The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Controling Mona

Chapter Five

Later that week I worked on keeping Mike quiet with our little secret. He’s a really nice guy with an awful fascination for a real bitch named Rachel. He dated her for a while, but got his heart broken and was still stewing about it. Rachel considers herself a little above Mike and his crowd, so getting her to watch the hypnotic induction DVD was a little bit of a trick to accomplish. But she’s also an insufferable gossip, so when we convinced her it had some embarrassing video of a rival of hers, she fell for it. By the end of the week, not only were our friends surprised to hear that Mike and Rachel were back on, but that she had adopted such a subservient attitude.

Not that he didn’t have a hankering to sample some more from my little harem as well. And being a generous guy with my riches, I was good enough to share. Actually, it was fun to be able to finally talk about it with someone. A couple of days later I let him fuck Mona, which was a dream come true. But Mike also had his own list of babes he wanted to have as his little playthings, and was eager to enslave them. Sharing a little helped cultivate some patience in him. After his little warning about people asking questions, I was worried about being overly conspicuous. I even began meeting some of them at a local hotel rather than coming directly to the house.

But Mona remained a favorite of mine, and the subject of some experimentation on my part. A subject made all the more fascinating in her own preoccupation with hypnosis fantasies. I entrance my other pets to insure they’re horny. But for Mona, the mere act of hypnotizing her triggered a subconscious sexual reaction in her. It’s a fantasy her submissive nature latched onto early. As a teenager, just seeing some cheesy hypnotic scene in a sitcom would soak her panties, and she’d have to masturbate. Right then and there is she could get away with it.

So unlike my other pets, Mona was more naturally responsive to sexual suggestions, and it makes her volcanically hot. All the clichéd trappings of hypnotism will do the trick. Just start waving a pocket watch back and forth, and her crotch start creaming from that alone. So of course, I had to get one.

I also began training her in orgasm control, where she had to ask my permission in order to cum. Even when engaged in her morning masturbation ritual at home, she was to call me on the phone and ask permission to cum. There’s not much better way to start the day than having some busty sex slave calling you up each morning begging you to allow her to get off. My goal was to work on her to get her to cum on command, which is an easy thing while entranced. But I also wanted to be able to trigger it in her while she was awake and aware and without any other sexual stimulation than my order.

Mona was also good enough to pay for the room at a nearby Best Western, not to mention a bottle of rum, and was to meet me there after getting off work. My plan was to continue more of Mona’s training, and my cock was already growing stiff as I settled into the room and prepared to wait for Mona to arrive. My plans radically changed when the cell phone rang. It was Mike, and his voice had some urgency.

“Dude, you’re about to have company. And not the kind you’re expecting.”

“Huh?” Was all I could manage.

“Dude, I told you folks have been wondering what’s up with you.” Mike said. “Well, Jarrod got it in his head to follow you and find out. And he got some folks to come along with him, including me. We’re in the hotel now. I told them I had to go to the bathroom so I could call you.” At that moment the hotel room phone rang. “Dude, I bet that’s them,” he said.

My heart sank with a weight so hard it fell straight through my gut and into my shoes. Without thinking of it, I put my cell down and stared at the ringing phone for a few seconds… then finally picked It up. Jarrod had an air of sarcasm in his voice as I heard him through the phone. “Gee, Carl, most people trying to get away from it all tend to like to go a little further than this.”

“Hi, Jarrod,” I replied flatly.

“Dude, having a little hotel party and not invite your best buds?” Jarrod asked.

“Uh, how often you book a hotel to meet your girlfriend and invite your friends?” I said, trying to see if I had any chance of avoiding what was increasingly apparent as unavoidable. I should have figured Jarrod was smarter than that, and already covered that base.

“Oh yeah, your ‘girlfriend’,” Jarrod said with some added sarcasm. “We stopped by McD’s tonight and ran into her. I know how she hates working drive-through, so she was pretty bummed about being scheduled to close. Dude, you know when that place closes? You got some time to kill.”

Okay, now there was no denying I was stone-cold busted. Robyn, my girlfriend in public, was at her job that night shoving drinks and burgers out a drive-through window. And despite Jarrod’s joke about having time to kill, I was seriously running out of it as Mona was due to arrive sometime in the next half hour.

With a deep sigh, I finally relented. “Okay, dude, who’s with you?”

Jarrod paused before answering, but then cleared his throat and spoke with a more serious tone. “Me, Chris, Mike, and Chuck and Jenny” Jenny was Chuck’s main squeeze, and they were pretty inseparable. I wasn’t counting on any of this, but her even less. My thought about spilling the beans was put in check by the fact that she was far less likely to be understanding about any of my recent evil doings as the guys. Still, I couldn’t stall much longer, either.

“Alright, dude, give me a minute or two to get decent, then come up to room 447.” At the moment I thought I could really use a drink, but Mona hadn’t shown up yet with the party favors. But I did have the leftovers of a pint of 151 in my gym bag. And it was a nice way to buy a few extra seconds to think, so I added, “Grab a couple of cans of Coke for some mixer on your way up, too.”

He agreed, though obviously a little puzzled, and hung up the phone. My mind was racing for a way to figure out how to deal with this in general, and Jenny in particular. I was reaching into my bag to fetch that half pint of rum when it suddenly dawned on me: I had my laptop in that bag too. With the hypno-program. All of them in fact. I was planning on finishing the evening date with Mona with a little parting programming. But maybe it was time Jennifer had a little look at what every other girl I show seems absolutely fascinated by.

But how do I get her to watch and for long enough for the programming to finish? I had to think fast, and for a few terrifying moments, only panic consumed my mind. I had to separate her. I went to the bathroom and plugged my laptop in next to the hair drier. Trick her in here, and let her watch while I tell the guys what’s going on. I was still trying to think of what to tell her when a knock came on the door.

A chorus of welcomes and smirks greeted me. “Hello,” I replied as nonchalantly as I could manage. “Come inside,” I said with a wave of my hand. As Jenny passed, I grabbed her arm to stop her by the bathroom door. “Actually, Jenny, I was hoping I might talk to you privately first.” She merely stared back a little confused. It’s not like we were normally close enough that I might want to confide things in her. “Really, it’s important. I think that because of… certain circumstances… you should take a look at something before I show anyone else.

Finally she shrugged and followed me in. My friends looked a little puzzled, but pointing out the rum and inviting them to make themselves comfortable seamed to stall any deeper inquiry. Then I popped back into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I palmed my shades in one hand as I called up the video.

“Okay, what’s this all about?” she finally said as I adjusted the screen for better viewing.

“I’m not sure I know how to tell you. Trust me, just watch and soon enough you’ll know what this is all about.” She gave me a curious tilt of the head, but looked at the screen when I finally hit “play”. I was sure to look away. The first few seconds she continued to look confused, and even began talking. “Okay, so what is THIS supposed to be about. I mean, it’s pretty, but it… doesn’t…”

And then her eyes went wide as the trance took root. Quickly, I popped on the glasses, and checked that the program was displaying properly. Then facing away, I headed for the door, slipping the glasses off while I did.

The guys were just getting comfortable with their rum and cokes as I came out. They were nice enough to have mixed me one as well. As Chuck handed it to me, he asked where his girlfriend was. I winced a bit, but my mind was already starting to map out how to handle this. At least I hoped. “She’s watching a little something on my laptop. Because what I’m going to tell you guys, I’d rather she not know about.” That alone raised some eyebrows.

Chuck finally chimed in, “Well, Carl, she’s pretty convinced you got something going on with Matt’s mom.”

I gave a deep sigh, and finally said, “Yeah, well… uh… she’s right. There is.” A chuckle or two came out, as it became apparent Jenny wasn’t the only one who had suspicions. All except for Mike, who could only manage a shrug along with his apologetic look.

“So how’d you manage that,” Chris finally asked.

“Well…” I said, not sure just how to say it except to be blunt. “I hypnotized her” Chuck and Jarrod erupted into open laughter, while Chris just shook his head in disbelief. Mike had a smirk on his face, but his was because he knew I was telling the absolute truth. So I figured I might save myself a lot of time if I enlisted some help. “I know, it sounds pretty silly, but…” I glanced back at Mike, “if you don’t want to believe me, just ask Mike. He’s seen it. And even let him have a little fun with her himself.”

This managed to quell the laughter as Chuck, Chris and Jarrod looked over at Mike. I think he expected me to call on him for verification, but just not this soon. After a shrug and a moments or two stammering, he finally managed “Yeah, it’s true. I’ve seen him control her like a fucking robot, order her around… not just Mona, either. There’s a reason Rachel’s been a lot easier to deal with.”

The room erupted into two conversations as Chuck started talking to Mike, and Chris and Jarrod started asking me about details. I was just getting to the how’s and why’s with some of those details, however, when Chuck suddenly looked around at me and said, “Wait, wait… what’s up with Jenny?” He was looking at me sternly, and I knew he already suspected just what might be going on in the bathroom. “You aren’t doing anything freaky to her, are you?”

Chuck already had a fist forming as he lurched towards me with more than a hint of threat to his stance. Maybe I should have seen this coming. Chuck’s a jealous type, probably due to his insecurities with being so overweight. I have a fondness for the voluptuous type, but Jenny is a little chubbier than even I really care for. But she’s got a cute face, nice D tits and is probably the prettiest girl Chuck’s ever gotten. He’s smitten for sure, so his insecurities, jealousy, and sense of chivalry were kicking into high gear.

“Look, dude,” I said, “I got a good thing going on here, but I didn’t think she’d be too hip about what I’ve been up to. I’m not sure she’d be so keen on how I’ve turned her buddy Mandy into one of my pets. But look, you gotta realize how good this could be for you too dude.”

Chuck didn’t back down, but he gave me a questioning look. Everyone else had stopped talking, watching the tense moment. “Look Chuck, with Jenny hypnotized, she’ll say, do, and like anything you tell her too. Things she’d never let you do to her before…” I paused as I watch the idea sink in. I went for the finishing blow, and just said it flat out. “Dude, once that mind of hers is yours, so is that back door.” I said, with a knowing wink.

Chuck had a thing for anal sex, but Jenny considered her asshole off limits. He’d confided in me how he had tried to convince her more than once, but always to no avail. In fact, she’d gotten pissed off enough the last time that she said if he brought it up again, she’d dump him. Which tamed him quickly, but didn’t snuff the desire. Chuck started to grin as he started to grasp the idea. “Anything, huh?” was all he could say.

“Oh, you have no idea. Not yet anyway.” He leaned in to give my shoulder a friendly slap as we both started laughing. Meanwhile I drew a sigh of relief.

“Well, I’m eager to find out. Provided this isn’t all some bullshit prank you and Mike are up to,” Chuck said, going back to fetch his drink.

As if on cue, there came a knock on the door. It was Mona, and she couldn’t have picked a better time to show up to demonstrate exactly how genuine my story was. The guys looked at me, and I only smiled back at them and went to the door, opening it to reveal Mona standing there with a brown paper sack filled with more booze and some juice to mix with. I had commanded her to show up in her docile personality. More lively (and less suspicious in public) than her robotic hypnotized personality. Aware enough to be functional and think for herself, but quiet and ever obedient.

She’d just come from work, so was dressed appropriately enough for that. The sensible brown slacks belied the higher heeled shoe than is sensible for work. Perhaps the sweater just a little too snug as well, but nothing over the line. The only clue to what was in store for her in the evening were under her slacks. I had planned a special treat for myself tonight, and I knew she would be wearing the brand new panties I had bought her. I ushered her in, and closed the door behind her.

The first order of business was setting Mona to work as the bartender, and mix us up a new round of drinks for. Grabbing the pen and pad of paper from the hotel desktop, I handed it to her once she had set the bags down. “Mona, I want you to be a little cocktail waitress for my friends. I know how much you like taking orders. So go around and take their drink orders. Or any others they may give you. You’ll make and serve those drinks as well, of course. And be sure to be plenty flirty with the customers. You want a good tip, don’t you, my pet?”

“Yes, Master,” she said with more than a little enthusiasm. Taking the pad, she positively sauntered over to Jarrod, standing there, she held her hands together in front of her in a way that her arms pushed her tits together and forward. “Can I get you drink, sir?” she said, followed by a tiny little laugh that just reeked with the affectation of dumb flirty bimbo.

Jarrod had a huge smile on his face, but a bit too dumbstruck to answer right away. With a shake of his head, he finally managed to order a rum and coke. When she asked Chuck, she gave her tits a little shake back and forth for good measure. Chris’s eyes almost popped out when she leaned over the end table he was seated at and let her sweater covered tits spill all over the tabletop. All of them seemed unwilling to take up on my offer to take any order they pleased, and just stuck to drinks. All except Mike, of course. After ordering up his rum and coke, he added, “Oh, and Mona, why don’t you pull up that sweater and bra and let me see you shake them naked big tits of yours.”

“Yes sir,” she said with a giggle, and without any further delay, did exactly as she was told. Mike smiled broadly as Chris sat beside him, dumbstruck. Chuck and Jarrod began to laugh, and I imagine not only from the amusement of the sight. I think it was also from the realization that I had told them the absolute truth about enslaving Mona. She didn’t bother putting herself back together, but instead stripped the sweater all the way off as she strutted her way back to the desk serving as our bar.

She shucked off her bra as well before getting to work. The snickers continued from my pals, and Chuck whispered “awesome.”

“No need to whisper, dude. It doesn’t matter what you do or say, or whether she hears you. She does what she’s told. Check it out,” I said, turning to Mona as she finished up the drinks. “Mona, deliver them one at a time, and you will politely ask permission to have a taste of their drink. If they think you’ve served well, then they’ll grant you permission. However, you must take your taste by dipping your nipple into the glass and tasting it off your tits. Understand?”

With a sly look upon her face, she simply replied “Yes, Master,” and turned to Chuck and presented him with his drink. And the slight bow she took handing him his drink as he sat on the bed managed to nicely present her mammoth tits as well. As Chuck took it from her hand she demurely asked, “Please, sir, may I have a taste of your drink?”

“Absolutely!” was Chuck’s enthusiastic reply. Mona did as ordered, grabbing her left tit with both hands and dunking her nipple into the icy drink. Her natural arousal already had her nipples poking proudly from her breasts, and although she drew a sharp breath from the cold, any effect of the chill was far outdone by what the fire burning in her crotch was doing. If her snatch wasn’t already dripping, sucking her own nipples in front of an audience was sure to make it a sloppy wet mess. She made a seductive show of lifting her nipple to her mouth and licking the droplets of cocktail from her tit. But the moan that escaped her lips wasn’t just for show, but belied the lust building in her. Afterwards she simply said “Thank you, sir,” and went for the next drink.

She repeated the performance with each delivery, switching between nipples with each taste. Jarrod was the last to get served, and he was the only one to take any additional liberties with his invitation to use Mona. As she asked for her taste, Jarrod eyed her with a smirk. “I dunno. Kinda slow on the service. Maybe if you let me have a taste off your tit first, it’ll make up for your… promptness, and I’ll let you have a taste yourself.”

“Yes, sir!” she said, with an enthusiasm that was echoed in how eagerly she dunked her tit in his drink, then proudly shoved it towards his face. “Yesssssss,” she hissed through clenched teeth as Jarrod’s mouth locked around her nipple and sucked. His other hand reached up to fondle her other tit. After several seconds he let go, but Mona lingered for a second or two lost in the pleasure.

“Now get your drink,” he said, which seemed to bring her around, and she swiftly got her taste and thanked him. Once she was done, I ordered her to stand beside me in front of the other guys, and I ordered her into a deep trance.

Once she was staring blankly at some point a thousand miles beyond the far wall, I turned to the group. “See guys, she’ll do, say, and be anything I tell her. She’s not the only one I’ve done it to. But Mona’s got a special place in my stable.”

“Yeah, well it’s obvious why” Chris chuckled.

“Yeah,” I replied, “the tits are nice. Well, fuck, better than nice. They’re out-fucking-standing! Believe it or not, the bitch even has a fantasy about them getting bigger, if you can believe that. But, there’s also something else not quite so obvious that I’ve been learning about Mona that makes her an especially hot little plaything.”

Instead of coming outright and asking, he just raised an eyebrow as a sign to explain myself. “Mona’s got a twisted little set of fantasies that make her the perfect subject for service as a hypnotic sex slave. Her single biggest fantasy is to be hypnotized and used as a sex slave. So where I sometimes have to encourage arousal in my other pets, the mere act of being hypnotized gets Mona hotter than two dollar pistol, and as eager to spread and fuck as a two dollar whore.”

The guys listened intently, but as I spoke their eyes drifted to Mona, standing topless with a vacant look on her face as if half asleep. “She’s been masturbating to hypnosis fantasies since she was a teenager. Just watching some dumb hypnosis scene in a B-movie or TV show, and she’s squirming in her seat and desperate to play with herself. Shit, she’s even gotten off just watching a scene in a theater. She couldn’t touch herself surrounded by the crowd, but the little slut came just by watching. Isn’t that right, Mona?” I suddenly asked, turning towards her a bit.

“Yes, Master,” she replied flatly. “The hypnotist made the cops chasing him turn their guns on themselves. I tried to pass off my whimpers as being squeamish about the violence, but I was really whimpering and moaning because of the orgasm I had just watching it. I told my husband I didn’t like seeing them blow their brains out, but the truth is the thought of being so completely controlled by someone made me cum.”

Jarrod gave a little whistle, looking at me. “Damn, Carl. You were right when you said she was ‘twisted’.”

“Tell them about the last time you masturbated while watching TV, Mona.” I said.

Her breathing was already getting heavier, but her stare never wavered. “It was some months ago, and everyone in the house was busy. So I sat down to watch some TV, and while flipping through the channels I caught my favorite episode of Gilligan’s Island.”

I couldn’t help but interrupt with a laugh, “Then you’d seen this one before. And tell us, Mona, why exactly is this your ‘favorite’ episode of that dopey little sitcom?”

“Because,” she answered in her blank and matter of fact tone, “it’s the episode where an evil scientist comes to the island and controls the castaways with a hypnotic mind control ring. It’s so silly and stupid, but I get instantly horny watching it. I tuned in just in time to watch Ginger get taken over by her ring, and without even thinking about it I reached down and began rubbing the crotch of my jogging shorts.”

“And what do you think about while you’re watching that gets you so randy?” I asked. I knew the answer, of course, but wanted Mona to tell the guys for their further education on her kink.

“Because I want to be her,” she said, her monotone showing a crack of lust in it. “I want to be hypnotized and controlled so badly. By the time she comes to the scientist’s cave and I hear her call him ‘Master’, I couldn’t help myself anymore and shoved my hand down inside my shorts and started rubbing my pussy like mad.”

“Did the scientist try to take advantage of Ginger?” I asked with a smirk.

“Yes,” she answered, “but Ginger slapped him while hypnotized. It was supposed to be funny. But it didn’t matter. I knew the truth. What would really happen but they could never show on an old TV comedy show. The joke didn’t matter, because all I could think about was what the hypnotist would really do with a hot, busty movie star under his complete control?”

“And what is that?” I prodded.

Mona drew one deep breath, and with a hint of relief and resignation she said, “Fuck her. Fuck her hard and nasty. Use her like a nasty little cumslut. Order her around like a servant and then make her beg him to shove his cock in each and every one of her fuck holes… beg to be used like a living fuckdoll. Her and Mary Ann both. Line them up and use them both like obedient little cunt slaves.”

Between the heavier breathing and Mona getting more raw with her language, I knew she was getting off just being made to perform and confess for the guys. It was obvious enough that I probably didn’t need to point it out to them, but it helped moved the show along. “See, she’s already getting quite worked up just thinking about it all. She told me about how a couple of weeks ago she caught a bit of a movie Matt was watching on TV with a little mind control bit in it, and she had to go to the bathroom and get herself off within minutes of seeing it.

“In fact, this little situation is pretty close to another common fantasy she likes to masturbate to. You should see how frantically she rubs her twat thinking about being put under by a hypnotist on a stage and made to perform for a crowd of people. We don’t have a stage here, but I think even this modest little audience is getting her flustered.”

I addressed her directly again. “It gets you hot being ordered around in front of people, doesn’t it, Mona.”

“Yessssss,” she said, her monotone getting more breathy.

“Each command, every order, just sets that pussy on fire. I know. You so desperately need to serve and obey that you get horny being hypnotized and publicly degraded. To be a plaything, mocked and humiliated for your slavish obedience, and all of it getting you wetter and hotter.” I had stepped closer, leaning in, and as I spoke her skin was becoming flushed. “Turn around, Mona. Then pull down your pants so that we can see the panties you’re wearing.”

Mona spun around in place, then promptly pulled her pants down until they just cleared her panty covered behind. Chris instantly began to chuckle once he recognized them. The panties were white with a large black spots that looked like a cow hide. Chris and I were at the mall last week when he spotted them and made the joke that Gateway must be making panties instead of computers now. But I knew I’d have to come back later and get a pair for Mona. Normally I keep her in g-strings and thongs if anything at all, so a pair of full panties was a little unusual. But it was just too perfect to go with that cowbell I had bought her. I dug the cowbell out of my bag while she bent over to take off her pants. As she did, the dark wet spot in the crotch of her panties was impossible to miss. It managed to get a couple of chuckles from the gang before she had stepped out of them and stood back up.

“What is this, Mona?” I asked, holding the cowbell up in front of her.

“My cowbell, Master,” she said as she stared at it.

“And what happens to you when you put on the bell, Mona?” I asked.

“I become a piece of Master’s livestock, a dumb animal whose only purpose is to serve and please my master,” she said. “I become a docile beast with big hanging udders made to be bred to some young stud.”

“Good girl. Now put it on, and then turn back around to face the audience, my pet,” I ordered.

She fastened the collar around her neck, and spun to face the guys, her tits wobbling and the bell’s ringer clunking dully in the bell as it rested against her upper chest. Chris and Jarrod began to laugh as they noticed her name plainly engraved on the bell. “Good girl, Mona. You’ve worn the bell before, but tell me, do you think the panties go well with them?”

Mona’s only reply was to loudly say “Mooooo!”

Needless to say, the guys erupted into a round of laughter. “Oh yes, perhaps I should explain,” I said, after a few giggles myself. “See, when she’s got the cowbell on, unless specifically ordered to speak, the only thing she can say is… what is it atain, Mona?” I said with a mocking grin as I put my hand to my ear as if to hear her more clearly.

“Mooooo!” she yelled in reply.

“Heh, good girl, Mona,” I said between chuckles. I’d had plenty of fun with this personality a couple of times before, but with some other folks to enjoy it with, the humor of it was made fresh again. “You like being a mindless fuck animal with huge udders, don’t you?”


“Good girl. Now get down on all fours like the fucking animal you are,” I told her. Once down on her hands and knees, I dug a short leather leash out of my bag, and snapped it up on the D-ring of her collar opposite the bell. The bell now hung free from the collar, allowing the ringer to properly sound it as she settled into her stance. Her humongous tits also hung pendulously down, her nipples almost touching the carpet. “Nice and prompt. A well trained animal, at that. And now, my little pet, I’m going to ask you some simple questions, and if your answer is ‘no’, you may say ‘no’. But if your answer is ‘yes’, I want you to ‘moo’ like good little pet.”

Her lips remained closed, but something between a moo and a moan rumbled in her throat. “Now,” I continued, “I’m sure you know just how much your master likes those big fucking udders of yours. They’re so much of what makes you a special pet for master, are they not?”


“Heh. And surely it would be pleasing to master if your tits were even bigger than they are right now, don’t you think?”

“Mooooo!” she said with ever increasing enthusiasm in her tone.

I had mentioned to the guys that Mona had a little fantasy about somehow, somebody make her tits even bigger than their already humongous scale. It was time to have a little fun with that too. Crouching beside her I leaned in close. “Good, Mona. Then I should explain that the cowbell you’re wearing is a magic cowbell. If you can make it ring without using your hands, by swinging it, and mooing real good and loud while you do, then it will make your tits even bigger. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Mona?”

“Mooo!” she said, enthusiastically nodding her head.

Reaching down, I gave her rump a slap and said, “Then do it, Mona. Ring that bell.”

Mona promptly shook her upper body from side to side with a long and loud “Moo!” The bell clanked as the ringer swung inside, but of course, her pendulously hanging udders also shook and swung from side to side as well. It was a perfectly lewd and degrading display. Which elicited a good round of chuckles from the lot of us. Tugging at her leash, I had her continue while crawling on all fours in front of them. A couple of steps, and then she’d rear her head up and moo loudly as she shook her bell and hanging udders.

“I think it’s working, bitch. I think those tits are already getting bigger,” I said while giving the guys a little wink. They weren’t getting bigger, of course, but the suggestion was enough to make Mona’s crawl more labored, her back seeming to bend more with the added weight her mind imagined. I steered her towards Chris, and when her head was close to his knees, I reached down grabbing Mona by her hair, and pulled her up off her hands until she was upright on her knees. “Good girl. Now shake those big tits for Chris.”

She did just that and more. After a shake and shimmy with her torso, she reached up with her hands and grabbed one tit in each and jiggled them and slapped them together. Then bending forward slightly, she flopped them into Chris’s lap where his hard on was straining the front of his jeans. After a few moments of this, I grabbed her hair again, pulling her away and pushing her back down to the floor.

I was beginning to lead her over to Jarrod when she began whimpering and weakly mooing with an urgency I did not understand at first. She reached her head over and nudged my leg insistently, and I could notice her trembling a little. “What is it, Mona? Speak.”

With permission to speak, she looked up at me swiftly, and with pure lust radiating from her eyes and pleaded, “May I please cum, Master?” Her words her clipped and a little forced like she was holding back the urge to spontaneously orgasm. She was still bound by my instructions to only cum upon receiving permission.

Craning my head back a little, I checked out the state of her panties. With her on all fours, the crotch was on full display, and the wet spot had grown significantly so that the whole crotch was thoroughly soaked. Grabbing the waistband with both hands, I swiftly pulled them down to the middle of her thighs, exposing her bare ass. I swung a leg over so that she kneeled on all fours between my legs, me facing back towards her ass. Reaching over, I placed a palm on each ass cheek with my finger tips buried into the edges of her damp bush. I then spread her open, pulling her ass cheeks apart, parting the damp blond pubic hair and pulling the lips of her cunt wide open until her pink wet hole was exposed. Mona’s trembling became more escalated.

“My goodness, bitch, you are quite wet aren’t you?” I said mockingly.

“Yes, Master. Please let me cum!” she said in a labored tone as she struggled to contain herself and obey.

The guys weren’t smiling and laughing anymore. They were transfixed at the sight, and all of them sporting wood in their shorts. Letting go of her ass, I grabbed her panties and pulled them the rest of the way off. Mona helped by lifting each knee as needed, and once off, I backed up until I was standing in front of her. Putting the wet spot in front of the bunched up panties, I shoved them towards Mona’s face. She knew what to do without an order, and promptly took the panties in her mouth, swallowing up the wet spot and leaving the rest to hang from her mouth.

“My, does that pussy juice taste good or what, Mona.” She nodded, I crouched down so that I was closer to eye level. “Good. Get a good taste of it. Taste how wet you’ve gotten being shown off like some sort of sexual sideshow freak and made to perform for our amusement. That cunt gets so wet being degraded like a little fuckdoll, doesn’t it?” Again, she nodded, her trembling and twitching getting near critical. But I was having too much fun to give in just yet.

Standing up, I took a step or two forward until I was in easy reach of her upturned ass. “Good girl. You should really see yourself, stark naked and down on your hands and knees performing for the amusement of a bunch of high school boys. And it’s about time you demonstrate just what a nasty slut you are, and how much you enjoy being ordered around made to perform. When I slap your ass, be a good little fuckslave and cum for us.” With that, I reached down and gave her ass a good hard solid slap.

Mona’s trembling erupted into a near seizure as her body suddenly exploded into orgasm. Her moan was long and loud, her legs and arms trembling, and her butt and thighs clenching reflexively and grinding away at the empty air. Fluid leaked from between her swollen lips as she whimpered and moaned, trying to recover from a powerful orgasm. Meanwhile, my friends were staring slack-jawed and wide eyed like they were hypnotized. Indeed, I suppose they were entranced by the obedient, busty, slutty fuckdoll twice their age cumming hard from nothing more than being humiliated and made to perform like a trained pet.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Jarrod finally managed to say while Mona caught her breath.

“Yeah, it is,” Chris chimed in. “And Mike was saying earlier you let him fuck her.”

“Yeah,” I said with a knowing grin to Mike. “Look guys, I had my heart set on cumming up inside her pussy tonight, and I don’t really dig sloppy seconds. But look, if you guys are as worked up as I am, I can hardly leave you hanging with blue balls. So if you like, I’ll have her titty fuck and cock suck. I’m sure you guys would love some full privileges, and we can work that out when I have some other plans. Sound good to you guys?”

Of course it did, and they nodded vigorously. Then I gave Chuck a nudge, “But you, sir, have a special plaything of your own, and I’m guessing she’s about ready for a little instruction.” I had almost forgotten about Jen, and apparently Chuck had managed to do so completely. But his face lit up once reminded, and I knew from the shit-eating grin on his face that he’d be taking his girlfriend’s virgin ass before he left the hotel room. Chuck’s earlier chivalry had given way to the letch I knew was at the heart of him. I was already guessing which cheerleaders he’d be asking me to enslave. I was pretty sure that it’d only be a couple of weeks before Chuck had little use for Jenny, but for now his plump little plaything would be a good start.

Sure enough, Jenny was staring at a blank screen, awaiting instructions. I ordered her out into the large room and brought Mona into the bathroom. Chris was squeamish about any public sex – something that would change soon enough in a few weeks with our first full-fledged orgy. But for now, most folks felt awkward enough that they agreed to taking turns in the bathroom. I put a bath matt and a towel down on the tile floor for Mona to kneel on, then told her to be a good whore and swallow the cum of all the boys who’d come to visit her. After a little haggling about order, and a game of rock-paper-scissors, Chris got to go in first.

Meanwhile, I got down to programming Jenny and putting her under Chuck’s command. Chris was done pretty quickly, and Mike followed next, and eavesdropped a bit while the programming continued. Mike was a little distracting during his turn as we could hear him yelling at her and calling her names while she coughed and gagged. But I suppose it made for some good mood noise while we convinced Jenny how much she liked the idea of being treated like a whore and butt fucked. We were just wrapping up when Mike came out, breathless but obviously satisfied.

Jarrod went next, and Chuck and I continued to talk about how best to program. He was quite anxious about getting Jenny alone to claim his prize, and started talking about backing out of having Mona suck him off. That’s when I got the bright idea to just let Mona in on that act too. Chuck loved my idea, and even reluctantly agreed to my request to videotape it.

Jarrod wasn’t too long either, and he came out of the bathroom grinning ear to ear. The grunts and gags and occasional slapping noise we’d been able to hear had us guessing Jarrod was playing a little rough with my favorite toy too. He joined Chris and Mike with their drinks to discuss the girls they’d like to see enslaved.

Meanwhile, Chuck, Jenny and I went into the bathroom with Mona. As soon as the door was closed, I started my camera, first getting a good shot of Mona, kneeling on the floor wearing nothing but her shoes, collar, and bell. Her hair was a mess, what little lipstick left on her face was smeared, and apparently she’d been gagged on cock hard enough that she teared up leaving dark streaks of mascara trailing down her cheeks. Her face was flushed and red, and so were her tits with obvious handprints from some hard slaps.

“My goodness, Mona, you look like one well used little whore,” I said.

“Thank you, master,” she replied with a smile.

“Good girl. Now we have one more little job for you. Chuck here wants to fuck his new slave’s ass. And I think he could use a little help.” With that, I gave a look to Chuck, holding my open hand towards Jenny as an invitation to prepare her.

Chuck looked unsure for a moment, obviously feeling like the dog who finally caught one of those cars he’s been chasing and not sure what to do next. But it only took a couple of seconds to get his head together, and he finally started giving Jenny instructions. “Okay, Butt Slut Jenny, face the mirror, take off your pants, and bend over the counter.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied with a little coo in her voice. Chuck had given her the trigger we’d worked out for Jenny to behave like a willing and obedient slut wired to cum anytime someone shot cum up her ass. She shucked off her jeans and panties, and I’ll have to admit I found that big fat ass a little fetching as she bent herself over.

“Good,” Chuck continued, “now reach back with both hands and spread your ass cheeks open. I want to get a good look at that puckered little asshole of yours.”

Once he had her properly posed, it was my turn again. “Mona, it seems our friends her want a good anal fuck, but everyone’s dry. I think you should help them out a bit. Go over and lick Jenny’s asshole. Get it nice and wet for Chuck.”

It was hot watching Mona bury her face between those two big ass cheeks. Starting with a spit, she then started dutifully licking Jenny’s asshole. Jenny moaned, and quickly and loudly enough that I had to wonder if Jenny didn’t have some suppressed anal desires of her own. Maybe it was the programming, but it hardly mattered in the end. It was still hotter than hell when Jenny started getting into it and encouraging Mona. “Yeah, baby, lick it. Get me ready for my Master. Deeper. Shove your tongue up my butt, baby.”

Mona complied, of course, and even reached up to diddle Jenny’s clit while she tongue fucked her asshole. Chuck was about to bust through the front of his jeans with his hard-on, so I figured it was time for him to get some relief. “Good girl, Mona. Now turn around and get Chuck’s dick nice and wet so it slides in nice and easy.” Chuck opened his jeans, and after reeling out his cock, eagerly fed it to Mona’s equally eager mouth. Her other hand was still busy diddling Jenny’s cunt while she sucked.

Chuck was getting pretty worked up, and getting close to popping his load, I’m sure. He pushed Mona’s head away and stepped up behind Jenny and poked his dick at her butthole. I’m sure Chuck would like me to spin some yarn about what a sexual powerhouse he was, but it wasn’t the case. Granted he’s improved since, but you can’t help but build stamina when you’re fucking dream girls 2 or 3 times a day every day. But this first time out finally giving his first anal fuck, he lost it pretty quickly. He was good about trying to work it in slowly with short strokes, but by the time he had the whole thing buried in her ass he stiffened up and shot his wad. Jenny lived up to her programming, and erupted into a moaning orgasm.

Chuck was a little embarrassed, and to be honest I was a little disappointed myself. I was hoping to have Mona lick Jenny’s pussy or get her tits sucked while Chuck plugged her ass. But I also understood, and let him know it was fine. Telling him how regular fucking of obedient sex slave whenever I desired had done a lot for my control helped a little. Still, I needed more video, and had Mona clean up Chuck’s cock and Jenny’s ass. With her tongue, of course.

By the time we came out, the other guys had moved on in their conversation to discussing which of them would get to have Mona to themselves. I told them we’d work out some dates later. Chris had to be home early, and since Jarrod was the only ride for all of them, it meant the party was over. Well, at least for all of them. I still had something to finish with Mona.

I let them take a bottle with them, and on the way out the door, Mike suddenly remembered something. “Dude, Mona’s phone started ringing in her purse while you and Chuck were in there with her. Don’t know if someone’s looking for her or not. Might be worth checking.”

I thanked him for the info, and closed the door behind them. Curious, I dug through her purse and fished out her phone, checking the missed calls. It was her son, Matt, calling her. It really wasn’t a surprise. I don’t know what Mona told the family she was up to for the evening, but I’d already kept her longer than I ever planned. Good sense would dictate I send her home now, and fuck one of my other, more available, pets tonight instead. But showing off Mona and then pimping her to my friends had gotten me too fucking hot to wait any longer.

I set her phone to vibrate, to lessen any other interruption, strolled into the bathroom where Mona was still kneeling on the floor, and got right to barking orders at her. “Get off the fucking floor, sit your ass on that countertop, and spread your legs wide open, bitch.”

“Yes, Master,” she said before launching into action and doing as she was told. Her bush and swollen pussy lips glistened with the fluids leaking from her twat.

“Looks like being pimped out to suck a bunch of high school cocks gets you pretty wet, there,” I said.

“Yes, Master. Tasting cum makes me so wet. I’d have cum myself if I were given permission,” she replied. I hadn’t thought of that, frankly. I had made her addicted to the taste of semen, and normally she’d have an orgasm just from tasting it. But now that she required permission, and having been granted none, she was probably going insane with the need for release.

I was about to set her phone down and get to business when it started vibrating in my hand. I glanced quickly at the screen, and saw that it was Mona’s husband calling this time. Acting on a wicked thought, I jammed the vibrating plastic phone against her pussy. “Guess who’s calling you , Mona?”

“My family,” she said through pursed lips. It was obviously becoming an effort to hold back the orgasms she was so desperate for. Her spread legs were trembling again and she gently rocked her hips to work her clit against the vibrating plastic.

“Yeah, it’s your husband,” I said, pressing the phone a little harder for some emphasis. “Probably wondering where the fuck his wife is, and why she isn’t putting dinner on the table for the fucking family like a good mom should. Bet the last thing he expects is that his big tit wifey is out sucking off teenagers and giving up her cunt for the young punk who totally owns and controls her. Maybe I just should have answered and told him your mouth’s too full of dick to talk right now and take a message”

I was pushing all her buttons, and the whimpers coming out of her told me she was headed for overload. Her breathing was getting so frantic and ragged. The phone had stopped vibrating, but she kept grinding her clit against it. Looking me straight in the eyes, “Please may I cum, Master?” she said through gritted teeth.

When I simply smirked and said, “No,” her pleading eyes went wide. Her hands slapped down onto her thighs, as if trying to stop them from trembling, and she pulled back her twat from the phone. “Oh no, my pet,” I said, shoving it back against her pussy. “You don’t pull that away from me, ever.” She jolted, but her wide eyes still locked onto mine. The insanity welling in them made her look like she belonged in a straight jacket.

“Yeah, Mona, look into my eyes. Look at the man you must obey. You want to cum so badly, but you must… obey. And you don’t cum until Master says so.” Sweat was starting to bead on her forehead as I talked to her, fixing her attention into my eyes. “Which do you want more, Mona? Do you want to cum? Or do you want to obey? Which is it?”

Her quick, shallow breathing was interrupted as she tried to gather herself, and it was an obvious struggle to say anything. “O-o-o,” she started in stutter, “o-ob-ob… OBEY!” The conviction that welled up in her eyes turned again into agony as the phone began to vibrate again. Her husband left a voice mail message, and the phone game one long vibrate cycle to report it. Mona’s jaw dropped, and I think she almost lost it while the phone gently vibrated her clit. One more deep breath, and she held on, though.

“Good girl,” I said with genuine admiration. “See, that’s what you like far better than a mere orgasm. It’s what you were born to do. Serve and obey. Master’s satisfaction is your greatest reward.” I tossed the phone aside. Unzipping my jeans, I pulled my aching cock from out it’s confines, stroking it. ”Now pull your pussy open nice and wide, and once Master’s cock is up inside you, you may cum. Understand?”

Her hands swiftly moved from her thighs and between her legs, pulling her slit open nice and wide. I took a moment to savor the site of her sitting on the countertop, her hair and face a mess, collar and cowbell still hanging around her neck, tits hanging and heaving, legs spread, and her wet, pink, fuckhole opened up and ready for me to take and use. But a moment was all I could wait as I could no longer resist obeying my own throbbing cock. The counter was the perfect height, and without any further hesitation, I stepped right up and shoved my dick up inside her in one swift thrust. And just a second after my cock was buried in her cunt, she did her Master’s bidding, and erupted into orgasm herself. And didn’t stop.

Jamming my shaft in her with quick and powerful thrusts, she screamed as every muscle in her body grew taught and reacted. Her climaxing pussy gripped my cock as I fucked her, and just when I thought she might be coming down off her orgasm, it picked up again and kept going, more intense than before. Her scream subsided into a steady set of long and loud moans to accompany the sound of our flesh slapping together. I grabbed the front of her collar with my left hand, using it like a handle to pull her harder against me. My right hand slapped at her tits twice, then grabbing her left tit hard, digging fingers deep in those fleshy jugs forcefully enough that I’m sure I’d leave bruises.

With a groan, I stiffened my whole body as my balls finally started pumping my cum up into her pussy. Showing off and pimping Mona had gotten me worked up for a good long time, so it felt as if my throbbing cock was dumping a gallon in her. I left my cock in her as we each caught our breath. “Thank you, Master” she finally managed to say. I leaned in to give her a quick kiss before pulling out of her.

A buzzing noise caught my attention, and I looked down to see Mona’s phone vibrating on the tile floor. Her husband, again. “You better get yourself cleaned up and on your way home, my pet.” She got to work as I went into the main room and flopped on a bed. I had the hotel room for the rest of the night, and a little company to keep me warm would be good. I’d have to figure out how to keep Mona for an overnight sometime, I thought. But for now, nicely drunk, and a spent pecker, lying there was blissful enough. I was half asleep by the time Mona left, kissing my cheek, and thanking me again.