had imagined. Wearing a white shirt with a dark waistcoat and pants. Though, not the bowler hat Mistress had described.

“Good evening!” She said brightly, waving them in.

“Lady Aisling, this is my slave Lily,” Mistress said, pulling off her jacket as they stepped inside.

Lady Aisling nodded her head to Lily as she shut and latched the door. “Wonderful to meet you, Lily. You’re just as I imagined.” She let her eyes roam over Lily’s body and settled for a moment on the stiff nipples. She looked up into Lily’s face and winked.

“Thank you Lady Aisling,” Lily said, bowing politely and instinctively presenting her latex-clad breasts for the other woman’s gaze. “You as well.”

“Come in please,” the young Domme said leading them into her home. “Lily, I don’t need to tell you how unique your Mistress is. Last night was a rare treat. I’m so delighted to have both of you here tonight.”

“Yes, my Lady, she is. And, thank you for having us over. It was quite a surprise, I must say.”

“Mmmm A surprise?” Goddess Aisling’s voice was like sweet, dark liqueur. “Sounds like there’s a story behind that. You’ll have to tell us a bit later.”

She led them to a large dining area with an impressive wooden table. Most of the other rooms in the home seemed to open onto this central space.

“But, before that,” Lady Aisling continued, “I need to go fetch my sub. She doesn’t know you’re visiting. She misbehaved rather badly recently and she’s in her punishment box at the moment. So, this will be a nice reprieve for her. Would you mind waiting here a few minutes?”

“Certainly!” Mistress replied.

“Back shortly,” Lady Aisling said, disappearing up the stairs.

“You were right about her,” Lily whispered when she’d gone. “Much younger than I would’ve expected.”

“Indeed,” Mistress said drawing her close. “Don’t underestimate her though. She’s very good.”

“Mistress, if I didn’t know better, I’d say—”

Lily stopped short as her phone chirped in her coat.

“Turn that off would you?” Mistress scolded. “No distractions while we’re celebrating.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lily said reaching into the pocket. She pulled the phone out and thumbed the power button. Before the device had a chance to shut itself off though, it recognized her face and displayed a preview of the message she’d just received:

What the fuck Lily?! It’s more than 24 hours!

Lily shook her head, trying to understand who could be so upset with her. The alert box announced that the message had been sent from ’Vish.

“Uh… Mistress, something’s up.” Lily muttered as she unlocked her phone and sent a quick reply:

What are you talking about? What’s wrong?

“Hmmm?” Mistress murmured. She had wandered over to a wall near the table looking at something.

Lily’s phone rang in her hand. She tapped the green button reflexively to silence the ringer.


“Lily, this is totally ridiculous! We agreed on this yesterday for fuck’s sake!”

“Wh-what? What’s going on?”

Lily looked up, Mistress was staring at a spot on the wall like it was the most mysterious thing she’d ever laid eyes on. Lily turned, trying to focus on ’Vish’s words.

She absentmindedly paced into an office just off the dining room.

“The interview Lily! Your girl agreed to ten minutes yesterday!”

“Mistress?” Lily said trying to get her attention.

“Please don’t fucking call her that Lily, you know I hate it! What in the hell is her problem?! I left her three messages!”

The office Lily had wandered into was a miniature editing suite. Similar to the one she’d met ’Vish in yesterday afternoon. She noticed several cameras and some lighting gear stored on wooden shelves along the wall.

“But... she talked to you last night? When I got home she—”

“She never fucking called me back Lily!”

Lily was looking at her Mistress now. Out in the dining area Samantha stood rigid on her feet, staring at the blank wall and muttering something to herself.

“I’ll find out what happened and call you back ’Vish. I gotta go.”

“Oh no! If she’s there then put her—”

Lily hung up, rushing to Samantha. “Mistress? ’Vish says you didn’t call her last night.”

Samantha didn’t reply. Just kept whispering something under her breath, staring at the wall.

“Mistress? What is it? What are you looking at?”

“The picture,” Samantha said in a tired voice. “There was a picture here last night. With two women. They… looked like us. I had to show you…”

Lily took her by the shoulders and turned her body away from the wall. “Mistress? Are you alright?”

Samantha’s eyes were unfocused and blinking heavily as if she were fighting off sleep. “I... can see it. So clearly in… my mind… She… in my mind…”

Lily glanced at the wall. There was no nail hole. No mark of any kind. The wall looked as clean and smooth as the day it was put up and painted. Utterly blank.

She turned back to look at the office she’d wandered into. Goddess Aisling’s office.

Filled with video equipment.

Lily felt the strangest tingle at the base of her neck then. The oldest, simplest part of her clever mammal brain was screaming that they were in danger.

“Mistress, something’s wrong. I don’t think we should’ve come here!”

“Come here?” Samantha’s voice was as sleepy as her eyes. “I didn’t want... didn’t...” her eyes started to roll up into her head.

“Mistress! Focus on me.” Lily shook her by the shoulders.

Samantha blinked rapidly and something like awareness came back into her eyes. “Lily? I don’t think I wanted to come back here. I think She made me.”

Lily’s heart hammered inside her chest, adrenaline flooding her body.

“She made me come back… and bring you.”

“Okay, we’re going!” Lily snapped, taking Samantha’s jacket and draping it over her shoulders. She pushed Samantha ahead of her, keeping an eye on the stairs leading up. “Front door Mistress, I’m right behind you. Let’s go!”

Samantha started moving, slowly at first but then faster. Their heels clipped loudly on the hardwood as their pace increased. They rounded the corner and it was only another dozen steps to the black door. Lily zeroed in on the latch that was bolted shut. One turn of the latch, one turn of the handle and they would be clear.

She pressed her palm into her Mistress’ back and coaxed more speed out of her.

Just a few more seconds!

She glanced over her shoulder but saw no one following. She listened for any footsteps but it was impossible to hear anything with the bright clap of their heels on the-

“Lazy day moon rider,” Lady Aisling’s voice purred richly from speakers that Lily couldn’t see. Before she could even register the nonsense phrase, she crashed into Samantha’s back and toppled in her shoes.

Lily hit the floor, hard, wheezing as the breath was knocked out of her. She groaned at the instant pain in her hips and back as she tried to sit up.

Mistress was standing still, stopped in her tracks by... something.

Oh no. Oh goddess, please no!

“Turn around, slut,” Lady Aisling’s voice commanded.

Lily watched, in horror, as her Mistress turned awkwardly. Her nipples were huge, straining at her top like they would erupt through it at any moment. Her eyes were… empty. Utterly blank.

Lily scrambled for her phone, the lock screen already showed a new missed call from ’Vish. She frantically tried to recall how to access the emergency services panel. Lily stabbed at the-

“Stop her.”

“Cobalt Constrictor,” Samantha breathed.

Her Mistress’ voice had none of the strength Lily had come to know and love and crave. She sounded like someone else. She sounded… broken.

None of that mattered. Lily’s brain had spent too many hours listening and obeying and cumming to that voice. Her response was as instant and irresistible as any reflex. The phone dropped from her hand as her mind plummeted into trance.

* * *

END Chapter 8

* * *