The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Corruptor (Episode 3)

Part 2

I was doing some work in the garden, when the phone rang. “Hello?” “Move your ass over here, slut. I feel like I could use a blowjob.” It was him! The last two days, since my encounter with Paul, I hadn’t dared to leave my house, fearing I could meet him. I felt such a shame, regarding my indecent behavior. Indecent behavior? I had acted like a total slut! It even was worse. I had not acted like a slut, I had BEEN a total slut. I had allowed the slut in me to take control. Knowing that I couldn’t trust myself, I had done everything to avoid meeting him, even thinking about him. At night, however, I had dreamt about that fateful day. I had seen myself kneeling in front him, servicing his cock like a street whore. Over and over I saw him plastering my face with his cum, bathing me in his sticky white goo. And I had awoken, covered in sweat, pussy juice leaking out of my cu... vagina. I had to stop this. “Listen Paul”, I spoke into the phone, “I don’t think, we should meet again.”

No answer. “I know, I gave you the idea that you could have me and I apologize for my behavior...” Still no answer. “Look, Paul. I don’t know what came over me on Monday, but I am a happily married woman. I know it’s been all my fault. Let us just leave it at that, like a one-night-stand. And, please, don’t talk to Gary about it, okay? What do you say?” Still no answer, but I could hear him breathing. “Paul, please... I don’t blame you for anything. I know it has all been my fault. I just can’t... God, Paul I am married.” He was breathing harder now, but still no word from him. “Paul, please talk to me...” “Action speaks louder than words.” I screamed, when I heard his voice behind me. Swirling around I saw him standing there, his mobile phone in hand. He had let himself in through the backdoor. He spoke almost in a whisper. “Who do you think you are you little slut?” Closing the distance between us until he was only inches away from me, he grabbed my hair with his left hand and pressed his right one against my crotch.

I was only wearing a pair of cut-offs, so I felt each of his fingers pressing against my cunt. “You are property you stuck-up bitch. And it’s upon me alone to decide, when and how I use you. And it’s upon you alone to pleasure me, however I see fit. Got that, slut?” I could feel tears running down my face from the pain in my scalp. He was yanking my head in all directions. But my face wasn’t the only place I was wet. The slut was out again. And even though I consciously knew that I should stop him, I could feel myself rubbing my crotch against his probing fingers. In a half-hearted attempt I managed to mumble “please...", but I already knew that I was lost again. I was such a slut! “Please what?” he grinned. He knew. He could feel the dampness of my crotch. “Please what?” he repeated, “please leave me alone. I love my wimp of a husband and won’t never see you again?”

He moved the crotch of my cut-offs aside and was pushing three fingers inside my sopping snatch, while his thumb pressed hard against my clit. “Or is it, please let me make up for being such a bitch to you, and please let me be your whore again, because I am a cheap slut who only gets off, when she’s taken by a man who treats me like the whore I am?” I was moaning and grunting by now since he was rapidly sawing his fingers in and out of my cunt, ripping every bit of rational thought out of my brain. I even began humping his fingers, pressing my body against his. “Please...", I whimpered. With sadistic precision he finger-fucked me hard until he could feel my orgasm building, and then he just pulled out of my cunt, simultaneously loosening his grip in my hair. I whined in frustration, when I fell to my knees, the release I yearned for so harshly denied. I looked up at him, pleading, “please, Paul, please don’t leave me like this. Please, I beg of you, let me be your whore again.” My body cried out in desperation. The slut demanded to be used again.

* * *

I loved to see her on her knees. Nothing like a beautiful, pampered and spoiled upper-class woman, shamelessly begging for sex like a trailer park tramp. It helped a lot to keep part of their modesty and shame intact. They always tried to fight the slut I installed in them, and they always lost. From experience, I gave Suzanne two or three more sessions until she would be the total slut I desired. Right now she was probably thinking that she’d give in one last time, just to satisfy her urges. Soon she would learn that she was addicted to me. But today she would learn the torture of denial. I made myself comfortable in a big armchair. “Come here”, I hissed, seeing her face lit up a bit. She began to raise but decided otherwise, as she began crawling towards me on all fours, swaying her ass from side to side. She was a sight to behold, even more so, when she began licking her lips seductively. She was in full slut-mode. I had to admit that I was quite impressed.

When she was only inches away from me, she reached out in an attempt to unbuckle my belt. “Stop!” My sudden order hit her like a whiplash. She looked at me inquiringly and oh so desperate. “Show me how much you need it!” I saw a little pout on her lips but she did as she was told, straightening herself on her knees, while she kept her legs apart. Then she began to rhythmically move her hips from side to side, running her hands up and down her body. I could see her nipples poking against the thin fabric of her blouse. From time to time one of her hands went inside her blouse, mauling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Those buds stood so sharp against her blouse, as if they were about to cut right through it. She moaned when she kneaded her flesh or rubbed her pussy through her shorts. In a sudden move, she turned around, stuck out her ass, grabbed her ass cheeks and then slapped both of them. Hard! First left, then right.

I had my share of women, but when I saw this beautiful woman, slap her ass-cheeks in a desperate attempt to get me in the mood for fucking—keeping in mind, that this was our second encounter—I nearly jumped out of my chair to fuck her right here and then. My will was stronger than my urges, but I made a mental note. The bitch would pay for this! She looked over her shoulder, while she wiggled her firm ass at me, her mouth open, her eyes on fire. I showed no hint of emotion, keeping her uncertain. She straightened again and from the movement of her arms I knew that she was unbuttoning her blouse. However, that didn’t keep her from moving her hips seductively. When the blouse came off, I watched in awe that she was wearing a bra underneath. They way her nipples had been poking against her blouse, I had been sure she was naked underneath. They had to be hard like steel.

Her bra came off next, followed by her shorts. She moved her body very erotically, like a stripper. “Who would have expected such talent in a rich bitch like you?” I said. “Maybe I should talk to a friend of mine. He owns a strip-club, you know. And he’s always looking for some fresh meat.” She paled a bit but continued dancing, turning her back to me, while she pulled her panties down her legs. When she finally was completely naked, she got down on all fours and began to crawl towards me. “Please, Paul. Doesn’t your little slut look fuckable to you? She’s so hot and horny for you to fill her dirty fuckhole to the hilt. Please, let me spread my legs for you and pleasure your wonderful cock with my dripping whore snatch.” She had reached me now, kneeling between my legs. Her look was full of hope and desperation as her hands went to my belt again.

She had my pants and boxers down in mere seconds, gasping when my already erect cock sprang free. Moving her lips towards the tip of it, she looked up at me, her eyes begging for permission. A quick nod, and her mouth closed over my rod. She was so determined to pleasure me, that it took only two minutes of her enthusiastic oral ministrations until I shot my load down her throat, with her moaning on my cock. Not one single drop left her mouth as she drank down all I had to give her. She still had not much experience, but she had improved. Soon she would be the best cock-sucking slut on this planet. When she had made sure that my cock was spotless, she sat back on her heels, legs still spread and smiled seductively at me. “Will you fuck your little whore now?” I would have liked to, but she had so much to learn. And knowing that I soon would fuck her in any hole she had, whenever and however I wanted, let me follow my original plan.

* * *

I felt some pride when I was able to drink down all his male cum as he shot his load into my mouth and directly down into my womb. For a whore like me there was no greater compliment for a job well done than having him shoot a big amount of spunk into her. With my best puppy-dog eyes, I looked up at him, begging him to fuck his little whore. Forgotten were all my resolutions to never let it happen again. The slut was out again, and she was in NEED! Even such a degrading act like crawling naked to him, begging him to be allowed to blow his cock, fed the slut in me. How depraved can a woman be to come the moment the first load of cum hit her throat? I didn’t care, I felt the hunger for more in me. I had to have that cock in my cunt. I needed the big one, the one that would drive me to nirvana. “Will you fuck your little whore now?” I asked in my best pleading voice, trying to look as hot for him as I could.

“Where’s your conjugal bedroom?” he asked. I swallowed hard. He wanted to take me in Gary’s and my most private place. I couldn’t do it. ‘Shut up’, my throbbing cunt cried out and I found myself answering, “Upstairs.” He stood up, grinning. “Lead the way.” I got to my feet, starting to gather my clothes. “Do you really think you need your clothes. A whore like you?” He asked in a mocking tone. From his groans, while I had pleasured his cock with my mouth, and the amount of spunk he had shot down my throat, I knew that he had enjoyed using me. And from the male looks I usually got, when Gary and me were at the beach I knew, he would enjoy fucking my womanly body. But even as I just had agreed to let him fuck me in our bedroom, he stayed in control. What a man! He even was mocking me, so sure was he of himself. I wondered if there was any woman on this planet who could resist such male power.

So, on wobbly feet I managed to stumble towards our bedroom. I was about to let my neighbor fuck me in our marriage bed! I was craving it, begging for it, yearning for him to fuck me like a cheap street whore. This was so hot. All my shame was gone, All that was important to me was getting my cunt stuffed with man meat, REAL man meat. I jumped onto the bed turned around and spread my legs as wide as I could. I licked my lips invitingly while I stretched my body, slightly arching upwards in a want-on invitation. He stood beside the bed, his half-erect cock in hand, slowly wanking it over my body. “Frig your cunt!” he ordered and I quickly complied. Anything to get him to push his cock into my needy pussy. While I began pleasuring myself I made sure to give him a good show by furiously rubbing my clit and from time to time by sucking my female juices off of my own fingers.

* * *

I stood beside her bed, wanking my now rock-hard dick, and looked down at her lewd display. So desperate! So needy! So helplessly devoted to my cock! “You know”, I began, “I would have liked to fuck your needy little cunt, but my dick is only for obedient little fuck-sluts.” I began wanking harder now. “I’ve already been too grateful by letting you blow me and drink my cum. When you’re prepared to behave properly, I might consider fucking your worthless cunt. But for now, all you will get is my spunk on your body.” Her eyes went wide and she whined “no” in frustration, but I cut her off. “Shut up, bitch! Dare to deny me one more time and I’m through with you, you stupid cunt.” I could feel my orgasm rising, so it was time for the final. “Next time I tell you to move your ass to my house, you do it. Got that?” I saw the need in her eyes, but also the fear; the fear that I would never fuck her again. I loved that look. It was the look of defeat. Her life lay before her in shreds, and she knew it. “I will never deny you again, master”, she whimpered in defeat. I came hard from that look of unfulfilled desire in her beautiful eyes, spraying my cum all over her sweaty body and onto her face. Without further hesitation I dried my cock in her hair, put my clothes back on and left.