The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Crazy From The Touch

By D.Holzer []


Jim and Lauren were coming to town for the long week-end. Dave arranged to meet them and recommended a nice motel nearby. He had never met them, but they had exchanged e-mails. Jim and Lauren had commented on his Mind Control Stories on the Internet, and later, helped proof-read and edit.

They got to town Thursday night and went to Dave’s house for a late dinner. All day Friday they were at some “appointment”, Dave didn’t ask for details. It could be a doctor visit, a business deal, or some event. They had agreed to meet at the motel Friday afternoon for an early dinner and to discuss plans for that evening and week-end.

After eating at the diner across from the motel, the three of them returned to their room to decide what to do.

“So Dave,” Jim said, “Where can we go for some action in this town?”

“We don’t have to go out, tonight,” Lauren added, “We can have lots of fun right here.” She patted the bed next to her.

“Uh, guys, I’m not really into that at all, myself.” Dave replied. They had written to him about their active ‘Swinger’ sex life. “But by happy coincidence, the three top ‘Swingers’ clubs in town are all within a half-mile of here. The biggest one is just a block that way.” He pointed east. “You can walk there from here.”

“So what are you into, Dave?” Jim asked, “What kind of scene are you looking for?”

“Yeah, between us, we’re willing to do just about anything you come up with.” Lauren added, unbuttoning the top button on her blouse and smiling at him.

“Actually, I’m VERY conventional, traditional, and conservative.” Dave answered deliberately, “My stories on the Web are just a hobby till the right girl comes along.”

“That’s no fun,” Lauren pouted, “What kind of girl are you looking for?”

“Uh, mostly someone who’s looking to lose her virginity on her wedding night, and who thinks exclusivity, monogamy, and fidelity are a good way to spend the rest of her life.”

“Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?” Jim countered, “She has to be pure enough for you, while you . . . .” His voice trailed off.

“He’s a virgin!” Lauren exclaimed, finishing Jim’s thought.

Dave looked embarrassed and concerned. When they found out he was a virgin, some people felt compelled to try to “do something about it.”

“Uh, that may be so,” Dave filled in before they could follow up, “But I’ve studied Mind Control, and I know the secret of ‘The Touch’, and that has to count for something.”

“The Touch?” Jim asked.

“There’s a secret spot on a woman that can force her to orgasm just by touching her with your fingers.”

“Oh, that . . . .” Lauren’s interest quickly faded again.

“No, it’s not at all what you’re thinking,” Dave continued, tapping his neck below his ear, “Right here, but you have to know the secret technique.”

“This I’ve gotta see.” Jim said, “Do Lauren.”

Lauren shifted from her chair to sit on the edge of the bed, tilting her head to put her neck in easy reach of Dave.

“This can be really powerful—strong, intense, sustained, overwhelming . . . .”

“Go on, I’m ready.” Lauren urged, presenting her neck again.

“And you don’t mind me touching your wife in such an ‘intimate’ way?” Dave asked Jim.

They both laughed.

“You’re stalling.” Jim accused, “You don’t really know any ‘secret’ technique.”

Dave took a deep breath and stepped over to stand directly in front of Lauren.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Lauren answered impatiently, “Now go ahead. Get on with it.”

“Let me give you some simple instructions. The sensation begins small and feels—unusual. It will build and build and build and get more and more like an orgasm until one of us breaks it off. I can stop it by removing my hand. You have to keep your eyes open. You can blink and stuff, but if your eyes close long enough to count ‘3’, that breaks off the effect. You can make it a little more intense by staring directly into my eyes, but I’m told it’s not that much different if you look off somewhere else, as long as you don’t close your eyes. Are you ready?”

“Yes! I’m ready. Let’s go!” Lauren blinked several times, then opened her eyes wide and stared directly into Dave’s eyes.

Dave reached out with one hand and situated his fingers just behind the corner of her jaw. He shifted his hand until it settled into place. He began to slowly, lightly press and release his middle two fingers, sometimes together, sometimes reciprocating.

“Do you feel anything yet?” He asked gently.

“No.” Lauren looked disappointed, “Wait. There’s a bit of a phantom tickle along my back.”

Dave continued. The movement of his fingers was so slight it was almost imperceptible.

“Whoa. That feels different. Kind of warm and . . . . oh”

“Keep your eyes open.” Dave reminded her.

Dave’s hand remained almost motionless, gently caressing the side of her face. Lauren began to sweat and squirm and got increasingly vocal.

“Wow! Oh yes, it’s building. That is so great. Keep going. Uh-huh, uh, uh. Yes. I . . .”

A shudder ran the length of her body. She dug both hands down the front of her pants to touch herself, and began bucking her hips as she sat on the bed.

“Yes! Yes! Ahh! Ahhh! AHHH! AHHH!” She was shouting.

“Don’t close your eyes!” Jim reminded her, as he watched her amazing performance.

Her whole body was clenched in a sitting position. Her legs were curled under the edge of the bed and clamped down. Her writhing and gasping were in contrast to Dave’s calm, motionless, almost bored, stance. It looked like he was trying to take her pulse. He gave Jim a weak grin and a shrug.

Lauren’s yells were getting louder, in fact, now she was screaming at the top of her lungs. The whole room rattled. Between screams she sucked in ragged breaths like someone coming up from under water.

“If you want to stop, just close your eyes!” Dave shouted at her in between screams.

Jim hurried back from the bathroom, holding a rolled-up washcloth. He jammed it into her mouth as she screamed, and she bit down hard.

In the relative quiet, Jim said; “She’s faking it, gotta be!”

“Then all of them are.” Dave replied.

Lauren was pounding her heels on the floor, 1, 2, 1 ,2, faster and faster. Her whole body looked like it was having convulsions or seizures, traveling in waves down from her shoulders to her hips and on into her legs. She was covered with sweat, and her pants were soaked.

“That’s enough for a demonstration.” Dave announced. “It hasn’t been quite10 minutes.”

Dave removed his hand, and Lauren fell backwards onto the bed, twitching. She continued to spasm for a minute or two.

“That was amazing,” Jim said, “Can you show me how it’s done?”

“There are some things I CAN’T teach, and some things I WON’T teach,” Dave said, “And this falls squarely into both categories.”

“Oh, come on, somebody taught you.” Jim urged, “Pass it on.”

Dave just shook his head. “Look, I’ve really got to be going. It was great to finally meet you guys, maybe we can still get together for something over the week-end.”

Lauren was sitting up, still trying to catch her breath. She had pulled the washcloth out of her mouth and was using it to wipe up her hands.

“Gawd, Dave, that was the most fantastic experience I’ve ever had!” She gushed, “Better than any orgasm. How do you do it? Can we go again?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Dave said, as he pulled out three ads from the newspaper for upscale ‘Adult Encounter’ Clubs, which he set on the table.

“We’ve got nothing like this in our town.” Jim said, looking them over, “We have to make a special trip into the city, and even there it’s just the one group.”

Jim was looking from Lauren to Dave and back, trying to read their expressions. “This is a set-up, a hoax, right? The two of you cooked this up between you to see if you could get me to buy it.”

“Jim, it was for real.” Lauren answered, “I didn’t believe it myself at first, but its real. And SO good. I’m ready for another try.”

Jim was feeling along the back of her jaw and along her neck. “How’s it work? There’s nothing special about this spot?”

“Well, a big component of it is a sort of Mind-Control. The contact point is important, but secondary.”

“Hey you wrote, (and more than once, I might add), that Mind-Control was just fiction, not real.” Jim protested.

“This is kind of a narrow-purpose exception.” Dave explained, “It’s not like I made her my slave or something.”

“Don’t be so quick,” Lauren joked, “I could get used to this.”

“Look, I really do have to go.” Dave said, “I’m pretty much open all week-end, though, if you want to give me a call later to do something.”

They didn’t get together again until Monday afternoon, when Dave joined them for a trip to the Zoo, followed by dinner at a Comedy Club. Dave stopped them from describing their sex antics of the previous 2 days, saying it was more than he wanted to know. By the time they got back to their motel room, they had only an hour before they had to leave to catch their flight home.

Jim was telling Dave what a great time they had had, and how he’d had a couple story ideas that he might send Dave next week. When Lauren came out of the bathroom she was wearing nothing but a T-shirt and carrying a big bath-towel. She folded the towel up and placed it on the bed, then sat on it. She had another rolled-up washcloth, which she bit down on experimentally, then removed. She looked up at Dave.

“OK. I’m ready for a serious try at this, now.” She said, “I want to see how long I can go. If last time was just a sample, I’m ready now for the main event.” She tipped her head and tapped her neck, like an invitation to a vampire.

“I don’t know,” Dave hesitated, “You were really responsive last time, I thought it was getting out of hand.”

“You’re gonna have to give in.” Jim told him, “She has been talking about nothing else since your last demonstration. She won’t quit until she gets to try it again. It has been very distracting.”

“Come on. We’ve got nothing else to do till we leave for the airport.” Lisa urged.

Reluctantly, Dave walked over to stand next to her and reached for the side of her face. He drummed his fingers almost absent-mindedly along her neck. Soon her eyes began to widen and she reached up and put the washcloth in her mouth, biting down on it and dropping her hands between her legs.

Lauren seemed to get off to a faster start, but it was pretty much the same as before. Her thrashings and gyrations got more and more violent, and Dave had a hard time keeping his fingers in contact. Throughout it all, she kept her eyes open, though they lost focus and became glassy. Eventually her spasms calmed and she quit moving altogether. Then she slumped back and was lying on the bed limply. Dave had managed to follow her motion and still had his hand in place. Lauren’s eyes were wide open and staring blankly at the ceiling. She wasn’t moving at all, except for her heavy breathing. Dave and Jim tried to talk to her, but could get no response. She gave a little shiver and her eyes closed.

Dave pulled his hand back. It took Jim a few minutes of gentle shaking and calling her name to get her to wake up. She seemed a bit dazed and disoriented. Jim had to prompt her to get dressed and finish packing. Dave dropped them off at the airport. Lauren still looked kind of spaced out and not fully recovered.

Lauren e-mailed him the next day. She thanked him profusely and went on and on and on about how intense and pleasurable it had been.

She followed up with another note the next day. She hoped that he would consider giving her another episode of “The Touch” and how much she would be grateful and appreciative. Dave replied that since she lived in another state, he didn’t think it was likely to come up soon.

Lauren kept writing. She was eager and insistent to set up another rendezvous. So much so that Dave began to feel like they were plotting behind Jim’s back. He made sure to mention Lauren’s frequent messages to Jim, and to let Lauren know that he was doing so.

Lauren was now writing or calling several times a day. She begged and pleaded and tried to bargain, offering to perform an amazing variety of explicitly described sex acts in return for another session of “The Touch”. Dave declined all her offers. He was getting quite annoyed and a little frightened by Lauren’s fanatic desire.

Dave wrote to Jim and asked him to speak to his wife about cutting out the harassment. Jim said he would, but also that he thought that the whole thing was a joke. Jim had research every Tantric technique and secret yoga pressure point on the internet, and none of them even remotely resembled what Dave had demonstrated.

It stopped for a little while, but after a few days she started up again. Lauren now seemed intent on telling him extreme fantasies about her willingness to do anything, anything at all, for one more Touch. When offers to please him brought no results, she began to describe how she was willing to hurt, humiliate and degrade herself to prove how loyal, devoted and desperate she was. Her descriptions of what she was willing to do were beginning to make Dave sick.

Finally a message came in describing a hypothetical scenario in which Jim died of some unexplainable accident and Lauren collected a significant insurance settlement and, as a newly free and unattached widow, showed up at Dave’s door with a suitcase full of money.

Although she hadn’t said it outright, Dave interpreted her message as a threat to kill Jim. He got in touch with Jim right away and told him his wife was seriously disturbed, and to look out for an attempt on his life. While talking to Jim, and trying to convince him to get Lauren into counseling, he told him that Lauren was not his type and never would be.

“I just don’t see myself with a woman who has boasted to me about the hundreds of men she’s had sex with, both before and after marriage.” Dave explained, “I don’t think the images of some of the more disgusting things she’s done will ever let me see her as a potential lover. She’s wasting her time with all these offers.”

The messages stopped.

* * *

The minivan backed into Dave’s driveway early one evening. He saw it out his kitchen window and went over to look, wondering who it could be. All the windows in the rear of the van had been covered over with brown paper. He saw Lauren come around from the driver’s side to open the rear doors. There’s going to be some sort of ugly confrontation, he thought. Lauren dragged a blonde girl out of the back of the van. The girl’s wrists were tied behind her back. Lauren dragged her towards Dave’s front door.

Dave ran from his kitchen to his front door, arriving at the same time as Lauren and her captive.

“What the hell is going on? Lauren, who is this?” Dave shouted at her, “What have you done?”

“Hold the door for Tiffany,” Lauren answered, suddenly shoving the bound girl right at him. She tripped, and Dave caught her. “Let’s go inside and talk.”

Dave sat Tiffany down in the living room. Her wrists were handcuffed together behind her back, and her mouth was covered with duct tape. He turned to Lauren, who was already handing him the key to the handcuffs.

“Jim let slip why I was getting nowhere with my e-mails.” Lauren said, “Why you kept refusing me, then you wouldn’t even respond.”

Dave was unlocking Tiffany’s wrists.

“I should have figured it out myself,” She continued. “I’ve been into all kinds of scenes. Some guys just have very specialized tastes, and squick at anything else.”

She looked at Dave like she had just pronounced a profound truth.

“You even told me what you wanted, that one time in the motel, so I’ve brought it for you. Tiffany here is 17, runner-up in our state’s Teen USA pageant, she’s been accepted at Stanford and all the Ivy League schools, she works with disabled kids, wants a career as a mother and schoolteacher, and, best of all, she’s totally cherry. I’ve checked her out myself.”

Tiffany was slowly removing the tape from her mouth.

“Lauren, you’re crazy.” Dave told her, “You’re obsessing over this. Now you’ve kidnapped someone? Where do you think this is going? You’ve got to get help.”

“Maybe so, but first I want you to do ‘The Touch’ on me one more time.”

Dave pointed to the phone next to Tiffany and said to her; “Dial 911. I think we need the police here.”

“Not so fast, you two.” Lauren was holding a gun, pointed at them.

“Lauren, stop this.” Dave implored, “Your throwing away your whole life. It wasn’t even sex. Hell, it wasn’t even real. I made it up on the spur of the moment as a distraction.”

“No, you’re lying now.” Lauren growled, “It’s real. I felt it. And we’re going to prove it. You’re going to do The Touch for Tiffany, here. We’ll see how she reacts.”

“And if I refuse?” Dave asked. “You need me.”

“I’ll shoot both of you.” Lauren said coldly. “It will be obvious that you’ll never give in, and I’ll have the satisfaction of revenge.”

“Lauren, you must know how crazy you sound.” Dave argued desperately, “Put the gun down and let’s work things out quietly.”

“Do it. Do The Touch on her. And it had better work, too. If you don’t do it right, I’ll shoot you for lying to me.”

Dave walked over to where Tiffany sat. “I have a couple instructions, . . . ”

“Don’t bother,” Tiffany said, speaking for the first time. Her voice sounded hoarse and gravelly. “The crazy bitch has told me all about it. She talked about nothing else for the last 14 hours driving here. She says if I let you touch my neck for a few minutes, she’ll let me go. I’m almost curious about it.”

“Tit for tat, Dave.” Lauren said, “I’ve brought some outstanding tit, I expect some tat before we’re through.”

“When you want to stop,” Dave told Tiffany, “Just close your eyes. You don’t need a safeword.”

“What’s a safeword?”

“Is she a delight, or what?” Lauren remarked.

Tiffany did not react loudly. When Dave had been applying ‘The Touch’ for a minute or two, she remarked calmly; “That feels nice.”

After another minute, she commented; “So relaxing, it feels very good.” This was followed by a series of soft moans and “ohs”. She seemed to have quite a problem with keeping her eyes open, though, and Lauren had to remind her several times. The moans began to get louder and closer together, though still nothing compared to Lauren’s wild screams. Soon Tiffany was breathing hard and drenched in sweat. Slowly, deliberately, she turned and locked eyes with Dave. Immediately the effects increased and she began to convulse like Lauren had. Dave pulled his hand away. Tiffany sagged back into her chair.

“Two birds with one Touch,” Lauren said, “You’ve proved it’s for real, and Tiffany is well on her way to belonging to you forever.”

“Forget it, bitch.” Tiffany managed to say, even though she still couldn’t sit up.

“It’s my exit strategy,” Lauren explained, “What? You thought I planned to show up here and give her to you, and you would just say ‘thanks’ and chain her up in your basement? I know I’m crazy, but I’m not that stupid. We have to let her go at some point. But if you do ‘The Touch’ for her, she’ll come back to you and be yours forever, just like me.”

“Lauren, please put down the gun now.”

“Another trade then,” Lauren proposed, “You do ‘The Touch’ for me, I give you the gun, then you’re in charge and it goes on from there wherever you want.”

Once again, Dave stood beside her and put his fingers to her throat, stroking ever so slightly. Lauren surrendered to bliss.

* * *

“Listen, Mom, I’m fine. A crazy woman kidnapped me and tied me up and drove me here. She wanted one of her husband’s friends to do some secret sex technique for her again, and was going to let him rape me in return. But when we got here, he wouldn’t go along with it and now I have the phone and the gun and the police are on their way and I gotta go and tell the cops what happened but I’ll call back soon. Love you, I’m OK now.”

Tiffany hung up the phone. “Can you believe I got their machine?”

“You have a talent for summarizing.” Dave remarked.

“I used to sell booknotes to my classmates in Advanced English Lit.”

“Not quite the perfect girl Lauren described?”

“Hey, it wasn’t anything they couldn’t just buy for more money at the bookstore.”

“Lauren will wake up soon. She wasn’t always obsessed like this. I’m hoping you’ll help me get her some mental help instead of pressing maximum criminal charges.”

“She’s crazy, alright.” Tiffany said, “But she did keep her promise I wouldn’t get hurt. And it was nice.”


“The Touch. It was nice. I really liked it. I’ll have to try it again sometime.”

* * *

Jim wrote him a long note on Lauren’s progress in therapy. The good news was that she was living at home again, behaving normally. The bad news was a bit disturbing.

“She won’t talk about this to her therapists, and I only got it out of her in bits and pieces. She has a secret theory—almost her own religion. You awarded her ‘The Touch’ because you are so good and nice. When she tried to demand or bargain for it, she displeased you, and that’s when her life went wrong. Now she has to live a life that you will find worthy, so she will deserve to receive ‘The Touch’ again. She’s being so perfect as a wife, and on the job, not bothering you or anyone. I’m afraid she’s still really obsessive, though.”

Tiffany was reading Jim’s message over Dave’s shoulder.

“I almost feel sorry for her, having known ‘The Touch’ but not being able to have it again.”

Tiffany had ended up enrolling at the nearby State University, in order to be near Dave. After a few months, she had moved out of her dorm and in with him.

Dave was sending Jim a reply, saying he would do anything they needed to help him and Lauren, but he didn’t think she should see him or do ‘The Touch’ again. She was trying to get over her obsession, not reinforce it.

“You know I’m just as crazy now as she is,” Tiffany continued, “I just cope better.”


“Yeah, I’ll do anything for you. I’m like a trained seal and you’re the guy with the bucket of tasty fish, you’ve got the ultimate reward. I’ll bet you didn’t realize that I am a virgin because I used to be a lesbian, did you?”

“I don’t think the phrase ‘used to be’ applies to that sort of thing.”

“Well I’m definitely something else now, whether I’ve changed or just come to realize it. My Mom had me figured out years back, but we never talked about it out in the open. That’s why she didn’t raise a fuss when I said I was moving in with my boyfriend. She was so overjoyed to hear ‘boyfriend’ she decided to seize on the lesser of two disapprovals, so to speak. I’m not sure what she wants to believe when I tell her we aren’t having sex.”

Dave had moved to the couch to watch the rest of the game. Tiffany settled in next to him.

“Well technically, we’re not, yet.”

She put her head on his lap and his fingers found the familiar spot. She began to purr.