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The following story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers. Copyright © Wolfworks Entertainment.

Candace Brackwell took a seat in the chair in front of the video camera, crossed her shapely legs, tossed her dark tresses, and asked the assistant setting up the interview, “How do I look?”

“Great.” She answered with a smile.

“I was trying to decide if I should go with conservative or sexy. I decided to go with sexy.” Candace explained as she smoothed out the short black dress over her taut thighs and adjusted her cleavage that gleamed in the light just below the string of pearls around her slender neck. “I might as well cover all my bases, right?”

“Right.” The assistant said as she loaded a videotape into the camcorder. “Now, look right into the camera, take a deep breath, relax, just be yourself and have fun.”

Candace did as she was told. She took a breath full of air into her lung, let it out and sat up straight in her perfect posture, folding her manicured hands and placing them just so on her bare knees, making sure her legs and patent leather pumps were in full view of the camera. She was proud of her legs, and felt they were her best feature, along with her tight rear, ample chest, twenty four inch waist, slender neck, full head of soft, dark brown shoulder length locks, not to mention her beautiful face with nice cheekbones and light hazel eyes. ‘Let’s face it, I’m perfect.’ she thought,’ She knew this of course because she had been told so hundreds if not thousands times by all kinds of people in her life. ‘You should be a model.’ ‘You are so hot.’ And so on.

She was thinking that the assistant was probably wondering what she was even doing in a place like this, a video dating service, of all things. This service, however, happened to cater to the upwardly mobile career woman that had little, if any, time to meet the right person. In the pre-interview she told the attendant that it was hard meeting quality men, and she was very particular about the men she wanted to date. Of course they had to be professionals. Looks were definitely a plus, but not so good looking that she had to fight for a mirror. She had enough of those types. They had to be confident enough in themselves not to be intimidated by her looks and they had to be rich enough to treat her to the finer things she was used to.


“Absolutely.” Candace answered with her perfect smile.

“Okay, this is just like the news. On the count of three...two...” The assistant counted down holding up her fingers and then pointed her index finger at Candace as she mouthed the word ‘one.’

“Hi! I’m Candace. I’m twenty-four years old. A Leo, so I have a very strong personality, although once you get to know me I can be your best friend... or your worst enemy.” She laughed.

“I have a degree in Business, and I graduated at the top of my class. Right now I work as an executive assistant for a multi million-dollar corporation. My ambition is to someday run a company of my own so I’m learning as much as I can there.

Right now I’m looking for a special someone in my life... someone that I can share my thoughts and feelings with... someone who can take care of all my special needs... someone who understands that I’m a career woman with a full plate and won’t mind when I have to work long hours. That’s why it’s difficult for me to find someone. It’s not because of my appearance as you can plainly see. I just don’t have the time to meet that special person.

I’m fun, enthusiastic about trying new things; I’m flexible... sometimes, ha ha. I love to dress up and I can make anything look sexy. Of course, I think appearance is very important. I keep myself in perfect shape as you can see. I can wear knockout dresses and look stunning even without pantyhose. I love to walk into a room and turn every man’s head and make all the women hiss.

Now, I have to warn you, I am definitely high maintenance. If you can’t keep up with my needs don’t even bother to respond. I love to travel, eat at fine restaurants and I definitely expect to be taken care of and treated like a lady. On the other hand, I can be a very special person in return to someone who treats me well, and that’s as far as I’ll go on that subject. I expect a date to be a perfect gentleman, and I won’t kiss on the first date unless I really make a connection with that certain someone.

So, I hope that certain someone is out there. And if this doesn’t intimidate you so far, you have an excellent chance of meeting me. So, that’s all about me, Candace. By the way, if you want to stay on my good side, don’t ever call me ‘Candy.’ Ciao.”

With that, Candace gave a cute little wave and flashed her glistening teeth as well as giving the camera an adorable tilt of her pretty head.

“How was that?” Candace asked the assistant.

“Perfect.” She responded.

“Did I sound... you know... too conceited?”

“Oh, not at all. You came across as confident.”

Candace tilted her head as she thought about that. “Yes, you’re absolutely right.”

In an adjacent darkened room behind a two-way glass panel, two men were watching the proceedings with keen interest.

“What do you think?”

“Man, what a rack.”

“Yes, she’s very pleasant to look at.”

“She’s freaking perfect.”

“She’s also very full of herself isn’t she?”

“Yea. I wonder how many times she used the word ‘I’ during that performance.”

“Yes, she’s quite a piece of work.”

“A piece is right.” The other said, and then paused before continuing. “So... do you think she’ll be a good candidate for the treatment?”

He smiled. “Hmmm. Maybe.”

They both watched Candace walk up to the glass to touch up her makeup right in front of them. Of course she had no idea anyone was behind the two-way glass, and after she placed a fresh coat of gloss over her sensuous lips, she puckered her mouth and blew a kiss to herself as she whispered the word ‘gorgeous.’ Then she smiled at her reflection and left the room. There were a few moments of stunned silence between the two men after the door closed. Then they both looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

“You know, I think she’ll so quite nicely after all.”

The other man chuckled and said. “Good. I’ll get right on it.”

He pressed the intercom button on a telephone and rang the assistant out front.

“Yes?” The assistant answered.

“Please give Ms. Brackwell an S02 exam.”

“Yes, sir.”

Candace gathered her things just as the assistant hung up and was about to leave when the assistant stopped her.

“Ms. Brackwell, there’s just one more thing we need from you before you leave.”

“Sure, what is it?” Candace asked.

“We need to take a small blood sample.”

Candace scrunched her adorable eyebrow. “What?”

“It’s for the insurance company. You know.” The assistant explained. “It’s really for your own. Protection.”

“Oh.” Candace said as she pondered the request. “Okay. I guess that’s a good idea.”

“Great Step right this way.” The beautiful blonde said with a gleaming smile.

She led Candace to a small room much like a doctor’s examination room.”

“Don’t tell me I have to get undressed.” Candace said. She had been through this one too many times with various doctors and gynecologists in the past. No matter how small her ailment was, they always seemed to insist on a full examination and the matter of removing her clothes was inevitably involved.

“No. Just lie back here and relax.” She said as she indicated a modified dentist’s chair. “It will only take a minute.”

“I can’t stand needles.” Candace said with trepidation as she sat down and leaned her head back in the headrest.

“Why don’t you close your eyes then. You won’t even feel a thing.” The assistant said as she strapped a Velcro band around Candace’s upper arm and swabbed her inner elbow with alcohol. When she made sure Candace had her eyes closed, she took a hypodermic needle filled with clear liquid and injected it into her arm. Candace winced and then let out a deep breath as the assistant plunged the contents into her bloodstream. Candace could only feel the slight prick of the needle and assumed blood was being taken out.

“Okay, that’s it.”

Candace opened her eyes, and when she was about to sit up, she felt woozy from the effects of the drug she had been given. She sighed and whispered, “Oh my. I feel...”

Her eyes fluttered and she lay her head back softly as she began breathing deeply.

The assistant checked her pulse and then hit the intercom button on a nearby telephone and said, “She’s ready.”

Several seconds later, the two men who had been watching Candace through the two-way glass earlier entered. One of them went to a cabinet and opened the doors to reveal a computer hooked up to a larger machine. She took some electrodes from a drawer and taped the end cups carefully to Candace’s temples. He also placed a pair of goggles over her eyes and then a pair of headphones over her ears. When everything was in place, he tapped into the main computer program and then looked up at the other gentleman who stood by Candace’s slumbering figure with his arms crossed.

“Okay, everything’s ready.”

“I think the SLV5 program would be just the thing for Ms. Brackwell.”

The man on the computer smiled cryptically and began tapping away eagerly on the keyboard. After a minute or so, the computer and machine began to interface, and in turn, stimuli was fed aurally into Candace Brackwell’s subconscious during her sleep state. Lights within the goggles pulsed as well, stimulating her visually through her eyelids. All the while her nervous system was monitored by the electrodes. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Without saying a word, both men looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking. Candace was a perfect candidate for the treatment.

When the program finished, an electronic sound effect pulsed to signal the end, and the man at the terminal looked over at the other and asked, “What do you want the keyword to be?”

The other gentleman adjusted the wire frame glasses up his nose and thought a minute. Then he smiled as if he just remembered a very pleasant memory.

“How about... Candy?”

The other man almost chuckled aloud, and then said, “You’re a genius.”

After they were through, the men packed away the machine and left Candace alone with the assistant, who used a smelling salt to revive the sleeping girl. When she awoke, her head was spinning a bit, and the disorientation was exactly that of someone coming out of a fainting spell.

“Oh my.” Candace mumbled. As she held her head. “Did I faint?”

“I think you’ll be all right.” The assistant said with a comforting cold compress on her forehead. “You turned as white as a sheet.”

“I hate needles.” Candace groaned. After she recovered, she was on her way, totally oblivious of what had been done to her mind.

* * *

Philip Gray was relaxing at home that evening watching a live satellite feed of the European stock market in his giant bed while his plaything of the moment was busy pleasuring him with her untiring mouth. He ran his fingers through her feathery red tresses as he puffed on a huge Cuban cigar and sipped a glass of cognac with his other hand. The phone rang by his bed, and he knew no one would have dared call him at this hour, much less on this particular phone, unless it was extremely important. He picked up the receiver.


“Mr. Gray, it’s the service.”

“Hello.” Gray said as he recognized the voice. He wasn’t disappointed. This was important. “What have you got for me?”

“I think you’ll really like this one.” The voice on the phone informed him. “I’ve taken the liberty of uploading a video to your server. Take a look and call me back.”

“Will do. Thank you.” Gray said as he picked up a remote control loaded with a myriad of buttons. He first switched the television signal to a web television connection. Then he tapped into his encrypted computer server and found a folder titled, “Videos.”

He then clicked on the top of the list of computer video files to the one named “CB041100” and it began to play through the media viewer.

It was the dating service video Candace Brackwell made at the Connections Video Dating Service. He watched with rapt attention, barely noticing the enticing model sucking his cock as her head slid up and down in is lap. His caller was right. He really liked this one. So full of herself, and gorgeous to match. He picked his phone up immediately after the video ended and punched a speed dial number.


“Set it up and let me know when.” Gray said. “Same payment as usual?”


“I’m going to add a little bonus. You’ve done well this time.”

“We aim to please.”

Philip Gray hung up and turned his attention to the model, who was pouting up at him, frustrated by his lack of attention.

“Okay, Get up on all fours.” Gray commanded, and the petite redhead did as she was told, quickly getting into position with a wicked grin on her face.

* * *

The next day, Candace’s phone rang just as she stepped into her town home when she arrived from work. She set down her tan leather briefcase and a small bag of groceries she picked up and scrambled for the phone before the answering machine could pick up.

“Hello?” She answered in her sweet telephone voice.

“Hi, Ms. Brackwell, it’s Shannon with Connections.”

“Oh, hi!”

“Great news! We have a candidate for you.”

“Already?” Candace said with surprise. “Wow, that was quick.”

“Yes, it’s a perfect match.” Shannon informed her. “I have to tell you, since I’ve been working here, I’ve never seen anything like this.”


“Yes. We’re so confident that this is the right person for you that we’ve set up a little something special for you both. Now, don’t worry, there’s no extra charge or anything. We’re sending a limousine over to pick you up tomorrow evening at 7:00 o’clock. Do you have plans? Please say you don’t.” Shannon laughed.

“Well, I... " Candace stammered as she thought about it. She was overwhelmed by this sudden news. “It’s Friday night. I was going to work out, but...”

“Great, we’ll send the car over then.”

“Where am I going?” Candace asked, as questions filled her head. “Oh my gosh, I don’t have a thing to wear. Is this like the first date, or what? Who is it?”

“Don’t worry about a thing. You’ll meet him tomorrow. Just wear your best little black dress. You have one of those, don’t you?”

“Oh, sure!” Candace agreed as she thought of just the little number she would wear. Whoever this mysterious perfect match was, he was in for a treat that’s for sure.

* * *

Philip waited patiently in the limousine as the driver went up to the townhouse to retrieve his date. He peered through the smoked glass and his heart began to tumble in his chest when he saw her. A classic statuesque brunette with the most pleasing features he had ever seen. It was hard for him to fathom that this young vivacious woman could not find a date through regular means. Well, he wasn’t in the habit of questioning his good fortune. His grandfather once told him that was bad luck in itself.

The driver opened the door and gallantly held Candace’s hand as she stepped into the limousine, giving Philip an appreciative eyeful of her long perfect legs. He noticed that her legs were so smooth and unblemished that she wore no pantyhose. Her black patent leather pumps accentuated the curve of her calves and thighs even more.

“Hello.” Candace said as she sat into the plush leather seat across from Philip. She could tell right away that he had taste. His Italian leather loafers, his tailored Versace suit, linen shirt, silk tie, and a gold Piaget watch on his left wrist. Not only did he have taste, but he also apparently had money. He wasn’t bad looking either. So far so good.

“I’m Candace Brackwell,” she said. “And you are?”

“Philip Gray.” He said as he took her hand and squeezed it gently in greeting. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“Really? I can’t believe this. It all happened so fast. I guess you saw my video.” Candace gushed and then scrunched her eyebrow, “What did you think? Be honest.”

“I was taken by you the moment I saw it. I didn’t look at another video after that.”

Are you serious?” Candace said with awe.

“Absolutely. You’re gorgeous.” Philip said, and then handed her a bouquet of roses. “These are for you.”

“Thank you.” Candace said sweetly and her cleavage blushed pink. She never got tired of hearing compliments. So far, this date was going fantastically. That settled it, Philip had excellent taste. And he was very charming. “These are beautiful.”

Philip smiled and held up a box wrapped with a satin ribbon. “These are for you as well.”

“Oh my gosh. You shouldn’t have.” Candace said as she took the box, when inside she was thinking that he certainly should have. She pulled apart the ribbon and opened the gold top to find a box of Godiva chocolates.

“I hope you like candy.” Philip said with a slight smile and glint in his eye.

“Candy...I uh...” Candace started to say but something seemed to cloud her thought. She wanted to say that she really didn’t like candy at all. After all it was best to be honest and up front and not let the other person on. It was a distasteful feeling left over from childhood, as the nickname ‘Candy’ was forced on her. She hated it, the name and the confection. But now as she stared down into the varying brown and caramel colored morsels, a different feeling began to creep around inside her. If she could put it in words, she could only describe it as feeling elation and even...

Candace blushed again at the thought. Suddenly she felt flush with hotness around her neck. She tried to block that feeling by speaking, saying anything. “Thank you, these are wonderful.”

Philip watched her, trying to hide his amusement. It was thrilling watching her squirm a little. Later there would be more of that.

After the feeling passed, Candace calmed down and focused her thoughts. “So, where are we off to?”

“Suvari’s,” Philip answered.

“Oh my! Suvari’s?” Candace exclaimed as her eyes lit up. She had never eaten there, but she knew it was the best and most chic restaurant in the city. Entrees began at about a hundred dollars. “There’s like a three month waiting list for reservations there. How did you manage that?”

“The owner is an old friend.” Philip said nonchalantly.

“Suvari’s” Candace whispered to herself as the limousine roamed through the busy city streets. She stared out the window for a moment and caught a spectacular sunset as they drove along a boulevard by the bay.

“Do you mind if we make a quick stop before we have dinner?”

“Oh, sure.” Candace said.

Philip tapped an intercom to call up to the driver and told him, “Stop by the boutique.”

“Yes, Mr. Gray.” Came the voice from the speaker.

‘Boutique?’ Thought Candace. What was he up to? Was he taking her shopping? That would be incredible. She loved shopping, especially if someone else was paying for it. Philip fascinated her, so she decided to ask him a question.

“So, Philip, what do you do?” It was one of requisite questions in Candace’s stock of questions to size up a potential date. That way she could know up front how serious she would be about the person. She had to know that she could be taken care of.

“I’m an investor.” Philip answered simply.

“Oh? What kind of investments?”

“The money making kind.” Philip smiled.

From the way he said it, Candace just knew he wasn’t kidding around.

“If you don’t mind my asking, this is your limousine, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I have to confess. I know the agency made it sound like they were providing it, but I wanted to let you get to know me just for me.”

“Oh, don’t worry.” Candace smiled back. “I like far.”

Philip only grinned back, and then the limousine pulled to a stop in front of an area Candace didn’t recognize. The intercom came on. “We’re here Mr. Gray.”

“Well, let’s go in, shall we?” Philip said as the driver opened the car door for them to exit. Philip took her by the arm and led her up the sidewalk to a metal door painted flat back with only the logo of a smiling purple cat’s head stenciled on the door. He opened the door for her and from inside industrial music was playing on the sound system. It took a moment for Candace to adjust to the dark décor. The walls were covered in black suede leather, and chain link fencing served as partitions for the different areas of what Candace now recognized as a clothing store. Bare over head light fixtures hung from the exposed metal truss framing, giving the room a soft glow. Mirrors placed here and there reached to the ceiling and made the room look even larger than it was.

A tall willowy girl with her soft brown hair piled and pinned up atop her head approached them. She was wearing a short dark maroon velvet mini dress and suede lace up boots. “Hello, I’m Angelica, can I help you?”

“Yes, Angelica, we’re looking for an outfit for Candace.”

Candace looked vaguely surprised while Angelica sized her up, giving her a glance up and down to expertly determine her size. “You’ve got a great figure, I have just the things that would show it off. Come with me.”

As Angelica led them toward the back, Candace noticed that were hardly any customers, if any. It seemed that there were only salesgirls, and they all looked like the kind of fashion models she saw in any number of hip urban fashion magazines. All wafer thin and impossibly young. She whispered to Philip, “Goodness, you didn’t have to do this.”

“It’s nothing.” Philip replied.

But it was something, no matter what, Candace thought. She loved having a man buy things for her. Especially expensive things as Candace could tell just from the racks. Angelica paused in a circular area and gestured to a wall of outfits that reached all the way up to the high ceiling.

“See anything you like?” Angelica asked.

Candace was about to respond when Philip spoke up, “Let me see those.”

Angelica reached up for a rack and looked for the size of what Philip pointed to. She found it and brought over a pair of red and black snakeskin jeans that tapered at the ankles and contained no pockets. She handed them over to Candace, who took them like Angelica had handed her an ancient tapestry. Before she could even comment, Philip told Angelica, “Let me see that as well, in a small size.”

Angelica dutifully retrieved a white T-shirt with red horizontal pinstripes with the sleeves cut high on the arm.

“Now for some shoes.” Philip said.

Angelica led them to a wall display that held at least a two hundred pairs of shoes. But some were unlike any Candace had ever seen. Extremely high platforms shoes, boots in vinyl and leather, sandals and more stiletto heels than she had ever seen in one place.

“Hmmm. Those are nice.” Philip said as he gestured toward a pair of white leather open toed double-strapped thick platform sandals. “Do you have those in a candy apple red?”

“Sure.” Angelica said.

When Candace heard the word ‘candy’, she blinked twice and a strange feeling moved up her back and she shivered. She couldn’t deny it now. Something was making her feel very aroused and vulnerable, she just couldn’t figure out what it was. Maybe it this store, or just being with Philip, or even the fact that he was shopping for her.

“Candace, why don’t you try this on?” Philip said when Angelica brought over a pair of shiny patent leather platforms in candy apple red, as requested.

“Um, sure.” Candace said, even thought looking at these particular clothes, she never in a million years would have picked out something like this. The outfit was kind of trashy, but if Philip wanted her to try it on, she figured it wouldn’t hurt. She went into a dressing room and kicked off her pumps, unzipped her dress and let it fall around her ankles until she wore nothing but a pair of black lace thong panties. She stepped into the snakeskin jeans, and with much effort, tugged and pulled them on over her taut thighs and ass. They were an extremely tight fit, but they actually felt good on her.

Next she slipped on the T-shirt and found it too small, as it wrapped her breasts tight in the cotton material. The pinstripes curved around and made her ample chest appear even bigger, and the bottom of the T-shirt allowed just a peek of her belly button, now matter how hard she tried to pull it down and tuck it in.

She gave up and looked down to slip on the platform heels. The color seemed to hypnotize her. ‘Candy apple red.’ She thought, and a warm sensation roiled in her groin. She had to close her eyes and bite her lip, bracing herself against the door of the dressing room to gather her senses. What in the world was going on?

Candace let out a deep sigh, opened the door and stepped out so Philip could see her. She was tickled when she saw the approving look on his face as his eyes roamed over her while she turned around. Even Angelica looked on in admiration of Candace’s svelte figure and the way the jeans hugged her ass nice and tight. Philip wondered if Candace was aware that her nipples were poking out of the T-shirt.

“Fantastic.” Philip said under his breath. “We’ll take it all.”

“Philip, I don’t think...” Candace began to say, but Philip was already handing Angelica his credit card. Trying this on was one thing, but buying was another. Oh well, she could put it in her closet with all her other clothes. Maybe if she was ever invited to a rock concert or something, she could wear it then for fun.

“I’ll just go and change.” Candace told Philip.

“No, I want you to wear it tonight.”

Candace was stunned. He couldn’t be serious. First of all, this was the most outrageous thing she had ever worn. Second of all, they were going to Suvari’s of all places. She couldn’t wear this there.

“Philip...” Candace began to protest.

Just then Angelica brought over a small clipboard with Philip’s credit card and handed him a pen to sign the receipt. He scribbled his name, and then told Angelica, “Wrap up her dress and shoes and give them to the driver.”

As Angelica went to the dressing room to gather Candace’s black dress and pumps, Philip took the stunned Candace by the hand and led her toward the door. “You look great, especially those candy apple shoes.”

Candace let out a barely audible groan as her knees almost buckled. Suddenly, the idea of wearing this outfit didn’t seem so bad after all. As a matter of fact, it made her feel very sexy and so fucking horny she could barely stand up. When they got back into the limousine, Candace sat close to Philip now instead of sitting across from him. Philip was delighted when she began rubbing up close and inadvertently putting her hand on his thigh as they drove to the restaurant and talked.

When they arrived at Suvari’s, the hostess in the black velvet evening gown recognized Philip and smiled brightly. Then once she got a look at Candace, one eyebrow arched upwards as she looked Candace up and down. Candace ignored her as she held on tight to Philip’s elbow.

“Right this way,” The hostess said as she led them to one of the best tables. Every male head turned to watch as Philip escorted his date through the dining room. Many shins were kicked by spouses and girlfriends, who glared at Candace, wondering what in the world she was doing wearing something like that to such an exclusive restaurant.

Philip knew exactly what they were all thinking, but he was of the mentality that he was so rich, he could scarcely care what anyone thought was inappropriate. All he knew was that he had the best looking woman in the room dressed like a fuck me doll.

Candace normally would have enjoyed all the attention, if she was wearing something different, but some of the most blatant and lascivious stares from the men made her feel vaguely uncomfortable. She tried to ignore them by just focusing her attention on Philip. But that only seemed to make her so anxious and excited, that she could barely contain her self, giggling and flirting as they chatted during dinner. Under the table, she had her legs crossed, and when her foot brushed against his leg, she felt herself become wet. It seemed like mere physical contact was sending heat through her whole body, and she could even sense that she was blushing profusely. Candace couldn’t wait to get through the sumptuous dinner courses so she could get Philip alone back in the limousine.

After they finished their dinner, the waiter brought over a dessert menu. “We have something new and spectacular that our dessert chef has whipped up. A thick slice of chocolate fudge cake with white syrup and a sweet almond cream sauce. It’s shaped like a big piece of chocolate candy.”

Candace whimpered at the last word. She squeezed her legs tight and gripped the edges of her seat and bit down on her lip. Her chest was thumping a mile a minute and her skin tightened and heated up a degree or two.

“Candace?” Philip inquired.

“No thank you.” Candace begged off the dessert and stared at Philip with a pleading look. “I’d rather go now.”

“Well, then, here you go,” Philip told the waiter as he handed over his credit card to pay for the dinner and turned back to Candace, delighted with her anxious condition.

“I hope everything was satisfactory...” Philip began to say.

“Oh, it was wonderful. I’ve never had anything so...Ummmm!” Candace moaned. “I’m just ready to go.”

The ticket was promptly returned and signed, and Philip escorted Candace out of the restaurant and back into the waiting limousine. Once inside, Candace snuggled close to Philip, crossing her legs and bouncing her foot nervously as she clung to his arm, staring up at Philip as he told the driver to take them uptown.

“Philip.” Candace whispered as she let her hand rest on his thigh.


“I want to let you know how much I enjoyed dinner, and also for the clothes.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself so far.”

“I really am.” She gushed. “Is there anything I can do to show my appreciation?”

Philip was determined to keep a straight face. He could only imagine what she was going through, and it was obvious that she would probably do just about anything he asked at that moment. The fact that her hand had crept up dangerously close to his crotch wasn’t making it any easier to resist her.

“Well, there is one thing.” Philip said.

“What?” Candace asked, barely able to contain herself. ‘Does he want to make love to me? Oh please say that you want to make love to me, right here, right now.’

“How would you like to go dancing.” Philip suggested. “I know a place.”

Candace tried not to reveal her disappointment, but she pouted just for a moment and then smiled brightly, “I’d love to!”

They drove on and then turned onto an off street in the Uptown district of the city, pulling up to a building with a blue neon glowing sign in stylish cursive script, which read, ‘The Whip.’

Candace had never heard of this club before, and when they entered she knew why. It was a leather fetish strip club decorated in all types of black and blue leather and vinyl. The waitresses were dressed in ruffled crinoline under pleated leather skirts, fish net hose, and tight corsets, stilettos and motorcycle caps. Others wore high heel boots, chaps and studded brassieres. The entertainers wore all kinds of fetish gear, like vinyl or rubber cat suits, and using props like whips or riding crops. In one corner, a dominatrix was busy training her slave in a startling bondage contraption, teasing her with a cat-o-nine-tails.

Candace’s jaw dropped at the awe-inspiring sights and sounds she encountered. All she could do was stare in disbelief as she and Philip were escorted upstairs to a private area for the VIP customers. She couldn’t believe Philip had brought her here. Never in a million years would she have ever dared come to a place like this. Regardless, the more she saw, the more dangerous everything seemed; the more she liked it. She couldn’t deny that it was exciting, even more because Philip seemed to really like it a lot. The confidence he showed in bringing her here turned her on to him even more.

“This place is wild!” Candace said close to Philip’s ear over the loud din of the techno music. “I never imagined...”

Her voice trailed off as a tall brunette with hair down to curved behind approached their table and slid in next to Candace, pushing close.

“Hello.” She purred in a sultry voice.

“Um, hi!” Candace said with a shy smile.

“Would you like to dance?”

Candace swallowed and then pulled her eyes away from the hypnotic woman long enough to turn to Philip. “Uh...she wants to dance with me.”

“Go ahead.”

It wasn’t what Candace expected to hear. Of course she knew some men had a thing about seeing two women together. An old boyfriend had once begged and pleaded for a threesome until Candace got tired of it and dumped him. She desperately wanted to please Philip. He had been so wonderful to her so far, and she knew he really wouldn’t mind, but the thought of dancing with another woman made her skittish. She really did not have any lesbian tendencies at all.

The brunette leaned over and suddenly whispered in Candace’s ear, “You are so hot. I could lick you like a candy cane.”

Candace nearly creamed in her tight snakeskin jeans, squeezing Philip’s hand hard and whimpering at the words. Philip enjoyed seeing her reaction and urged her to dance with the statuesque brunette. Reluctantly at first, Candace allowed the brunette to take her by the hand and lead her up to a small private platform partitioned off from the other tables so that only Philip could enjoy the proceedings.

The brunette tugged Candace close and crushed her body up and down against her, using her palms to rub up along her thighs and waist. Candace was more than self- conscious. She had never done anything like this, but the music, and her partner’s hypnotic stare seemed to ease her discomfort long enough to finally get into the rhythm and movement, until Candace was now moving in concert with the brunette.

It was one of the most erotic things Philip had ever seen, and he had seen a lot. The brunette guided Candace and played her like a fine tuned instrument, their legs interlocked, arms embraced, pushing gently against one another’s pelvis. Then he watched with great pleasure as the brunette began to fondle Candace.

Candace was shocked by the intimate touching, blushing and smiling shyly and trying to move her hand away from her breast, looking at Philip helplessly. But the brunette grabbed her wrists and twisted them behind her back, locking them together with a strong grip as she used the other to slip her palm up Candace’s T-shirt to cup her ample mound. Candace sighed at her touch, not just from her hand, but from her thigh rubbing between her legs through the material of the snakeskin jeans. Soon, her T-shirt was pushed up over her breasts and the brunette leaned down to suckle them.

Philip was completely hard in his pants, watching as the brunette handled the once confident career girl like a plaything. Grabbing her hair and pulling back gently to kiss her fully on the mouth as Candace’s eyes went wide in surprise at first and then closed slowly as she succumbed to the erotic and fiery sensations.

The show continued on for several minutes until the brunette suddenly and without warning, released her captive and strolled away casually, cruelly leaving Candace stunned, shaking, and alone on the small stage. Philip went to her and steadied her as her knees weakened and she almost collapsed with a sensuous fever.

Candace suddenly embraced Philip hard and moaned, “Please, let’s go!”

Philip smiled. It was the moment of truth. He led her out of the club and into the limousine, where Candace, worked up from the dance with the brunette, virtually attacked Philip, covering his mouth with hers, pressing her bosom against his chest as she kneeled between his legs, whimpering and purring like a kitten.

When she stopped kissing him long enough to catch her breath, she told him, “I want you so bad! Please, let me make love to you!”

“How bad do you want me?”

“I’ll do anything you want!” She exclaimed, rubbing his chest. “Anything!”

“Have you ever given oral sex before?”

Candace blinked at that. As a matter of fact, she never had. It wasn’t something that she was particularly apt to do to a man, although she knew they enjoyed it from articles she read in Cosmopolitan magazine. Previously, she had always put it off whenever a man had suggested it. The thought of putting a man’s penis in her mouth always made her feel like it was demeaning to her. Her private motto was that she would never, ever get on her knees before a man.

“I would like you to do it to me right now.”

Candace nearly panicked. She really wanted to please Philip, but not in this way. She tried to suggest something else. “I’d love to do that to you later. Why don’t you let me get on top of you instead right here?”

“Come on Candy, I’d really like it.” Philip said with a grin.

Candace’s mouth opened quickly and she started to blurt out the first thing she always said when someone called her by that nickname, “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t...”

But she stopped in mid-sentence and looked at Philip with a startled expression. Suddenly she seemed to feel a warm melting sensation within her, even stronger than before, like they were building each time. And then she realized it. It always happened when someone mentioned ‘Candy.’ But what in the world had happened to her that made her react this way? It was too much to think about, and she slowly gave in to the intense stirrings inside her.

“Excuse me? You were saying?”

“Nothing!” Candace quickly said as if she were caught in a lie. Then she turned on her charm, smiling at Philip demurely and saying, “I’d love to suck your cock.”

And so she did, making a long production out of slithering down between his legs, opening his slacks, taking out his hard shaft, stroking it, kissing it, blowing on the tip. Driving him as wild as she could until she opened her thick lips and swirled her tongue around the head, and then slowly taking him in to her warmth, wrapping her lips tight.

Philip closed his eyes and sighed as Candace worked her mouth over him. He couldn’t believe she had never done this before. She was awkward at first, but soon she found her rhythm, asking if Philip like this or that. He enjoyed the way she looked up at him before sucking him, and the way she teased his balls with the tips of her nails, gently pumping her hand at the base, tapping the shaft with her soft petal fingertips.

It was so great Philip popped right away, surprising Candace as his semen filled her mouth. All she could do was swallow as she let out a muffled “Mmmmmph!”

“I’m sorry!” Candace said worriedly as she finished and wiped a bit of come from the edge of her mouth. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, not at all. I couldn’t help myself you were so good.”


“Yes. You were so good, I’m going to give you a present.”

“Oh, Philip!” Candace exclaimed excitedly. If she had known that doing that would have such an effect on a man, she definitely would have done it before. She giggled like a schoolgirl and pleaded, “What is it?”

“You’ll see.” Said Philip, and then instructed his driver to take them to a place called ‘Skinsations.’

As they drove to this mysterious new destination, Philip opened a chilled bottle of Christophe champagne, the most expensive of it’s kind in the world at one thousand dollars a bottle.

He turned to Candace, who was reapplying afresh coat of lipstick, and asked, “You really don’t mind if I call you ‘Candy’ do you?”

Candace nearly smeared the lip-gloss across her cheek. She could have sworn that she had just achieved a minor orgasm. When she gathered her rattled senses enough to speak, she smiled at Philip and said, “No, you can call me whatever you like.”

They sipped the tasty champagne until they arrived at a storefront shop along a nearly deserted city street. Philip took her inside and there they met a rather large gentleman with a red beard that reached down over his round belly. Candace barely acknowledged him however, as her eyes were drawn to the walls covered with thousands of colorful designs in a variety of styles and sizes. She soon realized that they were in a tattoo parlor and her heart began to pound quickly in her chest. No way, she thought. He can’t be serious.

“This is Billy.” Philip said, introducing Candace to the grinning artist. It was then that Candace noticed that his sleeveless arms were covered over every inch with tattoos.

Billy grunted in greeting, and asked Philip, “So, what would you like?”

Philip took out a card from his jacket pocket and laid it on the counter. It was a white business card with a Japanese symbol in black embossed on it. “I’d like this.”

Billy smiled knowingly and muttered, “Follow me.”

Philip and Candace followed Billy into a back area where the tattoo artist had his equipment; a table of needles, inks of various colors, towels and other miscellaneous items.

Billy asked, “Okay, where do you want it?”

“On her ass.” Philip replied.

Candace’s heart skipped a beat and she perked up at his response. She had assumed that Billy was asking Philip where he wanted the tattoo on his body, not hers. Now she was at a loss at what to think. Was this his idea of a joke? There was no way in the world that she was allowing a tattoo on her body. She had worked too long and hard to get it looking exactly the way she wanted it, and she was not about to blemish it with a permanent mark. Now matter how much she wanted him, this was something she just couldn’t do.

“Philip, you can’t be serious.” Candace said. “Please tell me you’re not serious.”

“Come on, Candy, it’s not a big deal.”

There was that word again. It was almost too much for her delicate senses now. She felt as if her raw nerves were exposed as a wave of sexual tension burst through her body and made her shiver.

“Oh...okay.” She said under her breath.

“Good, now do what Billy tells you.”

Billy told Candace, “Just pull your jeans down and lie face down on this bench.”

He pointed to a modified padded table that adjusted to different angles, so that the customer could sit on an elevated bench and lean their torso forward on the table. Candace straddled the bench and unbuttoned her tight snakeskin jeans as Philip looked on while Billy prepared his needles and ink.

She turned slightly pink with embarrassment as she tugged her jeans down around her thighs, revealing her lace thong panties. When Billy turned to get ready, he nearly had a heart attack. He had seen a lot of asses and tits and even pussies in his work, but this woman’s ass was spectacular. It was perfect and round, flawless, without a blemish. It was a perfect canvas.

He took a small pen and sketched out the design in careful detail, matching the Japanese symbol exactly. Of the three, only Philip and Billy recognized it as the Japanese symbol for ‘slave.’

Philip stood by Candace, taking her hand and smiling at her as Billy began his intricate work, touching the humming needle to her quivering behind, dabbing, and touching again and again, all while Candace winced and chewed on her lip as the needle stung her sensitive rear. Philip was delighted that Candace never complained during the entire session, which seemed like an eternity to her. When Philip saw that Billy was almost finished, he leaned close and muttered in Candace’s ear, “I think this will look great on you, Candy.”

Candace nearly lost it. The numbing pleasure exploded inside her once again, and combined with the stinging sensation of the needle, she let out a long squeal as she felt her crotch give way to a burning climax. She had to bite the back of her hand to keep from screaming out loud.

Billy smiled at Philip and announced, “It’s done.”

“Thank you, Billy. Spectacular work as usual.” Philip said as he watched Billy cover her new creation with a numbing ointment.

Candace did not catch that particular phrase, as she was still recovering from her orgasm. When she could finally focus, she gingerly pulled up her jeans while Philip paid Billy for his work.

When they returned to the limousine, Candace couldn’t sit down comfortably, instead laying down on her side and tucking her legs up on the seat so that her ass lay outwards. She rested her head on Philip’s lap and stared up at him, asking, “How does it look? Did you like it?”

“Absolutely. It’s perfect.” Philip said as he stroked her cheek tenderly and brushed the soft wisps of hair from her beautiful face.

“Ohmigod! I can’t believe I did that.” Candace said and giggled. She hated to admit it, but it made her feel kind of nasty and sexy. The important thing was that Philip liked it, and that made her even more excited. As wonderful as that orgasm felt, though, she knew she wouldn’t be complete until Philip fucked her. She looked up at him with an anxious look in her big eyes and asked, “Where are we going now?”

“I’d like to take you home with me.” Philip said.

“Ummm. That sounds wonderful. I can’t wait.” Candace Brackwell purred and then closed her eyes, smiling blissfully as she nudged her head against his groin. Then she added, “I’ll let you put it anywhere,”

Philip looked down at Candace with great pleasure. It was amazing seeing this young woman, once so confident and full of herself on the dating service video, now reduced to a cuddly nymphomaniac who would do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. When he got her back to his lavish home, he would fuck her in every way imaginable, violating every orifice. Then he would make her a part of his private staff of beautiful women. Like his cook, who was a celebrated chef in an upscale restaurant, or the maid who used to run her own cleaning service, or his personal trainer who was once the owner of a small chain of women’s health clubs. All of them once were successful independent women, and were all now only serving his personal needs, sexual and otherwise. Candace Brackwell herself would make a fine personal assistant for his office, getting his coffee, ordering his lunch, among other little “tasks.”

Philip Gray sipped more champagne and made a mental note to himself to make sure those good gentlemen over at the Connections Dating Service got a nice Christmas bonus this year.