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Linda squealed with delight. “Oh, fuck yes” she gasped as he kneaded her breasts. His cock moved up towards her and she opened her legs wider. “That’s it, stick it in me!”

With her free hand she brought it up onto his back, gently running her nails down his skin. He moved in and out, she was wet. She was willing.

Her right hand came up too, only to be caught by the shackle that held it fast. She’d forgot in that moment the chains on her right foot and right wrist.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she groaned with delight. “Oh, yes, fuck me!”

He rode her hard and fast and then came in her.

As she felt him ejaculate she was tipped over the edge “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she groaned as she came too.

He flopped onto her as he was spent.

Linda drew her mouth up to his face and licked the sweat off him “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she whispered appreciatively into his ear.

“Thank you, Master” she said.

At that he looked into her eyes. He saw the devotion in them. Her love for him.

“Very well…” he smiled, “You’re almost ready”

“Thank you, Master” she said again. She’d not called him ‘Master’ before, but now that she did, it seemed so right, so natural.

He drew up off him and then looked across at the next bed, where Helen lay.

Helen was watching them. Her eyes however told of the disgust she felt for him

He smiled “You’re going to have to wait a little longer” he said

“Fuck you!” she spat. She literally spat at him.

He chuckled, and getting up off Linda he let her suck his cock clean. She purred as she ran her tongue over him.

“Good girl” he said

He affectionally kissed her on the forehead and then went over to the large door. He covered the key-pad, as he always did and entered the code to get out.

“Bye, Master” Linda waved.

She watched till he was gone and then flopped back on the bed “Oh, that was wonderful” she sighed as she ran her fingers lightly over her breasts.

“How could you?” Helen cried

Linda ignored her

“How could you?” Helen cried again

“What’s that?”

“What’s wrong with you…?”

“I love it when Master uses me” she said with a smile

“You’re pathetic”

“You’re pathetic!” Linda said sitting upright “You selfish bitch”


“Don’t you know the master loves you and what do you do in return?”

“This isn’t love!” Helen said incredulously as she held up her right arm, chained as Linda’s was.

“You have to give your body to him” Linda said

“I’ll never do that!”

“That’s what I thought too… when I was first brought in…”

“Sick!” Helen spat “You’re sick in the head”

“But now I realise that my life is to serve him…” Linda purred, “It’s so blissful”

“I’ll never…” Helen yelled

“I thought that too…”Linda said as she leaned over her bed and took a small porcelain bowl.

She had a water jug which she used to pour some into the bowl. She took a facecloth and dampening it she washed the cum off her thighs. “You have to keep your pussy fresh” she hummed to herself as she cleaned herself.

Helen watched with disgust. She was determined that no amount of ‘conditioning’ would ever take her individuality away.

A small chime buzzed. “Bedtime” Linda said, quickly putting her things away

She lay back on the bed. The lights went out, except for a few smaller wattage lights around the wall.

Linda closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Helen couldn’t ‘sleep on command’ like that. She lay awake thinking of when she’d met “Wayne” (if that was his real name) in the Stork Bar, and how he’d bought her drinks—which she now knew were spiked.

He was handsome, charming, and evil. Evil to bring her here to rape her, and to attempt to control her…

He would never win… she said to herself.

In the morning the door opened.

Fiona stepped in. She was a tall athletic black woman. She wore nothing but a necklace with “VI” embossed on its front.

She carried two small items; a key, and another collar.

The lights came on and Linda opened her eyes. She felt refreshed. She smiled when she saw Fiona. Fiona was her assigned name. Her real name was Letitia, but the Master didn’t like that name. Only he could call her by her assigned name. He called them by a name he gave them. They referred to each other only by the number on their collar…

She’d been there when Linda was brought in. Only she was like Linda was now, in the last stage of conditioning. She was soon let loose. There had been another woman there too, Michelle. She was not as far along, but further than Linda was at that point.

“Good morning, slave” Fiona said

“Good morning VI” Linda said

“How do you feel?”

“I need to serve him” Linda smiled as Helen coughed awake

“Who do you serve?”

“Our master” Linda grinned.

Fiona took the key and undid the wrist and ankle locks. “Stand” she said. Linda rose. “You are VIII” she said as she clasped the collar around Linda’s neck. It was the same collar as Fiona’s except of course with “VIII” embossed on it.

“Come” Fiona said


“Please, don’t do it!” Helen said

“I live to serve” Linda said, as if a matter of fact.

Helen could only watch as Linda swaggered her hips as she walked off to servitude .

When the door closed Helen felt alone. Really alone. She’d shared this room with at least one other person for some days, but now—no one but her.

Two hours later the ‘light-show’ began. Helen tried to cover her eyes. She turned and buried her face in the pillow

The lights, the music, the noise… all there as part of her conditioning.

Helen cried, she sang a favourite song to keep her mind off the noise

And then, after an hour it stopped. “Mmmm” Helen sighed. She realised she was masturbating

“What the fuck!” she spat, sitting up. Why the fuck was she masturbating? She tried to rationalise it. Perhaps she was trying to take her mind off where she was?

After a few hours the door opened… feeding time. A woman, naked, stepped in with a bucket. She had “III” embossed on her collar. She was older than Helen

As she stepped forward Helen sat bolt upright.

“Mom?” Helen spat

“Time for your dinner” III told her.

“Mom? It’s me, Helen!”

“Your designation has not been given to you” she said as she took up an empty bucket and put the meal bucket in its place

“Mom?” Helen cried, “What’s happened? We thought you were dead?”

“Eat up…”


“My designation is ‘III’” she said angrily

“No! No, it’s not!” Helen said as she went to her mom, only stopped immediately by the chains “You’re Laura Kathleen Smith”

“III” Laura said, “My designation is III”

“No, you’re my mom!” she reached out to Laura but Laura did not come closer… “Dad and I thought you’d drowned when they found your car in the Mystic” she said

“If you don’t eat you won’t stay healthy” Laura chimed, “And you need to be healthy to stay attractive for the Master…”


“The Master wants to come fuck your ass tonight” Laura added, “So make sure you’ve douched”


“If you don’t clean your rectum out… we’ll come back and do it for you…” Laura said with a threatening glance as she turned and went to the door

“Mom? Mom? Mommy?” Helen cried butLaura ignored her and went out the door.

Helen cried, even as she heard the locks click into place

An hour later she realised she had to eat. When she’d started there, aside from crying, screaming, and of course pulling on her chains—as if they’d break, she’d tried a hunger strike. This didn’t help her, it only weakened her and, without her knowing it formed the basis of her particular conditioning. =

When Helen was first brought in there were two women there… Michelle (VII) and Linda (VIII). Letitia (now called Fiona by the Master) (VI) had already been conditioned so she only saw her occasionally.

Michelle was at that time in the last stages of conditioning. When the Master came she gladly took him in her butthole. In front of the two other women she’d screamed her delight as he fucked her…

She’d made sure she was clean there—she happily told them after-wards, after the Master had gone back to the world. “Mater want’s my rectum nice and clean” she said proudly.

Of course this disgusted Helen and Linda, but then in time Linda fell sway to the conditioning—of course the would never happen to Helen! So she thought.

But she had to admit, seeing her mom was a shock.

Linda returned with Fiona/Letitia. “Have you cleaned your asshole?” Linda asked

“What?” Helen gasped, “No!”

The two naked women looked at each other then one grabbed Helen by the arm and twisted it.

Linda went back and brought a bucket. Inside was a rubber device.

“Ow!” Helen cried, “Let go of me…”

Linda went to work. She shoved the rubber device up Helen’s rear and squirted hot soapy water into her.

Helen cursed at them, but she had to squirt the water back out. Linda cleaned her.

And then, after they finished he came…

“Ah, are you ready?”

“No, I’m not!” Helen said

“Do you need more time?”

“No… I mean I’m not going to let you fuck me”

“Get on all fours” he said

Helen got up, protesting but got on the bed, on all fours, before she’d even realised what she’d done

She went to move when he was on her, in her. Fast, painful

She cried as he pushed in through her anus.

But then a strange peacefulness swept over her. “This isn’t so bad” she found herself thinking.

“What?” she said to herself, but as she opened her mouth to protest she let out a long sigh

“Ohhhhh!” she cried, “Fuck my ass…”

Helen’s clit burned and she reached under with her free hand and rubbed it in tight circles, crying out in heated joy as he fucked her rectum.

“Oh, Master!” she cried and came…

When the lights went out Helen went quickly to sleep; as if programmed. She slept blissfully, the first time in a while

In the morning as the doors were locked she heard people approach. She sat up and watched her mom—no it wasn’t her mom—it was “III” She was designated III. Helen tried to remember her mom’s name. She couldn’t. Did she have a name? No… she was III—she had always been III

Helen thought about this. III disappeared and returned with VIII, and together they carried a young woman in to the bed VIII had been in. Yes, VIII—she wasn’t Linda. VIII had slept there, in the bed next to hers. Not Linda… VIII.

VIII locked a chain around the woman’s right wrist whilst III did the same to the right ankle.

Helen smiled as she watched. She thought about how the master would come down later and rape the new one.

Helen casually stroked her clit as she thought about him fucking the new woman. She grew wet.

The End