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Compliance and Acquisition



This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.

* * *

Compliance and Acquisition

Chapter 5: Lies

* * *

Lily adjusted the straps on her heels for the umpteenth time and resumed tottering up and down the hall like an agitated cat. Mistress was on the phone in the bedroom.

“Well I’m a little surprised myself, to finally be calling you and all, but… I’ve been dealing with rather a lot today and I could use some time to take my mind off things.”

Lily was supposed to be practicing a walk that Mistress would lock into her mind for use later tonight. She struggled to maintain balance in her most scandalous pair of bedroom heels while she eavesdropped.

“I expected that might be the case,” Mistress was saying. “That’s why I wanted to offer to pay for your other client’s session as well as mine. Plus another session’s worth? Since it’s so last minute and all.”

Lily locked eyes with Samantha as she glided past the bedroom door again but her Mistress quickly turned away, pacing a bit herself around their bed.

“Thank you, that’s brilliant!” Samantha gushed in mock enthusiasm.

Lily shivered. It worked.

“Oh… I’d rather come to you if that’s alright?” Mistress said. “I’ve been stuck at home almost all day and it’d be lovely to just be somewhere else.”

Lily chewed her lip. This, at least, was the truth.

“I’ll see you then. Thank- Oh, yes me too! Thank you, Goddess Aisling.”

Lily winced to hear her Mistress refer to anyone as ‘Goddess.’ She thought of ‘Vish’s face this afternoon.

It was the least uncomfortable thing about Mistress’ contribution to Lily’s clever gambit.

She stopped in the doorway as Mistress hung up and started looking through the closet for something to wear. “All set then?” Lily called out.

“Yes,” Samantha called back, “she didn’t have to think about it very long. The money was just too good to pass up.” She returned from the closet with a simple white top and black skirt. She tossed them onto the bed along with a pair of hose.

“No bra?” Lily asked casually.

“You sound jealous slave,” Samantha replied, fixing her with a thin smile. “I’m just doing my part to see that your plan comes off a success.”

Lily nodded and took a deep breath. “I know Mistress, it’s just… difficult to… I don’t like the idea of you submitting to anyone.” Lily rubbed at her neck, trying to massage the tension out. “Maybe you could ask her to let you top?” She suggested, hearing how desperate it sounded.

“Firstly, I’ve met this woman and she most certainly isn’t a switch,” Samantha replied patiently as she began changing clothes. “Secondly, I’m going to use her expectations against her. And, what she expects is a person like me to relieve stress through submission.”

“Won’t she suspect something when she realizes that you’re not remotely submissive?” Lily asked hopefully.

“For your information slave,” Mistress said as she pulled the stockings up her gorgeous legs, “I was a bottom for most of my twenties.”

Lily blinked, looking dumbfounded. “You were? But you never...” she shook her head trying and failing to picture her Mistress on the other end of the collar and leash. She couldn’t imagine Samantha’s lush, commanding voice making a sound that even resembled begging. “I... I didn’t know that.”

“When I first was in the scene,” Mistress said, stepping into her skirt, “I found out that all the tops I admired had started as bottoms. My mentor told me that only her years as a sub gave her the confidence and understanding to completely dominate another person the way she did. And this woman… was the absolute best.”

Lily folded her hands before her, listening dutifully.

“So, I learned that side of things thoroughly before I ever topped anyone. That’s the reason you always have so much fun when you... do my nefarious bidding.” she winked playfully.

Lily nodded back with a lopsided smiled.

“It’s the reason that you’re going to be absolutely marvelous with Beth. And, it’s the reason I’m going to be just fine with Goddess Aisling.”

Lily bowed her head, hearing the patient reprimand in her Mistress’ words. “I’m sorry Mistress, I didn’t mean to question you.”

“Its alright, the mental image a slave has of their owner is a precious, even spiritual, thing. Fortunately…” she paused, pulling the black mini skirt over her pert ass and sauntering over to the bedroom door with her breasts swaying free. “…I am in complete control of your mental everything.” She reached down and cupped her breasts, swinging them to and fro in an inescapable rhythm.

Lily’s mouth dropped open as her eyes helplessly began tracking the swollen pink nipples back and forth.

Samantha smiled wickedly, “Quartz Quicksand, slut.”

Lily’s eyes went out of focus as she swayed on her feet. “Agent Lily… activated,” she croaked.

“Lets adjust that voice and few other things…” Samantha purred, drawing her head in close.

* * *

Arrived at target location.

Agent Lily waited for the confirmation her message had been delivered and then pocketed the phone. The parking garage was filled with the electric hum of its many light fixtures. Her heels clicked sharply on the concrete as she stalked to the executive lift and swiped a blank white key card over the panel. Her handlers had prepared her thoroughly during her time in the pod earlier. Her target was alone in the CEO’s office.

The lift doors parted and she stepped onboard carrying a bag filled with all the things she’d need to perform a field interrogation.

Her mission tonight depended upon complete anonymity. In the event that anyone reviewed the recordings of her in the building, it was imperative that her identity remain unknown. She’d selected a mask to allow her to interact with her target but wearing it now wouldn’t do at all.

So, Agent Lily put her profile to the camera’s lens and let the hair of her wig hang naturally across her face, hiding all but just a bit of nose. One of the many trade craft lessons they’d implanted in the wet pink folds of her slave brain all those years ago.

She pushed the button for the top floor and passed the spoofed VIP guest card over the sensor. The doors slid shut and the lift began accelerating rapidly skyward. Though she had never set foot in the Kreisberg headquarters before, she could feel the entire building layout burned into her mind… along with the sizzling memory of the vibrators that had burned it there.

It was sixteen paces from the lift doors to the executive lobby. Twelve more to the CEO’s office door. Once she was inside there would be no cameras except the ones she’d brought with her. Lily smiled inwardly. Her handlers wanted footage this time. They wanted to see their slave break the CEO of Kreisberg in her own office. She checked her phone. A new message from her handlers was waiting:

Acknowledged. Proceed with caution.

Agent Lily’s pussy hummed under her clothes as the lift doors opened again and she began counting steps.

* * *

The taxi drove off as Samantha checked the door numbers of the townhomes in front of her. Number seventy-two to her left, seventy-three to her right. She turned right and started walking down the sidewalk. She absentmindedly checked her phone again. No new messages since Lily had arrived at Kreisberg HQ.

That was a good thing though. If she hadn’t made it through the door with Beth, she’d have sent a mission failure message by now. Things were going according to plan thus far. Even if the plan was slightly mental.

Samantha shook her head and drew in a deep breath. The Agent Lily game had originally been her idea; a fantasy she’d carried since her teen years. As eager as her slave had been to indulge back then… here in the midst of this scheme she couldn’t shake the feeling that she herself was somehow responsible for tonight’s strange turn of events.

Perhaps the fantasy scenarios and clever details she’d invented and fed Lily’s mind during all those play scenes had formed a dark seed in her slave. The conspiracy they were facing off with today had Lily thinking and acting like the character they’d created together.

To even conceive of this plot left Samantha feeling slightly uncomfortable. Still, Lily’s reasoning was sound and she was certainly correct in her reading of Robert. He would need only a whisper of malfeasance on Beth’s part to sharply steer the board of directors off their current trajectory.

She sighed deeply, admitting, not for the first time, that one day she would be guilty of a terrible sin if she kept her brilliant slave as a mere personal assistant. Lily, with Samantha’s mentorship, could be a formidable and peerless business leader. But, it was hard to imagine making such a radical change when their lives were just so perfect... at least until today.

Samantha realized she was standing in front of number seventy-nine and had been for a few moments… staring at the brass plate next to the door with Goddess Aisling’s icon cut into it.

She had no reason to feel guilty about what she was about to do. Neither she or Lily was going to cheat on the other tonight. They were both going to reverse their normal roles of play and there was nothing wrong with enjoying the fun that reversal could elicit.

But she’d neglected to tell her precious slave that there was a small, nostalgic part of her that was looking forward to letting another woman handle her. In fact, it would be rather nice to not be in control of anything for just a little while.

Samantha stopped herself there. It would do no good to keep thinking of reasons to feel guilty. Lily was playing her part and it was time for Samantha to do the same. She took a deep breath, then rang the doorbell.

Samantha counted to six before she heard the locks clicking. Then, the door opened.

“Welcome,” purred Goddess Aisling.

The young Domme was gorgeous in a perfectly bespoke black suit and waist coat with slacks. Her dark hair was done up beneath a sharp bowler hat. Probably not what she wore for her male clients, if she had any, but Samantha was immediately smitten. The young domme stepped aside and motioned Samantha into the foyer.

“Thank you,” Samantha replied brightly. Stepping inside, she slipped off her jacket. “Did you receive my transfer?” She asked, trying to sound casual.

“Yes, and thank you for your extra consideration.”

“Everyone’s time is valuable. I know that better than almost anyone.”

“Indeed. In the interest of time, and since you’ve obviously done this before, I’m going to give you only a brief overview of the rules we’ll be observing this evening.”

“Certainly, Goddess Aisling.”

She shut the door and led Samantha inside. “You May refer to me as ’My Lady’ this evening. Only those pets who have fully submitted to me have the honor of addressing me as ’Goddess.’

“Yes, My Lady.”

“We are not going to have sex although if you consent to being touched, I will do so.”

“Yes, My Lady. Touching would be alright.”

“Be honest at all times with me and we’ll both enjoy ourselves.”

“Yes, My Lady. Of course.”

She led Samantha deeper into her home, past an office filled with several computer monitors and shelves of photography gear. Finally, they arrived at a handsome, polished wood table. “Place any devices you are carrying on the table after you’ve powered them off. There will be no distractions during our session.”

Samantha hesitated but realized if she balked Lady Aisling may very well halt things here and now. Samantha could easily imagine being dismissed from the apartment only to learn that Lady Aisling wound up going to Kreisberg after all and walking in on Lily and Beth. That wouldn’t do.

Reluctantly, she pulled her phone out and showed the screen to the other woman as she switched it off and set it on the table.

“Very good. Now, your clothes. You will leave them on top of your phone.”

Samantha felt an unfamiliar rush of heat surge through her bare nipples as she pulled open her shirt and obeyed.

Lady Aisling drew in sharp breath as she took in Samantha’s nude body for the first time. “Beautiful,” she mused. “Mmmm you’d be delightful in leather. I must put you in a harness before we finish this evening.”

“Yes My Lady,” Samantha replied as she shed last of her clothes and placed them on top of her phone.

Lady Aisling stalked around her. Samantha could feel the other woman’s eyes drinking in her every curve. She shivered, anticipating the first touch. She thought back to those years ago when-

Samantha let out a wanton groan as Lady Aisling’s hand firmly took hold of her ass, cupping the flesh there and letting her fingers glide over the wetness at Samantha’s nether lips.

“Mmmm responsive, aren’t you?”

Samantha nodded.

“Insolent as well,” Lady Aisling whispered, spanking Samantha sharply. “You will answer me when I ask a question.”

“Yes My Lady,” Samantha hissed, caught off guard by how hot the flesh of her ass felt under the other woman’s firm touch.

“Yes My Lady, what?”

Samantha tried to fight down a nervous laugh. “Yes, My Lady, am I insolent.”

“What happens to insolent girls Samantha?”

“They receive punishment My Lady.”

“Yes they do Samantha,” Lady Aisling breathed, her hand climbing up Samantha’s back and taking a firm hold around Samantha’s neck. “Oh, yes they certainly do.”

Samantha thought of Lily and how helpless she always was when Samantha played the femme fatale in their games. She knew the playbook by heart but, somehow that did nothing to insulate her from the effect of being on the receiving end of Lady Aisling’s seductive patter. Quite the opposite in fact.

“Now Samantha, on the other side of this table, you’ll find a spreader bar. I want you to walk there and fix the cuffs to your ankles then place your hands on the table.”

“Yes My Lady!” Samantha said, her nipples leading the way. She stepped around the table and began following her instructions.

“Samantha we haven’t discussed a safe word. Do you have one you’d like to use or shall I give you one?”

Samantha finished locking her ankles into the cuffs, the spreader bar holding her feet wide enough that her sex and ass could receive any sort of attention Lady Aisling wished. She placed her hands on the table. “Please give me a safe word Lady Aisling.”

The other woman dropped a hand to a nearby bureau and returned holding a thin horse whip. She swished it experimentally and made a show of trying to think of a suitable word to halt their play. “Hmmm. I’ll think of one in just a moment, first I’d like to see how well you’ve cuffed yourself.”

“Yes My Lady,” Samantha nodded, feeling her heartbeat in her ears.

Lady Aisling stepped behind Samantha and began swatting her ass playfully eliciting sharp, twisted breaths from the other woman. She probed Samantha’s pain tolerance with the occasional firm strike.

Brazen of her, Samantha thought. Asking about a safe word then completely ignoring the-

She yelped as a sudden, swift blow from the whip sent her up onto the balls of her feet. Her legs reflexively strained against the spreader bar as it held firm.

“Very good Samantha,” Lady Aisling breathed into her ear. “It’s quite a thing. You putting yourself completely at my mercy this way. Just because I asked you to.”

“Y-yes Lady Aisling,” Samantha croaked.

“Before we’ve properly established boundaries and safe words and such. Quite brazen of you.”


“What happens to brazen girls Samantha?”

“Anything that won’t leave marks, My Lady.”

“Anything else? Are you sure?”

Samantha was completely unprepared for how much this was getting to her. Adrenaline pumped through her heart, a bead of sweat trickled down her left leg. She was certainly happy she’d taken the edge off her frustration with Lily. If she’d come here in the state of need she’d been in earlier this evening... it was a little frightening to imagine what she might agree to.

“Yes My Lady, anything else.”

“Mmmm Very good.”

She felt something touch her head and made herself hold still as Lady Aisling fixed a blindfold over her face.

“M-my Lady?”

“Yes Samantha?”

“You were going to give me a safe word?”

“Oh yes… that.”

Samantha could hear the other woman smiling. As if she’d seen something funny that the blindfolded nude girl wasn’t privy to. It was glorious.

“I’m still thinking of one.”

“Yes My Lady.,” Samantha groaned. “Whenever you think of a—” Samantha cried out as a savage hiss split the air followed by a wicked sting on the trembling cheeks of her ass.

“I’ll never be able to think of one if you keep interrupting me. Will I?”

Samantha groaned, her body writhing against the table as she shook her head.


The whip kissed her flesh again, even harder.

“What did I say about answering me, Samantha?”

“No My Lady! You’ll never be able to think of a safe word if I keep interrupting you.”

“Mmm Excellent Samantha. You’re a very teachable girl. Aren’t you?”

“Yes My Lady!”

“This sort of treatment is just what you needed isn’t it?”

“Yes My Lady!”

“You don’t have any pressing business this evening do you? Someone expecting you at home? Anything like that?”

Samantha trembled, thinking of the plan. Of getting Lily all the time she needed with Beth. At least, that’s what she told herself she was thinking of.

“N-no My Lady.”

“Mmmm goooood Samantha. That’s good. Because, what I have to teach you, may take a little while. And since you’ve paid for a full hour and then some I feel obligated to indulge you.”

“Thank you My Lady.”

Lady Aisling began testing the skin of her back with light taps of the whip. Samantha’s whole body shuddered in anticipation. She could no longer lie to herself about the trickle of moisture running down her legs. It most certainly was not sweat.

* * *

Agent Lily dropped her wig into the bag then turned the handle and pushed the door inward, stepping into the CEOs office. She closed it behind her without a word. Her target was seated at the large desk in the corner of the office typing on her phone. She shot out of the chair, surprise and fear in her eyes at the strange figure that had just entered the room.

“How the fuck did you get—“

She stopped short, her eyes taking in the black latex mask Agent Lily had slipped on just before entering.

“Good evening Ms Talbot,” Lily purred, her deep smoky voice promising all manner of decadent things to the woman before her.

Her target gaped back, she had a mobile phone in one hand but she wasn’t calling for help. Not yet.

Soon, it would be too late.

“Uh... who are you, exactly?” She asked, her voice seasoned with fear.

Lily dropped the bag she was carrying, followed by her long coat, revealing the black latex underneath. She stared through the eye slits of the mask. She let her mind recall all the details the slaving pod had fed her earlier. Organizing the names and details she would need to execute this bit of subterfuge.

“Goddess Aisling sent me to see to you.”

The target’s body stayed tense but the tightness in her face relaxed and the fear in her eyes drained out. Something else began to slowly creep in.

“Goddess? She sent you?”

“She regrets that she was unable to keep your appointment this evening. But, she knows a slut like you needs to be seen to.” Agent Lily bent forward, letting the nude woman get an eyeful of the creamy flesh spilling out around the latex cups of her top. She slipped a hand into her bag and stood up again holding a blindfold and a thick silver vibrator.

The woman behind the desk gasped softly.

“You may address me as Lady Cade,” Lily pressed on. “And, you may kneel here.” She indicated the center of the large room.

The target stared at her a moment before her eyes roamed up and down once again drinking in the alabaster skin and vicious black latex. Then, tentatively, she stepped around the desk and kneeled on the carpet.

“Yes Lady Cade.”

Behind the mask, Agent Lily smiled.

* * *

“How many people have you fired in your whole career?” Mistress Aisling asked offhandedly as the fingers of one hand tweaked Samantha’s nipples firmly.

Samantha’s mind raced trying to think back to her first VP role. There’d been the security fellow they’d caught sleeping and then the-


The leather paddle slapped Samantha’s warm flesh once again, momentarily driving all thought from her mind. Behind the blindfold, she imagined the paddle had a naughty word stenciled into it. She pictured a bright red “SLUT” now embossed on one side of her ass.

“Answer more quickly girl.” Mistress Aisling intoned.

“Yesss My Lady,” Samantha breathed.

“How many people have you promoted?

Samantha’s mind reeled. This would be a much bigger number. There was no way she could recall everyone of them. Especially not right now, not with those fingers on her body.

“More than forty, less than—”


The paddle kissed her again and Samantha knew she’d been branded a ’SLUT’ on both ass cheeks now.

“I want a number, not a range,” Mistress Aisling sing-songed.

“Uh... fifty... uh...fifty... OOOOooooohhhHHhhh!”

Samantha groaned as the fingers abandoned her nipple and took hold of her quivering sex, circling the flesh there with practiced ease.

“Fifty what?” Mistress Aisling asked playfully.

“I- I don’t know...” Samantha pleaded.

“Why not?”

“Can’t think... like this.”

“Like what?”

“With you doing... that!

“Hmmm? This?” Mistress Aisling teased, her fingers slipping between Samantha’a swollen sex lips.

It dawned on Samantha then what Mistress Aisling was doing. Samantha had done it herself to Lily dozens of times. Giving her some mental exercise to sort through then breaking up her thoughts with pleasure & pain play. It caused the sub’s mind to retreat, pushed them to comply automatically. Mental exhaustion would eventually set in and then it took only the lightest nudge to send them plummeting into subspace. Or much deeper in Lily’s case.

Of course, Samantha was nowhere near her limit but she’d need to stay focused. She didn’t want to go too-

With a start she heard her own voice speaking and realized she had no idea what she was saying. Or what Mistress Aisling had asked her.

Christ! Don’t let her catch you checking out Sam. You won’t be able to sit properly for a week if she decides to break out a cane!

“So you’ve had some experience topping as well?” Mistress Aisling asked.

“Y-yes Mistr- I mean... My Lady. I’ve... uh... had opportunities to do both over the years.”

“Oh that’s gooood Samantha. I’m so very pleased to hear that. There’s things I enjoy doing that a totally submissive woman just can’t appreciate the way you can.”

Samantha basked in the praise. Warmed to it like a flower in sunlight. If she could just steer the other woman towards-


Samantha yelped at another strike of the fiendish paddle.

“Of course,” Mistress Aisling continued, “with Dominants, there’s always that pesky temptation to top-from-the-bottom.”

Christ, she’s good.

Samantha tried to recall if she’d been anywhere near as dialed into a sub when she’d been as young as Mistress Aisling.

She was just catching her breath when she heard Mistress Aisling drop the paddle on the table. A moment later, the blindfold was pulled from her eyes and she winced, expecting the light of the room to be overwhelming to her dilated pupils.

But, to her surprise. Mistress Aisling had turned the lights down to a gentle, warm glow. There was only one bright spot of light but its source was behind her, pointed at the center of the large table. She could hear the other woman fiddling with something on the shelf at her back.

“Fortunately for you, I have some mental play techniques we can do that will sort all that out.”

“Mental play? My Lady?”

“My favorite kind,” Mistress Aisling said, stepping back into view carrying a large, heavy book in one hand and a metronome in the other. “Do you know anything about hypnosis?” She asked casually.

* * *

END Chapter 5

* * *