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The Crazies

Jeff Prescott Jr was a senior in Wabash Valley High School. He stood out in left field on the old baseball ‘paddock’. The local derby; WVHS -v- Prescott Mountain High. Bottom of the Eight Inning.

His mom Cynthia and sister Chloe were in the stands enthusiastically cheering him on. “Hey, what’s that old fool doing?” Cynthia said as an old dishevelled man climbed over the back field fence from the Wabash Valley Dairy Co-Operative. The Co-Op backed onto the school grounds.

“Is that Tom Baker?” Chole asked, her much sharper eyes making out the figure of the Dairy’s live-in caretaker.

Tom seemed to stagger rather than walk across the field.

“He must be drunk!” Cynthia said, “That old dumb bastard!”

Deputy Wayne Cooper saw him now. He turned to his wife Jill, who saw him also

“What the heck?” she sighed as they watched him stagger along.

Only Jeff did not seem to see him. He then noticed Dwayne, the Pitcher looking back at him. Jeff couldn’t understand. Then he heard the wheezing breathing of old Tom.

He turned. “Mr. Baker?” Jeff asked, after over-coming his surprise.

He noticed a strange glaze in Tom’s eyes. Tom reached down and opened his fly. He pulled his cock out.

“What the!?!” Wayne said as he got up out of the bleachers and made his way down onto the field. “What’s that old fool doing?”

Jeff laughed thinking the old man looked ridiculous. Tom’s cock leaked a red fluid. “Fuck!” Jeff said, “That’s gross”

Tom’s cock got hard in an instant

“Mr Baker?” Jeff said. Suddenly Tom leapt at him, knocking him over. In an instant he tore at Jeff’s pants. He spun Jeff around and ploughed into his ass.

Jeff screamed in pain, and horror, and shock.

“Get him off me!” he screamed as Tom started humping him.

Wayne ran out, with some people following behind. Cynthia included, screaming “Leave him alone you fucking sicko!”

Wayne drew his taser. “Get off him, Tom!” he said, “Or, I’ll fire…”

“Ow, it’s hurting” Jeff screamed.

Tom grunted and then suddenly came. Jeff suddenly relaxed. Wayne saw it in Jeff’s eyes. It disturbed him just as much. He fired on Tom. Tom leaped in the air, and shook with pain as he was jolted with high voltage.

Cynthia ran to her son and hugged him, “Oh, baby” she cried, “Are you alright?”

But the eighteen year old simply lay there whimpering. People mistook it for shock. Only the old man knew the pleasure he’d given Jeff.

Tom was put in cuffs and Wayne called an ambulance as Cynthia and her daughter helped Jeff cover up. Jeff was silent. He couldn’t speak.

The ambulance came and took Jeff to hospital. His mom rode in back with him whilst Cynthia took their car and trailed behind it.

Wayne had an awfully weird report to write up. And as he thought about it, Bill Maher the Co-Op’s manager told him there was a bigger puzzle at hand… all the cows were dead.

Some, appeared to have been mutilated.

Tom was in the back of the car, with Wayne and Jill in front.

“What the hell’s the matter with him?” Jill asked as they drove back to town.

Wayne had known Tom for years. Jill just a little while; having come from out of town. Wayne had never known Tom to be so wildly violent. He was a recluse, but if anything he was neat. A vet, he had found suitable employment looking after the dairy. He did everything; upkeep, even occasionally drove a truck.

“Let me go” Tom suddenly cried… it was the first thing he’d said all the while

“What’s got into you?” Wayne said

“Please… let me go…” he growled struggling against his cuffs. Jill watched him thrash about. She was a doctor and she could see that he was tearing his flesh to get lose

“Pull over” she cried


“Pull over…” she said. Wayne relented. She leapt out and took her kit out of the back, and Wayne opened the door. She took a syringe and loaded it and getting Wayne to hold Tom down she gave him a sedative. Tom whimpered and relaxed

“What the hell’s got into you…old man?” she sighed as she put her kit away.

“He’s gone crazy” Wayne said

“Thank you, doctor” Jill teased sarcastically.

* * *

Doctor Frederick March checked out Jeff. There was trauma to Jeff’s ass-hole, from rape. There was a lot of sperm in him. Dr. Fred would have to check Jeff for AIDS…. just in case.

Cynthia was worried about her son and she also let Sheriff Parsons know about it… she wanted to know if he was going to throw the book at crazy Tom.

But then Sheriff Parsons had something else on his plate. Franz Weinerstein told him that some people had been snooping about up at his place… ‘government types’ as he put it

Sheriff Parsons had to drive out there and on doing so he ran into a couple of people; Air Force Colonel Prestwich and a civilian scientist Dr. Helen Jones, with a number of vials and test kits

They seemed to be testing the water.

* * *

Jeff woke up in hospital. He had a massive thirst. He downed the bed-site pitcher of water. It was not enough.

Nurse Coleen O’Reilly, doing her rounds found him in the shower, gulping down the water.

“You’re up?” she said, embarrassed at catching him in the shower.

“I’m so thirsty” he said.

“Should I call your mom?”

“No, I need you…”


Suddenly he leaped from the shower. He grabbed her. “What are you doing?’ she cried

“I need you” he growled

“Let go of me!” she cried, kicking out at him but he was immensely strong.

He pulled her into the shower and forced her mouth open. She had to drink gulps to stop from drowning

“That’s it!” he said, and then he pulled off her panties

She was half in a daze as his cock thrust up into her.

The pain of its sudden intrusion woke her from her stupor

“Owwww!” she cried,

“Fuck you’re tight” he grunted as he rooted her to the tile wall.

He fucked her and then without much time he came in her.

She whimpered in pain. He released her and she fell to the shower floor, sobbing. Jeff’s red cum leaked out of Colleen. There was a tremendous amount of it.

Colleen walked home, in pain, half-naked. She was disorientated. A part of her only wished she was under him again.

Jeff found himself outside his home. He wasn’t quite sure how he got there. His feet were bare, and bleeding, but he barely noticed.

Chloe was in bed. Cynthia was up, ironing. She was surprised to see her son walk in the front door. “Jeff?” she said, “What… what are you doing here?”

“I… I don’t know mom” he said, wondering himself how he had arrived home

She went to her son and embraced him

“Is everything okay?” she asked, “If you want to talk about what happened to you…”

“I’m thirsty” he said

“Sure… sure” she said and got him a glass of water. He gulped it down

“You should have some too” he said

“I’m not thirsty, baby” she said

“He brushed past her and went and got a refill. He gulped that down, then another, then another.

Cynthia was worried about him and felt she should call the hospital.

“Drink…” he said offering her a glass

“I told you…”

“Drink!” he growled.

She trembled and took a sip. It was water, but there was something about it.

She sipped and then gulped. She wanted more. Rivulets flowed down her cheeks as she drank.

“I need you” he said suddenly

“I need you too, baby” she said embracing him again. Only this time she felt his hardness.

She found herself pulling off her panties.

“This is wrong, Son” she said as she watched him pull off his pants. His cock loomed up menacingly.

He pushed forward and she opened herself to him. She took him into her, between her legs. Her gash burned with desire and he rode her

Her feet hooked around behind his behind and she held him as he humped her

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried.

“Momma?” came Chloe’s voice

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Cynthia continued to cry.

Suddenly Chloe was at the door

“Momma?” she cried

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” Cynthia continued to moan

“Fuck you’re hot, Mom” Jeff gasped

Suddenly he let go of her, she turned around, facing her daughter and bent over

“Nooooo!” Chloe cried

Jeff pushed up inside her.

Cynthia gasped as she was penetrated again

“Momma?!?!” Chloe wept

“Oh, fuck, yes…” she gasped, “Come and fuck your brother!”

“This is sick!” Chloe spat.

“Fuck me. Fuck me!” Cynthia grunted, “Fuck your momma good!”

Chloe turned and ran

Cynthia chuckled as she heard her daughter slam the door

Suddenly Jeff released into his mom’s wet cunt.

She screamed her love

Red semen

A lot of red semen

Red semen pouted into her hot sex

Colleen arrived home. Her husband Peter was there with his brother Rex, both watching the game.

Colleen went to the kitchen and poured a pitcher of water. She gulped it down.

“Honey?” Peter called

It ran over her uniform.

Her vagina dripped a orange-red onto the linoleum floor. She felt her cunt burn.


Colleen gulped down another pitcher

Peter got to the kitchen

“Honey, what happened?” he gasped

“Drink this” she said, offering him a glass

“Are you alriht?

“Drink this” she said again

He pushed her hand away

Suddenly she grabbed his wrist and twisted it

He howled in pan and fell to his knees

She lifted a leg up over his shoulder and pressed her dripping vagina to his face.

Rex ran into the kitchen

“What the fuck?” he gasped as he saw her pressing her hairy snatch to his brother’s face

Rex ran and knocked her away. She sprung up and went back to Peter, pressing her sex against him

Rex punched her.

It was like she barely felt the blow

Rex picked up a frying pan


She was knocked out

Peter was choking on red fluid shooting from her vagina.

“Pete?” Rex cried “Are you okay?”

Peter gasped

“I’m…I’m thirsty…” he said

He jumped to his feet and went to the sink, taking up the pitcher he guzzled it down

Peter felt his cock grow rock hard.

He looked at his brother. A thought crossed his mind… a dirty, forbidden thought. He tried to shut it out of his mind.

“What’s got into her?” Rex said… bending over to check that she was still breathing

“Oh, my” Peter said looking at his brother’s ass. “I never realised you were so hot…”

Rex sprung upright


Peter had his hand down his pants playing with his cock

Rex noticed a weird gaze in his brother’s eyes… “Pete?” Rex asked nervously “Are you okay?”

“Fine” Peter said

“You look a little… crazy”

Suddenly Colleen leaped up “Fuck me” she growled gutturally… her needs were so raw.

“What?” Rex said

“I want to fuck you…” Peter said pulling down his pants

“I want to fuck you, too” she said, but both were looking at Rex

Rex grabbed the frying pan and swung it at both of them “Keep away” he snarled “You need to get back!”

“Fuck me, Rex” Peter said as he wanted his large heavy cock

Colleen’s pussy oozed reddish fluid. And it dripped also from Peter’s cock-head. Colleen smeared some on her hand and she suddenly leaped at Rex, forcing it into his mouth.

Rex kicked at her, but now Peter joined in and Colleen’s hand, in his mouth forced the liquid into him.

In a moment they released him. “Fuck…” Rex gasped, panting…. “I…. I’m so thirsty….”

Peter and Colleen smiled as Rex could be seen to have a boner.

Rex went to the sink

Peter pulled his brother’s pants off as Rex gulped down a large cup of water. Peter’s mouth went over his brother’s cock, but then Colleen kicked him away. She turned around, bent over and pushed herself back onto his hard-on.

Peter loomed up behind his brother and pushed up into virginal anus. The three rutted together like animals. Crazy.

Chloe had run crying through the woods behind her house. She heard her mom and brother running after her, giggling and calling for her to join them.

Jeff and Cynthia were naked.

Chloe ran out the woods on the other side and there was Sheriff Parsons naked bent over being fucked by his cousin Ron Parsons.

Sheriff Parsons seemed to grunt with delight at being raped in the middle of the street.

Chloe stopped when she saw this. Then across the street on the front lawn she saw old Mrs. Anderson scissoring against Lisa… Chloe’s friend. The two women, old and young grinding their crotches together…

Suddenly Chloe was felled from behind. Her mom grabbed her, “Oh, baby, I want to fuck you….”

“Momma!” Chloe cried as Cynthia tore at her clothes

Then Jeff saw them and joined

An hour later Chloe lay on the lawn with Lisa’s crotch over her mouth and Ron Parsons fucking her. Chloe equaled its delight as they fucked…

Wayne was getting all sorts of strange calls on the radio. Jill too heard some odd things.

Sheriff Parsons ordered Wayne to attend to him. It was a trap, of course… by Wayne didn’t know it.

Jill felt the whole town was going crazy…

Wayne arrived in his patrol car only to catch sight of Sheriff Parsons butt-fucking Cynthia behind some bushes.

“What the fuck?” he gasped.

Cynthia was on her son, with him up her vagina whilst Sheriff Parsons was behind her taking her other hole…

Wayne called in to base. There was no word from Tammy, their dispatcher

Wayne then saw three guys and a woman all fucking each other…

“Shit” he said as he glided past them in neutral.

Wayne got back home and decided that he and Jill would need to leave right away.

Whatever was making the town crazy was dangerous and they needed to get away as soon as possible

Wayne arrived home to see Bill Maher run from the back door.

Wayne ran inside “Jill? Jill?” he called

He found her in the kitchen wearing only a nightie. She was gulping down large glass of water.

“Jill honey?” He cried “Are you alright?”

“I’m so thirsty” she said

“We need to get packing… we need to get out of here…”

“So thirsty…” she repeated

Wayne noticed a small pool of reddish-orange liquid on the floor under Jill’s feet.

“What the fuck’s happening here..?”

“You need to drink…” Jill said turning around, smiling madly…


She grinned like a nutcase, “Fuck me, baby” she said as she stroked her clit in front of him… “I need you to fuck me…”


Her fingers were now covered in the reddish goo. She smiled and looked at it and then flicked some at him

He felt sick

He turned and ran out the door, she chased him

Outside on the law there were several townsfolk there, naked, waiting for him

“Wayne!” came the call of the Sheriff

Wayne drew his gun “Stay back” he warned

…when suddenly Jill leaped at him from behind

Later Wayne gulped down a flask of water as he and Jill drove around town… they were horny… and on the look-out…

The End