The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Corruptor (Episode 3)

Part 4

On Sunday I finally came across the situation I had hoped for. At around 7 p.m. a car was parking in front of Suzanne’s house. A couple got out and was welcomed by Gary. So they had guests this evening. Nice conditions for Suzanne’s next lesson. I waited until 8, and then called their number. Fortunately it was her on the phone. “Hello?” “I could use a blowjob.”—Silence—“We have guests.” “You can fuck them, after I’m finished with you.” There was an angry tone in her voice. “Paul! It’s Gary’s boss and his wife. I don’t fuck them. Who do you think I am?” “Who do you think I AM, you stupid, fucking bitch?” I yelled at her. “You’re my whore, cunt, and if I tell you, that I want a blowjob, you move your ass over here, you silly slut. And besides, if it’s really Gary’s boss, I don’t think they would miss you. They surely have important things to discuss.”

“And a dumb little whore whose only thoughts are centered about to how to get one of her holes filled with cock, would only be a disturbance.” Did I really hear her moan at my abuse? “So stop frigging your cunt and make sure they have enough to drink. And then get your ass going.” This time I was sure, she moaned. “How... how did you know...” she gasped. “How I knew that you played with yourself?” “Yessss...” “You know, I recognize a slut, when I see one. Do you think you’re the first whore I fucked? I’ll wait for five minutes. If you won’t be here by then, I’m through with you. And you’ll never get again what we both know you need the most.” And with that I hung up the phone. I grinned. Her corruption was nearly completed.

* * *

Gary’s boss had come over on Sunday, and we were in the middle of diner, when the phone rang. I nearly screamed when I heard Paul’s voice, telling me to come over, ‘cause he needed a blowjob’. Looking back, not in the slightest had I been angry at his rude manners. I even felt a little twinge ‘down there’. I told him that we had guests, but he didn’t listen. He called me all kind of dirty names, very well aware of how aroused I got by this verbal humiliation. However, when he threatened to never fuck me again, I had lost the battle with my slut-self. He knew that I never couldn’t stand to be denied the incredible pleasure of being used by him, and he used my own weakness against me. Feigning a sudden headache, I told Gary and our guests, that I would take a little walk around the block and have some fresh air. And I found myself walking over to Paul’s house. Timidly I knocked at his door.

He opened and grinned at me looking me over with his cold eyes, which made me weak in my knees. “Glad you could make it”, he greeted me, while stepping aside to let me in. Passing me he went directly to his living room, sitting down in one of his easy chairs. His already erect cock was out in seconds and again I found myself watching it in adoration and yearning. “You wearing underwear?” he asked in a tone as if he was asking me about the weather. “Yes, a pair of black panties”, I answered meekly, not sure about where this was leading to. “And your tits?” he asked. “I’m not wearing a bra.” “So you have guests and your tits are naked underneath your dress? How that? Wanting to show your husband’s boss some cleavage, hm? Show off your titties when bending over? Does Gary know, what kind of a slut he is married to?” How dare he... “Is this the way he’s promoting his career, whoring his wife out to his boss?”

As much as I felt the anger rising up, I also could feel my panties dampen with pussy juice at Paul’s abuse. When he spoke the words, I imagined myself being forced to serve as Steven’s whore, so he’ll grant Gary a promotion. I got wet picturing myself as an instrument being used for the purpose of promoting Gary’s career. Paul grinned, when he saw me shivering. “No, I don’t think a wimp like Gary would do this to his beloved wife. Although it’s really a shame, not to use your talents. You know, I’d do it. I’d lend your body to anyone, I could benefit from. Yeah, I think I should make a list of all the persons, I owe a favor to and let them take it out on your body.” He looked as if he was considering the possibilities. “How would you like that?” Oh my God! I nearly came imaging all the depraved things this beast would do to me.

My cunt was leaking by now, its juices running down my legs. I could smell my own arousal and so could he. He sniffled. “I take this as a ‘yes’. You see? I know what’s best for you. And right now the best for you is to have my cock shoved down your throat.” He stood up walked over to me and pushed me down onto his couch. Then he undid the straps of my dress and let the top fall down to my waist. Grabbing my neck he pushed my head forward and once again I felt my mouth filled with his cock. Letting go of my neck he groped a feel at my naked tits, while I began blowing him. With every down movement, I took an inch more into my mouth until I felt him poking against my throat. I concentrated on breathing through my nose while I took him all the way in, my nose pressed against his pubic hairs.

* * *

Suzanne was a quick learner. She sucked cock nearly like a pro now. And she didn’t question her slut-self anymore. Like a good little whore, she just did as she was told and got off on it. I had decided to let her do all the work today so I could enjoy her firm tits more easily, but also to see how far she would go, without being forced. I was not disappointed. She had me down in her throat in less than two minutes, pumping her head up and down all the way along my shaft. From time to time she took it out, licking the tip of my cock head and the sensitive underside, smiling at me when she felt it throb under her ministrations. I had her change place with me and leant back, while she stood in front of me with spread legs, bent over to blow me like there was no tomorrow. Her tits were dangling underneath her, and I took the opportunity to maul and knead them, testing their firmness. Suzanne rewarded me with an appreciative moan around my cock.

She was such an avid and talented cocksucker now, that I had to ease her down a bit, so I wouldn’t shoot my load too soon. I let her take off her dress completely and lie down beside me. Then I told her to slow down a bit as I really did enjoy her work. She smiled at that and I was sure to see some pride in her sparkling eyes. That was a most promising sign. When the slut prides herself in being able to please her man, you get what you need: a living, well designed and well-tuned fuck machine, you could use any way you like and get the most benefit from it. And I planned to use it a lot in the future. “Enjoying yourself, slut?” I asked her as casually as possible. She stopped slurping my dick and looked up at me, sexual hunger in her eyes. “I love it.” “Tell me more”, I encouraged her. Between licks and little suctions on my cockhead, she told me, how much she enjoyed being my private whore.

“You have lit a fire in me Paul.”—Slurp—“I have always dreamt of a very dominant man, who would use me for his own selfish pleasure.”—Lick, lick, lick ( her tongue flickering over my piss slit )—“I love Gary, he’s tender and caring, but... I NEED YOU!”—Suck—“I hate myself for it, and I’m ashamed of myself, but I can’t deny it.”—Vacuum suck—“I feel never so hot as when you humiliate and degrade me.”—Suck and Moan—She put one of her delicate, well manicured hands around my cock and slowly started wanking me off, while her lips moved a bit lower, kissing my hairy balls, licking them. “I love the way you use me. I love the way you show no mercy. I love your arrogance. I love your irreverence.” Her tongue was moving upwards again, along the underside of my stiffy, until her lips closed tightly across my cockhead again.

“I adore you for treating me without any respect. I love to feel like shit in front of you. I love to submit to your dominance and brutality. I love to give myself to you completely and let you do with me, whatever you want. I love to be the sluttiest, dirtiest and most submissive slave-slut to you.” She has talked herself into such a frenzy, that she had completely forgotten to serve my cock. It didn’t bother me, as her talking alone had gotten me so hot, that I had to concentrate hard, to not unload. Nevertheless I tipped her head to remind her of her duties. “Promises, promises”, I mused, “we’ll see how far you really are prepared to go.” “Anything”, she gasped, “I’d do anything for you.” I grinned. “We’ll see. Right now, you can finish me off.” Her mouth closed over my cock and her nose was in my pubes within three seconds. She was sucking hard now, keeping her lips as tight as possible around my dick, when she bopped her head up and down. She blew me like a woman obsessed with only one thing: Getting the cock in her mouth off as fast as possible.

* * *

I made my confession as much to him as to myself. On a conscious level, I knew that I was on a way that would lead me to depravity. I was risking my marriage to a wonderful man, I was risking my reputation, I was risking my whole life. Yet my body demanded to satisfy its most primitive needs. What was left of rational thoughts was blown out of my brain with every push of Paul’s cock against my throat. My whole being was centered around pleasuring this cock, as if my life depended on its benevolence. I didn’t know how, but I just knew that as soon as I would have served Paul’s cock like it demanded, I would experience the most massive orgasm of my life. My existence depended on being useful to Paul and his incredible weapon. So with all the energy I was capable of I bopped my head up and down his shaft, simultaneously sucking it and licking it. I moaned around it, because I knew how much the vibrations stimulated him.

And then, it finally happened. I felt a quick throbbing in my mouth and before I was prepared for it, hot liquid shot out of Paul’s cock. I pushed my head down into his crotch, not wanting to waste the slightest drop of his seed, but he unloaded such an amount of spunk at such an incredible speed, that my mouth soon was full of it. I gulped and gulped, but couldn’t drink down all of it. It felt like he was pissing into me as gallons of hot liquid were discharged into me like they were coming from a fire hose. The fact that I began to explode the moment he began to deposit his sperm into me, didn’t make it easier to drink everything down, as I nearly passed out from the fires that exploded in my over-heated cunt and in my brain.

Not wanting to waste any of his glorious seed, I started to scoop up anything that had spilled out of my mouth. When I wanted to feed it to my mouth, Paul stopped me. “Wait a second? Did you see ‘Crazy for Mary?’” he asked with a devilish grin on his face. Was there anything he wouldn’t do to debase me? “Paul”, I started meekly, “I need to go back, and we have guests...” “So what...", he interrupted me, dipping one of his fingers into my still dripping snatch, only to smear it right under my nose. “Here”, he commented, “something to remind you.” The smell of my own arousal, and the thought of having to go back to our guests with a mixture of his cum and my saliva in my hair nearly had me cumming again. This monster had absolutely no limits, when it came to humiliate me. Even worse, he knew, how much I got off on this cruel abuse.

So, once again I resigned to his dominance and my own subservience and did as I was told. What other chance did I have against such a male! After I had scooped up every drop I could find and put it into my hair, the last thing to be done was to clean his cock. I bent down once again and licked what my hands had left from his now flaccid cock, his balls and his pubic hairs. Being of no further use for him, he had me get dressed again. “Be sure to shower, before you come over next time”, he grinned, “you smell like a 10-$ street-whore.” With a final pinch on my still erect nipples and a hard swat to my ass he sent me back to my house.

* * *

Over the next three months I enjoyed my trophy-wife-slut to the fullest. Suzanne had been one of the most responsive woman I ever had. I regretted of not being able to read minds, but from the way she responded, she already must have had a very submissive and/or slutty side hidden inside. Luckily for her, she had found me. After she had given me nearly all, she had been capable off, I had a quick talk with Gary, making sure there would be no suspicion from his side, and then I took her for a two-weeks-trip to Europe for the finale. I had her do the most humiliating tasks, like exposing her in an Amsterdam sex-shop, where she did a nice strip-show for all the customers, before she modeled some lingerie for us.

In London I had her visit me in a seedy hotel, tawdrily dressed like a hooker. The doorman had received 20 bucks, so that he would call me to inform me, that “the whore has arrived.” And finally, on the German Autobahn, she made the day of more than a dozen truckers by flashing and shaking her tits for them. In between bouts of rough and dirty sex, I hit her mind several times, establishing a growing feeling of regret and fear in her. Regret, that she had allowed the slut in her to take control, and fear, that she might lose her beloved husband. So when the two weeks were over, she declared, that she wanted to end our affair. “Paul, the last months, I had the most intense time of my life. But there’s so much more in life than just sex. I don’t blame you; quite the opposite, I thank you for letting me live my fantasy... But... it’s only a fantasy and... I still love Gary so much.”

I sympathized with her of course, assuring her, that I understood her motives. Being in a good mood, I decided to do Gary a little favor, since he had provided me with such a fine slut. I took Suzanne under one final time, installing a mild submissive streak towards her husband. She would please him, however she could and be the perfect lover and companion. She would still have her own personality but be loyal and supportive to her one and only Gary. We shook hands and then separated. I was on the prowl again.