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Compliance and Acquisition



This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.

* * *

Compliance and Acquisition

Chapter 6: Mirrors

* * *

“You take pain very well Miss Talbot,” Agent Lily remarked offhandedly, dropping her flogger on the desk.

“Th-thank you Lady Cade!” Beth sighed into the desk she’d been sprawled across for their last scene.

“Sit in that chair,” Lily directed as she put her back to the target and discreetly placed a camera on a bookshelf that would allow the tiny recorder an unobstructed view of their next bit of play.

“Yes My Lady,” Beth intoned and moved quickly to obey.

“I’m curious how you feel about taking the flogger in your own office?” Lily asked as she retrieved a small hand pump full of lube from her bag and began coating one gloved hand. “Does the power exchange have some extra spice? Submitting to me in the place you’re normally the one in charge?”

Lily watched the other woman carefully. Her response to this question, her willingness to talk about such matters would dictate how quickly Lily could proceed with the interrogation.

Heat visibly passed through Beth’s body and light danced in her eyes. “Actually, it’s my first day in this office, My Lady.”

“Really?” Agent Lily replied with a believable amount of surprise and a hint of awe. “Then, this must be a celebration we’re having, isn’t it? Of your recent promotion to CEO.”

The target was nodding slightly but not speaking. Lily could see many things behind her eyes that weren’t being said.

But they would be. Soon.

“I’ve not been promoted... yet. I’m filling in while our company deals with some drama.”

“Drama with your predecessor?” Lily enquired casually.

The target nodded, her body writhing in the chair.

“So, you’re saying that I’ve not actually been flogging this company’s CEO in her own office?”

The target’s eyes went to the floor as the accusation drew forth just the right amount of guilt from her.

“Uh... no My Lady.”

Feeling a tad guilty would also have the target feeling more than a bit eager to please. And that would push things exactly where her handlers needed. Agent Lily reached into the bag.

She stood up pulling something free. The target’s eyes were instantly captured by the bundle of leather straps attached to the pair of wickedly thick jelly cocks, one only slightly smaller than the other.

“But you won’t mind if I call you ’Madame CEO’ while I punish you?” Lily purred as she began stroking lube up and down the length of the delicious toys. “Will you, Miss Talbot?”

“Noooo My Lady!” The target moaned as her hips unconsciously began moving back and forth.

“In that case, I think we’ll have you on your feet for our next scene. Come step into this harness, Madame CEO.”

The target rushed to obey and Agent Lily began pulling the straps up the other woman’s legs.

* * *

“Now,” said Mistress Aisling as she gently lowered the book onto Samantha’s head. “Your next task is very simple. Simple enough even a brazen girl like you can do it without thinking. In fact, that will be key. You must only hold this book right where it is.”

Samantha straightened her back, gripping the arms of the chair Mistress Aisling had put her in once she’d removed the spreader bar.

“Now, as you may know,” Mistress Aisling continued, “the secret is not to concentrate on the book. Overthinking it will only make it fall. So, since this is our first session I’m going to give you a distraction to help.”

With that she set the metronome on the table. It was perfectly level with Samantha’s eyes.

A shudder passed through Samantha then. Something like fear rose in her cheeks. This wasn’t- she lurched in the seat and had to quickly recover to keep the book from falling.

“See? That’s just what I mean.” Mistress Aisling reached out and took hold of the metronome’s silver arm and pulled it to one side. “Don’t think about the book. Don’t think about anything.”

“My Lady?” Samantha fought to talk without moving her head. “My-my safe word?”

“Do you want to stop?” Mistress Aisling chided, with an amused smile. “I have another submissive I could go visit right now if you’d rather I do that?”

Samantha trembled but had the presence of mind not to shake her head. “No. No My Lady.”

“That’s my good girl,” Mistress Aisling cooed. Then, she released the silver arm and the metronome began ticking. The light from behind Samantha had been perfectly positioned to reflect off the diamond shaped weight at the end of the arm. It flashed light into her eyes with every gentle swing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...

“Now just relax Samantha. Just relax and let the book go where it wants to. Down. The book only wants to sink down. Relax your body and let the book rest. You can feel it can’t you? Sinking down. Always deeper down. The pressure above you, sinking down. The book rests. You relax. Sinking down. Deeper and deeper down...”

Samantha felt the book pressing her deeper into the chair. Pressing down. Deeper and deeper down.

Samantha kept her head straight but let her eyes focus on the space around the metronome without falling into it. She knew she could slip into a light trance this way and she realized, now, that Mistress Aisling was more than capable of dropping her deeper once that happened. She needed to stay on plan and she couldn’t do that if she let the clever Domme put her under.

“Allow me to calm your mind Samantha. Allow me to quiet your thoughts. Let it happen. Your thoughts will only distract you from your task. I know you’re enjoying yourself and I know you enjoy pleasing me. Let go of your thoughts so you can focus on nothing but your task and pleasing me. Let it happen now.”

Samantha relaxed the muscles in her face, letting out a deep breath. If she could give Mistress Aisling exactly what she was expecting, she could hurry the Domme through this scene and onto the next. She would just need to play-act a bit at being a receptive, submissive woman being led into trance by a sexy dominatrix.

She thought of Lily. Her slave was easily the most trance-receptive person she’d ever met. Samantha knew every twitch of Lily’s face, every tremble of her fingers as she slipped under. If Samantha wanted to convince Mistress Aisling that she was really being hypnotized, she need only mimic Lily.

Mimic the way Lily’s eyes drooped when Samantha used her breasts as a hypnotic focus. Swinging back and forth like a pendulum. She let her eyes go out of focus and blinked slowly, hoping she wasn’t overdoing it. Mistress Aisling didn’t seem to be concerned as she continued speaking in a delightful sing-song cadence.

“… heavier and heavier as you keep staring directly ahead and the book continues pressing down . Deeper and deeper…”

Samantha half-listened, moving on to the next part of her performance. She thought of Lily’s mouth, dropping open as her thoughts went dim. Samantha could easily give the game away by consciously trying to part her lips. So, she simply let any thoughts of keeping her mouth closed float away like bubbles in a stream and let her lips fall pleasantly open on their own.

“…relaxing every muscle as all the tension is washed away along with any apprehension you might feel…”

It was working! Now, the next move would be for Mistress Aisling to begin testing Samantha’s suggestibility. That would be easy enough to fake. She just needed to pay attention to the other woman’s voice and carry out whatever instructions it placed in her mind.

“…and they are one and the same. My words are rain drops falling down into the stream of your thoughts. Impossible to tell them apart. My words and your thoughts are…”

Samantha decided this would go on for another couple of minutes and let herself tune out a bit. Mistress Aisling seemed to be in no hurry at all. That was very good for Lily’s plan. Samantha had been worried that an hour-long session wouldn’t be enough time for Lily to get any useful information from Beth. But with Mistress Aisling taking such an interest, Lily should have all the time she needed.

How long had it been? It felt like not quite an hour. Samantha let her arm drift up slowly and held her hand before her face to check the time. It was empty, of course. She had never really gotten in the habit of wearing a watch.

Wait. What?!

“Very good Samantha! Now, let your arm drift back down and let your mind sink with it.”

Samantha’s arm floated back down and she felt how eager her mind was to slip deeper as her hand dropped into her lap.

Christ! She’s really fucking good.

She pulled her thoughts back from the precipice and held on tightly. Samantha realized that she couldn’t pretend through this scene too well. Or, quite soon, she wouldn’t be pretending.

Right. New plan.

Without moving her eyes, Samantha scanned the room for some sort of handhold. A mental focus that she could grasp onto. There was precious little.

The opposite wall was blank save for an erotic black and white photograph in a simple frame. Not even a smudge or nail hole marked the wall’s surface otherwise. It was the most clean wall she’d ever seen. It was featureless. It held nothing, except the photo. It was, otherwise, utterly blank.

So that left the picture. In the photo two women were lost in pleasure, their bodies intertwined amid clothes that had hurriedly been pushed aside. Samantha focused on the photograph, she had to turn the image into an anchor her mind could hold on to. She imagined a powerful spotlight aimed at the photo, drawing all her attention to it while the rest of the room faded into deep shadow.

She imagined the two women in the photo were herself and Lily. In the picture, they were in her office back at Kreisberg. She was sitting in her chrome desk chair, her legs whorishly splayed over the arms. Lily knelt before her. Her slave’s head was bent forward and Samantha’s fingers were intertwined in Lily’s short hair as Samantha’s hand pulled her slave’s face deeper into her cunt. They looked so hot that way… frozen in black and white. Just like an erotic photograph in a heavy coffee table book that was resting on top of her relaxed head.

Her mouth was open, frozen in an obscene O shape. She rocked in the chair and some spring inside the base ticked-tocked rhythmically as Lily ground her face back and forth across Samantha’s steaming hot sex. There were flashes of light. The chrome of the chair reflected back into Samantha’s eyes as it rocked back and forth, back and forth.

Instead of the floor to ceiling window from her office behind the tick-tocking chair, there was a featureless wall. Empty and utterly blank as Lily’s tongue flicked back and forth across the diamond shaped silver weight that swung from Samantha’s throbbing clit and Samantha was begging to cum but the office wall was empty and there was no picture of Samantha and Lily because the wall wasn’t capable of holding anything. It was utterly blank. Just like Samantha’s mind.

“…utterly blank and mindless as my words fill your mind. Your horny thoughts are held in the photograph on the wall and your mind is empty except for My words and it feels so good as you continue to sink…”

Samantha grunted as she felt her wet pussy flood the seat the beneath her. The book on her head had not moved at all. Neither had her eyes. They stared helplessly at the ticking metronome as Goddess Aisling continued to guiding Samantha deeper into an irresistible trance.

* * *

“Whoah,” Agent Lily commanded.

The target stopped and came to attention in the circular path of carpet she’d flattened as she’d pony-pranced in a small orbit around Lady Cade.

Agent Lily swished the short whip’s tail through the air, letting the fearsome ’whoosh’ build some tension in the target. Beth mewled where she stood, caught between the desire to obey, and hold still, and the need to writhe around the dildos strapped inside her.

“I couldn’t help but notice,” Agent Lily said offhandedly as she coiled the whip in her hands, “The name on the door plate. This Miss Bennett person?”

“Tomorrow,” Beth panted. “They’ll remove it tomorrow.”

“Why? What happens tomorrow?”

“The board is going to fire her. Miss Bennett.”

“Why is that?”

When Beth didn’t reply, Agent Lily let the coiled leather unfurl and gave the whip a sharp snap. “What’s wrong slut? Don’t want to talk about it?”

“I shouldn’t... Its company business.”

“Ooooh I see.” Agent Lily cooed. “Secrets huh? Important corporate secrets?”

The target nodded while her body continued trembling.

“Would you like me to fuck some secrets out of you, Madame CEO?”

“OhMyFuckingGodddd!” The target moaned. She bucked on her feet, sweat mixing with excitement as both trickled down her legs. Her nipples were actually pulsing in time to her heartbeat.

“Has it been in the news? The drama with this Bennett woman?” Agent Lily poised the whip for a strike on the target’s ass.

“Yes My Lady!”

“Mmmm I’m sure you can talk about it then, can’t you? Just the parts the public already knows about?”

“Y-yes Lady Cade!”

“Why was she fired?”

“Scandal video. In the tabloids.”

Lily twisted the leather handle sharply and the whip’s tail sang over the target’s flesh causing her to start rocking her hips around on the twin cocks trapped inside her passages.

“Ooooh delicious! Was it a sexy scandal?”

“Yes My Lady,” the target moaned.

“Mmmmm, my favorite kind.”

Agent Lily whipped her again, just enough to get all the right muscles flexing involuntarily and drawing the slick intruders back and forth within her.

“You’re glad she’s gone aren’t you slut?”

“Yes My Lady!”

“She got what she deserved and now you’re going to get what you deserve.” Agent Lily said coldly has she twirled the leather coil around and let it fall across the target’s swollen nipples.

“Yes! Oh please yes!”

“Mmmm you’re a bad slut aren’t you?”

“Yessss. I’m so fucking bad!”

“Tell me. Tell me how bad you’ve been.”

Then, Agent Lily began swirling the whip over her head, letting the tail kiss the target’s bottom with every revolution. The dimples in the other woman’s ass clenched delightfully as her reflex response kept the glorious cocks savagely fucking more words out of her.

* * *

“Just give in Samantha,” Goddess Aisling cooed. “It’s useless to resist.”

Samantha whimpered but could do no more. The book was so heavy now. She could feel the weight inside her head. Pushing her thoughts down to her sex where the vibrating wand waited for them. It buzzed fiercely, liquifying her mind into applesauce as the book squeezed more and more of her thoughts out of her drooling pussy.

The book, of course, lay on the desk beside the relentless ticking box. Goddess Aisling had removed it sometime ago. It was no longer needed. Samantha could still feel it atop her head. Knowing that it wasn’t really there was as immaterial as her will.

The pressure of her struggle, the weight of all she had been trying to overcome today was the first thing the merciless toy had milked out of her brain. She let it go gladly. Eagerly. That had felt so good that the other thoughts Goddess Aisling had helped coax out went with only the briefest resistance.

But now, she wanted Samantha to surrender more. So much more.

“Your mind cannot truly be at peace until you relinquish all your responsibilities Samantha. All your burdens. I know she is precious to you, your slave. You have to set her aside for just a little while. Then you can have peace.”

Samantha moaned in reply.

“She’d want this for you. She’d want you to be at peace. The perfect bliss that she knows in her total submission to you. She wants you to know that same bliss.”

Samantha’s hands strained as if held to the chair by thick black straps. She gritted her teeth against the words slithering into her mind and tried to ignore the molten pleasure she was slowly drowning in.

“If you just tell me her name, I’ll let you cum.”

Samantha whined, thrashing inside her paralyzed body. This was a strange and taboo sort of edge play. She wondered about Lily at Kreisberg right now. Pumping Beth for information she wouldn’t want revealed. How was Beth coping with the experience?

She needed to answer soon or she’d be punished. Just a name. A fake name. Goddess Aisling wouldn’t know the difference. And having a real name wasn’t the point. It was just a game to make the sub feel like they were surrendering something valuable to the domme.

She thought of a name: Angela, the first girl she’d ever tied up. Yes, ’Angela’ would do just fine.

“Lily!” Samantha moaned. “Her name is Lily.”

“That’s my good girl,” Goddess Aisling purred sounding so very, very pleased.

Samantha shrieked inside her head. She’d even mentally rehearsed the casual way she’d speak the false name: familiar, as if she used it every day. But, somewhere between her brain and her mouth, the ability to deceive Goddess Aisling had simply evaporated.

She’d been given a command and Samantha’s mouth had betrayed her and obeyed Goddess Aisling instead.

My naughty, obedient mouth… oh god!

The rush was like too much alcohol too quickly. She could feel her mind spinning like a cyclone inside her head.

“My good girl always gets rewarded...” Goddess Aisling’s breath was on her neck as she leaned over Samantha from behind, reaching between her legs. “...for her obedience!”

Goddess thumbed the switch on the sex wand to a setting Samantha didn’t realize existed. The toy’s buzz stung her like a whole swarm of latex-clad bee girls.

Samantha shrieked as a wave of molten lust crashed over her mind and the orgasm consumed her utterly.

* * *

The target was at the breaking point, and Agent Lily knew it. Her eyes were glassy and far away as she stared up from the floor. She was lying on the plush carpet, her hands gripping her ankles. Her legs were splayed wide, showing off the slick sheen of lust leaking from beneath the leather harness around her waist. She was thrusting her ass up and down off the floor, giving herself the fuck of a lifetime.

Agent Lily waited until the target was at the edge once again and then pressed her foot into the other woman’s taught stomach, pinning her to the floor without release.

The other woman howled in equal measure despair and joy as her mind rapidly plummeted towards the bliss of sub space.

It was time for Agent Lily to do the work she’d been sent here to do.

“It was just business wasn’t it slut? She had to go, didn’t she? For the good of the company.”

“Yessss,” The target hissed dreamily. Her breath came in gasps as the suckers fixed to her nipples bounced and fed her even more pleasure.

“You needed her out-of-the-way. So you did what she should’ve done. You took decisive action. She never had what this company needed.”


“If she did, it would be her lying under my foot, moaning like a whore for me, wouldn’t it?”


“And you’d much rather it was you, isn’t that right?”

“Yessss Lady Cade!”

“She never saw you coming, did she?”

The target shook her head, some naughty memory crossing her face. “No, she never saw us coming.”

“You showed her how wrong she was about you. You’re going to show them all, aren’t you?”

The target began writhing as best she could, fucking back against the inescapable cocks. “Yes! Oh fuck! We’re gonna be... soooo rich!”

“Good slut! I love breaking rich women. How rich are you going to be?”

“So much! A-after the sale... more than any of them can imagine.”

“Ooooh you’re going to buy something aren’t you? Another company? I bet you’d love to buy another company wouldn’t you? Buying all those lives, all their talent and innovation. Making it your own.”

The strangest smile spread across the target’s face then. She shook her head. “No, that’s what she would’ve done. I’m gonna sell us!

Agent Lily offered no outward reaction to this whatsoever. But in her mind, somewhere far, far away from thoughts of her objective, someone was screaming. She ignored it and stayed on mission.

“And Bennett would never have even considered it would she?”

“That’s why... she had to go!” the target wailed between thrusts.

A trigger, laying dormant inside Agent Lily, activated. She produced a tiny remote control and thumbed it on. Inside the insidious harness, the vibrator strapped over the target’s clit purred to life.

The target screamed in ecstasy as Lily lifted her foot. Then, she eagerly fucked herself down into spiraling, white-hot oblivion while Agent Lily collected the hidden camera.

* * *

“Mistress, I’m home!” Lily called out as she shut the door behind her and hung the key ring on the nearby hook. There was no reply.

She listened for any signs the silent house was occupied. The shower upstairs wasn’t running and there was no music playing either. She checked the kitchen but found the kettle was off. There was no sign of Mistress’ nightly cup of camomile tea. In something like a hopeful gesture, she filled the steel carafe and set the kettle to slowly heat.

Surely, she beat me home.

Lily had been longer at Kreisberg than they’d anticipated. Well over the hour Mistress had paid for Goddess Aisling’a attention this evening. So why wasn’t she here?

Lily felt the beginnings of fear harden in her stomach. But something else as well. She wanted to tell herself that what she was worried about was a traffic incident or some other pedestrian complication. Not the more insecure and jealous things her imagination was all-too-ready to serve up.

What if Mistress was still with Goddess Aisling? What if she’d lost track of time in the midst whatever games they’d been playing? Under normal circumstances, Lily would’ve scoffed at the idea. Mistress never lost sight of such things. She was always so keenly aware and in control. Always.

But control was exactly what she would’ve surrendered once she walked through Goddess Aisling’s door, wasn’t it?

Lily was mentally replaying her Mistress’ words and behavior from earlier in the evening. Part of Lily’s worry, then, had been the practical issue of her being away from Samantha and under trance for the duration of her time with Beth. But also...

Also the way her Mistress had so quickly landed on the idea to engage Beth’s dominate ’friend.’ Had she actually been eager to offer herself up as a submissive distraction to the pleasure professional? Was the enthusiastic phone call she’d placed to Goddess Aisling entirely an act?

Lily fought down jealousy and guilt as she considered that it was she herself that had set the evening’s events in motion. Her brilliant scheme left her Mistress with little choice but to play her role in the proceedings. And, Lily knew, intimately, the rapture of submission. How eagerly she could surrender all her earthly problems when her every thought rested in Mistress’ hands.

But then, Mistress knew that rapture too didn’t she?

Lily was still reeling from Mistress’ earlier revelation. Finding out Samantha had once been a full-time submissive shouldn’t have been anything more than a mildly interesting footnote of conversation. But, to find out tonight of all nights... Moments before the taxi whisked Mistress off to a session with a professional domme...

A session that should’ve ended long before Lily came home.

Lily chewed her lip as she turned all this over in her mind again and again. What if her Mistress was in a much more fragile mindset than Lily could understand? What if kneeling in front of Goddess Aisling, and fleeing all the turmoil of this corporate plot, had reignited some long-dormant spark?

It would be entirely Lily’s fault if her Mistress had gone to Goddess Aisling and had enjoyed the escape with the Dominatrix so thoroughly that she...

That she never came home.

Lily pressed a hand to her forehead, trying to cast the unbidden thoughts aside. She forced herself to admit the truth. This wasn’t about the plan. Or even about Mistress revealing that she herself could enjoy the submission she was usually pouring over Lily.

It was about ’Vish. And, the way Lily had left her so unforgivably to be with Samantha. Ever since, Lily’s guilt had taken up residence in her imagination, whispering to her in the dark how awful it would be if one day Samantha did the same to her.

Awful... and exactly what Lily deserved.

Stop it!

Lily took several calming breaths and brought reality back into focus. Mistress’ love and control were as much a part of Lily as the marrow in her bones. If Mistress wasn’t here, she had a reason. And Lily need only trust that.

Lily’s fear and doubt belonged to her. But she belonged to her Mistress. And, Samantha had not commanded her slave to entertain such irrationality. Lily turned her thoughts away from that dark precipice and returned to the calm of her most certain truth: she belonged, body and mind, to Samantha. And her Mistress loved her.

And then, Lily heard the floorboards groan upstairs. Mistress was home after all.

She laughed to herself, shaking her head.

Silly girl.

* * *

She carried the bag of equipment and the heels, which she was desperately happy to not be walking in anymore, up the stairs. As she neared the landing she could hear Mistress’ voice from one of the nearby rooms. She sounded tired.

Lily found her Mistress reclining on their bed, nude with her phone pressed to her ear. She was staring off at nothing. Her other hand played idly between her legs.

“Yes,” she said in a quiet voice.

Lily waved and gave her a thumbs up sign as she dropped her things at the foot of the bed. At this, Samantha blinked and gave her smile and wink. She raised a glistening finger to her lips signaling for Lily to keep quiet.

Lily nodded and motioned to her Mistress’ obviously damp sex. She cocked an eyebrow invitingly, typing something into her phone and then showing the screen to Samantha:

’Shall I climb into bed and replace your finger with my tongue?’

Mistress smiled but shook her head, pointing to her phone. Lily nodded and indicated the office on the other side of the hallway and left Mistress to finish her call.

“Yes,” Mistress said again as Lily shut the office door and got to work.

* * *

It was a little while later when the office door creaked open and Samantha entered wearing her plush bathrobe and carrying two steaming cups.

“Evening girl,” she said smiling warmly. She handed Lily’s mug, with the absurd cartoon cat yawning on the side, to her. “Here you are.”

Lily took the mug and sipped it experimentally. “What’s in this?”

“You don’t want to know,” Samantha winked. “A blend of things from my side of the pantry. It’ll help you sleep.”

“Not going to be a problem,” Lily smiled, taking a longer sip. “I’m absolutely knackered.

Samantha nodded, watching her. “So, how did we do tonight?”

Lily nodded to the screen, at a document she’d been compiling. “As good as it could’ve gone.” She motioned to the laptop, “I think we’ve got her. Now that I know what to look for, it’s all in here.”

“Tell me,” Samantha said dropping into the chair beside her.

Lily drew in a deep breath and motioned to an open browser window. “It’s a company called FarrowCom. They’re a big deal in terrestrial and satellite communications. They had six record quarters in a row and announced that they were going to start diversifying.”

“Diversifying how?” Samantha asked, peering at the company’s website.

“They’ve started buying up businesses outside of their industry.” Lily said, calling up a news article on their most recent acquisition. “Entertainment, ecological solutions, auto parts suppliers, all sorts of things. I found all this in Beth’s phone. She’s been doing research on them for months.”

Samantha nodded solemnly. “That’s why she was so angry when she found out about my Luxor deal. Because she wants—”

“She wants FarrowCom to buy Kreisberg,” Lily finished, sipping her tea.

Samantha was looking at her again. “It makes sense now,” she said, quietly. “Something Beth said to me today. About how I thought the only way to win was to conquer and control.”

“I think...” Lily said carefully, “she originally commissioned the fake video to tank our stock so that we could be bought cheap. Make us an attractive buy for FarrowCom. And then...”

“And then, the stock has a huge rebound when we become part of another global entity and everyone gets rich.” Samantha finished, leaning back and staring at the ceiling.

“I have her on video saying almost exactly that. Although, we’d probably be better off just playing the audio for the board. The less they know about tonight, the better,” Lily said with raised eyebrows as she reached for her tea.

Samantha sighed and sat up. “It’s been a strange day. And I think we both went through more than we expected to get through it. But we did get through it. It’s over now.”

“Yes it is,” Lily said, drawing in a deep breath and letting it out. “So, who was on the phone?”

“Oh... Bavishni,” Samantha said, sipping her own cup. “Keeping my word about the interview with her.”

“I’m kind of glad I wasn’t here for that.” Lily said quietly. “How awkward did it get? Did she say anything about me?”

Samantha smiled faintly and shook her head. “No, she was very professional and even managed to be pleasant. No small task considering what we put her through.”

“What I put her through,” Lily corrected.

“Whomever did what, it’s in the past now.”

“I hope she feels that way,” Lily mused. “She was... better today. Better than I thought she’d be in any case. So...” Lily pushed her chair back from the desk and turned it so she was facing Samantha. “How was your evening?”

“Yes, that,” Samantha said taking a deep breath. She stared off for several long moments, gathering her thoughts. “It was interesting. Goddess Aisling is... very good at what she does. She’s quite a bit further along than I was at her age. She’s no doubt got a long list of loyal clients.”

“That’s all very clinical, Mistress, and I’m sure that’s all the case.” Lily smirked. “Do you not want to talk about it?”

Samantha regarded her quietly for a moment. “Are are you sure you want to hear this, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I had a wonderful time,” Samantha breathed, closing her eyes and smiling faintly. “She played with me, punished me a bit and I even let her trance me.”

Lily’s eyebrows went up. “She... hypnotized you?”

“Yes,” Samantha said dreamily. “We’d talked about it a bit ahead of time when we were messaging each other. I mentioned that I used hypnosis with my brilliant and lovely slave.” She reached out and grasped Lily’s arm tenderly.

“She asked me if I’d be interested in being on the other side of that during our session.” Samantha shrugged. “I said yes.”

“And... how was that?” Lily asked trying to interested and not jealous.

“Perfect,” Samantha purred. “In fact, it was just what I needed. The whole thing really. I’m so glad I went to her tonight.” She turned away, looking a bit troubled then. “In fact I... I’ve been feeling a bit guilty since. I feel like I used you rather selfishly tonight. While you were off doing the hard- the impossible work to save my career... I was enjoying a nice little vacation from all my problems.”

“No Mistress!” Lily said drawing close and taking her hand. “Don’t think that for a moment. I only did what you always do. I saw an opportunity where I could be effective and I took it. Don’t you dare feel guilty because you went there as a diversion and ended up enjoying yourself.”

“And, I certainly did that,” Samantha said, smiling faintly. “Also, a bit since I got home. As you noticed.”

“Left you feeling lusty did she?” Lily said, her eyes roaming over the flesh peaking out from beneath Samantha’s robe.

“Yesssss. Some of the things she did with our trance play have definitely given me some ideas. I plan to try them out with you quite soon.” She leaned forward and kissed Lily softly on her cheek.

“Please, Mistress lets... yes, please,” Lily breathed.

“Mmmm not tonight though. You need a shower and we both need sleep. We’ve got another big day tomorrow.”

Lily groaned unhappily. “Yes Mistress.”

“Make sure and clean that latex though. I think I’ll be wanting you in that again quite soon.” Samantha purred into her ear.

“Yes, Mistress. Anything you want.” Lily hummed excitedly.

“You need to get to bed soon,” Samantha announced. She kissed Lily one more time before standing and heading for the bedroom, calling over her shoulder:

“This will all be over tomorrow.”

Lily drained the last of her tea and cupped her hand over her mouth to cover an enormous yawn. She stood and headed for the shower, already feeling an immense drowsy weight pulling at her mind.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow it would all be over.

Beth would be outed and, most likely, ousted shortly thereafter. Mistress would be exonerated. They’d get the Luxor deal done. Kreisberg would be saved. And, they would put this mad weekend behind them and get back to normal life.

Lily yawned again, looking forward to that most of all.

* * *

END Chapter 6

* * *