The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Controlling Jennifer IV: Learning to Have Faith

The sun was setting. Jennifer’s physics lab had run late; it had been one of those wonderfully stupid labs where they had spent 3 and 1/2 hours hitting clay blobs with ball bearings. The whole thing had been extremely dull, and Jennifer’s distraction hadn’t helped; it had only made the lab even longer and more exasperating. She had been very glad when they had finally been able to get out of there; she definitely needed time to think.

The problem was clutched in her hand as she walked back to the dorm. It was her physics test. She had received an ‘A.’ 100 out of 100. A perfect score, and on a test she hadn’t felt prepared for. She ought to have felt proud.

Except she had run out of time, and hadn’t even made it to the last page. And yet the teacher had given her a perfect score on that empty page, just like he had on all the other pages. One problem she hadn’t had time to finish, she just scribbled down an equation, just so she might get some sort of partial credit. Nope, not partial credit. Full credit. And scrawled under the problem, in the teacher’s handwriting: “Close enough.”

Jennifer clutched the test close to her. She had been careful not to let anyone see the test, or the grade she had received on it. She told everyone she had received a ‘C’, which was probably fairly close to the truth, since that’s what she probably should have received. Had powers not worked in her favor. Mark’s powers.

Jennifer walked towards her dorm through the grassy quad in the middle of campus. The sky was painted orange by the setting sun, and the quad was fairly empty, as it usually was at dusk. The occasional student walked from a late class, but overall most people were inside already. The air was starting to get chilly, and Jennifer told herself she needed to get back and put on warmer clothes. The cool air slipped over her bare legs as she strolled along. Ordinarily, she would have enjoyed the walk back to the dorm as the sun set, but she was too preoccupied.

Since the last time she had seen Mark, her perception of him had changed considerably. Or rather, she now allowed herself to HAVE a perception of him. Maybe it was the revelation that he too was a student at the college; maybe his strange behavior just before he had left her in the library. Whatever it was, he was on her mind a lot. She hadn’t dared to let herself consider what he was like before, taking it for granted that he was a monster, pure and simple. A mind-raper. But now she found herself wondering about him. About what kind of person he was when he wasn’t controlling her. She really knew nothing about him, Nothing at all.

When she had last seen Mark, she had exposed herself before him, and she remembered he had touched her clit, then run his finger down the length of her slit. At the time she had been too consumed with sexual frustration to consider the implications of it. It wasn’t until afterwards that she had made a realization: that was really the first time he had touched her. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He had kissed her a number of times, and he had taken her hand to lead her around. But he hadn’t really touched her sexually until then, and afterwards, she started to wonder why. Why hadn’t he ever had sex with her? He certainly hadn’t lacked for opportunities. Yet he barely even touched her. Why?

Jennifer was thinking about this, and about her physics test, and wasn’t paying any attention to her surroundings, just enough to know she was on the route back to her dorm. She was walking on the sidewalk, along the road that led through the middle of the campus, and didn’t notice the car until it pulled up beside her.

Jennifer stopped, surprised, almost dropping her books. It was a white car, very shiny, very sleek. Brand new. The driver stopped the motor, and Jennifer looked through the window to see who it was. She wasn’t very surprised to see Mark smiling at her, having figured that he would show up to at least explain her test.

Jennifer stopped, pressing her legs together against the cold, and waited for him to get out. Her heart had started to speed up, and she shivered, though whether it was because of the cold or in anticipation of Mark’s orders, she did not know. She let her eyes follow him as he opened the door and stepped from the car.

“Hello, Jennifer.” he smiled at her and nodded politely. His voice was very formal. He likes to be formal, Jennifer thought to herself. Like he’s being a gentleman.

“Hi, Mark.” she said uncertainly, trying to decide whether she should address the subject of her test or wait until he did.

“How do you like my new car?” he indicated the sleek white beast he had arrived in. Jennifer slid her eyes over its curves. It looked expensive. Probably obtained by his power. That seemed to be how Mark obtained everything.

Including me, Jenny thought. “It’s nice.” she said quietly.

“I’m glad you like it.” he grinned, patting its hood as if it was a pet dog. “It’s brand new. Drives like a dream. Want to go for a ride?”

“All right.” she said simply, and stepped over to the passenger side. As she turned around, her fingers caught in the door handle, she saw he was following her over. She watched him as he approached, wondering what he had in mind.

He must have seen the confusion in her eyes, for he smiled. “The seat covers are sheepskin. Very soft and plush.” Jennifer looked in the car, and noted the white fur on the seats. She looked back at Mark, waiting for him to explain further.

“I think you would appreciate the feeling of it against your bare skin.” He was watching her face, but as he spoke this line, he quickly ran his eyes down her body, then returned back to her face. She knew what he wanted before he even asked. “Take off all of your clothes, Jennifer. Put them in the back seat, then get in the front.” He waited.

Jennifer took a quick look around to see if anyone was watching. The quad was fairly deserted, and those few who were there were not paying attention to her. Her fingers traced the top button of her blouse, considering, and then she slipped it out of its hole. I’m getting bolder, she thought. This doesn’t bother me as much.

As she moved her hands down her blouse, button by button, she spoke. “I got an A on my test.”

“Really? Congratulations!” Jennifer glanced up to see him grinning, his usual smug grin, the grin that was born from the confidence of his power. She dropped her eyes again.

“It was you, wasn’t it.” A murmur as she pulled the edges of her blouse out from the top of her skirt. She slipped it off, feeling the cold air against her now bare skin. Her nipples pressed against the soft inner layer of her bra, hardening as the cold seeped in. Mark moved around her and opened the back door for her; she dropped the blouse in and watched it fall in a heap of silk.

“I told you to have faith in me, Jennifer.” Mark said. Jennifer could feel his eyes on her breasts as she akwardly reached back and undid the clasp of her bra. It made her uncomfortable. She let the straps slide down her arms and was aware her breasts were now in view, the nipples pert in the cold. Mark continued, his voice lower. “You didn’t need to worry about that physics test. I told you I would take care of you.” Jennifer dropped the bra beside her blouse, feeling the air wash over her naked top. She stopped to gaze at Mark.

“You used your power. On the teacher. I didn’t deserve an A. But you made him give me one anyway.” she stated.

Mark nodded. “Yes, Jenny. That’s what I did.” He gestured at her skirt. “Come on, the rest.”

Jennifer unzipped the back of the skirt, and slipped it to the ground, watching it pool in a dark circle at her feet. “Mark...” she said. “I want to ask you for something.”


She wouldn’t meet his eyes. “I want you to stop doing that. Don’t make the teachers give me A’s.” She dropped the skirt in the car.

“Huh? Why not?”

Jennifer had been slow removing her other clothes, but when she came to her panties, she suddenly decided to pull them off quickly, hoping that the sight of her body, completely naked before him, would distract Mark enough that he would agree. She tossed the tiny pink garment onto the back seat, and stood facing him, her tan flesh reflecting the street lights. “Because.” she said. “Because if I get an A, I want it to be because of me, not because you used your power. I appreciate it, I really do, Mark. But I’d rather do it myself, ok?”

Mark stared at her for a moment, considering. A cold breeze blew over Jennifer’s flesh, and she suppressed the shiver that threatened to course through her. Be impassive, she thought. Act like you don’t care that you’re naked out in front of everyone. Be patient. She waited for his answer.

Finally, he shrugged. “Very well, slave Jennifer. I did it for you, but if you would rather I did not, well, hey, it saves me the effort.” He shut the back door and moved over to the other side. Jennifer, very aware of her nakedness, waited for him to unlock her door. She looked around to see if she had gone unnoticed, and she had not. A guy was staring at her as he walked down the sidewalk, his mouth slightly opened and his eyes on her body. Jennifer’s heart beat faster, but she found she didn’t care that much that he stared. She was naked, and there was nothing she could do about it. If he found her nakedness so entrancing, then so be it.

Mark finally unlocked her door, and she gratefully stepped in and closed the door behind her. As Mark started the car, Jennifer pressed into the seat for warmth. He had been right; the seat cover really did feel nice against her bare skin. She rubbed her back against it, enjoying its softness. Mark pulled away from the curb.

They were driving along now, through the campus. Fortunately it was dark enough that no one could really see her in the car very well. Nevertheless, she crunched herself down until they left the campus. As they pulled out into the surrounding suburban area, she allowed herself to stretch out and relax more.

They stopped at a stoplight, and Mark looked over at her while they waited. “You have a lovely body, Jennifer.” he said, his eyes running appreciatively over Jennifer’s bare flesh.

She blushed slightly. “Thanks.” she murmured. Having found her voice, she asked “Where are we going?”

“Oh, nowhere in particular.” He answered. The light turned green, and they started off again. “I mean, I didn’t really have any place in mind. I thought we would just drive.” He paused. “What do you think of the car? Pretty nice, huh?”

“How did you get it?”

Mark glanced at her as he drove. His voice was gruffer when he answered. “What do you mean? I used my power, of course.” Jennifer was noticing that he drove awfully fast. She clutched the armrest.

“Yeah....” Jennifer said. “That’s what I thought.” She watched the surroundings pass by outside.

“So what do you think of it?”

“It’s nice.” she said. Her voice was very neutral. A Mcdonalds flashed by her window. A man on a bicycle. Jennifer tried to let her mind float with the passing scenery. Then they roared up a ramp onto the freeway. She heard Mark speak again. “How did you think I would have gotten this car?” he asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.” she answered. She found it hard to focus; her eyes were hypnotized by the scenery flashing by outside. “Maybe you’re rich or something? I suppose it doesn’t matter. It’s all kind of the same anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

Jenny really didn’t know what she meant, but she tried to explain anyhow. “You know. You can do things the rest of us can’t. Get cars without even thinking about it. You have that power.” Jennifer noticed they were passing the other cars on the road now, roaring by them. She nervously glanced at the speedometer. They were going close to 85. Her fingers pressed into the arm rest, and then she remembered to fasten her seatbelt. The strap scraped against her nipple as she crossed it over her body.

When she looked at Mark, he was grinning. “Nervous, Jennifer?” he chuckled. “Like I said, you need to learn to have faith in me. I’m not going to crash us. I’m a good driver...I just like to drive fast.” Mark reached over and ran his hand affectionately over Jenny’s cheek to her hair, then returned to driving. Was that supposed to comfort me? Jenny asked herself. It didn’t help very much.

Jenny saw the flashing lights flickering on the dashboard seconds before they heard the siren. “Uh, oh.” said Mark. He started to pull over to the side. Jennifer whirled backwards to see a police car behind them.

“The police!” she said. She stared at Mark, panic dancing in her eyes. “Oh, god, Mark, now you’ve done it, the police are pulling us over, and I’m completely naked...I knew you should have slowed down! What are they going to do?” Jennifer had never been pulled over in her life. She started to turn around to get her clothes out of the back seat.

Then she felt Mark’s hand grab her shoulder and whirl her back around. “No.” he said. His eyes were flashing at her, and his voice was hard. “Did I tell you that you could put your clothes back on? Huh? Answer, slave Jennifer.”

Jennifer crumpled, pressing back against the seat as if she was trying to sink into it. “No, master.” she whispered.

“No, I didn’t. So just sit back and let me handle things.” They were on the side of the road now, and the police car was settling in behind them. When Mark spoke again, his voice was softer. “I told you to trust me, Jennifer. I can handle the police, you don’t have to worry about that.” Behind them, the door of the police car slammed shut, and they heard the clicking of the cop’s heels against the pavement. Mark rolled down the window.

The policeman had a thin, hardened face, and he wore reflective sunglasses. Jennifer saw Mark’s smile reflected in them. “What can I do for you, officer?” he asked.

The officer did not return the smile. “You were driving pretty fast there, mister.” he grunted.

Mark only grinned. “No, I wasn’t.” He answered.

“No, you weren’t.” repeated the officer. He sounded confused. “Yeah, I guess you weren’t. Sorry, mister.” He started to walk off, and then Jenny saw her naked body reflected in his sunglasses. He stared at her, and Jenny felt the urge to shrink into the seat. The cop turned back to Mark.

“What’s with the girl?” the officer asked.

“Oh, her?” Mark answered nonchalantly. “Don’t worry about her, officer. She’s my girlfriend. She likes to go nude all the time; it turns her on.”

The officer considered Mark’s answer, then looked back at Jennifer. Jenny cringed under his appraisel. Then the man spoke again, this time to her. “Is that right, miss? Are you doing this by choice, or is he forcing you into it?” He waited.

Jennifer opened her mouth to answer, then closed it again. Mark was watching her, his eyes intense. She started to speak again, to say yes, it was by her own choice, but she couldn’t. She closed her mouth again, and glanced nervously at Mark.

That was all the answer the cop needed. He started to tug on his gun. “Ok, mister. Why don’t you get out of the car.” Mark turned to glare at Jenny, then looked back at the cop.

“You trust me.” he said. His voice was cold. The officer went rigid; his hand fell away from his gun.

“I trust you.” the policeman repeated.

“I’ve done nothing wrong. You have no need for me to get out of my car.”

The policeman shook his head. “Yes. Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry to bother you, mister.” The policeman started to walk back to his car.

“Wait.” said Mark. The cop froze. Mark turned to direct a cold stare at Jennifer, then he turned back to the policeman. “You trust me, but you don’t trust the girl. She looks suspicious. She is undoubtedly carrying concealed weapons in all the clothes she is wearing.”

Jennifer gaped at Mark, then looked at the policeman, who had fixed his eyes on her. The cop spoke; his voice was low and dangerous. “Would you please step out of the car, miss. And for your sake, keep your hands behind your head.” Jennifer stared at Mark helplessly; he only watched her, amusement dancing behind his eyes.

The policeman had started to unsnap his gun, and Jennifer numbly unlocked her door and opened it. The cold air rushed in over her nakedness. She stepped outside, and was careful to keep her hands behind her head. The policeman came over to her, and she saw that Mark, too, got out of the car and walked over to stand beside her.

“Up against the car, please.” commanded the cop.

“What?” asked Jennifer, staring at him.

The man walked over to her and pushed her roughly toward the car. “I said up against the car! Put your hands against the side!” Jennifer let herself be pushed up against the car, her mind racing. She felt exposed, her hands pressed against the top of the car, her bare ass jutting out behind her. The tips of her nipples brushed the side of the car. It was cold, very cold.

She heard Mark speak. “Take your time.” he told the cop. “And be gentle.”

Jennifer stared over the car into the street, watching other cars drive by oblivious to her plight. Then she felt leather clad fingers slipping between her legs, touching her on the inner thigh. “Spread your legs.” commanded the officer. Jennifer gasped. Her face hot, she yielded to his pressure, scissoring her legs open. Now she felt very exposed. Open to his exploration.

The officer started on her upper arms, patting them with his hands. She felt the black leather of his gloves against her bare skin; it was a strange, cool feeling. Then he slipped his hands under her arms and started to pat his way down her front. His hands lingered at her breasts, pressing them against her body, and her breathing became heavier as a wave of -something—pleasure?—went through her. It was a strange feeling. His thumbs slipped over her nipples, casually, and then he was moving down the flesh on her belly, patting her gently, looking for concealed weapons in her bare flesh. His fingers brushed against the edge of her pubic triangle on either side, and then started down her long legs. The black leather slipped down the front of her legs, and then started up the back.

Finally, he reached her ass, and he paused. She tensed in anticipation, and her breathing was very ragged. She could feel herself getting slick between her legs, even as she told herself that she shouldn’t be enjoying the experience. Somehow that only made it more erotic. Finally, she felt the leather press against her buttocks, and his patting motion had become more of a sliding. One leather finger slipped, almost against its will, tracing the line of her ass up to the small of her back. She gasped; the police weren’t supposed to search people like this, were they? The finger started down her her again, slipping between her buttocks, sliding gently over her asshole, moving slowly, closer and closer to her wet pussy. Then the leather finger perched against her swollen lips, stopping, almost considering. Jennifer waited, breathing heavily, her whole body anticipating. Waiting. Then the finger slipped inside her. She gasped again, the leather slick with her juices, feeling herself penetrated, his finger moving inside her like some tiny leather penis.

Abruptly, he pulled his finger out, and quickly, roughly, patted his way up her back. He turned away, and Jennifer almost collapsed against the car. Her legs trembled. The policeman turned to Mark. “She’s clean.” she heard him say. Then his heels were clicking, going back to the police car. Jennifer felt her flesh press against the cold car; she was aware that she had been sweating, even amidst the cold. A hand patted her on the shoulder; Mark’s hand. “Come on, Jennifer. Get back inside the car.” he said gently. She allowed him to open the door for her, and then collapsed inside against the seat covers. The space between her legs was sticky with her fluids; she wished she had something to wipe it off with, to keep herself from getting it on the seat covers.

The police car drove off. Mark got in beside her, and started the car. Jennifer leaned back as they pulled away from the side. Once again, she had been allowed to feel pleasure without reaching any sort of climax, and it left her restless. As they drove along, her eyes drifted to Mark’s crotch. Was he hard or not? She couldn’t tell through his pants. She wondered if he would decide to have sex with her. More importantly...did she want him to? Jennifer thought about this as they drove along, her restlessness (horniness?) fighting with her pride. Finally, she decided she did not. It wasn’t worth it, after all, wasn’t sex more than just a means of obtaining satisfaction? It should be more, anyhow, it should be a love-thing, Jenny told herself. And she certainly did not love Mark.

Nevertheless, Jennifer desired some sort of climax, so she started to move her finger up and down on the tip of her clitoris, massaging her way to an orgasm. She had her hand slipped under the strap of the seatbelt, so that Mark couldn’t tell she was doing it, and she used all of her self-control to keep from gasping out. Finally, she felt it shudder through her. It was a small orgasm, but her body still tensed and buckled, and she let a gasp escape her mouth, despite all her efforts to keep it in.

Mark whirled, staring at her. “What are you doing?!?” he blurted, then his eyes went from her hand at her clit to her flushed face, and he knew. “What did you do? You just made yourself have an orgasm?” He gaped at her. “I didn’t tell you to do that!”

Jennifer shook her head, breathing heavily. “No.” she said. “But I needed to. After that policeman, I just had to feel myself come.”

Mark looked back at the road. “I didn’t say you could do that.” he said. “You weren’t supposed to do that.”

“Oh?” asked Jennifer, curious. “What was I supposed to do?”

“Nothing!” he thundered. “Nothing until I tell you to do something! You’ve been a bad slave, Jennifer.” He shook his head.

“Would it please you to know that I enjoyed it, master?” Jenny ventured, tacking the ‘master’ at the end in hopes of calming him down.

“Enjoyed it? Of course you enjoyed it! It was an orgasm! No, you’ll have to be punished, my slave. You’ll have to learn that you don’t get off until I let you. You don’t come until I finally decide you can come. Until then, you’ll have to wait. Yes, you’ll have to be punished.” They had left the freeway, and Mark was looking around, driving aimlessly, as if looking for something in particular. Finally, he seemed to find it. He parked at the side of the street.

“Here is your punishment, Jennifer.” he stated. “You will get out, and walk over to that stop sign way over there.” She could see the sign he pointed at; it was about fifty feet away. “Wait there and I’ll pick you up.”

Jennifer looked at the street he wanted her to walk down. It was a fairly wide street in a seedy neighborhood, with two lanes going both directions. Not a particularly busy street, but busy enough that at least someone would see her. Even worse, she could see a bum sitting at a bus stop, and a bunch of little kids playing outside an apartment. She would have to walk right past them, completely naked. Jennifer turned to Mark, to beg for something, anything else to do besides this.

But he wasn’t putting up with it. “Get out.” he said, and Jennifer felt herself compelled to leave the car. The compulsion didn’t leave until she found herself standing on the sidewalk, watching Mark drive off. Watching him leave her.

She looked down the street. This was the worst he had ever done. For all she knew, he was gone for good. He had left her in the bad part of town, completely naked.

“No.” she thought. “Learn to have faith. Mark wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t!” She whispered this vehemently. It was either believe it or go mad. A car honked as it drove by; a man in the passengers seat howled out the window at her. It scared her. She retreated into the shadows.

Again she looked down the street. This won’t be over until you do it, she told herself, and she forced her legs to start walking.

She passed the bum first. He stared at her legs the entire time, and for a moment she was scared that he would reach out and try to touch them. But apparently he was too drunk to do anything more than gape.

Other cars drove by. One man started to pull over, then apparently decided against it, and drove off again. This really shook her. Another lady stuck her head out the window, and screamed at her in some language that seemed to be mostly l’s and g’s.

The kids watched her from a distance, and she heard them talking, heard the words “tittys” “boobs.” Finally they all ran into the apartment, long before she could get near them. As she passed by, she saw them staring out the windows at her.

Then she passed an alleyway. And looking down the alley, she saw a hungry pack of teenagers. They were sitting, talking amongst themselves, but as she passed, one saw her and pointed her out. “Hey, check the naked chick!” he called. The others immediately focused at Jenny. Oh, shit, she thought. Oh, god. She started to walk faster. Where the hell was Mark?

“Hey, whereya going, whore?” One yelled, and they all stood and started walking towards her. Walking towards her purposefully. Jenny freaked out. She started to run.

“Hey, she’s running!” “Get her!” Shoes slammed the pavement behind her. Jenny was a runner; she liked to run. Most of the guys couldn’t catch up with her. She left them all behind, all but one. One that caught up to her and grabbed her arm, almost wrenching it out of its socket. He caught her, and she rebounded as he pulled her back. Back into the pack. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tightly. The others approached; they smelled of cheap liquor. They held out their hands, twisted into claws, moving them to her body to pinch and grab. She struggled, but could not do any more than make them all laugh at her fear. “Let’s screw the bitch.” one said. Rape, thought Jennifer. She felt cold. Helpless.

And then Mark was there. “Let her go!” he screamed. Jennifer felt the arms around her grow limp and fall. Mark ran over. He turned to one. “You’re crippled.” he told the guy. The guy fell to the ground screaming, his legs crumpling under him. Mark turned to another. “You’re a dog.” The man fell to all fours and scampered off.

One of the other members pulled a knife and moved as if to strike at Mark. “Eat it.” commanded Mark. Jennifer tried to turn away, but she couldn’t. She stood spellbound as the teenager stuck the knife into his mouth and tried to push it down his throat. Blood started to drip from his mouth, but the man couldn’t stop. He got the blade about halfway down before he collapsed unconscious.

The other teenagers were running away from Mark and his frightening power. Mark suspended the man who had caught Jennifer by telling him to stop. Then he screamed at all the others. “You all eat shit!” Jennifer didn’t want to think about what that would mean for the teenagers.

Mark turned to the last guy, who was frozen helplessly. “You.” Mark said. His voice was full of rage, burning with hostility. “You tried to hurt my Jennifer.” The man trembled before Mark’s wraith. Then Mark turned to Jennifer. “Jenny, what do you want me to do with him? I give his fate to you to decide.”

“Oh, Mark.” said Jennifer. She really didn’t know what to say. “Tell him to turn himself in, ok? That’s all I want.”

Mark smiled, and before Jennifer knew it, he was kissing her. He pulled away. “You’re too nice.” he told her. Then he turned to the guy. “You heard that? You’ll turn yourself in. You’ll confess to every crime you’ve ever done, including this attempted rape, and then you’ll turn over a new life. You’ll try to be an outstanding citizen. Ok? Do you understand?” The guy nodded mutely, tears running down his face. “Now, get hard.” The man’s eyes opened in surprise as a bulge appeared at his crotch. “You are about to have the biggest orgasm of your life. Can you feel it? Your balls are just fit to burst with jism. How does it feel? Good?” The man moaned. “Good.” And Mark slammed his foot into the man’s balls. The man screamed and collapsed to the ground, clutching his crotch and screaming. He continued to scream as Mark led Jennifer back to the car. He told her to get dressed.

“I’m sorry about that, Jennifer.” he said as she put on her clothes. “It wasn’t supposed to have gone that way. I tried to control it, I did, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know about that alley.”

“You can never control everything.” Jennifer murmured as she slipped her blouse on.

“No, no, I suppose you can’t.” He watched as she finished putting on her clothes. “Jennifer.” Jenny felt his power washing over her. “I want you to never, ever have any nightmares about what almost happened here. Ok?”

“Ok.” she said. They got back into the car, and Mark drove her back to her dorm. They drove in silence.

Finally, they arrived at the dorm parking lot. Mark stopped the car, without a word, and waited. Jennifer grabbed her physics books and her test, and opened the door. She was just about to step out, when on a strange impulse, she turned around and pressed a kiss against Mark’s cheek. He turned to stare at her in surprise.

“What...?” he started.

“I’m learning to have faith.” she said simply, and before he could respond, she had stepped out of the car and was running back to the door of her dorm.