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I love this part; Erica is on my cock and her hands are playing with her own tits. She has great tits, really big for her small frame. She’s 5′2″ and very curvy with a nice plump ass and nice firm C cups, maybe a small D, but on her body, they look like DD. She’s a former gymnast. She has large pink areolas and long hard nipples. She just brought one to her mouth and that means she is about to cum. There she goes. She’s going nuts on my cock, and I have to try my best to not cum yet, because right after she cums is when she will hop off my cock and slide my cock between those firm, yet soft tits of hers and uses them and her mouth to get me off. She’s told me how much she likes to taste her own cum on my cock. It’s the best part of fucking her. She actually loves it when I cum on her tits and face and when I talk dirty to her, which do, trust me.

Oh god, she’s making it tough to not cum, she is ridding my cock so hard. She finally slows down and pulls her nipple from her mouth. She stops and looks down at me with a bit of an odd smile. She climbs off and I am ready for what comes next. Wait, why is she getting off the bed? Why is she getting pulling on her panties?

“What’s going on? I didn’t cum you know.” I say to her.

She snaps on her bra and looks at me “Yeah, I know. Do it yourself ass hole.”

I was totally confused. She pulled up her jeans and put on her blouse and heels and started to walk out.

I got up, my still hard cock wet from her juices “Stop!” I yelled. “What the hell is going on?”

She turns and looks at me “Where done! My friends all said you were an ass hole and I could do better, but part of me thought I could change you, make you into a good guy or at least a somewhat passable version of one. I mean how can a guy that good looking with a cock that great and who is that good in bed be all bad. So, I put up with your stupid jokes and inappropriate comments. I didn’t even mind that you were fucking up at work. But what you did tonight was the last straw. So, I took last fuck and now we are done!”

“What the fuck did I do tonight?” I honestly had no idea.

“Are you fucking kidding me? We were at my parents’ anniversary party and you met my them for the first time.”

“Yeah, I know. I didn’t want to go, but I did, and I was nice.”

“Nice! You looked my mom up and down and said, “I hope Erica’s tits hold up as well as yours did.”

“Yeah, it was a compliment. Your mom is a total MILF.”

“Arggg!” she thew her hands up and walked out, leaving me there with my hard on.

I sat on the couch, put on some porn and stroked my cock.

As I lay there cleaning up my mess I started to think.

Was she right? Was I that big an ass? Did I go too far?

I am 32. I’ve had a few girlfriends in my life, but they all tend to dump me because of my behavior and my quirks in bed. I just can’t help it. Erica wasn’t the first to dump me after fucking me. One chic dump me right after I came on her face when she told me not to. But I thought she was just playing the part, but actually wanted it. Another found out I fucked her cousin, but fucked me one last time before she stormed out.

The longest relationship I ever had just ended and it was 3 months. Who knew you weren’t supposed to say those things at a 30th Wedding Anniversary? I really meant it as a compliment.

Most of the women I’ve dated have said it’s too bad I am such a perv, because, according to them I have a great cock and really know how to use it. I’ve obviously measured it, I’m that type of guy. It’s 9″ long when hard and has pretty good girth. Some women couldn’t get their mouths around it, but they also could have been using that as an excuse to not blow me. But my fingers don’t touch when I am gripping it, which is a lot. Like 5 or 6 times a day.

I was once diagnosed, by a girl I was dating, that had a big fuckable ass, and a psych degree- that I most likely had a narcissistic personality disorder. I felt the world revolved around me, and I used women to prove that I could get whatever I wanted. I had delusions of being a man from the 1950’s, that took what he wanted, and women would submissively do whatever I wanted. And I was obsessed with sex. I thought the man was supposed to get sex whenever he wanted it. Even though modern women seemed to resist me, I thought that deep down they all wanted me to overpower and take them… my mind refused to believe that they couldn’t want me. All I could think was, fuck that would be nice. Those were her parting words as she walk out, after our last fuck.

To make all this worse, is that I am actually really smart. I have a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a decent job at a by Pharmaceutical Company. Now my personality has cost me a few advancements and more than a few disciplinary actions. Last year I was passed up for a big promotion for the third time, the last two went to under qualified women. Abby, who just got promoted to my boss is the one that told me about her promotion, right after I asked her out and she shot me down. Then she had me go talk to Delores in HR about my behavior. Fuck, I didn’t know she was now my boss, not that it would have stopped me. Well at least Delores was nice to look at.

But I still make decent money and live in a nice condo.

So, here I am, naked and alone. I really think it’s time to make a change. I can’t keep going like this. I need to get my life together or I will end up alone. A change is exactly what I need and it’s what I will do.

But it’s not me that change, it’s all those fucking PC cunts that need to change and I am the one that is going to make it happen.

For a while now I have been thinking about how I could create something that would make women I want behave the way they I think they should, the way a proper bitch should be with a man. I looked at the spare room in my condo and decided I needed to put some real effort in making this happen.

This wasn’t going to be cheap. I have some savings and the equipment and chemicals I need will cost me pretty much all of it, but when I succeed, I will make it all back. I will keep this to myself until I could prove it worked. Then I know just who I can get to help me monetize this. Rich.

Rich is my best friend and a kindred spirit I have found. He’s older, 45, with a grown daughter who is off to College, leaving him an empty nester with his bitch of a wife, Leslie. I met Rich at a strip club, and we bonded over our similar perverted tastes. We are constantly sharing porn sites we find.

Like me, Rich misses the “good old days” when women did whatever men wanted, either in the workplace, the home or out in public. Him being older than me, Rich got a bit of a taste of it. He got to work in offices where they demeaned the secretaries, he saw husbands that had wives that knew their place… and he lived in a culture where catcalling, grabbing and trying to make women yours was a part of the society had accepted as the normal. But the world changed, Rich became just as careful as everyone else, and has to relive the glory days by himself, and with perverted friends like me. But he helps me by being rich and getting us porn and the occasional paid hook-up, and I help him hide his online activities from his wife.

Leslie, his wife… hates me. Whenever I come over, she will put on a sweater or something to cover up. I tend to stare at her tits when we talk. Not really my fault, I mean they are huge. Leslie is pretty… actually, she’s gorgeous. Shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes, behind glasses and a curvy body with nice tits and wide hips and a plump ass. She’s about 20 lbs overweight, but I would still fuck her hard. Rich doesn’t even mind when I say it to him.

Rich is very well off. He has an investment firm that he is the sole owner of and a net worth of well over $40 Million from what I can guess. He’s often said the only reason Leslie hasn’t left him is because of a solid prenup. He’s actually said he would love to see me fuck her like a whore… like me, he has a problem with women who don’t know their place.

Their marriage has fizzled over the years and she barely fucks him once a month. When she does it is routine and boring. He says most times she doesn’t even take off her pyjama tops. She hasn’t blown or tit fucked him in since Sophie was born. He resorts to hookers and strippers for his relief… to get a taste of what guys like Rich really want. He doesn’t have a steady side piece, just women he can pay off. He also spends a lot of time at my place watching porn on my big screen. Don’t judge!

Sophie… their daughter… is the other reason Leslie hates me. I’ve known them since Sophie was 10 and as she grew and developed, I couldn’t help but notice her. Leslie can see how I look at her. Rich doesn’t seem to care that much. Sophie, now 18, looks like her mom, only thinner and with dirty blond hair.

When I succeed and I will succeed, I know who Rich will use it on. Maybe he’ll even let me fuck his wife, when she’s properly adjusted.

As for me, I know just who I will test it on. Julie, the 26 yr old yoga instructor across the hall.

Time to get to work!