The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Controling Mona

Chapter Four

It wasn’t long before I started jokingly calling Mona “my pet project” as I schemed how to teach my little pet some new tricks. Among the first projects was programming in some personality to my little hypno-toy. So far, the novelty of fucking my lifelong wet dream was enough to overlook her robotic behavior. But it would soon get as old as it did with my two teen playthings. I had already begun programming them with different behavior triggers. In a way, it was almost like triggering a whole new personality, and I based it off of some of the programming Dr. Arment had tried on people with multiple personality disorders.

With my own twisted ends in mind, of course. At first it had been fun making conservative little Robynn a wanton slut. But then I found it also fun to play on her shame and sexual guilt, and so I created a good girl persona that would be horrified by the kinky things I demanded of her, and completely devastated by the fact that she was unable to refuse a single one of them. And so I would switch back and forth between whichever suited my mood for the evening.

Meanwhile, Michelle had this bitchy streak that was fun to play with. Sure, she was somewhat of a spoiled brat, and it was fun to take her over my knee and teach her a lesson. But it was also fun to turn that bitchy side on Robynn as well, and we had many a good time dominating and using her together. It also seemed that Michelle had a fascination with tits herself, probably due to a lot of stewing over her meager A cups and wishing they were bigger. Watching her dominate voluptuous little Robynn was not only fun for me, but seemed to get Michelle worked up like nothing else. I couldn’t wait to turn her loose on Mona.

I began devising some programs for Mona, and the work on the first couple were easy because I just did some modifications on Robynn’s programs. But there were others that I began working on that were a little more complex and based more on some of the information I was getting from her. Along with her schedule report, I had her giving more details about her daily masturbation sessions and what she was thinking about while getting off. Some of it was a little odd, but hot all the same. For example, as obscenely huge as her tits already were, she had fantasies about them growing even bigger. She also had a fantasy about being treated like cow, and told me how she would moo while she played with her udders and masturbated. As twisted as it was, it still got me hot and I started work on a “Moo-na” program.

But that would hardly be ready in time for our next little encounter. That turned out to be Thursday night, when I had her tell her family that she was doing something with her friend Jennifer. And so, while her family thought she was meeting up with her buddy, Mona was instead sitting naked in front of my bedroom computer dutifully absorbing the instructions encoded in symbols and text that flashed before her eyes. Her eyes were dilated into huge black saucers as her mind soaked up the programming that unleashed her sexual drive, her submissive nature, and her exhibitionist streak from her inhibitions and boosted them into primary motivating forces. The way her nipples poked out told me she was getting aroused from the mere act of programming her. The program was very much like Robynn’s submissive trash talking slut persona, only for Mona I was adding another little twist. It took a little creativity, and I had to use plain text input cues, but I was attempting to make Mona, quite literally, addicted to cock.

It was a little bit of a trick, and I was not quite sure how it would work. Much of it relied on the power of suggestion combined with Mona’s susceptibility, and the addiction would be purely psychological in nature. But the longer Slut-Mona went without cock, the more desperate and horny she should become for it. And nothing would taste sweeter to her than the flavor of cum. She would be unable to stop thinking about feeling, sucking, and getting fucked by a hard cock until she would do anything to satiate her need. Her shame and inhibitions and loyalties and morals would all be wiped away with a word, and in its place a simple need allowed to amplify and consume her as it reverberated in the echo chamber of her empty mind.

The program ended and Mona sat there staring at the empty screen. I removed my tinted glasses and ordered her to stand up and turn around to face me. She did as she was told, staring blankly into space, awaiting her next command. “Mona, my pet, it’s time to be Master’s slut.”

A life and a light returned to her eyes, and as soon as her eyes looked around to find mine, they also took on a hungry look. Without any prompting or order, she came up to my side and pressed her body up against me as I draped my arm across her shoulder. “Master,” she said, “I’m so glad you’re here.” Her hand was already pawing at my crotch, feeling at my already swollen cock through my shorts. Her hips were instinctively swaying and thrusting her crotch against my thigh. “God, I need it so bad, baby.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, my arm was off her shoulder and reaching down to give her ass a solid smack. A look of surprise was on her face for an instant, but quickly followed up by a wicked grin as I told her, “I’m not your baby, bitch, I’m your master and don’t you forget it.”

Her thrusting hips only became more insistent at that as she pressed and gyrated her pussy against my thigh. “Oh, I won’t forget it, Master. Not as long as you’re here to take charge of me, and use me like a nasty little fucktoy slut.” Her stiff nipples pressed against my bare chest, and her hand pressed up on the pole tenting my shorts and stroked up and down its length. “You’re gonna do that, right Master?” she said as she looked up to me with pleading eyes. “You gonna order me around and make me perform like a shameless big tit whore, Master? You gonna tell me who owns those tits while you fuck them? Please, Master, Mona needs cock so bad.”

Now she was trying to push my buttons, turning up the trash talk to get me to give her what she needed more than anything. And it almost worked, but I managed to keep it together and proceed with my plan. I gave her ass another slap, which only made her grind harder. “Look at you humping away at my leg like a bitch in heat. My precious little big tit slut must need Master’s cock real bad.”

“More than anything. Please, Master, give it to me. Fuck me good,” she said in a whimpering, desperate voice, frantically stroking the bulge in my shorts.

With that, I laid one more good slap on her rump, and then pushed her away from me. She looked at me with her eyes begging for me to use her, pouting at my pushing her away. “Fuck you, bitch. You want that cock, you’re gonna have to earn it tonight slut.”

“I’ll do anything, Master,” she pleaded. “Anything you ask. Just use me, Master. Just give me that cock, please. Tell me what you want, and I’ll do it. Tell me what I have to do to earn it.” Her tone was becoming increasingly desperate, her eyes getting watery until she seemed just on the verge of bursting into tears.

My only reply was to give a sharp whistle, which was Michelle’s cue to come in and join us. I had programmed her into her bitch mode, and when she opened the door, she simply oozed with a mean sexuality that was deeper than the black leather she wore. Standing at just 5′2″, she was shorter than Mona. The black leather corset that left her meager tits exposed, stockings, and silver tip stiletto heels were fetching too. The lack of any panties or thong left her shaved pussy exposed as she stood before us. But it was the look on her face as she surveyed Mona, and the attitude she carried herself with that let you know just who was in charge of the harem.

I gave Michelle a long admiring looking over, then looked back at Mona. She stared back at me, obviously a bit confused. I cleared things up in a hurry when I gave her a sneering look, pointed at Michelle and said, “You’ll have earned the privilege of serving as my fucktoy when she says so.”

She looked back at me with a touch of sadness in her lustful look, simply saying “I understand.” I had not yet programmed any bisexual urges in Mona. She was operating on pure lust for cock and obedience. She then turned back to face Michelle. Michelle looked Mona over top to bottom, but her eyes soon became locked on those huge tits. As I mentioned, she’s more than a little tit obsessed herself, and it only took a moment for her to step up to Mona, and reach up to grab those massive jugs. “Goddamn, look at these fucking tits,” she said as she roughly squeezed and kneaded them. Mona merely threw her head back as Michelle worked them over, pinching at the nipples, making them stiff. A gasp escaped Mona’s lips as Michelle locked hers around one of the nipples, sucking hard on it. After giving the other nipple a good suck, she grabbed one in each hand and began squeezing again. “I bet you think these tits are pretty special, don’t you bitch?”

When Mona nearly gave a sheepish nod, Michelle gave her nipples a hard tug. “Yeah, well I control those tits now, you little fucking slut. In fact, I think I want to see this big tit whore sucking on my little tits.” Michelle reached up, grabbing Mona’s head with both hands, pulling her face down in front of her A-cup tits. Mona, still a little bit in shock, merely stared at them for a moment.

I gave her ass another swat. “Do as you’re told, bitch. Suck them.” She instantly sucked one nipple between her lips, sucking hard on Michelle’s little nipple.

Michelle threw her head back with an evil giggle, then looked back down at Mona. She truly delighted watching this woman with gigantic tits sucking away at her own. After a few seconds of it, Michelle pulled Mona’s head back, and then shoved the other nipple to her mouth. My good little slut Mona needed no prompting, and eagerly took the other nipple into her mouth. “Yeah, suck on MY tits, you little slut. Get me all hot and wet. Fuck, it’s so hot watching a big tit whore like you sucking on them. And that tongue… Goddamn, I bet you could lick a mean pussy.” Michelle pulled her little pet away from her boob, and looked Mona square in the eyes with a devilish smirk. “You ever licked another girl’s pussy, slut?”

Mona meekly shook her head, “No, ma’am,” she replied, her eyes suddenly looking down as if she were a little uncomfortable with where the conversation was heading.

Michelle gave a contemptuous laugh. “Heh, and you think you’re worthy to serve as Master’s pet? Master requires his bitches to serve and obey, and to be used by anyone, anyway, and anytime he sees fit. You want a future in this stable, bitch, you’ll do as you’re told and suck and fuck any cock or cunt Master has you serve. And now you’re serving me. You think you have what it takes, bitch? You think you’re obedient enough to serve?”

“Yes,” Mona said meekly, “I will do as I am told. I must obey.”

“Hmph. On your knees, slut,” was Michelle’s curt reply. Mona did as she was told, kneeling in front of Michelle. I couldn’t stand the eroticism of the show any longer, and had my hand down my shorts stroking my cock as I watched Michelle use Mona. Meanwhile, Michelle lifted one leg, planting a foot on the chair in front of the computer desk, spreading her pussy out, thrusting it forward. “Look at it. Look at my cunt, bitch.”

Mona looked up at Michelle’s bald pussy nerveously. “Now look over at Master,” Michelle ordered, pointing in my direction. “Look at him getting hard watching you obey like a shameless little slut. You know you can’t live without that cock…” Grabbing Mona’s head, Michelle turned it back until she was looking straight into her twat once more. “And if you really want it tonight, you’re going to have to get me off. And more than once.” Michelle then reached down with both hands, pulling her labia open, her clit poking out as she thrust it forward.

“Now show master what an obedient little slut you are. Stick your tongue out and lick my clit.” Without a moment’s hesitation, Mona did as she was told, flicking her tongue back and forth over Michelle’s clit. “Oh yeah, that feels good. Lick it up, slut. Show Master you’ll do every dirty little thing you’re told to.”

It wasn’t long before Michelle reached down and grabbed Mona’s head, pushing it into her pussy as she started to grind on her face. “Yeah, that’s it, bitch. Lick it. I love showing a big-tit whore like you her place. Just grind my fucking twat against your face and use you to get off. Get that tongue in deep and suck, bitch. Practice up for when master has you suck his cum out of my pussy. Fuck yeah, it’s so hot. So hot watching Big Tits serve me.”

Michelle was becoming increasingly unhinged, humping faster and harder on Mona’s face until suddenly an orgasm hit her like a lightning bolt. Somewhere between a moan and a scream, she cried out as she reflexively humped away at Mona’s face, smearing her face with pussy juice as she continued obediently licking away. A second orgasm quickly followed, and the sight of Michelle riding Mona’s face and getting off was getting too much for me.

Michelle finally pushed Mona’s head back a bit to allow herself some time to recover. Her breathing ragged, her body trembling with aftershocks of her multiple orgasms, she still managed a few words of praise for Mona. “Good girl. I like it when you obey like a good little slut.” But she only had a moment to revel in her conquest before I stepped into the scene. Grabbing her knee, I moved her leg until her foot slipped from the chair it was propped on. I then turned her body a little, and pushed her back into that chair. Which put her conveniently at eye level with the bulge in shorts.

Stepping to the side of the chair, I pulled the waistband down and let my rock hard cock loose from its confines. Without any prompting, she turned her head and instantly locked her lips around the shaft of my cock. “Yeah, that’s it. Bitchy little Michelle knows how and when to serve too. Suck it like a good little slut.” I looked over at Mona, envy written across her face as she watched Michelle taking my cock in her mouth. “And don’t think you just get to sit back and just watch,” I told her. “Scoot yourself up between her legs and start rubbing those tits on her pussy.”

Mona snapped into action, grabbing her tits in each hand and coming in close to Michelle as she spread her legs wider to accommodate her tit-toy. Mona started rubbing her tits across Michelle’s pussy, working her nipples against the clit, then mashing her huge jugs into the young girl’s wet bald pussy. It was beyond hot watching her work that twat with those massive tits, and I couldn’t help telling her so. “Yeah, that’s it, baby. Use those big tits of yours to get this bitch off. She can’t get enough of those boobs of yours. Now make that little bitch cum with them. You know how much Master loves to feel his little sluts cum while I fuck their mouths. Make it happen. Use those big tits of yours.”

I stepped up the pace thrusting my cock into Michelle’s mouth faster and deeper. Grabbing her head in both hands, I was soon nearly choking her on my cock, and delighted at the feel of her fighting her gag reflexes as I fucked her throat. “Yeah, take it deep, slut,” I told her. “You know how much you like choking on my cock.” Her whimpers between her gags told me she was getting close. Suddenly her whimpers melted into a muffled and frantic moan, broken only by the rhythm of my cock cutting off her air. Her hips thrust wildly against Mona’s pillowy jugs as another orgasm overtook her body. I continued pumping her mouth as her mouth locked tight around it, sucking franticly as she came.

When she finally calmed down a bit, I pulled my cock from her mouth. Looking down at Michelle, I asked, “Has our big tit slut performed like a good little whore? Has she performed to your satisfaction?”

Still attempting to catch her breath, Michelle could only first manage a nod, still a little lost in pleasure as the ever obedient Mona continued rubbing her huge tits against Michelle’s twat. A raspy “Yes, Master” finally passed her lips, followed by another gasp as one of Mona’s nipples grazed her clit.

Not that her answer mattered. She had performed to my satisfaction, and I was more then ready to bury my dick inside my big tit fucktoy. Walking over behind her as she kneeled on all fours in front of Michelle, I got to my knees. Grabbing an ass cheek in each hand, I spread her open, exposing her cunt. It was dripping wet, which made it all the easier for me to shove my cock up inside it without preamble. I delighted in hearing Mona sigh and moan as I worked my cock up inside her. “Yes, Master… fuck me,” she said in a breathy whimper.

I did just that, and it didn’t take long before I was picking up the pace, pounding her pussy harder and faster, pushing my cock deep into the soft wet folds of her pussy. Meanwhile I ordered Michelle out of the chair and told her to lie underneath Mona while I fucked her from behind. She didn’t need ordered to start sucking on those huge boobs. “Good girl,” I told her. “Suck on those big tits while I fuck this bitch good.” Grabbing a handful of Mona’s hair, I pulle her head back. “You like that, slut? You like having Master’s bitch suck on those tits while I fuck you”

“God, yes!” she screamed. “Fuck me. Use me. Make me obey!” With that she came. It was too much for me, too, and the feel of her convulsing pussy around my cock sent me over the edge. I started shooting my load deep in her with a loud groan, my cock pumping her twat full of my white-hot cum. For a brief instant I lamented that I had not pulled out and cum all over her tits. I had wanted to see Michelle licking my cum from those huge boobs. That pleasure would have to wait for another time.

I was so hot that night, that I probably could have managed to shoot another load all over those tits in short order. But I had already kept Mona a little longer than I had planned, and her family was likely to start calling for her if she didn’t get home soon. Even if she didn’t answer her phone, it might only prompt them to call her friend. Only to find they’d not seen each other at all. I let her go for the evening with some parting instructions for her to call me and let me listen when she had her daily masturbation session.

It was the first time I had shared Mona, and it was hardly the last. The next time I had Robynn in on the act, and I relished in the heavenly feel of being at the bottom of a writhing, sloppy wet, moaning and completely obedient pile of girls. It was intoxicating. And it only unleashed a hunger for more. Drunk on the feeling of power and invincibility, I hungered for more additions to my harem.

I started getting greedy. And perhaps more than a little sloppy about hiding my secret. Pretty soon I had my brother’s girlfriend, Tammy, and three classmates, Mandy, Kim and Tabitha, under my control. Then there was Cindy, my algebra teacher from sophomore year. Quite a number of my classmates like to tease about Mrs. Carson’s rather large ass, but I had always been a little fascinated by it. So naturally I wanted to see just how much it’d jiggle while I spanked it and gave teacher a lesson in obedience. I also indulged my taste for mature pussy by taming two of my mom’s best friends, Amy and Joanne. I really got off on the feeling of controlling a sex toy more than twice my age. In just four weeks, I had expanded my harem from three to ten. It was only a matter of time before I was found out.

It seemed I was spending all my time fucking my little slaves, and I suppose people started noticing that I wasn’t hanging out anymore. If they ever saw me, I was with my “girlfriend”, Robynn, or any of the other girls who officially weren’t, but seemed awfully friendly with me. Maybe I should have been more alarmed by the one or two wisecracks my buddies made about me becoming a real lady’s man. It wasn’t too long before one of them came at me with more than a wisecrack. He busted me good, and I only had myself to blame. And it also led to the first time I ever used Mona to service another man.

I’d been skipping a few too many band practices, so the guys were glad I bothered to show up. It was a good session, and afterwards, Mike asked if I could give him a ride home. I was planning to have a visit with Mona later that night, but we were wrapping up early enough that it wouldn’t be a problem to give him a ride. In fact, he didn’t live too far from Mona anyway. I threw him my keys so he could load his gear while I visited with the other guys a bit. I didn’t think too much about the look Mike shot me when he came back from loading his rig. Soon after we loaded up and were on our way.

Mike fired up a joint and we passed it for a bit while I drove. He seemed pretty quiet, but I assumed maybe he was just caught up in the song on the radio. Then suddenly from out of nowhere he turns to look at me. “Okay, dude, so just what’s up with you and Mona?”

I froze up instantly, and I must have had the deer-in-headlights look about me as I barely managed to sputter, “What do you – huh? – I mean, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

Mike sighed heavily, then gave me a stern look. “Bullshit. Okay, so when I was putting my rig in your trunk, I moved a sack, and a cowbell fell out.”

My heart sunk as I knew I was busted, but still I tried. “That’s the cowbell Jay got me, dude.” I replied. Jay was our drummer, and although kits had mounted cowbells, he also knew where to get the old-school real cowbell for me. I didn’t say what it was for, but since I have a few percussion instruments in my possession, it wasn’t highly unusual.

My feeble attempt to explain it away didn’t even slow him down, though. “Yeah, but when Jay got it, it didn’t have the name ‘Mona’ inscribed on it. And then there was this DVD-R with an interesting little something written in sharpie on it.”

“Mona Perfoms” I thought to myself. I had written it last week when I had made the DVD. It was all part of my little plan for tonight’s fun. My mind raced to try to find some explanation, no matter how dumb it ended up sounding. But Mike continued, “And then Lisa Watson was telling me she sees Mona showing up at your house a lot these days. Like the night Matt was saying his Mom was going to the movies with her friend. And the night Matt told her his mom was working late.” Lisa lived three houses down the street from me, and was close to a few people in my circle of friends. My mind started racing, trying to think of who else she may have told, or who else might have figured out something was going on.

Unable to think of all this and drive, I pulled off on the side of the street and put the car in park. I turned to Mike, looking at him with earnest. “Okay,” I said. “I’ll tell you what’s up with me and Mona. But you got to swear not to tell anyone else, got it?”

He got a little smirk at that, but then gave his head a nod. And that’s when I told him everything. Several times in the telling he interrupted me to tell me I was full of bullshit. Even after I was done, he asked me if I actually expected him to believe such a wild and improbable story. And that’s when I finally said, “Look, I was headed over there after I dropped you off. Her family’s all busy tonight and she’s home alone. I can prove it to you. Want to come?”

He looked at me, still giving me the smirk and sideways glance that told me he thought I was playing him as a sucker. “Sure,” he said with a hint of sarcasm. “Drive on, mister slaver and show me how it’s done.”

Now he was getting to be a smart-ass, which only pissed me off a bit. Putting the car in drive, I sped off towards Mona’s house. I was determined to show Mikey I was not only telling the truth, but make him regret doubting my good word. As I put the car back into drive, I picked up my phone and hit the speed dial to Mona’s cell. Being programmed to always answer calls from me, she duitifully picked up. “Mona, my pet, it’s time to serve your master. Are you still alone for the evening?” She robotically answered that she was, and I gave a moment’s thought about how I wanted her to greet us. “Good. Mona, it’s time to be master’s doll. Go to the living room and pose yourself for master until I get there to play with you some more.” With that, I closed my phone, only to look over at Mike giving me a skeptical look.

By the time we pulled in her drive, and I let myself in like I owned the joint, his look was getting a little more serious. But I was sure to look back and catch his expression when we finally entered the family living room. His eyes almost popped out of his head to see Mona standing in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but a pair of high heeled shoes, a blank expression on her face, fingers locked behind her head and her tits thrust out, sticking her ass out as best she could with her legs spread, her feet almost a yard apart from each other. “Good girl, Mona. What a nice little fuckdoll to pose and obey. Now bend over and let those huge tits hang, my pet.”

“Yes master,” she answered, then bent over until her torso was nearly parallel to the floor, her massive tits hanging down. I walked around her while Mike seemed stuck in the doorway, shocked at what he was seeing. Reaching under, I grabbed one nipple and gave it a good hard tug.

“Well, there you have it. Completely under my control,” I said with more than a little triumph in my tone.

Mike, still working hard to figure out how this might be a trick finally managed to say something. “So like, you can fuck her and everything?” still not sure whether he should believe his eyes.

“Better than that, dude,” I told him. “Not only can I fuck her, I like to hear the slut beg for it. And not just me. She’ll fuck or suck anyone I tell her to, and just doing what the fuck she’s told will get her off. Even being ordered around and posed like a little puppet is getting her hot. Come over here, check it out.” I motioned for him to come over behind Mona. With her legs spread and her torso bent over, her pussy was nicely presented to anyone standing behind her. I grabbed her ass cheeks to spread her open, my fingertips pulling her lips apart and pull her pussy open and expose that luscious pink hole.

The dripping pussy juice was obvious enough, but all the same I invited Mike to stick his finger up inside her twat. Still in shock, I had to ask him twice, but then he reached over and sunk his finger up inside Mona’s cunt. Like a good little fuckdoll, she moaned and pushed back into his finger until it was buried to the last knuckle. “See,” I told him, “this bitch gets off on it. Naturally enough, but with my programming, even more.”

Mike took his wet finger from her twat, and started wiping it on his jeans. I stopped him and gave him a better idea. “No, dude, make her lick it clean. Go on, stick it in her face and order her to.”

Mike tentatively stepped up towards where she was leaning over, then shoved the finger up in front of her face. “Lick it clean, bitch,” he told her. And instantly she did with a moan. It was communicable, because feeling Mona’s sweet tongue working his finger was getting to Mike. The bulge in his trousers was obvious enough, and probably helping him get over the shock and get into it.

Strangely enough, I felt an unexpected charge out of letting Mona entertain a friend. I can be somewhat the selfish type, so it was a little unusual. Maybe it’s because I had a growing stable of fucktoys, and as special as Mona may have been before, she was just one of many pets. Still my favorite, but ever more a piece of property. And I was beginning to discover a thrilling feeling of my own pimping her to Mike.

“Look, now that you’re in on the little secret… well, your silence can be rewarded,” I said. Mike shot me a wicked grin. “If you’re interested, pull down your drawers and have a seat and I’ll have Little Miss Hypno Whore get you off right.” His jeans and boxers were around his ankles in seconds, and he plopped his ass down into the recliner behind him. I knew he was hooked, so I was hoping he’d answer like I wanted when I grabbed my cell phone and said, “I hope you don’t mind if I get a little video to use with her later.” He nodded, never looking away from the hanging jugs in front of him.

Turning on the phone’s video camera, I pointed it at Mona. “Mona, it’s time to be a little slut for Master. Stand up.” When she did, I could see the familiar cock hungry look in Slut Mona’s eyes. “Tonight, my little slut is going to be Master’s whore, and I’m going to pimp my little pet here to my friend Mike. You gonna be a good little whore for Master?”

The hint of a smile passed her lips as she looked over at Mike’s hard cock poking up out of his lap. “Yes, Master. I’m a good little whore who does exactly what she’s told. Master knows how much I like to serve and obey.”

“Good girl. Now get on your fucking knees and suck his cock, bitch. Get it all nice and sloppy wet so he can fuck those titties.” She was just as quickly putting herself into place as Mike had been. On her knees between his legs, she grabbed his cock at the base with one hand, then spit on it before swiftly taking it in her mouth until her own lips rested against her hand at the bottom.

“Fuck!” Mike exclaimed, his hips instinctively thrusting upward. She bobbed her head quickly up and down the shaft, wet sloppy sucking noises escaping her lips as she face fucked my friend. Then, letting go of he base, she took it all the way into her throat, her nose buried in Mike’s bush of pubic hair, taking him deep until she gagged on it. She pulled up for air, spit running down her chin as she took a moment to gasp for air. She then hefted her boobs up with each hand, and spit into her cleavage and rubbed it around, getting them ready for the tit fuck I had promised.

I figured this wouldn’t take long, but all the same, my camera video recorder has a three minute limit. I stopped the current capture, then started it anew just in time to catch her wrapping her mammoth tits around Mike’s shiny wet pole. Mashing them together with both hands, she quickly got to working them up and down over his cock. Mike’s hips thrust upward, driving them even harder between her tits. “Come on, baby,” Mona breathily said, “use my big fucking tits to get off. Do it! Fuck them!”

I wandered about, getting a good long shot of the action, then added my own little encouragement. “Yeah, do it, dude. You got Mona’s tits getting you off. And she needs you to cum all over her fucking face. Spray it with jizz so we can let her wear it on her face and everyone will know she’s a whore.”

I had no sooner said it before his cock erupted like a fountain, shooting a wad of cum right across her face and into her hair. Another followed, spurting another just under her eye. A groan and third more feeble shot splashed back down across her tit cleavage. But even more fascinating was watching Mona as she came herself. The Slut Mona persona was conditioned to be aroused by just the kind of verbal and physical humiliation and degradation we’d been dealing out to her. I guess the feel of the pulsing cock, the heat of the fluid and the smell of semen in her nostrils was just enough to set off my little cum addict. She let out a loud moan as her whole body trembled, her thighs clamped together and grinding as she was overtaken with orgasm.

I stopped the phone video as they both panted in the afterglow. Mikey started to get a bit self-conscious, finally realizing what he’d done right in front of me. He started reaching for his pants, turning a bit from me as he pulled them up. No worries. I had not interest in his cock, and was far more fascinated with watching Mona idly pinching at her own nipples as she awaited her next instructions. I didn’t keep her waiting long.

“Mona, time to be a doll for Master.” Her eyes went blank and she seemed to freeze in place. “Now, be a good little fuckdoll and go to the master bathroom and pose yourself in front of the mirror. I’ll be along shortly to control you some more.”

“Yes, Master” she said dreamily, getting up and heading off towards her bathroom. Mike had his pants back in order by then, and although he seemed spent, he couldn’t help but watch a still naked Mona as she departed. Somehow I had the feeling he’d be beating off again before the night was over.

“Fucking hot,” he said, probably without realizing it.

“Yeah, dude. She is,” I said. “Look, I was serious, though. I mean, she’s not my only little pet. I’ve accumulated more. You’re a good buddy of mine, and have been since way back to 4th grade. I don’t mind sharing some of my toys.”

We both had a chuckle, but then he looked at me squinting slightly. “Who else? Don’t tell me you have Robynn and Michelle all hypnoed out too.”

I chuckled again. “Shit, a few more than that. I’ve been getting a little greedy lately. But dude, you got your eye on someone? If we’re smart, we could make it happen. Until then, I’m sure you won’t mind if I have Mona entertain you some more. Just gotta keep your fucking mouth shut, got it?”

His look got a little more serious. “Yeah, I got it. But I’ll tell you, I’m not the only person asking questions, dude. If you’re looking to keep this a secret very long, you may need to cool it a little.” Something in my gut sank at that. I was getting addicted to my little hypno-pets, and that kind of straight talk is something I didn’t want to hear.

“Hey man, you mind walking the rest of the way home? I have a little unfinished business with Mona that I’d like to take care of before her family gets back,” I said, managing to keep my wicked grin to a mere smirk.

“Yeah, I bet,” he said with a laugh. But he agreed, and was off just a couple of minutes later. I could hardly wait. I had special plans that got disturbed by Mike calling me out. At first I thought my plan was in ruins, but about the time Mike had his pants down around his ankles, I realized that he might make my plans even hotter than they were before.

That DVD that Mike found was a collection of some of my favorite videos of Mona performing. Masturbation shows and self tit sucking, dancing, sucking, munching, fucking and serving me or my other pets. It was all there collected for me to use along with a new personality I had programmed into Mona, but not yet tested. Tonight I was going to debut it. I came into the bathroom doorway, and looked at Mona standing there. The pearly white cum had already become clear and slimy on her face. “Mona,” I said deliberately, “It’s time for you to be a helpless plaything for Master.”

There was no noticeable change, but I hadn’t expected any. The program had her start in her “doll” mode so that I could appropriately position her for the real fun. “Put your palms on counter top. They are anchored there. Spread your legs a little wider. They are anchored where they are.” She positioned herself as ordered, and the anchor trigger let her know that when I gave her my next command, she would be unable to move her hands and feet from where they were. Standing behind her, leaning against the door frame, I cleared my throat and told her, “Now, my helpless plaything… awaken.”

Mona’s head dipped slightly as she blinked very slowly, long and deliberately. And then she woke up from her trance. Well, perhaps not completely. She would be unable to move the appendages I had anchored from where I had her place them. In fact, she would still obey every command I gave her. But locked inside that body bound to obey every command was the waking mind of Mona. Not some obedient robot, no invented fantasy personality, but the real Mona. Mona the wife, Mona the mother of one of my good friends for years was now helpless and trapped inside a body unable to resist the will to obey my commands. Some of it was a little indulgence of my cruel streak. Some of it was some curiosity to see how the real Mona would react coming to grips with her own fantasies of submission made real. Maybe even a small gesture of appreciation to let the real Mona know how satisfying she was as a submissive sex slave.

But mostly it was the cruel streak eager to make degrading use of my helpless little plaything, so I watched with great interest as she became aware of her surroundings. I’m not sure if it was the realization that she was suddenly standing in front of her bathroom mirror wearing nothing but high heels, or the fact the one of her son’s best friends was standing behind her leering that made her eyes go wide with shock and surprise. She instantly tried to close her legs together and move her hands up to cover her tits, but she just looked ridiculous as he knees strained to meet and her arms jerked against their anchor points on the countertop.

“Carl, get out of here, I’m not dressed!” she said as she took a moment to look down at her hands and feet, puzzled at there insistence to stay put. Then back up to my reflection as I took in the site with a smirk on my face. She continued to try to pull against her anchored hands and feet in vain, “Carl, I’m serious, get out of here now! I don’t have any clothes on!” Her voice was getting more frantic and she looked down again at her uncooperative limbs.

“But without clothes is how I like looking at you best, my darling Mona,” I said breaking into an evil grin.

Suddenly she looked back up again at my reflection in the mirror. Her eyes narrowed, and her confusion hardened into a stern look. She was finally putting it together that her undressed state, her inability to move, and my presence there was probably no coincidence. I think she also noticed her face was a little wet for the first time, too. “What’s going on, Carl? What the hell have you done to me?”

“Nothing too special,” I finally said, “just taken total control of your body like I have so many times before.”

“Goddamn it, Carl, this isn’t funny!” she said, trying her best to look threatening while totally immobilized. “Stop it, and let me go, or I swear to God you’ll pay you little fucking punk.” Her anger only made me chuckle, a mockery that only increased her growing rage. “Damnit, I’m serious, Carl. How did you do this? And make it stop, or else!”

“Or else what?” I taunted. “What are you going to do about it, bitch? I hypnotized you, and now I have complete control. You do what I say, when I say, how I say, not the other way around.”

“Fuck you, punk!” she said, struggling against her immobile hands again. “Hypnotism is fucking bullshit. Now you better let me go. NOW!”

“Bullshit, eh?” I replied. “Mona, bend your back more and shove those tits and that ass out a little more.”

Her eyes went wide in shock as she did just that. “What the fuck…” was all she could manage. Perhaps a touch of fear in her eyes as well as she began to come to grips with the fact that I just might actually have complete control of her. The rage returned in short order, though, as I stepped up behind her and pressed the bulging crotch of my jeans against her bare ass. Meanwhile my hands reached around to grab two big handfuls of hanging tit flesh and squeeze. “Goddamnit, Carl, stop it! Get your hands off me you little shit!”

She began to writhe her body as best she could. With her hands and feet planted where they were, and her back frozen in position, it didn’t leave her much room to maneuver. She stopped and glared at me in the mirror shortly after I mocked her again. “Yeah, that’s it, bitch, squirm for me. Fucking makes me hot!”

“Fuck you,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, you will,” I said smugly, “as soon as I order you too. You’re so good at doing what you’re told.”

“Carl! I fucking mean it, now—“

But that’s as far as she got before I just said “Shut up!” It was fun to watch her suddenly stop mid-sentence, her jaw twitching slightly as she tried to resist the urge to close her mouth. The fear returned to her eyes as she tried desperately to use her voice, to speak out, but just couldn’t. Her body no longer obeyed her will, and she was now finding herself a little terrified that it seemed to be obeying mine instead.

Grabbing at her nipples, I pinched them hard and pulled at them. “You’re a mouthy little bitch, you know that? I think you need to learn to address your superiors more respectfully. Not to mention a little reminder of just who controls you. Perhaps a little punishment to reinforce the lesson and make it memorable.” Letting go of her nipples, I reached underneath her huge tits and hoisted them upward a bit. “Mona, when I say ‘left’, you’ll take your left hand from the counter and slap your right tit, then back down frozen to the counter. When I say ‘right’, your right hand will slap your left tit, then lock back down on the counter. Now… left!”

Her eyes went wide again as her left hand finally came free of the countertop only to reach across and slap at the tit I was holding up to make for a perfect target. No sooner had her hand returned to the counter than I ordered her right hand to take a slap. And so I began calling out the order to slap, alternating hands in rapid succession. I could tell she was trying to flash me an angry look, but she just couldn’t manage it. Instead her eyes seemed to almost plead with a sadness, her eyes getting watery like she was getting close to tears. Her tits were turning pink from the slaps when she finally threw her head back and closed her eyes, almost as if unable to bear watching her abuse herself in the mirror any longer.

Finally I stopped, coolly saying “Very good, Mona. You can stop slapping yourself now. You were very good with your lesson. I hope you’ve learned something here. Now be a good girl, and tell me ‘thank you’ for your lesson.”

Her jaw gave a slight quiver again, as she made a futile effort to disobey, and was beginning to look more than a little defeated as her mouth opened. “Thank you for the lesson.”

“Very good girl,” I said in the most patronizing voice I could manage. “You’re so very good at doing what you’re told. Now bend over and grab the faucet handles of the sink, elbows on the countertop, and they’ll stay there until I order you otherwise.” She bent over as instructed, her huge tits leaving my hands and spilling into the bathroom sink. But it also delightfully shoved her pussy more firmly against my crotch.

I relished it only for a moment, though, before stepping back for a moment to admire the view, then up beside her, leaning over the counter to get nice and close to watch her reactions as I gave her more instructions. “Good girl, get that face nice and close to the mirror and take a good look at it. See that slimy wet stuff all over your face, Mona? Yeah, I bet you’ve guessed what that is by now. I took control, turned you into a nympho cumslut who got off on getting her face sprayed with jizz.” Her head twitched slightly from what I guessed to be an attempt to turn her head and not look at herself as I had ordered.

I grabbed a washcloth from the nearby towel rack, then leaning even closer, I started slowly wiping up the cum from her face as I continued talking. “Yeah, that was fun to watch you go wild from being used like a little cumrag. Though I’m pretty sure you were disappointed at not being able to get a taste. So I’ll tell you what…” I took two more quick swipes with the cloth to get the rest of it from her face. “I’ll let you suck the old stale cum out of this cloth. Open your mouth.”

Her watery eyes flashed a mix of rage, fear, and shame as she did as instructed. I shoved the damp rag into her mouth and ordered, “Now suck on it, slut. Get a good taste of that old cum in your mouth.” As her mouth closed around the washcloth, the first tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

For a moment I felt genuine pity. But the raging hard-on in my jeans assured that it only lasted that one moment before resuming my condescending tone. “Aww, so sad? I hardly think so. I know better. I know all about Huge Tits Must Obey.” Her eyes got really wide at that, total surprise melting into a pleading look of sadness. She started shaking her head back and forth quickly in a gesture that I didn’t take as telling me “no” so much as telling herself that this couldn’t possibly be happening.

“Oh yeah,” I continued, “I know how you like to chat online with younger men and talk about serving them as a perfect, obedient, big tit, mature, fucktoy. I know how you routinely masturbate while you fantasize about being made into a subservient little whore. A plaything for some perverted little fuck like me to use and abuse. I’ve even taped you getting yourself off while you tell me all about it. Or tell me how you have to finger yourself after watching a movie with a stage hypnotism scene because all you could think about was being entranced and made into a little fuckdoll displayed and made to perform for a cheering audience. And you do get off hard on it all because deep down you know you were born a big tit slut whose only function is to serve and obey her master. That’s exactly why right now, despite everything, your pussy is getting wet enough to start dripping juice down your thighs. Seems your cunt’s crying too, but only because it’s missing what it really needs most”

Her eyes had lost all anger… Instead, there was only a crushing look of defeat in them that told me I had her and she knew it. I knew her deepest and most closely guarded fantasies and secrets. And I had only spoken the truth about the state of her pussy. Her inner thighs were positively slick with the wetness leaking from her pussy. She merely closed her eyes as more tears leaked out her tightly shut lids. It was time to deliver the killing blow.

“Heh. And I haven’t even told you the best part,” I told her. “The cum on that rag your sucking on isn’t even mine.” Her eyes snapped open suddenly and she looked at me in the mirror in a state of abject fear and horror. I chuckled and flipped out my phone, cueing up the first video. I put it down on the counter, and then grabbed a handful of hair and pushed her head down towards it. “Now you watch all of this, bitch. Don’t take your eyes away until you’ve seen every second of it.” Compelled to obey, her eyes locked in on the screen as I hit “Play”.

She looked on in horror at the footage, not even an hour old, of me telling her how I was going to pimp her to my friend. No more tears came with the question of whether she’d serve well and then watching herself tell me “Yes, Master. I’m a good little whore who does exactly what she’s told. Master knows how much I like to serve and obey.” Instead came the distinct clenching and rocking in her thighs as her pussy ached for the satisfaction it so desperately needed. The humiliating treatment was only feeding the lust that was beginning to consume her waking mind. Her breathing grew faster as she watched herself perform as ordered, kneeling in front of Mike and making sloppy slurping noises as she devoured his cock.

Her legs were beginning to tremble by the time the video ended. “Well,” I told her, “I think you lived up to your word, Mona. You were a good little obedient whore for Master, wouldn’t you agree?” She merely stared at me with pleading eyes in the mirror, her cumrag still hanging from her mouth. “Oh, I’m sorry Mona. I forgot I ordered you mute.” Pulling the rag from her mouth, I looked at her again with stern eyes. “Anything you have to say for yourself, my pet?”

“You can’t do this to me,” was all she could manage to whimper.

“Hmph. I already have. Or do you need further reminders. Watch this.” And with that, I set the second video to loop play. Compelled to watch, she let out a moan as she saw herself tit fucking Mike, and again as she heard herself tell him, “Come on, baby, use my big fucking tits to get off. Do it! Fuck them!”

“See, Mona,” I said, finally taking my aching cock out of my jeans and stroking it idly as I watched along with her, “deep down you know your place. You know you’re just a pair of tits to play with, and some holes at either end to fuck. A little sexual tool born to get men off and serve their every twisted whim. A plaything I own outright, and can loan out to my buddies when I’m through with you. I let Mike use your mouth and tits tonight. Now it’s Master’s turn, and I’m gonna use that wet little cunt of yours.”

The whimpers and moans she had been making as she watched and listened melted into a hungry groan. The ragged breathing and trembling body told me she was getting so close to the edge, I knew it was about time to finish her. Stepping up behind her again, I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, spreading them open and parting the moist lips of her pussy to expose the inviting pink within. Then, it all seemed to happen at once. Mike started spraying cum on the video while slut Mona spontaneously came as well. It pushed the real Mona over the edge too, and I felt her whole body tighten as she began cumming like her video counterpart. It was then that I started shoving my dick up inside her tight wet hole. She was so wet that it would have gone in easily, but the intense grip of her pussy as it contracted in orgasm made it a bit more work.

But deliciously worth it. The tight wet grip on my cock was heavenly, and seemed to push Mona’s own orgasm to a new level as she finally got her cunt filled like she so desperately needed. “Oh—oh my f-fucking g-god,” she cried out in a stammering whimper as I worked my cock in and out of her. It’s like she just couldn’t stop cumming as wave after wave of raw sexual pleasure overtook her. Her body trembled uncontrollably as she moaned loud and long, lost in the intensity of her body’s reaction.

If I hadn’t already shot a load into Robyn earlier that day, it might have been too much for me too, but I had just enough stamina to ride it out as she finally came down off the orgasmic plateau she was on. “Oh god,” she managed to say between grunts as I continued to plug her over and over with my cock.

“See, Mona,” I said softly, “see how nice it is when you’re a good little bitch and obey your Master?” Her eyes were still locked on the phone video as it looped again. Reaching up, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back up to face the mirror. “Now look at me, Mona. Look at me controlling and fucking you, and tell me just who owns you.”

With a look of desperation in her eyes she simply said, “You do.” No sooner had the words passed her lips before her cunt tightened around my cock again as orgasm racked her body. But this time I had no intent of letting up until I’d had my fill.

I delivered a sharp slap to her ass. “I thought you knew well enough to address me properly. Who owns you, bitch?”

The smack to her ass had sent her pussy gripping my cock even tighter, but when she finally yelled out, “You do, Master!” her body began to convulse uncontrollably as waves of the intense orgasm turned her body and mind to mush. Barely able to even speak, she still managed to franticly repeated her new mantra. “You do Master you do Master you own me Master you fucking own me Master you do Master fucking own me Master…” in an endless babbling whimper poured from her lips as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body with pure sexual gratification. Just the state I wanted her in when I finally let loose with my own cum, pumping what felt like gallons of it into her. Her whimpering babble gave way to a primal howl as the orgasmic gratification of serving as her Master’s plaything consumed her.

We spent a few moments catching our breath, staring each other down in the mirror before I finally broke the silence. “Very good Mona. Now, time to be a little doll for Master.” Instantly her eyes took their blank look again, and she was ready for further instructions.

After spending a few minutes cleaning ourselves up, I gave her instructions for the next day. I had to leave quickly, as I knew that at least Matt would be home soon, if not her husband. Thinking about that hot little session distracted me from further contemplating the little issue of my secret playthings becoming less than secret. I had no idea what to do about it, but I was sure I’d have to deal with it sooner or later.