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Compliance and Acquisition



This story is for adults only. It contains explicit sexual imagery and depictions of immoral and illegal acts. If you are underage or this material is illegal in your area, please stop reading now.

* * *

Compliance and Acquisition

Chapter 4: Coursing

* * *

“I’m upstairs!” Mistress called down when Lily returned home.

She found Mistress at her own desk in their shared office, surrounded by several legal pads that each held an orderly collection of multi-color sticky notes. Samantha read something from the screen of her laptop as she scribbled a fresh note, peeled it loose and stuck it to the legal pad on her left.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw Lily’s face. “Baby, what’s wrong?!” She pushed back from the desk and crossed the room to pull Lily into her arms. “Was it ’Vish? Did it go that badly?”

“No,” Lily said, hugging her back. “That part went mostly okay. She put me with a video person there. Very bright. Lots of insight. Bottom line is that Beth most likely hired a professional fixer to do this for her. But, it would’ve been months in the making and it probably cost her a fair pinch too. Ninety thousand or more.”

Mistress smiled cautiously. “That’s good, all that helps…” She searched Lily’s face, “…but, what’s wrong?

Lily took a deep breath. “I got a call from Robert. The board is meeting in the morning. They’re going to hear a motion... to sack you.”

“What?!” Samantha gasped.

“There was a follow up news report earlier. Luxor was named. Everyone’s scared other companies will figure out your strategy and that’ll lead to a bidding war. Robert said the board feels like this is the only way to save the deal and get it done before that happens.”

“Goddammit!” Samantha hissed. She squeezed her eyes shut, pressing a fist to her forehead. Finally, she asked, “what time?”

“Ten a.m.”

“Okay then,” Samantha said, pacing through the room. “We don’t have control over that situation so, we need to set that aside for now and focus on what we do have control over.” She pointed to her laptop, “we have a huge amount of information to sort through. Somewhere in here, there may be something we can use. Something to prove Beth is behind it. Or maybe—”

“Raise enough questions in the mind of the board that they reconsider their current course?” Lily suggested.

Samantha nodded and walked back over to her, grasping her by the shoulders warmly. “You’re thinking like me again,” she said, smiling.

“I have no choice. I’m a victim of mind control,” Lily said, trying to sound lighthearted. She pulled her jacket off. “So, what were you able to turn up?”

“This…” Samantha pointed to a micro drive plugged into her laptop, “…is the latest backup of Beth’s company phone. It was taken around 1 p.m. today. Everything she’s done on that phone, up till then, is in here somewhere.”

Lily slipped into Samantha’s chair and started looking over the legal pads. “And, we can get into the data? It’s not encrypted?”

Samantha nodded and pointed to an open window running an admin suite, “Tally, the IT woman, said we could access the information through this. Something to do with databases.”

Lily leaned forward in the chair and started typing.

“I’ve mostly been doing keyword searches trying to find anything useful,” Samantha said, watching as Lily typed out a complex search string. “But you’re better with this sort of thing. What should we look for?”

“Any new people that she’s had regular contact with beginning in the last twelve months. Cross referenced with keywords like, ‘video, photos, voice, payment.’ Beth is probably clever enough to not use her company phone for this but we might get lucky.”

“How long will this take, what you’re doing?” Samantha asked.

“The typing?” Lily asked incredulously, “will take a minute or two. The search will probably take twenty or thirty minutes depending on how dense the backup is.”

“Oh,” Samantha said, walking behind Lily.

“What’d you have to promise her to get this? Tally, the IT woman?” Lily asked

Samantha shrugged, rubbing her hands over Lily’s shoulders. “Sexual favors mostly. Plus, lots of money.”

Lily grinned and kept typing, “Should I be jealous?”

Samantha’s hands began to dig deeply into the flesh of Lily’s neck and shoulders, sending sparks flying down her spine and into her nipples.

”Hardly. I’m planning to double cross her.” Samantha leaned down, purring into Lily’s ear, “I’ll be sending you to the drop with her money. Of course, you’ll have hidden a portable inducer inside the briefcase. When she opens it, she’ll be helpless to resist.”

“Oh...ohmygawd...” Lily husked. “M-mistress please! I-I’m never gonna finish with you…doing… that!

“Better hurry then,” Samantha whispered hotly, her mouth working its way to the flesh of Lily’s neck. “Being falsely accused has me stressed out and I need to fuck.”

Lily groaned loudly as her fingers flew over the keys.

“Once she’s compliant, you’ll bring her to me,” Samantha continued. “Then, I will show her the inside of your enslavement pod. Soon enough, sexual favors will be the only currency she’s interested in. Although, she’ll find the direction of payment somewhat reversed.”

“N-nooo Mistress,” Lily wailed. “I-I can’t. She helped us! It’s soooo wrong!”

Samantha wet the fingers of her hand and slipped down the front of Lily’s pants. They both moaned at the flood of lust she found there. “If it’s so wrong, then why are you so very wet?” She nibbled at Lily’s ear lobe. “Are you finished yet, slave?”

“I-I’m…ohgod…I’m almost there!”

“Faster.” Samantha intoned, “Your brain isn’t going to be of use much longer. Not with your pussy in this state.” She pushed a finger inside and began to probe Lily’s sex.

Lily’s eyes fought to stay open as she completed her query and pressed ‘Enter.’ She groaned wildly as Samantha’s hand began fucking her in earnest. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum so quick!” She gasped, twitching helplessly in the chair.

Samantha instantly withdrew her hand, leaving Lily perched on the edge. “Not yet,” she said, licking Lily from her fingers.

Lily whimpered in reply, nodding weakly.

Samantha drew Lily’s head up with a firm hand around her jaw and gazed into her eyes. “Quartz Quicksand, Agent Lily.”

Lily’s arms fell away from the desk, hanging limply at her sides. “Agent Lily activated,” she droned flatly. “I will capture Tally, the IT Woman for you, Mistress. It will make me soooo wet to double-cross her and help enslave her for you!”

“You’ve done well today Agent,” Samantha said, smiling cruelly. “Now, bring your face to the bedroom. I have work for it.”

“Yes Mistress!” Lily cooed softly. She rose from the desk and left behind a trail of her clothes as Samantha led them out of the office and across the hall.

* * *

They lay in bed afterward staring at the ceiling. “You treated me like I wasn’t even a person!” Lily said, once her breathing return to normal. “You wanted to cum and you just grabbed me instead of a vibrator.”

She rolled over and looked Samantha in the eyes. “It was amazing!”

Lily giggled and took her Mistress’ arm, then curled under it, pulling herself close. “You’ve got a stressful job. Why do we not do this all the time?”

Samantha smiled and ran her hands through the short strands of Lily’s hair. “Trying not to spoil you, I suppose.”

They were quiet for time, then Lily asked, “Are you worried Mistress?”

Samantha breathed deeply. “Of course I am, girl,” she said quietly. “In less than a day, a woman who I’ve worked with for years has taken my job and my company away from me. She’s put me on the radar of law-enforcement.” She reached down and tickled Lily’s ribs lightly. “She’s even got my little human vibrator stressing out over me.”

Lily grinned and pulled herself closer.

“But,” Samantha continued, “I’m not nearly as worried as she should be.”

There was something hard and cold in her voice. Lily looked up, into her face. Samantha stared into her eyes. “Maybe Beth did hire a professional. Maybe she’s got the best in the world? Maybe, against both of them, I can’t win.”

She shook her head, “But, I… have you,” she whispered. “And you have me.”

Lily’s eyes brimmed with tears.

“And together, we are going to take them down, salvage the Luxor deal and save this company.”

Lily nodded, wiping her eyes, “Yes Mistress, we are.”

Samantha kissed her forehead softly, “I love you, girl.”

Lily snaked her arms around Samantha’s waist and hugged her tight. “I love you Mistress!”

“And in the immediate future,” Samantha continued, “I’m going to keep Agent Lily on call for all my stress relief needs.”

Lily smiled and buried her face in Mistress’ shoulder. “Turn me loose on Beth instead, I’ll flog a confession right out of her. I’ll have this all sorted in no time.”

Samantha chortled, “You know, she referred to you as my ’pet assistant’ this afternoon.”

Lily laughed, “I should get that engraved on my collar! Maybe my business cards too.” Lily’s head rose and fell as Samantha chuckled.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you!” Lily said suddenly. “Judith Palmer reported on you today!”

“Oh my god!” Samantha guffawed. “That might be the only bit of good news that comes out of this mess. Did she say my name?”

“Yes!” Lily chuckled gleefully. “And, she sounded especially husky this afternoon.”

“Mmmm, that woman’s voice melts me. Even if I didn’t know how gorgeous she is.” Samantha purred.

“This is Judith Palmer reporting from inside the Lesbian Hypnosis Convention,” Lily said, dropping her voice a couple of octaves into a very passable impression of the sexy news reader.

“I’ve been assured by the event organizers that they are not planning to dominate the world with their sapphic mind control powers. In fact, they arranged for this reporter to receive a one on one demonstration earlier so I can now assure all our viewers there is no need for worry. I look forward to reporting other irrefutable truths soon.”

“Muwahahaha!” Lily finished, bellowing in a kitschy supervillain laugh.

“Hey!” She said suddenly, “You could probably get an interview with her! Right now, no one would turn down a chance to talk with you.”

“But, then I really would be starring in a scandalous lesbian domination vid!” Samantha laughed, smiling brightly for the first time in hours.

Lily chuckled, tracing fingers over Samantha’s nipples. “Maybe, when all this is over, you can program Agent Lily to use the Judith Palmer voice full time. It’d be kinda neat if she sounded, like, way different from me.”

Mistress’ nipple instantly hardened under Lily’s fingers.

“That’s…super hot,” Samantha purred. “How have I not thought of that yet? Agent Lily: tracking her prey, taunting them in a voice that’s pure sex as they try to—”

Lily bolted up in bed, her eyes and mouth wide.

“What, baby?” Samantha asked, taking hold of her hand.

“Tracking, Mistress!” Lily gasped, a smile creeping onto her face. “What if we tracked Beth?!”

* * *

Samantha stirred both cups and checked them for temperature. Then, she went back upstairs to the office. Lily had asked for an hour alone with Beth’s phone data and no interruptions…. other than a fresh cup every 20 minutes.

“Tea service,” Samantha announced gliding through the doorway.

Lily was in the chair, wringing her hands. She reached out for the cup without taking her eyes from the laptop’s screen.

“How’s it going in here?” Samantha asked, sipping her own tea.

“I’m finished,”Lily said. She nodded at the screen, “Just waiting for results now.”

“And what will those results tell us?”

Lily looked up at her with a lopsided smile. “Something ’Vish said gave me the idea. Beth is just clever enough. She wouldn’t mention this deal in any text communication. Maybe not even on the phone. But what she did takes coordination, so maybe…”

“They met in person!” Samantha finished.

Lily grinned. “Even if Beth isn’t communicating with an accomplice on her company phone, she almost certainly has it with her when they meet. And, the phone has a record of where it’s been. So, I built a search algorithm to look for any patterns in the locations Beth has visited over the past year. Then, I had it check those locations against her itinerary to see where she had her appointments booked.”

Mistress nodded, catching on. “So, if she’s meeting someone regularly and doesn’t have an appointment set…”

“Or,” Lily finished for her, “if she’s got a fake appointment location in her calendar but is actually somewhere else… then this search will tell us.”

Mistress beamed. “How long do you—”

The laptop chimed softly.

“About that long,” Lily said, setting down her tea and scrolling through the results. Her eyes raced over the screen, her mouth slowly dropping open. “Mistress, look at all these appointments she has for ‘Charity Committee’ meetings.”

Samantha scoffed. “Beth isn’t on a charity committee!”

“She was at the same location for all these appointments.” Lily said as she studied the screen. “She’s got a hotel conference center listed for the address.”

“What’s that?” Samantha asked, pointing to a repeated group of numbers in the search results.

“Sat nav coordinates,” Lily replied, opening the laptop’s map software.

“This is where she actually was during these appointments.” She copied and pasted the numbers into the search field and an address in central London appeared on screen. “This is nowhere near the hotel she put into her calendar.” Lily said, her voice buzzing with excitement. “This is it, Mistress! We might just have her!”

Lily clicked another button and they were looking at a street view photo of a two-story town home with a black door. Mounted into the wood was a brass plate embossed with the number ’79.’

“Could we find out who lives here?” Samantha asked, studying the picture.

“Sure,” Lily said, zooming in. “We could probably use—“

“Wait, what’s that?” Samantha said pointing to something next to the door.

Lily zoomed in, as far as she was able, on a second brass plate mounted above the doorbell. There was a stylized character cut into the metal. “Is that... a letter A?”

“I think so,” Samantha mused, studying the blurry image. “Why does that look familiar to me?”

“Is it a business? There’s no shops in that neighborhood but it could be a spa or a…”

“Wait!” Samantha groaned, pressing her fist to her forehead in frustration. “I know how I know that icon.”

“How?” Lily asked, studying the front of the home.

“Its a dead end love, sorry.” Samantha sank into the chair beside Lily, deflating as she let out a huge sigh. “That isn’t Beth’s accomplice.”

“But, how do you know?”

“Its a pleasure professional. Mistress or Goddess Aisling or some such.”

Lily turned in her chair. “How do you know that?” she asked, suddenly suspicious.

Samantha smiled soothingly. “Relax, slave. I met her at that company retreat we did with the officers at the beginning of summer. She was in the hotel gym on the prowl for new clients. I have one of her cards somewhere. It’s got that same letter ‘A’ symbol.”

“And, where was I when this happened?” Lily asked, her eyes narrowing.

“As I recall, I had you tied to the bed in our room with your VR goggles on and belted to that purple vibrator you love so much.” Samantha said, cocking an eyebrow.

Lily smiled lopsidedly “Oh… right.” She hummed at the memory.

Samantha looked at the ceiling, drumming her fingers on the arm of the chair. “She must’ve approached Beth and landed her pitch.”

Lily was typing again, then she leaned back in her chair. “Shit. You’re right, Beth’s phone shows her first visit here was… a few days after we got back from that trip.”

Samantha nodded gravely. “Okay then, it doesn’t help us except that it does prove that your search can find—“

“Wait.” Lily said quietly, cutting her off, staring at something on her laptop’s screen. “Keyword searching ’charity’ hit on this message exchange Beth had with someone earlier today.” She pointed to several blocks of text on screen:

< Can’t, sorry. Have a meeting here at Kreisberg at eight tonight. Thanks for the offer though.

> Sure totally understand. You’re not pulling another all nighter for that scandal vid are you?

< No it’s for a charity thing I do. Long story but we’re going to meet here since I don’t have time to go to them with everything happening right now

> Ah, alright. Cheers!

“She’s meeting Mistress whatchamucalit tonight at Kreisberg.” Lily said, something chewing at her thoughts.

“Christ.” Samantha groaned “She’s not even had the office a full day and she’s already going to christen it. Probably wants to brag about her sudden ascension and show off my office to her... friend.”

“Yeah…” Lily said, running fingers through her hair, “I was thinking that too…”

Samantha studied her. “You’re having an idea, slave. What is it?”

“What if… this Goddess Whoever wasn’t the person that met Beth tonight?” Lily suggested cautiously.

Samantha blinked, not following. “Who’s going to meet Beth instead?”

“Agent Lily.”

“What?!” Samantha half-laughed, half-choked. “Beth knows you. How would that help?”

“Your mask from that masquerade party, with one of my wigs. Beth has never seen me in those. Or, maybe my latex hood?”

Samantha shook her head, trying to get the words out. “You’ve worked together for years… she’d recognize your body language… your voice—“

“Tell me Beth,” Lily droned in her deep, luxurious emulation of Judith Palmer, “how did you come to have such a nice office? Tell the truth or I’ll clamp those nipples before I flog you again.”

Samantha’s mouth hung open, gobsmacked for a moment. “And… you’ve managed to turn me on.” She smiled faintly even as she continued shaking her head.

“You could program me to have different body language too.” Lily said quietly. “The way I stand, the way I walk. You could program me to really be someone that Beth wouldn’t recognize.”

Samantha turned the chair to face Lily. “Slave, I love that you want to do this for me but it’d be much simpler to just plant a camera in my office or—“

“Thought of that,” Lily interjected. “No guarantee they’d say anything incriminating that we could hand to the board.”

“There’s no guarantee she’ll say anything to you,” Samantha countered.

“No, but there’s a better chance if I’m steering the conversation.”

“She’s not going to spill the plot for a stranger,” Samantha said, working hard to keep her voice non-confrontational.

“We don’t need her to,” Lily said, drawing Samantha’s hands into her own. “We’re not trying to get a confession for the police. All we have to do is plant the seed with the board members that Beth was pulling the strings. All she has to do is brag a little bit… just hint that she took down her former boss with some clever scheme… that would be enough.”

Samantha was looking through Lily, lost in her thoughts. She wasn’t shaking her head anymore.

Lily pressed on. “If you took that to Robert along with what I found out today about how they faked the video… he would launch a full investigation into Beth and postpone the vote to sack you without you even calling in a favor. And, he owes you at least one of those, by my count.”

“If the board found out about this, what we’re doing…” Samantha mused quietly, “I don’t think we could come back from it.”

“Wouldn’t be any different than if they sack you in the morning.” Lily said, giving Samantha’s hands a warm squeeze.

The silence hung in the air as the pair just looked at each other for a long moment.

“It might work,” Samantha said, finally. “At the very least. It could buy enough time to figure out who Beth was working with on the video. Maybe dig into her financials and find the money trail.”

Lily smiled hesitantly and took a deep breath. “Now that you’re on board, and I hesitate to bring this up but… The one problem I don’t have a solution for is how we stop Goddess Whatsherface from showing up at Kreisberg for her appointment with Beth.”

Samantha’s eyebrows went down as she mulled that over. “That’s true we don’t have any way of…” She trailed off, staring into space. When she looked back at Lily there was a strange light in her eyes.

“Now, you’re having an idea!” Lily said, chewing her lip excitedly.

Samantha nodded hesitantly. “I know how to keep Goddess Aisling away from Kreisberg.”

* * *

END Chapter 4

* * *