The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Corruptor (Episode 3)

Part 3

It took four days, until Sunday, when finally I found the occasion I was looking for. However, when my cock demanded some action on Friday, I decided for a quick one. The girl who sat behind the cash register in my supermarket seemed okay for a quick fuck, so Í had a little talk with her, when she typed in my weekend purchase. No one noticed her blank stare, while I gave her my instructions. It didn’t take more than half a minute, since I just needed a quick fuck that night.

So, at 7 p.m. I was standing in front of her apartment. When she opened, she was dressed as ordered: jeans mini skirt and tight top that showed off her voluptuous figure. She also had applied some make-up. She didn’t look bad at all, just your normal girl-next-door type. Good enough to be my today’s cum-deposit. “Hello Paul”, she greeted me, licking her lips. “Hello Sally.” She led me into her living room swaying her ass as she walked in front of me. “So you still want to work for me?” I asked her, starting the scenario I had established in her mind. She turned around, leaning against the table. “Of course, Paul.” I swung my arms around her, moving my hands towards her ass, squeezing her cheeks through her skirt, pressing my body against hers.

“You know that only top girls walk the streets for me”, I whispered into her ear, “I don’t want a bitch, who does it for the money. I only want true sluts who enjoy what they’re doing. Do you think you could come up to my demands?” I asked while I kneaded the padded globes of her ass and began dry-fucking her. She moaned at my ministrations. “I’d love to. You know, I always loved sex, the dirtier the better. But most of the men I met, just don’t do it for me. They care too much. But a guy who’d pay me, would have the right to do with me whatever he liked. He wouldn’t need to hold back, you know.” With my left hand I grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up, over her fleshy globes. With my right I smacked her ass hard, making her squeal. “And that’s exactly how you like it?” She ground her crotch into mine. “Oh yeah, baby. Why don’t you try me? Let little Sally show you, what a whore she could be for you.”

While she pulled her top up and off her body, I unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I stepped back and sat down in one of the chairs to look her over. Like I had expected: No model material but nicely upholstered curves and absolutely worth to be fucked. “Not bad, not bad at all”, I commented, while I took off my pants and boxers. “Your body is definitely build for fucking. Now let me see, if you know how to use it for a man’s pleasure.” She pulled down the thong she was wearing and danced towards me, her hips swaying from side to side. Her slightly sagging tits jiggled when she moved. “Show me your lap-dance technique.” I ordered and she instantly began moving her body to an inaudible beat. She did quite well for an amateur and soon had my cock standing at attention. “Hey stud, wouldn’t you love to push that monster of yours into my hot little cunt?” she demanded, completely absorbed in her role. Time to turn up the heat.

“I’d like to, but I think I’d prefer that big, round ass of yours to be filled with my meat”, I said. There was only one moment of hesitation before she began moving her wet snatch across the tip of my cock to get it lubricated. She reached down with her hand to scoop up some of her juices and began preparing her ass for me, pushing two fingers deep into her butt hole. “Come on bitch, no one will pay you for playing with yourself”, I grunted. She looked at me, her eyes burning with desire. “Oh yes, Sir.” She had her legs spread, her hands on my shoulders, and slowly she began lowering herself onto me. With one hand she then guided my stiff pole towards her brown hole, gasping when my cockhead touched her opening. Carefully she continued to lower herself onto me, letting me in. “Oh God, you’re so big”, she gasped, her eyes wide in awe, but raw with lust. Her ass was very tight, and she had some difficulties letting me all the way in.

“I don’t have the whole evening”, I urged her on. I didn’t need to care about her. She was a piece of female flesh I’d use this evening, and I didn’t give a fuck if I’d hurt her. “You want to be my whore? You better get going”, I growled while I pushed my hips upwards, giving her another two inches of my dick. “Oh God!” she screamed. She was in pain now, her tight channel stretched to its limits, but I could see in her eyes, that she was getting off on it. She was consumed by the thought to prove to her future pimp that she would be a worthy whore for him. Suddenly she stopped all movement and looked directly into my eyes. Leaning forward, her tits pressed into my chest she hushed, “get ready, stud, cause I’ll give you the fuck of your life”, she gasped into my ear, and then she let herself fall completely into my lap. She cried out, when the last two inches of my dick plunged all the way into her. “Aaaahhh!... You’re filling me up... oh my god, you’re so big in my ass. Oh yes, yes, yes”, she screamed while her inner muscles still tried to adjust themselves to my cock.

“God, you’re ripping me apart”, she gasped. I gave her some time to adjust to my cock. I like to hurt my sluts a little when I fuck them. I just don’t want to cause any real pain or even damage. “Does it hurt?” I asked her. She looked at me with raw lust. “You can count on that baby. But it hurts sooo good.” And then she began humping me, slowly at first and then faster and faster. I saw beads of sweat on her face and tits as she finally rode me like she meant it. Her big pendulous tits not only bounced up and down, they sloshed in all directions. It was a sight to behold, having the girl from your local supermarket fucking you like the dirtiest street whore and getting off on it. “My tits”, she cried out, “grab my tits and let me have it, baby.” Never one to disappoint a hot slut, I raised my hands and took those enormous mounds of flesh in my hand. They were quite slippery, so I had to grab down hard, really sinking my fingers into her pliant flesh. Not that I objected, I always had liked to have a solid grip on a pair of large boobies.

And hers were large; large and soft and oh so pliable and malleable in my hands. “Yes, baby, yes... do them, grab them, knead them... I’m cumming, oh god, I’m cumming... aaahhhh!” She wailed like a banshee while she came, but to her credit she never stopped fucking me with her well padded ass. Time to let her really have it. While I tightened my grip on her titties I began fucking her back. I used her tits like handles, yanking her up and down on my pole. She took it all, every once in a while urging me on to fuck her harder, to fuck the whore like she deserved it, to pinch her nipples, to really pinch her nipples and rip her ass apart. Her hair clung to her face and she wailed while another orgasm wrecked her body.

I ordered her to stand up and bend over the table. As soon as she had assumed the position I plunged into her bowels again, ramming in and out of her brown hole like a jackhammer, I grabbed her hair and yanked her hair back so she arched her ass some more. I began pounding her mercilessly going at a furious speed. Somehow I wanted to see if I could break her, but she was so caught in her role that she took everything I dished out. I slapped her ass-cheeks a few times, telling her that an ass like hers definitely was made to be fucked hard. This only spurred her on to fuck me back with even more vigor and determination. She showed quite some stamina as she kept fucking me back although she seemed to be in a never-ending orgasm. She screamed and yelled, how wonderful my cock felt in her tight ass, that she has never been so wonderfully fucked in her life, that she’d be the best whore for me.

Not wanting to waste my cum in her ass, I stopped her when I was close to my own release. She looked at me questioningly. “You are a bigger whore than I’d expected”, I complimented her. Her face lit up like a child’s in a candy store. “Really? Oh, thank you.” For a mere 30-second-conditioning she had turned out to be much better than my usual short time playthings. I noticed a look of concern on her face. “But you didn’t come?” I grinned at her. “Why don’t you just shut your little mouth and put it to some good use?” I had said these words to so many of my bitches. Yes indeed, they were cliché, but I still liked them. Suzanne would hear them soon, too. With a happy squeal she turned around, knelt down in front of me and instantly put my cock in her mouth. It didn’t bother her at all, that I just had fucked her ass with it. She was a whore and did as she was told. Her technique wasn’t quite outstanding but okay for a next-door-girl. And her enthusiasm made up for her lack of experience.

“Use your tits, too. Can’t let a pair of hooters like yours unused, can we?” I demanded. “Baby, big tits like these are meant to be fucked”, my slut of the night answered, while she grabbed her boobs and pulled them around my pecker. They were so soft and pliant, and I had my cock enveloped in warm tit-meat. No plastic-doll could provide such a feeling like this fleshy, warm and slippery pair of fuck-boobs. She moved her whole body up and down my shaft, looking up at me from time to time, to see my reaction. She did fine and I told her so. That encouraged her to move even more feverishly, licking my cock-head every time it appeared in front of her face. As much as I had enjoyed breaking in her ass, tit-fucking was what she was built for. For a moment I considered keeping her, but there are so many large breasted women out there, and not only that I could have them all, but half of the fun came from always finding new ways to turn them into the submissive sex-sluts I wanted. And besides, I needed all my time for Suzanne, who’d keep me busy for the next weeks.

Nevertheless the tit-fucking was sensational and soon I found myself approaching climax again. This time I didn’t hold back. “Prepare to get a full load, bitch”, I growled at her while I pushed her back so she sat on her heels. “Open your mouth. A good whore is always prepared to drink her client’s cum.” She sat there, watching open-mouthed as I wanked my pecker a few more times, before I unloaded a good amount of spunk, drenching her face and tits with it. She gulped down, what hit her mouth, and let the rest drop down onto her body, mainly her tits. Her face was flushed from the degrading sensation of having been so thoroughly used and the orgasm that ripped through her body, as she knelt before me, covered in cum. She would have been a perfect whore, but I had decided to let her continue her own life. So when she calmed down I put her under and told her to shower and to get dressed in her usual sleepwear. In the morning she would only remember to have spent the evening in front of the TV. When she would feel some pain in her ass, it wouldn’t bother her, and she would give it no second thought.