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Compliance and Acquisition



This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.

* * *

Compliance and Acquisition

Chapter 7: Result

* * *

Lily woke alone and feeling groggy. The sun was just beginning to intrude through the bedroom windows yet Samantha’s spot was empty and cool when she pushed her hand to the other side of the bed. She rolled over and found a folded note on her nightstand.

Lily rubbed her eyes, trying to shake the vestiges of sleep that still pulled at her. In a moment her vision had cleared enough that she could read Mistress’ handwriting.

Good morning girl,

I’m already at Kreisberg. I didn’t sleep very well and I wanted to be the first one in today. I’ve been thinking things over this morning and I need to make some slight alterations to what we had planned. I’ll explain when I see you. I took a taxi and left you the car. I also left the kettle on for you ;)

See you soon.

Lily threw the blankets off, climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

In a few hours they would be on the other side of this and everything that happened yesterday would be worth it.

* * *

The top floor was quiet when Lily arrived at Kreisberg HQ. The young man seated in the executive lobby was on the phone as she approached.

“Yes ma’am but I can transfer you there straight away. Certainly ma’am.” He looked up at Lily as he set the receiver down.

“Morning.” Lily said cheerfully. “Uh... has Miss Bennett—”

He nodded knowingly. “Go right in,” he said gesturing over his shoulder.

Lily shook her head uncertainly. “She’s in her...uh...she’s in the CEO’s office?”

He nodded politely. “Yes ma’am and they’re expecting you. Go right on in.”

Lily nodded and made her way to the familiar door.


She turned the handle just as laughter broke out from inside. She walked in on Mistress giggling loudly about something. She was lounging on the sofa near the door looking delicious in a dark suit jacket and skirt.

Beth sat beside her, one hand on Mistress’ knee as they both writhed in hysterics. Mistress was almost weeping, trying to finish what she was saying.

“’s why! That’s the whole reason she never wore those sunglasses again!”

They both erupted in laughter once more, clutching each other as if they might fall off the couch otherwise.

Lily stood frozen in the doorway, trying to decide if she was still asleep in bed and dreaming this bizarre scene. Could this have been part of the altered plan Mistress had mentioned? Maybe there was some reason she needed to get friendly with Beth before they dropped the hammer on her?

Beth spotted Lily first. Her eyes lit up and she flashed a smile that Lily had never seen before. Warm. Friendly even.

“Lily! Good morning!” Beth stood and waved her in.

Mistress turned round with a huge smile on her face and red, glistening eyes. She was still chuckling to herself as she walked over and pulled Lily into a tight embrace, kissing her softly.

“Morning love,” she murmured, finally breaking the kiss. “Sleep well?”

Lily smiled uncertainly. “Uh... sure. What’s uh... what’s going on?”

Mistress took her hand and led her to the pair of armchairs opposite the sofa. “We’ve been formulating a strategy,” she said, indicating Beth.

WE have?”

“That’s right,” Beth said smoothing out the lines of her cream colored skirt.

Lily wasn’t sure if Beth had made it home but she had changed clothes since Agent Lily’s visit last night.

“We’ve set up an early conference call with the board,” Beth continued. “Robert’s already on his way in so we’re just waiting for—” She was cut off by a soft tone from the phone on the large desk. “Oh! That might be him now.”

Beth strode to the desk and switched on the speaker. “Yes?”

“The chairman’s just arrived ma’am. He headed straight for the conference room.”

Lily realized it was the young man working the executive lobby.

Beth flashed a big smile. “Thank you Samir, we’re on our way.” She thumbed off the speaker and nodded to both of them. “Time to get to work!”

“Let’s do it,” Mistress said with a confident smile, rising from the chair and pulling Lilly along.

* * *

Beth led the way to the conference room, entering first and greeting Robert with a broad smile and firm handshake.

Lily tugged on Samantha’s arm pulling her back into the hallway. “Mistress!,” she hissed as quietly as she could. “Why is she? I mean what is...”

“I know,” Samantha said soothingly. “No time now. I’ll explain it all later. Everything is going to be fine. I promise!” Then she led Lily inside.

Beth was already seated opposite Robert at the long conference table. Mistress took the seat to Beth’s right and Lily the one to her’s.

Robert smiled warmly as they sat down. “Good morning, I hope all of you being here so early is a sign of good news?”

“It certainly is!” Mistress replied. Beside her, Beth beamed and nodded enthusiastically.

“Excellent.” He tapped a button on the conference phone situated between them and the speaker came to life with overlapping voices. “Are we waiting on anyone else?” He asked, pulling a stylus and ePad from his bag.

“No, we’re all set Robert,” came a man’s voice in reply.

“Good. Thank you everyone for joining us at this hour. I’m here at Kreisberg with interim CEO Beth Talbot, Samantha Bennett and Lily Carlton from Miss Bennett’s office.

Lily pulled out her phone, trying to look less bewildered than she felt, and got ready to type. Samantha gave her a cheerful smile and winked.

Robert motioned to Beth. “Miss Talbot requested this early meeting because, I’m told, she and Miss Bennett have uncovered some new information which everyone needs to hear before we can continue to this morning’s scheduled vote. Why don’t we get right into that?”

“Thank you Robert,” Beth said, flashing a toothy smile. “The headline this morning is: the video IS fake. I think we’re all aware of technology that can digitally swap faces. Like in that funny insurance ad from last year. Well, I’ve been doing research most of the weekend and have discovered there are a half-dozen tools that can do the same thing with voices.”

“That seems like a significant security concern,” someone on the call said.

“Correct,” Beth replied. “Kreisberg has been fortunate. We don’t rely on voice ID for any of our biometric security protocols. But for companies that do, it’s been an absolute nightmare.”

Grace Harrison’s voice spoke up then. “It would be nice to have some sort of independent forensic analysis supporting this.”

“I believe Samantha can speak to that,” Beth prompted.

“Thanks Beth. Thank you Robert and good morning everyone,” Mistress said, glancing at her notes on the legal pad in front of her. “Yesterday my office consulted with Bavishni Dara, a producer at Broadcast World News. I spoke to her last night at length. After having one of their media experts review the scandal video, she is prepared to go on record and support our conclusion that it is, in fact, a professionally executed hoax.”

“So…” a woman’s voice asked hesitantly, “that’s definitive? The video is a fake?”

“One hundred percent!” Beth answered.

Lily kept her head buried in her phone to hide her arching eyebrows. Clearly, Mistress’ call with ’Vish had paid off rather well for both of them. She glanced at Beth who seemed more pleased than any of them about all this.

“That’s good news. Very good in fact. My office can use that right away to stop FSA in their tracks.” Grace Harrison’s voice offered.

Another woman’s voice spoke up. “Do we have any idea who perpetrated this hoax?”

Under the table, Samantha placed a hand on Lily’s leg and gave a gentle squeeze as she answered. “Not at this time, but we believe we’ve uncovered why they did it.”

Lily kept looking straight ahead and said nothing.

What the hell?

“Videos of this nature are months in the making,” Mistress continued. “As I said yesterday, the timing is no coincidence. We believe the original intent of the scandal was to destabilize us during the regulatory compliance period next quarter. When we developed the strategy to acquire Luxor to solve the compliance issue we forced the perpetrators to act now.”

“When you developed the strategy to acquire Luxor,” Beth corrected with a warm smile.

Mistress nodded graciously and continued. “This is the substance of the conspiracy against us. The perpetrators are likely one or several of our leading competitors. If they could succeed in weakening us in this critical time, they would all benefit tremendously.”

“I’m not sure that proving the video is a hoax can help us much in that regard,” a man’s voice interjected. “With Luxor’s name in the media they are going to figure out our strategy soon enough. And then it’s a bidding war.”

“Perfect,” Mistress responded. “And while they’re fighting over Luxor, we’ll have solved the compliance problem and doubled our market share in the process.”

“How?” Robert asked, intrigued.

Mistress turned to Beth, handing the baton off to her.

“With Miss Bennett’s help, I have identified an unprecedented opportunity for Kreisberg to be... acquired.” She took a moment to let that sink in. “By FarrowCom Industries.”

“The telecom company?” Someone asked over the conference speaker.

“Correct,” Beth replied. “They are currently engaged in a string of acquisitions to diversify their business.” She paused for a moment, switching gears. “Do we have any estimates on what our valuation figures are likely to be tomorrow morning?”

“Eighty points down seems likely,” a man replied solemnly.

“Just imagine for a moment that you’re FarrowCom,” Mistress prompted. “Would you want to acquire a world class, market leading company like Kreisberg at their full valuation? Or... eighty points below it?”

Everyone was silent for several moments and Lily was worried her thoughts might be loud enough to hear.

What in the fuck is going on?!

“But, if we ... “ another man said, hesitantly, “…inform the media that the video is a hoax, then our stock will recover. Won’t it?”

“Certainly,” Mistress answered. “If we inform the media.”

Lily turned in her chair, her eyes wide. Mistress stroked her soothingly under the table but didn’t look at her.

“If, however, we were to inform only FarrowCom of the evidence we’ve uncovered,” Beth interjected, “then they would realize that buying us, right this moment, would be one of the best business opportunities this century. Our stock upswing could be…”

“Lucrative,” a man’s voice said dryly.

There were mischievous chuckles over the phone as the board began counting money in their heads.

Then, a woman on the call asked the only question in Lily’s mind at that moment. “But what about Miss Bennett? Every day we let the hoax video stand in the media unanswered isn’t that irrevocably damaging her reputation? Is she… okay with that?”

“Before she answers that...” Robert cut into the conversation, “...and, in light of this new information, I motion that we indefinitely table the forthcoming vote on her termination.”

Lily was looking only at her Mistress. She was unreadable as they waited to see if anyone would-

“Seconded. Gladly.” The same woman’s voice offered up.

“Vote.” Robert instructed.

One by one, every voice registered a ‘yes’ or ‘aye’ until the whole board had weighed in.

Mistress traded a meaningful nod with Robert. Then, he gestured for her to continue.

“To answer your question, yes: I have no hesitation because of potential injury to my reputation. Everyone that matters knows the truth.” Under the table, she gave Lily a loving squeeze.

“Although, it might be a good idea, and I mean sometime within the next hour, for us to get on the phone with the CEO of FarrowCom and share all this news with them. They aren’t going to buy us if we don’t let them know we’re for sale,” Mistress chuckled.

They all laughed riotously at this. But Lily only felt numb.

“It will be time for the truth to come out after the acquisition,” Samantha continued. “When our stock rebounds five fold we can throw money at the compliance problem and still have more in our war chest than any two of our competitors combined.”

Robert shook his head in awe at Lily’s Mistress. He was the one other person who had always understood how truly brilliant she was.

“But... who exactly is our CEO?” A young man asked.

“For the sake of appearance,” Mistress answered, “I think Miss Talbot should remain in the chair. She has my every confidence and she will have my constant support while we navigate the sale.”

“Rest assured board members,” Beth interjected, “the guiding force of this company will stay right where it is.”

“That sounds excellent Miss Talbot. And, Miss Bennett... So happy to have you back with us,” a man’s voice called from the speaker.

The other board members were quick to join the chorus of praise.

“In that case, I think we should stop tying up the phone lines and let Miss Bennett make her call,” Robert interjected.

After a brief round of goodbyes, it was just the four of them in the conference room. Robert came to their side of the table as they all stood. He shook Beth’s hand.

“Miss Talbot, your service has been exemplary. Thank you for your work this weekend. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having talent like yours here on the top floor.”

She shook his hand vigorously, breathing an appreciative reply.

Then, he turned to Samantha. “Welcome back. Even twenty four hours without you was too long for my liking.”

“Thank you Robert,” Mistress smiled, shaking his hand. “We’re going to turn this scheme of theirs into our greatest victory.”

“Yes we are,” he said beaming. He offered his hand to Lily then. She shook it listlessly, managing a friendly nod.

“Let me know how you make out with FarrowCom and I’ll see you both tomorrow.” He said with a warm smile as he left the conference room.

Beth reached out and pulled Samantha into a tight embrace. “We did it!”

“Yes we did!” Samantha gushed, hugging her back.

Lily gripped the chair, it was the only thing holding her up.

Beth drew back with a euphoric smile on her face. “I should let you make your call. I can get started on—“

“No,” Mistress held up a hand. “Everything can keep for tomorrow. Take the day to recover from all this. That’s what we’re going to do.” She said, nodding to Lily.

“In that case, I’ll see you both in the morning.”

Beth waved goodbye and then Lily was alone with her Mistress at last. Before she could say anything, Samantha pressed a finger to her lips.

“I know you’ve got a lot of questions about what just happened but I have a phone call to make.”

Lily held up her phone. “I’ve already got the FarrowCom corporate number for you.”

Samantha beamed. “That’s my good girl. Let’s set up in the CEO’s office shall we?”

“Yes Mistr- er… Miss Bennett.”

Samantha chuckled and kissed her cheek. “I need the loo, I’ll see you in a moment.”

“After…” Lily said as Samantha reached the door. “I do have a lot of questions.”

Samantha winked and slipped through the door.

* * *

“And so…” Lily began as she steered the car out of Kreisberg’s underground garage. “…did FarrowCom seem interested?”

“Very,” Samantha replied from the passenger seat beside her. “They’re discussing it internally right now. I think we’ll hear something before the day’s out.”

“That’s good,” Lily nodded supportively. “That only leaves… WHAT-IN-THE-HELL HAPPENED BACK THERE?!” she roared frantically. “Why did you go for FarrowCom? And what’s up with Beth? You’re going to just let her keep being CEO?!”

Mistress shrugged as she gazed out the window. “FarrowCom is the better deal. I was wrong, Beth was right. Simple.”

“You weren’t wrong you just didn’t know that FarrowCom was a possibility.”

“I didn’t even consider the idea of us being the subject of an acquisition. Maybe Beth was right about that too? Got myself so used to being in control that it never occurred to me.”

“Mistress?” Lily said fighting to keep her focus on the road. “What about Beth?! She… did this to you. The video, trying to get you fired.”

“I’m going to say something now that isn’t going to be easy to hear, slave.” Samantha said quietly.


“We were wrong about Beth.”


“When I arrived early this morning, she was already here. You’d think she was putting together a strategy presentation about FarrowCom to pitch the board. But, do you know what? She was doing research on voice-mimic AI. Just when she should’ve been finding a way to cut my throat, she was trying to exonerate me.”

Lily’s mouth hung open. She could think of nothing to say to this.

“We talked. For hours. She admitted that she lied to the board about being at Kreisberg the morning the scandal broke. She was trying to impress them. When she saw me in a weakened position she played her hand to move in, knowing she had FarrowCom waiting up her sleeve.”

“And, when was she going to tell everyone about FarrowCom?” Lily asked hotly.

“Next quarter before the compliance deadline. Just when it would have seemed like all hope was lost, she would’ve been the VP that single-handedly saved the company. That’s why she was so angry the other night. This was a power-play she’d spent months putting together.”

“That’s pretty selfish,” Lily muttered.

“Yes,” Mistress sighed. “After the hoax video broke... well she saw an opening to be the interim CEO that saved the company. It was a bold move and, honestly, quite smart of her. Not particularly nice, which I told her, but she played the opportunity very well.”

“B-but…” Lily stammered, “she said it to me. I told you what she—”

“I know, I know. I think she said something in the heat of passion that she thought would make the moment hotter. Something to please the sexy, commanding woman topping her.” Samantha winked at Lily and stroked her arm affectionately.

Lily wracked her mind, turning the possibility over.

“She let her ambition get the better of her. But, the guilt was eating at her. It didn’t take her long to realize that hurting me was not the way she wanted the climb the ladder. She apologized and asked for my help to move forward and undo the damage she caused.”


“Our whole premise of suspicion was based on the notion that she’d been secretly meeting her accomplice. But the secret, we know now, was she’d been seeing Goddess Aisling.”

“And whoever really did the hoax?”

“Feeling awfully good about themselves I expect,” Samantha mused. “Feeling like they’ve won. Letting their guard down. Probably planning a little celebration tonight.” She leaned across the console and took Lily’s breast in her hand, cupping it firmly.

“Which, coincidentally, is exactly what we’re going to be doing.”

Lily tried to keep her eyes on traffic… and keep them from rolling up into her head. “Maybe we should celebrate when I’m not driving?”

“I’ll just have to start without you then,” Samantha purred. She leaned back in her seat and spread her legs wide. She wore no panties beneath the skirt and her scent instantly flooded the car.

Lily’s mouth dropped open, stealing glances at the creamy thighs and pink glory on display beside her.

Mistress wet her fingers with her lips and started circling her clit. Moist sounds joined her high-pitched coos as she played with herself.

“Uhhh...” Lily’s hands gripped the soft material of the steering wheel like a vice. “Maybe I should go back to Kreisberg? Find a dark corner of the parking garage?”

Samantha shook her head as she slipped a hand into her shirt and started touching herself there too. “No, slave. You keep driving. You got a little shouty with me a moment ago and, as punishment, you don’t get to join in yet.”

Lily whined, feeling her own body flushed with arousal. “Yessss Mistress, I’m sorry.”

“Did you get your latex cleaned?” Samantha hissed as she threw her head back in ecstasy.

“Yes Mistress, of course!” Lily answered, grinning.

“Goooood,” she sighed, both hands gliding through her slick folds now. “We’re going out tonight and you’re going to be wearing it.”

“W-where are we going?” Lily’s sex was soaking her pants. She’d never seen her Mistress so… lustful.

“Its a secret,” Samantha growled, her wanton breathing turning to deep, guttural moans as she fucked herself.

* * *

END Chapter 7

* * *