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Rich got there by 2 and I got us a couple of beers and we sat in the living room.

“Ok dude, I need you to listen to what I have to say and believe me, I am not lying.”

“Ok Mr Drama, what’s so important.”

“You know Julie, the yoga instructor across the hall?”

“Of course, you rarely see tits like that with an ass like hers. So what, you finally got a pity blow job?”

“And then some.” I turned on my tv and started the video. I edited my entire days event into a 45 minute summary. By the end Rick looked ready to jerk his cock.

“Ok, this is cool, and I do want to see the whole thing, preferably unedited…”

“All 4 hours? Because that’s how much video there is of us fucking, include cell phone video from the clubs I fucked her in.”

“Seriously, well yeah, I want to see it all and this is a huge score for you, but how is this something I had to come right over to see?”

I told him everything. I trusted Rich pervy desires and greed would prevent him from screwing me over.

For 10 minutes he asked me questions about the drug, the process and the effect on men and women.

“So how can I turn this into money?”

“Well, I definitely have some ideas about this and if it actually works like you say, I will fund you completely.”

“What do you mean, you just saw the video of me dominating Julie. I fucked her raw and treated her like a slut and she loved it. She’s never shown any interest in me at all before yesterday.”

“Compelling, but…” there was a knock at the door.

“Hold that thought. Come in.”

Julie walked wearing a slutty maid outfit. She was in 4″ heels, black garters, a short puffy skirt that barely covered her pussy and ass and the top was a corset, pushing out her exposed tits “Hi Tim, I’m here to clean your…” she turned and covered up “I didn’t know you had company.”

“What difference does that make. This is Rich, my best friend, not stop being a rude bitch and turn around an say hi.”

She turned around as ordered, her hands covering her tits. “Hi, I’m Julie.”

“Nice to meet you.” Rich replied.

“Stop being a rude cunt and drop your hands. Rich deserves to see how nice you look.” She hesitantly dropped her hands. Rich just starred in awe.

“Now why don’t you go get us a couple of beers.”

“Yes sir” she walked off, Rich staring at her ass the whole time.

“Need more proof?”


“Fine, how’s this.” She came back and handed us each a beer.

“Now I think you offended Rich here so you should make it up to him. I think a blow job should do it and let him decide where he would like to cum.”

She looked pissed, but turned to Rich “I’m so sorry, maybe I could suck your cock? You can cum anywhere you want.”

“Sure, in your mouth would be nice.”

She dropped to her knees and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth, which did not take long.

“OK cunt, go home and masturbate until I get there.”

“Yes sir” she walked out

“Believe me now.”

“A bit more, but not quite.”

“Seriously, she just sucked your cock.”

“Hey, I don’t know her, maybe she is a slut and loves to be dominated. I need to see a test with someone I pick.”

“Fine, I’ll give you a dose and you use it. Use it on frigid wife.”

“If that cunt fucks like Julie, then I would believe it works. But I want you to fuck her.”

“Are you serious? You want me to fuck your wife? To fuck her like I did Julie?”

“No, not like that. Don’t treat her that nice. Come on, how many times have you said you would kill to tit fuck my wife? Well do it. Prove to me this stuff works. Make my wife beg you to cum on her face and tits.”

“Fine. Your call man. What’s the plan?”

“The plan is you are going to give me a link to these videos so I can jerk it to your hot neighbor and again tomorrow when you make my wife into your personal slut. Then when that’s done, we will talk business.”

We sat and discussed the details of how I was going to dose Leslie and a rough plan on what to make her do. We realized that it would be interesting to see what she said or did with her husband to cover us the fact that she is fucking me all day.

Rich walked out “I really hope this works.”

“It will, trust me. See you tomorrow.” I was heading to fuck Julie again.

“Can I watch you fuck her.” I looked at my watch. I had another 2 hours left.

We ended up double teaming her until 6. She loved it all.

The next day I drove to Rich’s house around noon, ready to execute our plan. When I got there, he let me in, Leslie ignoring me as she walked upstairs. She was wearing jeans and a T, looking really nice. We went outside and had a beer. Leslie popped her head out, now wearing a sweatshirt over her T.

“Hey Leslie, you look nice today.”

“Yeah, whatever. Are you two drinking out here all afternoon?”

“Maybe” Rich answers her.

She rolls her eyes and goes back inside.

“Ok, it’s now or never.” Rich says

I pull out my case and opened the second compartment and push the lens onto my finger. “So, that’s it?”

“Yup, I wait 5 minutes and then I just have to touch her within the next 30.”

“And it doesn’t matter where you touch her?”

“I just need bare skin.”

“I can’t even see it anymore.”

“That’s a good thing, easier to hide.”

We waited and then I headed inside to find my pray. She was in the living room watching TV. She ignored me as I walked by. I was behind her, the back of her neck exposed. I reached down and brushed her neck, touching her with my finger.

“What are you doing?”

“You had mosquito on you.”

“Next time just tell me.” She stormed out of the room and I heard her murmur “Creep”. I was going to enjoy this.

I grabbed a couple of beers, his last two (by design) and headed outside.


“It’s done. I’ll put the cameras up.”

“Out here. Neighbors might see, she will never go for it.”

“Then it will be a good test, won’t it.”

“Good point.” He pulled out his phone and got the feed to the cameras. The 4 cams got the whole deck and pool area. “Got it. Ok, I’ll head out soon.”

“Wait until she comes out, that will be a sign that she is almost ready.”

We finished our beers and then Leslie walked out in a two-piece bathing suite. It wasn’t super revealing, but it did show me she had a voluptuous body and really big tits and she didn’t mind showing me her slightly thick midsection. It was blue, with a top that covered all her tits, but did separate them and a bottom that covered most of her plump ass. Normally this would not have been a huge sign, but I haven’t seen here in less then a sweatshirt before. She would never wear that in front of me. I had her!

“Don’t mind me, I’m just going to get some sun” she sauntered by, looking at me, not her husband and smiling a bit as I stared at her tits. She walked to the tanning bed, propped up the head of it and sat leaned her head back a bit, pushing her tits out. I could already notice her nipples were rock hard.

“Hey, I have to go get beer. Can you keep Tim company?”

“Sure” still just smiling at me.

Rich was almost laughing as he walked out of the yard.

I stood up “I need to cool off.”

“Yeah, you look hot… I mean you look like your hot.” She blushed a bit.

I looked right at her as I pulled down my trunks and revealed a speedo underneath. Not what I normally wore, but I picked this up today, just for my plan. The outline of my semi hard cock was easily visible.

I slowly walked to the pool and dove in. I gave a quick look, and she was checking me out.

I swam a lap and jumped out. I walked over to her as I toweled off. She couldn’t stop stealing glances at my package. This was working. I tossed the towel away.

I finally got her eyes to meet mine “You should really put on some sunscreen. Would you like some help?”

She reached for the bottle and handed it to me “Would you?” she pushed down the head of the bed and laid on her stomach. She was resting her head on her hands, her head turned to face me.

I started on her shoulders, then her exposed part of her back. I rubbed in the lotion, and she moaned in pleasure. I grabbed her arms and moved them down her side and applied some to them as well. When she moved them, she brushed my thigh and her fingers gave a little grasp, hoping to hit my cock.

My hands worked her entire back, hitting her top a few times “You know, this top will give you tan lines, you should undo it.

“Good idea” she reached behind her neck and undid the tie, then was reaching for the clasp “Let me” I said as I undid it for her.

I moved it to the side, then started to pull it out from under her “Let’s just get it out of the way.”

She looked at me and smiled as she lifted off the bed a bit and allowed me to pull it out. I got a glimpse of her dangling tits as she laid back down. I tossed the top in the pool.

Now I worked her entire back unobstructed. I massaged her for a good 5 minutes. I even positioned myself on her legs, my bulge just touching her ass as I rubbed her back. My hands moving further and further down. I even pushed her bottom down a few inches. Then I moved passed her ass and started to work her legs. Starting at her feet and moving up her calves then the back of her legs, finally her thighs. I moved her legs apart and she let me. I could see her bottoms were wet with anticipation.

“Time to roll over.”

“Huh? Oh yeah. Can you pass me my top?”

“Sorry, it’s in the pool. Just cover them with your hands.” She started to turn over, in a daze, her hands covering her large tits, but failing miserably. She finally positioned herself on her back, her hands on her tits, looking at me as I started to rub lotion on her legs and moved up.

Her hands started to betray her, now fondling her tits in front of me. I grabbed the lotion and held it up and poured a large amount on her hands and tits “Good idea, you should rub sunscreen on those too while I do your legs and thighs.” I gave her an evil grin, she just started rubbing it into her tits. We locked eyes as I worked her legs and she did her tits. I didn’t waist much time getting to her thigh, staring her in the eyes the whole time, pushing her legs apart and I rubbed closer and closer to her cunt.

The first time my fingers grazed her pussy she let out a quiet “Oh god.” Her eyes locked on mine and she grasped her tits, somehow looking surprised. I moved beside her, kneeling, my hard cock threatening to burst out. My hand went back to her pussy and rubbed it over her bottoms and she started to moan, losing control. She had managed to keep her nipples hidden most of the time she was rubbing her tits, but now she was actively pinching them. She was just about to cum when I pulled my hand away.

She looked at me, confused “Take them off now!” I ordered her. She didn’t say a word. Her hands left her tits, giving me my first unobstructed view and she lifted her ass and pulled off her bottoms and sat back down, holding them in her hands.

“Toss them in the pool.” She didn’t question me at all, she just did it. She had a mess of pubic hair, obviously she didn’t trim. My hand went back to her cunt and I slipped two fingers in. “Keep working your tits bitch! Put on a good show while I finger fuck you.”

She barely got her hands back on her tits and she was starting to cum on my fingers.

“Proper sluts suck on their nipples.” She brought a tit up to her mouth and sucked on it while she came.

She still had her hands on her tits as she came down from her first orgasm. I looked down at her and shoved my fingers into her mouth. “You got cunt juice all over my fingers.” She sucked them clean, both hands on my hand, making sure to get it all.

I pulled away and pulled out my rock hard cock. “Look what you did.” Her eyes went wide with shock at the size of it. She propped herself up on her elbous

“So tell me bitch, when’s the last time you sucked a cock.”

She thought for a bit “Not since before I got pregnant” her mouth was watering.

“So you don’t like sucking cock?”

“No, I hate it.” But her eyes were locked on my cock.

“Look at me cunt!” her eyes snapped up.

“You’re going to be a good little whore and suck this cock, aren’t you?”

She nodded. I grabbed my cock and slapped her face hard “Answer me when I ask you a question cunt!”

She jerked back, still looking at me “Yes, I will suck your cock.”

“Because you’re a horny cunt who knows it’s her place to suck a man’s cock, right.”

“Yes, I am. Can I suck your cock please?”

“Better. Time to see what you remember.” I pushed my cock to her mouth and she accepted it. I mauled her tits while she worked. She sucked for all she was worth, one hand on my cock, the other between her legs, working on her next orgasm.

After a few minutes I stopped her “Time to see what those tits can do. Push them together.” I pushed my cock between them, the head popping out the top every stroke. She didn’t need prompting, she sucked the head as it appeared.

“My god for someone who hasn’t sucked cock in almost 20 years, you seem to like it. Don’t you?” she nodded

“And you like having my cock fuck your tits, don’t you, you horny cunt.”

“God yes, fuck my big tits.”

“Ever let a man cum on your tits and face slut.”

“No, never”

“But I can, can’t I”

“Yes, yes, cum on my tits, cum on my face, please”

“And you’ll lick all that cum off your tits, won’t you, because that’s what whores do, don’t they.”

“Yes, I will, anything, just cum on me, please.”

“Keep begging slut.”

She did for a couple of minutes before I exploded all over her tits and face and she squirmed under me as she came. She was squeezing her tits together hard as I coated them in cum.

I pushed my cock back in her mouth and she sucked it clean. I got off and watched as she sat up and started to lick my cum off her tits, putting on a show for me. When she was done I looked at her “I always knew you were a cock sucking cunt.”

“I don’t know what came over me.” Just then we heard Rich walking in the yard.

She panicked and dove in the pool, frantically grabbing for her suit.

Rich walked up, she had her bottoms on, but was struggling with her top. He looked at her “Lose something there hun?”

She stammered “Yeah, I dove in and my top came off, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Good for you Tim, you finally got to see her tits.”

“Nah, I barely saw anything.”

She stepped out, now covered and reached for a towel.

Rich handed me a beer and headed inside with the rest.

She walked up to me “Listen, that was really fun and I don’t know what came over me, but we can’t tell Rich and it can never happen again, ok”

“Whatever you say, but just so you know, I would be willing to fuck you if you asked.”

“Thank you, but I won’t.”

“But if you do, that cunt of yours better be neatly trimmed. I don’t fuck messy pussy.”

She covered her crotch with her towel and ran inside “You’re such an asshole!”

Rich came back out and sat down “Oh my fucking god, it actually works. I watched the whole thing and jerked off in my car. It was amazing. That bitch was all over you. I’ve never seen her so horny and willing.”

“It’s only going to get better.” I looked at my watch, it was 1:30.

“Dinner reservation is for 6, will she last that long?” Rich asked.

“It will be close. She really hates me. Julie just found me annoying and perverted, but there was no real hate. I think she will be on the verge when we get there.”

She walked out, back in her jeans and T, no sweatshirt this time, progress I guess.

“I made dinner reservations for the 3 of us at Martin’s. It’s for 6.”

“You two go, I’m just going to stay home.” She grabbed her book that was on the table and headed inside.

Rich looked surprised “Relax, she will come. I’ll make a suggestion before I head home to change at 5. By the time I meet you at Martin’s she will have begged you to let her come.

We had a few more drinks and around 5 I said I was heading home, after I piss. I used the washroom and found a ragged looking Leslie in the kitchen. Her nipples were rock hard. She definitely had been masturbating to no avail.

“You should come to dinner tonight, it will be fun.” I put my hand on her hip and moved it up a bit.

She came out of her daze “I don’t know, I mean I can’t…” my hand was just touching her tit now and she didn’t pull away.

“Listen, what happened, happened. Don’t worry I won’t tell Rich and I won’t blackmail you or anything. I mean that was one amazing tit fuck/blow job, maybe the best I ever had and you are stunningly beautiful, but I won’t cause you any problems. Just come to dinner. Think about it, you put on some heels, a sexy cocktail dress with a push up bra, do your hair and makeup. You’ll be a walking wet dream. You’d be almost perfect.” She looked at me after that last comment, I stared at her crotch. Her hands covered them instinctively.

I didn’t let her answer. I leaned down, kissed her on the lips as I squeezed her tit. She started to kiss me back, her tongue just licking my lips when I pulled back. I pinched her nipple and walked out.