The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Contact Lenses

Chapter 1

It’s been 4 months and I’ve pretty much focussed on nothing else. I’ve even managed to behave at work. I’ve only been written twice in that time, a new personal record. I’ve spent almost everything I had saved up, but what I am holding in my hand is going to make the world a much better place, the way it should be, the way it was meant to be… at least for me.

I was already hard thinking about how this would work on my first victim.

Julie is a gorgeous blond, with blue eyes and an amazing body. She’s 5′6″, thin and athletic, but with tits that I imagine cause her problems when doing yoga. I’ve asked her out a few times and she has shot me down each time. Any man would hit on her, and I’ve tried many times. But Julie has convinced herself that she doesn’t want to be with me, even though I’ve made it very clear that I have a big cock. In my mind, Julie was blind to just how much she wanted me.

I’ve studied her schedule for the last month and today was her day off. If I’m right, and I’m always right, she will be heading out for her run anytime now. Sure enough, I watch her, from my peep hole, leave her apartment in her jogging clothes, grey spandex shorts, black sports bra under a grey tight tank top, to hold in her tits I assume. She’s right on time. I had 35 min until she came back.

I chose her because Julie had the body any man would want, and an attitude that I needed to corrected. I also chose her because she lives alone, and I she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. There would be no one there… to stop me.

I held a container in my hand. It was a case for contact lenses… but I wouldn’t put these in your eyes.

The ‘Lenses’ (that’s what I call them) are a gelatinous, porous material in a conical shape that fits perfectly on the end of your finger. You need to push down on it with the tip of your finger and it will stick. That’s when the process starts. The genius of my invention is that the same chemical has a different reaction for men then it does for women. When a man puts it on his finger, the drug enters his blood stream though a transdermal process. This will act like a Super-Viagra mixed with Red Bull for the man, giving him increased stamina and greatly increase his cum volume. It also would give him a burst of energy that will last over 12 hours and maximize blood flow to the penis, increasing the size of a man’s cock.

Next the Lens absorbs the man’s DNA and imprints it on the rest of the chemicals on the Lens. It reads the DNA, and any woman he infects… will start to need him, be bonded to him. They will start to respond to every smell, every taste… every order. What is even better, is that the chemical reaction should rip past the female’s subconscious. It is designed to dominate the subconscious, and the female will begin to feel pleasures every time she submits to the dominating man’s commands. The more he pushes past their subconscious blocks… the more he tells them to do things they find demeaning or obscene, or wrong… the more they will end up falling to him.

Basically, I created a drug that makes women want the man… and they should end up wanting him even more when he treats them like shit. It was my world view brought to chemical perfection.

The man just needs to touch the bare skin of any woman… and within 10 minutes she will be infatuate with him.

If he does not apply it to a woman within 30 min, then the chemicals break down he will have a fun day of jerking off to non-stop erections. The ‘Lens’ will put him heat… he will need to cum a lot, but with a willing woman right there, it won’t be an issue. By my math a man should be able to cum at least 5 times the next 12 to 24 hours after he is exposed… if not more.

What are the effects on the woman?

First, it will increase her arousal.

Second, it will stimulate all her erogenous zones.

Third, the best part for the man… she will need the man that applied the gel into her skin. She won’t know why, but she will need him and his cum.

Within 25 min the subject will be so aroused she will need release, but even though she will be extremely aroused, masturbation or sex with another person will not satisfy her craving … only the man that infected her can give her release. She will need him and only him, no matter the cost. Within an hour the feeling will be worse than a drug addict desperate for a fix. She will need him, beg him, and obey any order he gives her.

Then finally, it won’t matter who the man was, how taboo his orders to her are, or how wrong the relationship would be. She will desire to be with him… she will desire to serve him… and her moral compass will be broken and bent to the whims of the man that conquered her.

The woman will need three full loads of the man’s cum within about 12 hours, to be satisfied. The load can be in her mouth, pussy, on her tits or even in her ass, just as long as she gets his cum. After the first load, she may try and explain it away, a one-time fetish. But then she will need another and after that another, willing to give more of herself after each one. Each one causing a bigger and bigger orgasm. The 3rd load may even be enough to make the woman pass out.

By my estimation, even a mother infected by her son would do anything to have his cock and cum.

It’s what I thought, deep in my dark mind, women needed to be, what they wanted to be. Well, it’s what women were going to be… if my compound actually worked.

I was watching through the peep hole for Julie… the sexy blond yoga instructor to return. When she did, I pressed a Lens onto my finger. I felt a warmth as the chemical seeped into my bloodstream. I waited the full 5 minutes. I felt it. It felt like there was something coursing through me… a power deep inside of my skin that was coming out now.

I had stolen a few pieces of Julie’s mail a few days ago, to give me an excuse to knock on her door. I was quite confident this would work, but not entirely sure. I knocked on the door and she opened it. She was still in her jogging outfit. Her big boobs were almost spilling out. Julie’s arms covered her chest, instinctively. She looked annoyed.

“What do you want?” she said… with a bit of attitude.

I held up her mail, “This got mixed in with mine. Sorry…” I handed her the mail. Her face softened a bit as she reached for it.

“Thank you, sorry about that”. She took it and I touched the back of her hand.

She did not react, but I knew the lens did its job.

“So, I’m off all day today, would you like to come over for a drink?”

“Tim, I’ve told you before, I’m not interested, now please respect that.” She closed the door without giving me a chance to reply.

I went back to my apartment and waited. My cock was already hard. It was hard, but my mind was focused on the test. I needed to see if my months of hard work had born me any fruit.

I looked at my watch, it was just past 11. My calculations told me she was probably masturbating now, super horny and unable to cum… images of me in her mind. I doubt she will be able to hold out more then 30 min, unless she truly found me repugnant. I sat there, unsure if any of that was true. But I wanted her mind to be weak. I wanted to imagine her breaking for me.

Soon, Julie would basically do anything to be with me. Once she engages, she will find herself reaching levels of ecstasy like never before, easily achieving multiple orgasms. She may even be able to cum from giving me a blow job or tit fuck. And when I cum… and I was going to cum so much for my willing little slut… she will have the biggest orgasm of all. It doesn’t matter where I cum, as long as it touches her. My cum would remind her who she wanted… who she needed. The smell and taste will be very pleasing, and she will most likely want try to get as much as possible in her mouth, no matter how she feels about it. Once done, she will feel euphoric and grateful. Then I could break her in… the way I wanted my women broken in. She won’t resist anything I make her agree to… the worse I treat her… the more she will agree to.

I needed her to want me… I needed them all to want me…

Sure enough, at 27 min from the infection… there is a knock at my door.

I’m in track pants and a t-shirt, my hard cock easily visible. I open the door and Julie is there, still in her jogging outfit, looking disheveled. Her eyes dart to my crotch and she actually licks her lips…

I see her sweat. I see Julies hair, in a crazed and frantic mess. I can smell her pussy juices. I can smell her arousal.

“Hey, I just wanted to… apologize for being rude earlier. Can I… come in for that drink?”

I open the door and let her in, admiring her perfect ass as she walks past me. It shook… it shook for me. I knew it did.

I grab a couple of beers and we sit on the couch. Julie starts to talk about nonsense, obviously trying to work up the courage to ask me for something specific.

After a few minutes of humming and hawing, she finally looks at me… with shame in her eyes… and her pretty lips just open up for me.

“Okay, so I never do this, but I am feeling really horny right now and I don’t know why but I need you.”

“Really? How bad?”

“I can’t describe it, I just need you. I’ll do whatever you want.”

I smiled and sat back on the couch “I wouldn’t say no to a blow job right now.” I put my arms on the back of the couch, making it clear, she would have to do the work. Women were supposed to do all the work for their men…

Julie gave me a little smile and then dropped to her knees. She reached for my track pants and shoved them down to my ankle, my cock, harder than it’s ever been and looking even bigger. Her eyes went wide as she reached out with both hands and grabbed the base. She marveled at the fact that she had both hands around my shaft and there was still lots of cock uncovered. Her hands felt so good. Knowing that she was down there… below me… felt even better.

“Oh my god, you’re fucking huge.” That was the only words she got out. She pulled my cock to her mouth and got to work. I have never had a woman go to town on my cock the way she was. I haven’t even seen it in porn. She pumped and sucked and licked the shaft with such enthusiasm. Her right had left my cock, briefly stopping to grope her tit, then down to her shorts. She went to town on her pussy, fingering and rubbing herself.

“Holy fuck you love sucking cock, don’t you?”

She looked at me but did not answer. I was pretty sure she started to cum a few minutes in, but I was too preoccupied to care.

I had no chance of lasting a long time. Within 10 min I started to cum. I didn’t have a chance to warn her, not that I would have, I just started to cum. My first few strings hit the back of her throat and caught her off guard. Her eyes went wide, but she kept sucking and pumping, then she started to cum and she couldn’t keep my cock in her mouth and string after string hit her in the face as she pumped my cock and tried to catch what she could in her mouth. When I was finally done, I looked at her. It was the most I had ever cum in my life and her face was plasters with thick white cum dripping down on her chest. She still had my cock in her hand, brought it to her mouth and sucked out any cum that was left, while looking me right in the eye and smiling with her eyes. Then she fell back on her heels and I watched as my beautiful neighbor started to scoop my powerful cum off her face and into her mouth.

After a few minutes she stood up, and tried to save some face “Wow, that was interesting. Tim, you cum a lot... and it’s kind of tasty. Can I use your washroom”?

“Sure, it’s over there.” she smiled and walked away. I stared right at her sexy backside… admiring her ass. In the hallways over the past year, she caught me starring, and she would sneer. Now, Julie looked back and saw what I was doing …and gave me a knowing smile and a little ass wiggle.

It was wrong that I was looking… and she liked that it was wrong.

I sat back and just enjoyed knowing that it worked… my hard work paid off. I did manage to put my cock away.

Julie came out a few minutes later, her hair was wet from washing her face. There was so much cum… so much of me on her body that she had to take care of. Because of the water her top was soaked. I wanted more… I wanted more of Julie… but for a true test I would let her come to me.

“Well, that’s a little better, but I need to go back… and take a shower. Thank you, I really needed that… I don’t know why… but thank you Tim…”

I stopped her from leaving. I wanted more, and I wanted her to know that she was not done… not nearly done with me and my cock. I leaned in for a kiss. Reflexively, she pushes me away.

“Hey Tim, that was fun and all, but please don’t read too much into it. I just wanted to have a little fun and I’m pretty sure you had fun too.”

“I did,” I said. I looked down at her now. She said no, but I wanted her to say yes, “but maybe we can have fun in the shower together.”

“I don’t think so. This was a one-time thing.” She walked out. I already planned on making her regret saying that. I knew there was more… there had to be more…

I decided to go out for lunch, let her stew a bit. It was hard. I was so hard. Her blowjob was better than I could ever imagine. But I wanted more… I had so much more to do… to put that bitch in her place.

I came back home around 1:30 and there was a note on my door. It read, “Please come over when you get home. Julie.” There was a heart drawn on the page. I just turned and looked at her door and it opened. She almost ran to me. She was in yoga pants and a tank top and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. She looked desperate. She looked like she wanted something… like she needed to get something else from me.

“Oh hey, can I talk to you, Tim… really quick?”

I opened my door and walked in, she followed close behind. I realized that she must have tried to resist what was happening to her mind. Julie was trying to go back to the rest of her day… but I was still within her… I was still shaping her… commanding her…

“What’s up?”

“So, I was thinking about your offer.”

“What? The shower thing?”

“Yeah, well I assume it really wasn’t a shower you were interested it. I’m thinking you wanted a little more of what we did earlier. Well, we could if you still wanted.”

“So now that’s it’s something you want, you’re back here asking for more.”

“Yes.” She moved in and kissed me.

I pushed her back. “Last time you came here and blew me, and you didn’t have the decency to even show me your fucking tits.

She didn’t hesitate. She yanked off her tank top and tossed it away. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were amazing. Big, full and firm.

She smirked. I was being such an asshole. And she liked it. Deep down she liked that I was taking what I wanted. She cupped her D cups for me, “I can let you fuck these. Would you like that?”

I walked up and moved her hands, away. She liked that I was being rough. She had no idea how rough I could be. I started cupping her tits… her big tits that I was never allowed to stare at. Now I groped them and mauled at them. She just moaned. I put them in my mouth. She came.

After a minute of sucking on her nipples, I sneered at her, “What else have you got?”

She turned and bent over, pulling down her tight yoga pants… and Julie showed me the nicest ass I have ever seen. It was so toned, and it was a behind for me… submitting to me… the way I always knew it would someday. Her pussy was soaking wet.

I reached out and fingered her wet cunt and she moaned. “Well, tell you what, drop to your knees and see if you can suck me hard bitch.”

She turned and dropped. She smiled at me as she undid my belt and pulled down my pants and boxers in one motion, reaching for my cock and swallowing it, all while smiling at me.

She got me hard pretty quick and was fingering herself while she sucked me.

“You’re just a nasty, horny cunt aren’t you?” she nodded as she sucked.

I pulled my cock from her mouth “Well a nasty cunt like you deserves to get fucked. Tell me, what’s the one sexual position you hate. The one you’ve done before but refuse to do now?”

She looked confused, but started thinking. “I was at a party in college and hooked up with this guy and he got forceful and pushed me face first into a table and fucked me rough from behind. I was too drunk to stop him, but I hated every second of it. I felt so used, especially the way he talked to me and tried to get me to beg for it.”

I loved it “Well then I think I know exactly how I am going to fuck you. Stand up and bend over that table, right now bitch.” She was startled but jumped to her feet and bent over the table, her tits squished on the surface, her face turned to look at me.

“Now, beg me for it, cunt.”

Her ass was wiggling a bit, her eyes staring right at me “Please, please fuck me with that monster cock of yours.”

“Where do you want me to fuck you?”

“My pussy, fuck my wet tight pussy?”

“Show me.”

She moved her right hand between her legs and rubbed her wet cunt.

“No, you dumb cunt, spread your ass cheeks and show me your horny pussy.”

She reached back with both hands and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart “Please fuck my cunt!”

I moved behind her and rubbed the tip of my cock along her lips and they practically sucked me in “is this what you want, you want this cock in your cunt?”

“God yes, please, I need it now, please fuck me.”

I rammed my cock in right to the base and she started to scream like a banshee as she came all over my cock.

I pounded her pussy hard for 5 min and she didn’t say a word, she just loved every minute of it. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her up off the table, her tits flopping around, hitting the table and each other.

“You love getting fucked like this, don’t you?”

“Yes, I love it, keep fucking me please.”

“I thought you hated this position.”

She turned her head to look at me “Not with you, I fucking love it.”

I started smacking her ass with my free hand and she reacted positively to that too.

She came on my cock again and then I pulled out and made her sit on the table. I pulled her legs apart and entered her again. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her hard.

She kept calling out God and begging for more and more.

“Please cum deep inside me. I need your cum.” I was just about to cum.

“The fuck I will. I horny cunt like you takes my load on her tits and face! And then she licks her tits clean.” I yelled at her.

She opened her eyes wide, cupped her tits and said “You’re right, cum all over my big tits. Cover me in your cum like a man. That’s what I deserve!”

I pulled out and jerked my cock until I unloaded a huge amount of cum, hitting her tits and face as she came even harder then before.

She needed a good 30 seconds to recover, then she brought her tits to her mouth and started to lick them clean. I sat back and watched her lick all the cum she could. Then without being told, she got off the table and sucked out any cum she could from my cock. She stood up and asked to use the washroom again.

She walked out 10 minutes later, all washed up and looking incredible. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss “I have to say, you really know how to get a woman off.” She started dressing.

“So, how about we go out for dinner?”

“Sorry stud, but I have a date tonight. I really like this guy and it’s our 3rd date, so I don’t want to cancel. But this was really fun and seriously the best sex I ever had.”

“But you won’t cancel a date for me or a chance to have more of this?”

“This was amazing, like I said, but we are never going to be together Tim, I’m sorry, you’re just not my type.” She was at the door.

“Well know this you stuck up cunt, if you ever want my cock again you are really going to have to beg for it.” She walked out. I knew she would be back.

I was elated. It was working exactly as I planned. I took a shower and relaxed for a bit. I ordered some dinner and she was walking out with her date just as my food arrived. She was in a nice black dress and heels and gave me a little smile as she walked past. It was just after 7.

I ate and while watching video from my apartment. Before I was done with the formula, I installed several hidden cameras in my condo to capture the results. I jerked off twice before to the videos before 10 pm. That’s when Julie and her date got home. I watched in the peep hole. She was all over him, tugging at his pants as she pulled him into the apartment. I was a bit angry. Was he going to get the fucking I was supposed to?

30 minutes later she was in a robe, desperately pushing him out the door, in a robe that she had not closed.

“I’m so sorry, but you have to leave, please just go.”

“But I don’t understand. You seemed to really be enjoying yourself. I know I was. Is it because I came in your mouth? I was warning you and I can get hard again, don’t worry”

“No it’s not, just please go.” She was urgently pushing him away.

“I don’t need this shit. I’m out of here.” I laughed out loud as he walked away.

She watched him leave, then eyed my door. When the elevator doors closed, she ran across, frantically knocking at my door. I made her wait.

She kept knocking “Tim, please, let me in. I really NEED to see you.”

Finally I opened the door and looked at my frantic neighbor, her robe held closed by her hand.

“Can I come in please.”

“No, tell me what you want.”

“I want you. I need you. Please let me in, I’ll do anything.”

“So, how was your date?”

“Horrible, now please.”

“Tell me about the date first and don’t leave out the juicy details.”

“Fine. We sent to dinner at ….”

“Hang on. I want to see your tits while you tell the story.”

“What? Fine, but can we go inside?”


She opened her robe and let her tits hang out. Then she continued with the date story. They went to dinner, and it was nice, but she started to get horny. She even masturbated in the washroom, but couldn’t cum. She figured she would fuck him, so she brought him back to her place. Once inside, she attacked him, pulled off her clothes and his, then she sucked him like a made women, furiously masturbating while she did. But her thoughts were only about me. She couldn’t get me out of her mind, he wasn’t good enough, she needed my cock. He came in her mouth, and she easily swallowed it all, but knew right then that he was not going to help her at all. So, she kicked him out and came here.

“Now will you fuck my brains out, please?”

“Give me the robe?” she handed it over, not even trying to cover her nudity.

“Now, on your knees and beg me properly.”

She was on her knees, in the hall, naked and begging me to fuck her wet cunt. I loved every second of it.

I looked at my watch. “I’s almost 11. You can come in and I will fuck you the way a horny cunt like you should be fucked, but there is a condition?”


“6 pm tomorrow. That’s how long I get to use you in any way I want. From now until 6 pm, your mouth, tits and cunt are mine. Deal!”

She barely hesitated “Deal!” She started to stand up.

“No, no, no, a proper whore crawls. To the couch whore!”

She dropped back down and crawled inside. I passed her and got to the couch. I slipped off my track pants and sat down, my semi hard cock flopping to the side. She got to me and went right for my cock.

“Now, get me good and hard and I will let you ride my cock.”

“Yes sir” she said with a smile and got to work

25 minutes later she was riding me like a wild woman, bouncing up and down, begging me to cum, asking me where I wanted to cum.”

I finally pushed her off and came all over her tits and face again. She came so hard she couldn’t say a word, no sound coming from her and then she collapsed on the floor, out cold. I looked at her, laying on the floor, naked and soaked in my cum. My life would never be the same.

She came around a few minutes later, scooping my cum off her face and into her mouth. I watched her intently. Then she started to lick her tits clean, finally sucking my cock clean. Only then did she speak. As she knelt in front of me, caressing my cock.

“That was insane. I actually came so hard I passed out. I guess I’m yours now. What do you want me to do?”

“Good start, asking me. First from now on, you clean my cock after I fuck you first, then yourself.”

She leaned down and kissed my cock “Sorry sir, your cum is just so damn tasty.”

“Next you will go home and clean up, put on the sluttiest dress and heels you have and make yourself look hot. We are going out for a bit.”

“Sounds fun.” She started to look around “Where’s my robe?”

“You don’t need it. Now go.” She got up and walked out naked to go home.

I put on some clothes and she walked back in 30 min later in a slutty little black dress and heels.

“Are you very nice underwear?”

“Oh yes, you are going to love them.”

“I’m sure I would, but not tonight, leave them here.”

“How naughty.” She reached under her dress and dropped her thong, then removed her bra. Her tits barely dropped when she took it off.

We hit two clubs and I showed her off as much as possible, making out with her and I even fucked her in the bathroom of the second club.

At around 3 AM she left a message with her studio that she was sick and wouldn’t make it in today.

Then back to my place for more fucking until 5 am. I fell asleep with her at my side.

At 11 am I woke up to her mouth on my cock, as instructed. She sucked me hard and I fucked her brains out. Then fucked again in the shower.

While she made me lunch, in heels and an apron only, I moved on to my next part of my plan.

I texted Rich to come by my place at 2 pm, it would be worth it. He replied back that he would be there.

She served my lunch and sucked me off while I ate.

While she licked up my cum I gave her instructions to follow. She agreed and left soon after.