The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author’s notes:

This is my first work of erotic fiction, so any feedback you may have will likely be helpful. The first chapter is mostly exposition with little detail to the sex described. If you’re looking for straight out stroke material, you may want to skip ahead to chapter two. Writing has been a little slow, but more is coming. I have a special request about where the story should progress, but I don’t see that happening until sometime around chapter six. I’m especially eager for my little pet to email me and tell me how she likes the story so far.

Chapter One

The first thing anyone, man or woman, tends to notice about Mona is her tits. I’d say they’re big, but that hardly does them justice. They’re a huge. I’ve never asked her, but I’m guessing she had to special order her bras because 44GG is probably a little hard to find off the rack. Not only that, but for a woman in her early forties, they still hold their shape well. As a connoisseur of busty ladies, it’s the chest a lot of men never dare to dream of.

Not that the rest of her is anything to sneeze at either. Long dirty blonde hair, often tied up in a fetching way into a ponytail, warm brown eyes, and a nice wide and friendly smile. Fit and tone all in all, and with the kind of hips that make me a believer that motherhood can do some pleasant things to a woman’s body. Those hips also help make for the perfect big round ass that I just can’t get enough of. Any one of these features would make her an attractive woman, but all of it wrapped up into one package made her a wet dream come true.

Trust me on that one. I’ve been a good friend of her son for years, and he’s had to hear a lot of comments from his buddies about how huge his mom’s tits are. When we’re alone, we usually get a kick out of just referring to her simply as “Tits”. He’s gotten used to it over time, and no longer gets upset when we call her by our little nickname while we’re just bullshitting around. “Tits had a hot sweater on tonight.” “Do you think Tits will let you hang out tonight?” It became so old and so matter-of-fact, that he eventually just shrugged it off.

But as much fun as we ever made, I know with a certainty that every one of his buddies spent some time jacking off in the bedroom dreaming about those huge jugs of hers. I know I did. Maybe I had it worse than the others, because once my teen hormones kicked in, I was hard pressed to think about anything else. I dated girls my own age, and all of them pretty hot, but I just couldn’t get the thought of making Mona mine out of my head. It didn’t help that every now and then she actually liked to tease us a bit. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but sometimes it seemed like she was trying to get a reaction out of us by wearing tight V-neck blouses, and bending over to pick things up. Paul even said he saw her wink at him one time when she did it. This only seemed to fuel the obsession growing in me. I became so obsessed, in fact, that I eventually devised a plan of how I might be able to make my dreams come true.

Not that my dreams were probably as tame as some of my friends. Perhaps it was some of the porn I found on my older brother’s computer, but from my earliest sexual awareness I’ve entertained fantasies of dominance and submission. Nothing turns me on more than being in control, and having a sweet and submissive little slut to use for my gratification. I even managed to find a couple of wild girls my own age who would indulge my fantasies. But no matter how hot the sex, the thought of controlling and using Mona as my submissive little fucktoy still inspired some regular masturbation sessions.

I knew I didn’t have a chance of actually having her for real. She was a wife, with a family, and doing very well. Add to that, I was underage at the time, and as much as I might wish she were hot for me, I’m certain she’d still not find it worth going to jail for. There was too much risk in it. But in my fantasies she was the perfect little plaything, whose thoughts were so consumed with the need to obey her young master that there was no room left in her head to worry about any consequence of her submission.

It was these fantasies that first got me interested in the subject of hypnosis and mind control. Being a young and frustrated dominant guy, perhaps it was only natural. Of course, I quickly became discouraged when I discovered the limitations of hypnosis. All the literature told me that despite its power, you still couldn’t make someone do something they wouldn’t do while fully conscious. Wishing otherwise still got me jacking off regularly as I pictured using Mona as my little hypno-whore. But I knew it was never going to happen, at least through conventional hypnosis.

I then started looking into behavior modification, brainwashing, conditioning, and other such things. There were some good sources on the internet, of course. And once again, it served to fuel dark fantasies, but most any method to create significant behavioral change usually required having a great deal of control over the subject’s physical condition. I still dreamed of kidnapping her, secreting her away to a hide out where I could take the time to wear her psyche down, deconstruct her mind, break her will, and then program her to be a an obedient sex slave.

Then one weekend I went to visit my older brother at college and made a little discovery that changed everything. We had spent most of the weekend hanging out and partying. Nothing was cooler to a little high school punk like me than hanging out at a college party. I even thought I might be getting somewhere with one of the girls there before my brother came around and spilled the beans about my age. But still a damn good time, and I got pretty hammered.

So the next day it was some nice recovery time when my brother had some stuff to do at the library, meet his lab partner, and check out some books. I tagged along, and amused myself while he and his lab partner dug into their assignment. It didn’t take me long before I started wondering about what kind of resources were available on one of my favorite topics: mind control. I was pleased at first by some of the material that came up. The university library had a lot on psychology, behavioral science, and such, so I got some good initial hits. It didn’t take me long, though, before I found that most of the work on control that I sought were once again studies in Stockholm Syndrome, in breaking POWs in Asia, and other such scenarios which require a total physical control I could never hope to get.

Just as I was about to give up, I saw a title that caught my eye. “Neural Hypnosis, Programming and Conditioning Through Audio and Visual Stimulation: Case Study of Melbourne University Behavioral Studies Project, 1978-82.” Intrigued, I looked up its location, and decided to take a look. It was a scholarly work, not far from all those unread doctoral papers on the top floor. Very plain cover, university press printing, with not much to suggest it was an exciting read. But to me, it was pure gold.

It seems a Dr. Arment had managed to have a breakthrough on just how the brain reacts to light shapes and patterns repeated in various sequences with sounds. Frankly, most of it was way over my head, but I was getting enough to know that the doc was onto something good. I managed to gather enough to realize that by presenting a complex set of visual patterns, he was able to induce certain brain states including hypnosis. In fact, the induction process was very much like conventional hypnosis, but the audio and video stimulation intensified the efforts to the point that the Dr. Arment had 100% success at inducing a hypnotic state. Even better still, he found that he could program people completely though this method, even making subjects to do things that they might not normally do while awake. Once properly conditioned and entranced in this manner, the subjects would then be programmable by verbal commands alone. My cock got stiff instantly, and just as I was about to think things couldn’t possibly get better than this, I stumbled upon page after page of illustrations and example coding sequences.

I HAD to have this book. When I met up with my brother again, he found my choice of leisure reading a little odd, but he checked it out for me anyway. I told him it was because of my music and video studies that it interested me, but he still looked a little skeptical. At first, I only had it for a month, and most of the last week was spent in the library at my own school copying every one of the book’s 627 pages. I ended up checking out some more books to help me catch up on some of the concepts in Dr. Arments work. Studying the book nearly became an obsession in itself, and a couple of my friends began to wonder if I was becoming a recluse.

But in order for this to work like I wanted, I had to have it right. Like I mentioned, I have an interest in audio and video. I play bass guitar and sing in a band with some of my friends, and I also like shooting and editing videos. My folks had recently hooked me up with a killer production suite for my computer, and I knew that I had the necessary stuff to recreate the doctor’s work. Only because of advances in video technology, and random accessibility you can get from DVD, I would be able to utilize the technology in a lot more flexible manner than the doctor ever could back in 1978

I spent hours at a time in Photoshop, creating the abstract images I would need, animating them, and perfecting the sequences. I started digging into Reason to make the music, and my bandmates thought I was trying to become a new age musician, or techno trance artist or something when they caught me once laying down soft hypnotic tunes on my keyboard. The DVD authoring also proved an ordeal as I tried to make it exactly like I needed it, with command structures available so that I could instantly access important chapters and their command sequences. It took almost 8 months in all before I was ready to undertake my first experiment. It killed me taking so long, but I knew that it had to be perfect. It had to work. And when I was done, I was sure it would.

Not so sure that I was willing to actually make Mona my first experiment. No, she was the project, not an experiment. I couldn’t risk botching it with her, so I had to perfect my techniques with others before I finally decided to take her. For my experiment, I turned to Robynn. We had started dating a few weeks before, and things were going fairly well with her, though nowhere near where I’d like. She was pretty sexually repressed, and had a lot of guilt built around her sexuality. She was also a little chubby, and was shy about her body, which only added to it. She had a pretty, innocent looking face, though, and nice long blonde hair. If I wasn’t so fixated on Mona, I would probably be impressed with her tits too, but I did enjoy her voluptuous figure all the same.

One night I brought up that I was working on a new music video that was very different from my other work. She, of course, expressed an interest in seeing it, and I was only too happy to oblige. Since this is a story about my conquest of Mona, I will not go into great detail of that night, and others I had experimenting with Robynn. Suffice it say that it worked, and just as well as I ever hoped. It didn’t take too long before I had her performing like a pro stripper and a veteran whore. I still cherish the one photo I took that night of my dick in her mouth, something in our relationship she made clear early on was never going to happen.

Even more fun was that after I was done, she didn’t remember a thing about it. Dr. Arment envisioned using his methods to suppress unpleasant memories that may be affecting someone’s mental health. My interests were a little more sinister. And so Robynn had no idea of what she had become. I also built in trance trigger phrases so I could put her instantly into her hypnotic state without the DVD. I practiced using them on her, and never got tired of watching her each time her eyes would go blank as I put her under with a mere phrase. It was just the kind of power too easy to abuse, and I regularly did.

I even indulged in my cruel streak with her, playing with her inhibitions. I’ll never forget the look of horror in her eyes when I showed her the picture of her sucking my cock. She started to scream and cry immediately, so I put her under, used her, then made her forget it all. Which was perfect when I enjoyed the same amusement the next day. Having a girl sexually available at any time, in any way that I wanted was an intoxicating feeling.

After only a couple of weeks, I decided to take on one more experiment, and soon had a petite little redheaded classmate named Michelle at my beck and call. After that, having my parents and two brothers under my control only seemed the next logical step. I would hate to have my family disturbing me when I was having one of my girlfriends visiting late. Or me disturb them, which was solved nicely by programming them to never notice the sounds to come from my room, no matter how much my little playthings might moan or scream.

For anyone else, I suppose life couldn’t possibly get any better. Shit, I was almost of that mind myself, and figured even if I never got Mona, I had it made. But I did want Mona still, perhaps worse than ever. Almost instantly after subjugating Michelle, I began formulating a plan for Mona. I started paying a lot of attention to her son, Matt, keeping track of the family schedule as best I could without being conspicuous about it. It took a couple of days to work it out, but then one day in the cafeteria during lunchtime, he mentioned that he and his dad would be going to a Panthers game on Sunday night.

“Your mom and sister not going along too?” I asked, trying to be as casual as I could about the question.

“Naw,” Matt replied, “Dad got the tickets through his work, and he only got two. Sis has a date with that chode she’s been dating anyway.”

My cock instantly twitched as it occurred to me that Mona would be home all alone that night. Unless she decided to go out or something. Last time I was over at their house, I remembered hearing her tell her husband that she might want to check out an act at a local comedy club. My mind raced to find an inconspicuous way to inquire a little further to make sure. Fortunately one of our friends at the table, Chris, managed to do the dirty work for me when he rolled his eyes comically and said, “Awww. Poor Tits stuck home alone with nothing to do. Such a shame.”

Matt chuckled while he flipped Chris the bird, saying “Oh, she’ll probably watch one of her boring ass movies or surf the net.”

“Ordering more bras,” Erick interjected, inspiring open laughter among us all. More talk about Tits continued, but I stopped paying attention, lost in my own thoughts. I would make my move Sunday night, and prayed that she would decide to stay home that night.

The next few nights I spent planning what I would say and do. I had to get her to watch the DVD for at least 60 seconds. She’d managed to see just about everything I’d done so far, and seemed to like what I did. But I always figured that it had more to do with the fact that her son often helped me out when I was shooting than a genuine interest in my work for its own sake. But I had to come up with some excuse that she might buy into long enough to put her under.

When I wasn’t scheming on that, I was mercilessly fucking my two teen sex slaves any chance I could get. I even got Robynn in trouble with her parents keeping her out late on Thursday night so she could swallow my third and final load of the day. As she sucked away, I closed my eyes and imagined my big titted hypno slave Mona fucking me with her mouth. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load. Exactly what I didn’t want to happen when I got the real thing, which is why I did my best to be as sexually sated as I possibly could be.

All day Sunday, I could think of nothing else all day long. I told the guys in the band that I couldn’t make it to Sunday practice, and instead spent the day getting one last good fuck in with Michelle. Then after showering and taking her home, I parked my car down the street from Mona’s house. I was delighted to see her car parked in the open garage. Her husband’s car was gone, and seeing game time was coming up soon, I assumed would not be back for a long time. But her daughter’s car was still there, and I spent several minutes wondering if she got picked up by her date, or whether she was still at home. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long as a beat up old maroon Chevy pulled up, honked the horn, and out she came, hopping in the car and strapping on her seatbelt as the car sped away.

At last… Mona alone in the house… I waited another half hour, thinking if I showed up immediately it might seem a bit weird. I went over everything one last time, and thought about what I was about to do. And it was getting me damn hard all over again. Shit, I just banged Michelle three hours ago, and I was stiff as a board all over again thinking about Mona as my personal fucktoy. I was counting the last seconds of that half hour, and once it hit, moved the car, parking in front of her house. Getting out I walked up to the door, took one last deep breath, then rang the doorbell.

Chapter Two

When Mona opened the door, I nearly lost my cool right then and there. She was wearing nothing but a bathrobe, and despite being tied up snug around her waist, her huge tits couldn’t help but push the robe out into a V that displayed her cleavage perfectly. There was something about her that seemed a little odd, though, a nervous look in her eyes or something. It was another thing that almost threw me off guard, but I recovered quickly and got back on script, asking if her son was home.

“No, hon, he went with his dad to the game tonight,” she said.

“Crap. That’s too bad. I had this video that I wanted him to see before I send it off to enter it in a student film festival. I gotta send it out tonight, so I was thinking he’d like to see it before it went out. He did the voice-over for it, and I thought he’d like to see how it came out.” This, of course, was an absolute lie, but I figured it might be the thing to entice her to see it now.

“Really? How’d you convince him to do that? I guess it’ll have to wait for tomorrow, though,” she said, taking a half step back from the door like she was sending a signal that she was ready to end the conversation right then and there.

“Well, he did a bang up job, and I’m proud of how it came out. But I’m really wanting some more feedback before I send it out, just to make sure it’s really okay, and not a load of crap.” I pushed the DVD jewel case out in front of me. “Would you mind watching it with me real quick? I’d really like your opinion.”

She then gave a quick sigh, like she was maybe getting a little impatient or something. Bad sign, and I was starting to think I was going to lose her. Especially when she said, “actually, I was kind of in the middle of something and—“

I cut her off, and didn’t even take the moment to consider what she might be in the middle of dressed in nothing but a bathrobe, but instead just laid down one final plea. “Aw, come on, please? Really, you’ve seen all my stuff, and I’d love to know what you think of it. It’s only a couple of minutes long, really.”

It paid off. Raising an eyebrow and giving another sigh, she opened the door wider to let me in saying, “Okay, Carl, but only if it’s quick. I got some stuff to do, so you have to get going right after you show it to me, okay?”

“Cool,” I said, stepping indoors, making my way to the family entertainment center and scooping up the remote to the DVD player. Mona sat down on the couch in front of the TV while I set the disc playing, letting it come up to the menu. The title read “Mesmer Eyes” and two eyes looked out with hokey spinning spirals where the irises should be. “Okay, it takes a minute to really get going, so be patient…”

I hit the play button, being sure to look at Mona instead of the screen, lest I fall victim to my own creation. The soft bed of music started up, and the screen came alive with abstract shapes and dot patterns, flashing for frames at a time over a fluctuating background of shifting colors. The first few seconds, I saw her look go from slight impatience to one of bewildered interest, trying to make sense of what she was seeing. Then about 60 seconds into the program, I saw it happen. Her jaw dropped slightly as she drew in a sharp breath, eyes going wide as if in surprise. Even from a few feet away I could see her pupils dilate into saucers as her entire face melted into a blank expression and her body suddenly became more limp and relaxed. She was hooked!

I took the pair of blue tinted sunglasses from my coat pocket, and put them on. It was just enough to disrupt the chroma of the program so it wouldn’t affect me if I looked at the screen. I let the initial program continue until its conclusion. When it finished, it came to the second menu where I could choose additional programming. Mona still stared at the screen blankly. I waved my hand in front of her face with no reaction… I had half a mind to start molesting her then and there, but I wanted to get all the initial programming done with before I got down to the real business at hand. I flipped on to the memory program, which would lay the groundwork for me to make her forget or remember whatever I wished. This program took about three minutes, which I waited out, simply watching Mona stare, breathing slowly and deeply as she watched the strobing screen and listening to the hypnotic rhythms of the synth sequence I created.

When that was finished I started part one of the voice control sequence. This was actually one of the longest and most complex portions of the programming as it started to build associations of the symbols to words. Lots of them, too. This program would run a little short of 34 minutes, so after I got it going I decided to help myself to a drink from the fridge. I took delight in grabbing a beer, and thought that keeping me stocked in liquor would be another nice use for my little hypno slave.

As I wandered back to the family room, I passed by the office where the computer is kept, and noticed that it was on. Figuring I had some time to kill, I decided to go in and surf the web for a couple of minutes, check out what may be new on one of the blogs I follow. As I approached the computer, I noticed a drink on a coaster beside it and figured that Mona must have been surfing herself when I happened upon her. I then took a look at what she had been doing on the net, and that’s when I received a surprise big enough that it almost rivaled my discovery Dr. Arment’s studies.

It seems that the “something” Mona had been in the middle of when I so rudely interrupted her was chatting on a cybersex sight. And apparently she had gotten underway on a hot little session in a private window. Her eagerness to get rid of me at first suddenly became a little clearer. But it was even better. Her screen name alone made my cock jump as I read the four simple words “HugeTits_MustObey”. It seemed Mona had a natural submissive streak to her, and she liked to indulge her fantasies in nasty chat rooms. It would only make the programming all the easier. But as if that wasn’t enough to almost make me pop my nut on the spot, the guy she was chatting with was named “Young-Dom-Stud”.

It seems her stud had lost some patience with her, as there were two lines of “back yet?” typed in after her “BRB. Someone at the door”. I started reading their conversation, and found that her Stud was only 18. I got so hot reading what Mona had typed to him, telling him how desperate she was to be dominated completely by a younger man. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Sure, I thought I had picked up on her teasing from time to time, but I had no clue she was actually having torrid sexual fantasies about younger guys. Of course she would never actually do it, she explained to Stud. It was just a wild fantasy she could never actually indulge in real life, and so turned to cybersex to explore it.

I smiled wickedly as I read that, thinking to myself that that was about to change in a big way. And such naughty fantasies they were, reading just how lewd the conversation got from there. Mona certainly was submissive indeed, and enjoyed being used like a sexual plaything. I filed all the nasty little details away in my mind for later use, despite still being stunned at the discovery. I then closed the window and logged her out, leaving some young dom stud somewhere out there in the ether very frustrated, I’m sure. It’d probably break his heart in two to know what he was missing for real, and that some other lucky young punk on the other end of the country was going to get it.

I drained the rest of the beer, disposed of the can, and grabbed another getting back to the family room just as part one of the voice control was finishing up. Part two would actually require my presence as I more or less “tuned” her mind to the sound of my voice. It required me to speak certain phrases when properly cued, and despite only taking about five minutes, can get a little tedious. This time, I could hardly help myself while standing there speaking when prompted. It was during this time that I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and grabbing at the front of her robe, I pulled it open slightly letting those massive tits spill out. I couldn’t help but grab my crotch and give my cock a rub through my jeans as I looked at them exposed for the first time. She gave no reaction, still staring at the screen blankly.

After what I read from Mona’s chat, I was almost tempted to skip the last part of my planned programming, “Obedience Reinforcement”. But I couldn’t let my impatience get the best of me, and hit the play button, wanting to be absolutely sure that whatever fears or inhibitions that may actually have survived the psychic pounding they took from my program would never be a problem. At least for me. My cruel streak pondered the fun that could be had turning them back on again too.

At last it was finished. I turned off the power to the DVD, and set the TV to the game. I had to be done when the game was, so having it on would help me not lose track of the time. I was prone to do that while playing with my little slaves, and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with a violently angry husband. I then turned to Mona, still sitting there like a human vegetable, staring at the screen, or perhaps at something a million miles behind it.

“Mona, stand up,” I commanded. Her reaction was instantaneous, standing up suddenly, eyes still staring off into infinity. “Mona, you are now in a deep, deep trance. You are in a completely relaxed state, more relaxed than you ever thought possible. It feels nice, doesn’t it?”

“Yesssss” she replied, with just a hint of a smile coming to her blank expression.

“Yes. It’s almost as if this trance state were your natural state of being, like you were meant to always be this way,” I said. “Your body relaxed, and your mind relieved of any burdens or cares. Your mind is a void, and the only thing to fill that great emptiness is my commands. You need each and every one to feel complete. You need to be controlled. Your sole function is to serve and obey the master that controls you.”

“Yesssssssss” she said again, this time that hint of a smile on her slack face transformed into something that struck me as needy. Perfect.

“I am your master, Mona,” I continued. “You will obey and respond to my commands. I control you in every way. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master” she said, losing some of the laziness to her tone.

“Good girl,” I said, drawing in a deep breath to relax myself. “Now your master requires you to be available to him in a trance state at a moment’s notice. I am going to give you a trigger phrase. When you hear me, and only me say it, you will instantly find yourself in this trance state again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she replied.

“Good girl. Now, I’m going to snap my fingers,” I continued, “and say the trigger phrase. When I am done, I will snap my fingers again so that you know that the phrase is finished. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Master”

I snapped my fingers. “Mona, my pet, it is time to serve your master.” I snapped my fingers again. I saw her take in a deep breath upon hearing the phrase, as if something about the phrase itself shook her deeply somewhere in her mind, and again the hint of a smile that warmed the staring eyes. “Now, before we get too involved in anything else, we’re going to practice using you trigger phrase.”

It occurred to me an instant wake up phrase might be handy, but nothing immediately came to mind. I could work on that later. And I was eager to get to the point of this whole exercise. So eager that while I continued talking, I started untying the knot to her robe, opening it, finally bringing her bare tits into plain view. They were even more magnificent that I had imagined. So huge, with nice big areola, but the nipples themselves were pretty small. I couldn’t resist the urge to reach up and pinch one, feeling it get hard between my thumb and finger.

“I’m going to snap my fingers again. Only this time, when I do, you’re going to leave your trance state, awaken, and become aware of your surroundings. You will be your normal self again. You will have no conscience memory of anything after I arrived here. You will not even remember me knocking on your door. The last thing you will remember doing is chatting with your little friend on the internet. Do you understand?” I asked, letting my hand let go of her nipple and grab a handful of her massive tit, giving it a squeeze.

“Yessss, Masssterrrr” she replied in a sultry tone, breathing a little harder as I fondled her tit.

Robe still open, my right hand still fondling her tit, I raised my left hand and snapped my fingers. I saw her pupils shrink back down a little as her eyes blinked several times. It was interesting watching her eyes come alive and in focus, the look of confusion, then a complex mixture of shock, anger, and embarrassment in her expression as she slapped my hand away from her tit. “What the hell?... What the hell are you doing, Carl?”

Suddenly feeling a bit cocky, I said, “It seems, Mona, I’m doing whatever the fuck I want.” As she grabbed her robe to cover herself, backing away from me with a delicious look of fear and confusion in her eyes, I played my ace in the hole. “Mona, my pet, it is time to serve your master.”

It was like I had flipped light switch. Her body relaxed in an instant, taking on a neutral stance, her face going slack and the eyes staring off into space again. I broke into an evil grin, stepping up to her and tearing her robe open again, then off the shoulders completely, leaving her standing there naked. “Very good, Mona, my pet. Very good indeed. Now, hands up behind your head, hook your fingers up behind there and stick those tits out.”

She did as she was told, and she looked ravishing standing there displaying her body. “Very nice, Mona. You like to show off those tits for your master, don’t you?”

“Yes Master. A sex object on display for master’s pleasure,” she said, in a slightly breathy voice. I raised an eyebrow at that. Seems some of the benefit of a naturally submissive woman is that she’s willing to embellish a little even in trance. I had gotten Robynn hot having her play roles, but in trance it was usually just “Yes, Master.” The hypnotized Mona seemed to be enjoying the control.

“Then display yourself properly, slave,” I told her, “and lean forward a bit too. Stick that ass out and let those udders hang a little.” She did as she was told, and I circled around behind her, inspecting her body as I did. I couldn’t resist giving that ass a good hard slap as she stuck it out, and as I did, an audible moan escaped from her lips. It was hot enough for me to give another little slap. “Mmmm. You like that, Mona? Like getting that ass spanked like a nasty little fuckslut?”

“Yessss” she hissed between gritted teeth, her eyes still staring blankly into space.

“Very nice… and you have been so bad. I saw what you were writing to that young guy on the internet, Mona. Were you playing with your pussy while you were chatting?” I said, as I let my hand wander over her tits one more time, then down to her belly, creeping toward her bush. By the time she had replied that she had been playing with her pussy, my hand was already cupping her warm mound, running my fingers along her slit, finding it nicely wet.

“That might be entertaining to see,” I said, rubbing at her clit as she reflexively moaned and spread her thighs a little wider. Her breathing became a little more intense as I worked my fingers over her slit, her blankly staring eyes taking on a hint of need. After getting my finger nice and wet with her pussy juice, I took the wet finger away and smeared it over one of her nipples. She moaned slightly, and then louder and more intensely when I sucked the nipple in my mouth, licking her cunt juice clean from it. I then grabbed her other tit, sucking on that nipple as her breathing became deeper and faster, little whimpers escaping her lips as I nibbled.

“Fuck, my little Mona pet gets hot having her tits played with, eh?” I finally said as I took a moment to stop sucking and just squeeze and manhandle those huge tits. I shoved one boob up, pushing it up into her own face. “Yeah, you like that so much then, Baby, why don’t you just suck on your own tits.” Instantly her mouth clamped down on her nipple and she began sucking hard, her tongue obviously working fast in her mouth as she worked her own nipple. “Fuck, that’s hot,” I said. “Do you like sucking on your own tits, slut?”

“I do it every day of my life, Master,” she said briefly before I shoved her other tit up into her face and watched as she reflexively took it into her mouth, giving it the same treatment she had given the first.

“Oh yeah? Gets that hot little pussy all nice and wet, doesn’t it, Baby?” I said as I pinched her other nipple, tugging at it.

“Yes, it makes me cum. Hard,” she managed to breathlessly say as she sucked at her own tit.

I nearly lost it right then and there, but instead managed to say, “Show me.” I let go of her tit, and she dutifully took it into her own hands, squeezing it as she sucked on the other. I stepped back and unzipped my jeans, finally taking my rock hard cock out of its confined quarters. I stroked it slowly as I watched her frantically sucking back and forth between her nipples. “Fuck, that’s hot. Keep going Mona. Feel how good it is to serve and obey like a good little fucktoy.” She whimpered at that, frantically sucking on her tits as her breathing became ever more intense.

I walked around behind her, and stepped in close until my cock was pressed up tight against the cheeks of her ass and poking up into the small of her back. Leaning forward a little, I began whispering in her ear as she sucked on her tits. “That’s hot, Mona. It pleases me to watch you perform like a little slut. And you like to please me, don’t you? It’s what you live for, Mona. You’re my big titted hypno slut with only one purpose, one function, one reason for your existence: my pleasure. Your mind is a blank slate for me to write my will upon. Your hypnotized mind is completely empty except for one all consuming thought. Serving your master”

She was getting plenty worked up, and so was I. I continued to press my cock against her bare flesh, dry humping her backside and leaving wet spots of pre-cum on her back. “I own you, Mona. I control you like a little plaything. How does it make you feel, Mona, to be made into a shameless little whore by your own son’s friend? To have some kid less than half your age using you like some flesh and blood fucktoy? And you are powerless to resist the overwhelming need to do as you are told. To obey like a good little slave. I control what you do. I control what you think. I even control what you feel. You even cum when I tell you. You want to cum, don’t you slut?”

A pleading “MmmHmmm” was all she could manage to say as she continued to suck back and forth between her nipples and squeeze at her tits. Her own hips were now rocking back and forth, pushing back into me as she got more and more worked up.

“Yes, of course you do, my pet. You desperately need to show Master what an eager little slut you are.” I took a step back, stroking slowly at my cock, walking around to get good view of the action when I finally let her go. She was so hot she could barely hold her own tits because her hands were trembling so much. Her hips were squeezing together and forward in a quickening rhythm as she whimpered like a pathetic little bitch in heat. Finally, I told her what we were both longing to hear… “Now, Mona, cum for me. Cum like a good little slut for Master”

Suddenly she started moaning loudly, sucking desperately at her left tit as her hips started bucking and humping at the empty air. It was absolutely the hottest thing I had ever seen watching her cum like that. Stoking my cock, I knew I was gonna pop my load soon. “On you knees, bitch,” I ordered.

She quickly dropped to her knees, still trembling with the aftershocks of her orgasm. I grabbed a handful of her hair, pushing her face towards my cock. I didn’t need to order her to suck. She knew what to do, and my cock was instantly deep in her mouth. Grabbing her head with both hands, I shoved it into her throat until I heard her gag on it.

It was all I could take. I let out a growl and thrust my hips forward as my cock started pumping cum into her mouth, and Mona, like a good little pet, drinking it down as it flowed into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed every drop, moaning like a shameless little whore while she did. “Good girl” was all I could manage to say.

My prick was quite sensitive, but my little pet kept gently sucking at it as she drained it of cum. I let her continue, lost in a kind of euphoria as I looked down to see my hottest wet dream come true. It wasn’t long before I was getting hard all over again. Of course, knowing that I finally had complete control of my best friends huge tit mom and was living my hottest fantasy did it’s part too. And now that I had complete control, I had to have her completely. I needed have that cunt before I was done with her tonight.

“Get up, slut,” I told her as she eagerly got to her feet, eyes staring blankly into space, her mind every bit as blank save for whatever twisted, slutty thoughts I put into it. “It’s time, Mona,” I began to tell her. “It’s time for you to submit completely to your master. You are nothing but a sexual plaything for master to use. You’re mind, your body, your very soul belong to me, Mona. I own you. You now only have one function, one purpose. My pleasure. Do you understand?”

Her breathing had been getting steadily faster, her thighs reflexively clenching with each sentence. She was becoming quite aroused, and by the time I asked her my final question her answer was urgent and breathy as she replied, “Yessss, master.”

“Good girl. Now go to over to the dining room table and sit your ass down on it. Then lie back until you’re flat on your back on the table and your legs spread wide and sticking straight up into the air.” She quickly did as she was told, and the end result was a sight to see, indeed. There she lay on her back, those huge tits falling to either side of her, her thighs shiny from her leaking pussy juices, and that beautiful pussy on display at the end of the table. “Reach down and spread your pussy lips open, Mona. Show off that pretty little cunt for Master.” She spread her legs a little wider, and reaching down with both hands, pulled the lips of her pussy open.

Stepping up to the table, my cock was at the perfect height. Holding my cock in one hand, I slapped the head against her exposed clit, making her jump. Then I just began to rub it up and down her slit. “God, that feels good. You need Master to fuck you, don’t you, my little pet? I want to hear you beg for it. Beg me to fuck you like a good little slut.”

After a moan she began whimpering, “Please, fuck me, Master. Fuck me and use me for your pleasure. Fuck me please. Use me like a nasty little whore.” It was too hot to resist, and I began to work my cock up inside her. She began moaning as I worked it in with small strokes, another half inch at a time until I was finally buried to the hilt. “Yesssss” she hissed as my dick rested all the way up inside her. Then I began to stroke back and forth, working my cock into her, picking up the pace.

Now losing a little bit of self control, I started pounding her pussy harder and harder. My favorite position generally is doggie, but I had to see those tits jiggle and shake as I slammed my cock into her. Reaching up I grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed hard as I fucked her.

“That feel good, Mona?” I said as I fucked her.

“Yesssss, Master. So good. Fuck me.”

“Good girl. It feels so good to be used like a little fucktoy, doesn’t it? I control that little mind of yours with my voice, and now I’m gonna control that cunt of yours with my cock. Make that pussy perform for me.”

“Oh – god—yes!” she shouted between animalistic grunts.

“Good girl. Now you’re gonna be an obedient little slut for Master, and when I tell you to, you’re gonna cum all over Master’s cock with that juicy wet pussy of yours.” I could already feel it tighten slightly at the suggestion. “You gonna be a good little slut-slave and cum for your master?”

“Yessss!” she cried as I pinched and tugged at her nipples.

Again I grabbed big handfuls of her tit flesh, squeezing hard as I began to pound her cunt even harder than before. “Cum now, bitch. Come for your master like an obedient little slave.” Her whole body began to shake and her throaty grunts and moans transformed into a desperate howl of pleasure. I felt her pussy suddenly grip my cock hard, getting tighter and wetter as it desperately tried to milk my cock of its pearly white cum. “Yeah, that’s it, cum for me, slut. Feel me control that pussy of yours with my dick.”

She just kept cumming and screaming, and I felt myself building up for a big cum myself. I really wanted to cum up inside that pussy. But I’d spent too many nights dreaming about spraying those tits. I knew that’s how I wanted it to be the first time. Pulling out of her pussy, I jumped up on the table, kneeling over her, straddling her. I scooted up until my cock rested between her huge tits. She instinctively grabbed them and enveloped my cock with it. I got a pretty good sized cock, but it completely disappeared into that warm boob flesh. It didn’t take but a few strokes before I started shooting my cum up to her face. Pulling my cock from between her tits, I started jacking it, shooting a second, third, and then a fourth shot of white hot cum all over her tits.

Exhausted, I slumped down onto the table beside her, laying, breathing hard for a few moments. She did the same, only staring blankly up at the ceiling. I looked over at the TV, and found that the game was nearly over. Finally getting off the table, I grabbed for my pants, and my cell phone fell out of the pocket. I got the idea to take a picture of my little fucktoy all covered in jizz. After snapping the pic, I ordered her to lick my cum off her tits.

I spent the next ten minutes reinforcing my trigger, and leaving her with some instructions. Most important of all, I told her to forget I ever came by that night. She would only remember having chatted on her adult site, and that she had gotten herself off. I was on cloud nine when I finally walked out of her house. I swear I passed her family as I got on the highway. If so, I cut it pretty tight. Not that it bothered me much. All I could think of was the next time I got to use my little hypnotic plaything.

Chapter Three

Of course, finding that opportunity was a little harder than I would have thought. I had left instructions with Mona to start emailing me her schedule. Every morning upon arriving to work, she slipped into a little trance and emailed me the plans she and her family had, and to be sure to include any chance where she might have time away from them. And night after night, there was always some obligation, some plan, or some lack of plans from her family that left her with company. Call me impatient, but I so loved using my new little big tit hypno-toy, that by the time a week had passed, I was going out of my mind with lust for her.

I had also told her to get an appointment, and get on birth control pills. I wanted to have Mona completely, and no condom was ever going to get between my cock and pussy I owned. She immediately complied, but it’d still be a month before things were completely safe. I knew I couldn’t keep from cumming up inside her that long, but was resigned to take my chances and deal with any kind of complications if they came up.

I was also kicking myself in the ass for not getting more photos of her. I ended up looking at the one I had a lot while Michelle or Robynn sucked me off, and vowed to get more. A good deal more, especially since getting time together was proving difficult. The next week was dragging on, and still no chances. I had also had Mona set up a free web mail account so she could write to me without being found out by her husband or her employer. Now, in addition to her schedule, she was to report to me about her daily session sucking on her own tits. She did as she was told, of course, which only served to drive me even more crazy.

I was getting desperate enough that when Matt invited me and a couple of other guys over for a cookout at his place on Sunday, I instantly started scheming about how I might get some time alone with her. I knew it was foolhardy to try anything, because her whole family would be there. But I still ended up pumping my cum into Robynn’s throat as I looked at my picture and imagined making Mona my plaything again.

It didn’t help in the slightest that when I showed up she was dressed for the warm day that Sunday became. As Matt led me into the back yard, I got instantly hard when I saw her in a t-shirt a little too tight hugging that huge chest. The shorts she wore were nice too, but failed to showcase that luscious ass and breeding hips I had come to like as well. It was tough playing it cool around Matt and the rest of his family, but I was constantly distracted by thoughts of controlling his mom and making her my little plaything.

Sometime while we all were stuffing ourselves on some burgers and dogs, Mona’s cell phone began ringing in her pocket. It was some friend of hers, and she began talking to her. She was on the phone a couple of minutes before she finally wandered off towards the house talking. “She’ll be a while,” Matt said through a mouthful of potato salad. “Her friend Jen can talk your ear off.”

Conversations went on at the table, but I couldn’t hear a thing. While Matt continued to talk away, I was mentally in that house of his violating his mom. He started talking to Larry about a new movie they were both eager to see, and after a couple of more minutes of that, I could take it no longer. I told them I had to go use the can, and excused myself. No one really seemed to even notice.

As I walked into the house, I saw Mona sitting at the dining room table listening to her friend chatter away. She looked up momentarily as I walked in and she waved with a friendly smile. I waved back, but couldn’t keep the image out of my head of how I’d fucked her on that very table. I walked past as if I was headed to the bathroom, but just as I was behind her, I turned around, leaned in close to her free ear, and whispered, “Mona my pet, it’s time to serve your master.”

After quick intake of breath, I saw her relax visibly as she slipped into her trance. Leaning forward a bit more and craning my neck around a bit, I looked into her eyes and saw them staring blankly into space, her pupils dialated into huge black circles. I put my hand on her shoulders as I continued to whisper, “Good girl. Go deeper and deeper into our trance… drifting down… down… down further and further. Feel your mind turn to putty for me to mold into whatever form I choose. Feel my hands on your shoulders… so warm… feel that warmth spreading out, consuming your whole body as I push out all your living mind and soul with my will. Feel me taking control of you, Mona.”

The whole time I could hear Mona’s friend chattering away from the tiny cell phone speaker, unaware of anything wrong on the other end of the line. That is until Mona hissed a breathy “Yesssss” This must have caught the attention of her friend, because I heard her pause, and could barely make out her asking if she was okay.

“Get rid of her,” I whispered quickly, “make up some excuse.”

It was spooky watching Mona, staring off into space like a zombie, and then suddenly hear her speak in a lucid and convincing voice. “Shit, Jen. Gotta go. Think that man of mine just caught something on fire with the grill.” More chatter from the speaker. “No, really… yeah… Oh God! Serious, Jen, gotta go.” And with that, she flipped the phone closed and laid it on the table, never once having lost sight of the mental nothingness she was staring into.

“Good girl. Now get up and follow me to the bathroom,” I told her. I wanted to get her deeper into the house. I was determined to put my cock into one end of her or another, and as soon as possible. But I didn’t want any suprises, and plenty of warning to straighten up a bit should someone come looking for us. When we got to the bathroom, I turned to her. “Now Mona, if you hear me say the phrase ‘awaken my pet’, you will sit on the toilet, and awaken thinking that you have just gone to the bathroom. You will not remember anything from your entranced state, and will not think anything is unusual. Do you understand?”

“Yessss, Master.”

“Good girl. My little Mona is such an obedient little slut for master,” I said as I turned her back to the wall and pushed her firmly against it. “It feels so good to obey, doesn’t it my pet.” She gave the answer I expected her to, though I didn’t wait for it. I had already grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up over those huge tits hanging in that sling of a bra she had on. Grabbing the top of the cup, I pulled at each one as I dug her tits out and let them spill over and flop out and down. Lifting one up, I squeezed and shook it while my other hand gave the nipple a light slap. She moaned as both nipples got stiff. I lifted it up to her mouth and she had that nipple between her lips before I even finished telling her “Suck on it, slut.”

When I took my own hand away, she grabbed it with her own to continue sucking on her tit. Meanwhile, I was reaching down to those shorts she was wearing, pulling at the button, then pulling the zipper down and yanking her shorts wide open. They fell down around her ankles and I instantly shoved my hand down inside her panties. She instinctively spread her thighs a little wider allowing me to more easily work my hand down to her pussy. She was already getting sloppy wet down there, and the little whimpers and moans she made while I worked her clit were interrupted by a sharp breath when I finally shoved my index finger up inside her twat. Her breathing became heavier as I jammed my finger in and out of her pussy. Leaning in close, I began started whispering in her ear again.

“Such a good little slut gets all nice and wet for her master,” I said. “You’re such a good girl for master, aren’t you?”

“Yessss, Master,” she quietly hissed back.

“Good girl,” I continued. “Master likes his little hypno-slut to have a nice wet cunt for him. It starts to get wet whenever I put you under. You can’t control it, Mona. You’re powerless against it. I take control, and right away you get wet and horny and ready to be used at a moment’s notice to serve as Master’s fucktoy. All inhibitions, doubts, and fears will be crushed by your overwhelming need to obey. Serve and obey. These are your only thoughts, your only desire. Each command you obey only draws you deeper into my power.”

I pulled my finger from her pussy, and grabbing a handful of her hair with the other hand, I shoved the wet finger up in front of her face. “Look how wet you’ve gotten taking orders and submitting yourself to me. Now show me what an obedient little slut you can be for me, and lick your pussy juice from my finger.” She moaned as she eagerly sucked my finger into her mouth, her tongue working circles around it in ways that made me eager for another blowjob. “You like how that tastes, Mona?”

She moaned again, and managed to say a distinct “Yes, Master” with my finger still in her mouth. I pulled it from her mouth and back down to her crotch to play with her pussy.

“Good girl. If you’re a good and obedient little slut for me, I’ll let you taste it again. Only next time, you’ll be licking it off my cock.” She moaned and licked her lips. “Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Like master to fuck you like a nasty little whore, then make my little slut-slave lick Master’s dick clean? The way you whimper like a little bitch makes me think you’d like that a lot. Each humiliating pose I put you in, every degrading name I call you, every shamelessly slutty act I make you perform only feeds your need to obey. Tell me how much you like being Master’s little hypno-whore.”

As I had been talking, Mona had been getting steadily more excited until her hips were thrusting forward against my hand as I finger fucked her. “Oh God, I love it, Master,” she said breathlessly. “I love to serve and obey. Control you’re little hypnotic fuck slave.”

Her dirty talk was all it took to drive me over the edge of all sanity or reason. Taking my finger out of her pussy, I reached back and gave her ass a slap through her panties. “Bend over the fucking sink, slave. Stick that ass up high for me.”

Stepping out of the pile of shorts on the floor, she rushed over to the sink, bending over it, grabbing a water knob in each hand, thrusting her behind out, presenting herself like a bitch in heat. Stepping up behind her, I grabbed her white cotton panties and pulled them down around her ankles. She kicked them from her feet so she could spread her legs wider. She made a fetching sight to behold, and I couldn’t help myself from giving that luscious thick ass a good hard slap. Mona moaned, then gave her butt a little shake, as if inviting me to spank her some more. If I got started on that, though, I’d get carried away. Instead, I opened my jeans and hauled my cock out, grabbed a cheek in each hand, spreading her open, then began working my cock into her pussy.

She was plenty wet, but my cock was bone dry so it took a few strokes working in a bit at a time before it was lubricated enough to work my whole shaft inside her. It felt heavenly. Unlike the last time I’d been inside Mona’s pussy, I’d already cum once in Robynn, and another time in Mona’s mouth. I was so hot right now, I wasn’t sure if I could last long like this. I started pumping my dick in and out of her.

Then I heard the sound I had been waiting for, but was hoping I would not ever hear. It was the back door. Someone had come in the house. It took all the willpower I could muster to pull myself out of her and say, “Awaken, my pet.” She stood up, and proceeded to walk towards the toilet as I stuffed my dick back into my jeans. I fished my cell phone out of my pocket, and saw Mona sitting down on the john just as I closed the door behind me. Quietly, I stepped into the next room and began to pretend I was talking to someone on the phone.

That’s when Mona’s husband poked his head around the corner, looking around. “You seen my wife?” he said.

Later I thought a witty answer might be, “Yeah, and a lot more of her than you’d probably like.” But at the time I was too panicked to think of anything but to stick to the script. Inching the phone a little from my mouth, I quietly said, “I think I just heard her go into the bathroom a minute ago.”

He gave a nod, then knocked on the door. He needed her help with something in the shed, and waited until Mona had finished up. As they went outside, I closed the phone, and began cussing a blue streak. Interruptions suck. I eventually went back outside and joined the others. Mona seemed to behave normally, which was good. But I was so unbelievably horny I could hardly stand it. And no matter how closely I watched and waited, no other good opportunity to get Mona alone every presented itself.

It would not be the last time we would be interrupted in the times to come. But it was the first, and probably the most frustrating to me. But it did bring me to a crossroads of sorts. Until now I had been a little timid about Mona because of the family situation. Robynn had no boyfriend, so there was never a problem there. With Michelle, I simply gave her orders to dump hers. And as much as I’d love to simply tell Mona to just ditch the guy, it would be bad for my friend Matt. I just wanted to own his mom, not ruin his life.

Until now I had waited for opportunities to arise, but no more. I would have to make opportunities. I was already having my two teen playthings lie to their parents about what they were up to and where they were going. Why not the same for Mona? I could have her tell them anything about where’s she’s been. And better yet, have her believe it herself. So after getting home and pounding Robynn’s pussy sore and dreaming it was Mona, I began to makes plans for the next day.

Monday was a school day, but a little trance trip for the parents and a phone call to the school office solved that little problem for me. In fact, Mom had enough time before she had to be at work to make a little trip to the liquor store for me so I’d have plenty of party supplies on hand for my day off. Once she left on her little errand, I looked at the time and realized that Mona was probably just now getting on the road to go to work. Picking up my cell phone, I dialed her number. I got bumped to her voice mail. I gave an exasperated sigh thinking that I might have to plant a command to always answer calls from me. I dialed again, and this time she answered with a tentative “Hello.”

“Well good morning, Mona, my pet. It’s time to serve your master.” Dead silence on the other end of the line. I could only hope my provider didn’t pick that moment to drop my signal or have interference. “Are you alone, Mona?”

“Yes, Master. In my car,” she said sleepily.

“Good. Pull off to a safe spot and park your car for a minute so that I may give you instructions. Tell me when you are safely parked.” I waited for a few seconds, hearing vague traffic sounds in the background before she told me she was parked.

“Good girl,” I said. “Now that you’re off the road you can concentrate on the sound of my voice. It’s the only thing you can hear, and it draws you deeper and deeper down into your hypnotic state. Feel your body relax, from head to toe, like a wave through your body until you’re floating. Floating in limitless grey void where nothing exists but the sound of my voice and your devotion to obey. Are you deeply entranced and ready to receive your instructions, my pet?”

“Yessss, Master” she said, lost in a hypnotic haze.

“Good girl. Now listen carefully.” I took a deep breath, making sure I tackled the particulars in the right order. “When we finish this phone conversation, you are to call in to work. Tell them you aren’t feeling well, and need to take the day off. Once you’ve done that, you are to go to the adult shop on Fordham Boulevard. Do you know the one I’m talking about?”

“Yesssss, Master,” she replied with her usual dreamy tone. “Next to the Mexican restaurant.”

“Mmmm. Good. It doesn’t open until ten, so you may end up waiting a while. Now, when you get in, I want you to buy a couple of items. First, I want you to find a dildo with a suction cup at one end that you can stick to a wall or a table. Then you will buy a leather collar, black, something with a D-ring or two that I can attach things too. After that, pick out a nice thong or g-string, and a new pair of the sluttiest stiletto heels you can find. Pick something to please your master. Then come to my house. Park in the garage, and close the door. Once the garage is closed, you are to strip completely naked, then put on your collar, thong and heels. You are to wear nothing else. Come in the house, go to the living room, and kneel on the coffee table facing the couch and await further orders. Do you think you can do all that?”

Of course she gave her usual “Yes, Master,” and I then told her I was going to hang up and she was to begin doing as instructed. After hanging up, I got to work, and there was plenty yet to do. The digital camera was ready, but I wanted some video as well. I even drug out my old video camera, figuring it’d be hot to get a couple of different angles. A couple of lights, and everything was ready.

After I got everything set up, I grabbed my third rum and coke of the morning and sparked up a little bud. It didn’t take too long before I started to get a little impatient and was trying to decide if I wanted to watch one of the newly unlocked adult channels I had the parents open up on the cable box, or my latest homemade porno starring my petite little plaything, Michelle. I had just about decided when I heard a car enter the garage. It was time to make some pornography, not watch it. I stayed on the couch, waiting for my pet to present herself.

It proved well worth the wait. Mona came in strutting in her new pumps, dressed exactly as ordered and carrying her new dildo in one hand. The leather collar snug around her neck was a perfect sign of her enslavement. She walked in facing me, so I couldn’t see the back of the black g-string she bought, but the front barely had enough fabric to it to cover her mound before it tapered into a tiny strap reaching around her thighs. Her bare tits were left to jiggle and shake free as she came walking in. Mona obviously knew how to work it as she came sauntering in like sex personified. And all the while that delicious stare into oblivion. She was about to take her place kneeling on the coffee table in front of me when I told her. “Stop, Mona.”

She did as she was ordered, standing stock still and staring off into nothingness. I flicked the remote to start the video cameras rolling, then hauled out the digital and took a still snapshot. “Very good, Mona, you’ve done well. I am pleased that you have obeyed me so well, and my pleasure is your pleasure, my pet. Now, Master would be pleased to see a little more of my pet perform on her own two feet before I have you kneel. Turn around and let me see your backside.”

She turned around, and I was pleased to see the thing strap of her g-string emerging from between those ass cheeks and where it split for the side straps there was a metal clasp with the word “BITCH” spelled out in rhinestones. I got up off the couch, coming up to her I took the dildo she had bought from her hands and tossed it on top of the table. I gave her ass a little slap with one hand while my other reached up to give one of those massive tits a squeeze. She moaned, and instinctively arched her back a little more, shoving out both her ass and her tits for better display.

“You looked pretty fucking hot strolling in just now, my pet,” I told her. “I’d say my little MILF slut knows how to strut and shake it. Go on, walk around a little more. I want to see my big tit slave strut and show it off.” She began walking, swaying her hips and making those tits sway back and forth as she went around the table. “Yeah, that’s it, bitch. Show it all off for Master. Make me want it. Every single step you take is an individual act of obedience that makes that pussy hotter and wetter.”

I made sure I got a good amount of that for the video cameras, then had her stop. Now Mona, I’m going to start taking pictures of you. I’m going to order you about and pose you like a shameless little slut. You want to be master’s slut, don’t you?”

“Yessss, Master,” she said, her breathing quick and her nipples erect despite her blank look into oblivion.

I then started her through a series of poses as I snapped away with the still camera. First, I snapped one from the front, one from the side, and then the back. I had her arch her back and shove her tits and ass out lewdly, and snapped a couple of more. I had her lick her tits, take off her thong and sit on the coffee table and spread her legs, then had her finger her pussy a little. The whole time I kept giving her orders, I kept re-enforcing her trance and making her hornier. “Good girl. Show it off for master. Let him know his little hypno slut needs fucked hard. Now stand in front of the table and bend over placing your palms on the surface. Spread wider. Good girl. Let those big fucking udders hang. Yeah, that’s it, bitch. See how good it feels to obey your master? Master has a little hypnotized plaything with a mind turned to putty so that he can mold it into whatever twisted and depraved way he chooses. And you love it all. You like being a little hypnotized whore for Master.”

Each dirty thing I said made her moan softly as she obediently did as she was told. Now that I had her bent over, I had one shot I was dying to get. “Now I want you to steady yourself and take your hands off the table, and staying bent over, reach back and grab the cheeks of your ass and pull them apart. Show Master your hot little cunt.”

She did as she was told, spreading her ass cheeks open revealing her puckered asshole and her wet engorged pussy. Her upper thighs were shiny with the moisture of her twat, and when I stuck my finger into the opening, it slid all the way up to my knuckles in a second. She moaned as I worked it back and forth. “Hehe. My little cumslut likes that, eh? Good girl. Because this is just how I’m gonna fuck you, slut. I’m going to bend you over facing the camera, so it can capture the glazed look on your face when you beg me to fuck you like a bitch, and see every jiggle and shake of your dangling tits when I pound you from behind.”

“Oh God, yessss!” she hissed through clenched teeth as she started fucking back against my finger.

I smiled, and had to resist the urge to plug her right at that moment. But I had all day, and I was hardly done having my little hypnotized sex toy making a display of herself for my amusement. I had to get the pictures and video I wanted of her before I got lost in the thrill of fucking her. Instead, I pulled my finger out, snapped a couple of photos of her bent open and presenting her sex to me. “But I have to be certain you’re fit to serve, my pet,” I said as I snapped away. “Master only puts his dick into cock-hungry little sluts who know how to perform. It’s show and tell time, Mona.”

I grabbed the dildo from the table, and then planted the suction cup near one corner of the table. “You’re going to squat over this and ride it like a shameless little cumslut. Show me what a dirty little cunt slave you can be. And then I want you to tell me what how bad you want to be my little whore. You’ll look right in that camera and tell it just how bad you need to be fucked like a dirty little fucktoy.”

She stood up, a bit unsteady, then went over to the corner of the coffee table, planting a foot on each side. Reaching down with one hand, she spread her pussy lips open while the other held the dildo steady as she lowered herself onto it. A few successive squats, and she had the whole length up inside her. I checked the angle on the video cameras while she adjusted herself, both hands on the little bit of corner of table left beyond the dildo, and her tits pushed out from between them making a thoroughly lewd display. She started rocking on the dildo faster, making her huge jugs shake as she did.

Walking around her, I gave her spread ass cheeks a good hard slap, which only made her whimper and hump faster. She was looking at the dildo going up inside her, so I grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head up until her face was towards the camera as I said, “Good girl. But I told you to talks some trash, slut. Tell me how much you need a real cock. Tell me how much you need master’s dick up inside you.”

“Oh God, I need to be fucked, Master,” she said in a desperate tone. “I need to be controlled and used like a little fucktoy. Your big tit slave lives for the taste and feel of your cock. Make me pleasure you, master. I’m your huge tit fucktoy, and I need to be enslaved and fucked like a whore.”

I came up behind her, and straddling the whole table, reached around and grabbed her tits. I squeezed them hard as she moaned and continued fucking up and down on the dildo. “Yeah, master owns those big tits. And my big tit hypno-slut loves being owned. I like a bitch who does what she’s told. And you obey so well, don’t you, Mona? You obey so well, that you even cum when master orders.”

Her breathing was getting ragged, and her body was getting a shiny with sweat. I could sense she was close. “Now I’m going to order my big tit slut to cum for me. And when I do, Big Tits will obey.”

“Yessss. Oh, fuck yes, Master,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Good girl. Now cum for me, Big Tits.” The reaction was instantaneous as she planted herself down on the dildo and just began to grind on it as she screamed like a sex crazed banshee. Her whole body erupted into trembling, and that delicious empty stare gave way to the contortions of a face in ecstasy. And she kept cumming long enough for me to unstraddle the table and haul my cock out of my shorts as I watched.

Then as she began to calm down a bit, I grabbed her hair again and pulled her face to my cock. She took it into her mouth without a single word. “Mmmm. That feels good, Mona. My little slut knows how to suck a mean cock. Get it all nice and wet for me to fuck you with, bitch.” I still couldn’t get over how sweet it looked to see my best friend’s hot mom stretching that pretty little mouth around my dick. Grabbing her head with both hands, I began to fuck her throat until I could hear her gag on it. It was so hot that I knew if I kept it up much longer, I was gonna cum in her mouth. And I had other ideas. I wanted to assert my ownership of her cunt, and shoot my seed up inside her pussy.

Pulling my cock from her mouth, I said “Mona it’s time. I want you to stand up, face the end of the table right here facing the far camera, and place your palms on the table.” She eagerly did as she was told, and once again checked the video cameras while she assumed her position. The camera that had the good ass shot was now perfectly lined up to catch Mona from the front as I fucked her from behind. The camera that had caught the corner action would now provide a good angled view of her upturned ass. I gave that ass a slap, and then spread her cheeks open. Then I guided my cock to the opening of her pussy. She moaned as I began working it in, and she was so wet that it was only a few short strokes before I was buried to the hilt up inside her.

I began fucking her, and I could barely see her tits shake as they hung down. Good thing the camera was getting it. Again, she was looking down at the floor as she took my cock, so I grabbed her hair again and pulled it up to face the camera. “Yeah, look into the lens when I fuck you on camera, bitch. I want to see your pretty little hypnotized face while I control that hot little cunt of yours with my cock.” This only got her hotter, and little grunts started escaping her lips as I pounded into her.

“Now, Master’s going to show you who owns that pussy, Mona. You know deep in your heart who owns your body and soul. Those tits, that ass, that cunt, they all belong to me. And now I’m going to cum up inside my fucktoy. You want Master’s cum, don’t you slut?” I asked, knowing full well her answer.

“YES!” she screamed, her pussy getting positively sloppy wet as I fucked her.

“Good girl. Then all you need to do is show master one more time how much you like being his fucktoy.” Giving her ass another hard slap, I sternly ordered, “Cum for me, bitch. Cum all over my cock now and show me how much you like being fucked like nasty little whore.” Her pussy instantly clamped down hard on my shaft as she exploded into orgasm. Her voice was somewhere between some agonizing moan and a scream of joy as her body shook and trembled and her pussy squeezed desperately at my cock.

It was more than I could take. I joined her in her noisy racket by emitting a hearty yell myself as my cock exploded. I had gotten so built up and horny that it just seemed like my entire essence was shooting through my cock like a geyser. Her hungry pussy milked every last drop from it as I panted and tried to regain myself. It was the moment I had waited for so long. My cock spent inside Mona’s pussy, I savored the sweet moment.

For a good long while too. The rest of the day was a blur of sexual frenzy. I had more to drink, got hard again, and made her suck my cock until I shot another load down her throat. We showered, and I ended up fucking her again in the shower. I hardly had any jizz left, but it felt good to dump what little I had into her twat one more time. I barely got her out the door in time to get home at a normal time. The day had been everything I had wanted, and I was beat. I was in bed by seven that night, and drifted off to sleep already daydreaming about how I would use my big tit pet next.