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The Corruptor (Episode 3)

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I called this one Episode 3, because I might write other stories about the corruptor

Part 1

One month ago, she and her husband had moved into the house on the other side of the street. When I saw her two days later in the drug store, I instantly knew that I would have her. She was your typical trophy wife: nice and firm body, not voluptuous but womanly curves, long legs and a tight bum that showed that she worked out. But when I saw her sparkling blue eyes, I was lost. Or should I say, she was lost? I just had to see those eyes, looking up at me from a kneeling position as she worshipped my cock. And I wanted to see her very pretty and somewhat innocent face covered in my cum. I had observed her closely throughout the last two weeks, so it came as no surprise when I saw her slim form jogging towards the bench, were I was sitting, waiting for her. She had just passed me, when I called after her. “Suzanne!” She stopped, turned around and looked questioningly at me. “Hello Suzanne!” I greeted her. The look on her face told me, that she had no idea who I was. “Paul”, I said, “I live in the house across the street.” “Oh yes. Hi.” She still didn’t seem to recognize me, but it was too late for her, anyway.

We had eye-contact, and so I hit her mind with a full blow. Her eyes were transfixed on mine, and it didn’t take more than five seconds, until I noticed that familiar blank stare. Her mind was open for my molding. From long experience I knew that I would get the best results, when I left most of her personality intact and just implanted some basic believes and feelings. This method also guaranteed some variety in my slaves. “Suzanne, can you hear me?” I always made sure! “Yes.” “Fine. Now listen to me. This is the absolute and unquestionable truth: You are and have always been a submissive sex-slut who craves humiliating and degrading sex. You usually hide your slutty side, but when you come out of this trance in a few minutes, you will see me and recognize, that I could be the dominant lover of your darkest dreams. You will do whatever you have to, to get me to fuck you. Your arousal will grow with me resisting you to a degree that nearly drives you nuts. You will shamelessly do anything to get my cock.”

“And when I finally decide to use you, you will have your first orgasm. You will do whatever you need to keep me interested in you as you need my use of your body. You will let me use your body in any way I see fit, because you will know, that this will be the only way, I will keep on giving you my cock. As long as I use you, you will constantly be highly aroused and cum several times. And when I cum you will have the most intense orgasm of your life, instinctively knowing that you’re lost, that you’re addicted to my cock and will never be able to live without it. You will be shocked and ashamed of yourself, but you will be aware, that the long hidden sex slut in you has taken control, and that there is no return for you. This knowledge will bind you even more to me, since you’ll recognize that I am the only one who will be able to satisfy your primitive needs. You will be embarrassed, but your shame will only heighten your arousal, as you think of all the things a sex-crazed slut like you would do to keep her man interested.” This should do for a start. If the results wouldn’t be, what I wished for, I could always take her under again for some fine-tuning. “Suzanne, you’ll awake by the count of three and everything I said will be true... 1-2-3.”

* * *

I was jogging on my usual route, when a guy I just had passed, called my name. Turning around I recognized Paul, the guy who lived on the other side of the street. As if I was seeing him for the first time, I noticed how... masculine he looked. No... He looked virile, somehow animalistic. “Suzanne, are you okay?” he asked. His voice brought me out of my reveries. “Oh, yes, I’m fine. Hello Paul.” Oh God, he was hot. My eyes were drawn to his crotch. I couldn’t quite make it out why, but it took all my willpower to not kneel down in front of him, pull his cock out and blow him. And to think that I never ever in my life had given head to a guy! I was in danger here. As long as I could remember I had always fantasized about a man who would dominate me. A rough man, a hard man, a sinister man who’d take me for his selfish pleasure, without any care for my own wishes and needs. I knew very well of the sex-crazed slut, sleeping deep inside me. I never wanted to let her out, but here, right in front of me, sat the man of my dreams.

My knees felt week, my mouth had gone dry. I was hungry, hungry for sex, for rough and rude sex. I needed to live the experience, if only for once. “Here, have a seat, you look a bit flushed”, he offered, while he stood up to lay his hands on my shoulders. He dragged me towards the bench and let me sit down. I looked up at him as he stood before me. “You’re hot”, he said, “maybe you exercise too much.” “No, I’m not hot from the running, I’m hot for you.” I couldn’t believe I said this, but my sluttish side surely had the upper hand at this moment. The slut in me seemed to have waited for an occasion like this, and now she was out. And there was nothing I could do about it. Oh God, I was a married woman! And all I could think about was how to get Paul’s cock inside me. “Suzanne?” He almost yelled, taken aback by my lewd comment. There was no return now, so I looked up at him with my best puppy-dog eyes. “I know what you must be thinking of me, but I just can’t help it. You are the most attractive man I ever met, Paul,” He looked at me questioningly.

“I swear, I never have betrayed my husband before, but when I saw you, sitting here, I just knew I needed you. Believe me, I can’t believe it myself. I just... need you Paul. Please...” Suddenly he grabbed my head firmly in both of his hands, bringing his face down, inches away from mine, unaware of the fire his touch enflamed in me. “Suzanne”, he growled, “stop acting like a slut.” I shivered at the word ‘slut’, and my cunt instantly was on fire. This was even better than all of my fantasies. I had never thought of my sweet pussy as a cunt, but it was the natural word for the boiling center of my desperation. In this moment I was a slut. And a slut had a cunt! His eyes were glowing in anger. I feared that he might slap me any moment. Part of me even hoped that he would slap the little slut I was. I certainly would have deserved it. “Paul...” I began, but he interrupted me. “Shut up, bitch!” I cowered at his outburst, but clenched my thighs together, as a bolt of pleasure ran through my body right down to my cunt.

He straightened, towering me. “I cannot believe this. You and Gary moved in, one month ago, and I thought you were a nice and decent couple. And now you’re offering yourself to me like a hooker. You’re a married woman, remember, and you act like a trailer park tramp.” His abuse turned up my heat a few more notches. Oh God, he was so strong, so manly. And he even didn’t know it. I needed him to fuck me or I would go crazy. “Paul”, I begged, “I’m so hot four you... And Gary and me long have stopped making love. I know, what you must think of me, but... but I can’t help it. You’re the most gorgeous man I ever met. I just know, that you are everything I ever looked for in a man. Please Paul, you can do, whatever you want with me. You were right: I’m offering myself to you like a hooker, and you can do me like a whore. I am a whore. I am your whore to take as you see fit. Anything... Paul, you can do anything, but please take me.” This was so weird, and oh so true!

While I was offering myself shamelessly to him I had gotten down from the bench, and now I was on my knees before him. I nearly came just from kneeling in front of this virile god. I was down on my knees in front of him, very well aware that this was the place where a slut like me belonged. The whole situation was so hot. Suddenly I felt his hand in my hair. A sharp yank and I looked right into his cold eyes. The pain in my scalp shot straight down to my cunt which was wet with arousal. “You will do anything, you say? You’re offering yourself like a whore?” “Yes, Paul, yes”, I answered, my voice shaky.” He grinned at me. “I think you have no idea, what you’re promising here.” I could feel my juices running down my legs, before they were soaked up by my running shorts. I was so wet! Had I worn a skirt, my cunt-juices would have dripped to the ground.

* * *

I watched in fascination at her lust-filled blue eyes. They just seemed to have turned even more sparkling, with the desire burning in them. “I think you have no idea, what you’re promising here”, I growled as I tightened my grip in her hair. I had been right. This cute innocent face looking up at me with those wonderful eyes gave me a boner hard as steel. “You want to be a whore for me?” “Yes, please yes!” So much desperation in her voice. “Well, bitch, show me that you mean it!” She looked at me, inquiringly. “What...” “Listen you stupid cunt”, I interrupted her, grinning inwardly when I saw her shiver at my abuse. “You want to be my whore, you better behave like one. Convince me, that you really know how to treat a man right.” She was beyond herself now, the slut I had installed in her had taken total control.

Ever since I got the POWER, I had never had one that looked at me like her: pleading, submissive, seductive, innocent and very, very eager, all in one single glance. “Please, Paul... Sir, I beg you to use my body however you like it. I promise I will be the best lay you ever had. You can have me however you like. Take me like a cheap whore, who does as she is told.” Her hands were gliding up and down her body and I could see her nipples straining against her t-shirt. Seeing such a sophisticated lady behaving like a slut was a lovely sight, I had to admit. “I’m cheaper than cheap”, she continued”, cause I will give myself to you for free. I will be the horniest and most willing slut you could ever wish for. Please, I beg of you to take me as your living fuck doll. All I am out for is to satisfy your every whim.” I looked down at her as if I was thinking about her offer. Pulling on her hair I made her stand in front of me. “Tell you what, Suzanne. To prove to me, that you’re honest, you can pull up your shirt and play with your titties for me.” Her face went pale and she gasped in shock. “Here?” The mixture of fear and arousal was priceless.

“I knew it”, I said, beginning to turn away from her. “Wait”, she nearly screamed, “I do it. Here my breasts are bare and I’m playing with them.” She had her tits out, caressing them with both hands, her nipples hard from her arousal, her face red from shame or arousal, or maybe both. “Suzanne”, I said in a mocking tone, “for a lady the term ‘breasts’ might be appropriate. And it might even be appropriate for her to just caress them. I told you to prove to me that you truly want to be my whore. This is not too complicated, even for a dumb little slut like you, is it?” My words hit her like a whiplash and I could hear her gasp and see her clenching her thighs. She had to be extremely wet. “No, Sir, sorry, sir. I have my tits out and I’m mauling and kneading them for your viewing pleasure. They’re soft to the touch. See how deep I can dig my fingers into my soft tit-flesh. My hooters are quite malleable and they will be so proud, if you would find them worth to be used for your pleasure.”

This statement certainly deserved a little reward. I showed a slight grin, when I spoke to her. “Now, that sounds more like a whore to me. Now, put your hands behind your back and jump up and down. I want to see your titties fly!” Without any hesitation she did as I told her. She had a full c-cup I guessed, looking very firm, and she worked hard to get them bouncing. From time to time, she shook them for me from side to side, slowly getting into her role. After about three minutes of titty-exercise I stopped her. “Okay, enough for now. Put your shirt down and kneel. Before I choose to take you, I will tell you what I expect from a whore. Then you will either accept my rules, stand up and walk behind those bushes, where I will take you, or you will stand up, turn around and resume your jogging.” She dropped to her knees and spoke to me. “Paul, I will accept whatever you want from me.”

I back-handed her face, not with a full blow, but hard enough for her to feel the sting on her cheek. She cried out, more from surprise than the actual pain. “Don’t you dare to ever interrupt me again, you worthless slut.” “I’m sorry, Sir”, she mumbled softly, her head hanging in shame. “Shut up and listen”, I took her chin and raised her face, “and look at me, while I speak to you.”

* * *

Never ever had I thought that this was possible. This was so much better than anything I had dreamed of. Of course! I controlled my own dreams, even when I was dreaming of a man, dominating me. But here, I was dominated for real. I had no control at all. The next moment he could slap me again. Or he could throw me to the ground and fuck my brains out. Or he could have me pull my tits out again and finish my jogging round with bare tits. I simply had no say in any matter. I already knew, that I would accept anything from this manly beast, but I eagerly listened to what lay in store for me. And it was better than in my most depraved imagination. I could feel my cunt moisten even more as he laid out his rules one by one.

“First, you’re a worthless piece of shit to me. If you were to be my whore, you will do whatever I say.”

“Second, I will do with you whatever I like, whenever I like, however I like. You will be available for me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will not deny anything I do to you or demand from you. You will do, what I tell you, say, what I tell you, feel, what I tell you.”

“Your only concern in life will be my pleasure and comfort. You are property, and your needs and wishes mean nothing to me. If I fuck you, you will be grateful. If I hurt you, you will be grateful. If I use you for whatever task, you will be grateful.”

“You will not only execute any order I give to you, but will search to anticipate what might please me, always keeping in mind, how much I like to see you humiliated and degraded like the dirty slut you are.”

My cunt jumped as I knelt before him, listening to the things that lay in store for me. I instinctively knew that he would demand much more than I usually would do. But I also knew, that I would give in to anything, regardless which price I would have to pay. I would be the most submissive slut-whore that ever had lived on this planet. The slut in me had totally taken over. I was ruled by my cunt. The moment this realization hit me, I nearly came. I was on the edge, and this unfulfilled desperation took me even higher. So when he finished, I stood up, and walked towards the bushes, smiling at him. “Please follow me!” He grinned. “Lead the way.” He was about to take me! In a moment, he would use me for the first time. I came hard at that thought, having the most intense orgasm of my life. And he hadn’t even touched me!

* * *

I had checked the place were I would take my whore beforehand. It was hidden behind some bushes and trees, so I was sure I could use her without any disturbance. I saw her body shudder, when she recognized that she was about to be taken. So far she had followed my instructions in detail. As she walked before me, she anxiously looked behind to see if I was following. She was such an eager little thing. Time to show the little bitch how things were going to be from now on. “Stop!” She stopped, dead in her tracks, turning around. “Kneel!” It took her two seconds to get into position. “Ever had your mouth fucked, slut?” She shuddered at my words, before she could bring out a barely audible “no”. I stepped forward until my crotch was inches from her lovely face. Doe-eyed she looked up at me. The desire and adoration burning in her eyes telling me that I could do anything with this woman.

“What are you waiting for, stupid cunt?” I growled at her. Her hands took hold of my belt and in short time my pants were around my ankles. Fascinated with her mouth open, she studied my cock. “It’s... it’s wonderful”, she gasped. I grabbed my dick and slapped her face with it, several times. “Don’t talk about it. Suck it! NOW!” She opened her mouth wide and bent forward, catching the head of my dick in her mouth. The moment she closed her lips around it, I saw her body convulse in pleasure. To give the bitch a massive orgasm, just from taking my cock in her mouth always had proved to be helpful to further establish a self-image of a cock-hungry slut slave in my playthings. And Suzanne was no exception from the rule. She moaned around my cock as she rode the waves of pleasure. Soon I could feel the tip of her tongue licking my piss-slit. Not bad for an oral virgin, but she still had so much to learn.

Grabbing her hair, I yanked her head forward until my cock-head touched her throat. “I didn’t say, tease it, I said suck it. Now relax your throat muscles and take me all the way in”, I ordered as I pushed forward. I could tell she hadn’t lied, when she told me, she had never had a cock in her mouth. I had to push pretty hard to work my dick into her throat, her gagging making the experience so much more enjoyable for me. I reveled in the feeling of using this pretty and neat married woman’s mouth and throat for my pleasure, reaching parts of her body with my cock, that her husband would never know of. I pulled back, just a bit, allowing her to get some air, and pushed back in. It didn’t get easier for her, but she never tried to back off, so determined was she to be a good whore for me. After about two minutes of throat-fucking it was time to push her a little further.

* * *

I fought hard not to panic when I felt this mighty cock pushing and pulling in and out of my throat, but I was determined to show him that I was the best whore he could ever wish for, that I rather would have passed out from lack of air, than stopped my service. And besides: I felt so gloriously used!!! I had a first major orgasm when his cock entered my mouth, demanding instant service. I knew that there always had been a slut sleeping deep inside me, but to cum, just from having a cock forced into my mouth, I now discovered, that I was an even bigger slut than I could have imagined. What kind of woman would cum, just from the use of her mouth? Only a total slut would. And I was a slut, a cock-hungry, sex-crazed whore-slut! I would only live for cock from now on. Paul’s cock. Master’s cock. Paul was my master, and not a caring one, I hoped.

I wanted him to be mean with me, brutal, abusive, never satisfied with my service, always on the search for something new to humiliate and hurt me, just like a cheap whore like me deserved it. I could feel the tension in my scalp grow as he fucked my mouth faster. And then... he suddenly let go of my hair and pulled his dick out. I nearly whined in frustration, anxiously looking up at him. He stared down at me, hard, his eyes two narrow slits. This man would never show any mercy on me. And I came again. His hands went down into my shirt, each one grabbing one of my breasts. He roughly pulled them out of my t-shirt as he spoke, mauling them. “Bitch, now you do all the work, so I have my hands free to play with your tits. And don’t you dare to not take me all the way down your throat. You’ll deeply regret it. I want your nose in my pubic hair, so you can smell me. Oh, by the way... I didn’t wash since four days. But a low-life tramp like you might even enjoy this.” And I came again.

I have never been so full of cock. No, this was no cock, gagging me, it was a weapon, a weapon meant to hurt the bitch it was using. My hands went down to my swollen cuntlips. They were a mess of sticky flesh. My slutty snatch was dripping juices like a waterfall as I bobbed my head up and down on this incredible cock, gagging myself on it, my throat-muscles contracting around this thick piece of male meat. My fingers were harshly rubbing my clit, when suddenly, I felt a sharp yank in my hair. He pulled my face away from his cock, forcing me to look up at him. “Enjoying yourself, whore?” Unable to speak I nodded as far as the tension in my scalp would allow. “Then you must enjoy the fruits of your work even more”, he said with a wicked grin on his face. And then his cock erupted.

The first string of cum hit me right on my nose. He moved his cock with his left hand, while he held my hair in his right, thus covering nearly my entire face with his sticky goo. I kept my mouth open, and he used the opportunity to shoot a few drops directly into my oral cavern. I gladly drank them down like the sweetest nectar. I had never seen a man unloading such an amount of cum since nearly my entire face was covered in it. When he was finished it hung from my nose, was sticking to my lips and hung from my chin, dripping onto my tits. I even had a few strands in my hair. My face must have looked like a mess. And I came even harder than before, one orgasm following the other as long as his seed kept spurting out of this wonderful cock that had used me so thoroughly. I licked my lips, trying to catch as much cum as possible. Then I raised my hands to scoop the rest of it up. I wanted to drink it all down. Not one single drop should get wasted.

* * *

I had planned to last longer, but although I tried my very best, and even though she obviously was a total newcomer to cocksucking, she worked my pecker with such determination and abandon that I couldn’t help but come within minutes. If I had needed another proof that Suzanne had been the right choice, I would have had it in that lovely, glowing face in front of me. It has been a while since I had felt such power. She was completely absorbed in her new role as my personal whore and her craving for abusive sex that she came several times. She had her last orgasm, when she licked her lips, trying to get as much of my cum into her mouth as possible. When she raised her hands, trying to catch what she couldn’t reach with her tongue, I stopped her. “Hands to your back!” She instantly complied.

I pulled her head forward by her hair and cleaned my cock from the remains of her saliva and my cum in her hair. Then I pushed her back. “You will continue your jogging and finish as usual. Then you will drive home. You will keep my cum on your face. I want you to smell me and think about what you have become today. When you’re home, you will immediately undress, search for a mirror and then you will frig your cunt to orgasm all the time looking at the reflection of your cum-covered face.” I saw her body shudder as she imagined herself doing her daily routine, all the time smelling of sex from my drying cum on her face. She was hooked. “If I’ll need you again I know where I can find you.” Without any further word I turned around and walked away, leaving her panting and restless, kneeling on the grass.

* * *

I wanted to tell him, no beg him, to stay, but I somehow knew that he wouldn’t. He had emptied his balls and now I was of no further use to him. I burst into tears. Never before had I been treated with such irreverence. I was a married woman with a kind and caring husband and just minutes ago I had thrown myself onto a guy who had taken me for his own amusement. Not only that, I had played an active part in my own debasement. But even through my shame I felt the heat rising up in me again. I couldn’t deny it anymore. The slut was out, and from the reaction of my body, I was not able to put her back to where she came from. Slowly I stood up, re-arranged my clothes, and like he had ordered me, I continued my daily routine.

I was in a turmoil. My out of this world behavior had me burning with shame, yet this shame only seemed to add to my arousal, when I thought back to how much Paul had treated me the way I always had dreamed of. He even had gone beyond my own imagination, which made matters only worse. Rationally I knew that I had to stop this, but I also knew that I couldn’t trust the slut in me. Oh God, it had felt so good, kneeling in front of this virile brute and letting him have his way with me, letting him use my mouth for his pleasure. He had wasted no thought for my own feelings, he had known that he simply didn’t have to. While driving home, I checked my reflection in the mirror. The cool air had dried his cum on my face, but I could still smell it. I smelled of male cum like a cheap whore.

I broke the speed limit several times in my need to hurry home to finally masturbate like he had told me. No, he had told me to FRIG MY CUNT! I ran the few stairs to our bedroom, starting to take off my clothes on the way up and began frigging my dripping cunt, the moment I stood naked in front of the full-length mirror. A whore was looking back at me. The slut in the mirror scooped up her own juices, smearing them around her face and tits and any other place, Paul’s seed had hit her body. And then she began licking the combined juices up, drinking them down her throat, enjoying the salty taste on her tongue, driving herself higher and higher with her free hand while she watched her face that was burning with desire until I finally exploded and collapsed to the ground in front of my bed.