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If you ARE 18, then you should know the following story is about women who are forced through mind control to participate in non-consensual sex, public humiliation, and b&d, in both m/f and f/f situations. Both the characters and occurrences in this fiction are completely fictitious.

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The Conditioners

By Marlissa

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Chapter Twenty-six: The Success Of Servitude

The mood at Gilded Cage was ecstatic.

Keith had no doubt but that the trial had gone well. His assumption was confirmed when he spotted Klaw, Petersen and a number of others jubilantly toasting one another around the pool. As always, young ladies in various states of undress hovered about fetching drinks and laughing vacuously as one or another of the men pawed absentmindedly at their bodies.

Keith joined the group. “Congratulations are in order, I assume?”

Klaw’s gray eyes had lightened. “Keith! Oh, yes! Quite so—we’ve destroyed your former employer, Keith. Morgan And Company is—or will be—defunct, within thirty days.” Keith felt an old would heal over as his boss explained the outcome of the trial. Klaw was right, of course. The practical effect of the court order was that Morgan & Company would have to fold.

He smiled. Revenge—hot or cold—was sweet!

“And so,” Klaw concluded, “a celebration was called for.” The older man looked down and leered. “Why, Miss Island in particular seemed quite determined about it, as I recall.”

Keith’s eyes followed Klaw’s gaze to a slender, gray haired man. It was Lincoln Sanderson, Klaw’s attorney. “Damn it, Irwin!” The graying lawyer was cursing, but there was a wide smile on his handsome face. Keith could see why. An attractive wearing an expensive Versace skirt but no top was kneeling before him. The lawyer kept a fir grip on her short auburn hair, guiding her mouth back and forth on his distended male member.

“Lincoln,” Klaw chuckled. “Where is your sense of gratitude? I give you the inestimable Corinne Island as your very own and you scold me in return?”

“Oh, you know what I mean, " Lincoln shot back, plunging his cock deeper into the junior lawyer’s throat. “Still, she was a perfectly good token to have on staff. Now what will I do with her? She’s useless for delivering a legal argument in this state!”

Keith looked down. The pretty thirty-something attorney had been transformed in to a cock-starved slut. The wild need in her eyes begged for penetration, for male usage of any kind. Even the painful grip Sanderson had on her hair didn’t seem to dampen her desire. She just slurped happily at her boss’s cock, oblivious to all else.

“Well, we can do something about that,” Klaw told him. “We can Condition her such that she would still be the firm’s equal opportunity ‘poster girl’, even continue to do real legal work, if you want, but still be absolutely subservient to your will in all matters, uh, sexual, shall we say. If you wished, you could even make her available to some select partners in your firm... or clients. Imagine the way her special ‘services’ might provide to be of assistance in partnership politics.”

Sanderson grinned, obviously catching his friend’s meaning. “Yes,” he said, still jerking Corinne’s sweaty face back and forth along his dick, “I take your meaning. That would be perfect.” He looked down at the woman. “You hear that, Corinne,” he chuckled. “All those years at Harvard, just to end up the firm whore.” Corinne moaned, but continued to work hungrily at his dick.

Still smiling, the lawyer pulled his cock out of the woman’s throat, aimed it at her face and let loose with jets of hot, silky sperm over her dazed face. “Lick it up, Corinne” Sanderson told her. “Every drop.” She obeyed without question, running her fingers over her cum-splattered face to collect the precious goo. Like a famished peasant girl, she gulped down the cum with gusto, running her pink tongue over her lips after each swallow.

Lincoln carefully restored his cock to his trousers, careful not to smudge the tailoring. “Thank you Irwin. I believe I will take your suggestion. Perhaps I can ask you...”

“But of course.” Keith felt the surge of power as Klaw altered the Conditioning on the young lawyer. He shuddered. Klaw was by far the most powerful Conditioner he had encountered.

“Run along,” he ordered. “Wait for Mr. Sanderson in his room.”

The woman obeyed with alacrity.

Petersen and Cavanaugh simultaneously joined the group. The Human Resources Director was congratulating Cavanaugh on the breakthrough that had allowed them to reassert control over Becky on the stand that day.

The too-thin technical savant gulped his drink. “It was easy really once the chemical...”

Petersen chuckled and rolled his eyes at Keith. “It appears our Mr. Cavanaugh is too modest.” Cavanaugh blushed. The technician mumbled something under his breath and turned away, but Klaw asked him to stay.

“Do you have a moment?”

Keith smiled. That question from Klaw was always rhetorical. Of course they did. Assuming that Klaw wanted him to accompany them, he followed the two men into an alcove where a young woman was waiting.

“Recognize her Keith?”

Hynde shook his head—she was a pretty thing, delicate and pale, but no—he didn’t know her.

Klaw smiled and then turned to Cavanaugh. “Your reward Cavanaugh.” He gestured at the woman.

Cavanaugh flinched. “NO! I mean—uh—no thank you, Sir, I’m not feeling well and, uh, the responsibility—”

“You’re gay, aren’t you?” Klaw’s remark was uttered with such mildness that it shocked Keith, who knew well his boss’s attitude toward homosexuals.

Cavanaugh sputtered for a moment and then fell silent. Finally he nodded an acknowledgement. He looked like a man about to be executed.

Klaw patted his back. “There’s no need to be afraid, Cavanaugh. Your loyalty is both appreciated and reciprocated. It is your genius of modern technology I need, not your sexual proclivities. Even Zeus had Hephaestus. If you’re interested in boys, the least I can do is provide one for you. Get up Krissy.”

The feminized boy rose on unsteady high heels, keeping his eyes lowered as Cavanaugh drank in the reality of the present.

Keith stared.

Something was wrong here.

Very wrong.

“No one need know your, uh, needs in this regard. Enjoy the gift. I must get back to my guests. Krissy, Mr. Cavanaugh is your new boss—understand? If you displease him, your former mistress will seem a fairy god mother—excuse the pun.”

Keith’s mouth finally closed, then opened in startled recognition. “Wait—now I know! That’s Pamela Henessey’s male secretary! That’s Kirk. But...”

Something was wrong here!

The Conditioning wasn’t supposed to work on...

Klaw’s purplish stare caught his own. “What did you say?” he asked carefully.

Keith shook his head, still staring at the Cavanaugh’s pretty new plaything. What was... what had he been about to say? He couldn’t remember. “Oh, uh, nothing Sir. Just commenting on how cute Cavanaugh’s new girl is.”

Klaw’s gray-blue eyes sparkled with amused satisfaction and pat him on the back. “That’s what I thought—come, my troops are calling.” The two walked to the toasting crowd of Cain men.

“Brilliant! You’re brilliant!”

Klaw raised his glass. “Gentlemen, you are ALL brilliant. Cheers.”

The men cheered.

And Keith cheered the loudest.